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mullet jungkook ♡︎
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WHERE IS THE NEED (cr. jjkive twt)
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favorite jungkook looks: any soft beanie look ♡ (cr. dwellingsouls)
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jungkook x monochrome ♡ ↳ resa’s 4k follower celebration: for @jeonqquk
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—PAIRING: Jungkook x reader—GENRE: fluff, established relationship
—SUMMARY: Jungkook introduces you to Bam
—WARNING: sloppy kissing T-T nthng smutty, they just can’t keep their hands to themselves.
—A/N: I really wanted to upload something on my birthday so here it is! I accidentally posted a draft before so let’s ignore that! Koo morning couple here ^ ^ not edited so if you see a mistake, no you don't
Tumblr media
“Okay, are you ready to meet Bam?” your boyfriend asks as you enter the living room. “Yes,” you reply excitedly, of course, you are, you are always ready to meet dogs — the sweetest creatures.
Jungkook’s house is quite big, and very him, you have been there a couple of times but this is your first time going there as his girlfriend. Bam is back from his parents’ house and it’s your first time meeting him. Apprehension clouds your mind, what if Bam doesn’t like you?
“Bam!,” Jungkook‘s voice snaps you out of your trail of thoughts as he opens the glass sliding door, spotting Bam running in the garden. You take a few steps forward, standing next to Jungkook to see Bam.
And just like that your breath stops. When Jungkook told you about Bam, you expected Bam to be a cute little furry dog, not a huge Doberman, well technically not huge because he’s still in his puppy phase. The universe must have picked your cards wrong because Bam was a Doberman out of all the breeds.
“Omg,” you squeak, stepping behind Jungkook as you watch Bam running towards you at full speed. Jungkook turns around to see your figure visibly shaking, eyes tightly shut as you grab the material of his shirt in your fists. 
Jungkook looks at you confused. Bam enters the living room jumping on Jungkook in joy before he notices you. He carefully smells you, poking your leg with his nose in the process. The action makes you wrap your arms around Jungkook, pressing your front against his.
Jungkook feels blood rush to his cheeks (and a very inappropriate place). He cleared his throat in an attempt to compose himself. “Bam, no,” he orders his Doberman who’s still busy smelling you, “inside, now.” His authoritative tone makes Bam go inside his kennel at once. 
“Hey,” Jungkook lightly caresses your head in an attempt to calm you down but it doesn’t work. He sighs, pressing his cheek against your head before he picks you up bridal style. You wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. Jungkook sits on the couch, cradling you on his lap. “Hey, it’s okay, baby” he coos, patting your head with one hand while the inked one rubs your thigh gently. His light touches feel so good against your skin, you don’t want him to ever stop.
Loosening your grip around his neck, you look at him feeling slightly embarrassed. Jungkook patiently waits for you to speak, hand still rubbing your thigh. “My cousins used to have a Doberman,” you start explaining, “he bit me when I was ten and I had to get seven injections because of him.” Jungkook nods in understanding. “I’m sorry I freaked out earlier, I don’t have any phobia, I just wasn’t expecting that.” your voice grows shy.
“Hey, it’s okay, you can freak out all you want, I don’t mind,” he smiles but there’s a small smirk hidden behind it. You don’t know if he said that to soothe you or to make you flustered because of the current position you both are in. The latter one’s definitely working because now you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. Your gaze shifts to his lips and they look so soft, so pink and so kissable. All you want to do is press your lips against his, bite it gently and suck it. Your lewd thoughts start showing their effect on your panties. 
Unable to resist, you press your lips against his for a soft kiss, melting as soon as you feel the warmth of his pillowy petals. You purr into the kiss, swiping your tongue across his bottom lip before sucking it. Jungkook groans as he cups your face, tilting it to deepen the kiss. He sucks your tongue as his hands start to roam around your body. His touch sets your body on fire. 
You arch your back, pressing your boobs against his firm chest. Fingers getting lost in his silky hair. He bites your lip playfully, making you pull his hair in return. You know he loves it when you do that.
The room gets filled with lewd noises as you both make out on the couch shamelessly. Jungkook’s hand squeezes your thigh firmly making you whimper into the kiss. His hand slides under your skirt moving dangerously close to your clothed heat.
 Bam whines, busting you two out of your little bubble. “Let’s meet Bam another time,” Jungkook pulls you closer by your waist, in an attempt to continue kissing you, but you put a finger on his puckered lips, “wait, let’s not forget about Bam, we can be horny some other time.” “Fine,” he pouts.
 Jungkook shifts in his seat, trying to adjust his bottom and you almost feel sorry for him. “You better now?” He asks.
“Yes,” you get off his lap before you feel too sorry for him.“Do you still want to meet him?” Jungkook asks unsure. “Yes, I do,” you reply instantly, “I’m just a bit scared.” 
“I got you,” he says gently, “and Bam is a very good boy.” You smile in return, “I’m sure he is.”
You stand behind Jungkook —  who’s sitting on the floor, in front of Bam’s kennel. “Hey Bam,” he claps his hands, and Bam comes out immediately, waving his tail as he licks Jungkook’s face. “Good boy~” Jungkook coos, scratching behind Bam’s ears. “Okay now sit, you are going to meet someone very special today.”
You kneel beside Jungkook, still a bit scared, bringing your hand in front of Bam to let him smell it, “Hey Bam.” 
He smells your hand for a few seconds before licking it and waving his tail. He looks at you, tilting his face. Jungkook pats his head, “meet your mommy Bam.” 
You blush at his words, not expecting him to say that. But it warms your heart at the same time because you know how much Jungkook cares for Bam. 
It takes some time (half an hour to be exact) for you to fully lose your little fear and get comfortable with Bam and realise he’s just a little cutie. Skip to an hour later, Bam is resting his head on your lap as you give him belly rubs. 
“Look at you, who could say you were shitting your pants at the sight of Bam an hour ago,” Jungkook teases, wrapping his arms around your waist as he presses soft kisses on your neck. “I was not,” you huff, “it’s your fault, you should’ve told me Bam is a big boy. I was expecting a Shih Tzu from the name.” 
“Hey, Bam is a cute name,” Jungkook protests, making you roll your eyes with a smile. You try to get Bam off your lap in an attempt to get up but he only shifts his head closer, emitting a deep purr.
Jungkook chuckles, “he’s so clingy.”
“You are the one to talk?” You refer to his current position behind you, his chin resting on your shoulder as he engulfs you in a warm hug from behind. It only took a few minutes before he wanted to cuddle you so he made you sit between his legs. Jungkook smirks, “Well, I guess Bam likes his mommy too.”
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ruin you 2
Pairing: jeon jungkook x fem!reader
Genre: smut
Word Count: 2250
Warnings: hickeys (mentioned), making out, fingering, virgin reader (she still doesn’t lose her virginity, sorry), jungkook gets a tiny bit mean (but we like that), mirror use (I have no idea how to say that properly), the classic “teach them how to fuck” troupe bc we love that here, corruption kink (?), finger sucking, spit as lube, sex toy mentioned, crying kink, jungkook cums in his pants
A/N: I wrote this while I was supposed to be working on a group assignment. enjoy <3 (im too tired to tag everyone who was interested - i’ll do it tomorrow!!)
Tumblr media
 “Aren’t you back a little too early?” Jungkook snorted, seeing you walk back into his apartment not even an hour after you had left. “Is Jimin too boring for you?”
 “I had a headache.” You mumbled, sitting down next to him, ignoring the fact that his cock was shoved down your throat on this very couch, not even two hours ago. He lifted his arm, inviting you to lay your head on your chest, which you did, hiding your smile. “It suddenly went away, amazing how that is.”
 “Oh, I’m sure you had the worst headache.” He laughed, nuzzling the top of your head as your fingers threaded through his own. “Poor Jimin, probably was all nervous for your date and you practically stood him up.”
 “Also had another man’s cock in my mouth five minutes before he picked me up.” You mumbled, unable to feel any remorse for that. “Don’t really think he cared anyway. He had a hickey on his neck.”
 Jungkook hummed, seemingly uninterested, as he flipped through TV channels. “And how did that make you feel?”
 “I don’t know why I even tell you things.” You sighed, sitting up from his chest, gathering your things to go back to your apartment. “You don’t care, too.”
 Seeing you move to leave again, he immediately pouted.
 “I do care! I asked how you felt about having my cock in your mouth, five minutes before your date with someone else!”
 “You said it like you were a therapist and I paid for you to ask that.” You grumbled, fighting against his hold, determined to go home. “Let go, I don’t want to talk to you.”
 “But how did it make you feel?” Jungkook asked, large eyes staring at you, forcing you to answer. “I need to know how you felt about blowing me. Feedback for future lessons if you will.”
 “It felt…” You shrugged, trying to convey your feelings. You didn’t want it to feel like it was a big deal, even if it definitely was. “I don’t know how you expect me to answer you.”
 “You didn’t feel like… I don’t know, weirded out? Because it was me, I mean.” He explained, pressing you further. Shaking your head, he grinned sadistically. “Good, because I’m pretty sure I need to teach you how to orgasm.”
 Do people usually orgasm from making out? Even if you knew it wasn’t possible, Jungkook was making you question your sanity, just from a few kisses.
 “Comfy, baby?” He mumbled, thighs flexing underneath you as he pulled you closer to him (because apparently sitting on his lap without pants on wasn’t close enough). “Want to go slower?”
 Refraining from rolling your eyes, you pressed your lips harder on his, sensitive from how he had kissed you previously. Your forwardness made him laugh, kissing you back with your enthusiasm matched, nonetheless.
 Tongue slipping over yours, you were so distracted with the taste of him, you didn’t even realise he was rubbing your inner thigh, almost teasingly, deft fingers barely grazing over the edge of your underwear before pulling back slightly. He continued doing this at a maddening pace, doing it so much that you had begun focusing on that rather than his lips.
 “Jungkook…” You whined, pulling away from him slightly. “You’re messing with me.”
 “What do you want, Y/N?” He murmured, kissing the corner of your mouth, fingers ghosting over the edge of your underwear again. “Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”
 “Your cock?” You teased, dodging his lips as he tried kissing you again. “Would you fuck me if I asked – oh.”
 “Yeah, oh.” Jungkook echoed, smirking while he pressed your hand against his painfully hard cock. Your hand looked so small against his bulge, it made his ego triple in size, which is something you’d probably chide him for. Even so, he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to feel you against him, in anyway. Thrusting against your palm, you let out a gasp, not expecting him to be so brash with you.
 “You don’t understand, do you?” He mumbled against your neck, your hand now rubbing against his erection freely. “If you let me fuck you, you’d be completely ruined. I’d be ruined. If you let me fuck you, I would never be able to not think of you underneath me. I’d want you all to myself, all the time.”
 “You say it like it’s supposed to be a bad thing.” You whispered, trying to hide your smile. “Sounds pretty good to me.”
 “Of course, it does.” He snorted, hand resting over your hand to stop you from rubbing against him. Jungkook suddenly moved you so that your back was flush against his chest, leaving small kisses down your neck. “Look forward for me, baby.”
 Your reflections were straight ahead of you, Jungkook’s spotless bedroom mirror allowing you to see everything he was currently doing.
 “Spread your legs,” He whispered, eyes locked on yours through the mirror. Tentatively parting your thighs, Jungkook almost groaned out aloud seeing you being unsure of when to stop. “More, pretty, need your pussy nice and open for me. You have to see what I’m doing, right? How else are you going to learn?”
 Opening your thighs a smidge more, he quickly used his own hands to spread your thighs, hands on your knees to make sure you were as open as he wanted you to be.
 “See? Now you can see exactly what I’m going to do to make you cum, darling.” He said brightly, slipping a finger into your mouth. Unsure what to do, you stared at him through the mirror. “Suck, Y/N, just like you sucked my cock… There you go, you’re learning so fast.”
 Shamelessly sucking around his finger, your eyes involuntarily closed, trying to mimic the actions you had learnt earlier, but you were forced to open your eyes when he pinched your inner thigh.
 “Eyes open,” He snapped, pushing his finger in deeper. “How else are you going to learn?”
 Your eyes watered from having his finger pressed against your tongue, tears threatening to fall.
 “Didn’t I tell you not to cry?” He breathed, finger pushing deeper in, your cheeks now wet from the tears sliding down. “Fuck, baby, so pretty. You’re so irresistible, God, Y/N, can’t wait to see you fall apart.”
 Gasping when he pulled his finger out, you looked down at it, embarrassment crawling up your spine as you saw how slick it was with spit, his skin shining in the light.
 “I’ll go slow, okay?” Jungkook murmured, eyes fixed on yours through the mirror. “Tell me if you want to stop. I promise I’ll stop if you want me too.”
 Nodding, you chewed your lip nervously, uneasiness bubbling up. “Jungkook?”
 “Yeah, darling?”
 “Can you kiss me while you’re doing it?” You mumbled. “Please?”
