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riki with his tinie hyung 🥺
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hii omg this is my first time requesting, idk if your requests are open but please take ur time ~
prompt 28 and 29, sunghoon x femreader smut, they could possibly be fuck buddies then the reader becomes too clingy and hoon doesn't like clingy hook ups and then jealousy thingy aaa i dunno you can add the rest kckekwkakajwwq
btw i love ur recent jay smut ><
ohhhhh this is my first time writing proper angst lol
i hope you enjoy it regardless ♡ lmao personally i don't like how this one turned out
prompts: #28 “nobody can have you. nobody can talk to you. nobody can look at you. especially if you’re mine.“ + #29 “i think you’re being too, you know, clingy. like leave me the fuck alone sometimes“
Tumblr media
apathy ♡ psh [req]
Tumblr media
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. I put my smut strictly under the smut tags on here to protect you guys so don't open anything with a warning like this one. Please.
pairing ♡ sunghoon x fem!reader
genre ♡ non-idol!au, fwb2l, smut with no explicit dom/sub dynamics :)
warnings ♡ angst, smut (no specific warnings for this) toxic hoon, emotionally unstable hoon, cursing, cliche toxic romance
word count ♡ 3.5k
summary ♡ your friend hurts you, but it only makes the both of you realise how much you need each other
author’s note - there is more dialogue and storyline in here than smut because I wanted to make the relationship easier to follow along with - it works either way i think
Tumblr media
Sunghoon’s slim fingers wrapped around your neck as the two of you kissed, his lower lips trapped between yours, and you savored his sweetness for the last few moments. You knew it was only a matter of time before he’d pull away and leave.
Chest-aching from the familiar pain of him removing his hands from your skin, Sunghoon's face immediately moved away from yours. The pout on your face was disguised as playful, but you were internally withering away. Sunghoon checked his phone and looked at you, puffy lips pressed into a firm line. “I have to go, I have training in an hour."
“Don’t go yet,” you wrapped yourself in your own sheets, your single bed a lonely reminder that you were genuinely alone without the warmth of another body like that of Sunghoon’s.
He swallowed, feeling his jaw tick as he pulled on the strings of his sweats around his bare hips. “I’m going, I’ll message you later.” he huffed.
“Oh...but I thought you had time to at least watch something with me?” The ache between your legs dulled the more he moved away, pulling his black tee over his shoulders and shrugging it down. Your fingers itched to pull him down, tempted to run them through his dishevelled hair.
The least he could do was spend time with you after all of this. “You know, Y/n,” he turned to you, sliding his phone into his pocket. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed. You’ve been really touchy with me recently.” he stated.
You swallowed. “W-what do you mean?”
“Exactly what you think I mean.”
Your brows furrowed, an unsettled expression overtaking your soft features.
He couldn’t bear to look at you any longer. Frustrated, his head drooped. “I think you’re being too,” eyes returning to yours, Sunghoon felt himself breathe out forcefully. “You know, clingy.”
Your lips parted, the word alone feeling like a kick to the stomach, and he continued. “We’re not dating we’re just fucking - like leave me the fuck alone sometimes.”
You shoved your blankets aside to stand on the carpet, the shirt you borrowed from him last week dropping on the floor as you slid it off your torso. At this point you didn’t care that your chest was bare. He watched you. "Get out."
“I said get the fuck out - If you didn’t like me you could have just said so.” you rolled your eyes to stop the tears threatening to spill from your pretty eyes. “No need to insult me.”
Standing your ground was the least you could do. You grabbed the shirt and threw it at him rather than to him. He barked out a single laugh. “You’ll get over it,”
You looked at him incredulously, “What’s gotten into you?”
He smirked, eyes emotionlessly following your movements as you pulled your own hoodie over your body. “You’re overreacting. I don’t like you, like I said - we just fuck.”
“I thought I told you to get out.” you moved towards the door, heart pounding out of your chest at his smell still lingering on your skin, and just barely the taste of his lips on yours. You felt disgusted that you’d kept this going for so long - longer than it needed to be going on for.
The two of you had an arrangement. Nothing too serious - just hooking up once in a while. You weren’t one to hook up at all really, but when your friend of two years Sunghoon slept with you after your 18th birthday party, it was mutually decided as a casual thing. Unfortunately for you, who wanted more than just the sex bit, Sunghoon caught on to your efforts to spend more intimate non-sexual time with him.
“Right. See you.”
“What do you mean no?” he asked, combing his fingers through his hair.
“No. This was the last time.” you whispered. “I was asked out last week - by this guy.”
Jay was lovely. He was in the same Psychology class as you and was the captain of the school’s hockey team. He’d caught you after class when you were organising your notes and asked you on a date, since he knew you were single. You thought, since he was nice, it would be better to spend some time with someone who knew what they wanted, and maybe find something more you liked in him along the way.
Sunghoon stepped backwards, the door to your apartment feeling a lot closer than it actually was all of a sudden.
“You’re going to date someone?” he let out a humorless laugh. “You’re playing, right?”
“No. And I’d appreciate it if you'd finally leave. I’m wasting my breath talking to you.” you spat, opening the door. “Have fun at practice and don’t contact me again. I’m not fucking you - ever.”
And those were the last words exchanged between you before you went MIA for three weeks.
Tumblr media
You snorted while watching Jay make three overly expressive poses, while Jungwon, the school’s magazine photographer two years below, snapped some shots of the Team Captain.
“How do I look?”
“Sexy!” you giggled playfully.
“Yay!” he jumped, a beautiful smile gracing his features.
The photographer had finished his snapshots after around thirty clicks, and you shuffled over to Jay. His arm rested comfortably over your shoulders as you played with his fingers. “Thanks for hanging out with me after practice last week.”
The word practice brought back a bitter taste in your mouth, “Not at all - I should be thanking you. You've been quite tired recently, so you should rest more.”
The charming grin Jay flashed you from the side made you break out into one of your own.
It was only when someone cleared their throat that you turned in Jay’s arms. Jake, Sunghoon’s best friend of five years and also a member of the football team, stood in his studs and full kit, Heeseung and a third - the last person you wanted to see - next to him.
His eyes were icy as they fixed onto yours. Jay felt your fingers stop playing with his rings, and instead, you took his hand in yours. He smiled. “What’s up, Sim?”
Jake gulped, straightening. He glanced at you before lightly shoving Sunghoon with the side of the football. “I was gonna ask if you wanted to have a chat about the new photos for the sports teams? Niki says we need the Runners on the website too.”
“Right.” Jay nodded, arm dropping from your shoulders. He took your hands into his fully, garnering a tense Sunghoon’s attention. “Alright lovely, looks like we have to part ways here. I have to have a chat with Jake and the others but I’ll catch you in the next Psych class?” His eyes were hopeful.
You nodded, returning his smile, although not reaching your eyes. “Sure.”
Jay waved at you before heading off.
Opting to go to your locker, you turned.
It was when an uncomfortably warm hand on your arm made you jump, sending a tingle down your skin and the same familiar set of slim fingers splayed over your forearm.
“You’ve been ignoring me,” he said.
You didn’t speak, prying his hand off you and continuing to walk as he tailed you.
“I messaged you,” he added.
You pursed your lips, turning the corner to the set of blue lockers next to the bathrooms and swinging your own open.
Sunghoon stood next to you, clad in his own football kit, a slight sheen of sweat on his forehead, just covered by the black headband he sported. “I know.” You spoke.
“We need to talk - it’s fucked up for you to cut me off just because you got yourself a boyfriend.”
“Honestly, I don’t know what you’re trying to salvage here.” you shrugged, pulling out your social sciences textbooks, the covers feeling slippery in your hands from your sweaty palms.
The pause heightened the tension between the two of you, his eyes raking up and down your body shamelessly as he recalled fucking his fist earlier in the week to memories of you kissing his neck eagerly and him fingering you until you cried. “Have you even thought about me?”
You laughed, eyes dark and numb. “I thought you didn’t like me being clingy.”
The tension was rife, and Sunghoon felt he needed to breathe in to manage his emotions. He didn’t like the ache settling in his belly at your words. Was it guilt? He couldn’t tell. It felt like indigestion. Maybe he didn’t eat properly earlier.
“You’re still hung up on that?” he threw his head back, closing his eyes.
“I’m not hung up on anything. I just don’t see why I should contact you if we’re not fucking anymore.”
He points between you and himself - “I thought we were friends.”
“Oh,” you slammed your locker shut, making some students who were passing jump in surprise. When you swiveled to face him, Sunghoon's eyes held a fierce lust you couldn't mistake for anything else. Hiding your shudder under his gaze, you gritted your teeth. You hated how responsive you were to everything he did. “So now we’re friends, huh?” you spat, giving him a disgruntled look.
“Can you fuck off with that - that’s not what I meant when I said it before and you know it. You’re twisting my words!” he yelled at you.
“Then what did you mean?” you shoved him out of the way to leave, letting Sunghoon stand alone and wallow in the information he just gathered from the conversation.
Tumblr media
Jake threw his best friend the football. Midway through practice, he noticed Sunghoon had been distracted, and offered some consolation to get to the bottom of the clueless coward's feelings. “You know you’re a dick, right? You’re a clueless piece of shit who can’t handle his emotions, dude.”
“Wow, Jake, thanks for the memo.” he deadpanned, chucking the ball back rather violently. Under the cold, hard exterior was a scared, love-sick Sunghoon.
“See what I mean?” the Aussie responded, a sigh leaving his lips. “Will you ever admit you love her and just fucking move on with your life? You just had to ruin it for yourself by calling her clingy."
"You do know that’s what you have to do after sex? It’s called aftercare for a reason you ass-” he mumbled, rambling. The coach sat on the bench near the exit to the nets, yawning as he watched the players practice.
Sunghoon was distracted, as everything in his daily life brought back memories of you: things you'd said ; things you'd done ; and where you'd gone with him sometimes. And yet he had neglected you ; he’d forgotten your needs. Now there were only thoughts of how you linked your fingers with Jay’s running around in his head; how your smile was genuine and pretty; how you laughed. Jay looked after you. You were happy without Park Sunghoon. And that’s what finally broke him.
Jake frowned when his friend dropped the football, the object bouncing on the grass a good five times. “What-” And then, when the wind blew Sunghoon’s hair out of his face, Jake realised that his friend was crying.
Tumblr media
You fiddled with the sleeve of your hoodie, the same ochre material you wore the day you kicked Sunghoon out of your apartment.
“Hey, sweetheart.” Jay sat next to you, resting his chin on his fist as he observed your solemn face. “What’s wrong?”
You softly smiled to yourself, but you knew it was just supposed to be masking your feelings. “Nothing, I think I’m tired.” you lied.
“And I think you’re fibbing - c’mon, tell what’s going on in that quirky brain of yours.”
