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#jean kirschtein x reader
yeagerslut · 2 months ago
how they ruin the mood during sex ft the aot boys: the sequel
Tumblr media
a/n: since the original did so well, here's a a part two! once again these are all jokes so please don't take em seriously. part 3 here!
cw!! nothing except for my shame
Tumblr media
spaces out thinking about how fucked up it is that they never caught the zodiac killer
gets nervous and accidentally puts it in the wrong hole--twice
laughs at the way his dick disappears into your pussy while he's fucking you because 'it's like it's playing peekaboo'
gets a leg cramp right as you're about to cum
pulls out in a hurry because he forgot that he had hot pockets in the microwave
complains that your pussy isn't wet enough while doing absolutely nothing about it
gets bored
you call him daddy and he just gives you a very concerned look
stays deathly silent the entire time he hits it. you don't even know if he's breathing tbh
praises himself instead of you
you ask him to slap you and he does. way too fucking hard
apologises directly to your pussy before he starts to put it in
starts complaining about reiner
not a thing. he's perfect <3
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suna-reversed · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nsfw links masterlist
minors dni!!
Tumblr media
(I’ll keep updating this, it’s more so to keep tally of characters I’ve already done)
Kuroo + extra
Ushijima and Bokuto
Mattsun and Makki
Daichi and Suga
Jujutsu Kaisen
Masterlist (includes- Sukuna, Toji, Nanami, Choso, Getou, Utahime, Mei Mei)
Getou extra
Tumblr media
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sashabrausbrainrot · a month ago
Tumblr media
to whoever needs this right now…
your comfort character is so damn proud of you and the person you’ve become.
your comfort character would choose you first. no matter the circumstances.
your comfort character would drop everything to help you when you’re feeling sad, unloved or lonely.
your comfort character would walk to the ends of the earth if it meant seeing you happy.
your comfort character thinks you are the most stunning person in the universe. that new outfit you don’t think you look good in? they’d fight you just to prove just the opposite, to prove how beautiful/handsome/attractive you are - inside and out.
your comfort character can’t help but look at you like you put the stars in the sky.
your comfort character is always there if you need to get away. bad home life? they’ve got you. friend troubles? they’re on their way as we speak. just having a rough day? not to worry, they’re here to calm you down.
your comfort character always listens to what you have to say. they’d yell for everyone to shut up so you could have your turn to talk, no matter the topic.
your comfort character never lets you walk behind everyone on the sidewalk. they’re right beside you, always.
your comfort character loves you more than anything in this world. they think you’re the strongest person they’ve ever met, and hope that you always keep fighting.
Tumblr media
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e-jaegerenthusiast · 2 months ago
jjk/aot boys hcs (kinda turned into small drabbles)
~what they would do if you slapped them mid-sex~
characters; eren, jean, levi, toji, megumi, gojo, nanami, yuuji, sukuna
warnings/tw; smut,face-slapping, slight blood play, spitting, degrading, rough seggs, some fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
creds to @ mineco000 on twitter for the nanamiiiin art
we all know these are a bunch of sadistic mfs
anyway idk the w.c for this one— it’s too long 🥴
practically wrote a whole drabble for each- enjoy <3
Eren Jaeger
so i imagine you’d be doing missionary, he had been so cocky the whole day, teasing you and haunting you with his boasting
“i have so much control over you, look at you, my little slut. would do anything for my cock”
you obviously get off on the shit he says however-👀—this time you get an idea, mentally slap yourself first for it.
then you kinda go ‘fuck it lets see what happens’ i mean he would probably rail the shit out of you later on but isn’t that what you want hm?
eren’s pounding into you at a hard pace, grunting every once in a while as you groan and whimper beneath him, a slight smirk makes its way on your lips as you watch his face closely, he’s so focused on where he’s fucking you.
he’s watching himself and how he disappears and reappears in you with hard thrusts. his eyes fixed on your pussy, he doesn’t quite register what happens at first when he feels a slight sting on his cheek.
he looks up at you, thrusts slowing. you’re biting your lower lip in anticipation, a delicious fear creeping its way into your chest.
his teal eyes seem to focus and refocus on your face, with a raise of his brows, he hardly thrusts in you as he brings his palm to your cheek and lands a hard slap. making you clench around his cock.
he sets a bruising pace as he talks in a menacing voice, making you shiver, “what the fuck was that?” you moan as you’re looking up at him, your tits jiggling slightly with his thrusts. he slaps you again, but then grabs your jaw in his hand to face towards him again, “huh?” another slap, making you whimper. “what. the. fuck. was that?” he says each word with a thrust into you, his hand rubbing your red cheek, thumb swiping away the little dot of blood forming on your lips. he brings his thumb to his lips, licking your blood off of it, the action making you cringe if it wasn’t for his cock twitching in you and his teal eyes boring into yours.
“don’t ever try that shit on me again, know your place yeah?”
Jean Kirchstein
y’all better know this mf’s a switch.
he fucking loves when you top him
he has a hidden mommy kink. maybe that’s why he kinda is a bitch to his own mom in that one ova— maybe he doesn’t like calling her mom💀
so i imagine you’re on top, he’s laying with his head against the headboard, your ass jiggling as he holds you, helping you bounce on him, your arms around his neck.
his eyes are closed as soft pants and moans leave his mouth, you can’t help but admire him, how his mullet drapes around his neck and slightly sticks to the sweaty skin.
he gives you a soft, lust-dazed smile as he chuckles, “what?” he asks you, still smiling
“jean,” you say between moans, “yes baby?”
you hide your head in his collarbone, lightly nibbling on it as he huffs, “hm? what is it?”
you bring your head back up to look at him, your eyes darting between his hazel eyes and his blushed cheeks, “c-can i try something?”
he raises a brow, nodding hesitantly, nibbling on his lower lip in anticipation.
you slap him accross his cheek, not that harsh, not wanting to startle him more as it is.
a whimper leaves his mouth.
you smirk at him, grinding your hips as you feel his thighs twitching.
he opens his eyes, a pleading look in them along with his brows
you slap him again, a bit harder this time
he groans,
“you like that jean?”
he cums.
Levi Ackerman
i cannot find it in my heart to want to slap this man.
he has been thru so much shit i would not like to inflict any pain on him even a little sting 🥺
i mean- it would prolly be nothing for him since he’s the strongest soldier of humanity.
but tbh i’m always always torn between dom levi and sub levi. so for me, he’s a switch. both.
sometimes he like you to take care of him. he needs it, even tho he will barely admit it.
he never admits. he is so so so stubborn and reserved.
other times he would like to dom and rail tf out of you cuz i cant imagine him not being a dom sometimes
anyway i’m getting distracted wait-
dont slap him.
at first he looks at you, confused- thinking he’s done something wrong?
when he sees you trying to hide your smile by biting your lips, he gets it.
he’ll pin your hands above your head, a “tch” leaving his lips as he kisses you
“why’d you do that?”
“i’m sorry, did you not like it?”
he rolls his eyes and grips your wrists tighter with one hand, “i never said that.”
бгггггг oop
toji fushiguro
buckle up ladies, we goin for a ride.
are you dumb? would you like to be murdered? fed to crows? fed to his worm?
doesn’t matter cuz i fuckin am.
he has you pressed against a wall, one arm next to your head, the other flexing and unflexing infront of you as the large veins lead to his hand that he has burried in your underwear, two thick fingers of his playing with your clit
you’re a whining mess as he looks down at you with dangerous eyes blown with lust so much so they look the same as his hair color.
he’s been edging you forever, licking and sucking all over your neck and chest before he finally gave you his fingers. or so you thought.
he had been rubbing you for you dont know how long now
before your mind could keep up, your body reacted, with a frustrated groan, you slap him.
his face tilts to the side with your smack, cheek a light shade of pink from your small fingers. his movements on your clit come to a halt, your heart threatening to jump out of its cage.
he turns his head, looking at you with a shit-eating grin. the scar on his lips looking delicious as ever.
before you can register his movements, he uses his legs to part yours. he plunges his two fingers into you without warning, curling them into the spot he knows will make you scream.
your thighs start shaking, hands grabbing at his broad shoulders and squeezing.
he chuckles darkly, “do it again.”
you look up at him through moans as his fingers fastly move in you with a ‘come hither’ motion, you think you’re fucking imagining things, so filled with lust as you finally have his fingers where you want them.
is this a test? does he want you to slap him again so he could put you in your place?
he shakes his head, amused, “am i fucking you dumb with my fingers? if they’re too big for you, my cock is gonna rip you in two.” your mouth is open but no sound leaves it at this point, he scissors his fingers in you, making you choke on your breaths. “didn’t you hear me? do it again.” you try to keep your eyes open, through heavy lids you look at his expressions, trying to read him. you fail.
“go on then, slap me again like the impatient fucking brat you are.” he says with an evil grin.
you slap him again, earning a groan from deep within his chest, the sound makes you clench around him. “yeah? satisfied?” he moves his fingers at an unrelenting pace, looking down at you with the smirk still evident on his face, ”you get off on that shit? my little whore.” he coos
before you know it, you’re cumming all around his thick fingers, coating them in your slick. he swiftly grabs your hips and turns you around, you’re practically like a small ragdoll compared to him.
you’re still trying to calm down from your previous high. you hear it before you feel it, the tearing sound of your ruined panties, the shredded cloth sliding to the floor.
you feel his thick tip press against your folds, you’re whimpering and trying to get away from him, failing as he has you trapped between his chest and the wall, he grabs both your wrists as you try to turn around and push him away, holding both of them in one hand behind you as he slides his length between your folds, groaning as your thighs shook for him.
he doesn’t put it in yet, observing your small figure writhing infront of him, he lands a harsh slap on your ass, making you moan out loud. he nibbles on the shell of your ear, hot breath against it as he speaks in a devilish, deep voice, “you did that cuz you wanted me yeah? well now you have it. you have me, and you’ll take it.” he puts the tip of his large cock in you, making you moan in pleasure, thats far from what he wanted.
he wanted you to feel pain. to feel all of him and what he is. he would thrive on it.
he wrapped his free arm around your form, holding you close to his chest as he gave a hard thrust, even with all the strength of his wide hips, all of him couldn’t fit in you.
your throat hurt as you screamed. “there we go, got what you wanted? hm? happy? argh—clamping around so tightly around my cock? barely fits in you, doll. gonna have to make the rest of it fit. and you’re gonna take it so well.”
good luck to your neighbors ma’am you’re literally getting convicted.
if i write more for this man i won’t be able to stop 🥴
megumi fushiguro
hmm okay he’s legit the only boi i had no idea in my head for
maybe it’s cuz his reactions are really hard for me to understand
he’s still a mystery to me 😩
i think he would genuinely be confused—
he’d look at you with such a confused expression on his face, his eyebrows all scrunched up together, his thrusts coming to a halt
you’d chuckle and wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him sweetly.
he would just brush it off and continue with your fucking
later on he would rethink it, surprising himself when he would blush at the thought
he would be hesitant to talk about it
but you’d notice immediately and motion for him to come into your arms
he would put his on your chest as you massage his scalp and play with his hair
“y/n?” he would say in a shy voice
“hm?”, he looks up at you, raven hair falling on to his forehead as you mess it up, “i didn’t know you were into that stuff.” he says as he’s trying to hide his blush in your boobs, you chuckle, raising a brow.
you just unlocked gumi’s kinky side.
prepare to have your guts rearranged next time you fug 😁
Satoru gojo
this cheeky, cocky, woo woo ass motherfucker-
he would not take you seriously for the love of god
i’d probably enjoy slapping him the most ngl.
you’d be riding him, and him being the cocky-self he is, would have his arms crossed under his head as he watches you bounce yourself on his cock
your thighs would be stinging with pain by now, it was overwhelming and annoying, your features would change to one of discomfort, “‘t-toru,” he watched you with a smug smirk on his face that you quite literally wanted to slap off his face, his icy blue orbs looking you up and down as he made no move, no effort, “hmmmmm?” he said mockingly, you’d whine, “it hurts.. please help me, i’m tired.”
he’d give a sweet chuckle, nothing but annoying to your ears. he would move closer to you, leaning on his elbows, and teasingly rubbing your ass with his palm.
you snap, literally growling with frustration as your palm comes to slap his cheek, it stops millimeters before it. his chuckle filling the room, he takes your hands in his, pressing a kiss to the palm of it.
in a swift movement, he turns you both around, now hovering above you. his cock still remains inside you as you whine, “satoru!! please...nnnaaghh! move!”, he chuckles again, the sound making you want to try slapping him again, and kiss his velvet soft lips at the same time. he grabs your face with one large hand, slender fingers planted on your cheeks as he squishes your lips together to form a pout.
he grins, still not moving inside you as you have a vice grip around his dick. his heaven-sent eyes looking down at you, his snowy white hair messy on his forhead, “say ‘AAA”, if it weren’t for you being extremely frustrated right now, you’d laugh at his goofiness. you open your mouth, his thumb on your chin as his hand is wrapped around you throat.
he slowly brings his own spit between his lips, watching it as it falls to your mouth. he hums in satisfaction as you swallow it. he tuts as you try to move your hips against his, craving more. his hand grips your hip enough to leave bruises, “now, apologize for trying to slap me, and i might make you cum, buttercup.”
he ends up fucking you so hard, this time with his infinity off, letting you leave scratches along his back as blood forms his muscular back.
he knew he deserved it.
he’d also treat you like a princess afterwards.
he’d bring up you trying to slap him during sex SO much.
not for others tho- as much as he’s shameless, he also doesn’t like to share any info about you.
he’d tease you for it, making you do things for him so he “might consider letting you slap me next time, ngl it turned me on, you trying to be stronger than me. ” he would say while munching on gummy bears.
kento nanami
oh boy-
we all know he’s a man of culture and manners okay.
so i feel like he’d highkey hate it and think it disrespectful
even though he does go all daddy dom when he’s stressed, he would never slap you (on the face anyway)
he would like to have a mutual respect between you both
tbh i wouldn’t even try slapping this man- it’s just— embarrassing.
sorry if you expected sum else😩
yuuji itadori
oh my god this baby boy
you have it in your heart to slap him?
he would stop mid-thrust, his eyebrows furrowing, lips pouting
he would literally look like this 🥺
you’d have to apologize and kiss him where you slapped him.
he would make the yuji face he always does- it goes smth like this 😗
and he’d lowkey be confused
he’d be like, “wait..that’s something you do during sex??”
this baby would go and research all over pornhub, watching slapping vids to get himself to like it and warm up to it😭
he’d still be too sweet tho
*nervous laugh* h-ha-haa-hhhhhhh
uhm ma’am do you have a deathwish
as soon as you slap him, he’s turning you over, all fours. face down, ass up.
he would literally spank you so much— might even use his fuckin nails to draw blood o-o
he would fuck your ass. raw. he would absolutely inflict so so much pain on you.
he’d use his iconic quote “ichi-do wa yurusu, ni-do wa nai. bun wa wakimaerou, shiremonoga” 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 stop that’s my favorite line of his
the translation if yall SOMEHOW dont know that line; “i’ll allow it a first time, there won’t be a second time. know your place, fool.”
mehe xxx
© all content belongs to e-jaegerenthusiast, do not repost or copy any of my work
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bakhoe · 6 months ago
longish headcanons on how the boys cuddle
includes: armin, eren, jean, levi, and reiner
Tumblr media
Imagine: Armin is resting against the wall of his bed, books scattered across his bed and a little notebook on his lap, taking notes of every single detail he finds interesting. The candle he has in his room keeps flickering because his window is wide open since he doesn’t like being in complete silence. It’s super late because the only time he is able to enjoy his hobbies is super late at night. 
That’s when you come in, all groggy and rubbing your eyes, ready to have your routine nightly chats and cuddle session. 
He quickly puts his books away as soon as he hears the door open, knowing you’re coming in and leaves the notebook in bed to recount everything he found while reading, even more excited because he left little book margins about things YOU would love!
He’s more on the serious side about his cuddles, he just loves and cherishes every moment he can get with you. His favorite cuddling position is your head pressed against his chest and legs intertwined the way this boy gets major butterflies like it’s his first time ever doing this. 
He loves trailing his fingers against your back, or if you’re ticklish there, he’ll just trace your arms while blabbering. 
He loves that you let him talk your ear off, and share that same kind of excitement about things even if you don’t understand them. Though, he loves when you drift to sleep even if he is in mid-conversation, just lets him know that you feel safe in his arms! <3
Tumblr media
Don’t even argue with me on this, this boy is 100% an attention seeker with his significant other, no doubt ABOUT it. He gets pouty/jealous when you give people more attention, gets upset when you won’t offer him any attention, and for sure gets fed up when you willingly ignore him when he upsets you which he probably deserves lol.
So, his cuddles definitely show that needy trait, but you don’t mind. 
He doesn’t necessarily have a favorite cuddling position but he does prefer for you to be touching and appreciating him, like running your fingers through his hair or rubbing your thumb against his cheek. Blushy boy!!
He isn’t always craving to be the center of attention in the relationship, he loves taking care of you and taking charge but when it comes to innocent touches, love, and adoration, he’s like putty in your hands. 
So, to initiate some kind of affection from you, he just rubs his head against you, wherever you guys are. He always avoids doing it in front of people he knows or knows of, but other than that, you could be shopping at the small market and he’ll just start rubbing his head against your shoulder or cheek. 
This means! Cuddle time!! ASAP!!! He just loves being as close to you as possible, continuously snuggling and rubbing up to you, almost like he’s trying to merge with you.
Tumblr media
Out of everyone, he is probably the silliest one and just takes it less seriously. It’s mostly a give and take dynamic, and just super healthy?? Like he understands that couples sometimes need time for themselves and respects how independent you are? Icon.
Because he is the silliest out of everyone, he takes the chance to tickle you and do anything to make you laugh. He probably lifts up your shirt and just blows a raspberry against your stomach, knowing how much you hate it. (Or love it, I don’t judge lol.)
He has a ton of different cuddling positions, like weird ones: resting separately but grabbing on to one foot, a ying and yang formation going on with you facing his feet and vice versa, his head on your bum!
But when ya’ll get to fall asleep together, he tends to love making you straddle him and just have you lay on him on his chest. He wraps his arms around you and just hums or tells you a story about his mom.
But when you guys do fall asleep and eventually separate, he always makes sure he’s still touching you. For example, you guys could be facing away from each other and if he wakes up, he’ll scoot his butt against yours.
Most of these more serious encounters would be in undies, and no, it’s not because he’s planning to corrupt this innocent event. He just loves both of your bodies pressed against each other like that, it relaxes him because of the heat both of you radiate. 
Tumblr media
This man has trauma and will avoid telling you, even after being in the relationship for more than a few years. Even though he never really wants to burden anyone with his baggage, it’s still on the table and it’s not only emotional for him, but for you too. 
It’s hard for him to open up, even to you. It’s morbid but he’s afraid of opening up and then losing you, or vice versa. He’ll definitely hear out your emotional baggage, but he’ll be afraid to connect with you in that level.
But!! But! There is a way to get him to talk to you after a stressful day, and maybe you haven’t figured out a way to get him to use you as a therapist about his past but you definitely figured out a way for the present. 
You have to find him reading, definitely alone and with no sign of people coming back or coming in because he hates PDA.
Then you just sit and as if your thighs were a magnet to his head, in less than two seconds, he’s resting on you. He’s always fighting and acting tough that he loves to feel reassured that someone is there and taking care of him.
He loves the feelings of your fingers running through his hair, he loves the feeling of your stomach rising and falling after each breath against his cheek, and he loves reading whatever he was reading out loud to you. 
Then after a few minutes of asking and silence, he’ll finally talk to you about his feelings and thoughts from these past few days.
Tumblr media
We can all agree that this man is SWOLE. Big boy, big beefy boy, yum. Because of this, he loves delicate and soft things. Soft blankets, delicate flowers, plush pillows? Yes.
Everything you offer? Soft. Plump. And delicate. To him everyone just seems softer, especially when they’re smaller than him. It’s like that phenomenon where people can have a clean appearance or a musty one, even if they are clean? Like Eren.
He loves holding you on his lap, just squeezing you in a hug while talking. The feeling against your soft skin against his rough one just let’s him know he is living and fighting for someone. That someone out in the world will always be waiting for his return. 
Favorite cuddling position is for sure, classic spooning. He’d love to have you wrapped up in his arms and know that you are safe in his bed, in his arms, against his chest. 
The man would go feral for any meaty spot on you, it doesn’t matter if you are on the thinner or thicker side, this man will squeeze the fuck out of your thighs, bum, arms, stomach, anything. He’d love to scratch your head or trace his fingers against your body, just an overall touchy man.
He would also like to have blankets all around ya’ll, like pillows and blankets all around to just have that extra feeling of comfort. 
thank you for reading \(^.^)/ if you see this, you are extraordinary! the song recommendation of today is duvet by boa.
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ofoceansandtombstones · 3 months ago
emotional things said during sex (some snk folk edition)
tags: 18+, mini drabbles, gn!reader, some are angsty some are fluffy, i apologize for nothing
a/n: was listening to love songs and character songs and this came tumbling out my hands not too long after. sorry again for the abrupt disappearance, i explained it in my post before this one. i’m working on the event requests now that i’m in a safe space and have calmed down sufficiently. until they’re done, please take these hcs for now
eren: you were riding him when eren abruptly grunted “don’t forget me” you halted your ministrations in confusion, but eren picked up the slack and thrusted upwards into you. “promise me you won’t forget me” he clenched your hand tightly as you moaned. “promise” he kept whispering until you finally promised you wouldn’t. “promise me, no matter what”
levi: paused his thrusts and tenderly laid a hand atop your forehead before softly saying “i love you”. he kissed you softly afterwards, resuming a much slower pace than rougher pace you had both originally set. each of levi’s breaths in your ear felt like he was whispering those words to you again. it was the first time he had ever said it and you felt overwhelmed
mikasa: at the crest of her pleasure, writing underneath you and hips bucking as your fingers touched that spot over and over again. “please,” she gasped, squeezing her eyes tightly “don’t leave me. don’t ever leave. just stay” she pleaded like a prayer, her voice haggard and desperate. “stay” tears were welling in the corner of her eyes. “stay--” her pleas fell silent as she came, clenching you tightly
historia: you were eating historia out before you felt small hands tugging at your hair, gesturing for you to come up. the small blonde smiled up at you as you looked down at her, pulling you down for a soft kiss. you angled her head just so as you sucked gently on her tongue before you pecked her lips again. “thank you for choosing me” historia smiled lovingly. “every time” you whispered in return with a smile before kissing her again
jean: “i want to marry you” jean said between peppered kisses on your chest. “marry me” you chuckled, thinking your lover was joking for a moment before he lifted his words and repeated himself. “i mean it” his brown eyes shone brightly. “i want to marry you. i want to be together with you like this forever.” it definitely didn’t seem like a joke anymore. “marry me”
reiner: “i’m sorry.” reiner laid his head on your shoulder, halting his thrusts entirely. “wha? what are you apologizing for, reiner?” you asked him in confusion what he was apologizing for, the bricks of the wall prickling your skin. but he never explained. “i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.” he kept repeating. you weren’t sure if he was apologizing to you, or someone else entirely
porco: he broke down and cried like a tall child in the crook of your neck, buried inside you. he didn’t have to say anything for you to still hear what he was saying in his tone and in how tightly he held you. i’m in pain. i miss my brother. i want him to come back. i’m hurting. you wrapped one arm around his back and brought the other to caress his hair as you whispered “i know, i know”
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alrightberries · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
headcanon: when they wake up in the middle of the night and realize you drifted off to the other side of the bed.
