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shina913 · 2 days ago
Gradation | JJK
Tumblr media
Gradation, Part 1 gra·​da·​tion | \ grā-ˈdā-shən , grə- \
Definition: 1a: a series forming successive stages 1b: a step or place in an ordered scale 2: an advance by regular degrees 3: a gradual passing from one tint or shade to another
--Source: Merriam-Webster
Pairing: JJK x reader
Genre: AU; mature content; Best friend!JJK; best friends to lovers; fluff; angst; slow burn; series
Word count: 3.6K+ words
Warnings: wedding; marriage; long-term relationships; engagement; OC is left at the altar; feelings of sadness and depression; anxiety; lots of crying; excessive cussing; some alcohol consumption; mentions of psychotherapy; some light physical threats; (eventual) smut; (eventual) FWB
Summary: On your wedding day, your fiancé leaves you at the altar. While reeling from the embarrassment and heartbreak, your best friend, Jungkook, wants to do everything that he can to help you heal.
A/N: Here it is, my first foray into BTS fanfic and first Tumblr fic! I am very excited to get this out of my head and into the world. This story came about while I was going through a dark period and I found some form of healing and therapy while writing it. Huge thank-you to @deepseavibez for beta'ing this and my sister for the offline support. All constructive feedback is welcome!
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook is standing in front of a mirror adjusting his bowtie and smoothing his lapels. He hated black-tie events, but this wasn’t just any black-tie event. It was his best friend’s wedding--your wedding.
He tugs at his suit jacket with both hands and moves to fasten the button until the light catches something shiny on his wrists. Round, platinum cufflinks, surrounded by alternating diamonds and blue sapphires--his birthstone. The center was custom monogrammed with his initials.
“Shut up, you didn’t have to get me these!” He says as he takes one link and holds it up to the light, turning it between his thumb and forefinger.
“Excuse me? A thank-you would suffice. I had them custom-made for you.”
“You know I‘m not a fan of French cuffs.”
You give him a deadpan look.
He scrunches his nose and giggles. “I’m kidding. They’re beautiful. I think it would make for a nice heirloom, yeah?” As he returns the cuff back in its velvet box. “Thank you, bub” he utters with sincerity.
You smile, pleased with yourself. “I thought it was tradition for brides to give gifts to their wedding party. And since you’re my one bridesman--”
He snorts at the memory and chuckles to himself as he runs his left thumb over his cufflinks, admiring them fondly. They really did complement the whole look.
He fusses with his hair, one side brushed back and making sure his bangs fall ever so slightly above his right brow to hide his piercing. You honestly didn’t mind but he wanted to be respectful to your grandparents on your special day and even ignored your protests and took his lip piercing off just for this day. He didn’t want to be a distraction even though clearly, any woman with seeing eyes would be happily distracted by his beauty.
Satisfied with his appearance, he leaves the men’s room and starts towards the holding room by the chapel’s entrance. He knocks on the door twice and hears shuffling on the other side.
Your mom opens the door and greets him with a warm smile. “Hi sweetheart! Come on in,” as she gives him a hug.
“You look so handsome, sweetie,” she remarks.
“Thank you,” he smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of his neck, feeling bashful at the complement.
Your mom loved Jungkook just like her own son. He’d spent many afternoons after school at your house while his own mom worked long hours. Since losing his father at a young age, his mom had to make ends meet. And after introducing Jungkook to your mom during pickup time at school, she knew that you were hell-bent on keeping him around for the remainder of your life. Thus, your mom naturally formed a close friendship with his mom over the years as well and she, too became part of your family.
“Mom, is that Jungkookie?” You call out from behind the divider.
Jungkook instantly squeezes his eyes shut. “I swear, I’m not looking! They say it’s bad luck to see the bride in their wedding dress.”
You let out a giggle, “That’s just for the groom, silly! You, on the other hand, can look.” You step out in full view in your wedding dress and do a little spin. Your dress was a full lace and tulle ballgown with off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves. The bodice was a sweetheart neckline that was snug on your torso with a billowing skirt right below your waistline, adorned with hand-sewn floral lace appliques. The back was held together by a delicate lace-up corset that was currently covered by a cathedral-style veil that sat atop the crown of your head and held by an ornate sapphire and diamond comb gifted by your grandparents.
As you come to a stop, you sweep hands across your dress. “Well? What do you think?”
He opens his eyes and gets the wind knocked out of him at the sight of you. “Wow,” he manages to breathe out. “You…look--uhh...” he struggles to find the perfect word to describe you--Lovely? Amazing? Captivating? Breathtaking?
You saunter towards him. “Choose your words carefully, Mr. Jeon,” you playfully threaten him.
He huffs out a nervous breath, smiles, and declares, “Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”
“Thank you, Kookie. You don’t look so bad yourself,” as you admire your best friend in a tux. And woooh! Is he wearing the hell out of that tux! If you had bridesmaids, they would totally jump his bones at the reception.
Sure, it was uncommon to forego the typical wedding party structure. And your female cousins kept insisting that your pictures would look much better with coordinating dresses that complemented yours.
But Jungkook was your longest and most loyal friend and you couldn’t imagine adding cousins or casual girlfriends to your wedding party just to get good pictures. No--you were not about that life. You’ve been to a few friends’ weddings with huge entourages who roll up to 10, 20 people deep and then what? They stop talking to each other or rarely hang out after the wedding, for whatever reason.
Sure, bridal showers are fun but you weren’t really the type to insist on being “queen for a day.” Your bachelorette party--if you could call it that--consisted of a night of karaoke and soju with Jungkook and your best boys, Jimin and Taehyung. It seemed like any normal weekend but they made it extra special. They even threatened to call a male stripper for you but backed down when you countered with a female stripper request instead. Nevertheless, it was a fun night and you wouldn’t have wanted to say goodbye to single life any other way.
You wanted people who meant a lot to you in your life present at your wedding--even if that meant that you only had 15 people on your guest list. You made that very clear to your parents right after you got engaged. No cousins or uncles invited just because they were blood. Your soon-to-be husband yielded to your choices and conceded to foregoing groomsmen by his side. He tasked his father with the rings instead.
“Is it go-time yet,” you wondered. A watch didn’t really go with your ensemble and there wasn’t one around the room either.
“Uh, just about, I think? Auntie, the minister just showed up,” he informed your mom. They want us to start taking our places in the main chapel.”
“Oh good. Thank you, Jungkookie,” your mom says.
“I’ll go get Derek so that we can get this wedding rolling,” Jungkook starts to exit the room to let you finish up getting ready.
Jungkook’s footsteps halts and turns to look at you.
You take a couple of steps towards him. “You’re the best bridesman a girl can ask for.”
He laughs, bemused at the ridiculous term that you coined for him.
“Love you.” You tiptoe slightly to give him a kiss on the cheek, promptly wiping off some of the lipstick stain that you left.
He smiles warmly. “Ditto.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook scans the main chapel searching for your groom. He wasn’t by the altar, which was adorned by several pillar candles arranged in varying levels and surrounded by blush and white rose arrangements. Jungkook shifts his attention and finds that Derek wasn’t hanging out with his group of friends either. He spots your brother, Hoseok, talking to Derek’s brother on one corner and your dad having a conversation with his parents across from them…but no Derek.
Just then, Jimin walks—no, struts down the aisle in his equally smart suit after ushering one of your aunts to their seat. He passes the white and blush rose arrangements that adorned each pew as he walks towards Jungkook. Taehyung remains at the end of the aisle by the altar having an animated conversation with your grandmother, which earns him a pinch on the cheek.
“What’s up?” Jimin senses Jungkook’s confusion.
“Anybody see Derek?”
“I thought I saw him head over to the men’s room.”
“Good lookin out, Jiminssi!” Jungkook strolls over to the men’s bathroom. They must have just missed each other since he just came from there.
“Hey, Derek…you in here?” He calls out. “It’s time to take our places, buddy. Derek?” No response.
Against his better judgement, Jungkook opens the two stalls in the bathroom. Still no sign of him. As Jungkook walks by the windows situated across the bathroom entrance, he spots Derek walking out to the parking lot. He looked around making sure that the coast was clear before proceeding carefully towards his car.
“Is that—“ Jungkook wonders out loud. His feet start to carry him out to the parking lot. As he crosses the threshold, he calls out to the groom just as he opens his car door. “Derek! What do you think you’re doing?” He says as he grabs the groom by his elbow.
Derek looked like a deer in headlights. He thought that nobody had seen him leave through the back entrance. He had hoped to slip out quietly. Unfortunately for him, the absolute worst person to stand in his way is looking him in the eye right this second. Panic quickly sets in.
“Jungkook…I..I’m,” he stammers.
“Dude, the minister is here—“ Jungkook starts, “Do you need a minute?” He asks, full of concern. Maybe just a slight case of cold feet, he thought. He takes it upon himself to try to diffuse the situation in order to convince him not to make any drastic decisions.
Derek looks away for a second then back at Jungkook. “P-please tell YN that I’m…I’m sorry. I just…I can’t. I’ve made a big mistake. I just need to go.” He hastily gets behind the wheel and slams the door shut.
“‘Go’? What do you m—go where? Derek! C’mon man!” Jungkook pleads as he raps at the driver-side window repeatedly calling out to him.
The car engine starts and abruptly pulls out of the parking spot, almost running over Jungkook’s feet. “What the—“
Jungkook jumps up to avoid the car. “No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening.”
Realizing that there was no stopping this man, he helplessly watches as Derek’s car speeds through the exit.
Right then, Jimin and Taehyung run out to see what all the commotion was about.
“JK, what happened?” Jimin asks.
Jungkook runs both his hands through his hair in exasperation. “Derek just drove off,” he absentmindedly gestures towards the exit through closed eyes and gritted teeth.
“He…What?!” Jimin gasps.
“Is he coming back? What did he say?” Taehyung asks innocently.
At that same moment, your mom had just slipped your veil over your face as you grinned from ear to ear…completely oblivious to the events that just unfolded on the other side of these chapel walls.
As the church bells echoed in the background, a muffled buzz from your phone announces the arrival of a text message.
[Derek:] I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.
Outside, Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose and comes to a sudden realization. He looks back at the chapel behind him with eyes full of worry. “Fuck…YN…” he says under his breath.
Three weeks later...
Two figures clad in all black approach a car parked in a lot.
“Are you sure there’s no cameras here, Taehyungie?”
“I talked to the security guy. He knows YN and he’s pissed that Derek would fuck her over like that.
He agreed to turn the cameras off for us. Just til we’re done here,”
Jimin eyes Taehyung suspiciously. “And I slipped him a couple hundred for good measure,” he admits.
Jimin shrugs his shoulders and pulls the carton of eggs he had been hiding under his zip-up jacket.
“This is a terrible waste of eggs,” Jimin sighs.
“It’s all for a good cause,” as he takes out his own carton of eggs. “You ready?”
“Let’s fucking do this.” Jimin hurls the first egg at Derek’s car.
“This is for YN!” Taehyung slams two eggs at the windshield.
Jimin and Taehyung continue to take turns egging Derek’s car at his building’s parking lot until they empty their cartons.
Afterwards, both men scurry back, walk past the security booth, give the guard on duty a quick nod and continue on to their car and drive off.
Jungkook answers a knock on his door. “Hey guys, come on in,” he says in a low voice.
“We did the deed, man!” Taehyung proudly declares.
“Didn’t realize that we had a Tony Montana in our midst,” Jimin playfully taunts.
Taehyung reasons, “This is the most violence that I would resort to. When it comes to YN, all bets are off.”
Jungkook smirks as his two friends talk about accomplishing what they had been planning for over a week.
Jimin’s face turns serious. “How was today?”
He sighs. “Pretty much the same as the last two weeks. But not as much crying though. It’s like she’s on autopilot at this point.”
“Were you able to get much out of her today?” Taehyung asks as he takes a seat on the couch.
Jungkook smiles glumly and shakes his head. “I’m just letting her go at her own pace. It was her first day back at the office today. Her boss said that she could work from home and skip meetings but she insisted on coming in and going back to her regular schedule. Something about trying to get back into a routine.”
“Aish…she shouldn’t push herself if she’s not ready.” Jimin thinks that you should take a little more time to yourself and take it slow.
But you were done wallowing in self-pity. When would you ever be ready? You haven’t heard from Derek in three weeks. He hasn’t tried to contact you and you stopped taking his family’s calls. You didn’t want to blame them because their son was a grown man and should be able to wipe his own ass.
They had no clue either as to why Derek did what he did…or so they say. Sure, you cared for them as prospective in-laws but couldn’t help but be suspicious. They weren’t really your family even after all these years of being in a relationship with him.
Not to say there was animosity there but you just felt more at home with your own family. Derek’s family did not value tight-knit relationships like yours did. No daily calls to check in or regular family dinners. They were good people individually but they all kept each other within arm’s length.
In the four years that you’ve been in a relationship, it took a lot of coaxing from your end to let Derek get used to your regular family hangouts.
Even the idea of Jungkook and the soulmates hanging around so much needed lots of programming to convince Derek that none of them were romantic rivals. Especially Jungkook because he was essentially family…and to get through you, he had to get through him as well.
You had been staying at Jungkook’s place the day after the wedding. After staying the night at your parents’, you asked if you could crash at his place for the time-being until your brother Hoseok was able to find a new home for you to settle in.
Hoseok works as a realtor and a damn good one. If there was ever a job tailored for one human, this was it for him. He was so charming that he could talk the skin off a cat and turn a profit.
Presently, Hoseok was pooling all of his contacts, trying to find a new home for you that was within your price point. At least a one bedroom with a legitimate kitchen—and you were good.
You moved in with Derek a month into your engagement. But after a year of trying to make it into a home, it never really came close to it. He received a promotion shortly before you got engaged. Although promotions may equal more money, additional responsibilities are attached as well. Thus, Derek spent longer hours at work, picking up more projects and started mentoring junior staff as well. This left you alone most nights and weekends, hanging out with your boys more often.
Despite that, you were very proud of him. This was his dream and it was something that he wanted for a long time--respect and recognition from his peers. It was one good thing about your relationship with him. You were both supportive of each other’s careers. You each pushed and inspired each other to do well. When one succeeded, the other was always folded into the glory. My triumph is our triumph. My joy is our joy. Everything seemed perfect. You were happy within those four walls of your relationship.
And yet, you couldn’t help but wonder: were there voices beyond those walls meant to throw off your contentment and cause you to yearn for something more? Is that why Derek fled? Is that what got you here?
All of these thoughts racing, going in circles in your head. You’re shocked that your brain hasn’t spontaneously combusted. You still haven’t even figured out how to haul your stuff out of that house. It would have to be a separate predicament for another day until you sorted through the current hundred thousand questions swarming your consciousness.
Although Jungkook didn’t put a limit as to how long you could stay there, you still didn’t want to impose by taking over his whole apartment. He had a 2-bedroom which he insisted was large enough for the both of you. However, you still wanted to earn your keep and didn’t want to disrupt his life any further.
Jungkook’s phone starts buzzing and retrieves it from his pocket. He sees the caller ID on the screen and gets a look of annoyance. “Fuuuck…leave me alone,” he growls and rejects the call.
“Sora?” Taehyung asks.
He looks at Taehyung with a raised eyebrow and nods curtly.
“What’s her deal? I thought you said that you guys were done.”
“We are! I ended it weeks ago—right before YN’s wedding. I just didn’t think it was going anywhere.”
“Maybe you really laid it on thick and she thinks there might still be something there,” Jimin offers.
“I don’t know, man. I feel like I get saddled with the same type of woman every time. I want to be with somebody with a bit more dimension, you know?”
“Didn’t Lisa come close to that?” Taehyung asks as he gets up from the couch in search for a snack, implored by his growling stomach.
“Yeah, what’s going on with her?” Jimin trails Taehyung as he rummages through Jungkook’s drawers for ramyeon.
“She’s still in Paris…thriving.” He takes a seat on one of his barstools at the counter.
“I just couldn’t deal with the whole long-distance thing. Time difference, the waiting around for a response to ‘how are you’ texts sent hours before…and the facetime sex…”
“Woah—that’s legendary,” Jimin gasps.
“Not really.” Jungkook says disappointed. “Try jerking off in the backseat of your car during lunch.”
“But where would you put your phone?” Taehyung asks curiously.
Jimin and Jungkook stare at him incredulously.
“I’m...just getting some tips in case I find myself in a similar situation with a significant other.” He mutters then shrugs his shoulders.
Ignoring his last remark, Jungkook continues. “Anyway! It wasn’t just that, though. I thought I loved her and thought I could convince her to stay for me. But I realized that I didn’t want to hold her back and she said that she didn’t want to take me away from my family and my life here. So we had a talk and…the decision was mutual.”
Taehyung and Jimin nod. Taehyung sets the pot of water over the stove and switches it on as Jimin rips open three packets of ramyeon. The three men stand in silence, sounds of water coming to a rolling boil fill the room.
Jimin lets Taehyung take the reins with the stove as he cranes his neck over to the shut door of the spare bedroom. “How’s her sleeping pattern?”
“She’s been out for about three hours solid, maybe? I guess she really pushed herself to the limit today. She got home a little after I did, took a shower. We quietly ate dinner, then she called it a night. I just checked in on her a few minutes before you guys got here and saw that she was still fast asleep.”
“First time in a while?” Jimin asks.
“M-hm. For the last couple weeks, we’ve pretty much shared a bed. I’d hear her crying then I would just hold her til she fell asleep. I tried getting her to talk but she won’t so I’m just respecting her boundaries right now.
She mentioned that she’s been talking to a therapist during the day and trying to cope at night.”
Taehyung sighs after he strains the noodles. “I wish we could do more for her. I just don’t know what. It pains me so much to see her like this.”
Jungkook yawns, sighs heavily then rubs his eyes as nods in agreement. He has also been suffering from lack of sleep and it’s been taking a toll on him.
“Hey, why don’t you go back in there and get some sleep? Taehyungie and I can clean up after ourselves,” Jimin suggests, sensing his friend’s fatigue.
“And we know where all of the extra sheets and pillows are,” Taehyung finishes.
“You guys sure?” Jungkook asks.
“Positive.” Jimin reassures him. “Sleep as she sleeps.”
Sigh…Your boys. They had no idea that you were wide awake, laid flat on your back in the spare bedroom, and heard every word. You could not believe your lucky stars when you hit the friendship lottery.
With tears streaming down either side of your temples and hitting your pillow, you made a silent promise to get yourself back on your feet, with every ounce of your being.
Part 2
Banner by the lovely, @deepseavibez
Taglist: @deepseavibez; @bts-fic-recs-mess
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moonchild1 · 5 months ago
jeon jungkook fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hi guys here's a list of all my favourite jungkook fics I hope you enjoy them, please show your love and support to these amazing writers and their blogs 🖤🖤 just so you know majority of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed please, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff
learn to love by @knjoodles f a (teacher jk single parent au)
thinning thread by @flowerwrites06 s a (marriage au)
other half by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (roommates to friends with benefits au)
forever doesn't exist by @jeonstheticcc Angst (break up au)
anima meaology by @arckook f a (soulmate au) ft. Taehyung
have a nice day by @lookingforluna s (doctor au established relationship au)
how many drinks? by @xpeachesncream f s a (best friends au college au)
come here I'm your paradise by @borathae f s (honeymoon au)
killing me softly with his touch by @borathae f
different paths by @taehyungiejiminie95 f a (dad au)
in the frosty air by @gukyi f a (roommate au)
the art of the rom-com by @gukyi f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
Aim for the heart by @writemywaytoyourheart f a (hitman jk)
matching hearts by @arcticguk f a (exes au)
boys tears by @arcticguk f a (fuck boy au college au frenemies to lovers frat boy au)
pretty savage by @jimidol s (CEO JK CEO Tae assistant oc) ft. Taehyung
re: untitled by @to-star-lake a (ceo jk arranged marriage au)
soft skin by @namjoonchronicles f (date night domestic au)
new rules by @tayegi s a (fratboy jk)
now to forever by @aiimaginesbts f a (exes au)
Wherever there is you by @jeonstudios f a (marriage au)
glimpse by @sushivrs a (exes au idol au)
worth the wait by @sketchguk f s a (strangers to lovers au college au)
backstage quickies by @btsqualityy s (idol au)
you've got mail by @minyoongijjangjjangmanboongboong f a (exes to lovers au)
just friends by @kinktae s a (best friends au)
May 31 by @jeonjeonggukenergy f s (roommate au)
photographs by @honeyedhoseok f a
night apple is poison apple by @helvonasche f s a (childhood best friend au)
leave your name by @craztextae s (90's throwback au)
the wedding date by @jjungkookislife f s a (fake dating au)
come again and again by @jjungkookislife s (established relationship au)
waste it on me by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (enemies to lovers au rock band au)
Lucky one by @sparklingchim s (established relationship au)
Laundry love by @hisunshiine s (neighbour au)
awkwardly in love by @strawberrynamjoon f (friends to lovers au)
amateur dance by @eternally-writing f s (boyfriend au)
Can't be without you by @ahundredtimesover f s a (best friends au underground fighter jk)
caught in a web by @gukptune f s (spiderman au)
tangled thoughts by @mimikookie a (spiderman au exes to lovers au)
And if I did? by @mimikookie f s (spiderman au established relationship au)
To have known you by @mimikookie f (spiderman au established relationship au)
Patch me up by @adoringjjk f a (spiderman au reporter reader)
catch me by @taetortotss (spiderman au)
Arachne-boy by @kinktae (spiderman au friends to lovers au)
Tangled web by @ughseoks f a (spiderman au soulmate au)
call me jungkook by @ughseoks f a (spiderman au)
all webbed up by @ughseoks s (spiderman au boyfriend au)
I love so I let go by @yukheii (spiderman au friends to lovers au)
webslinger by @lemon-boy-stan a (spiderman au boyfriend au)
↬remember I mentioned that spidey jungkook phase I went through :) ... honestly I'm still going through it so if you know of any marvel au's with the members or jungkook spiderman au's please share them I would love to read it ♡
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xpeachesncream · 6 months ago
lowkey | masterlist
Tumblr media
⦿ boo’d up in the daytime
⦿ mackin’ & hangin’ in the nighttime
summary: in order to pass organic chemistry and pay off your car damages from an accident, all you have to do is help the nerd, jeon jungkook, with a few things: pretend to be his girlfriend and teach him the ways of dating.
pairing: popular!reader x nerd!jjk
genre: college au, fake dating au, friends to lovers au | fluff, angst, smut
warnings: the tracks/mixes included in the party playlist can get really explicit so please do not listen if it makes you uncomfortable - i apologize in advance; unprotected sex (protection is your friend!), oral sex, marking/biting, dirty talk, teasing, making out, straddling, dry humping/grinding, fingering, breast play, size kink, cum eating, creampie, multiple orgasms, ass slapping, body worship, mentions of cheating/infidelity, jealousy, insecurities, angst, cussing/mature language, toxic relationships, alcohol consumption, marijuana use, multiple party/club scenes, dancing, etc. (individual warnings for each chapter will be included)
author’s note: was gonna be a one shot, but obvi not anymore 🤧 also! original idea for this changed a bit - inspired by the movie ‘love don’t cost a thing.’ please, please, please know that this is purely fictional and was created out of imaginary ideas. this is not a real portrayal of any of the characters involved.
Tumblr media
teaser. || 01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07. || 08. || 09. || 10. || 11. || 12. || 13. || 14. || 15. || 16. || 17. (final) ||
→ drabbles
just a picture
fun & games
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jamaisjoons · 2 months ago
namkook moonrise masquerade | mlist.
Tumblr media
Ivory-mottled marble - illuminated by flickering candlelight - scintillates under croceate radiance. Mellifluous notes of violins ripple through the air, and intertwined with the deep warbles of a double bass, the two sounds coalesce into a harmonious symphony that resonates through the atmosphere. The ceiling above you is absent. Rather, the stygian welkin looms over you, its nebulous shroud speckled with irised stars. Within the inky umbra, hangs the full moon - the the satellite a phantasmal beacon. Its opalescent deluge cascades from the sky and over the ballroom, bathing the expansive room in an air of wonder, and mystery.
Masked guests - their guises embellished in jewels and burnished in gold - traipse around, and at a first glance, they look ordinary - human. However, as the refulgent moonlight spills on them, encasing them in argent halos, their true nature is revealed. Wicked creatures that stalk the night. Phantasmal spirits that inhabit the forest. Nefarious fiends of the underworld. Perhaps even fabled denizens who dwell deep within the ocean. All of them gather within the ballroom.
For a moment, you turn to your partner. Lambent eyes glow with an intangible hue, their luminescence eliciting an involuntary gasp from your mouth. With a tentative, trembling hand you reach up for their mask. Excitement splatters through your being, and mingling with that of your anticipation, your stomach roils.
Who... or what will you discover at the Moonrise Masquerade?
Welcome to the Namkook Moonrise Masquerade! A collaborative event between a slew of wonderful authors in celebration of Namjoon and Jungkook's birthdays hosted by yours truly! Tying into the theme, each story contains some element of fantasy or supernatural for a truly mystical commemoration! We truly hope you enjoy each and every one of these fics!
