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to the anon that asked for the voice meme:  ahhhhh tumblr is not letting me upload my audios :/  so i’ll have to figure out something else

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omg i’ve got so many things i’ve been tagged in that i need to catch up on lol

i will definitely get to them tho. my brain is just all over the place lately

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I just love working 50+ hour work weeks and having all these creative ideas that i want to work on during the weekend only to not do any of them when the weekend comes bc i feel like i won’t do them justice and then feel like shit bc i didn’t do them. :/

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Maybe you're having a bit of burnout with writing? Either way, that doesn't sound like something you should try to force yourself to work through, to me at least... I hope you're able to feel better soon Joz! 💙

thank you friend! 💛

i was able to get a lil written, but i had to get off my computer to do so. sometimes the words come easier when i use pen and paper. :3

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Saw it a bit late, but I also hate grocery shopping. I've found pretending you're on a mission helps, at least for me. Not sure if we hate it for the same reasons lol, my issue is mostly just being in public and around a bunch of people, so pretending it's a mission helps cause it kind of makes me not see them as people? I see them as moving obstacles I need to get around to reach my target/goal. Can be a bit harder to do if you don't have a list though, which I usually forget lol ( >.>)

Ohh that’s such a cool idea! 

A big part of it is the crowds, altho I try to go shopping later at night so that there aren’t as many people around.  The other part is I just lose patience with it and kind of start to disassociate the longer I’m there.

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Tagged by: @joufancyhuh Thank youuu!  <3

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better.

Top 3 ships: Shakarian (Mass Effect trilogy), Reyder (Mass Effect Andromeda), Bughead (Riverdale - I’m trash okay, I know this;;;)

Lipstick/chapstick: Chapstick.  I apply it obsessively.  I hate chapped lips.

Last song: Barfight Revolution - Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s

Last movie/show: I just finished rewatching The Umbrella Academy.  Am currently watching season three of Big Mouth & rewatching The Witcher and season three of Riverdale.  I watch of lot of shows and then rewatch them constantly;;;

Reading: The Last Wish - Andrzej Sapkowski

Last spoke to: My gf when I got home from work & am currently messaging @hermeowyn <3

Last drank: Cranberry Canada Dry

Last ate: Buffalo wings lol

Tagging (w/o obligation): @hermeowyn, @witcherwritings, @overboss, @mysticmermaid, @saberswann, @commander-krios, @ma-sulevin, @nevadawolfe, & @jylcie

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I shared hardcore smut I wrote for the first time and then I saw stuff about vampires and made that horny too so I'm screaming a bit tonight how are you

Woooo that’s awesome!! (/^▽^)/

I’m doing alrighttttt, just chillin. Got all sorts of feels going on and trying to calm down a bit.

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You seem like such a freaking awesome person in general and I’m happy to both follow you here and to call you a friend (even though I’m terrible at staying in touch with anyone akjshsbs) Also I totally understand the mood, but I wish you wouldn’t be so down on yourself about your art and writing sometimes. You have such an incredible skill and talent for both! 🥰🥰🥰

awwww ily friend!

i’m sorry i get so negative about myself sometimes;;  i promise i’m working on it <3

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I'd recommend getting one of their sample kits first, it comes with the removal oil and healing salve! It came with enough for at least a week of almost constant use, and while theyre more likely to be out of stock for the right color in any given size for the samples, I dont expect anyones gonna be going shirtless on their first try. Also, since I have a full roll now, you really do get a LOT. Months worth, maybe even a full year with less frequent use. I just really love them now lol

Okidoki! I thought I remembered you saying there was a sample. I think that is what I will definitely try.

And yeah, I know I’m not gunna be going topless anytime soon, but that’s good to know xD

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Transtape anon here! It's been a few weeks now so I think I can safely say that I LOVE transtape, in comparison to compression binding. There ARE downsides (im impatient when i take it off, and that leaves my sides a bit sore and raw, but thats really on me), and it can kinda itch but not badly. There's a learning curve to getting the results you want, but even on my first try it helped a lot. I can run! And JUMP! And breath, god. Anyway, if you have any questions I'd be happy to help if I can!

That’s awesome!! I’m so glad that it’s working so great for you xD

I actually looked into it a bit and watched a video on how to use it and I’m very interested, so I may give it a try myself to see how it works.l for me. Like it would be so awesome if I could bind at work and still be comfortable, especially during the summer which is when my dysphoria is usually the worst.

Thank you again for telling me about this 💛

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