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ambitionsource · 7 months ago
lord jeff love the new Look for senior year! also for the rest of yall legends whats ur fave thing abt jeff/fave memory
Jeff: Wow, thanks. I wasn’t sure anyone would notice my haircut.
Nate: You got a haircut?
Jeff: See.
Dave: I thought something looked different... honestly, Jeff, you look like a whole new guy.
Jeff: Thanks.
Jade: Jeff is one of my best friends at AAA, so there are like way too many memories to choose from. I think it stands to reason though that we’d be close, because you, me, and Asher kind of put together every single production from the ground up.
Jeff: That’s true. The costuming, set design, and lighting all do have to work in tandem.
Nate: Then I swoop in with the killer sounds and bam! Instant hit.
Jeff: Anyway...
Jade: One fond memory I have is this one time, I remember Jeff and I kind of bonded because Asher was being so weird and we both just had this moment of like... oh, so this is our life now huh. Like we were hanging out in the prop loft first semester and Asher was going on this long-winded nervous rant because he was freaking out over his crush on Dylan and all the ways it could go wrong and we were both just like... dude.
Jeff: That was so fucking funny, wow, I had forgotten about that. And look at him now. Though, I feel like that gave us a good idea of what being his friend was going to be like pretty quickly.
Jade: Without a doubt.
Nate: My fave Jeff-ory is the time we were working on a production element one week in class, and Maya and Sarah just started spewing all their opinions again, and then out of nowhere, Jeff -- calm as ever, plain as day -- just went “no one asked you.” It was like, instant knock out. Maya was so shocked she didn’t even know what to say. First and last time I ever saw her speechless. And Jeff didn’t even blink. It was king shit was what it was.
Jeff: Well, we all have our limits.
Dave: My favorite would be the times where when we have sleepovers with Nate and Dylan, you usually come over early and bring some snacks and help me get stuff set up. Also, when your mom makes cookie-brownies for you to bring that is like the best thing ever. Tell your mom she’s awesome.
Jeff: Aw, thanks buddy. Ditto. And I’ll let her know.
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ambitionsource · 8 months ago
First question: do you have more details on the family lives and back stories of the techies that you could tell us (or we will see)?
i can definitely talk about my fave crew of misfits! i’ll say i don’t think we’ll see much more detail about any of these family dynamics during ep runtimes, just because there’s already so much we’re trying to fit in and not enough time in the world (even tho yes we technically make the rules and can do whatever lol, but es and i do try to adhere to as realistic a tv structure as possible! it feels tighter structured that way)
so quickly i’ll just address dylan and asher, who are not as much mysteries as the other four techie tots just bc we’ve spent a little more time with them. i’m going to be exploring and introducing more of their family and those dynamics throughout the course of the dasher fic, so hopefully after a while they’ll feel as familiar as the rest of the front nine does in terms of their home lives. the short version is that asher is part of a nuclear family and is relatively well-off (they live comfortably, let’s say, given that his dad is an architect and his mom a tenured professor), and he gets along well with his sister lily. dylan lives with his dad and younger brother grant, and his mom passed away from cancer when he was about 6 - 7. his brother has resentment / a bit of a rivalry towards him that is pretty one-sided, but they do get along all things considered. dylan is very close with his dad. their family is firmly middle class and this doesn’t change until dylan starts bringing in substantial youtube coin at the end of high school.
jade is upper middle class and takes pride i think in leading a relatively average, calm life. she was raised by both parents, who are still together, and have a pretty stable marriage although they’re not the most romantic duo. this is where jade gets a lot of her realism from, not as prone towards romanticism or dreaminess even though she does like romance and would like to experience it one day (and can’t help but romanticize nigel). she is a middle child, with one older brother (ethan, 2 years older) and two younger brothers, jacob (3 years younder) and cody (6 years younger). this is part of why she is able to deal with the techie boys so well. overall she gets along very well with her family, and she’s lucky that her parents are highly supportive of her ambitions. her mother in particular loves her talents, because she’ll often make clothing items for her as gifts and then she can tell her friends when they ask about it that it’s “a one of a kind.” they’re definitely proud of her!
