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If you were looking something up relates to so-called ‘retroactive jealousy’ (which means a certain amount of level of a worry or anxiety in your partner’s romantic or sexual past), probably you were like, “I didn’t even know there’s a word for this. I just thought I’m a complete nut.” Yes, I got it. That being said, you’ve been suffering in this so much for a long time. I know, it might be insanely painful.

Thing is you can’t stop thinking your partner’s past sexual activities, the way your partner loved their past partner and such. You feel like all guys are freakin’ rapists, all girls are existences who were in a possible romantic relationship with your boyfriend in the past. You tried to stop thinking so many times but can’t help it. That’s why sometimes you felt like you can’t hold on to it anymore.


Remember. When you try to get in a new relationship with an another future partner after you ran away from it, you will see another hell. That’s just because there’s no such thing to be like a utopia from every aspect of relationship. Basically it’s just all about the interaction between different people in a different environment and circumstance.

But you can deal with your own world by your struggling. You should put a lot of efforts into what you’ve been ‘learning’ from your things. The key is ‘learning’. What did you ‘learn’ from your past relationships so far? What do you ‘learn’ from your relationship now? You gotta focus on something that you can ‘learn’ from all the suffering you’ve experienced. And keep saying it. Talk to yourself up. It can be like a power of concentration on present, or a better understanding about your partner rather than an objectification (I’m not judging you at all), or at least, it can be like a deep philosophical thought about it.


What if after trying hard enough to ‘learn something’ from relationships and ‘retroactive jealousy’, and you still feel like the same way? Leave your partner then. You tried your best to get out of it anyway.

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The Ask Was- Please Dude if you could do the mako getting you high and then fucking you oof I would die lol but srsly tho my fav fic of yours is the bolin and mako one like b r o yk what I mean? Lmao


Warnings!- Noncon, Drugging, Manipulation, Incel??

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fields of grass on mount everest

i don’t want you to tell me

(i know)

i don’t need to hear you explain

(as you sit atop a hill)

that you’ve never climbed today’s most common peaks

the ones everyone else has, you know?

(i do)

you sit

wrapped in thoughts of unintentionally feigned naivety,

yet forget the torch that lights your way

meanwhile, i’m sitting in a ditch

with a candle

and wet matches.

// 07.07.19

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This Mythology Monday we explore the color Green.

“Hope rules a land forever green” – Wordsworth

Green represents nature in all her glory, a symbolism of wisdom ie. Gaia mother earth awakens so does The Green Man.

In myth, the color green reaches far back to the Ancient Egyptians, according to the historian Ellen Conroy wrote in her book “The Symbolism of Colors” (1921). Thoth, (Egyptian moon god) would lead the fresh souls of the dead to “a green hill of everlasting life and eternal wisdom.” 

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis was known as “The Lady of the Emerald,” meaning her soul had reached a high level of purity, enough for her to gain immortality. Osiris ruler of the underworld was depicted with a green face by the Ancient Egyptians. The ancient Druids wore green robes, the color of Ovates or Bards.The planet Mercury has been associated with the color green, it symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

Green has a dark side that most of us have experienced. “That person is green with envy!” is an old English expression relating green with a negative emotion. Labeling someone “a green-eyed monster,” again represents jealousy.

A Jack in the Green or Jack O’ the Green, an English folk custom related to ‘May Day,’ (May the first,) celebrations that welcome Spring and the renewal of life. A person wears a conical wicker framework that is decorated with green foliage, walking in a procession with musicians.

King Arthur’s Holy Grail design was allegedly fashioned from an Emerald.

May month’s gemstone is the Emerald

In China Thursday was the day to wear green emeralds for good fortune.

The green Emerald was said to protect lovers. If it was bright, the wearer was loyal, if it became discolored it meant that person was unfaithful.

The Irish wear green for good luck annually each March 17th. Saint Patrick is the Patron saint of Ireland. According to legend he used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans of his day.

Green eyes have been written by some romantics as beautiful gems. Legend has it the Celtic Tuatha de Danann and the Sidhe had red hair or fair (blonde) hair and green eyes called ‘Fair Folk’ were once thought to be the descendants of the ‘Faeries.’

Source & Reference:

*Ellen Convoy, The Symbolism of Colors 1921. London William Ryder & Son Limited.

*Gross, Paul (illus), Crofts, Sarah Jane (2002). Fowler’s Troop and the Deptford Jack in the Green: A History of an Old London May Day Tradition. Rainbarrow P. ISBN 0-9542661-0-2.

The Green Woman or man, is a symbol of rebirth.