➼ genre: fluff. ➼ tw: none
➼ ft. eren, armin, jean, reiner, porco & levi
Tumblr media
eren: eren would be the type to scooch closer to you when you're sleeping. doesn't matter how close or far you are from the edge of the bed, he'll always be the one to adjust bc he doesn't wanna risk waking you up. he'd wrap his arms tightly around your waist, bury his nose into your hair, then fall back asleep. (additionally: he doesn't consider that you're both on the edge of the bed now, so it won't be far fetched to say you'll end up on the floor when you wake up. he's still latched onto you though.)
armin: also the type to scooch closer to you because he doesn't wanna wake you up. unlike eren tho, he actually considers the possibility of waking up on the floor. so if you're on the edge of the bed and about to fall off, he'd discreetly pull on the blanket and slowly inch you closer towards the middle where you're safe. would wrap his arms loosely around you and fall back asleep facing you, even if you're not facing him.
jean: i see him as the type to pull you closer but also scooch towards you. believes in meeting in the middle (of the bed) and would wrap his arm around your waist, slowly pull you closer, and if you wake up he'll kiss your forehead and gently tell you to "go back to sleep, babe." likely to gently turn you around if you're not facing him; he likes falling asleep facing each other, thinks it's more intimate that way.
reiner: he's the type to lift you up when he realizes you've drifted off to the edge of the bed. when i say "lift you up" i don't mean carry you off your feet bridal style, but he'd put his arms underneath your knees and back, gently lift you a couple inches from the bed, then bring you closer to him. only when you're cuddled up to him will he be able to fall back asleep (all that without waking you up; he's a talented cuddler.)
porco: would pull you closer to him, no questions asked. he won't scooch closer like the others— he'd wrap his arm around your waist and pull you towards him, no matter how far you are. you'll likely wake up to the feeling of being gently dragged across the bed, but when your back meets a warm chest followed by a kiss on the cheek and a sleepy "sorry, princess. you were too far away," both you and pock fall back asleep.
levi: in all honesty, levi's not likely to pull you closer. when he wakes up, it's his insomnia keeing him up and he probably won't fall back asleep any time soon. like armin, he'd pull at the blankets to inch you closer towards the middle of the bed. from there, he'd face your general direction and look at you fondly. sometimes he'd play with your hair or interlock your pinkeys, and if he's feeling indulgent, he'd wrap his arm around you and give you a forehead kiss. either way, he'll get up and get dressed shortly after so he can start with work.
Tumblr media
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erenstellar · 5 months ago
WHY’D YOU ONLY CALL ME WHEN YOU’RE HIGH? [jean kirstein one shot]
based on this song: why’d you only call me when you’re high? by arctic monkeys
also inspiration from this tiktok
pairing: jean kirstein x f!reader
rating: mature. chapter contains smut. +18
—cw: alcohol using, mentions of drugs, friends to lovers, size kink, breeding kink, stomach bulges, soft dom! jean, sub! jean, face-slapping, praising, pet names, oral sex, fingering
words: 7.9K
summary: jean kirstein was deeply, drunkenly in love with you and finally he had the courage to say it. you found your friend at your front door three in the morning; high, needy and begging for your touch.
notes: since it’s a new blog pls reblog my work if you like! took me four days to finish, ugh. happy 300 followers!
Tumblr media
‘You up?’
Jean stared at his phone for a moment, he cringed at that pathetic message he was about to send. His thumb stalled at that send button so long, finally he was noticed by Connie. “Oi, who’s the lucky girl, Jean-boy?”
“Shut up.” He murmured just after locking his phone. It was in a flash, Connie couldn’t even see the contact. “C’mon man, are you shy? Tell me—”
“Why do you need him to say it, Connie. We all know it’s Mikasa.” Eren interrupted, his voice was flat yet Jean could catch that hidden playful tone. There was a smirk on his face that Jean wanted to punch him till it would be gone. He was on the other side of the small table, his face was relaxed but his arrogant smile was still there, annoying Jean.
Jean didn’t try to answer him because he knew it could lead them into a small fight. He didn’t want it, he just wanted to send that ridiculous text. It was him again taking the responsibility, he was so tense since they came to the place. He didn’t even use or drink anything they did because he knew they were careless and dumb. But it started to bug him when the clock on the wall hit 2AM. Maybe being careless just enough to relax wouldn’t hurt anybody.
It bugged him the way Eren was so free to talk about love and the girls in their group, Connie was already drunk and laughed every damn thing he could. So Jean started to think why can’t be him talking so freely about love for just one night. Not just any type of love, he wanted to talk about the love he kept inside of him for so long. The same love everyone thought it was for Mikasa.
But there was one thing clear; Jean Kirstein was deeply, drunkenly in love with you.
Yes, he had a big crush on Mikasa once. You came into his life just when he needed. Everyone in his group was sure that Jean would love Mikasa forever and they didn’t see anything wrong about saying it. So everytime he thought things like how your hair was beautiful too or how good he felt when you hugged him, he always hid himself behind the fact he loved Mikasa.
Because loving someone who’s never going to love you back was better being in love with your closest friend, right?
You were the one he wanted to text from the beginning. Not just a stupid thing like ‘you up?’ but also ‘can i come over and cuddle you to sleep because it feels so nice to have your tiny body flush against mine?’
Those cute messages he wanted to text you turned into something naughty in his mind after his third glass. He could hear his friends were cheering him but his mind was so busy thinking about you he didn’t actually hear them. He felt different, ‘Maybe those bastards gave me something.’ he thought. Considering the fact he was nearly sure he heard something like ‘Now let’s pray for the girl he’ll find’
Was it before Jean himself asked Eren for anything it will ease him off? Yes, probably it was.
He was turning his phone between his index finger and thumb while drinking his fourth. Jean didn’t know he could get more creative when he is high. Because all the possible messages he could send to you weren’t something Jean would normally say.
Instead of offering his cuddles he started to realize he could give you more, so he could text you something like ‘did you ever fantasize how good i would fill you up? i learned from sasha that only thing enters to your tight hole is your fingers nowadays.’
He closed his eyes and groaned at the thought mentally. Jean wasn’t a pervert, at least he thought he wasn’t until now. Beside all these intense feelings he felt for you, he always respected the boundaries of the friendship. But now, in this state of mind, he started to realize you weren’t innocent at all. And just after that he also understood why he wanted to cuddle you in your sleep that much. Because you were the one grinding to his body in the middle of the night, giving him painful boners but also those soft sweet sounds escaped from your mouth. Now a hopeful feeling was rising inside of him with the thought of maybe it was his name you moaned in your sleep, he never catched it but also never heard any other name from your beautiful lips.
It was hope, a dangerous one.
The song playing in the place was putting him into an euphoric trance. With all those basses and guitar, anyone hear this song would want to fuck, like it was made for this purpose. He only heard that one specific line, he didn’t even know if it was the singer keep singing it or his mind.
Crawling back to you.
Crawling back to you.
Crawling back to you.
He laughed to himself slowly. His legs were wide apart on the high stool. One of them was higher, he rested one of his feet with hooking his boot’s heel to his stool. There wasn’t anything funny but he couldn’t erase that damn smile from his face. Maybe it was because how annoyed Eren looked, any other girls didn’t come to the table for him.
Jean’s upper teeth was on display, the way he unconsciously wandered his tongue on them was a sexy sight to look. He had this natural charm, he knew that. The thing he didn’t know was how bad it would effect you to see him like that. So bad it would make your knees shake. Well, he could change that.
He gave Connie’s shoulder a little pat before heading to the bathroom. His heavy leather boots left strong thuds behind him, those black jeans hugged his long legs perfectly. Maybe that was the reason Eren sounded offended when they entered to the place, it was because everyone’s eyes turned to Jean and not him.
Ah, Jean was such a sight. With his leather jacket, tall figure and unique hair, it was impossible to not to draw attention. He was painfully handsome and he didn't even realized nearly all the women and men eyed him since he came.
After seconds, or maybe minutes, he was looking at his messy reflection in the bathroom. ‘The mirror's image, it tells me it's home time.’ He thought. His ash-brown hair was a mess and he couldn’t focus on his face. He was drunk, drunk in love enough to see your face on the mirror while he was trying to fix his jacket. He dreamed about how you would do that for him, you would be on your tiptoes to reach his collar. How freaking cute. Or to reach his lips. Or to tug his hair that you always complimented.
He could let you without a word. You would do anything to him and he wouldn’t open his mouth.
Jean tried to think anything, any other thing than you that won’t give him a boner in this public place. His body was angry at him. All the cells in his body was screaming him to grab his phone from that table and go to your place directly. To keep texting you what he would do to you if you could let him. Calling you to hear your soft spoken voice in his ear.
No, this night he couldn’t go to home, you were his home. He just needed to reach you. “I'm not finished, 'cause you're not by my side” He was murmuring to himself while walking clumsily.
The first step he took at the corridor caused him to collided with someone. He was drunk enough to not realizing it was the woman purposely stepped into him. He spluttered, his voice was gruff. “Sorry, didn’t see you there.”
His light brown eyes found the woman’s face, but no— it was yours. And from that physical contact he could see why he loved hugging you so much. The way your boobs were pressed against his chest made him dizzy. He could remember the times you were so lazy to wear a bra so he could see your poking nipples through your t-shirt. For the second time; Jean wasn’t a pervert. But it didn’t changed the fact he always found a way to pull you to his lap to feel your nipples on his body.
‘Decided that once again I was just dreamin' of bumpin' into you’
Jean averted his eyes from woman’s t-shirt in a second. “Sorry.” He spoke again, it was more embarrassed than the first one.
It wasn't just drunk courage he felt. He could feel this weird emotion in his pants; it was pure need. He was horny and he needed his dearest friend so fucking much.
Another five minutes later he was in the cab. Space and time were blurred, already tangled. His phone was in his hand and he didn't forget to drink two tequila shots before he left— maybe he drank three, he couldn’t count.
It was decided now, he was going to talk about love and he was about to do that to your face. He was smiling to himself with half lidded eyes and he didn’t even know your phone already had four unread messages and three missed calls.
‘You up?’ 02.57AM
‘Fuck, i was trying to delete it.’ 02.57AM
One missed call. 02.59AM
‘Need to see you so bad.’ 03.02AM
‘I need your touch.’ 03.03AM
Two missed calls. 03.07AM
At those moments you were sitting in your bed in an oversize t-shirt, you were busy with staring at your phone’s bright screen and losing your fucking mind.
He was high.
You knew it so good, you knew it since Eren cheekly texted to the groupchat minutes ago. Said that we should ignore Jean if he tries to call us, especially Mikasa. It hurt you the way everyone seperated Mikasa when it comes to Jean.
It hurt you more than normal when you consider the fact he was just a close friend of yours. He was a damn gorgeous, sexy, intoxicating man that’s all.
You were damned.
You were damned because it was so obvious that you were deeply, drunkenly in love with him. Yet only Sasha noticed that and she wasn’t sorry for you at all. All she did was smiling and giggling like a mad woman and you never understood why.
Now you were angry at him when you had zero rights to do that to the poor lovesick man. It was so clear that he accidentally texted you instead of Mikasa. It hurt you even more. Because only for a moment you thought it could be you he desired, the one he begged for your touch. You didn’t think twice while your thumbs were wandering on your keyboard quickly.
‘You texted the wrong contact, Jean.’ 03.11AM
‘I am not Mikasa’ 03.11AM
‘Sadly.’ 03.12AM
You quickly tried to delete the last one but it was too late. Your bottom lip was between your teeth when you typed the last message, after that you locked your phone and threw it to the nightstand with a rage.
‘Seriously Jean, it's three in the morning. Next time check the number before getting drunk and texting her. You never call me this late. Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?’ 03.14AM
There was no response from him for the next five minutes so you thought maybe he reached to the Armin and Mikasa’s shared apartment. That thought was heart-wrenching to think but at least you knew he’d be safe there. Armin could take care of him since this Jean was rare and new to everyone.
But not to you.
You were the one he always came. Yes, mostly it wasn’t that drunk Jean you saw. He was at your door with a well picked movie and a bag of snacks, to cuddle you in your couch. Or he was the one rushed to your house when you said you have nothing to eat, he always placed you to the same place on the counter and talked to you while cooking sweet meals. He was such a sweetheart, such a passionate man and you were so angry at Mikasa being so blind about it.
Oh, you wish you could know how blind you were.
At least you had rights to assume it was Mikasa he cried for. It was the first time you saw Jean crying, you remembered that night so well. It was two in the morning when there was a knock on your door. When you opened the door for him first thing he aggressively said was ‘Where is he?’
It was those painful times you were trying to get over the feelings you started to feel towards Jean, so you had a date that night. But of course it didn't go well, you only saw his face instead of your date’s all the time.
So you were already sad when Jean showed up like this. Totally wasted and crying about how he can’t stand to seeing her with another man. Once again, you had all the rights to think it was Mikasa he talked about since he never used any name. He always shushed you when you didn’t even open your mouth. You were glad his eyes were teary so he didn’t see you were also crying silently.
He kept placing his index finger on your lips and said ‘You can’t tell her any of this, she’ll hate me.’ But you remembered how these small warnings he gave soon turned to compliments like ‘Your lips feel so soft, you just look like her. Can i touch it again?’
This Jean was far from new to you because you were the one he came to your house with an empty bottle of wine and he fell asleep on your lap. Or while his face was buried in your neck, you heard all of his slow whispers. ‘You smell just like her.’
You were in so much pain you didn’t even realize your perfume was nothing similar with Mikasa’s. And Jean was so dumb to forget the person he was talking to.
Now he was coming to your house without knowing the fact he already confessed his love to you. Over and over again. On his knees, in front of you or while he was crying on your chest. He just kept forgetting it and trapped both of you in this brutal loop.
He needed to save you. He needed to save you and he knew he could give his everything to you for that purpose. His mind, his soul, his body were belong to you already; he just needed you to claim it.
Ah, he wanted to claim yours. Because maybe he didn’t remember how he cried about your dates with other men but he remembered you were still seeing people. He wanted you to see him only, it would free him finally.
When he knocked your door, it was three in the morning and he was about to change your mind. He left you multiple missed calls and to his message, you replied, ‘Why'd you only call me when you're high?’
You were looking at his last messages while walking to your door, your steps were slow enough to buy some time, you were preparing yourself for anything. You didn’t know why but this time felt different even you lived this scenario with him dozens of times. You didn’t realized that oversize t-shirt you were wearing was one of the Jean’s.
His look always took your breath away, you could admit it. He had an unique aura embraced you and filled your mind everytime you saw him. At these hours you always found him at your door with a pained expression on his face; teary eyes or trembling pink lips. This time was different.
First thing you could process was the fact he was so big and so tall compared to you. He stood with his all glory on your door step, one of his hands were on the door frame. His tight grip on there was strong like you could escape, he was trapping you with him for the last time, one last loop he’ll confess his love to you.
There was a nearly empty bottle on his other hand. It turned into completely empty one seconds after you looked at it. He slowly lifted the bottle to his parted lips. You could swear you saw a smirk there. His tongue darted out slightly to give you a show, you watched his column of neck and his bobbing adam’s apple.
Your knees were pressed up together now; you didn’t know if it was because of the cold hitting your bare legs or his little show.
This Jean looked messy, naughty and completely lost. It was his intention. Finally he was realizing he needed to be lost first to find himself in you.
Oh, he wanted to be inside of you.
He recognized his t-shirt on you very quick. It seemed that alcohol didn’t make him dumb but heightened all of his emotions. Soon his light brown eyes found your legs. “Mmh, are you cold?” He asked, tongue rolled in his mouth lazily. And fuck, his voice was deep like this.
Your response was quick. “Jean, i can’t do it this night, okay? I’ll just give you a ride—”
“Yes. Yes, please give me a ride.” He stepped into your apartment. He walked to you with such confidence, he never flinched so you couldn’t help but stepped backwards. He was intimidating. “Th- Then wait outside.”
“Let me stay.” Jean said. His empty hand closed the door without even looking, his eyes were fixed on you. “—You can’t do what?”
You took a deep breath before you spoke, your voice was weak just like your legs, he was so close now. You could smell the mix of old leather and his familiar cologne. “I can’t listen your whines.”
“Oh, do i whine?” He gave you a small laugh, you were in a trance by his look so you didn’t realize he got so much closer to you. His both hands were empty now, one of them cut your way to the inside. “Then show me how should i talk, sweetheart. You are not much a good example now, eh?”
“Do you think it’s funny? St— stop coming on to me!”
“That’s more I like it.” It was the first time he saw you this angry. Your voice were higher now, you nearly screamed to his face.
He was close, dangerously close. “See, you can scream. Do you want me to talk to you in that tone?”
“You are clearly drunk, Jean.” You started. You were hesitant at first but this Jean gave you a courage, it was the first time you saw him this relax, this flirtatious to you. The tone he used was intoxicating, you could close your eyes and feel like he was whispering those words to you while fucking you.
So with the support of that little bit of courage inside you, your hand gripped his chin, fingers were digging into his jaw. You looked directly into his eyes, to find any red tint on them. “At least you are only drunk.” You hissed.
You released your tight grip on his chin but as soon as you did he held your wrist tightly. “No, no no no—” He placed your hand on his face again, his big hand stayed in place only for a moment, he made you caress his cheek. Next time he talked, his voice was honeyed. You could smell the alcohol from his breath. “Show me your claws, kitten. It’s okay— What does make you this angry?”
‘Fuck your pet names.’ You thought. ‘And fuck your so kissable lips, fuck the confession i am about to make.’
“I am so sick of listening you how deep is your love for Mikasa or how you hate so much when she goes to date with other guys. I mean she doesn’t even go to dates, are you delisional—” You shut your mouth suddenly. There was something wrong. There was something you didn’t even notice until now and you felt so dumb about it. Mikasa Ackerman never went to date with any guys. So why Jean cried so much about it?
Jean carried an expression of disbelief on his face. Why you looked like you were in pain when you said her name? Alcohol on his body betrayed him again, he chuckled deeply. The way his best friend were looking at his lips with such a hunger made him feel that familiar feeling again. A menacing hope. “My love isn’t for Mikasa. Maybe I should tell you— It sort of feels like I'm runnin' out of time.”
You tried to be nicer towards him, he was still the person you were in love with after all. Your thumb caressed his cheekbone and he leaned into your touch, his eyes closed without his permission. “You don’t know what you are talking about. Please stop this— You're startin' to bore me, Jean.”
Was he boring you really? Jean frowned like a child to the thought. He pulled his face back slightly, just enough to break the contact. Because if you keep massaging his scalp he could get much closer to you. It was so easy to him to make you stuck between his towering body and the wall. Just one small step and he could make you feel all of him. “It's harder and harder to get you to listen more I get through the gears.” He spoke. “You act so dumb to don't get it. We both are so fucking dumb—”
You slapped across his cheek. Hard. At that point you were so angry at him. How could he come to your house drunk just to call you dumb and still look so damn good while doing it.
Jean’s head tilted to the left slightly, his soft hair fell out on his face and he did something made you gasp, made you aroused at that second. He purred to your touch. Deeply, almost like a moan.
He wasted no time to turn his face back again, there was no visible anger on his face. Instead of anger, his look was eager. But you would prefer his anger instead of this dark expression he had because this Jean was making your knees shake. The tip of his tongue licked the edge of his glossy lips, his eyes never left your parted lips while he was doing it.
Now you could clearly see why this was different from the other times. It looked like he already made his decisions before coming to your place, about who was the person he wanted all along. You shivered, your voice was weak again because of the burden of all those wrong thoughts. You didn’t want him to ruin this friendship while his only intention was ruining it. He wanted to ruin you so he could build you up again with his endless love.
His handsome face was inches away from yours. Because of the height difference his head was slanted already. With the back of his fingers he grazed your neck so slow, then found its place on your chin. Your heart was about to stop when he tilted your head upwards, using only a little pressure. Your mind was fixed on one particular thing; how the things he cried for never matched with Mikasa when you think about them again. You were so sad, so blind to see everytime. “You are incapable of makin’ alright decisions r- right now—”
“And I have bad ideas.”
His soft lips met with yours for the first time. You both sighed in such longing, it was a relief for both of you. His kiss was so gentle. It was ‘till one of your hands reached to his hair, to tug them just like he imagined for the countless times.
A groan escaped from his lips, this way you found a chance to ask. Anything, anything will get you out of this mind-bending trance. “Je— Jean I—”
Your open mouth gave him the best access, his tongue found his way easily. You didn’t know how he could be that good in french kiss and you didn’t want to learn it either. He whispered to your lips between his hot breaths, desperately.
“—Hush, my love. Let me taste you. I’ve waited so long for this.”
You didn’t let him to kiss you this time. Your face was all flushed, you were looking like drunker than Jean and he loved it. It was like his lips were your drug. “—for what?”
Jean knew it was the perfect chance. His voice was full of excitement when he talked. “Let me show you.” He said. “Let me show how much i need you.”
You looked into his light brown eyes, they were darkened by lust but you could see it was still your Jean. Fuck, all this time it was your Jean, not Mikasa’s or any other woman’s.
