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My Hot Neighbor (Negan fic) - CHAPTER 20
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It was an hour ride up to mountain country for the wedding - though riding shotgun in Negan's truck made it feel like five minutes. He was in another world, drumming on the steering wheel and singing along to a playlist from Spotify. Both of you were still riding the high from the dressing room a couple of hours before.
When the scenic, mountainous country came into view Negan linked his hand with yours. "We're going to have a hell of a fuckin' time this weekend, baby." He grinned and looked at you, making you smile.
"It's beautiful up here." You sighed and let your arm hang out the open window. "And we don't have to hide up here."
"No we fuckin' don't." He quickly leaned over to touch his lips against yours and then continued driving.
"I bet this place would have the best foliage in the fall." You smiled, soaking it all in. There was lots of farmland, open fields, wooded and windy roads. "These people picked a great location for their wedding."
"It's at some fancy barn on top of a mountain or some shit," Negan explained with a laugh.
"Is the hotel close to it?"
"We ain't staying at a hotel, honey."
You looked over at him. "What do you mean?"
"I got us an Airbnb for a couple nights. It's a cabin."
"What?" You gave a laugh with a hand over your mouth.
"I was gunna surprise ya but we're only about five minutes away anyway." He shrugged. "Fully stocked bar. Fully stocked fridge. Hot tub. View of the mountains." Negan looked over at you for an extra second, "No one around to hear you scream."
You laughed and shook your head. "You're not kidding are you?"
"Fuck no." He shook his head. "We're doing this right. I got us three nights instead of two." Negan made a face. "Hope that doesn't fuck up what you packed."
"I always pack way more than I need," you admitted and kept looking at him. "I can't even.. I don't even know what to say."
"So don't say anything." Negan smiled. "Just live in the moment."
It was solid advice. You truly could live in the moment when you were with Negan. You were no longer hooked on your phone, or wondering about things that didn't matter. You enjoyed every second of your time together. You weren't sure but you suspected that was rare.
When you arrived at the cabin you realized Negan wasn't at all exaggerating. The dirt road that led in was at least a quarter of a mile before the cabin seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The view of the mountain behind it was amazing.
"Where did you even find this place?" You mouth hung open as the truck came to a halt beside the renovated home.
"Google is a wonderful fuckin' thing." Negan grinned and popped his door open, eager to go explore your home away from home. "Come on." He gave a nod with his head.
You were like a giddy little kid on Christmas. Negan reached for your hand and the two of you went running up to the front door where he retrieved a key from beneath a catchy little doormat that read: Wipe your paws.
Inside smelled like fresh cut wood. It was obvious the place had been recently renovated with brand new furniture, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and just an overall modern-cabin vibe. You couldn't wait to explore every inch of it.
"There are kind of two master bedrooms," Negan explained, towing you by the hand though the adorable kitchen toward a room with tons of windows that gave a few of the mountainous, wooden landscape.
"This looks like a place you would see in some photograph online," you said, still in awe at the wondrous fantasy cabin Negan had booked.
He motioned out one of the oversized windows with one finger. "Check out the hot tub."
"Mmm.." you raised your eyebrows, making him chuckle.
"No one to hear you scream," he reminded you with a wink.
"The way we are I'd say we'll even scare the bears away."
Negan pulled you to him and the two of you shared a closed mouth kiss. "Let's check out the upstairs."
You followed up up a flight of stairs made of pale wood. It looked as if they could have been cut and placed together that day. For such a rustic, outdoorsy place, there wasn't a single scuff mark on the staircase.
The bedroom in the loft was just as breathtaking. Another wall-to-wall bookcase took up an entire side of the room, while the views from the windows also gave a peek at the peaceful, wooded landscape outside. As a bonus, there was a skylight just above the bed.
That will be amazing to look through at night, you thought. The view of the sky won you over for which bedroom you preferred - though the other one still was above and beyond any place you'd ever stayed.
You leapt onto the bed and giggled as you laid on your back to look up through the rectangular window staring down at you. "Can we sleep in here tonight?" You placed your hands behind your head and glanced at Negan.
He laughed lightly and eyed the sky light before casually slumping down beside you on the bed. "This is pretty fuckin' cool," he admitted, grinning wide.
"We should get one," you said with a laugh and then stopped yourself. You looked over at him. You had gotten ahead of yourself with the fantasies in your head. "I mean-"
"Baby.." Negan smiled and eased your mind. "In a couple of years when we're ready.. and this awkward stage of what's wrong and right has passed.. we'll get a sky light just like this in our bedroom."
You felt it now in your chest. It had been there time and time again before but now you couldn't control it. Negan was far too much of a gentleman. Couple that with someone who oozed sex and made you lust for him, it was too much. It was a perfect storm of perfection in a lover; in a man you wanted to have a real future with.
Tears forced themselves out of your eyes despite how hard you fought them to remain tucked away. You hated crying. You rarely cried. But it was all too much. You were in so deep emotionally, and Negan saying things like that when you were about to wrapped up in one another for the weekend in a wilderness cabin made you break - in a good way.
"Hey.." he cradled you against him. "I'm.. sorry."
"I'm.. not.. sad.. I don't know why I'm crying." You laughed as tears continued to fall and then let it out some more when he kissed your forehead. "I just.." Fuck, you were struggling. "I.. have wanted this for so long and I almost can't process it now that we're here and you're saying things like that."
"I'm sorry," Negan said again. "I probably shouldn't-"
"You should," you cut him off immediately, drying your eyes as you laughed again. "No.. please.. you should."
Negan smiled and placed a hand on your face and dried your eyes with his thumb. "I mean it when I say those things."
"And I meant it when I told you I loved you that night." You didn't look away from his eyes. "I did. I'm sorry if that's weird for you to hear. I don't want to ruin this weekend-"
"I love you, too." Negan cut you off again. It was a back-and-forth of cut-off sentences. You laughed and felt tears run down your cheeks again. "I do, baby. You and I have this connection. It's real. I'm not going to try to pretend I don't feel that way. I should've actually said it that night, too."
The two of you just seemed to study one another for a moment before he repeated, "I love you."
"I love you, too." You smiled as he pulled you in for a kiss and you mumbled against his lips, feeling liberated to say what you had been feeling. "I love you, Negan."
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