The room was chilly, and you distracted yourself by playing with your red biro.
“Is it Sunghoon?” he asked. You looked up at him, and he gave you a nod. “I know.”
“You do?”
“Yes. And I completely understand.” he smiled at you sadly, “Find some time to talk it out with him. I know you must have had a misunderstanding.”
“Jay, I like you.” you uttered. “A lot. A-and you’re the most amazing human being. But I’m like that dumb female lead who can’t decide what she wants until she gets her heart broken by the only person she’s ever loved.”
“I know,” he affirmed, squeezing your hand. “Even if you don’t feel completely set on getting serious with me, I’m okay with that. I want you to be happy, and if that makes me hurt a little bit then I’ll make sure you won’t hurt like you are now.”
“I’m so sorry Jay,” you whispered, sniffling, and he brought you into a hug, stroking at your head.
“Hey,” he chastised, playfully. “Don’t get all teary on me now!”
You hiccuped, digging your sweater paws into your closed eyes. “‘M sorry.”
“Go talk to him. I’ll be here if you need me, I’ll always be backing you as a friend or whatever you want me to be.” he promised, brushing your hair back.
Tumblr media
You entered the locker rooms after practice as the rest of the footballers were exiting. A few whispers of your name and you knew someone had been anticipating you showing up.
Sunghoon wiped at the sweat on his neck with his navy blue towel, the embriodered initials you’d sewn on still tightly stitched across in a pearly white. He sighed.
“Great, now I’m hearing things.” he muttered into the door of his changing room locker, chucking the wet cloth onto his bag with a disgusted grunt.
“Are you ignoring me now, you dick?” you spat, crossing your arms over your chest, and he spun to face you.
The shock was evident on his face and he temporarily lost his cool before straightening and clearing his throat. “Uh, hi.”
You swallowed. “Hello.”
A few seconds passed and his eyes refrained from meeting yours, uncharacteristically. He yelped an apology, as did you. “I’m so-”
“Sorry for-”
You stopped, covering your mouth and his eyes widened as he bit his lip at the awkwardness.
“Um.” he sounded out, words somehow not forming in his throat. He realised the two of you were alone a little too late. “I want to go first.”
“I’m an asshole.”
“Yes.” you agreed, and he nodded, not even concerned about arguing about it at this point.
“I made a mistake. I loved it when we hung out.” he paused, stepping forward with his hands at his sides. “I fucking loved spending time with you. You made it all worthwhile.”
The shaky breath he let out made your heart speed up. “You know I’m shit at talking and apologising - and basically everything-”
“Get to the point.” you muttered.
“Right.” he nodded. “I’m- fuck.” Park Sunghoon groaned, finally getting a good look at you in all your natural beauty. “I’m so fucking in love with you. Be clingy all you want - I can’t handle not being with you.”
“Me too.” you told him.
“Please don’t lie to me,” he said.
“You hurt me a lot.”
When he gripped your hips with his hands, you let him pull you towards him, “I fucking know - and I can’t forgive myself for that.” he said, “But I want you so bad. I want to have you all to myself.”
He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. “Is that so bad, y/n? Thinking that nobody can have you; nobody can talk to you; nobody can look at you - especially if you’re mine?”
You bit your lip. “I-”
“I want to make you mine.” his voice was rougher as he spun you around and pressed you against the door of the locker, mouth parted in pants and hovering over yours teasingly. “Can I have you, please?”
You whispered out an affirmative “Yes.” and his lips met yours with a deep and desperate groan.
He mumbled expletives into the kiss, using his tongue to swipe at your pretty bottom lip as you circled your arms around his shoulders, “Shit, I’ve missed your taste so much. I could never get enough of you before,” he whined, hips pressing into your abdomen, “And God, I love your pussy.” his fingers dug into your scalp as he pushed his face downwards into your neck, taking in the scent of your skin. “Your tits, fuck.”
He hiccuped, eyes glossy as he realised something, looking into your eyes. “I never took your ass.” he sighed, biting his lip, “Please tell me nobody took your ass,”
“No,” you whispered, wrapping your hand around his neck as you brought him down into another soft kiss. “I saved my tight little ass for you.”
“Aw, fuck.” he swore again.
Sunghoon pulled away quite suddenly, stripping himself free of his clothes. “You know what? No.”
“What?” you pouted, looking up at him. “What’s wrong?”
“We’re going into the shower. I’m fucking you in the shower.” he repeated, almost ripping the headband off his forehead. "I wanna make sure you're prepped and comfy when i fuck your ass so im doing your other hole when we get home."
You giggled as he nearly tripped getting into his slippers, passing you another pair of his own. He pulled off his shorts, already hard and standing against his stomach. You stripped, running into the shower and he chased you, hearing you squeal. When he turnd the hot water on, he reached around to your ass and presses a single finger to your puckered hole. “Fuck baby, you’re gonna be so tight.” he groaned. You whined when he pushed his long index finger fully into your ass, pressing it in and out in a few motions as he kissed you, the water cascading over your shoulders and back.
“Tight little hole, all pretty for me, isn’t that right?” he looked into your eyes, almost begging you to just let him.
“Yeah, ‘m really tight Hoonie.” you sighed as he pressed your back into the glass, his large hands splayed over your hips. He lifted you and pressed the length of his cock against your folds, using the leverage on the glass to hold you up.
“Yeah? You gonna let me loosen you up, later? Stretch you out with my cock?”
"Fuck, baby." you swore, looking down to the reddened tip of his cock catching on the hood of your pussylips.
He just wished you'd sink down already, and when your walls open up to accommodate his cock as he slid in around your velvety wetness, he cursed again. He hummed, closing his eyes, resting his forehead on your shoulder.
"I love you," he looked up. "The way you look when I fill you up, I-" he hiccuped, eyes glossy from the humidity in the shower, "I can't handle the idea of someone else fucking you, kissing you, or holding your hand."
You swallowed, pouting. "I love you, Sunghoon."
He fucked into you hard, the ridges along his length creating a delicious friction inside your pussy. "You feel so good," he moaned, pulling you into a kiss.
When he placed you back on your feet a few thrusts in, you whined. Sunghoon leans in to whisper, "Jump."
And he caught you, wrapping your legs around his waist and he sat on the bench on the side of the shower wall
His cock sat snugly inside you once again and you almost burst out into tears at the feeling of finally having him again.
He hit your ass cheek with his palm and told you, "Look at me," circling his arms around you to bring you into him again.
Sunghoon's skin was slippery and wet, and he was warm. You bit your lip to stop a sob from escaping.
"Do you like my cock in you?" he asked. You nodded. "How does it feel?" he muttered.
"So good," you whimpered, and he wasn't even moving.
He gave you a smile, "You make me feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience sometimes."
"I said I missed your body - and I did - but the way I missed you as just you was so painful." The honesty and fragility in his tone had you curling into him.
He bounced you in his lap, your tits moving up and down at the motion, and he couldn't help but gape at them. When your nipple found its way into his mouth, you knew he felt sincere. Your pussy squeezed around him as he pulled you up and down on his lap. "I missed having your tight pussy on my cock like this. I just wanna be in there all day every day." he groaned.
"I wanna have you in me all the time," you whispered. "No one will ever fill me up like you do."
note - i listened to selfmade orange 2 while editing this haha
what are some of your guys’ less popular khiphop recs?
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fairytheo · 8 months ago
enhypen as your boyfriend.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
boyfriend!enhypen x gen!reader. fluff. 1.9k. curse words. mention of bugs, food. not requested.
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ HEESEUNG ˙𐃷˙
super-duper caring !!
he’s so whipped for you — he smiles just by thinking about you
also very giggly around you
LOVES lending you his beanies
(aka. you stealing them..)
+ you steal his earrings as well ! not that he minds
absolutely adores singing for you / he loves singing you to sleep :D
hold up, is being heeseung’s s/o just being his personal ramen cook 🤨🤨
he aaalwaays bugs you to play games with him (especially wii and nintendo switch lmao)
either that or you’re playing animal crossing while eating takeout at your dinner table
you’re the only person in the world who he’ll ever do aegyo for. 
he secretly enjoys it, but shhh you didn’t hear that from me
i think he likes calling you names like cutie, cutiepie or just a shorter version of your name <3 (if there is one !)
booping your nose is on his everyday to do list ☝️
lowkey therapist & boyfriend in one ngl
WAIT he loves making playlists for you two,, 
“y/n! i made another playlist, do you wanna listen to it? i made it while thinking of you.” <//3 
the type to write cheesy lyrics about you, then later cringes at his own writing bUT then leaves it like that because you like it !
you have his cover of lauv’s “i’m so tired” either set as your alarm or play it on loop everyday 
(random but for some reason i can picture him giving you a cassette with his cover on it just for the vintage vibes)
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAY ˙𐃷˙
the mom-and-boyfriend in one ;] 
f a s h i o n  c o u p l e 
you are literally fashion icons. no disagreements. 
you have matching clothes or accessories ! even if it’s really subtle, the gesture behind it is super adorable <//3
cooking pt. 2 :D but this time there’s a gorden ramsay in your relationship
i can just SEE how you both two impersonate gorden ramsay while cooking which makes everything 10 times funnier !! checks every 5 seconds if the food is ready tho because he doesn’t wanna risk anything
never cleans up afterwards, either you do or no one does
since you’re both fashion icons your social media followers are going 📈📈📈
literally couple goals.
he loves taking pictures of you,, but also wants you to take pictures of him 
jay gets flustered easily so please make him flustered with sudden compliments, hugs, kisses, etc. !!
he’s also the only member i can really see calling you babe
confident but shy about pda at the same time ??? he’s both LOL 
you always tease him with his RAS moments and randomly quote them when you’re in the middle of a conversation with him lmao
random and idk if this fits here, but he likes making your lunch — leaves you encouraging notes too <3
last but not least: jokingly gets angry at you when he wants something from you, and you do the same thing back ♡
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAKE ˙𐃷˙
sweetest and softest boyfriend to ever exist. i’m so soft for him JSHSHS
definitely calls you sweetie and darling. 100%. fight me if you think otherwise. 
shows you pics of layla everyday (it’s become routine for him >_<)
a tiny bit cliché BUT lends you his jacket whenever you’re cold (even when you’re inside !!)
random thought: jake puts his hands in your hoodie pockets...
it’s his personal goal to peck your cheek and forehead at least twice a day — gets pouty if he wasn’t able to do that ))):::
talks in english a lot because you love his accent !!
if you’re an english speaker, you’ll have conversations in english all. the. time.
if you’re not an english speaker, no worries, he’ll teach you !
