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Summary: Y/N loses track of Anakin and desperately searches for him.

Warnings: death? war?

A/N: I was sick of working on my manuscript, so I decided to write something else. It’s not very polished, and the end’s a bit weak, but it was fun to write so *shrug*

Word count: 2.2k


You dragged yourself up the stairs into the Jedi temple, exhausted from your diplomatic mission. You’d finished a day earlier than expected, and you were looking forward to finding Anakin.

Your secret relationship of a few months was going better than you’d expected, but Anakin had been confident from the beginning. 

He’d known the two of you were meant to be.

If you were being honest, you couldn’t wait to show Anakin the dress you had to wear on your mission. Anakin always said you looked beautiful in anything, but you saw the glint in his beautiful blue eyes whenever he saw you in an outfit you had to wear for an undercover mission.

You’d wondered on occasion if the reason he liked seeing you in something other than your Jedi robes was because the robes served as a constant, inescapable reminder. A reminder that your lives weren’t your own.

You just really needed to see the owner of those beautiful blue eyes.

You quietly knocked on Anakin’s door, but there was no answer. “Ani?” you called as softly as possible, so as not to alert his neighbors of your presence. “It’s Y/N.”

You opened the door. No sign of Anakin. To your surprise, the bed was made, and the floor was tidy. 

Anakin was too much of a slob for the room to be this clean. 

You shook off the thought. Anakin was probably on a mission himself and just hadn’t found a way to contact you yet. Everything would be better with some sleep, you decided, and you didn’t even bother to go to your own bedroom.

After setting your lightsaber on the floor beside the bed, you curled up on top of the blankets, which smelled like Anakin. Comforted by the thought that Anakin would be the one to wake you up, you drifted off into sleep.


Anakin wasn’t the one to wake you up. 

Someone rapidly rapped at the door, and you sat bolt upright. You got out of bed and promptly tripped. Stupid dress.

As the knocking continued, you quickly searched Anakin’s room for a place to hide, even though you knew there was no point. There was no furniture, nothing to hide behind.

The frantic knocking didn’t stop, and your panic wasn’t helpful. 

You cursed yourself for being too careless. If you’d gone to your own room, you wouldn’t be in this position. 

And you were about to ruin your life, and likely Anakin’s as well.

But your panic completely changed when you heard the unmistakable sound of a blaster firing.

The knocking stopped. 

You stood frozen, staring at the door in horror. Trying not to make a sound, you crept towards the door and pressed your ear against it.

You could just make out the electronically distorted voices of the clones. 

“We’ve cleared this corridor. Time to move onto the next one.”

You clamped a hand over your mouth as the meaning hit you. You didn’t know why it was happening, but the clones were turning on the Jedi.

You couldn’t be sure that the clones had moved on, but you couldn’t hear any noise on the other side of the door, so you decided to risk opening the door.

After grabbing your lightsaber and clenching it tight, you opened the door a crack.

On the floor by your feet lay the body of a Jedi knight, his face frozen in an expression of fear.

It was selfish, but you had one concern.

Where was Anakin?

As you grab fistfuls of your dress and hurtled in the direction (you hoped) the clones had gone, you could hear the sounds of battle growing louder. 

More blasters firing. 

Lightsabers humming.

People grunting from exertion. Or pain.

You turned the corner and scanned the corridor, looking for any sign of Anakin’s mop of brown hair or the smirk that often graced his face. 

But there was no sight of him anywhere. 

The sight of the clones, however, was a punch to the gut. These were soldiers you’d worked alongside for months. These were your friends. The idea of raising your lightsaber to fight them made you feel sick.

But you spotted a youngling among the frontline fighters, and you could ignore your duty no longer. You ignited the blue lightsaber in your hand. 

You could find Anakin later.

You lost count of the clones you’d cut down. It was better not to think on them. It was better not to linger on the fact that any of these clones could be one whose life you’d saved, or who’d saved yours. 

One clone managed to blast your left forearm, causing you to cry out in pain before taking him down. 

