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#jellicle cats
fandom-trash-goblin · 18 minutes ago
Victoria tells George he’s going to meet her Uncle Bustopher and George being the extra boi he is makes all the insane smiles during his song.
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themoonlitjunkyard · 4 hours ago
Little AU idea that popped into my head because I’ve been thinking about D&D alot: in addition to regular cats, there are winged cats in the world, called Tressyms.  Now I picture a fantasy universe where the more magic-inclined (which is most) of the Jellicles have wings (and yes, they can be anthropomorphized versions too x3).
Demeter has wings (Bombalurina doesn’t, but they’re still as close as sisters), although she never believed she was magic of any sort.  Macavity kept having them de-feathered as a part of his need to keep her there and under his control.  For a bit of time after she escaped, she kept plucking her own feathers, as it was just an anxious habit.  Only through Munkustrap’s loving and caring help and everyone else’s encouragement does she let them grow (if the stage show incorporated the wings somehow, she’d still have raggedy ones).  The happy tears on her face when she sees them fully-formed again don’t stop for at least a day. Pfffff I’m a dork, I’m sorry. xP ALSO: I have 20 pages drawn and scanned of the new comic now, and I’m also slowly starting to color them. :3 I think once I have a backlog of 10 colored, I’ll start posting the new story.  Thank you for staying tuned! ^.^
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scorpiofangirl1109 · 7 hours ago
My Cats OC Part 79
part 78- 
hello everyone! welcome to part 77 of the series on my cats oc kiki! i am glad you are here.
this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i hope you all like it! i enjoy the human au a lot which is why i keep doing them. i hope you like it too!
kiki is going to be 6 months old in this update!
munkustrap is that dad who always wants the best for his baby. so he made sure he had the right diapers, right clothes, right toys and anything else his princess needed. as she deserved nothing but the best. 
this was especially true with kiki’s formula. munkustrap wanted kiki to have the best formula to help her grow. she was so little and although the pediatrician told him kiki was perfectly healthy and on track developmentally, he still worked as kiki was a tiny petite little thing. 
so he wanted to give her the best formula in hopes it may help with her growth even in the slightest bit. not that kiki cared at all, as long as someone was there giving her a bottle she was perfectly happy.
naturally, when kiki was old enough to start eating solid food munkustrap was wanting only the best food for her. but also was a bit overwhelmed at what food he should feed kiki first. 
during all of this time of being a single dad, munkustrap really relied on his mom and aunt jelly to help him learning a lot of the things he did not know. and they were always there to answer his questions. 
so when the two of them offered to make some baby food for kiki munkustrap was grateful as it was very helpful for him. plus between his job, taking care of kiki and then taking care of the household chores he did not have the time to make baby food. 
but munkustrap did not expect them to go all out, he though they would being a couple of different servings. but they had made baby food out of nearly every single fruit and vegetable possible. and it all was able to fit in munkustrap’s freezer so he would be able to 
so one day when kiki was six months old, after being told by the pediatrician that it was ok, munkustrap was ready to feed kiki her first solid foods. 
naturally, he invited his mom and jellylorum to be there to help him and be there to watch. plus he wanted to have this moment on camera and knew one of them could take pictures of kiki as she tried her food. 
munkustrap was putting kiki in her high chair as his mother put some food into a little bowl with a small baby sized spoon for kiki. for the first food kiki to try, they decided to have kiki try banana. 
once he got kiki in her high chair munkustrap put a bib around her neck and smiled down at kiki “are you ready to try some food? nanny and grammy made it just for you.” munkustrap said.
one thing munkustrap had not expected when he first became a dad was using a baby voice. he never wanted to be that parent using a baby voice. but now munkustrap was suing that voice all of the time. 
kiki looked up at munkustrap and smiled at what he said. even if she could not fully understand what her father was saying she smiled anyways as he was happy right now. 
munkustrap chuckled at her reaction and then pulled over a chair sitting down so he could feed her. he thanked his mom when she put the bowl next to him and was glad that his aunt jelly was willing to take pictures of kiki.
after getting a tiny bit of the pureed bananas on the spoon munkustrap got kiki’s attention and held the spoon in front of her lips to try and entice her to try the food.
kiki didn’t open her mouth right away but after a few tried munkustrap was able to get kiki to open her mouth and he slid the spoon past her lips and pulled it out when he was sure she had taken the food. 
after taking the bite of food kiki’s face changed and it was like she trying to make up her mind if she liked the food or not. 
