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#jeebus. this is. wow
itsinjustbeing · a month ago
literally no one said "all sam stans are w*ncest adjacent" literally no one said that!! if you are a cool sam stan i love you! you're just wildly outnumbered and i am trying to join your cause! i do not hate you cool sam stans do not let the Bad Sam Stans lie to you
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arodrwho · 26 days ago
cr 130 lb, a week late bc i forgot 2 post it
it is raining very loudly and matt’s ad got cut off. rip dude
my bitch of a computer shut off during the intro and now i can’t get twitch to reload
i am NOT wasting my data on this bullshit
i’m tempted but i Won’t.
ugh fuck you okay i will
i jumped in at chicken fingers. whom the FUCK is this
“do u want to keep her safe or not” slkdjfkdjfghdfg
ok i changed my mind i really don’t want to spend 4 hrs of data on this
esp now when my computer shuts off all the time anyway when i jostle it wrong time it is
dude makes a very good point
kjdfjdgh babenon dosal. u know that shit fucks u up right?
oh jeez
grove???? bro what
i thought u were waiting
b r   o
can’t wait for my fic to be made immediately irrelevant by the Superior Canon taliesin & matt produce
it’s already au i think based on just like, what cad said two ? weeks ago? ish, give or take
but y’know. even moreso
xlkvjxkjcvc yez a - the moment it occurs that he could be Cool………
oh my lanta do u Have to go shopping. like. MUST you.
god veth is such a . buckwild parent
yeza has the patience of a saint
oh veth makes a good point there actually yeah
that said jester can also make the food & regularly does help w/that :(
don’t leave her out :(
ksldgkdhg fantasy spice girls.
fjord sounds so unenthusiastic . loving this trans fjord fodder
we’re going up into the north to die. - god i love jester
“don’t wanna have cold hands when u die” lsdgkfjgh
“get the FUck out” sldkjgdfjghkfdjgh fj o rd
god they’re all in top form tonight
oh pumat. my good dude. i love u so much
“do u have enchanted oats?” “ that a thing?”
that is the most horrifying thing to hear from ur kind i think
marion is taking this very well
“yea it’s not optimal” god i love yeza
fluffernutter and FLUFFERNUTTER*
a gifte : 0
what did u GET for her
gos  h
god veth is a horrible gremlin woman but i love her so much sometimes that was soft
i mean. she forgot it for like a month in-game but y’know. whatever
dyspraxic cad fodder,
what makes u dinosaurs is not that u made that reference but that u claimed nobody was going to understand it. only old people think this
hey uh,
what in the whole ENTIRE fuck. bro,
bro what the whole fuck. how. did u get . to the city ,
u just. HAPPENED to astral project DIRECTLY into the city? or. u wandered there?
jeebus creebus,
oh jeez
veth asking cad?
i mean y’all are not going to stop here again so ? are u just not gonna go on the adventure or what, like is that what you’re asking?
ah. that is what you’re asking
“i dunno i think your parents really messed u up” lsdkjkldghdjgh he is NOT wrong
“i can’t even imagine what you’re going through” wow cad u said that, that’s - hey growth man
that was such a weirdly deep and intimate convo for cad and veth
i am so touched by everything cad said
and CACKLING at “fjord’s looking flammable”
god i love them
there’s things to be said about veth always needing someone else to give her permission, but
also things to be said about veth and sacrifice and cad and sacrifice and . hm
yeah BOY
i can’t wait for them to smash all my hcs to pieces
so that i can ignore canon even louder than before
L O R  E
B O YY,,
fucking THANK you, he corrected himself to Aunt. thank god. thank god this boy has manners
i’m fucking valid
god i’m so delighted. i did the math like everybody i FIGured he’d never seen the grove so healthy but
to hear him say it is a different thing
ohhhh boy
oh boy
fklsg awkward
oh jester no,
perturbed does not mean irritated
like not to be rude, it’s whatever, people learn things every day? but perturbed doesn’t mean irritated, matt wasn’t wrong, the emotion he mentioned makes sense in context
i have, emotions,
about this sibling conversation
oh worm? new leaving order?
new? leaving? order???
bitch all my fics are wrong now but i’m very happy
also i thought they left in pairs what is this? maybe they.. left in pairs as-mentioned? calliope and colton, cornelius and clarabelle? but why make it sound like one-by-one
[edit: wait that’s wrong. the pairs at the grove were calliope and cornelius, colton and clarabelle]
taliesin, dude, i’m suffering.
well i’m having several emotions this night
honestly how dare you
he said colin, and i’m sure he meant colton, but u see
secret clays hc Confirmed.
my god.
hell of a vision
please throw the muck at her. it would be so funny
OH or hug her
yes yes yes good setup go for IT
unless she’s going to -
fkjsdhkgjdhf she got there first
like. like in the opening credits
was htis planned, or is this like backdating or
i mean either way it’s goddamn good storytelling so i don’t care obviously but
jeebus creebus
man this has all been a lot
is beau going to add even more to the pile
who knows!!
love that the crystals grew into weird fuckin trees
love that
luc i e n
ur not going to leave him with the clays or brenattos are u
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hongism · 3 months ago
Wow I missed a bunch of choas last night, jeebus. But Hongjoong tho 👀
kim hongjoong tho!
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piratical-princess · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
OH MY GAWRSH wow I am so late for my cards here we go
If you’re new here, hi ho, I’m Kit, every year I like to send out whackadoo vintage print postcards for Ol’ Yule to ANYONE AT ALL who wants one, no you don’t have to be my brobro or even following me, I just want to spread some cheer. Don’t be shy, send me a private message with your mailing info and you’ll get a fun card!
Private message me your full name and full address - including zip code and last name please, I promise I just want the card to get to you, nothing nefarious, but please don’t make me beg you for your info like if you comment “I WANT IT” I totally cannot chase you down for the rest of the song and dance, kid, love you tho
Yes I need your name, no really I’m not kidding, otherwise I have to put castiel-loves-d1ckz on a card that the post office, probably your family, and The Baby Jeebus is going to see, unless they just return it to sender.
I will do international I just need to send those as early as possible or they might get to you in February, so shout at me soon!
Don’t be shy, it’s my pleasure! I’m just sooooper rushing this year so hurry, beef curry!
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conflagrate · 4 months ago
Magatsu Wahrheit Zuerst 08
Tumblr media
Oh dear god, Sissel.
Tumblr media
Oh jeebus I’ve not hated a character as much as Hermann all year long. Hope he dies a painful, slow death :<
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I knew you would turn up Elfried....tho you’re a bit late.
Tumblr media
And now they turn up.
Tumblr media
He’s mad.
Tumblr media
Wow Leo you did something right for the first time all season long!
Tumblr media
Oh poor El still has her humanity...
Tumblr media
Tell him!
Tumblr media
You’re talking to the fucker who put you in this spot....
Oh Hermann’s death was too cheap hah. Well, there’s a bigger baddie than him so let’s just move on....
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mrs-dr-reid · 4 months ago
Infinity War Part 1
Tumblr media
Word Count: 4574
A/N: Sweet JEEBUS, that picture tho! That is all. Enjoy!
Status Report:
Steven Grant Rogers will be lucky if he lives to see another day when I'm through with him. Don't worry, I have an entirely valid reason for wanting to beat him up, but I'll give you more information strictly for your benefit.
