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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
pack-the-pack · 25 minutes ago
Some cats headcanons I have!
• Quaxo and Misto are two different cats. They're twins and Tugger being the Himbo he is, doesn't clock into this fact for the longest time. He is very confused why one moment "Misto" hates his guts and in the next is very receptive to his flirting and even teases him back.
• Both Quaxo and Mistofelees are Bustopher's kittens.
• Demeter and Bombalurina are Jellylorum's daughter's.
• Macavity has two daughters. Jemima through Demeter and Electra through Bomba. (@jellylorum-thecampcounslercat has this hcn as well and I couldn't have agreed more when I saw it on her blog).
• Etcetera was found by the tribe abandoned in the streets and Jenny took it upon herself to raise the kitten.
• Mute!Victoria. Just this. No need to say more.
• Plato is Asparagus Jr.'s son, and he never misses a chance to embarrass Plato in front of Victoria (either intentionally or not).
• Victoria is super feminine, delicate and pastel-y but she's impulsive and kind of a little shit. That's why her, Jerrie and Teazer get along so well.
• Both Plato and Victoria are Bi and they Bi panick together as a couple.
• Electra is a great listener and knows everybody's secrets. You want to know anything, you know that she knows. But she only opens her wise mouth when truly necessary.
• Skimbleshanks has no kittens of his own, so he has a huge soft spot for the Toms and lets them play in the express's carrier carriage whenever it's not in activity.
• Cassandra is a suave goddess and a killer business woman and one of those people that don't need to put effort in how good they look, they just look flawless as soon as they wake up.
• Munkustrap receives gifts from nearly all kittens on father's day every year. Because yes, he deserves it.
• Jemima and Electra have an inkling of Macavity's magic. Jemima can feel other people's feelings on herself like a mirror, while Electra has occasional visions and premonitions. Both of them can see Auras.
• Okay but Alonzo x Electra (Alectra?) anyone?
• On the same note Bombalurina x Cassandra because come on you guuuuys. Two beautiful Queens. Alone. No Tom good enough to hold their incredible power. They might as well help each other and become invincible lesbian moms.
• Coritopat and Tantomile are also magical cats. They're telepaths.
• Coricopat has a crush on Exotica and can't talk straight when around her. He stumbles into his words so bad that at some point he entertained the idea of having Tantomile tell him what yo say telepathically so he doesn't look so stupid.
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jellylorum look at the white persian before her.  she was sure she have heard wrong. 
i know where macavity keep your precious  daughter and protectors. sigh griddlebone. do listen darling. it would be better for both of us.
and why should i trust you ask jellylorum. what do you get out of betraying macavity.
when they still work for the boss bombalurina and demeter have save my live a few times. i gues it would be fair to return the favour. say griddlebone.
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after they hear what happend do the three missing cats jellylorum and jennyanydots don’t hesitate to start a rescue mission.
their daughters are in the hands of a insane dangerous cat and the will do everything to save them.
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storyweaverofgondor · 2 days ago
Pouncival: I have a question mark.
Jellylorum: Don’t you mean ‘I have a question’?
Pouncival: No. *pulls out a ?* It’s pink and fun to hit people with.
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devizakura · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Introducing Victor! I just saw that guy one day and thought "WOW he looks a lot like Gus Jr! I wonder if the film basically merged ensemble Gus (who is really more like just a younger version of Gus and nothing like Gus Jr) with Victor". And then I decided "hey let's make them siblings".
So here are all of Gus's children, in order from oldest to youngest: Jellylorum (mid-late 50's), Gus Jr (mid-late 40's) and Victor (early 40s).
I've also made another adjustment to this family tree - Pouncival is now Victor's son, which makes Pounce and Tumble not brothers but cousins!
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junkyard-gifs · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Jellylorum living her best life. 😎
Lillemor Spitzer, German tent tour 2013.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 6 days ago
Sometimes I feel a little sad that I'm the only one in the cats fandom who remembers when Jellylorum was the Grinch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Jellylorum: I need to call the retirement home.
Gus: She's trying to get me commited.
Jellylorum: Oh stop that. I am not! I'm calling to visit an old friend.
Asparagus Jr: Great cover babe.
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theimpossiblescheme · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Megan Ort as a cover for Sillabub, Jellylorum, and Grizabella (Broadway revival 2016)
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Cats Prompts #8
Write a oneshot based on one(or more) of the pairings during the Cuddle Pile/Mating dance (however you interpret it). These could be genuine, or absolute crack.
Pouncival & Bombalurina
Mistoffelees & Electra
Jennyanydots & Rum Tum Tugger
Coricopat & Tantomile
Jemima & Tumblebrutus
Alonzo & Cassandra
George & Etcetera
Jellylorum & Asparagus
Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer
Skimbleshanks being the table thing for Victoria and Plato
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jellylorum: hey you’re pretty cool.
gus: prepare do be disappointed
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demons-incorrect-alw · 9 days ago
Skimbleshanks: My wife is constantly mocking me for how lightly done I like my toast. “Your hot bread is done,” she says to me. Disgusting.
Jellylorum: I don’t say that. “Hot” would imply it’s been in the toaster for more than fifteen seconds, haha! “Your lightly warmed bread is done” I tell you.
One of these days I’m not even gonna put it in the toaster, just gonna breathe real hard on the bread for a minute and you’ll be like “wow this is perfectly done!”
Skimbleshanks: “Thank you so much for warming up my bread for me honey, I’m so glad we’re married, I love you,” I say to you every time your mean little ass makes toast for me.
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Jellylorum: So how do you feel about a second dosage?
Jennyanydots: Oh its fine by me. I'm use to taking two of everything.
Bustopher Jones and Skimbleshanks: *violently choking behind her*
Jennyanydots: Ignore them.
(@linadoonofficial just cuz ya might get a kick outta it.)
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Howl's Moving Castle AU Roles
These are the roles for the Howl's Moving Castle AU! All of these are based on personalities, so some of them are genderbent. The only one not based on personality is Heen, who's being renamed Grumbuskin simply because I think the name is cute. Here's the cast: Sophie- Rum Tum Tugger
Howl- Mistoffelees
Sophie's Mom- Jellylorum
Lettie: Bombalurina
Sophie’s sisters: Demeter, Electra, Rumpleteazer, Exotica
The Witch of the Waste: Grizabella
Calcifer: Alonzo
Markl: Jemima
Madam Sullivan: Old Deuteronomy
The Prince/Turnip head: Plato
The King: Bustopher Jones
Heen: Grumbuskin
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skimblyshanks · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Caroline in the City 1.13 -”Caroline and the Twenty-Eight-Pound Walleye”
Amy Pietz as Annie Spadaro
Beth Wishnie(?) as Lindsay (Bombalurina)
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Jellylorum: I’m easy-going.
Jennyanydots: I once saw you use a ruler to measure another ruler.
Jellylorum: It was off by half a centimetre. It should never have been in circulation.
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jelly: what is your type tugger,
tugger: either black and white, magical and awesome or red fur,hot and a great protector
jelly: i meant your blood type
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bomba-is-the-real-hero · 12 days ago
headcanon: it was jellylorum who teach munkustrap do be a storyteller
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Tumblr media
Cats Warsaw director, Wojciech Kępczyński, with actors in full costume
First row (from left to right): Victoria, Kocik le Miau, Bombalurina, Cassandra
Middle row: Bustopher Jones, Fantazja, Tantomile, Electra
Last row: Fraszka, Jellylorum, Sierściuch (I think) and Carbucketty
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