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Human AU
Pouncival: What are you doing?
Etcetera: Homework.
Pouncival: There was school today?
Pouncival: I thought it was a long weekend...
Etcetera: It's Wednesday?!
Pouncival: Oh, so it's almost the weekend again. Well, no point in going now!
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linadoonofficial · a year ago
I need to make more familial CATS stuff but I’m so shitty with it lol
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sybright · a year ago
My Favorite Cats Ships
Okie dokie, @whitmerule wanted to know my main ships/pairings and I knew I’d have to make a post dedicated to this at some point so here it is lol (also sorry this is so long). My “main” universe, which is what all of my main pairings are in, is based on the ‘98 film for the most part (although really all of my universes are based on the ‘98 film, just with alterations here and there). 
Edit: My preferences have changed somewhat, so I’ve edited this list to reflect my current feelings towards certain pairings. This means that I’ve deleted some pairings that I don’t like much anymore, and have added some new ones :). All of these ships are in no particular order btw.
Main Pairings:
-I know it’s super popular and there’s loads of content on them, but I still stan. I don’t love them AS much as I used to, but they were my first ship in this fandom, and therefore are still very important to me. 
-In terms of individual pairings, I really like Demelurina and Bombastrap on their own, but I like them best all together. I used to be quite fond of Demestrap by itself, but I’ve gotten pretty tired of that ship over time personally (obviously nothing against people who like this pairing a lot, kudos to y’all who love Demestrap ^^), so I’m not that big a fan of them on their own anymore. In order of the individual pairings I like best: Demelurina first, Bombastrap second, and Demestrap not so much.
Skimblegus (Skimbleshanks/Asparagus Jr., NOT Gus the theatre cat, I see the two of them as separate characters in most productions).
Jellydots (Sweet lesbian grandmas <3).
-This is my self-projection asexual pairing, leave me alone lol. They give me bestie vibes and I love that for them <3.  
-This is a bit of a rarepair, but it is one of my main ships, I see Teazer and Plato as platonic partners and Tori as their mutual gf. Alternatively, I like Victeazer and Platoria on their own as well, although I like Victeazer a bit more than Platoria, but I prefer them all together.
And that’s about it for my “main” pairings, here’s a list of my alternate pairings/rarepairs that I love too much for my own good.
Alternate Pairings/Rarepairs:
-No longer my main blog’s url, but they have their own blog now and therefore are still ridiculously important to me XD. This is my fave rarepair, and might also be even MORE of a self-projection asexual pairing for me than they were before. I’ll say it once, this is my ultimate comfort pairing. 
Plonzostrap (Plato/Alonzo/Munkustrap, alternatively, I like Alonzostrap and Plonzo on their own as well, although I haven’t put that much thought into Munklato on its own).
Platoricopat (Cats Zurich got me obsessed with this concept, and @whitmerule’s gifs are are just *chef’s kiss*).
-I don’t really have a ship name for this, and also this particular pairing is very complicated and I’ll try to explain it as best I can. George and Etcetera are romantic partners, Etcetera and Electra are queer-platonic partners (I see Electra as aromantic), and George and Electra are platonic partners. This is technically a main pairing for me, but it’s sort of rare and complicated in its dynamics so I put it down here. Also, I adopted the hc that George is a Pollicle btw.
Oh and just as an aside, I also really like Elecctera and Etceorge on their own, but I probably slightly prefer Elecctera, I just love the queer-platonic besties vibes of them <3. 
Mungocavity (This is in a scenario where Macavity is less evil and more of a dumbass, but I really like this pairing. It would be one of my main pairings if my main universe Macavity wasn’t complete shit).  
-One of my newer ships, I usually see Tori and Jem as being somewhat far apart in age, so this is in a scenario where Jem’s a bit aged up and Tori’s a bit aged down. I love everything about this pairing. Considering how much Jem and Tori interact with each other in the show, this ship has so much potential to me. They’re just so soft and they make me really happy <3. 
-Once upon time I didn’t think I’d ever ship Tugger or Misto with really anyone but each other, but times change. Initially, I got very interested in the idea of Rumpletugger (which I still quite like on it’s own), but then later became intrigued by the idea of Mistoteazer (and all the shenanigans they’d get up to, both being mischievous and chaotic), so of course this led to me just putting all three of them together XD. I love this trio so much, they just give “bestie vibes ONLY” type of energy, and feel like a super chaotic friend group, and that makes me really happy. 