 “Shy baby.” He grinned, leaning in, lips already parting to swallow your gasps. His tongue pressed against yours, distracting you from his finger ghosting over your entrance, and gently pushed a single finger into your core.
 “Kook…” You sighed against him, your sounds getting swallowed by him. Pulling back, you turned to the mirror, shocked to find that he had only sunk his finger in to the first knuckle. “But… I feel full already.”
 “Oh baby, I need to stretch you out.” Jungkook breathed, eyes dark. “I need you to relax, darling, unclench around me.”
 Consciously relaxing, you gasped when he pushed his finger in fully, somehow feeling fuller than before. It burnt slightly, the uncomfortable quickly disappearing when he pulled his finger out again, quickly replacing it. Still not understanding how exactly you can open up on his finger, your eyes fixated on where he was slowly thrusting his finger into you.
 “Oh, my… How?” You murmured, gasping when he brought his thumb to your clit.
 “Told you, you’ll open up for me.” Jungkook smiled, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Feels good?”
 Humming, you fought the urge to close your eyes, resisting falling into your pleasure completely. Jungkook continued to curl a single finger into you, eyes fixated on you through the mirror, ignoring his own needs in favour of pleasuring you.
 “Ready for another?” He asked gently, free hand rubbing up and down your thigh, making sure you kept your legs spread for him. Seeing you nod, skin hot to the touch, he slowly pulled his finger out of your core, slipping his middle and index finger into his mouth instead, groaning, “Can’t wait to eat you out and taste you properly.”
 Stunned into silence, you watched him suck his own fingers, your mouth suddenly watering, wishing he had pushed it into your mouth instead. Jungkook pulled his fingers out, shiny with his own spit before slowly pushing them into you.
 This time, it felt slightly more uncomfortable, your entrance being stretched for the first time. Noticing your discomfort, he brought his other hand to your clit, index finger tracing the hood of your clit, immediately distracting you.
 He noticed your breathing had changed, quickly going from calm and composed to shuddering, deep breaths.
 “Like when I play with your clit, baby?” He teased, rubbing down slightly harder on your clit while his fingers thrusted into you shallowly. “Maybe I should get you a little vibrator, hmm? Push it on your clit so you can play with your pussy uninterrupted?”
 “Oh, my – Jungkook – love it.” You gasped when Jungkook curled his fingers just right, fingertips grazing the spongey tissue he had slowly been working up to.
 The sounds that filled the room would have made you hide from shame any other day – seriously, how were those sounds coming from you? How was that dark patch on Jungkook’s jeans from you?
 “Fuck, Y/N, hear how wet you are?” He panted into your ear, gaze unreadable through the reflection. “Hear how soaked his pussy is? All from just a few fingers, baby –”
 Cutting him off with a yelp, you suddenly felt this tight feeling in the pit of your belly, the feeling so intense that you sat up from him, your thighs immediately closing around his hands.
 “Feels weird,” You whimpered, voice cracking, “Feels like, I don’t know, it’s a lot, I think I’m going to cum –”
 “Open your fucking legs,” He panted, rock hard length pressing into your back as he came forward, his fingers moving despite having his movements greatly restricted. “Come on, baby, you’re so fucking close, so tight around me, please.”
 At this point, you were hot, sweat shimmering on your skin as you squirmed in Jungkook’s arms. You wanted it so badly, wanted him so badly, but opening your legs and letting him continue seemed like you would fall of the edge, not knowing where you’d end up.
 “Jungkook, please, want it,” You cried, hot tears suddenly springing up out of nowhere, not helping with your overheating situation. You wanted it so badly, evidence of your frustration rolling down your cheeks, but you were so lost, you didn’t even know what you wanted. Opening your legs for him seemed impossible right now, scared you’ll lose this feeling if you moved wrong.
 “I know, love, let me give it to you.” He pleaded, trying to desperately control his own arousal as he saw you cry, somehow getting harder, somehow feeling as if he was about to cum himself. Pushing through it, he realised that you were too overwhelmed by being on the brink of orgasm to do anything, so he took it upon himself to hook his leg over yours, pulling your thighs apart as far as he could get it.
 Squelches and broken whimpers filled his room, your full-on sobs accompanying his small words on encouragement as he curled his fingers in you, rubbing against your g-spot perfectly. Your hands gripped onto his forearms, needing something to ground you, and in that moment, Jungkook realized how important this was for you. This was the first time anyone (including yourself) had touched you like this, the first time you were about to orgasm.
 “Doing so well for me, baby, almost there.” He encouraged, words pressed against your skin as he tried kissing you. Quickly turning your head slightly, you lost all of your composure when he kissed you properly, lips sweet, tongue slowly dragging over yours, his tenderness setting of your orgasm.
 Frantic gasps and moans of his name were greeted with quiet shushes, Jungkook slowly kissing you through your first high, fingers slowing down to not overwhelm you.
 “You’re okay, sweetheart, I’ve got you, yeah?” He whispered, fingers now at a complete stop, yet still inside you. “You did so well, Y/N, so proud of you.”
 Taking a shuddering breath, you realised that you were a complete mess: hair all over the place, thighs glistening with your arousal (or cum? You’d have to ask Jungkook what it was), and eyes half closed, ready for a nap.
 “Thank you, Kook.” You mumbled, so out of it that you barely registered him pulling out his sticky fingers. “Can I help you now? It’s only fair.”
 “Don’t worry about that, baby.” He whispered, laying you down in his bed, pulling the covers up to your chin. “Let me clean up and get you some water then we can nap, okay?”
 Humming noncommittedly, you tried to force yourself to stay awake. A small grin crept up to your face when you saw Jungkook stand up fully, making his way to his kitchen – suddenly realising that the mess on his jeans isn’t from just you after all.
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Tumblr media
↬ getting married at five months pregnant probably wasn’t the best idea you had, and as expected; one minor setback and you felt like everything was falling apart.
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 1.8k
warnings/tags — married!au, softdom!jk, sub!reader, reader is pregnant, crying, very domestic, cute pet names, jungkook is a simp, lots of sweet talk, mood swings, explicit smut, titties, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), penetrative sex, fucking whilst reader is pregnant (it’s safe guys don’t worry), a little dirty talk, overall quite soft :( <3
a/n: i have never been so APPALLED by my work in my life, but it’s been a while since i posted so here you go ☝️☹️
Tumblr media
You were stuck in your bridal suite alone, makeup and hair all done up and intending to change into your creme gown for the reception, but you were sat there crying in your wedding dress. At this point, you didn’t care about ruining your makeup, or staining your fine mesh dress.
You’d torn your veil a couple minutes before the ceremony, so you had to walk down the aisle wearing a ripped veil, and that seemed to just push you to break down into tears the moment you were alone.
It was the only thing you could control. You had to press pause on your dream wedding dress since your baby bump would’ve restricted you from wearing anything that could potentially harm the baby. And heels; you could barely walk in your flats, there was no way you could handle walking down the aisle in heels.
Your first call for help was Jungkook, and without a second thought, he was there, his heart swelling at the sight of you in your gown. He’d already seen you in the dress but every time his eyes landed on you, it’d be like the first time all over again.
You looked absolutely stunning, he just needed a moment to drink it all in, but it didn’t take too long for him to notice you crying.
“Baby, why the tears?” he pouts, immediately kneeling beside you as you looked down at your dampening dress, sniffling and avoiding his eyes.
Jungkook sets his index finger under your chin, tilting your head up to look at him, “Look up, my love. Tell me what happened.”
“My veil tore,” your voice breaks, reaching over to grab the hem of your mesh veil, showing him the hole that had been created where the material got caught in a splinter of wood. “And it ruined the whole ceremony,” you sob, removing the veil from your head and setting it aside.
Jungkook couldn’t even begin to explain how wrong you were. You looked like an absolute Goddess, an angel he was lucky enough to have been graced with.
The love of his life.
Seeing you cry on such a special day left his heart wrenching, and he vowed to make you see exactly what he saw in you.
And if that took the whole day, then so be it.
“Y/N,” he starts, gently taking your hands in his and urging you stand up with him, and you did, simply having no strength to refuse.
“You, my love, are the most beautiful woman to have ever stepped foot on this planet, and I will keep saying that to you over and over again,” Jungkook says softly, guiding you to stand in front of the body-length mirror which you had no intention to look at.
“Eyes up front,” he suddenly says, his voice having dropped several octaves from earlier on and that certainly woke you up, forcing you to look straight ahead at your reflection; your nose had turned slightly red from all the sniffling and your tear-stained cheeks had caused your makeup to become a little patchy, but that was the least of your worries.
Jungkook was stood directly behind you, his fingers softly tracing up and down the skin of your bare arms, knowing it would soothe you.
He leans down to place a tender kiss in crook of your neck, his eyes trailing up to meet your reflection. “Look at yourself and tell me you’re not the most beautiful woman in the world.”
Your eyes narrow in on your body, and you shook your head, “No.”
Jungkook sighs, pulling his head away from your neck and settling his hands on your hips, “Y/N, you could rock up to the reception in a bin bag and I’ll still think you’re the most beautiful being in the world.”
Your lips form a pout and you shake your head again, refusing to accept any of his sweet talk and nudging him away from you. You inhale sharply and lightly dab your fingers under your eyes, absorbing the tears threatening to fall. “It doesn’t help the fact that I’m pregnant and couldn’t even fit into my wedding dress,” you mumble, reaching your hand behind your back to pull down the awfully tight zipper of your dress.
“Pregnant or not, you’re the woman of my dreams,”he fires back at you, but you weren’t listening, struggling to pull the zip down your back and Jungkook arches a brow. “You need some help?”
Having a baby bump wasn’t doing you any justice. You got out of breath quicker and eventually gave up trying to pull the zip down, and your husband chuckles softly, reaching out for the zipper and seamlessly pulling it down your spine slowly so as to not cause any damages to your dress.
You opted to go braless for the day, just to make it a little easier to fit into your dress and accentuate the upper half of your body, assisting the ‘plunge’ of your dress.
The amount of tears in your eyes would lessen and soon you stopped crying, deciding you’d be wasting your time dwelling on a silly veil that you’d only wear once in your life.
The dress had loosened around your curves, giving you enough room to breath and you didn’t even notice your body rocking against Jungkook, head falling back over his shoulder as you let out a relaxed sigh and he was quick to snake his hand over your waist, gently resting on your pelvis.
“You can’t fall asleep on me, love, we have a reception to attend to,” he whispers, pulling the strap of your dress down your shoulders to give you a little more breathing room.
Jungkook looked straight into the mirror, watching the front of your dress slowly detach itself from your body, revealing your swelling tits that sat perfectly on its own and Jungkook swore he felt himself growing hard behind you, and it did not go unnoticed.
The fact that your dress was falling off your body was the least of your concerns, not when Jungkook’s boner was pressed against the small of your back, making you smile. You open your eyes and look up at your husband, who was clenching his jaw in a bid to control himself.
“What’s wrong, Kook?” You were quite obviously messing with him, knowing exactly what the issue was and Jungkook hated how easily you could switch up, especially whilst you were pregnant.
“Nothing, come on, let’s get you into the other dress,” he says dismissively, about to turn away from you, but you grab his hands, forcing him to glue his palms over the soft flesh of your tits whilst he stood behind you, pressing a little too hard against your backside.
Jungkook had to resist the urge to groan, the gears in his wrist moving on their own as he grasped onto your tits, kneading them between his palms as he inhaled the sweet scent of vanilla in your hair, the scent itself fogging his mind.
Your breathing had quickened in the span of two minutes and your wedding dress had pooled at your ankles leaving you bare, with nothing but a simple lace garter adorning your left thigh, which caught your husbands eye.
“I don’t see the point of the garter,” he mumbles, nibbling at your neck, “You’re not exactly the purest of them all, are you?” he questions, indirecting your hormonal tendencies. The pad of his fingers would brush over your sensitive nipples, hardening under his touch as he groaned to himself.
“But you look like an angel,” he whispers breathlessly, trailing his hands over the surface of your baby bump, rubbing small circles over your skin. “And I know our little angel will look exactly like her mother.. isn’t that right, my love?”
You nod rapidly, his hands moving a little too fast, already making home between your legs to catch a feel of your soiled panties.
“Already so wet, huh?” Jungkook shifts your white lace panties to the side to coat his fingers in your slick, gently smearing the substance over your sensitive pussy as you tried your hardest to stop your legs from shuddering.
Your pregnancy introduced you to a whole lot of different pheromones and emotions, one of them being; horny at the most unprecedented times. You were lucky to have a husband like Jungkook, who’d literally drop whatever he was doing to tend to your needs, whether it be a short, sweet fuck with his tongue or a soft and subtle fuck with his fingers.
With the way you were feeling right now, neither of the two would be enough.
You needed something more.
“—Want your cock, Kook…” you whine, and Jungkook didn’t know what was beating harder; his heart or his dick.
Fucking in a bridal suite seemed unconventional, but your husband knew never to keep a pregnant woman waiting, so he retracted his hands from between your legs to quickly undo the expensive belt keeping his black dress pants intact.