Tumblr media
⤞ alpha’s inferno ⥐ @yoonia ➵ namjoon x reader     ⤑ supernatural ࿏ werewolves
∴ alphas can only be stronger with a mate. losing his destined had almost sent namjoon into the wilderness, to an illness known to shifters as the mating sickness. years passed, and he is forced to face another trial when he has to let go of his chosen, sending both him and his pack into another turmoil after barely surviving against a war between the supernatural beings. fighting his illness, the alpha continues to lead his pack of misfits all on his own since. facing betrayals, living constantly with distrust, losing his allies, and finding his own pack slowly crumbling into disarray as he slowly succumbs into his sickness. but the war has turned enemies into allies, and hate becomes love, and he wasn’t completely ready to find the moon goddess giving him a second chance for him to find love in the form of the being that he had once distrusted the most. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ appreciated ⥐ @joonscypher ➵ namjoon x reader   ⤑ supernatural ࿏ witches
∴ namjoon is the town’s most brilliant alchemist, but his frantic demeanor has scared off assistant after assistant. he’s never been able to find someone he could trust that could put up with his demands. that is until he finds you. you’re his faithful, oh so patient assistant, that’s been with him for years. when he overhears you getting another job offer one day, namjoon must do his best to show you just how much he appreciates you and keep you by his side. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ aren’t we all sinners? ⥐ @taesinferno  ➵ jungkook x reader      ⤑ supernatural ࿏ ghosts
∴ ghosts in a church was as normal as sinners in a confessional. so normal, you didn't bat an eyelash when the local ghostbusters were called in yet again for another job. what did bat your eyelash, though, was one ghostbuster in particular. and he was about to find out just how a confession works. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ bangtan scouts ⥐ @hisunshiine ➵ jungkook x reader     ⤑ fantasy ࿏ royalty
∴ negative energy has been spiking throughout the city, an ancient evil threatening to be released. with the advancements of technology and society moving away from believing in the supernatural, this evil appears to have begun to take root throughout campus, seeking souls to power it... y/n, 29, works in the campus comic book/computer gaming shop while working at the school teaching. jeon jungkook, a 24 year old college student, frequents the shop after class to play games and hang out with his friends. after a chance encounter, so unfolds a mystery of how two strangers lives lay intertwined to save the world... for the nth and final time. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ before you drag me to hell ⥐ @sugasbabiie ➵ namjoon x reader     ⤑ supernatural ࿏ demons
∴ it’s no secret; those who worship black magic will never see the light. you sell your soul for your abilities, and the new owner will come to collect. you had five years to enjoy your freedom, but you wasted your time chasing after a relationship that simply could not be. now, the demon is here, ready to collect your tarnished soul and drag you to damnation. however, before he takes you away, you make one final request. will the demon fulfill it? or will you spend the rest of eternity in the dark? ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ between the stars and the moon ⥐ @ressjeon ➵ namjoon x reader x jungkook   ⤑ fantasy ࿏ royalty
∴ a great honour as they say. when you were chosen for an important mission to Luna, you didn't think you would immediately fall to the man that was assigned to you. when Thaumaturge Kim agreed because of his mere curiosity, he didn't think you would be different than what he already knew. and when Alpha Jeon received orders that he couldn't refuse, he didn't think he would meet his mate in such crucial situations. the bond between both men was formidable until you came along but after loyalties were tested and betrayals seeped through, would you choose between them still? ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ blessings of curses ⥐ @xiaokoo​​ ➵ jungkook x reader  ⤑ supernatural ࿏ witches
∴ you're just one step away from being a true witch, all you have to do is complete the initiation: place three curses on your assigned human being. These three curses must prove your ability of being the top witch and you're more than desperate to finally qualify. Then your hopes die when you find that your assigned human is none other than your ex, jeon jungkook. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ blood & lust ⥐ @jamaisjoons  ➵ namjoon x reader      ⤑ supernatural ࿏ demon
∴ on the night of his two-hundred-and-seventieth birthday, your demon knight in a shining black suit shows you just how devoted he is to you, his future empress ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ burn with you ⥐ @randombtsprincessa  ➵ namjoon x reader      ⤑ fantasy ࿏ royalty
∴ the laws of liria dictate the marriage of an heir is mandatory for ascension to the throne. namjoon could care less about laws such as this. he served the old king as long as fancy kept him here. only, meeting the elusive, mysterious princess of liria has struck a match that can't be extinguished. namjoon shall possess the princess of liria and that was final. he would move heaven, uproot liria itself, freeze hell over to get what he wants. and to get what he wants, he needs a crown. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ dead man’s blood ⥐ @kookdiaries   ➵ jungkook x reader       ⤑ supernatural ࿏ vampire
∴ jungkook wants one thing and one thing only...your blood. at least that’s what he tells himself when he isn’t able to complete the kill after feeding from your neck. he isn’t sure why he keeps you around, whether to turn you or drain the delicious blood from your body, but he knows he needs to make a decision soon. especially because of how annoyingly mortal you are. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ dying to heal ⥐ @balenciaguks   ➵ namjoon x reader       ⤑ supernatural ࿏ incubus
∴ a beautiful sapphire pendant is gifted to you from current admirer kim seokjin in an act to seal you as his own. however, little did either of you know that the sapphire pendant was tied and bound to a beautiful and desired demon.
your dreams are salaciously invaded by a nameless being, engaging in acts laced with lust and desire, a spellbinding occurrence that you never seem to find once awake. a spell casted breaks the curse and releases the demon into the human world, forcing you to come face-to-face with the man of your dreams. literally. out of the goodness of your own heart, you allow the creature to stay with you until he can figure out his next steps.
but as you begin to fall in love with the demon who has not only invaded your dreams but now your everyday life, what happens when the demon starts to fall in love with you. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ hands to myself ⥐ @joontopia ➵ namjoon x reader   ⤑ fantasy ࿏ witches
∴ after graduating from cypher academy, moving out to the woods for peace and solitude was everything you always wanted. allowing yourself to practice your chosen magical specialty on your own time and at your own pace. but after a disappointing performance at your power review, your coven’s leader decides that a mentor is the best option to get you back on track. unfortunately he sends the one person you can never keep your focus around. your old rival and hook-up, kim namjoon. back together in a shared space, only time will tell which way your relationship will go. either way, the both of you would need to learn to keep your hands to yourself. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ heart of the ocean ⥐ @yeoldontknow ➵ namjoon x reader   ⤑ fantasy ࿏ monsters
∴ namjoon, the cetus king, roams the ocean as its protector and guardian. he has done poseidon's bidding for centuries, starting wars and ending them. over time, he's become hardened to the will of the gods and the plight of humanity. after announcing his self-intended exile, poseidon gives him one final task - slay the young hero peroclaus and claim the princess, sacrificed on the beach, for the sea. he will work with a hydra, one chosen by the gods themselves, to keep them apart as much as possible. when this is completed, he will be free to live the rest of his days in the sea, alone. exactly what he has been hoping for.
the realm where you grew up is ugly, horrid - place full of menace. you never felt like you truly belonged and when you, one of the few hydra remaining with only one head, are tasked with leaving your land for the distant shores of tescil you jump at the chance. you intend to never return, exploring the world far away from your family and ancestors. and you are looking forward to doing this alone.
what you don't expect is to fall in love with someone just like you - a monster. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ hotter than hell ⥐ @chateautae ➵ jungkook x reader    ⤑ supernatural ࿏ demons
∴ jungkook, lucifer and king of hell, has been cast out of the crimson underworld for a reason he’s unsure of. embarking on his journey for the answer should’ve been easy, if it weren’t for you, the human that nurses his wounded body in her home, and accidentally witnesses the truth of his identity. kickstarting a hellish adventure with the devil himself, you discover lucifer is the most infuriating company ever; and jungkook finds out that maybe his answer to returning home lies within his annoying human confidant. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ la danza dei vampiri ⥐ @sunshinekims ➵ namjoon x reader  ⤑ supernatural ࿏ vampire
∴ namjoon never meant to steal an ancient heirloom from the abandoned mansion he’s been studying while living in italy. namjoon also never meant to light the candles in the mansion’s run down ballroom. it’s too late to dwell on his mistakes, though- he now has to return the heirloom he stole and somehow find his way out of the mansion before the mansion’s inhabitants discover that he’s a human and turn him into one of them. along his way out he discovers you. something about you is familiar- but are you actually all that good or will you sell him out? ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ legend of the lamp ⥐ @opaljm ➵ jungkook x reader     ⤑ fantasy ࿏ genie
∴ jungkook has been serving his time as a genie for the last 2000 years, unfortunately stuck in a lamp for the last 200 years before he is woken from his slumber by a beautiful woman who somehow activates his lamp while making a wish that ends up letting him out. after eons of having to bend over backwards to make the desires of evil individuals from power hungry dictators to spoiled princesses come into fruition, he’s updated his contract to be more choosy over who the lamp allows to be his master. it comes to his great surprise that this woman was able to make the lamp work and that she only yearns to be loved and no longer be lonely. but all of the wishes he grants now have time constraints, another caveat he added to the contract, and he wonders what life would be like if he had never made that stupid rule. because, as the week progresses, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper into her spell, pondering what it would be like if he never had to stop playing the role of her man. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ luna somnium ⥐ @yutasgalaxy  ➵ namjoon x reader      ⤑ supernatural ࿏ gods
∴ you have a life where you are the goddess of the moon, running your chariots across the heavens with your beloved Namjoon. you rule the luna regnum with him by your side, a peaceful place full of harmony and love. the only problem is, it all ends when you wake up. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ oh my ghost ⥐ @mingoyeob ➵ jungkook x reader    ⤑ supernatural ࿏ ghost
∴ fresh out of college, you’ve definitely had your fair share of horrible roommates. fortunately getting your first big girl job also means finally being able to save enough money to move into your own apartment. but you must’ve forgot to read the fine print when you signed the lease because come to find out, your new place comes with an unexpected house guest. oh and did i mention all your underwear seems to be going missing.26 August 2021 ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ sirenum scopuli ⥐ @knjsnoona  ➵ jungkook x reader      ⤑ fantasy ࿏ sirens
∴ a young naïve man seeking to see the world and all the wonders it holds, joins a motley pirate crew—excited for the adventures that await him and the lands he’s yet to see. But the stories he hears at night from the weathered seamen makes him cautious of the dangers at sea. Stories that are proven true when he is entranced by a soft lilting voice from an enchantress, who seems to be the very embodiment of the emerald waters he calls home. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ speak only of love ⥐ @lavienjin​ ➵ namjoon x reader     ⤑ fantasy ࿏ fae
∴ names give the beholder power. it's a lesson you've learned all your life, but it takes one fae to tear it all down. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ the connaissance  ⥐ @softyoongiionly ➵ namjoon x reader     ⤑ fantasy ࿏ celestials
∴ surrounding by the ellieye mountains, your entire city remains isolated from the rest of the world. knowledge is cited as the darkest and deepest form of magic, and the only thing you are taught to value is work and solemnity. legislation has been passed to ensure that those who question the status quo, those who dare to indulge in their own curiosity, those who dare wonder what lies beyond the ellieye pass, shall suffer a terrible fate. for those who are foolish enough to fall prey to their desires must answer to the connaissance. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ to know you is to love you ⥐ @jimilter ➵ jungkook x reader    ⤑ fantasy ࿏ fae
∴ if going on a bloodthirst-fueled rampage and ravaging almost half the city when you are a whole adult vampire of three-plus centuries was somewhat embarrassing, being on the run from the supernatural interpol is making you want to walk into a field of garlic and asphyxiate to death out of mortification. so it should be quite understood why this sudden meeting with a creature you've only heard myths about, in a dingy freaking hiding place, is shaping up to be the most humiliating moment of your life. it doesn't help that he's handsome as hell. or that every other sentence out of his mouth is a freaking line. or that he has decided to accompany you on your absconding adventures. or… that you’re actually kinda okay with it?
yeah, you're massively screwed. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ unwritten ⥐ @joheunsaram ➵ namjoon x reader  ⤑ supernatural ࿏ shinigami
∴ kim Namjoon never did like his job as a shinagami. he looked pretty much human, maybe that's why their realm enticed him. with his life left to a mere 30 years and no more motivation for writing names, he decides to drop his death note in the human world. but what happens when the human that finds it refuses to fill it with names? ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ velvet voice ⥐ @kimtaehyunq ➵ jungkook x reader   ⤑ supernatural ࿏ vampire
∴ lead singer, jungkook, makes a hasty choice of booking his uprising band to the big apple for their final concert on their american tour. tattoos, piercings, and dark pants that hug their legs too tight; this punk rock band has skyrocketed throughout the globe. infamous for being the most popular one of the group, jungkook has never had a problem finding himself a nighty companion to share a bed with. what he doesn’t expect is that he of all people actually finds the most true and accurate description of that term the night of their final performance. ∵
━━━━━━.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.━━━━━━━
⤞ young gods ⥐ @chemicalpink   ➵ namjoon x reader x jungkook       ⤑ supernatural ࿏ witches
∴ legend has it that that if you were to walk all the way up to hallasan, and if the land is welcoming enough, you should be able to see the most beautiful lake where it is rumoured to home the most powerful being the world has ever had the pleasure to meet, so when young warlock jungkook starts having trouble with his magic, who could blame him for travelling all the way there in hopes of finding answers only to be met with the hottest man he’s ever seen. and really,  who could blame him for fostering the biggest crush on him without saying a word for ages? that is, until y/n, a long lost friend of namjoon shows up. so really, who is he to blame if he lets the two greatest beings on existence use him for their pleasure? ∵
Tumblr media
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gcfkims · 5 months ago
the road to radiant | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
summary: you and your valorant team are one of the most powerful five stacks in seoul with a high stream viewership and widely looked up to for your individual strengths as well as your impressive ability to work together as a team. when your top fragger leaves to play against you in the top rival team, you’re left to find a last minute replacement. enter jeon jungkook- duelist extraordinaire, operator genius, and the captain of the rival team who got kicked off to be replaced by the member who left your team. will you and jungkook be able to put aside your past differences to rise to radiant, or will your team fall apart in flames? gamer!au, streamer!au, rivals to friends to lovers!au
Tumblr media
title: the road to radiant
pairings: streamer and gamer!jungkook x streamer and gamer! female reader
genre: fluff, angst, smut, gamer!au, streamer!au, rivals to friends to lovers!au
word count: 25,989 words exactly (i am so, so sorry)
warnings: an oc that is a dickhead to y/n (he insults her constantly- if you’re uncomfortable by this PLEASE do not read this), this features taehyung, jaehyun from nct and jihyo from twice bc i feel like they’d be great gamers, cursing, descriptive gameplay (tactics, gunshots, guns, weaponry, but i make an effort to not include blood visuals), fluff, a bonding moment because it isn’t a sunshinekims fic without it, a cheesy arcade date (it features talks of zombies), toxic gaming and the rude comments that come with it, arguments, angst, derogatory and toxic insults from the male oc, first kisses, making out against a door, clothed grinding, video camera sex (it’s not filmed kbhfkbf he just bangs her in front of her gaming pc with the camera on), self voyeurism, semi-public sex, jungkook being a tease, dom!jungkook, fsub!reader, sex on a gaming chair, (f!receiving) oral, (f!receiving) fingering, (f!receiving) multiple orgasms, manhandling, nipple play, semi-clothed sex, unprotected sex (don’t be a fool, wrap ur tool), bare grinding, reverse cowgirl, cockwarming, slight cockblocking, rough sex, name calling (slut), begging, overstimulation, squirting, cumming inside adfkbhf i am so sorry
part of an upcoming streamer!bts collab
rating: 18+ for language, sexual content, video game violence, video game weaponry, a male oc who uses insults/is rude and toxic
songs to listen to: you can find the playlist here! <3
a/n: helloooo i hope you enjoy this :-) i’m gonna be going on break after posting this fic- more abt that in an official post :’)) but!! just enjoy this fic :-)
disclaimer: the header was made by the amazing @kimtaehyunq​ !! MAGGIE THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M OBESSED WITH THEM </33 dividers were made by me, please do not steal from me thank you </33 also!! ik there are various jungkook streamer fics, it is not my intent to plagiarize. if you find that i have made a mistake, please tell me kindly. that being said, please do not plagiarize my fic. and one more thing!! all characters and teams in this fic are fictional. to my knowledge there are no actual valo teams named the gangnam giants and the daehangno dragons- if they exist it’s purely coincidental on my end.
thanks to: @dinamitae for beta-ing!! eva, you’re literally a godsend and your editing helped make this so much better. thank you for all of your comments on the doc- they made me laugh and helped me feel so much better abt this fic :’)) you’re an angel and i love you so much <3
Tumblr media
This has got to be one of the most stressful situations you’ve been in, and it’s certainly not helping that the majority of your team is dead.
And that it’s a tied game.
Also that it’s in overtime, and that you need this match to win.
Did you mention that there are twenty thousand viewers watching you, and that number is slowly rising?
Regardless of the circumstances and the clear pressure, though, you feel yourself smile.
You love a challenge.
“C’mon Jiji!” You address the only other person alive on your team- Jihyo, Battle Sage extraordinaire. “You just have to push with me go go go!”
“____, I’m literally going to die- they have an op and they’re pointing it at me-” Jihyo begins, but you cut her off.
“C’mon, Jihyo, you just gotta push it! It’s a two versus two, what could go wrong?”
“You also have your ulti,” you hear Taehyung say in your headphones. “Maybe revive Jaehyun, get some smokes back?"
“You could do that,” you say, taking aim at a wall. “I’m gonna wallbang it, you raise your wall and revive Jae?”
Just then, you hear Jihyo scream into her headset and the telltale static of her character dying in your game. “They’re hit! Fucking hell, ____, 100 on the Cypher and 70 on the Jett, they’re both hit pretty bad.”
“And we wouldn’t have been in this situation if we had pushed B instead of going A,” you hear Daeshim’s slimy voice in your ear. “I was right, we could have won if we went with my plan-”
“Daeshim, I need you to shut the fuck up so ____ can focus-” Jaehyun begins but you cut everyone off with a harsh shush.
“Everyone shhhhh!” you snap and everyone immediately quiets, except Daeshim who continues muttering. You inhale deeply, ignoring them and the ping of subscriber donations in order to focus on the match ahead of you. You reload your gun and snake around A-long; peeking walls, checking corners and perking up when you see movement behind a wall.
With a quick click of your mouse you headshot the Jett, exhaling in relief as you reload your gun. You ignore Taehyung’s enthusiastic “You’re just better, ____!” as you scan the area, pressing the keybind that triggers your ultimate and dashing forward…
...Only to get headshotted from the back.
“Damn,” you mutter as the screen fills with the defeat screen. You quickly put on a smile, though, when you see the followers in chat fill the screen with comments of “ggs!!” and heart emojis, as well as congratulatory bits.
“Nice try, ____!” Jihyo says, and you hear Jaehyun and Taehyung give hums of approval, voices bright. “I’m gonna go ahead and log off for the night, I’ll see you later!”
“Bye, you guys! Thanks for the games!” You respond sweetly, swivelling over to your second monitor and leaving the Discord voice chat you were all in. You turn your attention back to chat, scanning all of the comments quickly scrolling by.
rhiachi: ntnt!! noornotfound: bro ur so cracked justflydude: y is daeshim an ass? valogal_0: nice try!! 6witchybtch66: !discord itsjustmeyuh: end of stream?
You snicker when you see the third comment, letting it go as a laugh when you catch sight of the last comment and nodding in response. “Yeah, that’s gonna be the last game for today. I had a lot of fun though! Thank you guys for the hype train.” You watch as a couple more comments fly by, reading and responding to a few. “Yeah, I’m gonna raid someone today! I think we should give them a little dragon love, don’t you guys agree?”
You laugh as the comments whiz by, heart warming at the love your viewers give you. It fills you with so much pride- being a top content creator on a platform as demanding as Twitch is scary, but your community is so kind and loving which puts you at ease. You take their suggestion to raid a small Valorant streamer- one you have seen before, and one you are excited to raid and bring attention to.
Through your headset you hear a slamming door and the beginnings of an argument, and the arms on your hair stand at attention when you hear Taehyung’s voice slowly rise. You bite your lip, hoping that it’s just them being jokey after the stream but as the sound gets louder, you feel anxiety build in the pit of your stomach.
Something’s wrong.
You swallow thickly, pushing down your panic at the noise and smiling back at your screen. “So! We’re gonna raid this person, she’s super cool. Make sure you give her a follow, she’s very sweet! Look for all of the information in the info box below, I’m gonna log off now. Take care, wisps! Love you all, bye everyone!”
It seems like you can’t log off of Twitch fast enough- frantically turning off your online status, closing out of the Valorant tab and shutting your PC down with haste. You hear Jaehyun’s voice join in the midst of the yelling and the faint sound of Jihyo’s tears as you finally finish packing up your station, rushing over to the door and flinging it wide open.
You blink when you see a tearful Jihyo holding back a clearly pissed Taehyung, Jaehyun standing at the corner of the room and rubbing his jaw in frustration. In the center of the room is Daeshim with a shit eating grin, arms folded and clearly pleased at the chaos that has unfolded.
“What,” you begin, stepping into the room and staring at Daeshim head first, “Is going on here?”
“____,” Jaehyun begins, but Daeshim interrupts him.
“Nice to finally see you here, Captain!” he says sarcastically, and you bite your lip, fighting to keep your face straight and not display the hurt that you feel at the clear degradation in his tone.
“What did you do, Daeshim?” You ask, wringing your hands. You watch as Daeshim’s smirk widens and the three behind him stiffen, and you automatically brace yourself for the worst news.
“I’m leaving the Dragons,” he says, and you feel your eyes widen at the words.
Daeshim’s leaving the Dragons?
“Daeshim, what the fuck?” The words spill out your mouth, incredulity painting them. “What the fuck do you mean you’re leaving the team?”
Daeshim’s smile grows at your disbelief. “I got offered a better position with another team. Their captain wasn’t cutting it for them anymore, so they kicked them off. I’m the replacement captain.”
You sputter at this, anger beginning to bubble in your veins. Faintly, you hear Jaehyun gasp but you’re too focused on Daeshim’s stupid, prideful grin that has you growing more and more pissed.
“Seriously Daeshim?” You step closer to him and glare up at him. “We worked so well together, we supported each other through everything. Why now, huh? What did we do so wrong?”
Daeshim shrugs, though his smug grin doesn’t leave. “I don’t know, maybe I just don’t want to be led by someone like you.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” The crude words leave your mouth, disbelief filling your body at his words. Someone like you? What could he even mean by that?
Daeshim hums mockingly, tapping at his head and eyes lighting up. “Oh, I know! Someone with a big attitude and flaunts her popularity in front of all of us! Sound familiar, ____?”
You feel your hands ball into fists by your side at his accusations. “Excuse me? I never once-”
“Your celebratory streams,” he begins, lifting up a finger as he counts off all of the times you supposedly flaunted and bragged. “Tweeting about your follower count, talking about your life wins which aren’t really wins to begin with, bragging in front of all four of us and making us feel shitty. Ring a bell, ____?”
Jihyo lets out a noise of protest at this. “Daeshim, what the hell?” She exclaims. “____ has never once been like that, what are you even saying?”
Even with her words, though, you can’t help but feel a wave of doubt and self-consciousness wash over your body, Big ego? Flaunting your popularity? There’s no way you did all of that...right? Sure, you had a celebratory stream to celebrate two million followers on Twitch but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a big ego and you’re flaunting your following...right?
Or is Daeshim right?
So caught up in your head, you fail to see Daeshim’s triumphant smirk at your insecurity.
He ignores Jihyo’s statement and moves to stand in front of you while you’re trapped in your head, leaning down and placing his lips right by your ear. “You should’ve given up the captain spot and sucked me off when you had the chance. Maybe then I would have stayed and taken us to victory. But your big ego got in the way, didn’t it?”
He moves to place a hand on your hip, but your hand shoots out and grips his wrist. “Don’t fucking touch me,” You grit out.
“Easy now,” he simpers, and you feel the blood beneath your skin boil. “C’mon, ____. You know I’m rig-”
The words are barely out of his mouth before you push his chest, beginning to reach out and claw at his face. “Fuck you, Daeshim!” you scream, and you barely feel Taehyung hold you back or the tears on your face. “Fuck you, we were a team and you fucking left us, how could you?”
Daeshim’s voice rises above the chaos, and you feel the words he spews hit you like daggers. “It’s never been me, ____!” he roars. “It’s always been you and your big fucking ego, your prissiness, and your attitude. Why do you think the others hate you too? It’s always been you!”
You lunge at him, fighting to break free from Taehyung’s hold on you. You can barely register the noise, the words escaping your body, Jaehyun yelling at Daeshim to go, and the slamming of the door. It’s only when the atmosphere quiets do you realize that you were never really saying anything, you were crying against Taehyung’s chest.
“It’s okay,” Taehyung soothes, jolting slightly when you pull your body away from him. “____, never believe him. He was an asshole, we don’t think about you like that at all. We love you so much, you’re the best captain out there and you’ve led us to victory so many times.”
You feel Jihyo and Jaehyun move next to where you and Taehyung stand, and Jihyo reaches out and gently wipes a tear away. “Don’t ever take his words to heart. We’ll find a replacement, and we’ll be solid.”
You sniffle, pulling yourself away from Jihyo. Your mind is reeling at his words, and the insecurities in your head run rampant. You shake your head, clearing your mind of these thoughts before swallowing thickly and wiping away your tears.
You can’t allow his words to affect you.
You turn around and look at your team, nothing but steely determination in your gaze. Their eyes widen at the clear 180 degree switch up- they weren’t prepared to see you so closed off. “Fuck him,” you spit out. “Daeshim doesn’t deserve our love and sorrow, he went and left us. We’re finding a replacement, and we’re going to maintain our title as the best fivestack in Seoul.”
Tumblr media
As it turns out, finding a replacement is harder than you thought it would be.
There were two camps the prospective replacements fell under: really good players who had shitty personalities and clashed with the fact that you and Jihyo were in the team, or players who would falter and not play up to the standards of the team because there were too starstruck by all four of you.
And God, you’re tired of it. You just want to find this replacement and find them fast so that the four of you don’t have to stress about it anymore.
It’s approaching the one week mark since Daeshim left the team and while the team was able to keep its grace when the announcement of his departure happened, the truth is that the four of you were still pissed.
The only good thing in this entire situation was that most of your viewers maintained their support of you and the Dragons. At the beginning, they were confused- while Daeshim was an asshole, he meshed well with the team. But after his departure was announced, everyone quickly understood. No one asked questions, they just continued being supportive and you were thankful for that.
If only they could help you find a replacement for your team.
Currently, you’re streaming with Jihyo and Jaehyun on your alt accounts. It’s a slower paced stream- there are no objectives except to have fun and play the game. Even your gameplay is shit compared to your usual gameplay- these are your Gold Three accounts, so your Immortal One accounts aren’t going to be affected.
Even with the lack of goals of this stream, however, you’re still stressed about this damn replacement mission. Why is it so hard to find a replacement? You aren’t asking for much, they just need to be good at the game and not an asshole-
“____!” You suddenly hear in your headset, and you mentally jolt yourself out of your thoughts.
“Wait, huh?” You ask, blinking twice. “I zoned out for a minute, what happened?”
Jaehyun chuckles at this, and you can practically see the teasing eyeroll that Jihyo does. “We’re talking about food after the stream, what are you craving?”
You gasp in excitement at this. “Chicken sounds good! Oooh, or maybe pasta. Pasta and chicken sounds good.”
Jaehyun snorts, though his tone is teasing. “Are you and Jihyo gonna be paying this time around, or do I have to pay again?”
You laugh, putting on a fake offended voice. “How dare you! I’ll tell stream all of the times you didn’t pay for Jihyo and I’s food and we had to pay for the full table. You want me to start listing?”
Jihyo laughs alongside you. “Yeah! You really wanna bring that up? I guess it’s time for me to talk about how we went to that cafe in Myeongdong and you were so obsessed with the sandwiches and bread you ordered like twenty to go items, but it turns out you left your wallet at your apartment?”
You smile at the anecdote, shaking your head. “And we had to pay the cashier? That was expensive bread, Jaehyun!”
Jaehyun sputters. “First of all, it was more along the lines of ten items, second of all- oh phew. We’re in a game guys!”
“We’ll tell it as soon as this game is done, don’t think you’re off the hook yet Jaehyun,” you say in a teasing tone, and you laugh when you hear Jaehyun’s groan. You look at your screen, exhaling in relief when you see that the Jett hasn’t been locked on yet. You click on the icon and secure her, watching while Jaehyun and Jihyo select their respective agents- Brimstone and Sage.
