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Three things Jayce Talis is, one he isn't
Jayce Talis x GN AFAB Reader
Synopsis: Jayce Talis, a friend and fellow student at Piltover academy, is rumored to be a virgin. You're determined to find out if it's true.
Tags/warnings: Virginity, first times, nipple play, oral (reader receiving), blowjob, penetrative sex, crying during sex (I was peer pressured into adding that in, but I also kinda wanted to)
Word count: 10.5k (yes, I got a little carried away)
Behold, the virgin fic I've been hyping up for the last few days is here! My friends and I coming back at you with another collab! It's called Vir-june-ity, and, you guessed it, the theme is virginity! (Yes, I'm aware it's July. But we've been churning these bad boys out throughout June, so, Vir-june-ity it is). My friends did virgin Viktor x reader (by @basichextechml), another lovely take on virgin Jayce (by @thedreamlessnights), and virgin Jayvik x reader (by @heraldeez). Enjoy!
Jayce Talis carries himself with the near-awkwardness of newfound confidence. It hits you after a lecture as he brushes past you, hurrying out of the hall, and unwittingly slams his shoulder against the doorframe hard, that his physical appearance has only evolved into what you know it to be recently. That is the only explanation for the stretch marks on his biceps, the subtle clumsiness of his smile, the way he tends to accidentally break tools that are not designed to break with accidental, brute force. His strength, his width, his appearance, everything about Jayce Talis, is as new to him as it is to you, having only met him last October, in both your first year at the academy.
His shoulders are squared wide, squared back, and just...well, squared. As is his face, traditionally attractive with just enough little details to make it bewitching, one thorough glance at him is enough to tell that although they suit him perfectly, it has taken him some time to grow into the features he has now.
That's the first thing Jayce Talis is. Handsome.
Upon closer, but not a particularly thorough inspection, it's clear from miles away that he's smart. Talis speaks his mind during lectures, not in a way that begs to prove he is better than those that don't, but just for the sake of knowledge itself. Every word that leaves those stupidly kissable lips is dipped in warm curiosity.
Jayce Talis is incredibly intelligent, and not condescending about it.
Not that he ever could be. After well over a semester of watching him, you've found that Jayce is eager to please. Whatever a professor suggests, he's the first to offer to do it. Whatever help fellow students ask, he delivers, sometimes at his own expense.
That’s three things Jayce Talis is. Handsome, intelligent, eager. One good look at him, combined with said knowledge is confirmation enough that there’s most likely a fifty person waiting list to get into his pants.
Not that you’re on that waiting list. Not that you’d like to be. It’s just an observation.
Jayce is a friend, after all. Just two doors down the hall from your dorm, you attend most of the same lectures, sometimes sit together during lunch. You’ve seen the looks he gets from other students. You’ve also seen him blatantly ignore them. He can afford to do it, after all. There’s lots of people to choose from, and he can have his pick easily, if he so desires.
Which is why you almost drop your advanced thermodynamics textbook when your roommate drops the bomb on you. They say it offhandedly, like it’s another fun science fact or observation about your course material.
“Did you know that Talis is apparently a virgin?”
You snort with laughter, catch their mischievous little grin from across the room. “Yeah, and I spend my holidays in Bandle city.”
Your roommate scoffs. “I’m serious.”
Right. “And you heard that…where? And from whom?”
“What is this, a report? Do I have to cite my sources?”
You wave them off, focus back on your reading. “If you want me to believe nonsense like that, yes. I’d like to at least know who’s making that sort of shit up.”
“If you don’t believe me,” they lilt. “Why don’t you ask him? You two seem to get along suspiciously well.”
Pfsht. As if. Jayce Talis is not a virgin, and there’s no need for testing that. Because you’re 100% certain he’s not. Because Jayce Talis is gorgeous. Jayce Talis is smart. Jayce Talis is a people-pleaser. Jayce Talis is not a virgin.
Unfortunately, you are a scientist at heart. And a hypothesis, however outlandish, needs to either be proven right or wrong. There’s no harm in that, right?
That is, at least, what you tell yourself as you lay your hand on Jayce’s bicep when he tells you a joke during lunch. When you shift a little closer to his side during a study session, huffing out a frustrated breath against the side of his neck. When you rest your knee against his during a lecture. When you whisper a question into his ear during said lecture.
There is a pattern, you’ll have to admit. For someone that you’d supposed fucks whoever and to what degree he pleases, Jayce flusters.
He watches your hand on his bicep with wide eyes, shivers when your cold breath hits his neck, goes positively rigid and stares straight ahead with terribly faked nonchalance when your legs touch. But when you whisper into his ear, you can actually hear him wince before he’s bolting out of the lecture hall the second you’re dismissed.
Jayce Talis actually might just be a virgin.
But nothing that you’ve observed thus far is conclusive enough. Not as conclusive as all the people visibly thirsting after him.
You need hard facts to prove a hypothesis right. Again, that’s just the scientific method. Definitely nothing on your part. Certainly nothing on your part, especially when you invite Jayce over for a study session when your roommate goes out for a party and is bound to not show up until early in the morning. And most surely entirely zero percent absolutely nothing on your part when you invite him to sit on your bed as you ask him to explain Heimerdinger’s latest course material to you.
You start slow; because if chemistry has taught you one thing, it’s that bringing in too much of a needed catalyst ruins the reaction, and that’s not what you’re going for. You’re going for the stoichiometrically perfect amount. In one practiced move, you pull up a chair to sit across from him at first, insist he stay seated on the bed to have all the books spread out across it at his disposal. Jayce seems to have a burning suspicion that that’s not your only reason, at least judging by the way he stares at the dip of the mattress below his hand as if it bears some sort of hidden meaning, which you suppose it does. Still, he gives you the benefit of the doubt; starts explaining.
You almost forget yourself — your plan, your hypothesis, your experiment — when he does. Jayce is not easy to follow, messy and enthusiastic in his explanations, but exactly said enthusiasm is what makes every word that leaves him worth following. Everything he says, be says with endearing, unfiltered interest.
You only remember to put your plan in motion by the time he’s already gotten through the first chapter you’d asked him to explain. Once Jayce takes a moment to arch his back before he hunches back over the book, you rise out of your chair, push it to the side. Purposefully, you lift your arms above your head, reaching for the ceiling in a way you know makes your shirt ride up your stomach, see if maybe Jayce’ll— yup. There isn’t any other confirmation needed when you hear him swallow, thickly.
You find him flushed, wide-eyed as you lower your arms with a pleased sigh. “Gods, my legs are pretty sore, too, I should probably change my position,” you mumble, bending forward, towards Jayce. He inhales with surprise as you brace yourself against his shoulder to reach across your bed, to one of your pillows, then drop it to the ground right at Jayce’s feet. Maintaining your previous indifference as you sit yourself on top of it, you cross your legs, let your elbows fall onto your thighs as you lean forward.
From how Jayce is sitting on the side of the bed, feet firmly planted on the floor, your chin is barely above the level of his knees, and you’re granting him a lovely view down the collar of your unbuttoned shirt.
He’s either too far gone to bother being subtle, or just forgets himself, but either way, he’s getting an eyeful of your exposed chest.
“Keep going,” you encourage.
He jumps at your words, almost as if he’d been startled out of a dream. You have him right where you want him, especially when he shakes his head, and makes a great effort to focus back on your face. “Sorry, what?”
“We’ve still got three more chapters left, right?”
“Uh, yeah. Do you…” He clears his throat, picks up the book. “Do you have any questions?”
You shake your head, smile, and it’s the truth. There are no questions, mainly because you already know a good chunk of what he’s discussing. If you have to pretend to not be on top of your studies for an experiment, you’ll gladly do it.
“Okay, um, so, this next one is a little tricky, but I brought this other book that’s less wordy and has a lot of diagrams, it really helped me understand.”
“Ooh, good thinking,” you praise, leaning forward, slowly, smoothly, tactfully. You wonder if Jayce can tell that every move of yours is calculated, or if he’s already too taken to notice. The latter seems to be the case, especially when you set your chin atop his thigh, mimicking fatigue. You look up at him through your lashes, smile, and, holy shit, Jayce actually fucking whimpers. “Do you mind? My neck hurts a little.”
It’s a hushed, high sound, buried deep in the back of his throat, before you feel the muscle below your chin going rock-hard.
“No, go, uh, go ahead.”
There it is. Eager to please.
You tilt your head atop his thigh, until your cheek presses up against him, and smile. “You sure?”
“Yeah, yes, of course.”
You smile up at him, giving him an earnest, sweet thank you, one that has his breath catching in his throat. Faked nonchalance is a terribly good look on him. He’s reaching for the book, quickly, too quickly, and cracking it open in one hand until it creaks. In spite of the shakiness to his hand, he makes shre he’s holding it at an angle that allows you to see its contents.
He’s so considerate that it hurts.
As Jayce begins explaining the diagram to you, he’s trailing his fingers over the curved lines with surprising certainty, stopping to tap or trace over certain pieces of information he deems important.
You consider yourself lucky to have understood the course material when Heimerdinger first explained it, because focusing is now a distant dream. Not with his hands on display like this; an innocent image so easily corruptible with just the right amount of imagination.
The dip of his digits between the pages, towards the spine of the book, has you thinking about how they’d feel inside you, instead, the circling of his index over a word has you wondering just how rough it would feel against your clit, going in the same, tight circles.
“Did you catch all that?” Jayce asks, raising a brow.
You nod, your cheek brushing the top of his thigh. For a moment, you want to prove yourself — and the fact that you’ve been able to follow his explanations — by summarizing everything in one sentence. But it dawns on you, just as you’re opening your mouth, that there is a much better way to go about it.
You don’t particularly succeed at trying not to smile mischievously when you extend your index, mapping out the beginning of the diagram Jayce had just explained to you at the top of his other clothed thigh. There’s a tremor that shakes his leg as you start to rephrase the information he had fed you minutes ago, trailing your fingertip upwards, further. Following the path of the diagram in your mind’s eye, your hand lowers towards the inside of his thigh. There, you make a point to finish your description of the scientific process, tapping your index, middle and ring finger to the taut muscle with finality.
It has exactly the intended effect.
Jayce’s grip on the book goes taut, and, to your dismay, he slaps it onto his lap, face-down, before you can gauge the reaction of his body to your touch.
Not that you need to. Jayce’s face is a hot shade of red, as he looks down at you in a way that can only be described as a lovely balance between horny and scared shitless.
You raise a brow, inching closer. In a clumsy tango, Jayce pushes himself further onto the bed, making up for the space you’d tried to close, bracing himself against the mattress, behind himself.
“Did I mess up?” you ask, tilting your head. There is a double meaning to your question, one you’re not sure Jayce is picking up on.
“No,” he croaks. “It’s…you did good.”
You hope you’ll be continuing down that path.
It hits you suddenly, that what you’re about to do is either going to cause the friendship you share with Jayce to explode in your face, or, hopefully, the exact opposite.
“Can I double-check?” you prod, sliding your fingers under the book on his lap. Slowly, you begin to lift it, and you think, for a moment, that you can see Jayce’s soul leave his body. “I’d like to be sure—“
His hand comes to press the book back down; hard and desperate. Not so different from what’s below the pages, it seems; Jayce realizes he’s pushed the back of your fingers against the factual proof you’ve been searching for.
With a gulp, he looks you dead in the eye, and it’s clear that you’ve bitten off more than either of you can chew.
You let out a breath that you hope comes off as surprised, rather than happy, when you tilt your head inquisitively. “Are you…?“
“I’m sorry.” His voice is meek, and he cannot, for the life of him, look you in the eye. Jayce covers his face with his free hand, closing his eyes. “I didn’t mean to— you’re just so—” His shoulders sink, the width of his frame you’d considered imposing when you first met is long gone. Really, all that makes him intimidating fades the moment he peeks at you from between his fingers. “I’m really sorry. Fuck.”
You think it’s about time you twist that last word into an expression of pleasure, rather than one of shame.
With just the tips of your fingers, you brush up his clothed leg, your touch faint, soft enough to stop, if he so desires. You feel your soul catch fire when his legs part a smidge.
“Nothing to be sorry for. Do you like it when I touch you, Jayce?”
There is no reply, he sits as still as the statues of renowned professors just outside the academy dorm. And, judging by the flexion of his muscles, he’s almost as much made of stone as they are, too. You brush higher up his thigh, further than you had before, stopping just below where the book still covers his crotch. You take a handful of the hard flesh on his inner thigh, and squeeze.
He nods.
You smile gently, easing your hand up his body, where his thigh meets his torso. He’s lucky his hand is still pressed tightly to his face, because you’re sure he would have gotten up and bolted out of the room if it had not stifled the groan rumbling in the back of his throat.
“You have no idea what you do to me,” Jayce whispers, swallowing thickly when you begin to knead at the muscle.
You hum. “You could always just…show me.”
Once your implication clicks, he finally looks you in the eye, seeking confirmation. You think the judgement-free hunger in your gaze speaks volumes, because next thing you know, he parts his legs wide. The book, the stupid fucking book, finally clatters to the ground. You wonder how it even managed to obscure the outline of him in the first place, because it’s anything but subtle, straining heavily against his academy slacks.
Every thought of yours comes to a screeching halt, all except for the burning force that drives you forward, drives your hands forward, to the buttons of his pants.
Strong hands find your wrist, stopping you firmly, but gently no less. “Wait,” Jayce breathes, and holy shit, your roommate had not been lying. “I’ve never…”
His words hit you like a brick wall. A brick wall you’ve explicitly been warned about multiple times, but a brick wall no less.
Still, in spite of the verbal and physical proof you have at hand, you can’t quite believe it. “Really?”
Jayce looks at you like you’re making fun of him: slight furrow to his brow, subtle curve to the skin just beside his nose.
“Spare me the acting,” he replies. “I know everyone’s been talking about it after I slipped up and told Torek.”
It’s true.
It’s true.
You shrug, although you’re not sure how well that can conceal the disbelief you’ve battled with. The disbelief you’re still battling with. “I…figured they were lying..”
He shakes his head, looks away. “Sure.”
“Jayce, I hope you realize you could easily have your pick from half the students here. And even some of the professors. Have you seen how they look at you?”
To your surprise, your argument isn’t well received.
Quite the opposite, actually, Jayce doesn’t take it as a compliment.
“I don’t care how they look at me.” He braces his elbows on his thighs, leans forward, over you, until he’s mere inches away from your face. “I-I don’t care about what any of them want from me, either, except for—“ His eyes snap to you, and what remains of his exhale leaves his lungs in a breathy stutter.
You wonder why you’re realizing only now that every so-called hypothesis and curiosity and experiment you pulled in the name of finding out if Jayce Talis is a virgin or not has been nothing but a pitiful charade to hide the fact that you yearn to be the first person to touch him in ways no-one else has. And you wonder why you’re only realizing now that he wants you, too.
He’s turned down and ignored the 50 person waiting list just because he…essentially wants to grant you a VIP, exclusive pass into his pants. And maybe more.
You hope just one fuck won’t be the end of it, but you’re not about to press that issue right now. He’s already overwhelmed.
“It really doesn’t help that you’re so goddamn confusing,” Jayce continues after your prolonged silence, looking down at your lips for a moment, before his attention snaps back to you. “One day we’re friends and everything is fine and I’m learning to accept that, then the next you’re touching my arm, then you’re whispering into my ear during lectures in a way that definitely isn’t fucking friendly, and now you’re making me sit on your bed and you’re touching me and—“
“I really want to fuck you too, Jayce.”
It’s not ideal; a far cry from romantic, but it does the job at snapping him out of spiraling, and an even better job at getting the message across.
Both his hands come to cup your face, desperate, as he pulls you up, towards his own. You brace yourself against his abdomen, let him jump into the kiss with the ardor he’d been suppressing for so long. Teeth clashing awkwardly, it’s a messy rendition of a kiss, but you’d have it no other way.
He’s rigid under you, as is his tongue, and not in a good way; not how you want him to be — not if it’s caused by nerves. Coaxing anxiety away is never an easy feat, but you know for a fact that Jayce finds comfort in touch, and you’re about to use that to its full extent: your hands careful, they brush up his torso in exploration, halting at the sharp ridge below his jaw, which you come to cradle between your palms.
You let Jayce jam his tongue into your mouth, map it out to his heart’s content, before he retreats, licking at your bottom lip almost apologetically. You’re not the kind of person to mock enthusiasm, no matter in what form it comes.
“‘M sorry,” he breathes against your lips. “I’m just—“
You nod. You get it, you do. “I know.”
There’s a pause, a brief one, where you can see his shoulders slacken with relief, before he’s pushing forward again, waiting for you to lead. And you’re glad to test the waters, see what he likes, see what makes him melt in your hands. A gentle suck on the bottom of his lip turns out to make the very top of the list. It has Jayce squeezing your waist, parting his lips to let out a small moan. When you stop to nibble on it the next time, he begins pulling you into his lap with the force you’d only gotten to witness from afar.
You mold to the position he needs, straddling his lap, knees on either side of him, as you kick aside the remaining books that sit atop the bed. Once you settle on his lap fully, the thick outline of him tightly lined up with your heat, he presses his face into the groove of your neck, letting out a whimper.
“Can I—“ his lips brush your pulse when he speaks, and, if you pry your attention away from how his dick jerks in his pants, you can feel his face heat up against you. “Kiss you? Here?”
You nod, firmly. “You can do more than just kissing,” you assure. “Anything you want. Anywhere you like.”
Jayce stifles another whimper into your pulse point before he’s opening his mouth against your skin, lapping at it gently. When you scratch your nails at the back of his head softly, an encouragement, he complies, sucking the sensitized spot into his mouth, laving his tongue against it.
“There you go,” you whisper, letting out a soft hum when he sinks his teeth into your skin. “That— ah, good, feels good.”
At your words, his hips shoot up against you, his grip on your waist tight. The bulge in his pants strains against you with another twitch, palpably needier than the ones before it.
Jayce continues with even more enthusiasm, kissing his way to the front of your throat, licking under your jaw, trailing his lips down to your collar.
“Tell me,” he rasps. “What else feels good for you. I wanna—“
“Soon,” you interrupt. Leaning back on his lap, you ease your fingers under his chin, tilting it up, towards you. You shush an upcoming word of protest with a peck, before you curl against him, pushing your nose under his jaw. “I want to see what makes you tick, first. Is that fine?”
You feel the tendons under your lips flex as Jayce exhales. “Okay,” he says, one of the hands on your hips going to your back, drawing you in. “We can— yeah. Okay. Go on.”
“Tell me what you like,” you suggest, kissing at his jaw. The display of affection affects him; Jayce’s wide frame smoothes to yours, desperate for contact. “And where.”
“U-uhm,” Jayce squirms below you, thumbs drawing circles at your hips. “I’m…I’m not sure.”
Oh. Of course. He’d have no way of knowing; but, naturally, you’re more than keen on exploring.
“I’ll help you figure it out.” You lick a stripe up the muscle that juts out the most, following it upwards, to the sensitive spot below his ear.
“How about here?” you breathe, circling the slick tip of your tongue over the spot.
You don’t need the confirmation. Not when Jayce stutters out a hushed moan, the arm looped around your middle tightening. You flatten your tongue against the spot, and he’s a goner.
“F-fuck,” he grits out, nodding. “Yeah. There.”
You don’t really need to know any more than that. Jayce tilts to let you tease him to your heart’s desires, to let you sink your teeth into the tight sinews of his neck and suck them raw.
Pressing a smirk into his neck, you press a kiss to the puffy, red patch of skin, before you brush your lips over the shell of his ear, downward. “And here?” you continue, making sure your tone is particularly syrupy, before you suckle at the lobe of his ear, where you notice a small scar.
“O-oh gods,” he keens. Jayce holds you in place needily, burying his face against your shoulder, before he starts rutting up against your clothed cunt. “Yes.”
That’s the spot.
“Feels like—“ You lick at the shell of his ear again when he speaks, letting out a soft breath. Jayce’s entire frame positively trembles between your thighs. “Fuck—! Feels like you’re…s-setting my spine on fire or something.”
Pulling back, you grin at his choice of words, raising a brow. It has the opposite effect of what you’re going for: Jayce’s hands drop from your hip and back to the front of your thighs, he looks away.
“Sorry, that was…really dumb.”
“It wasn’t.” You shake your head, cupping one hand over the bruise just below his ear, before you’re tenderly brushing it forward, until your fingers rest against his Adam’s apple. It bobs below your hand with a thick swallow. You raise your thumb to his chin, tip his face towards you, and gods above, he’s gorgeous. It takes a lot out of you to find your words when his eyes fall lidded, watching you through thick, dark lashes. “I like it when you talk, and even more when you moan. Don’t hold back, okay? I want to hear everything.”
He only nods again, quick and hurried, before he tilts his head to the side again, an invitation. An invitation you would never dream of turning down.
Starting with a tame lick, you pull your lips back to scrape your teeth across the skin, downwards, to his collarbone. Your hands meet his at the highest button on his academy shirt. “Take it off?” you say — a suggestion, rather than a demand.
“Can you lock the door?” Jayce asks, voice hushed. “Everyone’s already up in my business, I’d rather not have anyone walking in on—“
“Of course.” You smile up at him, pressing one final, chaste kiss to his throat before you get up and tiptoe your way past the scattered textbooks, to the door. The moment the lock clicks shut, you look Jayce’s way: shirt hanging unbuttoned to expose the front of him, warm and tan, begging to be touched. He’s changed his position, too. With his shoes kicked off, he’s laid back on your bed, supporting himself on his elbows.
Almost like he’s begging to be caressed until your hands run dry and hot with friction, until there’s not a crevice of him untouched, unsmothered, unloved.
“You look amazing,” you assure, moving to straddle his hips again. The breath he lets out almost sounds relieved; like he’d missed the weight of you on top of him. Greedily, you let yourself take in the divots between his muscles, the pulsing of his abdominals, the jutting of his collarbone, sweat pearling over it and down his pecs — perfect. All of him. “Can’t wait to touch you,” you say, pushing the undone shirt apart, but not acting on what you’re so clearly aching to do. Not yet.
“Then stop waiting,” he replies with surprising smoothness. In a movement that’s natural, almost relaxed, he pushes his chest forward with the arch of his back, practically offering himself up to you on a silver platter. You don’t need his final word of encouragement, but it’s still a welcome one; it has you smiling as you lower your face to his collarbone. “Or do I need to beg?”
“I’m not opposed to that.”
Jayce’s breath catches in his throat when you smooth your lips over the notch of his clavicle, nipping and kissing at it, before you venture lower. The groove of his sternum is solid under your open mouth, pulsing rhythmically with the steady, fast heartbeat below. You flatten your tongue against it, eager to drown in the sensation of the pounding below speeding up.
Both his hands shoot to the back of your head the very moment you deviate from the middle of his chest to the meat of his pectorals, sucking it between your teeth. A hum that sounds equal parts surprised and pleased slips from Jayce’s throat; you steal a glance up at his face to find it contorted with pleasure.
“That, ah—!“ His voice breaks off when your tongue smoothes over his nipple, wet, warm, soft. You suckle it into your mouth slowly, curling your tongue around the nub, reveling in the hitch of his breath. The moment you unlatch from it, it peaks up, Jayce’s entire body flooding with goosebumps. To say you’re proud of your discovery would be a massive understatement. “Fuck, that feels…s-so much better than I thought it would.”
“Oh?” You grin up at him, pinching his nipple between your fingers gently, licking at the other before you speak. “What else have you thought about?”
His brain blanks at the question.
“Ah, uhm…” Jayce swallows thickly, a fragile hum rumbles in his throat. “Fuck. Your, your mouth on me.”
A mischievous idea comes to you, one which you’re sure will have him go absolutely mad. Armed with both the knowledge of exactly what he wants, as well as the fact that he is willing to beg for it, it doesn’t take a genius to come up with a plan.
“My mouth on you?” you ask, feigning cluelessness. “Where?” You make a point to blow out cold hair over his cold, wet nipple. Then, you move on to the other, sealing your lips around it.
It has the desired effect; with a mewl, Jayce is arching his chest against your mouth, seeking the contact with every fiber in his body. He’s pliant for you, pluant for your touch, like he needs it.
It’s endearing how desperate he is for your tongue swiping wetly against his nipple, so you linger more than you’d planned. You nibble, kiss, and lick until you’re sated in every sense of the word, reveling in his little whimpers, in the feel of his skin, the warmth of him, everything leaves your mind buzzing.
There’s still no answer from him yet, but you’re determined to earn yourself one. So, you resume your descent towards exactly what he’s asked for.
But not without driving him crazy with it, first.
“Here?” you ask, mouthing at the tight lines of his clenched abdominal muscles.
The strangled, pathetic moan he lets out confirms that you’re subjecting him to the perfect combination between toruture and pleasure.
“Lower,” he gasps. You comply, of course you do, sucking at the crescent of his hip, then scraping your teeth over it. It’s clear that Jayce can’t decide between pulling away or pushing himself against your mouth; with a hiss, his hands find your head, tugging you away. “Careful,” he breathes. “I-it feels good, but it’s—“
You smile, thumbing at his hip bone. “Sensitive?”