‘Gaia Green Lady’ by Welsh sculptor Kathleen Minton

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“Viney is that wine—oh shit”

The twins have only ever cleaned their wings to look pristine for their parents, but that’s it. Dirty wings are a bit wonky in flight but after Viney prissied up Em’s wings to perfection Em was a fuckin BULLET in the air. Backfired a bit bc now Em only lets Viney clean her wings.

I’m all for jealousy done Right. Some popular girl flirting w Em as you do this is common n suddenly there’s an angy oxpecker Vibing on up n just Leaning Heavily on Em. Em is very much lovin the direction this is taking so she doesn’t mind. Viney can and will glare down anyone annoying Em like the “is he bothering you, queen?” meme

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My lady - J•S


Originally posted by tommyshhelby

Summary: When John takes a liking to something or someone, you best believe his posseive and protective side come out to play especially when someone lays there hands on you.

Pairing: John Shelby x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, spanking, hair pulling, unprotected sex.



John loved you, everyone knew it and everyone knew where his, his to kiss, to touch, to love, no-one else could do what he did for you or God help them.

He wasn’t possessive in a serious issue type of way, but he was worried, worried you may get hurt or taken or some stingy old bloke would try to touch you up, he had complete and utter trust in you, its just John knew the world, you knew it too but not as much as he knew it, you’re his little gem, someone whod he’d protect like his family, you were just a innocent little thing, to the world at least, John opened your eyes to another of new things and boy did every bit of excite you.

Everyone knew John’s little pet was of limits, so it was amusing when stragglers came along after tour attention.



I walked into the Garrison, looking round till I spotted the small group of men id been looking for, approaching the table I was greeted with hellos by the Tommy and Arthur, taking a seat next to John as he placed his arm round my waist pulling close.

“Hello, love, missed you” he said kissing the top of my head, I put my hand on his thigh turning to kiss his cheek.

“So Y/N, how’s our boy treating you” Arthur spome across the table, smiling at me.

“Treating me just fine but he’s not around as much as I’d like” I joked nudging him slightly.

“Oi, don’t blame me, its bloody Tommy keeping me late!” He defended himself pointing to his older brother, Tommy just smiled and shook his head.

“Well, we’ll leave you two love birds now, me and Arthur here have some business to take care of” He spoke, standing and walking out the booth with the eldest brother, they both turned bidding goodbye to the pair of us as we sat and discussed things, a few minutes had passed and Finn and Isaiah came and sat at our booth.

“Hello, you two mjnd if we sit?” Finn spoke as the pair scooting inward to the booth.

“Yeah fuck off” Replied John turning to me.

“Its fine boys you sit” I said whilst getting up from the table.

“I’m going to get some drinks for you lot yeah?” I said looking at the them as they nodded and smiled, I made my iver to the bar ordering three brandys, when a man, I would say and inch taller than John approached me, he had scruffy brown hair and reaked of oil and smoke.

“Ello’ love, tell are all the women as pretty as you?” He asked staring down at me like I was a piece of meet.

“I’d assume so sir” I replied.

“Well, whats a pretty piece like you doing here alone?” He asked as he slide his hand down my waist to my bumper, I turned and slapped him.

“I’m not bloody alone you pig, don’t ever touch me again” I shouted gaining the attention of everyone, the room went silent as stared at the man holding his cheek.

“You- YOU LITTLE BITCH” he yelled grabbing my arm and shoving me to the ground harshly, before I knew what was happening, John had the man kn the ground beating the life out of him as isaiah helped me to my feet.

“Y/N are you alright?” He asked noticing my dress had ripped up the arm and blood was coming out slowly.

“Bloody hell John she bleeding!” Shouted Finn, gaining the attention of the young man, he stopped beating the offender and walked over to me.

“I want him and his mates out of here now!” John demanded, men came and dragged the man bruised body out with his friends.

“We’re going home” he whispered as the two younger boys went and sat down again, we said goodbye to the two and left quickly, the drive home was silent, i was wiping away blood from my arm, luckily it was more a scratch than a cut so the worst of it was the rip in your dress, once at home John practically rushed you inside the house, dragging you to the bedroom, rushing of to the bathroom and back and forth.

“John, love please can you just slow down?!” I asked watching him pace, he stopped facing away from me.

“He fucking hurt you” he gritted out turning to me, looking at my arm, now clean and the scratch was drying up.

“My love, im fine, ill need a new dress maybe but the worst that happened was him groping me” I attempted to reassure him, his eyes shot up to me.

“He what!?”

I looked over his face, his tense attitude and narrow eyes, I’d seen this before when he got angry or possesive.

“It’s not like it matters love, it happens” I said playing with his shirt buttons.

“It happens, what you let other men touch you like? that touch what mine!” he asked, lifting my legs to wrap them round his waist at the edge of the bed, reaching round to undo my dress.