Right after we broke everyone out of the Raft and brought Bucky and Jess to Wakanda, Steve went to form a team of what was left of the Avengers on his side while I stayed in the States to help Scott and Clint strike a deal with the government for house arrest since imprisonment would be too tough on their families (obviously behind the scenes, because I was technically still a fugitive). Steve gradually started checking in less and less until it had been a month since I'd last heard from anybody, but that didn't stop me. I dug my old S.H.I.E.L.D. catsuit out of the archives at the Compound to repurpose it for my needs (FRIDAY helped me sneak in because she knows the truth about the Bucky situation), then went around the country as a vigilante to help out wherever I could. Not that I'd ever admit it, but I'd scroll through pictures of Steve and I as well as all the romantic text messages he sent before everything went to shit at night. And this went on for about 2 years.
And going along with that, seeing as Wanda didn't have a Visa and technically wasn't allowed to be in America, I formally adopted her paperwork and all so she could stay, even if the both of us were still on the run from the government. She'd check in with me every once and a while to let me know she and Vision were okay and to make sure I wasn't dead, but just like Steve, the check-ins stopped coming, which made me freak out and start searching frantically for the both of them, because it was a lot more dangerous for her to stop checking in than it was for Steve.
After about 2 weeks of searching, I finally found them in Edinburgh, Scotland, because Vision had turned off his transponder without warning so he and Wanda could have some alone time (I don't remember Steve and I ever being like that, but whatever). I was understandably furious with the both of them, because if they weren't careful, Ross and his guys could have found the both of them and taken Wanda back to the Raft, which I simply was not going to put up with (those assholes put her in a frickin straight-jacket and a shock collar, for God's sake).
I dropped through the ceiling of the train station in the city, and saw Wanda cradling Vision (who appeared to have a stab wound through his chest) in her arms. I was too annoyed to ask what had happened to him, and I started chewing the two of them out like the angry mother I was. I said, "Two weeks, Wanda Pauline Maximoff. Two weeks! I have been worried sick for the both of you, and then when I finally find you, Vision has gotten himself impaled. Alone time sure was a great idea, wasn't it?", (she wanted to keep her last name, which wasn't a problem for me) and Wanda looked at the ground sheepishly before mumbling, "No, Steph."
Then two alien people crashed through the ceiling, so I snapped back to reality, and Wanda and I prepared to defend Vision. The girl alien (at least I think it was a girl) stared at the wall across the platform as a train passed, and when I turned my head, a man was standing in the shadows. His figure looked vaguely familiar to me, but I wasn't sure why (I hate when that happens). The girl alien threw her giant spear at him, but he caught it and stood it at his side. He stepped out of the shadows, and behind his brown shaggy beard and brown hair, his face triggered something deep inside me. I couldn't put my finger on it, but Wanda definitely looked relieved when she saw him for some reason.
Sam flew in a few seconds later and Falcon Kicked™ the girl alien through a shop window, then Nat came running in with short platinum blonde hair to catch the alien spear the mystery man threw to her before she stabbed the guy (🤷‍♀️) alien in the stomach. Rose came running in with short jet black hair to snatch up the dying alien's spear, Mystery Guy came over and caught the spear when Rose threw it to him to help Nat, then they fought with the chick until she was finally knocked back by Sam kicking her again.
The girl tried to get the guy to stand up, but he couldn't because of his injury, and Nat said, "We don't wanna kill you, but we will," so the girl said, "You'll never get the chance again," then pressed a button on her arm, and the two of them were teleported away, the alien spear getting pulled from Mystery Guy's hand as well. After the aliens teleported away, the four of them came over to us, and Sam helped Wanda get Vision on his feet.
Vision looked at Mystery Guy, then said, "Thank you, Captain," and the guy said, "Let's get you on the jet," and started to walk away, but when I heard his voice, I started putting the pieces together (as mixed up in my mind as they were). I stood up and said, "Wait. Who are you? I'd like to thank the guy who saved me and my daughter," so he stopped, then turned around, and after I got a good look at him, I noticed that there was an outline of a star set in the chest of his suit, and my mind finally clicked.
I said, "Steve?", and his eyes softened before he said, "Hey, Stephanie," confirming my mind even more. I stepped closer to him, brought a hand up to his cheek, and when I looked into his sparkling ocean blue eyes, my heart fluttered and I whispered, "Oh, my god. Steve...," then after a few seconds of smiling at each other, my smile dropped and I slapped him across the face with my other hand, making everyone else wince and say, "Ooh!"
Steve rubbed his face where my hand made contact and said, "Yeah, I deserved that," after a couple seconds, so I said, "Damn right, you did! Two years, Steven Grant Rogers. Two years! At first I was fine with it because you'd check in every now and then, but then you just stopped replying to my messages! Do you have any idea how shitty that feels?! For all I knew, you could have been dead, and I was leaving voicemails on a dead man's phone for the last two years like a total loser. You had me worried sick, Rogers. Sick! God, I'm so angry at you, I could just...," but I didn't get to finish my tirade because he grabbed my face, pulled me closer, and crashed his lips to mine in a desperately passionate kiss (something that I've been craving from him ever since he got out of touch), making me grab his wrists and kiss him back.
He pulled his lips away, then wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug and buried his face in my hair. I heard him mumble, "God, I've missed you, Steph," so I hugged him back and said, "I missed you, too, Stevie," tears threatening to well up in my eyes. He released his grip on me, and I cupped his face in my hands before I said, "Never do that to me ever again," so he grabbed my wrists and said, "I won't. You have my word," and I gave him another quick kiss before I went over to Nat, Rose, and Sam to give them hugs.
We got on the jet, and as the bay door closed, Nat said, "Now, I thought we had a deal. Stay close, check in, don't take any chances," and Wanda said, "I'm sorry. We just wanted time," so I put a hand on her knee and said, "I get it, Hon. But next time, promise me you'll let someone know first so we can come help out if something goes wrong," making her nod in agreement and say, "I promise, Steph," before I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed slightly in a loving fashion.
Sam said, "Where to, Cap?", and Steve replied, "Home," making me raise an eyebrow at him, because by the looks of him and everyone else, they haven't been home in at least the amount of time Steve had been out of touch. I got up from where I was sitting after a few minutes of thinking, then I walked over to Steve before grabbing his arm and tugging him to the other side of the jet, and he must've known I had something on my mind, because he let me drag him along without any resistance (sometimes I hate that he knows me so damn well).
I said, "I need to have a serious talk with you, Rogers. I really hope you didn't assume that two kisses and a hug fixed everything," and he replied, "Of course not. I may be an idiot, but I'm not that big of an idiot," so I made a face and said, "Mmm, that's debatable," making him let out a small chuckle (wow, I really missed his smile (ugh, focus!)). I said, "I'm sure you were very busy with your vigilante justice and being on the run and all that, but I honestly feel kind of hurt that you just stopped keeping me in the loop without so much as a head's up. I spent two years in the States, all by myself. I was state-hopping, keeping an eye on Wanda and Vision, and going insane with worry for you after I stopped receiving updates. Did you ever stop for even a second to consider how that would make me feel?", making him shoot a guilty look at me.
I must have started crying, because he wiped away a stray tear that I didn't know had fallen with his thumb, then said, "I really am sorry, Stephanie. I know I never should have dropped off the face of the earth on you like that, but we were still under a lot of surveillance, and I didn't want Ross to go after you if he found out you were still in contact with me. I love you too much to let you get sent to the Raft for an indefinite amount of time," making me smile and say, "Thank you for the explanation, and I love you, too. I'm still a little bit mad at you, but then again, I'm dating Steve Rogers. If I'm not at least annoyed with you 80% of the time, something is wrong."
