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caitthecakeee · a month ago
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and yes have my fave niche les mis au: cosette and enjolras are siblings !!
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also, i know cosette is a brunette in the brick but also, blonde cosette why not
will probs add more but im super tired rn
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sssara-b · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Children of the Barricades Who Didn’t Last The Night
my piece for @thebanguette​‘s June 5th prompt: A Little Fall of Rain: Grief, loss, and the emptiness left behind by those we love when they depart.
[long ID below the cut]
[ID: three page long digital illustration that only uses blue values with bright red details. The first page is made of four panels, the first one sees child Enjolras and child Combferre, lying under the covers, reading books together; the second panel illustrates child Joly, standing on a chair, looking out from an hospital window, red lights simmers through the glass into the room, his crouches are against a table; the third panel is a dark rectangle with the words “Children of the barricades who didn’t last the night” written in the middle; the fourth panel sees a young Grantaire terrified in a room, there’s blood splattered on him and on the wall next to him and on the wall we see the elongated shadows of the Napoleonic Guard, we understand that he’s a witness to a failed riot previous to the one narrated in Les Mis. The second page has three panels: in the first one child Eponine holds a lizard close to a distracted child Cosette, Eponine is smirking mischeviously; the second panel has children Feuilly, Bossuet, and Bahorel looking out from the Orphanage window’s towards the sky. Within the window we see the moon and the stars but we also catch glimpses of the fire burning the streets below, another failed riot; the last panel of the page is a more bucolic scene: child Jehan and Courfeyrac, dressed distinctly better than everyone else so far, are holding a small chick in the middle of what looks like a barnyard. The last page consists of only two almost identical panels: the first one sees madame Hoceleoup in front of the Musain, her establishment, holding a hand towards Gavroche who has just stolen an apple from her. The kid is laughing. The second panel has madame Hoceleoup in front of the Musain in the same spot and from the same angle, only this time Gavroche isn’t there and we see the Musain after the failed revolution: blood splattered on the streets and red flags torn apart hanging from the windows. In each panel is a lyric from the song Turning from the Les Mis musical. The lyrics are: Did you see them / going off to fight / children of the barricades who didn’t last the night. / Did you see them / lying where they died / someone used to cradle them / and kiss them when they cried. / Did you see them / lying side to side... End ID]
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This will forever remain the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and the caption?
“Prouvaire was a complex character.”
And to add even more to it
This person’s name is Rob Madge. As in 25th anniversary concert Rob Madge. As in Gavroche.
I genuinely love them so much I can’t
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jehans-search-history · 3 years ago
Is it safe to use a ouija board in a graveyard if it is to ask Oscar Wilde for fashion advice?
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herpfemme · 3 years ago
omg: oh my god
omfg: oh my fucking god
odmtrwwniitbwbrftstwwtwb: one day more to revolution we will nip it in the bud we'll be ready for these schoolboys they will wet themselves with blood
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provemlovely · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy (not so happy) barricade day!
here is a short drawing/comic I drew  and then redid completely in less than a day based off the poem révolutionnaire by @brotticelli 
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iiamandrrii · a year ago
Tumblr media
Its June 5th which means its Barricade Day! I decided to draw the Les Amis! I really love les mis and its made such an impact to me with its story, characters and plot!!
characters from left to right, Enjolras ,Courfeyrac, Joly, Combeferre, Bahorel, Laigle, Feuilly, Jehan and Grantaire
anyways happy barricade day fellas!
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herpfemme · 3 years ago
things les amis do in the brick
- bossuet saying his name is marius pontmercy so marius wouldn't get expelled on his first day of uni
- "I have just met marius' new hat and coat, with marius inside."
- marius crying against a tree for hours straight
- marius throwing a rock at cosette with pick up lines attached to it
- marius finding valjean's handkerchief with the intials "U.F" on it and thinking cosette's name is Ursule for like an entire book
- marius owes courfeyrac so much money oh my god
- just The Marius Pontmercy
-sergeant: will you tell me where you are going, you wretch?
gavroche: general, I'm on my way to look for a doctor for my wife who is in labor.
- gibelotte: *sees grantaire* *puts two more wine bottles on the table*
- grantaire drinking two wine bottles before going to the barricade
- hugo explicitly saying that laigle, joly and musichetta are in a relationship
- jolllly
- hugo saying that enjolras did not care about women and then dedicating an entire page to grantaire's devotion to enjolras
- gavroche: citizen, I have not called you a bourgeois. why should you insult me?
- enjolras and combeferre discussing how beautiful a sergeant is before shooting him
- courfeyrac insulting a canon for 200 pages
- gavroche breaking a street light bc he wanted to
- bahorel giving love advice to joly (this advice includes him getting a new pair of pants)
- The Marius Pontmercy arriving at the barricade
- jehan shouting "vive la france! vive l'avenir!" before getting shot and condemning javert to death by doing so
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just-french-me-up · 3 years ago
 Little reincarnation things:
Enjolras has a fear of heights, especially when he’s standing by windows. He doesn’t know why, but it freaks him out
Combeferre tried to get into lifting weights, cause he reads in a medical journal that you should mix cardio and lifting to be in good shape. But everytime he lifts something too heavy, he feels three painful points in his chest
The first time Enjolras and Grantaire held hands during a rally, Grantaire had goosebumps and got nauseous, and he still can’t explain it
Jehan isn’t scared of the dark, but can’t deal with blindfolds. They just can’t. It rouses the worst sensation in their body, like a visceral reaction
Every Ami has birthmarks on their chests. Combeferre has three. Courfeyrac has two. Enjolras has eight
They get a strange feeling whenever they walk past what used to be the Musain. They can’t quite place the emotion. Melancholia. Home sickness
Every 5th of June, it feels like they’re forgetting something. It’s there, at the tip of their tongues, something was planned but they just can’t figure out what it was
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meowriuspawntmercy · 2 years ago
les amis as aaron tveit
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Bonus: Marius
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