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#jeon jungkook
jung-koook · 21 hours ago
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they're precious my heart so warm ♡
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burberryplaid · a day ago
sweet love making w jk and him calling u pretty girl
☆ pairings: jeon jungkook x f!reader ☆ warnings: established relationship, unprotected sex (don't make a mistake, cover your snake), virgin!reader, sub!reader, soft dom!jungkook, profanity, oral sex
[bts masterlist | requests are open!]
Tumblr media
The second you had given Jungkook permission, your panties were gone, his fingers caressing your folds. You watched him visibly swallow before his pink lips were attached to your clit, sucking harshly. You groaned, legs attempting to swipe shut but his broad shoulders combined with the warning glance he gave you kept your thighs locked in place.
His tongue ventured south, prodding your weeping slit experimentally before slipping inside. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of you; the foreign — but pleasurable feeling making you whimper.
Your nails dug into the coarse material of the couch. Jungkook grabbed your ankles, throwing them over his shoulder. His warm hands ran up and down your thighs, fingers digging into your flesh. Slipping his hand between your legs, you were not prepared for his rough digits to push past your folds and into your cunt.
With a cry, your hands flew to his hair, tugging at the roots at the base of his skull. "Kook - please..."
He curled his fingers inside you in a come hither motion, enjoying the noises of pleasure that escaped your lips. He could feel how your walls fluttered around his fingers, indicating that you were close to finishing. He had imagined this moment several times. A part of him wanted to edge you before letting you cum later that night, but the sight of your fucked out face only pushed him to quicken his movements. This was your first time and Jungkook wanted it to be memorable.
"Are you gonna cum for me, pretty girl?"
A few unintelligible mumbles left your lips before your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your back arched. You felt a weird coil at the pit of your stomach tighten with ever stroke of his fingers. It barely took one glance at the smirk on his face Your walls clamped around him as you squirted all over his fingers.
The feeling was extremely foreign to you. Your legs were partially numb from the overwhelming sensation. You were too far in your headspace to notice the soft chuckle that left your boyfriend's lips, his arms wrapping around you and cradling you in his hold. He couldn't hold back from leaning over and kissing your soft pink lips.
You were left breathless as his tongue pressed against yours, teeth nipping at you bottom lip. Your fingers gripped the fabric of his hoodie pulling him closer despite the burning in your lungs.
"Are you sure you want to continue?" Jungkook mumbled as he laid you down. You nodded, scrambling to your knees (which proved slightly difficult since your legs felt like jelly) and tugging at his sweatpants.
"Yes I want to." You huffed, eyes widening when his cock sprung out. "Do you always roam around with no underwear on?"
"You're noticing this now?" He smirked, fingers pushing your hair back. You rolled your eyes, digits immediately wrapping around the thick base and pumping it a few times. You pressed a kiss on the tip, giving the slit a few licks before putting it in your mouth and bobbing your head. Hollowing your cheeks, you made eye contact with Jungkook. His head was thrown back in pleasure while his fingers tugged at the roots of your hair.
You had watched porn a couple of times but Jungkook was clearly bigger than anything you had seen. You had given up at taking him entirely in your mouth and resorted to using your hands on the parts you couldn’t reach. Jungkook however didn't think twice before pushing your head further making you gag. His hips jerked forward a couple of times, loud moans and curses leaving his lips before you felt warm spurts of his cum shooting down your throat.
"Fuck." He hissed when you swallowed, grabbing your hips and flipping you over. Your skirt rode up at the motion, a gasp leaving your lips when he pushed your hips up. You arched your back when you felt a sharp sting on your ass, hands reaching out to fist the sheets near your face when you felt his cock rub your soaked folds.
"Ready, baby?"
"Please." You whined, the ache between your legs driving you crazy. With a groan he pushed himself inside you, the stretch making you moan wantonly. "Jungkook..."
His cock fit inside you perfectly, and you could tell he felt the same with the soft caress of his fingers on your hips. His grip on your hips tightened when he pulled out of slowly before pushing into you again. You knew there would be bruises along your sides by tomorrow but you didn’t care, all that mattered at this moment was the way he was slowly thrusting into you, filling you up with his cock.
"Faster please." You begged, pushing your hips back.
"Anything you want, pretty girl." He mumbled, hands roaming up as he pulled you closer to his chest. You moaned at the feeling of his lips on your neck, while one hand dipped between your legs and circled your clit. His thrusts picked up pace, cock hammering in and out of you at a bruising pace. Your jaw slackened, letting him use you as you fell limp in his arms from the pleasure. He held you up with ease, continuing his ministrations. Your moans were music to his ears.
After a couple of more thrusts, he laid you down on your back, crawling over you before lining his cock with your entrance once again. Holding himself up with one arm, he used his other hand to pull your leg over his shoulder.
The new position made you see stars; white and black dots clouding your vision. Jungkook was able to reach deeper and hit all the right spots this way.
You clenched around his cock, on the verge of another orgasm. Your body spasmed with every jolt of his hips while your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you reached your climax.
Jungkook's movements slowly became sloppy from how your pussy kept sucking him in with a vice grip.
