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nii-ki · 20 hours ago
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berriniki · a day ago
ENHYPEN REACTS TO…you holding their face
includes: gn! reader, established relationships
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— heeseung
probably confused
looks at you with big doe eyes
“yes? do you need something?” genuinely wondering
when you tell him you just wanted to hold his face he probably laughs and holds your face as well
now you’re both giggling, teetering you weight between your feet
someone walks in(probably jay) and they immediately walk out because wtf???
gET A ROOM !! — ni-ki probably
turns his head slightly to kiss your palm
laughs at your red face
other members under the cut
— jay
also confused
most of them are confused tbh
holds your hands as they’re on his cheeks
asks if you need something
dinner? are you hungry? you want a watch a movie or smth?
no you just want to hold your world
breaks into the biggest grin ever(YOU KNOW THE ONE)
he laughs and takes your hands off his face to hug you, probably whispers something about wanting to hold his world as well
you’re both embarrassed at the end but you’re in love
— jake
he blinks a couple times and then immediately holds your hands and starts giggling
“what is it?” calls you some ridiculously sweet pet name that gets you smiling immediately
you said it’s nothing and that you just want to hold him
to which he leans forward to hug you tightly
says “why not hold me like this”
— sunghoon
the most confused of them all
he freezes
malfunctions if you will
you can’t help but giggle when his face morphs into genuine confusion
“what?” there’s a buffering symbol above his head
he’s so cute pls
you kiss his nose because he’s cute
he turns a little pink but he smiles widely(i think he would be a fan of nose kisses)
he takes your hands from his face and hold them between you two, before leaning in to kiss your lips
— sunoo
he’s one of the few people that isn’t confused
you like holding his face, adore his cheeks so much
he just smiles and asks if you need something
you need to give him his daily dose of affection
giggles so much when you kiss all over his face, holding your hands against his cheeks because he just loves being adored
and you’re there to do just that, to adore him
has the biggest smile when you’re done
but you’re not free yet ! it’s your turn to get kisses now !
— jungwon
you do this a lot to him but he’s still not used to it
still goes wide eyed and asks if something if something is wrong
he doesn’t know what could be wrong but he asks anyway
you shake your head and just say you thought he looked cute that day
you don’t know why he’s confused, you do this everyday because he’s cute everyday
he laughs and goes “oh” before taking your hands in his
he kisses your fingers and calls you cute as well
— ni-ki
i can’t tell how he would react
you probably can’t hold his face if he’s fully awake
he’d probably make a run for it if you tried and kid is Fast
you probably hold his face when he’s half asleep
you wake up first and get ready and come back in to see him standing but he’s not moving, his eyes closed
you laugh and hold his face, him leaning in to use your hands at a pillow
he’s so cute, especially since he’s pouting when he’s doing this
refuses to admit he did this when he’s fully awake but everyone has photo evidence
can’t hide from the truth riki😤
Tumblr media
a/n: someone has most definitely done things before i saw a tiktok of someone drawing kaeya fan art of someone holding his face and went “…i can do something with this” and this was the something
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m1ng-how · 2 days ago
Hi! I saw ur requests were open so I wanted to ask if you could a reaction with the hyungline of Enhyphen where their best friend, who they also have a crush on, gets cheated on? Thank you so much! I love ur writing btw:)
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ enhypen when their best friend / crush gets cheated on
Tumblr media
warnings: fluff, cursing, fem!reader
word count: 1.8k
🖇 as soon as heeseung hears around campus that you were cheated on by that idiot of a guy, he was concerned. and not just the normal concerned, he was looking everywhere for you.
🖇 but to no avail, he could not find you at all so he decided to ask one of his friends he was with when he had heard the news.
🖇 "she's in the bathroom―the girls are with her"
🖇 that's all he needed to hear before he BUSTS open the door in the girls' bathroom earning shrieks and such from the girls inside but there was no sign of you
🖇 "shit, sorry!" his eyes would go wide at the same time, feels disappointed that you were not where his friend had said you would be so he runs around the school to figure it out.
