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#jennifers body
kookou · a day ago
could you do a smut with sae-byeok that includes degradation, praising, a spit kink, scissoring, knife play, and overstimulation? sorry if it’s a big request, i really love how you write <3
# #ft. killer! sae-byeok x f! reader.
# #tw. jennifer's body au. best friends to lovers. implicit infidelity. degradation. praising. spit kink. scissoring. knife play. overstimulation. fingering. blood. grammar errors.
Tumblr media
your expression was different. you were tired. exhausted. so much so that you didn't even notice his overwhelming presence surrounding the room. you took off the cream colored sweater you used to wear, the dim dark light that passed through the curtain was scarce, but it was enough to observe how your body swayed frequently. you unbuttoned the last soft threads of your body, leaving your shoulders bare in front of her. you quickly took off your cheap glasses and put on a wave of fear hitting your body.
you sighed heavily as you tried to forget everything that had previously happened to you. your messy hair and your mind full of bloody things were not an impediment to not being able to rest comfortably.
you tensed when you heard a red sheet open before you at the back of your body. you reacted almost immediately upon hearing her voice again as in the last moments that you lived just a few minutes ago. you jumped out of your bed onto the cold floor just to turn on the light and illuminate her frivolous and innocent face. you didn't stop to think how fast your glasses were already on your eyes as her words progressed.
she rolls her eyes before pulling away from you, her palms slapping her forehead as he nestles between the sweet sheets with your scent sticking to she.
"god, stop yelling now. you're a cliche" hissed sae-byeok.
"out of!" you growled. your heavy breathing was able to make itself present in front of her and you were afraid to show it.
"but we always sleep together" she pretended to pout.
another sigh came out of your tired mouth. your mind couldn't think of anything but her covered in a crimson hue of blood diluted in the moonlight. you wanted to ask her, but he most likely denied it, you didn't want to know. your expression calmed down as soon as she got up from the sheets kneeling before you, crawled up to you, the tears of fear would soon come out of your desperate pupils, but even bent, she was taller than you by far. the gray sheet was lying behind her. revealing her navy blue shorts with white dots and red trim lace. her almost transparent braless blouse matched the sheet.
"i would never hurt you" she said with false intentions to calm you down.
grab your cheap glasses and sneak up on you so you don't have control over your eyesight. you looked so fucking innocent and pure that i couldn't help but get horny at your terrifying gaze. she started to play with the hem of your hair making soft wavy curls with her soft long fingers. your head falls, the eyes lose control over you and retreat to his lap. she has one hand of yours hugging her legs, so grab the one that's loose too. you caress your knuckles with your thumb, calming the storm she had caused.
you can feel the palm of her hand resting on your thigh getting closer and closer to your wet crotch. you can still remember the metallic blood sticking to his body, no matter how hard you try to avoid that terrible memory, your mind keeps spinning. she gives you a look of compassion when her sees your confused expression, takes one of her hands and unwraps it from your hair to bring it to his cheek.
"maybe i wants to kiss you" she murmurs in an almost inaudible tone, but you have to listen to her.
"i never... you know i never..." a faint crimson shadow forms on your cheeks as the words leave her mouth.
her pale lips approach yours joining them in a lustful kiss. a few moments hesitated whether to accept, remained motionless before his light touches to her body. they parted for a few seconds, with her two hands, she grabs your neck easily wrapping them around.
the tips of her fingers are directed towards her lips parted and covered with a layer of transparent lipstick. her bright red painted nail glides against your full lips. they put them back together once more, with the difference that this time you were willing to continue the kiss. her lips indifferently explore your mouth without any remorse. her tongue began to explore your oral cavity without warning, you felt that it was devouring every corner it found within you.
"shit. you're fucking hot" said your best friend.
she walked away from you slowly. you opened your eyes as her hands moved away from your tense neck. you thought for a few moments about your next move, and this time it was you who took the initiative. you got on it and they started a fight to see who could have control of the situation. unsurprisingly, her won.
she placed her hands on the hem of your short purple shirt. shr easily unfolded it and slid it from your waist to your loose hair, where her detached it without any help. you could feel the heat approaching your already hot cheeks every time she saw your breasts in the air.
almost making you wince at the roughness of your best friend's thumb and finger twisting your chin to look up at her, "we've only just begun." she wasn't bragging, her chin lowered to let her lips brush up along your neck, drawing a harsh moan from the back of your throat. the sound took them both by surprise, and they felt her nails lightly press against the weak muscle of his biceps. a weak thread formed in the spot, but i was tired from the way sae-byek took the skin on your pulse between her teeth. you could feel the smile pulling her lips against your skin, she was enjoying this.
you were still in your make out session, you gasped as you felt her nails press against your hip while her lips were still connected through a ghostly thread of saliva. it didn't take long for she to bring her fingers from your waist to your pussy. an uncontrollable moan left your lips as her fingers untangled the hem of your shorts and pulled it low enough to see your fluids cascading from your crotch.
her knuckles lit up as he gripped the covers, her mouth hung open and his tongue hung out as her vision blurred. there was not a single thought in your head, your mind monopolized by the sensation of his long fingers passing over your thighs and peeling the lace from your soaked panties.