"Come for me baby." You mumbled, the fluttering of your walls pushing him over the edge. You felt the hot ropes of his cum paint your insides as he collapsed on top of you, exhausted.
"I love you." He panted, nuzzling into your neck.
You giggled. Your soft boyfriend was back. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: thank you so much for reading! i had this crazy idea where i'd turn this ask into a full fledged yandere step dad jk fic, but i've been too slumped to finish writing it :( i hope you guys enjoyed either way! take care and stay safe lovelies ~
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bonny-kookoo · a day ago
Jungkook: Honesty 🔞
Tumblr media
,In which Jungkook is one of the most watched streamers and content creators on the web, and really bad at picking his women. Until he realizes he's been comparing them all to you.
Tags/warnings: Smut (duh but its really tame in this), protected sex, mentions of a Handjob, Blowjob, a lot of employment involving his pp if you get what I mean, bad puns and dirty jokes, reader is an emotional wreck but wbk, friends to lovers, playboy kook basically realizes what love is, angst
Want more of this? Feel free to comment (I love feedback like I love free food), request drabbles, or send in character asks! All content belonging to this AU will be tagged under Honesty!AU.
This is pretty choppy in terms of writing, meaning the parts jump a lot around when it comes to connectins. Its not as smooth as my usual works flow, and I don't really know if I was drunk writing this or not haha. It's been sitting in my drafts for so long now however, that I simply decided to post it. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it?
Sometimes you're unsure when exactly, or why you agreed on living with the redhead in the first place.
But then you look at your bank account and remember that oh right, that cherry haired demon actually pays you good money for cutting and editing his videos and streaming highlights- so you guessed that it kind of made up for the constant mental torture that he would put you under. For example, the amount of times you had to witness his obscene sex noises from his room- there was no way he was genuinely making girls exhibit those noises without involving something illegal in the process. To be fair, you were ready to call the cops twice before, but then again, you really didn't want to involve yourself into whatever he did inside that room of his. Girls seemed to be pretty worn out after emerging from that hellhole- and they were also always good for a laugh or two, whenever they would have to meet you in the mornings, eating your cereal like it was no one's business.
Which it wasn't.
You remember one moment in particular when it came to that; a girl who had probably hoped for more out of him had spotted you sitting on the kitchen counter in nothing but a sweater and underwear, eating cold pizza that had been left over from the night before- and the way she had yelled at the still barely conscious Jungkook before running out the door had been oscar-worthy of a performance. Truth be told though, it had made you feel a bit bad for her.
"You're never getting that out again." You comment from your position on the kitchen table, hot chocolate in hand as Jungkook walks into the kitchen, while the front door closes- a familiar sound to you. "Well fuck. I actually liked that shirt." You mumble, before you take a sip of your hot beverage.
"What-" He mumbles sleepily, before he notices a stain on the hem of his shirt. "Ah fuck." He curses, before slipping the shirt over his head to throw it into the laundry basket in the hallway.
"Ew no, Jungkook I don't want your cum-stains on my clothes!" You whine, running to the basket to pick up his shirt. "Jesus.." You mumble under your breath before you throw the shirt into the washing mashine, starting a quick cycle to at least get the stain out. "By the way, while you were busy getting down and dirty I sent you three videos. You know, so you can check them and post whenever." You say, walking past him back into the kitchen.
Jungkook doesn't say anything- and while you personally would guess that he doesn't because he's still barely alive at this point, he actually has a different reason not to talk. How come that you never really seem to be fazed by his antics at all? He's unsure why exactly he actually keeps you close like this anyways. You can pay your rent on your own, he can pay his own- its not like he needs to share the apartment with you anymore. But then again, he would probably need to hire a help for his own laundry and whatnot, and he hated strangers going through his shit. "Thanks." He mumbles out, retreating back into his room.
You don't think much about it.
She looks a bit like you, he realizes with a glimmer of horror as he watches the girl run her tongue over his length.
She's pretty, don't get him wrong- but he realizes with a choke of his own breath that she doesn't look like you enough. His mind corrects the facial features in his head, fabricates the image of your face looking up at him, and not hers- and he's a sudden goner, arousal shuddering through his body like it hadn't in a long long while. Jungkook really wanted to find love, everyone wanted- but he was also too lazy to put in too much effort. And then again, you weren't interested in him like this either way, so there was no use in letting himself crush on you.
He also felt like he was misusing his position of power over you.
Not in the way he does with the girl on his bed, although he'd love to move you around on his bed like this as well. Your wrists would be just as delicate in his palms, your body just as bewitching to watch as you'd writhe around underneath him in sensual ways. But that's not what his thought had been about. He basically paid you, gave you work, gave you a place to live- if he started to tell you that he had been slowly crushing on you, wouldn't you be swayed by that? Maybe you would fear loosing all of this if you would tell him no. The thought of that felt disgusting to him.