“what do you think kiki? do you like it?” munkustrap asked kiki smiling at her. “is it good?” 
he used this chance to give kiki another bite of food and she accepted it much quicker this time. after getting her second taste of bananas kiki made a face as if she was really interested in the food. 
this face was adorable and all of the adults chuckled at this. this caused kiki to smile widely at them wondering what clever thing she had done now. 
munkustrap slowly kept feeding bites of banana and it was clear that kiki liked it from the pureed banana that ended up on his face.  grizabella also got a chance to feed kiki some food and kiki was more than happy to accept the food from her grammy. 
once kiki was done eating, she had food on her face and it was clear that she liked banana, much to the relief of munkustrap. now there was w whole world of food for them to try and he wondered what foods kiki would like or dislike. 
alright that is part 79! it os short but i hope it is ok!  let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 80!!
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oliverjoaks · 8 hours ago
hey guys check out my descent into madness (@0zzysaurus inspired me)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 8 hours ago
Thank god for these piccrew generators
Here's a rough design I did of Scallywag on there lol he's baby
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oliverjoaks · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌸 Victoria the white cat! 🌸 The 2nd pic is a blue pallet so it looks more appealing to those with deuteranopia and tritanopia color blindness since the all pink pallet is very unappealing with those. :)
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alia-ocside-layer · 18 hours ago
Minashti: My friends say I get to motherly with every kitten I spend more than 5 min with.
Minashti: And I find that so uncalled for!
Minashti: Specially when later they are like : "Min, realise the reason you get overattached to cats younger than you is the fact you never got the chance to create real familiar bonds with your parents because of their early passing away, leaving you only with your brother and with a group of cats that dislike you. Not only that, but that very same brother, who was the foundations of your emotional stability, starting disliking you as well and he's the reason you lost your litter and your chance to form a biological family. You didn't have an actual family until you adopted your nephews and Nileeno, moment where you realised the comfort it gave you caring for cats and promised to yourself that no-one else would feel alone under your watch"
Minashti: Like I say, uncalled for.
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 19 hours ago
My hand hurts so I used the apps to make a rough design of Loralei. The first pictures more accurate with that light orange but the second is really cute lol I'll draw her eventually but for now I'll talk about her lol so some basic things are that Loralei is Mistos younger sister(by 4-6 years) and her parents are Cat Morgan and Criselody. She can clean up well and act like a lady when she wants to, but she's spent most of her life out adventuring in the world. She's very mischievous and somewhat rowdy. Between her and Misto, she's the more laid back sibling and gives of Tugger, Jerrie, and Teazer vibes. She's very silly and goofy, but also extremely loyal and loving
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When she was taken by pirates, Criselody didn't realize she was pregnant again. She panicked for her kittens safety and needed to figure out how her child could live a normal life. The baby was born a healthy little queen and was named Loralei (which means alluring temptress, like a siren lol). She lived with her mother in captivity for the first few years of her life, which broke Criselodys heart and made her always keep her daughter close. Criselody realized that she wouldn't be able to leave bc that would put her family in more danger, but she could let Loralei leave. Especially bc Loralei had magic too, and Criselody didn't want anything to happen to her. Criselody is good friends with Griddlebone (yes, she's real in my hcs lol), so when Loralei was about 6 (in human years)she was discreetly given to Griddlebone when their ship made a rest. Loralei calls Griddlebone her "auntie" and Griddlebone raised her somewhere safe.
