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bts7-journey · 2 minutes ago
He did that things up side down😳😳😰😰
There is nothing that jungkook can't do😘😘 our bunny
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writemywaytoyourheart · 7 minutes ago
Aim For The Heart | Chapter 9: A Long Awaited Arrival
Tumblr media
Pairing: hitman!jungkook x female reader
Genre: romance, angst, drama, fluff
WC: 5.7k
Warnings for this chapter: language, feelings of anxiety, I think that’s it...
Tag list; @hopekookies @moonchild1 @barbellastyles98 @teresaisla @mwitsmejk @ggukkieland @scuzmunkie @jaebeomsblackgf @sugaslittlekookies @moon-asia @bangtannie7 @yoonchrisgull @njkbangtan @higashikatasgf @jksbbyfacebunny @kookiesxbananamilk @voidswan @sadxaries @bts-junseagull @jinfused @taehyungiev13 @jadethd @kimnamjoonluvbot @jungkooook @mutterseelenalleinn @surilirani @patpus @crypticsabbat @yukiehyukie
summary; Jeon Jungkook is an infamous hitman, known for his inability to fail at whatever job is thrown his way. At least, up until now. Y/n, a kind-hearted and full of life teacher, is his newest target. Jeon isn’t sure who would put a hit on this seemingly innocent girl, but fortunately, that isn’t his problem. All he has to do is pull the trigger.
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"M-Mina!" You scream happily when you see your best friend's beautiful face. 
Then you lunge forward and wrap your arms around her, making her stumble back as she laughs, wrapping her arms around you. 
"I missed you, girlie," She mumbles into the crook of your neck. 
"I m-missed you t-too," You sniffle in her shoulder. 
Mina finally pulls away, a smirk on her face, "You couldn't have missed me that bad. You're too busy dating this Jungkook guy!" 
Your face turns red as a tomato as Mina laughs at your embarrassment. 
"Mina, it isn't l-like th-that," You sputter in humiliation as her smirk just gets bigger. 
"Mmhm, sure it isn't. Do you have a picture of him? I'm dying to see how hot he is."
"I'm kidding!" Then she winks, "Unless I'm not."
You shake your head and move so that she can come inside, "W-Well, too b-bad for you, I d-don't have a picture."
"Drat the luck."
When you both walk in and you're shutting the door, Mina looks at the picnic things on the floor, "You having a picnic by yourself in here and so early in the morning?" 
You giggle, "N-No, silly. Jungkook a-and I had a picnic y-yesterday."
"In here?"
"No! O-Outside. I just f-forgot to put the th-things away." 
"You forgot?" Mina asks, something like doubt flashing in her eyes. 
"Well, I m-might have had an e-episode last night..." You mumble hesitantly. Mina takes your chin and lifts your face to look her in the eyes, "You had an episode? Did you call Dr. Choi?" 
"N-No...I just- it was th-the first time in a w-while..." You hate being scolded by Mina, but you know it's going to happen. It always does when you fail to take care of yourself. 
Mina looks extremely displeased and you find yourself pouting at her with puppy dog eyes, "I'm s-sorry. P-Please don't be mad at- at me." 
She sighs and ruffles your hair, "Don't give me those puppy eyes. I'm not mad at you, I'm worried. Hold on," Then she's pulling her phone out of her purse and dialing a number before holding it up to her ear. 
You watch her in confusion until you hear her speak into the phone, "Hello, may I please be transferred to Dr. Choi? Thank you." 
Your eyes widen and you shake your head frantically, "N-No, Mina! No!"
She puts a hand out to quiet you, her face set in determination. 
You pout again and cross your arms, but she ignores you. 
"Hello? Hi, Dr. Choi, it's Mina Kim. Yes, ___'s friend."
You bite your lip and start cleaning up the picnic stuff on the floor. 
"I'm doing well, thank you. I called about ____, actually...Yes," Mina looks back at you and you stick your tongue out at her. She sticks hers out back at you, "Yeah, she just told me that she had one of her episodes again last night."
"M-Mina..." You grumble. 
"Hold on a second," She covers the phone with her hand and looks pointedly at you, "How long ago was the last one?" 
You think for a second, then you say quietly, "Three y-years ago."
She nods and uncovers the phone again, "She said it was three years ago...Yes, that's what I thought...Today?" She looks at her watch, "Yes, that works...Alright, thank you, Dr. Choi, see you soon."
When she hangs up, you bombard her at once. 
"W-Why would you call h-him? I t-told you not to. I'm f-fine!"
