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#jellicle cat
plzdonthitmewithyourcar48 minutes ago
How do they hold hands? - Demestrap/Tuggoffelees/Jemtoria
I picture them standing (or sitting alone together). Their hands are intertwined as just a form of reassurance. Possibly after some emotional thing, or just because. Maybe Munk brings up her hand and kisses the back of it.They just like being with one another. They don't have to say anything. Just knowing that the other is there, and showing them just how much they appreciate the other is enough ;-;
- @a-cat-is-not-a-dog
Tumblr media
I imagine them going on a walk or something, and at first it's soft and simple and then misto starts swinging their hands a little, then tugger swings it more and within seconds they're having a competition as to who can swing their hands the most (they're laughing the entire time ofc)
- @mistoffeleeskinnie
Tumblr media
clears throat the kinda everyday sudden grab where Jem snatches Vi's hand out of the air all the time just to show it. Sometimes just reaching out and taking it when seeing Vic from behind without saying anything because Vic (definitely has never said it out loud) likes it better that way. Occasionally she genuinely surprises Vic and she likes that reaction to even if she wouldn't mention it
- @acatpersonapparently
Tumblr media
I asked my friends how they'd imagine their favourite ships holding hands(and their soft minds did not disappoint!), then I drew their answers! These sketches are done based on expert oppinion so you can trust them to be 100% accurate 馃槍馃専
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roselessart57 minutes ago
Platoria Sketch
Tumblr media
I don鈥檛 often draw Victoria with makeup but now I draw her with Plato full of lipstick kisses馃グ馃槝
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alia-ocside-layer5 hours ago
Sunavia and Emichy
For the first years of her life, Sunavia knew nothing but shame and fear.
Yes, she had the support of her numerous close relatives, who were also magical. But outside of the comfort of her home, all she knew was parents forbidding other kittens from playing with her, side eyes and cats whispering how she could lose control of her powers. Again.
It wasn't her fault, her parents say. She was only a kitten enjoying the beauty of magic. Her smile was bright as the light she conjured around her. Small fires, who once made her feel warm, was the reason everything changed. It wasn't her intention that her brother was there, nor that he got in the way when it got out of hand.
Growing up and engaging with the Jellicle Tribe helped her to slowly accept what happened. And most importantly, accept herself. Now as a grown adult, with control over her powers, she was ready to live life.
Needless to say getting pregnant was great news for her. Since all of the family was magical, she couldn't help but imagine what kind of powers would her child have: Would they be phychic, like their cousins Tantomile and Coricopat? Maybe a special connection with the Heavyside Layer? Would it spark or would it be silent? Whatever happened, she was set in accepting them.
Emichy was finally born and Sunavia felt a happiness she couldn't even recognize. Nonetheless, her overly hopeful and active spirit would lead her to set expectations way to high for Emichy and to not pay real attention to them.
Years passed, and Emichy hadn't shown signs of being magical. It's alright, many of Sunavia's siblings were late bloomers as well. Childhood passed, and still nothing.
Sunavia went to Old Deuteronomy the year before Emichy's first ball. "Could it be that they aren't magical? I don't mind, but they would be the first generation to not have magic and that has never happened and it doesn't make sens-" she would ask, confused, to which Old Deuteronomy would respond "Every Jellicle cat has a bit of magic in them. A magic that ties them to the Jellicle Moon and the Heavyside Layer. And don't worry, not having visible magic is completely normal. Neither you or Emichy did anything wrong. Just wait until the next Jellicle ball"
And the Jellicle ball came. Cats danced to celebrate old and new lives. All of them could feel the flow of the Jellicle's Moon magic through them. A magic that connected them and helped them dance in harmony and synchronisation. Sunavia felt it too. But a quick glance at her child revealed something, Emichy didn't. Stuck to the floor and hidden in the shadows, they looked guilty of not feeling it.
A truth was learnt that night. Emichy was born without a single trace of magic in their blood.
Sunavia tried to get closer to her child, to demonstrate that didn't matter to her. But Emichy, so guilty and ashamed, was growing further away. Feeling unhappy with who they were, which was a feeling Sunavia knew too well.
It took a while for the sun to come out in their lives, but the storm was finally over after years of back and forth between them. Everything was okay now, Emichy was with Nileeno and Sunavia was happy to see them happy.
Life continued and the couple had two kittens, Kydra and Palinelle. The latter took everyone by surprise, for when she was borned, Nileeno's first words were "She has Minashti's eyes..." It didn't make sense, for Nileeno's late mother's eyes were blue, the contrary to Palinelle's yellow eyes. But he kept saying, she was there.
Kydra was still young when he first manifested the power to detect danger, and Palinelle , reincarnation of Minashti, was even younger when she showed the ability to know things that happened in the past, before many of the other cats were born.
Emichy doesn't know the reason why she's the only one without magic. But they're perfectly fine with it now. They love magic, even when they have to see it flowing in others.
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fingerless-gloveza day ago
Who are your most chaotic Cats OCs if you have any? I'd like to draw something up for them. Mine is Indigo.
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hilli982153 days ago
I think ending Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats with a question was a good idea since those at home would have no clue what is going on.
But you also have to think of how it would be done in the theater with an audience. They would probably pick someone out and have it be part of the experience. We don't have that when watching a video.