But regardless of pain, of exhaustion, of heartbreak, you kept on fighting.

A Jedi in front of you used the force to manipulate another clone over his head, and the clone’s arm collided with your forehead as he sailed past you. You crumpled, and the last thing you remembered was your face hitting the floor.


Some time had passed when you swam back to consciousness. For a moment, as your head swirled, you’d completely forgotten where you were and what was going on.

But when you sat up, the bodies littered on the floor of the Jedi Temple reminded you of your predicament.

You stood up on shaky legs, raising a hand to your pounding head. You could feel the cakey feeling of dried blood underneath your fingers and decidedly lowered your arm.

There was no sign of your lightsaber. 

Among the multitude of the white armored bodies of the clones laid the unmoving bodies of the Jedi, and it was those bodies that you studied, praying you wouldn’t find Anakin’s among them. 

There were so many dead. 

Most wore the braid symbolizing they’d been a Padawan.

Some you recognized as your fellow Jedi Knights.

A few had been Jedi masters, and you quietly spoke their names as you continued down the hallway, trying to pay them the respect they deserved, especially in death.

The lump that’d been growing in your throat almost doubled in size when you spotted the youngling you’d seen earlier, his limbs sprawled out at odd angles. You let out a choked sob as you passed him, trying to keep your composure. 

You had to find Anakin.

Where was he?

You were starting to panic now.

The last time you’d seen him was right before Obi-Wan had whisked him away to say goodbye before leaving to find General Grievous. 

You thought he’d be back at the temple by now.

Thank goodness Obi-Wan most likely hadn’t returned from his mission. You hadn’t seen a sign of him either. 

Maybe Anakin sent a message to your ship.

Hope ignited in your chest, and you started running as fast as you could for the building you’d landed your ship on the day before.

When you saw a clone patrol, you almost had a heart attack. You hadn’t even considered that they might be on the lookout for Jedi that had escaped the slaughter. 

But they didn’t give you a second glance, and you remembered that you were in yesterday’s dress still. You didn’t even have a lightsaber to identify you as a Jedi. 

Upon reaching your ship, you climbed in with difficulty (thanks to the many layers of the dress) and frantically tapped the screen in front of you. 

One message.

From Anakin.

With shaking fingers, you opened the message.

To your surprise, Anakin’s face didn’t pop up in a hologram. It was a planet that popped up.


It was with a sinking feeling that you prepared your ship for the journey. 


When you stepped out of your ship, the heat was like a punch in the face. You were still in your dress, so you had to grab fistfuls of the fabric to avoid tripping as you ran, searching for any sign of Anakin.

And it was Anakin that you body-slammed as you turned a corner.


Relief crashed over you at the sound of his voice, and you slid your arms around him immediately. 

His arms came around you with no hesitation. “Y/N,” he murmured, resting his cheek on top of your head the way he always did. In his arms, your mind quieted. 

Whatever else happened, you and Anakin were together. 

Stepping out of his arms, you looked up to look into his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes, but they weren’t blue. 

Instead of blue, his eyes were a sickly shade of yellow outlined with red.

You’d seen them before, but for some reason, your brain just short-circuited. It couldn’t possibly be…

The eyes of a Sith.

Your hand outstretched toward his eyes when Anakin grabbed it and held it against his heart. 

“I did it, Y/N! I’ve done it!”

A sinking feeling was now in your stomach as you couldn’t look away from his eyes. “Done what?”

The grin on Anakin’s face was manic, but he didn’t answer you.

“What have you done?” you breathed.

He ignored your question, taking your other hand in his. “Together, we can rule the galaxy! We can make things the way we want them to be. Y/N, we could even live forever!”

“Live forever?” You stared at him, not quite sure if you could believe what you were hearing. “We don’t need to live forever or rule the galaxy…Anakin, your love is enough”

“But love won’t save you!” Anakin’s eyes widened at his slip just as mine narrowed.

“Save me? What are you talking about?” 

Anakin’s grin faded away for the first time, and he screwed his eyes shut. “I was having dreams. I saw you…dying.” A shudder ran through his body. 