"____, calm down. I want to make sure you're alright." She says calmly. 
You glare at her fiercely, but you only end up making her smile at how cute you are. 
"I w-won't go see him."
"You will."
"I- I won't!"
"Don't argue with me, ____! You have no say in this."
"I have e-every say!" You shoot back grumpily. 
"Not right now, you don't," Mina growls. 
You fold your arms over your chest again and stomp your little yellow socked foot, making Mina bite back a laugh at how childish you look. 
Your mouth twists in anger but you don't say another word. 
Mina puts a hand on your shoulder, "We're going to see him at noon, okay? I'll be right there with you."
"I'm f-fine," You seethe. 
"Then he'll tell us that and you can tell me you told me so," She reasons with you gently. 
Your brows are furrowed and you stomp again, "I w-wanted to hang out with y-you today." 
"We can still hang out!" Mina laughs, "We'll get breakfast, go shopping, get lunch, then go to the doctors."
You look away, trying not to give in. 
"We can go to the pet store~" Mina singsongs.
That makes your face light up and you finally smile at her again, "O-Ok!" 
Then you scurry back to your room, calling over your shoulder that you'll only be a minute. 
When you come out a few minutes later dressed in a big yellow t-shirt with white overall shorts and pale yellow frilly socks, Mina smiles. 
"I'm r-ready," You say, standing in front of Mina, who's almost a head taller than you with her heels on. 
She gestures at your head, "You forgot something."
You reach up to feel your knotted hair. 
"Oh...I d-don't want to b-brush it. It h-hurts." You pout again. 
Mina shakes her head, "I'll do it. Go get me the brush."
A minute later, Mina is seated on your couch and you're kneeling in between her legs as she gently brushes through the knots in your hair. Then she takes the scrunchie that was on your wrist and pulls your hair into a high ponytail. 
"All done," Mina declares soon enough. 
You smile shyly and turn to look at her, "Th-Thanks, Mina."
"Anything for you. Now let's go, I'm starving!"
You two get breakfast at your favorite cafe, then you head right to the pet shop. 
The sight of puppies and kittens playing with each other and yipping happily makes your heart burst. You run over to a pen and point at a tiny black dog that's wagging its tail excitedly at your arrival, "M-Mina! Mina! L-Look at him!"
Mina laughs at the huge grin on your face. 
"He's adorable, you should get him!" She says enthusiastically. 
You look at her with wide eyes, "Sh-Should I?"
Mina shrugs, "If you want to." 
You look back at the puppy, your mind racing. 
Then you frown and look at Mina again, "I d-don't think I h-have enough money to c-care for a doggy right n-now." 
Mina smiles sadly at you as she nods, "That's a very responsible decision ___." 
You nod sadly, then Mina taps you on the shoulder, "Hey, you can still play with him!" 
You ask the worker there to get the puppy out for you and you and Mina end up sitting in an empty pen with the pup. You both giggle and play with the little black fluff ball until he gets sleepy. He's asleep in your lap a few minutes later, much to your delight. 
Your body is practically humming with excitement and Mina can see it in the way you bounce slightly and try your best not to touch the dog as you stare at it lovingly. 
You two only leave when the worker comes by and says it's time for the dogs to eat. 
You reluctantly hand the little one over and try your best not to tear up as you two make your way out. 
Mina nudges you in the side with her elbow once you leave, "Aye, why the long face? Just remember the good. Only the happy memories. Okay, ____? Can you promise me that you'll only remember the good times?"
There's something in the way she says it and looks at you that makes you furrow your brows. But you shrug it off and nod with a smile, "I always d-do that anyway."
"I know you do," Mina says softly before looking away. 
You clear your throat to mask the tension in the air and then point at a tteokbokki stand. 
"I'm h-hungry."
Mina laughs, "It isn't even lunchtime yet. Let's shop around a bit and then we can grab a bite to eat."
"O-Okay," You sigh dramatically. 
You go into several different stores until Mina has four bags on her arms and you have two. Mina has always been more of a shopper than you, you never really know what to get. Her fashion sense is extremely classy and beautiful. Yours is more colorful and childish, but you don't realize it. 
The last stop you make is at a make-up store. 
You hold the door open for Mina seeing as she has her arms full of bags. She smiles and thanks you as she slips in. 
The girl at the front offers to let you two set your bags behind the counter as you shop so you don't have to lug them around. 
You gratefully accept. 
Then you two browse the store, looking at all the different shades and testing them on your wrists. 
Mina grabs a tube of lip gloss and holds it up for you to see, "This would look amazing on your pretty little lips."