nate, as previously discussed, is low income. he lives with both parents but hardly sees his dad because he’s always out late working and exhausted when he gets home. he has two younger siblings, who he has a good relationship with but can often get sick of because of how often he’s asked to help babysit + entertain them when he’s a teenage boy and just wants to be doing whatever on his own time. so he’ll grumble a lot about his family, but he really does love them at the end of the day (despite mixed feelings about his dad, even though he knows how much he has to work isn’t his fault). because of having less disposable income, nate is the most money conscious of the techies for reasons other than being obsessive by nature (like asher). he in some ways thinks of himself as a hack in the aaa system (sort of like lucas, although not at all the same), because although he did have lots of interest in audio mixing and sound design and applied because of that, a major part of him applied to aaa just to see if he could get in and on scholarship. he never thought he actually would get in. although he’d never admit it, being admitted to aaa and meeting the techies was a very grounding and confidence-boosting moment in his life and helped put him on the right path for the future.
jeff is the second most secure financially of the techies after asher, though not too far ahead of jade. he is the youngest of three children, both already in college, though during S1 his sister was a senior at quincy high. his parents are arguably the most stable and truly romantic of all the techie parental units, giving him a realistic yet optimistic understanding of what a relationship is supposed to look like. his father has shares in a local community theater in brooklyn, and he’s highly involved in it, so jeff has been growing up around that world since he was a toddler. his siblings both had stints as actors in the local productions, and while jeff was never personally interested in performing, he loved hanging around the sets and observing the technicians. he started shadowing in the technician’s booth in middle school for extra credit + community service, but his mom noticed he had a real interest and knack for it, so it was her idea to research arts school and put him on track towards aaa. jeff is also the techie who has the best balance between aaa life and his former friends and community, as his main friend group is still predominantly his middle school friends which allows him a healthy detachment and outlet from the chaos of aaa that’s always ongoing.
dave, even to the rest of the techies, is a bit of a mystery. not in a purposeful way, like lucas, but simply because that’s how he is. he’s about dylan’s level of income, living with his mother in a cozy apartment in brooklyn. his parents are divorced, as they split when he was in elementary school, but the dynamic is amicable. his father was the more wealthy of the two, and his child support payments are what really keep the two of them afloat, but it never occurs to dave to grow bitter thinking about how he could give them more (as the other techies might be inclined to do). as far as dave is concerned, it is what it is. he spends weekends / vacations often with his dad in massachusetts where he now is settled down. although his home is far from the most lavish or exciting locale, the techie tots will hang out at his place relatively frequently, second to the orlandos as the go-to hangout spot. this is because there’s a den room that they can basically take over, and dave’s mom is usually home late because of work so they can kind of take run of the place. dave’s den is also the place the group of them will go if they wanna take some risks, like smoke weed now and then. although dave’s mom is still sort of distant from the group of them (not an agreed upon Group Dad, like randall orlando), she’s friendly with all of them and is always welcome to seeing them around when she comes home. dave’s presence at aaa is as much of a mystery as anything else -- he’s a great guitar player, and has always had a penchant for building and piecing things together, but no one can get a clear read on why he decided to apply to aaa, or what his application was like, or what he’s hoping to get out of the place. as dave once said, “sometimes, you just gotta go with it.”
-- Maggie
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a-state-of-bliss · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Versace Fall/Wint 1995 - Jeff Monroe by Bruce Weber
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baku-usagi · 4 years ago
My otp is an enhanced defense intelligence and a guy with glass bones wbu?
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theravenofwynter · 4 years ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Mass Effect Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kaidan Alenko/Female Shepard, Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian Characters: Female Shepard (Mass Effect), Jeff "Joker" Moreau, EDI (Mass Effect) Additional Tags: Friendship, Drabble Series: Part 2 of Allison Shepard Summary:
"You'd think with a Spectre on board, we'd get special clearance. But, you know, not like we're saving the galaxy or anything important..."
