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The synopsis for Future State Flash felt off so I tweaked it a bit. I mean, come on! The rest of the Flash family is just as important and shouldn’t be delegated to “the other former Flashes”. Also Wally shouldn’t just be labeled the former Kid Flash, especially as the end of the synopsis.

I guess all there is to do is wait and see what happens with this. I’m morbidly curious as to what this would’ve led into if 5G had actually become a thing. At least it’s an alternate timeline/universe and might be a stand alone so if it goes south I can ignore it. Plus Brandon Vietti is a great writer on Young Justice and Under the Red Hood so maybe it’ll be better than I anticipate it to be.

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What was the point of Speed Metal then?!?

Speed Metal was amazing. The Flash fam, who have been hyped up as being vital to the Death Metal ‘crisis’, risked their lives to retrieve the Mobius chair. Speed Metal was a masterpiece, it was spectacular. Jay, Barry, Wally, Wallace, all of the Flash fam in perfect characterization and a great plot.



None of that matters!!!!

The Flashes have been hyped up since day one as being vital to this crisis. Speed Metal was an amazing issue specifically about HOW and WHY they were vital to this crisis!

And now you’re telling me that it was all for nothing??? Because Batman 'pLanNeD FOr thEM tO sTEaL tHe ChAir aNd REdiReCT pOwER tO iT’.


That makes the Flash fam risking their life to steal the chair in Speed Metal completely irrelevant and makes Speed Metal itself (which was an amazing issue) completely redundant and unnecessary!

And now the Flashes have been hyped up for no reason! They aren’t relevant to the plot anymore after all the bs they went through????

What was the point DC?!?!

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