He smiled, then nodded and said, "You've got a point there," before wrapping his arms around me in a hug and kissing my forehead. I loosened my grip slightly to look him in the eye, and I put a hand to his cheek while saying, "I'm gonna say it. You look really hot with a beard, Cap," so he chuckled slightly before grabbing my hand, saying, "Glad you're a fan," and kissing me gently. I smiled against his lips, then buried my face in his chest after he pulled away to hold him close, relishing in the fact that my Stevie was back with me again.
We landed at the Compound an hour or so later (which kind of confused me, because the Accords pretty much banished us from the building), and we walked into the lab area to see Rhodey talking with a hologram of Secretary Ross (god, I hate that guy). Steve said, "Mr. Secretary," and he said, "You've got some nerve. I'll give you that," which made Nat say, "You could use some of that right now," which made me let out a snort of laughter and lean into Steve's back.
Ross continued, "The world's on fire. And you think all is forgiven?", so Steve said, "I'm not looking for forgiveness. And I'm way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender. So we're here to fight. And if you wanna stand in our way... we'll fight you, too," which made me step out from behind him and put a hand on the place where his star used to be while saying, "Steve...," which made my presence known to Rhodey and Ross alike.
He said, "Ah, Commander Carter. It's been a while. How have you been?", so I shot an incredulous look at him before saying, "If you think you have any business speaking to me like we're on good terms after everything you put my friends - no, my family - and my daughter through... then you can go to hell. I may not have the legal ability I used to have, but when it comes to the people I love and care about, I will not hesitate to tear you apart and watch you burn," making him shoot a hard look at me before turning to Rhodey and saying, "Arrest them."
Rhodey said, "All over it," then ended the conference, and after the holograms disappeared, he said, "That's a court-martial. It's great to see you, Cap," and stepped forward to shake his hand. Steve said, "You too, Rhodey," and he chuckled slightly before giving Nat and Rose hugs. He shot me a look and said, "Can I give you a hug, too, Steph?", so I smiled and said, "Yeah, go for it," before stepping forward and giving him a quick squeeze.
He released me, then after he looked around at all of us, he said, "Wow. You guys... really look like crap. Must've been a rough couple years," so Sam said, "Yeah, well, the hotels weren't exactly five star," and I let out a small laugh before a voice I haven't heard in two very long years said, "Uh, I think you look great."
All of us looked to where the voice came from, and Bruce Frickin Banner was standing on the other side of the room. He walked towards us, then said, "Uh... Yeah, I'm back," and I could have sworn I saw Rose relax like she had collapsed onto a memory foam mattress after a long-ass day. She smiled and said, "Hi, Bruce," so he tensed slightly and played with his hands for a little bit before saying, "Rose," and there was a short silence before Sam mumbled, "This is awkward," making Vision and Wanda shoot a look at him.
We moved to another room to discuss what went down, and Rhodey said, "So we gotta assume they're coming back, right?", Wanda adding, "And they can clearly find us," so Bruce said, "We need all hands on deck. Where's Clint?", before turning to look at Rose, who said, "After the whole Accords situation, he and Scott took a deal that Steph helped them strike,” and Nat added, "It was too tough on their families. They're on house arrest."
Bruce said, "Who's Scott?", and Steve said, "Ant-Man," making him say, "There's an Ant-Man, a Spider-Man, and an Arachnid-Girl?", so I said, "A lot changed while you were gone," and smiled at him before he continued, "Okay, look. Thanos has the biggest army in the universe... and he is not gonna stop until he- he gets... Vision's stone,” which made all of us look over at the android. Nat said, "Well, then we have to protect it," but Vision said, "No, we have to destroy it," making all of us turn to look at him.
He said, "I've been giving a good deal of thought to this entity in my head. About its nature. But also its composition. I think if it were exposed to a sufficiently powerful energy source... something very similar to it's own signature, perhaps... its molecular integrity could fail," so Wanda said, "Yeah, and you with it. We're not having this conversation," which made me exchange a look with Steve, because as far as Wanda and I are concerned, Steve is her dad just as much as I'm her mom, with or without adoption papers.
Vision said, "Eliminating the stone is the only way to be certain that Thanos can't get it," and Wanda said, "That's too high a price," so Vision cupped her face in his hands and said, "Only you have the power to pay it," but she drew back and walked away from him, making me sigh, because I didn't need telepathic abilities to know what she was thinking ((adoptive) mother's intuition, I guess). Vision said, "Thanos threatens half the universe. One life cannot stand in the way of defeating him," and Steve said, "But it should. We don't trade lives, Vision," so Vision replied, "Captain, 70 years ago, you laid down your life... to save how many millions of people? Tell me, why is this any different?”
Steve almost made a response, but Bruce cut in and said, "Because you might have a choice," which made Steve, me, and Vision look over at him. He continued, "Your mind is made up of a complex construct of overlays. Jarvis, Ultron, Tony, me, the stone. All of them mixed together, all of them learning from one another," so I said, "You're saying that Vision isn't just the stone?", and Bruce said, "I'm saying that if we take out the stone... there's still a whole lot of Vision left. Perhaps the best parts," making Nat say, "Can we do that?"
Bruce said, "Not me, not here," and Rhodey said, "Well, you better find someone and somewhere fast. Ross isn't just gonna let you guys have your old rooms back," so I exchanged a look with Steve, and he said, "I know somewhere," making me smile and grab his hand. All of us loaded back onto the Quinjet to head off to the home of a certain friend in high places, and when we were getting close, Steve went up to Sam and said, "Drop to 2600, heading 0-3-0," which earned Sam's reply of, "I hope you're right about this. Or we're gonna land a lot faster than you want to," before doing as he was told.
Just as we were about to ram into the side of a cliff, it melted away to reveal Wakanda, home of King T'Challa, the Black Panther. We landed the jet, and when the door opened, T'Challa, General Okoye, and the Dora Milaje were waiting for us. Steve said, "Seems like I'm always thanking you for something," and shook his hand, and for some reason, Bruce bowed. Rhodey said, "What are you doing?", and T'Challa said, "Uh, we don't do that here," making me and Rose fight to contain snorts while Bruce shot a glare at Rhodey, who only smirked in response.
T'Challa said, "So how big of an assault should we expect?", so Bruce said, "Uh, sir- sir, I think you should expect quite a big assault," and Nat said, "How we looking?", earning T'Challa's reply of, "You will have my Kingsguard, the Border Tribe, the Dora Milaje, and...," before he gestured to Bucky (who had much longer hair and a full beard) and Jess (who had a pixie-bob cut parted to frame the left side of her face), who were walking towards us. Bucky said, "And a semi-stable 100-year-old man and a water bender," and Jess smacked his chest playfully before giving him a quick kiss on the lips, which made my eyebrows raise slightly in surprise, but I didn't question it. Bucky gave Steve a hug, and Steve said, "How you been, Buck?", so he replied, "Uh, not bad, for the end of the world," and Jess said, "Bucky...," making him shoot her a grin and say, "I'm kidding, Doll,“ while raising his arms in mock-surrender.