You blush at the comment, then shake your head. 
"I d-don't have pretty l-lips." 
"Lies. They're so adorable and some boy is gonna wanna kiss those lips someday."
"M-Mina!" You look at her in shock, then glance around to make sure no one heard her. 
"Maybe it'll be Jungkook~" She teases, poking at your side playfully. 
You try to scowl but you're blushing so bad that it doesn't have the same effect. 
"H-He won't." You say seriously, once your embarrassment has gone down. 
Then, you turn and walk to a different aisle. Mina frowns in confusion, then follows you to where you're looking at mascara. 
Neither of you says anything for a minute, then Mina nudges you gently, "You should try this mascara," She points at one in a shiny pink container. 
You shake your head, "N-Nah."
"Why not?" She drawls, grabbing at your arm. 
"I d-don't like m-make-up." 
Mina frowns, her pretty lips turning upside down in a pout. 
"You should wear it. Just try."
"I d-don't want to. I a-already t-tried it. It's t-too much work."
"Come on, ____," Mina tugs on your sleeve, "Jungkook would fall head over heels for you if you did."
That makes your heart pinch as you look at her, offended. 
"Y-You think that I n-need make-up?" You ask, hurt. 
"No, I didn't mean it like that. But boys like it when girls try to get fancy for them." Mina assures you. 
You shake your head, "I don't c-care what s-stupid boys think."
"What about Jungkook? Is he just a stupid boy?"
You purse your lips and glower at Mina, "I t-told you it isn't l-like that."
"But it could be if you just try-"
You turn and walk away before she can finish. 
Mina frowns, not having meant to upset you.
You grab your bags from the front, thanking the girl before taking your leave. A second later, Mina comes out of the store and walks over to you as you're sitting on a bench outside. 
"I'm sorry, ____. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted to help you."
You look up at her, squinting because of the bright sun in your eyes, then you sigh. 
"It's o-okay. I forgive y-you."
"Thanks, bestie," She grins. 
You give her a half-smile, then rub your tummy, "I'm r-really hungry n-now."
Mina laughs, "Okay, let's get some food. We'll have enough time to grab a bite before we see Dr. Choi."
You scowl at that, but follow Mina to a food stand anyway. 
Mina offers to pay since she hurt your feelings in the make-up store and since she's dragging you to the doctors. 
You accept her offer happily, then stuff your face when you two get your food. 
Mina laughs at the sauce all over the corners of your mouth, wiping them for you with a napkin that you got at the food stand. 
You couldn't care less, as long as the food is delicious (which it most definitely is).
"Ok, girl. We have to go now," Mina says as she cleans up her food trash and gets up to throw it in the trash can nearby. 
You make a face but quickly finish your food and throw your stuff away, your cheeks stuffed with rice cakes as you pout at your best friend. 
She laughs and grabs her bags, gesturing for you to do the same. 
You grab your own bags and follow Mina to her car. 
By the time you two pull up to the hospital, your stomach is in knots. Mina can sense your anxiety, so she touches your knee gently after pulling the brake on the car. 
"We're only here for a quick check-up, ____." 
"He's g-gonna want to p-put me in that m-machine again," You say anxiously, fiddling with your fingers. 
Mina sighs, "____, I know it can be scary, but that machine won't hurt you. It's just taking a picture of your brain," She taps your head with her finger, "You can ask them to play music for you too if you want."
You nod, "I w-want that."
"Okay, now put that brave face on and let's go," Mina encourages you, smiling when you finally nod and unbuckle. 
You make your way in, letting Mina check you in and only speaking a little when you have to. You sign the consent for them to see you, then you finally get to sit down.
The smell of the hospital is bringing back flashes of images you don't want to remember, then you feel Mina grasp your hand. 
"It's okay, ___."
You nod again, squeezing her hand back. 
A few minutes later, a nurse comes out with a clipboard. 
"_____?" She calls out your name, much to your dismay. 
You stand up reluctantly, keeping a hold on Mina's hand as she follows you. You walk with the nurse to the back where she takes your weight and temperature and measures your height. Then, she leads you to a sparkling clean room. 
Mina sits in one of the chairs as you clamber onto the exam table, biting your lip nervously. 
"Dr. Choi will be in to see you shortly," The nurse says kindly after taking your vitals, then she leaves. 
Mina tries to make conversation with you, but you're so anxious you might throw up, so she stops trying to make you talk. 
"It s-smells bad in h-here," You whisper at one point. 