You look at the other two players, curious as to who they’ll pick. You scan one of the names, surprised to see that it says vantae. That is most certainly Taehyung’s alt account, only he has that name and that specific hashtag. You’re confused, however, since he said he wasn’t streaming today. You’re fairly certain it’s him though; he had insta-locked onto Cypher as soon as the queue started.
You can’t say you recognize the other name, though. Who’s Seagull?
“Hey!” You say, attracting Jihyo’s attention. “I think Taehyung’s on his alt, do you wanna see if he’s on Discord somewhere?”
Jihyo hums in agreement, and you can hear her clicking her mouse to find Taehyung. “Sure! I didn’t even realize it was him until you pointed it out. I thought he wasn’t streaming today?”
You look at your Twitch and nod when you see that his Twitch account is offline. “Yeah, he’s off.”
“I pinged him on Discord,” Jaehyun says. “He said he would hop on call soon.”
As soon as the sentence leaves his lips, you hear the telltale ping that signals someone entering the voice call. “Hey guys!” Taehyung greets.
“Hey!” you greet back, smiling widely. The game enters its first buy phase and you hum when you see that your team has started on the attacker side. “I thought you said you weren’t gonna be playing today?”
“Oh, I wasn’t going to.” Taehyung admits. “But I decided to hop on. Didn’t think I would get into your guys' team though.”
“Mmm, we were surprised too!” You say as you direct your character over to the middle of the map. “I can watch mid, you guys can split up?”
Taehyung makes a noise of agreement and you watch his character make his way over to B-Side. “Yeah, Seagull can come with me too.”
Curiosity sparks within you at this. “Oh, you know Seagull? Are they your friend?”
A moment of silence passes, and when Taehyung comes back on call his voice wavers. “Oh, uh...yeah. Seagull is my friend.”
You feel yourself quirk an eyebrow at the hesitation in his voice, already sensing that there’s more than he’s letting on. Taehyung may have an unreadable facade but his tone is a dead giveaway on things like this- something is definitely up.
Still, you decide that it’s better to just let things go until the stream is done. “Sounds good! A Yoru main, huh? Trying to replace your favorite duelist?”
Taehyung lets out a breath of relief at your joking tone, and you decide that you’re really going to grill him after this stream. “Nah! You’re still my favorite duelist, ____.”
You laugh lightly. “Mhm, we’ll see if that’s really the case after this game!”
You can’t help but admit, this Yoru is really, really good. It’s kind of scary how well they mesh together with the team; they’re quick to communicate where the spike is, if they need a heal from Jihyo, if they need you to step in to rotate to the opposite site. In fact, they’re so good you’re seriously considering telling Taehyung to get them in the Discord call so that you can profess your undying love for them and offer them the empty spot with the Dragons. 
They got a double headshot with the operator, for Christ’s sake!
You figure that your impromptu proposal would have turned off the stranger too much, so you decide to just shelve that for another day.
Pretty soon, you’re reaching the time you said you would log off. The last couple of minutes had been you looking at your match record and talking to chat- while the team had won the match, you were in second place in terms of your personal record. First place had gone to the mysterious Seagull with an astounding thirty five kills, seven deaths, and five assists to your thirty kills, nine deaths, and six assists.
“Chat, look at this!” You say, wiggling your mouse over your’s and Seagull’s KDAs. “It’s like, surprisingly close, it's kinda crazy. They’re just crazy good, huh?”
justflydude: ask them to be on the dragons!! busy99: PLS! GIVE! ME! A! SUB! busy99: <message deleted> rhiachi: they better be on the dragons next time i watch ur stream bbhoneybee_: that’s what we call a power couple
You snort at the last one, shaking your head. “No! Not a power couple, they’re just so good and it’s so cool to watch someone who’s really good. I’ll talk to Tae and see if they’re available to play for a team- it gets really hectic sometimes so I just wanna make sure they’re cool with it!” You watch chat explode with excitement at your words and you grin, taking it as the perfect time to log off.
“Alrighty!” You chirp, clicking on your mouse and beginning to set up your end screen. “I’m gonna be logging off, make sure to check out the info box for all of the information! If you’re a subscriber I’ll see you in the community discord, I’ll catch you later cloud wisps! Peace, love you all!”
With a final wave to your web camera you shut down the stream, exhaling and rubbing at your cheeks and eyes. You take the time to roll out your back, gently relaxing your neck and loosening the muscles before you get to the task of closing your office for the night.
You put your headphones on their stand, turning to put on your favorite playlist before cleaning up your general desk area and collecting the various Pejoy packets that are strewn about your desk. You begin humming, swaying your hips as you collect the trash in your hands, beginning to sing along to the song when a knock startles you out of your cleaning mode.
“Who is it?” You call out, and you playfully glare when Taehyung pokes his head through your doorframe.
“Oh, hey Tae!” You greet cheerfully, tossing the wrappers into the trash bin. You return to your desk and pump some hand sanitizer onto your hands, rubbing it into your palms. “What brings you here? I thought you were in another part of Seoul today?”
“You said you wanted to meet Seagull?” He asks carefully, stepping into your office and closing the door behind him.
You raise your eyebrow, questions already beginning to grip your mind. You quickly assess Taehyung- he’s fidgeting and he refuses to look you in the eye. You know in that instant that Taehyung is definitely bracing himself for the worst.
You make a noise of contemplation, turning around and pausing your music. “Why does it seem like you’re nervous that I’m going to kill you?”
Taehyung coughs. “K-kill me? You haven’t even met him!”
It’s a him?
Already, your brain is running rampant with who this Seagull could be. Who could be an amazing duelist, be so good at the operator, and be someone you could potentially hate?
One person comes to mind but you scoff, deciding that Taehyung couldn’t possibly mean him.
You hum, whirling around and facing him again. You shrug, grabbing your cardigan that rests on the back of your gaming chair. “Well, I’ll just have to meet him, huh? Where’s he at?”
“He’s...uh...he’s here. Right now.” Taehyung admits, scratching the back of his head.
“Huh?” you yelp, eyes widening. “Like, right now? Seriously, Tae?”
“Yeah,” he says sheepishly, offering you a cheesy grin.
“You’re lucky I love you,” you grumble under your breath, pulling on your cardigan. “Alright captain, lead the way. Let’s meet this friend of yours.”
Taehyung nods, and if you look close enough you can practically see the beads of sweat forming on his brow. “Right...let’s meet this friend of mine.”
Taehyung steps out before you and you sigh, mentally steeling yourself before stepping out after him.
At first you don’t see anything out of the blue. Jaehyun and Jihyo are talking to someone new, and you figure that it’s the person Taehyung brought along with him. It’s clear that they’re enjoying whatever conversation they’re having with this person. He’s wildly animated, arms flailing and laughter bright, which causes Jihyo and Jaehyun to laugh along with him.
As you approach him, you can’t help but notice his build- despite being a gamer you can tell that he works out. His shoulders are broad and the short sleeves of his shirt display his impressive arms- thick and oh so pretty. The less than rational side of your brain wonders what it would feel like to have his bicep under your fingertips and your hands running down the expanse of his back, and you deduce that it would probably feel fucking amazing.
That’s ruined, however, when you notice his tattoo sleeve.
It’s not that the tattoo sleeve isn’t pretty- quite the opposite. He has bunches of tiger lilies blooming on his bicep, the quotes “Rather be dead than cool” accompanied with a rock on skull on his forearm, and a whole slew of other art decorating his arm. It’s just that you recognize who it belongs to, and it makes you cringe on the inside. It’s when you catch a flash of the purple heart on his thumb joint that you pause, though; and before you can even stop yourself, you find yourself speaking.
The word tumbles out of your mouth, and the room goes silent. You watch as Jaehyun and Jihyo turn to look, eyes widening when they see you.
“____-” Taehyung begins, but you swiftly cut him off. 
“I said no, Taehyung,” you cut off harshly, softening your tone when you see Taehyung’s eyes flash with hurt.
The person in front of you scoffs, and you feel the slight guilt of snapping at Taehyung dissipate as you roll your eyes at the sound. “Still bitter about how we ended up as a tie in the last matchup?” He asks cockily.
“Save it,” you scowl, shaking your head.
“Mmm, I don’t think I will,” he hums, and you groan when he turns around and you’re forced to behold Jeon fucking Jungkook in all of his glory.
You’re quick to do a once over as you level your stare on him, and you hate to see that he's as infuriatingly handsome as you remember the last time you saw him. His previous coconut haircut has grown into shaggy black hair that sweeps his eyes and you watch with irritation as his pretty lips turned up in a small, slightly smug grin.
“I said it once and I’ll say it again- no,” you state firmly, crossing your arms. Jaehyun’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth to speak but you hold up a hand gently, cutting him off. “Jaehyun, I know what you’re about to say and it’s still going to be a no.
“Why not, ____?” Taehyung asks. “We all played together just now and it worked out perfectly! Why are you so hesitant?”
You groan, rubbing at the bridge of your nose. “You know why, Tae. Anyways, I just don’t think it’ll be a good match, we’ll clash too much and it won’t end well.”
Taehyung lets out a small laugh at this, disbelief coloring his tone. “____, you were literally talking about how good he was at Valorant on stream. What makes Jungkook different from Seagull? The fact that it’s actually Jungkook? This is our chance to get back at Daeshim, why are you being like this?”
You kiss your teeth at this and try to stamp down the slight hurt that flares at his blunt tone. “You know why.”
“Taehyung, cut it out,” Jihyo says, stepping around Jungkook to stand closer to you. She places a soft hand on your shoulder and you can’t help but relax into her hold; she was always a comforting presence to you. “____, I know why you’re hesitant. But we should think about this too, we played with him today and we worked so well as a team. My stream noticed it. They really like our gameplay with him, I think we should give it a shot.”
You falter at that, closing your eyes. It was true that you played well together; you even admitted it in your own stream. You just can’t help but replay when you and Jungkook had matched up for a charity stream. He was so cocky and arrogant, pushing all of the right buttons to piss you off and making you perform on a less than perfect level. You in turn had angered him when you knifed him easily- it was a whole cycle that went on viciously until it turned into a forced draw because you kept one-upping and screaming at each other.
It was the start of your rivalry- the start of seeing who was the better duelist and Valorant player between you and Jungkook.
Shaking your head, you glance back up at him. “Why are you here, don’t you lead a team or something?”
Jungkook goes rigid at this, and you see his eyes flare up with anger. “No, your asshat ex-member replaced me.”
The room stills.
“W-what?” you ask, disbelief coloring your tone.
There’s no way that Daeshim went to your rivals.
Jungkook nods with a frown on his face, pursing his lips. “Yeah, I’m no longer the captain for the Gangnam Giants. They replaced me with Daeshim.”
You feel your heart plummet straight into the pit of your stomach at his words, and it’s clear that the rest of your team is devastated by the news.
Last you heard, Jungkook was leading his team to victory after victory. The Gangnam Giants were considered the best fivestack after your own team and the only team that could rival your own team's skill.
So why would Daeshim suddenly transfer over to the Giants? It made no sense- he always talked about how much he hated Jungkook. The contradictions are too many to count and you just can't focus on them right now, so you decide to examine these thoughts later.
“Why’d you get kicked out?” You ask instead. You watch as his eyes take on a sad glint, and you can’t help but feel the smallest flare of sadness for him.
It must have been tough to get kicked out of the team you helped create.
“They...I really don’t want to talk about it right now,” Jungkook says, folding his arms across his chest. “Look, you’re down a member right? We saw how we all played with each other- we all meshed together pretty well. We could do a couple of test runs and play on our alternate accounts, play together off camera?”
Jaehyun makes a noise of agreement at this. “Plus, Taehyung and I are already friends with Jungkook and have played with him.” He pipes up. “And Jihyo really likes his play style, right?”
Jihyo looks at you sheepishly, nodding. “Uh...yeah. He’s really good.”
You bite your lip, weighing the pros and cons in your head.
Pro: he’s good at Valorant and respects you and Jihyo, despite the rivalry you both have.
Con: he’s an ass.
Pro: he’s really good at Valorant.
Con: he’s an ass.
Pro: he’s really fucking good at Valorant.
Con: he has a nice ass.
Wait, what?
You sigh, shaking your head and deciding that you may as well just go along with it for the time being, at least until you find someone else. “We’ll do some playthroughs together and if it works out we’re adding you in, got it?”
Jungkook nods, giving you a smirk. You look at his face, scanning your brain for any possible horrible outcome to come out of this.
Jeon Jungkook. Duelist extraordinaire and one of the best Valorant players in the city, if not the whole country.
Jeon Jungkook, who is also a massive pain in the ass and your rival.
Jeon Jungkook, your only hope at getting back at Daeshim.
You shake your head, turning around and returning to your office.
You really hope that this works out.
Tumblr media
You start training with Jungkook about a month after that initial meeting.
Admittedly, you could have started training sooner- everyone else had the chance to play with him over the past couple of weeks. But between university finals and the amount of studying that came along with said exams, you didn’t have the time to play at all.
It was also because you wanted to avoid the inevitable first game with him, but you can only put it off for so long.
So here you are a month later, standing in front of the building that houses the Daehangno Dragons headquarters. Your floor is technically a part of the PC cafe located below you, but the owner kindly let you set up shop on the seventh floor of the building.
It’s a fantastic place to be and you love everything about it, you just hate climbing up all of those stairs.
Soon enough, you reach the landing floor of your offices and you sigh, pressing the keycode into the door pad and twisting the knob open, letting yourself in. You put your outside shoes by the door and slip into your comfy slides, hanging your keys on the hook by the door and making a beeline to the room that was deemed your office.
You open the door and feel a wave of calm wash over you when you see your beloved gaming office that you had spent so long decorating and making feel like home. The walls are white and the floor is plain hardwood, but it’s the little touches that make a smile appear on your face. Curtain fairy lights line the wall across from your PC and white shelves also decorate your walls, which are adorned with plants, small Nintendo amiibo figures, and replicas of Jett’s ultimate knives generously gifted to you by a Twitch subscriber. Art prints and movie posters hang on the walls, arranged in a tastefully chaotic way and a white couch is pushed into the far corner of the room by the door that leads to your walk-out balcony, accompanied with a small coffee table and decorated with various throw blankets and stuffed animals.
But it’s your gaming setup that has giddy butterflies erupting in your tummy.
Your beautiful gaming setup sits on a sleek, white, L-shaped desk. You look over at the Nintendo Switch system sitting underneath the monitors, smiling when the Animal Crossing themed dock passes your sight. The dual monitors and the actual system itself are off but you power it up, watching as your PC glows a vivid blue and bright lavender. Your monitors open up and a vaporwave skyline background greets you. Once the system is fully booted up you quickly log onto Spotify, pressing play on your favorite playlist and placing your bag on its designated place on your desk.
You stand back and look over your PC, smiling to see it work perfectly. Your eyes drift to the wall above your desk; another white shelf holds your Polaroid camera, lightning neon sign, and various other decorations. Below the shelf and right above your desk is a wall mounted, custom neon sign that reads “총! 조준! 발사!” surrounded by various Polaroids you’ve taken over the years.
Your eyes scan over the polaroids, smiling when you see the photo that has you, Taehyung, Jihyo, and Jaehyun in it. The three of them surround you, looking at you with big grins and mid-sentence as you wipe tears away from your face. You remember that day vividly- it was when you had hit a hundred thousand followers on Twitch. You had waited for that six-digit number to appear on your Twitch page with your best friends, and when it finally appeared you burst into tears as they screamed in excitement around you. They quickly demanded a photo so Jaehyun had yanked the camera on your shelf off and handed it over to Daeshim-
You feel your nose scrunch in distaste at the thought of him, frantically looking for the photo that was taken after that first photo. You frown when you see it, pursing your lips as you reach up and yank it off of your wall. You bring it closer to your face, peering at it. Daeshim had his arms around you and you both had the biggest grins on your faces. There’s something off in his eyes though- you can’t tell if it’s because you’re still bitter about him leaving the team but you see jealousy in his eyes, and that in itself makes you shiver.
Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t like that photo.
You make your way over to the trash can, dead set on throwing the blasted photo away. You feel yourself hesitate, however, when you’re about to drop it in.
Do you really wanna throw this photo away? You bite your lips and look at it closely again. Personally, you think that you look really good. Maybe you can just cover his face with black sharpie?
“What are you doing?”
The sudden voice has you yelping, backing away from the doorframe. You look up and groan when you see it’s Jungkook with an odd expression. It’s not necessarily a glare- there’s just an odd defensive look on his face.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you reply, surprising yourself when you find that there’s no defensive edge to your voice. You mentally saying fuck it and drop the picture into the trashcan, walking away from the bin and going back to your PC to load up Valorant on your desktop so that it can update.
“I actually would,” Jungkook replies. “Why were you staring so intensely at that picture? It looked like you were about to bust a vein over it.”
You scoff, logging on to your alternate account. “It just had Daeshim in it and I would rather not have that on my wall as I play.”
“Oh.” Jungkook’s surprise is clearly evident in his tone and you roll your eyes as you scan the shop to see what skins are available for your various weapons. You think that if you ignore him, he’ll just leave but it’s clear that he’s staying put by your doorframe.
The awkwardness is thick and you finally sigh, removing your eyes from the computer to fully look at Jungkook. You’re surprised to see that the previous defensive look on his face has been replaced with a melancholic stare, one filled with sadness. You swallow thickly, caught off guard by the sheer emotions on his face and how softly he looked at you when all you gave each other were glares and smirks. Your surprise multiplies tenfold when you feel something quiet stirring in your chest, but you quickly brush the feeling away and try to push the feeling to the back of your head.
“Did you move in okay?” Your voice wavers at the end and you cough lamely, looking away and desperately hoping that Jungkook doesn’t see the blush that’s gracing your face.
“Oh- uh, yeah,” he replies, equally flustered. You hear him clear his own throat before he says, “I was actually hoping to take that sick looking neon sign, though. It’d look better in my room.”
Well, there goes that fuzzy feeling.
“Hey!” You say indignantly. “I’ll have you know that it was expensive!”
“I noticed Taehyung and the others had one too,” Jungkook pouts, though his eyes hold a mischievous gleam. “What do I have to do to get me one of those bad boys?”
“Nothing, you’re not getting one,” You say firmly, returning your attention back to the Valorant shop.
“Come oooon, ____,” he whines. “I want one of those signs, they’re so cool and my office looks like a gremlin’s lair right now!”
“Maybe it’s because you are a gremlin,” you shoot back.
“I- okay, I’m gonna ignore that,” Jungkook says, offense evident in his voice. “What does someone have to do around here to get a sick neon sign?”
A thought pops in your head and you snort, shaking your head.
No way in hell he would do that.
“What?” he asks. “You definitely have a thing I could do to get a sign!”
“Nothing!” you say, selecting a skin from the store that you especially like the look of. “As if you would do it, anyways.”
“Hey, I’ll have you know that I would do anything for those signs!” Jungkook says. “Don’t judge me!”
“Okay?” you say, not looking up from the screen. “Stop bothering me and maybe I’ll give you a neon sign for your office.”
“Fuck- can you at least give me something I can actually do? I know that you made that up!” He accuses, and you scoff, rolling your eyes.
“Mmmmm okay. You have to kiss me,” you deadpan.
The tension in the room thickens and you feel yourself redden at your words, but you fight to keep your composure on your face. You can’t let him know how even saying that phrase makes you so nervous.
A minute passes.
“Say less!” He responds enthusiastically, and you can barely blink before he strides into your office and gently grasps at your hand, pulling you into his arms.
“What the fuck- Jeon, let me go right now!” You squeal, pushing his (very toned and thick) chest away from your own body. “It was a joke- hey!”
“Lemme give you a kiss for the neon sign, c’mon ____-” he replies sweetly, and he pulls you in so your chests are flush against each other, making you gasp and cheeks redden even further.
“Jeon Jungkook, you better unhand me right now or I will not hesitate to kick your balls,” you seethe, wiggling in his hold and trying not to focus on how much you like the feel of his arms around you.
“Just one little kiss for a neon sign, pretty please angel?” He asks, his voice lowering a couple of octaves. You feel your face burn at the gravelly, deep tone and you find yourself turning your head to look at him. Your gazes meet each other and his eyes widen-
“Woah, you guys sure are getting comfy with each other!”
“Oh fuck-” Jungkook begins, only to be cut off by you.
“Shit!” You exclaim when you see your three best friends gathered at the threshold of your door, big smirks on their faces. You yelp when you notice Jihyo has her phone in her hand, wiggling out of Jungkook’s hold and hastily fixing your sweater, trying to hide just how affected you are by whatever the fuck that was.
Judging by the wink Jihyo gives you, however, it’s clear that it’s written all over your damn face.
“Never thought I would see the day where two of you get comfy with each other!” Taehyung quips. “You guys still hate each other?”
“O-oh, one hundred percent!” You stammer, voice shaky. “I-I’m gonna kick his ass so hard today when we play.”
“No way!” Jungkook says, and you flush when you hear the same wobbly ring in his voice. “I’m gonna be the one who kicks your ass today-”
“Oh sure, Jeon,” you sniff indignantly, fisting the sleeves of your sweater in your hands to try to stop them from shaking. “Look, let’s just play now!”
“You sure you wanna play Valorant, or do you perhaps want to play another game with Jungkookie?” Jaehyun says, winking slyly.
“Why you- get out of my office and let’s start!” You screech, and you groan when you hear the three of them laugh at your embarrassment as they walk to their respective rooms. Jungkook follows them, but he pauses at your door.
“What?” you ask in an annoyed voice.
“Prepare to lose, ____,” he says, the challenge evident by his words.
“In your dreams, Jeon,” you fire back.
With a soft chuckle he leaves your room and you groan once he’s gone, dropping your head onto your desk. You try not to think about it but you can’t help but conjure up the feeling of Jungkook’s thick arms caging you in- holding you oh so gently even when he was teasing you with his dumb words and how his breath washed over your face when his infuriatingly handsome face was a mere inches away from yours.
“Don’t let him affect you, ____,” you mumble to yourself. “You have to beat him, don’t think about it.”
But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get rid of the blush on your face and the fluttering of your heart in your chest.
And as the world would have it, you’re currently losing horribly to Jungkook.
“Dammit!” you growl as an opponent kills your character. You breathe out heavily, rubbing at your face and eyes, frustration coursing through your veins.
“You okay, ____?” Taehyung asks you worriedly.
“I keep whiffing so bad and it’s pissing me off,” you grumble, slouching back in your chair.
“It’s okay, ____,” Jaehyun replies. “Everyone has off days when they play, there’s no need to feel ashamed or bad about it.”
“I’m getting my ass handed to me though,” you pout, and you sigh in frustration when you hear a snort from Jungkook.
You flick through the various points of view and you can’t help but stop at Jungkook’s point of view, watching as he easily shoots the opponent who killed you. He snakes along a wall and blinds the opponent who’s defusing the spike, easily shooting them in the head and securing the victory for your team.
“Nice job, you guys,” you say. You sigh begrudgingly and, before you can talk yourself out of it: “You too, Jungkook. That last play was really good.”
You can practically see the smirk on his face and you internally brace yourself, closing your eyes. “What’d I say when I told you that you would lose?” He says in a triumphant tone, and you groan.
“Save it, Jeon,” you grumble. “We get it.”
“Mmm, I don’t think I will, ____.” He retorts back, and you feel anger course through your veins at the sickeningly sweet tone he uses. It reminds you too much of Daeshim. “You know, we should have gone to the A-site that last play.”
“I know,” you say, patience beginning to wear thin. “I realize my mistake, we could have rotated when we had the chance-”
“And you kept getting yourself killed because you kept lining up in front of me, why is that?” Jungkook interrupts, and you feel your nostrils flare at his voice.
Still, you grit your teeth and try not to let on just how pissed you’re getting. “It’s a habit-”
“From Daeshim?” He says, cutting you off again. “Look, it worked for his play style but you’re trying too hard to protect me and that’s not the goal of being a duelist, you’re supposed to entry frag and secure the site. Did you forget that?”
“Fuck- enough!” you cry out, the frustration at your shitty gameplay and Jungkook’s constant jabs at your game style getting to your head. “I fucking get it, okay Jeon? You don’t need to remind me all the fucking time like he did, got it?”
A few awkward moments pass and you swallow thickly, trying to quell the burn of tears.
“Fuck- I’m sorry,” you mumble into your headset, blinking away the tears. “ guys go ahead and queue up for a match. I’m gonna leave the party for a little bit.”
You don’t let them respond back to you before you’re leaving the voice chat and exiting out of the game. You groan, rubbing at your face to try and get rid of the tension from your creased brows as you clear your mind of the fog your anger put you in.
Realistically, you know that he was only trying to coach you. He wasn’t even criticizing you that much, it was only your play style.
Jungkook’s tone reminded you too much of Daeshim. The sickeningly sweet voice that disguises the venom of their words, the pet names, the air of superiority and the attitude that they were better than was too much.
You were at least thankful that Jungkook only criticized your gameplay and had not tried to undermine you as the leader and as a person. Daeshim constantly did that to you; made you question your worth as a person and a leader. You realized a while ago that it was how Daeshim held control over you- his constant and subtle undermining of you was enough to make you question just how good of a player and a leader you truly are. But no matter how hard you tried to ignore it, you just couldn’t. 
Daeshim was constantly there tormenting you in the back of your mind, and you couldn’t ignore him if you tried.
A knock on your door draws you out of your thoughts, and you sigh, yelling out “I’d very much like to be left alone please!”
The door opens despite your request and you groan, swivelling your chair to look at whoever decided to bother you. “I’m fine-”
You purse your lips when you see it’s Jungkook, however.
“What do you want?” You question curtly, returning your attention back to your screen.
“I’m sorry.”
Your face slackens at his apology, eyebrows losing tension as he takes it as his cue to keep going. “I didn’t realize that what I said and how I said it would hurt you like that, and the others told me how horribly he would talk to you. It was never my intent, I just wanted to talk to you about your gameplay.”
You exhale, shaking your head. “Jeon, it’s fine. I’m still adjusting to our gameplay together, you have no need to feel bad. I shouldn’t have blown up on you like that.”
Jungkook mumbles something under his breath, so quiet you can’t hear it even if you strained your ears. “Look, I analyzed your and Daeshim’s strats. You often had to clean up after him and take care of him since he would get eliminated first, but the goal of our characters is to secure the site, right?”
Your eyes widen in surprise at this. Jungkook really took all of that time to analyze your playstyle to see how it could compliment his own style?
He truly is one of the best strategists in this game.
You nod, not bothering to look at him, and he continues on with his spiel. “So, don’t worry about me. Worry about the spike carrier, worry about keeping the site secure. If we need each other’s help we call for each other and we rotate, but defend and attack in our own style.”