Jess rolled her eyes lovingly, then gave me a hug and said, "Good to see you again, Steph. Did you dye your hair?", before pointing to my dark blonde, borderline brown hair (normally my hair is more dirty blonde), so I said, "No. It just started growing in like this. But your hair looks way different! Why did you cut it?", earning her reply of, "Well, since I've been training with Okoye and the Dora Milaje, I felt weird being the only one with long hair while everyone else was bald. So I decided to get it cut!”, while shrugging happily. I nodded in understanding, then Bucky said, "And she looks fantastic," before wrapping his new vibranium arm around her waist and kissing her temple.
Jess scrunched her nose and squealed playfully in response, and Steve said, "Good for you, Pal. I always knew you'd find a dynamite gal to get you through," which made them smile at each other before saying, "Thank you," making me wrap an arm around Steve and squeeze slightly, because I was so frickin happy that they got together (me and her were Text Buds™ while she was in Wakanda waiting for Bucky to get better, and I was still stateside on my own vigilante expedition).
Vision was taken to the lab of T'Challa's little sister, Shuri, who is the resident tech genius in Wakanda that designed all of the weapons and gear T'Challa and the Dora Milaje use with the power of vibranium, as well as the technology the Wakandans use for everyday things. Which is actually really impressive, considering the fact that she's only 16 years old (crazy, right? The Spider Kid and Rebecca would adore her if they were here).
She did a scan of Vision with her Kimoyo Beads (Bruce was very impressed with the hologram technology) before she said, "The structure is polymorphic," so Bruce said, "Right, we had to attach each neuron non-sequentially," and when she said, "Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively?", Vision shot him a look before he said, "Because we didn't think of it?", earning Shuri's reply of, "Well, I'm sure you did your best," making me let out a snort.
Wanda said, "Can you do it?", and Shuri said, "Yes, but there are more than two trillion neurons here. One misalignment could cause a cascade of circuit failures. It will take time, brother," so Steve said, "How long?", earning her reply of, "As long as you can give me," before the alarms started going off, and Okoye pulled up a hologram of the Earth with her own Kimoyo Beads. She said, "Something's entered the atmosphere," and all of us looked out the window to see weird alien-like ships crashing around the Wakandan border.
Vision said, "It's too late. We need to destroy the stone now," and started to get up, but Nat snapped, "Vision, get your ass back on the table," before stalking over to him, and T'Challa said, "We will hold them off," while walking past Steve and I. Steve said, "Wanda, as soon as that stone's out of his head... you blow it to hell," so she said, "I will," and I gave her a kiss on the forehead before saying, "You'll stay safe, right, Hon?", making her smile and say, "Yes, Steph. I'll be safe," then T'Challa said, "Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield," while pointing at Steve.
He nodded slightly, then Shuri said, "Commander Carter, follow me please. I have something for you," so I gave Steve's hand a squeeze before walking away while pulling my hair into a ponytail (and if you know anything about me, you know that means I mean serious business). I followed her to the heart of her lab, and she said, “After your first visit, I immediately got to work on these after taking a look at your old suit. These are the 19th versions, but they were really only a passion project until now,” before pressing a button, making three white dummies of a female figure with belts made of tiny snowflakes around their waists rise from the floor, one white, one red, and one black.
I walked up to them, then after admiring them for a few seconds, I said, "What exactly are these for?", so she replied, "Don't you wish you could put on or take off your suit at a moment's notice?", and when I nodded, she walked over to me and scanned my neck with her beads. She said, "Tell it to go on in your mind," so I did as I was told, then red particles came flowing out of the snowflake belts until all three dummies were covered in a red suit with embellishments corresponding to the belt color, making my jaw drop.
She laughed and said, "I thought you'd like that. The entire suit sits in the branches of the snowflakes. I designed them so you could wear one with any outfit you choose and it wouldn't stand out. At first I thought about making only a red belt, but then I realized that red doesn't go with much, so I made two other ones to give you options," and while I ran my hand over one of the suits, she said, "Strike one. But not too hard," making me turn to look at her.
I said, "Just... hit it anywhere?", and she said, "Mmm-hmm," so I grabbed the one with the white embellishments by the shoulder, then socked it in the stomach, making the place where I punched it glow white. I said, "What the...?", and ran my hand over the glowing area, so Shuri said, "The nanites absorb the kinetic energy and hold it in place for redistribution. I made my brother and Miss Lewis' suits with the same technology," making me say, "Huh. Cool. But what'll happen when I do my ice thing? Will I still be able to fly?”, with my hand still on the suit.
Shuri said, "Yes, but it will be much easier for you now. Watch this," then pressed another button, and the dummies turned the same shade of blue I do when I go icy (I yanked my hand away because it startled me), the suits reacting and turning blue as well. The dummies went back to white after Shuri pressed the button again (the suits returning to their normal color shortly after), then she said, "The suit will react to the change in your heat signature, and the nanites will change their structure so you can fly. And when you change back, the suit won't be brittle like your current one, so it won't hinder your movement."
I smiled and said, "These are amazing, Princess, but I feel kind of guilty taking these without giving you something in return," earning her reply of, "Well, then we can call it a thank you for coming to protect my country. And call me Shuri," making me smile before telling the suits to go back into the belts. Shuri said, "They are waiting for you, Lady Canada," so I smirked, grabbed the black belt, then took off to take off my catsuit and put the belt on over my black tank top and leggings. I told it to go on, then I dashed out of the lab while putting on one of the matching cowls Shuri had made (obviously made of vibranium) to catch up with the others, ready for whatever intergalactic shit Thanos decided to throw at us.
previous chapter | next chapter
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sarohara · 4 months ago
Stranger: Hey! :)
You: u first
You: Oh
You: Hey ahahha
Stranger: Oh?
Stranger: Well that's one way to start haha
You: 😂😂
You: Wth, well, anyways
You: How r u?
You: tell me
Stranger: Pretty chill lmao
Stranger: What bout you?
You: Im alive, that's a good one right
You: Nah im kidding
You: Im good, pretty good
Stranger: Shit. Pretty original ¯_(ツ)_/¯
You: I would say exclusive, u see
Stranger: Potato potato
You: ahhahahah do u like potatos?
Stranger: Hell yeah
Stranger: Who wouldn't ?
You: Yeaaaa ikr
You: It's really good
Stranger: So many ways to cook them
You: Yea multifunctional lmao
Stranger: Multifunctional?
You: Im awful 😂
Stranger: Are there other ways to use potatoes other than eating them? XD
You: Im kidding dude
Stranger: Oh oh oh I know
You: Idk maybe, that's weird
Stranger: You use them to charge your phone 🤲
Stranger: Stupid phone hacks LOL
You: Well, that would be awesome
You: AHAHAH stupid phone hacks
Stranger: Totally. Just bring a potato with you everywhere
You: Yea for sure thats all u need
Stranger: Multifunctional 😩
You: 😂😂
You: Everything but multifunctional
Stranger: This chat has been the most entertaining one I've had so far on Omegle
Stranger: 10/10
Stranger: Best Potato Talk
You: AHAHAHAH im so glad to know that😂😂
Stranger: Yuh. You got creeps, bots, and minors
Stranger: Pretty much sums up Omegle 😩🤲
You: Horny guys like all the freakin time
You: I hate this so bad
Stranger: Bruh sammeeeee
Stranger: Like Jesus. I Don't want to see your nude
You: I feel uuuuu
Stranger: Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh yesssss
You: stupid horny guys
Stranger: At least you can troll horny guys
Stranger: Bots are the total killjoys here
You: 😂😂😂😂
You: Troll yea ur right
You: Bots ZZZZZ
Stranger: like it makes me sad :((
Stranger: I'd think it would be an actual person willing to talk
You: Bots give u a sad false hope thats so meannnn
Stranger: Dude dude
Stranger: Have you tried the video thing on here? XD
Stranger: I have no balls
You: Nahhh i got scared 😂😂
Stranger: Jeebus
Stranger: I've heard of what is going on in there
Stranger: And it's horny guys but 10000x worse
You: YEAAAA they show u..creepy
Stranger: What makes it funny is that other horny guys have to see the other horny guys all the time XDD
You: Revenge
You: But u know like many people fall in love and make friends too
Stranger: Yeah?