Mina sniffs the air, "It smells like disinfectant to me."
"E-Exactly," You say quietly. 
Mina knows you're thinking about when you were in the hospital four years ago, and she bites her lip, not knowing how to comfort you. 
A few minutes later, Dr. Choi comes in with a clipboard just like the nurse. 
"Hello, Miss ____! Miss Kim! It's been a while since I've seen you two." He smiles brightly and pushes up his glasses. 
You force a smile and nod. 
He notices your discomfort as he takes a seat. 
'You know, ____. I won't admit you into the hospital tonight if it isn't something serious," He glances between you and Mina, "And I have a good feeling it isn't too serious." 
That makes you breathe a sigh of relief and relax, knowing that you will be able to go home tonight. 
You never disliked Dr. Choi, he's always been a kind soul, you just hate the hospital in general. 
Dr. Choi claps his hands, "Shall we?"
You nod slowly. 
"Alright then," Dr. Choi stands up and washes his hands before pulling on a pair of gloves. He takes his stethoscope and gently presses it to your heart. After checking your heartbeat and your breathing, he puts it back around his neck. 
"So, what happened last night, ___?" He asks kindly. 
You shrug, "I j-just passed out, I th-think. When I w-woke up, I was dizzy and sh-shaking. My h-head got a sharp p-pain...I fell a-asleep on the f-floor again until morning." 
He nods, a look of concentration on his face, "Alright, and how long were you unconscious for? Do you have a guess?" 
You shake your head. 
He looks at Mina, "And you weren't there?"
She shakes her head too, "No, I just got home from a business trip this morning."
Dr. Choi nods again, then takes out a little flashlight from his coat pocket. 
"Ok, ___. I'm going to have you look straight at my nose okay? Don't follow the light."
You nod and he flashes the light over each eye, checking the dilation of the pupils. 
"Good," He smiles. 
After he checks your tongue, throat, and knees, he steps back to sit on his stool again. 
"Alright, everything looks okay on the outside. Would you mind if we do a CT scan today, ____?" 
You shake your head solemnly, knowing it needs to be done. 
"I'll send the nurse in with the gown you can put on, and then we'll get this over with, hm?" He sends you an encouraging smile and you smile back anxiously. 
You hate hospital gowns. 
The nurse comes in soon after with the gown. 
After you change into it, Mina helps you tie it in the back so that no one can see your panties from behind. You smile at her gratefully, then wave goodbye as the nurse leads you to the room to get the scan done. 
You ask them shyly if they could play some music for you, and they readily agree, putting on your favorite song at the moment. You then lay on the table and breathe deeply as the bed moves into the little ring so they can get an image of your brain. 
A few minutes later, it's all done.
Easy peasy. 
You stand up from the bed and walk with the nurse back to your room, missing the two young men behind you, one of their eyes trained on you, narrowing in confusion. 
Back in the room, you change into your normal clothes. 
You both sit for a while, chatting. 
Then the doctor comes in with your checkout papers. 
"Well, ____. They didn't see anything major as of this moment, but the radiologists will keep reviewing them to look for any abnormalities. All I can assure you of right now is that it isn't anything dire." He hands you your appointment summary papers with a smile, "I'll call you in a few days if I get any more news."
"Th-Thank you, Dr. Choi."
"Yes, thank you, doctor," Mina chimes in.
He nods at you both kindly, "Anytime. ____, for now, make sure you're staying hydrated and do your best to keep your stress down. This episode could have been a result of anxiety. Please call me right away if it happens again, alright?"
You nod, looking down at your papers to scan over them. 
He leaves you two to gather your belongings. 
Once you and Mina are all ready to go, you walk out and down the hall, following the EXIT signs. 
That's when two men step out from an exam room, one of them grumbling as he holds his nose gingerly while the other one blatantly ignores his moans with a look of exhausted annoyance on his face. 
You stop in your tracks when you recognize the one not holding his nose.
"J-Jungkook?" You say breathlessly. 
Jungkook groans loudly as the sun filters through the blinds and right into his eyes. 
"Shut the hell up," Taehyung growls in exhaustion. 
"You shut up," Jungkook mumbles, stuffing his face back into his covers. 
"You are literally the one breaking my eardrums at the ass crack of dawn, bitch." 
"Mm," Jungkook smiles sleepily in satisfaction at being able to irk the older boy. 
"My nose hurts."
"What?" Jungkook lifts his head out of the blanket to hear better. 
"I said my nose hurts. All thanks to you, no less," Tae spits bitterly. 