He feels an odd sense of guilt as he straps the condom over his length, lube not needed as he can see the glistening slick between her legs just fine. It feels odd this time, no matter how hard he chases his pleasure and enjoyment. It edges on it, teases him, but his thoughts can't be cleared this time. They're still muddy and unclear even after the girl had already left, leaving him in the shower where he scrubs himself clean, as if to forget the events that had just happened. It didn't matter, did it? Or maybe it mattered too much. His thoughts were all over the place, as he sits down at his desk, opening his twitter account to cancel tonight's stream.
You stare at him in distrust as he brings in the takeout bags, slipping off his shoes before he puts the white plastic bags on the kitchen table. "What?" He asks, taking off his coat before he walks back in, washing his hands at the sink while you take a look at the food he had chosen.
"Nothing." You say, as you open one of the white Styrofoam boxes, before his hand playfully slaps yours away. "And that's the issue." You say.
"What, me slapping your hand?" He asks, as you roll your eyes. "No honestly, what's the problem." He wonders, before taking all the boxes out the bags to finally eat.
"Well- nothing. You didn't have visitors for WEEKS kook, and you've been cancelling streams more often." You say. "Look, if something's up, you can always talk to me, you know that right?" You say, and he's about to thank you, until you say your next words, while stealing a spring roll from him. "I won't suck your dick though."
He almost chokes on his food at that, pressing his legs together while trying to force images of cute babydogs and kittens into his head instead of you on your knees in front of him, his length in your mouth.
"I mean, I do give a killer handjob though, so if you're THAT depressed, I could certainly you know, lend a hand." You say, casually taking another bite before cringing. "Oh wow that one was bad, please forget that one." You mumble, as Jungkook throws his back against the chair, letting his arms and head hang in defeat. "Hey whoa.." You say, now growing serious. "If it's that bad, I can move out or somethng-" You start, and he can't help himself any longer.
"I like you." He bursts out, and you stop chewing. "Like, fuck.. not like you, I'm not a schoolboy jesus fuck." He mumbles. "But like, I'm crushing on you, hard, and I don't know how to handle that. There, I said it." He finishes, looking at his food in front of him- now not so appetizing anymore.
"Okay." You simply say, as you continue eating.
"Okay?" He asks, almost offendedly so. "That's all?"
"I mean, its a crush right?" You say. "People get those all the time. It'll get better with time." You advice, before you put down your cutlery. "Or.. do you want me to move out? I can do that, you know?"
"Ah, I get it now." He says, chuckling to himself before he closes the box of food in front of him again, putting it in the microwave to maybe eat the next day before he goes into his room.
Suddenly he's not hungry anymore.
People sometimes do stupid shit to protect themselves.
While Jungkook had decided to go on a small hiatus to clear his thoughts, you had taken some time off as well, visiting your grandma further away for once. You truly enjoy your time there, full on so, but there's too much on your mind to really let yourself be immersed fully. "Boy troubles are always a nuisance, aren't they?" Your grandma says, as she places your cup of tea in front of you. "I can see that. Your mom looked like that too, years ago when she met your dad." She explains.
You rest your head on the table. "Yeah well, mom didn't fall in love with the guy that's also her boss." You mumble, as your grandma laughs, her hand gently on your head as if to help. But all it did was make you cry, as you start to feel the weight of everything crashing down. You could've had your picture-book and love-novel romantic start right then and there at the dinner table with him- but instead, you shot him down like it had been nothing, as if you didn't care about it at all. Your chances were now gone, and for good reason. "I need to pack." You simply say after a moment, getting up from the table with a lumb in your throat and guilt in your chest from being so cold to everyone around you.
You couldn't help it. All you've experienced until now had been hurt and lies. Your mom and dad had divorced even though they always said they loved each other, your first relationship ended up being a double edged sword when you found out your ex had been sleeping around like it was nothing, and your latest endeavors with men weren't much better. Loving was hard, it meant getting hurt, and you were absolutely tired of getting your heart broken over and over again.
Maybe that was why you had been so quick to shut him down.
But was that really any excuse? Couldn't you at least try? Apparently not, because at the end of it all, you've both started to drift away from each other anyways. There was no way he'd continue letting you work for him after you've returned back home. You've basically lost your job, and your best friend, both at the same time.
Double kill, you laughed inside your head.
Funny enough, you still worked even after his hiatus had ended.
He oddly enough seemed more determined than ever, trying to help around the apartment, hopelessly trying to start as much conversation with you as he possibly could. However, you saw right through him, blocking every chance at him trying to go any further than playful flirting. You knew this was irritating him a lot- but there was nothing you could do about it. It was pretty much an automatic response at this point.
And it was starting to really piss him off.
Because he knows you like him back- he knows you're just as deep in as he was mentally and emotionally, and it was starting to irritate him. Why couldn't you just give into his advances? Had he somehow never gained your trust enough to make you feel comfortable around him to the point of maybe involving yourself with him on a more intimate level? It wasn't even about sex anymore- it wasn't that at all, he'd happily only jerk off for the rest of his life if it meant that he could sleep next to you in his bed throughout the night.
He really was in deep, wasn't he?
But how could he not be? You were absolutely adorable in his sweaters, or whenever you were sleepy, or when you randomly started stress-baking at 2 am. You were so confident sometimes, while other times he could see you basically hiding away from the world- while he wanted to be able to tell you you're pretty, until you believed him you were.
