sonorousstuff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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nymphadorathebubba · a day ago
James *bad at flirting*: I really like your name
Regulus *equally bad at flirting*: thanks I got it for my birthday
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shitposting-my-life · 2 days ago
the stages of grief when your favorite character dies or your ship doesn't get an happy ending:
Shock: "what the absolute hell is go-"
Denial: "that can't be it"
Bargaining: *fanfictions*
Depression: Error 404 - Page not found
Testing: Error 404 - Page not found
Acceptance: Error 404 - Page not found
verdict: we all seriously need to grow.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
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lin-booknerd66 · 2 days ago
Sirius: PROVE IT
Regulus: *kisses James*
Sirius: be homophobic again pls
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themarvelmarauder · 2 days ago
Regulus: *starts cuddling James*
James: Oh my merlin
Regulus: tell anyone about this and you're dead
James: yes, sir
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imgayandilovedaggers · 18 hours ago
James: When you said you’d do magic in bed, this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.
Regulus, holding up the eight of hearts: Is this your card?
James: Holy shit.
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elder-millennial-trash · a day ago
WIP Wednesday
“What's this?” Regulus asked, annoyed with the interruption.
“It’s an invitation to Narcissa’s wedding,” Sirius answered, still struggling through his laughter.
“And what is so funny about that?”
“Well,” Sirius said, dragging out the word longer than necessary, “you got a plus one.”
“I’m still not seeing what is so funny.” At this point, Regulus was ready to kick him out. He had a lot of studying left to do today and Sirius was just wasting his time.
“What is so funny is you got a plus one because they think you have a boyfriend, and now they want you to bring him to the wedding,” Sirius said, now doubled over in laughter. Regulus just stared back, in absolute shock.
Because about a year earlier, at his cousin’s engagement party, he lied about having a boyfriend to avoid getting set up with a guy named Barty Crouch, who was friends with Narcissa’s fiance. Not only was Regulus just really not into him, but he didn’t have time to date anyone between work and his MCAT studying. The white lie was the easiest way to avoid an awkward conversation and get his cousin off his back. Now it appeared that this lie was coming back to bite him.
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randomjegulusshipper · 2 days ago
Reblog if you want more jegulus fan art
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queerdeadwizards · 2 days ago
the last words before the end of it all
regulus: "i loved you. more than you ever thought i did. more than i ever thought i could. i only want you to remember me."
james: "i'll look at the stars and think of you fondly. and that's a promise."
marlene: "take care."
dorcas: "don't worry, i will."
regulus: "in another life, we'll have more than we could ever imagine having."
lily: "do you swear?"
james: "both of us do."
james: "trust me!"
lily: "i will."
sirius: "when the sun sets over a life and a new one arises, i hope we'd still get to be together. another time, maybe the story we'll have another ending."
remus: "and maybe next time it is us that choose how the story goes."
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euphorial-docx · 2 days ago
Regulus: So what are your political beliefs?
James, awkwardly trying to impress him: Well, I think Pikachu would be a lot more powerful if he had a gun.
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chaoticregulusstan · 8 hours ago
James trying to flirt for the 1927873rd time: Hey Reg! Every time you walk past me, you take my breath away.
Regulus: Oh, would you like me to give it back?
James: What?
Regulus: *Kisses him passionately*
James: :D
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fuckboyregulus · 10 hours ago
I just think James and Reg would get married before Sirius and Remus would.
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chaoticmultifandom28 · a day ago
James: *wearing a sign that says ‘free hugs’ with a determined face*
Regulus: 🧍🏾‍♂️ *turns around and tries to walk away*
James: don’t you dare. Come here right now Regulus Arcturus Black.
Regulus: *turns back around and goes in for a hug snuggling into James’ chest*
James: feel better?
Regulus: tell anyone and I’ll hex you into next month
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archie-ships-jegulus · 9 hours ago
Regulus: *Walks into the Slytherin common room with a huge ass stag behind him* Hey guys, what's up?
Snape: what the fuck is that?????
Regulus: It's called a deer, are you really too stupid to know what a deer is?
Snape: I know what a deer is, Black, but what the fuck is it doing in the common room?
Regulus: He's my pet?
Snape: Nice one baby Black, you're only allowed cats rats and toads. I bet you wouldn't want Sluggy finding out about that thing, would you?
Regulus: Be my guest, he already knows. Besides, you wouldn't want my mother finding out you have been harassing me and my new pet, would you? Do you know who she is? Just because you can't afford decent pets.
Snape: Whatever
Regulus: *Walks over to his friends*
Barty: ...That's Potter isn't it?