When he saw your shy little nod he smiled dearly. “That’s my girl.” He said just before one of his hands found your thigh. Jean kissed you again; his kisses were rougher. In contrast, his movements on your bare thigh felt like a feather. His touches were careful to not to make you panic, just like you were his scared little pet.
He lifted your leg slightly, murmured between his open mouthed kisses. “Hop.”
You did like he gently ordered, jumped with your only leg. You couldn’t help but a small noice came out of your mouth. He chuckled before giving you another deep kiss. “—Ssh, i got you.” He spoke in your mouth. “I’ll always catch you.”
You circled your legs around his waist without losing time, one of his hands gave you a squeeze to your thigh in response. It was like his silent reward to you, you heard his voice in your mind again. You would do anything to hear him say that to you one more time. That’s my girl.
You unconsciously shifted on his lap and that was when you felt his growing erection on your most sensitive part. You both moaned into your mouths because of the friction. The way Jean felt so free to moan, to show how bad you were affecting him made you dizzy. Once you felt his hard dick between your legs, you despairingly tried to pull yourself upwards. Your shaking hands on his broad shoulders were about to pull your weight up.
But then he stopped you. One of his hands grasped your ass and he pressed you to himself, to the where he needed you most. “Don’t escape this time.” He pleaded. But when he rubbed your clothed heat against his length again, his tone was nothing but gentle; he was playing with your mind. “Do not. Escape.”
You have no other choice but obey him while he was talking to you like that. Instead of responding, you grinded against him and when an animalistic growl came from the back of his throat, you both lost it.
Next minutes of your make out was the most passionate minutes of your life, maybe. When you both finally reached to your bed, there were fresh bite marks on your neck, Jean’s hair was an absolute mess and his jacket was nowhere to be found. Oh, also there was broken frame on your corridor’s wall.
Despite his rough movements he placed you in your soft bed like you were his queen, his princess. “Accept me.” He said. His both knees were on the bed now, you have no idea where did his boots gone. It was like you drank this handsome man between your legs, and now you were the drunk of him.
You nodded again, this time it wasn’t enough for him. “I want to hear it from your sweet mouth. What do you want from me, angel?”
“I want you to touch me.” You parted your legs wider for him.
He took off his shirt while he was sure your eyes never left his body. Yes, you saw him shirtless before, countless times. But it was nothing similar with him undressing for you. His movements were so smooth, even graceful. He put on a show for you. His firm muscles flexed in such a perfect harmony. And you could see his defined v-line from there. It was such a mouthwatering sight. “Please, touch me—” You begged, hands tried to reach up to him.
You were still shy about telling him where you want him, Jean was the drunk and brave one. But he was dying to see how much he could push you, he wanted to see your limits and stretch them really good.
One of his hands found your ankle and lifted your leg slightly. He kissed your ankle first, then he gave an open mouthed kiss to your calf. At that moment you were under the spell of him. He kissed the side of your knee just before inching up to your thigh. While you were waiting for him to kiss the soft flesh of your inner thigh he did something different, he bit your flesh. “—Ah!” You exclaimed not because of the pain but surprise.
He shushed you, gave a lick to your skin just after sucking it. “Want to leave my marks all over your body.” Jean made an eye contact with you for the first time while he was between your legs, he continued murmuring. His hot breaths were inches away from your clothed pussy. “I want them to see who i really want.”
He hooked his thumbs to your panties and smiled at you, it was a smile he wouldn’t give you normally. Yes, it was sweet but also it was so damn naughty.
You nodded silently, he didn’t need anything more. Yet. He removed your underwear and you saw how drunk Jean was smirking at you shamessly while stuffing your panties in the back pocket of his black jeans.
You couldn’t help but closing your legs again, he tutted while you were halfway down. “Nah-ah-ah.” He started. “Open ‘em wide, sweetheart. Like you did before.”
You obeyed, this sweet voice of him could make you do anything. “Ah, that’s my good girl.” He praised.
And since he knew you hate waiting from the times he spent with you as your best friend, he bended over at the edge of the bed. “I’ll have to stop if i don’t hear your pretty sounds, baby. Don’t hold ‘em back.”
His hands grasped your legs with a firm grip, his all attention was on your pussy now. He looked at you under his thick lashes. “You look so pretty when you blush,” He started, his hot breath hitting your wetness made you stir in your place. “So fucking pretty.”
Jean flatted his tongue on your slit and gave you an experimental long licks. Once again, he wasn’t shy to groan loudly. He needed you to hear how much he liked your taste. “—mhm”
Even you didn't talk, your body responses were driving him crazy. He just wanted to push you more, he needed to hear something or feel your touch to keep himself in reality. He felt heavenly between your legs, you affected him much more badly than alcohol.
He gathered your slick with his tongue then drew circles on your clit, you started to give him louder moans. Finally. “A- ah! Jean, yes— just like that."
Since you were being a such obendient girl for him and you never tried to close your legs, he removed one of his hands from your thigh. He started to toy with your clit till you were a shaking mess under him.
Your fist were clenching on your white sheets so tightly, he could see you were still holding yourself back. Ah, you were embarrassed because you liked it so much.
So he could play with you a little more to see how much your cheeks would get blushed. His vibrating tongue slowly stopped, instead of those licks that made you crazy he was giving kitty licks to your slit now. Just before you were about to reach your orgasm. "J-jean no—" You whined. "—want it back."
He was busy with giving you another bite mark to your thigh. He always loved holding them, those small touches when he lifted you up to the counter or when he carried you to this same exact bed after you fall asleep on his lap. But this was so different; feeling their softness against the sides of his head, leaving his signature on them. He released your flesh with a wet pop sound. His lips were glistening under the dim light of your room. He placed an innocent expression on his face just for a moment, this image burned into your memory instantly. "Want what?"
Your frustrated groan amused him. "This." You murmured, just before grabbing a hold of his soft hair and pressing his mouth to your cunt. He hummed in response, showing you that he absolutely loved your attitude and you won't get punished because of this.
It was this easy to encourage you. So you hissed between your teeth again, his tongue work already made you light-headed. "Do not— escape."
When he heard your harsh words, just like he said to you minutes ago, it went straight to his dick. He might seem loving dominate you, and it was true. But you controlling him like that was about to make him lose his mind. He already lost most of his logic to the alcohol, you were going to be the end of him.
It wasn't like he licking you anymore, now you were riding his face. He made it easy for you and guided your hips, the tip of his tongue teased your hole with your every grind. He was humming in ecstasy, that specific vibrating made you reach your high.
At that moment Jean felt blissful and pathetic at the same time. Maybe you couldn't see but you could feel his body movement, how he was trying to fuck the edge of the bed, to get any friction. He kept thrusting into your bed sheets, his cock was already aching for you.
Listening your sweet moans while you were coming nearly made him come with you. But oh- no, this night there was no other place to cum instead your insides. The thought of your walls clenching around nothing made his cock twitched. He couldn't wait anymore.
Jean didn't remove his head even after you started to came. He kept caressing your lower tummy, your thighs. One of your legs were on his broad shoulder, your heel were digging up his back but he didn't care. He felt celestial, you both did. He slowly pulled his head back before making sure the tip of his tongue eased your clit, after your first orgasm.
Because his main intention was giving you multiple orgasms despite his pulsing cock. It was like if he could make you feel good enough, you could accept him. The thing he didn't know was the fact you accept him nights, days, months before.
His stubble was coated with your juices. When he inched away from your pussy to look at your face, you could see mix of you and his saliva was dripping down from his chin. It was such a sinful sight, with that look on his face. This night was like the embodiment of your deepest desires.
"You did so good, angel—" It was the first thing he said between his breaths. "now i need to ask you if— if you wanna continue."
You wanted to cry.
You were still having a hard time to process this was real, your dearest friend between your legs and the incredible orgasm he just gave you only with his tongue was real. But he was so perfect he made it harder to you. Jean was the drunk one and you damn good knew he was painfully hard in his pants yet he was still asking you. Gently, with those blurry pleading eyes.
"Yes— yes i want Jean."
"Yeah?" He placed your leg to the bed with a soft move, then kissed your knee tenderly before standing up. "—and what exactly you want me to do, love?"
This time you knew you couldn't escape with hinting it. "Please fuck me," You whined. "I want your dick in me—"
"Ah, you are so good at begging. So pretty good-" He praised you again, gave you a little smirk when his hands reached to his belt. The sound his belt catched your attention quick, your eyes darted to his lower parts and when you saw his boner you gasped audibly.
He chuckled to your surprise, "You are an adorable creature—" He murmured, there was this drunk little smile on his face. But it got serious when he finally got rid of his pants and you had a nice view of his hard cock. You slid to the behind on the bed, "O-oh my god."
Your eyes never left his flushed dick, you managed to speak when his knees were on the bed. He was slowly approaching you when you pressed your knees together.
Yes, there was this rumor in your friend group about 'how Jean didn't only own a horse face' but you always thought it was one of Eren's jokes about Jean. No, it wasn't. You knew one time Ymir accidentally saw Jean naked and all the thing she texted to the girl group was ‘wow.’ while she was a lesbian. Now you could understand.
“It wo- won't fit." You said, your face felt like it was burning.
“I’ll make it fit.” His words were assuring, even he find your fear so fucking hot, his eyes remained soft. To make you feel okay, make you feel safe.
Jean helped you to took off his t-shirt from your body. “Just like that— look how pretty you are.” He laid next to you gingerly, one of his elbows rested near to your head.
His hand came into your view, “Trust me, sweatheart. Open your mouth.”
When you heard his hypnotic voice you didn’t think twice to obey him. You parted your lips and let him slide his middle and ring finger into your mouth. With that view you earned an another groan from Jean, he was so drunk of you to care about the sound he made. “Mmhh— yes, love— suck ‘em.”
He didn’t think he could enjoy it more, it was until you held his big hand with both of your small ones and made eye contact with him. You hollowed your cheeks and it unconsciously made him push his fingers more to make you gag. An amazed expression was on his face, he nearly forgot it was his hand inside your mouth- not his dick. The tip of his long fingers hit the back of your throat before he pulled them out.
His fingers found your entrance without losing time, “Let’s make you stretch, baby— let’s make you stretch for my cock, yeah-”
He pushed his two fingers into you and you weren’t the only one moaning again. The way he enjoyed everything as much as you did filled you with an unique feeling. You wanted to gave him everything you could, to make him happy and satisfied.
Jean’s intention wasn’t make you cum again. But when he saw how you started to clench around his fingers and gave him those beautiful moans he was already ready to fuck you with his fingers. “—how eager you are,” His skilled digits curled in your cunt. “See, can you feel how good you stretch for me— answer me.”
“Y- yes,” You whimpered. “I feel so good- please keep doing it.”
He leaned to kiss your open mouth and stole a deep kiss from your parted lips. “Doing what, sweet girl?”
“Fucking me with your fingers,” You felt him smiling into your mouth when he kissed you again. He was such a tease.
“Anything for my princess.” He murmured into your ear. He knew so good that he was edging himself after that moment, his dick was poking to your hips while he was watching your face with half-lidded eyes. You felt him unconsciously thrusting himself into your skin, his eyes never left your face when you came on his fingers.
Your unfocused eyes found his face again, there was pure adoration on there. “I am ready, Jean— just please fuck me.”
One of your hands found his hair and you pulled his head to you. You shared a tender kiss before he placed himself between your legs again. This time there was no barrier, his face was still close to yours. To hear every little sound you make when he pushed himself inside of you for the first time.
He gathered your juices with the tip of his cock, he made sure he coated himself before pushing the flushed head in. He heard your small voice and it encouraged him to thrust into you. You whimpered.
“Ssh— I know, baby- i know,” You looked at him with teary eyes, two drops rolled down to your cheeks when you blinked them. Jean kissed both of your tears, he waited for you to adjust his size before pushing the rest.
Your mouths gaped open, you both felt how your walls were stretching around his cock. “—see” He said between his panting, “I said i’ll make it fit.”
You could see how his expression turned into something dark when he saw your teary eyes, trying to take him completely. You didn’t be scared of it since you knew you had the same exact feeling boiling inside of you.
“—‘s so big,” You whispered to his lips, your voice was broken. Oh, you were about to cry for his cock. You felt him twitching. His big hand snaked around the back of your neck. “but look how good you take it, baby-” He nearly pulled his dick out before pushing it all the way in again, his hand on your neck made you watch where your bodies joined. “—look how good you take all of my big cock.”
You could only make noises because of the angle of your head. “Hm-mh,”
When he thrusted his dick in again he saw the little bulge on your lower stomach. “—ah,” He made a surprised sound and he instantly tried to do it again to see if it was his imagination.
Because all of this heavenly night could be an imagination.
But you both see the bulge again, a bit of skin stretching to show where the tip of his cock hit you. “—you are amazing,” He said, his tone was excited. “Put one of your hands there, baby —want you to feel me,”
You placed your hand like he demanded and he didn’t wait a second to give an another deep thrust. You slightly bounced upwards, his light brown eyes tended on your breasts. He used extra strength to see how your small body shook uncontrollably everytime his hips met with yours.
You were so small compared to his tall body even he thought he couldn’t fit you for a moment. But you were like molded for him, your stretched walls were milking his cock while he was pounding inside. “—you feel so good around my cock, yeah-”
He angled your legs again and hooked them to his arms, when he leaned on you again, this new angle made your eyes roll back. “oh— my—” You managed to say between his thrusts.
There were tears again in your eyes, not only your walls but your whole body were stretching under him. It burned and it felt so damn good. “—am i -hurting you, baby?” He spoke lowly, your hand already lost contact with the bulge on your stomach, both of your hands were clawing at his back, his neck; anything you could hold. “—i know it hurts- hurt me back, just like that— it’s okay.”
You blinked a few times to his word. Hurt me back, he said. You remembered how he reacted when you slapped him. Oh, you could give the thing he wanted.
One of your hands grabbed a handful of his hair again, you made him threw his head back. Your lips wandered on his jaw. “—so full,” You said between your shallow breaths. Since he praised you like you were his princess, you could also reward him. “—you fuck me so good, Jean- i always knew you would—”
His thrusts stopped only for a moment, once he started to give them again, you could feel they were deeper. “-a -always?” He asked with a shaky voice. From his sloppier movements you could feel he was close. His big cock was pulsating inside you, not only you but you both felt so full.
“Always.” You said, his forehead met with yours. He punctated his words with hitting your sweet spot after every one of them. “I love you so fucking much.”
His voice was broken like the times he cried for you on this bed. “—love you too,” You pulled his face to your neck and caressed his hair.
That night Jean’s whines filled the room again, there was no exception. But it wasn’t when he was crying on your lap about a guy you dated, he was sobbing when he was about to come while fucking you so good.
“Cum inside me,” You cooed. “—such a good boy —fucked me so good,” Your sweet whispers to his ear made him finish.
For everytime he couldn’t say that to you in this bed, he kept whispering to your skin same sentence. It was so much easier now, he felt light like a feather. “I love you— i love you so much it hurts- so- so much, baby,”
“I know.” You kissed his cheek, the light brown strands were clung onto his forehead. “I know.”
It was the last thing he remembered.
He felt so safe between your arms, naked and bodies tangled; while he knew his hot cum were dripping out of your stretched hole in that moment. He fell asleep there, the moments of the night kept playing in his mind until he drifted off.
Jean saw himself wandering around streets in his dream that night. In his right hand there was the same exact bottle he came to your house with. The same leather jacket were on him, now it supposed to be somewhere on your corridor. It was himself knocking the wrong door; maybe it was Mikasa’s or maybe a stranger’s.
In his dream he never took the cab, he trusted to his memory and got lost in the streets. There was his phone he held tightly, you were keep messaging him the same thing constantly.
"Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?"
"Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?"
"Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?"
He wanted it to stop because now a familiar feeling started to rise inside of him, probably there was a frown on his handsome sleeping face. In that dream he felt the same exact thing he did everytime he sat on the same bed and didn’t tell you were the one he loves. He felt worse because dream was so real to him.
Jean remembered a moment, one of these nights he came to you high and sad, you told him a thing you read on the internet that day. Just to calm him even you knew he would forget it in the morning. But in his dream he didn’t.
You were talking about a chinese man which fell asleep one day and dreamed that he was a butterfly. When he woke up, he did not know whether he really was a man who had dreamed he was a butterfly or whether he was a butterfly now dreaming he was a man.
Jean’s heart ached.
Because if he wakes up in the streets, maybe in the cab he took and slept in it before reaching to your adress or on the uncomfortable couch of Mikasa’s; he wouldn’t ever know if he was that poor man got lost in the streets dreamed himself sleeping naked in your bed or whether he was the man reached to your home completely lost and found himself in you dreamed what could happen if he didn’t send that damn text.
if you are into philosophy and want to learn more about Zhuangzi And That Bloody Butterfly
special thanks to @/itsu_izzu (twitter/tiktok) for the inspiration! her jean is so perfect.
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ohnococo · 6 months ago
🧋✨🧸 here!!! So I was thinking for Soft Sunday, Levi, Reiner, Zeke, Armin and Jean with a f!s/o who is glued to them whenever they sleep? Like no matter what their s/o just ends up cuddling and curling up to them? 🥺
Hello there 🧋✨🧸 anon! Here ya go ^-^
Levi, Reiner, Zeke, Armin, & Jean with a S/O that clings to them in their sleep HCs
Tumblr media
If he’s awake or has trouble sleeping he finds it a bit suffocating to have you wrapped around him like that... but truth be told he can’t find it in himself to peel you off of him, you look so peaceful when you sleep like that. Eventually he just accepts it as a normal part of sleeping by your side, even holding his arm out and gesturing for you to rest your head on his chest when you get in bed, ready for you to snuggle up.
“C’mon then.” He’ll say, almost as if he’s annoyed... but when you’re just dozing off and he thinks you’re already asleep he’ll press a soft kiss to the top of your head. He’s soft for you, and finds himself becoming soft for everything you do even if he pretends otherwise.
Tumblr media
Maybe cuddling up to him makes you feel safe and protected because he’s so big... but the truth is having you cling to him does the same for him. He’s the type that loves affection like this, and you two aren’t together long before he finds himself unable to sleep as soundly without you stuck to him in some capacity. 
He never falls asleep as easily as he does when he wakes in the middle of the night to find he’s your little spoon. You’re like a little backpack on his back, but he’ll just pull your arm over his shoulder to feel extra snuggly. Even if you’re both sitting together on the couch or something and you fall asleep - as soon as you snuggle up and wrap your arms and legs around him he’s just like “Well, guess I can’t move until she wakes up then.” He likes it though, it makes him feel needed.
Tumblr media
While he’s still awake he finds it amusing - have you got it that bad for him that you need to be stuck to him like this even when unconscious? Once he’s asleep it’s a game of cat and mouse.
I HC that Zeke runs hot when he sleeps, so he’ll be peeling you off of him to scoot away in his sleep... only for you to reattach yourself to him. You’ll always wake up with the covers halfway off the bed, Zeke stiff as a board, with you holding onto him. 
That being said, if he wakes up first, or awakes throughout the night at any point, he always gets back into a comfortable position with you and covers you both up - he’s just wild in his sleep and you’ve gotta work to catch him lmao.
Tumblr media
Cuddle king! Cuddle king of Paradis! He holds back a bit but once you start cuddling up to him or clinging to him in your sleep? He’s glad he can let loose. He’s the type to spend all night cuddling, wake up, kiss you, readjust to another comfy cuddle position, and so on and so forth. Even if it’s just a hand on your back, he’s got to be touching you while you’re resting together. It’s never that uncomfortable cuddling that leaves one of you with a dead arm or something, he has this natural ability to find the comfiest positions to lie together in. He just loves when you two can be in each other’s arms away from the world and bedtime is the best time for that.
Tumblr media
He loves it, and Jean is so cocky about it too. Just smirking to himself as you’re fast asleep clinging to him like the cutest lil barnacle in the world. He’s smugly thinking about how you really like him so much that you can’t get enough of him even in your sleep! He’s that irresistible.
Plot twist: Jean does the same damn thing once he falls asleep too. You two end up like two bits of spaghetti stuck to each other at the bottom of the pot once you wake up in the morning. He’s got one arm around your back, one under your neck like a pillow, your legs are both tangled together. You two do that thing where one of you will readjust in your sleep, and then just tangle right back together in a slightly different position. One of you is definitely going to be waking up with a stiff neck or something, i’m sorry lmao.
Tumblr media
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hznji · 7 months ago
sexting hcs
anon suggested: “ whatta bout sexting hcs with the boyz + Hange?👀👀👀 “
characters: eren, armin, jean, levi, porco, + hange
genre: smut, 18+ MINORS DNI
a/n: i feel like these are terrible so i apologize in advance. i had to exclude reiner bc i kept making fun of him,,,
also! special shoutout to mara (@melancholicmonologue) for helping with mr. levi 
definition: “a lewd is a photograph taken by oneself as a tease. Not a full on nude showing your private parts but teasing the receiver of the photograph” (urban dictionary)
Tumblr media
He enjoys sexting, but he’d rather have you on call or facetime 
Please, he loves when you send him nudes - they’re his favourite thing in the world
You don’t even have to be fully nude (though that's preferred) - he enjoys lewds as well
He doesn’t really send nudes back; maybe a teasing pic of his print through his underwear or pants, or a mirror pic of sweatpants sitting low on his hips 
Eren does, however, send lots of audios for you
Him moaning as he touches himself, him telling you in detail how he’s gonna fuck you…
He enjoys sending you dirty messages when he knows you’re out and with people
He is the instigator of the relationship
Okay, listen: he’s very timid and embarrassed about it at first, but once you start building that relationship further and that trust? Yes
He’s awfully honest, not really trying to dirty talk, but it works
Expect lots and lots of praise - you’re beautiful and he wants you to know
He is an avid lewd fan - he loves when you tease him, just barely hiding
You send him a nude or lewd and this man will go on and on about your beauty
He’s very creative with his sexting (and dirty talk in general) because his vocabulary??? Out of this world
He’d be so shy about sending nudes/lewds at first but, again, once you establish that trust, he will definitely send you whatever you want (begging may also help)
You want a video of him jacking off? Done (+ he doesn’t mute it)
His nudes are actually nice??? good lighting, he looks good, no feet in the background or any mess
You will have to instigate it the majority of the time (he’ll instigate every once in a while)
He instigates it - always 
But he always gets so flustered,,, like boy you started this
He loves lewds and nudes equally - he will go red either way
His dirty talk is pretty good! He tries his best
Always tells you how pretty you look, and how you'd be prettier under him/his cock in your mouth…
he will send you nudes back, and they’re nice! no socked feets in the background
he sends lots of videos though, rather than pictures
just imagine him talkin to you while he’s palming himself through his boxers
Please, he’s so bad at it im sorry-
He never answers his phone / he always replies hours later 
Literally will send you a bunch of question marks like “??????”