🖇 finally finds you alone in one of the empty classrooms when he was near giving up.
🖇 "y/n! i was looking for you everywhere! why didn't you pick up my calls?!" he called as he closes the door shut behind him.
🖇 "tch." you turned your head on the table to cover the state of yourself. there was mascara running down your face, your body felt incomparably down from before.
🖇 the girls in the bathroom were helpful, to say the least, but you wanted to be alone after hearing the news about your ex-boyfriend. you didn't want anyone hovering over you, asking you if you were okay or even looking at you―you felt too shameful towards all the kindness
🖇 "that jerk. i knew there was something wrong with him from the first time i met him." heeseung said as he stood over you.
🖇 he had a significant dislike for your ex.
🖇 heeseung placed a hand on your shoulder, comforting you silently
🖇 he would understand that you didn't want to be around anyone right now but he wanted to be with you during your highs and lows so he rather be around you to support you than be away doing something else
🖇 he would be ANGERY. WITH AN E.
🖇 "how could that dumbass do that?! i can't believe he did that! i'm gonna hire a hitman-"
🖇 you had to calm him down because boy, was he so angry.
🖇 he couldn't even tell you to be calm and ask if you were okay because of how annoyed he was.
🖇 it was easy to tick him off (although he would forget it easily) but when it came to you and your feelings, he carried you like a fragile parcel in his hands.
🖇 he wanted to hit a wall, go fight with that guy.
🖇 jay couldn't quite sit on your bed because of his collected frustration.
🖇 he paced around the room, hand on his chin as if trying to solve a mystery than making you feel better about your ex.
🖇 you were sick of it―the tears were streaming down your face and now seeing jay acting mad instead of being there for you, annoyed you.
🖇 you knew that he was trying his best to process the situation but what happened happened, you needed comfort right now and for him to pace around the room like that―
🖇 "get your ass here and hug me. you're not fucking sherlock holmes."
🖇 jay broke out of his trance and nodded, not wanting to make you madder than you were. he made his way to you and sat against your pillows. you sat next to him and put your head on his chest, laying on him as if he was a plushie.
🖇 and then you cried it out.
🖇 you guys were at a café on a bestie date when you got a text message from a friend.
🖇 you looked into the message to see a picture of your boyfriend kissing another girl. for a second, you couldn't process it quite well as jake blabbered randomly about the aesthetic of the café and how it matched well with your matching outfits.
🖇 you couldn't wrap your head around it as you looked at the photo again, wondering if you were seeing it right. your hand was literally shaking holding your phone, your heart going pang inside your chest.
🖇 a part of you couldn't believe it as you just saw the guy this morning. he would never be this low, right?
🖇 "dude, why do you keep looking at your phone? i'm talking 😑"
🖇 you gave him your phone, panic written on your face. "please tell me i'm seeing this wrong."
🖇 jake looks at the phone and his mouth drops open.
🖇 "fuck." you muttered, a tear slowly rolling down your face.
🖇 "nonono! y/n, it's not! it's not!" tries to convince you that it's someone else but bro is so bad it goodbye―
🖇 you end up leaving the café together shortly after that and jake is just "🥺🥺", watching you walk with your head down.
🖇 and then finally he's so sick of it, he just puts his arm around you and walks with you because he can't help seeing you like that.
🖇 "i'm so sorry. he never deserved you at all."
🖇 once you found out, you were at sunghoon's house, talking in his kitchen and then your girl best friend called you out of the blue and tells you how your boyfriend cheated on you with her and you're just standing there, shocked.
🖇 sunghoon, who was getting something from the fridge, looks over and notices the quietness
🖇 "you good?"
🖇 you don't respond, instead, you just hang up and mutter "i'm going home, hoon. see you." you attempt to leave which was a really bad choice because @SUNGHOON followed you quickly, abandoning his duties in the kitchen.
🖇 "what? why suddenly?"
🖇 "i'm not feeling well." you told him, slipping on your shoes.
🖇 "not feeling well, my ass." he scoffs and grabbed your wrist to make you turn around to him. "what happened, y/n?"
