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zurka-durka · 2 days ago
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can’t color any of these rn because of my stupid wrist ;p
also jayce and cait are basically siblings idc argue with the wall
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crazycometspecular · a day ago
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*sniffles* Puppy…
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dad-dumpster · 2 days ago
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he has lil viktor worms in his brain that r making him gay >* ))))><
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terock95 · 2 days ago
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Those lyrics man...they just...I had to.
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grey-wxrden · 2 days ago
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we agreed Hextech was to inprove lives... not to take them.
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viktorarcanes · 2 days ago
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yall ready to have this conversation?
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iwantofall · 21 hours ago
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Based off a friends tweet
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smolsawyer · 2 hours ago
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Parallels of Arcane (League of Legends) - Part 2
Part 1
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bunny-aideen · 2 days ago
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threi · 18 hours ago
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Family dinner ^_^
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Look what you made me do
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dannidorina · a day ago
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A gentle moment 💛💛
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arcanescribbles · 2 days ago
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Piltover’s finest ♦️
dedicated to all of you who wrote or made something that convinced me he’s actually pretty pretty. 😛 looking at you @zurka-durka and @inkinflux and @le-fruit-de-la-passion 😍
Edit that lil cut on his cheek from earlier episodes is still there in later episodes. Iconic 👏
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grayskyluna-art · a day ago
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if it were up to me, their Hextech dream would include hugs and the occasional kiss
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nightlilly0110 · 2 days ago
I like versions of the Machine Herald where Viktor is still small and skinny and his “bulk” is just heavy armour. Like he’s still very much augmented, it’s just that his augmentations are in proportion to his already existing flesh body. So it’s like-
Someone: The Machine Herald is BIG and SCARY-
Jayce: *pissed that Viktor is now taller than him* HE WEARS PLATFORMS!!!!
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artmadval · 2 days ago
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reverse au with jayvik where viktor is head of the council and jayce is scruffy zaun citizen 🔥
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ttreelore · 17 hours ago
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Just two best friends sharing an intimate moment of ‘friendship’🥰 Jayce and Viktor😳✨
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hexb4sex · 20 hours ago
AU Where Rio lives and Viktor somehow manages to take Rio with him to Piltover.
Every time some Piltie asks him WTF Rio is, he replies: "This is what cats look like in the Undercity."
And everyone just, accepts it? Because this is Viktor and he definitely wouldn't have snuck a rare "mutation" into Piltover and then lie about it being a cat.
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viktorswhore · 2 days ago
A prompt/idea for reader x viktor? If I may? It can be head cannons, a short, I'm not picky! Viktor dating/falling in love with a medical doctor/surgeon reader! Thank u mwuah
Viktor falling in love with a doctor/surgeon
Viktor x gn!reader 
wc: 2.8k
aaaaaah thank you so much for this wonderful prompt!! i had so much fun writing this, therefore—prepare yourselves, this is LONG as hell. im still getting used to the hc dynamic of writing, so i apologize for the mess! also i just bullshitted my way through the medical/scientific part of this i am by NO means a medical professional so pls just take this with a grain of salt 
Tumblr media
- The two of you first met a few years back before Hextech was realized, around the time Jayce’s workshop was blown up.
- You were still a general practitioner then; a physician, taking up specialization in general surgery.
- You have been sent along with a few other nurses as a medical team to survey the perimeter, making sure that every civilian and enforcer that sustained injury are treated immediately
- You, as the head of the team, was assigned above. In the penthouse. To Jayce.
- Which was a funny story, because when you got up there, your attention was directed to the man with a cane. A tall, skinny, brown-haired man who you’ve come to observe was slightly limping and was shifting his weight onto his left leg.
- Seeing as it was by your nature to come to those who are injured, you knelt before the said man and brought out your medical supplies.
- For the first time in his life, Viktor did not know what to do.
- All eyes were on the two of you, mostly you, as he looked at you with surprise in his eyes.
- The first time you had eye contact, you swore you were staring at stars. They were luminescent, golden…divine.