+ reads you bedtime stories in english (jake’s australian accent >>>) 
dreams of travelling with you to australia <33  
if there’s a bug in the house you better know that jake will NOT be removing them and runs out of the house
WILL stay over at one of the other member’s houses untill that bug is REMOVED . 
so if you’re afraid of bugs as well,,, i’m sorry bae, but it’ll be your task to remove these little... creatures 😐
ngl you have more photos of layla than of him on your phone lol
(spams you with her pictures and captions them with “y/n!!! look!!! layla with a flower!!!! layla with a butterfly!!!!” it’s just so sweet aaa)
we need some “””drama””” so you make jokes about him being a “🥶💸🔥💪” boy a lot in your relationship LMAO
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNGHOON ˙𐃷˙
ice skating dates.
this has been mentioned in other headcanons a lot already but i just HAD to include it,,
convinces you to eat ice cream after your date LOL even if it IS winter
btw. fashion couple nr. 2 !!! 
ugh the visuals and the power you two hold,,,, i can’t,,,,,
has better clothes than you ngl so you share clothes lmao
it started with him lending you his sweatpants, but then you didn’t want to return them forgot to return them and BOOM 💥 here we are
extremely awkward and shy at first — don’t worry though, he becomes much more chaotic in the later phases of your relationship
he teases you SO MUCH. LIKE. SO MUCH.
always has small smile (smirk?) on his face when he’s about to make a cocky remark (so beware)
you tease him back just twice as hard which 1.) results in him in becoming flustered 2.) fails LOL
off-topic but he’d love a s/o that has a similar style to him ??? a more elegant, classy, dark style perhaps
when he’s away / busy he’ll send you some selcas and captions them with “how r u doing??” “did you eat yet?” “cheer up :P” 
kinda shy about pda but likes showing off too ???
i mean,, men... 🙄🙄 /lh
whenever someone mentions your name near him, he’ll just try to hide his smile while biting his lip (yk what i’m talking about???) and you’ll see his dimples and the affectionate look in his eyes and just AAAAA
the type of boyfriend that calls you love~
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNOO ˙𐃷˙
skin care routines with sunoo 24/7 🤝
he does your hair (if your hair is long enough to do different hairstyles with it ofc !!) 
send you daily weekly skin care products he thinks you two should try out / that’d be good for your skin <3
spa nights every friday at 9pm — he only lets you in if you wear a stylish pyjama LOL
you buy him peach items because they just remind you so much of him (。•́︿•̀。)
SELCA TIME !!! his phone is always ready !!! (apart from his storage maybe?)
loves to go on walks w u
does A LOT of aegyo,, 
and i know that you knew that this point will be in this headcanon.
for eg. instead of saying goodnight or bye he’ll just do aegyo for you not that anyone minds tbh
stages of sunoo flirting (?):
a — tries to compliment you (it sounds more like a flirty remark tbh)
b — realizes then blushes
c — cringes and runs away LMAO
playfully acts jealous, so you know it’s a joke but deep down he’s actually jealous
you two match each others vibes a lot — if one is sad, the other is sad as well
+ tells you your posture is bad when you sit like a banana or tells you to go to sleep early and when you don’t listen to him, he’ll show you an article that proves that (abc) and (xyz) is bad for you and says “i told you so.” 💀
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JUNGWON ˙𐃷˙
impresses you by doing kicks (does the kick cap challenge on tiktok and/or you play kick it by nct 127 for the funzies) 
poking his dimple is a MUST . 😩😩
though gets super shy when you kiss him and also if you buy him gifts !!
cheers you up whenever you feel down or are upset
compliments you a ton ))): will randomly come up to you and tell you that your fit is cute or that you look brighter today,,, little does he know it's because of him ;]
poking his dimple comes first, then hugging
the other members tease you two everytime you’re over LOL it’s like there are two koalas clinging onto each other
our yang garden gained another sheep +1
you two randomly play sheep,,,, like,,, everyday ???? sheep cosplays 👍
idk why ig it’s just fun to imitate sheep and go “mmmeEeEeeEhh” to annoy others
talking of that, even THOUGH he is a responsible leader he will not hesitate to do stupid shit with you
“hey how about we ring on that house there and yell “sheep for sale!” do you think they’ll open the door?”
“i don’t know... let’s find out!” 🤝
let’s just say that this didn’t end well..
also kinda bullies you (in a loving way ofc !!) pand teases you nonstop
either calls you asshole or love aHA
in conclusion: a very unpredictable relationship,, would 10/10 recommend.
very random but i feel like his love language is acts of service
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ NI-KI ˙𐃷˙
oh look it’s our tsundere 😼
can’t go a day without dancing so you two have vibing sessions at 2am everyday ft. the others telling you to go to bed
you’re the only one that can make him soft lol
if you’re older than him, you would definitely take care of him like your own baby !! 
if you are the same age as him or younger it’d be awkward for him at first, because he isn’t used to taking care of someone younger, so he’d treat you as if you were his best friend at the beginning
you love to watch him dance !! it’s so satisfying,, LITERAL asmr.
pranks you 24/7. boy has NO mercy. will not care if the others will scold him later. he will do the prank smoothly (?) — doesn’t care about the consequences LMAO
probably sets your alarm to someone screaming or a cringy aegyo song <//3
wants to film dance covers with you !! you don’t have to be the best dancer either !! as long as you have fun ^__^ 
the other members find you really cute but are also vERY TIRED OF YOU,, two energized teens in a relationship was not a good idea ☝️
likes to randomly hold your hand and swing it around 
probably distant at the beginning of the relationship because a.) he doesn’t want to pressure you/make things awkward b.) he doesn’t really know what to do either ???
(if you’re not japanese or don’t know how to speak japanese) he’ll definitely teach you some japanese phrases and words !! introduce you to his culture as well :DD and he really wants to know more about your culture too <3
teaches you phrases like “sunoo is a dumbass” for the funzies LOL
randomly makes micheal jackson impressions,,, it’s hilarious LMFAO
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enhypia · 3 months ago
JS ; japan ?!
Tumblr media
paring: park jongseong x gn!reader
genre: fluff
word count: roughly 350 words
“so if i were to hypothetically, HYPOTHETICALLY” jay emphasized
“book a flight to japan for the next 2 weeks for your birthday, would you get mad at me?” he asked smiling sheepishly
“park jongseong” you warned, standing up from your place on the couch to face him.
“it’s a hypothetical question” he said raising his arms up in defense. you sigh and wrap your arms around his waist
“i won’t be mad but it’s still too much, it’s just my birthday, and i’m already happy with going out to eat” you say kissing the tip of his nose.
letting go of your hold on him, you walked to the kitchen getting hungry upon mentioning eating, with jay following you
“going out to eat in one of the best ramen places in japan, perhaps?”
you stopped your rummaging and turned around to see him holding up passports.
“jay…” you squinted while he smiled widely at your reaction
“well technically you just said you wanted ramen but you never said WHERE you wanted to eat so…” he trails off shrugging
“so you decided on japan?” you ask crossing your arms.
“yeah!” he grinned waving your passports in the air.
you shook your head in disbelief and your composure broke.
jay laughed as you jump into his arms in excitement
“are we really going?” jay melted at the sight of pure joy on your face.
“yup, i booked the flight 3 days ago” your mouth drops in shock.
“you really didn’t have to but thank you, jay” you say, burying your head in the crook of his neck
“i know, but i wanted to, and it’s your birthday, consider it a gift” he kissed the crown of your head, tightening his hold on you.
"wait, when are we leaving?" you asked looking at him, his expression morphing into panic and he slowly let go of you.
"uhh, in 2 days?" and he bolted.
"JAY !!!" you chased after him laughing
"i love you baby!" he exclaimed, running to the bathroom and locking himself in there
"and you're lucky i love you too, now get out of there, we need to buy things for the trip"
masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
a/n: i'm part of enhypennetwork now aaa !!! im so hapi omg but my exams are done so i have more time to write now <33 i might release a new series soon, so please look forward to it. for now, i hope you like this quick jay timestamp !!
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introwalktheline · a month ago
ἐπιφάνεια (epiphany: "manifestation, striking appearance")
Tumblr media
↳ pairing: college student!jay x college student!y/n (ft. college student!heeseung)
↳ summary: you realize you harbor feelings for one of your roommates…with a little help from a (best) friend. NB: all three of them (heeseung, jay and y/n) are roommates! (omg they were roommates)
↳ word count: 1.441
↳ genre: fluff ig??? also best friend to lovers
↳ warnings: bad/basic english and possible grammar mistakes (pls don't be too harsh, english is not my native tongue aaa); swearing like,,, twice??? idk idk
“jeez y/n just tell him, already!”
You continuously replay the sentence in your head. Heeseung seemed pretty annoyed, peeved even. He never quite showed this kind of emotions, not towards you at the very least: you two always managed to agree on anything, even the stupidest things (and yes, you two would bicker for hours with Niki, his dongsaeng, about whether milk or cereals would go first only for Niki to sulk for the rest of the day, knowing he already lost the battle). The thing is: Heeseung knew you too damn well. If looks have language, even the stupidest person alive could have guessed how much affection you harbored for Jay. Yet, you would never confess your love, the boy was sure of it. To top it all, Heeseung is a great observer. Your feelings were to be found in the little things, in the acts of service: you’d always prepare coffee for him in the morning and leave him to “recover”, knowing well how much he hates to wake up early and be bothered first thing in the morning; you’d take out the trash at night when he's too focused on a uni project, even though it’s so cold outside that you feel it in your bones as you hurry back in your shared apartment. Heeseung would often catch you blushing at the sight of a bare-chested and unbothered Jay, or whenever the two asked you about your hypothetical crush.
You’ve never really been accustomed to display of affection: and yet, Heeseung could see through you. You’d almost gag over cringy movie scenes, yet you were a hopeless romantic; you’d hate to be all mushy with your friends, yet you’d give the world for them. Indeed, you were a living paradox. He just knew. He knew you had never been in a relationship and how scared you probably were to mess things up with your best friend. Not only that: he couldn’t help but notice how detached you’ve become lately, as if you’ve finally understood it all. Thus, as months kept going by, he couldn’t help but get more and more frustrated at your antics and at how oblivious jay would be. Especially since he seemed to conceal behind his teasing personality just the same amount of affection and care. It was as frustrating as watching a drama, except you two were his long-time friends who would never admit your feelings toward each other. Heeseung couldn’t hold it anymore; he came up with a plan, hoping to make a couple out of you at the end of that same day. The three of you, like any Wednesday, were having a movie night. The poor boy opted for a romantic movie -despite his hate for the genre - that fit your situation like a glove, hoping one of the two would finally make a move. However, you had no interest in watching the movie, your focus rather being on a certain person, sitting right beside you on the sofa, deeply immersed in your thoughts. In any case, luck seemed to be on the plotter’s side: Jay appeared to be stiffed and uneasy, quickly excusing himself to “go to the bathroom”.