-I’m not even sure how to explain what led me to becoming so attached to this ship XD. I had seen people mention it being a neat concept in passing, but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually truly ships them. I basically got into this ship through my “Jellicle leader Griz” au thing, which is an au where Griz is the oldest of Deuteronomy’s children and was expected to become the next Jellicle leader. She’s much younger in this au than how I typically see her, so the newer Griz design fits well in this scenario. I just got really into the idea of Griz and Bomba being tragic ex-lovers. 
They dated for a long time in their teens, broke up for a few years, and then got back together again when they had matured, and then Griz went and abandoned the tribe (as well as Bomba) to see the world and pursue her dream of being a star. Griz returned eventually, but the damage had been done, and Bomba was far from ready to forgive her. In the end though, she does forgive Griz, as does everyone else, but then Griz goes on to be reborn, and they miss their chance at happily being together. It’s just all in all a really fun concept for me to play around with, and has so much angst potential. 
-Not a new ship, quite the opposite actually. This is a ship that I usually don’t think much about (hence why it wasn’t here when I first made this list), but whenever I do, I always feel at peace inside lol. I can’t for the life of me find the post that got me into this ship (trust me, I have searched ALL over tumblr for it, I looked through both Jellylorum’s and Cassandra’s ENTIRE tags and still couldn’t find it), but I saw a post when I was first getting into the Cats fandom that talked about how Jelly and Cass would be this sort of “odd couple” that the tribe didn’t really understand, but clicked super well with each other for some reason. 
Even though I only ever saw that one post on them for a long time, I grew really attached to the ideas it presented for Jellycass. I like the age gap concept in particular, with my personal idea of it being Cass in her late twenties to early thirties, and Jelly being in her late thirties to early forties. It really heightens the “odd couple” energy of them, and I can see Cass getting along really well with someone older. Troika provides me all the rights for this ship <3. 
Some Extra Stuff:
Even though I like Platoria as an individual ship, and ship them to a degree, I’m not super interested in them. They’re a bit bland for me if I’m being honest. I like seeing them on my dash, but I won’t actively seek out content of them, so please don’t tag me in stuff surrounding them if you don’t mind (obviously this doesn’t apply to their poly equivalent). I used to include Demestrap in this section, but now I’m really not all that fond of them, I really only like them together in a poly scenario, like Demebombastrap or even Demelonzostrap. 
There’s a bunch of ships that I categorize as “I like it, but I don’t ship it,” and that’s where ships like Munkujerrie and Alonzoffelees fall. They’re ships that I enjoy as concepts, and that I would probably read fanfic about if given the opportunity (and like fanart of), but I don’t necessarily ship them. So you don’t need to tag me for them. 
The only ships that I just straight up don’t like, although I have nothing against people who like them, are Tuggerlurina, Mistoria, Skimbledots, and Jellygus, Tuggerlurina being the one I dislike the most. I just scroll past content of them if I see it on my dash, I thought I should probably list them here cause idk, might be useful to @whitmerule to know which ships I really don’t like. 
Note: I don’t see any of the characters I listed here as being biologically related, some people hc Deme and Bomba as sisters, or Etcetera and Electra as being twins, I don’t see this personally (In fact I have a whole bunch of family hcs that I’ll probably save for another post, if anyone even wants to read that lol). 
And now for my favorite 2019 movie pairings (which I also don’t see any of them as being biologically related), because they’re sort of relevant since I’m listing pairings and stuff so I feel like putting them here too:
2019 Movie Main Pairings
-This is the ONLY scenario where I like Misto and Tori together. I only like it when it’s in the 2019 movie, and only if it’s with Munk, those are my two requirements lol. I think Munktoria and Munkoffelees are really cute too, but I don’t care for them that much, I like them best all together.
Demandra (I see their relationship very differently in the movie, and I prefer their stage-show relationship, but as always, I love them). 
-I know they don’t really interact in the movie, but I saw people talking about them as a ship on here, and I just think they’d be really cute. Technically Tanto is implied to be kitten age in the movie, but I imagine this as a post-movie, next Jellicle Ball type scenario. I see Tanto as being on the cusp of adulthood, where she’ll probably be an adult at the next Jellicle Ball, and I see Jerrie as being a very young adult, so they’re not far apart in my mind (plus I see Jellicles, being cats and all, aging differently than humans, so this isn’t as odd to me as it might be to other people).