Levi is so obnoxious about it too like fuck
You: “Baby, i need you”, levi: “need me for what?” “what do you need me for?”
You: “send me a pic of yourself”, levi: *sends a selfie of him looking absolutely done*
He just wants you to use your words sigh
Be specific or he’ll be an ass
He will degrade you, even through text
Talkin about how needy you are, how nothing can satisfy your greedy cunt,,,
Another one that will send tons of audio messages; mostly just dirty talking and degrading you
Don’t get him wrong, you'll be told how pretty you are in your cute little panties, but you’re still the slut that sent those pictures to him 
Not super into sending his own nudes (tho he might relent if you beg)
Porco is more into sending you teasing pics in his underwear, sweats, suits, etc
If you’ve been particularly bad… he’ll send you a video of him cumming and saying that his cum won’t be wasted on sluts like you 
They explain in explicit detail exactly how they’re going to fuck you
The detail they provide is immaculate
A little intimidating… especially if you’re getting punished
Its like they send you an itinerary 
They send lewds mostly - the occasional nude
And they are STUNNING
They prefer calling over texting
So if you send anything, prepare for a call
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planetsano · 3 months ago
smells like teen spirit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS ✰ welcome to the team little freshman!
WARNINGS ✰ dark content, non/dubcon, gangbang manipulation, coercion, drugging (aphrodisiac), cheerleader! fem! reader, football player! aot guys, corruption, cherry picking, blood, misogyny, recording without consent, college au, aot guys whoring the reader out, not proofread (have fun with this)
WC ✰ 4.3k
Tumblr media
Let’s get this straight: the Paradis Titans were not a group of nice boys— far from it actually.
Tumblr media
They were exceptional at football, yes. Well, more sports activities, some members doubled in other activities on the side like track, basketball or swimming when football season was over. Most of the team even sat at the top percent of their class with great grades in their respective majors.
But no matter how athletically talented they were, how many trophies they brought home, or how good their grades were, it still didn’t change the fact that the team was riddled with players, misogynists, and scumbags hidden behind popularity, handsome faces, and pretty smiles.
It wasn’t a secret that they had a nasty reputation amongst the women on campus, but it didn’t matter because they still got what they asked for in the end. They always did. Maybe it was some sort of weird dark magic, a spell that made women weak at the knees and so easy to manipulate with just a few smiles and empty promises.
Or maybe it was the group chat they had solely dedicated for blackmail. The chat consisted of only nudes, screenshots, and sex tapes of their various hookups that could potentially end up on Twitter or worse.
Eren, Jean, Armin, Reiner, Connie, and Porco were the worst of the bunch.
Then there was you, a sweet little thing— a bright-eyed freshman too innocent and naive for her own good. A sheltered home can do that to a young girl, being homeschooled for the majority of your life until your senior year in high school. You were too trusting in people who didn’t have your best interest at heart. Always so willing to put other people’s needs and wants before your own without a second thought.
It’s a blessing you haven’t been soiled and taken advantage of yet. Both for you and them. It makes it all the more fun, little one.
You ended up graduating high school at the top of your class, so it was no surprise to anyone when you get accepted into your school of choice— Paradis University.
Now, you were somewhat self-aware and knew that you never really had consistent friends growing up. Being homeschooled was hard. You wanted nothing more but to fit in— finding a group of people where you belonged. You’ve spent many nights clinging onto your pillow watching movies like Bring it On, Mean Girls, Clueless, Jawbreaker, and many others just fantasizing about how cool life would be if you were living in their world.
You made it your mission to join a club when you moved on campus— and you did. After some internal debating, you sucked it up and went to the auditions for the cheerleading team. The excitement that coursed through your body is something you’ll always remember when you saw that your name was the third pick on the tryouts sheet.
It was the first practice of the season when you got noticed by them. You were on the track with the rest of the cheer squad though everyone seemed to be broken off into sections, either practicing or gossiping. You were only slightly separated from the majority. You had AirPods in practicing a tricky routine you were having a little trouble with, in your own little world and unsuspecting of the jocks eyeing you on the field.
“Who’s the little lamb?” Jean nudges Connie’s arm while beckoning his head over to you.
“Dunno.” Connie starts. “She’s a cute bitch for sure.” He squirts some cold Gatorade into his mouth. Both men staring shamelessly at the way your spanx fit into the curve of your ass.
“Think she’s a virgin?” Jean asks, his eyes still locked onto your body but trailing upward to your cute flushed face. You seemed to be having trouble remembering something from the way your body hesitated to move to the next part of the routine.
“Fuck if I know,” Connie replied. “I’d still fuck her if she wasn’t.” He shrugged.
Eren came from behind the two men, his eyes locked on you as well like a predator stalking its prey. Truth is, he’s had his eye on you since move-in day— waiting patiently for the day he’d add you to his body count. It seems like it’d be sooner than he thought, how fun.
“We can always find out. But I have a feeling she is.” Eren says.
That’s when it began and your fate was set.
You never felt the lingering stares on your body when you stretched during practice? The whispers and chuckles followed by high fives and bro-shakes when you bent over or contorted your body into heel stretches and splits?
Well, you should have; because now you were their next victim and just in time for the annual cherry-picking. It sounds like an awful tradition done by a cult— and it's on some ‘the virgin’s blood is the only way to fulfill the prophecy’ type of shit.
It's a four-step process: choose a freshman, lull her into a false sense of security, and pop her cherry. Sometimes it wasn’t always as easy as it sounds. Finding a virgin in college was hard, but it didn’t stop them from searching for the one diamond in a sea of rhinestones. It made the end all the more rewarding when they brought home yet another championship trophy. The funny thing is, this ritual has never once failed them, and it sounds sick because it is. Some fucked up tradition started by the founders of the team years ago passed down from generation to generation.
They’re not the first and likely not the last.
After about a week, there had been exactly two more days before the kickoff game. It was finally time to put their plan in action and you couldn’t have made their job anymore easier.
God, it was truly pathetic how quickly you fell under the spell of the two handsome jocks. Eren Yeager, the all-star quarterback, and Jean Kirstein, the beloved wide receiver.
They caught you walking back to your car after a late practice. Eren offered to hold your duffle bag and Jean had his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you all walked back to your car. Both men towered over your mere stature in both height and muscular build.
Their charming smiles, kind gestures, and sweet words make your poor little tummy have the most intense case of butterflies. Could anyone blame you? It felt like a dream having not one, but two of the most popular guys on campus be nice to old little you. It was all so new and exciting. Sure, you heard stories from other girls but they were only rumors. You’ve seen the movies and you “knew” how out of control and outlandish rumors can get! You’re practically an expert by now. These two seemed like sweet guys, why would they do anything to hurt you? It was all just stories, right?
Ah, it was just from the way you were looking up at them— eyes twinkling with admiration and affection that they knew you wrapped around their finger. They were practicing trapping you in with their bodies as your back was pressed up against your car door. The only thing you could think about was how handsome they both were and how lucky you were for them to even be speaking to you. You were just a freshman, they were juniors. What’s so special about you?
“You’re really cute, you know?” Jean says with a smile, his arms are crossed over his chest making his muscles budge through his fitted crossfit shirt.
“Thank you so much.” You smiled, cheeks and ears rising in temperature at his words.
“Got a boyfriend?” Eren is the one to speak this time. He’s wearing a fitted shirt as well but the bottom of his was folded up slightly, exposing the lower sliver of his abs.
“Oh.. no. I never had one before..” Your face was on fire at your admittance— voice trailing off as you looked down at the asphalt in the parking lot. It took everything for Jean and Eren to suppress their wicked smirks when they exchanged a knowing glance between the two of them.
“That’s a shame babydoll.” Jean lifts your chin with his hand, your eyes locking onto his. “Why not? You’re pretty.” Jean doesn’t even give you time to answer before he speaks again.
“You don’t ever hang out with us. Don’t you want friends?” Jean tilts his head.
“I do-! I do want friends!” Your eyes plead. “I just, don’t have many yet..” You say, with a slight hint of sadness in your tone.
“We’re your friends,” Eren says. You don’t think you’ll ever get over how deep his voice is.
“Really?” Your eyes lit up earning a genuine smile from the two.
Fuck, you’re probably the cutest one they’ve had. Maybe they’d keep you around, it’d be a shame to let you go to waste. They were going to make you into their own little cheer whore. Lucky you.
“Of course. Listen,” Jean pulls out his phone from his pocket and unlocks it. “Why don’t you give us your number and we can hang out sometime soon.” He flashes you his pearly white smile.
“Okay, that sounds like fun.” You smile and take the phone from his hands, punching in your number.
“Yeah, real fun. Just us and some of the guys.” Eren says.
That’s how you ended up at Jean’s apartment with not only Eren but, Reiner, Connie, Armin, and Porco too. All of you standing in the kitchen around the marbled kitchen island, laughing and talking while music from Jean’s Alexa played.
It wasn’t a surprise to any of them that you weren’t a drinker but after some gentle peer pressure, you caved— as expected.
It was fun, but you didn’t notice how they kept filling your cup with more liquor ushering you to keep drinking, nor did you notice how you seemed to be the only one throwing back shots. Maybe you should have or else you wouldn’t have ended up in a game of truth or dare blackout drunk.
“Truth or dare, cutie.”
“I dare you to strip to your bra and panties.”
“But that’s..embarrassing..”
“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s silly and fun.”
“O-okay.. I’ll do it..”
“Yeah! That’s our girl!”
Everything was all a blur and time seemed to drag on longer than it was supposed to. Minutes began to feel like an eternity. At some point, you began to cling onto what you thought was Eren or maybe it was Jean. You couldn’t really tell, you just felt so ...heavy, hot, and weak. Despite your lack of clothing, you felt like your body was on fire. This isn’t what being drunk felt like.
The voices around you began to sound distorted and far away as your stomach was turning into a knot. It was reaching the point of being unbearable until an intense, almost painful, throbbing began coursing through your most intimate part. The only way you knew how to get rid of this feeling was by humping your pillow, but you felt insatiable. You needed someone to, no— this is wrong.
“‘m feeling, weird.. wanna go home..” You whimper into a broad chest, hands gripping the person’s shirt like it was your lifeline. You couldn’t stand by yourself as your legs felt like jelly. Large and calloused hands begin to grope your ass through the thin material of your panties. All you can do is let them, barely having the strength to stand. You couldn’t fight off an athlete.
“She’s cute and smaller than I thought. I think she’ll have issues taking me.” You feel the vibrations emitting from the chest of the deep voice holding you.
“Reiner, that shouldn’t be an issue for you. We know you have a bit of a thing for size differences.” That’s Jean talking, you think.
“Turn her around, wanna see her tits.” And that was Porco’s voice. Things were starting to clear up but your body still felt weird.
You had no choice but to let Reiner turn your body, back now pressed against his chest. His arms are scooper under your own, big hands finding your bra line to pull the cups down— your breasts fell from their confinement with a pretty drop. Groans and curses are heard throughout the kitchen and your head falls in embarrassment seeing the way everyone’s eyes are devouring your body. The friendliness and flintiness were now replaced with something dark and sinister.
There’s suddenly a soft hand on your chin guiding your head up. You’re met with pretty blue eyes and an old-school cam recorder.
“What’s your name?” Armin asks, his eyes aren’t on you, but instead at the viewfinder.
“I’m- I’m...” You can’t think straight with everything going on, it’s all happening so fast and Reiner’s hands massaging your tits and tugging at your hardened buds don’t make it any easier for you.
“Hey, don’t make me ask again.” This time Armin’s eyes are on yours, he looks serious— intimidating. This wasn’t the same guy from 30 minutes ago. Hell, this wasn’t the same guy at all— the timidity, politeness, and soft demeanor were all gone.
“My name is ____..” You say, voice wavering as you tried to keep yourself from crying. The string of the tears welling up in your eyes was beginning to be too much.
You see Jean come from behind Armin, his hand finding the back of Armin’s neck as a form of brotherly greeting. He’s looking at the sight of you on the camera too.
“She looks pretty on camera,” Jean smiles.
“Oh,” Jean notices something and looks at you. “Gonna cry? Go ahead, Coach Zeke likes the crybabies.” He finishes with a light pat on your cheek.
“Look at her panties,” Connie coos with a smile. “She’s fucking soaked. The shit we gave her is worked.”
“Put her up on the counter.” Eren beckons his head to the island while looking at Reiner. He’s been off to the side watching the scene play in front of him quietly— the same disinterested look on his face but patiently waiting for the fun and games to be over with. For now, he decided to play along, why not have a little fun with his teammates?
Reiner does as he’s told and lifts your body with ease to place you on the kitchen island, the coolness from the marble top coming into contact with your feverish skin. You looked so pretty sprawled out in front of all six men like a beautiful dessert waiting to be devoured. Your chest was heaving, face flushed, and the lights in the kitchen reflecting off the slick that was coating the inside of your thighs. What a bad to wear lace.
Eren walked around the island to get to you, his fingers immediately hooking onto your panty line to pull them down in one tug. He tossed the garment over to Porco who caught it in one hand before putting them in his pocket.
“Spread her legs.” Eren orders again. “Armin, make sure you film this.”
Connie and Jean are on both sides of you, both have a leg spreading your thighs open as far as the possibility could. You feel tears prick at your eyes, eventually falling out the corners and absorbing into your hair.
Eren is at eye level with your core, pointer finger and thumb spread your cunt’s lips apart, strings of slick still connecting as he does. Armin is right behind Eren, the camera still in hand filming from over his beat friend’s shoulder. You feel so seen, exposed— so dirty. Everyone’s eyes are on your pussy like it’s a prize.
“Fuck, look at that..” Eren says softly, truly taken back by how pretty your cunt was. It looked like a flower, all glistening with your hymen on full display— pink and intact with the smallest of holes in the center, he could maybe fit a pinky through. Your pussy was visibly fluttering and clenching around nothing, it was a sight to see.
“The bitch needs a cock in her. Look at how her cunt’s begging for one.” Porco says as he’s palming himself through his jeans.
“Hm,” Eren muses with a smile. “Pretty, isn’t it?”
Eren takes his pinky and prods it at your entrance— yeah, it’ll fit without breaking anything. His pinky slips into your tiny hole earning an explicit moan from you, this was the first time anyone has ever put something inside of you. You’ve never fingered yourself or used toys, you’ve only ever gotten yourself off by humping things or rubbing your clit. The sensation feels weird at first, but you soon become accustomed to it when Eren begins to pump in and out of you. His fingers were long so he was able to hit deeper spots within you— pinky curling and uncurling inside of you. Jean takes his free hand to assist Eren, his pointer finger rubbing circular motions onto your sensitive clit. This continues for a mere couple of seconds before you get hit with your first orgasm of the night. Your walls clamp onto Eren’s pinky and a small jet of your release shoots from your core nearly hitting Eren in the face. All the boys gathered around to look at you in amazement and lust.
“Shit, I didn’t think she was a squirter,” Connie says, the budge in his pants becoming painful by the second. You can’t even close your legs because of the grip they still had on your thigh. You can only shake and whine when Eren and Jean continue to lazily play with you— not trying to coax you into another orgasm but instead doing it for the sake of knowing you’re hypersensitive and they want to see you squirm.
You’ve been having a mental battle within yourself this entire time. Logically, you knew what they were doing was wrong— it’s so fucked up. And yet, there was another side of you that wanted more. A dark and perverted side was begging— even praying that they would use you as their own little fuckdoll, stuffing all your virgin holes with their thick cocks until they came. It was so out of character for you that you weren’t even sure that if your thoughts were even yours.
“Neither did I, aren’t you full of surprises?” Eren asks you, his big green eyes meeting your teary doe ones.
“Let’s take her upstairs,” Jean says. “Tired of playing around.”
The next thing you know you were being scooped up and thrown over Reiner’s broad shoulder. The group followed Jean up the stairs and into a bedroom where you were tossed onto the bed. Your head propped up on the pillow while your hair was sprawled out underneath you. The boys were undressed, lined up around the perimeter of the bed with all of their cocks in hand with their eyes on you.
Eren was first, climbing up onto the bed with— his thick cock hanging heavily between his thighs.
“I’ll be nice because I think I like you,” Eren says with his intense green eyes boring onto yours as he hovered over your body. “I can’t say the same for the others.”
“‘m scared, Eren..” You whimpered feeling him rub his cock along your pussy.
“I know,” His breath is shaky. “Keep looking at me, hold onto me,” Eren says, his voice providing you with an odd sense of comfort. You can only think back to the day when he and Jean introduced themselves to you— when Eren said you guys were friends.
“Will you still be my friend after this?”
“Yeah, we’re all best friends after this.”
Eren watched in delight as your face contorted into pain and discomfort once he pushed the head of his cock past your entrance. He was met with a slight resistance about an inch in but pushed through it causing you to feel a dull ‘pop’ sensation in your core. You held onto him like your life depended on it— eyes shut tight and teeth sinking into your bottom lip nearly drawing blood while your fingernails dug into his flesh. You didn’t know what to call this feeling, it hurt but it felt so good.
Eren was completed bottomed out to the hilt and you’ve never felt as full as you did now.
“How does her pussy feel?” Eren hears from Connie. His voice sounds strained, probably from how tightly his hand was wrapped around his cock, fisting fervently at his leaking cock.
“‘s so fucking tight.. tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked in a while..” Eren grunts, looking down at where you both were connected— almost smiling when he sees the blood coating his shaft while he pumped his hips into yours. It was done. You’re no longer a virgin and now you had no use. Just another good girl turned into one of their whores. Well, maybe you did have one use.
Eren continues to fuck into you chasing after his high, he’s getting rougher and harder— pounding into you not caring if you cum or not. The others standing around the bed are stroking their cocks to the sight in front of them matching Eren’s pace. You’re letting little whines and mewls escaping your lips,  putting together incoherent sentences while your tits bounce every time Eren’s hips slam into yours.
Your second orgasm hits you like a truck and without a warning, your juices gushing onto Eren’s lower half and promoting him into his high. He cums with a hard thrust and a low grunt emptying his balls into your tight hole.
Then it was Jean and you noticed he was more of the romantic and sensual type. His thrusts were slow and fulfilling as he interlocked his hands with yours— pinned over your head. He littered your neck in love bites, whispered sweet nothings into your ear, and actually give you proper mouth kisses. Jean was insistent that you both finished at the same time— and you did. Your high was a slow buildup much like your time with Jean, he came inside of you too.
Connie and Porco came as a team. Connie held your head in place while he abused your mouth by fucking into your poor throat relentlessly. Your fingernails leaving crescent shapes into his tan thick thighs as you tried focusing on not passing out from lack of oxygen. Porco was no better, taking you from behind with the harshest thrusts out of everyone so far. His hand connecting with your ass repeatedly leaving your skin raw and stinging. Porco’s dirty talk was enough to make you and Connie cum, making him follow shortly after you both.
Armin was next and by far the simplest of everyone yet the kinkiest. All he wanted was for you to suck his cock, but he wanted it done in a very specific way. Only kitten licks on the tip and wet kisses along his shaft— oh, and your eyes on him the entire time. When he came into your mouth, he told you not to swallow so you spit it into his mouth.
Reiner was last, and he was last for a reason. The size of his member put fear in your heart, he was at least three more inches longer in length and overall thicker in size compared to Eren’s— and he was the second largest.
“I can’t take that.. please- don’t..” You backed up onto the pillows but the blond’s large hands pulled you down by your thighs. He leans over and places a gentle kiss on the shell of your ear.
“Shh, shh, it’s only a little bigger than Eren’s. It’ll fit.” Reiner whispers before splitting you open on his cock, he quite literally used you like a ragdoll and came buckets when he shot his load inside of you.
It was so satisfying how your soft pleading for your dear friends to “stop” turned into moans and whimpers to “keep going” and “more” whole your virtually limp body was being contorted into positions humans weren’t intended to bend. Your small and weak frame being passed around and used by six tall, muscular and strong football players like you were just an object. In all honesty, that’s how they saw you. You weren’t a woman— you were a toy.
There was one point where you were completely filled. Your cunt, stuffed with Eren’s cock, ass filled with Jean’s, both hands stroking the cocks of Reiner and Porco, then there was Armin who was filming the entire thing— completely content with stroking his cock in his hand.
You don’t know how many loads they’ve fucked into your poor little cunt and ass or how many they made you swallow. You just know your body couldn’t take another orgasm or else you’d lose consciousness. All of their refractory periods were seemingly nonexistent, once they came it was almost amazing at how quick they could get it back up again.
You're not sure how much time has passed since they all decided to finish everything by jerking their cocks in a circle around you— all of them finishing by painting your face white. By the time they were exhausted, skin sticky and wet from all the cum, spit, and sweat.
“Look at the camera, sweetheart. Say hi.” You look up to see Jean with the same camera from earlier.
“H-hi-” Your voice cracks.
“Good girl. Now, who are you?” He asks, looking at the viewfinder.
“ ‘m your cheer whore.” You say.
“They grow up so fast~” Connie coos from somewhere in the background, pulling up his boxers.
“That’s right. Welcome to the team, little lamb.”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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piecksz · 4 months ago
prove it | (m)
Tumblr media
pairings: modern!jean kirstein x fem!reader
warnings: nsfw, mirror sex, penetrative sex, saliva, fingering, finger sucking, handjob, slight mentions of breeding, explicit language
words: 3k+
summary: your jealousy sparks a bitter argument between you and jean, but he shows in more ways than one, that you’re the only person he’s infatuated with. 
a/n: as always, if you wanna fully immerse yourself in the smut hehe you can listen to the songs i looped incessantly while writing: girls need love too by summer walker and excitement by trippie redd and PARTYNEXTDOOR (you cannot tell me that jean wouldn’t listen to either he’s so sexy omg pls free me from my brainrot)
Tumblr media
You gripped the fabric of your dress, hiking it up above your ankles to make sure the material didn’t get caught under the sharp heels of your shoes while you stormed into the house. Seething with outrage, you swung the front door shut behind you, savoring the few seconds of solitude you had before Jean trailed behind you clamorously.