"hmn, you are a whore. soaked like that just for me" she murmured slowly she directed her fingers making a sinful path towards your pussy. "look at you, drooling like a little bitch."
for this your panties were already somewhere tucked between the gray sheets of your dimly lit room. you moaned at the new contact of a few fingers through your tight walls, easily inserted a finger inside you as if it were nothing. she would grab your elbows roughly so you couldn't hold back from anything she wanted to do to you. a wave of pleasure gathered in the pit of his stomach when she noticed that sae-byeok's eyes were fixed by default on the subtle sight of your breasts that were exposed to the perfect height of her iris.
you'd be lying if you said you didn't like this. more than once you have fantasized with her warm fingers inside you fucking you until you are not even conscious of your own name.
every time her fingers came out and into you in circular movements, your parted lips let out a tired sigh. the spiral of your stomach had begun to tighten, your thigh rested on her shoulder and trembled noticeably as he approached the edge. her fingers continued to thrust at you vigorously, curving deeply to hit your g spot with intention each time. the lure of you chasing your orgasm made me want to keep you that way, but at the same time all you wanted to do was please yourself. you leaned back, running your fingertips in quick circles along her nerve bundle. that was all it took to send you spiraling to the brink of climax. bending her fingertips against the smooth walls of your pussy. you screamed at the stimulation but it was only muffled by the black haired fingers stuck in your throat.
she tightened her grip on your sharp jaw, digging her fingers deeper into it. she played with the corner of your lips for a few seconds and you heard a sound coming from her fleshy lips, an almost invisible thread of saliva had come out of her mouth. it fell almost directly to your lips as if she had planned this from the beginning.
"swallow" hissed in your ear. you obeyed licking the saliva that had been left out of your mouth, almost choking you from the position you were in.
"you like this, don't you? my fingers fucking your pretty pussy while you moan like a whore just for me" she snapped firmly, keeping her fingers still wrapped around your arm as she stood antioxidant close to you. you could smell the faint floral scent of her perfume wafting past your nose, trying to keep your focus on hers despite the fact that her body was almost flush with you. now that you were under your best friend's grip and could physically feel the arousal building up between your thighs.
you almost felt your demeanor crumble from the way she now had the upper ground on you, adding the demeaning nickname only solidified that. you could just deny it, shake your head, and roll your eyes at the accusation, but you knew she wasn't stupid enough to believe that. especially given the fact that she whimpered at the way her grip didn't give around her arm when she tried to back away.
drool accumulated on your chin, swaying and drooling. in your current state of despair, you didn't even bother to control yourself because every time you begged her to slow down, she will only goad sae-byeok to continue to ruthlessly pound your drooling pussy while she paid no attention to you and only focused on your cute face. full of waterfalls of tears.
she was never really a fan of squirting until she saw it right before her eyes. inside her mind still bores the image of your breasts jiggling and quivering from overstimulation, your flushed cheeks flushed with shame with glassy eyes staring into hers. your mouth could be telling her to stop, so why does your pussy always squeeze her fingers.
in a few seconds, she changes her position easily letting her pussies stick through her clothes still on but where you could clearly notice how her thighs tightened every time you sighed. quickly, she ran her fingers to the hem of her shorts and unfolded them down. her pants were already on the floor at this point, and to your surprise, you had no panties.
she lay on her back and told you to do the same. the black haired woman spread her legs and to ask for your approval, she looked at you again, but you nodded frantically. with the tips of her fingers, she began to trace a ghostly path through your skin, going from your stomach to your pussy to accommodate it at the height that the two are glued to each other again. unconsciously you became more needy than before, and began to do lunges in a back and forth pushing against her.
the long fingers of your best friend caressed your entrance. you held your breath as her movements accelerated every second. your back arched as it led to your umpteenth orgasm, having lost count a while ago. you started moaning uncontrollably, but before you could get any louder, she stopped.
"you are such a needy whore. you don't deserve to be in this position" she murmured against you, her voice stained with seduction. her lips brushed the shell of your ear, the heat of her breath hitting your skin sent chills in your weak body.
they were so in your mess, you didn't even realize it when she turned your body from face down to face up. your ass was the symmetry of the perfect height of her face. you could feel her fluffy hair crashing against your bare trembling skin. she brought her hand to the nightstand that you had next to your messy bed, you didn't know how or when she got a sharp knife. but right now, the blade of the knife was pressing against your deep throat.
her gaze had lost that gift that highlighted her iris full of innocence. this time she was looking at you with lust and despair as she pushed the metal edge of the kitchen knife deeper and deeper.
"w-what are you doing?" you stammered.
her gave a slight laugh paired with a lopsided smile. she laugh made you feel intoxicated by it, causing extreme dizziness in your head. this time she turned the razor that raised an eyebrow, brought the blade from her throat to her cheek, sliding it gently along her cheek, it was so sharp that it left a trail of blood traced in an almost invisible thread.
grabbed your panties that were hidden between the gray sheets in your room. she placed them in your mouth gagging you from any scream that comes to your mind to get from your pale lips. the smooth waterfall that comes out of your pupils and hits your cheeks is enough for her to keep taking the lead in all of this and keep hitting the sharp blade against your cheek. with the tips of her fingers she is in charge of cleaning the blood so as not to leave a single drop all over your pretty face.
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seravph · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
miss toto as jennifer check
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harriyanna · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hasanati’s inferno. jennifer’s body, but black.
if i ate your boyfriend, i’m not sorry.
photography by creativittea.
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jamieleecvrtis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Neon Demon (2016) The Loved Ones (2009) Suspiria (1977) Colour Out Of Space (2019) Candyman (1992) Black Swan (2010) Jennifer's Body (2009)
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maxys-tea · 6 months ago
Idk what's this trope called, but the pretty girl who got abused/bullied that gets cool supernatural powers fucks so hard
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rabdoidal · a month ago
Tumblr media
did a little redesign of the poster for Jennifer’s Body because who is more deserving of this AU than sam and penelope...
✨ kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous ✨
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