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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
Julie, Flynn, and the boys playing uno
Luke is the biggest cheater
Julie demands a rematch as soon as things go sideways
Reggie always confuses the rules and gets happy when he picks up a card
Alex accuses everyone of hate crimes when they +4 him
Flynn accuses them of racism when they +4 her
Willie always tries to help Alex to win whenever he can.. but if he’s playing during a round it turns into a war zone between them
Julie and Luke always tag team against everyone else when they’re desperate
Reggie has no idea what’s going on but somehow almost always wins 
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aces-drew · 10 months ago
some angsty jatp headcannons
because if i have to think about them, you have to cry with me; it’s simply equality ✨😌😌✨
the phantoms can’t sleep. it’s a side effect of death they hadn’t anticipated - sleeping is for your physical body to rest and reload. no body = no sleep
at first it didn’t bother the boys, they did all the things 17 year olds wanna do when they have literally no limits, especially at night - they went to an 18+ rock concert, stayed up and watched the sun rise together, went to a bar, explored a strip club for like 5 minutes (they immediately realised that it was a lot mustier and more depressing than they’d hoped)
soon they just kind of resorted to the comfort of their, now julie’s, garage at night time
luke took his couch, reggie took the untouched vintage bathtub in the back, and alex took the attic
that’s when they realised how much they missed sleep
alex stared at the stars through the sunroof that was still attached to the garage roof - the small square in the ceiling that had made the attic feel as big as the sky above it and lulled him to sleep when he was alive, now only amplified his anxieties. 
the stars seemed to taunt him about everything that was taken from him - if felt so much stronger than it did when he was with julie, alex and reggie. 
it was all so invasive; how he didn't get to go to college, or share a beer with his dad on his 21st birthday, or see his little sister graduate, or perform as headliners at a sold-out arena, or see the love in his parent’s eyes ease back when they looked at him, fully accepting him for who he was. he didn’t get to live a life that was fulfilling and complete - a life where he got to achieve his dreams and feel completely whole, completely happy. 
all of it seemed to add weight to his head and knock the air out of his lungs. he had to cling to his jeans to try and get his fingers to stop trembling. the fact that the crippling sadness he felt was the only thing that made him feel alive and real again made him want to smash a hole into his drums. 
it’s what he would’ve done if he was alive - but death had stolen when he could play from him too. so he just sucks it up and continues looking at the cloudless sky, tears falling from his eyes and hand gripping his still heart
luke was never one to do much thinking, and if he’s being honest, he still tries not to do it, his motto is always to take it easy and be rad enough to just chill and rock out 
but ever since he saw his parents again, he couldn’t stop playing the different ways he could’ve gone back home to them the night after the orpheum
he just wants to so desperately turn back time and replace the police sirens that his mom heard for the familiar reeling of his bike wheels and just see the relief set into his mom and dad’s face
he doesn’t talk about it to anyone, but the image of his mom ageing 30 years at the message of her dead son is something he can envision so well that it just haunts him now
every time there’s a quiet moment when he hangs out with the rest of the band, every time he closes his eyes, every time he strums the last note on his guitar - he can’t help but feel the weight he burdened his parents with
he tries to rationalise his death, tries to convince himself that death is unpredictable, unexacting and impatient, that there’s no way he could’ve known
but all he ends up feeling is the crashing guilt he’s been carrying with him for the last 25 years
reggie never really talked about his family that much other than joking about his parent’s failed marriage
but when it’s 3am and all he can hear is the grasshoppers and the swaying wind outside, he can’t help but think about his brothers and sisters
he hopes that his elder brothers stepped up and slept with his younger twin sisters when his parents were in a screaming match in the next room. he desperately hopes that in the past he couldn’t live through with them, his brothers played sinatra on their grandfather’s old beat-up vinyl that always lulled his sisters to sleep, muting the arguments he stayed up to when he was alive
he hoped that his brothers went to college and found love like they’d always joked about. he so desperately dreamed that they had kids and didn’t get too sad when they remembered how badly reggie had wanted little nephews and nieces, he prayed, to whatever deity or god that was watching over his family, that they were living happy and full-filling lives