“I already told you, and I’m telling you—again—I didn’t know she was going to be there!” Jean was insistent, his footfall demanding on your tail as he followed you into the kitchen. His fingers were carelessly twined in his hair, an overt demonstration of his stress.
You hastily tossed your purse onto the counter, paying no mind to the way it slid across the granite and almost toppled over its edge onto the floor. “Bullshit Jean. It was your fucking event, how did you not know she was gonna be there?” You spared him an irate glance, it was the first time you’d looked at him since the two of you left the venue.
The entire ride home, Jean had attempted to make conversation, asking you if you’d enjoyed yourself and trying to solicit your opinion on how he’d done coordinating his company’s milestone event. Following the successful closing of a large venture deal and the expansion of the corporation, his boss had entrusted him to organize a company soirée to celebrate, and if Jean’s event had managed to go off without a hitch, a possible promotion was in the cards for him. However, much to Jean’s confusion you were quiet in your responses, mainly giving one word answers and little praise.
After relentless prodding, you snapped, admitting you were irritated after seeing Jean talking to Mikasa, an old coworker and friend of his. You’d disappeared for only a moment to use the bathroom, but when you returned, the two were engrossed in what seemed like interesting chatter. Seeing the way Jean laughed after everything she said prompted the agitation in your lower stomach to boil up into your throat. Nothing was that funny.
“Maybe I overlooked her name on the guest list.” Jean’s fingers left his hair and wrapped around his tie, tugging to loosen it.
“Oh, you sure looked over her while you two were talking and laughing.” You stood on your toes to grab a mug from the cabinet before slamming its wooden door shut. “What was so funny? The fact that you used to fawn over her like an idiot?”
You shuffled back over to the sink, flipping the faucet and watching as the mug filled with water before bringing the cup to your lips to take a long drink. You sighed as the liquid quenched your dry throat, raw from yelling. You peered over the top of the mug at Jean, eyes following him as he made his way over to the selection of hard liquor against the kitchen wall.
“There you go. Name calling like a fucking child.” He poured himself a generous glass of booze, chuckling wryly and taking a sip.
You pulled the mug away from your mouth. “You—are so—,” you started, but your words disbanded into a loud and frustrated groan.
“I’m so what?” Jean swirled the auburn liquid around in his glass, pretending to look more interested in the way it moved than in the conversation you two were having.
“You don’t want me to finish that sentence, Jean. You really don’t.” You set your cup down loudly, so forcefully it might have shattered with just another ounce of force. “Stop acting like I’m overreacting. You know I’m not the jealous type, you fucking know that. I wouldn’t care, but you know you guys have history together.”
“Yeah, history means that it was in the past,” Jean retorted. “It was in the fucking past.”
You leaned forward on the counter, dipping your head low as if to question the validity of your boyfriend’s reply. “You’re telling me you’d be okay seeing me with an old flame?” You laughed humourlessly.  “You complained for ten minutes after a waiter called me sweetheart.”
Jean took another long sip, then exhaled. “Because he clearly couldn’t tell the difference between horny and hospitality. Now you’re blaming me because you couldn’t see that?”
You nodded sardonically, a disbelieving smile shadowing on your lips while you reached behind your neck to unclasp your necklace. “And how’s that any different from this?”
“Mikasa never liked me back, what’s the problem? Did you just pick a topic out of a hat to bitch about?” Jean downed the rest of his alcohol, and then returned the short glass to the display. He wiped at his lips with his thumb and started back toward the kitchen.
“Fuck you, Jean.”
He let out a low chuckle while he rounded the length of the counter, sauntering in long strides until he was behind you with his large hands planted on the curve of your hips. He dipped his head, letting his mouth ghost by your ear. “You know, you’re kind of hot when you’re mad.” His palms began roaming, first gliding across your stomach before moving to your backside and cupping your ass in the curve of his hand. “Especially in that dress. You look really fucking good, baby.”
You barely cracked a smile. “Yeah?”
Jean’s low voice rumbled against your back. “Hell yeah.”
You turned around to face him, gazing up at him from behind sultry lids. “Then how about…,” you started, teasing him by fiddling around with the loose buttons on his shirt. “You sleep dreaming about all the things you wish you could do to me tonight. Because you’re not getting any.” Your seductive expression fell, and you pushed him backwards so you could slide out of the space between his body and the counter.
As you retired into your bedroom, you heard Jean’s weary voice echo from outside. “You’re cold.”
“Good,” you responded back resoundingly. “Maybe Mikasa’s free.”
“Maybe she is!” he retaliated, and although he wasn’t in front of you, you could nearly see the way he rolled his eyes at your spiteful jab.
You rolled your eyes back. “Shitforbrains.”
You removed your earrings, throwing them onto the dresser with your necklace before slipping out of your heels and stepping out of your dress. You struggled to make haste, trying to get ready for bed as quickly as you could before Jean entered the bedroom and had a chance to say anything that would incite another feud. Lazy and clad in your undergarments, you hauled yourself into the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror lethargically while you brushed your teeth and removed your makeup with halfhearted effort.
“Do I need to prove it to you?”
You removed the cold wipe from your lids, opening your eyes and watching as Jean wandered into the bathroom. He continued walking until he met you at the sink, and he wrapped his long arms around your frame again.
“Come here,” he said, pulling you into him until the space between your bodies waned. You gave him an unamused glare through your reflection in the mirror, and resumed rubbing away at your persistent eyeliner.
“Should I mark up that pretty neck of yours?” Jean nestled his face into the curve of your neck, pressing messy, carnal kisses along the side of your throat until his lips met the dip underneath your jawline. He lightly brushed over it, knowing it was your sweet spot. Every time he wanted to turn you into a frenzy of moans, that spot was the easiest way he knew how.
“Or maybe I should have you carry our child.” His hands were hot against your stomach, the soft pad of his finger drawing a delicate circle around your navel. You were glad it didn’t tickle enough to make you laugh.
“You’re pissing me off,” you said, simply.
Jean released a husky groan that vibrated against the hollow of your throat. “You’re turning me on.” He hummed. “You feel that?”
You did. Against your ass, you could feel the prominence of Jean’s hardened cock through his pants, digging eagerly into your backside, and he did nothing but continue to fuel his lust by rubbing his erection against you.
“You’re the only one that can get me hard like this,” he strained, grunting at the discomfort in his briefs.
“Look how pretty you are.” Jean took your chin in his hand and prompted you to look at yourself in the mirror. He hovered over your shoulder and looked on, like he was only spectating. “Do you think anyone compares to you?”
His eyebrows creased while amber eyes fixated on your skeptical face. After a lack of response, he jerked your chin, forcing your attention back to yourself. “Answer me.”
“No,” you said quickly.
“Exactly. Good answer.” Jean’s thumb swept gently across your chin while he withdrew his hand.
Your timid eyes drifted over to him, observing as he slid two digits into his mouth, glazing them generously with saliva before lolling his tongue and pulling his fingers out. A thick string of spit lingered until his hand dipped and slid itself into your underwear.
You choked back a desperate cry once you felt Jean part your folds, using his wet fingers to pet the sensitive swell of your clit. Instinctively, you wrapped a sweaty, tremulous hand around his wrist, but it did nothing to quell his painfully tender ministrations.
“Jean,” you murmured. Your voice was breathy, just barely above a whisper while you gave in and rolled your hips against his hand. “Fuck, wait—Jean—”
“I love the way you say my name.” He placed his free hand on your breast. His fingers hooked onto the delicate fabric of your bra and tugged the material down, freeing your nipple. “Say it louder.”
“Jean,” you mewled loudly as he began flicking the hardening peak of your chest with a ginger touch. His movements were delicate and sensual, as though he wanted to kindle an impatient desire within you.
Jean’s fingers continued to rub slow, tortured circles into your clit and he eased into you every few seconds to make sure he was keeping his fingers slick. Once he heard your whimpers begin to ebb, he would stop and switch the direction of his motion, sending you into another flurry of moans and taking pleasure in the filthy-wet mess he was creating in your panties. “Louder.”
You bit your lip and closed your eyes until the darkness of your eyelids melted into white heat. The familiar torrent of quivers shook your body, and the surface of your skin tingled with the onset of your orgasm. You dug your nails into Jean’s forearm, and in the haze of your high you forgot about all of your concerns.  
“Jean!” You cried his name again, your wail echoing off of the bathroom walls while you writhed against his hold. You moved restlessly, looking for absolutely anything to cling to in an attempt to steady yourself until your climax subsided.
After you came to and regained your soundness, you scrutinized yourself in the mirror through misty tears, chagrined at how easily you’d submitted to him. You were situated limply in Jean’s arms, bottom lip swollen from persistent biting in your best efforts to veil how good he was truly making you feel, but from the sickeningly-smug simper on his face it was obvious that now Jean knew his fingers were more fruitful than an apology. Which meant this episode surely wouldn’t be the last of its kind.
He slotted his fingers into his mouth for the last time, sucking the silken coat of your arousal off of them before releasing them with a quiet pop, then Jean’s other hand crept up your neck until his thumb drove itself to part your closed lips, just wide enough so he could stick his lubricous fingers inside.
“Mhm,” he encouraged, nodding at the way you meekly looked to him for direction.
Jean’s fingers were warm and sloppy in your mouth as you sucked and he watched you intently, undoubtedly wishing that his cock could receive the same treatment. He sighed heavily as you wreathed your hot tongue around his knuckles.
“Good girl,” he breathed, pulling his digits from your jaws before his urge to stick them down your throat and watched as you gagged through tears became insatiable.
Jean worked one hand against his belt, unbuckling it skillfully before impatiently forgoing his buttons and tugging on his zipper instead. His breathing grew labored while you watched from the mirror as he shuffled behind you, and you canted yourself to the side to provide yourself with a clear view of Jean’s cock in the surface’s reflection.
His thick length pulsated, convulsing even without contact, and every time it did so, a fresh stream of precum dribbled from the swollen, red crown of his tip. With a light hand, Jean tapped his cock against the side of your thigh, prompting you to take him in your palm, and when you obeyed, it elicited a lengthy groan from him.
“Fuck, Y/N.”
You weighed his hot and heavy cock in your hand before beginning to move slowly, flicking your wrist and evoking the jerking of Jean’s hips when you did. His head hung forward and loose strands of his neatly tucked hair billowed around his face while he watched as your hand worked against his throbbing heat.
Jean delivered another set of kisses to your neck, kissing along your jawline until he stopped at the corner of your mouth to take a brief second to acknowledge his own pleasure. “Shit,” he grunted, his fleshly pants now becoming uncontrollable. “Okay, that’s enough.”
You loosened your grip around Jean’s cock while he curled his fingers around the cloth of your thin underwear, pulling it down until he stopped midway past your thighs, then his large hand settled between your shoulder blades to bend you over.
His palm collided with the pert curve of your ass, delivering a mild spank, and then he ghosted his touch over the stinging pain, blithely enjoying the way you whimpered his name ever so quietly. Jean positioned himself at your dripping entrance, prodding the tight hole with his tip over and over again just to taunt you until you glowered uncomfortably at him through the mirror.
“Stop it,” you heaved, your longing now turning into an unbearable itch.
Normally, you knew Jean would have loved to tease you, disregarding your begging and instead working even harder to rouse you, but you could tell by the sweat that beaded around his hairline that he needed relief too. So Jean spared you, grip tightening on your hips, and he pushed himself into you with a husky and guttural moan that overwhelmed your delicate whines.
He wasted no time and began moving, gradually picking up his pace until he decided on a moderate speed, not too rough, but just forceful enough that your breasts jounced and your body lurched against the sink whenever he thrusted into you.
“I always tell you how good you feel, do you need to hear it again?” Jean murmured, watching as his cock disappeared inside you and whenever he pulled back to rock his hips forward again, it glistened with a new layer of your arousal. “Your pretty pussy always takes me so well.”
He leaned into you, wrapping an arm around your waist and placing his hand on your shoulder, holding you in place while he fucked himself into you, over and over again. You tugged at Jean from deep inside your well, tightening your walls around his cock and causing his jaw to go slack with bliss.
“The way you fucking milk me, I could cum right now.” His balls slapped ceaselessly against your skin, and the sound of two sweaty bodies married together saturated the thick sex-tainted air. You struggled to watch yourself in the mirror, mouth wide open and eyes bloodshot from your tiredness and tears. Jean’s lips brushed against the shell of your ear and sent a ripple of goosebumps down the expanse of your back.
“I wish I could take a picture of you right now and keep it for later.” He panted into your ear. “You’re the only thing I can think of when I jerk off, it would be nice to have a visual.” When you said nothing he smiled, tugging at the softness of your lobe with his teeth. “Maybe next time, yeah?”
You could only give a weak and disoriented nod, and when you felt Jean’s cock twitch inside you, coupled with the way his muscles tensed underneath his skin, you knew he was close. You wrapped your hands around the arm curved about your waist and nodded at him again, cueing that you wanted to feel his release inside you.
Jean arched an eyebrow, his thrusts becoming sloppier, but he made no efforts to slow his cadence. “Yeah, you’re gonna let me cum inside you?”
You nodded silently for a third time.
Jean delivered a few more generous jerks before the small of his back tightened and he came inside you, amply flooding your chafed walls with his hot seed until you overflowed, and the creamy, white liquid seeped past the girth of his cock and began dribbling down the inside of your thigh.
Jean pulled his now limp cock out, wiping his essence gently on your folds before pulling you into another doting embrace. His clinch was tight, warm cheeks pressed against each other while he looked at you in the mirror with complete and unadulterated adoration.
“I love you,” he affirmed before flipping you over in his arms to face him. He bent down to press a salty and clammy kiss to your mouth, his lips stalling for a few moments longer before he pulled away and then delivered another kiss to your forehead. “Alright, stupid?”
You bobbed your head briefly, now embarrassed at your earlier outburst. You sunk into Jean’s torso, head against his chest, and mumbled sheepishly. “I love you too.”
The two of you stood together, arms encircling each other until Jean carefully broke his caress and began tugging you in the direction of the shower.
“Come on baby.” He grinned. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
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hznji · 6 months ago
squirting hcs
anon requested: “ squirting headcannons with the boyz bc I’m just nasty like that 💕”
characters: eren, armin, jean, levi
genre: smut, 18+ MINORS DNI
warnings: gender-neutral reader (female bodied), squirting (duh), praise, degradation, usage of pet name “doll”
a/n: i feel like this is kinda short - i might do lil blurbs for them at some point
listen…. he saw it in porn and he wants to know if its possible
literally just asks if you could do it
and when you say yes????
you better get ready because he wants to try now
he loves loves loves the mess tbh
he’s seriously elated
“you’re making such a mess, huh? c’mon pretty one, tell me who’s making you feel so good.”
oh, he totally knows what he’s doing
he will definitely try to make you squirt… a lot
and he’s not going to tell you that that is his plan
tbh it’s his goal every time
he praises you so much
“gonna cum again for me? yeah... that’s it, baby. give it to me”
thinks its a porn thing and not real
you have to explain to him if you want him to try to get you to do it
he’s so shocked when you do it
just “okay, lets do that again”
addicted to it from there on
“wow... this all for me, doll? who knew this little pussy could make such a big mess.”
levi knows its a thing, but he doesn’t actively try to get you to squirt
if you ask him to, he will
but otherwise, if it happens then its an accident
or if you specifically ask him to do it, he will (then he can place a towel down or something-)
he enjoys it though, a lot, don’t get him wrong
“god... look at this sloppy little cunt, makin’ a mess everywhere.”
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3d-wifey · 3 months ago
Walking in on Them Touching Themselves pt. 1
Includes: Erwin, Eren, Levi, Jean, & Zeke
Warnings: Like, spoilers for season 3
A/N: I'M BACK WITH CRACK AT THE REQUEST OF MY WIFE, @ginsspitting, I based this off of their season 4 personalities despite me never seeing season 4, so she also helped me with Zeke's
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• He'll leisurely put his dick away and ask you how your day was, all with a smile
• He'll completely gloss over it like it never happened
• However, you're having an existential crisis
• Did you...imagine it? Perhaps it was all a mirage
• Maybe you're hallucinating. No, no it was a trick of the lights. You definitely didn't just see your commanding officer jerking off in his office
• Honestly, I could also see him asking you to join him, again, all with a smile
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• This poor, poor man
• He can never know a second of peace
• He's not even shocked. He just releases a long sigh
• He's tired
• You, on the other hand, are outta that bitch
• You're gone like the wind, baby. He can't punish you if he can't catch you. (He definitely catches you anyway.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• He's a fucking degenerate
• Most likely to keep going like you aren't even there
• He's a mix of emotions. He's both utterly unbothered and filled to the brim with angst
• That being said, you are appalled. If you had pearls you would be clutching them
• He won't even say anything. He'll just stare at you with cold, dead eyes all without breaking his rhythm
• He might even go faster
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Idk If it runs in the family or what, but similar to Eren, he's pretty unbothered by the whole thing
• But instead of continuing, like his feral little brother, he'll just push his glasses up while he holds his dick completely still in his other hand
• “Woah Woah Woah, try knocking next time. What if I have a heart attack with my dick in my hands? That’d be humiliating. Hey, while you're here, do you wanna do your best friend in the whole wide world a favor and kneel in front of me? It would really help with the clean-up...This is the part where you say yes. 😐"
• You're caught off guard because there is no damn way this man is holding a full conversation with you as if you didn't just catch him jerking off in the living room
• He also asked to cum on your face, but thinking about that might give you an aneurysm
• His monkey brain has no capacity for shame
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Never in your life have you laughed so hard
• He'll beg you not tell anyone
• You, of course, tell everyone (i.e. Sasha and Connie) and he will never live this down
• His pride is wounded beyond belief. He'll never recover from this; emotionally, mentally, or spiritually 😔
• This is his villain origin story
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cafedanslanuit · 6 months ago
how they hold your hand ft. eren, armin, mikasa, jean, reiner, porco and pieck
Tumblr media
♡   —   tags: fluff, gn!reader
♡   —   a/n: this was a request and i absolutely adored writing this. thank you so much for the message!
♡   —  masterlist
Tumblr media
eren   —   holds your hand a little too tight but you wouldn’t have it any other way. you know it’s a reassurance that he’s there and that you are never alone. he blushes when someone catches you holding hands even if he’s the one that usually initiates the gesture. when you’re cupping his face, he will take your hand in his and press a kiss on your palm, never breaking eye contact with you.
armin   —   holding your hand feels intimate to him. he likes to intertwine his fingers with yours and you always catch him smiling when he does so. he likes holding your hand when you’re laying on the floor together, looking at the ceiling while both of you talk about all the plans and hopes you have for the future, his thumb drawing idle patterns on the back of your hand. holding hands with armin feels like a promise all your dreams will come true as long as you never let go.
mikasa   —   likes holding your hand when she feels you need it. you don’t even need to say anything for her to notice your discomfort, so without looking at you, she will hold your hand, loving how she feels your whole body relaxing just a few seconds after. her fingers are slender and a little cold, but always warm up after holding your hand for a while. when she feels you calm again, she gives your hand a small squeeze before letting go and you’re still marvelled how you never need to use words with her.
jean   —   this man absolutely adores holding your hand. he does this thing where he takes your hand to his mouth and presses a kiss on your knuckles as a small reminder of how much he loves you. if you do the same, he will be a blushing mess and tell you there’s no need for you to kiss his hand (you do it anyways). holding your hand is like wearing a medal for him, something that will let everyone know you’re his and he’s yours, and he couldn’t be more happy about that. whenever he’s not feeling good, he likes holding you hand and resting his mouth over it, your skin over his always managing to calm him down.
reiner   —   so so so gentle when he holds your hand. it feels like he’s aware of how much bigger his hand is compared to yours and he’s afraid to accidentally hurt you. his hands tend to be really warm and are great for cold winter days when you only want to rest your cheek on them. likewise, reiner also adores to hold your hand, take it to his cheek and lean his head on it. sometimes, he prefers to hold your entire hand inside of his instead of intertwining your fingers together because he feels he’s protecting you.
porco   —   likes to kiss your fingertips while keeping his eyes set on yours. his hands are calloused but you love when he presses softly on the space between your thumb and index finger as he tries to release all the accumulated stress you have. porco likes to hold your hand under the table when he’s meeting with other warriors, knowing how tense you get when they start talking about the war. the way he softly squeezes your hand brings you comfort and once you relax under his touch, you can notice him smiling just the tiniest bit.
pieck   —   likes to lock her pinky with yours when you’re walking around town, looking at the different shops and stopping by to eat something. she also likes comparing hand sizes and then intertwining your fingers together, shooting you a small smile as she does so. loves holding your hand as she falls asleep and makes you fall in love with her over and over again every time she wakes up with a small pout only to realize she has let go of your hand sometime as she slept.
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yeagerslut · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
how they ruin the mood during sex ft the aot boys
a/n: i was about to fall asleep when this cursed idea came into my brain. i am so sorry.
part 2 / part 3
cw!! this is literally all a huge joke please do not take it seriously
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thrusts into you too hard and makes you hit your head on the headboard
bites your clit a little too hard when he's going down on you
goes to spit in your mouth but gets it in your eye
accidentally activates siri with how loud he's being
thinks of a joke mid-stroke and laughs himself to softness
you bite him and he lets out one of those pornstar moans
asks if erwin can join
asks if levi can join
gets curious and sniffs your pussy after he's cum inside
calls you the wrong name while you're giving him head
you call him daddy and he immediately goes 'wait i'm not ready to be a father'
tries to be rough with you but he can't stop apologising for everything he does and says
starts degrading you. ends up bringing up the genuine issues he has with you
tries to have a normal conversation when he's balls deep inside you
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whats-her-quirk · 7 months ago
Below Freezing
captain!jean kirstein x reader 18+ warnings: explicit content, idiots to lovers, authority kink, marking, multiple orgasms, light exhibitionism, begging, light breeding kink, creampie wc: 7.5k a/n: Starting off the year right with my true husband of husbands. This is an alternate canon where Jean is promoted to captain at age 21, and this piece takes place two years after that. What I’m saying is that everyone is of-age here, and the events of season 4 of the anime probably haven’t happened. Don’t think too much into it. I hope you enjoy. TAG @mindninjax​ @some-kindofgnome​
Tumblr media
The trees are thick in this part of the forest, the trunks as wide around as castle towers. It’s hard enough to navigate this dense growth in ODM gear to begin with, but then it started snowing. You still have a long way to travel, your rendezvous point for this mission waiting on the far side of the trees, still miles away. Your face, your hands, your feet: all of them are freezing, and the snow is only getting worse. There wasn’t supposed to be a storm tonight; otherwise, this simple recon mission would have been delayed. You’re about to call out to your team, to ask if anyone else’s limbs are so cold that they can barely control their midair movements, when your side slams into a tree branch you couldn’t even see through the heavy snowfall.