2019 Movie Alternate Pairings:
These are just my alternate pairings for Misto, Tori, and Munk if Mistoriastraps doesn’t happen lol:
-I’ve adopted the hc that they’re ex-boyfriends in the 2019 movie, and I like to imagine that they’ve sorted things out post-movie and got back together.
That’s about it for my ships. Thank you for reading if you got this far lol. 
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Asparagus Jr., after Jellylorum leaves: Looks like I'm the only one in charge of you brats for this afternoon.
George, Cheryl, Tumblebrutus, Pouncival, Carbucketty, Etcetera: ...
Asparagus Jr.: So yeah. Typical rules: Don't break anything because then I'll get in trouble with your mom.
Everyone: ...
Asparagus Jr.: Ok then. I'm going to go make some snacks. Don't kill each other in the meantime.
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Pouncival: *doing something stupid and dangerous*
Asparagus Jr: Oh dear, look at this idiot. Where are his parents?
Asparagus Jr:
Asparagus Jr: Wait, I'm the parent!!
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Pouncival: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight.
Tumblebrutus: But are you shuffling?
Pouncival: Everyday.
Asparagus Jr: What language are you two speaking??
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Asparagus Jr, to his kittens: Alright, listen up, you little shits!
Asparagus Jr: Not you, Etcetera. You’re an angel and we’re glad to have you here, darling.
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Tumblebrutus: Goodnight!
George: Sleep tight!
Etcetera: Don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Pouncival: Tonight
Carbucketty: Imma fight
Bill: Til we see the sunlight
Cheryl: Tik tok
Pouncival: On the clock
Tumblebrutus: But the party don’t stop no--
Asparagus Jr: *from another room* SHUT UP ALL OF YOU AND GO TO SLEEP!
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Tumblebrutus: Croissants: dropped.
Pouncival: Road: works ahead.
George: This boy: got his free taco.
Etcetera: Shavacado: free.
Carbucketty: Miss Keisha: fuckin' dead.
Asparagus Jr: I didn’t understand a single word of that.
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Jellylorum: Pouncival hugged me out of the blue and said, “I love you, mommy.”
Jellylorum: If you need me, I’ll be searching the house for whatever he broke.
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Tumblebrutus: Mom told you to stay in bed.
Bill Bailey: There’s a scary monster in my closet...
Tumblebrutus: Scarier than mom?
Bill Bailey:
Bill Bailey: *goes to bed*
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Pouncival: So let me get this straight—
Tumblebrutus: More like let me run this bi you.
George: Let’s just see how this pans out.
Cheryl: We should ace-ess the situation.
Etcetera: I’m gay.
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Tumblebrutus: Whenever Pounce asks me for the Latin names of mom's plants, I just give him the names of rappers.
Pouncival: These Ludacrises are coming in great!
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Pouncival: I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.
Asparagus Jr: You're 1 year old.
Pouncival: I might die at 2!
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Tumblebrutus: Etcetera and Jemima want to learn how to play Cards Against Humanity
Tumblebrutus: There is no way this could possibly go wrong
Tumblebrutus: I’m grounded.
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jellicle-cats-opera-phantoms · 10 months ago
*trying to make something for their parents*
Pouncival: How do I tell if the water is done boiling?
Carbucketty: Just stick your hand in it.
Pouncival: Ohh, thanks!
Jellylorum *waking up in a cold sweat*: They’re being idiots...! I can feel it....! *runs to the kitchen*
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Human AU
Jellylorum: That's it, I'm cutting off the internet!
Pouncival: No, please, don't! I have a family to feed!
Jellylorum: What?
Pouncival: I need to feed my Neopets!
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jellicle-cats-opera-phantoms · 10 months ago
Pouncival, in a high voice, holding a Barbie: Hey Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Tumblebrutus, in a deep voice, holding Ken: Nonsense, Barbie! You’re staying home and having my kids!
Aparagus Jr.: What are you two playing?
Tumblebrutus: Systemic oppression.
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Asparagus Jr.: Do you know the ABCs of first aid?
Pouncival: A. Bone. Coming out of the skin is very bad.
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Tumblebrutus: Hey, mom.
Jellylorum: Yes?
Tumblebrutus: Can someone breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?
Jellylorum: Where’s Pouncival?
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