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#jennifer lawrence

Is it weird to anyone else that Jennifer Lawrence literally embodied a story where a tyrant upper class bleeds everyone else dry, continually pressing them while they live lavish and is still like “fortunately I got to see the fiscal benefits of Republican tehehehe.” Bitch shut up.

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Re Jen and her friend Laura, I think things probably started going south when Laura became Jen’s assistant. Although they were very good friends, it puts an entirely new strain on a friendship when one person becomes the other person’s boss. And Laura seemed very comfortable showing her connection to Jen - posting pictures of Francis Lawrence or Woody for example. Laura even got a cameo in Red Sparrow. Maybe Laura wasn’t as discrete or professional as Jen wanted. Maybe that started things to go bad and then it just fell apart from there. On the flip side, maybe Jen wasn’t as good a friend to Laura as Laura needed. Jen herself stated that she tends to take over situations and things tend to become about her and what she wants. Clearly things ended badly and probably suddenly because one minute Laura was Jen’s best friend who introduced her to her future husband. The next minute Laura was throwing shade at Jen’s relationship and was not invited to her wedding.

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One thing about Jen is that you have to take what she says with a grain of salt. I don’t know how accurate a lot of the stories she tells really are. I think she likes to exaggerate to make a small story funnier and bigger.

With that said, if she does have weekly/regular sleepovers with friends and throws her husband out of his own bed to go sleep by himself while she sleeps with her girlfriend in their bed - yes, I do think that’s odd. She’s a 30-year old married woman. Have your friend stay over but respect your husband’s space too. He shouldn’t be tossed to the guest room like a dog who peed on the carpet. Let him sleep in his own bed and you go sleep in the guest room with your friend if you really want to. I don’t know - Jen didn’t seem to have a real adolescence so she’s kind of stunted in some ways. As for Cooke - this is on brand with how I view their relationship. She calls all the shots and he goes along with whatever she says because he’s used to taking a back seat to her. But whatever works for them! As I always say - every pot has a lid (until a better lid comes along).

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Around the time of Jen’s engagement Laura posted on her IG and Twitter pictures that seemed to shade the upcoming marriage. About a week after, Jen and her family unfollowed Laura and Laura’s dog’s IG account (Jen had a secret IG account which has since been disabled). People thought something had happened between them. This was confirmed when Laura was not in attendance at Jen’s wedding and placed herself in New Orleans (if I remember correctly) that weekend. Laura then posted another shady pic a few weeks later when she attended another friend’s wedding in Ireland and alluded to being in a real castle (instead of a fake castle - Jen got married at Belcourt Castle in Newport). Why they had a falling out is totally unknown.

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