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When I feel sad my car is always an escape route.

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Originally posted by gayngelofthelordlovesdean

Words: 2279

Warnings: SMUT!!! Age gap, daddy!kink


Walking into the church, she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, tied up by a baby blue ribbon, which she had learned to be Father John’s favorite. She had perfected her makeup and slipped on her favorite Sunday dress.

She knew it was a sin, but she couldn’t help but be attracted to the Father, she wanted to catch his attention. To have her look in his direction, even if it was nothing more than his usual kind glance and soft smile after he noticed her staring which caused her to blush anyways.

She took a deep breath before pushing open the tall wooden door that led into the church, it wasn’t quite mass yet so she came to see him under the pretense of being curious about confessional, something she’d always been too nervous to try, scared that she’d have to confess all of her sins.

Father John turned to face the entrance of the church as he heard the front doors creak open and there she stood, his favorite little angel. He chuckled to himself at the thought, he knew she watched him during mass, he knew she wanted him, but alas, he was a priest, sworn to God. It would be a sin to take such a young, innocent thing like her, but it’s still a shame that he can’t.

A damn shame…

“(Y/n),” He stood from where he sat in the pews and smiled at her, approaching her as he held his hands in front of him, “What can I do for you, my child?” He asked, knowing that calling her that wasn’t necessary, but it made her blush. He loved seeing her cheeks become all tinted with pink, although those weren’t the only cheeks he’d like to see tinted with pick. Lord help him.

“Hello, Father.” She definitely blushed making his smile widen slightly. She stood straight and pushed a wrinkle out of her dress, “I came to ask about confessional?” She asked shyly, hardly even looking up to meet his eyes.

“Of course.” He encouraged, ducking his head a little as he placed a warm hand on her back, “I’ve noticed you’ve never partaken in doing them.” She looked up at him worriedly with wide eyes like she had done something wrong, but he only chuckled and shook his head, “And that’s perfectly ok, (y/n).” He reassured her, watching as she relaxed a little.

He gently led her over to the wall that was lined with three different booths, “Would you like to try now, (y/n)?” He asked her, moving to stand in front of the curtain covering the front of the booth that he would go into.

She nodded her head and he grinned, “Alright. Just go ahead and get situated in this booth here,” He gestured to the booth next to his, “You can kneel or sit, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.” He nodded his head before moving into his booth and pulling the curtain shut.

(Y/n) slowly moved into the booth next to Father John’s and pulled her curtain shut, she opted for sitting instead of kneeling and said a quick prayer before John pulled the little window open so he could hear her. 

She took a deep breath before letting it out slowly, “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” She said softly, looking down at her hands and John nearly exploded then and there, but he took a steading breath and sat up straighter, ‘Focus John…’ He told himself.

“How long has it been since your last confession my child?” John asked, wanting so badly to just turn a little and stare at her through the little slits in the window, but he had to stay professional.

“I- Um… Never..” She stuttered and said, obviously embarrassed, he wished he could see the deep blush that was most definitely rising on her cheeks. “Is that ok, Father?” 

John bit into his lip at the way she said his title, “That perfectly ok. Why don’t start by telling me your lesser sins first and we’ll work our way up.” 

(Y/n) nodded her head even though he couldn’t see and tried to think of any other sins she had committed besides the one she was currently committing; thinking about her priest fucking her in the booth over.

“I argued with my mom last night…” She spoke up quietly, not being able to think of anything else.

Father John noticed her apprehension and wanted to get her more comfortable, “Would you like to share what you argued about?”

“Sure,” (Y/n) agreed. Now or never, the worst that will happen is John will tell that inappropriate, “She hasn’t agreed with my behavior at church.” 

John nearly moaned, having an idea of where this was going, “I personally haven’t noticed any inappropriate behavior, (y/n).” He bit into his lip hard nearly, making it bleed.

(Y/n) looked over at him and noticed he was looking back at her, his teeth digging into the flesh of his lip, his eyes wide and lust blown. He wanted her too.

“Would you like me to show you, Father?” She asked, biting into her own lip.

“Hell yes.” John slipped causing (y/n) to gasp but a giggle was soon to follow after, “Get over here, (y/n).” He practically growled, causing her panties to dampen even more.

She quickly stood and stepped out the booth, looking around the church before slipping into his booth and before she could even turn to look at him, he had grabbed her waist and yanked her down onto his lap with a groan.

“You have no idea how badly I’ve been wanting you, princess.” He purred against her neck, pushing kisses into her completely innocent flesh. 

She moaned softly and tilted her head to the side, “Oh my god, Father…” She whispered out, swiveling her hips which he held onto firmly, preventing her from getting any friction.

“Ah, ah, ah, baby girl.” John tsked her, pulling back to look up into her eyes as she whined, needy, “It’s daddy now.” 

Her eyes widened and her hips stopped moving as she stared down at him, he smirked and slid a hand up her dress to softly rub at the crotch of her panties, making her melt once again, “Yes…” She moaned out, her head dropping back as one of his fingers softly rubbed at her.

He narrowed his eyes and slapped her pussy, she yelped and jumped up, “Yes what?” He demanded, a dark look on his face that sent chills down her neck and spine.

“Y-yes daddy..” She said softly, a blush creeping back onto her face as she looked down. John smirked and brought his hand forward to lift her chin. She looked at him and he slowly leaned in and kissed her, his tongue running along her lips and she eagerly responded, opening her mouth to let his tongue slide in against hers.

