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With half of them knocked out or captured by the hammer-wielding Absorbing Man and Titania, Striker devises a plan to save their friends without dying by pretending to be bad guys. Hazmat takes off her containment suit and waltzes into the room to distract the hammer-wielding couple by having a casual chat. Once Absorbing Man and Titania are distracted, Striker and Finesse managed to rescue Reptil and Veil. 

- Avengers Academy #18, 2011 (Fear Itself tie-in)

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Heroines of WOCtober: Jennifer Takeda

Jennifer was a normal teenage girl until she got really nasty superpowers - her body produces radiation and all kinds of poisons, forcing her to wear a protective suit at all times. She was recruited into Avengers Academy, a group of superpowered students under the tulleage of Henry Pym and other veteran B-Lister heroes, and given codename Hazmat. But even that had a cruel twist to it, as they quickly discovered Avengers didn’t take them in out of hope they may become a new generation of heroes…but out of fear they’ll become next generation of villains. Still, it wasn’t all that bad, over time Jen even developed a relationship with Mettle, a teenager trapped in a monstrous, metallic form (with an added insult to injury in that it made him, a black Jewish man, look a lot like Red fucking Skull).

Nothing of relevance happened with her since that book ended in 2012 up to the end of 2018


Nothing at all.

OKAY, FINE! I’ll tell the truth. She was ut in two books after Avengers Academy ended - Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover. it’s just that…these books suck Donkey Kong’s konkey dong and I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. And their treatment of Jennifer is awful. As in “let kill her boyfriend and pin on her series of traumas for the sole reason to excuse hooking her up with Bland McOneStepRemovedFromisekaiProtagonist Blatant Writer Self-Insert” awful. Skip that shit.

Anyway, this year Jennifer has been brought back in new and ongoing Captain Marvel series, where Carol Danvers takes her under her wings and Jen has been series regular in that book.

Recommended Readings:

Avengers Academy - the essential book for Jen fans.

Captain Marvel - Jennifer’s return to being well-written after too many years

Amazing Spider-Man #661-662 - Written by Avengers’ Academy writer Christos Gage, when Spidey takes a spot as a guest lecturer at Avengers Academy.

- Admin 

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Iron Fist (Danny Rand) was called in by the Avengers Academy teachers to train the kids as a guest instructor. While Finesse (Jeanne Foucault) and Reptil (Humberto Lopez) are on the training sessions with Iron Fist, the other students have a commentary. Hazmat (Jennifer Takeda) makes a snarky remark on Danny’s “cultural appropriation”. Meanwhile, poor Reptil gets a humiliating smack from Iron Fist’s booty. 

- Avengers Academy v1 #3, 2010 


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-Real name: Jennifer Takeda

-A.k.a.: Jenny, Jenny Takeda

-Publisher: Marvel

-Type: Super human

-Afilliations: Avengers Academy, Masters of Evil

-Powers: Projects radiation (toxic waster and other deadly substances), blast power, chemical absorption, chemical secretion, poisonous, power suit, unarmed combat

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I was sitting in my room, then out of nowhere, Hazmat came in and started taking everything apart. Like. Taking clothes out of my dresser. And books off of shelves. She kept repeating, “Where is it, where is it, WHERE IS IT?” Eventually, my cat came running upstairs and she grabbed him and yelled, “Finally! The goodest boy ever,” and I started being all sad until they kinda just left. But in place of my cat, she left me a roll of bread and disintigrated everything else in my house. All that was left was me and the bread.

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One of the downsides about living in the Superhero Headquarters…You would lose your valuable items in any explosion from attacks. 

As the Avengers Academy students have been evacuated by Hank Pym, Justice and Quicksilver when the Avengers Infinity Mansion went into a self-destruct mode. Everyone were relieved that they are alive except for poor Hazmat who is dismayed over the loss of her vintage Dazzler poster to the explosion. 

- Avengers Academy #19, 2011

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