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Credit to 
꧁KobobKC꧂ ᔦꙬᔨ on Youtube for the audio and 
Kamron Davis
 on Youtube for the transcribed lyrics

Here comes another nightmare
Another fever dream
The horrors just won’t stop
An endless dream

But this is not subconscious
We’re not imagining
We’re wide awake
This is reality 

Our world
Left without a soul
Losing all control 

Not getting closer
Everyday it’s just another dose of torture

Better cover up your eyes my friend
The sky is falling
Can’t outrun the ruin of our lives
We’re prepared to meet the end
The final days are coming
Hold on now
Sky is falling down

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So I am VERY behind on the RWBY soundtrack but I just listened to “Until The End” from the Volume 7 soundtrack. And let me just is DEPRESSING.

This to me is clearly a Ruby song, dealing with her struggles of being a leader and holding all of these responsibilities. Honestly it was about time Ruby got another song in her perspective, considering the music of RWBY seems to understand the characters more than the show. 

The song to me seems very bittersweet. Ruby is expressing how she will never give up on saving the world, or saving her friends and family, a noble thought. However the song expresses this in a very somber way, as if Ruby doesn’t WANT to carry all these burdens. The feeling is bittersweet, Ruby makes a promise to be there until the end, and I think she acknowledges it’s until the bitter end. She knows she may not make it, but she makes a promise to herself and to the world that she will try her best, and she won’t give up even if that means she loses her own life.

Ruby stepped up as a leader which she is now realizing is not as great as she first thought (although tbh she never really wanted to be a leader, in volume 1 she clearly acknowledged she had no idea what she was doing). Ruby made the decision to keep the truth from Ironwood, whether that was the right decision or not its up to you but at this point it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Ruby had to make a tough decision, and honestly its refreshing to see a morally good character making decisions that are morally grey. She isn’t perfect, and she isn’t always going to know what the right thing to do is. Reminder she is literally like 16/17 years old. She had to deal with the consequences of hiding the truth. 

Some say she was being hypocritical when she hid the truth, considering she berated Ozpin for doing the same thing. However I think that is the point, she is being hypocritical, but only because she didn’t know WHY Ozpin was hiding the truth, but when she found herself in a similar position, she realized why one might choose to play their card close to the chest. I think its nice to see Ruby isn’t just going to trust anyone. And I’m glad she didn’t trust Ironwood, it might have helped a little, but it’s clear Ironwood isn’t the most stable right now, his judgment is clouded and he’s made many mistakes (mostly trying to murder innocent children?? who wanted nothing to do with this?? also just straight up murdering people and choosing to work with the villain?? sorry but this man, as troubled as he may seem, is not a good person)

The point I’m trying to make is that Ruby may seem like she isn’t developing as a character, and people can say she’s a bad protagonist all the want, but its clear to me that she is growing. She’s still ignoring all her problems in favour of doing literally anything else, taking any opportunity she can to help others or fix a problem. Like when she had her Salem’s “ur mom” breakdown, but immediately jumped back into action when Ironwood started making rash decisions. 

This song (remember this post started as a song analysis), portrays her growth as a leader, and as a person pretty well. 

“As light fills my eyes, I’ll picture me beside her, and pray that I’ll inspire. I promise I’ll be here until the end.”

Something about Ruby “praying she’ll inspire” really hits me. You can see Ruby is having doubts about whether she is doing the right thing, and whether or not she’s letting her team down. Ruby is praying that her team still sees her a strong, and that they’ll still be willing to follow her (whether she wants that role or not it’s the one she was given). 

From day one (more like volume 1) Ruby was very clear about her view of leadership, “You’re a leader now Jaune, you’re not allowed to be a failure”,  “We have to put our teammates first, and ourselves second.” 

Ruby is doing her best, and she’s going to make mistakes, but she is willing to sacrifice everything for her team, including her own sanity. 

If that doesn’t make her a good protagonist I don’t know what will.

Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

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Sarah’s Soundtrack Corner | RWBY Volume 8


Today: Episode 1 // Divide
22/11/2020: Episode 2 // Refuge

Hello everyone!

This year, I’ve decided to do something new. Rather than waiting for the Volume to end or the soundtrack to drop to talk about RWBY’s music, I’m starting this little side project: cataloguing and somewhat analyzing the show’s score and songs as they’re released.

This is also a way for me to keep myself engaged in something other than academics (’cause quarantine be gettin’ to me), as well as pointing out some details folks might overlook: there’s always a lot to talk about with the music, and it plays a pivotal role in the series.

A mini-disclaimer beforehand: I am in no way well-versed in music theory. I can’t really tell you how things are composed so much as how they more generally sound, and what the intentions behind certain choices might have been.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Personally I was more impressed by the amazing visuals and aesthetic, but the song itself for the Volume 8 opening is also nice! The changing time signatures and disjoint rhythm also add to the vibes. I thought it would be fun to make an 8-bit cover of it c:

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