He opened his eyes again, and they were starting to glow a little in the shadows, like the lava that surrounded you on all sides. “But now I have my powers, and I won’t let that happen,” he promised, but you were backing away from Anakin long before he’d finished speaking.

The images of all the bodies in the temple swam before your eyes. “You…you’re the reason the clones stormed the Jedi temple.”

Anakin looked horrified, looking down at your dress. When you looked to see what he was looking at, you winced at the dirt and blood that caked your ripped dress. 

“You were there…you were at the temple?” 

You nodded, your lip trembling. “I almost died.” Everyone else had.

“You weren’t supposed to be there!” Anakin cried, running his fingers through his hair, looking distraught at the thought of your death. “You were supposed to be on your mission!”

Your heart sank at the confirmation, and you couldn’t breathe.

“It was you. You’re the reason all those Jedi-” Your voice cracked from horror, and you couldn’t finish the statement. 

The sight of all the bodies swam up in your memory, the sorrow sweeping through you like a tidal wave.

“You’re the reason they’re dead.”

A dangerous glint formed in Anakin’s eyes. “I did it for you.”

“No!” you burst out, taking a step away from Anakin, shaking your head. “I never would’ve asked you to do something like that. I would’ve sooner died before asking you to kill them!”

Anakin’s face contorted into a scary frown, but as he opened his mouth to continued speaking, another voice cut him off.


Both of your heads whipped to see Obi-Wan getting out of his ship. 

“Obi?” you said in confusion, but you felt Anakin back away from you.

“You led him here,” Anakin accused, glaring at you with his yellow eyes. “You led him here to kill me.”

You tried to reach out your hand to grab his. “No, no, Anakin, no, I-”

“You’re a liar!” 

Before you knew what was happening, Anakin lifted his hand menacingly at you, and the breath in your lungs died. 

You gasped, but no air came through.

Obi-Wan came into your peripheral. “Anakin, stop it!” 

Anakin did no such thing. 

You tried again to breathe in, but your vision was starting to darken.

You faintly heard the sound of Obi-Wan engaging his lightsaber and repeating his order. “Stop it! You’re killing her!”

Your eyes rolled back inside your head and for the second time that day, you crumpled to the ground.



Your eyes opened, and you saw C-3PO standing over you.

“Thank the maker!” he cried. 

You sat up so fast, your head almost crashed into C-3PO’s. “What’s happening?”

“Master Obi-Wan? She’s awake.” 

C-3PO stepped aside, and Obi-Wan gently sat beside you. “Y/N. How’s the head?”

You stare at him. “Why are you asking about my head? What happened to Anakin?!” 

Obi-Wan wordlessly shook his head before standing up and walking away. You stood up, walking after him into a cockpit.

The sight of the stars blurring past the glass as the ship traveled through lightspeed made you pause. 

“Where am I?” 

“You’re on my ship,” Obi-Wan answered shortly from his position in the pilot’s seat. “We had to leave yours behind.”

“What did you do?” you asked timidly.

Obi-Wan just shook his head again, refusing to say anything.

“Anakin’s dead. Isn’t he?” The ache in your chest threatened to eat you alive, and you swayed. “He’s dead.”

Obi-Wan was on his feet and guided you to a chair.

“Sit,” he calmly ordered. You obeyed, sinking into the co-pilot chair. 

And the two of you just sat in heavy silence, trying to process the meaning of those words.



He’d never again hold my hand, or kiss me. 

I’d never see him again, and my last memory of him was with yellow eyes.

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This is Mikka, my human-togruta hybrid oc. She was injured in the droid factory explosion that killed her first master and most of their clone squad. The incident left her partially deaf on one side, blind in one eye, with burn and shrapnel scars, debilitating migraines, occasional balance issues, and PTSD. The explosion and shrapnel broke her left montral (which causes the migraines, partial hearing loss, and balance issues). The burns on the bottom half of her left lekku and her left ring and pinky fingers caused the tissue to die off and required amputation.