“Y/n, you should go after him” suggested the hopeful boy.
“What? Why? He went to the bathroom I don’t-”
“Y/n, for the love of god, please go talk to him. He went to the left. He’s obviously in his room. And be sincere, no matter what happens. It’s time you two stop lying”.
Heeseung was right, as always. You find him in the bedroom the two boys shared, elbows on his knees, his head in his hands, his frown signaling he was deep in thoughts. You hesitated for a moment: perhaps he wanted to be on his own. As much as you hated to admit it, you were scared: the two of you seemed to grow distant by the minute, and you were afraid to lose your best friend over nothing. Knocking twice on the already-opened door, you startle a bit the other.
“Jay, it’s me. Can I come in? Are you okay?” your voice cracked a bit in the meantime, scaring him.
“Uh yeah, sure, come in”.
“Jay, is everything okay? You know you can tell me anything, right? I’m always here for you, well, unless you murdered someone, that would be-”
“Y/n. Do you see me just as your best friend?” you could hear the hesitance and bashfulness in his voice.
You stayed on the edge of the bed for what seemed like an infinite amount of time, benumbed. What was the right answer? If he didn’t like you back, you’d probably feel awkward after admitting your feelings; if he did like you back, though, would you be a good companion? You weren’t sure of it; you preferred to keep things like they already were between you two. Heeseung’s words resound in your head. You know he’s right. You are aware. You know you should stop hiding like a coward. You know you wouldn’t lose Jay so easily, your bond being deeper than whatever this situation would prospect. “Fuck it”, you thought to yourself.
“What if I don’t, Jay? I think…I think I see you as more than just a best friend. I don’t feel this way about Heeseung, I know that. I just- I’m scared, okay? I hate to admit this, but I’m afraid to love. I’m afraid to lose you, somehow. I’ve never done….this. What if I’m not a good lover? What if you end up not standing me anymore? What if we part ways eventually? No, you’re way too important for me”.
As you were talking rambling, the other one couldn’t help but smirk. It was the first time you showed this side of you: the doubtful, afraid, weak side. On the contrary, you always showed strength and confidence to the others, yet here you were in front of him, voicing your worries and admitting your feelings, only for him to hear and to know.
“Hey, hey. It’s okay. Y/n…there’s no right or wrong when it comes to love. There is no formula nor a certain law to follow. Do you really think you wouldn’t be a good companion? You always make sure I drink enough water and not only those shitty energy drinks I can’t seem to cut off; you always put up with me while I throw a tantrum cause my outfit is not on point; you always buy corn and honey for me when it’s your turn to go grocery shopping; shit, I can’t even list all the things you do for me, it’d take me years to finish. What I mean to say is y/n, you already ARE the best companion I could ask for. Again, there are no right or wrong doings. Well….unless you kill me in the end”.
That’s the Jongseong you know. Of course, the last sentence made you smile like a fool. You felt nothing but giddiness in your heart. And that’s what matters. All your fears vanished like nothing: after all, he’s always been the light in the dark, the raft in the tempest, a cup of hot chocolate when it pours out there. There was no hint of doubt in Jay’s eyes, but only care and affection. You were sure now, the sudden realization hitting you. The moment of pure bliss made you eager and jaunty: you suddenly came closer to jay, yet lingering. Your movement startled him a bit.
“Can I…can I kiss you?” you murmur, to the point he wasn’t sure he heard you right. Seconds after, his lips were on yours: it was a soft, chaste, tender kiss. He hoped to convey everything he felt with that action: he dreamed about this way too many times, and now that it finally occurred, he wanted to make it right.
“Are you two kissing? There’s too much silence for you to be talking or…you know, doing something else”. Heeseung screamed from the living room, ruining the moment for the two of you. Clearly, that was your cue to leave the bedroom and reveal the poor fellow the news.
“Well? Are you two finally together?” he asked slily.
Your timid nod was enough to make him breathe a sigh of relief.
“Took you long enough. Now, PLEASE don’t make those disgusting things couples do in front of me, will you?” he answered with a disgusted face. However, you two wouldn’t have it. You threw yourselves on him, holding the defeated one in a long embrace.
“Don’t be such a meanie, we know you don’t mean it. Now, shall we go back to watch the movie?”
↳ author's note: if you read this, tysm!! I know it's not that good or original, but writing helps me cope with my life atm, so yeah. Constructive criticism is gladly accepted, I'd love to hear what you think about it, even though I highly doubt someone will actually read it. Still, I love doing this ^^
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jaylaxies · a month ago
GODDD sub jay awakens something in me I couldn't ever look at him as a sub when I first started reading about enha but now I can't stop thinking about sub jay ... imagine edging him until he starts crying and begging for you to let him cum and then you just overstimulate him <\3
besti you're gonna be getting asks from me all the time hope that's not a bother
- 🌲
i honestly do see him as a soft dom but then he loves being taken care of too. he's always there, making sure others are okay but in bedroom, he'd gladly accept you taking care of him. he'd look so pretty, crying and begging for more, not wanting to stop even after being overstimulated. oh, and he loves being praised, "you're doing so well for me, baby." "look how pretty you look with tears in your eyes, love." those small statements do things to him. he ends up clinging to you the whole time like a needy baby.
and aaa i absolutely love getting asks so please don't hesitate in sending any! <3
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atsuwiee · 6 months ago
Can i req (an imagine/reaction) enha mem w s/o babysitting a friend’s baby (around 7months old)????
enhypen babysitting a friend's baby!
-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ
Tumblr media
probably forgets he's babysitting
or falls asleep idk 😭
the baby has fun with him tho, dw
but at times he may make the baby cry
and when the baby does cry he is very clueless on how to make them stop crying lmao
"hOLY- I FORGOT I WAS BABYSITTING" then he'll just carry the baby around lol
cooks/prepares some good food for the baby
does research to on what healthy foods can the baby eat
really nice babysitter tbh
his ultimate goal tho is to not make the baby cry
but i'm sure he knows what to do when the baby does cry
he's trying his best to calm them down dhjhkjd
really fun babysitter as well
probably plays with them or watches tv with them most of the time
doesn't know how to feed them tho :/
searches on how to feed the baby and what to feed them with
(idk why but he probably becomes sad when the baby cries)
if he really does not know what to do the he probably might call the other members for help lol
probably forgets he's babysitting pt.2
also falls asleep midway
then just wakes up with the baby throwing their toy at his face lmao
plays with the baby too
dude probably teaches the baby to do triple axel's (MAN DHGDJHG)
if the baby ever does cry, then sunghoon is clueless too because he doesn't know why they are crying but he'll try his best to calm them down
(more members under the cut!)
pretty gentle with the baby
also is cautious with them
freaks out when the baby was about to fall from the couch or smth
or when the baby climbs through stuff sunoo is going to run to them
when they cry he probably has a clue on what to do
the baby loves the ball of sunshine yes <3
i think he knows how to babysit
idk he just looks like he knows how to
plays with the baby too hehe
if the baby has nap time then he'll put them to sleep and sing a song for them aaa (wth that's so cute)
when he leaves the baby doesn't want him to go :(
my boy is cLuELesS
he knows how to babysit, well just a tiny bit tho
probably makes the baby cry by accident (sorry lol)
i think the baby would have fun with him
and he probably teaches them how to dance a bit
"oh you're getting sleepy, uh- here, i'll put you to sleep so you can get some rest :,)"
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fa1ryofshampoo · 9 months ago
hii! i was wondering if you could do a smut request for heeseung please? where him and the reader are basically always getting cockblocked by the other members leaving both of y’all fed up(especially heeseung). until one day all the boys leave, so heeseung takes out his pent up anger? (i don’t know how describe it lol) on the reader. you can make it as detailed as you want!
thank you and have a great day! <3
hello! here it is! i enjoyed writing this aaA, i hope i did okay here huhu thank you for the request and stay safe! 💟
pairing: lee heeseung x reader
Today, I have the whole afternoon to myself. Thanks to the strength and power I had I was able to finish the tasks up until noon time. I lie down my bed and scrolled through my phone when my boyfriend's name appeared on my screen, a call incoming.
"Heedeungie." He chuckled at my cute voice.
"Y/N, how are you? Are you busy?"
"I'm good, I'm not busy. I have finished my tasks so I have the rest of the day to spare." I responded.
"Would you like to come over here? I cooked something for the two of us since the boys are all out." I sensed some shyness in his voice on the last sentence. A smile formed on my lips because of my boyfriend's thoughtfulness.
"Okay! I'll text you once I'm near there." We both said our goodbyes and I went to change clothes. Since I'm on the mood to wear something fancier than just jeans and a shirt, I went for a casual dress and a denim jacket matched with my boots. I brushed my hair and gave my pout a touch of my favorite lip tint before I stepped out of my apartment. Dang, it's cold.
While sitting on the bus, I tought of the times me and Heeseung spent on their dorm. Most of the time, the two of us will watch movies or play board games that will eventually end up to us making out in their room. Heeseung, as my first boyfriend, is clingy. He will not hesitate to make the first move and make me feel things I haven't felt before and I love that. One day, when we thought about finally having sex after and when we first tried to do it, Jungwon suddenly knocked on the room saying that the foods they ordered were there already. I remember clearly how hard he was at that time, how I sat on his erection restricted by his boxers and how my school skirt was bunched up to my waist, ready for what was about to happen. But although Heeseung is clingy, he gets pretty flustered easily. That's why when we got interrupted, I know we won't be able to continue anymore. When I came there another time, Heeseung forgot to lock the door so Sunghoon suddenly barged in, thinking the two of us are just chillin' because he heard songs playing inside. But then again, we were almost discarding our clothes. And again, we're interrupted.
Just everytime, every single time we would want to have sex, something has to come up and take away the moment from the both of us. I noticed how Heeseung was flustered and shy the first time it happened and how he was disappointed the last time we got interrupted. I'm wondering if the same thing will happen today even if the boys are out.
I finally saw the familiar sight of their dorm so I went down the bus and texted Heeseung that I'm about to cross the road. Before I could even cross the road, Heeseung was already outside waiting for me. When I reached him he immediately embraced me. He smells so freakin' good, goodness gracious. He wore just plain white shirt and a black baggy sweatpants. His hair now black with an almost mullet making him even more attractive. Can he get even more attractive?
"Someone missed me so much, the stares are melting me." I lightly slapped his arm making him laugh.
When I entered the dorm, Heeseung closed the door and trapped me between his arms, devouring my mouth. I was a bit surprised but immediately responded to the kiss. His hands ran down my hands and I can feel him taking his time. We're not rushing things and we're letting our bodies move accordingly. To my dismay, my stomach grumbled in the middle of our make out sesh. Heeseung opened his eyes, chuckling after he realized my stomach complained. I looked at him apologetically and before I could say anything, Heeseung opened his mouth to speak. "It's okay, Y/N. I know I prepared food and before they get cold and you collapse from hunger let's eat now." No wonder I had a big time crush on him up until now.
