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My first contribution to the Cats fandom if you could call it that is to share my Alonzostrap is Jemima’s dads headcanons.
. Alonzo and Munk had been mates for a while when they found a tiny abandoned kitten on patrol. Alonzo was trying to be practical and thinking about if they could even handle a kit when Munkustrap holding this precious child gave him the pleading “🥺Can we keep her?”
. Jemima was a difficult toddler and a adventurer, many times when Alonzo had to watch her alone, it ended in “SHIT I LOST THE BABY”
. Jemima loved to climb over her dads like a monkey and it wasn’t uncommon to see one of them on lookout with their little girl up on their shoulders or on top of their head
. Alonzo enjoyed spinning Jemima around like a helicopter giving Munk a heart attack
. She calls Alonzo ““daddy” and  Munkustrap “papa”
. Munk would sing Jemima to sleep while Alonzo plays the guitar
. They’re very doting dads who refuse to admit how much they spoil Jemima
. Alonzo is very aggressively encouraging like “fuck yeah, that’s my kid” where Munk is soft supportive
. Jemima takes after her dads’ quirks such as Munk’s munkustance and Alonzo’s slinkiness 
. Alonzo keeps Munkustrap and Jemima from killing themselves trying to help everyone 
. Now that Jem is fourteen and becoming a bit of a rebel, Munk is trying to be there for her while Alonzo’s like “yeah, stick it to the old people!”
. Last of all, Jemima developed a huge vocabulary since she was small from her dads
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pack-the-pack · 6 hours ago
Some Cats headcanons I have!
• Quaxo and Misto are two different cats. They're twins and Tugger being the Himbo he is, doesn't clock into this fact for the longest time. He is very confused why one moment "Misto" hates his guts and in the next is very receptive to his flirting and even teases him back.
• Both Quaxo and Mistofelees are Bustopher's kittens.
• Demeter and Bombalurina are Jellylorum's daughter's.
• Macavity has two daughters. Jemima through Demeter and Electra through Bomba. (@jellylorum-thecampcounslercat has this hcn as well and I couldn't have agreed more when I saw it on her blog).
• Etcetera was found by the tribe abandoned in the streets and Jenny took it upon herself to raise the kitten.
• Mute!Victoria. Just this. No need to say more.
• Plato is Asparagus Jr.'s son, and he never misses a chance to embarrass Plato in front of Victoria (either intentionally or not).
• Victoria is super feminine, delicate and pastel-y but she's impulsive and kind of a little shit. That's why her, Jerrie and Teazer get along so well.
• Both Plato and Victoria are Bi and they Bi panick together as a couple.
• Electra is a great listener and knows everybody's secrets. You want to know anything, you know that she knows. But she only opens her wise mouth when truly necessary.
• Skimbleshanks has no kittens of his own, so he has a huge soft spot for the Toms and lets them play in the express's carrier carriage whenever it's not in activity.
• Cassandra is a suave goddess and a killer business woman and one of those people that don't need to put effort in how good they look, they just look flawless as soon as they wake up.
• Munkustrap receives gifts from nearly all kittens on father's day every year. Because yes, he deserves it.
• Jemima and Electra have an inkling of Macavity's magic. Jemima can feel other people's feelings on herself like a mirror, while Electra has occasional visions and premonitions. Both of them can see Auras.
• Okay but Alonzo x Electra (Alectra?) anyone?
• On the same note Bombalurina x Cassandra because come on you guuuuys. Two beautiful Queens. Alone. No Tom good enough to hold their incredible power. They might as well help each other and become invincible lesbian moms.
• Coritopat and Tantomile are also magical cats. They're telepaths.
• Coricopat has a crush on Exotica and can't talk straight when around her. He stumbles into his words so bad that at some point he entertained the idea of having Tantomile tell him what yo say telepathically so he doesn't look so stupid.
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junkyard-gifs · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kitten Laughing Alone With Salad
Anne-Marie Ohlicher as Sillabub, Paris 1989.
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Tumblr media
Jemima Robinson
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junkyard-gifs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sillabub is being swallowed by the tyre. 😔
Anne-Marie Ohlicher, Hamburg 1988.
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demeter, to jemima: i knew this girl who had a huge crazy freakout because she took too many behavioral meds at once. she took off all her clothes and jumped into the fountain at the mall and was like, "blahhhh!!! i'm a kraken from the sea!!!"
bombalurina: that was you
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ive seen a bunch of posts abt electra being bomba's daughter through macavity and ofc im like hell yeah???
but combine that with jemima also being his daughter through demeter. ofc theres so many possibilites w that. but. i cant help focusing on the mental image of munkustrap and tugger suddenly like "oh shit we have kids now"
like tug and bomba arent dating anymore, but ofc he helps her raise electra platonically. he calls electra his daughter and ofc misto helps out, too! ("wow, electra, your mom let's you have two dads!" - etcetera)
(not to mention the angst of both girls being their brother's daughters like. imagine the discussions between the two brothers??)
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songs that remind me of the younger cats (jemima, victoria, plato, tumblebrutus, electra, etcetera, & pouncival):
i’m not that girl / wicked
boys will be bugs / cavetown
bangarang ft. sirah / skrillex
constellations / the oh hellos
new light / john mayer
i miss that feeling / tennis
walking on sunshine / katrina & the waves
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gayalonzo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jerrie and teazer spinning with jemima (source)
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nectoclaw · a day ago
All the recent girl oc's
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jemima, Ivette, Astrid, Sophia
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therealonan · a day ago
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unknown number: im here for you
munkustrap: thanks. it's been tough lately and it's really nice to hear that, it means a lot
unknown number:
munkustrap: sorry, i lost all of my contacts, who is this?
unknown number: your uber driver. im here to pick you up.
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thegameofnerds · 2 days ago
Originals: Five TV Shows to Watch About Other Supernatural Families
Five TV shows fans of #TheOriginals TV show will enjoy!
Last week, I provided you with a list of movies to fill your time until “The Originals” returns to us.  This week, I’ll provide you with five TV show suggestions instead.  Some you may already recognize, but hopefully, you’ll stumble across at least one new obsession. I’m going to make the assumption that you already know about the most popular titles in this field. If you’re reading this, you’re…
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Tumblr media
Jemima Robinson
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jemimakirkedaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jemima kirke for hollywood reporter (2017)
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