It’s clear Jayce isn’t used to the descriptor, especially not if it’s aimed at him. Still, it makes his clothed cock jump from where it’s pressed up against your chest.
“Yeah,” he finally agrees.
The kiss you press to his ilium is gentle the next time around, barely a peck, before you work your lips down the groove of it, towards the middle of his lower abdomen, which is drawn into a well-defined V just above his boxers and unbuttoned pants.
You don’t have to suggest shedding the layer of clothes now. Jayce raises his hips to work them off himself, barely to the middle of his thighs, but leaves his boxers on.
Still nervous.
Very much unlike any other guy you’ve taken to bed so far. Virgin or not, they’d jumped at the opportunity to jam their dick into whatever hole you’d offered, eager to take their pleasure, then their leave. Jayce is different, and not because he’s smart, or handsome, or eager, but because he’s mindful of the pace you set, mindful of what you want to do to him, even if your plans border on cruel with their teasing.
You part your lips just enough to envelop the root of his cock’s outline through the fabric of his boxers. Jayce cusses, something incoherent and strangled, as you ghost your mouth down his clothed length, to the wet patch waiting at the tip.
He whimpers when you slot it between your lips and lick at the dark spot, which grows. You’re not sure how much of it is due to your spit, and how much is due to his arousal.
“Please.” Jayce bucks up against thin air as you venture lower, to the inside of his thigh. With his pants barely pulled down, he can’t spread his legs far, but that does little to stop you from dipping your head between them and sinking your teeth into the flesh of the first one that’s within reach.
His voice cracks with the moan he lets out, unsure if he needs more of the pleasurable sting, or if it’s too much.
“Please what, Jayce?” you purr, licking and kissing at the bite marks you've left behind.
His hesitation doesn’t last long, and a part of you suspects he won’t, either.
“I want you to suck me off,” he breathes, and, in spite of his state, is quick to tack on exactly what you want to hear. “Please.”
You hook your index into his boxers, look up at him to make absolutely sure that there are no second thoughts or feelings brewing in his head. “Lift your hips,” you say, and of course he does exactly as told.
The moment the cold air hits his scorching skin, Jayce fails miserably at holding back a low, strangled whine. His cock is like the rest of him — a smidge darker perhaps — but pretty. Standing at full mast, weeping for attention with a drop of precum.
Jayce is gorgeous like this: bare and vulnerable before you. He helps you get rid of his pants entirely, tossing them somewhere among the scattered textbooks on the floor, before he spreads his knees, and you take the spot offered. He watches you with blown pupils, lidded eyes following the hand that stops to squeeze at his thigh, where a bruise is forming. The fact that you’re the first person to be treated to such a delightful sight only makes it all the more meaningful to you.
The mattress shifts when he props himself up on his elbows, watching you with a telling bob of his throat. There’s a doubt he wants to address, that much is clear based on his expression. You answer his unspoken second thoughts in the form of your hand wrapping around the middle of his shaft: whatever he’d wanted to say is long forgotten as he parts his legs further for you. You figure a slow start would suit the situation best, you don’t want to cut his enjoyment short. Delicately, you close your lips around the slit, lapping at the clear drop of salty liquid.
Instantly, Jayce’s entire frame curls forward, over you, jaw clenched.
“Fffffuck, yes,” he breathes, cradling the back of your head. “That’s—” You keep your mouth sealed around him tight, lowering yourself until the tip of him hits your palate. A groan rumbles in his chest, spilling out a moment later. “So good, fuck, thank you.”
With a smile, you look up at him. Out of all the people you’ve used your mouth on, Jayce has got to be the first one to thank you before you’ve even started properly. Scratch that, he’s the first one that thanked you outright.
You’re determined to take him further, and give him something to actually be thankful for. Adjusting your breathing, you swallow what’s left of his length until he nudges the back of your throat, then close your fist around the root of his cock. Jayce lets out a sigh that sounds like it stems from pure relief, big hands coming to cup your jaw and stroke at your cheeks.
“D-don’t, ah—“ he chokes when you inch him out of the tight embrace of your lips. You’re giving him only a moment before you’re sinking back down, sucking him in. His entire body jolts at the sensation. “Fuck. Don’t go too fast. I-I don’t think I’ll last long, sorry.”
You make a point to curl your tongue around the underside of him as you draw him out of your mouth, holding the twitching base of his cock steadily. For reassurance, you suppose, you press a kiss to the glans, now a lovely red, just like his face and chest, and it’s safe to say that the gesture is well-received. Instantly, more clear liquid oozes from the tip, and Jayce’s hand is tightening in your hair.
“I don’t care how long you last,” you reply, cupping your hand around one side of his cock to smother the other half of it in open mouthed kisses. The entirety of it jumps between your lips, and you’re rewarded with a pleasured mewl that shoots straight to your core. “Just enjoy yourself, alright, Jayce?”
He nods, petting your hair.
“Good boy.”
The grip in your hair urges you to a halt as Jayce grips his own cock around the base over the hand you’d set there, hard. “I—“ He shudders when you still suck a kiss to the side of his dick, dragging forward, to the head of his cock, which you smear with your spit and another wet kiss. “Gods. If you say that again, I’m gonna cum.”
You’re definitely going to say it again.
“Are you into that?” you ask, making sure the puff of your breath hits the wet tip of him. “Being told you’re doing so well, letting me make you feel good, like you deserve?”
“Fuck,” he claps the hand that had been buried in your hair over his mouth, thrusting his cock into your loose grip, until the head pushes against your lips, a plea.
“You are,” you conclude, unable to hold back a grin. The drop of precum on his slit swells until it’s pearling down the underside of him, and he gives a weak twitch. You decide suddenly that you’re going to use this Achilles heel of his to its full, pleasurable extent.
Craning your head, you lap up the salty drop, and find yourself eager for more.
“I want your cum on my tongue, Jayce,” you breathe. You start moving your hand, stroking him quickly, in a way that has him arching his back. Jayce moans against his palm, nearly sobbing. “All of it. Think you can do that for me, like a good boy?”
He nods, squirming under your touch. “Fuck, yes, yes, please— ah!”
His orgasm is a full body reaction, and the fact that your words have triggered it, rather than physical stimulation, has your ego swelling like never before. Jayce grasps your chin desperately, jerking your head up to grant him what you can only guess is a painfully erotic view: your hand, working him to completion, and your tongue curling around the sensitive underside of him, easing him inside, jaw hinged open wide. He paints the inside of your mouth white with a loud, high moan, fighting against the waves of pleasure that wreck him to keep his eyes open, fixed on your tongue, coated in his spend.
Then, he’s silent, and you wonder if his soul has left his body along with his orgasm. Jayce squeezes his eyes shut, his breath coming out quickly, sharply. You wait patiently for him to regain himself.
It’s clear he’s recovered some semblance of his thinking once he starts to slowly rub the tip of his cock against the slick mess he’s made, keening at the post-orgasm pleasure-pain, but not stopping. His thighs start trembling beside you as you close your lips around his glans, giving one last, gentle suckle. With it, you swallow everything he’s given you.
When he finally remembers how to form words, they’re interrupted by his racing breaths. “Wow. That was—“ He swallows, stroking at your cheeks, still hollow around him. “Perfect. Fuck.”
Slowly, you draw back just enough to ease his cock out of your mouth. It twitches against your lips, and Jayce’s thumb swipes at them to break the shiny string that connects your lips to his tip. You realize he’s mustered a full-fledged thought the moment he frowns. “I hope it doesn’t— I mean…does it, uh, does it taste bad?”
That’s his first worry?
You laugh a little, tilting your head. “What, your cum?”
He nods.
Who are you to discourage curiosity?
“Not to me, but, if you want to know…” You venture back down, swiping your tongue over the red tip of him to gather the remains of his seed, to which he lets out a surprised moan. You sit up, lean forward, angling his chin towards you, an offer. “You can have a taste.”
He pulls you in nervously, dipping his tongue between your lips to sample what you’re offering. There’s more poise to his kiss now, more certainty, he takes his time, letting out a soft breath once he finds what he’s looking for. Jayce smooths his slick tongue over yours, then against your lips, with a wet, sloppy sound. He pulls away, and his expression has you chuckling.
Brows knitted together tight, he swallows.
He shrugs. “Salty. Weird.”
You snort at his choice of words, kiss his stubbled cheek. “It’s an acquired taste.”
He’s definitely recovered from post-orgasm brainlessness now. With doe-like amber roaming down your body before it snaps back to you, he reaches out.
“In that case, can I, uh…” Jayce clears his throat, smoothing his hand over your stomach, dipping his fingers into your waistband barely. “Can I acquire it, too?”
As if you could ever say no to that.
“Yeah.” You nudge his shoulder. “Move over.”
He does, movements sluggish and boneless as he goes to kneel at the edge of the mattress, watching you claim his spot amongst the sheets, parting your legs. You curl your finger, motioning for him to approach. Almost as if you’d tugged on a string that maneuvers him forward, between your parted legs, he complies.
“Okay,” Jayce says, more to himself than to you, licking his lips nervously. He falters once he goes for the buttons of your pants. You lift your hips to shimmy out of them, and your underwear, too, far beyond the point of being shy.
Much unlike Jayce, it seems.
He’s taken with the sight of the wet spot on the fabric, and the thin, shiny string stretching between it and your dewy folds. Slowly, Jayce lowers the fabric down your legs until the string breaks, landing on your thigh coldly. You can tell he tries his very best not to hesitate when he lowers his face. The hand on your ankle is warm, guiding one of your knees to rest on his shoulder.
Just as he is with science, Jayce is analytical, ponders his next move.
But this isn’t an exact science — far from it, actually.
You figure you’ll help take some of the edge off, for starters.
“Just use your hands, for now,” you assure. Subconsciously, you reach down to cup your palm around his jaw. You just realize what you’ve been doing once Jayce leans into it, calmer now, before he’s focusing back on the task at hand. Back on you.
Unexpectedly steady, his non-dominant hand comes up to rest above your folds, easing them apart with a slick sound. With that, his entire demeanor changes.
“You’re really wet,” Jayce remarks, tone thick and low — almost cocky.
Someone’s come a long way; both figuratively and literally.
“Can’t help it, virgins really get me going,” you joke, but it still has him stopping, fixating you with disappointment. Rolling your eyes, you flick at his forehead. “Relax, Talis, I was joking. You get me going. Now — gimme your hand.”
With a smile of his own, albeit slightly annoyed at your antics, he lets you press your palm up against the back of his knuckles, and guide him to your folds.
Even the faintest brush of his fingertips over the outside of your needy cunt is electric, has you parting your legs wider, humming with anticipation. Although Jayce notices, small smile tugging on his lips, he chooses not to say anything about it.
“Start here,” you instruct, pushing his middle finger to press up against your slick entrance, dipping in just the tip of it. He’s eager, wants to press in more, but a pointed look from you says otherwise. Easing his drenched fingers to where you need them most has you shivering, especially when the pad of his finger scrapes up against the waiting bundle of nerves just right. “R-rub here. In small circles, steady rhythm.”
He complies down to a T.
Pleasure shoots through you, from cunt to spine; you can’t tell how much of it is due to Jayce, and how much of it is due to the fact that you’d been aching to be touched. He’s doing great, circling you just as instructed, although a bit more roughly than you thought he would. “A-ah, gently, Jayce, gently,” you keen. He adapts right away, and, damn him, he’s leaning to kiss the inside of your thigh apologetically, too.
“Sorry,” he mutters. “This better?”
Who allowed him to be this perfect?
“Yes,” you confirm, surprised at the airyness of your voice. “Keep going.”
He does — you feel yourself growing increasingly slick under the insistence of his finger, textured and wet, exactly where you need it, rubbing up against all the right spots.
Once he’s figured out the exact rhythm, speed and pressure that makes you keen, his confidence only grows. His touch loses its nervousness, grows almost steady, but still errs on the careful side. If you weren’t actively focused on enjoying the delicious friction, you could’ve sworn he’d let out a whimper in unison with one of your little moans.
“I wanna taste you.” Jayce’s breath is icy frigid over your cunt when he speaks, and one look down at him has you shivering. Eyes lidded with desire, waiting, kiss-raw lips parted just above where his thumb still works you rhythmically.
As if you could ever say no to that.
“Go ahead.” You run your hand through his hair, gently at first, before you grab at his roots, easing him forward. Jayce lets you guide his mouth where you want it, parts his lips over the slick skin the moment it’s within reach.
With surprising certainty, and no shame at all, he lays a thick swipe of his tongue over your hole, following it upwards, to where he’s rubbing at you. To your utter disbelief, a moan rumbles against your clit a moment later.
“Fuck,” he gasps, wetly kissing your clit, before he smothers the wet skin above it with his tongue. “I could do this forever.”
Your laugh, high and breezy, bleeds into a moan when he starts suckling on the bundle of nerves experimentally. Immediately, your hips buck against his mouth, eager for more. Jayce indulges you: his hands, calloused and huge, come up to guide your pelvis higher, holding you in place just right to push the tip of his tongue into you.
“Yes,” you cry out. “Just like that, Jayce, deeper.”
At your words, he audibly swallows back a moan, before he vigorously fucks his tongue into you. The relentlessness of his mouth against your cunt tells you all you need to know: he hadn’t been lying about wanting to do this forever.
“You’re so warm,” he gasps against your heat. When the mattress creaks, you lift your head, and find him rutting up against the sheets. “S-so soft. Oh, fuck.”
With a crease to his brow that betrays just how much he’s enjoying being the source of your pleasure, Jayce sinks his hot tongue back into you. It’s a slow affair, but deep and thorough no less, he’s eating you out like he’s savoring it.
Savoring you.
That alone makes up for his lack of experience, and, combined with the hand in his hair, tugging him wherever you need to feel him ravish you, makes for a true delight.
“Use your hands,” you instruct, yanking at his roots to bring his mouth to your clit. “Two fingers.”
With the way his groan reverberates into your flesh, you grow absolutely certain that he craves being bossed around, be it caused by the anxiety of not wanting to mess up, or his constant desire to please, you don’t know. What matters is that he finds your entrance faster than you expect, and eases just a finger into you, then two. Thick and callused, those are a stretch, stinging in the best way possible. A stuttering breath against your cunt later, Jayce halts, watching the way you spread around him with awe.
“O-oh fuck, it’s so warm, that’s gotta feel so good around—“ He snaps out of his thoughts suddenly, looks up at you. “Sorry. This is supposed to be about you, it’s just that…”
You nod, scratching your nails lightly at where you’d pulled on his hair, being met with a soft, pleased sigh. “I know. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about you fucking me too, Jayce, relax. Do you wanna do it now?”
The mere thought of it stirs him deep. He thinks he’s being subtle when he ruts his cock into the sheets at your words, and you suspect he’ll be saying yes in less than a moment.
“No. Wanna make you cum with my mouth first. It’s only fair.” At the mention of so-called fairness, you roll your eyes, amused. Undoubtedly, that reply is the most Jayce thing you’ve ever heard. “Plus, I feel like I could spend hours between your legs, just— just tasting you, y’know? Hearing you moan, gods. It’s…really nice.”
Nevermind, that’s the most Jayce thing you’ve ever heard.
“Likewise, Talis,” you assure. “I’d spend hours sucking you off.”
He snorts, and it’s heaven. Not just because his laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve heard, but because it’s factual proof that he’s growing more and more comfortable with this. With you. “Don’t think I could last that long.”
You hum, shrugging. Subconsciously, you let your hand slide out of his hair, and brush his stubbled cheek tenderly. “We’ll work you up to it. If you wanna keep doing this again, sometime.”
At your words, his breath halts, surprised, before he’s nodding.
“Yeah. I’d love that more than anything.” Jayce presses his cheek up against the inside of your thigh, stubble scratching at the sensitive skin. His eyes fall closed with a blissed out sigh that hits your sensitive, waiting folds teasingly. Much slower, but with the same passion as before, he lowers himself to resume his work. Now that the excitement from before has worn off ever so slightly, he musters the presence of mind to try new techniques, and figure out what works best. Sucking on your clit while circling it with the tip of his tongue turns out to be one of them. He’s tender with his touch, just like your hands on his face, encouraging him to taste you, to drown in you.
The rhythm of his fingers pistoning into you, however, contrasts the way his mouth works you starkly. Those, he’s relentless with, curling them upwards, towards your tummy, once it clicks that that’s what he needs to do to abuse the mind-numbing spot inside you. Meanwhile, the kisses he sucks to your clit are playful, almost loving, his cheeks hollowing every time his lips seal around it tight.
You don’t even know when exactly your pleasure crescendos so high that you feel your stomach coiling, your thighs starting to tremble around his head. But you do know that every swipe of his tongue against you is leaving you oversensitive, aching, needy, and that every time the pads of his fingers brush the spot that makes you see stars your hips grind against his face more insistently.
“Fuck, Jayce,” you keen, letting out a full body moan when he smiles against your cunt, smug. “You’re doing so well right now, don’t stop.”
At your words, he winces, and doubles his efforts. Without bothering to be subtle, he fucks into the mattress now, moaning shamelessly against your drenched folds. The vibration of his whines permeates your flesh, deep and genuine and perfect, and oh fuck, there it is.
Arching off the bed, you grind yourself against his tongue, his fingers, and he doesn’t stop, not even after he’s worked you through it. He prolongs the white hot delight that fizzes up inside you in whatever way he can, hellbent on squeezing every drop of pleasure out of you.
“Jayce,” you call out, “it’s— ah, it’s enough. C’mere, kiss me.” At your beck and call, he stops, crawling up to you. He tastes like your juices when he complies with your request, desperately, before his forehead falls against your shoulder.
If he hadn’t spoken the words right against your ear, you would’ve mistaken them for a pleading whimper.
“I’m so close right now, please, c-can I—“
You don’t bother saying yes. Instantly, you part your legs wider, easing your hands between your bodies to grasp his cock. It’s hot in your hand, pulsing with need as you angle it to catch against your entrance.
Even the promise of him filling you is addictive; you already know that although every touch leaves you quivering, he will treat you to a glorious stretch.
“Yeah, pretty boy. Come on, you’ve earned it.”
With that, he begins to push in, his arms on either side of you starting to tremble. It spreads to the rest of his body; by the time he’s eased his cock halfway in, he’s a mess, flexing and shaking above you. You hook one leg around his waist, and encourage him to sink further, deeper.
He’s big, an ideal, dizzying combination between thickness and length that leaves you with the most pleasurable sting of getting spread open wide.
You don’t think you’ve known a deeper satisfaction than the one in the moment his hips settle against your thighs, and he lets out a hearty, unsteady breath.
“Mmh, there you are, perfect,” you whisper, turning to press a kiss to his cheek. It’s damp against your lips, salty, and, the moment he sniffles, everything makes sense. “Jayce? Are you crying?”
Gods above, he is.
“I-I’m sorry, it’s just—” Jayce swallows, nuzzling under your jaw. “This is…the best thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life. Being so close to you, being inside you, it’s…fuck, it’s heaven.” His words are sharp against your neck, he sniffles again. You can feel your heart swell with affection for him, for this silly, perfect man.
“Kiss me,” you say again, at a lack of any better way of expressing what you’re feeling. You just know you agree; because if heaven exists, then truly, it’s located somewhere in Jayce’s arms, inches away from his chest, right in his tight embrace.
And a taste of it is on his lips.
He kisses you like it’s the last time he’ll get the chance to do it, messily propping his weight on one arm to push the other below your arched spine and hug you tight. In turn, you reciprocate: trapping him against yourself by wrapping one arm around his shoulder, and your legs around his waist. It’s a desperate embrace, so tight it leaves you breathless — combined with the feeling of his tongue swiping yours tenderly, it’s enough to have your head spinning.
The moment he parts from the kiss, breathless, you make a point to clench your walls around him, hard, which leaves him stifling a gasp below your jaw. With his lips sealed to your skin, he sucks it into his mouth harshly, and, encouraged by the hand you settle at the back of his neck, he sinks his teeth into the mark. It’s perfect, leaves you tingling all over.
You don't think you can take another second of his cock twitching inside you, otherwise unmoving.
“C’mon Jayce, I wanna feel you cum inside me.”
At your words, his cock twitches against your tight walls, and his voice catches in his throat. “M-mh, fuck, you want that? I-I mean, can I? Is it safe?”
Your confirmation is all he needs. In a rush, the arm tucked below your back sinks to your hip bone, clutching it in a grip that’s certain to bruise.
With that, he fucks you like he means it.
Hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, he’s an absolute sight, sweat peraling down the groove of his collarbone, down his pecs, down his abdomen, all slick and sweaty and worked to the absolute limit, just because of you. Jayce pistons into your cunt recklessly, without regard for rhythm or poise, he takes what he needs from the hot embrace of your walls, drilling you deep, hard, thorough.
You already know he’s pent up, and the needy, forceful pace he sets is proof of it. If he weren’t fucking the soul out of you, you might’ve had your ego soaring at the fact that it was your pleasure, your moans, that brought him so close to the edge.
And your body that brings him over it.
“I’m gonna cum,” he gasps out, thrusts faltering. “Fuck, (y/n), I-I’m— a-ah—!”
His orgasm is a delight. He hunches over you, rutting up into your slick hole, barely giving himself the time to pull out before he’s ramming back in, fucking his cum into you. His lips smooth against the side of yours messily, and you’re quick to give him what he’s looking for. The moans he hums into your mouth are sinful, sated, high and wrecked — just like him.
As his voice grows silent, with tender, meek whines rather than full body moans, so do his sloppy thrusts, stilling with him stuffed inside you as far as he can go. You can feel your combined releases dripping out of you, down onto the sheets, and smearing onto him, as well.
Boneless, he lays his cheek on the mattress, right beside your neck, his entire body flexing and twitching, lost to post-orgasm bliss. You brush the strand of hair that sticks to his forehead back, and, after a moment of hesitance, press a kiss to his hairline. You’re not sure he’s registered any of what you’ve just done.
“Well, Talis, how was that?”
You jolt with surprise when Jayce laughs, blissed out and quiet and hoarse. One of his arms slides back under the curve of your back, pulling you in, while his mouth starts to smother your neck with kisses through his chuckle.
“So good,” he breathes, kisses trailing all the way up to your jaw, and, finally, your cheek, which he nuzzles against lovingly. His stubble scratches you raw, but you can’t be bothered to care, and push into the movement.
“It really was.” You nod, turn your head to place a kiss at his cheekbone as he pulls out. He crashes at your side, and you turn around to accommodate the two of you in the cramped space of your bed.
The only way to describe his expression is dreamy bliss, with his eyes closed and chest heaving. You find yourself enamored with his parted lips, raw, red, and slick.
Speaking of which.
“Hm. Are you sure this was your first time eating someone out?”
At your question, he peeks at you through his lashes.
“Well…” Jayce looks at you smugly, folding one arm under his head. You nearly miss his joke because you’re too distracted by the bulging of his bicep. “I’ve had plenty of practice, if you count me licking batter off whisks until they were spotless. That takes a lot of tongue coordination, just so you know.”
Snorting with laughter, you slap at his shoulder. To him, that’s incentive enough to keep going.
“Oh, or eating yogurt out of those little plastic cups without a spoon—“
Your stomach starts to ache along with the growing amplitude of your laugh. “Gods, Jayce, stop.”
“Okay, okay, sorry.” He raises the hand that’s not tucked under his head in mock surrender, and you realize that it doesn’t bother you, not even in the slightest bit, that this man is very likely to be your undoing. He falls serious. “Be honest, though. Was it alright? You don’t need to lie, I mean, I appreciated you trying to spare my feelings by pretending not to believe I was a virgin, but seriously —“
“I wasn’t lying,” you interrupt. “Not about you doing a great job, or about…” you trail off when he perks up at the praise, a slight smirk playing on his lips. You’re only now noticing the small asymmetry to them, and it’s endearing. Subconsciously, you thumb at the side that’s slightly fuller, before you look back up at him. “I meant it, Talis. You’re hot, you’re smart, you’re…annoyingly eager to please. Being a virgin doesn’t logically fit into the picture along with those characteristics, yknow?”
He grins, proud. “Well, thanks to you, it doesn’t anymore.”
“Ah, so now that you’ve done it once, you’ll go around clearing your reputation with it?”
“Maybe.” He shrugs. “I think some…factual proof would be good, too. I dunno if people will just be taking my word for it, y’know?”
This guy, you swear to Janna.
“What kind of factual proof are you looking for?”
“Well, for starters, I think the whole dorm heard you calling out my name when you came. Not to mention, this–” He grins, craning his neck to show off the hickey you’ve given him. “But I think you going out with me, like, officially, could definitely help, too, if that's a thing you'd... uh, be okay with. I could take you out for some coffee, maybe finish explaining the course material to you?”
You smile. “Coffee sounds nice, but you won’t need to explain anything, Jayce. I already have a good grasp of what we’re being taught right now.”
