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“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 17 January

1. Evan Marien & Dana Hawkins Feat. J3PO - Anybody Else But You
2. Lee Fields & The Expressions - Do You Know?
3. Light Of The World - Everybody Move
4. LTF - Messenger
5. Mac Ayres - Walking Home
6. Matti Klein - Windy Move
7. Mayer Hawthorne - Rare Changes
8. Mayra Andrade - Manga
9. MF Robots - The Night Is Calling
10. Mo Fingaz - Gusto
11. Newen Afrobeat - Curiche
12. Nubiyan Twist Feat. Cherise - Tittle Tattle
13. Ohm Guru - You’re Not Alone
14. Omar Feat. Natasha Watts - Insatiable
15. Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff - Rising With It

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

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TulsaJazz.Com Presents Cyn Sings Ella: A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

TulsaJazz.Com Presents Cyn Sings Ella: A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

The late Ella Fitzgerald remains one of the most high-profile and beloved jazz and pop singers in history, selling more than 40,000 records, winning 13 Grammy Awards as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and even appearing on a postage stamp in 2007, celebrating the 90th anniversary of her birth. In addition, she’s popularly…


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Transformers, if they were in scale based on the scale of their alt modes (used the HO scale alt modes as the reference, updated to include Astrotrain in both modes)

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“My Favorite Things” by John Coltrane

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Do yall know any quiet/jazz type music? I already know a few artists but some are too upbeat for me and i like having softer noise in the background since intrusive song triggers my sensory issues. Do yall know any? 

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Soooo…It’s ok for Lana Del Rey to have all these genres she’s listed under but let Beyoncè or Lil Nas do it and suddenly they’re cheating the charts.“ You can’t be #1 on more than one chart!” The way y'all treat Black artists is disgusting. It’s the way y'all wouldn’t even have a your fav genres such as country without us. It’s really funny.

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Hi Folks

New Releases on 1 Jan 2021
- Kind Of Jazz - New Ep
- Dansende Blues - Single


Mood Blue and Kind of Jazz

Best of released 2020 Part I - RSM

Best of released 2020 Part II - RSM

Jazz in Raagville (EP)

Please watch this space.


Road Scholar Music

#jazz #latin #blues #fusion

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i can name at least 3 Black bisexual women who are very important to jazz music and i just found out about that part of their identity in 2020. i feel like it has been historically hidden despite them proudly living as out at the time

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