- He was the first to speak, informing you that he was not at all injured, nor was he there during the time of the explosion, and that he just got there, just around the same time at you.
- You did not believe him, at first. Who could blame you, you were a trained doctor, it became a habit to analyze everyone in need of help within your radar.
- The presence of a cane was definitely not helping.
- You insisted that he take a seat so that you could assess him further.
- He declined, pointing to Jayce, who was covered with scratches and a few bruises.
- Seeing as the other man had open wounds while the man before you did not, you decided that you treat the other man first.
- “I will get back to you later.”
- As soon as you were done with Jayce, you were beckoned by the nurses below, something about someone who needed to be rushed to the ER.
- Viktor heard the commotion, smirking towards you, motioning you to the doorway.
- It felt like a challenge now, like a game of tag.
- Where you would try and catch him to “treat” him, and he, would try to remain untouched by you.
- As you descended to the ground floor of the building, you were met with a man on a stretcher.
- Sending them off to the ambulance after instructing that he need only to be brought to the infirmary, you marched back up, in hopes of catching the mysterious golden eyed man.
- The penthouse was empty when you arrived.
- Viktor was in a conundrum. He knew he should’ve been offended—topsiders always judging him from his appearance; cane and all.
- So why wasn’t he?
- He decided there was something about you. The two of you had common grounds—you both dedicated your lives to science. Only difference is that he was on the technological side, and you, on the medical side.
- He couldn’t think straight, he’s been at this for days. Only Heimerdinger’s tasks and commands helped distract him from the thought.
- Oh and Jayce’s notes.
- He couldn’t stop thinking about you.
- And you couldn’t stop worrying about him.
-  After days and days of endless thinking, he finally got to a point. He figured he didn’t get offended because you didn’t look at him with pity, or prejudice or disgust. The look in your eye was totally different.
- You looked at him with concern, and worry.
- No one has ever worried about him nor cared for him in so long, imagine what a dabble of those emotions would do to him—much less from a stranger.
- What more could you possibly make him feel if you weren’t strangers?
- But you were a distraction; a hurdle he had to get over.
- He decided it would be best to forget about you and move on, bury himself in his work. After all, you wouldn’t be crossing paths with each other again, right?
- Not right.
- You met again a few weeks after the penthouse incident.
- You were searching among the academy grounds in hopes of attaining a subject for your final thesis before graduation. You were tasked to produce a case study of an alive person with a disorder/disease that could be cured through surgery; to monitor them, interview them, and study basically their whole life.
- You were frazzled—you had received a tip from a fellow block-mate that the academy was the perfect place to look, but so far, it seemed the world was against you.
- Until you bumped into Jayce.
- He knew you as the “funny doctor,” which earned him a glare from you as a response. After asking what the funny doctor was doing here, you told him that you were here searching for a subject for your case study, but no such luck yet.
- “You know, I have yet to thank you for patching me up that day. Let me help you on this as a token of my gratitude. Follow me.”
-After a few doors down the hall, you were met with an enormous, golden framed twin doors with a multitude of locks in the center.
-Assuming your 'patient' was inside the room, you patiently waited for Jayce to enter first before following in suit.
- You couldn't believe your eyes.
- Nor could he.
- The lines surrounding his eyes seem to have deepened over the weeks. His dark circles would be more prominent than the last time you saw him.
- His back would have appeared more curved, as he's been spending majority of his time hunched over his workbench.
- He was the perfect proponent.
- He would agree to your request, albeit quite hesitant as he would prefer to not be disturbed and pulled away from his work frequently, however you assured him that you would only observe and occasionally question him about his current feeling.
- It just felt right to trust you on this.
- So he did.
- This allowed for bonding to occur between the two of you, after a few weeks of working together, the two of you have discovered more about the other and ended up being attached by the hip.
- One of the main reasons why he felt so at ease and weightless around you was because of your care and concern for him. Not because you were a doctor, but because it was in your nature as a person.
- He almost forgot what it felt like to have someone care about him—to take care of him.
