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You know how people love to talk about ‘living in a town where you know everyone’ and how it’s ideal and they wish they could etc etc? Well I raise you this reversal; almost everyone in town knows who you are but you have a 20/80 chance of knowing who the fuck they are or how they’re related to you.

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plle.  a ea se. tum blrr i c nannot keep doijtnt this,, i dornt wans tot pour vinegara om br ead and leave e in hgarbage can;; 

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Collies are like “excuse me. Excuse me. What is this? Personal space? You’re busy? Yes. You’re busy paying attention to me. Look. My head is in your lap. I am climbing into your lap. You can’t stop me.”

And you just have to be like “fuck dude you’ve got a point.”

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No photos because it will kill my phone to try and post them but in short; am alive, am fixing things, saw a brand new calf this morning (he was very cute), spend most of my day driving around in circles looking at fences, used a border collie and a tin can to catch a hawk. It went surprisingly well.

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Once again, because apparently I can’t stay in one place for over a month; I’m going out west for… a while. I don’t actually know how long. Could be a fortnight, could be two months. So I’ll be mostly vanished for quite a while. You might see me poking around occasionally, but a lot of stuff doesn’t load really well out there, especially photos. I’ll still answer messages and probably asks if you want to chat!

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intelligent characters making dumb choices > characters being dipshits for story/plots sake

‪this might just be me but I’ve always preferred the ‘intelligent characters making unintelligent choices’ set up vs the ‘character being dipshits solely for plot convenience/story’s sake’ set up like?? ‬ ‪especially when you can tell that a character is making dipshit decisions for the story’s sake, nothing else. take The Thing (1982) as an example, it’s a movie full of intelligent as fuck characters making stupid, deadly mistakes. They make intelligent choices and dipshit choices. They reflect the atmosphere and fear present in the film, it just so happens that some of their decisions get them and others killed. That doesn’t make them bad characters, it makes them realistic characters.

Now compare that to about a dozen other films and media presentations. Where the characters presented go thru the movie making horrid, dipshit choices solely to push the plot/story of the film. They’re being dipshits specifically to be dipshits and to push the plot, that’s their entire purpose and their entire character. And I hate that sm, cause? why would you intentionally ruin a character to push the plot. That not only shows a failure in storytelling, but in direction and writing. It shows a failure in ability (in my eyes obviously) and it just,, it’s not Good fam. Just,, stop.

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intelligent characters making bad choices >>>

I absolutely hate the set-up in media where characters are being dipshits for dipshits’ sake. There’s a difference between intelligent people making bad choices and people being dipshits for plot convenience/shit writing. Idk why anyone would even want to try and write characters into the latter slot when the former is a much better writing set up, endears your characters more, and is just generally a better idea? Take “The Thing (1982)” as an example. That movie is FULL of intelligent characters making paranoid, unintelligent decisions that get them killed. The way it’s handled, the way it’s written? It endears the character to the viewers. It humanizes and grows the characters in the eyes of everyone watching, it’s a good writing technique and is just better character writing. Making your characters genuinely unintelligent, making your characters unrealistic dipshits and then putting them in situations bc of that dipshittery, it’s cheap. It comes across as ridiculous, cheaply done, and shows a severe lack in character writing.

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quick civil war thing?

I ended up watching part of Civil War earlier and the RAFT scene came on. For some reason, I’d always assumed Clint was being a random asshole when he made that ‘be careful around this guy, he might break your back’ comment, like it had come out of nowhere, but rewatching that scene made me realize that he makes that comment in response to Tony calling him an adult and telling him that his actions have consequences, that he was retired so what the fuck man? And that’s weirdly hysterical to me, that Clint’s response to being told that he made a mistake as an adult is to make that comment about Rhodey, not yet knowing if he’d survived the fall or not. So yeah, shut the fuck up Clint.

Also, I very regularly see people referring to the collar Wanda is placed in as an ‘electroshock collar’ and that’s why she was so visibly subdued. While I’ll give you that, it’s likely got a shock mode of some kind set up, denoting that it’s ‘inhumane’ and so on is a bit far. I don’t like her (mcu verison) but I’ll wholeas admit that she’s is an incredibly powerful character with abilities that have been repeatedly noted as falling in the ‘mental’ category. The RAFT is a prison for the people (baseline, enhanced, etc.) that cannot be placed in gen pop. These are people that cannot safely be put in a regular prison, they need their own space. And Wanda? she is well known to play well on offense, not defense. From her character introduction to CW present- she’s well seen to have a better grasp on her abilities when playing on the offensive, not the defensive. Keeping that and the fact that her abilities fall in with mental manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, and so on in mind, it brings the question to mind, why are you so angry at others for taking a defensive step against her?. Do you really expect them to treat her as they are Scott, Sam, Clint- who are all baseline humans? Zip-tie her hands and call it good? Nah fam, she’s got abilities! That collar is likely a power dampener. (Deadpool 2 being a good example of their presence in the X-men universe and brining a more mainstream viewpoint to their use when referencing enhanced individuals in fiction) And yes, before you come at me or whatever, that does account for her lethargic appearance at the end of CW. Going on the fact that her powers have become apart of her, to be separated from something like that would likely have a physical reaction to her appearance, that doesn’t mean it’s a shock collar and that doesn’t mean the straightjacket was inhumane and overbearing. Again, ‘witch’ with mental powers. You really expect her to not try and pry that sucker off her neck? And looking at the straight jacket, it’s one of the less barbaric varieties, keeping her hands in front of her and, for a better work, cradling her upper body. Keep her from straining her shoulders, so on and so forth. Tl;dr: she’s got mental abilities (mental manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, energy manipulation, etc.) of which have been recorded repeatedly and then was arrested. why’re y’all expecting them to treat her like a baseline human during her incarcerationand throw some zip tie-cuffs at her? common sense y’all.

Extra shit: And uhh, given her previous situation- being ‘locked in her room’, I’d say it shouldn’t be all that shocking. She was put on unofficial house arrest (if she had been anything other than a pretty white girl, she’d have been arrested minutes after landing back in the us, rather than being allowed to return to the amenities of the compound while her visa and passport were being discussed) it doesn’t matter if she saved Steve and the others in the market place, her good intentions still had a harmful effect on other people and that harmful effect needed to be reviewed. She was in the compound, a location with several floors of nice ass amenities and Vision. Yes, the situation should’ve been explained more plainly to her, but if I were in that scenario, I’d understand that I was in a compromised situation and needed to be benched for a minute or two. Or, what, is that expecting too much from someone else? Is that expecting too much of the generalized common sense? Probably. Rather than acknowledging her situation, maybe using common sense and asking for more of a deep-set explaination, she dug herself a deeper hole. “I’m in trouble for being involved in the accident deaths of several people while illegally operating in another country, unapproved and visa-less? Cool, great. Lemme mope, now time to go to Germany and be caught on camera committing several thousand dollars plus of property damage and varied assault!” Like, girl. seriously? That, on top of the infantilization Steve and Clint threw at her repeatedly had a very obvious effect of enablement.

All in all, CW is a garbage fire of ignored common sense and random bullshit. These are all grown men and women, why’re so many of y’all shocked and appalled when people are arrested and punished for their actions? Actions have consequences, no matter the intent behind them.

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