Loralei always remembered her mother and how her mom told her she had a father and older brother, and she dreamed of being with them all again. When Loralei was in her late teens, she set off on her own to find her family with what little clues she had. She became a bit of a rouge, lived on the streets, became a thief, and worked for bad cats just to get food and shelter. She did anything she had to. She has a bit of a dark past, like she has a playful exterior, but you get the vibes she's broken someones bones once or twice.. so Yeah, misguided adventurous baby girl lol. Eventually one night while on a job from one of her bosses, she met a another queen named Eris (@baconandbuscuits oc) and they immediately hit it off. They became friends and even developed crushes on each other. They shared a lot about their past together and could relate to the other, especially since Eris' boss is Macavity. Eventually, Macavity found out that Eris was friends with Loralei, and tried to kill them. They ran away, finding the junkyard and were let in. They also became mates lol
There was one cat in particular that Loralei was interested in speaking to: Mr. Mistoffelees. He looked very similar to how her mother described her dad and brother, especially her brother. Whenever Loralei had felt down about herself, Criselody always told her that looks didn't matter and it never stopped her brother who had horn shaped ears and mismatched eyes. It all fit Mistoffelees to a T. She spoke to him about it and was ecstatic when she found out Mistoffelees was her brother. Misto never knew he had a little sister, but immediately took her under his wing. Loralei also finally got to met her father at the docks Misto took her to. Morgan didn't know he had a daughter either, but loved her immediately as well. She also got to finally see her mom after all those years. She's just happy to have people who love her and to have a home lol
That's all I've got for now lol
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scorpiofangirl1109 · a day ago
Hello everyone! I just posted past 78 of my kiki series so go check it out (link- I f you haven’t already. But I want to come on and say that I will be writing another mini series. This will be a human AU mini series! I don’t want to give away too much. But it will involve Kiki, Demeter, Munkustrap, demestrap fluff and wedding bells. I am working on it still so keep your eyes peel for it!
Tumblr media
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scorpiofangirl1109 · a day ago
My Cats OC Part 78
part 77- 
hello everyone! welcome to part 77 of the series on my cats oc kiki! i am glad you are here.
this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i hope you all like it! i enjoy the human au a lot which is why i keep doing them. i hope you like it too!
kiki is going to be a newborn in this update!
the day kiki was born was the best day of munkustrap’s entire life. he totally cried a bit hearing the sound of kiki crying when she was born. part of it from the emotions of knowing that eh was actually a dad now and because he got to witness this little miracle enter the world. 
while graciette was not wanting to hold their newborn daughter, munkustrap was more than eager to hold their baby. when one of the nurses put kiki into his arms munkustrap teared up all over again and gently kissed the top of kiki’s head. 
all munkustrap could do was look down at the little baby in his arms and marvel about how he helped create this little miracle. she was absolutely perfect in his eyes. 
munkustrap was so happy to finally be a dad and today was the best day in his entire life. he honestly lost track of how much time he sat there holding kiki in his arms as she looked around and up at munkustrap. he didn’t want to tear his eyes away from his 
of course munkustrap started to take a lot of pictures of kiki that day and he even changed the wallpaper of his phone to be of kiki. his child was not even a day old and he was already becoming that parent with so many pictures of their child on their phone. 
he sent a text message to his family to announce that kiki was here knowing they were going to want to come and meet the newborn. he sent a picture of course when he sent out the message. 
it was not long after the message was sent that his family started to show up to the hospital. his parents, his aunt jellylorum and his grandfather gus were the ones to arrive first. 
they all  gushed over little kiki who was sleeping in the bassinet having just had her first feeding. and now with her belly nice and full, kiki was sound asleep. 
the first person to hold kiki was grizabella, munkustrap smiled as he put kiki in his mother’s arms. grizabella was smiling with pride and she even teared up a bit looking down at kiki who had opened her eyes and looked at grizabella before yawning and going back to sleep.
for grizabella she was so happy, this was a her very first grandchild, a days she had dreamed of for a long time and it was finally here. she already loved this baby girl so much, she was just so perfect. 
the next person to hold kiki was deuteronomy. similar to his wife, he was  extremely happy to be a grandfather. he was beaming looking down at kiki as she was sleeping soundly in his arms and kiki so little in his arms because deuteronomy was a big guy. 
he was happy to be a grandfather now and was also proud of his son. he knew munkustrap was going to be such an amazing father to this little girl. deuteronomy also knew he and grizabella would spoil this little girl a lot. 
after deuteronomy, jellylorum was the one who held kiki next.. although kiki was technically her great niece and not her grandchild, she view tugger and munkustrap as her sons so she would view kiki as her own grandchild. she didn’t care what kiki called her but was just happy to be in kiki’s life. 
jellylorum loved little babies and she was enjoying the feeling of holding a newborn in her arms again. it was also hard for her to believe that munkustrap was a father now but like deuteronomy she knew munkustrap would be a rat dad. 