You don’t think you’ve seen the cogs in his head turn quite this obviously, and mind you, you’ve sat next to him during lectures.
“Wait.” At your words, he frowns. “You mean to tell me this,” he gestures to the books scattered across your floor, “was just some excuse to get me into your bed?”
You shrug with one shoulder. “Seems to have worked just fine.”
Jayce actually laughs, and then he’s reaching out, cradling the back of your head in his palm. “Devious,” he says, pulling you in for a kiss. “You’re devious."
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Lessons in the Finer Pleasures
Reader x Viktor x Jayce | 5.6K | NSFW
Warning/Tags: they/them used for reader, threesomes, fingering, unprotected PnV, anal, oral, and virgins :]
On the evening of your third date with your partners, you’re expecting to finally get more intimate. The night goes differently than you’d planned.
A/N: Another month themed collab with the talented @basichextechml @thedreamlessnights and @dicax-asina, this time featuring virgins, for ✨Virjuneity✨. Over the course of June, we cooked up another set of four fics for you all, and mine is for JayVikReader. A two-for-one, if you will. A bogo cherry popping.
AKA, the one where the reader is everyone’s personal lube dispenser.
Each of my pals have their own fics that will be linked at the bottom of this post, so go check them out and enjoy a whole bunch of de-virginifying. <3
When you’d made it official with Jayce and Viktor, the boys had insisted on courting you properly, taking you on dates. They’d presented a bouquet together on the first one, red faced and nervous. Both were perfect gentlemen, and had politely finished each night with a sweet kiss at the door for the past two dates.
But the third date was the time, the generally respected societal norm for getting more intimate.
Frankly, you’d have gone for it on the first date. You really like these guys. And having spent so long working with them, growing closer, spending every hour together, sharing naps on the beat up lab couch, and whispering jokes and science both over cups of coffee… it truly felt like you three had been dating significantly longer than you had.
You appreciated their efforts at courting you. Now you wanted to have them even more, even further.
Even deeper, ideally.
Upon guiding them up to your stoop at the end of your third date, you turn to receive your kisses, smiling into each one.
“Would you both like to come inside?”
That’s when things get a little strange.
Jayce and Viktor’s eyes meet in a way that you usually only see at pompous Piltovian fundraisers, communicating with each other through just a look. Though as soon as it starts, their bout of intense eye contact ends, Jayce clearing his throat noisily.
“I mean, it’s getting awfully late,” Jayce pipes up, voice a strained casual. “Gotta get an early start at the lab, you know.”
You do know, actually. Just like you know there aren’t any pressing deadlines for your little trio right now, and like you know Jayce can’t bluff to save his life.
You raise a brow at him, but he seems suddenly very interested in the night sky above, eyes not meeting your own.
“Late, yes, it’s quite late. We wouldn’t want to keep you awake,” Viktor concurs quickly, his hand shifting restlessly atop his cane.
This was… unexpected.
Though caught off guard by their reaction, you weren’t going to push for something that they obviously weren’t onboard for. Whatever their reasons, you hoped you hadn’t misstepped and made them both truly uncomfortable.
Thoughts churning, you give them a confused nod. “Alright, yeah - I’ll, uh, head to bed then. Um… Goodnight?”
Just as with your previous dates, both men step forward to collect a chaste kiss goodbye from you, Viktor wishing you a good night’s rest, before they rapidly depart from your porch. You’re left there, calling a puzzled “you too” after their hastily retreating forms.
And like a curse settling atop your head in a crown, a good night’s rest is the last thing you can think about.
In a daze, you shrug out of your fancy date clothes, absently letting them fall to the floor as you go to draw yourself a hot bath, thoughts plaguing you the whole way.
You had truly, truly thought that tonight was the night. The date had gone splendidly, in your opinion, and both your partners had seemed their usual fun, intelligent, wonderful selves. Poring over it, you really couldn’t think of anything amiss - right up until your invitation at the end.
Submerged to the neck in scalding bubbles, you glare down at the tub as though it could provide you answers.
Did they not have as much fun as you had tonight? Were they not interested in you the same way you were them? Had you proposed going further too soon?
The bath water grows cool, and you’re no closer to a real answer.
Water trickles noisily down your body as you stand abruptly from the bath, yanking the plug and trying to shake off your concerns. Perhaps it just hadn’t been the right night, or your partners had truly just been exhausted and ready to sleep.
Even so, as you’re sliding on some loose clothes and regarding your bed, still perfectly made up in anticipation of having company, you know you won’t be able to sleep anytime soon.
Quietly, you retrieve your shoes and a light jacket, slipping out of the house.
If your mind is going to insist on being restless, better to do so at the lab, where you can at least throw yourself into reworking formulas.
If that doesn’t work, even cleaning would be better than fretting like this. The rote motion of scouring out beakers might bore you enough to catch a nap on the beat-up lab couch, before the work day begins.
The dim halls of the Academy are a soothing shroud around you, the quiet, book scented air already doing more to calm your nerves that your home had, too fraught with the night’s strange tension. Your feet guide you by pure memory up the flights of stairs and long hallways to the lab, positioned in the far corner of the Academy for safety reasons. There had been more than a few near-misses with explosions in Hextech’s early days.
But as you draw closer to the lab’s door, your ears perk up at the faint sound of voices.
Your steps falter, questioningly. It’s truly late now, and the only people with keys would be Viktor and Jayce. Perhaps they’d mentioned getting an early start hours ago, but you considered the middle of the night to be something different than just “early”.
To be here, now? They likely hadn’t even gone home.
Though, you consider, it would be a far worse scenario if it wasn’t them. Creeping closer, your fingers graze lightly against the door knob, uncertain; the likelihood of it being an intruder was low, but not zero.
Pausing, you wait for the voice to come again.
And breathe a deep sigh of relief when Jayce’s distinctive voice rings out, muffled through the wood, yet unmistakable.
“I can’t believe we turned them down,” his muted voice grouses through the door, presumably to Viktor. “I mean, you saw them tonight! Total knockout, and they wanted us.” You can just imagine his fingers rubbing at his temple, having seen him make the motion so many times when worked up. The sounds of his boots, wearing a track in the floor with his pacing, are faintly audible through the door.
You’re balanced on your back foot, straddling the decision between going back home or pressing your ear against the damn lab door. You wouldn’t normally feel so compelled to eavesdrop, but they’re talking about you.
You and the exact thing that had been keeping you up with tension, enough so to bring you all the way here.
The decision is made quickly as Viktor’s voice filters through the door, distinctive but much quieter than Jayce. You lean in, cheek against the cool wood, just to be able to pick up the tail end of his words.
“... distinctly difficult, to turn them down -” you barely make out. He must be facing away from the door, perhaps looking at the window.
This close to the door, Jayce’s voice is clear enough that you might as well be in the room. “We could have just… you know, uh - wung it?”
Viktor snorts, distantly. “Not exactly the ideal way for it to come out, Jayce.”
Kept secrets really don’t do it for you. Your brows crinkle in annoyance.
“It’s going to come out eventually,” Jayce mumbles. “We could just tell them outright.”
Impatience getting the better of you, you’re through the door before you even have a chance to think about it.
“Tell me what?”
Jayce nearly jumps out of his skin at your abrupt appearance, leaping back a truly impressive distance from where he’d been pacing across the middle of the room. Viktor looks equally startled, a steadying hand on the windowsill keeping him upright from how he’d spun to face you, blinking owlishly.
“You - geez, you scared the hell out of me.” Voice indignant, Jayce has one hand splayed across his chest as though to calm his racing heart, looking for all the world like a startled grandmother. “What are you doing here?” he demands, prominent brows bunched up in bewilderment.
“I could ask you both the same thing,” you counter dryly, before fixing him with your most serious look. “If you have something you need to tell me, I’d suggest you do it now.”
Jayce goes red in an instant. He opens his mouth, only to close it again, scrambling for words.
Viktor speaks instead.
“Neither of us have ever been sexually intimate with a partner.” His voice comes flat and straightforward.
It’s your turn to blink, caught off guard, as Jayce splutters indignantly.
“What? It was your idea to ‘tell them outright’,” Viktor reminds, shrugging. The only thing betraying his nerves is the tense tapping of his index finger against the windowsill.
“You’re both… virgins?” you clarify, watching both men nod sheepishly.
Unexpected? Yes. But hardly cause for this much spectacle. You’d been anticipating something legitimately awful to be revealed, so your tension dissipates almost at once. You’re not sure how either of these men have made it this far in life without someone wanting to rock their world, but you are sure that you won’t make the same mistake.
“So when you guys left, it’s because you weren’t sure how to tell me?”
“Right, it’s not that we, er, weren’t interested,” Viktor says, Jayce nodding emphatically beside him. “More like we don’t really know how to go about it.”
You hum thoughtfully, eyeing the chalkboard. “I could give you the scientific rundown of the process, if you’d like.” You ponder the merits of drawing a diagram. Surely an anatomically labeled vagina wouldn’t be the strangest thing to grace the lab blackboard. Some of Jayce and Viktor’s hypotheses were certainly more outlandish.
Jayce interjects, cheeks stained a pretty crimson, “I meant, we know how in theory.”
His hand reaches out to halt yours, where you’d gone to pluck up the stick of chalk.
You can feel your grin grow sharp as glass, eyeing both red-faced men. “So what you’re saying is, you need some practical application?”
Slowly, you slip your jacket off and toss it toward the workbench, their eyes following the movement intently.
Jayce’s “yes” is blurted out quickly and eagerly, but Viktor’s “absolutely” holds no less enthusiasm.
“Hold on.” You stalk over to the worn couch, plucking off one of the cushions to toss at Jayce’s feet right beneath the blackboard, pleased that he’d stayed exactly where you’d left him.
With a flat hand, you gesture for him to sit on the cushion. Jayce sinks to his knees with no hesitation, watching you with eyes full of excitement.
Fortunately he’s paying attention, because you’re fixing his pants with a raised brow.
“Lose those.”
“Oh, right.” He’s yanking them off in an instant, shirt and then briefs following a bit more bashfully, before he sits politely atop the cushion, long legs splayed in front of him, bare for your open admiration. He looks up at your reaction eagerly, already growing hard.
You look him over, all strong muscles and tantalizing bare skin, humming appraisingly before you’re tugging the cushion forward a few inches, his little yelp of surprise drawing a grin from you and Viktor both.
This leaves Jayce’s upper back braced against the wall while the rest of his torso curls forward, hips left more parallel to the ground and wider open for your plans.
You step in close, planting your ankles on either side of his hips to center yourself, before you turn, facing away from him.
A large hand settles on one of your calves, a softly uttered curse echoing from behind you as Jayce takes in the view. With a wink directed at Viktor, watching the show eagerly from his perch at the window, you slowly slide down your loose sleep pants, baring yourself to them both.
Big, calloused palms reach up without prompting to cup your ass. You can just imagine the sweet, crooked grin that must be gracing Jayce’s face right now; it’s the same look he gets every time he’s faced with such a pleasant surprise.
In a smooth motion, you sink down onto Jayce’s lap, resting on your knees. His hands enthusiastically slide beneath your shirt, dragging it over your head to bare you for his roving hands. Gently, you slide your own hands between his legs, pressing your palms into his inner thighs to spread his legs wide enough for Viktor to fit easily between them.
“Jayce is going to fuck me,” you state bluntly, looking to Viktor. He seems pinned by the weight of your gaze, swallowing heavily. “And you? You’re going to fuck him.”
Jayce breathes a shaky “fuck” behind you at your statement, legs falling even further apart.
“Yes, fuck,” you chuckle, “though first, we’ll have to get Viktor lubed up.”
“There isn’t - We don’t really, ehm, have anything made for that?” Viktor peers at the chem cabinet below the sink across the lab, as though it might contain anything even vaguely suitable, and you’re quick to nip that in the bud.
“No improvising, I already have a plan. C’mere, you’re about to learn the intricacies of fingering.”
Viktor is settled in front of you in record time, leaning his cane against the bottom shelving of the blackboard and nudging his way between Jayce’s legs, hushed and eager. His eyes are locked on where you’re exposed, already a bit slick from all the excitement, but they snap to you when you tilt his chin up, pulling him into a sweet kiss to help him settle.
You aren’t kissing Viktor for very long before Jayce is humming plaintively, nosing his way over your shoulder for the same treatment.
You press a kiss to his lips as well, grinning at his neediness, before you guide Viktor’s hand down to your entrance.
“To begin, you’re going to want to get your fingertips wet, for smoother stimulation.”
His fingers slide cautiously over your entrance, gathering slick, before he slowly slides them up to your clit.
“That’s it, you want to stimulate there and get your partner worked up first. Once they’re aroused, then you can slide your fingers inside.”
As Viktor gets to work, Jayce drags you back into a kiss, licking into your mouth with fervor.
Time slows to molasses as you’re occupied from both ends, Viktor diligently rubbing slick over your clit as Jayce moans into your mouth. Pleasure settles heavily between your hips as Viktor experiments with movements, index twisting little spirals against you.
“Feels good?” Viktor prompts, and you pull away from Jayce’s kisses to answer, much to his chagrin. Instead of words, your throat catches on a moan when his fingers rub against you just right.
It’s answer enough.
A few more twists of his fingers, dextrous movements sending pleasure scattering up your spine, and Viktor toys with the configuration. Dragging his thumb up to occupy your sensitive nerves, he slowly slides his index finger inside, letting out a shuddering breath at the feel of you enveloping him.
Worked up as you are, you prompt him to add another almost immediately, his hand twisting to grind his palm against your clit as he sinks two fingers deep. With his hand pressed flush to you, you’re met with an even stronger appreciation for just how long Viktor’s fingers are.
He takes his time exploring your slickness, fingertips dragging against you and setting all of your nerve endings alight.
Brows furrowing inquisitively, he curls his fingers a bit and drags them back out, scooping out slick and wrenching a moan from your throat as he stimulates the most sensitive area inside, your hips canting forward to chase the sensation without your bidding. Audibly, his fingers pop free, dripping with your arousal.
Taking a deep breath, you wrestle with your restraint, already yearning to get to business. But no matter what, you want their first time to be good. Extraordinary, even, if everything goes according to plan.
You want to blow their minds with just how pleasurable sex can be.
Perhaps you already have, considering the way Viktor is regarding his slickened fingers with something bordering awe.
“Now, use those on Jayce. He’s going to require significantly more opening up,” you instruct.
Viktor brings his fingers down to Jayce’s entrance, circling it and spreading your slickness against him, playing with it just as you’d instructed him to do on yourself, obviously having committed your instruction to memory with a dutifulness usually reserved for his work.
Slowly, gently, Viktor slides one inside of Jayce, watching him with rapt attention as Jayce whimpers into your shoulder, wriggling his hips underneath you to adjust to the slight stretch.
“That feel okay?” you ask, hushed, and he nods.
“Just - Just a little strange.” Already his voice is a little wrecked.
Viktor slides in further, marveling at the sight of Jayce wrapped around him almost to the base of his finger.
Jayce’s hips buck, shoving it the rest of the way inside. His breath catches tensely, and you adjust your perch in his lap to hold a bit more firm, pinning him with your hips to stay still and let Viktor do his work.
The way Jayce’s cock twitches where it’s trapped between you two at the manhandling is very telling of just how much he’s enjoying himself.
Viktor gives a few experimental thrusts, changing his angle, slowly loosening Jayce up. When Jayce grows relaxed against you again, Viktor adds a second finger.
You lean forward to watch Viktor’s fingers spreading Jayce out, speared pink and glistening on slick digits.
“That’s it, you’re doing perfect. Both of you,” you assure, patting gently at Jayce’s tense thigh. “Spread your fingers out, Vik, to stretch the muscles.”
Viktor follows direction beautifully, Jayce keening at the slight stretch.
Both men practically whine when you dip one of your own fingers inside yourself, gathering some slick. The urge to touch yourself to probably the best show you’ve received from a partner in your life is palpable, but you ignore it in favor of sliding your finger back out, trailing it down to Jayce’s entrance.
Viktor’s spread fingers give you just enough wiggle room. You slide your finger into Jayce next to Viktor’s, sighing at the tight warmth.
Jayce groans, arms coming to wrap around your waist, tight. The muscles in his forearms flex with each slow movement of your finger, feeling him out and working him wider in preparation for what’s to come.
Hooking your index slightly, you drag it along, searching, until Jayce’s grip goes iron tight, a surprised yelp tearing from his lips. His hips buck fruitlessly against you, and you nudge Viktor’s fingers up against the correct spot.
“Right there,” you coo.
Jayce cries out as Viktor presses hard against his prostate with brows furrowed in intense concentration, abating the pressure to circle gently against it before he rubs pointedly again to hear Jayce sob out his pleasure.
Jayce’s breathing grows ragged as Viktor continues to stimulate him, fingers twisting nimbly around your own to test his reaction at different angles.
Jayce pants shallower and shallower until his cock gives a noticeable twitch where it’s pressed against you and he squeaks, hips bucking hard, hand shooting down to grab Viktor’s wrist
“I - I can’t, please, we gotta - ‘M gonna come if you keep that up, V, we have to move on. Please.”
You slide your finger out, Viktor immediately following suit, with a mumbled, “Right, yes, moving on to, ah…”
Viktor looks to you owlishly for guidance, and you’re quick to give him a grin. “Gotta slick you up now, Vik.”
He bites his lip as you reach for his neglected cock, rubbing your thumb briefly over the precome beading at the tip, before you’re guiding him closer, pressing the head of his cock to your entrance.
“May I?” he asks, hushed, and at your nod, he begins to press in.
Jayce’s chin juts over your shoulder, face close to your own, as he hungrily watches with bated breath as Viktor enters you.
Viktor sinks in slow, barely inching forward, breath ragged and face twisting up in pleasure with each millimeter he feeds in.
It feels like his cock goes on forever, and not just from the pace. He’s forging deeper than you’d have expected. When he finally comes to rest at the hilt with the barest breath of a moan, the head of his cock is nudging places you hadn’t ever felt stimulated quite so pointedly.
Jayce swallows heavily. “How, uh, how does it feel?”
Viktor’s head tips back, eyebrows pinching in consideration as he tries to steady his breathing. “... Warm.”
You can practically feel Jayce’s pout at the lack of descriptiveness, but you can’t blame Viktor when he looks like he’s having an out of body experience with pleasure right now.
Jayce drags one of his hands away from your waist, fingers trailing softly over your folds and tracing the seal of your entrance around Viktor’s cock. You sigh in pleasure as his finger slides up, circling over your clit, the sensation causing you to clench around Viktor inside you, drawing a first true moan out of him.
It’s followed by a curse, as he jerks his hips back and gives an experimental thrust into your heat, setting a slow, pointed rhythm.
Your arousal is palpable through just the slick noises that come with each sharp thrust in, Viktor taking care to ensure he’s fully coated before he finally musters the strength to retreat, pulling himself from you just as slowly as he’d entered.
Jayce eagerly slips his index finger inside, groaning at your wetness, but Viktor only gives him a moment before he’s pulling Jayce’s finger free.
Jayce opens his mouth to protest - a protest cut off when Viktor grips his cock, pulling it free as you lift your hips, lining the head of him up with your entrance.
“I’m sorry, Jayce, I didn’t catch that. Something wrong?” he asks, deadpan, and Jayce shakes his head quickly, choking back little noises as Viktor rubs the tip of his cock against you, teasing, not yet pushing it in
“Vik - fuck, would you just -” Jayce grumbles, hips writhing as much as you’ll let him.
Viktor merely raises an eyebrow at him.
“Will you put it in already?” Jayce whines. “Please.”
“Put which in, Jayce?” Viktor asks simply, grinding his own cock against the vee of Jayce’s thighs, smile creeping onto his face at Jayce’s squirming.
Jayce chokes out a little moan. “Either,” he breathes.
“Both,” you prompt. “He’s waited long enough, hasn’t he?”
Viktor presses up, helping drive Jayce past the slight resistance to pop the head of his cock inside you.
The only thing you can process as you sink your hips down to take him fully is the absolute thickness of his member, stretched out on his girth. It’s all encompassing, the way he’s splitting you wide, all your nerve endings singing with how he’s pressed so thoroughly, so rigidly against them.
Jayce is already a mess, whimpering and grinding his forehead against your shoulder, his arms a vice around your waist. He’s struggling to catch his breath, knocked out of him at the feeling of you wrapped around him to the base.
Viktor’s eyes are locked on where Jayce is entering you, cheeks red and pupils blown wide with desire. A hesitant thumb reaches out to slide up the scant length of Jayce that isn’t enveloped in your cunt, slipping ever so slightly inside and drawing a whine from you at the stretch.
Viktor closes his eyes, takes a fortifying breath, and pulls his finger away, hand reaching down to grip the base of his own cock, lining it up at Jayce’s entrance.
Jayce’s breath hitches against you as Viktor gives a little push.
He loses his breath entirely as Viktor guides himself in, Jayce’s head falling back from your shoulder to thump against the wall, overwhelmed. You can feel him trembling, just a touch, from his arms around your waist, but his dick is as hard as ever.
“Now give him a moment,” you sigh, enjoying the way Jayce is absolutely throbbing inside you.
Viktor nods, leaning in. His weight presses against you pleasantly, chest to chest, as he reaches over your shoulder to take Jayce’s chin between his fingers, pulling him in for a kiss.
You can hear the press of their lips next to you, Jayce humming, pleased and breathy, into the kiss. For the entire time the three of you had been together, it’s been no secret that Jayce has an innate need to be kissed, thoroughly and often. Viktor makes good use of his mouth as Jayce grows accustomed to his length, keeping him distracted and indulging his need for contact.
He relaxes in increments, body going softer against you, breath returning to him, enthusiastically returning Viktor’s kisses. His body seems to press against you at every point he can manage, eager for every bit of contact. The heat of his chest is searing against the skin of your back, body that naturally runs hot now roaring like a furnace in the face of his arousal.
When you deem him relaxed enough, you give a roll of your hips, surprising them both.
The kiss snaps as Jayce gives a startled keen, and Viktor breaks off to curse as Jayce clenches hard around his length.
“Feeling good?” You settle into a slow, grinding roll, unable to truly bounce in your current position.
Jayce doesn’t seem to mind though. His “yes” is broken and breathy, even just being submerged in your heat driving him wild, hips shifting frantically below you but unable to gain any leverage with how you’ve propped his legs wide.
Viktor is the only one in any position to move properly, and he’s watching the gyration of your hips, entranced.
Viktor lets out a shuddering sigh as your hands trail down his sides, coming to rest on his hips and coaxing them into a gentle, rolling thrust. The rhythm you help him set is lazy and indulgent, slow deep thrusts already pulling sweet moans from Jayce’s throat.
Viktor can’t seem to figure out where to place his focus, pleasure-hazed eyes darting from where his cock is smoothly stroking into Jayce, to Jayce’s no doubtably blissed out expression, to you, roving over your body admiringly, taking in the way you’re admiring him as well. His skin is flushed red, glistening lightly in the dim lab, fluffy hair tousled from how Jayce had buried his hands in it during their kissing, eyes dark with desire.
Jayce clings to your back, arms holding you tight to ground himself as Viktor fucks him. He squeaks when Viktor nails his prostate, openly panting into your skin and pressing kisses against your shoulder to muffle himself.
You spread your knees wider and hike his thighs further up, completely wide open to allow Viktor the most accuracy. Viktor’s hips give a few questioning thrusts, rotating the angle until he’s hitting accurately each time.
Then he picks up the pace, driving into Jayce harder, faster, eyes locked on Jayce’s face.
You can feel the effects as Jayce throbs inside you, the kiss he’d been sucking into your skin going harsh. His body goes tense with each brush against his prostate. Only a few thrusts in, Jayce is already gasping out cries, back arching, pressing himself firmly against you.
“Jayce, wait, you’re - gods, please, you’re flexing so tight. It’s -” Viktor lets out a wrecked moan. “He feels so good around me, (Y/n), I don’t know - I don’t know if I can go much further,” Viktor grits out, his hips slowing to a crawl to stave off his orgasm.
Jayce frantically shakes his head against your shoulder blades. “Me neither, fuck, ‘m not gonna last, babe… fuck.” His voice is choked and reedy.
You decide to finish Jayce off, clenching around him and swirling your hips. “He feels so good inside me too, so perfect for us. Isn’t that right, Viktor? You’re both incredible.”
To your surprise, Viktor tips over first, eyes squeezing shut, his rhythm speeding up to a quick, chaotic staccato, a shocked cry falling from his lips.
With a keen, he begins to moan Jayce’s praises in the throes of orgasm as he rocks his hips through it. “So fucking good, Jayce, gods…”
Jayce goes ramrod straight as Viktor praises his heat, his tightness, how sweet he’s been for you both, and he whines against you, hips rocking into Viktor’s thrusts.
“That was - You’re perfect,” Viktor huffs, brain slowly coming back online as his hips slow to a crawl, tiny movements just enough to prolong the aftershocks. “Truly, pleasuring us both so well.”