🖇 then the tears began to pour...
🖇 "he cheated on me, sunghoon."
🖇 "oh shit." sunghoon would stare at you momentarily as you remain there, covering your face from crying. the state of your life didn't hit you as hard as it did then. your boyfriend, the one person that you thought you could trust with your life was gone. how were you supposed to trust love again?
🖇 two arms wrapped around you shortly and pulled you close to his chest. "ssh, ssh."
🖇 stroking your head, he would hug you.
🖇 "i'm so sorry, y/n." you two stand at his doorway forever as you cried on him, dampening his shirt. he doesn't care about that because he knows how much you loved that guy even if it hurt him.
🖇 would probably crack jokes about your ex and how ugly he was after and let you know that you were crying over someone that was not worth it.
🖇 if bro saw him after finding out he cheated on you, he would BITCH STARE™️ your ex down.
🖇 "he didn't cheat on me!" you would yell at the boys that were snickering with your boyfriend sitting in the middle of them, laughing slightly. it was lunchtime and you would much rather be spending time elsewhere than here, but unfortunately, rumours found you. "tell them you didn't!"
🖇 your boyfriend only looked at you before laughing again with the boyz 🥶😈💯
🖇 sunoo would come up from behind you, sensing trouble from a mile away. bro was just helping jungwon at the garden before so he had a later lunch. but when he saw you with them, he didn't like it.
🖇 he never liked them to begin with if he was being honest and he never really tried to hide it either.
🖇 "tell them―"
🖇 "oh my god, shut the fuck up, will you? i cheated on you...yeah, i did. because you're fucking ugly, okay? leave me alone."
🖇 you stood there in disbelief as their laughter imprinted in your mind.
🖇 why was he admitting it so freely?
🖇 "why are you still here? do i need to―"
🖇 sunoo threw his tteokbokki he bought from the canteen right at your boyfriend's face, causing you to snap out of it.
🖇 "sunoo?"
🖇 "i told you so long ago this ugly-ass wasn't worth your time. did you listen to me, y/n?!"
🖇 he rolls his eyes at you LMAO before dragging you away with your ex-boyfriend and his 'all bark no bite' gang screaming profanities at you guys.
🖇 sunoo would glare down at anyone on your way to wherever he was taking you and that easily made people move out of the way.
🖇 you guys ended up behind the school with your heart broken in a billion pieces.
🖇 you were finding it hard to even look up from your spot.
🖇 sunoo sighs before reaching over to you, bringing you in for a hug as you cry like a mess all over him.
🖇 in truth, sunoo was hurt too because he hated seeing you cry like that. especially for a guy like that.
🖇 "listen, y/n. you're not ugly at all! you're the prettiest girl i've seen in my life, don't let that ugly buffalo headass get to you."
🖇 bro would be mad about it when you told him what happened
🖇 in a way you haven't seen him act before because we see leader-nim to be very composed and calm, y'know? so you're not used to this.
🖇 mainly because he knew he could've taken care of you better than that prick.
🖇 "y/n, stop crying over him!"
🖇 "i really liked him, jungwon."
🖇 would feel bad for exploding. he pats your head before just simply pushing your head into his chest and thinking, "well, i really like you too."
🖇 jungwon would be so fricking mad though, that's all i imagine him to be.
🖇 he would be calm and collected about it but he'd also be RAGING.
🖇 after you calm down a little, you guys would probs eat ice-cream together. jungwon brings your blanket from your room and you sit side by side, eating ice-cream together in silence.
🖇 no because you would catch this jerk making out with another girl as you're with riki.
🖇 you had a textbook in your hand luckily :D
🖇 riki sensed you clutching the textbook from beside him and in all sense, he wanted to tell you not to throw it because we need to be mature, right? but then he remembered he also had a crush on you so he was like and he hates seeing the guy misuse your feelings like that
🖇 "throw it"
🖇 with all your might, you threw the book at the back of that dumbass' head and he'd turn around and have the audacity to be surprised?!?!?!