gus was the next one to hold kiki. this was a very special moment. it was not everyday that someone became a great grandparent. it was something that was a special moment. so gus was proud in this moment and was  elated about having a great-granddaughter. 
tugger and misto had arrived while gus was holding kiki and after giving munkustrap their congratulations they got to meet their niece for the first time. 
tugger was first to hold her out of her two uncles. and he was a bit afraid of holding him at first as he did not want to drop her but once she was in his arms, tugger was smitten right away. this little girl had stolen his heart instantly and he would already die for her.
the man also teared up a bit holding kiki, although he was much too proud to admit to this fact. tugger was also having a hard time giving kiki over to misto as he did not want to stop holding her. but he eventually gave her over to misto. 
misto looked down at kiki as tugger reluctantly put her in his arms and he smiled. kiki was certainly adorable. she was cute in the picture that munkustrap had sent the entire family in their group chat but seeing her in person was different. it was much more special. 
it would be nice to be an uncle but misto was sure that he would have to reign tugger in as he had a very strong feeling that tugger was going to spoiling the hell out of this little girl.
seeing his family hold kiki showed munkustrap that she would have a family that would love her unconditionally . and he could tell that she had stolen their hearts already. 
alright that is part 78! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 79!!
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a day ago
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a day ago
I'm also thinking about my dog oc 👀 he's baby
Idk what his name should be though lol like I like Buckaroo bc they could call him "Bucky" for short, but also Scallywag.
Like a dog wagging a tail
i love him tho and him and George will be besties😌💅
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a day ago
I've been feeling bad for Alonzo so I might give him a parent or two (btw I love how so many Alonzo/family hcs are like "we don't like him as much" bc that's how I see it too lol). And one will be Bustopher and Morgan's brother or sister bc I love a 3 sibling dynamic. Also I wanna do more Morgan, Bustopher, and unknown sibling #3 stuff lol. I've got a lot of ideas for Morgan and made him my own character in a way lol
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scorpiofangirl1109 · 2 days ago
My Cats OC Part 77
part 76-  
hello everyone! welcome to part 77 of the series on my cats oc kiki! i am glad you are here. 
this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i hope you all like it! i enjoy the human au a lot which is why i keep doing them. i hope you like it too! 
kiki is going to be 3 years old in this headcanon!
kiki has a very special relationship with her uncle tugger. there is no denying that. from the time she was born, kiki always jsut seemed to have a special bond with her uncle tugger and he is like a second dad to her.
tugger of course loves her right back. he treats her as if she was his own and loves on kiki a lot. anytime he gets to spend with kiki si always wonderful and from the way tugger goes on about kiki, people sometimes think kiki is tugger’s own daughter instead of his niece. 
the one thing tugger is definitely guilty of spoiling kiki. everyone on both sides of the  extended family all spoil kiki to an extent. she is the only grandchild/niece at the moment which makes it easy to spoil her. 
jenny and skimbles as well as deuteronomy and grizabella always insist that because they are the grandparents it is their job to spoil their grandbaby. it is one of the best part of being a grandparent after all and they enjoy spoiling little kiki. they probably spoil her the most out of everyone. 
bombalurina is guilty of spoiling kiki as well. she loves buying clothes for kiki. bomba always is finding what she feels are the cutest little clothes for kiki and it is not uncommon for her to come by a bag of clothes for kiki when she visits. 
mungojerrie and rumpleteazer take pride in being the fun aunt and uncle. so they always seem to have little toys that they gave kiki. they usually include a thing of bubbles, small toys from the dollar store, etc. but they also will give her candy. 
misto spoils kiki a bit. but not to the extent of his husband. after her dance class, kiki always comes and says hi to her uncle misto. when he gives kiki a hug and kiss, misto often slips a piece of candy to kiki as he hugs her which kiki loves. he will buy her things like tugger will but tries not to go overboard.
but out of the aunts and uncles at least, tugger is the worst. he is just as bad as all of the grandparents. tugger just wants to make kiki happy and if that means buying her something she wants then he will do it. 
kiki knows this and she knows how she had her uncle tugger wrapped around her little finger. so she will use it to her advantage, it doesn’t take too much for tugger it give into his niece. all she ahs to do is bat her eyelashes, give her puppy dog eyes and use a cute voice and tugger will give her what she wants. 
