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#jealous eddie
wintersong4781 · 2 days ago
Don't get me wrong I want Buddie as soon as everyone else (LIKE SOOOO FUCKING BAD) but I kind of hope they don't happen until after the crossover event with 911: Lone Star. Mainly because I want that misunderstanding between TK and Buck to come to light and have Buck and TK being amusing and joking about it but then us having Carlos and Eddie just being like . . . . . . . .
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Thus giving us not only jealous Carlos despite the harmless misunderstanding but more pining and jealous eddie. It would add more tension I feel like and I do love me some good old tension!!!!The sexual, pining kind not the anxiety stricken awkward kind.
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enbyeddiediaz · a month ago
the way I need jealous eddie/ oblivious buck,,,,,,I need. I NEED. buck to get flirted with at a scene and get given a phone number and eddie to be silently fuming. and bucks just like "hey eddie what's up with you" and eddies like "nothing!!" and his eye twitches and then "so are you gonna use that number?" and bucks like "nah, not my type, do you want it or something?" and eddies shoulders relax and he goes "no, not my type either" and bucks like. "ok".
and then another time buck accidentally (he doesn't realize he's doing it, my sweet summer child) flirts with another firefighter and eddie is standing there glaring dagger with his arms folded at the other firefighter and comes up behind buck and goes "hey you're still coming over tonight right?" and the other firefighter is like "oh worm. abort mission. abort mission" and bucks confused and goes "of course!!"
one time eddie straight up asks buck out on a date "hey do you wanna go to [fancy restaurant] with me? I could pick you up at eight?" and bucks like "you're such a good friend eddie" and eddie's like "yup. friend" and gives the fakest smile ever and then "so we're on?" and bucks like "yeah of course!!" and gives his sunshine smile and hen is abt to smack some sense into buck
this happens two or three more times before afterwards hen is like "so you have a date with eddie tonight then? I didn't know you were boyfriends" and bucks like "I have a WHAT!!!!!!" and realizes that's what eddie's been trying to do for a month and then they have their dramatic "oh my god you're in love with me??? I'm in love with YOU!!!" moment and go on an official first date
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911firefox · 5 months ago
I love how in the third wheel scene, Eddie is doing everything to show how at home he is in Buck's place.
He's just moving around the kitchen, helping himself to beer and like 'Look Taylor, I come here all the time. He even has my brand of beer' and then just pouting and snarking when Buck is on Taylor's wavelength and not his.
Jealous!Eddie is such a gift.
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evaneddiediaz · 5 months ago
Me when I read about jealous Eddie on AO3: oh c’mon, are you serious? It can’t be that bad.
Me after watching 4x12 and actually getting jealous Eddie:
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ablazenqueen · 7 months ago
The potential for a jealous Buck trying to date other people in order to move on from Eddie now that Eddie is dating again, only for Eddie to get jealous because now Buck is dating and he didn’t foresee this and now he’s feeling things, is very high and I would very much appreciate the follow-through, please and thank you.
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sunshinediaz · 4 months ago
i still cant get over the way eddie says abby's name in 3x18 i just i cant
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(gif not mine)
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amourbleue · 3 months ago
ravi develops a crush on buck and its so painstakingly obvious to everyone else except buck and this makes s5 jealous!eddie 10x better
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thegirlwithataser · 5 months ago
“your girlfriend” EDDIE STOP OMG
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enbyeddiediaz · 3 months ago
okok. so we all love jealous eddie right. so what if during the crossover TK mentions that he thought Buck was flirting with him and Eddie starts acting weird and eddie won't tell him why and so eventually hen puts him out of his misery and goes "he's jealous" and buck goes "of what??" and hen explains that it's the flirting and buck goes "why would eddie be jealous of that? it's not like he wants me to flirt with him instead" and hen and chim just sit there like
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anagramofanakin · 7 months ago
Concept: Buck being confused about why people keep hitting on him when Eddie is, like, Right There. Except Eddie doesn't cut a very approachable figure when he's got his don't touch what's mine face on
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weirdo19 · 7 months ago
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ablazenqueen · 7 months ago
Me, everytime Buck or Eddie get a new love interest and start acting weird around each other, spitting out the love interest’s name like it’s poison, stumbling over their words, not wanting to hear about them but also pushing for information and bringing it up when literally no one asked: They’re clearly jealous and in love with each other!
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buddieshipper911 · 7 months ago
Okay but can we get Jealous Eddie about Taylor and Jealous Buck about Ana??? (Then the two idiots realise their feelings for each other, get married and grow old together)
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scarletmanuka1 · 9 months ago
9-1-1 Fic
So, I’ve started writing my first 9-1-1 Buddie fic, yay! Chapter one is up if anyone is interested.
Or Something
Abby is back in town, newly single and looking to try again with Buck, not that he figures it out. Eddie and Maddie do though and they might have something to say about it.
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bi-bi-richie · a year ago
Okayyyy a basic af prompt for ya, "jealous eddie". Jdjfkfgj 100 points for my originality yup. Im not sure if rich would be oblivious or woukd see right through eddie and have fun with his frustration tho
Originality be damned jealous Eddie is a sight to behold!
Eddie trust Richie wholeheartedly, he knows for a fact that Richie would never cheat on him because that’s true love 🥺
But other people don’t know that... so sometimes Eddie has got to show it!
As a kid, Eddie used to pout in the corner when Richie was talking to any other loser for longer than twenty minutes and n o t him??
His eventual solution was to go over and sit on Richie’s lap because he’s “cold”
“You’re cold... in 90 degree heat... and you choose to sit on Richie who’s a sack of bones?”
“Stan stfu.”
When they actually start dating Eddie is on him like a goddamn koala
Eddie once actually jumped on his back (as a joke hahaha totally haha not jealous) when he saw a girl running her hands up and down a seriously uncomfortable Richie
That only happened once though because in a matter of weeks their high school KNOWS that Richie and Eddie are off limits forever
But then they go to college and it’s back to Eddie making death threats with his eyes
Richie thinks it’s the best because he loves being so loved by Eddie
And Eddie randomly jumping on his back gets easier because Richie fills out a LOT as an adult
The most memorable jealous Eddie moments were when a guy wouldn’t back off no matter how obvious Eddie’s hints were so Eddie literally shoved him and made out with Richie... they were in a library
And when Eddie came up behind Richie and started kissing his neck, that was at a party but Richie almost fainted because he was NOT expecting that
But, lucky for Eddie, those are rare occurrences because when Richie realizes it’s flirting (he’s a lil dense) he’s quick to tell them “sorry but I’m taken by my lovely boyfriend”
Either way Richie gets kissed until he can’t breathe
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snorlaxishere · a year ago
3x18: What’s Next- The showdown and the jealousy (haha sounds like a good name for a drama show)
This was so worth the Abby appearance. You can so see how much it was killing Eddie and how much Buck was determined to get Sam safe (even at the risk of his own safety) and him back to Abby and how Bobby is so uncalled for on how Buck can save someone. Fuck it’s the my house my rules and Buck possibly getting hurt and Bobby telling him no like he is some stupid kid who won’t listen to his dad.
Bobby here to be honest pissed me off.
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911inspo · 10 months ago
lmao so guess who wrote smth:
Some more Buddie for these trying times 
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