circadianaa · 2 days ago
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i proudly present the project that has fully consumed my life for the past week or so: the complete eyre brraven overhaul <3
the images, in order:
- 32 BBY, at 4 years old, just before being brought into the Jedi Order.
- 25 BBY, at 13 years old, a padawan.
- 22 BBY, at 16 years old, a commander during the clone wars.
- 20 BBY, at 18 years old, after leaving the Jedi Order and distancing themself from their past.
- 18 BBY, at 20 years old, a stray hopping from spacer crew to spacer crew.
- 14 BBY, at 24 years old, a rebel.
redesigning them and rebuilding their story has been an absolute blast and i feel more connected to them than i ever have <3 if anyone has questions about them or their story or anything please send me some asks !! i’d love to beef their characterization up even more ❤️❤️
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lots-o-doodles · 2 days ago
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Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight
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ahsoka-in-a-hood · a day ago
It just occurred to me that the reason for the jedi using the word ‘younglings’  instead of children could have originated in inclusivity. children is a word humans use for humans, but baby jedi come from everywhere.
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laciefuyu · 2 days ago
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Strange, isn’t it? Which drives me to rise in the morning is the very sorrow which once crippled me.  
― Final Fantasy XIV: ENDWALKER
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tamdrry · a day ago
I think I'd be a much happier person if I owned a jedi cloak
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spotted-newt · a day ago
Ugh with the leaked clip of the new Tales of the Jedi show with Ahsoka’s mom, I’m seeing a rise in people thinking about canon Jedi and the moment they leave their parents, and I keep seeing phrasing along the lines of “the parents watched their baby get taken away”
It’s driving me nuts. I know OWK used the term “taken from our parents” too, and it drove me nuts there as well, because there is SUCH a negative connotation there. And of course the Jedi-haters are gonna be all over that phrasing, but for folks who like the Jedi, please consider using a different phrase. Writing “the parents watched their child heading to their new home” or “the community watched the Jedi Master carry the child to the ship that would bring them to the Jedi Temple” sounds VERY different from “the parents watched their child get taken away”. The first two are factually accurate, the second is phrased in an emotional way that is intended to provoke a negative reaction.
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domhnall13 · 2 days ago
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A moment of reflection after Endor 🌲⛰
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coffeencigarcttes · 10 hours ago
pedro pascal in a red plaint shirt. thats it. thats the post.
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brachiosaurus-on · 4 months ago
I like to imagine that at least once during the clone wars someone sent a report to General Kenobi and a very tired Master Kenobi just graded it and sent it back.
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journen · 25 days ago
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Anyone see that recent new Obi and Anakin short comic where it showed this chaos weapon™️ Obi-Wan made as a Padawan? HAHAHA if not, here is a link to the panels! And idea credit for this goes to @agirlunderarock. Qui Gon seeing this new invention of Obi’s prob would have aged him 10 years lol. Padawan Obi was a chaos gremlin.
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flyboy-and-fight-me · 5 months ago
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everydoodleday · 6 months ago
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✨baby jump✨
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honeyglot · 5 months ago
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A study in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life as a Jedi, the tragedy of Star Wars, & dialogue from the Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer.
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ahsoka-in-a-hood · a day ago
I do not truly believe that Master Yoda would eat a youngling but given Grogu’s propensity to stuff his face with anything that wriggles while it wriggles (and ate the eggs of a sentient if I remember correctly?) I think the creche masters probably did have at least one scare when they misplaced a small amphibian jedi initiate
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hhhhalima · a month ago
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Hayden Christensen did all that.
He gave us Anakin Skywalker and Vader back (playing him well even in the prequels) and i’ll never understand nor accept any hate towards this man, period <3
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theincaprincess · 3 months ago
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I had to wait a whole year to post this 😂
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phoenixyfriend · 21 days ago
I think that... a lot of the time, fics that want to give the clones more agency and vilify Jedi tend to focus in on the Jedi not being trained for war (truth) and shouldn't automatically be given positions of leadership (arguable truth) and so the clones shouldn't listen to them (...no)
Because. I mean. Listening to the psychic is a tactical advantage
The clones should have massive influence on battle plans! But if the Jedi says "not that route" then there's a solid chance it's because they are getting Bad Vibes that are predicting a possible ambush or rock slide
Ignoring a Jedi for not being a tactical expert is like ignoring the engineering specialist for not being frontline
Like yeah, they aren't battle planners. They still have pertinent information that could cost you the battle if you ignore it.
This doesn't get into the Jedi being solid field leadership (again, being psychic helps massively with making snap decisions) and just a major force in war themselves.
But as far as pre-battle leadership goes, I just think a lot of the This Character Is Literally Psychic gets understated. Not enough scenes in fic where the Jedi offer an opinion on the plan and just
"Bad vibes, sir?" "Bad vibes, captain."
"Sir, requesting a vibe check." "Vibes are good. We are clear to proceed."
I just really need clones requesting vibe checks as a matter of procedure.
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