“John I don’t le-” I began talking as he pushed the top of my dress down my shoulder and torso, lifting my bum and dragging the rest to the floor kicking it to the side, kissing his way up my neck.

“if men like that think they can touch you I need to show them you’re mine!” he said sucking at my sensitive skin, unbutton his shirt, pulling away from me to push it off; I sat up tugging at his belt chucking it to the side with my dress.

“Someone’s eager” he said, pulling his trousers down.

“Those too” I said motioning to his briefs, as I undid my bra and pulled my under wear down, the pile of clothes now completed with both our clothes., he joined me on the bed pushing me up, his length hard against my thigh, he began kissing my neck again leaving numerous hickey against my skin then feeling of his mouth locking, sucking and nipping at my skin was amazing I could feel the wetness between my legs grow as my hands gripped at his biceps.

“Darling please I need you please” I begged him winding my legs round his waist tight.

“You sure you don’t want the other bloke?” He asked mockingly.

“Please John, please!” I practically yelled, he smirked down at me, unwinding my legs and turning me over onto my stomach, pulling my bum into the air as my chest laid flat on the bed.

“I said I’d show people your mine and now I’m showing you, you’re mine” he said pushing into my quickly, giving me no time to adjust as he thrusted, drawing his hand back and bringing down hard on my back side.

“Ah~ darling!” I moaned gripping the bedsheets as he drew his hand back and bringing it down repeatedly, leaving a red handprint on me.

He wove his hand into my hair, making a ponytail pulling me back against his chest fucking upward into me.

“You feel fucking amazing doll” he groaned into my ear, I could feel myself tightening around him.

“Gonna cum love?” He asked pushing in deeper.

“Ah~ mghn~ please John!” I said pushing back onto him.

“Ugh~ fuck love I’m cumming!” He moaned as he filled me, helping me ride out my high, he pulled out of me falling beside me, I leaned over placing my head and hand on his chest cuddling into him, he stroked me back as we laid together.

“You okay love?”

“Yes John”

“Good, hopefully seeing those people will know not to touch taken goods” He spoke smiling down at me, kissing the top of my head, laying back and relaxing.

“I’m only yours love” I spoke.

“And I yours”

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Prompts: 13. “Come back here right now” - 15. “Do I make myself clear?”

Warnings: Angst to fluff! Enjoy!

A heavy sigh fell from your lips, this was your fourth time explaining a potions recipe that Blaise obviously wasn’t listening to. “Do you understand now? That’s why you shouldn’t mix angels trumpet and baneberry. They’re poisonous and will kill you.” Blaise shook his head, his face wearing a dopey smile, “I’m not sure, maybe you could explain again.”

You rolled your eyes. At least you would’ve if your white-haired boyfriend didn’t slam open the doors to the common room. Blaise’s face dropped after seeing the expression on your lover’s face. A dark scowl represented on his porcelain skin. “(Y/N), get up.”

Before you could even respond a tight grip on your arm lead you to a room you had been in many times before, Draco’s. He was seething, face red, crisp white locks hung messily off his head. “When were you gonna tell me?” He spat, a look of confusion began to spread on your face. “Draco, what the hell are you talking about?”

The sickly chuckle rolled off his lip, almost like he was mocking you. “You think I didn’t notice your study dates with Blaise, always budding up in the common room. His hand desperately trying to hold yours, disgusting. If you were gonna be a cheating harlot at least make it count!” 

Tears welled up in your eyes, how could Draco ever believe you would betray him like this, especially with Blaise. How dare he call you a harlot Blaise would flirt with you sure, but you turned him down. You were certainly no harlot! “If you feel this deeply you can’t trust me then maybe we should’ve never been together at all!” You were sobbing now.

It was clear Draco didn’t expect that response, he most definitely didn’t expect the sad hate-filled glare you threw him before reaching towards the handle. “(Y/N), come back here right now!” Grasping your shoulders as he towered over you, hands effectively trapping you to the wall. “I’m not letting you leave just so you can waltz over to him, you’re mine and mine only. Do I make myself clear?

Your soft whimpered, yes is what drew the pureblood back in. His smooth hands gently wiping the tears off of your stained face. “I love you Draco, I would never hurt you like that. I don’t want Blaise, I want you.” Looking up, you’re met with a softened face, “I know (Y/N), I’m sorry but I can’t stand to see him spend more time with you than I. I love you, the thought of you leaving poisons me. Please, I beg of you don’t leave me.” 

A smile graces your lips, “I promise, I would never leave you Draco.” He wasn’t sure what made him believe this so deeply, perhaps it was the soft tone of your voice or the genuine piercing look in your eyes, it may even have been the soft kiss you two shared.