You cry out in pain, clutching your ribs on your right side. It doesn’t feel like you broke anything, but it hurts enough to knock the wind out of you. Your wires go slack and you plummet down several feet in the air, snowy limbs soaking your coat and trousers as they brush against you. You’re falling, falling, until two long arms wrap around your middle and pull you upward again.
You can’t tell who caught you until you hear him shouting over your head. “Visibility is too low for maneuvering! Find a branch and we’ll wait out the storm!” You’d know that voice anywhere; you’d heard it every day for the past two years, since you were selected for his squad: Captain Kirstein.
You squeeze the triggers on your hand grips, releasing your wires now that you’re safely in Jean’s grasp. He loosens one arm from your waist to aim and sink his anchor into the trunk of a massive tree that suddenly comes into view through the snow. For someone as large and lanky as he is, it’s a wonder he’s known for being the best in the scouts with an ODM. But even while holding you tight to the front of him, he soars and lands effortlessly on a wide horizontal branch in the canopy before setting you softly on your feet.
Jean pulls back the fur-lined hood of his coat and searches for eye contact, hoping you aren’t too dizzy to stand. He doesn’t even register how incredibly close he is to you at first, steadying you by the shoulders as soon as his hand grips are stowed away at his sides. “Are you all right? Are you hurt?”
“No, I mean, yes, but I’ll be fine. I just couldn’t see, and...” You seem a little lost for words, then you wince and grab your side. Jean quickly gathers you against him, walking the two of you together back toward the trunk of the tree. When he feels the bark against his back, he bends at the knees, pulling you to sit between his legs. He doesn’t let go of you.
“What happened?” He scans over your face, checking to see if your pupils are dilated with a concussion, but it’s too dark to make out more than the shadowy outline of your features. He couldn’t see shit up there either, and he’s worried sick that you hit your head.
You tell him how you hit that rogue branch and lost your bearings. “I’m so sorry, Captain. I shouldn’t have let this happen. You shouldn’t have to halt the mission for me.”
He shushes you immediately. “The snow is too thick, and none of us can see. We’re still too far from the target. It’s safer for everyone if we stop here and head back when the snow is a little lighter.” He tilts his impossibly sharp chin up, looking to see where the rest of the squad has landed, but it’s hopeless in this storm. They should all be up in the trees around you, but Jean hates that he can’t see or hear anyone. He didn’t order this mission, but he’ll never forgive himself if he loses someone to the weather, of all things.
For now, all he can see is you. The only person he can protect is you. He’ll do whatever it takes.
Jean has gotten to know you well since you joined his squad. He was, in all honesty, scared shitless when he was promoted to captain. He almost turned it down, but after thinking it over, he realized that if his superiors believed he could make a difference leading his own team, then he’d do it. It was an uneasy transition, especially awkward since at 21, he’d been one of the youngest scouts to reach that high of a rank. When you joined his team less than a month later, fresh as one of the top ten from your training regiment, he felt much more at ease (even if you weren’t afraid to talk back to him now and again).
He waits for that sassiness he’s accustomed to from you, or that sense of humor he so often looked to for reassurance. Instead, you say nothing; your teeth chatter, and you puff little white clouds of breath into the air. You curl into yourself, knees to your chest and arms wrapped around them as you shook, obviously frozen to the bone.
“Here,” Jean says, wrapping his own arms around you, but as soon as he does, he feels it. Your coat—insulated and generously sized but not bulky, a design necessary for midair maneuvering—is soaked. He jumps back before his own jacket gets drenched. “Shit,” he mutters.
The last thing he wants to do is scare you, but he knows this is bad. In the first place, you aren’t dressed for snow. And it’s one thing to be cold, but you’re never going to warm up if you’re wet. You risk hypothermia, or worse. He absolutely will not allow that, but the alternative…
Though your face is tucked deeply into your knees, hood pulled tight around your face, Jean can see you shaking as he pulls down the zipper under his own chin. You look up, and even in the twilight, he can see you frowning. “W-what the hell, Jean?”
He can’t help but smirk. There you are, shivers and all. “That’s Captain,” he scolds playfully. “And relax. We have to get you out of those wet clothes.”
“You can’t just give me your coat, Captain. Then you’ll freeze, dummy.”
“That’s not what I’m doing.” His tone is light, mocking, because it’s the only way he’s gonna get through this with his dignity intact, despite the fact that you all learned this in survival training. “We have to share body heat. Come on.”
It’s awkward, extremely so, but it’s for your own safety. Your lips are turning blue, and the only thing he can warm you up with is his own body. You slowly catch on as he lays his coat over his legs and strips off the tight black shirt he’s wearing underneath it. He shoves his arms quickly back inside his coat because fuck, it’s below freezing, but he leaves the front unzipped.
Jean looks away as you peel off your wet clothes, trying to save you some embarrassment too. Once he hears the swish of your coat and the snap of your tight top coming off, he holds the front of his coat open for you to crawl in. He tries not to, but as you move closer, his eyes wander down. He catches a glimpse of your torso, bare except for the simple cloth band many of the scouts wear for support under their clothes. Jean swallows thickly, gaze lingering a little too long on the swell of your breasts over the fabric. As you crawl closer, he wishes he hadn’t looked at all.
“Um.” You mumble as you try to situate yourself. It occurs to Jean that you’re also looking at his bare chest, which he’ll admit is nothing to scoff at, but he can no longer meet your eye.
“Hurry up, before all the snow gets inside my jacket,” he grumbles.
“Sorry, I just don’t know where to-”
“Just, here, face me and put your legs…” Jean helps you slide closer until you’re pressed tight against his chest. He tucks your head under his chin, then reaches for your legs, pulling your thighs around his waist underneath the coat. You cross your ankles around his lower back, but your boots should keep them warm enough. Then, because you don’t do it yourself, Jean takes your hands and wraps your arms around his middle. The coat is never going to zip around both of you, but with his arms in his sleeves, Jean holds the fabric shut across your back like the two of you were locked in a passionate embrace.
Your skin is icy against his, despite the fact that he runs a bit cold in general, even when he’s not out in the snow. Almost immediately, however, you stop shivering, and Jean breathes a little easier. He can keep you warm; he can make sure that you survive the night. He just hopes you can’t feel his heart pounding, or worse, the slight stiffening in his pants that is, to his dismay, pressed almost directly against your ass.
Jean would be a liar if he said he wasn’t attracted to you. To put it plainly, he had always thought you were beautiful. But it wasn’t until you really started to show what you were made of that he started to feel something deeper than a passing attraction to you. You were smart, and brave, and strong. So were a lot of soldiers, but the way you used your talents with a quiet confidence never failed to leave him in awe. And truth be told, you weren’t afraid to talk back to him, and though he jokes a lot about reporting you for insubordination, nothing turned him on more than when you toed the line of his authority, in the field or otherwise.
The reasons he hadn’t acted on these feelings were complex ones. There were no definitive rules regarding relationships between soldiers, or between soldiers and their officers, for that matter. The world you live in is a harsh, unforgiving one. If two consenting adults wanted to engage with each other, whether it be merely a hookup or actual love, the Scout Regiment wasn’t going to deny them that. But Jean knew that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be judgment from his peers, sideways glances tossed his way and yours if they two of you were to get involved.
Beyond gossip, he’d never want you to think he was abusing his power to force you into something you weren’t comfortable with. And when he really considers it, the possibility of starting something with you, he fears not only the embarrassment but the pain of rejection. He doesn’t know where you stand on romance and sex and love, not in this path you’ve chosen with the Scouts. You make him a better captain, simple as that, and he can’t risk losing you if something went wrong.
All of these thoughts play in Jean’s mind as he holds you tightly, shielding you from the wind and the snow as best he can. Within minutes, the heat trapped between your skin and his starts to spread, warming up the space under his jacket. You settle against him, pressing your face into his neck in a way that makes Jean worry even more about what’s going on below his belt. He tries to shift his hips back, putting space between you where it counts, but you’re wrapped too tightly around him, clinging to chest for warmth. He has to admit that it’s a nice feeling, your body against his.
So he squeezes his arms a little tighter around you, nuzzles his cheek against the top of your head, breathes in the clean, snowy scent of your slightly damp hair. Your breath draws a light sheen of mist to the surface of his throat, a wet but comforting warmth that spreads up to his neck. Each time Jean inhales, he can feel the swell of your breasts against his rising chest. It takes all he has to ignore the sensation and keep himself calm. Tonight isn’t about lust; it’s about survival.
But if you both make it through this storm, he’s not sure if he’ll be able to hold himself back any longer.
You don’t remember falling asleep, but some stretch of time later, you wake up to a light jostling and Jean’s voice. “Hey, the snow is letting up. We gotta get out of here while we can.” Jean’s gloved hands rub slowly up and down your back over the coat he’s still holding around you.
You groan sleepily as you start to stretch your limbs, peeling your arms away from Jean’s back, your cheek from his chest. The two of you were actually able to create enough heat that it seems you both started sweating, but you decide not to mention it. You’re not sure what kind of state you’d be in if your captain hadn’t offered himself to keep you warm. It’s hardly the time for you to complain about a little sweat, or the crick in your neck from hunching, or the pins and needles in your legs as you remove them from Jean’s waist—
You’re glad it’s still dark out and Jean can’t see you blush when your thigh brushes something hard, and it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what it is. Jean is still pinned against the trunk of the tree, so you plant your feet against it and push yourself away, sliding out of his coat and away from his, uh, morning wood? You’re not sure if it’s morning yet, but that’s how you decide to explain away the fact that Jean absolutely popped a boner.
A horrible thought occurs to you: what if you were doing something embarrassing in your sleep, rubbing up against him or worse, and got him hard? You push the thought away as you turn your back to him and start to pull on your shirt and coat again. No, it probably just happened in his sleep. You shouldn’t flatter yourself or your girlish crush on the captain; it probably had nothing to do with you.
Jean clears his throat behind you, and you realize you’ve frozen (not literally, thank god) mid-thought while zipping up your coat. Shaking it off, you finish putting your gear back on and pull your hood up around your head. Putting on a confident face, you turn and confirm you’re ready to go. Jean nods at you, tight-lipped and solemn, and the two of you take off on your wires through the light flurries left in the wake of the storm that grounded you.
The journey back to headquarters feels much shorter than it should be after fighting your way through the storm to get as far into the forest as you did. The sun is just beginning to crest over the hills past the dense canopy; that means you were out in the storm for at least a few hours. The two of you soar through the trees side by side until the castle comes into sight, at which point Jean—Captain Kirstein—rushes ahead, likely to report to the higher ups and start getting a head count.
You land at the gates not long after he does to find that the two of you are actually the last of your squad to return. After the snow got bad, it was too hard to hear and see each other, too hard to stay together. Despite it all, everyone else is here and accounted for, and you’re overcome with gratefulness that no one was lost to the elements last night. You take a moment to embrace your comrades, overjoyed that everyone is safe and sound. Jean, on the other hand, apologizes to every member of the squad even though it wasn’t his fault you got sent out in a storm. He tells everyone to go inside, warm up, get something to eat, and rest before reporting back later that evening for new orders.
While the others head off toward the barracks in search of hot showers and warm clothes, you hang back. You have some things you need to say first. As Jean waves off the last of the squad members, you catch him by the sleeve of his coat. He spins around, locking you in an embrace that catches you off guard at first. Since you’re pretty sure no one else is around to see, you wrap your arms around him again, clutching him to you like you did up in the tree, realizing how much you missed his form, his smell, his warmth after a night spent in his arms. You shouldn’t feel that way about your captain, but you can’t deny that you do. Your heart pounds when you pull back to look him in the eyes.
“I just wanted to say thank you for last night. You really saved me back there.” You can feel your cheeks start to heat, despite the lingering chill in the air.
To your surprise, your captain blushes too. He lets go of you to rub the back of his neck, unable to quite meet your eyes. “Any time. What kind of captain would I be if I didn’t…” It seems like there’s more to that thought, but he doesn’t finish it.
A gust of wind blows as the two of you stand there outside the castle, just looking at each other, unsure what to say, what to do next. You shiver and wrap your arms around yourself. You’d been able to keep warm enough to make it through the night, but that doesn’t mean you’re about to stand outside all day. “So, I think I’m gonna go get warmed up and take a hot shower.” You point your thumb over your shoulder in the direction of your barracks.
Jean reaches out to cover your hand with his own and push it back down to your side. “Come with me and use the officers’ shower.”
Your first instinct is to shake your head. “But I’m not—”
Jean scoffs playfully. “I know that, stupid. But the soldiers’ showers don’t get nearly as warm. It sucks, but it’s true. And ours are more private, so you can take a longer one. It’s the least I can do after the night you had.”
You have a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach that you could get in trouble for this, but surely if it was Jean’s idea, you won’t be to blame if you get caught, right? You bite your lip and hesitate. “I don’t know.”
Jean nods in the direction of his quarters and holds out his hand to you. “What if I said it was an order, soldier?” His tone is light, and he’s clearly joking, but something about the slant of his eyebrows tells you there’s more behind it than just friendly ribbing. He’s giving you the choice, but are you going to play along?
You cup your hand and place it in his palm. “Then lead the way, Captain.”
You swear you feel him shiver at the title, despite the fact that you call him that all the time. His hand shifts, fingers threading between yours, and he’s off like a man on a mission.
Jean leads you into the tower that holds the officers’ bunks. You’ve never been past the main entry hall, so you follow him through an arched doorway to a winding stone staircase with a pounding in your chest. You climb to the second floor, the tapping of your boots against the stonework the only thing you hear. He stops at another doorway, peeking around the corner first before squeezing your hand and walking through. You emerge into a hallway lined with wooden doors, empty and quiet by virtue of dawn just breaking outside. 
Jean pulls you through a door about halfway down the hall, into one of the officers’ bathrooms. Looking around, you see it’s a lot like the soldiers’ bathrooms, plain and lined with the same stone as the rest of the castle, but instead of a line of stalls, sinks, and showers, there’s only one of each, as well as a shelf stocked with towels and soap. You can’t remember the last time you had a bathroom all to yourself. Then you realize you’re not alone at all.
Jean stands with his back against the wooden door, arms crossed over his chest, but his knee bounces to a consistent beat, a nervous tick of his. You’ve seen it before, but only when he's worried about the outcome of a mission or waiting for punishment to come down from the brass for one thing or another. You feel a swarm of butterflies in your gut when you realize he’s waiting for something, but so are you, and it has something to do with the hard-on situation earlier.
You stare right back at him, but you’re too afraid to break first, too scared you’re misreading the whole situation even though the man followed you into the bathroom. The tension is thick as fog in the air, your fingers itching to reach for him and do something unspeakable under the spray of the shower. Maybe what happened this morning wasn’t a coincidence. Maybe he brought you here to show you that. You rack your brain for a way to ask that doesn’t completely give you away. You settle for, “Can anyone hear us in here?”
“Walls are pretty thick, actually,” Jean remarks, knocking against the gray stone with his knuckles before pushing his back off the wall. You don’t want to think about why he knows that right now. He moves slowly toward you as you focus  on the way his shoulders sway with each lingering step. A few strides and you’re chest to chest with him once again, looking up into his chiseled face with a breath caught in your throat. Jean’s hands smooth up your arms, stopping just below your shoulders to squeeze pointedly.
“So, if you wanted to, I don’t know…” He runs his hands down your arms and back up again, like he’s desperate to touch you. You don’t want him to stop; you’re sure of it, and if you’re going to make a move, it might just be now or never.
Shaking hands lift to squeeze him at the elbows. You bat your lashes once, twice before asking, “Do you want to get warmed up with me, Captain?” Your tongue flicks over the last syllable, and the last thing you see is Jean biting his lip before he pulls you in for a kiss and your eyes flutter closed.
It’s exactly what he wanted; you’re sure of it now.
Jean kisses you deeply, lips pressed hard against yours as his fingers clench into the muscles of your arms. You have to arch your back as he dips his head down, nose brushing yours when he tilts to one side and licks between your lips. With a heavy sigh, laden with the lust of two years behind it, you drop your jaw and let his tongue pass between your lips. Your twitching hands move from his arms to his face, cupping his cheeks as he presses more sloppy, desperate kisses into your mouth, lips popping and slurping against yours as he gathers you tightly in his arms.
It’s you who breaks the kiss after several minutes, feeling drunk off your desire nonetheless. After trailing your fingers down to the corners of his jaw, you gently push his face away. He leans into one more kiss, teeth grazing your bottom lip before he pulls back, panting. “Is this… ok?” he asks, genuine concern etched into his brightly flushed face.
You thumb at his earlobes, warmth pooling in your belly and below. “Yes. I want this if you want this.”
“I do. I want you.” Jean’s nervousness has completely washed away, replaced with earnestness and, you suspect, a fire inside that matches your own.
You peel off your coat and reach for the buckles of your harness. “Then what are we waiting for?”
Jean stares as you begin to undress in front of him a second time, undoing each buckle on your gear, shedding your straps and boots before you start on the layers of clothes underneath. The slack-jawed look on Jean’s face is flattering to say the least as you strip off your shirt and white uniform pants, leaving you in nothing but your underclothes. The way he rubs the heel of his hand between his legs doesn’t hurt either, sending electricity to your core.
He fumbles with his boots and then his coat before you sidle up to help him along. His fingers trip over yours as you both work on his buckles and his shirt buttons. He stops to kiss you after his gear clatters to the floor, distracted as you try and push his shirt off his shoulders. You giggle into his lips, half in disbelief that you’re even here right now, spreading your fingers over his bare chest as he shrugs out of his sleeves. The button and zipper on his pants are the next to go, and as he stumbles getting out of them, you lean into the shower to twist the knob and get the water started.
Jean’s hands find your cheeks again, and he backs you up against the wall outside the shower, smiling into another blissful, messy kiss. He seems almost dizzy as he mumbles, “I like you so much.” You let your hands roam across his back as you hum into the kiss, reciprocating by grinding your hips against his bare thighs.
Feeling the steam beginning to pour out from the shower, something the barracks showers almost never get hot enough to do, you moan and break the kiss again. Your chest is heaving already, and despite a wave of shyness that quickly washes over you, you untie the strings on the back of your chest band and let the fabric fall to the floor. You can feel Jean staring as both of you slip out of your bottoms, his hand finding its way to your ass as he climbs into the warm spray of the shower behind you.
You step under the water, sighing as it pastes your hair down flat on your head. You don’t really care how it makes you look; it feels so heavenly. So do the two arms that wrap around your waist from behind, Jean’s tall form curling over you once again as he joins you under the shower head. His mouth finds the curve of your shoulder, nibbling and pecking at your skin as you both relax and the hot water rushes over you. You can feel his stiff cock against you, long and deliciously thick from what you can tell.
It’s not long before you turn to face him, hungry to kiss him again and appreciate the beautiful body of his that’s usually hidden under all that tactical gear. Your feet splash against the floor as you back up against the wall to admire him before he’s on you again. He slicks his long chestnut hair back and out of his face, the dark, wet strands tucked behind his ears and stuck to the back and sides of his neck. Droplets race down his impossibly broad shoulders, over his toned chest and abs. He stands evenly on his feet, hardened cock on display and straining against the v-line of his lower stomach. You’re already wet, but your mouth waters at the sight.
Before you can drop to your knees and suck him into your mouth, however, Jean pushes you up against the misty stone wall, smooth but not flat against your back. The ridges rub against your spine almost like a massage as Jean presses one of his legs between yours, forcing you up onto your tiptoes. The rounded muscle of his leg drags just hard enough against your sensitive bud to make you moan softly while he nibbles on your neck. His tongue slides against your wet skin until he finds a place to bite down, sucking hard enough to leave a mark you’ll want to cover up later. As he releases his teeth, you speak without thinking. “Oh, Captain.”
Jean’s fingers dig into your hip bones sharply, his cock twitching as he rumbles out an unsteady string of curses. “Fuck, baby. Goddamn.” He pulls you to him roughly by the jaw, spearing his tongue as far down your throat as it can reach with a low whine. He kisses you like a man starved, and against his solid body, you can’t do anything except hump helplessly on the leg that rests between yours.
When he finally comes up for air, Jean’s eyes are blown, black pupils covering nearly the entire golden irises. His hips bump back against yours as you roll against him, needy and desperate to be filled. “You like when I call you that, hm?” You can’t help but tease him a little, considering the state you’re both in.
“Yeah,” he pants, hands moving across your body like he can’t decide where to grab, where to grope you next. “That’s what I am, right? And you follow your Captain’s orders, right baby?”
Your poor, neglected pussy clenches against nothing at his sultry baritone. Meanwhile, your body relaxes to the point of near limpness under his hands. “Yes, Captain,” you pledge in an airy, almost whining tone.
Jean’s eyebrows arch as he pulls at your hips. “Then turn around, soldier, and put your hands on the wall.”
Fingertips dig under your hip bones, spinning your pliant body around so that you’re facing the wall and the showerhead. You let Jean handle you into position, pushing down on your back until you hinge at the hips and anchor your slippery hands against the wall. You bend your knuckles, clinging to the rocks in order to hold up your own weight as the shower spray beats down on the small of your back.
You hear splashing behind you as Jean strokes himself before wedging a foot between yours, spreading your legs wider. You feel one of his hands settle on your spine while the other reaches under you, teasing your folds apart and padding over your clit before sliding easily into your hole. You can’t help but moan and press your hips back, urging his finger deeper inside you as he curls it, knuckle by knuckle. In a lower pitch, Jean asks, “You ready for me now?”
You whimper helplessly and repeat your mantra, “Yes, Captain. Please.”
“Good girl.” Jean guides the tip of his cock to your cunt, swirling just the head around in tight circles as you clench greedily around him. You moan again and buck backwards, turning Jean’s chuckle into a sharp inhale. Instead of teasing you, he pushes inside until he’s fully seated and pulsing for you. You feel the muscles of your cunt pulling apart, stretching to accept him with an exquisite burning.