You barely process his advice before you hear a small chuckle as he turns to exit the room. “Get back in the call, ____. We want to play with you.”
He turns and exits, shutting the door behind him gently and leaving you to think about his advice. Jungkook speaking to you like that surprises you due to the fact that it doesn’t cause the bitter taste of contempt to lay on your tongue- Jungkook spoke to you as an equal. He lifted you up when you were down bad and it left you feeling inspired and ready to get back into the game.
You quickly log back onto the game and request to be in the party, and Taehyung adds you in a second later. You tell them you won’t be on voice chat because you want to try new things and that you would be communicating through the game comms system. They readily agree and you focus on your new strategy at hand.
Much to your surprise, Jungkook’s right. It’s the best game you play today, and you even get an ace during one round. Once you’re back in the queue you see a whisper from Jungkook.
(Whisper) From Seagull: i told you i was right, nice job cap!!!!
And despite the smartassery of it all, you can’t help but smile.
Maybe Jungkook isn’t so bad after all.
Tumblr media
Much to your surprise, you find yourself slowly warming up to Jungkook.
There were some instances over the two months of playing with him where he’s kind to you. From waiting until you were done packing to leave the office with you, making attempts at small talk, there was even one instance where he gave you a dumpling when you asked.
Okay, so you had to keep asking him to give you a dumpling. But he gave you one in the end!
That’s not to say he stopped annoying you; in fact, he irritated the shit out of you.
There were many instances where he just absolutely annoyed the hell out of you. There was one instance where he ate your package of ramyeon without asking if it was okay with you- it was your last pack and it was your favorite!
He would also randomly just walk into your room and stand there while you were gaming or lounging in your office. He would enter your room without knocking, stand in the middle of the room for a solid five minutes before leaving, just to bother you. He wouldn’t even bother to close the door behind him, he would just leave it the tiniest bit open. He knew it was one of your biggest pet peeves, and it endlessly annoyed you.
That doesn’t include the arguments you both had over voice call while playing any game- not just with Valorant. There was one Among Us stream where you both were crewmates and were so convinced that the opposite was the imposter that you had yelled at each other, even after the emergency meeting had ended and the imposters were revealed to be Taehyung and Jaehyun.
So, yes. Progress at being civil with each other was noticeable, but not as apparent as the other three team members had hoped it would be. They had even begun believing in this crazy idea that the reason the both of you were being so cutthroat with each other was because you liked each other.
And that in itself is one of the stupidest things you’ve ever heard. There’s no way you like Jungkook, not a chance in hell. You hate everything about him: from his constant competitiveness and goading you on to see who could get the most kills to his dumb Valorant tactics that worked well alongside the strategies you had already implemented within the team. You hate how he taught you how to use the operator with perfect ease and how in turn you taught him how to bounce his flashes off of walls and to control them so that only the enemy team is blinded. You hate that the arguments are growing less and less venomous and more joke-y, like how friends would talk with each other.
You hate how your eyes would wander over to his body during rest breaks with the team, how soft his hair looks and how his eyes would crinkle endearingly when he smiles. You hate that you can’t stop thinking about his arms around you- how big and strong he is, how good he smells, and how you just want to feel his arms around you again.
And most of all, you hate how his smile makes small butterflies erupt within your stomach, how you have to fight to stifle the laugh that escapes you when he says a funny joke, and how you look forward to the banter and the light competition with each day you enter the office.
Hate is starting to seem like the wrong word to describe your feelings towards Jungkook.
You’re still going to be in denial though. No way you like a man named Jeon Jungkook.
You’re currently packing up to go home after a stream. This stream was a little bit more exhausting- it was a full twelve hour charity stream to raise money for cancer research. While your subscribers had well exceeded the goal, you still planned on donating some of your personal money so that it would be an even amount. You make a note to drop by a bank on your way home from the office, but upon realizing that it’s 11:00 pm and no banks would be open at this time, you decide to just order food to take home.
You order your favorite dumplings, jjajangmyeon, and tteokbokki and continue cleaning up your office space, humming along to the music that plays on your PC. When your phone signals that the delivery man has your order you make your way to the front door and pick up the food, handing him the money and bowing in thanks before making your way back to your office.
As you pass by the various doors, though, you can’t help but notice that Jungkook is still inside the office from the way the lights are on and how he’s blaring his own music. You know that Jihyo wasn’t here to begin with- she had a family event to attend. Taehyung had left an hour before you ordered your food, and Jaehyun had left earlier in the day to deal with an emergency with a friend. 
It’s just you, Jungkook, and the big paper bag filled with food in your arms.
You bite your lip, wondering if you two were at the stage of sharing a meal together. Sure, you had both shared food together, but that was when the others were there with you. This instance feels different- more intimate.
You could just leave him with no food.
You decide that you’re both past the point of being deliberately cruel to each other, so you make your decision, kicking your foot against his door to get him to open up and pay attention to you.
The music stops, and you hear him say, “What’s up?”
“I ordered some food!” You reply back. “Hurry up and come to my office so that we can share it, I ordered way too much!”
A moment passes, and before you know it, Jungkook’s opening his door and stepping out. He runs his fingers through his hair and takes in the sight of you with your arms filled with bags, shaking his head and taking the bags away from your arms before motioning for you to walk to your office.
You blink at him in confusion. “I could’ve carried that, you know.”
He shrugs. “It’s okay, I know you’re gonna be mad when I inevitably eat all of this food so I’m being nice to you now so the blow is softened.”
You roll your eyes at his statement. “Whatever, let’s go. I’m starving.”
You both make way to your office in relative silence and Jungkook plops the bags onto the coffee table in front of your couch before you both begin to pull out the containers filled with the delicious smelling food. While he goes to grab water bottles from the main office space, you open the door to your walkout balcony and lean against the railing, taking in the night air and the sound of people bustling around.
“Hey, I got the waters.” Jungkook’s voice alerts you of his presence and you turn your head, watching as he makes his way over to stand next to you on your balcony.
“Thank you,” you reply, returning your attention to the dazzling skyline in front of you. It’s times like this where you were thankful you had fought Taehyung for this room- this balcony and the skyline of Seoul made all of those 1v1s worth it.
Jungkook whistles beside you as he takes in the view for himself. “Damn, this is nice.”
You nod without turning to look back at him. “I fought Taehyung for this view, and I was almost about to give up but I kept fighting for it. We did so many custom 1v1s, but I ended up winning. He still complains that this should have been his, though.”
Jungkook snorts. “If this were the Giants, we would have just tackled each other for it. Not that the Giants offices had this view, though.”
You turn to look at him at this. This is one of the first instances he’s talked about the Giants- he was usually reserved about it, choosing to deflect the topic all together.
Still, you decide to ask him about the topic. “What was it like, leading the Giants?”
Jungkook freezes beside you and you can practically feel him raising his guard up. “Why do you want to know?”
You shrug. “It can’t have been any different from working with us. You guys must have liked each other. It was like working with a family, right?”
Jungkook laughs shortly at this. “In the beginning, maybe. We formed because we loved gaming and wanted to join a premier esports team. We were all passionate about it. It also helped that we were really good friends with each other- we all met at university and we had that passion for gaming.”
You nod along. “Sounds about right.”
Jungkook gives you a slight grin, and he continues. “Well, we had really good runs and we all started getting popular on Twitch. When Valorant was announced we beta’ed and enjoyed it so much, so we decided to form the Gangnam Giants.” His words taper off and you watch as a furrow slowly begins to appear in his brow. “But then...they started craving more.”
You give him a look of confusion at this. “What do you mean?”
Jungkook shakes his head and you notice his hands beginning to shake slightly against the balcony. “They wanted more fame, more power, more wins. They wanted to be the best team. As captain I tried to sway them away from that, but they slowly began to disregard me as they grew power hungry.”
“Oh,” you breathe out. Jungkook’s account has you reeling and you can’t help but feel horrible for him. Being disrespected and ignored was always one of your biggest fears, and hearing Jungkook go through exactly that has your heart aching for him.
Still, he snorts lightly at your sadness for him. “Yeah, it was pretty bad. They wanted to resort to hacks and cheats to win games and when I firmly told them no, they accused me of being a weak captain. They told me that I wasn’t good enough to lead them, so they kicked me out.”
You bite your lip and, to your surprise, you feel your eyes begin to burn at Jungkook’s sad story. He hears you sniffle and his eyes widen at your sadness before he lightly chuckles at your tears.
“Why are you crying?” he asks gently. “It’s okay. Taehyung found out and took me out for drinks so we could both drown our sorrows. He told me that one of his teammates left to be captain for a new team and I guessed that they were most likely going to the Giants. When Taehyung told me it was Daeshim, I couldn’t help but laugh because it just made sense.”
“What do you mean?” you ask, and Jungkook shakes his head sadly.
“Daeshim and the Giants...they fit together in terms of personality and play style. It just made sense.” Jungkook gives you another small smile before nudging your side with his shoulder. “That’s where the present begins. Taehyung said that he would convince you to have me join the Dragons, and the next day we played together. Everything else you know.”
You exhale shakily, shaking your head at the story he lays out. It all makes sense, it’s just that the entire situation is so sad. The way that Jungkook was kicked out for wanting to stay honest and true...your heart aches for him.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur quietly.
“It’s okay,” he replies softly. He nudges you again with his shoulder and you playfully bump him back. “I’m playing with a group of people who are pretty awesome and stay true to themselves. Their captain is pretty cool too.”
You barely register his words but when you do, you turn your head to look at him. Shock fills your body- you don’t think that you deserve it because of just how competitive you get with each other. There’s also that cruel whisper in the back of your head that’s telling you he’s only saying this because he wants to eventually try to take over your captain position.
It scares you that Jungkook might treat you in the same way that Daeshim did.
“You don’t mean that,” you scoff, rolling your eyes just to hide how terrified you are. “I didn’t even want to be captain. Daeshim bet me that I couldn’t do it and I took up the mantle out of sheer spite. It was a struggle.” You clear your throat, wringing your fingers tightly. “Not gonna lie, it’s still a struggle.”
Once your confession leaves your lips you tense up, expecting Jungkook to laugh at you and dismiss your fears. You rarely told people about your fear of not being good enough to hold the title as Daehangno Dragons Captain- the only people who knew were your team, and while three of the members supported you one hundred percent, one person took this as leverage and never missed the chance to remind you of your fear.
The silence is deafening as Jungkook processes your words and you purse your lips, realizing how weak you sound. “I’m sorry, I rarely talk about it-”
“Why are you apologizing?”
You stop in your tracks at his question and you find yourself rendered speechless. No one ever asked you why you apologized like that- you yourself don’t even know why you’re apologizing.
So caught up in your tumultuous thoughts, you don’t see Jungkook regard you with a soft stare.
You do, however, feel his warm hand covering your own, lacing your fingers together and resting your entwined hands on the railing of your balcony.
After your initial shock, you find yourself relishing your hand in his grasp, soft and gentle. You’re surprised to feel the previous stresses you felt in your system melt away, leaving nothing but comfort and warmth in your chest.
A small part of your brain is arguing that this is your rival and that you shouldn’t be holding hands with the only other person who could threaten your spot as one of the best duelists in South Korea.
A bigger, rapidly growing part of your brain is telling that part to shut up and to relish it.
You decide to go with the latter for the time being.
“There’s no need to apologize, ____,” he says softly, jolting you out of your thoughts. “It’s a valid fear and Daeshim held that over your head. I’m so sorry he did that to you.”
Your eyes widen and you snap your stare up at him. “I never mentioned that.”
“You didn’t need to. I saw signs of it and the others told me after that one day,” Jungkook admits.
You sigh, looking down at your entwined hands. “Was I that obvious?”
“No,” he says. “I was told bits and pieces from the other members and I kind of figured it out from there. I need to know though...why did you keep him around after all of the shit he caused?”
You purse your lips at this, trying to wrack your brain for the answer. It was a valid question, but it was one no one ever asked you so you find yourself at a loss.
The beginnings of an answer form in the back of your mind and before you can even process your words, they tumble out of your mouth. “Daeshim...he was the one who introduced me to the gaming world. At the time we were fooling around and I was willing to do anything to impress him.”
Jungkook squeezes your hands when he hears you falter and you suck in a breath at his presence, taking it as encouragement to tell him things very few people know. “He used it as leverage over me but over time I fell in love with it on my own terms. I started getting better than him and he got envious of that.” You chuckle bitterly at the memory. “So he turned to undermining me.”
Jungkook purses his lips at your response. “He’s a jackass, you know that right?”
“Not at the time I didn’t,” you admit. “I held on for however long I could. He was my past and the reason I started.”
“____.” Jungkook’s tone is warm. “He may have been the reason you started, but your love for what you do should be what keeps you going. Leave him in the past and focus on the new opportunities your present brings.”
His statement leaves your mind reeling and you find yourself lifting your head to look at him. Your breath is stolen from your chest when you see the soft look he has on, illuminated by the moon and balcony lights above you.
You feel your heart beat wildly in your chest and his eyes widen when your gaze meets his. It’s like two magnets being drawn together- both of you slowly moving together to stand closer together. He gently pulls on your hand, drawing you closer to him as you both continue this shy tiptoe around each other.
“Jeo- Jungkook,” you breathe out quietly as his head begins to dip down, and your eyes threaten to close when you feel his forehead press against yours.
“____, I-” he begins, only to be cut off at the sound of boisterous laughter below the two of you. The realization of you two being out in the open and getting intimate with each other is like a bucket of ice water being dumped onto the both of you- you jump away from each other, hearts racing and cheeks flushed.
“That uh-” you try to say, but Jungkook beats you to the statement.
“It uh- this never happened,” he coughs, looking away to try and hide his reddening cheeks. 
“R-right,” you stammer, trying to squash the feeling of your heart sinking at his statement. “W-well, uh- food! We have food, it’s probably gone cold so-”
“Yeah, of course!” He says, tone equally shaky. “I’ll uh- I’ll meet you inside?”
You swiftly nod and begin to make your way back inside without a second glance, thinking the conversation as done and over with.
“Mmm?” you hum back, not quite having the courage to turn around and fully face him.
“You’re prett- shit,” Jungkook curses under his breath, and despite this whole trainwreck of a situation you can’t help but smile and blush. “You’re a pretty cool captain, even though you hate me.”
You laugh, shaking your head. “Maybe I don’t hate you as much as you think, Jeon.”
You can practically hear the gears of his head turning before he lets out a gasp, but you’re laughing and entering your office before you can hear his response.
Tumblr media
You don’t know how you reached this point, but you’re beginning to realize that the supposed hate you felt for Jungkook is slowly morphing into like.
And that fact scares the living shit out of you.
What if he doesn’t like you back in that way? What if he only treats you like this because he’s just wanting to formally join the team?
What if Jungkook ends up undermining you in the same way Daeshim did?
These thoughts terrify you, so you take to just completely ignoring them altogether and enjoying your time with Jungkook.
And as it goes- your time with Jungkook has you slowly falling more and more in like with him.
“____!” you hear him call, snapping you out of your stupor and having you focus in on him. Currently, you’re at an arcade in a different part of Seoul- you were supposed to go with Taehyung, Jihyo, and Jaehyun alongside Jungkook but the three of them all coincidentally decided to ditch at the last minute.
You really regret telling Jihyo about your budding feelings for Jungkook.
“You should totally confess to Jungkook!” She had excitedly squealed when you first told her after a stream. Hearing your confession had her so excited- she was happy to finally see you trust and fall for a guy, who, in her words, “wasn’t an asshole.”
You shook your head at her, though. “No way, Ji! There’s no way Jungkook likes me back!”
She had scoffed at you, rolling her eyes. “C’mon, ____. You never know unless you try. From what Taehyung has told me, Jungkook’s into you too.”
You laughed in disbelief. “No way, don’t lie to me like that.”
Jihyo nodded, saying “Taehyung swears on it, and Jaehyun and I believe it. We’re gonna get the two of you to confess to each other if it’s the last thing we do.”
They kept true to their promise- they would often ditch the two of you during dinners out and would come up with an excuse to leave you two alone in a room but you almost always found a way to get out of the situation.
Almost, anyways. In this instance you were so sure that they would be here but they clearly fooled both you and Jungkook, because when you and Jungkook had shown up to the address they gave you, you both found that the other three were nowhere to be seen.
Those scheming teammates of yours.
So, yeah, you’re left alone with the person who’s currently holding the object of your affection.
Without a plan out.
May as well make the most of your time...right?
“____!” you hear Jungkook call your name again, shaking you out of your stupor. You look over at him and he beckons you over with a wave of his hand. “Stop being distracted by my handsomeness and get over here! I found a shooter game for us to try out.”
You flush at his words and nod, making your way over to the machine he stands in front of.
If only he knew how true that statement was.
As you approach him, you take note of him and just how good he looks in the outfit he chose. He has on a grey shirt ripped at the collar and every time he moves his arms you can’t help but watch them; how the muscle of his biceps ripple and how the art on his arm is on display for all to see. He has on black cargo pants and black sneakers to match and you hate that you just want to cuddle him when he looks that soft.
Well, you wanna do other things too, but that’s beside the point.
“C’mon, ____,” he says when you’re finally standing nearby him. “The House of the Dead 2 finally opened up, I wanna see if you can protect me from the zombie apocalypse!”
You pale when you hear the name of the game he chose for the two of you to play, backing away from him. “Nope, no way in hell we’re playing that game Jeon.”
“Aww, c’mon, ____.” He pouts, and you already feel your resolve melting at the soft puppy dog gaze he gives you. “Just one game? And then I’ll buy you ice cream and try to win you an absurdly large stuffed animal for your office?”
At the mention of the stuffed animal you scowl, crossing your arms and knowing you can’t refuse his offer at that. You can’t pass up a plushie for your office even if you tried. “Fine- one game and then you buy me my milk soft serve. Got it?”
“Aye aye captain,” Jungkook mock salutes you, and you can’t help but smile at the teasing yet soft tone in his quip.
It almost makes you forgive him for making you play a terrifying zombie shooter game.
“You got it, ____!” He encourages, directing his controller gun at a zombie and pressing on the button. “It’s not that scary- shit, can you give me a heal?”
“Why would you make me play this!” you squeal, barely looking at the screen as you give Jungkook a medical kit.
“Because it’s fun!” he replies back, healing himself with the medical kit you gave him. “Thanks by the way angel- oh you know what, I’ll kill the zombies. You’re too busy being cute to kill them anyways.”
“I- hey!” you gasp, feeling your cheeks burn at the double whammy that is him calling you angel and cute. “I can kick your ass in both Valorant and this dumb arcade game!”
“You wanna make a bet?” he challenges, quirking an eyebrow at you with a smirk on his pretty lips. “If I win you have to buy me a full skin set on Valorant and if you win I’ll get you two plushies.”
“Wait, that’s not fair because you’re winning already!” you whine, but you feel yourself getting fired up by the challenge, finally looking at the screen and levelling your controller at the zombies that approach. “Fu- fine, but be prepared to buy me two plushies you ass.”
Jungkook grins at your determination, bumping you with his shoulder gently. “We’ll see about that, angel.”
As it turns out, you got utterly beaten by Jungkook.
“I told you!” Jungkook says after the game with a large grin on his face as you mutter next to him, walking around and looking at the various food stalls located outside of the arcade.
“Hmph,” you playfully grumble, folding your arms and teasingly refusing to look at him when he makes an attempt to wink at you. “Relish in this victory, Jeon. I’m still the better duelist out of the both of us.”
“You wanna one versus one and relive the neverending matchup?” he teasingly asks in response, and you scoff.
“I’ll have you know that I was winning that matchup- hey look, the soft serve stand is there!” You say, distracted by the brightly lit stand that’s handing out tall cones of the sweet treat both you and Jungkook were craving. Without thinking you grasp at his hand, pulling him excitedly towards the stand. You both make your way to the line and when you both reach the front you begin to place your order, only for Jungkook to beat you to it.
“Two milk soft serves in cones, please!” You barely blink before he’s handing the attendee the proper amount of money and grabbing on to the two cones he’s given. “Thank you!”
You follow Jungkook to a secluded bench and he hands you a cone before reaching over and grasping at your hand again, sliding his fingers in between yours and resting your entwined hands on his lap, enjoying his ice cream cone and not sparing you another glance. You however- your face is flushing at the events that have transpired over the past couple of minutes and just how relationship-y this all feels. It’s new and uncharted territory, yet you can’t help but want more of this.
“Your ice cream’s melting.” Jungkook’s voice has you returning back to the present moment, and your eyes widen when you see that the soft serve has started to drip into tissue around the cone.
“Fuck,” you mumble, leaning forward and licking at the rapidly melting treat. You make eye contact with him by accident as you lick at the dripping ice cream, and you feel yourself flush when you see his gaze darken at the sight of you cleaning up the ice cream cone.
“What?” you ask quickly, trying to get his brain out of the gutter for both of your sakes. “Do I have something on my face?”
“Wha- oh,” he replies, cheeks rapidly pinkening at being caught by you. “Here.”
You lean closer and you brace yourself for the feeling of his hand on your face, but you still gasp at the way he gently caresses your face, thumb tenderly rubbing at the apple of your cheek before slowly migrating over the corner of your mouth. His thumb brushes over your bottom lip lightly and you gasp quietly, eyes snapping up to his as you both slowly begin to move closer to each other.
The incessant vibrating of your phone ruins the moment between the two of you, eyes widening and bodies hastily moving away from each other. You clumsily pull your hand away from Jungkook’s and reach into the pocket of your jeans, pulling out your phone and looking at the notification.
And the messages that pop up on your screen have your eyes widening.
Daeshim: valo tourney between giants and dragons to settle which team is the best in seoul. Daeshim: a month to prepare, agreed?
“What the fuck?” You begin, only for your eyes to widen when Taehyung, Jihyo, and Jaehyun blow up your phone with messages, shock filling your body when you see that they received similar messages.
Jungkook’s phone suddenly pings and he frowns, pulling out the device and looking at the message. He pales and shows you the screen, which shows you the same message that’s currently displayed on your screen.
“Shit,” you gasp, disbelief filling your system. How did they even know that Jungkook was playing with the team right now? As far as they knew, Jungkook was just solo streaming on Twitch without a team.
And judging by the way Jungkook’s face has gone pale, it’s clear that he wasn’t expecting this as well.
“How did they even find out?” He asks, voice betraying how caught off-guard he is by the slight tremble to his words.
“I don’t know,” you breathe out. Your phone vibrates once again as Daeshim sends you another message.
Daeshim: ur reading ur phone i see it Daeshim: u accepting or not?
You feel the resolve settle in your chest.
“We have to do it,” you say, determination spreading in your veins. This is your chance; the opportunity to prove to Daeshim that you weren’t what he made you out to be, that you really are a good captain and that you didn’t have an ego-
“____,” Jungkook interrupts, voice cutting through your racing thoughts. His hand reaches out and grasps back onto yours and you relax, fingers tightening in his hold. “You don’t need to accept, this is just him trying to be petty and undermine you.”
You exhale shakily, biting your lip. You know that Jungkook is right- this is just Daeshim’s way of trying to get back at you and to get under your skin.
You know that in your heart, though, you won’t settle until you’ve won fair and square against him.
“You know that I have to,” you murmur back, finality clear in your tone.
Jungkook gives you a small smile, shaking his head. “It was worth trying to get you to not do it.” His hand reaches over to your knee and squeezes gently. “We’re gonna win this.”
You smile back, relief washing over your body at the support he gives you.
You pick up your phone.
____: we’re in.
Tumblr media
Training was, in a word, intense.
People usually only started training about a couple of days before the tournament, but you and your team were dead set on winning this tournament and proving once and for all that you were the best fivestack in all of Seoul. The hours were long and the fear of messing up your lineups was real, but the support you and your team had for each other proved to help you through the struggle.
You and your team were feeling good about the training and your overall chances of winning. As a collective group everyone came up with new ideas for defensive and offensive plays and, blended with the old tactics you had implemented as well as the new plays Jungkook brought over from the Giants, the team had strategies regardless of whatever map was chosen.
Needless to say, you guys were feeling very confident.
Two days before the matchup you had decided that your team deserved a break, and you ordered fried chicken as a treat. You had snuck out of your office while they were talking on voice chat under the guise of using the restroom, and when you returned and called out their names, they were greeted with the sight of you carrying the bags of fried chicken.
“Holy shit ____, you’re the best!” Taehyung cries happily, quickly snatching the plastic bags from your arms and giving your hand a quick squeeze before putting the food on the table.
“It smells so good,” Jaehyun agrees, giving you a smile before going to stand next to Taehyung, who’s busting open the boxes and gazing in adoration at the steaming chicken.
“Thank you ____, best Valorant captain I know,” Jihyo says, sliding up beside you and giving you a hug before walking towards the table herself.
“You’re just saying that because I buy you food,” you scowl playfully, but you feel happiness swell at your chest at the sight of them so happy and relaxed.
A presence makes itself known beside you, an elbow nudging at your side and you roll your eyes playfully, looking up and grinning at Jungkook who’s smiling back down at you.
“Was it expensive?” He asks, and you turn your body fully to face him before you shake your head.
“Nah,” you reply truthfully, shrugging. “I just wanted to treat my team, the best Valorant squad I could ask for.”
Jungkook chuckles at your cheesy words, one of his hands darting out quickly to tuck a strand of hair that’s fallen into your face behind your ear before reaching down and lightly lacing his fingers in between yours.
“You know,” he says, beginning to pull you towards the table where you faithfully avoid Jihyo’s eyes, who’s wiggling her eyebrows at you suggestively. “We’re only as good as we are because we have an amazing captain.”
Blood immediately rushes to your face and you flush, sputtering indignantly at his words. “Wha- Jungkook no! We worked together as a team-”
“And you led us well,” he cuts you off gently. “Just accept it, angel. You’re the best captain.”
“I-” You begin to argue but Taehyung interrupts the both of you, your other teammates stopping their feast on the chicken to look at you and Jungkook in mock annoyance.
“Stop flirting and get over here before we eat all of it!” Taehyung demands, waving his hand over to hurry the two of you over the table. You gasp at his words but Jungkook merely snorts, pulling you closer beside him as he guides you over to the table.
There’s no point now in denying your feelings for Jungkook. Somehow and in some way, you managed to fall for your rival. It doesn’t scare you as much as you thought it would- underneath the playful competition and teasing quips about being the better duelist, you know that you’ve found your equal.
The question was- did he feel the same way about you?
You really, truly hope so.
Your musings are interrupted by the beeping of your cellphone and you pull the device out of your pocket, sliding on the answer button and answering the call without thinking. “Hello?”
Your blood runs cold and you pause. Jungkook stops beside you and looks down at you in concern.
“Who is it?” he asks gently, but it’s clear by how your hand begins to shake and the slight fear in your eyes that it’s someone everyone in the team collectively hates.