You press a soft kiss to the sharp edge of Jayce’s jaw, humming your agreement.
Jayce can barely choke out a “please, fuck, yes” before he’s coming, warmth flooding through you.
His whole body seems to roll against you and Viktor, all hot muscle writhing against your back, shouting his pleasure out to the entire Academy.
You pull his stubbled jaw to the side, sealing your lips against his to muffle him, Jayce keening as he’s quieted, but eagerly returning your affections. His hips buck desperately as you slip your tongue inside teasingly, cock throbbing with aftershocks as he moans, twining his tongue with yours.
Viktor hisses with sensitivity at all of Jayce’s squirming, and after a moment you pull away to offer him a kiss as well in sympathy.
The lab grows quiet, only the sound of the men catching their breaths disturbing the midnight stillness. Jayce’s head thumps exhaustedly against your shoulder, breath tickling your skin. As if to mirror, Viktor’s forehead comes to rest at your clavicle, pressing a soft kiss to your sternum.
“Did you enjoy yourselves?” you ask, one hand coming forward to card through Viktor’s hair, while the other reaches back to rub against the soft, shaved area of Jayce’s haircut.
Jayce can only offer a weary thumbs up, limbs lax underneath you in sleepy post-orgasm haze, but Viktor hums.
“It was incredible, but, ah. We didn’t take care of you.”
You’re quick to wave him off. “That’s fine, for your first. Plenty of time for figuring that out later, so don’t worry about it.”
For some reason, you weren’t expecting instant refutes from both men. Viktor’s “don’t be ridiculous” overlaps Jayce’s “as if!” in their hurry to protest.
“I was raised to believe partnerships are about care and equality and reciprocity.” Jayce’s voice is beginning to take on the cadence of a moral lecture. “We would never-”
His burgeoning speech is cut short by a pointed “ahem” from Viktor.
“Perhaps a demonstration might be called for, instead?”
Without hesitation, Jayce’s fingers slip from your hip to hover at the sensitive skin just above your entrance, both men looking to you imploringly.
“Well, I’m certainly not complaining, if you guys want to give it a go,” you state, grinning.
Viktor immediately shifts back into gear, raising a brow at Jayce’s motionless fingers. “Go on. Show them what you learned by watching me, Jayce.”
Blunt, thick fingers move delicately against sensitive flesh, slipping against you and startling a whine from himself as his fingers brush against where he’s still buried inside you.
Jayce’s middle finger traces circles over your clit, chin coming to rest on your shoulder so he can peer down and admire his work.
Viktor pulls out wetly, and you can feel the whine the vibrates through Jayce’s throat against your skin. His fingers press harder for half a second as the head of Viktor’s cock pops free.
Viktor sinks down to eye level with your hips, taking in the sights in a quiet awe. He brushes his finger over Jayce’s hole before setting his sights on yours, leaning in, breath puffing over your slick entrance.
Jayce is practically quivering in anticipation behind you, fingers going loose with distraction.
Viktor’s tongue slides out to indulgently lap over your cunt, slick and warm, laving between Jayce’s fingers to lap up your taste
They work out a tandem, Jayce’s fingers keeping you spread, his index rubbing distractedly at your clit, while Viktor makes it his sole purpose to map out your most sensitive spots with his tongue.
Come beads up around Jayce’s cock still buried inside, and Viktor sinks in to lap it up, nose rubbing against your clit as Jayce shivers at the feeling of Viktor’s tongue twirling against him.
“You both taste divine,” Viktor murmurs, hands coming to rest atop Jayce’s thighs, pressing in as close as he can get.
He seals his lips and sucks against where Jayce is buried inside you.
Jayce pants against you, cock twitching despite how shortly ago he’d orgasmed, his fingers nudging Viktor out of the way to rub slick and efficient against your clit. Your pleasure is building rapidly with the attention.
Slowly, slickly, the tongue breaches you, already stretched full with Jayce’s cock, coaxing you even wider to allow more of your combined come to drip into his eager mouth.
The slight pinch of him stretching you around both him and Jayce at the same time, tongue curling lasciviously in the tight space between Jayce’s cock and your walls sets off a chain reaction as Jayce throbs inside you, fingers rubbing tight and desperate against you, and your orgasm subsumes you, back arching, head thrown back against a strong, steady shoulder.
The pleasure drags out intensely, the motion of your lovers prolonging it as the slow build toward ecstasy finally reaches its peak. It tears the breath from your lungs, enveloping all your senses in a thick, all-consuming bliss.
Jayce is whispering “that’s it, babe, so good, fuck,” as they work you through it together, Viktor’s tongue curling and thrusting, Jayce diligently holding his pattern as consistent as he can muster while shivering against the overstimulation of you clenching around him.
When the light show behind your eyes finally dims down, pleasure fading and leaving a deep seated contentment in your bones, you crack open your eyes to find two sets staring back at you, eager and satiated and loving.
“Good work,” you sigh, leaning in for kisses.
Three things Jayce Talis is, one he isn’t by @dicax-asina
5 Piece Puzzle by @basichextechml
No more keeping score by @thedreamlessnights
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thedreamlessnights · a day ago
No more keeping score (Vir-June-ity Collab 2022)
We're back at it again with another collab! @heraldeez @basichextechml @dicax-asina and I teamed up to write another series of works throughout the month of June! This time the theme was "vir-june-ity" featuring, well, virgins. Just ignore that it’s July, okay? Vir-June-ity is celebrated all year round 😸
I'm so excited to be participating with such a talented group of writers, so be sure to check their works out as well! You can find all fics in the #virjuneity2022 tag or linked below! Without further ado, enjoy: virgin Jayce! Jayce Talis x Fem!Reader || NSFW || Word Count: 5.3k
Synopsis: Jayce lost in the Undercity (gone wrong) (gone sexual) AKA Jayce stumbles into a brothel.
Warnings: General NSFW content, mentions of prostitution and brothels, mutual masturbation, some dirty talk, a brief blowjob, multiple orgasms, reader riding Jayce, catching feelings, slightly sad ending (but see author's note!) A/N: This is actually a two-part story! The next part will have a happy ending, I promise you! Jayce also gets pegged in that part, so stick around for that!
Tumblr media
The room is a fiery form of frigid tonight, and, as usual, your clothes are doing nothing to shield you. 
You’d told Maris over and over to get the roofing fixed, because what started as drafty was now dangerous - cold enough to kill, in the right conditions. 
Bad for business if someone died, you’d said. Better to fix it now.
She’d brushed you off, of course, waving withered fingers at you, red polish chipping off at the edges. 
“The rooms are warm. If you want heat, get a client.”
If only it were that easy. Besides, the rooms were barely warmer than the main room, and the approaching winter was making that fact more and more noticeable.
Not that it mattered to Maris. No amount of nagging, begging, or pleading had swayed her. She’d simply told you to get to work, or else, and not to bother her again.
When weeks passed and snow had started falling in through the various holes in the ceiling, she’d finally taken to fixing the roof herself - her skeletal form swaying on a rickety ladder as various curses rained down on the brothel. 
You’d been so sure she’d fall at the time - so hopeful. Unfortunately, the old hag seemed to have superhuman levels of balance. Three hours later, she’d emerged alive and angry as a cat in a bath; red lips uncharacteristically smeared, hair the uninviting shade of rotten hay plastered to her forehead. 
Now? The snow is gone, but the chill remains. Maris won’t be swayed to have someone else fix the roof. And of course, no one has looked at you all night. 
Not that you can blame any of them - after all, who wants a teeth-chattering whore? 
The other workers, curse them, seem to have built superhuman cold protection. They don’t shiver. They don’t complain. They flutter their eyelashes when people walk past, a casual smugness fixing to their lips when chosen. Well, screw ‘em. You’re not in the mood for sex anyhow. 
Or at least, you aren’t until you see him walk in. 
Tall. Good-looking - the kind of guy you’d expect to see on posters around the city. You don’t recognize his face, though. You’re sure of that because this face is one you’d remember. As the man looks around, you take some time getting acquainted with the features.
Honeyed green eyes, shining bright even in the sick yellow lighting of the room. Shimmering snowflakes caught in his hair - soft, black hair with a sharp widow’s peak, buzzed down near the neck. Clean-shaven, but a five o’clock shadow is present on his jaw.
Then there’s a scar on his right brow. An endearing gap between his teeth, visible when he nervously grins at one of the other customers. Strong, polite posture. 
You want him so much that you can barely think. You don’t feel the cold anymore and you don’t even know his name.
Whoever he is, he’s lost. Judging by his expression, he hadn’t known what this building was, either. His eyes widen at a couple in the corner before his gaze turns to his shoes, then helplessly, pleadingly lifts to a few of the other workers. 
Written in his expression is a clear, single word. 
By Janna’s grace, no one notices him. No one but you.
You’re at his side before anyone else can see him, heart pounding in your chest. Cold be damned, if he’s going to end up in any bed, you’re determined that it’ll be yours. Besides, he looks like he could warm you up.
It takes you a moment to decide how to appeal to him. Mysterious? Sensual? Touchy? And when you run your fingers up his arm and he flushes, you find your answer. 
To your utmost delight, he’s practically radiating heat. Your personal furnace for the night, if he’ll have you. Time to turn on the charm.
“You look lost,” you hum pityingly, gently squeezing at his bicep. “Need some help?”
His eyes dart to you for a moment, then away as he rubs his neck with his free hand.
“Hi,” he says meekly. “Uh… y-yeah, help would be great.”
You flash him a smile.
“What can I do for you?”
He hesitates for a moment, lips parted, then shakes his head.
“I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t know this was - I was just…. I was looking for the bridge. Back to Piltover? Somehow I got mixed up, and it got dark and - and I went to the first place I saw open.”
“Piltover?” Surprise hits you strong enough to crack the sweetness of your tone. “You want to go back to Piltover? At this hour, in this temperature?”
Seeing his expression, you quickly catch yourself - moving your hand to his back and flashing an apologetic smile. 
“I… I hate to say this,” you continue, a little gentler, “but you’ll arrive frozen or in pieces. Maybe both.”
He slumps for just a moment, burying his face in his hand.
“Look,” he says, his voice breaking a little. “I just… I just want to get out of here. I know I should’ve been more careful. I know that. But I don’t have anywhere else to go, and it’s late. Fuck, I just… need to get home.”
If you’re being honest with yourself, you’re actually pleased to hear that.
Most Pilties are too stubborn to realize they’re not untouchable; that the Undercity could hurt them just as much as it might hurt anyone else. 
Too caught up in their own lives to ever hold themselves comparable with the muck of Zaun, yet amply willing to use it in the moments where it benefits them. Too full of themselves to know what might happen to them until it’s too late. 
Those same people would have marched out into the night regardless of what you’d told them. People that would soon end up dead.
This one is smart. Maybe not street smart, but not stupid enough to think he’s blessing people with his presence. And you like that. 
You study him a moment longer, noting the trembling in his hand. Then you drop your arm and the rest of your act. 
“Okay,” you say gently, giving him some space. “I get it, you just want to go home.”
Your words seem to relax him, but you can tell he’s still a little wary.
“So… are you going to help me?” he asks.
Giving a shake of your head, you gesture towards the window. Toward the blistering winds and the swirling snow.
“I wasn’t kidding about arriving in pieces,” you tell him. “The Undercity is a dangerous place, and it’s much worse at night - especially in this weather. If the frost doesn’t get you, something else will.” 
When he closes his eyes, giving a deep sigh, you cautiously lay a hand on his arm again - a reassuring movement, this time.
“I’d love to help you,” you say, “and I will, tomorrow morning - but you should at least stay here for the night. Use one of the rooms. No charge.”
He quirks an eyebrow. 
“No charge?” With a shake of his head, he pulls away from your touch. “I may be from Piltover, but even I know there’s always a cost,” he says, wary. “What’s the catch?”
You give a light shrug, trying once again to ignore how cold it is. 
“Well… it would be my room. Is that alright?”
He immediately flushes down to his collar, hesitating for a moment before he’s able to put his words together.
“Uh, I don’t - I,” he stammers. “You’re - you’re really pretty, and - it’s not that I don’t want to - it’s just, I don’t think I’m what you want. I’ve never -”
He quickly cuts himself off, somehow blushing even more, then clears his throat.
“Is it really that bad out there?” he asks.
Your expression solemns. 
“Tell me your name,” you request.
“Your name. What is it?”
He stalls, but apparently can’t find a good enough reason not to tell you.
“Jayce,” he says. “Jayce Talis.”
Finally. A name to put to the handsome face.
“Listen, Jayce,” you say, “I get it. It sucks to stay for the night in a place you don’t know. But so many people from this city haven’t come back on nights like this. Much less a visitor.” 
With a sigh, you shake your head, hands fiddling with the soft fabric of your clothes before shutting into loose fists.
“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so if you want an empty room, it’s yours. Or you could stay with me. I’d make it worth your time. I promise.”
“I already told you,” he says, softer this time. “I’m - I’m not what you want.”
“What makes you think that?”
When he doesn’t answer, you try again.
“Do you want it?”
“I - yes, but -”
“Well then. Do you think I don’t know how to read people in this job, Jayce?” you ask, folding your arms over your chest. “Or that I don’t know what I’m getting myself into? I’ve had you pinned from the moment you walked in, pretty boy. Shall I take a guess? You’ve never been with anyone. You want something… intimate. Something gentle.”
You pause for a moment, taking a step closer, leaving him room to step away if he wants. 
He doesn’t. His pupils are blown wide, his hands are clenched, and his breathing is strained. Seeing him like this makes you want to do unspeakable things, but you keep your cool if only at the risk of scaring him off.
“I know a part of you wants to go into that room with me,” you continue. I know you’re having a hard time keeping your eyes off me. Convinced I know what I want now?”
Jayce shuts down for a moment, stuttering and laughing a little and taking in a breath, all while avoiding your gaze.
Ever so gently, you take his hand, trailing your fingers up his palm before you lean up on your tiptoes to his ear.
“Let me take care of you, Jayce,” you whisper. “I’ll make it good for you.”
When you cradle his cheek, he leans into your touch - a fact that only makes you want him more. He’s so damn desperate, and at this point, you’re nearly there with him.
“Okay,” he breathes. “Okay.”
You lace your hand into his, and he follows. 
Into the empty room, where he can stay if he wants to - a room he barely looks at. Into the building behind the brothel where you live, immediately shivering in the ten seconds of chill. And then, into your bedroom. His grip tightens when his eyes focus on the bed. 
“You still want to do this?” you confirm, turning to face him. He’s close here, breath warm on your cheek, scented of wood and vanilla and a musky, sweet spice that lingers underneath.  
Then your hand rests gently against his chest. Underneath it sits Jayce’s heart, fluttering like a bird under your touch. Eyes dilated wide, almost black.
“Yes,” he breathes. “I want it.”
Intimate, you’d said. With real intimacy, your experience is rare, but you know enough to start. You know that with intimacy comes vulnerability, but also familiarity. A familiarity you have yet to achieve with him - not yet, at least. 
“Can I touch you?” you ask. “Get some of these clothes off you?”
When he nods, you spend some time like that, slowly unbuttoning his vest, trailing fingers up his clavicle, pulling him down to the bed with his now undone tie.
Growing familiar with him in the way you know how.
It’s clear he similarly wants to touch you, but all he does is shift - hands uncertain, hovering like he doesn’t know where to put them. You remedy that by bringing them around your waist, noting how his eyes widen as you lean in.
Your breath warm against his cheek, Jayce’s breath hitches, his gaze going half-lidded as you straddle his thigh.
“What do you want?” you murmur. 
“Kiss me,” he requests, sliding his hands up to your waist, settling at your ribs.
His lips are soft against yours when you close the distance, warm and gentle. It’s a sweet, over-eager kiss that soon deepens, his hands moving up to cradle both sides of your jaw before they trail down, unsure, and land on your hips again. Those hands, huge and warm, apply the lightest pressure when the kiss opens up, and it piques your curiosity.
When your hand fixes into his hair and lightly tugs, he lets out a soft groan into your mouth and fully squeezes - a motion and sound that have you reeling yourself in before you go too far.
If you had more time with him - more guarantees than just tonight, you’d stay there for hours, milking sounds out of him. Learning what drives him crazy; what makes him desperate. But you don’t have that time. You only have suspicions, and you confirm one of them by biting on his ear.
It’s only a soft nibble at the lobe, but with the way he shivers, you’d think you were doing something much more involved.
“I want to learn what you like, Jayce,” you hum, pressing soft kisses down his neck. When you pull away, he’s flushed down to the collar, half-hard in his trousers already.
“What I like?” he asks breathlessly.
“What you think about when you touch yourself,” you clarify. “What you picture. Do you think of someone? Something in particular?”
He laughs a little, nervously, shifting under you. The friction of his thigh moving beneath where you’re sitting, well… does things to you. You nearly lose yourself for a moment, tempted to grind against him. Your resolve holds, but it’s significantly weakened.
“I… yeah,” he says, gripping your hips tighter again. “I mean - I’m with someone. Um. But not anyone specific, just… someone. They never have a face.”
“Yeah?” you ask. 
Your voice is winded. Hopefully, Jayce won’t notice - especially if you’re distracting him. Shaky fingers find his shirt, and your lips return to his jaw
“And when you picture them, what are they doing?” you press.
You’ve started to pull his shirt off, rubbing your thumb against the soft skin of his inner elbow. His whole body twitches, then he swallows hard.
“They’re, ah - k-kissing me,” he answers, sounding similarly short-winded.
It’s not typical for you to get affected by other people being turned on. After all these years, you shouldn’t be this wet over Jayce’s reactions to your movements, the way he shivers under your touch, or the way he stutters. This is nowhere near typical, and you’re very, very affected. 
After all, this is your room, your space - not a part of your profession, but a part of you. Jayce is reacting to your words, not the distant, memorized lines Maris had fed you to spiel time and time again. He’s in your bed. This is real. 
With realness, comes the heat you’d almost forgotten about. It sits in your pelvis, spreads through your core. Makes the slowness agonizing, but all the more appealing.
“Kissing you where?” you manage.
Jayce huffs, squirming a little, but not against your touch. Almost into it. 
“My… lips. My neck.”
“And? What else do they do?” 
The soft red flush against Jayce’s cheeks suits him. It draws out the golden hue in his eyes, making them shine a little brighter. You wonder what other hidden expressions compliment him. You’d very much like to find out.
He takes in a sigh, words soft and tentative as he speaks.
“I think about, uh - the person I’m with. They’re… going down on me. Touching me. Or… I’m inside them.”
He flushes deeper, his gaze darting toward your nightstand. 
“Do they say anything to you when that’s happening?”
The laugh Jayce lets out is nervous - breathy and light.
“They. They tell me I’m… fuck.” He tilts his head back onto the headboard, shutting his eyes for a moment. “I don’t know. All kinds of things. What would you say?”
Oh. A misdirection to avoid answering, but you’re happy to take that route.
“Depends on the situation.”
You slide a little closer, nosing against his skin. 
“If I was sucking you off?” you drawl, walking your fingers up his chest. “I’d probably tell you that you’re really fucking big in my mouth.”
Judging by the growing bulge in his pants, it doesn’t seem like that would be a lie. Jayce swallows hard, eyes still shut tight.
“Then… I’d tell you to finish in my mouth. That I want to taste you.”
“Fuck,” Jayce whispers. 
“Do you want that?” you murmur. “My mouth on you?”
Jayce finally opens his eyes, lips parted.
“I, uh. Yes. And no?” he says, his gaze trailing over your mouth. “I want - I want to know what you like, first. What things you think about.”
“Well,” you say, settling down further onto his thigh. “If I were touching myself tonight, I’d think about you.”
He raises his brows.
Your voice is a murmur against his ear, your hands gentle up his shoulders. 
“You,” you continue, your voice a smooth purr. “What you’d look like, getting yourself off. The noises you might make. If you’d wish your hand was mine.”
He makes a quiet, strangled sound. 
“Would you?” you ask. “Would you wish it was me?”
“Yes,” he chokes out. “I’d - I’d wish it was you.”
“Show me, then,” you request, tucking a strand of hair away from his forehead. “What that’d look like. I want to know how you look when you want me.”
Jayce gapes at you. Then, slowly, he recovers, eventually flashing a grin. That damned gap in his teeth. It shoots warmth into you.
“You could take a look at that any time,” he jokes, his hands falling to his trousers, tugging at the buttons. “I sure as hell want you right now.”
That almost breaks you. The sight of him hard in his underwear distracts you just enough. 
“Can - can I take off your shirt, first?” he asks. “I want to see you. It’d be added material for me… wanting you.”
“Go ahead.”
You almost tell him to rip it off, but his hands are still shaking, and that might be a bit too far. The strings of your shirt are pulled away first, and then your shirt comes up over your head. No bra, of course. You wouldn’t need one.
It takes Jayce off guard, though. 
“Fuck,” he says. One of his hands slides up your ribs, flush with the bare skin. “You’re beautiful.”
“Enough material for you?” 
With a tilt of your head, you mirror his movements. A hand up his chest. Settling at the ribs.
“Yeah,” he huffs. “More than enough.”
You have to move from his leg for him to get his pants off, which you have to admit you’re grateful for. You may pull a tough act, but Jayce is damn good at breaking it. If you’d stayed there long enough, you don’t doubt that he’d have physical evidence of that fact sooner or later.
When he’s stripped down to his boxers, you simply sit next to him, eager as he slowly removes those, too. And you’d been right. He’s big. 
His cock, maroon-flushed at the tip, is already dripping for you - a thick pearl of precum at the top. You’re tempted to swipe it away, but your hands only rest at his knee, applying a little pressure as Jayce thumbs over it then begins stroking himself almost entirely dry.
“Oh,” you say, turning toward your dresser. “Here.”
He takes the bottle of lube from you a little too eagerly - spreading it on his fingers and letting out a soft sigh when he touches himself again. 
Hesitant. Slow. Shivering when he strokes the right spot. Checking every few seconds to see if you’re watching. You are. Embarrassment and anxiety are slowly replaced by something else - something hungry behind his eyes as he holds your gaze.
Something you want to see more of.
He shudders when you start rubbing circles up his thigh. Bites his lip when you grab one of your tits, stroking a circle around a nipple until it hardens. 
That seems to give him a little more confidence. Or it makes him so horny that he doesn’t care anymore. Either way, his grip tightens on himself and he lets out a sharp, quick moan that has you leaning toward him to nip at his ear.
“F-fuck,” he breathes. Then he groans again, hips canting upward, toward his hand. “I wish it were your mouth.”
If self-restraint is a cliff, you’re teetering over the edge. One foot is placed at the ready. Waiting to jump.
But instead of moving to him, you move to yourself - shoving off your final layer of clothes as fast as you can. And Jayce - seemingly past the point of shame - watches the entire time. 
When your hand moves between your legs, he shivers. Then he shuts his eyes - almost as if he’s overwhelmed. His diaphragm heaves and his pace quickens and, with his other hand, he grips the sheets.
It’s only a moment later that he opens his eyes to see if you’re still touching yourself. You are, of course - your pace is getting you closer by the second.
“Holy fuck,” he says. 
It’s broken, soft, almost in disbelief. It’s like he’s debating himself on whether to keep going or to stop and touch you. Really, you’d take either of those options.
“I - I wish it were you,” he repeats, gritting the words out from between clenched teeth. “Fuck. Wanna - wanna be inside you.”
Another step toward your metaphorical cliff, and frankly, toward your climax. You let out a soft, wanting moan and grip his thigh with your free hand, squeezing at the warm, glistening skin. 
“Close,” he manages, “I’m close.”
That does it. Fuck the cliff. You’re grasping at his hand and pulling him away from himself, watching as he shudders and pants, brows pinched together.
“Still want my mouth on you?” you question. “I still want to know how you’d taste.”
“Yes, fuck, please.”
Salty is your answer. Not exactly uncommon, but there’s a subtle sweetness to it that has you wanting more. And those noises he’s making? Practically addictive. You can’t stop wanting to draw more of them out of him. 
He’s leaking when you run your tongue up a vein, whimpering as you suck against his tip, groaning when you run your tongue over his frenulum. He cants his hips just slightly up - once, twice, and then his hand is in your hair and he’s cumming in your mouth.
He lets out a single, “Oh, fuck,” and then he’s shaking and groaning.
In response, you let out a small moan, letting him spill onto your tongue - salty and sweet and thick - until he’s finished.
When he’s finally done, he lets out a soft laugh, grinning down at you.
“Wow,” he says. “That was. Wow.”
And he leans back, head resting against the headboard again.
You make yourself busy by moving your mouth to his balls, not wanting to stop just yet. You’re still throbbing, and that heat has not quite faded enough to sit still. He twitches at your movement, whining as you tongue over the soft sensitive skin.
You’re mostly waiting for him to get soft, but he doesn’t. He stays hard and warm and, after a moment, he starts leaking again.
“Jayce?” you ask, using your fingers to replace what your mouth has just been doing. “Can you cum again?”
“Yeah,” Jayce replies. “I can uh, usually go for two. Maybe more.”