Regulus: ...That's nothing you can prove *gestures for deer to come to him* come on darling, let's go to the dorm and leave these jealous fools alone
James: *follows him, purposely hitting Snape in the face with his antler as he does*
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boba-prongs · a day ago
James: The problem is we didn't even try our best!
Peter: I tried my best :)
James, lovingly: We know, Pete. We know.
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themarvelmarauder · 14 hours ago
James: I wish you were gay so we could make out
Regulus: who said I wasn't gay?
James: SIRIUS!
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impishtubist · a day ago
WIP Wednesday
Some Jegulus content this morning, with a little bit of ~spice under the cut: 
“Breathe, Potter.” 
James finally did, dragging in deep, ragged breaths, because Sirius would never lie to him. If he said that Regulus was okay, then James believed him. 
“What’s the last thing you remember?” Sirius asked after James finally got his breathing under control.
“Er,” James said, fighting a flush, because his last true memory was of smirking lips wrapped around his cock and of sinking his hand into dark curls. “Going to bed, I guess. Reg had just got back from a mission and we--we turned in early.” 
He could feel the blood rush to his cheeks, and Sirius scowled at him. “I don’t need to hear about you defiling my baby brother, Potter.” 
“I didn’t!”
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em-01 · 2 days ago
sooooo i wrote something, i’m nowhere near as good as the other writers on here but i thought i’d give it a shot (it’s very bad)
James was in the kitchen preparing some hot chocolate when he heard a laugh come from the other side of the room, looking over he spotted his husband and nephew playing. Regulus and Teddy were spread out on the floor, what once was a tower, was now multiple blocks scattered around them.
Teddy let out a squeal of delight as he knocked over the blocks Regulus was stacking, Regulus let out a faux sigh of exasperation, spreading his arms wide, making Teddy giggle.
James smiled as he made his way over, balancing two cups and a bottle of hot chocolate in his hands. “Having fun?” James said, setting down the hot chocolate on the table, Regulus looked up at him smiling, “Oh yeah, who knew knocking down blocks could be so exciting.” James snorted, leaning back against the couch, steaming cup in hand.
“You didn’t make his too hot did you?” Regulus asked, pointing at the bottle on the table, “Of course not! I even put some on my wrist!” he exclaimed, mildly offended Regulus would think he would give a hot drink to a baby.
Regulus smirked and held up his hands, “Alright, calm down, i was only messing.” James huffed and looked away, Regulus shook his head, rolling his eyes fondly.
Teddy let out a noise of frustration, alerting the two adults, looking over they saw him trying to grab the bottle on the table and making no progress.
“Come on Teddy, you can do it!”
They watched as the eleven month old gripped the table, leaning over to grab the warm drink, cheering when he finally managed to get ahold of it. James snickered as Teddy flopped down onto the floor bottle already in his mouth.
Regulus looks at James, a soft smile on his lips, “Y’know, this is good practice.” James hums absentmindedly, still looking at Teddy “Practice?”
“When we have our own kid.” James’ head snaps over to Regulus, “Our own kid?” He stutters out, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. Regulus nods, “Yeah, well… i thought you’d want… never mind.” Regulus sighs, turning away to look at his nephew, who was now sitting on his lap half asleep, bottle still in his mouth.
James was staring at his husband, watching as Regulus smoothed Teddy’s hair, causing the eleventh month olds eyes to droop.
“Reg?” Regulus ignored him, not wanting to see his husbands face, well, he tried to ignore him, but when he felt a hand on his chin, he reluctantly turned his head. What he was met with surprised him, James was sitting there with a smile on his face, eyes slightly glassy, “I would love to have a kid with you Reg.” Regulus stared at him in shock “You would?”
James nodded, cupping Regulus’ face in his hands, “Of course i would. I didn’t say anything because i thought you weren’t ready yet.” Regulus let out a small laugh, “We’re both idiots aren’t we?” James smiled, leaning in to kiss his husband, who eagerly returned it.
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fuckboyevan · a day ago
WIP Wednesday
James furrowed his brows, using his grip on Regulus' waist to sit them both up a little. He looked genuinely worried, cradling Regulus close, almost protectively, and Regulus' hurt tugged in his chest. 
"What's wrong?"
He took a deep breath, letting his hands cup James' cheeks and hold there for a second, in case everything crashed and burned in front of his eyes.
 "I wasn't... I wasn't born Regulus." He muttered. "I just-"
"Ok." James smiled gently at him, stroking his fingers up and down his sides. "You were always Regulus, you just didnt know it. That's ok. It doesn't change anything about us, alright?" 
Regulus sniffed a little, burying his face in James' shoulder, who immediately started rubbing a hand up his back. "Hey, lovey, don't cry. I'm here. 'm not going anywhere."
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