🖇 bitch―
🖇 "what? you didn't expect me to be here? you're ugly anyway." you said and then turned to the girl who he was making out with. "you too."
🖇 you turned around like a baddie and walked, pretty sure that riki flicked your ex off.
🖇 "y/n! y/n! i'm sorry, i―"
🖇 riki pushes that guy's hand away and protectively pulls you to his side. he looks at the guy with the most disgust he's ever had on his face and goes "don't you think you've done enough?"
🖇 walks off just like that.
🖇 mature but he surely struck your ex's ego.
🖇 you start crying after and he just lets you hug him and cry on his shoulder.
🖇 he's quiet but he's there for you.
hihi! thank u sm for requesting and liking my works. hope you have a good day
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dimensiondilemma · 19 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ravenori · a day ago
[7:25am] ☆ 성훈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
› boyfriend!sunghoon, sunghoon X fem!reader, FLUFF. cw : sharing a drink. grammatical errors. lowercase intended.
Tumblr media
“y/n? how did you do this sum?” sunghoon swept back his hair with his fingers, a little frustrated when he couldn't do a calculation. while you were busy with your own work, you scooted closer to him. “this?” running your sight through the sheet, you could make out all the mistakes your impatient boyfriend had made. “what is 7 + 2?”
“are you kidding me, y/n? of course it's 9” he scoffed in disbelief. “then why did you write 8 instead-” you encircled his mistake. and a couple more. you enjoyed how it made him feel a little insecure, but you were fast to help. “it's okay, sunghoon. you’ll just need some practice that's all.”
“math isn't my thing anyways” he sighed and threw his back on the seat. you went back on your textbook since you in no way could give up. you had exams next week, and it sucks cause despite being with your boyfriend you can't spend time with him properly. various other thoughts sank in your head as you sipped your coffee. the last thing you could register was sunghoon grabbing the drink from your hands and drinking from it himself.
“hey!” you playfully slapped his arm and earned a chuckle from him. “is it a crime to drink from the same cup as my girlfriend?” you felt totally defenceless with the reply. a cheeky, mischievous smile lined his face when he leaned closer to you. “by the way, it tastes sweeter than the original.” he pressed a quick kiss on your burning cheek, moving away from the fear of getting smacked for his mischief.
Tumblr media
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4pff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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heessseungi · a day ago
blitzed confessions ✰ seventeen: pink stained cheeks
[completely written]
Tumblr media
Both your hearts were synced. Pumping blood around your body at the speed of light, you met Jay’s eyes as you stood at the same grey rooftop you usually met up at.
Although you didn’t have a positive experience with him for nearly a month, excitement seemed to continue rising.
The air was awkward. What was there to say? As much as you had been looking forward to this moment for a while now, you were prepared to grab your phone and emergency dial Karina to get you out of there.
“It’s nice to see you again,”. Jay broke the tension. You looked up. The timid boy’s cheeks were brushed with rose, a shy smile discreetly painted onto his face. It didn’t take much more for you to react the same.
“It’s nice to see you too,”. You had managed to whisper back. All you wanted was to have things back to how they used to be, yet there was so much to clear. Why did he suddenly start seeing Soojin? Why did he ghost your texts? What made him shout at you the other day?
“I’m sorry,”.
Jays hung his head in shame. Guilt practically had been slapped across his face. He knew what you were thinking; how you wanted answers to his sudden changes in his behaviour.
Yet explaining everything would cause him to confess.
He was aware you liked him too. In fact, he already picked up on your pink stained cheeks and you fiddling with your fingers, but Heeseung made you feel like a prize to be won. Jay had been chasing you for a while now, so what if Heeseung had lied? Only to embarrass Jay when he finally admitted his feelings.
You looked at him with sad eyes. It was obvious he wasn’t bluffing.
“Jay, I just want an explanation,”.
Without thinking, the boy caught onto your wrists, pulling you closer to his chest. Your body in his hold felt like home. Jay wrapped his needy arms around your waist, not caring if you wanted this or not. He needed it.