Holy fuck.
Kissing up the softness of his stomach, you trail your lips up his sternum then move up his neck, over his jaw, and to his mouth.
Jayce immediately fists a hand in your hair, eager, tongue molding against yours. 
When you pull away, you start stroking him again - gentle, barely-there movements that have him shivering.
“Can I ride you?” you ask.
“Please,” he says immediately.
You’ve never reached for a condom faster. It takes you no time at all to grab one from your bedside, open it, and slide it onto him. 
Propping your hands on his shoulders, you straddle him, reaching down with one hand to secure him underneath you. He lets out a soft whimper but says nothing else. Then you’re sinking down on his cock, so wet that you’re surprised he’s not mentioned it. Maybe he’s preoccupied with his moaning. After all, you’ve started grinding down on him. 
To give Jayce credit, he’s a fast learner. He places a hand on your thigh and moves his hips with you, stretching you open as he hisses out various curses with the movement. And once you’ve found that rhythm, it’s good, it’s really fucking good - it’s just that something is missing, and it’s nudging at you like a bad itch. Your mind won’t shut down enough to ignore it. 
Especially as his hand snakes further up your thigh and grips, digging into your ass. When you intentionally slow down, he follows. Seems to study you. Then his other hand, which had been set on your waist, albeit hesitantly, moves exactly where you want it to.
“Here?” he asks. 
His thumb is pressed soft to your clit, rubbing gentle circles around the sensitive skin. He’s still inside you, stretching you, thick, fucking perfect and sweet and maybe the most handsome man you’ve ever met, and if Maris could see you, she’d probably fire you, because all you can do in response is moan.
“Yeah?” Jayce encourages. “You like that, baby?”
And, as much as you may detest that pet name, it’s surprisingly endearing coming from him. Maybe because it’s genuine. Maybe because he’s rubbing your clit and rolling his hips up into you, and - 
“I’m close,” you murmur. “R-Really fucking close, Jayce.”
“Me too,” he pants. 
Then he kisses you. It’s a light peck placed almost sloppily to your lips, but you don’t think twice before pulling him in for another one, rolling up and down on him as heat spreads through you like a wildfire, roaring up to consume you until the only thing you can think of is his name.
“Jayce,” you breathe, the word muted against his lips.
Then you lose all ability to speak.
Pleasure hits you in white-hot, ambrosial flashes that only break for brief moments. You know that Jayce cums with you, gripping your hips so tight that you hope it’ll bruise. You know that you’re being loud enough that everyone tomorrow will talk. You know that you really don’t fucking care about anything else in this building but the two of you, right here, right now.
And you know that, after it’s done, you sigh and rest your head against his chest, heart beating like a drum. He wraps his arms around you like a cocoon, sighing contently and tucking his chin over the top of your head.
Eventually, he softens inside you. His breathing evens out, and yours does too. You don’t want to move. You don’t want to think. Because, despite all the times you’ve been warned, you’ve just broken the cardinal rule of your profession: don’t catch feelings.
You’d like to pretend you don’t care about him, but that’s deluding yourself. You do. You want him to get home safe tomorrow. You want to see that grin again. You want him to call you more stupid pet names and continue to actually care about you, not just use you like everyone else.
Essentially, you’re fucked: both physically and metaphorically. You almost protest when he shifts, pulling himself out of you and settling beside your bed. Telling him not to almost seems worse, though. Then you muster the effort to clean the two of you up and change your sheets.
As you lay down, Jayce looks at you like he doesn’t know where to go, hesitant as he sits next to you.
“Come here,” you instruct. “Hold me.”
And he does. He settles on the bed, lays behind you, and tucks the two of you into the blanket. His arms wrap around you again, keeping you warm as he closes his eyes. Apparently, sex is also somnific for him, because he knocks out immediately. He snores a little, but it’s soft enough that it doesn’t even bother you. 
He’s not even gone yet, and you’re already missing him.
By the time you fall asleep, the sun is peeking through the curtains. The light seems much greyer than usual. It must be dark clouds and sludge out there and it’s only making you dread leaving even more. If only you had a little more time.
Once you’ve shut your eyes, it seems only seconds later that Jayce wakes, drawing you from your nap immediately. He presses a soft kiss to your neck, smooths your hair from your face, then gets up to dress.
You watch him pull on his clothes - wrinkled trousers and half-hazard buttoning. Wild hair that he attempts to smooth on his head. It makes your chest ache. You try to memorize every part of him for safekeeping, but your brain can only remember so much.
If you only had a little more time.
Not that you could ever fully have him, but you’d be happy with just one more day. One more day you won’t get. If only you could keep your mind off dangerous what if’s. They’re always a bad idea, but similarly so enticing. 
Eventually, you can’t delay leaving any longer. Both of you know it’s time to go.
The two of you walk to the bridge in silence, though you can tell Jayce wants to speak. He keeps opening his mouth to say something, then closes it, shaking his fist at himself - a small movement that he doesn’t think you’ll see.
And what can you do? Ask him to come to visit you in the brothel? Ask him to put himself in danger to see you? Suggest writing letters? They all feel incredibly flat in your mind. Empty. Who knows how far the Undercity is from his home. Who knows what his friends and family would think of you. Nothing good.
But when you get to the bridge, Jayce pulls you in for a kiss, holding your hand in his. Then he presses his forehead to yours.
“I guess I’ll see you around,” you tell him. Underneath that are a thousand other things you wish you could say, but you can’t. It’d only hurt you more.
“Right,” Jayce says, because both of you know that’s a leap. He’d only made it into the brothel by accident, and you can’t exactly stop working.
“Thank you,” he eventually adds, squeezing your hand before stepping away and letting go. “Uh, for your help. Showing me here and… for last night. I’m glad it was with you.”
“You’re welcome,” you murmur, drawing your hands up to cradle your arms at the loss of his warmth.
He gives you a nod, swallows hard, and exits down the bridge.
Tall silhouette, strong posture. It fades away into the distance faster than you’d expect. In its absence, it leaves an emptiness like nothing you’ve ever experienced. One that seems to suck all the color out of the world. 
For a brief, foolish moment in time, you stand there wondering if he’ll turn back. Maybe he’ll come back, and everything will seem right.
Ten minutes you stay like that, arms drawn around yourself. He never comes back, though. Of course he doesn’t.
The next time you see Jayce is three years later. His face is on a poster, washed out from the rain, but still recognizable. 
Man of Progress, it reads. 
You have to wonder if he even remembers you.
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I finally came up with an event to celebrate reaching 500 followers! I decided to do a mix of prompt requests and match up requests. Prompts will be listed at the bottom of this post.
As of right now, I’m anticipating that most of the prompts will be short little blurbs. Some might be a little longer depending on what I can come up with from the prompt you’ve given me, but I can’t promise a full length fic for every single request.
I also can’t promise that I’ll get to every single one of these. I will do my absolute best, but I can’t guarantee anything.
All that being said, how is this going to work?
Prompt Rules
- Tell me which prompt/prompts you want me to write as well as which category it’s from. (Example: Fluff prompt 1 OR “You’re such a dork/But I’m your dork”)
- Specify the fandom and the character/characters you want it to be about. The list of fandoms and characters I write for are on my Request Rules which are here.
- Specify whether it should be platonic or romantic
- If you want reader to be Fem or Male, please tell me! Otherwise, I’m just going to write them as GN.
- If you want to get a little more specific and add onto the prompts a bit, go for it! (In fact, it’s encouraged)
Matchup Rules
- A description of who you are/what you look like that’s as in depth as you’re comfortable with (though the longer, the better!)
- List some of your interests! Could be music taste, hobbies, favourite movies/media in general, etc.
- Tell me which Fandom you’d like to be matched up with. The list of fandoms and characters I write for are on my Request Rules which are here.
- None of these headcanons will be NSFW.
1. “You’re such a dork”
“But I’m your dork.”
2. “You noticed?”
3. “You remembered?”
4. “You’re so gorgeous.”
“Baby, I just rolled out of bed.”
“Okay, and?”
5. “That really suits you.”
6. “Can you braid my hair? You’re the only one that does it right.”
7. “Love. Me. Now.”
8. “Shut up and help me, damn it.”
9. “Since when do you watch [favourite show/movie]?”
“Since somebody peer pressured me into watching it and got me hooked.”
10. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
11. “You look so good!”
“Sweetheart. Baby. Light of my life. I love you, you know that. But I am not setting a single toe outside that door looking like this.”
12. “Oooh, someone looks fancy!”
“Shut up before I kick your ass.”
13. “Ah, ah, ah, you haven’t paid your tax yet.”
“You’re insufferable, you know that?”
“Maybe. But I’m still going to hold your food hostage until you give me a kiss.”
14. “You listen to [band/singer]?”
“Since when?”
“Since always??”
15. “I thought you forgot.”
“Your birthday? Babe, I would never!”
16. “Just shut up and take the fucking jacket, [name].”
17. “I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.”
18. “Okay, so we may have a small problem-.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake- What did you do this time?”
19. “How the fuck are you still standing?!”
“Fuck if I know!”
20. “Did you change your flavour of chapstick? I can’t quite tell what it is. *kiss* Hang on. *kiss* Almost got it. *kiss* cherry?”
1. “Hold me? Please?”
2. “Can I just… can I have a hug?”
3. “You can talk to me, y’know.”
4. “Hey, woah, look at me. You’re safe. Just… breathe with me, okay?”
5. “You don’t have to justify your feelings to me. I’m not like them.”
6. “You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. We can just be for awhile.”
7. “Do you, uh… want a hug? Or something? ‘Cause I can totally do that if needed.”
8. “Oh no, no, no, please don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry, and then we’ll be stuck here for another hour crying together.”
9. “Talking about your feelings doesn’t make you weak, [name]. If anything, it makes you stronger.”
10. “Screw those bastards! You’re ten times better than they’ll ever be.”
11. “It’s okay to cry. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to just… get it all out, y’know?”
12. “Please don’t go. I… I don’t think I can be alone right now.”
13. “Stay. Please.”
14. “I can’t- I can’t breathe!”
15. “What can I do to help?”
16. “Leave me alone.”
“Not a chance in hell, sweetheart. You’re stuck with me for as long as it takes to cheer you up.”
17. “Why do you even love me?”
“Why do I love you? Why wouldn’t I love you?”
18. “Who did this to you?”
19. “I can totally kick their ass(es) if you want. Genuinely. I’m offering. Actually, I’m insisting! Just give me five minutes and I’ll-.”
“Shut up and hug me.”
20. “I heard you were sick so I got you a tea and your favourite snacks. You don’t have to eat them yet. I figured you could have some when you’re feeling a little better.”
Pure Angst
1. “I feel like I’m drowning. Like no matter how hard I try to break the surface, I just get swallowed by another wave. Does that make sense?”
2. “I can’t keep watching you do this to yourself.”
“Then don’t.”
3. “I can’t do this anymore.”
4. “I loved you!”
“That was your first mistake! Your second was thinking I could ever love you!”
5. “You’re a liar.”
“Everyone’s a liar, sweetheart. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better off you’ll be.”
6. “So this is it? This is how it ends?”
7. “I thought I could love you. Turns out, I was wrong.”
8. “You can’t fix this.”
“Yes- yes I can-!”
“No, you can’t.”
9. “Please, just listen to me!”
“No! I’m done listening, [Name]!”
10. “Please don’t do this to me.”
11. “You still want them, don’t you?”
12. “I was never your first choice. I knew that going into this and I thought that I’d be okay with it but I’m not.”
13. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you needed me to be.”
“Me too.”
14. “Get out.”
“But I-!”
“I said get out, [Name]!”
15. “I can’t- I can’t do this without you!”
“You’ll manage. You always do, love.”
16. “I know about you and [Other Person]. You’re good at a lot of things, [Name], but lying is not one of them.”
17. “Fuck, that’s a lot of blood.”
18. “But I love you-!”
“You don’t love me. You never loved me!”
19. “Oh, come on! You’re the one who fucked this up and you’re crying? You’re fucking pathetic, you know that?”
20. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
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fulltimeanimesimp · 5 months ago
Arcane characters and the “i want a baby” text
this is so old but its so funny im still gonna do this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ill write actual fics i just wanted to get this out of my head
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angelltheninth · 2 months ago
Sitting in Arcane Character's Lap
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, Mel, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: established relationship, developing relationship, teasing, gentle kissing
A/N: Who's lap would you wanna sit in the most? For me it's Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, Sevika, Jayce and Ambessa.
Tumblr media
Actually Jinx would be the one sitting in your lap more often than not. She's very clingily and just likes to wrap her arms around you while sitting down working or reading.
She'll let you sit in her lap if you really want to, but what ever the case she has to have her arms around you at all times. She's also very cat-like at times, not wanting to get up from your lap even when you want her too and constantly trying to move closer into your touch.
"Ya really need to learn to stay still sweet stuff. I'm tryin' ta cuddle with ya and ya keep moving around. Or maybe you like me squirming on top of ya?"
Tumblr media
Vi loves it when you sit in her lap. She'll wrap her strong arms around your waist as your hands find purchase on her shoulders. Like Jinx she also likes to nuzzle into your touch.
Vi loves to pull you close and leave little kisses over your neck, inhaling your scent, hearing your breath hitch as you try to break away because her kisses are tickling you but she keeps you in her lap anyway, enjoying the sound of your laughter.
"I like this you know, a lot. Having you close like this. You're really warm sweetheart. You can sit in my lap any time you want, just like this. And I mean that, whenever you want, under any circumstance."
Tumblr media
She loves to pull you onto her lap after a long day at work. Sometimes if you visit her at work she'll let you steal a few minutes with her, but it's mostly when she's off work.
She will let you tangle your hands into her hair as you slowly undo her ponytail. She loves to spend time in silence just looking at you, memorizing every little detail of you. She's also a fan of sitting in your lap if you want her to, but she prefers to have you sit in hers.
"I haven't seen you for long today, I'm sorry for that darling, but I'm here now. Come and sit down, let me kiss you. Do you want me to get us something to drink or eat? Or we can just spend some time, just like this, what ever pleases you more."
Tumblr media
The only time when Sevika actually lets you be on top of her is when you're sitting on her lap.
It doesn't matter of you're at the Last Drop, the brothel or at home, she'll pull you onto her, she likes to feel you squirming on to top her as she leaves kisses and bites all over your neck.
"Come here sugar. Well? Come on, you know how much I love to have you here. That's it. Oh don't mind any of them, they're just jealous that they can't have you. Focus on me instead."
Tumblr media
He's grown used to people being clingy since he adopted Jinx. You always worried that you would cross some kind of boundary or come off too strong if you just casually sat in his lap but he was actually the one who pulled you to him the first time.
Silco will just sigh in mock annoyance when you sit down. However he will follow it up with a greeting and a kiss. But if Jinx comes in she will make fun of you both for being all gross and sappy.
"Well hello my darling, you're a little late today. Did you have problems along the way? No? Well that's good. You can sit here if you wish. Now let me give you a proper greeting."
Tumblr media
Viktor acts annoyed whenever you sit in his lap, mostly because he has a lot to do and you're a very nice distraction to him.
He will try to get work done only for you to pull him into a kiss. He will frown at you for like half a second before he returns the kiss with just as much passion. However if you want to stay on his lap you have to stay still for a while, he can't afford to get too distracted after all.
"You know you don't always have to sit in my lap. I do like it, of course, it's just... incredibly distracting. Yes, I know. I want to be close to you too I just need to have time to concentrate on my work as well, alright love?"
Tumblr media
Jayce will get a big, dumb grin on his face when he sees you walking towards him, and somehow that smile will become even bigger when you straddle his lap.
He runs really warm most of the time so he will pull you into his chest and wrap his big, strong arms around you while he tells you about his day. He loves it when you run your hands over his chest and kiss his jaw while sitting on top of him. The pleasant sigh that he lets out is always a nice thing to see after a long day of being away from him.
"Ah, I think I'm developing a headache. I'm sorry it seems like I won't be much fun tonight sweetheart. Oh! Hey, uh, yeah you can stay here. You know I don't mind you in my lap. Hmm... that feels nice. Thank you, what would I do without you?"
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't let you sit in her lap often nor does she want to sit in yours. Which is why the moments when she wants either are all the more special.
It'll usually be in moments of vulnerability or when she really, really wants to be close to you. You always let her instigate those moments. She'll sit on your lap, very slowly, her eyes never leaving yours, her hands cupping your face before she pulls you into a kiss.
"Why are you looking at me like that darling? Are you surprised. Haha, you can be really cute at times. Can you hold me for a while, I know it might be out of nowhere but... oh. Well thank you. This is... pretty nice I must admit."
Tumblr media
Ambessa likes to have you on her lap. She'll always look at you like you're something both precious and something to be conquered. She loves to see you squirm under her gaze.
She loves it when you trace the scars on her face or kiss them, it's one of the rare moments when she softest up and lets her guard down. But she can flip back to her hardened warrior self on a dime if needed.
"Sit. There you go, that's nice isn't it? Now, tell me sweetheart, do you enjoy spending time with me? I certainly enjoy you. I like when we do this. It relaxes me somehow. To hold you like this. Strange isn't it?"
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cyan-skulls-writing · 3 months ago
I loved the morning after hc! It was so wholesome 🥲
I'll just ask for one more scenario if it's no trouble? Can you do the arcane characters when the reader smacks their ass as they pass by and says something flirty? You don't need to do this if you're not comfortable writing it!
No trouble at all! Sorry this is late, I’ve had midterms. Here they are!
Arcane Characters + Reader Smacking their Ass
implied sex but sfw
with: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika and Mel
gender/body neutral
Viktor will never admit that he yelped, but he did, like you stepped on a cat’s tail. He is bright cherry red, up to his ears and stretching to under his collar. You know from experience he blushes down to his chest. If you’re at home he mostly just laughs and brushes it aloof, if you’re in public he will just fucking die. He will pass away.
“Hello my love, I— ah! What— ah, um. Haha, alright then.”
No matter where you are, Jayce is kinda mad. No talk he, he angy. If you’re at home, he wants more, if you’re in public, he’s worried about his reputation. He isn’t uncomfortable with it, but he does think it’s a little juvenile I guess? There are other ways to get his attention which he prefers. If you notice he’s particularly needy that day, well, that doesn’t mean anything.
“Oh hey, you— hey! Ugh, you’re so immature— I am not blushing! Cut it out!”
You can’t do this to Silco and get away with it. He will pay you back, and you won’t like it when he does (in a sexy way where you actually will). He’s super not chill about it. In private he might let it slide, but do it in public and you’re in a fucking lot of trouble. He tries to recover by rolling his eyes and coughing but it doesn’t work, he’s so pale you can see him flushing from miles off.
“You think you’re so fucking cute— just you wait. I’ll make you eat those words.”
It’s less fun to do this to Vander because he just barely reacts. He might like chuckle or make some comment to his friends if they’re around. He genuinely doesn’t mind, he thinks its cute and its mostly harmless. If you make a truly raunchy comment he may blush a little but he mostly doesn’t mind. He won’t smack your ass in return but he may pinch it; he’s a grabber not a slapper.
“No, hey, I’m— ah, see, this one keeps me in line. Hi there, darl.”
Ekko thinks this is so funny. He will laugh his ass off and then try to get you back. It’s turned into a game between you on who can say the stupidest thing/who can catch the other the most off guard. A bunch of the other Firelights are keeping score for you, it’s a thing. He likes to check in with you sometimes to make sure you’re still comfortable with it, which is when he’s most vulnerable for a strike. >:)
“Hey honey, what’s— FUCK. Gods damn it, you got me. You caught me unprepared this time, never again.”
Jinx will also laugh, and she will hit you back, without mercy. The trouble is her hands are really fucking bony so it usually ends up hurting even if she doesn’t mean it to. She usually finds it funny or likes that you’re like publicly displaying your relationship, it makes her happy. She only hates it if her dad is around, and honestly, death by Silco isn’t super high on your list of desires.
“Hiii sugar, how are ya-ah! Hehehehe, hello to you too.”
See, Vi does this to you all the time, so if you do it back she will just. Freeze. And look at you in total shock, her mouth dropped open in a disbelieving smile. It’s honestly so funny how long she just looks at you like she just won the lottery. She’s oddly proud if you do it in public, She likes you showing other people you’re together.
“Woah! Holy shit. I love you so much, cupcake, seriously.”
The moment your hand meets ass, Caitlyn is a blushing, stuttering mess. Poor thing just doesn’t even know how to react. She gets so embarrassed, even if you’re at home alone. She doesn’t dislike it’s just not something shes ever even considered before. She hates if you do it in public, though, she’s supposed to be composed, damn it!
“Hello, dear, I— oh! Oh, I— you, um—that is, you— ah— no, I, I’m alright I just, um. That was… unexpected.”
Sevika does not react, at all. She does this to you as a greeting, so if you do it back she just carries on as if you had just said hello to her. Literally she just doesn’t give a shit. If you go super hard she’ll just hit you back just as hard (if not harder, she’s beefy) and carry on. If you want to get a reaction out of her you have to do some wild shit like grab her titty.
“But I fucking told him, I said— oh, hi baby— so I said to him—“
Mel doesn’t dislike it? But she thinks its kind of immature. She raises one eyebrow and gives you that look that just pierces your soul. In private she might give you a smirk, but in public she will honest to god cluck her tongue at you, and at that point, you’re the one embarrassed. She has to deflect it on you so no one will look closely enough to see her blushing.
“Really, darling? If you need something you know you can just tell me.”
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theprettyarachnid · 4 months ago
domestic things the arcane characters do
a/n: im probably not going to be very active for the next couple of days so... here <3
warnings: none, its short and sweet
🕷 She wakes up first in the morning, mainly out of habit but also because she gets to wake you up
🕷 Jinx will gently roll you over on your back and rest her head on your chest while booping your nose or poking your cheeks quietly telling you to wake up
🕷 She always holds your hand wherever you two go and if she can't hold your hand, she wraps it around your waist
🕷 I can see Jinx being really good at braiding hair so if you have long hair, she will just braid it anytime she wants
🕷 I don't think I have to say this, but the pet names are endless
🕷 Literally every sentence directed towards you ends with some cheesy nickname
🕷 Vi kills off every bug that you're afraid of
🕷 and she does it with her bare hands
🕷 Anytime you two go out to eat, she insists on getting the check and doesn't let you see how much it is
🕷 It's very sweet but her facial expressions give her away every time
🕷 She leaves little notes around the house for you to find whenever she's at work
🕷 Depending on where they are in the house tells you what they might say
🕷 For example, if you're about to clean the dishes there will be a note saying it's already done
🕷 She loves cooking with you and she is definitely the best cook out of everyone on this list
🕷 If you try and 'taste test' any of the food you two are making, she swats your hand away with an adoring smile
🕷 Has every single one of your orders memorized
🕷 Every time he closes up shop, he demands a 30 minute cuddle session no matter how busy you are
🕷 In his spare time, Ekko makes you little trinkets that he thinks you'll like
🕷 He wears a specific hoodie for a few days so it can get his scent on it before he 'accidentally' leaves it for you to find
🕷 Always makes you a hot drink of your choosing in the morning
🕷 When you two are alone and have some down time, he likes to lay his head on your lap and let you play with his hair
🕷 He's out in the next five minutes
🕷 Viktor loves showering with you
🕷 His love language is acts of service so being able to wash your hair and body while just enjoying the hot water with you is literal heaven to him
🕷 When he catches you napping on the couch or in a chair, he drapes a blanket over you so you don't get cold
🕷 He regularly buys you bouquets of flowers
🕷 Whenever music is playing, Jayce quietly hums to himself before making you dance with him
🕷 I can see Jayce being a literal god when it comes to giving massages
🕷 He can't fall asleep without you
🕷 he'll never admit it but it's true
🕷 Jayce likes having you by his side either tracing shapes on his bare chest or playing with his hair
🕷 hm.. domestic and silco don't really go together AHAHHAAH
🕷 He enjoys the mornings the most because he can help you pick out your outfit while smoking a cigar
🕷 He likes zipping up the backs if needed
🕷 You probably got addicted to smoking because of him so you two share a cigar while talking about any upcoming meetings or raids he has planned
🕷 I can see him buying you jewelry based on things like your birth stone or he will simply buy it for you because it reminded him of you
🕷 This man is the definition of domestic
🕷 Early mornings are filled with quiet laughter while you two have breakfast and a cup of coffee
🕷 If one of you are particularly tired that day, the other will do whatever else needs to be done
🕷 He is the father of four children so he's not afraid to take care of you when sick
🕷 I can see Vander being a fan of naked cuddling just because of the skin on skin contact
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moonlight-in-the-sea · 4 months ago
how arcane characters show their love in subtle ways
ft. viktor, jayce, silco, vi, jinx, ekko, caitlyn, finn, howl
viktor makes sure to ask you to elaborate when you ramble about things you love. he can't make much time to spend with you, so more often than not you're spending time in his lab, raving about the things you love. this new book you're obsessed with, a pigeon you saw on the way here, a dessert shop that opened recently, a concert of your favorite artist you're dying to go to. you might think he's not listening--he usually prefers to face you and keep eye contact for this exact reason, but he is listening even when he's tinkering with new inventions with his goggles on, and he remembers everything you say, even checking in about them from time to time.