"Yeah well my left eye is still blurry, so fuck you too," Jungkook says before yawning tiredly.
They lay there for a couple more minutes, then Jungkook hears Tae getting up.
That's when he shoots up and throws the covers off. 
"Oh no you don't, you shit!" Tae shouts as Jungkook runs for the bathroom and slams the door shut.
Haha, got 'em.
Tae grinds his teeth in frustration, then he goes back to the couch and lies down with a soft grunt. 
Might as well get a little more sleep while the twerp is washing up- 
Taehyung flinches when he hears Jungkook scream, then he shoots off the couch and runs to the bathroom just in time to see Jungkook coming out, covering his left eye with his hand. 
"I'm going to kill you," Jungkook seethes quietly. 
"What did I do?" Tae exclaims, "You got the shower first!"
Jungkook takes his hand away from his face and Tae holds back his laughter at the sight of a nasty black eye. 
"Shit dude, oops." 
Then Jungkook's frown slowly turns into a smirk as he actually looks at Tae. 
The older boy frowns and touches his face, "What?" 
"Your nose."
Tae touches his nose, "What about my no-shit, ouch, fuck!" Tae hollers at the sharp pain that flares from his nose when he touches it. 
Then he runs to the bathroom, horror seeping its way onto his face at the sight of a big bruise around his nose. 
He turns to look at Jungkook, his gaze filled with sorrow and fury, "You- you've broken my nose! You fucking asshole!"
"You gave me a black eye!!"
"You started it!"
"Your nose isn't broken, drama queen!" Jungkook throws his hands in the air in exasperation. 
"I hate you, Jeon."
They have an angry stare down for a minute before Tae moves back to the couch with a permanent scowl etched onto his face as Jungkook goes into the bathroom to shower. 
Almost half an hour later, Jungkook comes out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel, another wrapped around his waist. 
Tae looks over at him and squints in annoyance, "You took a thousand years."
"Yeah, yeah. There's still hot water."
Tae gets up, pretending to dust himself off as he tilts his chin up and struts past Jungkook, "You're a whore," He says simply, then closes the door to the bathroom. 
Jungkook chuckles, then he gets dressed quickly.
By the time Taehyung has come out of the bathroom, Jungkook is beyond hangry. 
"Why did you take so long? I'm starving."
"I took way less time than you, shit." 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, "Let's just make breakfast." 
Taehyung chuckles dryly, "You couldn't make breakfast all by yourself? You're that much of a baby?" 
Jungkook glares at him, "You know, I wanted to ask you what you wanted for breakfast but I guess I'll just make my own and you can fuck off."
Tae smirks and shakes his head, "You're too nice to me, JK."
"Eat shit."
Almost an hour later, they're finally sitting at the table and ready to eat, Jungkook having made the pancakes and Tae grumpily doing the eggs. 
They eat in silence, both of them still trying their best to wake up and to not kill the other for tainting their most prized possessions.
Tae looks up, chewing on a bite of pancake as Jungkook takes a drink of milk.
They glare at each other for a minute before looking back down at their food and continuing to eat.
After they're finished, Jungkook walks over to lay on his bed, grabbing a book and flipping it open to a random page. 
Tae glares at him childishly, until Jungkook has no choice but to acknowledge him. 
"What do you want?" He grunts, glancing at Tae. 
"I think my nose really is broken." 
Jungkook sighs and sets the book open on his chest, "Are you sure, or are you just being dramatic?"
"It's been kind of hard to breathe through it since yesterday and it hurts like a bitch." 
At that, Jungkook reluctantly sits up, moving the book to his bed and walking over to get his shoes on. 
"What are you doing?" Tae asks in confusion. 
"We're going to the hospital," Jungkook says simply, "To see if your nose is actually broken or not."
"Fucking hell," Taehyung mutters angrily as he stomps over to pull his shoes on too. 
When they arrive at the hospital, the lady at the check-in gives them a weird look. Jungkook knows they must look comical, one of them sporting a black eye as the other gingerly holds his bruised nose.
He tells her that his friend thinks his nose is broken and the lady nods slowly as she takes Taehyung's name and has him sign a consent to treat. 
While they sit in the waiting room, Taehyung doesn't fail to give Jungkook an earful of how he'll kick his ass worse than the other night if his beautiful nose is broken. 
Jungkook just rolls his eyes and grabs a magazine, flipping through it while trying to simultaneously ignore Tae's rants and the other people in the waiting room watching them and snooping. 
The nurse finally calls Tae's name and he gets up to follow her. 
