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#jennifer check
cult-of-dollbabies · 16 hours ago
Freddy: dying sucks butt! How do you living beings cope with mortality?
Carrie: violent outbursts
Jennifer: general sl*ttiness
Chucky: thanks to denial, I'm immortal
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cottoncandykissme · a day ago
no, im killing boys // a playlist
jennifer check inspired playlist to feel like a villain to
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clashatdemonheads · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more halloween wlw couples :3 envy and ramona are next
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lowkeyerror · a day ago
Bonded For Life pt3
Jennifer Check x Needy Lesnicki x Reader
Word Count: 2114
Warnings: Sex in a car.
Pt1 Pt2
Tumblr media
When Chip came back he asked you how it was. You told him that it was fine and that he was overreacting. He went on to ramble about the unhealthy relationship between Needy and Jen for an hour.
You couldn't care any less about what he was saying. All you could think about was the feeling of their lips on yours. For the first time in a long time you didn’t feel alone.
Your immortality didn’t seem so bad. The curse almost didn't feel like such a curse anymore. Not when you knew that you'd have Jen and Needy for eternity.
When you walked into school the next day all eyes were on you. At first you had thought they were on your brother because of his outburst but that wasn’t the case.
Everyone was staring at you because Jennifer and Needy were having a conversation right in front of your locker.
" I'll handle this, Y/n"
Before you could stop him, Chip pressed forward to confront the two girls.
" Plain lays, can we help you with something?" Jennifer was filing her nails, looking up for only a second at your brother.
" Ya you can actually, you're blocking my sisters locker"
" Chip it's not a big deal dude," you try to reason with him.
" I know who's locker it is," her eyes cut over to you and a smile rested on her lips.
" No it's not ok, these… these bitches are harassing you"
A silence swept over the whole hallway. Chip had definitely just crossed a line and everyone was waiting to see who was going to deal with it first.
In a surprise to almost everyone, you grabbed him by the back of his shirt and shoved him in the direction of his own locker," Get your shit and go to class Chip"
His eyes widened in disbelief," Are you serious right now? Y/n, I-"
" Go"
You watched him trudge over to his locker before turning your attention to Jennifer and Needy.
" I'm sorry about him. He has this hero complex"
" I think you're going to have to make it up to us; right, Needy?"
" I definitely wouldn't be opposed to that"
You let out a laugh," Okay first let me get some stuff for class and I promise that by the end of the school day I'll have made it up to the both of you"
The two share a look and step to the side, allowing you to get into your locker. You grab your books and shut the locker. You didn't have time to say anything before the bell rang.
Needy shifts over to stand next to you," We have first together"
" We do. Jen, I'll catch you in third?"
She checks you out, biting her lip," Most definitely"
The popular girl places a kiss on Needy's forehead and gives you one more look before heading to class.
On the way to class, you hand Needy the keys to your car," You think you could wait for me, in there?"
" For what?"
" So I can make it up to you"
Her eyes widened before a smile sprang on to her face," Don't keep me waiting too long"
You entered the class and waited for the teacher to take attendance. When that was over you sat for maybe 10 minutes into the lecture before you raised your hand, to go to the restroom.
The teacher dismissed you and continued on with the lecture. You calmly left the classroom and started walking to your car. You had to dodge a couple of administrators and security but you made it with no complications.
" Took you long enough"
You rolled your eyes," Whatever, we've got about fifteen minutes before this turns into me getting detention"
Needy smirks," Well seems like you better hurry then"
There was something primal about the way your lips latched on to Needy's. It was sloppy. You could saliva dripping down your chin as you ravaged her mouth.
You laid on top of her creating slight friction as you kissed. You trailed those same ravenous kisses down her neck before biting harshly. She cried loudly into your ear at the sensation. You soothed the bite with your tongue.
Needy was grabbing at the bottom of your shirt so you raised your arms allowing her to take it off. Her hands groped your chest, driving your senses into further chaos.
You didn't have enough time to enjoy this moment as you still had to make it back to class.
You tugged at Needy's jeans causing her to raise her hips, aiding you in taking them off. You could see the pool of wetness seeping through her panties, practically begging you to taste it.
You dipped a finger into her underwear and groaned when you felt how wet she was," Fuck Needy"
Instead of wasting anymore time you slid down to the floor of the car, moving Needy to the middle seat. You spread her legs apart giving yourself the perfect view of her dripping pussy.
Before anyone can say anything, you latched your mouth onto her pussy. Her hands greedily tugged on your hair forcing you against her pussy.
Your tongue aggressively circled her clit causing the girl to try to shut her legs. Your hands sharply smacked her thighs forcing her to keep her legs open.
She was trembling under you as devoured her. She was panting and her chest was heaving up and down. It was a sight that made you want to relish in the taste of her dripping cunt.
The grip she had on your hair tightened exponentially causing you to let out a throaty moan directly into her pussy.
" Fuck Y/n, make me cum, make me cum, yes, yes, please," at this point she was grinding herself on your face. Your chin was bathing in her juices.
When she finally came, she shoved your head out of her pussy," Holy shit" You watched as her body was riddled with aftershocks.
She yanked you off of the floor and smashed her lips onto yours reveling in the taste of herself on your tongue. Your head rested against her after she broke the kiss.
" You've got about 3 minutes to get back to class" she said through thin breaths.
You quickly put your shirt on and brushed your hair with your hands as much as you could.
" How do I look?"
Needy chuckled," You look like you have my cum all over your chin"
You wiped your chin and sure enough remnants of Needy were on the back of your hand.
You sucked the cum off the back of your hand before smiling at the blonde," Better?"