He tasted faintly of whiskey, but mostly just mint now. She didn’t know he drank. 

“You haven’t asked for forgiveness yet, baby.” He pulled back, but only enough to look down at his crotch, her eyes following his. He was nearly busting out of his black pants, John was harder than he had been in long time and he was happy that it was finally her taking care of it instead of his right hand.

She knew what he wanted and she smirked, finally something she knew she was good at. She slinked off of his lap and stood in front of him. Slowly, she unzipped her dress and let it slide off her shoulders and pool at her feet leaving her in just her cotton panties, “Damn baby…” John groaned, reaching out to roughly grope her breast.

She grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her chest before bringing his fingers up to her lips, her eyes flicked to his as she softly kitten licked the tip of his middle finger before sucking the digit into her mouth, her eyes fluttering shut as he moaned at the show she was giving.

Eventually, she let go of his hand and slowly sunk to her knees, palming at his evident erection before undoing his pants and pulling his boxers down far enough to let his manhood pop out. He was huge, bigger than she had ever had and she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it all. Anywhere.

She spit into her palm as he watched her with lidded eyes, a hand softly stroking the back of her head. She was used to guys just grabbing the back of her head and forcing their cock down her throat, she liked the change in pace.

(Y/n) began stroking his length while they held eye contact and John whispered soft praises into the air. Eventually, his head thudded back against the wall of the booth and (y/n) took this as her queue to lean forward and take him into her mouth, and that she did.

She bobbed her head slowly, taking as much as she could, her hand stroking what her mouth couldn’t fit. John’s grip slowly tightened in her hair until her hair was a bunched up mess in his fist, his hips lifting up to match her pace, “Can daddy fuck your face now, princess?” John asked with a gasp as she pulled up to the tip and swirled her tongue around him. Once, twice and then John was jerking his hips up as much as he could without choking her. 

His hand held tightly onto her hair, holding her in place while he fucked  her face just like he had asked to do, she groaned and moaned and let all the spit slide down her chin and onto to her neck as he took everything he could. Finally his eyes flew open and he pulled her off of him.

She pouted up at him and he chuckled, out of breath, “If I’m, it ain’t gonna be there, sweetheart.” He grinned, causing her to smile as he grabbed her arm and pulled her up to a standing position. 

He turned them until his ass was facing the curtain separating them from the church and (y/n) was facing the back wall of the booth, “Put your hands on the wall.” John ordered and she silently obeyed, bracing herself against the wall. 

John ran a rough hand down her back until he got to the waistband of her panties and roughly tugged them down. He pushed his chest against her back, as he slid a hand over her ass and against her bare womanhood. “So fucking wet, all for me huh?” He toyed with her, running his fingers over her lips before sliding just one through her folds. 

She whined and nodded her head, “Do you get like this when you’re watchin’ me during church, (y/n)?” She just nodded her head again, pathetically pushing against his hand, searching more pressure, “Such a dirty girl.” 

John chuckled when he pulled back and she whimpered, looking over her shoulder at him with red cheeks and wide eyes. He dropped to his knees behind her before grabbing her cheeks tightly and pulling them apart so he could get a better look.

He moaned when he saw that she was literally dripping, he leaned forward and slowly licked from her clit back to her hole, causing her to moan out loudly, “Daddy!” She yelped when he started fucking her with his tongue.

John leaned more into her, pushing her harder against the wall so she arched her back and pushed herself harder against him, he moaned and slid a hand up to rub rough tiny circles on her clit, “John, gonna cum.” She reached a hand back and laid it on top of his that was currently holding onto her ass with bruising force, he moaned once more and the vibrations brought her to her end.

Moaning out, she quickly covered her mouth and came onto his face, her nails digging into the top of his hand, leaving small crescent shaped indents.

John pulled away after helping her ride out her high and stood behind her, softly kissing her shoulder, “Good girl..” He praised while she twitched under him. “Now its daddy’s turn.” 

He grabbed his hard cock and slapped it on her ass a few times before dragging it through her drenched folds, “You want this cock baby? Want daddy to fuck you?” John asked deeply, his throat scratchy and he could still taste your cum on his lips.

John lined himself up with her hole and held it there, waiting for her response, “Yes daddy. I-” They both froze as the heard the church doors opening and John looked down at his wrist watch.

“Shit.” He mumbled, pulling away before pulling his pants back up, “It’s 10:30 sweetheart.” He mentioned with a shy grin.

“Oh.” She turned to face him as he stood and fixed his hair before picking her dress and panties off the floor, “Thank you.” She said a little sadly, reaching out for her clothes but John pulled back her panties and stuffed them in his suit pocket, “John-”

“Nuhuh, baby girl.” He smiled kissing her forehead, “You can get these back later.” He winked with a bright toothy smile which in turn, made (y/n) smile with a promise of “later”, “But your missin’ church today sweetheart, you stay right in the booth until I come an get you. Understand?” He told her giving her an almost father-like look.

She grinned and nodded her head, “Good.” He smiled patting down his suit before squeezing her hand and sliding out of the booth, being sure to leave the curtain closed all the way.

She could hear people greeting him as “Father” or “Father John” on their way in, and she blushed as she realized those words would never be the same fir either of them.


Team SPN: @hobby27

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Welcome. Here you’ll find aesthetic posts of cars, women, and me

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My J30A1 Engine when I turn on vtec for the 10th time in a row

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Originally posted by naughty-negan

I look at this gif every time i feel fucking depressed with his fucking tongue porn i am instantly on cloud nine. thank you for existing.

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