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#jeff goldblum

I’m convinced that the only reason Jeff Goldblum gets injured in Jurassic Park is so that he can keep his shirt unbuttoned for the rest of the movie and do THIS

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Tom Hiddleston’s name has just been added to Thor: Love and Thunder cast list!!!!!


**for those who are skeptical about this, google Thor: Love and Thunder cast list. I’m not sure how reliable they are, but they just added Tom’s name to the list xx

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This is my D&D bard, Jeff Mothblum and this is his story:

Living alone for what seems like forever can fester what some may recognise as boredom. For Jeff, boredom was just the way life was, until one day he found something so very interesting it changed his life forever. On the edge of his dim and dark woodland was a cottage which wasn’t there last winter. Outside the cottage was a small pink creature that frolicked in the dirt. Finding out an elderly man was keeping this creature hostage, Jeff promptly ate the man and took the little pink creature as his friend.

Jeff has since learned that eating other beings to take their livestock is not appropriate behaviour and is now trying his best to be an upstanding Cryptid citizen.

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Jeff Goldblum in Between The Lines (1977) part 1

You can find the full movie on youtube here  

This is the first part of all of his scenes in the movie, it took me forever to do this so if you like it and want part 2 (and 3 and 4 and maybe 5) let me know!!

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