He wanted to be the only opinion you genuinely cherished.
Jungkook can't seem to let things go, you thought as he asks you out yet again in the kitchen of your shared apartment- and it makes you snap for some reason, as you just do the next best thing you can think of.
And chasing each other in the rain was so goddamn cliche, you thought, as you practically escaped, fled out the apartment, instant regret filling your chest as the rain hit your head way more violently than you thought it would. But the only other alternative was staying back inside the apartment and continue to fight with Jungkook. Oh, but then again, his voice coming from behind you told you that there was no alternative anymore. Jungkook was out for blood, and he had bitten down on your flesh with no intention to let you go this time, it seemed.
"Why the fuck are you so goddamn stubborn?!" He shouts, partially due to the rain, but also because of how agitated he felt. "I'm trying, can't you see that?!" He barks out, by now absolutely spent.
"Well I didn't ask you to!" You shout back at him, before you finally start crying. "I never told you to!"
Its funny how he can spot the tears despite the rain- how he knows you're crying simply from the way your nose turns red and your eyes start to shimmer a lot more underneath the streetlight close to you. Walking towards you, he sighs out in relief as you finally meet him halfway, hugging him tightly while he holds you just as much.
As if a wall had broken down, as if you had finally given in.
"I know." He says, quieter, since he's much closer now. "You never ask for help." He continues, while you let yourself be swept away by emotions for the first time ever, violently shaking in his arms and unsure if it was the cold of simply your whole body being crumbled like an empty candy wrapper. "You never voice out your worries, or say when you've had enough. You always push your boundaries for everyone else except yourself, trust me I know that." He says. "And that's just you. That's who I want to be with." He explains. "I know you love me, and because of that I won't take a no for an answer, or any other weird explanation you may have on why this is a bad idea." He tells you. "We're not our parents, I'm not your ex. We're us, and there's no better example for that than you and me." He says, and you take another minute to take it all in, before you finally talk.
"Kook?" You mumble against his chest.
"Hm?" He answers.
"I'm cold." You say. "And wet."
And he just laughs, before he picks you up and carries you inside.
This night, finally sleeping soundly next to you.
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jung-koook · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
jungkook playing with the camera ♡
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akiema · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
'Create Your Winter' - Jungkook ver. + Youtube Comments dedicated to @jung-koook
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angelicbox · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
see you again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENRE: angst, fluff… that’s it really, oh! Reader and Jungkook are married <33 and and bam is in this <333
SUMMARY: Jungkook had forgotten about your 5th wedding anniversary.
PAIRING: Jeon Jungkook X Reader
WARNINGS/RATING: cursing, mentions of cheating (mentions of sleeping with someone else-), major death, mentions of drunk driving, small mention of blood | PG 12
NOTES: hi :)) enjoy :)))) (not very well edited so please excuse any mistakes!!)
Tumblr media
“I honestly don’t know why you’re so worked up over this!”
It was a perfect day, up until now. He enjoyed his day at work more than usual, because you didn’t have to go into work, for a reason he can’t remember, you were able to call him during his lunch break. It was great! You had laughed at all of the jokes he had told, and blushed such a pretty colour when he had winked and used an awful pickup line.
And then… he had to stay late. But that was alright, Jungkook was fine with staying a little bit later. The only problem was, he forgot to text you and tell you. You were at home, making his favourite meal. You had told them that over FaceTime, with the most gorgeous smile on your lips, eyes sparkling. You seemed really excited, and Jungkook couldn’t figure out why.
And then… he had to stay late. But that was alright, Jungkook was fine with staying a little bit later. The only problem was, he forgot to text you and tell you. You were at home, making his favourite meal. You had told them that over FaceTime, with the most gorgeous smile on your lips, eyes sparkling. You seemed really excited, and Jungkook couldn’t figure out why.
Until he realised.
It was your 5th wedding anniversary together.
Jungkook had forgotten about your 5th wedding anniversary.
How he had forgotten about the best day of his life, he doesn’t know. It just kind of floated from his memory, as bad as it may sound. Jungkook even had a gift for you! It was hidden underneath the bed, a beautiful golden necklace that shimmered and sparkled in the light, embedded with dazzlingly diamonds and on the back, your first name, and your last name. Jungkook’s last name.
It doesn’t dawn on him until it’s too late. He’s getting ready to leave, it’s nearing one in the morning, and the sun is well down by now, the moon taking its place as a light shining down onto the path. He walks home, leisurely, taking in the cool air with a smile, enjoying the feeling of the freshness stinging his cheeks. He almost skips down the path on his way home to you, eyes in the shape of hearts.
He doesn’t hear the noises his phone makes as he gets an onslaught of notifications, his mobile device stuffed to the bottom of his bag.
And then once he opens the door, getting ready for a warm hug and maybe even a little kiss, eyes gentle and soft as he takes in your face. Your… scowling face…?