You: Yea yeaaa
You: I saw a lot of videos like that
Stranger: It has happened to me :,)
You: Really??
Stranger: I've met my ex boyfriend on here
You: No waaaayyyy
Stranger: Way lol
You: Damn thats freakin awesome
You: i guess so
You: but u guys broke up right? thats sad
Stranger: Yeah... It happened recently lol
Stranger: Just wasn't meant to be ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Stranger: But here I am again Ahahaha
You: Yea ur right..that's life, life sucks sometimes ahahha
You: Oh gotcha
You: looking for someone again?
Stranger: It does but it makes the good things in life worth it uwu
Stranger: I mean... Possibly? Idk
Stranger: Kinda done with like... Serious relationships lol
You: Oh really? so no-serious-relationships anymore?
You: I hope it goes well ahahah
Stranger: Thanks ;)
Stranger: And mb somewhere along the road, if the possibility is there, maybe ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Stranger: Jeebus. This got serious
You: Oh wow, that was deep girrrrll
You: ur right tho
You: whats ur name btw?
Stranger: Ahahaha I guess
Stranger: My name's Emily. Wbu?
You: Nice meeting u Emily :)
You: I'm Sarah
Stranger: Nice meeting you too, Sarah ^^
You: Oh ur adorable girl ahahah these "^^" r so cute lol
Stranger: Lolll I guess? But you seem more cute just with how you type l
Stranger: Lol*
Stranger: I can definitely see your personality :P
Stranger: If that makes sense? Ahaha
You: Oh my goodness, the best compliment I've ever received lol
Stranger: You're welcome uwu
You: Aw :)
You: do u wanna keep in touch Emy?
Stranger: Sure! Do you have discord ?
You: Great!! nah actually i don't use this
You: I have insta...
Stranger: Shoot. I don't have insta :(
You: Ohhhh damnn
You: What else u have?
Stranger: I have snap?
You: Well i have wpp
Stranger: What's wpp
You: Whatsapp?
Stranger: Oh! I don't have that either ;-;
You: oh oke, listen, i don't use snap that much but i'll give u mine
You: it's scarvalhando
Stranger: Cool! I'll prolly make an insta later
You: Oh that's great :))
You: I'll be waiting ahhaha
Stranger: Added!
You: Oke oke i'll check it out later bc now my phone's dead ahaha
Stranger: Shieeet
Stranger: Take care girl
You: Stay safe :))
Stranger: You too
You: alwaysss
Stranger: 🤲🥰 TTY L
You: Samee 🥰
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weirdohippiefreaky · 6 months ago
Text and I are officially a couple. She lives 70+ miles from me but I don’t of now. She blows my mind how much she adores me. She also has ZERO issues with sending nudes or letting me watch her touch herself via FaceTime. After being with Dawn who not only would *never* do those kind of things, but would get outright hostile if I had even asked. She also had at least 30 orgasms over that weekend. The best one being when I was holding her up with my left arm, finger banging her with my right hand and she squirted all over the kitchen floor.
We talked about our previous relationships. She couldn’t believe that I only made Dawn cum once throughout our entire 10+ year relationship after I made her cum so many times in less than 12 hours. She also couldn’t believe she never sent nudes, wouldn’t let me watch her masterbate, refused to do anything sexy just for me etc.
She’s been divorced 3 times. (Although 2 of them were to the same man) and is now widowed. Her late husband was 70 when he died and she was 22 years younger than he. She’s currently unemployed. Not sure how I feel about that. Her husband was a successful businessman and ran 4 different car dealerships and a few real estate businesses. He had 4 daughters from 2 previous marriages but Kristan never had any children herself. The little bit I know about her situation is his daughters and ex wives are all still harassing g her for money. She told me that he died in serious debt. So...I dunno what’s going on there. Hopefully she’s not about to go into the poor house or something.
I was randomly thinking about how happy I am with Kristan today. And thinking about was there anyone I would dump her of today. The answer is yes, but from 2 very unlikely candidates:
Bridget. Let’s face it. If she told me she was moving back to PA and was in love with me, I might break it off with...jeez...almost anyone in the beginning stages of a relationship. But she told me she was never moving back East and I have gotten zero vibes of a romantic interest from her
The other is Rachel from Ferrum. There’s definitely no chance of *that* happening as she is married, lives in Virginia amd I am assuming not interested; as she wasn’t interested in dating while we were *at* Ferrum either. Other than those two, I’m excited about being with Kristan. She adores me and I her. I know it sounds rude to talk about who I’d dump her for but this is MY journal!! Plus, Bridget was telling me the other day that she started an online relationship with a fellow deadhead for a brief period but it all ended with the quickness when they talked on the phone for the first time and he was a rabid Trump supporter. She wanted to send him an email on why he’s wrong on Trump and prove to him how all his talking points were either lies, exaggerations or half truths. Mostly because she said it felt unsettled and hung up on him after he just started to get obnoxious...probably when he called her something like a liberal sucker for not believing the right wing media about all the wonderful things he’s doing. I think I talked her out of emailing him one last time. She really didn’t want him to have the last word but I was all “the dude doesn’t actually give a shit what Trump says or does. He doesn’t care that you can prove all of his lies and counter point all of the examples he gave you of why he’s the second coming of Jeebus. He just loves how much it drives us rational people crazy. How he calls everyone he doesn’t like childish names and is openly calling for violence. Fuck that guy” she said it felt like a betrayal. She was falling for this guy and suddenly she finds out the guy is a sociopath. It kind of reminded me of Allison admitting to me that she’s a Trump supporter. That she voted for him the first time and was voting for him again. Obviously, it’s different, as she has been with that Québécois and former NHL guy Michal since almost as long as I’ve known her. I was so bothered by it because she was kind of my fantasy. She clearly likes me and I liked her. He have a lot in common to boot. I seriously got a knot in my stomach when she told me about her supporting Trump. I wouldn’t go off or preach to her. But, it literally made me sick to my stomach. I can let being a Trump supporter go when it’s just a platonic friend...which or actually I have never met her in person. She’s asked me to hang out on 3 occasions but cancelled all three. I don’t hold that against her though. The first time was when she first decided to be exclusive with that dood. The second time was at the Dead & Company show when her GF flaked out so she probably was paranoid it was going to feel like a date between us. The last time was actually only a month ago and she had just had a huge fight with that dood and wanted me to get her some cannabis. They made up shortly after that and cancelled the whole thing. I was all “meh. What are you gonna do?”
Anyway....I’m seeing Kristan again this weekend. I miss her. It’s going to be so kick ass
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stuntwocket · 6 months ago
Because of some experiences I had as a kid, I tend to kinda shrug at most divination. (Although, I’ve gotten a Tower in every Tarot reading I’ve ever gotten that they’d tell me the cards. So, idk man.) BUT, both Mercury and Mars are in retrograde, so I thought I’d take a peek at what astrology had to say.