It didn’t matter, you loved Draco and Draco loved you. No matter what, that was sure to never change.

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One immediate reservation about wanting someone else鈥檚 experience is that my desire to be someone else (i.e., have his experience) is grounded in values and desires that I have, and so I have to be me in order to want to be him. However, it鈥檚 not clear that that presents any real hurdle to such a desire. I could say that it is precisely by my own lights that the experience of being them would be better, and that there would be at least enough overlap with them that they are instantiating my values and desires but have a better experience than I do. So I can still prefer to be them.

I think that, on reflection, most of us would not want to trade with another person, no matter how successful or enticing their lives seem 鈥 or even are in reality. To see why, though, we鈥檒l need to switch our angle of vision. We will have to look at our own experiences rather than at theirs, or perhaps look at our experiences first. What would I be willing to give up to be another? My relationships with everyone 鈥 children, spouse, friends 鈥 and my whole history. I wouldn鈥檛 have undergone it. My loss would be that of the whole of my own experience.

We live in world in which the lives of those with more wealth or fame or recognition or influence or beauty are constantly placed before us as though they were something to aspire to. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with aspiration in itself. But to the extent these lives are presented to us as something to be hankered after, as lives we would certainly want if only we could have them, we are presented with an image that asks us to forget what is important to us. In an age of acquisitiveness, and one moreover in which the normative constraints on acquisitiveness have largely fallen away, it is comforting 鈥 and perhaps even imperative 鈥 to recognize that of all the personal histories that we might choose from, it is our own that would be our likely choice.

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Sorry guys, I’m trying to answer every ask, but I’ve got a lot in a very short amount of time so I need a little time to answer everything (and also I was pretty busy today) :D

You mean if somebody else flirted with them? Well, if you keep flirting with all three of them, then you already got your answer in chapter 5 😉

They probably won’t have any issues tho if that person trying to flirt with the MC is a total stranger and the MC doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. If that person is one of the ROs, then you will have to wait to see that in the story :D

Thanks for the ask! 😘

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Harry knows he should be happy he found a date. One that even looks good if he should believe Ron and Neville. Someone who won’t embarrass him on the dance floor when he’s forced to dance in front of the whole school. Really, Parvati is great. And that she convinced her sister to take Ron to the ball, shows that she’s kind too. Or maybe just after Harry for his fame, as Hermione said. But who cares. It’s not like Harry likes her. If it had been up to him, he’d be here with Clo.

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What if we rewrite the stars 19


Iris  pov

For the past month I have had the same dream. Anakin turning to the dark side. He as well as the other clones killed younglings and Jedi. “Join me Iris. We can bring peace to the galaxy. All you have to do in join me.” Anakin said holding out his hand. “No won’t join you. I am not a traitor like you. ” I say igniting my lightsabers “Then you will die.” Is the last thing I hear before I open my eyes.

“I don’t want to believe it but Ani it going to turn.” I said looking in the mirror. Seswak was waiting in the training room. “Master?” He said standing up. “Seswak for the last time stop calling me that. I may have the title but we are equals.” I growl. “I’m sorry but you have a call from master Yoda and Windu.” I sigh “Alright thank you you may leave.” He nods and left alowing me to start transmission. “I fear you two may be on to something.” I said swallowing my pride. “Glad to hear your coming around. But still leaves the fact you told him.” Windu said not happy. “Master with all due respect. The constant lying to him was eating me up. I couldn’t take it anymore. He is my best friend and I would never betray his trust. ” I  said feeling ashamed. “Iris understand we do of friendship. But Skywalker is heading down a dark path one that will destroy us all. You must stop him if it comes down to it. May the force be with you.” He said looking sad. Yeah because I am a scapegoat in the end. I cut the transmission unsure of how to go about this. I hope I will survive this it’s not just my life at stake here.

Seswak pov

Walking on the bridge I am stopping by Anakin. “Hey Seswak why so down buddy. Whats wrong?” He asked placing a hand on my shoulder. “Its my master sir. She hasn’t been the same since the attack. I know she lost the baby but that was awhile ago. She should focus on the mission and training.” I know how I sound but it was true she had enough time. “Listen Seswak Iris is like me it takes us time to deal with loss. I will talk to her you just be patient ok. If you want you can join me and Ahsoka in the sparing room. ” He said before leaving. “Thats my master off fixing everyones problems.” Ahsoka jokes  “At least yours is saine.” I said walking of the bridge feeling angry.

Iris pov

I was about to open my door to find Seswak. That is when I found Anakin in midknock. “Hello Ani whats wrong?” I asked having a feeling I already knew the answer.

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