Jungkook stays seated, and when Tae notices this, he nudges him, "Come on."
Jungkook gives him a look, "Hell no, I am not going back there with you. I'm not your mother."
"Get your ass out of that chair and come, you're going to witness exactly what you did to me," Tae spits. 
Jungkook gets up if only to escape the prying eyes of the people in the waiting room. Sitting in the back can't be worse than them. 
He reluctantly follows Tae and the nurse down a long hallway. 
At one point he looks up and sees a girl in a hospital gown, her hair in a high ponytail. She follows a nurse, turning the corner before he can get a good look.
She looked familiar.
Jungkook shakes his head and continues to follow the two in front of him. 
They turn down the same hallway that the girl did, but he can't see her anywhere. 
The third exam room down the hall is empty, and the nurse leads them into it, telling them they can have a seat while she gets Taehyung's vitals. 
After she leaves to get the doctor, Tae immediately trains his glare on Jungkook. 
Jungkook just crosses his arms and relaxes into his chair, manspreading so that he's comfortable. 
It isn't too long before the doctor comes in. 
She looks to be in about her early-forties, and she's absolutely gorgeous. 
Her long black hair and almond-shaped eyes make Taehyung blush instantly.
Jungkook resists the urge to laugh at his friend as he clearly struggles to stay in his seat and not bolt out of there faster than lightning.
"Hello, you must be Taehyung. I'm Dr. Park," She holds out her hand and Tae takes it before shaking it quickly and letting go as if she burned him. 
Then she turns to Jungkook, "And you must be his...?"
"Friend," Jungkook finishes with a smile, reaching his hand out to shake hers firmly, "I'm Jungkook."
"Pleasure to meet you both," She smiles brightly, then it's all business from there. She immediately begins to examine Tae's nose, commenting on how it looked quite painful. 
After her examination, she pulls off her gloves, washes her hands, and takes a seat. 
"Alright, well it isn't broken."
Tae sighs deeply in relief. 
She smiles at that, "Yes, you can relax now. It is clearly badly bruised and it's swollen, that's why it feels hard to breathe. You should ice it a few times a day and that will help the swelling go down. I'm afraid the bruising will go away when it chooses to, for now, you can cover it with a concealer so you feel better." Tae nods solemnly, trying his hardest not to death glare Jungkook again. 
Then Dr. Kim looks over at the younger boy, her brow raised. 
"You can also use concealer to cover up your eye. I understand that you're both young men with testosterone, but please try not to fistfight your friends because of it," She gives them each a look of disapproval. 
Both men turn red as tomatoes as she bids them goodbye and takes her leave. 
"I'm kill you...Jeon," Taehyung hisses lowly, his humiliation at a peak. Jungkook bites his lip and touches his sore eye, his embarrassment from being called out by the pretty doctor almost unbearable. 
"Let's just go," He mumbles, standing up and making his way to the door. 
They step out into the hall, Tae still babying his nose as he moans about how much it hurts and Jungkook trying his best to ignore him. 
That's when an unfamiliar voice calls his name. 
"Jungkook! Jungkook over here!" 
He looks up in confusion to see a girl with short black hair waving at him. He has no idea who she is, but she seems a bit familiar. 
When he sees the girl next to her, hiding her face in embarrassment, he knows exactly who the pair is. 
His heart leaps to his throat at the sight of you peeking through your fingers at him.
Your hair is in a high ponytail. 
So, it was you in the hall earlier. 
What were you doing here?
And with Mina, too?
At least, he assumes this must be Mina, seeing as she looks a lot like the girl in the photos. 
Taehyung touches his shoulder and Jungkook looks back at him, "Who is that hot girl calling you over?" He asks in confusion. 
Jungkook shrugs, "I don't know her, lets go."
Tae stops him, "She obviously knows you. Fuck dude, I didn't take you for a heartbreaker, you really have grown up," He smirks at Jungkook annoyingly. 
"I told you I don't know her-"
Jungkook grabs Tae's arm, trying to pull him the other way, but Taehyung resists him as he waves back and starts making his way over to the two girls. 
Jungkook tries to control his breathing as he walks over, and stops a little in front of you. He fights the urge to cover his ridiculous black eye, feeling a bit foolish now.  
Tae puts on his best smolder, and it kind of works, even with his bruised nose. 
"Hey," He says, looking the tall girl with short black hair up and down. 
She gives him a tiny smile before turning to Jungkook, "So, you're the famous Jungkook?"
Jungkook raises an eyebrow and looks at you, who's still hiding in your hands, then he looks back at Mina, "And you are?"