Joker patiently waits for relay clearance and shoots the shit with the Commander he'd be happy to follow anywhere.
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savior-high · 5 years ago
Tu es l’unique gardien de mon corps, le dernier rempart contre lequel bute mon âme. La vie mord son nom, elle a pris mon frère. Aide-moi je t’en supplie, car je l’appelle l’Enfer.
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savior-high · 6 years ago
Je te retrouverai mon frère, et t'aimerai jusqu'à la fin. Te prendrai par la main et te présenterai à la Terre tant qu'elle est ronde. Et on vivra dans la mort, jusqu'au lendemain du dernier jour du monde.
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politicalsmokeout · 7 years ago
Keep 'dangerous' mentally ill from buying guns, committee says
Federal law prohibits the dangerously mentally ill from purchasing firearms. But South Dakotans who are involuntarily committed for being a danger to themselves or others dodge that law right now, because South Dakota doesn't submit lists of the dangerous mentally ill to the federal background check system.
That's on the verge of changing. On Tuesday morning, a Senate committee voted 5-2 for a bill to begin filing that mental illness information with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.
The measure, House Bill 1229, would require mental health officials to notify the federal government if someone were involuntarily committed for being a danger to one's self or others. Prosecutors would be required to tell NICS if someone were acquitted of a crime by reason of insanity, or declared unfit to stand trial.
HB1229 also sets up a process by which people who believe they are no longer mentally ill can ask South Dakota judges to restore their gun rights. Supporters say that bypasses a much more cumbersome process of appealing to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
South Dakota already reports other information to NICS, including when someone is convicted of a felony.
A similar measure was shot down last year. But with support this time from the National Rifle Association, it's having better luck this year. If the South Dakota Senate approves the bill, it will head to Gov. Dennis Daugaard for a signature.
"To me it's one of the reasonable, responsible responses we can make to all the issues of gun violence in our society today," said Sen. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City.
But while the NRA and the National Shootings Sports Association backs the measure, a different gun group is fiercely opposing it as an attack on the Second Amendment. The National Association of Gun Rights and its South Dakota affiliate, South Dakota Gun Owners, have urged their members to contact lawmakers and lobby for a no vote.
Neither group testified on Tuesday before the Senate committee.
"I've been deluged with emails and I'm kind of surprised there's no one here to oppose it," said Sen. Mike Vehle, R-Mitchell.
Several lawmakers found the law concerning.
Sen. Tim Begalka, R-Clear Lake, worried that it's too hard to get off the NICS registry, even with the new system set forth in HB1229. He opposed granting more power to the federal government and worried that veterans could find themselves unable to buy guns because they seek treatment for PTSD.
"I don't believe we have a problem in South Dakota," Begalka said. "We've gone years without this. I believe we're ostracizing the mentally ill."
Sen. Jeff Monroe, R-Pierre, said the rapid growth of mental illness diagnoses in recent decades makes him leery of barring gun purchases because of someone's mental health.
Tieszen, though, said the law is narrow and wouldn't apply to most people with mental health issues.
"If we have a veteran who comes home and is dangerously mentally ill and is a danger to themselves or their community, don't we want them to not have easy access to firearms?" Tieszen said.
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politicalsmokeout · 8 years ago
Committee keeps law allowing people to sue others for breaking up their marriage
Even a lurid, high-profile trial didn't change Sen. Stan Adelstein's luck in his long-running battle against a South Dakota law.
Adelstein tried for the third time in the past 11 years Tuesday to repeal South Dakota's "alienation of affection" law, which allows individuals to sue a third party for breaking up their marriage.
Such a measure, Adelstein said, was archaic and offensive in how it placed a monetary figure on love and affection.
"I doubt very much that love is dependent on the wallet of the man who may be considered an interloper," Adelstein said.
But an array of socially conservative groups defended the law as a tool to help hold families together.