“You sure you can take it?” Jungkook was concerned about you and the baby, but the doctor did say that sex would heal any problems you were facing during your pregnancy, ranging from contractions, mood swings and more.
You knew your body well more than anyone, so when the bulging tip of his cock would press against your sopping wet cunt, you’d immediately push back onto him, allowing his cock to slip into you with some struggle, but Jungkook was quick to take initiative and carefully steady the base of his cock further into you, eliciting a sharp gasp to fall from your lips.
Your hormones were at an all time high, so Jungkook moving only the slightest would erupt a wave of pleasure over your body.
Jungkook was being cautious with his thrusts, taking his time to fit the expanse of his thick cock within your tight walls and feeling you clench around him uncontrollably. With how hard you were gripping around him, you could’ve easily forced him to cum right then and there, but he held himself back.
“Shit, I knocked you up and you’re still so fucking tight?” he seethes, pressuring his hips to pick up the pace, yet being as gentle as possible to not hurt you or the precious baby sitting in your womb.
Your back was leaning against his firm chest, hands gripping his wrists for stability as your body grew limp in his hold.
It’d been so long since you felt him inside you; so raw and intimate, even Jungkook was basking in the swell of your cunt, thrusting himself in and out of you and muttering a string of curses under his breath so as to not attract any attention from anyone outside of the suite.
“My pretty wife always has time for cock, doesn’t she?” he taunts you, looking down at your fucked state; cheeks flushed red and eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“M— more, Koo.. I can take it.”
God, you were so fucking cute all high and horny, Jungkook couldn’t deny you of your wants.
“I’ll give you everything and more, angel.”
Tumblr media
please do not repost my works on any platforms.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hobi advising Jungkook ♡ cr. qdeoks
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I can't breath
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Conqueror (XV)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant Reader (FT Jaehyun from NCT and Cha Eunwoo From ASTRO.)
note. omg omg omg. NO WORDS. share your thoughts plz, ENJOY!
series masterlist
taglist: @mageprincess7 @starsggukk @sprinkleoftee @koremis @minshookie29 @sana-b @bangtannoonalvg @oonaaurora @jeonsweetpea @sugaslittlekookies @outro-kook @kthyg @lunaashes @debicaptain-saturn @laurynne5 @captainsjoongs @myblackconfessions @lanalanexpjm @namjooncrabs @shadowmoon21 @kookunot @natalie-rdr @angelicasdre @iwasfuckinginnocentonce @mermaidtea @foulnightharmony @ungodlyjoon @quechulitaaa @telepathytae @silversparkles11 @j3alous-ang3l @bunzom @1-in-abillion @breadgeniedope @jiminie-08 @artgukkx @lovesthetword @bunijmin @pinkcherrybombs @afangirllikeme-blog @twilight-love-nochu-main @wedarkacademia @hollxe1 @bighitfics @darkuni63 @golden-thv @investedreader @sweetempathprunetree @koocreampie (I can’t tag anymore people, it’s full 😭😭)
Tumblr media
The atmosphere only got darker and darker as jungkook sat on his jetblack horse, the horse’s steps were really fast as Jungkook guided it, the only sound present in the deep dark jungle was of the many horses’ steps. Jungkook's curly dark hair bounced as he passed all the foggy way of the jungle.
His jaw was clenched as his now tired eyes were focused on the rough road ahead, the cold breeze did nothing to distract the mad man’s mind as it was set on one thing.
You. Jungkook was restless, he was impatient and he was going crazy, his whole body was ready for any bloodshed necessary to have you back.
Jungkook was going to do absolutely anything to get you back, his eyebrows knitted together in jealousy. The anger he felt in his body was starting to direct towards you. How could you escape him, how could you even think that you could ever get rid of him. He felt like laughing, it was cute how Dongmin decided to betray him and help you escape.
But now, he was barely alive and was rotting in Jungkook’s many dungeons.
Jungkook had killed Dongmin’s spirit, by killing his sister sana.
He loved her so much, after all. Jungkook wanted to inflict the same pain he was almost forced to feel when you’d left him.
It was Jungkook’s law. An eye for an eye, and a heart for a heart.
“Your majesty? We are almost reaching Gagyeong.” One of the royal guards announced, as Jungkook’s heartbeat rose.
A smirk found its way onto the emperor’s face as he fastened his grip on the horse's reins. Jungkook was talented in many fields, but there were two specialties of his.
Sword Fighting and horse riding. Jungkook’s pace was so fast that it threatened the east flow of the wind, his whole body and mind were filled with determination.
But his heart was feeling hollow and void. Jungkook had never ever loved anyone until you came into his life.
He remembers every single detail about your first encounter with him so many years ago.
Your half covered face was engraved in his mind and heart. Just a glance was all it took for the young Jungkook to lose his heart.
To you.
“I know, be ready to attack anyone that dares to come my way… do not hesitate to shed blood.” Jungkook clenched his jaw, his grip was brutal on the reins of the horse.
“Anyone that dares to come my way shall die!” His voice boomed with anger. Jungkook was willing to do anything to get you back.
Absolutely anything.
Tumblr media
“Jaehyun! It’s only getting darker! We have to find samcheon… Can you hurry it up!?” You called out to the man as you picked up the arrow’s. Your anxiety was starting to make you frustrated. The pit in your stomach made you want to throw up.
Something so bad was really about to happen.
You were sure of it. “YOON-OH!?” You screamed his real name with annoyance lacing your tone.
“Y/N! I’m here!” You turned around to see him standing, a sword in his hands.
He passed you a smile, his beautiful dimples made your heart flutter, “I think we are ready to go.” You announced after an awkward silence. Jaehyun nodded as the both of you began to walk out of the house.
“Let’s find him together, yeah?”
Tumblr media
It had been hours. Your feet were threatening to give up as you followed Jaehyun walk, him and you had been looking for the old man since dawn.
But there was no sign of him, “Y-Y/N it’s only getting darker…. And we are out of gagyeong almost…” Jaehyun grabbed your arm, whispering to you. You turned to look at him. The look on his face made your heart break. “I think… that we should leave y/n.. there may be bandits… and it’s so dark.” He looked at you, you couldn’t make out the expression on his face but he sounded scared.
You felt shivers down your spine, the sound of the crickets and the wind made you feel uncomfortable.
That sick feeling wasn’t going away.
“Y-Yes I think we should leave…” The disappointment in your tone wasn’t missed by Jaehyun. He grabbed your hand, and held it tightly. The crunch of the leaves beneath your feet accompanied you both as you walked back. The rhythm of your steps followed you.
It was the only source of sound until you both looked back to hear the heavy sound of the horses.
“At this hour who could it be,” Jaehyun raised his eyebrows. “Hey… I think we should question them about whether they saw samcheon… maybe they could be regular travelers here….” Your eyes lit up as you spoke, halting your steps, Jaehyun looked at you, confused. “Ahhh I’m not sure- NO YOON-OH I HAVE A FEELING THAT WE SHOULD WAIT FOR THEM.” You cut Jaehyun off in a stern tone. He only shrugged and a small laugh left him.
God… you were so adorable, shit he was much in love with you.
You both decided to wait for the horse rider to arrive, the sound of them only got closer and closer. Y/N you are so stubborn I swear.” He pinched your cheeks, his gaze was looking at you so adoringly.
“Hush Jae.. I think they’re here.” You giggled. As the grown man poured.
The discussion between you two was interrupted as the traveler’s horses reached you two, you both watched ahead, the darkness was too much, the fogginess didn’t help either.
“We can’t even see..let me go and find some woods Y/N, I’ll be back.. please be here.” Jaehyun muttered quickly, your hand felt colder now as he left it.
to you as the horses stopped, right in front of you.
“A-Ah could you please help me?” You watched Jaehyun go, you walked ahead to the first horse. As you got closer, you could see that it was a jet black horse.
“Sir- BABY!!?!” The hairs on your body rose at that voice.
Shivers went down your spine, the voice made your mind freeze, your legs trembled. “Y/N BABY!” Your head spinned.
Your wide and now horrified eyes watched the man with a black cloak get off his horse.
No no NO NO NO!
“I-I finally found you, Y/N.” Jungkook’s face finally came into view. Unshed tears lingered around your eyelashes as you stood frozen,
he stalked closer to you.
Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed your waist as he pulled your body close to him.
“I found you!” He giggled. As he stared at your face, those tired bloodshot eyes…. That gaze was filled with craziness and obsession.
“I-I finally found you baby!” He shook with excitement as his grip on your waist only tightened abnormally again, his lips came crashing on yours.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the members gathered around jungkook petting him for wearing a beanie 🥺
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the emotional attachment i have to this koo ♡
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jungkook looking so cute in his beanie 🥺
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Bam Walks ~ Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
Your head shook as soon as the first bark came from Bam as the two of you walked through the gates of the park, with Jungkook gripping much more tightly on Bam’s lead to keep him under control. His hand reached out, allowing you to pass the toy that you had brought for Bam across to him for him to hopefully get Bam to let go of some of his energy.
Once Jungkook had placed the tennis ball in the holder to be able to launch across the park, he took Bam off of his lead. The wave of the ball in front of his face had Bam’s attention as Jungkook swung his arm back before launching the ball forwards quickly.
Bam shot off as the ball flew across the patch of grass, managing to find a clear spot for Bam to stretch his legs. With Bam off, Jungkook glanced across to you by his side, noticing your hand resting against the top of your bump as you took several slow steps, not wanting to exert yourself too much as you entered your final stages of pregnancy.
“We’re not going too quick, are we?” Jungkook asked you as Bam returned, taking the ball out of his mouth and placing it back into the holder to throw again. “We can sit down on the benches like we usually do if you want.”
“I’d like that,” you weakly smiled across to Jungkook, “I think I might need a bit of a rest before we turn back around to head back home again today.”
Jungkook nodded straight away, more than happy to do whatever you wanted to do as you continued to try and get yourself out and about with your growing baby bump in tow.
“You want to go again?” Jungkook as Bam as he bounded around in front of Jungkook, desperate for him to throw the ball once again.
A chuckle came from you as Jungkook threw, “he’d do that all day long I reckon.”
“I’m far too tired to do that all day long,” Jungkook laughed in reply to you, “I can’t imagine management will be too happy if I show up with a pulled muscle tomorrow.”
Your eyes rolled as Jungkook pointed to the back of his shoulder, “if you pull a muscle throwing a dog toy, I might just find myself questioning what it is that you’re actually supposed to be doing whilst you’re at the gym.”
“I’m working out ready to protect you whilst you’re pregnant.”
“No one protects me quite like Bam does though.”
Jungkook nodded in agreement as Bam arrived back again, “he’s got his eyes looking everywhere, he’s suspicious of just about every little thing in this park.”
“He doesn’t stand for any nonsense,” you laughed, running your hand over the top of Bam’s head, “I quite like knowing that I’m safe with him around me all the time.”
“Me too, two protectors are better than one, especially whilst you’re pregnant too.”
As Jungkook threw Bam’s toy yet again, an elderly couple walked past the two of you, stepping aside so that you didn’t have to move. With an appreciative smile on your face, the lady couldn’t help but enquire about your bump, stopping the two of you from your walk towards the benches as you answered the questions that she had for you.
However, as soon as a laugh came from you, a pair of eyes were looking up and across at you. His ball was forgotten as Bam came running over, sitting himself right beside your bump, with a firm stare on the couple as they continued to talk to you.
“It’s alright,” you smiled across to Bam, moving your hand over the top of his head once again. The man stepped forwards to try and stroke Bam too, but as he moved a little too closely to your bump, a loud bark came from Bam, warning him off unintentionally, getting the wrong end of the stick as to what the man wanted to do.
“Sorry, he’s a little bit protective,” Jungkook told the man, looking around for the ball as Jungkook expected to find it in his mouth or dropped to the floor.
Bam’s bark was taken as a cue by the old couple to leave the two of you alone, wishing you well with the final stages of your pregnancy before walking away, leaving the three of you frozen, with Bam still watching to make sure that they walked off properly.
“Where’s your ball?” Jungkook asked Bam, unsure as to where it had gotten to, as you looked over the field, noticing a few white stripes lost in amongst the high grass.
“I think the ball was forgotten about when protective mode switched on,” you laughed, pointing Jungkook in the direction of the ball that was lost in the middle of the field
“I’m going to have to get that, aren’t I?”
“Bam had more important things to do,” you joked.
Jungkook’s head shook as he began to walk off to get the ball. “Go and sit on one of the benches, I’ll be there once I’ve got this stupid ball back,” Jungkook told you, with Bam making no effort to go and get the ball with Jungkook too.
“I’ve got my sidekick with me to get me to the benches,” you smirked, watching Jungkook’s eyes roll as Bam yet again positioned himself right by your side.
“He’d be glued to your side if he could be I’m pretty sure.”
Your head shook as you made your way across to the bench, taking slows steps. Your strides were matched by Bam who took things nice and slowly to keep his eye on you, even as you sat down, sitting as close to your feet as he possibly could to stay by your side.