“C’mon, ____,” Daeshim says in the same sickeningly sweet voice that has your skin crawling. “Put the phone on speaker. We have a request to make.”
“Do it now.”
You gulp, untangling your hand from Jungkook’s and pressing on the speaker button on your phone. “It’s on speaker.”
“Great,” Daeshim says, and you can practically see the grin on his face. “We want to scrimmage right now. No stream, no gimmicks, nothing on the line except our prides. A...small victory before the real victory in two days time. How does that sound?”
“You can promptly fuck off for all I care,” Jungkook retorts.
“Jeon Jungkook,” Daeshim drawls, a smirk evident in his tone. “How does it feel to no longer be the captain of the Giants, hm? It’s a good thing I came in and replaced you, your former team is doing a lot better under my guidance.”
“Corrupt, asshole captain leading a team of weak minds, how fitting,” Jungkook replies cockily, though you can hear the frustration in his voice. “I’m much happier with the Dragons, thank you.”
“Under ____?” Daeshim snorts. “Really? Under that weak, egotistic little bitch? You really think she’s a good captain?”
“Don’t fucking call her that,” Jungkook growls back, anger finally evident on his face. Daeshim just laughs in response to Jungkook.
“What, are you two fucking now?” Daeshim laughs. “No way any man in their right mind would blindly follow a woman captain. It just goes to show how weak you are, Jeon.”
“Daeshim,” Taehyung says, him, Jaehyun, and Jihyo approaching where the two of you stand. “We’re not going to accept this offer. We’ll prove to you how good we are in two days-”
“No, we’re accepting.”
Silence follows as everyone, including yourself, processes the words that have escaped your lips. Truthfully, you could have just denied the request. After hearing Daeshim say those things, though, you knew that you needed to kick his ass once and for all.
You were going to prove to him and everyone who witnessed this scrimmage that you’re not weak. You’re going to prove why your team currently sits at number one for rankings.
You’re going to prove it all to them.
“____,” Jihyo says gently. She approaches you and softly grips at your forearms, grounding you with her presence. “You know we don’t have to. We can just decline, we can prove it for real on stream.”
“I know, Ji,” you murmur softly. “But I need to prove that all of the assumptions about me are wrong.”
Jihyo gives you a sad smile at your words, shaking her head. “We’re proud of you no matter what, you know that right? We’ll stand beside you regardless.” You smile back at her and she nods. She pulls away from your grasp and beckons at Taehyung and Jaehyun to follow her to their offices. They squeeze at your shoulder in passing and you nod, returning your attention back to your phone.
“We’ll be ready in five. You know my alternate account, we’ll do a custom map.” With that you hang up, sliding your phone into your pocket and breathing out deeply.
“We don’t need to do this.” His voice cuts through your thoughts and you gulp, turning to look back at him. His eyes are guarded but it’s clear he’s not happy with the events that have transpired.
“Maybe you don’t, but I need to,” you say unwaveringly, leveling your gaze to him. You forget all about the private, stolen touches you two shared over the course of the past months- right now it’s just you and Jungkook, two Valorant players.
Nothing more, nothing less.
“____,” Jungkook begins, trying to keep his frustration in check. “We don’t have to prove it to them, we know we’re the best-”
“You might know, but everyone else has doubted me since the beginning.”
Your words are icy, and you feel your heart slowly sink at the way you and Jungkook are slowly reverting back to the way you both were when he was first starting off with the team- cold, competitive, at odds with each other. “You never once had to prove yourself, but I had to everyday because I’m a woman leading this team. This is my chance to prove to him that he was wrong about everything.”
“No,” you firmly cut him off, shaking your head. “We’re talking about this later, we have a game to win right now.” You turn around and ignore his burning gaze, making your way to your office and settling yourself in your gaming chair.
You try to get rid of the anger coursing through your body but it’s no use- you’re pissed that things ended up like this. You’re in too deep now though- you and your team are going to win this.
You load up into Valorant, entering the voice call. You see Daeshim’s invitation for customs and you agree, inviting your team members into the lobby.
No one speaks as you each select your respective characters although the unspoken agreement is there between the five of you- think carefully, don’t be brash, win and get out.
“Okay,” you say once your map and starting side is confirmed. “We trained for this, we got this. I want clear communications from you guys and to stick to the tactics we’ve devised. Sounds good?”
“Noted, ____,” Jihyo responds, making her way over to B-side with the spike.
“I’ll go with Jihyo to B,” Taehyung says, his character running after Jihyo’s. “____, Jae, you wanna take A-site and make some noise? Jungkook can take mid?”
“Sounds good to me,” you reply. The round starts and you and Jaehyun rush to A-site, defeating two of the opponents that pop out of various spots with ease. “A-Site is clear, how’s B-Site?”
You hear Taehyung’s character make groaning sounds in the in-game sound system, and you take that as your sign to rotate over to B-Site. “Right, Jaehyun and I are on our way over there, Jungkook should- Jungkook, what are you doing?”
You hear Jihyo gasp into her mic as her character is killed off, quickly followed by Taehyung’s character. Jungkook ignores the comms, forcing his way onto B-Site and quickly killing off another opponent before he gets killed off by Daeshim.
(All) urDAEd: damn jungkook ur dead already? (All) urDAEd: lmfao WEAK *** ***** (All) Seagull: why don’t u shut the **** up?
“Jungkook,” you say, trying to maintain calm in your voice as you and Jaehyun rush into B-Site. You quickly locate the spike and Jaehyun defends, killing off Daeshim’s teammate. “Just ignore it, he’s trying to get under your skin.”
You quickly kill off Daeshim, barely securing the first round’s win.
“Okay, we’re okay,” you breathe out shakily as you return back to your spawn point. You buy new weapons and nod to yourself. 
“I’ll take mid this time around, Jungkook can go with...____ to B-Site? Jihyo and Jaehyun to A-Site?” Taehyung suggests carefully, and you nod.
“You’re good at using Cypher offensively so it should work out well!” You say, trying to maintain your optimism. “Alright, let’s try it.”
You watch as everyone’s characters wiggle in front of your character as a sign of understanding before making off to their respective entry points. You frown when you see Jungkook go to the path that leads to the middle of the map but you think nothing of it, assuming he’s just going to enter the other way.
You're sorely disappointed, however, when you see him get killed off.
(All) urDAEd: LMFAOOO JUNGKOOK’S ******* STUPID HUH (All) urDAEd: ***** *** ***** (All) darling____ie: i need u to be quiet, thanks
You end up losing the round but you shake your head off, trying to maintain the neutral tone in your voice and not let on just how angry you are at Jungkook right now. “Okay, this is okay, we’ll make it up. Here’s what we’ll do- Jungkook will stick with me. Jae, you can take mid because you play offensive Brimstone well, and we’ll aim for kills. Sounds like a plan?”
“Sounds good-” Jaehyun begins, but another voice cuts him off.
“This is a lost fucking cause,” Jungkook says, tone filled with bite and defeat.
“Jungkook,” you say, feeling your temper begin to flare. “We’ve barely started, you don’t know that.”
“Well, I’m here to say that we’re gonna lose,” Jungkook states bitterly.
You sigh deeply, feeling your anger and dread mix in your stomach. “Fine, you can mope all you want but this isn’t over until the final round. So I highly suggest you suck it up and we play to the best of our ability, got it?”
You hear a grunt in response and you roll your eyes, already dreading this next round. “We’ve got it you guys, we’ll be okay.”
Except, you didn’t end up okay.
You ended up losing, 13 to 9.
(All) urDAEd: still think ur a good captain ____? (All) urDAEd: u couldn’t even hold ur team together (All) urDAEd: ******* big *** ego ***** (All) darling____ie: we’ll see in two days.
With your final words you hastily exit out of all of the apps you were in, flinging your headphones off and pushing yourself away from your desk. You feel the annoyance and anger caused by Jungkook’s attitude begin to stew and bubble in your body, tinting your vision red and dead set on confronting him because why the fuck would he give up so easily like that?
You grit your teeth, exiting out of your office and waiting impatiently as he exits his office. You don’t bother looking at him- you march up to him and yank him down by the collar of his shirt so that he’s eye level with you.
“What,” you begin, nostrils flaring and temper finally getting to your head. “The actual fuck was that, Jeon?”
Vaguely, you hear the others exit out of their own offices, stopping at their doorways. You don’t pay any attention to them, though- right now, it’s just you and Jungkook.
“You’re one to fucking talk, ____,” he responds, and it’s only then you see the stormy look in his eyes. You let go of his shirt collar and push him away from you, fearing that if he’s within your vicinity you’ll do something you regret.
“Me?” you shrilly ask, gesturing to yourself before pointing a finger at his chest. “Why don’t you look at the shit you pulled, huh? We had set tactics, we had plans, we had strategies. Why couldn’t you follow through? We were relying on you!”
“You didn’t notice what you pulled?” Jungkook’s voice begins to rise and his neck slowly begins to turn red and yet you cannot seem to care. Your pride is on the line and nothing is going to make you back down from him.
“Oh, what I did? What did I pull that pissed you off, huh?” You fire back.
“You reverted back to how you fucking played with him!” Jungkook hisses, and you feel your anger increase tenfold at the mention of him. “You face off against him once and you fold like a lawn chair, reverting back to your old tactics. Why don’t you just admit that you’re wrong?”
“Because that was an honest mistake!” You’re beginning to shout now, uncaring that by defending your pride you’re leaving your heart unprotected. “I fucking tried, okay? I tried since round one but you didn’t fucking listen to me, not even when I employed the tactics you taught us.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes at your statement and you feel the anger you fought so hard to keep controlled burst out of your body.
“Fucking hell, Jeon!” You yell, fed up with all of the bullshit that’s transpired. “I’m so sorry if you hate that you’re under me but I’m your captain, and you will listen to me!”
Jungkook stares at you for a solid minute, lips quirking upward before he actually laughs at your statement. The rich sound that you fell for snaps you out of your haze and your eyes widen with how hard he’s chuckling. You feel yourself begin to fold into your body but you stop yourself, forcing yourself to stand proud and go down with your shoulders squared.
“Maybe Daeshim was right.”
The room pauses, and you feel all of the pride in your system promptly leave your body.
“W-what?” you gasp, all of your bravado leaving your body.
Daeshim’s right?
“Maybe he was right,” Jungkook spits, approaching you. He stands in front of you and you’ve never felt smaller before in your life. “About you and your big ego, how you make your team feel shitty.”
Your heart stops in your chest at his words. Icy dread fills your body and you ball your hands to try to stop their shaking. “No, he’s not. You’re just saying that-”
“Really, ____?” He asks, and the poison he injects into his words distorts the soft timbre of his voice. “Because the way I see it, he’s correct.”
Your eyes begin to blur with tears and you shake your head, trying desperately to get rid of the words that hang over your head and intrude your mind. “He’s wrong. You said he was wrong, Jung- Jeon, I-”
“Jungkook, I think you need to leave-” Jihyo says but he ignores her as he approaches you, staring down at you with a blank look that’s devoid of all of the things that made you fall for him.
“No, ____ needs to know that how she treats us is wrong,” Jungkook sneers, though his eyes hold something that contradicts his words.
You ignore the tear that’s escaped the corner of your eye and look down at your shaking hands, bracing yourself for the whatever words Jungkook is going to say to you. “Just say it, Jeon.”
A moment passes.
“Maybe you shouldn’t be captain,” he states simply.
Silence fills the room.
You lift your head and watch as his eyes slowly widen as he processes the words he just said to you, mouth opening slightly but by then it’s too late. Tears drip down your face and you cover your mouth to try and stifle the sobs, failing miserably.
You can’t believe that he just flung your biggest fears at you like that.
“____, I-” he begins, but he gets cut off.
“Get out.” The words are icy and Taehyung appears behind him, eyes blazing with anger. “You’ve done more than enough, Jungkook.”
“Taehyung, please-” Jungkook begins to plead, and you barely feel Jihyo’s arms circle your shoulders as she pulls you away from the sight of Jungkook. You still hear his words though, and everything he says enters your body and pierces your heart. “I didn’t mean it, fuck-”
“Jungkook, we need you to leave now,” Jaehyun begins to push Jungkook towards the door as the gravity of the situation finally registers in your brain and you begin to sob, leaning against Jihyo’s body.
“____!” Jungkook begs, fighting against Jaehyun’s hold as he tries to reach you. You feel your body begin to collapse as Jihyo loses her grip on you and she sinks down along with you, pulling you into her and protecting you from the sight of Jungkook with her shoulder. She hushes you gently as your body shakes, stroking your hair comfortingly. “Please, I’m so sorry-”
“Jungkook, just fucking leave!” You barely hear Taehyung’s roar over the ringing of your ears as you hold onto Jihyo for dear life, shaking as you bawl against her.
“____, it’s okay,” she murmurs softly, though you can hear a waver in her own voice.
“I’m sorry,” you gasp out, pulling your face away from her shoulder and looking at her. “I’m so sorry, they’re right. I’m wrong, I’m the downfall, I’m-”
“No,” she cuts you off gently. “Never believe that. You’re the best fucking Valorant captain in all of Seoul, do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”
Her words have you bursting into tears again, unable to believe the words she says to you. It seems like the world is closing in on you as you sob, doubts swirling in your brain as you shake like a leaf in her embrace.
You barely register that you’re mumbling words under your breath until Jihyo pulls away, gently cradling your face in her hands. “What was that?”
“Why would he say that?” you whimper, voice wobbly and thick from your tears. “He knew. He knew and he threw it in my face- w-why would he do that to me?”
Her eyes soften and she wipes a tear away. “I’m sorry.”
Her words set you off once again and you begin to weep again- this time unable to stop. The pain of having your worst fears spat on and losing the person you’re falling for leaves a deep ache in your chest, and it feels like the world is ending while time has simultaneously stopped, trapping you in your torment.
So you cry and you cry, hoping that it will fix the ache in your heart.
Deep in your heart, though, you know that relief won’t come.
Tumblr media
You’re done.
You’ve given up.
You’re ready to lose.
It’s the day of the tournament and the atmosphere in the office is subdued, clouded over by the events that transpired over the past two days. With Jungkook gone and no one able to sub in, you’ve accepted that you’re just going to lose this tournament and your rank as the number one Valorant team in all of Seoul.
Good. You’re tired of the headache.
“____,” a voice breaks you out of your thoughts and you turn around to find Jaehyun standing by your door. “You ready?”
You nod once, unable to really look at him in his eyes. You hear him sigh and he enters your office, squatting in front of where you’re seated.
“I hope you know that everyone’s opinion on your status as a weak captain is wrong.” He says softly, patting your knee comfortingly. “We chose you for a reason, do you know what that is?”
You give a slight shake of your head, feeling your eyes well up again. Jaehyun laughs softly at your glossy eyes.
“It’s because we believe in you,” you hear Taehyung’s voice and you look up, watching as he and Jihyo enter your office. They stand behind Jaehyun and you look at them sadly, shaking your head to show your disagreement.
“I can’t even hold this team together properly,” you murmur, not able to stop a tear from exiting your eye. “I focused on my ego, I never took you guys into account-”
“That’s what Daeshim had you believe,” Jihyo says, stopping you. “And none of that is true, you know. He’s a troll who’s bitter that you’re not only a better captain than him, but a better person. You listened to us, you made us into better players, you supported us from the back. What more could we ask for?”
“You believed in us when no one else did,” Jaehyun adds on, mouth tilting upwards. “Remember when we were stuck in Gold and it seemed like we would never get out? You pushed us and we reached Platinum because of the training and grinding sessions you put us on. We couldn’t have done it without you.”
“You believe in us so we believe in you,” Taehyung quips wisely, and despite the headache and agony of the last two days you can’t help but smile.
One thing bothers you, though.
“Is he okay?”
To your surprise, Taehyung’s lips tilt upwards and Jihyo and Jaehyun share knowing looks. “Don’t worry about him right now. What matters is that we’re a team and we’ll go through this together- win or lose.”
You nod at Taehyung’s words, the smallest bits of your determination returning. “I’ll see you guys on the screen soon.”
They leave your office with a squeeze on your shoulder and you nod at each of them, giving them a soft grin. When Jihyo closes the door behind you the smile falls, tears replacing the expression.
You don’t know if you can do this.
You really do not know if you can do this.
But you have to.
So you inhale deeply and collect your thoughts before putting on your biggest smile, turning on stream.
“Hey, cloud wisps!” You greet, thankful that the cracks in your voice are nowhere to be found. “Welcome to the stream, come in!”
Rhiachi: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO <33 justflydude: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU KICK ASS TODAY justpeaaaaachyx_: so excited for today! (^~^) noornotfound: are u okay?
You gulp thickly at the last comment, nodding vigorously and plastering on the biggest smile you can manage. “Yeah! I’m good, just haven’t been sleeping well. So for today’s tournament we’ll be going up against the Gangnam Giants...kinda crazy huh?”
You hear someone pop into the voice chat, and you smile when you hear Jihyo’s voice. “Hey, ____! Hey ____’s stream! I’m excited for today!”
“Yeah!” Jaehyun’s voice comes up next. “Hey, ____. Taehyung made the party, he should be sending you the party invite soon.”
“Sounds good!” You chirp back, making sure that you’re on your official account. You soon get a notification ping from Taehyung, and you click accept.
(System): ddragonstae has invited you to join the party. (System): You have joined the party. (System): ddragonsjihyo joined the party. (System): ddragonsjaehyun joined the party.
You return your attention to chat, smiling when you see them thirsting over the other members of your team. “Calm down, cloud wisps! It’s still just us four- oh my gosh, a hype train already? Level two? You guys are crazy!”
Seagull has gifted ten subs! justflydude: woaaaah seagull with ten! sykksimp: SUBATHON!!
You blanch lightly at the twitch name “Seagull” but you shake it off, considering it just a mere coincidence. “Thank you Seagull for the ten subs!”
Caught up in your chat you fail to hear the Discord ping and the system put in another player, but your eyes widen when you see your chat begin to freak out.
rhiachi: JEON ******* JUNGKOOK ?!?! SDBFJDHHFHAD noornotfound: NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY busy99: @Seagull can u gift me a sub busy99: <message deleted> justflydude: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJHVAJSVFJASH JUNGKOOK OF THE GANGNAM GIANTS IS ON UR TEAM???????????? justflydude: I THOUGHT U GUYS WERE RIVALS??????????????
“Chat what?” You ask, bewildered. “Huh-”
“I’m so sorry I’m late.”
You freeze at the voice that fills your headphones, simultaneously making your heart sing and your head hurt. You look over to the Discord voice chat you’re in, eyes widening further when you see that Jungkook is in fact in the party with you.
“Took you long enough.” Taehyung’s voice is teasing, although there’s a tone you don’t understand in his words. “We needed our other amazing duelist for today!”
“Yeah, yeah,” Jungkook chuckles quietly. “Of course I’m gonna be on- I have to support my squad, don’t I?”
“Wait just a minute, chat!” You say clumsily, reeling at the events that have transpired. “I will be right back.”
You quickly switch onto your “Be Right Back” screen and make sure that your audio isn’t connected to the stream before you turn your attention onto Jungkook. “What are you doing here, Jeon? I thought you didn’t want to be under my leadership.” The words are bitter and filled with apprehension.
You can't afford to get your hopes up.
“I- I wanted to play with the team,” he murmurs softly. You can hear the guilt in his voice and you sigh, shaking your head.
“What- after saying I shouldn’t be captain?” You snap, though your words don’t hide the tremor in your voice. “That hurt, you know that right?”
“I know and I’m so sorry, ____,” Jungkook says, and you feel your eyes mist at the genuine tone of his voice. You didn’t realize you missed that sound so much. “I was a jackass to say all of those things to you- I didn’t mean them.”
Silence fills the call as you mull over his words, yanking at your sweater sleeve and dabbing at your eyes. Hearing his apology fills you with warmth, but you’re still a little bit wary.
“I can’t just forgive you, you know.” You murmur quietly.
“I know,” he exhales shakily. “I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you, if you’ll let me.”
You shake your head, feeling the sadness that lingered from the past two days fade away. You don’t reply to him, you just turn your camera back on and remove the “Be Right Back” overlay.
“So, chat!” you acknowledge them cheerfully. “I bet you noticed @ddragonsjungkook on the screen, right?”
The chat explodes with excitement, waiting for your next words and you can’t help but grin. “That’s Jungkook, he’s the new duelist for the Dragons!”
“Hi ____’s stream!” You hear him greet, and your smile widens. “I used to be the Gangnam Giants’ captain, but I transferred over here. I’m still the better duelist, though.”
“Mhm, sure, Jeon.” You hum teasingly, and you laugh when the chat freaks out over your banter.
Out of the corner of your eye you see a notification on your screen and your heart stops, knowing that the time has arrived.
(System): GangnamGiantsDaeshim has invited you to a custom.
You inhale deeply, pressing accept. You watch as you and your team enter the custom game lobby alongside two spectators, the commentators of the tournament.
A few seconds later you enter the character selection menu, and you click on Jett without hesitation. You watch as Jihyo selects Sage and Jungkook picks Yoru before Jaehyun locks in Brimstone and Taehyung chooses Cypher.
Your perfect team.
A moment passes and you enter the map. You exhale in relief when you see that you’re going to be planting the spike first- attacking first on this specific map is always a good thing
“Alrighty team,” you say, putting yourself into your gaming mindset as you begin to pick out your abilities and weapons. “We trained for this and no matter what happens, I want you all to know that I’m proud of you.”
“We got it!” Jihyo cheers. Her character picks up the spike and Jungkook’s character follows her to the entrance of B-Site. Jaehyun takes up the entrance to mid and you and Taehyung wait at the entrance of A-Site.
“Remember to point, aim, and shoot.” Your team laughs as you reference the team slogan, and you smile when you see chat spamming the characters as well.
rhiachi: 총! 조준! 발사! justflydude: 총! 조준! 발사! bbhoneybee_: 총! 조준! 발사!
The round starts, and you exhale.
You’re going to win.
Tumblr media
This has got to be one of the most stressful situations you’ve ever been in, and it doesn’t help that you and most of your team are dead.
And that it’s a tied game.
Also that this game has entered overtime, and that you need this specific round to win.
Did you mention that there’s an audience of over ninety thousand people watching you, and that number is increasing way too fast for you to comprehend?
Unlike all of the other instances of this situation, however, you aren’t smiling.
You’re terrified of the outcome.
You’re currently watching Jihyo and Jungkook attempt to push into B-Site after having rotated from A-Site. Jihyo’s character holds the spike and Jungkook’s character walks in front of her, looking out for Daeshim and his other teammate.
You watch Jihyo’s screen as she approaches a character icon and, before you can even blink, she revives your dead character. You gasp, realizing that you’re back in the game and you load your operator up accordingly.
“Thanks, Jihyo,” you murmur, looking around the corners for any sign of your opponents.
“No problem, ____,” she replies, beginning to make her way onto B-Site.
You hear Jungkook’s voice in the call, calm and collected. “I heard a noise over at mid. You and ____ can take the spike over at B and I’ll take care of whoever that was.”
“Sounds good.” You and Jihyo begin to push into the site, and Jihyo plants the spike before placing her protective wall. You exhale in relief when you see that Jungkook has killed off Daeshim’s teammate.
Only one to go.
“Okay Jihyo,” you say, beginning to move out of the area. “We’re just playing for time so just defend spike, Jungkook and I will come if you need-”
Jihyo suddenly shrieks into her headset, and you wince when you see that her character gets killed off by Daeshim’s character. “Fuck- I didn’t get him for anything-”
“Jihyo, it’s okay,” Jungkook soothes. “____ and I have got it, we’ll take care of it. We’re just playing for time at this point-”
The words are scarcely out of his mouth before you hear him curse, firing his weapon. You hold your breath only to feel your body seize up when you see that Daeshim kills off Jungkook.
It’s you versus your worst nightmare.
You gulp, leveling your operator and taking aim.
“You got it ____,” Jaehyun says quietly into his headset as you begin to scout the area for Daeshim. You hear a gunshot from the entrance of B-Site and you immediately go towards there, breath hitching in your throat when he throws up his flash. You quickly turn your character away from the light and sag in relief when you see that your character isn’t affected by his ability.
A message pops up in the game’s communication system and you purse your lips when you see what it says.
(All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: just us again, huh? (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: i’m gonna win against u (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: dumb*** ***** and *****
“Don’t pay him any mind,” Taehyung says, edge in his voice. “Focus on yourself and no one else, you’ve got this ____.”
(All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: c’mon wh0re (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: where u hiding? (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: weak ***** (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: you’ll never be better than me (All) GangnamGiantsDaeshim: quit now
You pay no attention to his comments, tuning out the sounds of chat, the ping of subscriptions, and the fact that this victory is riding on your shoulders. You breathe out deeply, pressing the keybind that triggers your ultimate ability before placing vision obscuring clouds around you.
You hear a gunshot from the entrance of B-Site and you press on a key, having your character dash forward. With a click of one more keybind your character rises above the clouds, levelling her knives towards Daeshim’s character.
With two clicks of your mouse you fire your character’s knives, killing off Daeshim’s character and securing the victory.
You just solidified your place as the number one ranked Valorant team in all of Seoul.
“Holy shit,” you gasp, not quite able to grasp what just happened. You numbly turn to chat, watching the comments fly by.
Rhiachi: HOLY SHIJHBHJDBAHDJJBHFHBAD justflydude: POGGERS noornotfound: fhabhbabAHFDBHBDJASB UR JUST BETTER!!! 6witchybtch66: congratulations!!! POGGERS HYPERCLAP sykksimp has gifted 100 subs! valogal_0 has giften 10 subs! justflydude: CONGRATULATIONSSSS
You suddenly hear your teammates burst through your door, cheers echoing throughout your room as they pull you away from your gaming chair and smother you in their arms.
“Holy shit ____!” Taehyung hollers, embracing you and lifting you up in his grasp. “You’re the best fucking Valorant captain in the world, you’re amazing!”
“We just fucking did that!” Jihyo cries, dabbing at her tears. Jaehyun beams up at you, giving you the cheesiest thumbs up and you laugh, wiping at your eyes as Taehyung settles you back down onto the floor.
You turn around to face the last member of your team. Jungkook stands aside, but he smiles as he approaches where you’re standing. Once he stands in front of you he shakes his head, tucking a strand of hair that’s fallen into your face behind your ear.
“I think this proves you’re the better duelist out of the both of us, angel.” He murmurs, giving you a smile that rivals the sun itself.
The sentence has you bursting into tears, burrowing yourself into Jungkook’s embrace. His arms automatically wind themselves around your body as you cry into his chest.
“I’m so proud of you,” he says quietly, and you can hear the smile in his voice. “That’s my girl.”
And even though you’ve won an entire Valorant tournament with your team by your side, you can’t help but feel that the true victory of today is you gaining confidence in your ability to lead and reconciling with the man who holds your heart.
You’ve won.
Tumblr media
Your victory doesn’t stop after winning the Valorant tournament.