and the last thing he hoped for was hidden away in the deepest and darkest part of his mind. a part of him couldn’t help but wish that the death of their child knocked some sense into his parents - to keep fighting, to keep hoping in themselves and their relationship - to see the best in themselves and their marriage that reggie had always seen
but really he knew better - his fantasies of a healed family was fractured in the truth that his death wasn’t as important or nearly enough to fix his broken family
so the three of them began to dread nightfall, tried to keep themselves as busy as they could to avoid the inevitable
but soon, they realised that ghosts had ghosts to deal with too
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gaylebcovington · 3 months ago
I like to imagine that when Luke came out to the boys through My Name Is Luke, that inspired Alex to do two things: come out to the boys himself, and do it through music. But where Luke poured his heart and soul into every word of that song, Alex did a drumroll for far too long, whacked the cymbal, and said “I like dudes” in the most monotone voice with a completely straight face the whole time
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rosiechor-spams · 8 months ago
ok so which phantom would have the biggest reaction to gay marriage becoming legal in the us. because for some reason im thinking luke but im not sure why
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
The boys can be heard and not seen without Julie... so what if they just sing-talk just to have conversations with the living? Alex, you wanna gossip with Flynn about Luke and Julie? Prepare your vocal chords bc you’ll be singing for a while. Reggie, you finally want to actually hang out with Ray? Get ready to sing for the man.
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haley-talks-too-much · 9 months ago
okay so we all know that luke’s love language is touch, so imagine how fucking distraught he must’ve been knowing that he couldn’t touch julie. at. all. no high fives. no knee brushing while both sitting on the piano bench, no brief moments where their hands touched; he couldn’t even hug her
so in conclusion luke is touch starved and i need to go cry-
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bassistreggie · 10 months ago
Whatever you do, don’t imagine Luke and Reggie supporting Alex through everything while struggling with their own feelings. Don’t imagine them being so supportive of Alex and loving him so much but watching the downfall of his coming out which scares them into never figuring out who they are. You’ve got three friends, three brothers, all of them hiding this important part of them because the world isn’t ready for them yet.
Now imagine Alex walking down sunset boulevard (like he seems to enjoy) and seeing pride flags everywhere and how nobody is saying anything rude or tearing them down. Imagine he talks to Julie and she looks at him, his eyes shining with tears (because let’s face it, Alex is the emotional one, he’d definitely cry of happiness) and tells him that it’s okay to be who he is. That the world is more accepting nowadays, and how in most places you can hold your partners hand or kiss his cheek, or even get married without people batting an eye. And Alex just asks all these questions and then he goes and finds Luke and Reggie to tell him that it’s okay to be himself now. And while he talks to them he see’s Reggies eyes light up when he says that you can like boys AND girls and Luke gets all smiley when he talks about how sometimes people don’t fit in the gender binary, and how there’s a word for liking everybody. And you know that Alex knew his friends were hurting, you can’t tell me that that boy had no idea his friends were struggling. But the world has changed, and as he keeps talking and as Luke and Reggie stay smiling, he knows that everything is going to be okay.
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gaystreetsmarts · 8 months ago
so do y’all think alex dismissed ray’s opinion because “he’s a dad, he doesn’t count,” because he’s learned that dads’ opinions about your skills and attributes can be so extremely horrible and hurtful that he’s decided to block them out entirely. and do you think reggie still cares about it because he’s never had a dad who actually cares enough to pay attention to him and form opinions about his skills and attributes
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
okay hear me out..
One of the songs Bobby steals from Luke was written by Alex, and when Bobby released the song it resonated a lot with the LGBTQA+ Community because it spoke to them. They started picking up on the very coded song.. Bobby never understood why the LGBTQA+ Community latched onto the song (bc he doesn’t piece together that Alex wrote it) and gets dubbed as a honorary gay icon. 