Jeebus. Just... Wow.
I just clicked into the first halfway decent website I found, and everything has been completely spot on for my experiences since these started. And, yeah, there’s a healthy dose of cold-read shenanigans, but there’s also some Highly specific stuff, especially in combination. Like, yes, such-and-such is a cold-read bit, as is so-and-so, but you never see those together in a cold-read because it becomes too specific and therefore exclusionary. Well, putting them together was still accurate.
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suga-kookiemonster · 6 months ago
I just found your Ego fic and, sweet jeebus, your writing is amazing! The repartée had me literally cackling out loud, the dialogue was so much fun to read, and the quality of your writing is!
I never used to read BTS fic until very recently because I’m personally not into stories that ship members together, and y/n fics made me feel stalkerish and uncomfortable. I don’t really like to self-insert when I read y/n fics, and it wasn’t until I saw another blog discuss this that I realised I could see y/n as a completely original character. Also, the first time I dipped my toe in the fanfic water, I only stumbled across poorly written self-inserts that seemed like they were written by minors who didn’t know how to use paragraphs, let alone chapters. I’m glad I changed my mind and stuck around because I’ve read some amazing writing lately and it lead me to you! Pulled me write into the story you created! Just wanted to say you’re awesome 👍
aww, thank you, babe! i’m happy that you were able to find fics that you enjoyed. i know exactly what you mean about y/n fics--i’ve written fanfic for years, and when i first entered the kpop space, y/n fics definitely a weirded me out LOL. but all it takes is a few good fanfics to help you get the gist of it, and i’m so touched that you consider ego to be in that category 💜 i appreciate you giving me a chance, and i appreciate you sending me this wonderful ask. thank you so much! 
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elsaxmerida · 6 months ago
Watching I survived I kissed dating goodbye
This is how I feel when my husband makes the documentary about how his book hurt people about how good his intentions are
30 minutes in and there's only been one mention of how purity culture has been weaponized against women.
Tumblr media
Omg, his issue with it is actually just that this isn't resulting in more marriages 35 minutes in
Defense of tinder is pretty ok but not a critique of purity culture
Not actually a defense of tinder
"Neither the strict rules of courtship nor tinder
So many men
Condoms!! Are excellent!!
Idolatry of marriage bc it's the ultimate place for sexuality, the ultimate christian experience
Women are only on to reinforce men's views
Why are we sexual? What does it mean buddy?
I just tried to simplify
But people want that!!
It's catchy!!
The truth must be in the middle *musical interlude*
The pain of publicly changing your opinion
Don't use the word purity
Because the problem is the word
Ughhhhh slutshaming about nonvaginal intercourse and lesbians
But if you say sorry realllllll niiiiice God might forgive you and you'll be pure again
50 minutes in before we talk about how CSA and how purity culture hurts girls
Wow we moved on fast from CSA and how this shiz kills people
Not gonna mention how it kills people hey?
"Emotional STDs" is such a toxic idea and he knows it but he also thinks it's right-ish
Suppressed emotions make people scared of relationships and emotions
"Dreams to a nightmare"
52 minutes before we get to the actual problems he has with his book
Has to frame this through men being scared of intimacy to make it feel real
He's asking if he helped create a negative environment and she can't directly say yes
The expression he makes when he listens to a woman disagreeing with him
Ignore the 8s my cat stepped on my keyboard
He "believe[s] it's God's word" still
Tumblr media
"Sure" "yeah" "right" he sounds so sad when he listens to people talking about things in a way that isn't sex-shaming
Things will be messy but messiness is human
That's nice
There's a place for healthy dating and I said there wasn't 1 hour 5 minutes in
How to be a good single fruit bearing woman 1:07
Marriage/singleness as vocation, everything is work if you have jeebiez
My book hurt people and it helped people, lyfe is complex 🤷‍♂️
I don't agree with a lot of it, my book, not gonna specify which bits so people can continue to buy copies
1:12 I'm so sorry. He finally apologizes and doesn't actually say who he's hurt, just that he's hurt people~~
You're making this about you still mah dude 'I'm not afraid of being wrong anymore'
Beeg yeezy
Find your purity in jeebus is quite possibly the worst note to end on
In conclusion, don't trust messages delivered with twinkled behind.
Tumblr media
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streetsteel · 7 months ago
Well howdy there, Chiefo. I'm here to send you a nice little letter o' love, 'cause my friends deserve to know how treasured they are! I know we haven't been friends for very long, but I feel so incredibly close to you. I would trust you with my life, were I able to give it to someone. Not to mention I love Jay so much as a character and your writing blows me away, absolutely! You're such a talented and absolutely stunning individual, and every day I feel lucky to know someone as awesome as you.
Tumblr media
Ok I woke up to this this morning and it was very unexpected and I’ve stared at it for a bit because wow how dare you come at me like that and make me feel emotions jeebus Coco 
also please dont trust me with your life i am peak dumbass i dropped a full plate of spaghet in the sink once and it went straight into the garbage disposal
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stargazingfangirl18 · 7 months ago
Breeding kink with Frank Adler because wow that man.
Dear sweet baby jeebus, yer coming for me with that one, nonnie, and Frank’ll be cumming for us both 👀🥴😂 Added to the list! Thank you 😘
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janellion · 8 months ago
your compliment is so funny omg — not an orange — YOURE SO CUTE 🥰💗✨💗✨💗✨💗✨💗
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dancinbutterfly · 8 months ago
Could you say something about which of your past fics you're most proud of? You have such a long track record in fandom: what do you feel are your highlights?
Oh jeebus.
So, I’ve been writing fanfic since I was 12? And I’m 32 now. So when you say “highlights” I have stop and like...try and remember my fucking LIFE and that’s not a metaphor at all.
But probably Teen Wolf and Bandom are where the things I’m most proud of live with a few other things here and there. California Werewolf, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, You Shot Me Down(Bang Bang), The Moon in Me, I Know This Hurts, Screw Angles and The Beat That My Heart Skipped are all stories I look at and go “Wow I Did That”
But there’s some other stuff too. My first finished long fic that was in Smallville and het called Time Warp and the Stucky/X-men crossover I wrote BEFORE AVENGERS CAME OUT called Lab Rats and Tin Soldiers and a tiny TFATF D/s AU I did that to this day gets more feedback than almost anything else and my Martian/Political Animals series.
I did weird shit and made it make sense and honestly I’m proudest of that. I took conceptually bonkers shit, treated it dead seriously and made it work, like, a lot. I did it in Waiting In the Sky (Mikey Way is an alien) and I did in Kill Switch Engaged (Bucky has a literal murder boner) and I did it with Voluntary Custody (come find someone to fuck at the omega pound only with social support and safet mechanisms in place for real) and I did it with Any Givens Sundae (canon!Raylan opens an ice cream parkour) and I did it with You Shot Me Down and IKTH(falling in love over gangbangs or anonymous sex).Like I like things to be weird but not unrealistic and it’s the stuff I’m most proud of because a coffee shop AU is a coffee shop AU and canon is canon but doing both at once? Yeah. That’s the shit. And if you keep the Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work sign? That is my jammiest jam. The times I manage that are probably my biggest achievements.
But if I had to choose JUST ONE story?