His sudden act had surprised you, eyes widening with shock, however, you didn’t fight it. As Jay’s grip on you slightly tightened, you brought your own arms up to hug him back.
Something inside you had been burning for this.
You both continued to stay glued to each other for a moment, the tension between you starting to ease down.
“Y/n, please forgive me. I can’t go on without us being together anymore,” Jay whispered. His voice lowly cracked and shook. It seemed like the cold was getting to him, you thought.
Slithering out of Jay’s arms, you tried to leave so you could attempt to fetch something to warm him up, but you realised you were wrong.
Jay stood there, a few tears leaking out of his eyes, yet a small smile delicately placed on his lips was present, presumably to make you feel less uncomfortable.
“Jay,”. Your voice was calm yet commanding, instantly causing the boy to snap his eyes to yours.
You leaned forward, toes propelling you up to reach his tall height.
Placing your fingers on his cheeks to wipe away the sad droplets of water, you slowly leaned in, allowing your lips to meet.
You passionately kissed the boy in front of you, following your heart instead of your head. It felt like fifty alarms were going you off in your mind, shouting at you to immediately retreat and apologise for making the situation worse.
You were about to do so, when the feeling of Jay kissing you back assured you that it was alright.
synopsis: Drinking and smoking were some things that you had never really participated in throughout your nineteen years of living. Growing up, you had always witnessed the people around you experiment with so, both good and bad outcomes of which. They weren’t terrible ideas in your point of view, but of course not the best deeds to be partaking in. So when your best friend, Jay, had suddenly texted you at 2:11 AM to meet him at the block of abandoned buildings a few streets away from you, you knew it would be nothing good.
masterlist | < prev - next >
taglist [open]: @glowitss @faatnaa @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @blossomnct @ghjasksdk @aj-1154 @woonieiv @redikuluspupil @bakukags @eclisqc @enhacolor @jisungs-tummy @youreverydayzebra @bbanggami @kyleeanne @jjun4thitboy
(send asks or messages to be put on the taglist!!)
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enhypenfanbase · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good afternoon~😎
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en-cityzen · a day ago
Tumblr media
CEO : Clit Ethics Officer [A PJS Series]
Taglist : open
You had it.
You had it all.
Your dream job?
Your dream position at your dream job?
Your dream work hours at your dream position at your dream job?
Your dream coffee being served during your dream work hours at your dream position at your dream job?
Everything was laying out and your dreams were all becoming true one by one. But what was so annoying about having to come to your job everyday and having to work and drink the most powerful and motivating coffee while getting all work done correctly with absolutely nothing to be irritated about?
Your boss.
 Mr Park Jongseong.
Or as he liked everyone in the office for “friendly and soft environment purposes so that everyone in the building can feel approachable and have a nice time working” to call him Jay.
He was the exact fucking reason that you hated having a work desk right in front of his office. Oh the way your blood boiled whenever you would be called over to his cabin only because he “wanted to say hi.”
And the feelings were mutual. No matter how great you were in your work, or how much profit you caused the company to gain, there was always and forever going to be something about you that turned off all the happy lights in Jay.
So why was it that you were trapped between him and his desk, your short skirt and strong attitude being the exact reason he wanted to fuck you back into your place? And why weren’t you complaining about it? Why were you feeling one of the wettest feelings down there each time his eyes scanned over your body or each time his cold breath sprawled on your face? Why was it that you wanted to kiss your boss so badly right now that it drove you as insane as to give up your pride and power and just give yourself to him? Why were you craving Park Jongseong? And why was he craving you?
“If you’re going to act like a little brat, i’m going to for sure treat you like one, baby”
release date : 29th september, 2021
This series is dedicated to one of my best friends @jaylaxies​  I fucking love you, madarchod [not more than jake tho, thank you very much
@en-cityzen​ ©
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chae-darling · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
“who on earth even writes letters nowadays?!”
— jeon y/n’s little sister.
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS ♡ jeon y/n writes seven soul-baring letters to her seven crushes, but never meant to send any of them. now they are out, and wreaking havoc on her life. (summary taken from the real story)
GENRE ♡ romance , highschool!au , angst (kinda?)