"I'm Mina! _____ has told me so much about you, I'm glad we can finally meet!" She sticks her hand out. 
If possible, you shrink back even more, not daring to face him. 
Jungkook on the other hand is too shocked hearing that you talk about him to Mina, he shakes her hand, but his eyes stay trained on your figure. 
That's when Tae speaks up.
"____? You're ____?" 
Jungkook's stomach drops to his feet at the realization of this situation. 
"Ok, well it was nice to meet you, Mina. Good to see you, _____," Then he grabs his friend's arm and yanks him away, "We need to get going."
"Wait!" Mina calls out to Jungkook's annoyance. 
He turns back, his only comfort in knowing Tae hasn't seen your face yet, seeing as you're still hidden. 
"We should all hang out sometime," She says brightly, "What do you think, _____?"
To your and Jungkook's horror, she pulls your hands away from your red face, giving Tae a clear view of your face. 
You pull away from Mina and run past the two young men, trying to get to the exit as fast as you can. 
Mina frowns, "I'll talk her into it. Well, see you boys later!" Then she walks past them, the strong smell of her perfume wafting in the air. 
Jungkook feels like he's going to throw up and he doesn't know why. 
Taehyung smiles brightly, "She was fucking hot."
Jungkook looks at him like he's crazy, then he turns to walk towards the exit. 
Taehyung jogs to catch up with him, "____, on the other hand. Shit, I don't think I've ever seen a more plain and boring bitch. I don't understand what you find so hard about getting it done."
Jungkook grits his teeth, resisting the temptation to punch Taehyung in the fucking nose again, making sure to break it for real this time. 
You're standing by Mina's car, trying to catch your breath after running all the way here. 
You're so mad at Mina you don't even know what to do. You told her not to call him over after she heard you say his name, but she didn't listen. 
You were humiliated and it seemed like she didn't even care.
You couldn’t even bring yourself to look at Jungkook.  
You look down at your outfit, trying not to cry at how embarrassed you are. You feel like an idiot after that, and Jungkook must see you as one too. 
The doors unlock as Mina walks up to the car and you get in immediately. You buckle up, ignoring the way she looks at you when she climbs in the car. 
It's silent for the first five minutes of the ride, then Mina speaks up tentatively, "I'm sorry, ____. I thought you'd be happy to see him and for me to finally meet him-"
"I t-told you not to c-call to him."
She looks over at you, uneasy at the tone of your voice. 
You've never been actually mad at her before. 
"I don't understand why-"
"I m-made him promise n-not to fall in l-love with me," You whisper tearfully as you stare out the car window. 
"What do you mean? He actually promised you that? Why would you say that?" Mina bombards you suddenly, not aware of the tears threatening to spill out of your eyes. 
"I d-don't know! Because I w-was scared!" 
"Scared of what, ____?"
"Scared o-of someone c-caring about me," A single tear slips out and Mina looks over to see it roll down your cheek. 
She's never seen you so vulnerable. 
"I m-made a fool out of m-myself. Of course, h-he wouldn't fall for me, and I m-made it seem like I th-thought he would. He h-hates me, Mina." 
"He doesn't hate you."
"He d-does," Another tear sneaks out and down your soft cheek. 
Mina pulls the car over and turns in her seat to look at you, "_____, I saw the way he looked at you."
"W-What do you m-mean?" 
"He was so blatantly obvious, it looked like he wanted to hug you right then and there."
You look at her tearfully, your eyes wide. 
“I don’t think he even knows it himself, but he likes you, _____.”
a/n: and I oop-
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sevenpersona · 11 minutes ago
PSA: I’m not a lawyer so none of this is accurate!!! This is a crack fic, not to be taken very seriously at all. idk if lawyers can go to jail for letting their clients lie on stand + actively encouraging and helping fabricate the clients lie!
Based off/inspired by this tweet:
Tumblr media
Summary: Kim Seokjin while a good lawyer sometimes has bad days and can’t help his frustration. Or Jeon Jungkook while being cross examined can’t keep his story straight as he keeps getting flustered by the good looking prosecutor. Min Yoongi just wants to go home and take a nap.
Kim Seokjin has had a great many of cases during his three years of being a lawyer but never before had he wanted to retire. Being renowned as Jin the great and handsome lawyer has gotten him a lot of high profile hard cases in the past, that were easy enough to get thrown out of court. However he has never encountered a case where his client had gotten so flustered when faced with a dimpled prosecutor!