''were you able to get the new book of the series you were telling me about, solnyshka? it launched this monday, no? the true crime one, what was its name--ah yes, that! the one with the detective you like. you were quite worried about her predicament since the last book ended in a cliffhanger. i hope the author will be kind to you...''
Tumblr media
jayce is always at your beck and call. neither his status as councilor nor his position as a hextech inventor will stop him from doting on you and he makes that clear. if there's anything you need, he will make sure you get it by any means, as soon as humanly possible. he also remembers to check in on you frequently, asking if you've had any breaks or drank enough water, not leaving your side until he's sure you're in tip-top shape.
''babe, i got the things you needed! here you are--oof, you look horrible--respectfully. you look as radiant as ever otherwise. i'll get you something to eat. and drink. god knows if you've drank any water today. per the power bestowed upon me by the council, no, I will not take 'no' for an answer. c'mon, princess, I get enough of self-destructive behavior from my lab partner. take a break, for me? please?''
Tumblr media
silco makes sure to let you know he's never too busy for you. he never complains when you barge in his office and disrupt his work. the most he will give you is a quiet, ''one moment, love. let me just finish this sentence.'' then all his attention is on you. if you tell him you're sorry to disturb him or if you're bothering him, he will look at you like you've said the most inconceivable thing ever, ''nonsense,'' he says with a wave of his hand, beckoning you over. you don't need a reason to see him. you can just sit there and talk for hours and he'll make no moves to dissuade you from it, even if he gets behind work. he shakes his head with a smile when you realize how much time has passed and apologize, pressing a kiss on your hand and sending you off to sleep, ''i'll be with you shortly, dear. let me just put these away,'' he says, all lies, but it's worth it. if a sleepless night or two is what it takes for your eyes to burn as bright, silco thinks it's a fair price to pay.
Tumblr media
vi makes sure to learn from the mistakes she makes during combat so she has fewer injuries for you to fuss over. while she knows how worried you get, it's easy for her to chuck caution out of the window when fighting--you can't use your full potential if you're afraid of getting hurt, after all. but when she comes home to you, all scraped up and bloodied knuckles, she can't help but sheepishly apologize for a fight she's won, a lazy grin on her lips as she watches you get the first aid, expertly digging out the cotton balls and the antiseptic, chastising her under your breath. she presses a kiss on your hairline as you dab the tinted pieces of cotton on her wounds,
''i'm sorry darl', it seems like i still can't get out of the habit of blocking with my face. oh come on, don't give me that face. i'll be more careful next time, i promise. there will come a day where you'll see me get home without a scrape on me, you'll see.''
Tumblr media
jinx makes sure you're safe with her, at all times. she's not usually an advocate for safety measurements, but the moment you're around, she does a complete one-eighty. suddenly you have to wear goggles in her lair, you have to stand within an arm's reach at all times, you have to walk by her side and avoid the section she keeps her fireworks in altogether. she can be beaten half to death and laugh it off, but she goes rampant when you suffer so much as a scratch--by factors other than her, that is. you're hers and hers alone, and she will be damned before she lets anything happen to you.
Tumblr media
ekko always makes sure you feel included. as the leader of the firelights, he is a capable one who gets along with everyone. it's easy to feel out of your element when he's mingling with everyone else or tinkering away in his room. he makes sure to keep an eye on you, his hand resting on your back as he involves you in the conversation in any way he can, running his thumb back and forth soothingly to remind you of his presence if not. he sets down a wrench to stretch, craning his head to look at you, ''wanna help, babe?'' he grins, wiggling to make room for you when you hop up from his bed, quickly making your way over to him. he lays on zero pressure, asking you to hold things or pass things on to him, maybe even assemble parts, thanking you by landing a loud smooch on your face, laughing as you paw at his clothes, giggling at him to get away.
Tumblr media
caitlyn makes sure that her stubbornness doesn't get the best of her. not only does she feel so strongly about things, but she also gets riled up quite easily, especially in debates. even more so if your opinion differs from hers. you'll see her nostrils flare up, her brows scrunched together as she opens her mouth to retort, only to... stop. she raises a hand, a signal to stop--you from talking or herself from lashing out, you're not sure, takes a deep breath, and goes,
''i see your point, love. i will take it into consideration--no, no, don't give me that smirk. i still stand by what i said, hush.''
Tumblr media
finn complies with your wishes. you'd expect a chembaron who is used to getting things done in a 'my way or the highway' fashion to be unyielding--suffocating, even, but that's not the case at all. finn wouldn't give a damn if the entire population of zaun thought him to be a pushover, he'd like to see them try and test him, but given it doesn't put you in danger, he submits to your every whim. you will go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and get whatever you want. you hold the reins in the relationship, and he can relinquish control easily, knowing you won't abuse it. this carries over to his actions as well. you want to hold hands? sure. can't sleep and want him to stay with you? ...fine, only until you fall asleep. don't feel like doing anything? stay with him as he works.
''you have no shortage of wishes, huh, doll? ...complaining? heh, i would never. granting your wishes is one of my duties by now. what the princess wants, the princess gets.''
Tumblr media
howl makes sure you know he is thinking of you all the time. no matter how many clients he has to take or how long they call him for, he always makes sure to come back to you--throws himself in your arms, even. even as he talks about the places he went and the people he met, he includes you in his story, the smile on his face toothy and crooked and natural, unlike the trained one he sports all the time.
''i wish you could've seen the zeppelin, love. the interior was decorated just the way you like it, the floral arrangements and the ornaments were just your style. oh, that reminds me! my client gifted me this bottle of champagne, would you like to drink together?''
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wolfishwriting · 3 months ago
Reader buys lingerie as a surprise but sees herself in the mirror, gets embarrassed, starts to take it off but they walk in and see her in it?
arcane + accidentally walking in on you wearing new lingerie
ft. Vander, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Marcus, Mel, Sevika, Chuck, & Howl
cw: suggestive themes, lingerie, fluff, fxf, fem!plus sized reader
Heat rises to his cheeks and blood runs South. He immediately closes the door behind him, hulking frame shadowing your smaller one. His eyes rake over your form and a smile forms across his face. Like he can read your body language perfectly, he cups your cheek with a single large hand. His fingertips brush along the pretty pale blue lingerie, thumb fiddling with the bow at the center of the brassiere.
"You look beautiful, darl. Always. Were you shy about wearing this? No reason to be, you look perfect."
A low whistle exits her lips before she even has the chance to process her horndog thoughts. She's circling you like you're her cute little prey. Vi hooks a knuckle around the loop of fuchsia lace, rubbing the material between her thumb and forefinger.
"This looks really pretty on ya, darl. Were you worried I wouldn't like it, why are you so upset? Hmm? I think it looks perfect on you--yeah, makes your body look great. I'm pretty freaking lucky."
Thinks she's looking at a treat, honestly. She's in awe of your beautiful and how the material clings to you. Caitlyn is able to recognize the brand immediately and smiles-- she also wears a similar kind.
"Are you nervous, love? Don't be. It looks wonderful on you. But if you are feeling uncomfortable, we can find something better suited for your form and comfort levels, hmm?"
Duo-colored eyes immediately widen and for a split-second you think you see a tint of pink covering his ears. He clears his throat, closing the bedroom door and quickly crosses the short distance from the door to where you stand fidgeting in front of the full-length mirror. Silco quickly takes note of how you fiddle with the red lacy fabric.
"My love, why are you so nervous? You look divine, that piece absolutely suits you. Though, if I may--" his lips curve over your ear. "I'd much rather see these on the bedroom floor."
Bounces on the balls of her feet around you, fingers fiddling with the bows that rest on the brassiere straps. You're wearing pink/blue cotton candy like top and bottoms. Her eyes are sparkling with love and admiration.
"New set, toots? Looks great! It'd look a lot better on the floor--kidding! Unless? Haha, you're so easy to fluster, firecracker! For real, it looks really good on you."
The grip on his cane tightens and a noticeable flush rises to his cheeks as well as yours. You'd just begun unclasping the back of your black lingerie set, the expanse of your back visible and shoulder strap slipping down off your shoulder to reveal a good handful of side boob.
"If I had known you were waiting for me at home like this I would have left much earlier, my dear. You look exquisite. It suits you well, would look wonderful with that new sheer shawl, no?"
Nearly has to hold onto the wall for dear life because he has to be dreaming right now. He feels a little dizzy, like he's been rocking back and forth on his feet for far too long and the ground is starting to tilt.
"Whoa... Amazing. You've always been beautiful but this soft orange color really does magic for your eyes. What would you call this? Salmon orange? Is that even a thing? Do you mean peach? Haha, okay, babe. My apologies, darling, you look wonderful."
He was looking for a spare culture tube and his favorite Erlenmeyer flask for a new test he was working on when he noticed you dressed in all of your finery, a lime green bra with matching bottoms and golden flowers accented within the semi-sheer fabric. You knew how much he enjoyed seeing you in gold, even if you felt nervous.
"Holy shit, babe! You look hot! Look at your tits! Oh, was that not the right thing to say? You're beautiful, of course! You wanna try to take it off? Why's that-- you look great! Though, I'm certainly not opposed if you want to be naked around me instead."
She had just dropped by home to pick up a book to enjoy on her lunch break. Grayson only entered the bedroom on the hunt for her book when she catches you in such a state. She notes your tenseness right away and chooses not to mention it, jumping right into a genuine compliment.
"Oh, goodness! I apologize, my love. I did not know you were getting undressed in here. Is that a new lingerie set? You look beautiful, my dear. As always, of course."
Whistles low from where she leans up against the door frame. She removes her toothpick from her mouth, dark eyes wandering up your exquisite frame wrapped in delicate purple lace.
"Don't you look like a special treat, doll." She smirks, toothpick toying with the edge of her lip as she slowly makes her way toward you with heavy footfalls of her boots. "Better get to unwrappin' then, hmm?"
Her instinct is to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear only to remember her hair is wrapped in her locs with golden accessories holding it upright. You look ethereal, like a goddess with your sheer golden lingerie. There's something refined about the way you stand, as though you're royalty.
"Every day that passes, I swear I'm that much closer to the angels and the afterlife. Your beauty is unparalleled. Life may never know of peace when a goddess walks among us mortals. Was that too corny? I quite liked it."
Look, man just wanted to get his lunch. He didn't know he was coming home to a full meal. He really didn't expect you to be dressed in such a pretty dark navy blue, like the midnight sky graced with thousands of stars, standing in front of the full length mirror.
"You look gorgeous, honey." He clears his throat. "This is a new set, yes? It looks really lovely, the color suits you well. Brings out your.. ehm, bountiful assets."
He needs to take a moment to collect his thoughts but he can't he can only focus on you and the beautiful powder blue lingerie you wear for his eyes and his alone. It matches his jacket, he realizes. And it takes everything in him, all of his strength, to not rip that set off your body and ravish you with every filthy fantasy he can concoct.
"Were you waiting long, my honey? Terribly sorry. You look lovely and as much desire as I have to see those particular items on the floor right now and have you beneath me--we must be leaving for our reservations soon. I am a man of my word."
Instantly swallows nervously, eyes wide with appreciation. He crosses over to you, taking your hands instantly to stop your incessant fretting. He'll admire how the green lingerie hugs your supple flesh. Thieram can hardly believe you'd go to the trouble for all of this for him. Well, for you, too.
"W-whoa.. This all for me? Wh-why are you trying to take it off? It looks beautiful, I really like it on you. Yeah-- I really do. Such a pretty color, compliments you very well. Ah, you want my help in taking it off-- you're sure? Okay then, anything for my girl."
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kuuehlapis · 4 months ago
arcane characters and how they sleep
silco: never sleeps early because he’s always busy and wakes up super early in the morning. will smoke a stick before going to bed. sleeps on his side with a pillow in between his legs. a fucking hugger. has an iron grip around your waist if you sleep with him - you can’t even move. dude snores and grinds his teeth. it’s hard for you to fall asleep if he’s the big spoon because his mouth is right beside your ear. he drools a bit. you woke up with drool on your hair once. rip.
sevika: sleeps with her blanket tugged under her chin with one leg out. likes sleeping on her side. the type of person who wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. lightly snores. doesn’t move a lot in her sleep tho so she’s perfect to sleep with but will only sleep in the middle of the bed even if she’s sharing. always kisses you on your forehead or the back of your head before sleeping. looks super soft when sleeping and will smile in her sleep if she has a good dream. 
jinx: takes like one or two hours to finally sleep. will toss and turn until she just knocks out. has like four pillows on her bed. likes sleeping on her side with her hand under her pillow. gets nightmares often so she’s not really well rested and is always super groggy and annoyed when she wakes up. the type to forget to brush her teeth before sleeping. likes being the little spoon and burying her face on your chest. will kick you in her sleep though so be careful - woke up from a nightmare once and kneed you on the stomach. sometimes you’ll wake up to her sprawled on top of you. 
vi: eats something light before bed so she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry. sleeps face down with her head under her pillow if she’s alone. runs fucking warm so she either sleeps naked or with a thin t-shirt. literally sweats when sleeping. will still hug you to sleep - like will wrap her entire body around you and bury her face in your hair. sometimes you need to push her off because her sweat gets on you. 
caitlyn: she has a huge bed but will always end up sleeping at the edge on the right side of the bed. has woken up with half her body dangling on the edge. likes sleeping face up with her pillow covering her face. likes to drink tea before going to sleep. she sleepwalks. you’ve woken up in the middle of the night to her shaking you and asking whether you had any cheese on you. 
vander: doesn’t sleep with a pillow lol. runs warm but he can’t sleep without his blanket covering half his legs. sleeps like a starfish with his limbs spread out. dude snores too. loudly. always the big spoon. the type of person to put his leg over you when sleeping. tosses and turns in his sleep a lot. has accidentally kicked you off the bed before. he’s a heavy sleeper so it’s hard to wake him up in the morning. 
ekko: has a weird irrational fear of his hand dangling off the bed. sleeps on his stomach with his hands stretched above him. doesn’t hug his pillow but hugs his blanket instead. the type to wake up in the middle of the night to journal his dream. moves a lot in his sleep. always wakes up in the weirdest position even if you’re in bed with him. one time you woke up facing his feet. 
jayce: has like two huge soft pillows. sleeps facing up and hands under his pillow if he’s alone. uses the blanket when he’s going to sleep but it’s kicked away halfway. loves being the small spoon - going to sleep with your hands around his waist makes him happy. will end up being the big spoon halfway. the type of person to hug you super tightly when he’s sleeping and carry you with him if he rolls over to the other side of the bed.
viktor: gets cold easily so he’s always nicely bundled with the softest blankets. likes journaling before going to sleep. sleeps on his side with one hand under his pillow and the other hugging another pillow. likes to flip his pillow to their cold side. doesn’t sleep often but likes taking (POWER) naps throughout the day. loves being the small spoon because your hands wrapped around his waist makes him feel safe plus it’s warmer.
marcus: sleeps face up with his arms crossed. he sleeps with a shirt but will end up taking it off in the middle of the night because he’s warm. doesn’t sleep with a blanket so you don’t have to worry about him hogging them. takes up a lot of space on the bed for no reason, you always end up sleeping near the edge. likes hugging you to sleep. the type to pull you back to his chest if he thinks you’re sleeping a bit too far away from him. 
mel: has six fucking pillows with a weighted blanket because it helps with her nightmares. has one plushie that she says goodnight to. has a skincare routine she does everyday before going to bed. literally sleeps face up with both hands on her stomach. loves sleeping with her head on your chest while holding your hand. she sleep mumbles if she’s super tired tho (it’s cute). the type of person to wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. 
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honeydazai · 4 months ago
perverted things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Mel, Marcus
warnings: nsfw content, masturbating, dry humping + more
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
VIKTOR knows you're rather concerned about his wellbeing, which is why it only comes as a mild surprise when you offer him to take a quick nap while leaning onto your body. He's an opportunist at heart — his head is soon resting on your chest, his cheek against your soft skin, and he's not actually sleeping, not when his dick is straining hard against his trousers with how close his face is to your tits, but you either don't seem to notice or to care. Besides, he's so exhausted, so surely you'd never ask him to back off, right?
Another thing that he always enjoys is teasing you; it doesn't matter about what, really, as long as your face flushes with a lovely blush, your cheeks suddenly hot, and, god, if only he'd get to see that embarrassed expression while you're bouncing on his dick or kneeling between his legs.
“Are you quite sure you're alright with this, love? Ah—, well, then I must thank you. I could truly use a quick nap. Thank you for looking out for me. I appreciate it, I really do.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE has the unfair advantage of his height, so whenever he glances down at you, he's got a perfect view on your cleavage. He can't help but stare at your tits, especially when there's some lace from your bra showing. The sight alone has his dick twitching in arousal, and even though you've caught him staring a few times, you don't seem to mind it much.
It's not often that you and Jayce do sleepovers anymore, especially since he's a Councillor now, which is both a blessing and a curse for him, and also makes this one night a lot more special. He kind of missed the way he used to grind against you while you were asleep; it's not even on purpose, he's just too needy to control himself, and if your ass is pressing so nicely against his dick — really, he's sure no one would be able to resist.
“Haha, very funny, really. I wasn't staring at you — and especially not at your tits. You're just short, it's inevitable that I look down on you.”
Tumblr media
SILCO's lips quirk into a smirk when he 'accidentally' pushes an important document off the edge of his office desk. At this point, he doesn't even have to ask you to get it for him anymore — you bend over willingly, panties peeking out beneath your skirt, and for a moment he entertains the thought of you doing this on purpose to tease him.
He also enjoys making you beg for, well, anything, really; your whiny voice and your pouty lips get him hard almost immediately, his dick straining uncomfortably against his trousers. Whether it's for a raise or for his attention, Silco simply loves hearing you whimper and whine.
“What is it, dear? Ah, I see. So you're of the opinion you deserve a raise, hm? Honestly, I'm not quite convinced. Why don't you ask me again? Nicely this time. Mind your manners, will you?”
Tumblr media
The first time it happened was an accident, and that you were wearing a white blouse had been bad luck, but now VANDER has to be careful not to spill water onto your shirt too often — that'd simply be suspicious, even though he doubts you'd become wary of him that easily. The sight of your bra showing through your nearly translucent shirt is almost too much to bear for him, though.
One day, when he was looking for you and quickly glanced into your room during his search, he spotted a pair of your panties on your bed and, god, he didn't actually want to do it, but he couldn't help but take them. Now, he regularly jerks off with them in his hands, the delicate fabric wet with his precum as he grinds against it.
“So sorry 'bout that, doll, didn't see ya there. But hey, it's only water. No stain. Just wait here, I'll get you a towel — or do you want one of my shirts?”
Tumblr media
When VI suggests you exercise with her, you happily accept, though her offer isn't out of entirely pure intentions — she enjoys watching your tits jiggle while you're both out on a run, or seeing your ass in tight trousers when you force yourself to do another squat, despite how much you're already shaking.
She also loves the way you smell — whether your signature perfume is a rather floral or a musky scent, she's enamoured with it. Whenever you hug, she buries her head in your neck, and she even bought the perfume you use one day. Now, she regularly sprays it onto her pillow whenever she gets herself off — it simply reminds her so much of you, it's almost like you're there, laying next to her.
“Hey, come on, babe — you can go a little lower than that, can't you? Your squats need some more work, that's for sure. Lucky for you I don't mind keepin' an eye on you while you practice.”
Tumblr media
JINX is rather short, so, if you're taller than her, she uses this to her advantage and lays her head onto your tits while you're hugging. The gesture looks innocent enough, and it's perfect for her to inhale your scent, whether it's your natural smell or a signature perfume.
Whenever you're talking to her while focusing on something else, Jinx can't help but occasionally touch herself to the sound of your voice. While you're saying something completely innocent like what the weather is like, she's curling two fingers inside of her, another one drawing circles around her clit while you mention how your new coworker totally sucks.
“Hm? What did ya say, sugar? Ah—, sorry, 'm just a lil distracted by your voice, fuck. No, no, continue, darl. Go on. Wanna hear you talk more.”
Tumblr media
EKKO feels disgusted by himself when he slides a hand into his trousers to grasp at his already hard dick, precum leaking onto the fabric. His gaze is on your sleeping form, your expression so so peaceful, and his fingers close around his cock at the sight, almost making him moan. He simply can't help but jerk off while you're asleep, and it really isn't his fault that you're so intent on cuddling close to him, your ass against his hips.
Whenever you two playfully wrestle, he pins you down with one hand pinning both of your wrists to the ground, a smirk on his lips. It's not his fault that heat curls in his stomach at the sight of your flushed face and wide eyes, your hair splayed out around your head like a halo and your lips opened just a little.
“You're so easy to defeat. You really need to practice some more to make this exciting, you know? Or, wait—, now you're starting to make me think that maybe you just like having me on top of you.”
Tumblr media
It's no secret that MEL enjoys buying you things you want — though she also can't deny that she, more often than not, picks the skirts, dresses and trousers she buys you a size too small, if only to see the fabric stretch tightly over your chest and hips, accidentally drawing more attention to the area. When you keep tugging at the cloth, self-conscious, she chuckles while complimenting you — even if your top is sheer enough to clearly show your bra.
Similarly, Mel enjoys watching you change; no matter if you're elegantly stripping yourself of your clothes or if you're awkwardly fumbling with the zipper. It's the intimacy of the act that has her wetting her lips with her tongue as her eyes roam over your form.
“There's no need to be shy, baby. You look as beautiful as always; I can guarantee that all gazes will be on you tonight, so quit worrying your pretty little head and trust me, alright?”
Tumblr media
MARCUS claims that he wants to walk behind rather than in front of you for safety reasons, though he honestly just wants to steal a glance at your panties underneath your skirt. If you're more prone to wearing trousers, the view is just as good — especially since the fabric stretches nicely to hug your curves.
Despite being embarrassed by it, he also picked up the habit of watching you shower. He's not trying to be creepy, seriously, and he respects your privacy — well, or at least that's what Marcus tells himself while he stares at your naked form, your face flushed because of the hot water, steam obscuring his view. One of his hands grasps at his own cock through his trousers and, fuck, he really should leave, but you are showering at his house, in his bathroom, he's not stalking you, and that makes it a lot less weird, right?
“What? The only reason I insist on walking behind you is that I care for your safety. You should know that by now — I told you often enough that I don't want to risk anything happening to you.”
Tumblr media
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inkinflux · 4 months ago
Jayce Talis x f!Reader x Viktor | 3.2K | 18+
Jayce has always enjoyed showing you off. After Viktor accidentally walks in on you having sex, Jayce is compelled to invite him to stay to see firsthand how gorgeous you are during such intimate moments.
Viktor had made a habit of catching Jayce at awkward moments. Usually, he didn’t care what Jayce was in the middle of – if he needed to relay information or ask anything of him, he did so without feeling the need to preface his requests with pleasantries.
If he saw the light on in Jayce’s room, he would enter without knocking, spouting off the information he needed him to know, then retreating to his work. Their relationship worked so harmoniously that he could expect Jayce to shake off the initial shock of being caught off guard and get right to it.
He was an excellent partner in that way – enthusiastic and focused. Sure, he could get a little whiny sometimes, especially if Viktor interrupted him during more private activities, like the time he’d walked in on him stroking his cock to a picture of you. It had been in the early days when you seemed an unobtainable object of his affection, out of his league but clouding his mind in every waking moment anyway.
Jayce had fumbled, yelling at the scientist for not knocking, but Viktor shrugged it off. He told Jayce he needed a second opinion on something, walked out and waited for him to put his pants on, then suffered Jayce’s rambling full of excuses and ill-veiled mortification all the way to the lab.
Jayce thought Viktor would have learnt something from that exchange, but it only seemed to egg him on, pushing the boundaries on what was considered proper, especially as they became closer, their relationship growing more fraternal than professional.
Viktor now bothered Jayce at any time of the day, room light on or off. Even if he could hear the running water of his shower, Viktor would come in, voice raised above the stream. After a while the novelty wore off, until Jayce treated the popping up of Viktor’s presence a given at any time of the day.
That’s why he should have remembered to lock his door after you had surprised him with a late-night visit, clad in a sheer dressing gown weighed with ostrich feathers and a dangerously skimpy set of lingerie peeking through underneath.
But Jayce, hypnotised by the sultry words you uttered in greeting and the perfect way your body fit in his hands, had been too eager to throw you onto the bed, his mind occupied by a screaming arousal, too excited by the surprise to think about privacy.
He had you in a compromising position, legs thrown above your head to allow him the deepest angle, and was drawing delicious little mewls from you with each thrust. He had been in the process of encouraging you to be more vocal during sex – reassuring you that he finds it devastatingly sexy to hear your cries, unrestrained.