“That was so embarrassing,” Jungkook announced as he joined you a few moments later, “that old guy looked like he was terrified when Bam started to bark at him, for no reason too.
You couldn’t help but let your smile grow, “I know he’s protective, but I wasn’t expecting him to bark at someone in public like that, he jumped out of his skin at the noise.”
“It made me jump too, and I saw it coming.”
Once he was sat down on the bench beside you, Jungkook placed the ball back into the thrower again. He raised it up, but Bam didn’t move, unsettled by the elderly couple, he wasn’t quite as sure about leaving your side as he was when he entered the park.
With a bit of reassurance from Jungkook though, he was soon able to throw the ball in the same direction again, with a slightly hesitant Bam rushing off to go and get it, with the aim of being away from your side for as little time as he possibly could be.
“Do you reckon he’ll be as protective when the baby arrives?” Jungkook honestly asked you. “I mean, if he’s like this whilst you’ve only got a bump, imagine what he’ll be like when we have an actual baby. No one will ever be allowed to go near the baby unless it’s you or I without being barked at first.”
A laugh came from you as Bam came bounding back towards you both, completely unaware of what he was doing, aside from doing his best to keep you both safe.
“He’s protective Kook, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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the beach - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
[jungkook photo cred. sunflwerrmoon on twt]
↳ PART 07 of hell is empty ༄moodboard
life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
prev | series masterlist | next [chapter summaries under masterlist]
Tumblr media
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | angst, fluff, smut, love triangle au
word count — 12.8K
play — the beach by the neighbourhood
warnings/tags — road trip/vacation, single parent!reader, ex-bf!jk, ceo!taehyung, dad!jk, pharmacy tech!reader, strong language, tae’s beard 😩 he’s also unshaven elsewhere, deceit & guilt, possessive-petty jk, choking (not the fun kind), some soft feels, cute junho just wants his parents together :(, roller skating, mentions of stalking, mentions of drowning, dad-son interactions, guys being dudes, sexting, masturbation (f & m), explicit smut — kissing, biting/scratching, dirty talk, spit kink, heavy petting, thigh riding, thigh kink, jk has a thing for oc’s mommy milkers
note: this is a bit unedited because i added some extra stuff at the last minute so pls bare with me for now !! the names of towns/cities are fictional !! this is a ~special episode~ of hie. idk why but it just is 👁 here’s oc’s fits !!
Tumblr media
“And you sit up front with me.”
You don’t even attempt to hide your grimace, helping Junho into the backseat of the car they had spent nearly half an hour picking out for this trip. He had insisted on the G-wagon and Jungkook had given into his son, obviously, despite loading the Range Rover with the luggage already. Even if you scolded Junho, you did enjoy watching Jungkook unpack and pack all over again. 
“I’m cool with sitting in the back with Junho,” you decide, not quite meeting his eye as you set your heel inside the car.
Jungkook unhooks the tote bag from around your shoulder, the slight brush of his fingers against your skin startling you. The piercing curled around his lip glints in the pale, morning sunlight, freshly styled hair combed back with his sunglasses sliding down the slope of his nose. Moving away from the car door and him, you avert your gaze to the bag now tossed over his shoulder and onto the passenger seat, eyebrows furrowed.
He smiles, eyes crinkling, “shotgun. Who’s gonna help with directions?”
You raise a brow, gesturing to the GPS planted right in the center of the dash for his convenience.
Chuckling, he shuffles around you to open the car door, doing an over-dramatic bow.
Biting back a smile, you hop into the car and click in the seatbelt, catching the victorious smirk he’s sporting as he rounds the front of the car to the driver’s side, a loud, satisfied sigh filling the stuffy air.
“Let’s get it.”
You spin around to peek at Junho who’s already on his iPad, buckled in and ready for the long ride. Once you turn around to face the front, you can’t help but feel a little awkward sitting next to Jungkook like this. When he’s so close, busy setting up the car, sunglasses now pushed up into his hair.
His head snaps in your direction and you look away, hearing him laugh a little too smugly.
“Junho!” He yells excitedly, whipping around to reach over and pinch Junho’s cheek, “ready for our road trip?”
Junho giggles, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen stretching his face, “YEAH!”
He looks adorable in the blue puffer jacket and orange T-shirt he had chosen this morning from the new set of clothing you bought especially for this trip. A break from matching his father who wears a darker blue jacket, noisy cargo pants and chunky boots. Jungkook catches your eyes mid-turn, his eyebrow jumping.
You scowl, not because you got a whiff of his banana milk breath but because of the shit-eating grin he’s sporting, “what?”
He shakes his head, and switches on the engine, smile still pasted on his face, “nothing.”
Huffing, you reach into your bag to pull out your phone, making sure to turn down your brightness before checking for any unread messages.
“So, where are we headed?”
Your eyes widen, “Labendeo? That’s nearly twelve hours away!”
“I know,” he snickers, greeting the guard stationed at the gate before driving onto the main road, “but we’re taking Junho to the beach.”
“Yeah, there are several beaches before we get to Labendeo beach! Do we really need to go that far?”
“Relax,” he groans, passing you a sideways glance, “we’re gonna make a few stops before we get there. We’ll spend one day in Deiji, two in Jangmi City and then Labendeo before we come back home. A round trip.”
“Can you manage to drive that long?”
His mouth quirks to the side, “why do you think I brought you along?”
Before you can protest that you did not expect a road trip, he holds up a hand, waving away your argument.
“I’m kidding,” he chuckles, finally pulling onto the highway, “Junho and I were talking the other night and he’s never been on a real holiday before. And I thought it might be a good idea if we make the best of this week.”
You hum, still a little annoyed because you wish he had told you earlier rather than the morning of the trip. Did you even pack what’s necessary for a road trip?
“We’ll stop to get some snacks in a bit,” he informs, tapping away on the GPS, “let me just figure this out.”
“Mamma,” Junho calls from the backseat, holding out his iPad, “there’s no WiFi.”
Jungkook nods in Junho’s direction, gesturing to his phone that’s kept under the center console, “link him up to my phone.”
Setting Junho’s iPad in your lap, you reach for Jungkook’s phone, pausing when you see a picture of Junho sitting on Sora’s lap at the familiar dining room table set as his lockscreen photo. A keypad pops up, asking for a password.
You thrust the phone in Jungkook’s direction, voice a little empty, “password.”
“It’s Junho’s birthday,” he says without hesitation, not looking away from the road, “0-6-0-5-1-6.”
Holding the phone up, your thumb hovers above the screen, hesitating…You have no idea why. But deep down, you do know why. How easily he gave you the password to his phone – could this one device hold the answer to all your questions? What questions exactly? The questions you had no idea existed until you spoke to Jimin.
His password is Junho’s birthday. You won’t forget because it’s your password too. Your password for almost every single thing that ever needed a password ever since he was born. It frightens you.
Knowing someone’s password, getting into their phone and everything it contains could hardly be called hacking. Monitoring from the inside, watching their every move digitally could be termed stalking. We live in a computerized world, and with one click of a button, you’re there – without having to be present.
“Got it?”
The phone nearly slips from your hand, muttering out a small ‘yes’ before quickly linking Junho’s iPad to his phone. There’s nothing you should be considered about on Junho’s iPad except games and his chats between you and him whenever he was away at Jungkook’s place. By now, you’re sure that Jungkook must’ve taken a peek whenever Junho had abandoned the device or fell asleep.
But once you’re done, you find your own phone and get to changing your passwords to something less…obvious.
Tumblr media
It’s past 2PM when you finally arrive in Deiji.
The realization that you had fallen asleep hits you when you wake up, the stale taste of gummy worms and Sprite settled on your tongue before you stretch your arms and look over the backseat. Junho is still asleep, curled in on himself with a bag of Cheetos threatening to fall off the edge of the seat.
Somehow, your seat is fully reclined, too comfortable to move an inch before you feel your phone sliding down your chest, reaching down to pick it up when another, tatted hand catches it and holds it up.
Jungkook’s seat is reclined too, level with yours, which means you slept facing him, his round eyes still alive and full of energy. As if he hadn’t slept.
Weakly, you take your phone from him, “we’re here?”
He nods, forearm tucked under his head, “yeah. We reached about an hour ago, but you were sleeping, and I didn’t wanna wake you.”
“I ended up sleeping too,” he chuckles, scratching his elbow.
For a second, you forgot where you were, lost in the small dots of light in his doe eyes before you jolt upright, struggling to find the lever to readjust your seat. You hear the soft clank of his own seat, heart thumping in your chest when you find his jacket draped over your legs.
He moves closer, following your line of sight, “you were cold…Let me help you.”
Going stock still, you find yourself holding your breath as his arm stretches over your figure, black shirt straining over his muscles.
Lungs burning for air, you still manage to look for each freckle on his face, the ones you remember, the way his lips crinkle as he concentrates, the small puffs under his eyes. But most importantly, that scent. His scent.
You can feel your cheeks heat up when he looks at you, only a few inches away and fuck—you did it. You looked at his lips again because how could you not? It’s right there! With his stupidly cute and pink cupid’s bow and oh god, he’s looking at your lips too.
Shrapnel. He’s on one side of the car and you on the other. Cheeks heating even more when you hear him clear his throat, fist held to his mouth as he looks out the window.
Gaining all the composure you can find in the midst of your racing mind, you turn to Junho, knowing that Jungkook shouldn’t be affecting you like this. It’s only the beginning of your trip and you’re already forgetting why you even agreed to it in the first place? Why your heart still aches each time you look at him? It’s as if you’re only on level one and you’ve already failed the mission.
“We’re in Deiji,” Jungkook informs, eyes on his phone screen, “let’s eat first then we’ll check in at the hotel, okay?”
“Deiji?” Junho beams, bouncing off his seat to grab his father’s shoulder, “you mean with the bumper cars and roller skating? With the beach?”
Jungkook chuckles, wiping the side of Junho’s mouth with his palm, “mhm. But we’re not going to this beach, the one in Labendeo is better.”
Junho’s attention is caught by the villa style house ahead, gathering his things quickly as he squeals with excitement.
You dip your head to get a good look at the house, wondering why Jungkook didn’t wake you up, but instead chose to sleep in the car parked in the driveway of the house you’d be staying at tonight.
“Dad, can we go inside now?!”
Jungkook unlocks the car doors, seatbelt slipping from his fingers before he gestures for you to roll up your window.
“Not now, Junho, mamma and I are hungry, and I’m sure you are too. The restaurant is only two minutes away from the house so we can take a cool walk before we get back.”
On your way out, two women in white and a man donning similar uniform ask for the car keys to take your luggage inside. They’re friendly with Jungkook, as if he’s been here multiple times before. It makes you wonder if he brought Sora here too before.
Deiji is a charming, picturesque city which is a hotspot for tourists who are just looking to unwind and take some time off with the family. The perfect place for a family vacation and you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your days here. You only visited once before, since accommodation is rather costly due to the scenery itself. And your parents could only afford to take you through its’ streets rather than actually stopping to buy the slushies sold on every corner.
The memory itself has a morose smile lifting your lips.
A manifestation of your memories – one scrawny teenager rolls a cart in front of the three of you as you mosey down the street, selling slushies and popsicles.
Junho squeezes your hand, a silent question on your lips. But before you can say ‘no, we’ll come back after lunch to get some,’ Jungkook is poking at his wallet, ready to buy the blue stick Junho picks out.
“Jungkook,” you sigh, throwing the teenager a cursory glance, “we’ll come back for some after lunch. Let’s get food first.”
Jungkook looks between you and Junho who sports a crestfallen look, tugging at the hem of his T-shirt.
“Let’s buy it now, he can have it after lunch.”
You barely manage a smile, hoping the teenager doesn’t take your words the wrong way but also hoping that Jungkook wouldn’t challenge your words, since you know better.
“It’ll get melted by the time he’s done with lunch,” you exhale a chuckle, patting Junho’s head, “we’ll come back after lunch, ‘mkay?”
Although a little reluctant, Junho nods, stepping away from the cart and waving at the boy. But Jungkook is the one who’s behaving like a six-year-old, stubborn and insistent.
“You sure, Junho?” He crouches in front of him, brushing away his fringe, “you can have some now and after.”
“Jungkook,” you grit, barely holding it together, “we’ll come back after, he already had chips in the car. He needs real food.”
The teenager rolls away, nodding toward you while you mirror his gesture in silent promise. If Jungkook’s phone wasn’t ringing, you know he would’ve started an unnecessary argument. He falls behind as you head toward the restaurant, Deiji Cuisine painted in bright yellow.
“Let’s wait for dad,” Junho suggests, pointing toward his father who seems to be in quite a serious conversation, the bridge of his nose caught between his fingers before he adjusts his sunglasses, shoulders tensing when he finds you looking at him.
He hangs up, tugging on the collar of his jacket as he shuffles past you through the glass doors, greeted by the waitress who ushers you to a table right at the back. It’s rowdy and boisterous, the clanking of utensils against plates, endless conversation and children’s laughter drowns out the waitress as she explains today’s special.