“...after insulting ____ on stream through the game’s communication system and evidence of him attempting to hack the game came to light, Kang Daeshim has been banned from playing Valorant as well as the popular streaming platform Twitch.” Jaehyun reads from an article. Taehyung snorts as he reaches for another piece of fried chicken.
“He had it coming,” Jihyo grins, swishing around the drink in her hand. “Should’ve stuck him in jail though.”
“Nah,” you shake your head. “This was his livelihood, he’ll suffer enough.”
It’s been three days since your team secured their victory in the Valorant tournament, and the organizers of the event kindly bought your team food and drink for a celebratory dinner. You decided to make a party of it- you each invited one or two friends and set up your celebration at the offices. The evening is slowly winding down, however. Your team of five remain, as well as two of Jungkook’s friends who stand by the door and talk to him.
Jaehyun stands up from his place on the couch and you watch as he makes his way over to where they stand, jostling Jungkook jokingly. You can’t help but smile fondly when Jungkook shoves Jaehyun in return, beaming when you hear Jungkook’s laugh.
“Your ‘I’m-in-love-with-Jungkook’ face is showing, ____,” Jihyo teases you. You roll your eyes and grab your water bottle, untwisting the cap and drinking deeply to avoid her words.
“Shhh,” you mumble when you remove the bottle from your lips. Taehyung chuckles at the red flush on your cheeks and he pokes at your side.
“Just confess!” He exclaims. “We know you guys made up after the tournament.”
You bite your lip at Taehyung’s words. It’s true that you and Jungkook had made up- it was a long, lengthy discussion with a lot of tears and hand holding but you both ended up sorting through your differences and ended the conversation with a long hug.
“Honestly ____,” Jihyo adds on. “We’re surprised that you didn’t start fucking in your office.”
“Jihyo!” You gasp, your cheeks reddening and body growing hotter at her words. She just laughs at you, taking another sip from her beer.
“You know what, I’m just gonna go to my office,” you mumble lamely, standing up from your perch on the sofa and dropping your water bottle onto the table.
“We both know that’s my office-” Taehyung begins but you just roll your eyes teasingly at him.
“I won it fair and square, Kim! Don’t deny it!” You reply, laughing when you hear him grumble under his breath before you turn away and walk to your office. You twist open the knob of your door and close it gently behind you, sagging in relief to have gotten away from the crowd of people. It’s not that you hate the party- you just want to be left alone.
You make your way to your walk out balcony, opening the doors and stepping out onto the terrace and breathing in the fresh air deeply. You take a moment to close your eyes, relishing in the peaceful atmosphere.
Your eyes open when you hear the door to your office swing open, and when you turn around you’re greeted with the sight of Jungkook closing the door behind him and running his fingers sheepishly through his hair at being caught by you.
“Fancy seeing you here, Jungkook,” you smile, and he returns with a grin of his own as he makes his way over to your balcony.
“Wanted to see you,” he admits when he’s finally by your side. He reaches for your hand and you oblige, sliding your palms against each other and tangling your fingers together. He frowns when he feels how cold your fingers are, shaking his head when he sees you in just your little black dress.
“Where’s your cardigan?” he asks, and you bite your lip, pondering the answer to that because you really can’t remember for the life of you.
“Mmm,” you hum, tightening your fingers against Jungkook’s. “I think it’s on the coat rack.”
“Dummy,” he says affectionately, and he pulls his hand away from yours. You watch as he shrugs off his jean jacket before draping the garment over your shoulders, leaving him in his black shirt and black cargo pants.
“Thanks,” you say, and he gives you a small nod before returning to his place by your side. His hand finds his home in your hold, and you smile as you both revel in the silence together.
“Thanks for letting everyone come to the offices, by the way,” Jungkook says after a minute passes in silence. “And not kicking Namjoon and Seokjin out when they nearly broke the trophy.”
You snort, reliving that moment in your head. Jungkook had invited Seokjin and Namjoon, the two of them being variety streamers on Twitch themselves, as his guests to your celebration. When Namjoon saw the trophy he had picked it up, looking over at the award and Seokjin had started yelling, tugging on the award and nearly dropping it onto the floor.
“No problem,” you reply warmly. “They’re a funny bunch, we should play Among Us together some time.”
You watch Jungkook nod, grinning at your suggestion. “Complete and utter chaos. You’d definitely be an imposter though.
You gasp in mock offense, shoving at his side. “No way! You’re way more suspicious than me!”
“Does that make me a sussy lil baka?” He says teasingly, and you laugh at the phrase.
The laughter tapers off and you return your view to the Seoul skyline and you pause when your eyes pass over a brightly lit sign, tugging on his hand to get his attention.
“What is it?” he asks without turning to you, and you grin.
“So…” you begin, looking at the side of his face. “Now that you’re officially a part of the team, we got you something.”
“Hmm? What’d you get?” He asks.
“We got you your own neon sign!” you say cheerfully, and you laugh as he snaps his head around to look at you, eyes comically wide.
“Seriously?” he gasps, and you nod in confirmation, smile widening when you see just how happy he is.
“Holy shit!” He yells, and you shriek when he wraps his arms tightly around your body and lifts you into the air spinning you around as he cheers in excitement. You laugh alongside him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders to keep yourself steady as he chants “Thank you thank you thank you!” in your ear.
“You’re a part of the team now, you deserve it!” you say when he finally plops you back down to your feet, though his hands remain on your waist and your arms stay wrapped around his neck.
“You’re amazing,” he breathes out, eyes shining. One of his hands reaches up and cups at your face, thumb brushing away stray flyaways that have fallen in your face. His hand doesn’t go back down to your waist though- he instead keeps his palm on your cheek, gently cradling your face.
You flush when you realize just how close you two are and you make a move to pull away, biting your lip.
“No, stay,” he says, gently turning your face to look back at him. You find yourself looking up at his eyes, feeling your heart flutter at the soft gaze he gives you.
“Only if you want me to,” you reply quietly, pulling yourself up to your tiptoes slowly.
He shakes his head, brushing his nose lightly against your own. You smile at the affectionate gesture, eyes threatening to slip shut.
He pulls away slightly and looks down at you. Your heart flutters at the tender look in his eyes and you grin up at him. “Want you to be with me.”
“I won’t go anywhere,” you murmur, eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips.
He hums at your words, gently running his thumb against the velvet of your lips, leaning close. “Good. I’ll stay by you, too.”
With his promise he presses his lips against yours. The kiss is gentle, simply revelling in the feeling of your lips softly skimming each other. You feel your eyes flutter close and his arms pull you in closer, deepening the kiss.
You feel him smile against your mouth and you grin back, reciprocating the same feelings he shares for you. Despite all of the arguments and how the two of you started off you’re happy with the end result; wrapped in the arms of someone you fell for- hard.
He pulls away from your lips and presses his forehead against your own, lightly kissing the tip of your nose. You giggle softly, a giddy feeling filling your system, leaving you breathless and wanting more.
“I like you so much, you know that right?” He asks rhetorically, cupping your face in his palms. You nod rapidly and he laughs at your enthusiasm, plopping a kiss onto the crown of your forehead.
“I like you too,” you admit breathlessly. “I may have been dead set on being rivals at first but I ended up falling for you.”
“Oh, one hundred percent angel,” he agrees, and you glare at him mockingly. He laughs at the scrunch of your nose and places a kiss on your nose in an attempt to placate you. “I just admitted I really like you, no pouting.”
“Hmph,” you playfully grumble, pushing him away from your body. He gasps in mock offense, giving you his best puppy dog eyes and having you melt for him all over again.
“Just one more kiss, c’mon angel,” he says playfully, puckering his lips. You laugh at his antics before finally conceding, pulling him down for another kiss.
The same gentleness from that first kiss is still there but there’s something fiery in this second kiss- filled with heat and longing. Jungkook’s hands return to your waist and he pulls you back into his body, deepening the kiss at the same time. You gasp when you feel his tongue slide out against your bottom lip, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pulling him closer. Both of you are wrapped up in each other so tightly, the fiery passion in your bodies threatening to consume the both of you.
“Jungkook,” you murmur against his lips when you pull away slightly, fingers sliding into his hair as his hands tighten on your waist
“Angel,” he says back softly, pressing another kiss against the corner of your mouth. He pulls away and looks down at you, eyes soft but holding a hint of something dark. The look in his gaze has you gasping and you’re pulling him back down for another kiss. The same fire is there but there’s something else laced in it- something fervent and dangerous.
The need for air causes you both to pull away, panting slightly as you rest your forehead on Jungkook’s chest. His hands rub gentle circles on your back as you recuperate, and you look up at him to see how he’s doing.
You feel the breath you worked so hard to regain promptly leave your body when you see the way he’s looking at you- a dark, lust filled look that has you swallowing thickly.
“Kiss me again,” you beg softly, and Jungkook gives you a wolfish smile before obliging to your request and leaning down to kiss you once again.
Caught up in the kiss, you barely feel Jungkook begin to walk back into your office, maneuvering you gently and kicking the door to your walkout balcony closed before he spins you around and pins you up against the now shut door, pressing your body up against his. Your fingers tighten when you feel Jungkook’s hands travel from your hips dangerously close to your behind, and you gasp when his palms finally slide down to your ass, palming at the flesh and giving a greedy squeeze.
“Jungkook,” you moan against his lips. You feel him smirk before one of his hands moves from your ass to your thigh, running his fingers along the delicate skin before he reaches your knee, lifting your leg up and encouraging you to wrap it along his hip. You follow his command, hooking your knee along his waist and he takes the opportunity to pull your lower body flush against his, and you gasp against his mouth when you feel the bulge straining in his pants rub up against your core.
“Cute,” he murmurs teasingly when you grind against his thick length. He palms your ass and pushes you up against his bulge and you whine, continuing to grind up against him. “Didn’t know you’d be this needy.”
“Not my fault when it feels so good- oh,” you whine when Jungkook’s lips travel from your mouth to the column of your neck, placing warm and wet kisses against the delicate skin of your throat. You sigh when his teeth gently nip at the skin, but when he sucks against your sweet spot you gasp, arching your back.
“Mmm, Kook-” you pant, nerves beginning to go into overdrive from just making out with him. His tongue darts out to soothe the smarting flesh and you moan out into the air, feeling the want inside of you rise. “I want more.”
He pulls away from neck and looks down at you, and you flush when you see the way his pupils are blown out and the dark, dangerous look he has in his eyes. You see him clench his jaw at the needy look on your face- so different from the fiery captain you usually are. He leans down and brushes his lips against yours in a display of affection and you smile at the sweet gesture. “Are you sure you want this?”
You nod without hesitation, pressing a small kiss on the mole below his bottom lip. “Yes, one hundred percent.”
Jungkook’s eyes flash with something dangerous before he takes your hand, leading you over to your gaming setup. He sits you down on your gaming chair and he kneels in front of you, locking the wheels on your chair before standing back up again and focusing on your gaming pc.
You watch as he loads up your stream preview on Twitch, turning the camera of your gaming laptop on and making the camera preview full screen. You look at yourself in the camera and flush further- your hair is all askew, lips red and swollen from the fervent kisses shared with Jungkook, neck beginning to show signs of the marks Jungkook had left in your skin. His jacket is sliding off of your shoulders and you look like a total mess but you cannot find yourself to care- not when it feels so good. 
You’re drawn out of your thoughts when you feel gentle hands on your knees and you look down, eyes widening when you see Jungkook kneeling before you. Even though he’s on a lower level than you, all of the power in the room belongs to him, and you’re surprised at how easily you let him take the reins.
How willing you are to submit to him.
“Do you trust me?” His hands make their way up to your inner thighs and you open your legs slightly, nodding rapidly at him. He chuckles at your enthusiasm and kisses your knee. “Words, angel. I wanna hear you say it.”
“I trust you,” you reply confidently. Your hands cover Jungkook’s palms and he gives you a sweet smile, placing another kiss on your leg, a little bit closer to your inner thigh. Your breath catches in your throat and he laughs at the way your cheeks redden.
“Let me know if you want me to stop.” Jungkook’s words are filled with nothing but sincerity and care and you feel your heart flutter, nodding at his words. He gives you another smile before he begins to press kisses up towards your inner thigh, nibbling and licking lightly along the way. You whimper when you feel the tips of his hair brush along your sensitive skin and you grasp at the armrests, letting your eyes slowly shut.
You feel him scrape his teeth against the flesh of your inner thigh and you moan, eyes slowly sliding open. Jungkook’s looking at you with a heated gaze and you gulp thickly when you make eye contact with him.
“Keep your eyes open and look at the computer, angel,” he murmurs darkly. “I want you to watch yourself while I touch you.”
You whine at his words but obey his command, levelling your stare at your computer screen. You watch as he slowly spreads your legs, hooking your knees over the armrests and leaving you fully exposed to him- fabric of your dress bunching up at your hips and panties unable to hide just how wet you are for him.
“Pretty,” he says appreciatively, and he laughs at the embarrassed squeak that escapes your lips. The pads of his thumbs dance from your inner thigh towards your core and your breath hitches in your chest when you feel the feathery light touch against the soaked fabric of your panties.
“So wet,” Jungkook coos, and you shiver when his thumb flattens against the gusset of your panties, stroking lightly. “All soaked from just a bit of kissing, baby?”
“You’re being mean, fuck-” You’re barely able to hold back the moan when his thumbs finds your clit and gives the throbbing bud one irritatingly slow and small circle. “Jungkook- do something!”
“I am,” he tuts mockingly. “I’m touching you- what more could you possibly want?”
“I- shit,” you gasp, eyes rolling back when you feel him stroke at your clit a little bit harder, the fabric of your panties offering a maddening friction that satiates you for just a little bit.
You know that you want, no, need more from him.
“Fuck,” you pant, snapping your eyes back on the screen to follow the one command he laid out. It’s a mistake on your end though- you feel yourself growing hotter at the lewd sight of him between your legs and the way your gaze is hazy and lust filled. “Kook- touch me, please.”
“Hmm? But I’m touching you right now angel,” he says sweetly and you sigh in frustration, reaching down and placing your fingers in the waistband of your panties.
“If you’re not gonna do anything, I will-” you begin to threaten, but you gasp when his fingers wrap around your wrist, placing your hand back on the armrest.
“Did I say you could move your hands?” he growls. The deep rumble in his chest shows his displeasure and you gulp, shaking your head and returning your hands back to the armrests, gripping the material tightly. The corners of his mouth slowly curl up in a smirk before his own fingers loop at the waistband of your panties, slowly sliding the material down your legs. You lift your body as he drags the material down and once it’s completely off of your legs he tosses the offending garment off in the distance and returns his attention to you.
With your panties gone, everything is exposed to him and you can’t help but blush under his gaze- you know that he can see the way that your pussy clenches and leaks wetness out onto the leather of your gaming chair, needy and desperate for his touch. You begin to close your legs out of embarrassment but he gently stops you with a hand on your knee.
“Don’t be shy,” he murmurs, kissing your inner thigh once more. “You’re so pretty, just begging to be touched, hm?”
The words are scarcely out of his mouth before he tugs on your legs, pressing his mouth flush against your core. You cry out at the feeling of his tongue dipping into your dripping hole, licking up your essence before slowly tracing a long line from your entrance to your clit. His ministrations have you whining, hips bucking against his face and he places a hand on your lower stomach, forcing you to keep still.
“I- fuck, Jungkook!” Words pour out of your mouth as you babble senselessly, your nerves lighting up with the pleasure he lavishes on your body. “Fuck, don’t stop please- it feels so good-”
The ending of your sentence cuts off with a moan as you feel him prod your entrance with a finger, gently wiggling the tip of his pointer finger inside of you. You bite your lip when his finger enters up until his knuckle, and you nearly break the skin of your lip when he fully slides his digit in, crooking it in a “come hither” motion.
“Oh shit!” You moan when he begins thrusting his finger inside of you, tongue gently swirling around your clit in tandem. “Jungkook-”
You whine when he pulls his lips away from your pussy and presses a kiss to your lower stomach, giving you a wolfish smirk. “You better be quiet, baby. Our team is still outside- do you want them to hear you?”
“Dammit.” That hadn’t even occurred to you- you had been so caught up in the pleasure that you forgot that your team is currently gathered in the main communal area. You whine and begin to close your eyes in embarrassment, but you gasp and hastily open your eyes again when you feel a slap against your inner thigh.
“Three rules now, angel,” Jungkook tuts, faux disappointment written all over his face. “Eyes on the screen, hands to yourself, and be quiet. If you’re good I might let you cum, okay?”
“Please,” you beg quietly, imploring him to touch you with your gaze. “I promise I’ll be good, just please touch me.”
He gives you one more smirk before he’s diving back in, pulling on your thighs so that his face is pressed flush against your pussy, tongue dipping into your dripping core and thumb rubbing against your sensitive bundle of nerves. You whine out quietly, gripping the armrests so tightly that your nails leave indents in the plush leather.
You watch yourself on the screen as Jungkook wreaks pleasure onto your body- nose slowly becoming more scrunched with each lick he lavishes on your sopping core and circle he rubs into your clit. You feel a knot begin to form within the pit of your stomach, becoming tighter and tighter with every ministration and you take your eyes off of the screen to look at him imploringly.
“Jungkook,” you gasp, feeling yourself rise higher and higher. “I’m-”
You cry out when you feel him begin to slide a second finger inside of your pussy, slowly stretching out your cunt walls. “So tight and wet, baby,” he groans. “Fuck- you’re gonna be so warm around my cock-”
You feel yourself grow hotter at the thought of him fucking his cock deep in you, the knot in your stomach growing tighter and tighter until it’s about to snap. “Jungkook, I’m-”
With one last plunge of his digits deep into your pussy, pads of his fingers rubbing up against the spongy tissue of your g-spot- “Cum,” he orders with a deep growl.
You arch your back and cry out, orgasm washing over you. Your eyes slip shut and your hands fly out to cover your mouth as you sob against your palms, hips rolling as you ride out your orgasm. Jungkook faithfully licks at your clit and slowly thrusts his fingers in and out of you, helping you ride out the high he created. Your sobs slowly quiet as your orgasm subsides, but when Jungkook pulls his fingers out of your pussy you whine at the sudden emptiness, emphasized by your pulsing walls.
“More- I need more,” you gasp, hands going onto his shoulders in a bid to pull him up. He obliges and you pull him close, giving him a messy kiss and whining when you taste yourself on his lips. You pull away and rest your forehead against his, panting, “I want you cock so bad- please-”
“Angel, are you sure?” You watch as his eyes flash with worry, trying to keep himself controlled so he doesn’t completely ruin you. “I want you to be comfortable-”
“Jungkook, as your captain I’m ordering you to fuck me.” The words are meant to be a command but the breathlessness in your voice has it coming out as a plea, and you watch him clench and unclench his jaw, challenging glint flashing in his gaze.
Before you can blink he’s picking you up, wrapping his arms around you and sitting down on the chair before settling you on his lap. You gasp at the feeling of being manhandled so easily and you tilt your head to look at him, but his hand slides under your jaw and forces you to look straight ahead at the monitor.
And the sight that greets you has you whimpering.
You’re an absolute mess- you can see your pussy clenching and unclenching from your previous orgasm, your wetness sliding down your thighs. The skirt of your dress is pushed up so high it rests underneath your breasts, and with the way your head is thrown back and thighs are spread you can see all of the marks Jungkook nipped and sucked onto your body.
It’s the sight of Jungkook that has you reeling, though. Jungkook’s eyes are dark, flashing dangerously with that hint of challenge. His lips are swollen and slick from eating you out, and his hair is unkempt. You watch as his hands slide up your thighs, past the curves of your body until he reaches your shoulders, and he tugs at his jacket. You take the hint and lift your upper body up, allowing him to tug his jacket off of your body and tossing it behind the chair. His hands make quick work of your dress next, sliding the thin material over your head and leaving you bare for his eyes.
“You’re so fucking pretty. If you weren’t so needy and demanding I would have you bouncing and crying on my cock by now,” he growls in your ear, causing you to shiver. You watch as his palms slowly cover your breasts, palming at the mounds and making you mewl at his teasing. His fingers slowly circle your nipples before taking two between his thumb and pointer finger, tugging and making you cry out.
“Shame,” he says in mock disappointment. “You’re just going to have to learn the value of patience now, huh?”
“Jungkook, what-” you begin to ask, but his palm covers your mouth, stopping your sentence. He taps your hip with his free hand and you watch as he pushes down his cargo pants and boxer briefs, and before you can even blink his hand is pulling your hips down, having you settle your weeping cunt onto his thick cock.
“Fuck,” he groans, rutting his hips to slide his cock in between your slick lips. You mewl when the head of his cock slides against your sensitive clit, head lolling to rest on his shoulder. “You really drenched yourself, huh angel?”
You nod fervently, unable to tear your eyes away from the arousing image of Jungkook’s cock sliding in between your pussy lips, becoming drenched in your wetness. You feel your body slowly begin to heat up again and you whine against his palm, rutting your hips in a bid to get him to sink you down on his cock.
“Greedy,” he murmurs dulcetly in your ear. “But anything my captain wants, she gets.”
He pulls his hand away from your face and instead places both of his palms on your waist, slowly lifting you up. “C’mon captain,” he goads, watching the way you wiggle in his hold. “This is a team effort, isn’t it? Sink your pretty cunt onto my cock.”
“Fuck, you could at least help me!” you pant in annoyance, hand blindly feeling for the base of his cock and lining the tip up to your entrance. “Just hurry up and let me go down already-”
“Nuh uh,” he tuts mockingly. “You’re too impatient, cap- we’re gonna sink you down slowly and you’re gonna warm my cock until you understand the value of waiting. Got it?”
He doesn’t say anything else, slowly breaching you with the tip of his dick. Your breath catches in your throat as you slowly go down, walls stretching to accommodate his thick girth, and you cry out when you’re fully speared on his cock, walls spasming all around him. His hand returns to your chin and tilts your head forward, and the sight of you speared on Jungkook’s length has you gasping.
The view your monitor reflects is absolutely lewd- your nakedness is a stark comparison to Jungkook’s clothes beneath your body. His hands rest on your hips, thumbs rubbing small circles as you try and get used to his cock in your tight pussy. Your chest is heaving up and down from breathlessness, emphasizing the swell of your breasts.
It’s the sight further down, however, that has you clenching tightly around Jungkook. You whine when you see the way your cunt is stretched around his cock, your wetness dribbling down his shaft and your thighs- utterly soaking the both of you. The lewdness of it all has you whimpering, clenching around him once again and slowly grinding your hips against his cock.
“Holy fuck,” he groans as he squeezes your hips, and you moan in response. “Shit angel, you’re so tight-”
A sudden knock on your door has you stilling, your blood running cold.
“Hey, ____!” Jihyo calls cheerfully from outside, blissfully unaware that you’re currently speared on Jungkook’s cock. “Jaehyun, Taehyung, and I are about to leave. Have you seen Jungkook?”
You freeze, biting your lip because of course this is gonna happen while Jungkook is balls deep inside of you. You decide to play dumb- inhaling deeply before you call out shakily, “Who’s Jungkook?”
Fuck, not that dumb!
You feel Jungkook snort from beneath you as you redden further, beginning to close your eyes. Jungkook sees your eyes begin to slip shut and he pinches at your nipple, making you whine quietly. “Eyes on the screen, captain. And respond to Jihyo, hmm? We don’t want her to know something’s up, do we?” His tone is sweet and you clench your jaw, nodding shyly and levelling your stare back at the image of you bare and on top of Jungkook.
You hear Jihyo laugh through the door. “Really, ____? Do you want me to spell it out for you or something? Jeon Jungkook, really good Yoru and the other duelist on our team? The same Jungkook you said you really liked- almost to the verge of love?”
“R-right!” you stammer, eyes widening when she mentions that detail. “Jihyo, I-”
“The same Jungkook who you said probably fucks like a beast?” Jihyo giggles, oblivious to the fact that she’s exposing you hard right now. You watch your face redden further on the screen as Jungkook’s lips slowly curl up in a smirk, and before you can think, he’s lifting your hips up and slamming you down on his cock. You moan, hastily covering your mouth with your hands but it’s too late.
“____?” You hear Jihyo ask in concern. “Are you okay-”
“I’m fine!” you squeal out, biting down on your lip harshly when Jungkook repeats the motion. “I’m uh- I b-banged my knee on my desk!”
“...right.” You can tell Jihyo’s not convinced and you pray that she doesn’t question it further. “Um, I’ll just go ahead then. Let me know when you’re home, okay?”
“Oh- o-okay!” You call out, mouth falling open when Jungkook rolls his hips after your response. “I’ll uh- do that! T-take care-”
You gasp when Jungkook moves one of his hands back down to your clit, stimulating the bud in tight circles. He begins bouncing you up and down on his cock and you return your hands to your mouth, stifling the sob that’s threatening to spill out of your lips.
“Bye ____!” You hear Jihyo call through the door. You hear her walk away, calling to Taehyung and Jaehyun. You strain your ears, waiting for the moment the office door closes and when you hear the thud you sigh, thinking you’re in the clear.
Until Jungkook brings you back to the present.
“Nice job, captain,” he murmurs hotly in your ear, and you whine as you weakly slap at his hand.
“You ass!” You hiss. “We could have been caught!”
“But we didn’t, did we?” He winks at you through the screen and you whine, head lolling back. Jungkook doesn’t bother telling you to keep your head up- he can see your hooded eyes making eye contact with him through the screen. “Let me fuck you like a beast now, hmm?”
He lifts your hips up and pulls you down once again, making you cry out into the open air of your office. His pace slowly quickens and you begin to roll your hips down to meet his thrusts- both of you beginning to race each other to the end you both desperately craved.
One of his hands gently grips at your face and he turns your head to face him, giving you a deep kiss. You whine when his tongue messily licks at your bottom lip and you open your mouth willingly, letting him tangle his tongue with yours. He pulls away and makes you face forward towards the screen, and the sight of you riding Jungkook has you crying out.
“Look at how fucking good you look, angel,” he growls as he quickens his pace, hand returning down to your throbbing clit. “Cunt taking my cock so well, so submissive and willing to bend to me. On the outside you’re our fearless captain who takes no shit but when we’re alone you’re my needy little slut, right?”
“Yes!” You mewl wantonly, hands winding behind your heads to grip the headrest of your gaming chair. Jungkook groans at how filthy this makes you look on the screen- back arching to further emphasize your pretty breasts and legs spread over the armrests to show off his cock plunging deep into your cunt. Your eyes are hooded and mouth hung open, mewls escaping your swollen lips and this erotic sight of you has Jungkook snapping.
You cry out when he begins to pound deeper, and you wail when the tip of his cock slams into your g-spot. “Fuck, Jungkook!” You sob, and Jungkook smirks, knowing he’s found the spot. He continuously slams against your g-spot and the stimulation has you stilling, wailing before you’re cumming hard.