Making you cry louder was a challenge he gladly accepted, trying everything he could to provide you the confidence you needed to feel totally comfortable with him.
“That’s it, babe,” he praised, teeth gritted, “Fuck, you take my cock so well. You look so fucking pretty. Let me hear how good you feel. How good does it feel, huh? You like it when I fuck you like this?”
“Yes, Jayce,” your voice was breathy, fists tight around your ankles, looking up at him with those earth-shattering doe eyes, “You- you’re so big. F-feels lovely.”
“Lovely?” His grin split from ear to ear, beaming down at you before giving you a sloppy kiss.
He was so damn proud of you for trying your best; a pleased flutter joining the overall heat in your stomach at his reaction. It had taken a little while, acclimating to how vocal he was during sex, but it drove you crazy how good he was with his words when he set his ambitions on making you feel phenomenal.
“I want to hear everything, okay? No matter, ah, no matter how dumb you think it sounds. You make me so dumb for this pussy, so-“
You slapped his chest with a laugh. “I love you, you idiot.”
“Love you too, princess,” he said, and looked genuinely chuffed before nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, biting down hard.
“Ah! Jayce-!”
“Jayce, we need to set up that ion ray demonstration for Heim-“
Everything halted. The door squealed on its hinges as it continued opening slowly, Viktor frozen in the threshold. The papers under his arm slipped free, falling to the floor in a fluttering mess.
Jayce shielded your body with his own, and you fumbled for a pillow to cover your chest.
“Viktor! What have I told you about barging in like this?” Jayce complained, but he didn’t sound as upset as you thought he ought to.
“I am- I-“ Viktor didn’t know where to look, and in his haste to go back the way he came, his crutch slid out from his hold, and he clung to the doorframe to keep from falling. “I apologise. Profusely. I’m so sorry (Y/n). I did not see anything, I swear.”
Jayce sighed. “Gods, she’s so tight. So warm and wet on my dick.”
Viktor wasn’t sure why Jayce was telling him this until his friend pulled out of you with an annoyed grunt, wanting to emphasise just how taxing it was to leave such bliss to help his friend.
Viktor turned his gaze away as Jayce shuffled towards the door, picking Viktor’s crutch up and handing it to him.
“I could have-“
“Yeah, I know,” Jayce retorted, “You’re good, man. Just- do you need to sit down?” He turned back to you with a half-cocked grin, “I know she’s breathtaking. Wouldn’t want you collapse after seeing such a gorgeous sight.”
“Jayce,” you hid your face in your hands.
“What, babe? It’s okay. Viktor’s like me – he knows how to properly appreciate the extraordinary. And my girl is pretty fucking spectacular.”
Viktor let Jayce guide him to the armchair in the corner of the room, his eyes snagging on the eyeful he got of your exposed thighs. He felt his pants tighten, and suddenly felt that he’d made a grave error, now trapped between Jayce and the chair. He sat down with a huff, hands crossed in his lap.
“Dude, you’ve got a boner? Seriously?”
“I’m sorry, I-“
But Jayce just clapped him on the shoulder, turning back to you, “See babe? You’re so damn hot. I didn’t even know Viktor got boners for anything other than science.” He teased.
“Eh, that was uncalled for.”
“Interrupting me before I can make my girlfriend cum is uncalled for.”
Viktor turned away, crossing his legs to hide his hardon. “Fair.”
Jayce shook his head, then looked like he was contemplating something. Viktor knew that look, and most often it was followed by a brilliant idea. Though, he wasn’t sure how much he’d enjoy this one.
“Hey babe?”
“What, Jayce?” You were laying there, waiting for Viktor to get out, but upon seeing the giddy look on Jayce’s face you sighed. “Ugh. Fine.”
“What?” Viktor was normally so in-tune with Jayce’s thought-process, and it was a little intimidating to see first-hand that you, who had come into his life much more recently than he, had already mastered non-verbal communication with his partner. “What is fine?”
Jayce clapped Viktor on the shoulder before returning to the bed. “Can’t have you walking back to your room with that huge tent. Someone’s bound to run into you. Why don’t you just stay here a while to sort it out?”
Viktor wasn’t often left speechless, but he found himself opening and closing his mouth, unable to fathom a response to that.
“It’s cool if you don’t want to, but-“ Jayce hovered over you, looking up and down your body lovingly, “If you think (Y/n) looks divine normally, you should see the way she glows when I hit all the right spots.”
Both you and Jayce looked at Viktor.
“If that is okay with you, (Y/n),” Viktor’s voice was small, his hand hovering over his hard cock, waiting for the green light. “I have- I am always inclined to admire masterpieces.”
The smile that grew on Jayce’s face was cocky as hell. As if he was saying that’s right. She’s a masterpiece and she’s mine. He drunk in the desperate impatience Viktor exhibited as he watched your face for any sign of dismay.
“Sure,” you shrugged, trying for nonchalance, but both men could see how flattered it made you when Viktor rushed to unbutton his pants, eyes drinking you in now that he’d be given free range.
“Ooh, we should show him how well you bounce on my cock.”
You tittered at the way Jayce had said it, like he was making one of his usual brilliant suggestions in the lab.
Jayce pressed a sweet kiss to your nose before rolling you to be on top of him. He pushed his thumb between your folds, groaning at the sensation as you teased his length by grinding against him a couple times before pushing up on your knees.
“No, babe, turn around so Viktor can see your wonderful tits. And that cute little pussy, he should see all of you, don’t you think?” Jayce poked out his head from behind you, “Unless you’re an ass man? She has a fantastic ass.”
Viktor, who had been running his fingers along his stiff cock underneath the fabric of his boxers, blinked at the question. “Yes. She- she has a very nice ass. I don’t- I mean, I uh, I don’t mind. Whatever is more comfortable for you, (Y/n),”
You felt a little shy as you turned to face Viktor, covering your boobs with your arms, Jayce slapping his hardon against your cheeks as you leaned back against him.
“Ugh, how gorgeous is she? C’mon man, tell her.”
Viktor felt perverted as you watched him reach underneath the waistband of his boxer shorts. But once he exposed his twitching length, you grew more comfortable, arms falling from your chest to show him your boobs.
Viktor whimpered at the sight, and it bolstered you. His cock was already leaking heavily with precum. “Stunning. Perfect breasts,” Viktor blew out a hot breath as he ran a testing stroke against his cock, “And with a pretty cunt to match.”
You fought against a smile as you said, “I didn’t know you were packing so much, Viktor.”
Viktor shivered at your words, his free hand shaking so much he had to grip the arm of the chair as you lifted your body. Jayce lined his dick up with your entrance, teasing your hole with a few slaps.
The fabric of the armchair groaned as you sunk onto Jayce’s cock, Viktor curling forward to watch as Jayce guided your body down.
“Thaaat’s it. Use my cock, princess. Use me. That feel good?”
You let out a cute huff. “Mhmm.”
“Use your words, babe. Tell Viktor how good it feels.” Jayce’s fingers pressed into your hipbones, helping you stroke him as the pace that suited him.
“Your dick feels amazing inside of me. So big, I- I can feel it so deep.”
“Yes,” Viktor growled out, then blinked at his own outburst, his hand’s pace slowing in slight embarrassment.
“Don’t get shy now,” Jayce smiled, “Tell (Y/n) just how gorgeous she looks on my cock. I’m giving you the best view of my perfect girl. I want to hear what you think.”
Viktor swallowed thickly, cheeks heating under your expectant gaze. Then Jayce brought a hand round to your clit and the intense look in your eyes melted away as your brow fell in pleasure.
“She is- marvellous,” he commented, at first unsure, but when he saw how his words were impacting you, he continued, “The shape of her body is so, hmph, mesmerizing. When you look at me like that, (Y/n), with those enchanting eyes…” Viktor released a whimpered curse in his mother tongue as you tilted your head back, biting your lip with a furrowed brow, “I wish for you to take me in your mouth. To see those beautiful eyes roll up into your head as you enjoy the taste of me.”
“Oh fuuuuck, Viktor. She’s clenching around me. K-keep going, please.”  
Viktor pulled his chair forward, emboldened by the way you were looking at his dick in his hands, licking your lips at the sight. He curved his back forward, eyes lowering to where you bounced atop Jayce’s dick, your juices collecting at the base of his dick. He was getting dangerously close, body inching towards you, so close he could feel yours and Jayce’s combined body heat.
“I wish it were me in your pussy,” he admitted, his breath faltering as you moaned in response, nails digging into Jayce’s thighs. “I would let you use me every night. Anything to feel that pretty little hole of yours.” In the heat of the moment his accent had thickened, and feel sounded more like fill.
Viktor wondered for a moment whether he was going too far, saying too much, but you coaxed him by giving a little show of teasing Jayce; lifting your body all the way up before slowly rolling down, your body roiling in a wave. Jayce’s thighs shook as you did so, uttering a soft, pleading “babe”.
“Look at you,” Viktor said, almost angrily, “You’re driving two grown men insane. Are you proud of yourself, hm?” He raised a brow, “Do you understand how erotic it is when you look at me like that while you fuck my friend? No? You need me to tell you? Or should I show you what you do to me with that angelic face, so sweet and innocent-looking while you take my friend’s big cock with all the skill of a whore.”
Jayce chuckled in surprise at Viktor’s enthusiasm. Viktor let go of his dick, letting you watch as it twitched up with every pulse, every heartbeat. It was a desperate red, veins standing on end, prominent lines of blue zigzagging up his length. You inhaled deeply.
“You like watching me fuck your best friend?”
Jayce shuddered underneath you. Viktor nodded, fucking his hand with a new vigour now.
“Do you like it when my tits bounce like this?”
“Dammit, baby, you’re gonna make me cum,” Jayce whimpered, “You’re so hot when you talk like this. Keep it up.”
You huffed a sparkling smile, “I love the way your cock fills me up, handsome. I love feeling you writhe underneath me. Do I make you feel good?”
“Yes,” Both Viktor and Jayce uttered simultaneously, both of them at your mercy.
“You would make me feel good,” Viktor choked out, his hand at a breakneck pace on his cock, “You look like you know what you’re doing.”
“She sure does,” Jayce interjected with a taut slap to your ass.
Your body jolted forward from the impact, hand flying forward to steady yourself on Viktor’s shoulder. Viktor’s wide eyes jumped to your lips, his breath coming fast as he wrenched himself out of his daze, falling back against the chair with a tortured whine. What he would have given to feel your lips against his as he pounded you into the mattress.
Jayce chuckled. “C’mon babe, show Vik how sweet you sound.”
To help you out, Jayce’s hands tightened around your waist, keeping you in place as he hoisted you up, feet sliding up the bed to lift his hips, giving him enough room to start jackhammering up into you. Viktor’s dick jerked into his hand uncontrollably as your mouth fell open with a chorus of sputtered cries, tits bouncing as Jayce laid into you fast and hard.
“Yes, yes, yes- Fuck! Jayce, you’re going to make me cum,” you voice was droning and desperate, sending a shiver down Viktor’s spine.
“That’s it,” Jayce grunted, muscles writhing as he grabbed hold of your biceps, pulling your arms back and guiding you to lay against his chest as he shuffled to the end of the bed, causing your ankles to fall onto Viktor’s shoulders, Jayce’s knees bumping against Viktor’s.
Viktor ran his free hand over his face, his dick throbbing uncontrollably at the perfect sight of Jayce sliding in and out of your hole. At this proximity he could pretend with almost crystal clear clarity that it was him fucking you into oblivion, him causing your back to arch as your cunt tightened around his massive cock.
“Please, oh,” Viktor rolled forward, free hand pushing your thigh back, wrapping around the back of your knee to keep you open for his viewing pleasure. “Is- okay?”
You nodded, then kept nodding, your bottom lip caught between your teeth as Jayce pushed you over the edge with a grunt, the warmth of his cum shooting into you, his hips jerking erratically to fuck up into you.
“I love you, I love you, oh fuck, (Y/n),” Jayce, normally loud and boisterous, was reduced to a whispering, whimpering mess beneath you. Then, determined to hear you as you came, he pushed through his orgasm, wrapping his large, strong arms around your entire body, slamming his cock into you, deep and fast, until you were crumbling, crying out as the coil inside you snapped and your release flooded over his cock, earning a shout the reverberated from his chest into your back.
His cock slipped out, his head falling back onto the mattress, his entire body worn out. He mustered enough strength to take hold of your thighs, the two of you giving Viktor a look that had him scrambling out of the chair.
He stumbled in between yours and Jayce’s wide legs, then waited for a moment before you nodded up at him. The moment he slid into you he was immediately gripped by his orgasm, barely stroking once, twice into your dangerously good pussy before his hot cum was joining Jayce’s, his nails digging into the hard bones of your knees to keep him from doing something stupid like kissing you.
As soon as he was done, he collapsed back into the chair, a panting, pink mess, watching with a groan as his cum slipped out of you and onto Jayce’s thigh, sliding down the apex of his tanned muscle.
“You okay, princess?” Jayce whispered, kissing your shoulder. You nodded weakly, allowing him to gently rest you beside him. “Was that good?”
“You don’t need to ask me every time, Jayce,” you replied with an enamoured smile, and Viktor felt more so than ever before like he was intruding on a private moment.
“I will, uh, I’ll go now.” Viktor announced, struggling to his feet.
“Vik?” Jayce reached a hand out, catching Viktor’s arm before he left. “Aren’t you going to thank (Y/n) for letting you watch? For letting you empty yourself into her? You can’t just cum and run.”
Your resulting laugh was muffled by your hands, hiding your face until calloused hands wrapped around them, pulling them away to press a passionate, heated kiss to your lips. Viktor’s intense stare bore into your soul as he pulled away, shoving his crutch underneath his arm.
“Thank you, (Y/n),” he said with a serious tone, then turned and headed out the door without further ceremony.
You turned to Jayce, who was staring slack-jawed at the closed door.
“That asshole just kissed my girlfriend!”
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rinzis · 6 months ago
arcane characters meeting their topsider soulmate !
includes ; viktor , jayce , ekko , silco ! from this request.
notes ; i apologise i’m absolutely dreadful at writing soulmate aus, so i went simple with the first words tattooed on wrist prompt :] i’m on mobile rn so cant add the read more option oopsie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
; viktor !
+ poor, sweet viktor.
+ he never believed that he would find his soulmate in piltover, seeing as his roots lay in the zaunite lanes, so with time he grew to ignore the words tattooed eternally on his wrist, although occasionally he would catch himself tracing over the words, thinking: what if?
+ “not one for the spotlight?” — what was that even supposed to mean? he had questioned the words over and over in his head, but never came to a definitive conclusion. it could be anyone. was it with malicious intent? inquisitive? comedic? the man hadn’t the faintest idea.
+ you, a daughter of close friends of house talis, were given special permission to be in the stage wings for the best view of jayce’s progress day speech. you had heard jayce’s rambles about the hexcore, and all about this viktor without ever having actually met him. the pair were practically inseparable and shared a brotherly bond, but internally you wondered whether jayce was fit to take all the credit for the hexcore.
+ you often found yourself staring absentmindedly at your own words on your wrist. so simple, barely 5 words. “never have been.” you were given little to work with, so had put off the idea of finding your soulmate for a while - but there was always that little sliver of hope in your belly.
+ as the time came around, the lights shone down on jayce stood centre stage, what seemed like all of piltover erupting into a cheer as he dazzled the crowds with his charisma. in the process of applauding your friend, another figure caught your eye from the side where you were stood. scanning over him, you recognised him as jayce’s partner by his cane and leg brace. must be viktor, you thought.
+ mustering up the courage, you approached him from where he admired his friend on stage. “not one for the spotlight?” you chuckled, coming up behind him. he visibly stiffened, before turning to look at you with an almost stunned expression. he swallowed thickly, all rational thought coming to a halt. is this really happening? after all this time, his soulmate was this close to him?
+ viktor cleared his throat, turning to make eye contact with you. a half smile graced his features as he rolled up his sleeve tentatively, holding it out for you to see, and letting out a soft chuckle at your starstruck expression. “never have been.”
; jayce !
+ as an academy student, jayce had pondered over the curious ink on his wrist more often than he would like to admit. he’d spend sleepless nights running his fingers over the words, head filled with a thousand thoughts as to who they could be.
+ but alas, the duty of being a counsellor eventually took over the life of the young man. he rarely paid attention to the tattoo anymore, his suit sleeves covering it the majority of the time. only the occasional glance would be directed towards the message: “it was bound to happen at some point.”
+ working as a higher-up medic for the enforcer army, you would always steal moments away from treating the soldiers to trace your fingers over the ink on your wrist. you were well respected amongst the enforcers and the citizens of piltover, more for your stern yet caring approach to your work, but your firm heart was always made to melt upon imagining the meeting with your soulmate.
+ following the incident in the undercity, you ended up with more work on your hands than usual when none other than counsellor talis wound up in the ward, amongst various other soldiers harmed by the fight against silco’s shimmer beasts. after seeing the other enforcers off, you turned to treat jayce. he was sat with his head hanging in between his knees, facing away from you.
+ you were aware of the death of a young zaunite boy during the conflict, and could only guess that jayce was feeling the guilt from it. sighing softly, you gathered some warm water and a rag to clean up the cuts on his face. pulling up a stool, you placed your hands under his chin to tilt his head up so you could treat him better. his eyes were filled with a deep grief you had seen in many enforcers coming from conflicts with casualties.
+ “it was bound to happen at some point, counsellor.” you muttered, offering a small smile to the man. he huffed softly. “i didn’t expect it to hurt like this.”
+ you stiffened, the hold on the damp towel loosening. you had heard those words all too well repeated to yourself mindlessly before. the rag dropped into jayce’s lap, and as you both reached to grab it at the same time, he spotted the words inscribed on your wrist and faltered, realising the words you had spoken to him before were painstakingly familiar to him.
+ you didn’t need to ask to know what jayce was thinking. despite the heavy atmosphere previously, he let out a breathy laugh, taking your wrist into his hand and running his own fingers over your words, before reaching to unbutton his sleeve to show the words you had uttered to him before.
+ “well, this is a surprise.” you chuckled, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “a pleasant one, i hope?” he responded, not letting go of your wrist. “how could i say no, counsellor?” “it’s jayce to you, now.”
; ekko !
+ our firelight king <3 im so biased help
+ similar to viktor, ekko would spend an unhealthy amount of time questioning the words written on his wrist. “does this belong to you?”, inscribed in little neat letters across his skin. as someone who endured the rough times in the lanes, the idea of a soulmate was a little light in the darkness of zaun life.
+ what ekko didn’t expect was that this soulmate was someone from topside. however, the sentence “didn’t think a piltie would dare touch one of those” left little to your imagination, and you figured it might not be best to think about those words until the time came.
+ and so, one fateful morn had the strings of fate pulling you together, although not in the ways you both might expect. having pilfered some goods from a store topside, a handful of firelights had entered into a scuffle with enforcers not far from the bridge between zaun and piltover. despite the majority coming out unscathed, scar had suffered a sharp blow to the back of his knee and thus making him struggle to walk.
+ you had always been curious of the so-called firelights. as an aspiring researcher yourself, the small creatures were fascinating to analyse - but the humans who named themselves after the insects were even more so. as you ventured out in the early morning to collect some weather data, you had stumbled across an abandoned hoverboard, which you had picked up to look into on return. not far away stood a trio of firelights by the bridge.
+ the tallest was visibly injured, being slung along by another. he had clear vastayan elements in his identity, judging by his bat-like features. interesting, you thought. the next-tallest was in the process of ushering the two, both carrying similar hoverboards to the one you had found, out of the piltover territory and across the bridge, and you heard the words “i’ll be back soon. i gotta find it.” slip.
+ signing internally, you knew that what you had discovered before also belonged to the firelight. as the other two headed off leaving him alone and pinching the bridge of his nose in thought, all rational thought flew out the window as you approached him with the hoverboard in hand.
+ glancing towards you, ekko’s eyes visibly lit up upon seeing the object in your hands. clearing your throat, you inquired “does this belong to you?”
+ ekko let out a huff of relief, moving closer to you. your humble expression and genuine interest let him know that hopefully you meant no harm. “didn’t think a piltie would dare touch one of those.” he scoffed.
+ on hearing his words your breath hitched, and you scrambled to pull your sleeve up to reveal those fateful words. “hold on, before i give this back,” you stuttered, “what does your wrist say? i mean, not that it means anything deep heh, i just— what does—“ “i figured as much.” he replied, moving to take the hoverboard from your grasp, but not without letting his fingers brush against yours ever so softly.
+ you were speechless. your stunned expression made the man chuckle as he turned, giving you a half wave. “wait! you’re just going to leave?! will i… will we meet again?” you called out to him. he looked back over his shoulder, eyes glinting mischievously.
+ “depends, how many stores are there to rob up here, piltie?”
; silco !
+ now, silco was and always has been a denier of the idea of soulmates. how could two people’s fates be intertwined so intricately through something so simple as words? it was absurd. the words on his wrist ended up being forgotten and covered by a watch silco wore. much more worth his time, according to him.
+ that was, until his beloved jinx had strayed too far away from the pack on a mission topside and ended up injured and alone on the streets of piltover.
+ you had always sympathised with the people from the undercity. despite coming from a privileged background, a top-tier education, and benefitting from the bountiful lifestyle of piltover, you were always unconventionally generous to those from the undercity, and you firmly believed that they were as worth as much as someone from topside. alas, you fully understood the hatred that zaunites harboured towards topsiders, and thus accepted that your soulmate could only be from piltover.
+ the day you stumbled upon the blue-haired girl bleeding in a side alley, you immediately recognised her as a citizen of zaun. the gaunt features and sickly pallor were a telltale sign. you took jinx back to your home on the outskirts of piltover, near the bridge to the undercity. having explained to her that no, you weren’t going to feed her to the enforcers and yes, you were fully prepared to face silco’s wrath lest you hurt her, she finally allowed you to patch her wounds.
+ the girl insisted that you take her back across the bridge, claiming that she had to give you proper thanks for helping her. you escorted her back over as promised, two hooded figures sauntering towards the undercity, before jinx insisted that she introduce you to a friend. “hold on, i gotta go get someone real quick. he’s gonna love ya! don’t go disappearin’ on me now, piltie! just wait a couple mins!”
+ after a short wait she returned, dragging a man along with her. she introduced you as “the lady who patched me all up n protected her from the bastard enforcers”,and you discovered the man with her was named silco. he nodded respectfully at you, a sign of gratitude, before clearing his throat. “miss, you have zaun’s deepest thanks.” he said, voice smooth as wine. “it was no trouble at all, really.” you replied as silco turned, before your neutral expression faltered, a look of shock overtaking it. it couldn’t possibly be—
+ “wait! could you…” your voice trailed off, catching the man off guard, the corners of his lips turning up. “could you… show me your wrist, please?” you asked. he scoffed quietly, and you didn’t miss the subtle eye roll. “if you were truly thankful, silco.”
+ taken aback by your newfound confidence, he obliged by rolling up his sleeve, revealing the words you had first spoken to him. now it was his turn to be shocked, and you didn’t miss the glint in his untainted eye. silco offered you his hand, before turning to head back into the depths of the undercity. “how about we discuss this… phenomenon in a more private environment, hmm?”
— arcane requests are open! <3
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bitesizedgremlin · 2 months ago
How Arcane Characters Flirt
A/N: Hi, so, I know it’s been awhile. Sorry for not posting, I just haven’t had a lot of time to write between assignments and having to cope with life in general, y’know? Anyway, I hope these make up for my absence! lmao
Tumblr media
- You’d think he’d be kinda bad at flirting but surprisingly, he’s pretty good at it
- Loves playful banter and teasing
- Lots of sass
- If you quip back at him with something witty, he just about proposes on the spot
- Gets kinda flustered when you flirt back but recovers quickly and matches your energy
- Knows how to fluster you and takes full advantage of it
-You have his undivided attention whenever you’re speaking
- Jayce and whatever he has to say can wait, he’s listening to you ramble about your favourite book right now
- Asks questions so you know he’s interested
- Does a little bit of research about your favourite things whenever he has free time so that he can better contribute to the conversation next time
Tumblr media
- He’s a little lost but has some idea of how to flirt
- Tons upon tons of compliments
- Compliments your outfit, hair, eyes, etc.
- Talks your ear off about anything and everything
- Brags a little bit about his accomplishments to impress you
- Nothing over the top. Just casually mentions something he’s done every so often when the opportunity arises
- Makes you coffee every time you come visit the lab
- It’s become such a habit that he has it ready for you by the time you get there
Tumblr media
- Good god
- Okay, so you’d think he’d be pretty good at flirting, right?