I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) would probably win as my ultimate highlight. I have never accomplished a story so completely before or since. I have never had a story effect other people so profoundly. I have been informed that people stopped self-harming, explored their sexuality, and got permanent body art that promoted self-care because of this story. If I were to die tomorrow I could look at my life in the few microseconds before oblivion and go “At least I wrote that story. That story helped people. I know it helped people. It allowed people to to find a path towards self-compassion and self-kindness and willingness to heal that maybe they wouldnt have found as quickly or as easily without it and that contribution to life on earth is valuable even if nothing else I did is” and for that at least, I know I have no wasted my self and my time. Of everything I have done, this one story pretty justifies my life to date because I know it helped people. I wrote it for me just like every story I write, but this one, I know, did good. 
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thegeekerynj · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
An Occasional Attempt to Read, Discuss and Review the Wonders of Comics By: John Rafferty, cranky old man, and Fan of All Things Comics
Adventureman #2
Writer: Matt Fraction Artists: Terry and Rachel Dodson
‘All these years, planting those books like seeds, hoping one would take root—-
I—- What THE F—-
Oh NO— He’s coming. I have to go. I’m sorry— I’ll explain everything later. And step lightly— There may still be Security Measures in place.
Be Brave And True. And in this place, no harm shall befall you.’ ——————————————————————————————————
And Gentle Readers, if, as a person was telling me this, she was passing through a wall, I might just hope I wore my dark pants, to hide what was happening at that moment.
Welcome, one and all to the Second Review for the Adventureman Series, looking at the second Episode of this serialized story, in order to see, if nothing else, whether this team has in fact maintained or exceeded the expectations they set for themselves with the last issue.
YEP. They blew this out of the park! Really knocked the cover off this one!
Sweet Jeebus, as I waited for the second issue of Adventureman, that question kept rolling through my head, not knowing what to think. I mean, Matt Fraction has been an incredible storyteller, from Hawkeye to Doctor Strange to X-Men.
And the Dodsons, well, their reputations have preceded them, and with good reason. They bring a special nuance, a knowledge of each other’s attributes, and how each enhances the other to get the best from each other.
This second issue brings everything the first one did... from the first page, where we find out the who and how of the ‘Mystic Book Delivery’, through to finding ourselves in the lobby of the Adventum Building, home to Adventureman and his Team.
From bug-infested soufflés to autonomous robot security, Clare is finding herself more immersed in mysterious times, as stranger and creepier things continue to occur for her. Her investigative nature piqued, she grasps clues gleaned from the new book, and follows them to a ‘Building’, one which only she can see (shades of the Shadow, and the ‘ability to cloud man’s minds’, or perhaps a way to see a different world / dimension...)
I hope some of this is explained, either as character specifics, or related to the connection to the Book.
More importantly, we learn more about Claire, herself. In a life prior to hearing aids, she was a member of the NYPD, and probably an active street officer, from her call of CODE 7 to an officer she knows. This alludes to the potential for her hearing loss being job related, which could lead to some interesting backstory.
Matt Fraction’s story picks up right where the last one ended, the next morning.
Well, not really, There is a transition of sorts, which gives the reader the knowledge that Phaedra Phantom’s walkabout did not go unnoticed. Not only was it noticed, it is to be punished, for no one angers Baron Bizarre!
The entire story reads like this. There is no detail missed, every nuance is covered. This is a Masterclass in Script Writing, the Reader grabbed, and dragged through every panel, whether they want to be or not. (Point of information, I started reading this before I was to join a ZOOM Meeting. I found a way to read the book in its entirety twice, while appearing to pay attention to what was happening in the meeting... Makes me question my priori... NAH. I’m good!)
No lags, no slow points, nothing wasted. I want to know what is happening to Claire and Tommy. What’s happening at Sunday Dinner, what will Claire talk about? How did Tommy do on his test?
Two ISSUES, I’m Invested. This is GOOD WRITING.
Finally, to address the art in this book, JUST FRICKIN’ WOW! The transitions from dimensional horrors to normal city apartments to NY restaurants, to the Art Deco stylings of the ‘30s, all seamless, transitioning as if dream states, just a simple fade from one to another. As I have said many times, the Dodsons are a phenomenal team, on a par, with, if not better than Byrne / Austin.
All in all, another fine outing by Team Fraction / Dodson, continuing to set the bar at near unattainable heights... only to reach, and surpass them, again.
I look forward to Issue 3, with bated breath!
out of 5 🌶   🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶
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kyukyuhunnie · 9 months ago
Watch “Love O2O” with Me!
Episode 11
im still hyped over the fact that they met irl and he sat next to her
but anyways
here we are with episode 11 ^-^
i have my wasabi peas, i have my water, my phone is plugged in, the show is pulled up
as the man of many possibilites himself mark lee would say, lezgeddit
not athow september and mirror fish got distracted by xiao nai sitting next to wei2
oh shit
wowowowwow these girls gossiping
i do feel bad for yiran a little bit tho
she really did forget to introKJAODSFA HE DID BE THE POLITE MAN
september is 10 i was right
i love one (1) man
i love the #Squade cheering on weinai
september raeally fucking dropped the ball im
the basketball team are old gossiping hens
alks;dfjaksld not at how september cant get any proverb right im so in lvoe
half of the lead cast is sending
shut up at how cute he looks when he XD
she only just found out she was dating him im sick
god shes being dramatic to tell this story
the timeline in this is really weird
she really do be forgetting things
wow they really just said wei2 has noodles for brains now
its nice to see the girls interacting outside of just with weiwei
they boys really are gonna let kodak believe that weiwei in game and nai’s new gf are different people im sick
there is one braincell between them right now and its not being shared with kodak
ajskfjald;ks im so weak
nai really just went ;]
alkdjfalksdjf i love the #Squad
they got some fun colored alcohals
wow really nai didnt know about hte ranking
oh the risk list too
wow nai really do
kodak has penguins as his background thats so cuuuuteeee
nai just really took down the whole ass website im
oh my god
hahahahahahaha suck it photo boy
what is he doing
i really hate having to see him for extended screentime
oh my god if he really buys that
im going to be sick
oh my god
oh i feel so bad for photo boys roommate
bitch get over yourself
i will say tho i would be upset too if i spent a lot of money on a gift for someone and then found out too late about somethign
drop *clap emoji* herrrr!!!!
imma be real witchu babe, i don-and i oop nevermind
now you get over him and focus on yourself and the people you are surrounding yourself with
i knew she was a bitch
if it werent for who??
yiran’s cousin??
i take it back i no longer like photo boy’s roommate
you arent with her in the game
also not to be all it’s literally just a game and you arent in a real relationship but its literally just a game and you arent in a real relationship
man nai really is low eq rn
september was so torn up about it and you dismissed him like that
alkdfjasdk kodak ran into the cafeteria guy
bitch he is gay
this is uncomfy for everyone
oh nevermind OH MY GOD WAIT
no one here (except nana and photo boy and his roommate and yiran’s cousin) is are straight
concealer exists babe
not that im saying having dark circles is anything to be embarressed about
oh no
is erxi okay?
oh my god theyre going to the hosbipatl
the irony of her shirt saying keep calm
do they really not have an i.v. stand???