Jungkook’s hand rubs at your clit with renewed fervor, and you cry out at the slight pain the overstimulation brings. “Jungkook-”
“One more, baby,” he growls. “Want you to fucking lose it over me-”
“Jungkook!” You cry, and you’re tumbling into your third orgasm of the night as Jungkook continues grinding into your fluttering cunt. You suddenly still above him when he presses his cockhead flush against your g-spot and you wail, letting go and squirting around him.
“Holy shit-” he groans, watching the way your cunt flutters around him, droplets of your wetness pelting at his cargo pants and your thighs. “Fucking hell ____, I’m gonna cum-”
“Cum inside-” you slur, rolling your hips to get him to cum because it feels too good to stop. “Wan’ it all, please.”
“Fuck, angel-” he groans, hips stuttering as your pussy clenches erratically around him. “S-shit ____-”
You whine when you feel him give one more stuttered thrust before he’s cumming with a guttural groan, hips slowly rolling as jets of cum flood your pussy. You whine at the feeling of his cum filling you up, relishing in the warmth.
You both slowly float down your highs, breaths evening out as you feel Jungkook chuckle from beneath you. “Almost on the verge of love, huh?” He asks teasingly. You whine and burrow your head into the crook of his neck and he exhales in amusement at your sudden bashfulness. “C’mon angel, I’m balls deep inside of you. There’s no need to be shy.”
“Jungkook!” You yelp in embarrassment.
“____,” he murmurs sweetly in your ear, and despite your current position you can’t help but smile. “Let me take you on a romantic date with no competitions, hmm?”
“Okay,” you readily agree, pulling away from his neck to smile at him. “But you’re carrying me. I don’t think I can walk.”
He snorts, giving you a small kiss. “You got it captain.”
Tumblr media
a/n 2: if you made it to the bottom, thank you for sticking around <3
tags: @shrimpmsg​ 
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honeytae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook masterlist
last updated September 1, 2021: I get to snuggle with the birthday boy in his big boy bed.
key: ♡-fluff  ☽-smut  ★-angst ♢-old material
Is this your alter-ego or something?-☽ ♢
They sparkle like your eyes.-♡ ♢
I really like you.-♡ ♢
I feel like I’m meeting the parents. -♡ ♢ (part 2 of I really like you.)
Want me to kiss it better, baby?-♡
You’re the best pain in the ass.-♡
You’re evil, you know that?-☽
What, are you scared?-♡
Did you write a diss track about me?-♡
My heart is yours.-★
Take your shirt off, blondie.-☽
I can’t wait to create more memories with you.-♡
I love when you talk nurturing to me. -♡
I get to snuggle with the birthday boy in his big boy bed. -♡
key: ♡-fluff  ☽-smut  ★-angst
❥-anniversary drabble prompt
I didn’t mean to do that.-♡
I’m not sick, I’m just turned on.-☽
Welcome home.-♡
You like my moves, baby?-♡
“Fuck, you’re hot.” + “Do that again.”-☽
“You lied to me.” + “I hate myself for doing this to you. To us.”-★
“I think I just really need a hug.” + “I hate myself for doing this to you. To us.”-★
“Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”-☽
“Can you stop being so cute for a minute? I’m trying to be mad at you.”-♡
“Ride me.”-☽
key: ♡-fluff  ☽-smut  ★-angst
something about giving him nose kisses-♡
something about sharing his hoodie-♡
something about jungkook trying to earn your forgiveness-♡
something about helping him dye his hair blue-♡
something about jungkook getting you lost because his eyes were on you instead of the road-♡
something about jungkook kissing you in order to shut you up when he knows you’re right-♡
something about a sleepy jungkook pouting about you coming over without waking him-♡
something about jungkook seeing the reader without makeup for the first time-♡
something about jungkook helping the reader with laundry when they have no idea what they’re doing-♡
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nonameyoon · a month ago
hi, i've been following your blog for a while, but i haven't requested fanfic yet. It looks like this time has come. Can you write a mafia au fanfic or a werewolf au fanfic with Jungkook, with 24,44,45 hints. You can do this to yandere, it doesn't matter to me. Just wanted to avoid a fight between the female reader and Jungkook (maybe the reader insulted him or his family?) Anyway, thanks)
My approval || Mafia!Jungkook
Tumblr media
You can check out my Prompt List and request anything you’d like to see!
24. “Do you really hate me that much?”
44. “Open the door (Y/N), I’m running out of patience”
45. “I don’t like your damn attitude. Fix it before I decide to fix it myself”
A/N: Thank you for requesting! Hope you like it! I kinda changed it up a bit so I hope you don’t mind!
Warning: This contains mafia themes, such as violence or aggression. If you do not like/feel uncomfortable with this kind of content, feel free skip this post.
Pairing: Mafia!Jungkook x reader (angst + fluff)
Word count: 1.5k
You were pissed. He was pissed. Not a very good combination to say the least. But let’s go back to the very beginning of this horrible day.
Jungkook has always been an insecure man, looking to be praised by his father. Of course, us sons and daughters always try to make our parents proud; to seek some sort of praise, but we never took it to the extreme Jungkook did.
When you first noticed how extremely desperate he was for his father's approval, you passed it off as simply a father and son bond. But as your relationship went on, it started getting very annoying. If his father said sit, Jungkook would sit. If he said fight then Jungkook would fight. It was more than just him being obedient.
His father obviously manipulated him into doing whatever he wanted. You of course, noticed this quickly. And as time went on, your boyfriend started growing distant from you, being busy with whatever task his father had given him. Fucking annoying.
His father obviously didn't like you one bit, but never mentioned it to Jungkook. In fact, he would not acknowledge you whenever his son was around. But when you were left alone with him, the obvious glares and harsh stares he would send you were clearly noticeable. It was obvious you both hated each other. And it baffled you how Jungkook never noticed this.
You were currently exiting the luxurious mansion that stood far too proudly behind you. Why did your boyfriend bring you to see his father? Why couldn't he just notice you hated his dad already? Nonetheless, you went to see him.
"What's going on?," Jungkook asked, entering the expensive car right after you did. Your eyes wandered to his, your eyebrow lifting slightly in a questioning expression.
"What do you mean?,"
"You look annoyed. Did something happen?," he asked once again, his voice filled with slight concern.
"It's nothing," you replied, obviously lying. You weren't trying to start a fight, you were too exhausted.
"You're such a liar," he rolled his eyes, sitting straight and signaling the driver to take you both home. His answer made your brow twitch in annoyance. Wow, what a caring fucking boyfriend. He could've at least tried a little more and you would've calmly told him what was wrong. But now he was just getting on your nerves.
"What's wrong with you, Jeon? It looks like you've got an attitude with me," you scoffed at him, turning your head to look at him with a scowl. He returned an annoyed expression, clicking his tongue loudly for you to hear.
"I don't, it's just annoying that you never seem to tell me anything and then expect me to try and fix it," Fix it? You weren't looking for that. You just wanted him to show he cares. A little bit of comfort would make you feel like the happiest person alive.
If he wanted to talk about 'fixing problems' then you had a lot to say about it. Whenever he messes up, you're there to fix it. You always notice when he isn't feeling well and greet him with open arms. You gave him love and comfort at his times of need. So why couldn't he just return it?
"Excuse me? I'm not asking you to ‘fix’ anything,"
"Oh come on, don't expect me to believe you don't want me to do anything. If you weren't so reclusive sometimes, I could've easily known what's bothering you," your hand balls up into a tight fist, your annoyance already getting the best of you.
"That's real fucking nice, Jeon," now it was his turn to scoff at you. His face had turned completely to look at you, eyes sending a sharp glare in your direction.
"So you're going to tell me I'm wrong? For once in you're life, when will you be willing to actually talk to me instead of expecting me to pull the answer out of my ass?!,"
Fuck no. At this point, you had already forgotten what had you in a bad mood already. Your whole anger shifted towards your boyfriend, whose eyes were still locked on your face.
"You're such a fucking asshole, Jeon! I always have to persuade you into telling me what's wrong! Even when I feel like shit I still put you first and comfort you—,"
"I didn't ask you to do that for me," he cut you off. "I don't like your damn attitude. Fix it before I decide to fix it myself," he turned his face as if he was done with the whole conversation. Unbelievable.
"You know what? Fuck you Jeon, fuck you," your hand reached the handle of the car, instantly pushing the door open. Thankfully, the driver had already arrived at your apartment so you wouldn't have to walk home. You marched towards your door, struggling to open the lock with your shaky hands. You were so pissed. Too pissed to even look at him.
Loud footsteps could be heard walking towards you, but thankfully you had already opened the door and slammed it shut. His fist started banging on the door right after harshly fidgeting with the handle.
"(Y/N) what the fuck?!," You ignored him, much to his annoyance.
"Open the door (Y/N), im running out of patience,"
"Well isn't that just too bad? Go home Jeon, I'm not planning on opening this damn door any time soon,"
"And I'm not planning on leaving—,"
"Then sleep on the damn doormat, I said I'm not opening this fucking door,"
There was silence for a few minutes, but both of you knew you were still waiting by the door. Your mind was running wild while he just stood there.
The silence was abruptly broken by a heavy sigh escaping Jungkook's chest.
"What's wrong?," he asked calmly, letting go of the handle and leaning on the door. You scoff at him again.
"Oh so now you want to ask me again?,"
"Look, I honestly don't know what you want me to say (Y/N)," there was another moment of silence before you decided to speak.
"I just want you to not be so selfish sometimes," you spoke, but you were unsure. Was that really what you wanted? No, was he really selfish how you said?
And behind that door stood a hurt Jungkook. How could you say that to him? He wasn’t selfish. How could he be? You were the only thing that mattered to him.
"Do you really hate me that much?," he asked, voice going down a few octaves, but you could still tell how hurt he was.
"What? No—,"
"Do you really hate me that much to think I'm selfish? That I don't care for you? (Y/N) I'd give my life for you, did you know that?," of course you did.
"Stop! Just... stop calling me that! I hate it so much,"
How did your annoyance with his father suddenly turn into a fight with him? Were you really just being dramatic?
"Could you just tell me what was wrong before all of this...,"
You sigh, opening the door to reveal your boyfriend.
"Look, this probably isn't the time, but I just hate how you're always sucking up to your dad. He doesn't treat you like a son at all and I...," you stopped to look at him before continuing. "I just don't want you to get hurt because of him,"
Jungkook was silent, his expression contorted into almost a thoughtful expression.
"You're always looking for his approval as if it was the most valuable thing to you, but you never acknowledge anyone else around you," you reach for his hands, holding onto them tightly.
"You never acknowledge that you... you have my approval. That you're just amazing in my eyes. And I just hated that you didn't notice that...," you stop to think for a moment and let out a bitter chuckle. "And thinking of it, maybe I'm the selfish one," the moment you finished your sentence, Jungkook pulled you towards him in a tight embrace. The strong scent of his cologne hit your nose once your head was gently placed on his chest.
"(Y/N), you... you might not know how much that meant to me...," his embrace tighten, not to hurt you, but to pull you closer. "But just know that I think I might've fallen in love with you all over again,"
His words sent butterflies to your stomach, and for some reason, your anger was slowly fading away.
“Fuck you,” you said, making him pull away slightly, frowning deeply at your words. But then you continued.
“Fuck you for making me fall in love all over again too,” you grin, holding his face in your hands. He sighed in relief and retuned a grin.
“Fuck, don’t scare me like that baby,” he laughs, hugging you again and leaning down to passionately kiss you. As stubborn as you both might be, it was undeniable you two were head over heals for each other.
A/N: this was a very fluffy ending wasn’t it ;)
Tag list: @mwitsmejk
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baepsaesbae · 8 months ago
Spring Will Come Again
Tumblr media
Pairing— Jeon Jungkook x reader    
Genre— Photographer!Jungkook x Baker!reader, SMUT +18, fluff, angst, Virgin!Jungkook, Sub!Jungkook, Switch!Jungkook
Warnings— Finger sucking, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, squirting (?), slight choking, there are a lot of emotions, Jungkook is literally so sweet gosh I just wanna hold him tight, this fic is kind of a rollercoaster of emotions bc I myself do b going thru it
Word Count—  ~10.9k  
Summary— Springtime generally brings new beginnings, but being stuck in a small town all your life means nothing ever changes. Finally, something, or rather, someone, stumbles into your life. Can this shy boy manage to change your life forever?
A/N— This beautiful banner was made by @dee-ehn​! Please let me know what you think of this fic! Hope you guys enjoy~
Tumblr media
It all started on a beautiful spring day. Something had convinced you to go on an unprecedented early morning walk for some reason. 
The morning air was cold but crisp. You were bundled up in your favorite sweater, and the scarf that your grandmother knitted for you was wrapped snugly around your neck. Normally you would be immersed in your headphones, but since today was already unusual you decided to forgo the music. 
You walked along the banks of the stream that flowed next to your neighborhood. This particular stream held nothing but fond memories. You grew up here with all the other kids. During the summer breaks, you’d play out here from morning to nightfall. This was the place where you saw your first fireflies, and where you won your first fist fight. 
You stopped to sit on the grassy hill that ran alongside the banks, relishing in nostalgia as you took in a breath of fresh air. Everything is so different now. Everyone moved away to pursue their careers or to go to a big university. You were the only one left. Your parents urged you to go to college, but you refused. Who else would help run the bakery? 
As much as you hated to see it, your parents were growing old. Managing the family bakery was getting harder on them. You were such a huge help to them since you basically managed all of the front-of-house work. They worked diligently in the kitchen every day to create the best baked goods in town. 
You had always dreamt of leaving this small town. You’ve fantasized about attending a big university in the middle of a bustling city since you were a little kid. Unfortunately, that can’t happen now. You can’t leave your parents or the bakery behind. You held no resentment though, you loved it. Being an only child was a bit lonely at times, but your parents made you feel loved no matter what.
You laid on the grassy hill, watching the clouds roll by. Maybe life was better this way. It was simple, and you always knew what to expect. Day in and day out, the routine was always the same. 
Everything changed on that day. That was the fateful day that you ran into him. Or rather, he ran into you. 
“Good morning, ____! Where were you this morning? Why weren’t you answering your phone?” your concerned mother asked when you returned home.
“Morning mom. I went on a walk and forgot my phone I guess. Sorry about that. I ended up laying on the hill by the stream,” you replied as you sat at the breakfast table.
Living with bakers was probably one of the biggest blessings in your life. Every meal smelled delectable and you had access to all the fresh goodies you could desire. 
“Wow, you were awake before we were? What a surprise. Here, tell me what you think of this loaf,” your dad set it in front of you.
You tossed a piece of bread into your mouth. The taste was savory to say the least. It was your father’s signature banana bread loaf, only this time with a small twist. 
“Why’d you take out the walnuts? It’s still delicious though,” you said, devouring another piece.
“Well so many customers complain about having nut allergies now. I thought we could sell more if we take them out! You think we can sell this?” he asked eagerly.
“I think this will be our newest best seller!” you happily replied, “I’m gonna go open up the shop. See you guys soon,” you kissed them each on the cheek before taking your leave.
The bakery was down the street from your house, so the commute was only about 5 minutes even if you walked slowly. You brought your phone with you this time, so you were jamming out to your music, oblivious to the outside world. You were so out of it, that you didn’t have time to react to the person quickly rounding the corner.
One moment you were walking to work, the next you were knocked onto the cold hard ground. Your assailant fell on top of you, and you soon locked eyes with him. It was as if time stood still for a moment. He was the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen. His eyes were wide with concern, and for a moment, you swore you saw stars twinkling within them. 
It took a second to register that this stranger was on top of you, in a compromising position no less. You’ve never been this close to a boy since...well it has been a while. Your legs were intertwined and his nose was only inches from yours. 
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you until the last second,” the boy apologized as he scrambled to get off of you. 
As he helped you up, you reassured him that you were fine. You laughed off the incident and took the boy by surprise. You had the most angelic laugh he’d ever heard. He stood awkwardly gazing at you, before you asked him if he was okay. 
“I-I’m fine! I’m glad you’re okay. I apologize again for being so careless,” he bowed.
“I’m also at fault! I wasn’t paying attention either. So shame on both of us,” you smiled to show him you were joking, “Enjoy the rest of your day, don’t run into anyone else!”
And with that, you parted ways. You forgot about the stranger as the morning rush piled into the bakery. 
Despite being located in a small town, your parent’s were nationally renowned bakers. The bakery was always busy. That was part of why you loved it so much, you were never bored. The regular customers were your favorite. Most of the townsfolk had been coming to the bakery since you were little. 
“Is this banana bread new?” Mrs. Park, the local florist, asked.
“Technically, yes. It’s the exact same recipe but without the walnuts,” you replied.
“Perfect! I’m not too fond of walnuts but I adore your parents’ banana bread,” Mrs. Park beamed, handing you a loaf along with other goods she picked up.
“How’s Jimin?” you asked as you rang her up.
“Oh he’s doing well! He loves it out there in the big city. At first, I was terrified of letting him go. He’s just always been so passionate about dancing, I finally had to cave in. He recently auditioned to be part of some fancy dance crew, and he got in! Can you believe it?” Mrs. Park began to dote on her son.
“That’s amazing! I’m happy for him,” you smiled.
“You know, ____, Jimin is still single. You two would be perfect together--”
“Long distance relationships are hard, Mrs. Park,” your mother interrupted her, swooping in to save the day. Thank god. You wouldn’t have known how to react. 
“She could always move out to the city to be with him!” Mrs. Park retorted, not picking up on the awkward situation she created. 
“I could never leave the bakery,” you responded quickly.
“Ah, yes that’s right. You have such a good daughter, Mrs. _____. Jimin never took any interest in taking over the family business. I’m jealous of you!” Mrs. Park said to your mom.
After what seemed like an eternity, Mrs. Park finally left. You were fond of her, but she never knew when to stop talking. Jimin was a good friend of yours growing up. You never wanted to admit that you had a huge crush on him. You figured it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since he was so fixated on moving out. 
The morning rush had died down. You took this opportunity to restock and tidy things up before the afternoon rush. The store bell rang, indicating the arrival of another customer.
“Welcome in! I’ll be with you shortly,” you called out from behind the counter. 
“No worries, thanks!” the customer yelled back.
Once finished, you popped up with a bright smile on your face. Your parents taught you to always greet the customers with a smile as soon as they walk in. 
However, the customer wasn’t facing your direction. He was looking at the baked goods that aligned the opposite wall. You patiently waited for him to make his selection. He kept walking back and forth, eyeing all of the baked items. You left your station behind the counter and approached him.
“Can I help you with anything, sir?” you piped up behind him.
The man jumped back, startled.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you,” you apologized.
“It’s okay! I didn’t hear you at all. You must be some sort of ninja-- Oh it’s you!” the boy turned around to face you.
It was the gorgeous boy who ran into you earlier. 
“Hello again! I guess it was my turn to frighten you,” you joked.
“That’s fair,” he nodded, “What’s the best thing here?”
“Mmm that’s hard for me to say, considering that I love them all. What kind of tastes and textures do you like?” your customer service persona kicked in. 
“I like sweet things I guess? I like bananas too…” he trailed off.
“We don’t have any bananas in fruit form, but we do have killer banana bread,” you beamed.
“That sounds good, but I don’t really like nuts so--”
“There are no nuts in our new recipe! You must be lucky, this is the first day that we’ve started selling them. Want me to ring you up a loaf?” you interrupted him.
“Oh no nuts? Okay, I’ll try it,” he agreed quietly.
“Would you still like to get something sweet as well?” 
“Yeah, if that’s okay,” he nodded timidly.
“Of course it’s okay! My personal favorite is our milk pudding bun. The pudding in the middle is pretty creamy plus the bread is unbelievably soft! If that’s not for you, then we have a classic chocolate bun filled with, surprise surprise, chocolate. We also have…” you led the boy around the entire bakery.
You were too focused on recommending various breads to notice him stealing glances at you that lingered longer than normal. He patiently let you talk his ear off about the goodies.
“I’ll go with the milk pudding bun,” he smiled shyly.
“That was the first one! You should’ve stopped me from rambling,” you huffed.
“I wanted to know my options. Plus you seemed pretty happy,” he added softly.
“Alright, let’s go check you out then,” you headed to the counter, “I haven’t seen you before. What brings you to our little town?” you attempted to make conversation.
“Mmm, to get away, I guess,” the boy said after a pause.
“Are you in some sort of trouble?” you leaned over the counter to whisper.
“Kind of,” he whispered back.
“Stay right here, I can call the police,” you frantically murmured as you whipped out your phone.
“No no! Not like that,” he couldn’t contain his laughter, “I’m a fine arts student. My main focus is photography, but lately I haven’t been able to capture anything worth printing,” he explained.
“Ohhh,” you said, feeling dumb, “Then why come to a town in the middle of nowhere? You won’t find much here.”
“To an untrained eye, maybe so. But to a professional, beauty can be found anywhere,” he said proudly.
“Then why can’t you find anything back home? And aren’t you still a student?” you questioned.
“You know, I was really hoping that you’d let me have that,” the boy deflated.
“Aw, I’m sorry! If you ever want to take photos of the beauty that is bread, you’re always welcome here,” you smiled.
“I might take you up on that offer,” he said as he grabbed the purchased goods, “What’s your name by the way?”
“____. Yours?”
“Jeon Jungkook.”
“I’ll see you around, Mr. Jeon Jungkook. Oh! And if you’d like a tour of the town, I’d be more than happy to show you around,” you suggested.
“That would be nice,” Jungkook pondered, “Where can I find you?”
“I’m here every day. I get off at 3pm,” you answered.
“Cool. I’ll drop by tomorrow, if that’s okay?”
“Sure! See you then!” you waved goodbye.
“Who was that?” your mother asked when the boy left.
“Some photography student that said he wanted to get away for some inspiration. I offered to give him a tour tomorrow after work,” you explained. 
“Do you want me to come with you?” your dad offered.
“I’ll be fine on my own, thanks,” you quickly turned him down.
Tumblr media
You spent the next morning frantically flip flopping between outfits. Should you go with a pretty top paired with a skirt? Or perhaps keep it casual with a t-shirt and jeans? Or should you go with a simple dress? You know you’re supposed to be a tour guide, but you still wanted to look somewhat presentable. You settled for the dress. It gave off a “cute but not trying too hard” type of vibe. 
Time seemed to slowly drag on as you waited for Jungkook to return. You had already mapped out your route, making sure it was efficient (not like there’s much to see anyway). You wanted to surprise him with a picnic at the end of the tour. Hopefully it could help show off the natural beauty of the forests and meadows that surrounded the town. As the clock approached 3pm, you began to wonder if springing a surprise picnic on a stranger was odd. Oh god, what if it was? You hadn’t had much interaction with people your age once all your friends went off to live their own lives. Panic was starting to set in when the front bell chimed.
“Hey! I’m a little early, but I can wait around until you’re finished,” Jungkook greeted you. You noticed a fancy looking camera dangling around his chest.
“It’s all good! Business has been slow today, I’ve been bored,” you admitted.
“Oh I see--” Jungkook was cut off.
“Hi! I’m ____’s mom. Did you like the bread you bought yesterday?” your mom materialized out of nowhere with a pan of fresh bread in her hands.
“It was delicious! Better than anything I could get in the city,” Jungkook complimented.
“Why did you batch a new batch? No one has come in after 1pm,” you aggressively whispered to your mom. 
“I got bored,” she pouted, “Here, have one! On the house, think of it as a welcoming present to our town,” she motioned for Jungkook to take a fresh loaf off the tray.
Jungkook’s face lit up at the offer as he thanked her for the snack. His smile lingered as he took a bite, savoring the taste.
“You must have some sort of good luck charm; you’re getting even more free food later,” you chuckled as you plopped a wicker basket onto the checkout counter.
“Sweet,” he beamed. 
You let out a small sigh of relief. It didn’t seem like Jungkook was creeped out by the thought of eating with a stranger. With the basket in hand, you led Jungkook across the town. There truly wasn’t much to see. Your family’s bakery was in line with the rest of the town’s shops. You passed by the florist, the cafe, the grocery store, and the post office within the first 3 minutes just by walking down the street. You added in little personal stories with each business that you pointed out. 
Jungkook paused by the flower shop, in awe of all the beautiful arrangements. His eyes scanned the outside displays, as if he was looking for something. 
“Need something specific, dear?” Mrs. Park asked her potential customer. 
“Do you have Tiger flowers?” he inquired.
“Tiger… No, but I can probably order some for you,” she offered.
“Ah, that’s alright. I’m sorry to bother you,” Jungkook apologized before rejoining you.
“Did you wanna take a picture of that specific flower?” you asked him as you strolled along the sidewalk.
“Yeah, it’s my birth flower,” he shyly nodded.
“Oh nice! I don’t know what my birth flower is, but yours sounds pretty. Ah, here is the town square. Over there is the courthouse/government building/boring stuff happens in there probably,” you said as you pointed out the building.
“This is cool,” Jungkook examined a decrepit well that stood in front of the courthouse.
“I guess. I always thought it would be better if they replaced it with a big pretty fountain or something,” you mentioned as you looked down into the dark abyss of the well.
Jungkook said nothing as he began taking pictures of the well from various angles. You watched him frown at each picture he took before he tried to take another. 
“Maybe you could take a picture looking into the well? I mean, you’d probably have to stand on it to get a full shot and your feet will be in it but…” you suggested before realizing that you knew nothing about photography.
Jungkook immediately hopped onto the well, disregarding the loose pebbles that crumbled away under his weight. Pointing the camera directly down into the well, he snapped a couple of pictures. He didn’t bother hopping off of the well before scrolling through the pictures he just took. You caught yourself staring at him, admiring his features. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, his lips were pursed, and the wind was blowing his bangs over his forehead ever so slightly. He really was a handsome boy, though he seemed to be completely unaware of it. 
“How’d it turn out?” you asked as he climbed down.
“Not bad actually. Better than the angles I took at first,” Jungkook smiled with approval, “I’ll show you after I touch them up.”
“I’m excited to see! Also, this basically concludes the tour because everything else is residential stuff. Unless you wanna take pictures of random people’s homes,” you joked.
“I’m good. Is this where we’re eating? I kinda skipped lunch,” Jungkook looked at the wicker basket in your hand.
“Nope! I’m gonna take you somewhere special. Are you okay with a bit of light hiking?”
“Sounds fun,” Jungkook grinned. 
“Perfect! Now it’s your turn to lug this thing around,” you said as you handed him the deceptively heavy basket. 
You took him to the outskirts of town, where nature was left untouched.
“Is this where all the cool kids have their picnics?” Jungkook asked as you led him down an old trail.
“All the cool kids left this town a while ago, so I can’t speak on their behalf. However, this is where I like to have my picnics so take that in whatever way you please,” you responded.