so if he passes by a toy store or a store that sells toys tugger can't help but buy a toy for kiki. it doesn’t matter the cost as long as kiki will love it then he will do it. 
this is something munkustrap often gets annoyed about as he doesn’t mind the family giving kiki little gifts every once in a while as a treat. but he does not want her to be spoiled and start acting spoiled. 
he and demeter had to tell tugger if he is going to be buy toys for kiki all of the time then they have to be for kiki comes over to his and misto’s house because they already have so many toys at their house. so now tugger has an entire toy bin for kiki when she comes over to his house.
misto also gets annoyed with tugger at the excessive spending tugger does when it comes to buying kiki things. he would not mind it if was everyone once in a while but it extremely often. plus now the majority of the toys end up in their house because munkustrap and demeter don’t want kiki having so many toys at their house. 
when tugger comes home one day with a shopping bag with a brand new doll in it for kiki when he claimed he was only going to target for cleaning supplies, misto sighs frustrated and says “we’ve talked about your excessive spending, it is unnecessary! tell me, why would kiki need another disney princess doll?”
tugger looks at his husband and tries to defend himself “i saw this in the toy section and i had to get it for her! you know how much kiki loves the princesses. plus this one is belle and you know that belle is her favorite princess!”. 
misto understands where tugger is coming from. he loves kiki so much and he really enjoys getting to be an uncle to her and spending time with her. he is guilty of spoiling her but he is much more subtle when he does it and also knows that kiki’s parents don’t want her to be so spoiled and to not expect gifts every time he and tugger see kiki. 
“i know she loves the princesses tugger but kiki has so many toys already and any toys you buy for her will just end up here because your brother asked to cut back on the gifts you give kiki. plus i asked you to cut back on the spending.” misto said. 
he is clearly a bit frustrated and annoyed with his husband. he won’t deny he does help spoil kiki. but there needs to be a line that is drawn. tugger’s spending is excessive. plus most of the toys he needs up buying just end up in their house. 
misto didn’t mind keeping a few things for kiki at the house when she would spend a night but tugger was getting more stuff for her all of the time. 
“i can't say no to that little face and i don’t want to make her sad.” tugger said. 
“she has you wrapped around her little finger.” misto said giving tugger a look as they both knew it to be true. “you know it, i know it, and kiki knows it.”
when kiki was born, she had a little fussy noise he made and if tugger was there, he was quick to rush over and pick up kiki to soothe her. and every time tugger was there she would make that noise so he would hold her. 
“well i can't say no to her. she is my favorite niece and i just like getting her a small thing.” tugger said.
 tugger would never admit it but a big part of the reason he spoiled kiki as much as he did was because of kiki’s birth mother. when graciette had left and signed away her rights, he swore to himself and to kiki as he helped munkustrap with kiki, that he would always show her what unconditional love is and that she would always be loved no matter what. 
“she doesn’t need you to constantly buy her things to show her much you love her. all you have to do is show it.” misto said. “and that little girl knows how much you love her.” 
tugger knew his mate was right of course, but old habits die hard. plus because of how much he loved kiki it would be hard to break an old habit. but he would never admit that kiki had him wrapped around his finger. 
“i promise i will cut down on the spending. and for the record kiki does not have me wrapped me around her little finger.” tugger said as he was putting kiki’s newest toy in the toy bin for when she came over later that night for dinner with munkustrap and demeter. 
misto couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle and say “yeah right. she has power over you. i’ll believe it when i see it.” misto said as he headed to the kitchen to start making dinner. 
alright that is part 77! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 78!! 
