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Jennifer Taylor
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Jennifer Taylor (sometimes as Jennifer Bini Taylor) is an American actress, best known for her role as Chelsea on CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, and earlier, for three other roles on the show.
She is still acting see https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0852569/ but
She is not getting any love on Tumblr. I seem to be the only one posting about her. That’s so wrong!  More Jennifer!
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She also appeared in the 1998 erotic thriller Wild Things.
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Queer As Folk
Ep. 1.08 "Babylon Boomerang"
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hamliet · a day ago
I've got a question for you if you could've had any storylines on qaf for the characters that we didn't get what would you pick?
My choices would be
Deep dive into Brian's addiction issues
More exploration of Justin and his art, showing him at college and the process. The consequences on himself post his trauma affecting his dream career choice. Seeing him make actual proper art instead of fleeting shots here and there
Emmett getting to have either a family member/or friend from his past introduced I'm sure he was the only one who never got one which is a hate crime
Keeping Michael's friend from Season 1 around a bit longer counteracting Brian's all straight people are evil narrative, especially after she came around after Brian outed Michael and was a good friend to him. It would've been funny to see how Brian would've coped with him having a straight female friend hanging around plus showing not to judge all people the same there are ones who are willing to learn and be allies.
What a great ask!! Thank you!
Ahem. First of all, honestly, I love all your suggestions.
The idea of Tracy continuing to pop up post season 3 is great, and I'd have liked to see more of her friendship with Michael. Emmett’s family situation being explored also had potential (like, my assumption is that they’re all dead or he’s estranged, but it’d be interesting to explore that). I would also have loved the idea of Brian’s addiction issues being addressed—Ted’s arc, and Blake's, explored addiction well, so you don't need to tumble Brian down a spiral so much as you could have increased the foiling between them to give Brian a bit of a challenge/wake up call.
As for Justin’s art--yes. 100%. Especially since art is symbolic of his life (like, Justin literally points out he's been drawing practically since birth, because art is his life), I'd have liked to see his career given more focus!
In general, as for what I'd change in addition to yours... well, most changes I would make would be to further flesh some of the already-existing plot lines out because they could have worked far better than they did (such as fleshing out Justin’s PTSD/dealing with PTSD throughout the series, which would make the Pink Posse arc fit much better).
I would also replace the... lesbian cheating and custody battle with a new story that served the same thematic and character purpose, but without the repetitive nature and the icky subtext. I’d build Lindsay towards making a final confrontation of her desire to have the perfect image and Melanie confronting her own insecurities about never being enough for Lindsay through a plot line involving Melanie’s professional life post-pregnancy. I don’t think we got any relatives of Melanie’s either, just like Emmett, actually, so exploring Mel's family is another option. But since Mel's so focused on her career, and her focus is part of the stereotype she turns out to be so much more than, I would have to say fleshing out her career and making that a central part of her arc would be awesome.
Some other ideas:
Deb and Rodney bond more after Vic’s death.
Bring Reverend Tom back at some point. Kinda vague, but I'd have liked this.
But the main one?
FLESH OUT JUSTIN’s SISTER. It’s a crime we only see Molly a handful of times in season 1 and the very start of season 2. A crime, I tell you. 
Why? Because Molly so clearly adores Justin. Even when she’s annoying him, she does so by imitating him. He comments that after he’s gone she’ll have “appropriated my coolest stuff” and post-bashing, Craig mentions that Molly gives him updates on Justin’s health and well-being. In other words, Molly loves Justin (unlike Craig), and seeing him bond with her as part of both of them growing up would have been a gift. 
You could then explore Molly as Justin’s inner child, especially once she’s a little older and in middle school (seasons 4 and 5) and thereby capable of being her own character. You could also use a plot line of Justin and Molly bonding to further develop Debbie and Vic even, especially if you set it post-Vic’s death. There’s a lot you could do with this to foil Brian and Justin, too, as all major plot lines and relationships tended to do (because their love story embodied each and every central theme).
Like, Justin mimics Brian at times, especially when he is more immature, but grows to love him and be loved as his own self. Molly mimics Justin. Even though clearly a brother/sister relationship isn't the same as romance, love is still a tie between them. Justin choosing to appreciate Molly's imitation as the admiration it is, while encouraging her to be her own person... like Brian did for him.
You could also have Molly and Justin foil Brian and Claire. Molly is about the same age as Claire’s kids, too, so you could even have them meet at school or whatever and have a conflict there and Justin give her advice and support. Not gonna lie, I'd also have loved to see Jennifer learn a little more about Brian's family, if only to see her rage.
There’s so much potential for Molly and Justin's relationship benefitting the series as a whole, and I’d have loved to see it delved into. 
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glowstick-of-destiny · 4 months ago
Jennifer Taylor went from this-
Tumblr media
to this-
Tumblr media
Gif credits:- @sophsun1
We often forget how much Jennifer Taylor went through,
coming in terms with your child being gay and handling it way better than any mother on the show.
Supporting Justin when the homophobic school turned its back on him.
Almost loosing your child
Watching your child struggle with PTSD and nightmares and not being able to do anything about it.
Marching with her son in the Pride march, telling him she is proud of him.
Going through a shitty marriage and an abusive husband for YEARS.
FINALLY stepping out of the marriage, divorcing the abusive homophobic prick and gaining Molly's custody.
A kick ass realtor
Always having faith in Brian (more like Pro-Brian).
Knowing her worth and having another go at her love life.
Survived a bomb blast, and losing her son almost for the second time.
Accepting Brian is perfect for Justin and feeling remorseful with the fact that he won't be her son-in-law.
Loving Brian like one of her own child.
And having immense faith in Brian and Justin's relationship.
Let's not forget all the qualities Justin posses, love, compassion, kindness and bravery comes from his mother, and in Brian's words-
"You don't know how lucky you are to have a mother like that"
Thank you Jennifer Taylor for being the best mom we could possibly see on television.
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thehtg-therealone · a year ago
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This plus the fact there was a tweet about miles and Jennifer Taylor recording lines together has me scared and excited out of my mind
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Jennifer Taylor
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Jennifer Taylor & Brian Kinney
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i was looking through my qaf folder and i found the top picture and i realized justin’s drivers license address is the loft :,)
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Queer As Folk
Ep. 1x07 "Smells Like Codependence"
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