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#jeff wittek

Haha Nick has not been vocal but only shared a link and is making tiktoks, david said on the podcast he’d be with a guy and people were saying he came out, Jeff was protesting then cleaning up, corinna is sharing link then saying she’s tired that people aren’t happy with what she’s doing

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Gooot it! Like that’s how they moved themselves and not because they were supposed to by orders

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“Baby” he calls, but you’re still too invested in your book to look, so he tries again “babyy

“Jeff!” You chuckle, his phone is recording you and he had just dropped the towel that had been wrapped around his waist to the floor “why are you naked”

“Thats it?” He pouts “I’m standing here in all my glory after a shower and you- ‘thats it??’

“come here” you chuckle “what’s the phone for?” You kiss him as he straddles you.

“gonna make a movie baby”

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Oooh wait, yes I actually remember now. It’s a website where they rate inmates or something like that 🤔

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I thought the raid had been for his friend or something like that but yeah I do wanna listen to these stories

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Since he hasn’t talked much about his personal experiences with police per se, I don’t know if he did have any bad experiences buuut I do think he might have seen so many injustices and mistreatment of people that he knows how fucked up they can be

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