After eating the foods he prepared, he took my hand and played some upbeat songs to dance jam with. We continued to dance and converse until we finally felt like sitting already. We sat on the couch and decided to drink some soju.
"Time flies so fast, it's already four in the afternoon. When will the boys come home?" I asked him while he poured me a drink.
"Jungwon, Sunoo and Ni-Ki will be home by nine I guess. They said they'll be having dinner outside. Sunghoon, Jake and Jay won't be home until tomorrow morning due to their personal errands." My mouth formed an 'o'. It's very rare that the boys go out and have time of their own.
"Thank you for spending your spare time with me. I really appreciate it." I raised my glass and took a shot of it. "Oh, shoot. That still hits!" My face grimaced with the taste of alcohol. Heeseung laughed at my expression. He know how low my alcohol tolerance is so he never lets me finish a bottle to myself. After a few more shots, I know that tipsy is enough so I stopped. Heeseung drank the remaining drink. Despite the cold weather, sweat formed on his temples. I took a good look at the sight in front of me. My boyfriend, gulping from the bottle, adam's apple shifting with every gulp, his shirt hanging low down to his chest, eyebrows furrowing from the aftertaste of the alcohol. Heavenly.
"You might drool, sweetheart." To my surprise, Heeseung was already mere centimeters away from my face. He played with the lace of the hem of my dress. "You dolled up for me today with this dress despite the fact we're staying at home and it's freezing cold outside." I can only look at him, too tempted of his actions. "I see you wore the lip tint I gave you. I was right when I thought it would suit you." His gaze went down to my lips. He held my hand and I squeezed it.
No words needed, he gave me wet kisses on my neck. "Do you know how much I waited to finally have time with you alone?" He managed to mumble while still kissing my jaw and everywhere else he could. I can feel he's getting impatient but he still made sure to savor every moment. I can only hum as a response. I turned his head to mine and kissed him. The taste and the flavor of the drink lingered everytime our tongues fought. "Your lips taste so good, Heeseung." He bit my bottom lip and held my hair to deepen the kiss. Fervor grew each and every minute, my denim jacket, his shirt and sweatpants now discarded while he held my thighs and I straddled him. He held onto my ass before standing up and giving it a sharp slap that made me yelp. I can feel the erection growing from his sweatpants. I rolled my hips to make my pooling core meet his member that made him groan. I noticed how his half-lidded eyes are now filled with so much lust.
"Heeseung, please just fuck me now." I continued to roll my hips in his. Growing impatient, he pinned me to the wall and bunched my dress up to my waist. He took his cock out and pushed my panties aside. He held my waist as I slowly sat down on his thick cock. When I was finally halfway, he thrusted up and picked up his pace immediately. His movements show how much he's thirsty to do this all along. Heeseung played and flicked my nipples with his tongue while kneading the other one. I didn't know how to react, all I know was the dorm was filled with our moaning noises. "You know how much I wanted to pound into you like this, hm? I know you wanted me to fuck you too huh don't you?" His brows furrowed while his eyes remained filled with lust. "Want me to fuck you real hard? Use your words baby."
"Yes, Heeseung please!" Tears started forming in my eyes from pleasure. "Yeah, I like that. Always say please, baby." I rolled my hips to meet his movements and moaned directly into his ear. I kissed the spot behind his ear making him moan. Heeseung opened their room and lay me down his bed without breaking our kiss and position. Once I was comfortably laying down, he took one of my legs up and placed it on his shoulders. I ran my hands on his well-built chest and his abs. I took time to admire my heavenly-looking boyfriend hungrily fucking me. "Fuck, Heeseung. You look so hot." I cannot contain it any longer. "You too, Y/N, you look hotter than hell." He pulled my dress up and throwing it somewhere in the room, leaving me with my underwear. He took away my bra and without a warning, he tore my panties not wanting to pull out from me. My mouth opened agape in surprise from him tearing my panty and his thrusts growing even faster, hitting a spot that made me emit a high-pitched moan. "Just like that, baby. Doing so good for me." He held onto my waist in the tightest way possible to hold me in place.
"So fucking tight." His growl made me unconsciously clench around him. He kneaded my breasts while the room was filled with the noise of our skin slapping, his growls and my moans. "Fuck, Y/N, I'm gonna cum." He continued to moan my name each time. I didn't know his thrusts could still grow faster and deeper, a knot forming in my stomach making me hold onto his bicep while moaning his name. He drew circles on my aching clit, enough to overstimulate me. It's so intense my legs were shaking and my toes curling. "Me too, Heeseung. I-I'm cumming." He kissed me and rode my high until his own high came, my name and curses leaving his mouth. He pulled out and came on my stomach.
After catching our breaths from the intensity, Heeseung got up to grab tissues and clean the mess. "Finally, no one interrupted us." I chuckled. "Yeah, finally. I was really looking forward to finally having you to myself, Y/N." He covered my body with blanket before lying down beside me. "It's cold, jagi. Please hug me~" This was his complete opposite minutes ago. I snuggled to his chest, bodies sweaty but none of us cared. He wrapped his arms around my body and hummed me a lull while caressing my hair. What an adorable yet thirsty baby, I thought.
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chronic-claire-universe · a month ago
aaa im so excited for you!!! 1k!!! that's so big! here is my humble request to join your event for the matchup. my name is jay, im 21, my pronouns are they/them. im an infp, type 6. my personality is a lil sporadic, needy, dumb. i like my men mean (to everyone and also me, but his aftercare better be spot on). kinks include bondage (im a rope bunny), brat/brat tamer dynamic, breeding lowkey, voyeurism/exhibitionism. and for alcoholic dinks, just a beer n a rum & coke! tokyo rev for fandom! tysm
Jay, it's nice to see you! Here in the Savant Claire Brothel the most alluring people addicted ask of you and this is the client waiting for you:
Warnings: Smut, Violence, Impact Play, BSDM, Rope Bunny, Pet Names, Minors DNI, 18+
Tokyo Revengers: Shuji Hanma
Tumblr media
"Ohi Jay, sit your pretty ass in here!" the tall man says as soon as he catches you in the middle of the crowd, "Han-" "It's daddy for you, and you better remember it!" he says taking your wrist and putting you on his lap, "Drink" he says offering you the rum and cola he order in advance, "For someone who declares to be asshole of the town you sure you care for me daddy!" you say after tasting the cocktail and giving a peck to him, "Pussy" a man says after passing by, Hanma snaps "Who do you think you're calling pussy?" Hanma says taking him by the collar, "Next time you call me or my bunny in that way, what's becoming a pussy is your fuckin asshole! Wants to try something new and never forget in your life?" Hanma says with a maniac smile and after that he punch him on the nose letting the doomed man run away covered in blood, "Daddy you ok?" you say with a grin on your face and let him chuckle, "I'm ok bunny, let's go to our room, ok?"
"AH Daddy!" you moan while Hanma tightens the grip of the cord whose taking you suspended on mid air, "Already a mess for me bunny?" he says while slapping your intimate area, "You want me inside you? You have to gain it" "MM-ngh-dwddy" you say while gaggin on the ball put in your mouth, "Moan more!" he says givin you a harsh slap "MORE! BUNNY MORE!" he repeats while living his prints on your body, making tears spill out from your eyes, "Mmm this is my bunny" and lowering the cord who suspended you, your laied in a black table where taking out his cock he thrust in you, "Always so ready for me bunny" Hanma says with a groan while you look with doe eyes, "Mmm that's it, you like daddy's cock right?" he says while thrusting faster, "Taking it so well" he continues while givin harsh lips and laugh at the way you clench around him everytime he slaps your ass, "How much do you like this bunny?" he says while taking arching your body hittin a point that makes you see star "Mmmm-ph-nghh" you moan meeting his movements, "That's it bunny, work on it and we will cum" and after some movements he finally slaps you spurting his thick load all over your ass, "Masterpiece" he pants while lookin at you laied, exhausted and panting but not ready to give up on this night.
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manic-pixie-dream-dude · 3 months ago
Gib lunter headcanons
For sure!!! I don't have that many HCs that haven't already been said before but here they are anyway. Thank you for the ask!
After the events of eclipse lake, Luz uses the scrying potion to sneak a look into Hunter's room and is like "HEY JERK FACE!" scaring the shit out of him. It starts as a way for her to berate him but soon enough, it becomes a sort of skype call situation (but before that she teases him abt him being a nerd).
Rascal is their shared palisman until Luz gets her own (or uses her palistorm wood for something else) and soon after their relationship develops, Luz begins to slightly understand what Rascal is saying, and is even able to work with them in making magical spells like Luz could with owlbert.
They very much banter and tease one another, just roasting left and right. "you're an idiot (affectionate)" type of stuff.
Hunter always has a proverbial hand holding Luz by her hood so she doesn't run off and somehow bring upon the apocalypse. Luz gets them into trouble while Hunter gets them tf outta trouble.
Because I'm a triple-A battery aaa-spec, I do like the HC of them being in a queerplatonic relationship (and by extension, acearo/demi Hunter). That or that their feelings start properly developing to romantic later in life. (It's why I dont often draw them doing explicitly romantic stuff.)
I don't see Hunter caring to go into school, I feel like he'll enjoy Eda's rouge methods of teaching since there arent any rules and he can study things freely. I really like the idea of him getting really into the bard side of magic, leading to Luz and Hunter having a mini band where they play together (and making stuff explode once they get to making potions).
The whole 'hunter runs away from the emp's coven and is taken by the owl gang, whether he likes it or not' and all the character arc/ship development possibilities that comes with it.
Hunter begins off as touch averse, not used to any form of physical affection. It causes some awkward situations at first since Luz is a very physically affectionate person.
Later on, though, once he's more used to being in a setting where getting hurt for small mistakes isn't the norm, Hunter trusts Luz enough to instigate the first move to accepting that affection by perhaps resting his head on her shoulder while they're having a Glyph Nerds session.
Hunter has capital 'I' Insomnia, and to make sure he doesn't go off to do work at 3am or stay up watching the crystal orb, Luz pushes her sleeping bag right next to his and "keeps an eye on him" (she sleeps immediately). Surprisingly, having someone next to him is comforting and ends with Hunter eventually dozing off.
Then in the morning, Luz is basically draped over him in a sort of chokehold-cuddle.
Nightmare comfort for and from both, which leads to them always sleeping next to eachother. (with a single light orb acting as a nightlight. I find the idea cute.)
They watch cartoons together. I just know they do. And they both collect plushies/merch. And Luz gets Hunter into Azura.
Hunter's first experience with earth rain is with Luz. She has to usher him into it and then they're both laughing and jumping into puddles.