oh ok theres one next to the hospital bed
why does that hospital bed look so fucking comfy
the ones in the states suck
shut up xiaoling looks so pretty
sisi and xiaoling slept in the same bed and weiwei fell asleep in a chair next to erxi
not at how the water noises started before the water poured
oh shes gonna use erxi’s phone to text nai
what the fuck
i love how awkward it is
oh ok its bc xiaoling called her boyfriend
sisi is queen
did they forget that they’re in a car
nai is literally the sweetest
let me see both squads interact nowwwww
for a minimum of 3 minutes
sisi queen
hes so enamoured by herrrr
ooooohhh foood
i too wake up at food
weiwei’s sheets are really cute
erxi really said retail therapy rights
oh my god
he really said dont worry i can pick you up
oh her dress is cute as fuck
again the theme of black and white is bc theyre a couple literally im screaming
where are they going
this ost slaps
that girl really did just drop her stuff
yes put your hands around his waist cowarde
ok thats it for this episode
oh i wonder is there not going to be as much in game stuff now that we have them together irl??
i’ll be a lil disappointed ngl
i really loved the in game interactions
esp between wei2 and the #Squad
tho seeing nai interact with the #Squade was very entertaining too
i want to see the squads interact now
or at the very least erxi and september
they have to scheme something at some point right
tho idk erxi is starting to vaguely get on my nerves?
maybe bc i just really dont like photo boy and i dont want to see her interact with him more
thats all for this episode
thank you for reading!!!
stay safe and stay healthy <333
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thegeekerynj · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
An Occasional Attempt to Read, Discuss and Review the Wonders of Comics By: John Rafferty, cranky old man, and Fan of All Things Comics
Dark Nights: Death Metal #1
Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Greg Capullo
‘Hex, they’re all yours.
Yeehaw, sir.
Finally, a party where I’m the @#$% pretty one.’
Gentle Readers, I have been totally blown away.
I have been trying to write this for a week, now. I have given this book to several people to read. The least comment I’ve received back is:
‘WOW. Holy Crap! Damn!’
Yes, I heard the capitalization. I saw the sense of wonder, shock, insane glee in the person’s eyes. I watched as he sat down again, and reread it, asked if the Comic Shop was open so he could go buy his own copy... then said lots of words I would get smacked for putting in here.
In short, the duo of Snyder and Capullo are on fire...again. And they know it, by the names they gave themselves... Scott ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ Snyder, and Greg ‘Painkiller’ Capullo. And these bastiches do live up to them! (heh...heh heh)
So, we start off with Sergeant Rock ( yes, Easy Company’s Sergeant), explaining the situation ‘ta this flyboy’. And he does this, in the colorful, typically melodramatic style of Jack Webb, in ‘The D.I’, or R. Lee Ermey in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ giving the ‘flyboy’ the rundown on then tire meal of ‘turdburger and turd fries’ being served up in the new DCU...
Yes, the Next Page, the Second Page is a map labeled ‘the DCU’... complete with the Arkham Wastelands, the Fall of Captain Atom (can be taken two ways, hopefully this will be explained), Themyscira, Megapokolips, The Hellscape, and Castle Bat...
This is the map of the area around the Castle Bat, home to the Batman Who Laughs, and his minions, the various corruptions of the Bat, and the Groblins. And so much more...
This is the End of All Things, the Dark Matter Universe has permeated everything, and the Corruption Abides. The Green is poisoned, as is seen by the condition of the Protector of the Green, Swamp Thing. He is a walking putrefaction, more a rot thing than the robust Emissary of Parliament of Trees he had been.
Diana of Themyscira is reduced to gaoler for the Master, overseeing his dungeons, and the Pit, which he reserves for his special ‘interests’. Her mother and sisters, used as the method to keep her from tearing the Castle from the heights it reaches, and pounding it flat into the foundations, far below, in the bowels of Themyscira, where we find the gates to Tartarus, the new prison for the Batman who Laughs.
We open on Diana, wielding a chainsaw, taking apart her iconic Invisible Plane, and melting it down into Invisible metal. More punishment, more humiliation.
She receives news of a new prisoner for the Pit, from the corrupted Guardian of the Green, Alec Holland. The Prisoner is being escorted by 3 Bats (the Red Death, a Bat that is the Tyrannosaur robot with Bruce Wayne’s mind uploaded into it, and a BatMage), an unheard of number, so this must be a formidable prisoner indeed.
As they proceed toward the Pit, the reader is updated somewhat with the ongoings since Metal...
What, there are some reading this that never read Dark Night: Metal? Ok, show of hands, how many... one, two, nineteen... well. I’m going to stop here. Go on, go get a copy of the collected Metal. And the crossovers. And the One Shots. NOW! I’ll wait (have to use the Men’s Room, anyway...)
Done? Good. Hey, YOU! Finish up! Damn... Ok.
So, where were we... Oh, yes, Castle Bat. the Check-in, Harley is in charge of hunting the Wastelands, with a Bat controlled Dr. Arkham, Wonder Woman, well, she basically runs Hell with a Batmage, who could be a Dark Multiverse Bat Zatara (I originally thought Fate, but, no Helmet of Fate), Aquaman and Bat-Bathomet (a Cthulhu looking Elder demon), and Megapokolips is presided over by a manacled, and subdued Scott Free, with his overseer, DarkFather, who bears an unkind resemblance to Darkseid’s son, Kalibak.
And, we can see Free and the DarkFather are monitoring an Anti-Life infected Superman, waiting for his change into a controlled Darkseid.
Holy Crap, that’s 8 1/2 pages in... and the action hasn’t started!
We’re introduced to all the Bat-Knights - The Bat-Etrigan, the Bat-Clayface, Bat-Deathstroke, Bat-Reaper, the Bat-Plastic Ma... Plastic Man??? Along with the Drowned, the Red Death, the Dawnbreaker, the Devastator, the Murder Machine and the Merciless, and some more interesting mashes... A Bat-cowl wearing Penguin, Jokerized dragons (words I never thought I would ever write, after once writing Joker fish - Thanks Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers!), and the return of the Black Lantern Ring... WHAAAAAA???? OMFG!!??!!
Again, we aren’t halfway through the issue.
Snyder and Capullo have set a standard so incredibly high, it will be absolutely amazing if they can maintain the pace and intensity of this 32 page issue. Snyder’s dialogue is measured, direct, with not a wasted syllable, much less word. His script is extraordinary, well done, descriptive, amazingly vivid.
Capullo’s pencils, Dear Jeebus, this man’s pencils bring Snyder’s word to life, or as close to life as the Dark Multiverse will allow. He brings an intensity to the work which drives the reader forward, pushing onward from panel to panel, barely allowing the reader to recover from the
last surprise before gobsmacking him with the next graphically intense page.This is a meal, each panel to be savored as a tapas course, building on the flavors of the last visual mouthful, until the reader is so overwhelmed, he is unaware he has finished the meal, is full, but wants to go back to the first course and start all over again.
Gentle Readers, please understand, on a book such as this, I am a horrid reviewer. I have no filter, no concept of Spoiler Alerts, and no care for posting the alert. I WANT to share all the action, all the nuance, and little points that make this story amazing.
I also want, more than this, for you, the Reader, to go out and read this book on your own. That is more important, for it is YOU, the reader who will ultimately make the determination whether this reviewer is credible, or as full of crap as a Christmas Goose.
So, if you do nothing else, take the time to visit your local Purveyors of Four Color Sequential Periodicals, and slap down the $5 necessary to purchase this book. Give me the benefit of the doubt.
I promise you, there is no disappointment here.
Out of 5 🌶 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
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howdoyousleep3 · 9 months ago
Hahaha I LOVE YOU WOW I’m so glad you loved!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Wow, you get a lot of shit simply for doing moodboards. Jeebus! Hang in there.
Thanks! Some of them are pretty disheartening, but I gotta admit I’m more amused than angry about being told that the London Knights don’t play in Ontario.
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