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Is it me? I hope it is bc i drew me.


It has certainly been a year for us hasnt it? And today is sobering proof of what we all knew, that 2021 didnt mark a sudden end to the struggle and strife in the world. Its hard not to be discouraged, but i encourage us all not to despair. It will get better, because we are all alive and can keep moving forward in the right directions, even in small ways. Every little bit helps. We’ll make it through together. It might take time, but i still believe.

Thanks for the hug <3

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I dont know if i did her ok but here you go

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I dont know what that means, but heres a mannequin hug, i hope that helps.

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When your steam punk time traveling best friend comes back to the future…

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You definitely can. Ive owed you one for a long time.

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