I REALLY like the idea of Hunter meeting camila and getting to see Luz's baby pictures and losing his mind over it.
And finally, I HC that they have matching friendship bracelets that they made for each other. That and the cardinal and blue-jay palisman for each of them. Matching stuff like that is cute :))
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cinamel · 11 months ago
Random Ninjago Hcs + Oc
Definitely owns his own merch and wears them regularly
Either a Fashion disaster or drippy there's no in-between
If he gets angry enough his spars can get out of control
While it seems like he's mastered his element he still has issues with it when angry enough
Likes to breathe fire as a trick
It burns his mouth but he tries to power through it
Speaking of burns he's landed himself in the hospital multiple times via overuse of his powers
He and Gale have caused at least one Firenado via fighting
So overprotective of his sister 
"Hey Kai I think I like Nya"
Kai, melting whatever was in his hand with fire: DO YOU NOW?
The embodiment of that fuckboy emoji
Does not know basic life skills like cooking and cleaning
The only exception being cooking foods that only need to be heated with fire.
Wants to strangle Gale
The feeling is mutual with Gale.
Somehow this is grounds for my friend to ship them but whatever go off ig
Swears a lot but surprisingly isn't the one who swears the most
The goodest of boys
Doesn't know how to dress himself but always ends up looking good
Like an outfit that looks like a fashion disaster suddenly looks good on him
He likes wearing this one scarf his mother made from him that he's had since he was a kid.
It's visibly patchworked and old but he doesn't care he loves it
Definitely has lightning scars on his stomach from being the resident lightning rod
Okay but consider the following: the scars glow blue when using his powers
When he's absorbed too much electricity he becomes supercharged and shocks himself a lot.
When he is you'll hear him say bttzz and he'll twitch randomly
Needs to discharge the electricity ASAP or else it'll affect his health
Probably causes lightning strikes when he sneezes
Pretty nervous around Gale because he usually is the one to fall victim to his pranks.
Legally not allowed to swear but does it occasionally
I feel like he just wears white n gray and calls it a day.
Not one for fashion.
He was actually built to be warm but as soon as he got his powers he was as cold as the Arctic
You can feel when he's around
Definitely uses his powers when asked by others
His favorite thing to do is to make it snow if Nya agrees to help him.
The downside of him using his powers is his circuits getting frozen and needing to be thawed out
Is Demi/Ace and I won't take any criticism. Mainly on the Ace bit.
Was originally programmed so he wouldn't curse but when he rebuilt himself he made it so he could. Still doesn't curse that much, it's a rare event
Intrigued by Gale and his lineage
Puts on a Tank top, short, and headphones 'n calls it a day.
Sometimes wears a hoodie if it's cold
Has a ring that belonged to his mother he wears whenever he can
Ik that there's already a master of nature but I usually associated Cole with plants
Like he has a natural affinity for taking care of them.
Outside of fighting he only uses his powers to try and calm natural disasters
Definitely more wary about using his powers because he doesn't wanna experience the negative effects the rest do
Better at cooking than the ninja give him credit for
Swears at minimum once a day but not enough for ur to be brought up.
*Take me to church plays in the background*
Gale and Cole are what historians would call "best friends"
Only wears hoodies to hide the pain
His entire wardrobe is just oversized clothing stolen from the other ninja
Has a habit of using his powers as a crutch still
Keeps a picture of him, Misako, and Garmadon on him at all time
Sometimes does the laugh he did back when he was a kid for old times sake
Usually gets made fun of it a bit
During march of the oni, Lord Garmadon heard it and felt a wave of nostalgia for something he had no memory of
Can drain energy from things but hates to do so
Gets fatigued if he uses his powers too much or too often
Definitely, doodles when he can't focus
Inherited his father's red eyes that turn green when he uses his powers
They're dragon-like eyes. And by dragon-like I mean cat-like
You know those kids who unironically hissed. That's Lloyd.
"you got any games on your phone?"
"Do you read warrior cats?"
Wants to swear but if he does he'll be yelled at
Causes problems with Gale sometimes. just because
Mainly wears leather jackets and crops tops though
Uses her powers casually the most
Trains the most too since she wants to get as much control of her powers as possible.
Gets dehydrated if she doesn't pull water from the air and instantaneously makes it instead.
Knows basic life skills
Sewed together Mister Cuddlywomp for Jay
When she's bored or can't sleep she'll tinker  and take apart random things, as well as sketch designs for new vehicles and mechs
Like her brother she's overprotective
She's taller than her brother and pokes fun at him about it
Definitely a biker
Either hates Gale or is friends with him there's no in-between
Swears the most out of everyone
Wears light clothing that won't get him caught while he's stealing things
Uses his powers to mess with Jay and Kai
Mainly just pranks/Torments Jay
Annoys the Ninja by switching sides. 
Gale: Hmph I'll never join your side
Villain of the week: *Throws gale like 300 bucks*
Ninja: Ha! Do you really th-
Can't think of a drawback to his powers yet except he's unable to put out fire since fire grows with oxygen and in low oxygen situations he's rendered useless. 
Likes irritating Kai and starting fights with him
Has scarred Kai before and Kai has done the same to him.
Crashes at the Ninja's place often regardless of what just happened
"Yo you mind if I say over?"
"...Is that a yes or?"
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okkatsudon · 5 months ago
Hey bae congrats on 200 again!! For your milestone event I choose Jean K from aot 😻 and I’m a Virgo Entj and pronouns are she/her I have a bunch of hobbies but main ones are I love to paint/draw , read, I love going out on random adventures in the middle of the night and I love to listen to music!! That’s pretty much it congrats again Amy <33
Tumblr media
— romantic painting dates !!
art has always been something Jean loved, from then 'til now; he would always draw when he needed a way to express himself without words. yet, upon meeting you and soon discovering you had the same sentiment about that hobby, he didn't expect he could love it even more.
"jean, can you please just tell me where we're going?" he holds your hand as you sneak out of the door, trying your best to be unsuspicious with going out at 2 am, "and i swear, i'm not gonna look at the back of the car."
"it'll ruin the surprise if i allow anything you said to happen," he earnestly replies, opening the passenger side of the car to let you in before proceeding to drive. from then on, you just play the songs from your shared playlist, with the tunes capturing the feeling of being with him— simply enchanting.  
once you arrive, you soon saw the set-up in the back of his hatchback, a layer of blankets with two easels for both of you, a small basket of art supplies by the side, and fairy lights surrounding the opening of the car's back. your destination was on a cliffside, facing the direction where the sun will rise.
"you know, i would've enjoyed this as well, even if we were just in our rooms." you were stunned by the amount of effort put in for a typical day, but that was Jean for you.
"well, you deserve nice things," he gets in the back, patting the spot beside him, handing you an easel, "so, come in. we still have a few hours to paint."
and that you did! for hours you talked, painted whatever came to mind, and overall just enjoyed each other's company. now that you see daylight, peeking from the rising sun, you were in awe of the moment— being with someone who perceives you more mesmerizing than his stunning drawings, wishing he could do more of these to make you happy.
Tumblr media
a/n: inserted some ts references ‘cuz you said you lovE HER AS WELL (taste 😌) huhu tHANK U SO MUCH, JAY !!! ilysm aaa <3
date drabbles event — closed  |  masterlist
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thleves · a month ago
TELL ME ABT MARBLE HORNETS !!!!! it's smth that I've wanted to get into for the longest time but I've never actually sat down and watched it. eyes emoji. gimme the rundown why is it cool why do u love it infodump to me if u want !!!!!
AAA YES MARBLE HORNETS!!! marble hornets my beloved marble hornets!!! SO glad u asked i love mh so much
on th surface marble hornets is just like. an arg webseries about slenderman. once u get into it its actually filled w metaphors about mental illness and recovery but even deeper its about how film students are evil .
BUT the plot is ! this guy jay merrick looking through tapes from his old friend alex from the filming of his old unfinished film,marble hornets! :] hes the one posting the videos and running the accounts in character and the plot is mostly just him Doing That + strange things happening to him irl through the tapes! old friends and fucked up tall man and a lot of tapes!!!!!
from th outside!!! mh is just really,really cool!!!!! not only is it one of the first webseries made around slenderman its one of th earliest args from its genre! and its still really good and holds up!! compared to a lot of args,its Really easy to watch too. theres 2 channels,but all videos are in order and can be binged easily! (night mind also has a really good 4 part explanation of the series + posts on other platforms also!)
mh is just. FULL of pathetic meow meows i love/hate every single character its. insane. its tragic its so much i love it w my entire heart. theyre all so complicated and so r my emotions and im living in the fixit au all the time. the impact it had on similar horror webseries is super cool- once u get into it that Specific vhs font is just. in my brain its always The Marble Hornets Text. and like.the timeline its Simple its easily understandable! a lot of args (esp around slenderverse) always confuse me because theyrw on like 4 different platforms with different videos and irl events but. mh my beloved <3 its!!! worth watching i love it im so emotionally attached to it
theres also a comic ! but i havent read it yet because well i am very small and i have no money so you can see the kinda stress im under
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enhypen-masterlist · 11 months ago
may i request the typical enhypen as your boyfriend! thanks a lot already xoxox
of course omg! so happy to have a request already !! aaa here you go <3
enhypen as your boyfriend !
genre: fluff, soft
tw: none
heeseung :
idk why but i really see him as the one who needs to be taken care of if you know what i mean
so you take care of him
fluff ball no 1
he just sings for you whenever you ask him :o
i picture him as the type of boyfriend who randomly buys you gifts?? like small ones, maybe a key chain or a boba after dance practice~
you have to feed him, no complaining
hugs over kisses istg
would laugh at you if you trip but shoots you glances when you laugh at him tripping
Tumblr media
jay :
have you ever seen a guy like jay
i kind of think he would bring you flowers every now and then bahah
the type of boyfriend to pick you up from school, or waiting at your lockers during the breaks
tutoring ?? who knows i think boi is smart
late night talking about your problems and he’d actually find logic solutions
i also think he would enjoy playing games until midnight with you
movie nights is a must
he would ask you to wear some clothes from him just to see how cute you are cries
Tumblr media
jake :
power puppy istg
dates at arcades? idk i think he would love to see you loosing the claw machine and getting the plushie you wanted for you afterwards :’)
would be the one walking on the outer side of the sitewalk (i hope you know what i mean i-)
visiting one of those puppy cafés omg how cute
idk i think you two would make up some sort of ritual??
lovers accessoires like bracelets or rings
mmmmm sharing his clothes too?
the type of boyfriend to call you everytime you run a little late
can we talk how fluffy his hair looks i want to touch it
Tumblr media
sunghoon :
the more shy type of boyfriend ?? but also confident at the same time ???
maybe a couple shirt or hoodie, i think he would like that awwww
you’re his shoulder he can lean on after a tough day
creates playlists for you when he can’t sleep 
where do i get a sunghoon
ice skating in winter will end up him being the princess on ice laughing at you falling down (but elegantly) and running away from you
idk why but maybe soft kisses over hugs? idk
would pretend to not know you when you trip in public
also one of those who would walk faster if you tell them to walk slower omg
calling over texting??
