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If you guys can, please report @ deancasshipper!!!

They harass and bully other blogs. They are also spreading fake rumors against Jared! Thank you!

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similarities between Dean Winchester and Michael Emerson

because I can’t stop thinking about the fact that dean’s favorite movie is a campy vampire movie famous for it’s significance in the history of queer cinema

  • both have a younger brother who they care a lot about (sam and, well, sam!)
  • raised by a single parent (lucy and john)
  • also featuring a gruff, alcoholic father figure (grandpa and bobby)
  • dean has the impala, michael has his bike (that they both fixed up themselves!)
  • bad tempers + bad at talking about feelings
  • same taste in music
  • both wear leather jackets
  • kind of stupid but we love them anyway
  • bisexual
  • both in love with a sexy man in a long coat who says their names a lot but is a different species and also has a biblical name. who also dies in the end.
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Alec McDowell in Dark Angel.

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Jensen and Misha together in the mountains what r they doing? Making the supernatural puppet show of course :)

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I need to finish the third chapter of Let Me Make it up to You…

But… COCKLES won’t stop taking over my mind.

You’d think that would be good. Inspiration, even.

But no… let me assure you… it is not good. Because I can’t stop thinking about that video. Which means I can’t be thinking about the JIB3 video to finish writing lol.

How did the video of the possible kiss at jib3 suddenly become the SECOND most important cockles video??


Fuck me.

I need some encouragement to finish this chapter, if you got any…

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Okay. Jared’s Dean/finale comments, lets talk about it. And lets have adult conversations if you disagree, please. I’m always willing to hear a new/different take. TW//Suicide ideation mention

Let me preface this by saying that: Jared is entitled to his own opinion/interpretation of this. Even if you think it is a shit one to have and don’t agree with it. We all have our different takes on the media we consume and thats the fun part of being involved in shows like this.

I’m in a middle ground of understanding but not understanding why people are so upset about what he said. Disregarding the rest of whatever he said solely for the fact that I didn’t really watch or read anything outside of his supernatural comments. So lets start with the only thing that realistically bothered me personally- him saying something along the lines of ‘Dean was all about Sam, so it was only right that he died for Sam.’ Jared……. No. That type of “I only exist for you and don’t care about myself” narrative is played and a dangerous mindset to promote as a heartwarming, loving sentiment. That’s not love, that’s toxic. Especially because of the self sacrificing, canonically suicidal themes we’ve seen all throughout the show. However, I do agree to an extent that Dean dying from hunting was not necessarily a true “happy ending.” but a rather canonical realistic, happy-ISH ending for that character. Best case scenario though? No, not really. And I’m not agreeing in a “he can finally be free from all of his pain” type way, but in agreement with what Jensen and Jared have always said about the show ending- that the best ending for them was to go down in a blaze of glory because otherwise they would never truly leave this hunter life/be satisfied with a white picket fence life.

It’d be easier for sure- since Chuck isn’t playing them like puppets anymore. But being a hunter, with both of them but especially with Dean, is so deeply rooted in them I feel like history would’ve just repeated itself and them staying in the life in any capacity outside of precautionary is not a happy ending to me. That much is evident in the fact that when Sam had his kid there were still snippets of the hunter life incorporated into almost everything. Did the way they executed that death suck ass? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. I cannot tell you how angry I was that after everything they killed him on a rusty fucking nail. BUT, without getting in too deep and without thinking I can compare fiction to reality, I don’t see his death as suicide ideation or Sam helping aid his brothers death. One, with the way that moment was poised he probably would’ve died either way if he stayed or they tried to rush him to a hospital to be honest, like he would’ve bled out regardless. Him choosing to die there with his brother instead of a hospital or something is a very Dean thing to do, I’d say. I think Dean even said that the nail was the only thing keeping him alive for the time being (don’t quote me, and feel free to tell me if he did or didn’t say this) And two, the life fans wanted him to live is not a life he realistically would’ve been happy with, in my opinion. I feel like Dean did truly love hunting and saving people and, but I also think alot of Dean’s discourse (outside of having to lose everyone closest to him) with the life was just always feeling like he had no choice BUT to do this. But thats another post, for another day.

Knowing the character, despite some major growth milestones in later seasons, I feel like he probably never would’ve went and got the therapy he desperately needed. Or like he’d be able to reach a point of contentment, but never true happiness. I also feel like if he had started a family again like he did with Lisa and Ben- got a job, a house the whole 9 yards- that situation of him being there but not actually being there would’ve repeated itself. And eventually he would’ve gotten involved with the hunters life intimately again and died that way. Does what I just said mean that with the possibility of any of that happening it means he deserved to die/continue to be suicidal? No. Never. Would a scenario where he DID find happiness, grow old, make a hunters blog to help other hunters, die warm in a bed or whatever else- make me happy? Oh yes. Do I think they should’ve at least let him try to be happy for once and shown what could’ve happened if Dean did try to find genuine happiness/live a 'normal’ life and If it still ended up with him dying in a way out of his control before Sam did that would be okay? Hell yes. But, that’s not what writers decided to do and at the end of the day, we just have to live with that. There are a THOUSAND AND TWO things I would’ve wanted them to do differently to give this show the ending it deserved instead of the rushed pile of shit we ended up with- but I still think that while Dean dying was not necessarily a happy ending, it was a realistic ending.

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as much as i desperately hope jackles will drop the tapes or post a pic of dean w a bi flag or something on dean’s birthday and then fuck off again, i absolutely refuse to get my hopes up. now where was i— *proceeds to get my hopes up*

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apparently the smutty soldier boy scenes MAY be in the show i- 😏✨ who tf is ready to see some jensen ass? hehehe

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and when sam gets dragged off by those vamps? we know dean goes absolutely feral whenever sam dies, so the way he lets cas hold him back here? they way they share that moment of insurmountable pain and kind of find a tiny bit of comfort in each other? i don’t even care if this is just them being best friends, this is just plain good to see.

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