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 2 days ago
Ok I've got my ocs lol (also thank you for all the names lol) here's what I've got for them so far:
Their names are Cheshire and Malarkey, they're both toms
Macavity paired them up on a mission, and they've been inseparable ever since
Cheshire is a magical cat, and Macavity doesn't know about his powers. If Macavity knew, he could be hurt, killed, thrown out, etc. It just wouldn't end well for him
Bc of this, Cheshires kinda reserved. He stays in the back and plays dumb often so no one would suspect a thing. He's still quite silly though, his attitude mostly changes around Macavity
Malarkey is kinda a klutz and messes so missions up sometimes due to his misfortune and "loud mouth", as Macavity puts it. When this happens. Macavity and some of the other henchcats may beat and hurt him, basically blaming him for things going wrong
So when he was teamed up with Cheshire, it really changed how he viewed himself. He was told that he wasn't a screw up and that things weren't his fault
Cheshire goes full gay panic whenever Malarkeys around lol Malarkey has a lil crush on Cheshire too, but Cheshires just so in love. He thinks Malarkey is amazing and adorable and hates seeing him mistreated
Malarkey was the first cat to know about Cheshires magic. He thought it was wonderful and that Cheshire shouldn't hide it, but Cheshire insisted it was for the best if no one else knew, so both of them kept it a secret fot a while
They caught on pretty quickly about how bad Macavity could be and didn't agree with him most days. They are genuinely kind, just misguided. They stick around bc they feel they own Macavity for taking them both in
For example, thankfully Macavity never found out, if Macavity had hostages locked up and was starving them, the two would often sneak those cats food
One day after a botched assignment from him, Macavity went to going hit Malarkey, but Cheshire yelled and in a fit of emotions let his powers out. Macavity went after them, but lost them eventually
They had heard about the junkyard and found it eventually to where they were let in and accepted by the tribe
The two of them also confessed their feelings to each other and became mates
Misto will help/trains Cheshire to use his powers and get better control of his powers
There's more but this is already too long lol
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scorpiofangirl1109 · 3 days ago
My Cats OC Part 76
part 75-   
hello everyone! welcome to part 76 of the series on my cats oc kiki!
this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i hope you all like it! i know i have done a lot of them but this is an idea i thought would be really interesting to do!
kiki is going to be 3 years old in this headcanon! 
munkustrap would consider himself a good dad but he never is one to brag about it. he just does what he feels is the best for his daughter. and if it works then he sticks to it. 
whenever kiki is having a temper tantrum or meltdown, munkustrap never gets angry or yells at her. he simply lets kiki get her emotions out for a moment, knowing he won’t get through to her if kiki is screaming at the top of her lungs. he is patient and will wait for kiki to calm down. 
but munkustrap also says something to her as she is crying to try and get kiki to calm down. he will say to her “ daddy knows you have lovely words. so take a deep breath and when you’re calm let’s use your words to tell me what’s wrong.”
munkustrap is that parent who is very good about communicating with kiki about her feelings and getting her to talk about her feelings. he is willing to wait as long as it takes to get kiki to express her feelings about how she is feeling. he also is good about helping her talk out her feelings.
when kiki talks about her feelings and why she is upset or angry, munkustrap is always very gentle and loving with kiki. he sits there and will listen to kiki, letting her have her time to talk before he talks to her. 
demeter also happens to have similar ideas to munkustrap about parenting, discipline and raising kids. she is also very patient when it comes to kiki having temper tantrums and meltdowns. similar to munkustrap, demeter will wait for kiki to calm down a bit before telling kiki to use her words so she can help kiki talk about her feelings.
munkustrap and demeter definitely work as a team when it comes to parenting and how they want to discipline kiki. they know that parenting a is team effort and that they have to use teamwork when it comes to being parents. 
they make an effort to ensure that they are on the same page as each other. after all, if kiki hears conflicting messages from munkustrap and demeter it will backfire on them, 
when it comes to ways they discipline kiki, munkustrap and demeter do timeouts when needed. they will have kiki sit on the stairs and the timeout starts once she sits on the stairs without getting up or trying to hide. they will put her back as many times as they need to. 
the timeouts are short, it is 1 minute for every year kiki has been alive. so at 3 years old she would have a 3 minute timeout, but once the timeout is over, munkustrap and demeter always make sure to talk to kiki about why she was put in timeout and why her behavior was not acceptable. but at the end always reassure her that they love her and have kiki apologize and they give her a hug and kiss afterwards.
one thing munkustrap and demeter do not feel comfortable doing is sending kiki to bed without dinner. they don’t think dinner should be a privilege. they feel there are much more effective ways to discipline kiki. 
munkustrap and demeter will also do things like taking away things like kiki's tv time, screen time or send her to bed early depending on what happened. and if one parent takes away something like tv time while the other one is not there, they will tell the other one to make sure they both are on the same page. 
the one thing the pair does if they have to discipline kiki in public is remove her from the situation. if she has a meltdown or temper tantrum  in the store, they take kiki outside and they will sit outside until she is calm and is able to talk about her feelings. once she si calm, they will bring her back in the store. 