Tumblr media
sunoo : 
okay listen here
this dramatic ass would distract you from watching the movie on your movie night date thingy
like poke your cheeks or just laugh at your expressions
oooh horror movies, you two are the one literally giggling continuingly
“babe let me do your make up you aint good at this”
mmm roasting the shit out of you sometimes??
tutoring boy part two
annoying you while making your homework uhuh
the type of boyfriend who would cuddle you in public if that makes sense (?) i want a sunoo
brightens up your mood day by day
Tumblr media
jungwon :
he’d get everything from you once he starts acting cute
and the other way round hahah
i imagine you two ‘cuddling’ as a date
i also think he would prefer calling over texting
secretly films you when you sleep
the type of boyfriend to feed you instead of having him eating 
buys you your favorite chocolate, or more, has them all bunkered in his shelf just in case yk
just watching you when you do your homework, lets you in peace but confuses you with his staring
tutoring boi part 3 i think
Tumblr media
ni-ki :
okay now this boy
mf carries you all day, where ever he’s going, you’re with him 24/7, you have no chance, he wont let go of you
pinches and pukes your cheeks randomly
acts cute to get you do things for him help
mf be really flirting wiht you all day
makes it obvious but is proud of it
annoying you while doing your homework no2 and randomly shouting “Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N” and when you answer he says stuff like “what” or “nothing”
competitive asf so dont expect to win unless you’re good at it
likes to be the little spoon when cuddling, but when you guys are about to sleep he’s the big spoon
clingy but also not clingy?? idk BAHAHAH
Tumblr media
i hope you liked it! and thank you for the first request !!
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strongstylestory · 5 months ago
Ishii v. Moose Added To Resurgence, Tanahashi & Ishii Added To Fighting Spirit Unleashed; NJPW Strong Tapings In Texas, Philly Announced, Fueling Speculation About Jay White & FinJuice in G1 Climax 31; RIP Bobby Eaton (8/14/1958 - 8/4/2021)
Tumblr media
New Japan of America has had a busy couple days of announcements. 
First off, another match has been added to NJPW Resurgence on 8/14/2021, as Tomohiro Ishii will face off against Impact Wrestling’s Moose. Neither man were originally advertised to be on Resurgence. The pair last fought at ROH/NJPW War Of The Worlds Night 1 on 5/9/2016 (I’m sure the writeup is somewhere here on this blog), back when Moose was still in ROH, with Ishii getting the victory. Since that time, Quinn Ojinnaka’s 2009 arrest for domestic battery from when he was an NFL player has become more of public knowledge amongst wrestling fans, and it’s been recently revealed he pals around with known registered sex offender Chasyn Rance. Suffice to say, not very impressed, especially after the stench of Chasyn Rance already cast a pall on a NJPW branded show on 6/29/2018. Between this and the very high possibility that Jon Moxley’s mystery partner is Sami Callihan, I have to say, there’s another wrestling show running that night in AAA Triplemania, and that might have my attention a week from Saturday. Just saying.
Also announced, is the addition of Ishii and Hiroshi Tanahashi to the NJPW Strong tapings on 8/16/2021. It will be Ishii’s debut, and Tanahashi’s in-ring debut, as he has been one of the Japanese commentators on NJPW Strong since the show started.
Tumblr media
In addition, NJoA announced two more sets of NJPW Strong tapings, also travelling. The Autumn Attack shows will happen on 9/25 & 9/26/2021, from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX, the site of a recent AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest episode. Meanwhile. this year’s edition of New Japan Showdown will take place on 10/16 & 10/17/2021 at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.
One thing you may note is, these shows take place smack dab in the middle of G1 Climax 31, and very many names who you’d think would be part of G1, including Jay White, Juice Robinson and David Finlay Jr., are all listed for these tapings. There is some discussion on the internet that the three of them opted out of G1 Climax this year, and decided to stay in the USA for the time being. Given how much COVID-19 is resurging in Japan during the Olympics, this is not the worst idea. Given how much COVID-19 is resurging in the USA, including and especially Texas and Florida, where Jay White is said to be residing now, this seems like a very dicey proposition at best. I believe it, however the main source for this report is also the one who reported an imminent revolt in the NJPW lockerroom among the non-Japanese wrestlers, and we all know how that worked out. Whatever the case, unless teleportation suddenly becomes a thing, we can safely rule out Switchblade, Juice and Finlay from G1 Climax 31.
Also of note, Lio Rush is still listed as being on these shows, so this retirement may not be as immediate as previously thought, if it indeed is still going on.
Tumblr media
One of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time has passed away. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, the most consistent member of the classic Midnight Express tag team, passed away in his sleep yesterday at age 62, just 10 days shy of his birthday (shades of Hideki Hosaka earlier this week). Eaton had been fighting cardiac, high blood pressure and diabetes-related issues for a number of years now; his wife Donna (herself the daughter of wrestler Bill Dundee) passed away in May of this year.
As one-half of the Midnight Express (with both Dennis Condry and Stan Lane), Eaton was a multi-championship winning wrestler, and one of the main icons of Southern tag team wrestling. He was also frequently considered one of the nicest people in wrestling, often looking out for other workers who needed help of some kind. I really can’t go into everything he was about, suffice to say, he had a long and glory-filled career. Look him up, read about him. Truly a wrestler’s wrestler.
Despite all that, Eaton did not make it to NJPW, or Japan in general, until 1993, whilst working for WCW, a company he would be with since it was Jim Crockett Promotions, and stay with until the bitter end in 2001. Eaton had exactly 30 matches in NJPW, on the Explosion Tour 1993, Fighting Spirit 1994 and NJPW WCW World In Japan shows in 1995. The biggest match he had in NJPW was an IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title challenge on 6/14/1993, teaming not with either Midnight Express partner, but Tony Halme, falling to the champions the Hellraisers, Road Warrior Hawk & Power Warrior (Kensuke Sasaki). 
Our thoughts and condolences to his family, loved ones, friends, and anyone who was thrilled by Eaton in the ring.
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togami-mon-amour · 11 months ago
🌸Hello!! I have a few asks, i hope these are alright ^_^
1) How did you find out about Danganronpa?
2) What kind of characters are your favourite in a piece of media? Is there like, a specific trait they all have in common, or they're mostly different from eachother?
3) If you enjoy going outside, what are your favourite outdoor activities?
4) I'm not sure if you've mentioned this on your account, but do you have any platonic/friend f/os?
Okay, I can't really come up with more interesting questions,,,,i'm sorry. Oh, I hope that you will be alright..Please take care of yourself and be sure to rest if you can!! Your f/os love you!! Have a nice day/evening/night! 🌸
Aaa Thank you so much for the ask! Your questions are brilliant, don’t worry!
1. How did you find out about Danganronpa?
I had it come up in my recommendations on my YouTube feed constantly last year, as my favourite let’s player, Jay from the Kubz Scouts, was playing through THH. He is so funny and never fails to make me laugh. I didn’t want to commit to it until a few of my friends kept mentioning it, however. I finally watched Jay’s play through and I WAS HOOKED!
2. What kind of character’s are your favourite in a piece of media? Is there like, a specific trait they all have in common, or are they all mostly different form eachother?
I love this question! Yes most of my favourite characters end up to be the “asshole” or “jerk” charcater (at least as they present themselves). As a child I had a crush on each of the asshole Pokémon rivals at one stage (Blue or Gary, Silver, and Gladion). Gladion was actually the thing that got me into selfship art when I was 12, and I started this account in September when I relapsed on some things and Blue (HG/SS, Masters, and BW2 Blue, i.e. teenage Blue) was my romantic F/O.
I didn’t like how a small part of the fan base portrayed him though, so I kinda inevitably moved on to Byakuya where anything that makes me uncomfortable with his portrayal is slapped down by canon.
3. If you enjoy going outside, what are your favourite activities?
I love going outside! In primary I was the jock of the school ahaha (I was the kid who got the kinda tacky looking trophy for winning the athletics carnival lmao), so naturally I have some favourite games. I really liked playing Itta and basketball in my HPE class before we chose electives. I love to walk though! I at least walk 5km each weekday.
4. Do you have any platonic/ friend F/Os?
I only have 1 F/O, which is my romantic F/O, Byakuya. Buuutttt,,, I do think a few fictional characters would make for really great friends (despite I do not F/O them). Although I know I’ve written in my notes that Aoi Asahina (Drg THH) does not like my S/I, I personally think she’s wonderful and a really good friend! Same with Chihiro, Ibuki, Sonia, Chiaki, Makoto, Nagito and Kiyotaka! They seem like people I’d like to be my friend.
Thank you so much for the ask! I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday, it’s nice to have a break before I dive into work again tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful day 💙
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jaylaxies · 3 months ago
hehe i already asked rice about this but who in enha do you think would be into noonas the most (like dating older women and calling their girlfriend noona)
im enha's noona so that's why i asked 🥲
aaa tbh they all would be accepting if they really like you so:
heeseung : he'd be into noonas, he looks like someone who wouldn't discriminate on the basis of age. if he loves you, he loves you.
jay : he's open minded and wouldn't mind dating someone older, although yes i kind of see him as the guy who'd date someone his age or younger but he wouldn't be opposed to the idea.
jake : idk why but he gives me the vibes that he'd be into younger people but then again, if he really likes you then he won't hesitate to go for it.
sunghoon : he'd be into older people fr, he wouldn't hesitate or anything. he's been around girls a lot and possibly would have had a crush on some of them. he just gives off vibes that he's a noona guy :3
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atsuwiee · 7 months ago
Happy birthday!!! I wanna request hehe<3 enhypen reaction meeting their s/o friends that's an engene too (idk if this makes sense my english is so uhm hindi aq marunong HAHA wait enha reaction sa friend ng s/o nila na engene rin) Thank u hun!!🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈
enhypen's reaction when their s/o's friend is an engene!
aaa thank u!!
hope you like this!