You have your arms crossed on front of you, guarding yourself. Your face is set in a frown, lips down turned, eyes dark and brows furrowed. You’re staring right at him, right through him, with that venomous look. Jungkook takes a step towards you, maybe you’re only playing, but no, you shift the slightest bit away, still standing your ground with a glare.
That irks Jungkook, a little bit. His lips jut out softly, and he can hear Bam’s nails scrap across the wooden floor, but all he does is absentmindedly run behind his ear, his eyes on you the whole time.
Jungkook is tired, and stressed, and confused, so you can’t really blame him when he ends up making a situation escalate so quickly, with just a few wrong words.
“What’s your problem?”
And that’s sets it off.
“My problem?”, you scoff, and Jungkook can see clearly now the stress on your face, “I was worried sick about you! You didn’t think to call or text me while you were gone.. Four hours later than you’re usually gone?! I thought you were dead, I called and texted you like a hundred times, and you didn’t so much as read them!”
Jungkook’s brows lower even further, and Bam seems to notice the hostile energy, scurrying off quickly, gangly legs sliding all over the place. Everything is moving so fast, and your voice is so loud and high pitched, and it’s ringing in Jungkook’s ears, and he’s so tired, and he doesn’t have time to even think about what he’s saying-
“Okay, so I was gone a little while longer, so what?”, Jungkook says, with an edge in his voice, eyebrows pinched and forehead wrinkled with lines indicating stress, “I’m obviously not dead, I’m here now, so why the fuck bring it up?”
Now that… that really seems to bother you. Jungkook relished in hitting a nerve, a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.
“Okay then, fine”, you say with a resigned sign, and you sound tired, but Jungkook knows better than that. Your eyes are sharp, and he can almost see the gears and cogs turning in your head, your lips ready to spit fire. “But that still doesn’t explain why you couldn’t have just text me to tell me that you were alright. That maybe I shouldn’t put on your favourite meal yet. That maybe, you could reassure me that you weren’t sleeping with someone else, while I was here, working hard to make this night perfect. I don’t know what you were doing, but hey, that doesn’t matter, you’re here now, let’s kiss and make up, like a perfect couple should.
The last sentence is said with such sarcasm, that Jungkook is sure that if he were to kiss you (stop thinking about kissing, stop looking at their lips, stop-), he could probably taste it.
But that… was sore. How could you think that of him. Jungkook doesn’t let the hurt show in his eyes, even though maybe he should. Maybe he should stop this before it really gets out of hand.
“I honestly don’t know why you’re so worked up over this!”
And when Jungkook says it, he doesn’t believe himself. He knows why you’re so worked up about this, because it’s not the first time it’s happened. But it’s the first time you hadn’t just brushed it under the rug and carried on without asking twice. Jungkook knows that he would be beyond annoyed too, if you did that to him. He understands, but there’s something burning in him, in his chest, and it’s keeping the right words from coming out.
“Because it’s happened too many times before, and you’ve gotten away with it without me demanding an explanation, which I should have asked for the first time it happened!”, you shriek, and your voice just seems to be getting louder and louder, and more squeaky. Your eyes are big and glassy, your nose a rosy red, but you’re trying not to show it, eyes defiant and voice determined. “It’s our anniversary night, and I wanted to do something nice… but when you come in here with that face on you, with that attitude, it’s hard to ignore and not say anything about, y’know? When you arrive four hours late, might I add.”
You sigh and carry on, rubbing your forehead with shuddering shoulders.
“I just… I don’t know whether I can even trust you anymore, Jungkook. Not when you’re out for hours with any explanation, and when you get so defensive when I ask where you’ve been…”
His head is so sore, and his ears are ringing, and your voice is just so bitchy and annoying right now, that he can’t deal with it. Trust? What has this got anything to do about trust? Why do you always have to go on and on about stuff.
Maybe if Jungkook had just taken a minute to cool down, he would’ve seen how irrational he was being. How unfair and harsh he was.
He knows he won’t be able to deal with your tears if you do sit down and talk it out, he can’t deal with any of this at the moment. He just needs to sleep, and some peace and quiet, silence.
That sounded really nice. Just silence. Nothing but him, lying in a cool bed, with the window open and the cold night air flowing freely in. That sounded lovely…
And he doesn’t even notice that he replies to you, his mouth just moves on it’s on, while his brain is off in a different dimension.
“Fuck off then, don’t trust me. I don’t need to listen to your bitchin’, I never want to see you again.”
He doesn’t even register the door slamming.
Jungkook flops down onto his bed, his nice cool bed. He savours the amount of room he has, all to himself. It’s nice.
Jungkook falls asleep in an instant, to silence. Lovely silence, that envelops him and keeps him calm and cool.
His phone rings.
It blares loudly, and Jungkook snaps awake, eyes blinking rapidly as his phone buzzes beside him. He picks it up clumsily, pressing the bright green button, eyes squinting.
“What the fuck Jungkook??! O-oh my god, I-I can’t believe-”
“Wha?”, Jungkook slurs, voice groggy with sleep as he rubs his eyes. He recognises Taehyung’s voice.