She and her new master go on relief missions to villages on planets that have been damaged/destroyed in the battles against the droid armies of the seprarists. They are assisted by a group of disabled clones that were saved by her master from being “decommissioned” - and by saved, I mean they were smuggled off Kamino.

Maybe I’ll write something for this at some point idk.

Cross posted on my IG (lecterdetector) and twitter (trashqueen3000).

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This is the introductory video for a Lore Series I’m making, overall there will be 36 videos to this series each of which average around 2 mins a piece. These provide concise, bit-sized bits of lore derived about what the Jedi would do as their primary occupation.

I hope this series aids you in some manner!

Here’s the first batch of Lore Videos, I’ll have a trio of 3 lore videos of this series coming out every other day (Sept. 27, 29, Oct. 1, 3, etc) at 12 am PST.

Peacekeeper - Jedi Guardian Occupation

Lore Keeper - Jedi Consular Occupation

Watchman - Jedi Sentinel Occupation

Check them out and subscribe to my channel, Siow’s Holocron!

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“Maybe that’s what he needs.” Gilamar consulted his looted medical sensors again. “I’d still love to know how you did it.”

“I don’t really know.” Jusik healed by visualizing. He saw the fabric of the body at its most basic level, the ruptured cell walls and tangled proteins, and imagined them whole and straight again. It felt the same to him in the Force as the way he harnessed energy to Force-rip a door off its runners. “I have theories. I always do. I like to think of it as a mix of micro-telekinesis and stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.”

“How precise is it?”

As a Jedi, Jusik had been taught to trust his feelings, and not to think. He never completely learned that lesson; he refused to, because he knew he could think very well indeed, and the Force wouldn’t have manifested itself in him if it hadn’t had some use for that intellect. And if the Force had no purpose—deliberate or accidental—then he wasn’t inclined to let it rule him.

He grabbed a slice of fruitbread from the conservator, chewed slowly, and realized he had never been a very Jedi-like Jedi.

“As precise as I can imagine, Mij’ika.”

“Well, when I acquire the right kit to do brain scans at neuron resolution, I’d better give you a crash course in brain anatomy. Then you can be very, very precise.” Gilamar held out his hand for a share of the fruitbread. His armor was almost the same shade of dull gold as Skirata’s, gold for vengeance, but he wasn’t from the same clan. It was a personal statement. “You’re even smarter than you think, Bard’ika.”

—Republic Commando: Order 66, Karen Traviss

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Hello there! Among Us meets Star Wars once again with Anakin Skywalker and the Younglings! There is an impostor in their midst, can they find out who is sus? Find out, now!

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I love JFO but imagine how much harder it would have hit if Cal was a defecting inquisitor

Everything would be so much more intense and so much more sorrowful and there would be so much angst

And there already is angst, so you could only imagine 😳

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Ok so I was watching Empire Strikes Back and I noticed something.

During the fight in Cloud City (particularly the beginning of the fight in the carbon freezing room) Luke fights largely with both hands on his lightsaber as so:


Meanwhile Darth Vader fights with only one hand on his saber:


Now why am I fixating on this you ask? Simple. Becuase in SWTOR the Jedi Guardian fights with both hands on their lightsaber as so:


Meanwhile the Sith Juggernaut fights with only one hand on their saber:


Which means that not only did the devs think about the different fighting styles that would develop from these radically different factions, but they specifically modeled these fighting styles after the original Jedi v Sith fight when Luke fought Vader in Empire Strikes Back.

Once again I am blown away by the care and detail put into this amazing game.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Another Imperial lockup was successfully empty of captured Rebels. Thanks to the Jedi Cal Kestis.

That wasn’t the last location in that sector, but it was a joyous moment for those opposing the Empire.

“You’re bouncing on your feet again.” You said.

“Oh,” Cal’s shoulders dropped and he stopped moving almost immediately.

“It’s cute.” You smiled and walked over to the edge of a platform. The view from where you stood gave a general overview of what you’d be facing later.

“Yah hear that?” Cal bumped BD-1. “They think I’m cute.”

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