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willex-n-waffles · 4 months ago
Omg my brain is angsting like... imagine Caleb stops possessing Nick and Nick is freaked out and doesn’t know what to do and he doesn’t want to see Julie because what is going on with Julie how is she involved in this and he doesn’t go to Flynn because maybe Flynn is involved too and he just can’t see his parents, not now, he just needs to get away away away-
And eventually he winds up at Carrie’s house and she opens the door and begins to say “what do you wa-” and Nick just pulls her into a hug and cries and doesn’t let go, and Carrie doesn’t know what’s happening but even though this is her ex-boyfriend she’s still a human being with sympathy, so she lets him in and just lets him sit on her couch for a bit until he’s ready to talk.
And eventually he’s quiet and solemn, staring off into nothing, and Carrie asks him what’s going on. And Nick says “I just... needed to be with someone right now.”
And Carrie’s confused. “Why didn’t you go see Julie, then? You clearly like her more than me.” (In a sincere but sad way.)
And Nick can’t get into it right now so he says “I can’t be around Julie right now. Or Flynn. Or...”
And Carrie has no idea what’s going on, and Nick sure as hell isn’t about to tell her an evil ghost magician possessed me so he opts to just shrug and slump down. “I needed company. And as weird as things are between us... you’re the only person I feel like I can be around like this right now.”
And Carrie nods, and says mostly to herself, “yeah, I get it.”
“You do?”
And she sort of nervously admits that her dad has been super weird and skittish and distant lately and she doesn’t know why, and she’s just been so alone, even with Dirty Candi around, and it feels good to just... sit with someone sometimes. And Nick agrees, and then they’re just sitting together in silence.
And they both decide internally that maybe they weren’t the best couple in the world, but everyone needs a friend from time to time, and maybe they can at least try that.
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bassistreggie · 10 months ago
The fact that Luke says “I have something that’ll cheer you up” means that “this band is back” was a recurring thing for the boys and they probably started doing it when the fighting got bad at reggies house and wanted to take his mind off of things or just to cheer him up and I have so many emotions
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gaystreetsmarts · 7 months ago
concept: reggie grew up believing in santa, even though his family never really did anything to celebrate it, because he just assumed that he wasn’t good enough to be on the nice list
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 8 months ago
Reggie’s definition of “shred on the banjo” actually means he only knows how to play Rainbow Connection from the Muppets with the Kermit voice and everything
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bassistreggie · 10 months ago
Going off of the “come on, Reginald” in “this band is back” and a tag on my most recent reblog, you cannot tell me that the boys (plus Julie) don’t call each other by their full names as a joke and out of love. I want Luke going “we get it Alexander” after Alex goes on a Willie tangent, or Reggie saying, in like a cute mocking tone “oh Lucas your eyes are so pretty” after Luke and Julie get lost in their own world. I want Julie yelling “Reginald!” After reggie makes a kissy face or teases her about Luke. I want the full names being used to make someone laugh. I want one of the boys to call Julie “Juliana” or something to make her laugh when she’s missing her mom. I want to Julie (and Alex and Reggie) making up a song using words that rhyme with Lucas to try and cheer him up after he visits his parents again. I want the love and the comradery that comes with inside jokes surrounding full names.
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bluefirewrites · 6 months ago
‘Wicked Beauty’ Sequence
Thanks to Charlie Gillespie who posted an IG story as Luke, where he refers to Julie as a ‘wicked beauty’. 
Needless to say, we went nuts. 
Thanks to @blush-and-books​ who wants to see ‘Wicked Beauty’ as not only a song on s2 of JATP but for it to be Luke’s version of ‘Perfect Harmony’, where he has his own daydream sequence while thinking of Julie. 
This has been workshopped with @lydias--stiles​ (thank you for hearing my random rambling and encouraging my madness). 
So this is how it would go down:
Let’s say there’s this moment in S2 where Luke does some wishful thinking, maybe after hitting a roadblock in trying to pursue a relationship with Julie, where he imagines what it would be like if he and Julie met under different circumstances. Something more normal, something easier to navigate. 
So that’s how he comes up with ‘Wicked Beauty’ in his head. 
The song would be the total opposite of ‘Perfect Harmony’. 