Junho didn’t fancy anything from the kid’s menu, so you had chosen a simple burger for him and one for you, since your appetite was spoiled with all the sour gummies you had eaten earlier. Jungkook orders, what you think is, all the meat dishes he found on the menu. But he does share, the lamb skewers were delicious and you find yourself wishing you had ordered that for yourself had you known how tender the meat would be.
Throughout your meal, your first meal together with Junho (a fact you wish your brain didn’t point out), Jungkook’s too occupied with his phone to engage in conversation. You’re glad, because he’d somehow find something to say that would piss you off or have you feeling uncomfortable, but you’re mostly curious. His phone rings and he doesn’t excuse himself, just whisper-shouts into the speaker while Junho goes on about his new friends at school and what he wants for his next birthday.
Jungkook looks up briefly from across the table, before his head lifts again, shoulders sagging once he notices Junho’s dejected expression. You weave an arm around his shoulders, tugging him into your chest.
“Dad’s busy with work.”
“No,” Jungkook quips, locking his phone and setting it on the table, “I’m done now. What’s up?”
Junho perks up, frown replaced with a smile in a millisecond, “for my next birthday, I want another car. Do you wanna know which one? A real car! Not a toy one! But I want toy ones too!”
Jungkook laughs, folding his arms on the table as he leans forward, “what car?”
This time, you’re the culprit, the sound of your ringtone interrupts their conversation. You don’t bother to check because you know who it is, excusing yourself after asking Jungkook for directions to the restrooms.
Grateful that the ladies’ room is empty, you tuck yourself into one of the stalls, ensuring not to touch the toilet with the noisome scent floating around.
“Someone’s getting way too many calls.”
Glancing around the cubicle cautiously, despite no one being around, you clutch the phone close to your ear.
“Did you find anything?”
Jimin sighs loudly, so loud you think you feel it through the speaker.
“I told you we cannot go forward if you don’t download the software onto his phone. Or laptop.”
You scratch the side of your head, nodding stupidly, “yeah, right. Well…I got the password to his phone.”
“Mhm. It was Junho’s birthday,” you chuckle dryly, “like every password of mine.”
Jimin snorts, “you just gave me access to not only Jungkook’s, but your phone too.”
“Well, I already changed all my passwords.”
“Smart woman.”
“Hm, so…you called?”
His voice sounds distant, yawning through his words, “yeah, just wanted to check up on things. Did you see my guys out by the villa?”
Your eyebrows crease with confusion, “…no. What guys?”
You hold up a hand, baffled, “wait, what do you mean your guys?”
“I’m back to work, keeping an eye on you,” he chuckles, “although I’d hardly call it work when I’m watching you.”
“But I thought I told you I don’t need anyone keeping an eye on us?”
“Taehyung insisted.”
You laugh to yourself, “of course.”
“Yeah, the guy walked in threatening me to stop whatever it is I’m doing, then offered me more for my services once he heard that you were getting into Jungkook’s car.”
“Hold on—” your eyes bug out off your head, mouth falling open “—what do you mean he heard me getting into Jungkook’s car?”
“He stopped by earlier this morning, at the time I was just setting everything up when you texted me saying that you were leaving. Offered me more to keep you safe. At a discounted price, of course, since we’re friends.”
You’re failing at absorbing all this information.
“I’m sorry I can’t tail you around this time, got other shit to do so—”
“So, Taehyung is okay with this. With me doing this…investigation.”
“Guess so, hey, ex is on his way out,” he rushes to say, shuffling on the other end of the line, “there’s not much I can do with his phone password, you need to download the software on his phone then I’ll be in. Get him drunk or something.”
With that, he cuts the call, leaving you with the information that Taehyung is fine with you asking Jimin for help, but he still didn’t answer your text from that night you spoke on the phone. After that call, you were left to think everything over for the hundredth time. Wondering if it’s a good idea to go on the trip with Jungkook when anything could happen. Wondering if you can really put your faith in Jimin and provide him with all the information he needs when his loyalty is skewed by money.
You’re comforted by the fact that he’s Taehyung’s friend – but Taehyung himself doesn’t trust him. And that’s where your overthinking begins.
Forgetting the whole dilemma with Jimin, it’s Taehyung that has a grey cloud floating over your head ever since that call. How things went from 0 to 100 from beginning to end and you only have one person to blame.
Hate budding once again despite how much you know your son loves him. If Junho knew…no, you wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t ruin their relationship out of selfishness.
You assume that Jungkook must’ve settled the bill because he and Junho are goofing around the staircase, blue popsicles in hand.
Tumblr media
Resurfacing hate and guilt sits like a weight in your chest, unable to force a smile onto your face because all you can think about is Taehyung and how things were ruined. Where you would’ve been if Jungkook didn’t show up and gatecrash…well…your life. Because things were okay, more than okay. Before you were forced to change Junho’s schools, nearly kidnapped, or worse, because you were too distracted, and you’re losing a man who you know is exactly what you want and need right now and in future.
You keep your distance from Jungkook, glaring at him from afar as you grip onto the railing, watching Jungkook toss Junho into the air as he skates across the shiny floors, bouncing to the pop music echoing in the clamorous space.
If it wasn’t for Junho, you would’ve never accepted Jungkook into your life again. Agreeing to this trip, was a terrible idea, because, in moments of weakness, you see bits of your past in his eyes, bits of him, the old him, the old you, and it only leads to your downfall because you can’t handle it.
“Need some help?”
Carefully, you tilt your body to the side to find a man wearing a black headband, light stubble dusting his chin, standing behind you, his arms outstretched.
He smiles, face lit by the neon lights overhead, “sorry, I’m Jinyoung. I kind of help the kids around here and I couldn’t help but notice that you were—” his round eyes dart to your shaky legs “—struggling.”
Even if you’re in a bitter mood, the idea makes you laugh. A guy who was supposed to be assisting the kids with their skates offered to help you – a grown woman. You can’t even deny that you’re struggling because your wobbly hands give you away.
“Was I that obvious?”
He touches his chin, rolling to your other side smoothly, “well, you haven’t moved from this spot for the past half an hour.”
You chuckle, “you were watching me for half an hour.”
He sucks in a breath through his teeth, shaking his head in defeated manner, “…yeah.”
Slyly, you let your gaze drift over his tall figure, freezing when you catch him do the same.
“To be honest, I was just worried you might hurt yourself,” he reasons, holding up his arms before spinning around twice, “so what do you say?”
Squinting at the hand he offers, you know you felt a little awkward standing to the side while Jungkook and Junho has all the fun, so you nod, fitting your hand in his before he carefully pulls tugs you off the railing.
“Here, put your hands up here,” he instructs, guiding you behind his figure with all the poise of a ballerina before you shakily rest your hands on his toned shoulders, squeezing when you nearly topple over.
“Sorry,” you mutter weakly, gaining your balance as he glides down the rink, still near the railings which you assume is for your own comfort. The other skaters dash past you, and you wish you were as skilled as them. Jungkook seems to have gotten lost in the crowd.
Jinyoung skids further away from the railing, having you squeal excitedly before you finally find his rhythm, giggling because his movements match the beat of the music.
“So, are you here alone?” He enquires, tilting his head slightly as he speaks.
“Nope, I’m here with my son and…his father.”
He nods, scanning the faces that pass, “where are they? Is your son as jumpy as you with the skates?”
You gasp, seeing him sport a fond smile when he twists sharply and takes your hands in his, steadying you when you begin to lose your balance once again. Your gaze is fixed on the ground, hoping you don’t embarrass yourself because this guy is quite attractive, and you don’t want to make yourself like an idiot.
“No, he’s actually pretty good,” you inform with a proud smile, fixated on the way his hands caress your own, “his dad is good too.”
“You’re a natural,” he compliments, eyes on your legs that are hidden under your lime green dress, “think you go by yourself, now? Move your feet like mine.”
“Errr—” you chuckle nervously, mirroring the swiping motion of his feet before he finally leaves one hand, then the other.
“There, you got it!”
“Yeah! Oh my God,” you giggle, grateful that he’s still around for you to grip onto in case you fall.
It’s like the wind in your hair during a car ride home from school. The excitement bubbling in your chest somehow takes you back to your childhood. Laughing giddily with the stranger next to you who seems all too proud. Shoes with wheels? Genius.
Junho grips onto your arm, luckily Jinyoung is there to grab your hand when your movements stall, still unsure how to idle with wheels on your feet.
“You’re doing it!” Junho jabbers, following your finger that points to Jinyoung.
“Yeah, he helped me!”
“Who’s this?”
Jungkook grasps Junho’s arm, lips pursed while his eyes don’t leave Jinyoung –  who’s oblivious. You’re all too aware, watching Jungkook’s jaw twitch, beads of light dancing on his stern face. You’re holding back a laugh.
“Thank you so much,” you gush, placing a hand on Jinyoung’s arm, “I had so much fun with you.”
“Me too! You should come again!”
Jungkook scoffs, “we’ll see about that. Leave you five minutes, should know you’ll find something you occupy yourself.”
Unbothered by his comment, you turn to Jinyoung, promising that you’ll definitely be stopping by again, when there’s such lovely service here.”
A loud thump sounds from behind you, nearly falling to your feet as you rush to Junho who’s clutching his knee and head, tears streaming down his face. Jungkook beats you there, pulling Jungkook onto his lap when he crouches in front of him.
“I fell,” Junho hiccups, “and hit my head there—” he points to the bar under the railing, still clutching his knee, sobbing into his father’s shoulder.
You reach over to stroke his head, cooing when his cries get louder. Examining the damage on his knee, you find a small bruise forming, before moving to his head and pushing up his fringe, seeing no visible bumps there.
“Hey, hey,” Jungkook hushes, taking Junho’s cheeks between his hands, “it’s alright, shush. I don’t know why the f—why there had to be another bar there. Terribly built.”
Jinyoung watches from a few feet away, face filled with concern. You shoot him an apologetic smile, certain that he heard Jungkook.
“No more roller skating, okay? We wont come here ever again.”
You roll your eyes, knowing that Jungkook’s words are spoken with more than one motive behind it. Junho’s sobs start again, eyes puffy as his small hands scrub at his cheeks.
It makes your heart hurt, “Smiley—”
“Hey, come on, you’re my strong boy, aren’t you?”
Jungkook wraps his arms around Junho, pulling him into his chest with his eyes shut while you watch the exchange with a stagnant heartbeat, his words like a dagger to your heart.
“My strong boy,” he repeats, kissing the side of Junho’s head, “let’s go home.”
He cradles Junho, hopping to his feet while you follow them to the exit, the dagger now set aflame.
Tumblr media
The villa is nice, cozy, homely – the change in routine is refreshing, but what’s spoiling your fun is Jungkook – and the opposing feelings slicing through your heart. His tenderness with Junho, how you watch them wrestle and fight playfully like two pandas. To see Junho bursting with elation in the company of his father, makes you sad as much as it makes you happy. You see the way he looks at Jungkook, the exact same way Jungkook looks at him. With so much love and care, but once Jungkook sets his eyes on you, it fades into something else.
You wonder if it’s the same way you look at him now.
“I’m gonna shower, you should too, stinker!”
“Hey! I already had a bath!” Junho whines, kneeling on the couch, “and I am not a stinker!”
“Oh yeah,” Jungkook crinkles his nose, jutting out his hip, “then what’s that smell.”
The smell hits you just as he exits the room, laughing maniacally as he disappears down the upstairs.
Junho pinches his nose, a loud ‘eww’ echoing in the room.
“I think dad farted!”
You groan, shoving your face in a pillow because why do you remember that smell too.
More maniacal laughter.
Once you think the smell fades, you usher Junho to the other bathroom, getting his bubble bath ready when your phone beeps, a reminder that you have a mission on your hands.
Peeking around the hallway wall, you hear the Jungkook’s shower running. It’s now or never.
Junho is busy singing while he plays with the bubbles, a habit he formed since he was three. You don’t know where he got it from, but you soon discovered that he sings whenever he’s alone, either finishing up his homework, or playing with his cars. You find it endearing.
“I’m gonna be right back, okay? No swimming!”
He giggles, “obviously.”
You pinch his cheek, a little too hard, hearing him squeal, “obviously? You’re turning into your dad!”
Snatching up your phone from the counter, you tiptoe to Jungkook’s room, pushing open the door with a light hand. You let him have the master bedroom, since Junho will sleep with him tonight. The bathroom is situated in the far left corner, quite a distance away from the nightstand where you find his phone.
Chewing on your lip, you enter the password as fast as you can, thumbs moving without much thought.
His homescreen photo is Bam and Junho, sitting by the pool. Junho looks so cute – you wish you could send it to yourself but no, you have something to do.
Glancing over your shoulder, you open up your message thread with Jimin, following the instructions he had sent you a few days ago on Jungkook’s phone. You’re not accustomed to all the icons and placement of the apps, so it takes you a while to find the browser app. It’s only when the phone slips out of your hand do you realize that you’re shaking.