WARNING ♡ profanity , mentions of alcohol , mentions of blood, mild suggestiveness
PAIRING ♡ enhypen x fem reader , ending: TBA
A/N ♡ hey guys! it’s hera here ☻ this is my first au and story i’ve ever written on here in general (so please forgive me if it sucks ahh) please note: this story is based off to all the boys i’ve loved before (hence, the title and synopsis) please also note that i will update whenever i have the time (i have school from 6 a.m - 7 p.m everyday so please understand if i sometimes forget to post hehe) i hope you will enjoy reading this and that you have a wonderful day!
STATUS ♡ ongoing
TAGLIST ♡ open ! ↵ click to be added!
Tumblr media
#OO ˚ ༘ prologue
#O2 ˚ ༘ JAY’s LETTER
#O7 ˚ ༘ NI-KI’s LETTER
Tumblr media
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dimensiondilemma · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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berriniki · 14 hours ago
[8:46 PM]— park jongseong
includes: domestic relationships, mentions death but not in a angst way, gn! reader
wc: 319
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you were sitting on the counter behind jay, scrolling on your phone as he was cutting something up. there was slow music playing in the background for ambience because jay likes to sway when he cooks, but right now he’s concentrating on cutting onions, trying his best to not cry all over the cutting board. you jump down from the counter and walk over to his side, leaning forward to peer at his face, his eyes watery and his lips in a concentrated pout.
you can’t help but giggle and he looks over, frowning at you laughing at him but he eventually smiles when you reach over to wipe away his tears. he leans in for a kiss, which you oh so happily grant him. he goes back to chopping and you press you cheek against his shoulder to watch him finish chopping up the onions until he stops and looks at you. you blink up at him, wondering if he wanted another kiss, but he puts down his knife and takes your arms, bringing them to circle around his waist and then making them hug his sides. you register what’s happening and you feel your face growing hot.
“it’s for emotional support.” he reasons. you bury your head into his back and groan.
he’s just too cute.
“you’re going to be the death of me.”
he laughs and he sways his hips, rocking the two of you back and forth as he goes back to cutting his onions, the onions already prickling his senses and making him sniff.
“these onions are going to be the death of me.”
you giggle, pressing your cheek against his back.
“then we’ll just go down together.” you sing.
“that’s grim.” he chuckles.
“but it’s romantic.” you smile, pressing a kiss on the back of his neck. jay smiles when he feels your smile against his neck.
“as long as i’m with you.”
Tumblr media
ib: @k6ho their enha back hug headcannon made the brain worms work
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aegene · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whumblr · a day ago
Show me
Home is where the hurt is: Part 1 - Continued from Part 47
Silent tears still streamed down his cheeks as Jay curled in on himself.
He lay, heavily twitching, on the floor, breathing laboured and shallow as every breath sent a spike of sharp pain to his ribs, and with every little movement he felt the blood gush out of his wounds.
Come on. Get up! Getupgetupfuckkkkk—
He cried out as he forced his body to push through the pain and managed to get his legs under him, splayed out to the side.
His uninjured hand slipped under his weight, scrambling for grip as a sticky, warm wetness clung to his palm. He recoiled, mind already knowing what it was before he saw the blood, saw the bloody handprint on the floor and the streaks made in the red puddle around him.
Even though his other arm was also thickly coated in blood, he still grossed out.
The room echoed his own tortured sounds back to him, his hitched breathing, the soft pathetic groans, but then he heard something else.
He mewled in fear when he realised it was the front door opening again.
“No, no, no, please, please!”
But it wasn’t Zayne who had returned for a round two.
A shocked Dennis stood for a second in the doorway taking in the scene, then lunged forward.
He squatted down in front of Jay, hands hovering over him, wanting to reach out, wanting to comfort and check for injuries. But he hesitated, not daring to touch his friend, too afraid to cause more pain.
“Show me.”
“Jay.” Dennis fell to his knees and sought out eye contact, repeating his words a little more forceful. “Show me.”