It would be a high-octane, powerhouse rock song more aligned with Sunset Curve era music. 
The sequence starts off with Luke on stage with the boys as if it was back in the ‘90s, and he’s singing this song. 
Then he spots Julie in the crowd. 
And she’s all decked out in ‘90s punk garb, jamming out to the song. 
Luke’s immediately drawn to her. It’s like nothing that has ever happened to him before on stage. He could not take his eyes off this girl. 
They lock eyes, and it becomes clear to everyone that whatever he’s singing, he’s singing to that girl in the middle of the crowd. 
He’s dancing around stage, putting on a show for her, just getting really into the song. When suddenly, he jumps off the stage and the crowd disperses. They part to make a path for Luke that leads directly to Julie. 
He’s leveling eye contact, serenading her and you could see she’s smitten too. 
Luke runs up, does a power slide while playing his guitar that lands right at her feet. 
He gives her a wink, she pulls him up, and they freakin’ head bang and just jump around, belting out the lyrics to ‘Wicked Beauty’ together. 
I also had this idea that the song would be in the same key as ‘Perfect Harmony’. And if Julie and Luke ever confess their feelings, it would be like a ‘This is Me’/ ‘Gotta Find You’ mashup. 
Imagine ‘Perfect Harmony’ but with electric guitar. 
The mashup would be a perfect because it describes their dynamic. There’s the tender, intimate moments but paired with their fire and energy when they perform together. 
Fingers crossed that Charlie and the others actually wrote ‘Wicked Beauty’ during Band Camp this summer because it would be really cool to see it play out. 
Also, I made sketches!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
Willie and Alex are the most obnoxious type of couple. They’re always together posting on social media 24/7 so everyone can see what they’re doing and when they’re apart the repost their pics from the day before with captions like “missing him “ and “can’t wait to see you again.” Lord help their friends when they all hanging out because Alex and Willie cannot stop with the physical contact whether it being holding hands, sitting in one another laps, or kissing... The cherry on top? They think Luke and Julie are that couple. 
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willex-n-waffles · 6 months ago
Okay so,,, Alex and Tía Victoria would be great friends. I talked about this with some folks on discord once and it’s been living in my head rent free ever since.
(This first headcanon isn’t mine) They would watch RuPaul’s Drag Race together and Alex would LOVE IT. He’d be like “So a lot of people... watch this show?” And Victoria would be like “This is cinematic artistry, Alex. Of course.”
(Okay, these next headcanons are mine) Victoria insists on having a nickname of all her nieces and nephews. After much deliberation, she settles for “Alexito” or “Lexito”.
If she has gossip, Victoria goes to Alex.
Alex is super nervous about introducing Willie to Ray and Victoria. When he finally gets around to it, Victoria gives Willie the Shovel Talk while Ray greets him properly. Alex has never been happier.
(Victoria eventually is more cordial to Willie when she “can tell he’s going to respect Alex”. Willie comes over to hang with Alex and Victoria from time to time. Willie LOVES her.)
When Tía first formally meets the boys, she tries to be polite but she’s totally freaked. Julie still talks about them all the time and one day Alex comes in, links arms with her, and Victoria could see him and finally gets a more formal one on one introduction to him.
Alex eases her into talking to Luke and Reggie.
Anyway yeah I think they’d be neat as friends
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queenmolina · 4 months ago
julie storming into the garage because she can hear music and it’s two am and they need to shut up because the whole street will hate her for waking them up. but when she gets there luke and reggie just plead with their eyes, begging her not to get mad at their racket
because alex is absolutely going at the drums. his face is red and there’s dried tear tracks down his cheeks and he clearly needs this and all of julies rage just drops
(this just came to me so idk what the context is but it’s probably his parents. it’s definitely his parents)
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sunset-bobby · 5 months ago
Caleb automatically giving Alex to Dante and Fuego after he said he was looking for Willie makes me feel like this is not the first time Willie was sent to get some ghost and they lowkey only came because Willie was attractive
Willie’s job in the Hollywood Ghost Club is to go be cute in public so the club isn’t full of straight people
Caleb knows what he’s doing
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