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#jellicle ball
gayfroggyfernycabbage · 3 days ago
bustopher jones
is not skin and bones
in fact he's remarkably
Tumblr media
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annoyedcatdad · 6 days ago
I did some digging, and I found this recording of Cats The Musical in Swedish! It’s from the Gothenburgopera (Göteborgsoperan), I myself am from Gothenburg so I was really excited to see it! The costumes may not be for everyone, but I quite like them some of them, and the vocals are amazing :) They also have really cool stunts and acrobatics, which is present in mosts Swedish adaptations of musicals, I’ve noticed.
There are also some new cats! Shakespeare, Ramses, Moses, Isis, Garbo, and Tintomara. I’m not quite sure what their roles are, but according to one of the comments they’re apparently older cats who used to live in the amusement park (where this version of Cats takes place). The characters itself are understudies for bigger roles, and exclusive to Swedish casts. 
In Skimbleshank’s number they changed the names of the towns to Swedish ones, which I found to be really fun! They probably do this in other productions too, but since I only speak Swedish, English and French I’ve never really noticed this. 
Over all, super cool! I’ll probably try to translate some of the Swedish lyrics into English for fun too :) 
(also, I couldn’t find any information on the actors in this adaptaion. I’ll continue looking around, but for now they remain unknown to me.) 
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roselessart · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Thought I share my OCs Truffles drawing with Procreate. I'm still new to it and I'm not used to drawing on touch screen without keyboard shortcuts. Not sure if it happens to anyone but it kept automatically changes it to eraser out of nowhere.
Just realize I drew her hat too big😓
I have few sketch of her with the Jellicle Cats that I can't wait to share including my other OCs, Hecho and Reyes.🥰
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simptasia · a month ago
i love how misto’s song pretty much states that sometimes misto makes loud sounds on the roof. no matter the version you’re picturing, thats hilarious
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sailormoonsub · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah I’ll say it: “Incubator” is a TERRIBLE name for a cat
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lionsonjupiter · a month ago
hey i drew mr. mistoffelees because he's a king and i love him more than i love myself /p /j
Tumblr media
proof cuz there's no signature!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(edited because i fixed some things with line consistency)
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junkyard-gifs · a month ago
It's a year since the Vienna revival's first forced closure due to COVID-19. Here's the first of my little compilations, each focussing on two or three actors/characters.
This one is Munkustrap, Alonzo, and Admetus (Plato): Alexander Auler, George Maniadis, and Nicholas Li.
Links to the others in the series under the cut.
1. Admetus (Plato), Alonzo, and Munkustrap
2. Jemima, Victoria, and Grizabella
3. Demeter, Bombalurina, and Cassandra
4. Deuteronomy, Jellylorum, and Gus
5. Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots
6. Bill Bailey (Tumblebrutus) and Electra
7. Coricopat and Tantomile
8. Mistoffelees and Pouncival (TBA)
9. Tugger, Mungojerrie, and Rumpelteazer (TBA)
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roselessart · a month ago
Tumblr media
There always a bad boy, good girl trope but I want to read that in reverse. A bad girl, good boy stories📚
Munkustrap is pair up with Demeter in chemistry class and both of them are not happy about it. Munkustrap find Demeter to be unkind and rude. Demeter find Munkustrap to be boring and self-centered. But all changes that the more they get to know each other and the sudden feelings both start to develop.💖💕
I based Demeter's hair from Carolina Laris Mexico 2019. I like the design and find it fitting for a bad girl Demeter😌😼
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star-freckled-kitten · a month ago
S o
I was looking through my older drawings and I ran across a Sherlock AU I made like a year ago lol.
I decided to redraw my old art that I made of it
Tumblr media
Ignore how sketchy it is, I already spent an hour or so drawing something else and I didn’t mean to actually finish this XD but here’s my boys!
Munk!Sherlock or Sherlock!Munk (couldn’t decide)
And his faithful and totally not gay doctor roommate/assistant, Skimble!Watson (Or Watson!Skimble lol)
Here’s the old art I made of them it’s crusty and gross so I apologize lmao
Tumblr media
I want to do something with this AU, but I’m not a good writer (aka I loose motivation and inspiration easily). But who knows,, I might draw a few different things with these British crime solving boys!
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storyweaverofgondor · a month ago
Munkustrap: Wow, that’s an awfully large group of idiots. Wait. Those are my idiots!
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So, we all know Mistoffelees has some hardcore magic, right? Well I like to think that Victoria also has some bits of magic, too (and this can apply to if you think her and Mistoffelees are siblings or not) Nothing too big, I would think, and much more subtle that Mr. Sparkly Jacket And Lightning Shoots From His Paws (affectionate).
Think frighteningly accurate intuition- her gut feeling is never wrong type stuff, and she always knows when something is going to happen, but not exactly what (magic can be tricky like that, too)
From what I see in the 1998 movie, Victoria is very much intuned with everyone around her to a high degree, she’s the one that reaches out the farthest to accept and touch Grizabella when she first appears, and is also the one to touch her first when everyone accepts her after Memory. I feel like this is her gut saying “This is something you need to do, it’s what needs to happen tonight” but she’s pulled away before she can touch Grizabella.
As well, and these parts may be hella reaches, but after the second Macavity scare and during the beginning of The Jellicle Ball, she jumps out with Munkustrap and Old Deuteronomy and helps kick off the Ball with Jemima and Alonzo joining in after her.
If you subscribe to the headcanon that Mistoffelees is her brother, then it would also make sense for him to come up to her after Grizabella: The Glamour Cat and ask what her thought process was, and he’d trust her instincts (since they’ve likely never been proven wrong before) but he’d remind her that the other Jellicles need to accept Grizabella, too, it’s not just something they can decide between the two of them.
And when Memory is over with and the Jellicles accept Grizabella back into the tribe (and later, chosen to go up to the Heavyside Layer), Mistoffelees is right behind Victoria (who reached out to her first) in accepting Grizabella into the tribe.
TLDR; Victoria may have magical intuition about certain events in her life and the lives of people close/around her, and that intuition has never been proven wrong- enough times for Mistoffelees to trust her if she were to make a rash decision.
That’s just what I think, if there’s something someone wants to add, that’s fine too! It’s just a headcanon I have in my head that I wanted to share
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star-freckled-kitten · a month ago
Tumblr media
Alexander Bartels’s Misto is truly baby,, I adore him so much
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star-freckled-kitten · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One last moodboard this time it’s Alonzo lol
He’s not one of my favorites but a friend of my was interested in seeing what I’d do for him lol
There are two versions bc I Jason Gardiner is an iconic Alonzo but then I found Spencer Clark’s Alonzo and I though “that’s the most Alonzo picture I’ve ever seen”
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junkyard-gifs · a month ago
Lance Barker as Pouncival and Maurice Dawkins as Mistoffelees, Oasis/RCCL cast 8 (2018–19).
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