The long, guttural moan you let out spurs Jean to start thrusting, his pace slow and calculated at first and filling every inch of you. He pulls back until he’s almost entirely out before snapping back in a fluid motion, every ridge and vein on his shaft rubbing against that sensitive ring on the way. He holds himself inside each time, grinding his hips against your ass as the fleshy head of his cock nuzzles against your cervix.
You lose your voice, unable to speak between the moans he’s pulling from you, but that doesn’t stop Jean from talking you through it. “Fuck, you feel amazing. Better than I imagined, baby.” Your core tightens at the praise, the muscles in your legs tensing as you clamp down around Jean’s length. As your hands start to slip down the shower wall, you dig in with your finger tips and let out another long moan.
Jean’s pace begins to quicken, each tap of his hips against you splashing spurts of water up your back and down your legs. His heavy balls slap against your pussy from this angle, sending reverberations up through your belly. You clench and squirm as he pounds into you harder, jostling your grip on the wall. When one of your hands slides off the stone, sending you wobbling, Jean doesn’t miss a beat. One arm wraps under your stomach to steady you while his other hand finds your neck, fingers curling around your nape only enough to hold you in place.
You can’t help but cry out for him, voice echoing off the wall in front of you and back in your face. “Captain, please. So close!”
Jean’s hand tightens around your neck, putting the slightest pressure to the sides of your windpipe but sending you reeling with gasps regardless. Your cunt tingles and pulses, squeezing down on him hard as he continues jackhammering into you from behind. Far too loudly, Jean barks back, “I got you, soldier. Touch yourself, make yourself cum with me.”
You let one hand fall from the wall and reach back toward your own clit. You press down on that little button, rubbing back and forth in the motion you know well, the one you’ve used on yourself in bed before while imagining a situation not unlike this one. The pressure builds quickly until the need to release is painful, almost unbearable—until Jean’s voice, pleading, “Baby, baby, come on,” pushes you over the edge and you break with a sob.
Your legs tremble, and you have to trust Jean to keep you from hitting the floor. You’re still shaking when he pulls out seconds later, pumping cum over the curve of your ass. He groans low and gravelly, choking on the sound as he removes the hand from your neck to pump the rest of his mess onto the backs of your legs before everything is quickly washed away by the water pouring down your back.
Still panting, Jean pulls you upright against his chest and rests his chin on your shoulder as you both come down from the high. You feel wrecked and blissed out all at once, completely safe and secure in Jean’s arms as he begins to trail kisses up and down your neck between heavy breaths. You let yourself melt back against him, his body strong and stable despite the crumbling release he found only minutes before.
You expect him to let you go eventually, but he doesn’t. His hands don’t leave you, instead smoothing up the skin of your stomach and finding the curves of you breasts. He cups them with a light squeeze that makes you rub your tired thighs together.
“Baby.” He whispers it against your ear, just loud enough for you to hear over the patter of water on rocks. “I’m… I still want…”
You reach up, finding the back of his neck and playing with the wet strands of hair you find there. “You want more?” You crane your chin back for a drunken kiss, so wrapped up in him you’d agree to just about anything.
Jean hums affirmation from his throat. “Want to see you cum again for me. Want you to ride me.” He mumbles, his eyes closed and lips soft against yours.
You trace the sharp line of his long jaw before breaking the kiss once more and turning off the shower. As the last of the water trickles out of the showerhead, you find Jean’s shoulders, allowing yourself to hang off of them. “How far to your room?”
He presses a kiss to your forehead. “Just down the hall. Grab a towel.”
The two of you, warm from the water though you never made it as far as washing with soap, wrap up in the towels from the shelf. You gather your clothes and gear and so does Jean before cracking open the door and peeking into the hall.
“Coast is clear. Follow me, and be quick.” A certain giddiness has returned to his tone, and you can’t help but giggle as the two of you scuttle, barefoot and dripping, down the hallway to one of the last rooms on the right. Another door down the hall creaks as Jean rips his open, and you rush inside with a squeal. He laughs and follows you safely inside.
The room is small and modest, nothing to brag about, but private and comfortable. Jean’s bed is neatly made, sheets tucked in at the headboard over a fluffed pillow. “Do you think someone heard us?” you turn to him and ask as you drop your gear in a pile at the foot of his bed.
He drops his gear along with his towel, then reaches for your chin. “Does it matter?” he asks seductively before pulling you into a searing kiss. Your tongues twist together, and you drop your towel, letting it pool around your feet before pressing yourself flush against Jean again.
He smiles into the kiss before bending at the knees and grabbing you under the ass. He lifts you, but before you can even wrap your legs around his trim waist, he turns and falls backward onto his bed with you on top of him. You push him up on the mattress until his wet hair is soaking into his pillow, but Jean doesn’t give his bedsheets a second thought. He’s too busy taking advantage of this new position and his free hands.
Legs spread wide and unashamed, you straddle his waist and brace yourself on his muscular shoulders. You’re not above taking advantage of the situation either, letting your head dip forward and latching your teeth onto his neck. Jean sighs, his pitch rising this time, as you lave your tongue up and down his neck, kissing at his Adam’s apple as it bobs under your mouth. You suck a line of kisses down to his collarbones, planning to mark him in return but choosing a slightly more subtle location. You find a spot in the center, just under the column of his throat, and Jean’s fingers lace into your hair, pulling tight against your scalp and anchoring you in place as you bite and suck at his flesh, still steamy from the shower.
He whines as you pull away from his chest with a pop, peppering more kisses up the opposite side of his throat to his ear. Your thighs squeeze tight against his waist, and his hand that’s not twisted in your hair reaches down to knead your ass. As Jean rubs circles into the swell of your cheek with his thumb, you pull his earlobe into your mouth with a soft groan from your chest. You grate your teeth down the lobe before wrapping your tongue around the shell of his ear and sucking, tasting the water that’s dripping off his hair and onto your face and the blankets. Jean gasps when you discover a weak spot where the cartilage connects to his jaw. He squirms under you, rearing back against his pillow before landing a loud slap to your ass cheek. You give yourself away, moaning at the sound and the slight sting of his palm.
Jean whimpers again, reduced to an entirely different man than the one who fucked you in the shower, but an intoxicating and delicious one nonetheless. His eyes are closed when you pull back from his ear, and he thrashes against the pillow as you rake your nails down his pecs, grazing over his nipples as you do.
“Please, baby,” he bursts out, no longer in control of himself or his actions. “Please, fuck. Ride my cock, please, please, baby.” He repeats himself, voice breaking over syllables here and there. When he begs so pretty, how could you possibly deny him, and yourself, the satisfaction?
You crawl backwards, lowering yourself over his cock, which stands tall and hard against his stomach again. You wrap one hand around the shaft, pumping him quickly and spreading the bead of precum around his head as he moans helplessly beneath you. His hands find purchase on your thighs, and you rise up onto your knees to coat yourself with the weeping tip of his cock before guiding him inside and sitting down on his lap.
Jean groans your name as you grind your hips, making figure eights with his cock inside you, feeling his painfully hard length drag against your inner walls with each rotation. Jean can’t stand it for long before he grabs you by the hips and starts to bounce you up and down on top of him. You squeak and squeal as he pistons up into you, ramming his cock in and out of your hole desperately. The wet sounds squelching between you are positively sinful as you ride him, still wiggling your hips as he thrusts. But the best sounds you hear are the shaky, whimpering breaths Jean sucks in every time he bottoms out inside you.
In this position, his length plays to his advantage, and as he pulls you down onto his cock again and again, he taps your cervix with more force. You don’t care who can hear you, not anymore, as you cry out on top of him. “Jean, fuck,” you moan amidst a mumbled mess of lewd sounds, only winding Jean up even more as he writhes beneath you.
His eyes pop open as he fucks into you roughly, without abandon, chasing the high that’s just out of his grasp. Your jaw drops open as he stares up at you with awe and desperation, and then he starts to beg again. “Please, baby. Fuck, oh my god. Please, please, can I cum inside this time? Please, oh fuck, please.”
“Yes, fill me up, I want it,” you moan. You wanted his seed inside you before he even asked, but hearing him plead for you twists the coil inside you until it snaps, and you cum first again with a sharp cry. Your lower body locks up as you crest over the waves of your pleasure, clenching down as Jean fucks you from below. Finally, his back arches up into you, and he throws his head back as he pumps his hot cum inside. His hips stutter to a stop as he buries himself deep inside you, milking everything he has to give into your dripping pussy until he softens.
Your muscles scream as you force them to unclench. You pull yourself off Jean’s cock, both of you hissing at the sensitivity before you roll over to his side. Though he’s still panting, he doesn’t wait before rolling to face you and pulling you into his chest. He holds you against him, stroking your damp hair and kissing the top of your head in the sincerest show of appreciation and care you’ve maybe ever known.
“That was…” he finally pants out, “wow.”
“Yeah. Amazing,” you agree, lips moving against his chest.
Slowly, Jean’s grip on you loosens, until he’s lightly caressing your cheek with the side of his finger as he stares into your eyes. “Guess I should have confessed a long time ago,” he admits with a chuckle.
You shake your head. “As long as we can do this again, I don’t even care that it took this long.”
He smiles dreamily back at you, the fondness in his eyes enough to almost make you well up in tears. You’d waited so long for this, and it was more perfect and fulfilling than you ever could have imagined. Jean kisses your nose as you lie together, a mess of limbs that you never want to untangle. “I’ll take you for as long as you’ll have me. We can do this a million more times.”
You peck his lips before you tease, “Is that an order, Captain?”
Jean rolls his eyes and lets his head fall back. “You’re going to use that against me forever, aren’t you?”
You nod your head. “Yes, sir.” 
Jean draws in a breath before tucking you back against his chest. “Nope. Don’t start that now. Time for sleep.” He helps you climb under the covers with him, your naked bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces. He curls himself behind you until the shared body heat and the beating of your two hearts lulls you both to sleep.
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papijean · 3 months ago
pretty boy
Summary: High sex was never a disappointing time with your pretty boy. 
Universal fic, no names are mentioned so you can picture it as whoever you’d like ;) 
warning: smut, 18+, high sex, drug use, creampie
word count: 1.2k
a/n: Happy 4/20 ;) enjoy xx  I wrote this in twenty minutes, sorry if there’s any mistakes 
Tumblr media
He always looked so pretty when he was high. Bloodshot eyes that could barely stay open, a loose smile that never left his face. He'd get rosy cheeks sometimes making you so desperate to leave kisses all over them. There was never a time he didn't look like the most beautiful man in the world.
Anytime you smoked alone with him, he'd find himself naked somewhere in your home, balls deep inside of you and angelic moans leaving you both. Everything always felt so electric when those drugs filled your veins. He was a drug all on it's own, to have both at the same time? Nothing could ever beat it.
This time he was spread out on the chair in your living room. Head jutted back and so consumed in you he couldn't even think properly. He accidentally smoked too much this time - not enough for him to green out but certainly enough for him to be out of it more than ever. You adored how he couldn't control his sounds or his expressions. Every movement was so pure.
Your hips were slow against his, thighs on either side of his, and barely having enough energy yourself to lift yourself off his cock only to drop back down again. He didn't want fast anyways, he wanted these timeless moments to last eternity. He wanted this feeling you gave him to last the rest of his life.
He felt the burning heat of your lips on his exposed neck. The wetness of your tongue gliding across his adam's apple and your teeth scraping against his pulse point. Each feeling swept him so deep in pleasure he quickly became a whimpering mess for you. He wanted to watch you ride him, but his head was too damn heavy to pick up again.
"So pretty for me," You mumbled. Your hand threaded through his thick hair, helping him to lift his head so he could see you properly. He swore just the sight of you he could have cum right there. Sweat covered your body, baby hairs sticking to the base of your neck as you worked yourself closer to your second kind of high.
"Me?" He retorted. It was always you, you were the pretty one, never him. You nodded, confirming your words - you would say it a thousand times and your point would never come across as much as you wanted it to. He pouted his lips, hoping you'd get the hint he wanted another kiss from you.
Fuck his lips were always so soft, so needy against yours. He still tasted like the weed you smoked together, but the taste was nothing compared to the feeling. Your fingers tugged at his hair as his tongue slipped between your lips. Such lazy, sloppy movements but it made you feel incredible. He made you feel incredible, always.
Your walls tightened around him, caught up in the idea of his cock always being deep inside you like this. Always having this double-sided coin of pleasure to chase. He whimpered. Whimpered like a boy, eyes watering in the delightful pleasure of tightening around him for no other reason than your own thoughts.
He knew you damn well enough to know you were thinking about him.
"Such pretty sounds for me," your head fell back as you pulsated around him again, desperate to hear more noises. It was always the sounds of pleasure that could get you off, knowing the only reason he was like this was because of you. A shameless moan, one he couldn't be bothered to try and muffle, echoed through your home. "Yes, baby, wanna hear you."
The pad of your thumb pressed against his bottom lip, pulling it down into a pout. He muttered out a string of incoherent words, eyes fluttering shut once again. It was too much, every movement of yours was too much for how his body was reacting to this high. He felt like he could cum over and over again, just with your kiss.
"S'much," he mumbled. Your hips rolled against his, grinding down to push him even deeper inside you to get another moan from him. His hands dug into your thighs, trying to distract himself from the easy desire of release so soon. Hot hands went up your body until reaching your bare chest.
He pushed you closer, making it easier for his lips to encase your nipple. His hips bucked as you whined his name, adoring the way you called out for him. Warm saliva dripped from your nub as he moved to the next, this time swirling his tongue until your walls clamped around him. He wanted you to fall apart without having to do any of the work.
"Fuck!" Your nails dug into him when his teeth nipped at you. You'd lost track of how long you were at this. Hours, minutes, none of it mattered. The wetness between your thighs leaked down his, probably onto the chair you sat on as well. Your thighs burned from your movements but having his cock stretching you was godlike. "Please, baby, n-need you to fill me up."
"Yeah?" He didn't sound cocky, he was looking for your permission. It felt like he was holding himself back for days because he didn't want to disappoint you. His whole body tingled at the idea of finally being able to release, finally to let go of this aching pressure in his cock only you could cause.
"Yeah," You confirmed, nails digging into his shoulders again as you weakly tried to move faster against him. His head threatened to fall back again, whines passing his lips and silent pleas for more. "Want your cum, wanna see how good it feels dripping out of me. Please, love. Gonna cum, too."
You met his hazy eyes. "So beautiful," god he was, so fucking beautiful you couldn't get over it. He refused to leave your gaze, desperate for you to cum before he did. Your lips trembled at the overwhelming build of pleasure threatening to consume your whole body. "Need you- need you."
"I'm right here," he kissed every inch of skin he could reach. A continuous string of 'please' escaped him. God, he didn't even care about himself anymore, just wanting to watch as you fell into a chasm of euphoria. "Cum princess, wanna feel."
Pure pleasure mixed with your high. You couldn't breathe, couldn't see, couldn't focus on anything besides the spasming of your pussy around his cock as you cursed his name. It was too much, but fuck did it leave you feeling like you were floating upon the clouds. Nothing would ever top that.
"(Y/N)," His voice sang through your home, eyes rolling back as his hot cum filled your sopping core. In a brief moment of strength, he grabbed your hips with a bruising grip he'd likely smoother with kisses the next morning. His shaky breath whined with desperation as you rolled against his sticky thighs. "Fuck, baby gotta stop. Too much."
"Don't want to be empty," you whimpered, terrified at feeling empty without him right now. His naked body against yours, shaky hands that only stabilized when they were on you, you couldn't pull away, not now.
Permanent taglist:  @subtleappreciation @a-giaks98 @automaticpersonaauthorsuitcase @melonva @nerdy-weeb-7120 @awilddreamerwrites @empressackerman
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bakhoe · 5 months ago
first date + kiss w/ the aot boys
modern! headcanons my brain requested while trying to fall asleep w/ little college major details i wanted to include hehe, also all these boys are extreme simps so, lol 
includes: armin, connie, eren, jean, levi, and reiner
(a/n): pls don’t clown me on connie’s manga panel, could not find a good one for the life of me (◡﹏◡✿)
Tumblr media
Armin would definitely be a man of culture, he’d most likely be an anthropology major with some kind of STEM minor! I can totally see him just loving the idea of language development and social issues like gentrification. He just loves educate and involve himself with anything surrounding human behavior and culture.
After some weeks in the same sociology lecture you two share, he would ask you out on a date and for sure be super nervous. 
“Hey (Y/N)! Wait up!” he’d say while trying to collect his items, and himself to be honest. “I was thinking, maybe, we could go on a coffee date? Maybe enjoy some evening music this weekend? Only if you want to, obviously!”
“Now why wouldn’t I want to go on a date with you Armin?” 
After his shocked expression he invites you to meet up with him at a local coffee shop near the university you two attend. The small shop would be super cozy, fairy lights dangling from one side to the other with dim lighting. There’s plenty of filled bookshelves along with loud sounds of expresso machines but it just has good vibes.
“I usually come here to read and people-watch, I’ve never brought anyone here before,” he’d confess while sitting you down near a window to look at the city street. 
“How come?”
“Like to keep this place a secret,” and you can’t help but swoon that he lets you in his little secret. 
After the coffee is done with and the macaroons on the table are non-existent, he takes you to a jazz lounge nearby. You two sit near the bar at a small table that was far enough for you two to chatter but close enough to watch the band play. He recounts the time he stumbled in one day because he thought he was at the bar his friends were at but to his surprise, he was greeted with a sly saxophone. He tells you how ever since that day, he has been in love with jazz music. 
When the bread pudding is gone along with some white wine, you two decide it’s late. He’s gathering his things and slings his jacket over his shoulder as you two are heading out but the band starts playing their own rendition of ‘These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)’ and he just has to stop and watch the woman on stage sing. 
You can feel yourself have a butterfly brawl in your stomach at just watching how beautiful he looked in the red mood lighting as he sways slowly. He would turn to you and wrap his arm around you. 
“This was the song that made me come back the next weekend,” he confesses. 
And the mood just feels right! So he leans down to give you a nice kiss, and you two just walk out as soon as the singer finishes her song, hand-in-hand. 
Tumblr media
I’m going to say that Connie would go into something around the lines of computer science as his major. I feel like he would just know how to do math, ya know? So, when he sees little ol’ you crying in the library because of some calculus problems, he casually introduces himself to you and puts his homework aside to help you figure out what’s going on. 
“Can’t be a jerk and leave a girl crying by herself,” he’d say. 
After that night, you ask him if you two can continuously meet up through out the semester and to your surprise he agrees! So a friendship is born and it includes multiple midnight study dates, laughs, snacks, and fifteen minute power naps. He’d gradually grow to be more flirtatious and confident with you (even though he was already pretty confident). 
While walking you back to your dorm after a usual study date, he’s just tired of not using his game with you so he’ll shoot his shot on a random midnight of the week:
“I was thinking I should treat you to an actual date, maybe this Friday? Since you did pretty well on that last unit exam.” 
“Yeah, totally!” 
“Good! Wear something nice, okay?”
And after hours of freaking out with your roommates on what ‘nice’ even means, you two pull up at a Dave and Buster’s. And this man just thinks this date is luxurious, and to be honest, it is. 
Because he’s on that college boy budget he buys both of you one power card to pass between each other, but you obviously don’t mind, because you two spend the night intertwined with laughter and playful teasing, something that definitely was not the usual boring calculus. 
He’d make sure to collect as many tickets as he could, eyeing a medium-sized Pikachu that was just taunting him from the other side of the room and as soon as he was sure he collected enough to get you the gift, a little kid snatches it before he can. Heart, actually, broken. 
“Man, fuck that little kid!”
“Connie, hush! The parents probably heard you!”
But you just laugh and Connie turns to face you, admiring how beautiful you look in the pink and purple neon lights. And something just clicks inside of him, so with the arcade machinery humming and a kid sobbing in the background, he pulls you in for a kiss. And it’s just magically the embodiment of him.
Tumblr media
This sweet boy, I just know he would use all that determination to advocate for something he truly believes in, but for now, I’m going to say he would focus on becoming a social worker due to his interest in working with orphan children. I feel it in my gut, it makes me sob. 
Eren would be so excited for his date with you, after asking you out in the student dining area one morning. Though excited, he’d be a little nervous to mess things up so he’s constantly checking his hair in the rearview mirror and making sure that the picnic basket he had in the back hadn’t fallen to the ground without a sound to indicate doing so. 
You’d be surprised to see him driving such a large truck genuinely thinking he would’ve showed up in an Audi for no particular reason. After you climb in, you are also caught in surprise to see so many different colored pillows and blankets piled up in the back seat. 
“You ready to fall in love with me?” he’d joke, but little did both of you know that it would end up happening. 
As soon as you two enter the main entrance of the college town you two live in, he drives into the grassy area to park backwards to face the street. You’re so confused until he nicely asks you to help him place all the blankets in the truck bed-- and all you can see in the back is the flower field and the beautiful scenery in front of you. 
“I thought a picnic would be nice as a first date,” he’d sheepishly say as he would haul the heavy picnic basket he had brought. 
“Eren, this is a beautiful idea.”
After laying out the blankets and placing the pillows in the correct place, you two would finally cozy up together. Music would be playing from inside the truck while you two ate the food he claimed to have made, just getting to know each other. 
When the food is all gobbled up and all the clouds faded into the now-clear blue sky, you plop yourself down to the flower field to pick a few different fresh flowers. He watches from the corner he’s pressed against on how quickly your fingers moved to weave a small crown for him. 
And this man literally feels butterflies in his stomach when he sees your toothy grin as you lean in to place it on his brown hair. And he can’t help but place a hand on your cheek and whisper out a small question:
“Could I kiss you right now?”
You would nod and lean in to his almost aggressive head bump but the dull pain is practically non-existent because both of you are finally kissing after swooning over each other from across the dining hall. 
Tumblr media
B U S I N E S S  M A J O R
No one can ever change my mind on this, Jean would 100% be a business major. No doubt about it. He’d be a little lazy, constantly going to parties, and on the verge to become an alcoholic by how much he drinks but by sophomore year he would really turn around. He’d become more serious about his career and show leadership growth, and it impresses multiple people he talks to later on.  
Jean wouldn’t really know you before asking you out on a date. The only exposure he had of you was from lecture when you sat two rows in front of him and when you would send funny messages to the GroupMe the lecture had. This boy would constantly think of you during class, wondering if you were as funny as the messages or if you had a significant other. 