- Yes- you ended up being his somehow caretaker.
- You would remind him during the day when it’s time to eat his meals, and remind him at night to eat dinner and to wrap up at the appropriate time; not at 3 am—or worse, sleeping in.
- Not that you minded though, you actually enjoyed taking care of him. It was like watering a wilting flower and watching it spring back to life—slowly, but surely.
- You would prescribe him medicine whenever he'd have trouble with his lungs, or when his leg would act up.
- You may not be a licensed surgeon (yet), but a licensed doctor? That, you were.
- You'd give him weekly check-ups instead of monthly, that man's health was as unstable as a rollercoaster. One day he'd be fine, then the next day he'd be a heaving mess on the floor.
- He would feel bad about making you do stuff for him, but you'd cup his face or give a soft squeeze to his bicep.
- "You aren't a burden, it makes me happy to do this."
- And just like that he'd be a happy boy again.
- Being well-versed in the medical field, you were the perfect match for a sickly person like Viktor. You'd know what pills he'd need, what position or stretch that could relieve the aches of his muscles, you name it.
- Ever since you came into his life, he almost never got sick again.  
- The two of you joked that you were like his life support machine—that he would sputter into nothingness if you were to leave him.
- That was when the two of you had started to ponder the nature of your relationship; you were very good friends, but you both were yearning for something more.
- Viktor was intelligent—he knew what emotions he was feeling and deduced what could be the cause. He was falling for the caring doctor—hard, it was way too late to catch himself.
- How could he not fall for you? You were caring; bringing all sorts of healthy meals and snacks during work intervals, to make sure that he stays full and satisfied. You gave the best hugs, whenever he was feeling low or stressed at the lack of a breakthrough, you'd wrap your loving arms around him and kiss the crown of his head like a mother would do to her child's bandaged wound. To top it all off, you were attractive as hell. Some days, he couldn't stop sneaking glances at your face as he works. You filled him up with so much joy, all the while replenishing so effortlessly what he's been working so hard to replenish.
- He fell in love with the way you tilted your head back as you laughed, the sound making his heart flutter like never before. He fell in love with the way your hands worked so skillfully while applying pressure to his back whenever you’d see him slouching again. He fell in love with the way you brought out the best in him.
- He would leave a note on your desk whenever he’d be unable to come to the lab. Those notes were always accompanied by a flower.
- They would vary from time to time, relying on floral language to express what he verbally couldn’t.
- When he would be taken out by Heimerdinger on a meeting elsewhere in Piltover, he’d leave a yellow Marguerite, tied with it a single red carnation.
- When he was sick and couldn’t get out of bed, he would have Jayce bring over a yellow Pansy, along with a purple Hyacinth.
- You, on the other hand, were oblivious to the meanings those flowers held, but you thought it was sweet of him to leave such colorful flowers in lieu of his presence.
- It certainly did not help the growing feelings you harbored for the man.
- Your deadline came closer as the days went by, the surgical aspect of the thesis being your main concern, there were three major possible surgical sites that you have observed: His leg, his spinal column, and his lungs.
- And you were an intern in general surgery.
- The realization hit you. You could help him. For real, this time. He wouldn’t have to rely on someone anymore.
- When you walked into the lab the next day, Viktor was already there, as per usual. You called out to him, saying that you had something to tell him.
-"I have something to tell you too."
- It seemed ushering him to go first was a bad idea. You were just about to tell him that once you help him with his disabilities, he would be freed from his chains and would be truly independent. Not the other way around.
- He would hesitate for a while, but his drive and determination to not lose you was stronger than any emotion he's ever come across.
- "I eh, did some thinking and it appears that I am always significantly at my best—both mentally and physically, when I'm with you. You bring out the best in me. Not because you are a doctor, that is a bonus, yes, but- ah, I just... I would like to ask you that, if possible, we still work together after you graduate...?"
- You had no idea how that was going to work out, but it did, somehow. Viktor attended your graduation alongside Jayce, and the three of you went out for drinks to celebrate.