Dale Bartscher of the South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance described a case in which a threat by a husband to sue another man for alienation of affection caused the other man to abandon his affair with the husband's wife.
"This statute is not about the married couple, but about the person outside the marriage who maliciously attempts to disrupt the marriage," Bartscher said.
This was at least the fourth time since 2002 that the Legislature has considered repealing the alienation of affection law. Only six other states have such a statute, which has its roots in English common law.
But this year was the first legislative session after the conclusion of an alienation of affection suit involving the then-state's attorney of Pennington County, Glenn Brenner.
That lawsuit, in which Brenner was sued by his wife's ex-husband, went all the way to the Supreme Court and was extensively covered in the media. Testimony at the trial included specific and intimate details of the relationships involved.
A jury ultimately rejected the alienation of affection lawsuit against Brenner, who ultimately lost his bid for a fifth term as state's attorney and has since moved to Texas.
Sen. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City, said that case convinced him the alienation of affection law had to go.
"There was I think tremendous damage done to innocent people, and particularly to children," Tieszen said. "I believe that this statute causes more damage than the value that it has."
But a majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee disagreed.
"People take a vow to each other. Others shouldn't try to break that vow," said Sen. Mike Vehle, R-Mitchell.
Sen. Jeff Monroe, R-Pierre, said focusing on instances where someone was sued for alienation of affection miss the point. The value of the law, he said, is as a preventative — discouraging people from pursuing affairs because they know they could be sued.
Vehle and Monroe were joined by Sens. Jean Hunhoff and Tim Begalka in defeating Adelstein's bill, Senate Bill 108. Tieszen, Sen. Mark Kirkeby and Sen. Jim Bradford voted for the measure.
After the vote, Adelstein said he was surprised and disappointed. He believed he had four or even five votes in favor of his bill in the committee, rather than the three he got. Adelstein said he'd consider trying to revive SB 108 on the floor of the Senate.
Tumblr media
Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City. Photo by David Montgomery.
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politicalsmokeout · 8 years ago
Gun ownership defended at Capitol rally
The Second Amendment, Gary Harpster said, is different from the others in the Bill of Rights.
“It’s not designed to give you a right to do one thing or another,” Harpster said Saturday at a pro-gun rally in the rotunda of South Dakota’s Capitol. “It’s designed to protect the other nine rights.”
A succession of speakers told a crowd of nearly 100 at the event that an armed populace is the only sure defense against tyranny, invasion and criminals.
They also urged vigilance against gun control advocates, who were termed “anti-rights people” for whom removing the right to bear arms was only the first freedom they wanted to attack.
Tumblr media
State Sen. Jeff Monroe, R-Pierre, said people who try to take away the right to bear weapons are no different than people who try to take away the right to speak freely.
“When you try to take away our right to bear guns, you’re trying to tear our country down,” Monroe said.
Most participants in the rally drove hours to attend, identifying themselves as residents of Sioux Falls or the Black Hills.
Two of South Dakota’s representatives in Congress, Sen. John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem, sent statements to be read at the rally. Both said gun control proposals by President Barack Obama wouldn’t help prevent mass shootings such as the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
“I do not support reinstatement of the assault weapons ban in large part because the previous ban did not result in a significant reduction of gun violence,” Noem said in her statement.
A well-armed populace is a better defense against crime and violence, speakers said.
“If we want to make our communities a safer place ... the easiest way to do that is to have an armed populace,” said Paul Lathrop of Sioux Falls.
To protect schools, Lathrop said, the state should “arm a few teachers.”
“The one thing that would have stopped (Sandy Hook) is the repeal of the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act,” he said.
There were no actual firearms visible at the rally because only law enforcement officers are allowed to be armed inside the Capitol building.
There were also no counter-protesters at the noon rally, which was scheduled to coincide with similar rallies at state capitols around the country.
The South Dakota event closed with a plea for gun safety from the participants “to not give the anti-gun people ammunition.”
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