“Y-you- I fucking hate you, what the fuck were you thinking, I-I can’t deal with this, fuh-fuck y-you-”
Taehyung breaks down into sobs, and Jungkook is suddenly wide awake, speaking into the phone. His heart drops to the pit of his stomach, heavy. He has a bad feeling about this. He’s ignored, and he heard murmurs of comfort towards Taehyung, and then the phone is passed to someone else.
“Jungkook?”, it’s Namjoon, with a slightly less shaky voice.
“Yes? Hello? What the fuck is going on?!”
“It’s Y/N”
Jungkook’s mouth goes dry. He licks his lips, and tears spring to his eyes before he even knows what happening. He searches around for his jeans, in case he needs to go anywhere.
“There’s no point now”, Namjoon says, and he must’ve heard Jungkook looking around for his clothes. His voice is deep and solemn, and it cracks with sadness every few words he speaks. Jungkook’s throat closes up.
“There was a drunk driver”, Namjoon starts, and slow tears cascade down Jungkook’s cheeks. He bites his fist to keep in the sobs, and his heart pounds against his rib cage. It hurts, and Jungkook knows he deserves it. “He, um, h-hit them. We’ve been trying to call you for ages, bud, they’re not, em, they’re not looking too good, o-okay?”
Jungkook bubbles with rage, regret and grief all at once.
“Okay?! Of course it’s not fuckin’ okay?! Where the fuck are you, where are they?!-”
“-what hospital are you at?! I need to see th-”
“I need to make sure they’re okay!-”
“Jungkook”, Namjoon says, and this time Jungkook doesn’t interrupts. He heaves big breathes, in and out.
“They’re gone, bud. I’m s-sorry, Jungkook, but it’s- it’s too late.”
In and out.
In and o-out.
I-i-i-n a-nd o-out-
It doesn’t work.
Jungkook breaks down, sobbing until his throat is sore, until it’s raw and throbbing. Namjoon tried to comfort him, but Jungkook can’t take it anymore. He hurls the phone against the wall, and it hits a picture frame off of the wall. Your wedding photo.
Your smiling faces go crashing to the ground, almost in slow motion. The glass cracks, as Jungkook crawls forward to cradle the pieces between his hands, letting the glass tear his skin open, watching his red blood drip and stain the red carpet below him.
Your beautiful face beams up at him from the photograph, forever captured there.
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ressjeon · a day ago
masqued secrets | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: best friend!jungkook x fem!reader (a bit of seokjin x reader)
rating: 18+
genre: smut, fluff, angst, masquerade!au, yacht club!au, friends to lovers?
word count: ain’t sure but it’s gonna be long 💀
warnings: explicit sexual content (duh lmao)
summary: you are given an unexpected invitation that you think will finally let you find a man to settle with for a long time run. however when the meeting ends with you no closer to figuring out his identity, you have no idea what to do or how to find him. but what if Jungkook, your dearest best friend, promises to do so because he claims he wants to ensure your happiness?
Tumblr media
— submission for 🕸NO-FACETOBER hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​      
⤖ 「 Day 19 」 : Mask
Tumblr media
comment under if you wanna be tagged or send an ask!!
permanent taglist: @bluesharksandfish @taebkyun​ @sheprocrastinatesalot​ @iamscharene​ @mwitsmejk​ @halesandy​ @codeinebelle​ @takochelle​ @joonado​ @moonchild1​ @helenazbmrskai​ @just-me-and-myselfs​ @procupcake​ @babyrosieareroses​ @erennjim @jiminable​ @kooyanami​
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ssaleil · 2 days ago
All because of You
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x (f) reader
summary: it all started with a bet. A bet that had both yours and your enemies pride on the line. You thought you would win, you were confident you would. But things don’t always end the way you wish it would.
warnings: somewhat fluff (at first-), angst like literally angst all over, tons of flashbacks, oc and jk are enemies, etl and lts !
a/n - I’ve been dying to write angst these days although I hate it this idea just made me want to write it so badly so I beg that I don’t get authors block and I will be able to write my idea down properly :) I’m honestly not sure whether I should make a prt 2 of this or not-
It all started with a bet. A bet you worked hard to get him to agree. A bet you were so confident on winning and the bet you wished never existed.
You couldn’t believe that you were so stupid, so naive, and so in love that you didn’t think. You were so careless, so so careless it broke you.
How did you come to the conclusion that he loved you? When in those 2 years with him did you think that he genuinely cared for you? What did you see in him that made you fall for him? Why him? Why Jeon Jungkook out of every man on Earth.
Despite the earlier revelations that had happened, you still love him and oh do you wish for that feeling to disappear and never come back.
He said he loved you, he brought you out on dates, took care of you when you were sick, made love with you… yet all were mere lies.
It was all games to him and he won. He won because you let your guard down, he won because you love him and he didn’t.
You should’ve listened to your friends, you should’ve taken the advice of Chaeha. You should’ve never have fallen for him and his games.
You regret it so much that you couldn’t believe that you’re walking under the rain past midnight after getting your heart broken into peices. Your tears had dried replaced by the pouring rain on your face. You were soaked, clothes clinging uncomfortably to your body. Neither did you have shoes on because your stupid self left in a hurry that you didn’t get to wear anything which led you to walk on the rocky road barefoot, an ache starting to build up on your feet.