“Back off, man!” The aggression Jay tried to put in the words didn’t quite have the effect because of the level of desperation in his voice and in his eyes. His voice almost caught on a sob and instead of trying to push his friend away, his eyes were begging him to leave him alone.
Which he didn’t.
The source of the blood was rather obvious, with the large cuts in his shirt, but Dennis’ eyes were drawn to Jay’s torso, where Jay’s injured arm tightened over his ribs. Fingers curled in the fabric, twitched with every intake of breath.
A trembling hand reached out with the intention to lift his shirt, but Jay caught him by the wrist.
“Don’t.” His voice stronger now and he pointedly looked up, but this time he did mean it as a plea.
Dennis winced at the grip, but softly pried Jay’s fingers from his wrist and reached out again. All the while keeping eye contact and moving forward very slowly, as if trying to calm down a cornered animal.
When he found the fabric of Jay’s shirt half pulled out of his pants and lifted it, Jay slid a hand over Dennis’. He briefly glanced up, gently pushed his hand away and slid his own fingers under the hem. If this was going to happen, he wanted to do this himself, small as it was.
He looked away, closed his eyes as he heard Dennis gasp. Tried to stifle a wince and hide a twitch behind a sob as careful fingers brushed over the new bruises, the swelling forming over his ribs.
The bruised ribs, still healing from that beating weeks ago, were now broken.
Blood still streamed down his arm, making the sleeve stick to his skin. Soft streams of red tickled in between his trembling fingers, dripped down from his fingertips.
Dennis stuttered at the sight of it all. “It'll be— It’s gonna be...” but he couldn’t get the words out. Because would it be?
The always so confident Dennis was at a complete loss, looking forlorn, gaze shooting from the deep bruises to Jay's shoulder and back, absolutely unsure what to do.
Jay echoed the feelings. Was it going to be okay? He knew what to do, if he didn’t want a repeat of this tomorrow. Yet the thought of giving in made his stomach churn.
A single teardrop tickled his chin before it fell down and mixed with the blood.
And something snapped. Everything he tried to keep in, had tried to keep in for months, exploded. The dam burst. He let himself fall against Dennis and sobbed his heart out against his shoulder.
“I’m not—“ the dry heave that interrupted him broke Dennis’ heart. “I’m not sure I can—“ he hiccupped, “do this anymore.”
It’s true. He’d said whatever Zayne just wanted to hear at the moment, would’ve said anything to make it stop. But the prospect of having to go through all that again tomorrow. And the day after. And for the entire week probably… he just couldn’t.
Dennis cautiously brought up his arms around Jay, holding him, softly rocking him and letting him scream against his shoulder. All the while trying to keep his face straight, even though Jay couldn’t see, because he was sure that when he’d feel his face scrunch up, he wouldn’t be able to control it anymore. But his own emotions still rocked along with Jay’s and spiked with every cry, as he felt the hot tears seep into his shirt.
Forcing himself to calm down, the fearful look in his eyes lessened, his furrowed brows straightened with every sob that rocked against him, and he swallowed the lump in his throat. His expression hardened until he stared dead ahead over Jay’s head, and he didn’t shake in fear or shock anymore, just in rage.
He did his best trying to calm his own breathing. It wouldn’t help Jay if he started panicking and hyperventilating as well. He needed to be there for him, be that rock, calm him down, letting him know that it would all be okay, that he was there for him.
“It’s okay,” he whispered, even though he knew it was not.
But Jay nodded. It was okay. Dennis being here. It was okay.
As he felt Jay calm down, he did so too. Both took a deep breath together.
“I’m scared,” Jay almost whispered, voice rising a pitch.
“Me too.”
With a sniffle, Jay pulled back and sat on his ankles.
“Jay,” two hands held his face, gently yet firm and forced him to look up. “Jay, look at me. Listen. You need to go to hospital.”
Fear shot back into Jay’s eyes.
“I can’t,” he sobbed his panic, “they’ll know something is up. They’ll get the police. Den, we can’t. I can’t, I—“
“You need stitches, I can’t help you with this.”