You got this.
Holding both the phones up, you get to work, grinning to yourself when the software download begins. You know nothing about it – but Jimin said that it would be untraceable on his phone, working from the inside and getting whatever information he needs.
Your hand flies to your chest when you hear singing coming from the bathroom – Jungkook singing. In the sweetest, silvery voice you’ve ever heard. You stand there for you don’t know how long, nearly swaying with the soft timbre of his voice. He’s singing a love song, one you don’t recognise but the lyrics…
The sound of water gushing ceases, forcing you out of your daydreams to find that the download is not complete yet!
Your foot bounces impatiently, heart racing.
“Come on…come on.”
Locking his phone and setting it back on the nightstand, you whirl around – a squeak jumping from your lips when you find Jungkook with a towel hanging low around his waist, another pressed to his head.
Droplets of water cascade down his toned body, down…down collected in the plush towel. Tattoos wet, like a painting on his muscles. And you find yourself doing that thing again – finding the moles and dents in his body that you remember. Your eyebrows furrow when you spot something new, a bit of pale skin, paler than the rest and raised from his skin. On the left side of his stomach.
His free hand falls, blocking that part of his body before he takes a step forward. Wet hair paired with that smirk is not good for you…But you pull yourself together, one foot turned to the door.
“What are you doing here? Junho’s awake, it’s still too early.”
He takes a lock of hair between his fingers, lips glistening, “come back later hm?”
You shove him away with a hand on his chest, playing off the impact of his hot, hard flesh against your palm with a laugh.
“Stop it, idiot. I just came to check if you have enough pillows.”
“Oh,” he sniggers, the same old boyish smile returning, “I learned to sleep with one only. But if you’re really worried—” he looms closer, placing a hand on the doorframe above you “—you can be my pillow tonight.”
Don’t look at his abs. Don’t look at his abs.
Ah fuck.
There it is, tightly packed and damp. But that scar…
“Like what you see?”
You scoff, “no, but—”
“So you don’t?”
Sighing, your hand hovers mid-air, pausing right above the scar that looks a lot worse up close.
“What happened there?”
His smile falls, snapping away from you yet still holding eye contact. You don’t look away, determined to get an answer.
“You can take the master bedroom if you want,” he offers, clearly a deflection, “Junho and I can sleep in the other room.”
“It’s fine.”
The arm he wraps around your waist catches you off guard, your gasp sounding a little too telling.
“Or we can share a bed tonight.”
You step on his foot, a weak attempt to help you wiggle out of his grip before you dash away, cursing him on your way down the hall. He shouts to your retreating figure, smile clear in his words.
“You can never hurt me, ___. My pain tolerance is high!”
Once you make it back to your room, you have a dizzying smile on your face, chest heaving as you laugh to yourself.
He’s such an idiot.
Tumblr media
It’s nearly 6PM the next day when you arrive in Jangmi City.
Somehow, you slept in, missing the alarm you set, finding Jungkook and Junho sat in the lounge watching Top Gear. You’re not accustomed to waking up after 11 and you felt more tired than anything.
Deciding to spend the rest of the afternoon in Deiji, you spent a few hours shopping, mostly for Junho. And anything you picked out, Jungkook snatched it from your hands and insisted on paying. You refused his offer to pay for the pretty purse that caught your eye. Obviously, you didn’t forget his words when he first got back. As if you can’t afford the few luxuries you have and work hard for.
Patiently, you wait for Jimin’s call, any news from him. He said before that once the software is on Jungkook’s phone, he’d get to work.
You’re nervous. What if all your suspicions are proven true? What if Jungkook was behind that whole incident? What if there’s some terrible reason why he chose to come back now and he’s being so accepting of Junho after a great amount of time has passed?
A part of you doesn’t want to know and you’d like to believe that you’re feeling that way because of Junho. You’re a lot calmer today, falling into vacation mode, travelling with Jungkook not a burden, but an unspoken agreement. To have fun, enjoy it while it lasts and not ruin it for Junho.
“We’re here.”
Yawning, you sit upright, hand held over your mouth when you catch the words on the sign you pass on your way up to the parking lot.
‘Stigma Inn.’
Jungkook meets your eyes when you turn to him, unable to hide your surprise. He shoots you a knowing look, switching off the engine before stepping out of the car. You stare at him stupidly, a little distracted by how…good he looks in that black button up shirt and slacks. Not his usual attire.
“We’re staying here for the night?”
He nods, taking Junho’s hand in his as you walk to the entrance, pebbles crunching under your heels.
“Tonight and tomorrow night, heard it’s one of the best,” he shrugs, looking down at Junho with a grin, “and you deserve the best, hm?”
Junho nods shyly, doe eyes lit by the golden glow as you approach the shimmering glass doors. Jungkook hands his keys to the bell boy who rushes over, ready to cart your luggage. The décor and lighting takes you back to that night, the night you met Taehyung.
Your fingers tighten around your purse, head tipped up as you gaze at the chandelier, the exact same one you saw at the bar. Junho admires the place himself, small lips parted as he follows Jungkook further, stopping near the reception desk.
“I’ll get us checked in,” Jungkook informs, pointing to the velvety red couches behind you, “wait there.”
“It’s so cool, mamma!”
“I know,” you beam, running your fingers through his hair, “do you know who all this belongs to?”
“Dad!” He says without hesitation, fat cheeks puffed up.
“No,” you snort, whispering into his ear, “Tae.”
His eyes bulge out comically, “really?”
Before you can provide more information, Jungkook tips his head in the direction of the elevators.
“Right this way Mr. and Mrs. Jeon.”
The attendant behind him says wearing a perfunctory smile. You’re ready to protest, nailing Jungkook with a burning stare while he’s unfazed, stuffing his hands in his pockets with a smirk.
What if Taehyung finds out that you checked in, his hotel, under the name Mrs. Jeon?
God, you just got here and Jungkook is already getting on your nerves. But thankfully, he booked two rooms, penthouse suites for the two of you. Junho chooses to share a room with his dad, again and you’re left alone in a massive room with unlimited amenities. A jacuzzi to yourself.
You won’t complain.
The scent in the hotel room, you place it immediately and you’re impressed at how consistent the hotels are. Down to the scented candles set on the coffee table. It’s almost nostalgic, reminding you of the first night you spent with Taehyung, how he carried you to bliss, how he made you feel less alone that night.
There’s an indoor pool on your floor and once Junho gets news of that, you’re obligated to change into swimming gear at 7 in the evening. Not like you’ll actually swim. Sat at the lip of the pool with your legs swirling around the water, Taehyung on your mind.
You wonder what he’s doing. He said he hasn’t been at work for the past few days because he wasn’t feeling well. You hope he’s okay. If only he would reply to your text…
The indoor pool, you come to realize, is built to feel like an outdoor pool. Lights mimicking the stars, trees bent over the sides, ‘grass’ dotting the corners. The air around you is balmy, juxtaposing the cool water. It feels like a dream, opaline ripples in the water, Junho splashing around, competing with his father.
“I beat you!”
“No, you didn’t!”
“Yes, I touched the wall first!”
Junho turns to you, the corners of his mouth sagging.
“Jungkook,” you chide, planting your hands on either side of your thighs, hiking up your sarong, “he’s only six. How are you gonna compete with a six year old?”
Jungkook, ignoring your words, takes Junho in a bone-crushing hug, lifting him above the water before dropping him again and again. His giggles filling the capacious room while you’re rolling your eyes, fixing the strap on your pink bikini top.
Just as you check the time on your phone, Junho swims over to you, propping his cheek on your knee.
He nods, gesturing for you to pull him up out of the water with outstretched arms. You wrap a towel around his shivering frame, eyes falling on Jungkook who springs out of the water, his toned back rippling with the water before he jumps back in.
“Uh…Jungkook, we’re going to bed.”
“What? Already?”
“Yeah, Junho’s tired.”
Junho lifts his head from your shoulder, waving his dad goodnight, “sorry dad. Mamma will come back to play with you.”
Jungkook’s bunny smile appears, “she will?”
“Right, mamma?”
He grips your chin, peering into your eyes with his own reddened ones. You sigh deeply, nodding before you carry Junho back to the hotel rooms which is just around the corner, tucking him in and giving him a big smooch on his forehead. You assume he’s asleep, but he speaks as you’re closing the door, heart stirring with his words.
“Good night mamma, have fun.”
“Good night.”
Jungkook’s arms are stretched over the lip of the pool, his back facing you once again. You don’t know where that bottle of champagne came from, but there’s two flutes sitting on either side of it.
Inhaling a shaky breath, you announce your presence by clearing your throat, regretting it when he looks up at you, half his face illuminated with the dim blue lights. His gaze lingers on your chest as you return to your spot, a safe distance away from him. He throws his head back with laughter, tonguing at his lip piercing.
“Nothing.” He gets to cracking open the champagne, pouring you a glass before asking. “Here.”
You hold it up to your lips, shooting him an amused smile, “since when do you drink champagne?”
He ignores your question, just downs his glass and smacks his lips, grunting with the taste. Fresh and crisp, silky on your tongue. You take your time with it, knowing one glass is enough if you’re drinking with him.
Setting his elbows on the edge of the pool again, his chest puffs out, nipples visible under the water. Even from the side, he’s handsome, you can’t deny it. His tattoos are pretty, you realize, you want to take a closer look. His nose suits his face, there’s something different about him. Different from all those years ago. You remember him as a boy, now he’s a man. He carries himself life one.
You look away when he cards a hand through his wet hair, turning to you before averting his gaze just as fast.
“Why don’t you get in?”
“With you?” You chuckle dryly, “no thanks.”
He bares his teeth as he laughs, floating dangerously close to your legs.
“Come on—” he sets the empty glass next to yours, bouncing in the water “—it’s not that deep.”
“You’re taller than me,” you deadpan, seeing his shoulders drop with annoyance.
“Just come in, the water is nice.”
You level him with a disgusted stare, “are you forgetting what happened the last time you and I were near a body of water.”
His face screws up, as if he had forgotten. Or he’s pretending not to remember. But you remember, and you refuse to get in with him, you don’t even know why you’re here this late at night with him.
“You don’t know how to swim,” he begins, swimming closer, “let me teach you. The basics, do you know how to float?”
Coyly, you stare at your feet, “no.”
“That’s okay,” he soothes, chest brushing your knees, “let me teach you. No funny business.”
“No funny business? Jungkook, you tried to drown me.”
“No I didn’t,” he glowers, moving back an inch as if offended, “you fell in and—”
“You watched me, I saw you,” you take a breath, nearly choking on your words.
He sucks in his lower lip, looking to the left before holding up his hands dismissively. It’s obvious you killed the mood – your own and his. The pool feeling a tad bit colder. You look up at the ‘stars,’ untying your sarong and plopping into the water, holding onto the edge for support. Your teeth chatters first, then you’re engulfed in a relaxing sensation, tingling up your back and down to your legs.
You still keep a safe distance away from him, standing on your tippy toes as you hold on for dear life.
He doesn’t look at you, but you see his dimples appear briefly, arms floating in the water. You’re biting on your lower lip, smile threatening to take over your features.
Now would be a good time to talk about things.
He grins, “you go first.”
You clear your throat, fingers appearing from under the water, “so…you and Sora? How did you guys meet?”
“It’s a long story,” he replies curtly, pressing his palms to his cheeks.
“I saw her car before we left,” you prod, seeing his forehead crease.
“Yeah…but we’re kind of on a break.”
“A break?”
That’s not what he said the last time he mentioned Sora.
“The wedding is set for August this year.”
The words waft around like steam, settling on your skin, forming sweat behind your neck. There’s no emotion as he says it, fingers slotting into each other. You don’t want to look too into it, and you don’t know why you asked in the first place. To make conversation?
“Let me teach you,” he insists, swimming closer menacingly.
You hold up your index finger, “no, Jungkook. Stop.”
He cocks his head to the side, backing you away from the edge. You panic, legs kicking to find the surface that’s suddenly gone from below your feet. Arms flailing around, you shriek, reaching out for him desperately. With a laugh, he grips your hips, holding you up with one hand while the other tucks a wet strand of hair behind your ear.
“Relax, I got you.”
“I told you I don’t want to learn!” You curse, eyes bugging out of your head when you lose balance and fall forward, chest pressed to his.
Immediately, his eyes fall to your boobs that spill out of your pink bikini top, eyebrow jumping.
“Did those get bigger? Or am I seeing things?”
Seething, you cross your arms over your chest, before the same things happens and you’re pressed up against him even more than a few seconds ago, panting into his neck.
“Yeah, they definitely got bigger,” he whispers, thumbing at your lower back.
“You��re such an idiot,” you grit, ignoring the woodsy scent that’s intensified with his damp hair, “take me back.”
“Where’s the fun in that?”
You should feel violated with the way he’s handling you, hands pressing into your skin. But your heart is sending contradicting signals to your brain. And you’re feeling up his back, something tugging in your lower belly when he hooks your thighs around his waist.