You had nowhere to go. You refused to go home to your apartment simply because a lot of his things were there, pictures would be all over the house and you’d have to look at them in order to remove them.
You thank however, that there was no one around other than you. Pros of being under the rain you guess. Cons? You were sure you would get sick soon and you’d faint on the road and die.
You wish life was that easy. You wished that you could die this instant, embarrassment and shame surrounding your mind.
You could still vividly remember his words. What he said when he broke your heart. It was so easy for him, no hesitance in his eyes. Yet despite so, it was so hard to leave him.
“I love you so so much. God, we both lost the bet!” You giggle as you stuff your nose onto his neck, smelling his soft vanilla cologne. You were seated on his lap, legs on either side of his body as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer to him.
“I can’t wait to finally live with you, get married, and have kids.”
You felt him tense, arms stiffing around you. You tense up too, pulling away from him in confusion. His face was hard, eyes emotionless as he stared at you. “What’s wrong?” You ask carefully, feeling anxious all of the sudden.
“Only you lost the bet. I won the bet, 2 years ago. ” He said, the taste of victory on his tongue as he looked at your face. Your expression says it all: betrayed, hurt, angry, confused.
“W-what are you saying? Love, wh-what’s happening?” You ask cluelessly, gripping on Jungkook’s shirt even while he pushed you off of him.
“Remember that this was all the bet you proposed two years ago, __. Why are you so shocked? Did you really think I’ll fall in love with you?” He scoffs, pulling his arm away from you that you desperately tried to hold onto.
You could feel it - the tears. They were starting to well up and fall. Your heart ached as your mind started to compose million different thoughts that was starting to break you. He didn’t love you, he never did.
“B-but you said you love me…babe this is a joke right? You’re pranking me right now, right?! W-where’s the camera.” You aimlessly look around his apartment trying to find the hidden camera, you prayed that this was all some sick joke Jungkook’s pulling on you again but what if. What if it isn’t this time? What would you do?
“Let go of me, __. You brought this upon yourself so don’t start crying now because you proposed this bet and I won fair and square.” He pushed you away again, this time you fell on the floor. But you kept your eyes on his, you were looking for that one glint in his eyes that showed he was lying. Your boyfriend loves you, if he truly didn’t why did he stay with you for 2 years?
You wipe your tears off, sniffing a little afterwards as you try to toughen up.
“No! N-no. You said you loved m-“ Jungkook’s face hardens again, glaring down at you as if you were his enemy. It was the same look he had given you 2 years ago before the bet. The same look he would give you every time you had crossed the line a little too much for his liking. You could feel tears starting to well up again, you felt frail, fragile and vulnerable.
You wished your Kookie was there to comfort you.
“I never said I love you, __. Not once did I say I did. I only ever said that I liked you but not as my girlfriend.” Then did realization hit you. He never truly did say those three words. It had always been you and you were too naive to not notice.
“Then…then why did you stay with me and basically lived with me for 2 years. Why did you ever bother to take care of me, why did you let me use your clothes, sleep in your bed, and go out with you everywhere. Why did you waste your time on me?” You stood up from the floor, voice hard and raspy.
Your old self from 2 years ago was back, your true and loving self was gone down the drain. Your old self has always been a tougher and stronger version of the real you, you made that personality to protect you from all the bullying Jungkook had done, to fight for yourself because no one would do it but you.
You couldn’t think straight right now all you knew was that you were mad. He played you, he tricked you into believing him for 2 whole years. All those years you wasted so much of your life on someone who never took you seriously.
If he thinks he can play you then he’s right. He did play you and you fell for it. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t fight back. Even if you really lost the bet you wanted to know why he wasted so much time on a person he hated and probably still does and you won’t get an answer if you tried to demand as the girl he knows as his girlfriend. You’d just look like a loser to him.
“Then how did you expect me to win the bet then? Did you really think I’d fall for you, __? You? Really?” He asks as if he, himself couldn’t believe it all while looking up and down at you with judgement in his eyes.
“You’re right. Why would you love a girl who threw away her pride, her friends, her family for a boy who gave more importance on his pride and ego instead of being a man who has a heart?” You saw his eyes soften for a second knowing very well you just caught him off guard.
“You know your answer then. I’m a mere boy not a man that could fulfill your ridiculous requests.” He finally responds, this time it was you who was caught off guard.
You scoff, feeling your anger boil within you. “You wasted a lot of time, Koo-Jungkook.” You mentally cursed at yourself, hatung the fact you almost called him his nickname you gave for him.
“You should’ve spent those two years with someone you genuinely love.” You continue, voice fading out as your shoulders slumped forth. You were tired, feeling suffocated in the inside. You started to back away from Jungkook, no longer having the tough woman inside you to fight back. So you walk away towards the door while taking off his hoodie, letting it fall on the floor leaving you only in a tank top and shorts.