“No, no wait, please. Just… bandage it up. For now. I can’t. Not yet. Please. I will, just… Not yet.”
His hands clasped around Dennis’ upper arms as his friend got up, a soft plea to stay with him, to let him calm down first. But Dennis used the leverage to pull Jay to his feet as he stood. Caught him as he lost his balance and swung an arm around him.
“Okay,” he said, and Jay relaxed against him.
Dennis held him up and gently steered him to the chair, which Jay refused for some reason, shuffling past and perched on the couch instead. “Okay,” he said again, not fully getting it but just letting Jay decide what was best, and squatted in front of him. “You need to get that shirt off, before it sticks to the wounds. Here, let me…” He brought his hands, trembling still, to the front of Jay’s shirt and lightly touched over the buttons as he waited for Jay’s permission, which he got in a soft nod.
Jay winced as he tried to twist his body and get his arm out of the sleeve. It stuck to his arm, the pain not so much worse than the gross feeling of hot yet dried blood sticking to his skin and having it peeled off with the fabric.
“Just cut it,” he said, as Dennis hoovered over his t-shirt sleeve, not sure what to do with it.
Dennis nodded.
To Jay’s relief, he returned with a pair of scissors instead of a knife, and a couple of towels.
“I’m… I’m not sure how to stop the bleeding here.” Dennis had meant to tie a towel as a tourniquet around Jay’s upper arm, before realising that wouldn’t help much with these wounds on Jay’s shoulder.
Three large gashes cut over his upper arm, close together, almost looking like gills. He carefully pressed one of the towels to his shoulder and guided Jay’s hand up to apply pressure. Just making sure this wouldn’t turn into a horror show with blood everywhere would have to do for now.
“Okay?” he asked, unsure.
Jay winced lightly as he felt the towel tighten around his arm.
Hands now free, he wiped them on another towel.
God, there was so much blood. Much more than usual where the thin cuts just lightly wept little drops. Now it was still streaming down his arm. It made him feel sick. Made him feel a little fuzzy. Whoa. Was that the blood loss kicking in? He blinked hard a couple times until Dennis’ back was into full focus again as he retreated to the kitchen. Probably to wash his hands as he was now covered in blood too.
He wanted to follow suit. The red on his hands, his arms, it made his breath hitch and he just wanted to scrub it all off! But with him shaking all over he wasn’t sure his trembling legs would carry him. Not without Dennis holding him.
Sit. Breathe. Calm down. He took another deep breath. Closed his eyes and fought against the lightheaded feeling.
Had Zayne really wanted to explore the edges of what amount of blood loss was okay? He wouldn’t put it past him…
Dennis returned, squatted down in front of him. “Better?” He had to practically force Jay’s clamped up fist open and pushed a mug of tea in his hand.
Jay sniffled softly and nodded. He’d calmed down, but couldn’t force down the lump in his throat. However much tears and self-pity he swallowed, he worried it just wouldn’t disappear, like it was just stuck. A permanent lump of stress and anxiety.
Watching Dennis sink down with a wet towel to mop up the blood didn’t help much either. He made a soft noise of protest, which Dennis promptly ignored.
“He’ll come back tomorrow,” Jay said in a weak voice, slowly twirling the mug in his hands. “He’ll want the right answer. This time.”
“Then say we’ve stopped.”
“I can’t. He’ll know I’m lying.”
Dennis took Jay’s laptop from the table and sat next to him, folding it open in his lap. He looked at Jay, expression set.
“Then don’t lie.”
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210926 | Jungwon via Weverse posts
The answer is
Jay hyung and I!! keke hehe
Fighting for today too ENGENEs~!!❤️
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ꗃ  :  SÓ EU E VOCÊ
⌕ :  29/09/2021📅
⌕ :  capa para doação dia 01/10.
⌕ :  inspiração: @fairyeoll.♡
ㅡ 🗒: tô triste porque a capa ficou muito linda. obrigada carol vulgo arroba fada do chanyeol por ter me ajudado e afins, amo-te. <3
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