“Just,” you mutter, heels digging into his back, “take me back please.”
The water seems to fight against your moving bodies as he helps you to the edge, hands not leaving your body. A thrill runs up the length of your spine when you find that his eyebrows are furrowed, eyes darkened as his gaze slides up and down your figure, pausing on your boobs. You decide to do the same, unabashedly eyeing his perky chest.
It seems like you give him the wrong idea, because now he’s pressing you against the cool wall, lips a breath away from your neck.
You’re straining your body, going rigid when you feel his lips brush the junction between your neck and chest. You might think your head is under water because it’s so hard to breathe, knees nearly buckling when he speaks.
“Do you know how sexy you are? Ever since I saw you, after I came back, I can’t take my eyes off you.”
There’s nothing you can hear except your own heartbeat and his slow but stuttered breaths, feel it against your skin, goosebumps raising on your arms. He catches your chin between his fingers, fixated on your lips.
Jungkook? Jungkook. Yes, this is Jungkook. What is he doing? What are you doing?
“What the fuck are you doing?”
His gaze changes, confusion painting his features. Something tells you to hook your legs around his waist again, tug him closer, tease him.
He moans, the sound urging you on.
There’s an obvious bulge in his shorts, digging into your thigh, it feeds your ego. And you tease him some more. Bringing your lips to his, feeling him pant into your mouth and now he’s gasping for air. His cock twitching, begging to be touched.
He says your name again and again, in a trance, dazed when your lips nearly brush his. You drink up the frenzied glaze to his eyes – because you haven’t seen in for a long, long time. And it reminds you that he can still be putty in your hands, despite the act he puts on. He chases your lips, hot breath kissing yours, and even if you’re wet, so wet, you jump up and out of the pool, using your hands as leverage before blowing him a kiss.
“What the fuck?”
“Careful, there must be cameras in here, Jungkook! Hope you can make it to your room!”
Laughing hysterically, you clutch your tummy, his horny, frustrated face etched in your mind. ‘Wow,’ you giggle to yourself, putting up your hair as you prepare for the bath. He’s so fucking stupid. He got so fucking hard seeing your boobs? Teenage Jungkook is still in there, for sure. Just not in the way you expected. You hope he isn’t too mad. What did he expect? You fuck in the pool? Jerk him off?
Luckily, you carried your toys with. Knowing you’d be satisfied for now.
Ready to find the purple vibrator in your carrier bag, you hear your phone beep, heart stuttering when you see a notification from Taehyung.
[21:53] Taehyung 💏: I miss you.
[21:53] Taehyung 💏: image.jpg
[21:54] Taehyung 💏: are you free? Can I call?
You squint at the screen, zooming into Taehyung’s face. He’s growing his facial hair, lying in bed, shirtless. Flopping down on the bed dreamily, you reply with a ‘yeah sure,’ but on the inside you’re arguing with yourself to say ‘fuck yes.’ His reply comes in the form of a video call, prompting you to sit up and adjust your appearance, combing away the few wet strands of hair.
“Hiii,” you say shyly, words dying on your tongue because fuck, you missed him.
“Hey,” he chuckles, voice thick with sleep and delicious. “How are you? How’s Smiley?”
“Good…good,” you smile, only because you’re unable to stop, blinking at his handsome face and the way his arm is tucked under his head, muscles bulging, “and you?”
“Good…you’re happy.”
“I am,” you reply diffidently, speaking into your shoulder, “happy to talk to you.”
“Yeah?” His eyebrow jumps, glancing to the side as he sucks a breath through his teeth, “how happy?”
“Mmm—” you tuck your fist under your chin, finding a more comfortable position on the bed “—very happy.”
He laughs, that deep, melodious laugh you missed hearing. Your chest swells, joining in his laughter.
“How’s your holiday going? Hey,” he brings the phone up close to his face, the space between his brows only visible, “what hotel are you staying at?”
“Oh,” you smirk, reaching for the notebook placed on the nightstand. The gold lettering on the front has him grinning. “Here. Ever heard of it?”
“Wow,” he snorts, twirling a strand of hair around his fingers, “who’s idea was it?”
“I, uh,” you snigger, recalling your surprise, “I had no idea we were gonna come here, Jungkook booked for us.”
“Oh,” he tsks, “well, he has good taste, I’ll give him that.”
“Yeah…So, how have you been? You’re sounding better than the last time we spoke.”
He speaks around a yawn, repositioning the phone above his face, “feeling a bit better, but I took these two weeks off. I have been working from home.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Yeah, I have a few meetings to attend out of town next week, so I’m just enjoying this break.”
“Oh, I see. You’re gonna be out of town next week?”
“Yeah, I’ll stay in one of our hotels,” he nods, looking up and to the side, unaware of the sombre expression you wear. You wanted to see him next week, by the time you get back from your holiday, he’ll be gone.
“So, what have you been up to? How’s the holiday going? I miss you.”
“I miss you too…I was hoping I’d see you soon, but I guess I won’t for a while.”
His nose crinkles, head tilting to the side, “I’ll see you once I get back, promise.”
You nod, hand pressed to your forehead as you sink down to your stomach, “I can’t wait.”
He narrows his eyes, gaze bouncing around the screen.
“What are you wearing?”
Propping the phone up against a pillow, you kneel on the bed, showcasing the baby pink set you’re wearing and black and white sarong you tied hurriedly when you left the pool earlier.
His mouth hangs open, cursing under his breath.
You return to your previous position, cheeks hurting, “what?”
“You mean to tell me you’re walking around like that? That fucker is lucky.”
Slapping a hand over your eyes with a coy giggle, you roll onto your side. He goes on, complimenting you till your stomach doesn’t stop flipping in on itself and when he pauses to admire you, his expressive eyes say it all. You missed the way he would look at you, how much praise they hold alone.
“There’s nothing stopping me from getting in my car and driving there right now.”
“Where are you?”
Shocked, you blink at him, “you’re not serious?!”
He smiles, “I’m kidding, but if you want me there, let me know.”
“We’re in Jangmi City.”
“Ah, that’s one of my favorite locations, we’re looking to extend the building.”
“It’s already so huge,” you titter. He shakes his head, explaining why it would be a good move for business here.
Comfortable silence settles between you, admiring each other’s faces as if he wasn’t so far away, but right next to you, physically. It feels that way.
“You’re growing your beard,” you point out, watching his rub his chin and mustache.
He brings the phone close to his mouth and chin, moving his head from side to side, “do you like it?”
“I love it, so sexy.”
He doesn’t move the phone away from his mouth, breaths audible, “you’d love it more when you feel it between your thighs.”
You gulp, nearly levitating with his words and the way your pussy clenches around nothing.
“Hm?” His eyebrow jumps with nonchalance, collarbones and chest visible to your greedy eyes.
You shift on the bed, clit throbbing in the flimsy material of your bikini panties.
He licks his lips, eyes half-lidded, “let me see you without the…skirt thing.”
Springing to action, you kneel on the bed, making a show of undoing the knot keeping it snug around your waist, slowly peeling away to reveal your damp panties. His bottom lip is caught between his teeth, groaning when you spread your legs a bit.
“Fuck…you…do you have any idea what you do to me? You’re all I can think about,” he shudders, fisting a handful of hair.
“You too,” you confess, throwing the sarong across the room.
“You wanna know what I think about the most?”
“What it would be like to feel you, really feel you.”
You grin salaciously, a vague idea of what he’s talking about, but you want to hear him say it.
“What do you mean? You felt me before?”
“Ah fuck,” he laughs, covering his eyes with his long fingers, hesitant with his next words, “you know what I mean.”
“Uh uh,” you smile, tongue poking into your cheek, enjoying watching him struggle.
“I wanna…fuck you. Really fuck you. Feel all of you when I fuck you.”
At this point, you can feel your slick pool in your panties, hands inching down your belly and back up, between your breasts.
“Mhm? How?”
“Uh, shit. Wanna fuck you without a—”
“I know,” you chuckle breathlessly, the idea thrilling to you as well. “Wanna take me raw?”
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
His lips twist, peering at the way you’re caressing your neck and chest.
“For? I wanna feel you too baby. Fuck, it sounds so hot.”
“Yeah? Shit, I’m so hard.”
Your core throbs, folds swelling in its confines as you hear his voice deepen with lust, eyes barely open as he shuffles down the bed, one hand disappearing from your view.
“Get naked for me,” he husks, groaning softly, “let me see you touch yourself.”
Falling onto your back, you set your phone in front of your face, clicking your tongue.
“I thought you wanted me to take care of you?”
His eyes sparkle, lopsided smile on his face, “how would you take care of me?”
“Let’s see,” you begin, kicking off your panties, “nice and slow, I’d take your cock in my hands, spit on it a bit, get you sloppy.”
“Uh, yeah,” he grunts, clearly stroking his cock. The picture you conjure in your mind has your fingers slithering between your folds, gasping with the first touch.
“You want my hands, or my mouth? I think you like my mouth better. Tease you with my tongue, up and down.”
His eyebrows are furrowed, lying motionless as he watches you with hooded eyes, “let me see you play with your pussy.”
Back on your knees, you place the phone high enough to give him the perfect view of you pussy and boobs, showing him how wet you are by spreading your lips apart. He hums, holding the phone to show you how hard he is, fucking into his head, dark tufts of hair collected there.
You’re salivating, dipping your fingers lower as you mewl, tossing your head back when you hear him groan.
“Fuck, miss that pussy. Make yourself cum baby. Wish I could come there, and have you ride my face till you’re gushing.”
“Taehyung,” you sigh, fingers dipping into your cunt to hear him tut.
“No fingers inside, play with your clit. I can see how swollen it is.”
Whining with how empty you feel, your orgasm approaches a lot faster with the lewd position you’re in, grinding on your hand frantically as you moan out his name, mouth hanging open.
“Shit, look at you. Wanna fuck that pretty cunt, get you nice and creamed up. Fuck you full of my cum till it’s leaking down those sexy thighs.”
“Fuuuuck, Tae. I’m cumming.”
You shudder, the coil winding tighter and tighter till it snaps, nail digging into your clit as you cum on your fingers, thighs burning. He praises you as you ride out the high, cunt pulsing into your hand while you want him paint his chest with his cum, cockhead jutting out of his fist as he curses out your name.
Your laugh catches his attention, “what?”
“Nothing, I was just…getting ready to use my vibrator tonight.”
“Aren’t you glad I called?” He smirks, wiping down his chest.
Tumblr media
You’re getting too accustomed to waking up late.
Spring in your step, you saunter to the pools, seeing Junho and Jungkook lay in one of the gigantic sunbeds. Jungkook texted you to say they’d meet you here. It took you a while to find the recreational area, but you did, after nearly fifteen minutes of searching. This place is bigger than you expected.
“Hi,” you smile, placing a kiss on Junho’s head.
Jungkook doesn’t look your way, his face screwed up in a permanent scowl as he feeds Junho chunks of watermelon, squinting in the sunlight.
It’s exciting to be around the other guests, adding to the jubilant atmosphere as they tan and swim and jest. Mostly young parents like yourself dotting the area. You pull out your sunscreen from the straw bag you carried, planting yourself on the edge of the sunbed before lathering your legs and arms.
“Mamma, come sit here.”
Junho scoots closer to his father, patting the space next to him. You slide in next to him, fitting your arm around his tiny shoulders. He has earphones in, watching YouTube videos with Jungkook. You don’t really know if Jungkook is watching, since he has sunglasses on, his chin tipped up.
“Smiley,” you pinch his shoulder. He presses pause on the video, tongue sticking out with his lisp.
“Why don’t you go play in the pool? Instead of sitting here, with your iPad.”
He pouts cutely, “it’s too hot, mamma. And I was playing in the pool all morning.”
Junho holds the iPad below his chin, nudging you with his shoulder, “let’s take a selfie! Dad! We’re taking a selfie.”
Jungkook pokes his head in one corner, while you do the same, peeking at him before putting on your biggest smile. The photo is cute, and you watch as Junho sets it as his wallpaper and everything.
“This is the best day ever!”
“Aw baby,” you coo, pulling him onto your lap and peppering his face with kisses, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he squeals, turning to Jungkook, “I love you dad!”
Jungkook ruffles Junho’s hair, rising to his feet to stand on the other side of the sunbed, “love you too.”
It can’t be because of last night that he’s behaving like an asshole. Not only to you, but to Junho. He’s suddenly so distant, standing to the stand and watching over the pool like some lifeguard. If Junho wasn’t here, you would’ve asked him what’s his problem. But this is Junho’s best day ever and you don’t want to ruin it.
So you lay down on the sunbed, unbuttoning your top a bit. Junho stays tucking into your side, asking you to play with his hair as he lays on your stomach while Jungkook continues to sulk for whatever reason – you’re too relaxed to care.
Tumblr media
The whole day was spent at the pools, lunch in a nearby restaurant and dinner in the hotel. Taehyung texted you earlier, to tell you that he misses you, of course, and he has a surprise for you and Junho once you get back. Even if you’re enjoying this holiday, now you’re just eager to go back home.
