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murdersexual · 6 hours ago
You’re amazing at these headcanons! 🤣🤣🤣 LeoPika jealousy headcanons?! 👀👀👀
Why thank you my love~ Gosh these are so long overdue~
Leorio = blue
Kurapika = red
Welcome to...
Murdersexual’s Own...
😤LeoPika’s Jealousy Headcanons😤
Leorio doesn’t DO jealous. 😤 He loves to make OTHERS jealous of him!
“Why the fuck are they looking at you like that...? Ya ain’t much to look at so I don’t get it! *Proceeds to block Kurapika from their point of view*
Leorio will dress down and as he skips to his car? He’ll be met with a also dressed down Kurapika.
Will squint and turn his lip up as he overhears compliments towards his beloved!
“Tch, if only they k n e w him…”
Did I mention… that he’d pout?
“Admit it, you’re jealous, aren’t you?” 🤨🤨🤨 “I’M NOT JEALOUS, OKAY?!?!? YOU SWEAR YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!” 😒😒😒 “If that’s the case, why are you so reactive?” 😠😠😠 “BECAUSE YOU KEEP SAYING IT!!!”
Intermission! Hold your applause!
We’ll be right back~
After this commercial~
Jealousy? Do you REALLY think his pride will let him show that?!
“It’s a good thing you look how you do, I don’t have much to be worried about.” 😌 “What’s that supposed to mean?!” 💢💢💢
He’ll ALWAYS know when someone is trying to mack on Leorio. Will he be bothered by it? No, because he knows he’s the baddest motherfucker around. 😏
The only time he’ll be concerned is when Leorio decides to try and leave the house without even mention where he’s going! Smelling really nice, cleanly shaven, hair on shiny and sleek, outfit on amazing. It’s fine, he’ll just meet him outside with an equally amazing outfit and ask him… “So where are WE going?” ‼️‼️‼️ “Uhh! TAKE YOUR ASS BACK INSIDE!” 🤨🤨🤨 “Why? What do you plan on doing?”
If Leorio’s being showered in compliments, Pika’s quite proud, just as long as whomever is complimenting him, keeps it at that! 😌
He’s very protective NOT jealous! Don’t call him jealous! 😠
“You’re the jealous type aren’t you?” 😏 “You’ve got to be kidding me… What makes you say such a ridiculous thing?” 😒 “Admit it~” 🤣 “Don’t flatter yourself! You’re not worth being jealous for…” ‼️💢🤨 “AND NEITHER ARE YOU!” 😌 “Says the guy who always hides me behind his back~” 😒😒😒 “Everything is ‘pride, pride, pride’ with you… ya know that?”
You may now applaud!
Hope you’ve enjoyed the show!
Sheesh, these are shorter and much more terrible than my usual! Sorry for the super late answer! 😭😭😭
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boytouya · 7 hours ago
oh yea those are great recommendations, love coraline i dont get how people found it scary?
some of my favorite movies that id recommend would be
almost any ghibli movie, ratatouille,megamind,shrek, paranormen is pretty good,
shows? uh definitely atla ,the new loki series is pretty good, um law and order svu, gravity falls, OH fmabh
um thats all i can think of for now? i have a whole list but ask me ans i forget everything ive ever watched
also that new pixar movie? luca? they give me fruity vibes
me too!! i watched it when i was little and loved it ever since.
i know i’ve seen ratatouille a million times but for some reason it’s hard to remember what happens in it?? i really like paranorman though!
i havent watched the new loki series yet!! i keep rewatching tfatws’s not my fault bucky is my favorite 😔 i hope gravity falls gets a movie or something, it was so good and ahead of its time
FRUITYVIBESTHWSTG?? i haven’t watched it yet but it looks so cute
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dailyfresh-za · 7 hours ago
Prince Kaybee Defends His New Label 'Jealousy'!
Prince Kaybee Defends His New Label ‘Jealousy’!
Record hitmaker Prince Kaybee, actual identify Kabelo Motsamai has been accused of being jealous, and never desirous to see different fellow artists doing good in relation to their careers! ALSO, READ HERE – Hazel Mahazard Apologizes For Leaking iPipi ka-Prince Kaybee! Hitting again on the accusations, Prince Kaybee stated that he spent R1.5 Million-Rand to fund his current venture that noticed…
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se7ennationmcrmy · 8 hours ago
I feel like every friend group has that one friend that no matter how their hair is cut or styled or what color it is it ALWAYS looks good. Frank is definitely "that" friend in MCR. What an asshole. A beautiful, beautiful asshole.
Tumblr media
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l-stuff · 9 hours ago
Yup he got me.
He doesn't even know how much I like him. Idk how to demonstrate this and I think he's not interested in me anymore.
Why? Because he did some things that made me ask myself "what if he doesn't like you anymore? What about those girls that he calls 'sweet' in comms?"
Yeah. And you know what? I did something (not too much but) I did a playlist, so listen to it and then suffer with me maybe.
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butchginny · 10 hours ago
the sun doesn't rise until 8 and sets at 5 and then spends the rest of the day behind clouds to make me suffer personally
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norimiya · 10 hours ago
Am I jealous that Bakuten has a movie confirmed and the only extra content so far that we got from sk8 was the Cindereki audio thingy? nO 🤡
-stan anon (Bakuten is a cute show tho so yay it gets a movie)
oh so that’s why it’s trending?? :o i haven’t watched it but it looks like a good show!