You could feel his gaze on you but you don’t dare to turn back knowing very well that you’d start crying again. Your heart was still broken, far from being mended as to look at him again? Possibly for the last time? You wouldn’t need or risk it. There’s no risk worth to take with him.
“I’ll wire the money you won soon.” You still remembered that part of the deal. If you won, Jungkook would leave you alone and pay you $200 dollars if you lost you’d pay him the same amount. Your voice however, sounded dead and could barely be heard by how quiet you had said it. You didn’t want to waste more things on him no matter how small it may be.
You felt your phone ringing in your pocket. As much as, you’d prefer not to answer you didn’t want to worry anyone by not answering calls and texts. Fishing your phone out your pocket, your run to the nearest store on the street to be under the protection of a roof for the time being.
“H-hello?” You greet, attempting to avoid hiccupping to not make it obvious that you were possibly crying before this.
"__? Where are you?" Chaeha...
"I dropped by Jungkook's apartment and you weren't there. Are you at your apartment? Jungkook wouldn't tell me where you were. Are you alright?" Chaeha asked, worry evident in her tone.
You sniffed quietly, pushing your phone away from you so she wouldn't hear you crying. You were tearing up again after being reminded of your ex boyfriend.
Jungkook didn't care about you, you were in the middle of nowhere and he didn’t try to look for you.
God, were you just so tired and you wanted to go home. To Jungkook because he was your home, your comfort, your everything. But that's all in the past now so it's time you start to move on and let go off something that never held onto you.
It took you a while before you brought your phone back to your ear, you could hear Chaeha calling you over and over again probably confused why you suddenly turned quiet. "Hey, I'm here calm down." You say, easing her worries.
"Where are you right now, __? I know you're not home, I'm here in your apartment right now." Chaeha's tone sounded as if she was saying 'don't lie to me, I will know'. A shudder runs through your back, probably from the coldness the rain brought a long or maybe you were just scared for Chae, you have always been.
You didn't bother to lie when you told Chaeha that you had no idea where you were, "I only know I'm in front of some store. Chae.. please come quick. It's so cold and lonely." You whisper, a small whine escaping your lips.
"Turn on the location of your phone, I'll find you and we can go home okay?" You could hear the slight jingle of her keys as she locked the door of your apartment, heavy breathing and running footsteps following behind. You muttered okay, putting the phone down to turn on your location then ending the call.
You were alone again with no one to talk to. You lowered your body in a sitting position but you kept your bottom from touching the ground. Your arms were wrapped around your knees, laying your head onto them. Waiting and waiting.
30 minutes had exactly passed when a familiar car finally pulled up in front of you, Chaeha coming out of the drivers side with an umbrella, running to you right away. You however, stood up in an instant upon seeing her, small happiness filling your broken heart for a moment.
"__, oh my god what are you doing here?! Where are your shoes-" You didn't let her finish before you hugged her tightly, forgetting about your wet clothes.
You simply wanted to be comforted by your best friend, the same person you didn't listen to that resulted in this mess you were in now. You miss her so much. Why didn’t you listen to her in the first place? Why did you have to risk your heart.
Chaeha yelped in shock but she just let you hug her, wrapping a hand around you and softly patting your back. Both of you were under the rain since she didn't have time to even get under the roof where you were before but luckily she had her umbrella shielding both of you from the rain.
You cried, letting out all the pain you felt. You just let it out and Chaeha stayed still, letting you use her to get through whatever it was you were feeling. If only it was Jungkook who was with you right now, mending the same heart he broke.
The next few moments consisted of you entering Chaeha's car with her following after you and entering the drivers side. You sat there in your seat, quiet and staring out the window, watching the rain fall as she drove throught the dark streets.
You move uncomfortably in your seat when the car passed by Jungkook’s apartment complex. You looked away as fast as you could feeling as if you’d get off this car and beg him to take you back if you didn’t.
But of course you don’t, you deserved more. You didn’t deserve to be treated like a toy. You were human. A human who loved and just wanted to be loved back. Was that so hard?
Shifting to sit comfortably in your seat, no longer look out the side window instead closing your eyes, forgetting about all your problems, all the pain, all the stress - everything. You felt a bloom of hope inside of you. You knew that instant that you’ll be fine. You will be alright with or without Jungkook.
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chaemingly · 2 days ago
𖥻 !♡ yoonkook (bts) soft nicks
﹖ 𓈒 ׄ 🌸̼ ꒰ ɥ𝗈ׁ𝗈𝗇𝗄𝗈︩𝗈𝗄ִ𝗅⍺𝗇ׁ𝖽 ᵎᵎ ׅ ׄ ᰍ̠
✰̼ ׅ ࣪ ⃞🥞̵ (nick) ﹠ y𝗈ׅ𝗈𝗇𝗄͟𝗈ׁ𝗈𝗄 ꒱ ۪ ׄ ⤸
ᰋ ִ ׁ ˒˓ ɥ𝗈𝗈ׅ𝗇𝗄𝗈ׁ𝗈𝗄𝖼̼ɑ𝗄ׅᧉ𝗌 🖐🏻̵ ׁ ۪ ♡̵
# like or reblog if u save, thanks !!
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