But Taehyung will be gone once you return.
Today went smoothly, too smoothly, and you should’ve known better. That there’ll always be some kind of issue. Especially if Jungkook is around and in a shitty mood.
“Can you cover up please?”
You cough, glaring at Jungkook, “excuse me?”
He gestures to your collar, “button up more.”
“If I button up any more, I would be choking.”
“Pull down your shirt.”
“It’s literally below my knee and I’m sitting,” you bark, anger bubbling over as he continues to judge you from across the table, “what the fuck is your problem?”
Junho jogs back to your table, a handful of gumballs set on the table, “I got seven! Can we go home now?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook bellows, banging his fist on the table before he turns on his heel and power walks to the car.
Junho jolts in fright, baffled by his father’s behaviour. You’re quick to cover it up, tell him that dad is having a bad day to which he understands. Although a little confused because it’s supposed to be the best day ever.
Exasperated, you tell Junho to wait in your hotel room as you tail Jungkook to his, grabbing his arm just as the door shuts behind him.
“What’s your problem? Why are you behaving like this in front of Junho?”
“I don’t have a problem,” he roars, pacing from one end of the room to the other, “and Junho didn’t hear me.”
“He did,” you affirm, hands on your hips, “and he’s wondering why his father is back to acting like a real asshole.”
He halts, head snapping in your direction with his nostrils flaring. You raise an eyebrow in question, waiting for his answer.
“You’re ruining it for him,” you scold, keeping your voice as calm as you possibly can with your anger, “what’s your issue?”
Take a few steps forward, he holds up a finger, “what’s my issue?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, arms falling to your sides with exhaustion, “you’ve been acting so weird today. And I have no idea how you must’ve been acting when I wasn’t around if Junho is so concerned. What’s your issue—”
There was wall behind you, you realize, pressed to it with his hands around your throat. Your head feels like it’s about to explode, hitting his wrists weakly while gasping for air, legs stretching as you try to get away from him. All you see is the malicious tint to his eyes, not what you remember, but so much worse.
Feeling lightheaded, a tear rolls down your cheek, disappointment piercing into your heart because you let your guard down too easily.
“You’re my fucking issue,” he grunts, squeezing tighter.
A puff of his name leaves your lips, sight turning spotty and black.
You don’t see the alarm on his face when he lets go because your eyes fall shut, sliding to the floor as you clutch your neck, unbidden tears dripping down your cheeks.
“Fuck, are you okay? Shit shit shit,” he curses, taking your face between his hands but you push him – hard. He topples over onto his back, laying there with his hands over his eyes.
“Don’t touch me,” you sob, air like ice as it fills your lungs, “don’t fucking touch me.”
Impaired legs carry you to the door, hand pressing down the handle before you hear him call your name. Nose and eyes a bright red.
“I’m sorry.”
You purse your lips to prevent it from quivering, but your eyes give you away, brimming with tears.
“I said I’m sorry.”
He presses the heels of his palms to his eyes, wiping his nose with his flannel sleeve. You’re rooted to the spot, heart splitting excruciatingly slow as he chants the words.
“You got me so fucked up,” he confesses, speaking with a nasally voice while you’re trying to find yours.
Your mind is blank. Stuck on rewind as he breaks down in front of you – pausing when? When you find the memories of him crying all those years ago. When you had nothing but each other. When he was your lifeline. The pained expression contorting his face has you inching forward, plucking at his sleeve.
“I’m so sorry. I…I saw those guys looking at you and they weren’t looking at you in a nice way. It was…disgusting. And fuck, I shouldn’t have told you those things. I should’ve approached them. Told them that it’s not fucking okay to stare at woman like that.”
“It’s not okay! They looked like they wanted to eat you. It’s fucking disgusting. Fuck—” He presses his forehead against the wall, clenching and unclenching his fists “—I wanna go back and fucking bash their heads together.”
He’s mad because there were men looking at you? You didn’t even notice. But he clearly did. That still doesn’t explain why he decided to hurt you like this. Your fingers graze your neck, unsure of what to say to him still.
And now, he’s banging his fists against the wall, harder each time, doing more damage to his knuckles than anything else. Involuntarily, you reach for his wrist, pulling it away and shaking your head.
His eyes hold so much sorrow, the corners of his mouth in deep frown.
“I’m sorry.”
You want to say it’s okay…but it’s not. It’s not healthy at all, and you’re afraid.
“You’re scaring me, Jungkook.”
“No, no,” he laments, hands lifting toward your face before he stops, “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”
“For everything.”
You swallow thickly, tears blurring your vision. “What?”
He rubs his nose furiously, inhaling a shaky breath as his gaze meanders from the window to the door behind you, lips pursed.
“I’m sorry…for everything,” he repeats, still not quite meeting your eyes.
A flash of grief passes over you, paralyzed as you hear him speak, you have to focus on your breathing to realize that you’re not dreaming. That Jungkook stands here, in front of you, after years of suffering, apologizing sincerely.
“Do you have any idea what it feels like to live with the guilt that you left behind your family? A family people yearn for. You want to do anything in your power to make it work. Anything at all. But I have no idea where to start. What can I do to make the best of this one last chance I have to make things right?”
You sniffle, waiting for him to finish.
“Fuck, I’m not good with words and even though I practiced this a million times I can’t remember anything because I know fucked up now,” he hisses, glancing at your neck. “You don’t have to accept my apology, and I understand if you want nothing to do with me. Like you said before. But you…”
“Me?” Your lips wobble, offering him a teary smile.
“I went through hell without you.”
He shuffles closer, moving your hair away from your face, fingers skimming down your cheek to have your eyes flutter. Your neck strains as you look up at him, leaning into his touch when he cradles your face in his hands daintily.
“I spent days wondering if you had forgotten about me. What you were doing…But I just…”
“Why did you leave?” You hiccup, placing your hands over his, “why?”
He rolls his jaw, gaze latched onto yours, “I had to.”
You punch his chest, “why? Why did you have to leave then? When I was so alone? When we were just getting better? Why?”
“I…can’t,” he shakes his head, forehead pressed to yours. He chuckles lowly, eyes slipped shut, “I knew I’d get to have you with me again.”
Sliding a hand around his neck, you lean up to slot your lips into his, like a surge of electricity running though your veins when he grabs your hips, pulling you to him as he deepens the kiss, licking into your mouth with urgency. Feverishly, you tilt your head to the side, sliding your fingers into his hair as he lifts you up and pins you against the wall.
Desire drowns out any rational thought at an alarming rate, body surrendering to his touch as he cups your breasts, tongue tangled with yours. The kiss is giddying, body alight with pleasure when he pulls away, mouthing down your neck while you swallow a lungful of air, a moan spilling from your lips when he nips at the skin under your ear.
“I hurt you,” he murmurs into your skin, tongue soothing the burn his teeth left before he moves to your lips, gasping into your mouth, “I keep hurting you.”
“Jungkook,” you whisper breathlessly, jutting your chest out.
He tugs at the collar of your shirt, causing a gasp to tumble from your lips as you hear the buttons fly across the room. The taste of his mouth is something you can’t get enough of, transported to a time of peace and carelessness. Young and reckless.
“Fuck, your tits,” he grunts, pulling down the black cups and getting his mouth one noisily, slurping and sucking at the pebbles bud before he sets his tongue flat against the sensitive skin, humming when you moan and twist at his hair.
The sensation of his lip piercing snagging on your nipple has you leaking and desperate. Bucking into him when he looks up from your chest, suckling on your nipples.
“Tell me what you want?”
You hum, lips pressing together when he bites your nipple, not too hard to be painful, but with enough pressure to have an all-consuming flame ignite in your lower belly.
“What do you want?”
“Touch me, Jungkook please.”
You fall forward when he presses his toned thigh to your clothed knee, grasping your chin harshly, forcing you to look at him.
“You know I heard you last night,” he pants, bouncing you on his thigh with sharp motions, “I still remember what you like. Open your mouth.”
Rolling your hips delightfully, you fail to hear his words, yelping when he pries your mouth open. Your stomach curls with excitement, tongue rolling out for him.
“Swallow it all.”
There’s a crazed look in his eyes as he gathers a ball of spit and lets it fall onto your tongue. You gasp when a string still connected to his splatters against your chin, mouth clamping shut.
“Swallow. Let’s see.”
Obediently, your jaw unhinges, falling into his fiery gaze as he continues to fuck you onto his thigh. Slick seeping through the material of your panties and his pants. His lips travel down your chest again, more aggressive with the way he sucks on your abused nipples.
“No one sounds like you, no one makes me feel the way you do. Fuck, see how pretty you look, fucking yourself on my thigh. Oh, yeah? That’s good isn’t it? Want it harder?”
“Fuck, yes, Jungkook. Yes! Harder.”
Your pussy clenches and weeps, begging to be filled while you’re grinding on his thing shamelessly as you chase your high, the scent of him enough to have you teeter off the edge, so close to your end with Jungkook’s nails piercing into your skin.
“Gonna cum? Yeah? No, you’re gonna cum on my cock.”
The clank of his belt sends a shiver up your spine, slowing down your movements then—”
“Mamma? Dad?”
Alarmed, you shove Jungkook away, holding the tattered material of your shirt together as Jungkook opens the door, welcoming Junho inside.
“Hey, Smiley.” Jungkook grins sheepishly, fixing his hair as he glances at you while you’re adjusting your bikini top.
“Did you guys make up?” Junho enquires, tapping his chin suspiciously.
“Uh…we did,” you smile, bending down to his level, “everything is good now.”
“Yeah.” Jungkook parrots, a content smile splitting his shiny face. He winks at you, reality hitting you like a tidal wave.
“Everything is good now.”
Tumblr media
It’s 11AM on the dot when you arrive in Labendeo.
The road Jungkook takes once you reach is unfamiliar and unpaved. You grip the seat as the tyres crunch along the path, unable to maintain your balance when he takes a windy road up a hill. Accidentally, you grip his thigh, cheeks heating when he smirks at you.
“That’s supposed to be my job.”
You chuckle, gaze drifting out the window as you keep your hands under your thighs.
It’s safe to say that after what happened last night – you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. You also have no idea what the fuck Jungkook is doing when he has a whole ass wedding in August. Him and Sora are taking a break? It’s all so confusing – and you need a break from this break.
And then there’s guilt. There’s always guilt.
Taehyung. You like him, a lot. And you’re more than willing to him a chance because you want to. You want him. He makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. Junho deserves stability, to be safe. There’s a 99.9% chance that with Jungkook, safety and stability is far from what he’ll get. Still, you can’t seem to narrow your feelings and perhaps once you’re back home, able to think critically – you’d see things in a clearer light.
“Where are we?” Junho asks from his place in the backseat. You’re ready to ask the same question because what lies ahead looks like a factory. Nerves bite at the back of your neck.
“Okay,” Jungkook says, bouncing off his seat, “this is why I brought you to Labendeo. Well, one of the reasons why, but that’s for later. Come on!”
He unclicks his seatbelt, hand kept on the door handle before you stop him with a hand on his shoulder, concerned because he brought you to this…factory that looks shady.
“Jungkook, I’m not sure about this. Where are we?”
He smiles, leaning forward to peck your cheek which leaves that spot burning.
“I understand, this is my factory! I wanted to show you guys the inside before we kick of business.”
You raise a brow, concern heightening because Junho listens attentively.
“What kind of factory?”
He huffs, looking between the two of you before he final turns fully, taking your hand in his.
“This used to be one of the biggest textile companies in the country. But, the owner failed to practice oversight of management which led to the business’ downfall. A year ago, a friend of mine contacted me and told me that there’s an opening, since he knew that I’ve been searching for something like this for ages.”
Junho slots himself between the two front seats, “and then?”
“And then,” Jungkook grins, “I met with the owner. He didn’t have the funds to formulate and follow through with a reconstruction program, liquidation was the only option. Until I showed up, gave him an offer and here we are! In about a month we kick off!”
“Wait, wait, wait,” you interrupt, “you…own a textile company?”
“I’ll explain everything later! Let’s just go inside.”
He’s so excited, you’re excited and Junho is the most excited. Maybe Jungkook wants to change his line of business? Find another way to navigate through life. Jitters run up your spine.
Just as you’re about to enter, the smell of fresh paint filling your nostrils, Jungkook’s phone rings.
“Hello? What,” he lets go of Junho’s hand, stepping away from you. His eyes narrow, worry flooding his features while you’re trying to hear what’s going on.
“Hacked?! Sweets, calm down. What do you mean hacked?”
Your blood runs cold, nails digging into your palms as he returns to you with sagging shoulders.
“I’m so sorry,” he exhaled a deep sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, “there’s an emergency back home.”
“Can we still go inside the factory?”
“Of course, Smiley. But I don’t think we’ll make it to the beach today, sorry.”
Cogs failing to turn in your head, you follow him inside almost robotically, knowing that you’re the cause as to why your trip must end early.
Tumblr media
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