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mcloayza29 · 10 hours ago
#repost @classy_equestrians_lucy ・・・ Hey, thats my girl 😂 Jealous horse!!!!! Video by: @_leafrederiksen 🌟 #horsevideo #jealousy
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suffering-salutation · 11 hours ago
I miss how we were. Maybe thats why it hurts. We were sexually charged full of energy at the start. Now you ar ewoth them and i see you both acting the same way missing eachothers touch wishing you could have just one more minute together. Wishing that you could feel eachothers skin again. Counting minutes until its possible again. You two are what we were. Thats why it hurts so bad. Stab me in the stomach it would hurt less then seeing you happier with them. Anyway glad you found happiness again. Cant wait for christmas when they come back.
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animatedrapture · 11 hours ago
now i cant get yachisuna out of my head its making me very angry THANKS A LOT VIOLET 😤
you're welcome :')
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pleaseactsurprisedxx · 11 hours ago
For a jealousy prompt submitted on here. Summary: Chloe gets jealous when someone else flirts with Beca. They talk about it. Fluffy.
Read Hey Jealousy on AO3.
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quiobi-omegaverse · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Artist: Bere Weillschmidt (NSFW Art) Day 4: Jealousy Description: 4th Day of the QuiObi A/B/O Week goes to #Jealousy so I am featuring Anakin. In an AU where both are Padawans hehehehe
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thorniest-rose · 12 hours ago
In places the ink is smudged, faded. He imagines LaRusso reading the letter at night in his bed, tracing his fingers over the page. How did he feel, he wonders. Did he like reading what Silver had written? Did it make him shiver even in the summer heat, getting sticky under his covers. Did it turn him on?
a sharp kiss to the throat chapter 3
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porthecrawl-witness · 13 hours ago
how jealous would the ros get in relationship stage (i saw the post that was in crushing)? why?
By the time the 'relationship' stage rolls around? Some of this you get to see hints of in the love-triangle routes, but excluding that, let's see.
None of them would pay much attention to someone trying to "cut in" by this point. But...if it has to do with MC's behavior (not anything sketchy, but maybe a new friend or coworker taking up their time) then I imagine it's like this:
Staci's not the jealous type. It's probably not even on S's radar at this point. When they do notice, they probably start showing up whenever MC's around that person. I don't even know S would realize they were doing it unless MC pointed it out. Then, Staci would feel pretty ridiculous about the whole thing. Why? Staci knows they sometimes get taken advantage of, but also knows the MC wouldn't do that to them.
Asher has to learn to reign in his jealousy and probably, after some hard conversations, learns to understand it's something that needs to be talked about. But oh boy. He's gonna talk about it. To the walls, to the mirrors, to himself. Why? Asher knows how easily replaced people can be.
Quinn chills out a little from earlier on in the relationship. Something about the MC makes Q feel very secure. Definitely brings it up though and wants to talk about any concerns. Why? Quinn's fiddly, but well adjusted. They've seen people lose interest before, but are confident the MC is different.
Talbot would be the most hurt and would take it pretty personally at this stage (without voluntarily addressing it). Probably responds by pulling away, maybe taking a trip home (they'd tell MC of course and would come back). Why? Talbot's got a bad habit of building their orbit around one or two people, so they have to get used to MC not being like that.
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socialdragonflytarot27 · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
*4:44pm on the clock as I sit down to this reading today!!*
You are weaving your heart centered manifestations into existence, and letting go of the pain, sorrow, and regret of the past. You are most definitely connected to infinite divine intelligence, and you know this based on all the synchronicities around you. You have been working diligently in harmony with the universe making sure that your creations are far-reaching and have a positive affect on the collective. The divine is granting you the way forward and drawing toward you others of like mind and intention so that you can be sure you are not alone. HOWEVER, there’s an individual who has been watching you grow and change, watching you put in the work to be where you are. Your manifestations may still have a newness or freshness about them. I see some sort of manipulative or malevolent intent coming from someone who may reach out to you. This individual may strike up a conversation telling you how proud they are of you and love bombing you. The truth is this person has some sort of ulterior motive. I honestly don’t even think this individual wants anything to do with you other than to come in and try to destroy everything you’ve built thus far. According to this person the two of you have unfinished business. This person is jealous and envious of everything you are, and to them you are a threat. They may even think you owe them for some of your accomplishments. I’m picking up on some narcissistic vibes, and it’s making me highly uncomfortable. If you happen to have made any mistakes when it comes to this person in the past they will definitely be bringing that up with the hopes of guilting you into striking up a relationship with him again. I see that it’s best for you if you have nothing to do with this individual. They may even come along acting like they want to help you or acting like they have something to offer when the truth is you are better off without this person. Consider this a test from the universe. As soon as you start to get your shit together actually manifesting what you want for your life this person will come right in attempting to distract you and throw you off course. Do not be deceived by this person‘s tactics. If you try to call them out on their bullshit they will gaslight you and the situation could turn negative really quickly. Make an extra effort to create even more distance between yourself and this person ESPECIALLY if this individual was physically abusive to you at all. I can see you standing in your power upsetting this person to the point where they lash out and do something spontaneous to hurt you.  anytime you are going through a spiritual growth spurt expect this to happen. Be on the lookout for energies that will try to come and test you and tear down everything you’ve worked for. There’s going to be some sort of shit storm that will happen every time you’re about to get to the top of the mountain you’re climbing. Expect it. See it for what it is. Stand in your power and claim your victory over whatever this is, and keep on moving. 
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thinandmasc · 15 hours ago
if i flex real hard i can see my collarbones aha
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