So, he decides to wait. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself in the middle of the semester so he just waits for the last official day of lecture before finals to ask you out. 
“Hey! Sorry to bother, I know you don’t know me but I was wondering-- Oh! And I also know finals are coming up but I was wondering if you would wanna go on a date with me? After finals of course!”
“Jean, right? I guess it would be a good idea to treat myself to a date after our final exam.”
The way this man would be so giddy after you said his name would be too cute, but when he reaches over for your phone to put in his number he can just feel himself shake in nervousness and he begs to whoever is above that you can’t see it. But even if you could notice his shaking, you wouldn’t even pay attention to it because he is just so attractive. 
He would text you beforehand to tell you to dress formally, so you are naturally shitting bricks because where the hell was he planning to take you? So you pull out the best clothing from your closet and just hope for the best. 
Jean would be so slick, pull out the entire nine yards when he shows up in his tight formal pants and red tie with flowers in one hand to your dorm. You would quickly put them in a vase before heading out, an arm already wrapped around you. 
“You’re really attractive, you know?”
Of course you would be like, woah buddy, because you two barely know each other but you freak out even more when you two pull up to some apartment complexes. You’re questioning what you got yourself into until Jean opens his door and candles, flowers, lighting, and soft music greet you. 
He shows you the food he has in his fridge, telling you the plan of cooking together and having a candlelit dinner in his living room, and you instantly melt that he even thought about all of this. 
“So, how does that sound?” 
“Jean, it sounds amazing!”
And after cooking, eating, and chatting, you two can feel each other slowly getting to really like each other. He stands to ask you to dance with him in his living room, the only lighting in his apartment being offered by the flickering candles on the kitchen table. 
And you just feel comfortable and happy, and I can see that he would not offer the first kiss because he’d be afraid to overstep a boundary or even make you uncomfortable so you would lean up and place a little kiss on his lips, smiling against his chest afterwards. 
Tumblr media
Homie would already be out of graduate school. I like to think that Levi would go into forensic psychology since it works with crimes, I just can’t see him as a police officer. He would focus his energy on Erwin Smith’s private lawyer practice, alongside Hange Zoe. The three would be an iconic trio pulling up to the court house, let me just say that. 
That being said, he’d know you as Erwin’s part-time secretary who still goes to graduate school. And even though you were smart enough to qualify to get your Ph.D., you are completely oblivious to the lingering stares the stoic man would throw at you. Hange, on the other hand, catches him staring more than a couple of times so after a ton of pestering from Hange, Levi finally agrees to giving it a shot. 
He was an early thirty-something year old, Levi had to remind himself that he was not some kind of brat that was afraid to express his attraction to someone, so he goes for it. 
You aren’t going to lie though, Levi is kind of scary. So when he was stalking directly to your desk with an intense glare and stern face, you were certain he was going to yell at you for your dirty workspace. 
“Dr. Ackerman, sir?” You would be completely shitting your pants at how he was looking down at you, but a side of you couldn’t help but think about how handsome he looked right now. 
“I understand it might be unprofessional to bring this up now, but I want to take you out on a date.”
And it sounds more like a command than a question, but you are happy to say yes, nonetheless. So he slides you his number in a slip of paper, telling you that he would send you more details over the phone and walks away so cool-like while you are just left in absolute shock at your desk. 
The amount of shock you felt as soon as you pull up to the address he gave you: a boba tea place, out of all places, this was the last place you thought he would bring you. But he’s sitting so cutely near the door, scrolling through his phone waiting for his date. 
You two drink the boba, chat between each other, and you laugh at his bluntness. It was nice to get to know him like this, one-on-one, without Erwin, Hange, or the other employees possibly eavesdropping. So when drinks are over, he asks to take you to a secondary location the botanical gardens. You, of course, say yes because you don’t want the date to end.
 “I like to walk around here during the winter,” he would say to you, while walking through the garden. 
“I like walking with you,” you say, smiling at the older man next to you.
He would feel his heart warm up at that comment, loving how shy you were. So it takes a while for him to give you a kiss, after multiple dates actually. He doesn’t want to seem like he’s pressuring you into anything, especially since you are a little younger than him. So after the fifth, you would have to lean up to him and place a kiss on his lips as a thank you so he can finally take the lead. 
Tumblr media
Out of all the characters in the show, Reiner is the only one I can see going into the medical field. Not because he wants to but because after years of training to become a professional athlete, he quits his goal after constant critique and discouragement about his ability, so he’d continue his education to become a physical therapist. 
You and Reiner knew each other after a couple of general education courses you two took together, constantly being roped into assigned project groups and study sessions but even though he thought you were stunning, he never made a move because you had a significant other we stan a respectful king.
But as soon as he knows you broke up with them? He’s on the move, making sure to bring an extra coffee for you to the study sessions and walk you back to your dorm. He’d invite you over to his dorm to watch some shows on his television from time to time, and would offer endlessly to pay for meals when you two got Panera after class. So, after a few weeks of warming up to you, he finally asks you:
“Hey, let me know if I’m overstepping okay? But, I wanted to ask you out on a date?” He would have a big hand on his neck with a cocky smile decorating his handsome face. 
This man would drip with charm, I can practically smell it. He just knows how to impress the ladies, and though he can’t call himself a lady-killer, he’s had his fair share of first date experiences that went well.
So he decides to take you to the museum in the city you were in, and he’s excited to show you around the building he visits frequently. He is like your personal guide, showing you different pieces he has stared at in the past. You start to notice that most of his favorites are murals or portraits of cherubs, or angels. 
“You have a thing for angels or something?” You would ask, teasing him at the seventh artwork involving an angelic woman as the centerpiece. 
“That’s why I’m on a date with one, isn’t it?” He’d flirt, smiling at how you visibly shut down. 
After scanning the traditional pieces and pottery, he leads you to the kids area, making sure no kids were actually using the space. He’d collect all the crayons from around the room, two sheets of paper, and pencils. You obviously have no clue to what he’s doing but as he sets down the material and sits on the ridiculously small seat, he finally reveals that you both are going to redraw your favorite art piece you both saw. 
A few minutes pass, both extremely concentrated on coloring and remembering the piece you saw until you two could present the projects you were working on. And as you two turn them around, you can see that he drew you, and it’s wonky looking but the thought of him considering you art? Made your heart flutter. 
So, you wrap your hands around his broad shoulders in a loving embrace, cooing on how much a beautiful man he was, and he can’t help but blush. So when you two part from the embrace, he pushes your hair behind your ear and places a kiss on your lips before being kicked out by a parent that had two icky children at her side. 
thank you so much for reading! have a nice day/night! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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whats-her-quirk · 5 months ago
jean kirstein x reader 18+ (minors dni) warnings: lactation, semi-public sex, mommy kink wc: 3.5k
Tumblr media
“I’ll stay here, you two go ahead and have fun.” Jean’s mother had been all too eager when you got the group text from Sasha. Niccolo had just proposed, and they wanted everyone to come out to the cocktail bar they were at and celebrate with them. You had sighed wistfully, realizing how much you missed your friends. Your social life had been mostly put on hold for the past month since your daughter was born—justifiably so. You and Jean were both completely smitten with her, plus getting the hang of this ‘new parent’ thing had been pretty intense. You’d never been away from your baby since she was born, never more than a few paces away whenever she needed you, so the possibility of going somewhere without her hadn’t even crossed your mind.
It was already past her usual bedtime, not to mention cold outside. It was a spur of the moment invitation, something you hadn’t planned ahead for. But in spite of all the reasons not to go, Jean’s mother was already over for dinner and more than willing to stay with your daughter while you went out for the first time since she was born. You’d glanced at your husband hesitantly, but he left the decision up to you. “We’ll do whatever you want to do, babe.”
After chewing your lip for a while and some light nudging from Jean’s mother—”You deserve a little break, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll put her to bed and stay as long as you need…”—you agree.
It takes a while for you to find something decent to wear, as the cross section of what’s nice enough to wear to this swanky bar and what actually fits you right now doesn’t leave you with many options. Ultimately, you find the nicest dress you have that also conceals the thick straps of your nursing bra and toss a cardigan over top. All that’s left is to grab the essentials out of the diaper bag and toss them in one of your nicer purses, and the next thing you know, you and Jean are sitting side by side on barstools, chatting with your friends as soft jazz music pumps out of the speakers.
A few of them, namely Sasha and Mikasa, are disappointed that your little girl is nowhere to be seen, though they’ve met her before. You and Jean are the first of the group to have a kid, which is fascinating to some of your friends while others could not be less interested. Still, every time someone asks about her, your stomach flips. It’s not that you don’t trust Jean’s mother; quite the contrary. You know your baby’s in capable hands, it’s just that you’re worried that she misses you. That she needs you. You stare straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, fretting over what’s happening at home.
Jean puts a finger to your chin and points your eyes toward his; he must sense you worrying. “You ok? We can go home whenever you want to.” He gives you a sweet smile, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He’s missing his little princess too, but he’s doing his best not to show it, for your sake. Even when Marco claps a hand on his shoulder and asks if he wants to do shots, he doesn’t look away, waiting for your answer before he gives his.
You shake the nervousness off. This is your next big test as a new mom, and you’re gonna do your best to make it through the night without rushing home because of a little separation anxiety. Sooner or later, you’ll need to get used to this. “No, we can stay a while.”
Jean leans in for a quick kiss, petting your hair softly before he pulls back. “Just keep me posted.” He pecks your forehead once more before turning around to throw back that shot.
You’re playing designated driver tonight, but you don’t mind. You’re mostly staying away from alcohol until you’re done breastfeeding anyway. Getting the timing right is just too difficult, so it’s easier to just stay mostly sober for at least a few more months. And since Jean’s mom will be around to lend a hand later tonight if you need it, you don’t mind if he gets a little drunk. He’s been a fantastic partner through all this, so he deserves a little break too.
You’re chuckling at the guys fighting over who gets to buy Niccolo’s next drink when a twinge and then a dull pain steals your attention. As discreetly as you can, you reach under your left arm with your right hand to rub at the side of your breast. Shit. The invitation had come so suddenly that you left the house without thinking to pump your milk. There were bottles in the fridge, plenty ready if your girl got hungry while you were away. You hadn’t felt particularly full before you left the house, but you were starting to get a little tight.
But you just said you wanted to stay, and it’s not too bad yet. You try and forget as Sasha slides into Jean’s abandoned seat to show you her ring again. You’ll stay a little longer, you think, as you fawn over her gorgeous pearl set in diamonds.
‘A little longer’ turns into an hour, a move from the bar to a booth, and a few more rounds of drinks for Jean and the gang. You sip on a Shirley Temple, shifting uncomfortably every few minutes. You can tell Jean is having a good time, catching up with everyone and telling stories about his little princess that make you beam with pride. You’re fine, you assure yourself. You’ll pump as soon as you get home.
While the booth is more comfortable than the bar, especially since you’re situated on the end seat, it is warmer down here. When you feel yourself starting to sweat, you slink out of your cardigan, folding it in your lap. You feel cooler yet more exposed. This dress showed a lot of cleavage before your breasts swelled in pregnancy, still plump and almost spilling over the low neckline. You’re not the only one who notices; when Jean leans over to ask you something, you catch his eyes flicking down and back up again. He sucks in a sharp breath, and his hand finds its way to your thigh under the table, thumb rubbing little circles into your leg as he licks his lips, not subtle enough.
Under his hand, your knee bounces. You should say something, just tell him you need to go home, but it feels too late now, somehow. Your breasts are almost unbearably tight, under pressure that you wish you could just will away. You find yourself holding your breath until you feel a sudden tension squeeze your left breast. You hiss as you feel your nipple leak, and though you thank your stars that you wore one of your special absorbent bras, the pressure is too much.
You grit your teeth and hiss again as the pain pulses, forcing you to stand from the table. You have to get to somewhere private right now: a bathroom, anything. You curse yourself, stupid, stupid, as you grab your purse and cardigan.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jean asks. He’s flushed but not wasted, soft but not slurring, and obviously concerned. You can’t stand around here and explain, not in front of your friends and especially not when your tits are killing you. Instead, you grab him by the wrist and pull him away too quickly to judge if anyone notices your urgency.
You walk with purpose, weaving through people standing at the bar or congregating around cocktail tables, conversation at a dull roar over the music tinkling from the sound system. Jean tries repeatedly to ask what’s going on, but you’re working with one track mind, desperate for relief. In a back hallway, you find a single-occupancy bathroom and drag Jean inside and lock the door, hardly caring who sees and what they think.
It’s a nice bar, so the bathroom is clean and decently well-decorated, if a little small. You toss your purse and sweater on the countertop and bend forward over the sink. Jean puts a hand to the middle of your back. “Please, tell me what’s happening. You’re freaking me out.”
The pain ebbs and flows, sharper one moment and duller the next. Once you can finally get a breath in, you turn to him. “My tits hurt so bad. They’re too full.”
The look on his face is a bit dumbfounded, like maybe he hadn’t considered that such a thing was possible. “Did you bring the pump?”
You hold up your miniature handbag, agitated but only at yourself. “I left it in the diaper bag. Wouldn’t have fit in here anyway.” You hiss again, and Jean lunges for you, his hands rubbing your hips.
“Baby, you should have said something sooner.” His voice is soft, laced with concern and pity.
You shake your head. “I know, I know, but I have to do something about this. Like right now. Fuck.” You’re not really thinking about anything but the straining in your chest as you push down the straps of your dress. The entire top falls around your waist, and you don’t waste any time unclipping the strap of your nursing bra from the cup.
The tiniest wave of relief washes over you as the cup falls forward your breast bounces free. You do the same with the other cup before pushing down the band of your bra, bunching it around your waist with your dress. You swear you can feel the milk sloshing inside you, almost too full to move. When you lift one tit in your hand, your nipple leaks again. Without something to absorb it, a dribble of breast milk runs down to the underside of your breast. You’re practically dripping.
“Oh, baby,” Jean breathes, concerned and mesmerized all at once. Carefully not to press against your tits with his chest, he slides his hands around you, his chin pointed down as he watches your full breasts jiggle at the slightest motion. When the pain stabs you again and your back arches away from it, you can’t stop the little groan that slips out.
Twitchy hands move from your hips to your face. “Let me help,” Jean says a little too desperately. “If I suck on your tits a little, will that make it hurt less?”
You’re not in a position to turn him down. “Please, I’ll try anything.” Jean helps you up to sit on the edge of the counter, and you open your legs for him to stand between. You lean back on the heels of your hands as his lips drag down your neck, over your collarbone and down to your swollen breast. When his tongue swipes over the peak of your nipple, you gasp.
He pulls back. “Did it hurt?”
“No,” you pant, pleasantly surprised. “No, it felt good. Don’t stop.” You lean back farther so your tree of a husband doesn’t have to couch over so far to reach your chest. Jean’s eyes widen before he breaks your gaze, leaning down mouth-first to capture your nipple gently between his lips.
He moves slowly at first, like he’s unsure and wary of hurting you. He licks over your nipple with the tip of his tongue, shuddering when he tastes your leaking milk before flicking his tongue out for more. Feather light, he wraps his lips around your enlarged breast and sucks very hesitantly. When you hum instead of gasp, he continues.
A thigh and ass man through and through, Jean doesn’t always give your tits this kind of attention. While he’s sucked plenty of hickies into the soft skin of them and played with your nipples to stimulate you, it’s never been quite like this. But admittedly, your breasts have never looked like this, never felt like this either.
So when Jean lifts his head to meet your eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he’s overwhelmed, and sighs, “Oh god,” you know you’ve stumbled into something much bigger than just dulling your pain.
Jean kisses at your nipple again, pressing his stomach against yours as he sucks, harder this time. You tilt your head fully back, neck exposed to the ceiling, and moan quietly as he takes care of you.
Jean doesn’t just taste you; he gulps, sucking down the milk that starts to flow freely from your pebbled nipple. He breathes hard through his nose, little sounds dampened against the mound of your breast as he presses his face in harder. His nose brushes in your cleavage, the stubble on his chin tickling just above your rib cage. When he lifts his hand to palm under the curve of your tit and squeeze, the liquid pours out faster and he slurps obscenely around you.
“Oh fuck,” he curses when he finally breaks for air. “Shit, oh my god. Is it helping?”
“Yeah,” you pant desperately, reaching to stroke his long, pushed back hair. A drop of your milk runs from the corner of Jean’s mouth, leaving a wet track down his chin that makes you moan and spread your legs further apart.
“Fuck,” he curses again. “Fuck, mommy.” The word barely leaves his lips before he’s attached to you again, but it spurs a burning urge that drips between your legs. He’s never called you that before, not in a sexual context, and you never expected it would make you this wet.
Your legs wrap around Jean’s waist, knees pressing into his ribcage and ankles locked against his lower back. He tugs on your thigh with his free hand, pulling it tight against him as he continues to suck and squeeze at your tit. You breathe hard, grinding your core against his stomach for a little bit of friction so you don’t cry out. Jean, on the contrary, only gets louder the more he drinks you in, moaning and begging for you as his mouth gets sloppier.
“Oh god, mommy. I love you so much. Just let me take care of you, mommy, please. So good.”  The louder he whines, the more you start to wonder if the walls are thin enough to hear through. This isn’t some dive bar, after all.
You grasp Jean by the jaw, pulling him off your chest. His chin is soaked, his eyes glazed. He stares at you, pleading and needy as he tongue darts out to lick at his bottom lip. You let out a heavy exhale because damn does he look sexy like this, but you have to hold it together.
“Do the other one, but you have to be quieter. Or else I’ll make you stop.”
Jean nods his head and whimpers. You tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, stroking the back of his head as you do. You pucker your lips for a kiss, tasting yourself on him as his mouth lands on yours. “Good boy,” you sigh when he pulls back.
A groan hitches in Jean’s throat, but he’s able to keep it down, earning his praise. You shift under him, twisting just a bit to offer up your other breast, and Jean indulges. His tongue swirls around your nipple first, and though you feel a jolt when he closes his lips and slurps, you squirm in pleasure as you feel the pressure in your chest begin to dissipate. You watch as his eyes close and his brows crease, lost in the taste and feel of your heavy breast in his mouth and his hand. He moans quietly in his throat, the vibrations thrumming your pert nipple.
Jean opens his mouth to pant around you before squeezing your tit in his hand, practically squirting your milk down his throat. You twitch and moan softly, your legs clamped around his waist like a vice. His cock is hard against your ass, incredibly so, and you’re turned on because he’s turned on.
“Mommy, oh fuck, yes,” he whines in a whisper. He pulls back to lick his lips only to let them slide, wet and sloppy, over your tit again, pressing hard kisses to the underside of the mound that make your eyes roll back in your head. “Do you feel better?” he pants hard against your side.
You grab frantically at his hair, his shoulders, wanting him closer, desperate to be filled now that you’re so empty. “Yes, baby,” you sigh, reaching down to palm his erection. “Do you want me to help you with this now?”
“Oh god,” is all the answer you get, but you hear it loud and clear. Jean unzips his pants while you wiggle and hike your skirt up around your hips. Your legs dangle loosely around him until he pulls his stiff cock above his waistband and moves forward to rub it against you. The hard ridges of his shaft feel heavenly against your cunt, even through your panties. He ruts against you, dry humping as his lips find your neck, impossibly hungry for more of you. Your toes curl as you pull your panties to the side. You’d be embarrassed about how wet you are if your husband hadn’t just been sucking your tits like a man starved.
With your thighs anchored at his waist, Jean eases forward, swirling his tip around your hole to lube up. He hisses and groans, the sounds growing louder again, but this time you don’t care. You’ve been gone long enough already; your friends will suspect you’re up to something, but it doesn’t matter. All that you care about is the glorious stretch when Jean pushes into you, you realize, for the first time since your daughter was born.
You feel ready for this; you want it more than anything, missing the feeling of being filled completely by him. Every muscle in his body is tight as he rocks slowly into you, holding you firmly against his chest as he does. “You ok?” he asks breathlessly.
“God, yes.” You swear you can feel him inside, outside, all over you at once, and you’re ready to give your body over and succumb almost as soon as you’ve begun. “I’m not going to last long.”
“Me neither,” he says through gritted teeth as he grinds into you, thrusting in and massaging deep inside your walls, sending a flurry of butterflies to your stomach. Your legs and feet clench behind him as your gut tightens around his throbbing cock, dizzy and close to your breaking point. Jean gasps for air, moaning with his mouth wide open as he snaps his hips against you. A particular shuddering groan sends you over the edge, your cunt squeezing down hard around him as you silently scream in release.
Jean moves faster, hurtling toward his own end in your pussy’s vicelike grip, murmuring mommy with every breath until he shatters. His cum spills inside you, hot and thick, sliding out of you when he pulls out. He slides your panties back into place, pressing over your hole with two long fingers, to hold in what’s trying to seep out. He leans forward, one hand on the mirror behind your head as his forehead comes to rest on your shoulder. You pet at his hair, smoothing it down as best you can as he catches his breath.
“That was,” he pants, “not what I expected was going to happen tonight.” He chuckles lightly, and you can’t help but do the same. It’s absurd, in a way, but you can’t say you regret it, even considering how uncomfortable you were for a minute there. Now that you’ve discovered his mommy kink, you don’t plan on letting him forget it, either.
Once Jean has collected himself, he helps you get dressed again, slightly sore but no longer throbbing breasts tucked back into your bra and dress. You opt to put your cardigan back on when you spy the hickies dotted across your chest and neck in the mirror. Your absence together is suspicious enough. You hurry out of the bathroom, feeling flushed and sweaty, with slick and cum dampening your panties, but what else are you going to do?
The party has broken up a bit when you return, your friends spread out across the bar and different booths from where you left them. You and Jean lean close together against the wall, waiting to say goodbye to the happy new couple before you head out to the car. Jean’s hand remains around your waist, holding you against his side as he plays with a ruffle on your dress.
Low enough for only you to hear, he says, “Your body is amazing, you know that?”
Your chest flutters, a smile blooming on your lips. “Thanks.”
He chuckles. “I mean it. It’s done and changed so much, it’s beautiful.” He nudges you, knows he’s being silly now but also somehow sincere at the same time. It’s the kind of easy ribbing you’re used to from him. “I swear, since you got pregnant, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving.”
You lace your fingers clumsily with his. “Maybe you should try knocking me up again sometime.”
Jean pulls you in for a kiss. “Oh, I plan on it,” he mumbles against your lips.
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