Think of it as a 4th wall break without it being a 4th wall break.
It does make me wonder who they were looking at when they asked the question.
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alia-ocside-layer5 days ago
Royale the Casino cat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Materialistic, sharp-witted, greedy.
Royale is the name his "owners" (actually the humans who run the casino he lives in) gave him. They pamper him a lot.
When the casino closes, he lets cats go into the basement, where they can bet, negotiate and plan crimes. Needless to say his clientele is mostly bad cats.
His Jellicle name would be Mammpte (weird combination between Mammon (demon of greed) and Apate (Greek goddess of deceit))
Nonetheless, he hates this Jellicle name and doesn't want to be associated with them so he goes by Royale or Yale most of the time.
Ace (pun intended. You know, because in poker the highest cards are aces...and it's a casino.....I get it, alright) and biromantic.
Around the same age as Munkustrap, if not a little bit older.
He works for Macavity. He knows he cheats at cards and allows it because he gets paid for keeping "secrets". He also gives him information he hears in the casino.
Furthermore, he uses his silver tongue to make cats trust them and manipulative their beliefs.
He would do about anything to get a material recompense. Anything that doesn't involve getting his paws dirty.
With anything I also mean cheating at poker.
He feels pity for homeless cats, so he tries to never take advantage of them.
He rather steal from richer cats.
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oliverjoaks6 days ago
Tumblr media
40 years of the funny dancing cats :) I started this early yesterday but finished it later lol
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roselessart8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Misto on his cheat day...for the fifty time and Victoria caught him on the act!
I imagine him being somewhat overweight as a kid and decided to take ballet seriously and started on a diet in middle school but was hard for him when there's goodies in the house (we're all been there Misto馃槶)
Wanted to try drawing comic on scrolling just to see how it goes. I won't do it much only if it's short.
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roselessart9 days ago
Happy Mother鈥檚 Day!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thought I draw two mother, Grizabella and Jennyanydots. I imagine them getting excited together about becoming mother, do babies's shopping and sharing stressful yet wonderful moments of their pregnancy.
It was tricky drawing baby kittens since I kept fixing the heads and small faces馃槗 Even trying to figure out colors on a different technique
Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day馃グ
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fingerless-glovez12 days ago
Tumblr media
And now we have Vaudeviola, the last of my little trio if OCs.
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rebirth-artblog14 days ago
Reply from this post, and we'll open nominations for more cats who are part of the Jellicle Tribe
Tumblr media
@evolutionpurple thank you for reminding me that I need to watch that movie again because I don't remember a cat. I looked it up though and here's what I have.
Sergeant Tibbs!
Before I actually watch the movie again, I can say Sergeant Tibbs definitely is friends with Gus. Whether Gus was a soldier or Tibbs once played a soldier in a play with Gus, they knew each other a long time. They're both old and their memory isn't quite what it was before so Tibbs doesn't quite remember knowing Gus or about the Jellicles, and Gus might tell stories of his old Sergeant friend once in a while but he doesn't remember their name or where they live.
Gus also met the Coronel and the Captain once and considered them as unofficial Jellicle, even if the tribe had never seen a horse before and Jellicle dogs are not a common occurrence. However, the three soldiers do their best to help and rescue anyone who is in danger and for Gus (at one point in his life) that was enough to be part of the Jellicle tribe.
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Since my brain is going six different directions simultaneously tonight - I've also just been thinking about Gus the Theatre Cat again.
*Specifically*, I'm thinking about...what always really spoke to me, even before the Revival included him following along somewhat during The Ball, is that as feeble and disoriented as Gus is when taken on stage for "The Moments of Happiness", when that swell of music hits, when every cat stretches towards the sky, he does as well. It's like a reflex, a tingle up the spine; he needs help, but you can see that whatever is moving the cats that evening, whatever moment or memory or song, it moves all of them in tandem - even those who have supposedly lost themselves, or lost their way.
And there's something truly magical about that.
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fingerless-glovez15 days ago
Tumblr media
Since yall seem to have liked Indigo, meet her older brother. (They have another sister, who will be coming soon)
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statisticalcats15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jellicle Month of Jellicle Ships Day 3 - Gus
Familial ships:
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the-rum-tum-hatter15 days ago
Tumblr media
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fingerless-glovez16 days ago
Tumblr media
Casually slides Jellicle oc onto your dash. Do enjoy her company.
Tumblr media
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linadoondraws16 days ago
Tumblr media
CATS - Nyxen (4 As)
Asexual, Aromantic, Agender, Autistic...
Adorable 鈾
(wait, that鈥檚 5...)
It took me a while to fully decide Nyx would be autistic... I always meant for him to be. He is the one of the seven kittens i relate the most since I created him and, while i am undiagnosed, i connect with many autistic traits and strongly believe i鈥檓 somewhere in the spectrum, so i ended up pushing some of these traits onto Nyxen. I am, tho, very uneducated and still have a lot to learn (about many things...). So please, be nice.
Here鈥檚 my Commission Sheet!
Hit me on chat if you鈥檙e interested!
If you like my art, please consider supporting me on Patreon ( or Ko-fi (! 鈾
Reblogs are very appreciated! 鈾モ櫏
This is my art. Do NOT use/repost/copy/trace.
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