it really helps them out being on the same page about parenting and they have similar ideas about discipline. munkustrap and demeter also know when to pick their battles and when things truly are an accident. 
for example, kiki is very independent and wants to fill her own water cup. they have a fridge where you can hold your glass up to the fridge and water pours out of it. and kiki will get her water from here but she will fill it to the top of her cup and she often spills water everywhere, but munkustrap and demeter never get upset at kiki for that knowing she is being a kid and not doing it on purpose. 
and they never get upset with kiki if she has has an accident and they do not reach the bathroom. 
munkustrap and demeter also know kids are still learning how to become a whole person. and that young children are not always rational beings so sometimes they do things that adults may not understand. 
a good example of how munkustrap and demeter’s parent philosophy works is when they go to the grocery store with kiki one day. usually they all go shopping at the store together. 
usually kiki is pretty well behaved and doesn’t mind going. especially when at the deli they give her a slice of american cheese like they do for all kids or when the bakery gives out a free cookie to kids. those moments always make her happy. 
a lot of the time kiki will ask her parents if they can get something at the store. if it is something like fruit, they will usually say yes unless they have a lot at home. but they tend to say no to things like junk food, sweets etc. 
munkustrap and demeter also wonder how many products truly needed to have a disney princess, elmo or baby shark on it as if kiki sees one of those products she usually wants it. 
if munkustrap and demeter say no, kiki usually is upset for a moment but gets over it very quickly. especially if her parents ask her if she can spot something they need to help distract her. 
however, one day when kiki begs munkustrap to get double stuffed oreos at the store and munkustrap says no, the little girl does not like this. she keeps begging munkustrap by saying “please daddy!” and when he says no again kiki has a huge temper tantrum in the middle of the aisle
instead of getting angry or upset with kiki, munkustrap simply takes kiki out of the shopping cart baby seat and walks out of the store with kiki as she screams and cries loudly. demeter doesn’t say anything but she knows what munkustrap is doing, she would have the same thing and she keeps shopping as she and munkustrap both have their phones with them. 
munkustrap walks out of the store, ignoring the looks he gets from of the customers and the store employees and takes kiki out to the parking lot. he sits her down on the hood of the car and lets kiki have her tantrum. 
he takes kiki out of the store because he does not want her to act that way in the store and that she shouldn’t get to walk around the store that way. he also doe snot want to teach his daughter it is ok to act like this and to think she will get away with it. kiki doesn’t try to run away which is a good thing but she does sits there and cries loudly. 
when kiki calms down munkustrap looks down at kiki, getting to her eye level and asks “are you able to talk to daddy about your feelings? are you able to use your words? or do you need to finish crying”
kiki nods a bit sniffling a bit and lets munkustrap wipe her nose before she talks. “i mad cause you no get the cookies for me.”  kiki said. 
“well i am sorry you are feeling mad but daddy said no because we have cookies at home and we are at the store for the things on the list that we need,” munkustrap replies. 
“but i need oreos daddy!” kiki said whining a bit, still upset she was not allowed to have the cookies. 
after hearing this munkustrap goes into a lecture about a difference between wanting something and needing something. “you want the cookies, but you don't need them.”
kiki does not like hearing this but she tries one last time to get munkustrap to change his mind. but he does not change her mind. and slowly the little girl stops putting up a fight and calms down and is no longer crying knowing that munkustrap will not change his mind. 
“are you ready to go back in the store and shop with mama? because if you aren’t or act that way again, we will come back and sit here again until you are the happy kiki i know you can be.” munkustrap says to kiki. 
kiki nods and says “yes daddy. i be a good girl.” she said to munkustrap. 
munkustrap kisses kiki’s head and helps her off of the car and puts her down on the ground holding her hand taking her back in the store to go to catch up with demeter to help her finish the grocery shopping. 
alright that is part 76! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 77
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Etcetera: Quaxo's a little bitch and he's not invited to my birthday party :)
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I'm trying to make a Cats OC based on my cat 👁
For now I just have a very rough sketch but it's kinda the idea:
Tumblr media
About the history I just have like two(?) Ideas; I don't think I'll make any ships with him but if I do it'll be with the neighbor's cat 👊
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