" Better. Now go because you can't have detention. We have plans for later"
You smirk at her," Oh ya"
She doesn't entertain you but instead pushes you out of the car. You use your speed to get to class right before things would've looked suspicious.
No one even glanced as you found your seat and started taking notes as if nothing had happened.
When the bell rang for the class to end you packed up your stuff and walked out the door. Needy and Jennifer were outside waiting for you.
Jennifer took in your appearance and laughed," I see you made it up to Needy"
" Do I still have cum on my chin?'
Jennifer shakes her head," No, but your shirt is definitely on backwards"
You look down and sure enough your shirt was on backwards," Shit, well I'm going to go fix this, I'll see you both later"
You went to the bathroom to flip your shirt around and when you walked out your brother was standing there waiting for you.
" So what are you friends with them now?"
You rolled your eyes at his angst," They haven't done anything but be nice to me Chip"
You could see the anger swirling in his eyes," What does that even mean? Yesterday you didn't even know Jennifer and now you're all buddy buddy. Needy literally dumped me and all of a sudden you guys are close. You're supposed to be on my side here, Y/n. You're my sister"
The bell rang for second period to start and rushed out a response," Look Chip there aren't any sides. Needy and Jennifer came over to get her stuff while you left and we got to talking that's it."
You didn't wait for him to speak again,, instead opting to go to class. What you failed to realize was that you had this class with your brother.
You could feel him glaring at you the entire class. His gaze burned into the side of your head making it hard for you to concentrate. By the end of class you had become irritated missing most of your notes.
You rushed out of the class but stopped outside the door so that you could talk to Chip.
" What the fuck was that about Chip?"
He kept walking," What was what about?"
You put your hand on his shoulder and turned him around so he was facing you," Don't play dumb Chip. You glared that whole fucking class"
" Well nothing we can do about that now is there?"
He was purposefully egging you on. You were trying your best to be composed, you really were but he was stirring the other side of you. The side that you worked hard to keep at bay. It was telling you to rip his head off.
" Chip, I'm trying my best to be patient with you but you're pissing me off. I'm sorry that you don't like me talking to Jen and Needy but I'm not going to stop just because you want me to"
You saw the anger sweep over his features," Fine, never would've thought you'd turn out to be such a bitch. Maybe they are the perfect company for you"
You couldn't help yourself. You grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed him into the lockers. He groaned as his head slammed against the metal.
You gritted your teeth and stared down at him. You were either seconds away from ripping him into pieces for dinner or punching him until his face caved in.
Before you could do any of those things you felt a hand resting on your shoulder. You whipped your head around to see Jennifer with worry in her eyes. Needy was behind her displaying equal concern.
You had the attention of everyone in the hallway. You let go of Chip's shirt and he slid to the ground. There was an imprint in the locker where you slammed his body.
You knew you had done enough damage but just because he had angered you so much. You bent down to his level and looked him square in the eyes," I fucked Needy in the backseat of the car this morning"
With that you stood up and walked down the hallway and out of the school with Jennifer and Needy in tow.
The adrenaline and anger was still coursing through your veins. The security guard tried to stop to question you but you shot a glare at him so vicious that he turned the other way.
" Would you slow down please?"
" You can keep up," you said, heading for your car.
Jennifer used her spread to cut you off. She rested both of her hands on your shoulders.
" Baby your eyes. You need to calm down."
You groaned before resting your head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arms around and soon you felt another presence hugging you from behind.
You took a steady breath in, inhaling the lite scent of Jennifer's perfume.
" I could've killed him. He just made me so fucking mad, I couldn't even think straight"
Jennifer pulled away so you were looking into her eyes," You wouldn't have done that Y/n. Stop talking like you're some kind of monster. The dweeb pissed you off and got what he deserved"
Needy chimed in," Let's ditch, we can go to my house to… decompress"
You nod your head," I'm not going back in there"
Needy hopped into the driver seat of your car while you and Jen sat in the back.
" I was going to fuck your brains out in the janitor's closet today, but I guess cuddling and watching Netflix is a good second choice"
You laugh at Jen's words," We can still do that just minus the janitor's closet. After all, I have a lot of pent up anger to work through"
Jennifer smirks before placing a quick kiss on your lips," It's so cute how you think you'll be bossing me around"
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falene · a day ago
Tumblr media
💋🔥 No, your heart 💋🔥
A Jennifer's Body tribute. Fanart depicting Needy as a cherub-angel of death and Jennifer as a devil. Jennifer has Needy's lipstickìs print on her left cheek. 
TOOLS || Winsor & Newton colours (watercolours), Giotto crayons, various types of nuanced inks, PS.
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xanaxd0lly · a day ago
Tumblr media
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foxboyism · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jennifer's body + my trigger (miike snow) + death of me (pvris) + anyone else (pvris) + only love can hurt like this (paloma faith)
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luckithri-summaters · 2 days ago
Possessed hot girls with knives wanna hunt you for sport.
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peachpotions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
my favorite movies (in no particular order): JENNIFER’S BODY
hell is a teenage girl
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meikherboom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-thot-clown · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Jennifer's Body where everything is the same except that she says this instead of "I am a god"
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polyghostfacehours · 3 days ago
Jennifer Check
Kinktober 2021:
-Day 1 - Face-sitting
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oshimaida · 4 days ago
im convinced that the plot of jennifers body IS real and megan fox is just with mgk to keep her alive 🤷🏽‍♀️ shes gna finish him off soon…i can tell.. /hj
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gr00vyr0se · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
“I go both ways.”
Jennifer's Body is a great movie please go watch it
Tumblr media
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