- W r o n g
- When he genuinely likes someone, he clams up completely
- The man is emotionally constipated and has no clue how to flirt with you
- He’ll compliment your outfit every so often but he’s kinda stiff and awkward while doing it
- Lowkey endearing tbh
- (Dw, though, he gets a lot better at it as your relationship progresses)
- Another one that will listen to you talk about anything
- You know he likes you when you’re talking about something you like and he actually takes the time to listen and takes an interest in it
Tumblr media
- Holy shit she’s such a flirt
- Compliments and flirty jokes all the time
- So smooth about it too
- You could slip and fall off of a building and she’d make some cheesy pick up line about you falling for her after she catches you
-Gets so flustered when you flirt back
- Goes beet red
- Finds a nickname that suits you and calls you by it 24/7
Tumblr media
- She flirts with you all the time
- Jokes and pokes fun at you a little
- VERY careful to never makes fun of anything that actually bothers you, though
-It’s all in good fun
- She finds any excuse to touch you as long as you’re good with touch
- does anything that can be played off as platonic affection
- She’ll grab your hand and just fiddle with your fingers while you’re talking or maybe lean her head on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
- SO smooth
- Compliments out the wazoo
- Always makes a point to compliment something about you whenever you talk to her
- She’ll buy you little things every so often just because they reminded her of you
- Paints you small pictures of things she knows you like
- Always stops to talk to you whenever she spots you in the halls
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minerviewrites · 4 months ago
Arcane reacts to you crying
Sfw, hurt + comfort with gn reader
Warnings: crying, comfort, angst, panic attacks implied
❀ —————————————— ❀
Jinx- She doesn't really know what to do, honestly. Jinx will try her absolute best to stay stable for you though; she gets your favorite drinks and wipes your tears with her sleeves. "Hey, don't cry now... You're supposed to be the stable one here" she jokes, trying to lighten the mood a bit. She'll hold you the entire time, rocking back n forth until you tell her you're okay
Vi- The absolute best with this situation. She quickly grabs as many blankets as she can, taking one of your hands and leading you to your shared bed. After pulling the sheets over you and getting comfortable, Vi combs her fingers through your hair and hums a song from her childhood. " 's alright y/n... you're gonna be just fine. Deep breaths for me, okay?". She let's you have as much time as you need; she's gonna be there no matter what
Viktor- He quickly hugs you to his chest and gets you somewhere more private. Viktor isn't the best with comfort, but he'll do anything you ask; you'll probably have to lead him through the process of calming you down. "Do you want some water darling? Breathe for me, okay? It'll be alright, I promise". Puts on calming songs and just quietly whispers affirmations to you while sitting you on his lap
Jayce- Holds your face him his hands and kisses all you all over. Jayce is the best at listening to what's on your mind, and he'll give comments about how beautiful/handsome you are while holding you. He takes you with him for a car ride to get take-out, and you end up spending the night driving around. Jayce will take you to his favorite overlook spot and remind you of all the things that are special about you, and why he fell in love with you. "I love you so much, never forget that. Not for a second"
Caitlyn- Brings you to the library in her house. It's a rainy and sounds great on the windows; she curls you both up on the window seat and let's you lay on her chest. "Shh my love, it's alright. Tell me what happened?". She might put on some music and dance you around with her, giggling as you try to keep up with her pace. Her main priority is getting your mind off of whatevers bothering you
Silco- Pats his lap for you to sit on and brushes your hair out of your face. "What's got you so upset, darling? You can always talk to me". If you talk to him about it, he'll make sure you know he's listening by giving little hums and head nods; occasionally adding his input and telling you how much he loves you. Silco will run you a bath and give you the most comfy clothes he owns; warming up blankets and hugging you closely
Sevika- Gives you space unless you don't want to be alone. It isn't that she doesn't care; she knows first-hand how confusing emotions can be, so she just tries to let you sort it out. If you want her to stay, she'll give you her full attention and holds your hand while you speak. "You're doing great, talking is a good step in the right direction. I'm here for you". Sevika holds you for the rest of the night and puts on your favorite show as a distraction
Vander- Bear hugs! He grounds you the best out of all the characters, kissing the top of your head and rubbing your back. Vander will give you the best massage to calm you down and makes your favorite food to cheer you up. "I know things are hard, my love. I'm here for you whenever you need to talk, alright?". He will then let all the kids in so they can cuddle and play with you (he may or may not have made a deal with them- if they cheer you up, they get extra snacks)
Ekko- He embraces you tightly and asks what happened that made you upset. "You can always come to me. Let's go lay down, alright?". Ekko will put on your favorite TV show/movie; letting you calm down enough so that you can explain what happened. If you're comfortable with it, he'll take you on his hoverboard and ride around Zuan with you; showing you all of his favorite places and getting you gifts along the way
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 3 months ago
Taking baths/showers with Arcane characters?
Can be both fluffy and steamy! I'll do both!
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Viktor, Jayce, Mel x Reader
Tags: established relationship, overworking, romantic fluff, gentle kissing, slightly suggestive content, naked cuddling, gentle kissing
A/N: I love domestic asks like this.
Tumblr media
Jinx is used to taking really fast showers. She gets in, cleans up and gets out, simple as that. You encourage to enjoy it. Showers are for cleaning up yes but they can also be very relaxing. You want her to see that aspect of it too. It doesn't have to be a chore.
She still takes quick showers if you're not taking them with her though. But if you are with then she doesn't mind spending a few extra minutes basking under the warm spray of water. What she loves most of all is when you wash her hair, it's quite long so she likes when you help her with it.
"Ya know, I might actually enjoy it of ya're there with me. I like having ya close and hey, ya said it's about relaxing right? Well I happen ta be very relaxed when I'm with ya."
Tumblr media
Not only did Vi have to take quick showers but they were also really fucking cold. The first time she got to soak in a warm tub you thought she was gonna live there for the rest of her life.
Of course she encouraged you to get in the tub with you. And you did. It turned into a little more than a bath. Ever since then Vi loves getting home and take a warm bath with you after you have dinner together.
"Well today was hell, I'm gonna go take a bath, my whole body feels sore. Do you wanna join me? No, it won't be an hour! This time... Come on Cupcake, I missed you."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn loves to take showers with you. After a long day of paperwork, reports and patrol there's nothing she enjoys more than a long relaxing shower with you.
You honestly felt a little overwhelmed the first time you stepped into Caitlyn's bathroom. It was a little much, sometimes it still is but Caitlyn is very good at making sure you keep your attention only on her. She'll often give you little kisses while helping you wash up or just want to stick close to you in general, never keeping her hands away from you for too long.
"Can you pass me the soap? Thank you, I know I'm a little bit late today, you could have taken a shower without me you know. Yes, I enjoy your company as well, here, can I wash your back to make it up to you?"
Tumblr media
There's not a lot of warm water to go around so you and Ekko always take baths together. He loves it though, it means he can spend more time with you.
The tub you share is quite small so usually he'll sit with his back pressed to the end of it and have you sitting between his legs. He likes to kiss you while you wash up and he also likes that you get a little ticklish when he tries to help you out.
"Oh come on sweetheart, I know you're ticklish but you need to stand still for me. Yes, of course you can clean me up too? Or is that just your sneaky way of asking to have fun in the bath? I wouldn't be opposed but we really do have to get clean first, I don't want the water to turn cold."
Tumblr media
Silco doesn't normally take long baths or showers. He has a lot of things to do and only so much time. Much like Jinx he just wants to get it over with so he can get back to work.
It took you a while to warm him up to the idea of longer baths. Now he actually likes taking them, even without you as they help him destress. Of course its even better with company. Silco has a lot of scars on his body so he likes it when you give him a nice massage to help him relax even more.
"Do you find it a hassle, darling? I'm not very good as massages myself and you? Your hands feel like magic. Come here, I can help you wash up, just turn around for me. We can stay a little longer, I like how warm you feel."
Tumblr media
Surprisingly enough Sevika loves to take long warm baths and showers with you. As Silco's right hand woman she doesn't a lot of time in a day to actually let all her worries melt away.
Now of course there's also the fact that she doesn't even bother to hide the fact that loves the look of you naked and wet, pressed up against the wall as her hands are free to roam your body.
"Can you stand still for me sweetheart? I need to get the soap and you're making it kind of difficult to reach like this. Yes, fine you can wash my hair later. Why do you like that so much anyway? The intimacy? If being intimate is what you wanted all you had to do was ask."
Tumblr media
Viktor didn't always have the luxury of actually taking a bath. It used to be just a quick soak to get the dirt off. Even now when he lives in Piltover he still doesn't look at baths as something to be enjoyed. Just another thing on his schedule.
Trying to coax Viktor into a bath with you is often like trying to coax a cat. He just wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Oh but you know a trick. When ever you tell him you're gonna wash his hair he becomes like a little puppy, leaning into your touch as you massage his scalp. He will return the favor of course, maybe take in an extra few minutes with you, talking about your day.
"You must know magic no? You know how much I hate wasting time. Yet you seem to have a way of getting me to do exactly what you want. No, no, we can stay here a bit more. I kind of... like it, when you're here. Oh, maybe I can bring my board here and I can... ouch! What was that for?! Fine, no working, I get it. So strict sometimes."
Tumblr media
Jayce gets dirty a lot, so he has to take multiple showers sometimes. However he only takes a bath when he's with you. Showers are something he does on his own, baths are to be enjoyed with you.
He likes to take you in his lap while your hands roam his body or when you tangle them into his hair. He laughs and smiles as he kisses your skin and rinses the soap and shampoo off both you bodies before you're both wrapped up in soft, fluffy towels.
"Honestly I've been waiting for this for the entire day, love. No really. I have, you know how much I love doing this. Now come on, let's get ourselves cleaned up. And no dirty business. This time."
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't just have a bath, it's a whole pool. When Mel's asks you to take a bath with her she means at least an hour of soaking in the warm water.
She always likes to to take her time with you, whatever it may be. You've wasted countless hours tracing the lines of her golden back armor, kissing the spot between her shoulders just before she would turn in your arms and slowly, very slowly wash your body with a loofa, after which you would do the same for her.
"I never get tired of the grin on your face whenever you take a bath with me. I would hope that's because of me, my darling. We can take our time of course. Would you like rose petals as well? Or perhaps another flower?"
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cyan-skulls-writing · 4 months ago
Howdy! If it's no trouble can you do arcane characters x reader morning after and waking up to reader next to them? Fluff or nsfw whichever you'd prefer 😌
Of course babe! I hope you like it!
Arcane + Waking Up Next to You
implied sex, but sfw
With: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, Mel
gender neutral as always, go nuts
When Viktor wakes up, at first, he thinks last night must have been some incredible dream, but then he turns and sees you laying next to him. He smiles, his amber eyes crinkling as he takes in your form, illuminated in the early morning sun, like a golden idol. He leans over, unable to resist running his hands over you, reverently, his personal sunbeam, come format he sky to bathe him in warmth.
“Ah, good morning, solnishko. I’m sorry to wake you, you just looked so gorgeous over there. I know you’re still tired, that’s alright, just let me—eh—hold you, please? We can sleep in a little longer. I love you, darling.”
Jayce actually wakes up after you, you’re sitting up, stretching luxuriously, arms over your head and back curling back. He can’t help himself, he has to kiss you. You taste like sleep, like tenderness and sunrise and love. His strong arms wrap around you, pulling you into his chest and leaning back into the bed. You pillow your face against his neck, feeling loved and protected and safe.
“Good morning, baby. How are you? Still sore? Ha, that’s fine, pookie, just let me hold you. We don’t have to get up yet. Mmm, you’re so warm. Kiss me again, baby?”
As always, Silco wakes up long before you. Usually he gets right up and to work, but today he takes a moment just to look at you. You look so peaceful, so serene, he couldn’t possibly disturb you. But he can’t stand to leave you in an empty bed, not today. His eyes trace your form, blanketed in the eerie green glow from the window. He watches you until you wake.
He sits at the edge of the bed, lighting up a cigar as he watches you. Taking in the sight of you, breathing, alive, and he feels at peace. How a man like him has such a gentle, lovely creature in his bed he’ll never understand. He loves you. Even in your sleep, you know.
Vander wakes up to see you peeking at him from the pillow of your arms. He isn’t sure how long you’ve been waiting, but he opens up his arms and you burrow into them easily. He doesn’t miss the small hiss of your discomfort, and he winces. He knew he took it too far last night. Although, you don’t seem to be complaining. In the dim of your room, he cradles you, pressing kisses to the top of your head.
“Good morning, darl’, how long have you been starin’ like that? Get over here, yeah? It’s gettin cold without you. Ah, I’m sorry little bird, didn’t mean to give you the aches. I’ll draw you a bath in a bit, does that sound good?”
The Firelights don’t have much. Ekko wakes up and the first thing on his mind is getting back to work. Resources are running thin, he needs to go out and make some moves. He stops when he hears you leaning up, and the events of last night come flooding back. He leans back down to kiss you, to hold your face in his hands for a moment and look at you how you smile at him, half asleep. You don’t have much, but in this moment, you have enough.
“Oh, hey honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. yeah, I’ve uh, got to go soon, but I love you, ok? I’m serious, you mean everything to me. Ok! Ok! I’m just making sure. I’ll see you later, firebug.”
You and Jinx wake up almost at the same time. As you lean up, rubbing sleep out of your eyes, you turn to look at each other, and matching silly grins light up your faces. You reach for each other and collapse back into each other’s arms, giggling and tangling your legs together. She looks at you like you hung the moon, like you’re a new project of endless fascination to her, like there is nothing more precious to her in all of Zaun than you.
“Awe good mornin’ sugar, how are you? I am personally doing incredible. Hehehe, you’re so cute, trinket, do you wanna kiss? Yeah? Well come over here! I’m not dodging, you just have bad aim!”
Vi wakes up and immediately she remembers what you did last night. You’re sleeping, cuddled in her arms, looking so cute. She smiles, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. You make the most adorable noise when you lift your head to look at her, smiling at her with your eyes still heavy with sleep. When you demand more kisses, she laughingly obliges.
“Oh, good morning, cupcake, how do you feel? Yeah? I’m glad to hear that. Aw, shit, darlin’ when you look at me like that… I just wanna keep you here forever. No, you’re too cute to let you loose.”
Caitlyn wakes gently, slowly rising from the gentle cradle of sleep to see you sleeping peacefully by her side. You’re smiling so softly, and she wonders what you’re dreaming of. When she wakes you she has two cups of tea and some breakfast waiting for you. The smile you give her is grateful and sincere, and she smiles back just as kindly. It’s moments like this that remind her what she’s protecting.
“Good morning, love. You’re looking utterly luminous this morning. You’re so pretty sweetheart. Oh, of course, it’s the least I could do after all that. Well, you’re very welcome.”
You technically woke up before Sevika, but you’ve learned that if you pretend to be asleep she’ll kiss you so gently before she has to leave for work. She (unfortunately) caught you this time, but she (mercifully) decided to kiss you anyway. She kisses you once, then twice, then three times, and she may end up being a little late, but you think The Last Drop can survive without her for another 10 minutes.
“Good morning, mouse. Hey, nuh-uh, don’t pull that shit with me, I know you’re just pretending to sleep so I’ll kiss you. Yeah, fine ok. Just this once though! Yeah, I love you too, honey.”
Mel wakes up to you peppering her skin in kisses, already worshipping her like she’s a young goddess in your bed, instead of your wife. Of course, she doesn’t mind, but expect her to return the favor later. She peers at you from under her lashes, amused as you redouble your efforts, knowing she’s now awake to appreciate them. She decides she can afford to miss out on this morning’s meeting. And perhaps this afternoon’s, and this evening’s.
“Ah, good morning, starlight. Did you sleep well? Haha, you’re so sweet, dear, really. Ah, you’re in such a tender mood this morning! Hmm, I think I’ll take a day off. Ah, no, there shouldn’t be any fires today. Piltover can need me tomorrow.
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theprettyarachnid · 5 months ago
arcane char reaction to the reader appearing to be a soft and cute person but end up to be cruel and a little bit of rude.
a/n: i had to look up pet names at one point for this and one of them was "daddy mack" and i don't think i'll ever recover from that
warnings: like 1 curse word
characters: jinx, vi, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 She'd probably find out because one of Silco's gang members were picking on you about how you shouldn't even be in Zaun
🕷 Before Jinx can say anything to shut them up, you're already giving a rude and snarky remark making her burst out laughing
🕷 Jinx wouldn't let the guy live it down and honestly likes that side of you, especially when she feels like shit-talking
🕷 Will sometimes say something just to get under your skin so she can get a reaction out of you
🕷 One of the reasons why Vi was attracted to you was because of your seemingly soft nature
🕷 Think of it as kind of balancing each other out
🕷 When she found out about your tendencies to be more cruel, she would honestly find it hot
🕷 You two would be in an argument when you said something and she had to do a double take
🕷 "what did you just say?"
🕷 At first you thought you went too far but Vi was actually just horny
🕷 I can see him actually being quite surprised by your rude remarks
🕷 Some rich high top snob had made a snide comment about Viktor's limp which made you go right up to them and give them a piece of your mind
🕷 Viktor the whole time 🧍
🕷 He'd probably be a little embarrassed mainly because no one has really stood up for him like that
🕷 Would drag you away while you're still insulting the guy
🕷 Eventually he does get used to it and may even find it amusing at times, especially if you're telling off some big Piltover hotshot he can't stand
🕷 You two definitely mock and joke about of some of the citizens of Piltover, whether that's behind closed doors or hushed whispers
🕷 "doesn't anyone else find it a little... strange that hoskel always plays with children's toys during council meetings?"
🕷 "i believe he has a collection,"
🕷 "do you think he steals them from orphans?"
🕷 Cue Viktor starting to choke on air in the middle of a council meeting making everyone stare
🕷 Mans would be flabbergasted
🕷 You two would be at home and he would be ranting about how Heimerdinger isn't letting him and Viktor continue their progress with Hextech
🕷 "isn't heimerdinger like hundreds of years old? i'm sure he'll croak any day now."
🕷 "y/n!"
🕷 Would be beyond embarrassed if you did it in public, especially if it was at an high profile event
🕷 "y/n, i told you to behave."
🕷 "i am! besides, mel had it coming... and you have to admit her face was pretty funny."
🕷 It's true he does find your snide comments a cynical jokes funny in private, especially if he is in a bad mood because of his work
🕷 He honestly finds great comfort in your cruelty
🕷 I feel like he would already know your true nature before you even showed him, why else would you be recruited into his mob?
🕷 also finds it kinda seggsy
🕷 Whenever someone has fucked up, he always goes to you to think of punishments
🕷 "what should we do with him, my beautiful nightshade?"
🕷 "the rats seem to be hungry, especially since it's closer to winter."
🕷 "consider it done."
🕷 He might be a little surprised but he wouldn't judge
🕷 Vander wasn't exactly considered a saint in his youth, far from it actually
🕷 He would be kind of relieved that he knows you can take care of yourself because he wasn't quite sure when you first started dating
🕷 You've gained a name for yourself in The Last Drop, not just because of your relationship with Vander but also because of your snarky mouth
🕷 He just wouldn't want you to accidentally get caught up in the law with the enforcers
🕷 He sometimes gets a little curious and likes to hear your thoughts about some of the customers in The Last Drop
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l0vraea · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: wow. so this is my first jamie piece- i’m so excited!!!
warnings: implied smut, pain kink, no minors (im not your mother but please dni xxx), needles, tattoos
pairing: tattoo artist!jamie campbell bower x reader
summary: you and jamie hate each other. he happens to discover a little something about you..
w/c: i don’t know lol
there was something about the low buzz that bounced around the four walls of the tattoo parlour that scratched an itch in your brain. there was something about the way the sharp smell of sterilization hit you, stinging ever so slightly. the way that it made your adrenaline rush and your heart pick up. you adored it. maybe a little too much, if that was possible. not only did you enjoy the excitement and fear that came with getting a tattoo (maybe that was the strange part), but you did like the end product too. you mostly had small, cute tattoos that could be hidden if you ever had to, maybe if you changed jobs and they had a policy against tattoos. unlikely, though. small, fine lined tattoos littered in different areas of your body.
although you wouldn’t usually go for something larger, you’d decided to throw caution to the wind and choose something a little more intricate. which meant you’d been forced to select the one of the best artists in the place; jamie.
jamie co-owned paradise tattoo parlour with one of his mates, lee, and they sure brought in quite a lot of business between them. they were both extremely talented within their field and they made sure that every client was satisfied with their work. so, it should be fantastic that you could get your appointment with one of the best; except the fact you despised one another.
jamie’s cocky attitude and his ego (which you claimed to be massive) rubbed you the wrong way (unlike many others, who were charmed by his presence) and drove you up the wall. when you found out that his co-workers were all booked up on the day you wanted to book your appointment- the ONLY day you could do before you went out of town for a few weeks - you considered cancelling almost immediately. this was going to be one of the first larger and more detailed tats that you were going to get, you didn’t want it to go wrong and hoped to have the other owner do it for you, rather than one of his employees. they were also very skilled people, but you were no risk-taker and you wanted the appointment to go smoothly, since you had the opportunity to book with one of the owners, since once of them was your friend.
perhaps you could have chosen to wait until after you got home from your trip, but you would be gone a number of weeks and you were hoping to show off the tattoo to your friend that you would soon be visiting. so, you had reluctantly made the decision to book with jamie. in the past, he’d done one of your tattoos before (during this appointment, you’d bickered non-stop) and it had turned out beautifully, hence why lee assured you that you’d be fine and that it would turn out great when you arrived at the parlour on the friday afternoon. you’d hoped that he was right.
now, fast forward to the present, jamie was wrapping up the tattoo with a smirk on his face. it had turned out wonderfully, excusing the verbal abuse you would send each other’s way throughout the process of the tattoo. you could’ve sworn he had dug the needle in a bit harder than he had to, and when you’d confronted him about it he’d quickly brushed it off.
“‘m just making sure the ink goes in, darling.” he’d responded with a fake, stomach turning smile. “‘s not really a complaint though, is it…” he added, muttering under his breath. you had pretended that you couldn’t hear him, and told yourself that of course he wasn’t aware of this.
jamie turned to reach for a pamphlet to give to you, which you took and quickly shoved into your handbag. 
“it’s not really like i need to explain it to you though, you’ve been here enough to have the aftercare routine memorised in your sleep. swear you’d choose to be here rather than in the comfort of your own home.” he mumbled.
“what’s that supposed to mean?” you retorted quickly at jamie’s comment. perhaps he meant nothing by it. but, just in case, you would stand your ground and defend your honour. jamie was not one to make offhand remarks, you had always thought he studied his carefully chosen words before he let them fall out of his mouth. and you didn’t think you were at the parlour that often anyway! jamie was exaggerating.
the man before you hesitated, before he leaned in towards you closer, his hair falling over his shoulders at his movement. his smirk only grew when he saw the apprehensive look on your face. “i think you know what i was referring to, y/n. you come here more often than you think. and when you do, you don’t always seem to be pained during the time you spend here. especially not when i press just..” he paused “..a little harder than usual.” 
your breath hitched in your throat at his words, his deep voice piercing through you as if it were far sharper than the needle he’d just used to create art on your body. he grinned at your reaction, continuing his relentless verbal attack on you.
“tell me, doll, how does it make you feel, hmm?” he said, his voice now quiet enough that it was just above a whisper. “c’mon, you can tell me. nobody else can hear you.. everyone’s gone home, lee closed up on his way out. knew this one was gonna take a while.” you remained silent, your mouth hanging low at what the man was saying to you. “are you gonna tell me what’s going on in that pretty little head? or do i have to force it out of you?” he said, not missing the way your eyes traced his jawline.
“do you like the way it makes you feel?”
a million thoughts raced through your head, his question leaving you reeling as if he’d hit you across the face. he’d discovered your secret, the one that you’d been hiding ever since you first stepped through the front door of paradise parlour. 
“yes.” you could no longer deny what had been suggested to you. subsequently, you gave in and admitted that jamie was, in fact, correct. this was unlike you, to not stand your ground.
“good girl,” you could’ve shivered. why was jamie making you feel like sparks were flying through your body? you were distressed and confused, hoping that you’d wake up and this would all be a terrible nightmare. “i wonder if i can get any more out of you.”
he was met with nothing but the low hum of the plumbing within the walls of the room.
with all the tension that jamie had set with his words, you had failed to notice his hand slowly crawling up your leg. now, he gave your lower thigh a gentle squeeze, asking you a question that you could not decode. his head was suddenly much closer to yours than it was before, his lips now grazing over your ear lobe.
“does the pain make you feel good?”
you nodded quickly, your senses heightened. you could feel everything, from his hand on your thigh, to his lips, which were now ghosting over your jawline. his touch alone was leaving you like puty in his hands, and you didn’t even know why. you hated the man.
“use your words.” he uttered, dissatisfied with your quick gesture.
“yes, jamie, for god’s sake. it makes me feel good, alright?” you exclaimed, your head bent slightly as heat coated your entire body.
“that’s it. ‘s all you had to say..” he grinned, slipping two fingers under your chin and bringing it up so that you would look at him.
and then, he did something that you should’ve anticipated. he crashed his lips against yours.
the world burst into flames around you, you panicked for a moment and didn’t know what to do because what was once a gentle warmth was now the fire licking at every inch of your skin. regaining yourself, you passionately kissed him back, pushing back into him with as much strength as you could muster.
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