- Jayce would end up hammered, resulting in you and Viktor having to trudge him home—resulting in you and Viktor being alone with each other.
- You would tell him how grateful you are that he agreed to be part of your final thesis, otherwise you wouldn't be here with your diploma in your bag, and he'd brush it off, saying that all your care and acts of service was more than enough to make it worth the while.
- He'd find himself wrapped in your hug™️
- You finally told him about your theory of performing surgeries on his problem areas, only if he would consent to it, of course.
- If the past Viktor was him in the present, he probably would have reacted violently, saying that there was nothing that needed to be changed in him, and would shame you for ever proposing that to him.
- But he learned from you that it was okay to get help, and that he shouldn't always refuse it due to personal reasons—especially if he knew it would greatly benefit him in the future. Yes, it would be nice to untainted—untouched, but even he couldn't deny that he was constantly suffering, and that he could physically feel his body eroding each passing day. He didn't want it to come to a point where his days would be dangerously numbered.
- And you also taught him that he was perfect either way. Disabled? Perfect. Post-op and in recovery? Perfect. Fully locomotive and cured of his illnesses? Still perfect. You made sure, that in what little time you had together, that he would remember that as if he were counting or reciting the alphabet. You just wanted the best for him, and unfortunately, being terminally ill just wasn't.
- He gave it a few days, to think about whether or not he truly wanted this. There wasn't really much to think of, actually. He really did want this.
- He would have no problem, especially since it’s you who would be performing surgery on him.
- He trusted you enough, and he's witnessed you perform supervised surgeries on minor operations during your training course.
- He may or may not have wanted to be your first ever operation.
- The two of you would have talked it out multiple times, about which part of him would go under the knife first; his lungs, or his leg.
- The two of you decided on his leg, seeing as his lungs were very delicate internal organs, and would not be ideal for a first-time operation led by a fresh graduate.
- You would spend days holed up in your office, endless nights studying Viktor’s case; what’s wrong with his leg, what measures should be taken, and what process should be done. 
- It wasn’t much of a problem that you were fresh off the boat, though. You’ve been dubbed as the protégé of the medical world multiple times throughout your years as a medical student.
- Plus, it’s not like it’s your first time performing surgery on someone. Only difference is that you’ll be the one to lead this time.
- Seeing your determination to help him made him weak in the knees for you. The flame in your eyes whenever the two of you talked about a healthier version of Viktor. What made him fall in love with you even more was that the exact same flame in your eyes were seen whenever you would talk to him, or even so as to just look at him.
- It appears you won in your little game of tag, he never expected that he would end up being treated by you. Soon, he would be walking without a cane—a dream he thought was only a dream. 
Viktor blinked as the bright white bulb above his face continued to illuminate him properly, his pupils shrinking in response.
Two, three, four nurses, he counted.
The sound of latex stretching, rubbing against latex, medical gowns shuffling filled the room, contrasting the deafening silence starting to envelop him.
A tube with two holes situated below his nose rested on his face, supplying him with a steady stream of oxygen so as to not suffocate nor encounter respiratory problems during the operation.
His eyelids grew heavier.
Footsteps grew louder and louder, until a white and blue figure towered above him, his eyes blinking rapidly, fighting the urge to drift off and attempting to sharpen his vision.
"Y...Y/N?" He breathed.
"Is that you?"
You smiled beneath your mask, an ungloved hand reaching towards his face, cupping his cheek. He leaned into it.
"The one and only. Don't worry." You mumbled, loud enough for him to hear, quiet enough for the others not to.
"How are you feeling?"
He blinked heavily, "Invincible. But terribly, terribly... sleepy." He yawned.
Chuckling, you caressed his cheek with your thumb, "Are you ready?"
*Floral Etymologies used:
- Purple Hyacinth – Regret (i.e., regret that he had to go)
- Red Carnations – I miss you; I long for you
- Yellow Marguerites – I will come soon; I will be home soon
- Yellow Pansies – Thinking of you
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threi · 22 hours ago
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jayce and mel
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