-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ
Tumblr media
you tell him that your friend wants to meet him
though you never told them who your boyfriend was
"hey so heads up, (friend's name)'s a fan of you" "i don't see anything wrong with that"
when you come over to you friend's place with heeseung
they're just staring at the both of you with their mouth agape
really really shocked
they tell him that their a fan, and couldn't believe you started dating an idol
shocked enough to make them faint lmao
overall heeseung is pretty calm though, very kind to your friend
gets shy when he gets a compliment from them and you're like "why are you acting shy? i thought you liked compliments hehe"
you invite your friend over for dinner with jay
since you haven't told your friend about your relationship
so you decided to introduce him to them for the first time
probably faints on the spot (jk)
"i- how- y/n- you're dating jay?? from enhypen?"
little awkward moment because your friend mentions how they own enhypen photocards, pretty shy about it
probably really quite for a bit since your friend doesn't know what to say neither does jay
"their bias is you" "oh wow, thank you- :)"
your friend just goes "i- DKFKHJFHF"
when your friend sees who you're boyfriend is then ofc they'll combust
but jake finds it a bit funny so he giggles about it a lot
you literally just gave a free meet&greet to your friend
i guess jake just listens to your friend since it's their first time meeting
kinda sees the photo card placed on your friend's phone
"wow that's a cute photo card!" and the photo card is him so your friend will start to malfunction again
just for funzsies i think jake would ask how long and when did your friend become a fan
also you find it really funny when your friend just starts to straight up spit gibberish because of jake lol
"wow you look more much handsome up close-" "i know" HSJHDGHJgJHGJH
no i just feel he'd do that
because he knows he's good looking so why deny the fact
but your friend just stares at him in shock then at you and asks how you got together with him
please a big fever dream for your friend, and sunghoon is pretty calm
finds it really interesting on how your friends know much about enhypen
"you didn't tell me they were a fan" "well surprise! you just gave them a free meet up :D"
is down to be besties with your friend why not
but doesn't get a heads up they were an engene/fan
"i- aren't you kim sunoo-? from enhypen ?" "yes i am :D" "aND YOU'RE DATING Y/N??"
yeah your friend couldn't believe it
sunoo thinks your friend was kinda funny lol
probably tries to answer the questions your friends ask
willing to take a picture with your friend for memorabilia
actually pretty shy lol
like when your friend started saying that she was an engene and really looked up to jungwon he was happy but at the same time shy
you really found him a bit cute that way
gets more shy when the questions are about you and him dating
maybe a little flustered from all the compliments
thanks your friend for being a fan 😭
he's just really a sweet boy, and really polite
"told you they were such a fan of you" "yeah they even had me as their wallpaper, don't you think it's kinda weird? :,,)" "well more people do it, and not only them"
"woah y/n never told me they dated you! i love your dancing by the way" "u-uh ? : D"
actually doesn't know what to say
he's met so manyy fans sure he's used to receiving loads of compliments
well maybe he's kind off shy when he meets your friend
since it's your friend, someone you know in real life
looks at you every time they ask a question, then you just give him a assuring smile
"how the hell do they know me?" "riKI YOU'RE A KPOP IDOL"
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streetsteel · 11 months ago
gimme ☀️ AND ❄️ for sparkles :3c
[vine vc] IT’S MY OPINYON — Accepting!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Look, it ain’t hard t’say somethin’ positive ‘bout him, he’s just. Damn. You ever seen someone passionate like that? He may look a bit goofy on the edges, but the guy’s got emotional intelligence for days. Okay, he’s also high-key a LOOKER, have you seen those guns, yee FUCKIN haw— I mean. He’s a literal ray of sunshine, he’s warm an’ comfortin’ an’ he’s just— Like, no shit, he makes me wanna try to be better sometimes—” OKAY JAY. WE GOT IT.  
Tumblr media
“...he should be kinder to himself. It goes in two parts: numero uno, you’re allowed to not feel alright all the time an’ you have to take care of yourself, you don’t have t’smile all the time. Bein’ sad is valid, y’know. Numero dos in the bein’ kinder to himself category...”
Tumblr media
“HONEY???? A dude leaves you for dead on the pavement an’ when he shows up again you’re like, you don’t fuck ‘im up, you let him come close an’ talk to you? Just the talkies, even when he’s still gross an’ threatenin’? Attempted murder happened once already but talkin’ is fine? I. I. Is there somethin’ I’m missin’? I get it, no unnecessary violence, but there WAS unnecessary violence against you an’ you don’t retaliate, an’ I just— aaa—”
Tumblr media
“...people care ‘bout you. Take better care of yourself. If not for you, then for them. Would hate to have a CSI agent knockin’ at my door because your kindness got the better of you.” 
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AEW Fake Rankings, 12/12/2020
Men’s singles division - babyfaces
Jon Moxley
Cody Rhodes
Darby Allin (AEW TNT champion)
Orange Cassidy
Hangman Page
Lance Archer
Dustin Rhodes
Scorpio Sky
Matt Sydal
Men’s singles division - heels
Kenny Omega (AEW men’s world champion, AAA mega champion)
Brian Cage (FTW champion)
Ricky Starks
Eddie Kingston
Sammy Guevara
Powerhouse Hobbs
Matt Hardy
Shawn Spears
Unranked: Brandon Cutler, Colt Cabana, Michael Nakazawa, Peter Avalon
One of the things I like about AEW is that they’ve got so many guys in the mix and I usually know off the top of my head what any of them is up to.  Granted, some of these guys aren’t doing very much, but I at least have a sense of their character and storyline while they’re on the back burner.  I used to like that about WWE, years ago.  But somewhere around 2000 they lost the ability to focus on more than a handful of characters at any given time, which is a big problem when you have a hundred performers on your roster.
As a result, it feels more organic to me when guys like Eddie Kingston and Team Taz jump out of the undercard into the AEW title picture.  On Raw, these guys would be random nobodies in R-Truth skits until Vince McMahon suddenly decided to present them as killer threats to Drew McIntyre, and then they’d lose the title match and be nobodies again.  In AEW, there’s a better flow between “beating jobbers on Dark” and “beating name guys on Dynamite” and “punking out a champion to disrupt the rankings” and “recovering from a big loss by beating midcarders.”  That’s something I haven’t seen in US wrestling for so long, I forgot how much I missed it.
PROTIP FOR TONY KHAN: Try doing that with the women sometime, kthx
Men’s tag team division - babyfaces
The Young Bucks - Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (AEW tag team champions)
Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian
Best Friends - Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta
Lucha Bros. - Penta El 0M & Rey Fenix
Jurassic Express - Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt
Private Party - Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy
Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss
The Gunn Club - Billy Gunn & Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn
The Varsity Blondes - Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison
Top Flight - Darius Martin & Daunte Martin
Men‘s tag team division - heels
FTR - Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler
Chris Jericho & Jake Hager
Miro & Kip Sabian
The Butcher & The Blade
Evil Uno & Stu Grayson
John Silver & Alex Reynolds
The Hybrid2 - Jack Evans & Angelico
The Acclaimed - Anthony Bowen & Max Caster
Chaos Project - Luther & Serpentico
Alan Angels & Preston Vance
This has to be the deepest tag team division I’ve ever seen in pro wrestling.  I suppose maybe some group in Mexico might have more teams.  But 20 active teams is practically unheard of for a major-league US promotion.  Even New Japan could only find 10 teams for World Tag League, and half of them were one-off combinations.
One caveat is that the “Jericho and Hager focus on tag wrestling” thing may or may not be a long-term direction.  And Colten, Pillman, Garrison, and Serpentico are not (to my knowledge) under contract.  But that’s balanced out a bit by the tandems that haven’t competed in the last 30 days (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall, Santana & Ortiz), and the potential for other alliances to be full-time dedicated tag teams (MJF & Wardlow, Team Taz).
The advantage of having this many teams is that you get booking in the tag division like you’d see in the singles divisions of most promotions.  You can actually have four or five teams on hot streaks, because there are plenty of lesser teams to put them over, so they don’t have to go 50-50 with each other.  You can actually have a group of teams acting as a midcard, that lose to the top guys but can beat anybody else.  And there are maybe six teams here that I’d call jobber teams, but they still win sometimes because they beat each other, or the freelancers on AEW Dark.  It’s a good ecosystem.
Women’s singles division - babyfaces
Hikaru Shida (AEW women’s world champion)
Big Swole
Serena Deeb (NWA women’s world champion)
Thunder Rosa
Leva Bates
Leyla Hirsch
Red Velvet
KiLynn King
Women’s singles division - heels
Nyla Rose
Britt Baker
Anna Jay
Penelope Ford
The AEW women’s division suffered a lot this spring from injuries and travel restrictions, but I’d say they’ve mostly recovered from those setbacks.  Most of the women listed above weren’t even in the company before March.  Collaborating with the NWA (Thunder Rosa) and pushing freelancers (Diamante, Ivelisse, Hirsch, Velvet, and King) has yielded a deeper roster than they had in 2019.
That being said, TV time is still an egregious problem for this division.  AEW is clearly wary about chasing viewers off to NXT if they run too many women’s segments on Dynamite.  If feels like they’re waiting for something that’ll make it the right time to actually push the division.  But the perfect moment will never come, so they might as well go with the hand they have.
It looks like the brewing Brandi Rhodes vs. Jade Cargill feud is going to expand to include (at least) Nyla, Swole, Deeb, Velvet, Diamante, and Ivelisse.  So if we see various matchups among those women for a few weeks (alongside Shida vs. Abadon and Baker vs. Rosa), then great!  If it just means one multi-woman tag on Dynamite, then it doesn’t really address the problem.
No matches in the last 30 days: Emi Sukara, Jade Cargill, Mel, Santana, Ortiz, QT Marshall, Riho, Tay Conti, The Bunny, Yuka Sakazawi
At some point CIMA and T-Hawk were quietly removed from the roster on AEW’s website.  With Shanna and PAC back in Jacksonville, that only leaves Sukara, Riho, and Sakazawi as the contracted performers out of action because of the pandemic.
Part-timers: Awesome Kong, Dallas Page, Dasha, Rebel, Sting
Kong has been out for nearly a year with no explanation besides a kayfabe injury.  My understanding was that she would be taking time off to film GLOW, but then the show was canceled, so I don’t know if she’s healing from real injuries or taking time off or what.  DDP is 64 and the last time I saw him on AEW programming he was mentoring QT Marshall from inside his house, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be back until after the pandemic.  Dasha and Rebel aren’t listed by AEW as wrestlers but they’ve each had matches this year.
Interestingly, Sting is listed on the official roster as a competitor with a 0-0 record in the promotion.  That seems like the surest sign yet that AEW plans to book him in a match.  He’s 61, but I suppose DDP wrestled this year at 63 years old.  He was forced into retirement with spinal stenosis, but I suppose Edge came back from that after a lot of rest and for a lot of money.
Brodie Lee (ankle - undisclosed injury)
Brandi Rhodes (arm - storyline injury)
Kris Statlander (left knee - ACL tear)
I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more people on the shelf than this.  (And technically Brandi isn’t really hurt and probably won’t be selling it much longer.)  It feels like AEW has had a lot of injury problems this year, but I suppose they’ve managed to avoid a lot of major surgeries.
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