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#jatp incorrect quotes
jatp-rules-my-life · 7 months ago
Ray: These are my kids, Julie and Carlos
Tía Victoria: Yes, I'm aware
Ray: This is my other son you have never met, Alex
Tía Victoria: ....
Ray: This is my lovely child, Reggie.
Tía Victoria:
Ray: And both of my soon to be son-in-laws Luke and Willie.
Tía Victoria: You can't just adopt kids when you're sad.
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
Reggie: Bisexuality is all about being dumb as fuck and dressing well. That's all that matters.
Alex: You just found out you're bi
Reggie: Don't be jealous that being gay doesn't entitle you to a great fashion sense
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willex-n-waffles · 7 months ago
Willie: Why do people call boys “pretty boy” as an insult? That’s probably the most flattering thing anyone could say to me. Call me pretty boy. I want to be the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen.
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yelenabelovaseyebrow · 4 months ago
emily, casually browsing the internet: wait, is that julie the sweet girl who came here sometime ago? hm, let’s check out her music!
*emily, after watching the video*
emily: what in the actual fuck knuckles shit fuck, is that my dead son???
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queer-fandom-frog · 6 months ago
Carrie, writing All Eyes On Me: this is a song about the unbearable isolation and pressure I feel as the result of being the daughter of a famous musician. I wrote it at 3am while sobbing
Carrie: and if I change a few lyrics and put it to upbeat music, no one will ever know!
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rainbow-laced-converse · 6 months ago
Willie: While I disrespectfully disagree-
Caleb: Don't you mean respectfully disagree?
Willie: *staring Caleb dead in the eyes* No.
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jatp-rules-my-life · 7 months ago
Caleb: Status report on that ghost, Alex?
Willie: Subject has been taken out
Caleb: Very go-
Willie: It was a lovely restaurant. Candlelit dinner. He proposed to me at the end of the night. My last name is Mercer now.
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 8 months ago
Julie to Alex: Yesterday I overheard Luke saying “Are you sure this is a good idea?” and Reggie replying “Trust me.” and I have never moved from one room to another so fast in my life.
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Reggie: wow, it sure does smell like ‘wrongdog’ in here.
Alex: ……oh, buddy.
Reggie, in tears: ask!
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 2 months ago
Reggie while peeling an orange: May I take your jacket, sir?
Alex: Do you just assume other people can’t hear you
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goldensdahlias · 9 months ago
episode one of julie and the phantoms (but how i remember this specific scene)
julie: hello three cute ghosts !! pls go haunt someone else’s house
luke: we arent giving up music u cant make us >:(
julie: that is quite literally not at all what i told u to do
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molinashimbos · 8 months ago
luke, internally: ok ok be cool she's just a girl right I've talked to girls before no biggie just say hi and smile im so charming yes
julie: oh hey luke
luke: i love you
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