Jeon Jungkook was used to being accused of things as a young aspiring artist. Being hot? Sure. A good artist? Absolutely! A thief?? …Possibly. What could he say! He was poor and in need of supplies necessary to finish a commissioned artwork in order to pay his rent or face being evicted in the middle of winter!
“Lawyer Kim, what can you do to make sure I’m not convicted of this crime!” Jungkook pleaded
“Listen here and listen well Mr Jeon” Jin spoke hastily “I’m only taking this case as a favour to a friend so this is how it’s going to go…..”
Judge Min Yoongi was tired. It was always the same boring petty theft cases that left him wanting to doze off if the middle of court. At least Hobi was on as one of the guards today. Maybe he would want to go out for coffee again he mused.
Prosecutor Kim Namjoon was sick and tired of getting these low level cases. They weren’t intellectually challenging at all! He longed for a high profile, high stakes case that he could put his all into, that would actually make a difference in the community.
The court proceeding had just begun and while Jin knew Jungkook was guilty, he also knew that the story he helped Jungkook fabricate was foolproof. It left no room for error.
“Mr Jeon Jungkook. Please step up to the stand to recount the series of events you had encountered the night of June 13th” Judge Min ordered.
Jungkook had recounted what had transpired the night of the robbery without a hitch. All he had to do was survive cross examination without cracking.
“Prosecutor Kim. You may begin cross examination” Judge Min decreed.
Jungkook was flustered. He wasn’t expecting the low deep voice that came from the prosecutor. Nor did he expect to see a hint of dimples. He stumbled over the story mixing the events up until there were so many holes in his account that his lawyer Kim Seokjin began to gape like a fish. The frustration was evident on Jin’s face.
“The prosecution is finished with the examination, Judge Min.” Namjoon proclaimed.
Namjoon couldn’t believe it. In all his years of working as a prosecutor, he had never seen such a solid account fall apart so quickly.
“The jury may adjourn to decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant” Judge Min dismissed.
The jury after a quick deliberation came to announce the verdict.
Juror number 1 stood up
“We decree that Mr Jeon Jungkook is guilty of one count of larceny. The Sentence for larceny is 1 Year, you will be eligible for parole in 6 months time”
Min Yoongi was relieved the case was almost concluded. He severely needed an iced americano. He motioned for the guards to collect the criminal.
Yoongi paused as he realised what lawyer Kim Seokjin had yelled in frustration at his client for everyone in court to hear.
“Lawyer Kim as you have confessed to being complicit in your clients fabricated account, you will be suspended from performing the act of law and are thereby sentence to 6 months in Jail!”
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koomp3 · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
天使, he is so pink :'((((
like or reblog if you save!
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tkkvcut · 36 minutes ago
Soft text for idols
Sometimes I wish I could know what the feeling I feel when I see you, the reality is that I feel so many things at the same time that I can't even explain... but know that my most precious asset is you.
Tradução: as vezes gostaria de poder saber qual o sentimento sinto quando te vejo, a realidade é que sinto tantas coisas ao mesmo tempo que nem dá pra explicar....mas saiba q meu bem mais precioso é você.
I've never been ashamed to say all the good things I feel for you, admiration is one of them, on the contrary, I always feel great about telling everyone what an amazing person you are.
i wish every day with you is more than 24 hours, every hour is more than 60 minutes, every minute is more than 60 seconds, so i will love you so much more every day. remember that you have me in this life and that I will do everything to find you in the others. I love you.
I loved you. and even after these years I still love. I always wonder why this is when I produce an image of you in my mind, after all, in addition to still loving you so much, I suffer for your absence. I just wish everything had been different, that you were here now.
•se puder dê os créditos/if you can give the credits. (Mais/more)
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amethysthea · an hour ago
BTS in the house
Since tomorrow is Bangtan Sonyeodan’s 8th year anniversary, I want to make this acc more active for tomorrow by interacting! I just don’t know how will I do it, maybe outfits? ships? or wallpaper requests? Please reply, needing a hand over here, thank you and stay safe y’all! BTS forever <3
(Yes, it is indeed my first time celebrating their anniv!)
Tumblr media
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sherwynphilip · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BigHit's Tweet | 6:13 PM • 12 June 2021
넌 누구보다 밝게 빛나, ARMY
BTS 2021 MUSTER 소우주
#방탄소년단 #BTS #소우주 #SOWOOZOO
(trans) 👇
You shine brighter than anyone else, ARMY
BTS 2021 MUSTER Microcosm
source: @bts_bighit
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bangtanpicture · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© 뽀라꿈 | do not edit.
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