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#jee-yun buckley-han
thebuckleysalexmanes · a month ago
If we don't get to see Jee-Yun have her first Christmas, then what was the point?
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hopeintheashes · 3 months ago
First sentence ask - "No, Jee, he's my Bucky, not yours"
"No, Jee, he's my Bucky, not yours!"
He says it in his silliest voice, making faces at Jee-Yun right alongside Buck, but Eddie knows his kid well enough to hear the hint of truth in the words. It's... well, it's a lot of things, seeing Buck with a baby in his arms: this rush of what if, this preview of what could be, first child jealousy and all. He starts to reach for Christopher with a reassuring touch, but Buck is already there: he's been cradling Jee-Yun in his lap with both hands, laid out on his knees, but he moves her to his chest so that he can hold her with one arm and put the other around Chris and says, "You know what Jee-Yun needs to learn is how all the planets got their names."
Eddie sits back again and just watches them as Chris says, "I think she's too little for that," and Buck says, "I don't think so, but either way, tell me; I want to hear it again," and then Chris and Jee are each tucked against Buck's sides, settling back into the couch. Buck catches Eddie's eyes over their heads as Chris starts explaining Mercury to Jee and grins, and, well, maybe they have some more talking about the future to do.
Send me an ask with the first sentence of a fanfic and I’ll write the next five. // fills
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hmslusitania · 3 months ago
First sentence ask - "Dad, can i have a sister?" asked Chris as he plays with Jee
"Dad, can I have a sister?" asks Chris as he plays with Jee.
The question metaphorically takes Eddie out at the knees and it's only the fact he's already sitting down that keeps him from falling. Buck had been conscripted to babysit on a night that Eddie and Chris were already planning to come over for pizza and a movie, and none of them had foreseen any issue with combining the two events.
Until, well, Chris had decided he liked spending time with Jee enough to want that permanently.
"Uh, I'm not sure, buddy," Eddie says, shooting Buck the best SOS look he can muster because it's not like he can really explain concisely that Eddie is no longer in a relationship with a woman which would have made that an easy question to answer and that this as-yet-undefined thing he's building with Buck is way too fresh to start talking about additional children.
"But maybe for right now, I don't think Jee minds being your favourite cousin," Buck offers.
Chris sighs and shrugs and goes back to playing with Jee, who is equally taken with him.
"Cousin?" Eddie repeats quietly.
Buck gives him a small, vulnerably hopeful smile that Eddie simply has to kiss.
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idealuk · a month ago
Is what I am because now I have 2 full weeks of going through negative posts from the easily discouraged to look forward to ... or, you know, not.🙄 Maybe I’m in the minority, but I knew that this episode would be extremely Buddie light, and we still got little nods [like how forcing progression is unhealthy (*coughs* Ana and a callback to steroid Charlie from the episode in which we first meet Taylor *coughs*) and how it’s bad to split up a dynamic team, Buck not smiling until Eddie said that he’s stuck with them, and, yet again, the emphasization of Buck misunderstanding a situation resulting in him underestimating his true value to others and Eddie being the turning point as always. Taylor is clearly a buffer girlfriend for Buck to any one who knows about good serialized storytelling (which “9-1-1” most definitely is). They wouldn’t be doing the hostage situation after this if these positive-looking Buck and Taylor scenes are only just the beginning for these two (I’m now of the camp that the leaked synopsis is real, just that it’s for 5x07, not 5x06, and we all know who Buck would side with in that dispute when it comes down to it, especially if Eddie’s life is in danger in the same time frame). I can feel an other reassessment coming from Buck and it feels so good!
... Why the-hell does Maddie still go by Kendall?! Jee-Yun is a Buckley(-Han). Are they waiting until she’s also a Han for the name change?
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911-dot-exe · 2 months ago
you best believe buck is going to activate super uncle mode. he knows exactly what it’s like to be left by maddie and he is going to make sure that little girl never feels lonely or unloved for a second while her mother is gone.
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missmitchieg · 7 months ago
I think Jee-Yun is a lovely name, personally
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meowser-clancy · 7 months ago
Jee-Yun Buckley-Han
And perfection
Tumblr media
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hopeintheashes · 3 months ago
For the sentence ask - I dont recognize you when you're with her
"I don't recognize you when you're with her."
Chim looks up at Albert, mouth and eyebrows quirked: "I can't decide if that means you think I'm good with her or that I'm a terrible dad."
"No! I just..." Albert gestures at the two of them snuggled up on the couch with baby toys and burp cloths and extra clothes all around, "it's not what I was expecting, back when I first showed up."
Not what I was expecting, either, Chimney thinks as his eyes are drawn inevitably, infinitely, always back to Jee-Yun. No, not at all what he was expecting-- so, so much better than that.
Send me an ask with the first sentence of a fanfic and I’ll write the next five. // info on prompting // fills
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The way that Maddie and Chim pronounce her name is correct. In the international phonetic alphabet, the second syllable of the name is written j^n
j= the y sound as in “yes”
^= the u sound as in “strut” or “sung”
n= the n sound as in “night”
Oliver’s pronunciation was wrong because he instead said it as jun (in the phonetic language) in which the u symbol represents the sound as in “fruition”
This isn’t meant to be rude toward you in any way, but I just wanted to offer it so that people can understand the difference if they didn’t know before.
Thanks a lot! 💜
I assumed that Maddie had pronounced it correctly because Kenneth was present in that scene and I think he would have corrected them otherwise. Which is why Oliver’s pronunciation shocked me, and then I saw a comment correcting him and that’s when I got mad (because of the other person’s answer, not because of the op for calling them out)
Btw, this isn’t rude at all, I love that you spent your valuable time trying to explain this so we could understand it
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hmslusitania · 3 months ago
1+5 asks - "Are you trying to sing her to sleep or give her nightmares?"
"Are you trying to sing her to sleep or give her nightmares?" Eddie asks, rubbing at the bags under his own eyes while Buck looks up from the tiny kid nestled in his arms. To her credit, Jee-Yun looks as disgruntled by Buck's singing as Eddie is.
"I know Maddie got all the music genes in the family," Buck says, "but Chim had it on the list of one of the few things that actually gets her to go to sleep, and I'm -- I'm so tired."
Eddie nods, because he'd read the list too, days earlier when Maddie and Chim had dropped Jee off with them so that they could spend their honeymoon actually honeymooning rather than parenting, and, well, like Chim had said -- not nearly as sly as he'd thought he'd been -- they could use the practice.
"Want me to try?" he offers.
"Can you sing?" Buck asks, reeling in a way Eddie might find insulting if it wasn't three in the morning on their fourth day of babysitting their insomniac niece.
"No," Eddie admits. "But I definitely sound better than you."
Buck glowers at him for a second, and then hands Jee over with no further argument.
Please no more
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idealuk · 2 months ago
Some one please tell me that the ‘Eddie partners up with Hen’ rumour is true!
Because do you all know what that would mean?👀🥳 The Bet 2.0!
... I’m just a little bummed that it sounds like he won’t be having The Talk™ with Karen, Michael, David, or Josh instead to bring any of them closer in to the fold, and I would have thought that Eddie would be smarter than to air this out so close to home (work). ... This queer panic is turning Eddie in to a big dummy and I love that for him (and us).
E.T.A.: I don’t want to skip over 5x03 and 5x04, because I want to see him break up with Ana/A(h)na and coo over Buck with Jee-Yun, but can 5x05 hurry the-fuck up?!
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