It was a sunny day on the verge of being too hot, but the densely wooded forest provided enough shade to make it comfortable. Your parents used to take you on walks in these woods when you (and they) were younger. Of course, now the hilly paths and loose soil would only wreak havoc on your parents’ old knees. You’ve grown accustomed to exploring on your own. Bringing Jungkook along was a pleasant change. 
“You okay with eating here?” you suddenly stopped, pointing over to a field just off the trail.
“I’ll eat anywhere, I’m starving,” Jungkook quickly nodded. 
“I’m fully aware of that; I could barely hear the birds chirping over the sounds of your stomach growling,” you teased.
An old tree that was large enough to cover up the entire picnic blanket with shade proved to be the ideal spot. Jungkook set down the wicker basket that you assigned to him earlier, eagerly waiting for you to finally open it.
“On the menu today we have fruits as an appetizer, ham and cheese sandwiches in homemade croissants as the main course, and last but not least, chocolate buns for dessert,” you proudly showcased each item.
“I never knew bread could taste so heavenly until I went to your bakery. I’m happy I walked in,” Jungkook praised as he wolfed down his sandwich.
“It’s not my bakery, it’s my parents’ bakery,” you corrected him as you ate the fruit.
“Don’t you work in it nearly every day? I don’t see how it’s not your bakery too,” Jungkook insisted.
“I’m not the one running the business,” you argued.
“You seem to put in the same amount as work as them. Instead of baking, you’re handling all of the customers. That’s gotta count for something, right?” Jungkook persisted. 
“Fine, I guess you could say it’s a family bakery. Happy?” you huffed, clearly annoyed.
  “Hey, I wasn’t trying to make you angry. I’m sorry if I overstepped,” Jungkook apologized, putting his sandwich down, “I wanted to let you know how much I love your family’s bread, that’s all.”
“No, it’s fine. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. It’s just…” your trailed off as you gazed at the blue sky.
“I don’t want to pry, but I’m happy to sit here and listen,” Jungkook offered. 
“I don’t want to scare you away by dumping my personal issues on you,” you tried to lighten the mood.
“I don’t think you could do that, ____,” Jungkook assured you. 
Your eyes widened ever so slightly since he caught you off guard with his sincerity, but soon you gave him a soft smile.
“Fine, since we’re just sitting here anyway,” you caved as you picked up your sandwich, “I wish I wasn’t here anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I love the bakery. I just wish I got to go to a big city somewhere and attend a real university. I don’t know what I’d study, I just know that I thought my life would be different by now,” you turn away from him to hide your watery eyes.
“It’s not all that great,” Jungkook responded after a short pause, “I came from a small town too. The only difference was that it was along a beach, not by a forest. Wait, the location doesn’t matter,” he quietly scolded himself, “What I’m trying to say is that I did get away from my hometown. I was so excited to finally be a city kid. I didn’t realize how overwhelming it would be. Now look at me. I’m a senior in college with no direction in life. That’s what I get for choosing a career with no job security,” he chuckled as he looked down at the camera around his neck. 
“But are you doing what you love?” you quietly asked.
“I think so. Are you?” he asked back.
“I think so,” you sighed, finally turning to look at him. 
“I could always take you back to the city with me,” Jungkook flashed you a big bunny smile.
“Don’t joke with me like that. I hate getting my hopes up,” you playfully punch him in the arm. 
“I’m not joking!” he yelped in surprise.
The conversation turned into a more cheerful one. You both spoke about your dreams, both childhood and present day. It was fun talking with Jungkook as you both watched the clouds roll by without a care in the world. 
“Maybe you could get some pretty shots of some wildlife while we’re out here,” you recommended when the conversation came to a pause.
“Do you want to model for me?” Jungkook asked.
“Huh?” his sudden proposal surprised you.
“It’s completely okay if you don’t want to! Actually, just forget I said anything,” Jungkook looked down at the camera in his hands in a futile attempt to hide his flushed cheeks. 
“Just tell me how to pose,” you smiled, already getting up.
“Uh, just act natural,” he said awkwardly as you leaned against the thick tree trunk.
At first, you made some silly poses that made Jungkook laugh. To be honest, you only did that because you really didn’t know how to pose next to the tree while making it look natural. Forcing a smile, you attempted to lean on the tree like as if it were another person. 
“You don’t have to fake a smile,” Jungkook called from behind the camera.
“I don’t know what to do!” you called back.
“Act natural!”
“How do I do that?”
His response rewarded him a sarcastic eye roll, followed by a burst of laughter. Jungkook furiously clicked his camera as you laughed even harder. He praised you for ‘being in your natural state’ as he took shots from ridiculous angles. He gave you a thumbs up after he was satisfied with the impromptu photoshoot.
“Is laughing until I can’t breathe just me being in my natural state?” you asked playfully as you sat back down on the picnic blanket.
“It was authentic, so I would say so. I wish I could capture sound too, your laugh is so cute,” Jungkook said nonchalantly as he scrolled through the photos.
His eyes widened as soon as he realized what he said. He opened his mouth to try and take it back, or at least cover it up. He looked over at you shyly, only to see that you were digging out dessert from the basket. He let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, you didn’t hear him. 
“How were the pictures?” you asked, scooting to sit beside him after handing him the dessert.
“See for yourself,” he proudly showed you.
You were amazed by his talent. Even without editing, the photos looked like they were ready to be submitted into a contest. Everything looked so perfect. Your smile was genuine, the lighting was optimal, and your hair looked surprisingly good. You applauded him for his talent, to which he bashfully denied by saying he was still such an amatuer. You both finally dug into the desserts. 
“These chocolate buns were amazing,” Jungkook licked his lips after he finished it.
“They’re my personal favorite! They’re also the best things that I can make on my own,” you winked at him as you finished yours.
“You made these?” Jungkook’s doe eyes filled with awe.
“Yep! Don’t act so surprised,” you pouted.
“Sorry, it’s just that you told me your parents bake everything. These were really good! Probably the best things I’ve had since--oh wait. You have a little something,” Jungkook leaned forward to wipe the corner of your mouth with his thumb. 
You both froze for a second, in shock of this intimate gesture. Jungkook’s mouth opened to apologize, but you stopped him before he had the chance. Without thinking about it, you put your mouth around his thumb. You sucked on it for a second before you snapped back to reality. You started apologizing profusely the instant his thumb left your mouth. 
“It’s okay! I shouldn’t have touched you in the first place,” Jungkook shied away from you, refusing to look you in the eyes. 
“I don’t know what came over me,” you apologized as you grabbed his hand.
Jungkook looked at you with an embarrassed expression the moment you held his hand in yours. At first you didn’t realize why he was so embarrassed, you were the one sucking his thumb. But then, you noticed Jungkook sheepishly resting his other hand in his lap.
“Jungkook,” you said sweetly.
“Yes?” he answered, his eyes averting yours once more. 
“Do you want me to do it again?”
“Huh?” he looked back at you with disbelief. 
You made a bold move as you moved to straddle his lap, each leg settling beside his waist. You brought his hand up to your mouth and batted your eyes innocently.
“Like this,” you say before licking his pointer finger. 
Jungkook gulped while slowly nodding his head, giving you permission to continue. His eyes stayed glued on you as you wrapped your lips around his finger. You dragged your flattened out tongue from the base to the tip. You then reversed this motion, but instead only using the tip of your tongue. You began to work on his middle finger as well. It was hard to fit his long fingers in your mouth, but you’re no quitter. Your tongue weaved between his fingers, adequately coating them with your saliva.
Jungkook’s breaths quickened the longer you went on. You felt a bulge grow between your thighs as you straddled him. Perhaps wearing a dress was a great idea after all. Your hips began to move on their own as you slowly grinded on Jungkook. 
“____…” Jungkook moaned quietly when you daringly took three fingers into your mouth.
Rubbing your clothed pussy against his hard crotch spurred you on even more. Drool was dribbling down Jungkook’s arm and your chin, but neither of you cared. It just made you look more erotic to him. His other hand was on your hip to help you maintain a rhythm. You opened your eyes to make contact with his as you suckled his fingers. That’s all it took to make him come undone.
He quickly pushed you off of him as he cried out. You were both too shocked to say anything for a few seconds. Jungkook seemed too embarrassed to look you in the eyes again, his cheeks bright red.
“Jungkook, I--” you started to apologize.
“You probably think I’m pretty lame huh? Cumming in my pants like some sort of middle schooler,” he looked down in defeat. 
“What? No, of course not!” you disagreed.
“Don’t lie,” Jungkook refused to believe you.
“Jungkook, that was honestly the hottest thing I’ve ever done. What we just did was hotter than when I was actually having sex,” you tried to cheer him up. 
“You’re not lying?” Jungkook finally looked up at you with sad puppy dog eyes.
“I swear I’m not. I could help you clean it up, if you’d like,” you offered. 
“I think that would make me feel worse. Just hand me some napkins and I’ll go take care of it myself,” he declined.
You packed everything up while you waited for Jungkook to return. He discreetly threw away the ball of used napkins into the designated trash bag, praying to god that you weren’t looking. 
The walk back was quiet and awkward. Neither of you knew what to say. You were horrified with how you acted; you’ve never been so bold before. Jungkook was ashamed of cumming before he had the chance to do anything to you. He felt so pathetic. 
“I’m sorry for making you so uncomfortable, Jungkook,” you finally apologized.
“Are you kidding? You think I would cum that fast if I was uncomfortable?” Jungkook looked at you with incredulity, “I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m disgusting and came in my pants while you did all the hard work.”
“You’re not disgusting at all, Jungkook. I enjoyed it too. I can’t remember the last time I was that horny,” you laughed.
All the tension in the air had disappeared. Jungkook bounced back to being his cheery self. The conversation went back to normal as you brought him back to the bakery. You hugged him goodbye and were about to leave when he caught your hand.
“Thank you so much for the tour. I know we’ve only known each other for a day but... would you like to go on a date with me?” Jungkook asked with a hopeful look in his eyes.
“No,” you said firmly, watching his shoulders fall, “I’d love to go on a date with you,” you smirked.
“You jerk!” Jungkook gasped. 
You couldn’t help it, he was too easy to tease. After working out the details, it was decided that he would come pick you up on Friday night. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook took you to basically the only restaurant in town (that wasn’t the cafe). It was a family run Italian eatery, and it took Jungkook by surprise.
“Is everyone in this place a master chef or something? This is delicious!” he praised as he ate his pasta.
“I guess it’s the authenticity of family recipes? You probably eat at more chain restaurants while you’re in the city,” you shrugged as you twirled noodles around your fork.
The date went on pleasantly. Jungkook wanted to know as much about you as you did him. The conversations you had were lively and fun; there was never a dull moment with him. Something about him just automatically clicked with you.
“What’s your favorite thing to photograph?” you asked.
“I like taking pictures of landscapes and buildings. That’s why I was super excited about going to a university in the city. It’s a lot easier than taking pictures of people! Unfortunately, that’s where the money is right now,” he explained.
“You don’t like taking pictures of people?”
“Not really, no,” he answered bluntly.
“Then why did you ask me to model for you?” you were genuinely curious.
Jungkook froze in his seat. He took a long sip of his drink before answering you. 
“For practice, I suppose,” he said softly. 
“I’m happy I was able to help then,” you smiled, thinking nothing of it. 
Jungkook seemed grateful that you didn’t press for more details, and was soon coaxed out of his shy shell once the topic of anime came around. You were happy that he took you out on a proper date, you hadn’t been on one in so long.
He walked you back under the pale moonlight. You were admiring the twinkling stars when you realized that Jungkook hadn’t said anything in a while. His hand awkwardly brushed against yours when you first left the restaurant, but you didn’t think much of it. Jungkook seemed to be thinking hard about something as he walked alongside you. You were going to say something when the back of his hand brushed against yours again. He instantly pulled away and uttered a small “sorry”.
“What’s wrong, Jungkook?” you were worried now, you thought the date went well. 
“Nothing…,” his voice trailed off as he looked away.
You interlocked his pinky with yours without a word. Jungkook looked over at you with surprise, but said nothing. He admonished himself for not committing to hold your hand, but he was happy with this too. In fact, he thought it was cuter than actual hand holding.
You arrived in front of your house. Bidding Jungkook goodnight, you went in for a hug. Jungkook also went in for a hug, but he leaned the same way you did. In a quick bumble, your lips grazed the corner of Jungkook’s, causing you to jump back. You stood in Jungkook’s arms, looking away in embarrassment. He brought up one of his hands to cup your cheek, forcing you to look back at him. His eyes sparkled under the moonlight as he gazed into yours. 
Slowly, you found yourself leaning forward. Jungkook met you in the middle, his lips finding yours. It was a tender kiss, sweet and soft. You broke it off after a couple seconds to giggle, but Jungkook pulled you back into it. He kissed you gently, yet with so much passion. You reciprocated his affection as your fingers intertwined with his hair, deepening the kiss.
He finally pulled away, smiling back at you. To be honest, you wish it lasted longer. However, you knew you would have had a hard time controlling yourself if it did.
“Thank you for dinner,” you thanked him with a soft voice.
“Of course, thank you for accompanying me,” he bowed like a gentleman and kissed your hand. You couldn’t help but laugh at his gesture.
“Too much?” he tilted his head.
“Don’t change a thing,” you continued to laugh. 
All sorts of thoughts about Jungkook swam in your mind as you fell asleep that night. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook soon began to hangout with you every day. When he wasn’t out trying to take pictures, he would be in the bakery keeping you company. Your parents teased him, saying that he better buy something or else they’d kick him out, but they never did. In fact, your mom would always sneak him some freshly baked goods. 
After work, you and Jungkook would spend even more time together. It didn’t matter if you guys were exploring nature, cooling off in the stream, or just watching movies; you enjoyed it all. It was nice having someone to talk to for a change. Jungkook never asked to make plans with you, he just assumed you guys would hangout the next day when he said “see ya tomorrow!”
You knew you had a crush on Jungkook, but you didn’t know how he felt. Yes, he took you on a date. Yes, you’ve kissed. Yes, you made in cum in his pants (not necessarily in that order). You were waiting on him to ask you to be his girlfriend. You didn’t want to pressure him, especially when you knew that he’d be going back to school in the fall. 
One day, much to your chagrin, Jungkook was helping you with inventory. You argued that he shouldn’t work since he wasn’t getting paid, but he smiled and replied that spending time with you was all the payment he needed. You were too flustered to argue after that.
“Great, everything has been accounted for! Can you help me put this box back up there?” you asked him, nodding your head at a particularly high shelf that was out of your reach. You grabbed a step stool for him to make it easier.
Jungkook lifted up the heavy box of supplies with ease, and placed it back on the shelf. He looked down at you and smiled.
“What?” you cocked your head.
He said nothing as he leaned down and kissed your forehead, “You just look cute from up here.”
You looked away as you blushed, not knowing what to say. Jungkook laughed as he got down from the step stool. He teased you about it for the rest of the day.
Days flew by as it was getting closer and closer to Jungkook’s departure. You let Jungkook decide on what to do during his last day there. He picked you up at the bakery after your shift. He wanted to take one last stroll with you around town before he had to leave. You were about to hug him goodbye when he invited you over, saying that he had a box of popcorn he needed help finishing.
After watching a couple movies, Jungkook had his arms around you as you rested your head on his shoulder. Cuddling had become a norm between you two. Jungkook suddenly nudged your side, causing you to shriek.
“Sorry, just making sure you were still awake,” he giggled.
“I was, but now I definitely am,” you said as you returned the favor and tickled his sides.
It soon became a war of tickling as laughter erupted from both of you. Jungkook was just as ticklish as you were, making it a deadly battle. Before you knew it, you were straddling Jungkook, gripping both of his wrists in your hands. You both stared at each other as the laughter subsided, now replaced with heavy breathing. 
“You could easily knock me over, you know,” you said as you lowered your nose to his.
“What if I don’t want to?” he whispered back.
He moved his head upwards to kiss you, catching you by surprise. You kissed him back, pushing him back down. You lowered your hips to rest on his hardened crotch. You let go of his wrists to help him take off his shirt before removing your own. 
Once your lips connected again, Jungkook’s hands moved freely over your body, gently caressing your breasts. He treated you so tenderly, it made you even hornier. Your hands reached down to unzip his pants.
“Is this okay?” you paused to ask.
“Only if you take off your pants too,” he answered with a smirk.
Soon enough you were both down to just your underwear. You palmed Jungkook’s erection, curious to see it. It already felt huge in comparison to your hands.
“I want to fuck you, _____,” Jungkook groaned as you kissed his neck.
“I’m glad we want the same thing. Where do you want me?” you cooed. 
“Like this is fine,” he quickly answered. 
He helped you take off his underwear, revealing his massive dick. Your pussy clenched at the sight of it. You wriggled out of your panties and positioned yourself on top of him. 
“Ready?” you asked.
Jungkook just nodded, his eyes wide with anticipation. He gulped as he watched you slowly lower yourself onto him, taking in each inch slowly. You moaned as he went deeper and deeper in you. You hadn’t had sex in a long time (and admittedly it wasn’t very good). Now, you were sopping wet and Jungkook was filling you up perfectly. Once you reached the base of his dick, you took your time going back up.
From the look on Jungkook’s face, he was in pure bliss. You continued to tease him as you fucked him slowly. You transitioned from taking his entire length to just swiveling around his tip, making him moan from the overstimulation. Jungkook dug his nails into your lower back, begging you to take all of him in again.
You leaned back over and peppered kisses along his chest and up his neck. Jungkook whimpered at the sensation, his breathing grew uneven. You giggled at him as you suckled on his neck, leaving wet kisses in your wake. Once you had enough of teasing him, you slammed back down onto him, and both your moans filled the room. Your hips began to move faster as you bounced on top of him. Jungkook’s grip on you tightened. 
“I--I’m gonna cum,” he panicked.
You immediately hopped off, hoping to edge him. He whimpered at the loss of your warm pussy, but your plan seemed to work. His eyes begged you to get back on top. 
“Now it’s your turn to fuck me,” you demanded as you laid down on your back.
Jungkook complied and positioned himself between your legs. He bent over to kiss you while he pushed his cock back inside of you. He took his time at first, but then tried to pick up the pace. His movements were awkward and stiff, and his pelvis hit your hips in a way that you knew they were going to bruise later.
“Jungkook, just relax,” you commanded.
Jungkook steadied his breathing and took your advice. He was finally able to find a rhythm and stuck to it. Luckily, it was the perfect rhythm for you as he continuously grazed your g-spot. Jungkook moaned with every stroke as your warm insides squeezed around him. You wrapped your legs around him, bringing him even closer. You looked up at him to see that the usual sweet star filled doe eyes of his had switched to a version of pure ecstasy as he gazed down at you with blown out pupils. The change was a little jarring, but also incredibly sexy when you realized the potential duality Jungkook could have. You pulled him into a deep kiss, tongues exploring foreign regions as he pounded into you. 
“I’m gonna--,” his breath hitched.
“Cum on me baby,” you panted as you furiously rubbed your clit, desperate to cum with him.
With perfect timing, Jungkook got to feel you cum around him for a few seconds before he had to pull out and finish all over your chest. He gave you a quick peck on the cheek before scurrying off to find something to clean you with. 
He rested his head on your chest as you held him close. You were falling asleep when he said something.
“Sorry, what did you say?” you asked him since you barely heard him.
“I am, well I guess was, a virgin,” Jungkook admitted.
“Oh,” you tried to mask your surprise.
“I didn’t wanna say anything. I mean, how lame is it that I’m a college senior and have never gotten laid. You’re probably surprised huh? I’m not lying, I swear.”
“I am surprised, but only because you seem like ladies would be all over you. You’re so handsome, funny, charming--”
“Yes yes keep going,” Jungkook joked.
“--and a genuinely good guy. Plus I feel like being a photographer would help you meet a lot of pretty girls,” you reasoned.
“While all of that is true, the real reason is pretty embarrassing. I’m...I’ve always been kinda scared of girls,” Jungkook sighed as you tried to suppress your laughter, “I’m not kidding! I always get so nervous around girls, I could never actually talk to them.”
“So am I not a girl in your eyes?” you teased.
“You’re a woman,” he answered cockily.
“Shut up! I hope your first time was enjoyable. Thanks for entrusting me with your v card,” you laughed.
You both continued joking and laughing the night away until you fell asleep in each other’s arms. While that night was enjoyable, it made Jungkook’s absence hurt more. 
Tumblr media
Life had sunk back into the same mundane routines once Jungkook left. Of course, he still kept in touch. He would text and video call you as often as he could. He’d send you pictures of his newest shooting locations, and you’d always be the first person he’d show his finished products. 
You loved witnessing Jungkook’s passion grow, he had a new spark in him that wasn’t there before. With your encouragement as an extra shove, he applied to his dream job. He explained to you that it was with an agency that would send him to a random country where he’d work with a participating magazine company. You secretly envied him for even having the possibility of exploring the world. 
Days and weeks started to blend together. Your parents insisted on having you help out more in the kitchen, presumably to get your mind off of Jungkook. 
It was a weird fling you had with him. However, it also didn’t seem like a fling. Most flings didn’t still keep in touch in a long distance “friendship”, or whatever it was you had. You were never officially dating, but it sure as hell felt that way. You cursed yourself for waiting for him to ask, you should’ve just done it yourself. Of course, part of you felt like you’d just hold him back if you guys actually ended up dating. 
These thoughts constantly swarmed your mind. Ironically, the only time you weren’t thinking about your dilemma was when you were chatting with Jungkook. The end of the semester was quickly approaching, and you could tell that he was getting antsy. He hadn’t gotten offers from anywhere that he applied. You could do nothing but give him hope but assuring him that someone somewhere will hire him. 
You watched snow fall outside when you got a call. 
“I GOT IN!!!” Jungkook exclaimed.
“What?! Where?!” you jumped up in excitement.
“My top choice! The one where they send me to another country! Guess where I’m going,” he sing songed.
“Umm… Italy?”
“Close! I’m going to España,” he said with a spanish accent.
“That’s amazing, Jungkook. I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it. When do you leave?” you asked.
“In a week. God, I’m so excited! Oh, my parents are calling. I’ll talk to you later?”
“Of course. Congrats again,” you cheered before he hung up.
Before you knew it, you were crying. You were honestly happy for Jungkook, but reality hit you. You were never going to be able to tell him that you loved him. You were never going to be with him, not while you’re stuck in this town. It sucked, but you had no choice but to accept that. 
Two days had passed since that phone call. Jungkook was probably busy packing and working out minor details, so you stayed out of his way. You figured things would probably be like this from now on. Why would he bother talking to a small town girl while he’s out exploring the world? 
You were restocking the milk puddings rolls when the front bell chimed. 
“I’ll be with you in a second,” you called out.
“No worries, I’ll wait all day if I have to,” a familiar voice responded.
You dropped the rolls as you turned around with lightning fast speed. Jungkook stood at the doorway, beaming a big bunny smile at you. You ran to him, embracing him in a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead. 
“Surprise,” he smiled.
“What are you doing here?” you asked as you wiped tears from your eyes.
“I needed to see you. I was planning on coming back and surprising you even before I left. You didn’t think I’d leave without saying goodbye, did you?” he ruffled your hair, “Oh, and those tiger flowers are beautiful,” he nodded over to the flower bouquet on the checkout counter.
“I got them because they reminded me of you,” you blushed, your ears turning red.
“Did I hear Jungkook?” you mom poked her head out of the kitchen, “Oh my goodness! Honey look! Jungkook is back!” she called your dad. 
Your parents came out to greet him. He explained everything to them, and they congratulated him. 
“How long will you be here? Aren’t you leaving soon?” your dad inquired.
“I leave tomorrow night. I wish I could stay longer,” Jungkook answered solemnly. 
“____ suddenly doesn’t have to work until after you’ve left,” your mom smiled fondly at you.
Your eyes lit up as you kissed your parents on the cheek to thank them. After grabbing your jacket, you took Jungkook’s hand and dragged him out. You both aimlessly walked around the town as you chatted. He went more in depth with the details of his job. He was most excited about capturing photos of the city. After looking up some pictures of the architecture, he immediately fell in love with Madrid.
Jungkook invited you over to watch some of the short films he worked on over the past semester. While they were just videos of his friends with no plot, you could feel their friendship seeping through the screen. The way Jungkook played with music and colors really enhanced the already well shot video. You felt at peace sitting beside Jungkook on his bed as he showed you all his past projects. Part of you wished that this moment would never end. 
“You’ve made me a better person, you know,” Jungkook said out of nowhere, “I’m more talkative around my friends, and I’ve gotten more comfortable with being myself.”
“I didn’t do anything, that’s all you,” you smiled as you poked his chest. 
“You definitely helped,” he ran his fingers through your hair, “I love you, ____.”
Your heart skipped a beat.
“I love you too. I thought I’d never get to say that,” you said with a sigh of relief. 
He looked into your eyes before leaning forward slowly. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, you practically pounced on him. You kissed him passionately, as if to show him how much you missed him. Clothes were thrown in every direction leading to bare skin being exposed.
Jungkook’s soft hands roamed across your body as if he were trying to memorize your every curve. His touch was a bit rougher than the last time, his lips crashed against yours as he pinched your nipples. You couldn’t tell if it was desperation, carnal lust, or just a new side of Jungkook, but you didn’t mind in the slightest. His erection pressed against your thigh as your hands tangled themselves in his dark hair. You reached down to grab his cock, gripping from the base and slowly dragging your hand to the tip and then back down. He shuddered at the sensation, moaning into your mouth. 
“Should I get on top?” you batted your eyes.
“Nope, I have a better idea,” Jungkook growled as he flipped you over onto your knees, “Can I fuck you like this?”
“Fuck me however you want,” you answered gleefully. 
Jungkook rammed into you without hesitation. He firmly gripped your hips to keep you in place as he thrusted into you. His dick sent waves of ecstasy as he crashed into you. He surprised you when he reached his hand around you to play with your clit, causing you to squirm under him.
“Be a good girl and stay still,” he ordered. 
His newfound dominance turned you on. He was no longer the baby boy that followed your every move, although you were sure that side of him was still there somewhere. You got lost in pleasure and didn’t realize how far gone you were till you felt liquid dripping down your inner thighs.
“You’re so fucking wet baby. All this for me?” Jungkook panted as he continued snapping his hips into you.
“Mhm, of course. Only for you,” you managed to moan out between thrusts.
“That’s my good girl. Get up,” he demanded as he hopped off the bed. 
You obeyed, curious as to what he was going to do. As soon as you got off the bed, he spun you around and pushed your chest back over the covers. He slipped back into you with ease, groaning as your slick juices coated his cock. This new position enabled Jungkook to directly hit your g-spot with each thrust. Again, his hand wrapped around your waist to find your clit. His other hand found purchase on your neck, slightly choking you. The overstimulation had you crying out in bliss that you had never experienced before.  
You were practically gushing now as your wetness ran down your legs and sprayed onto Jungkook’s thighs with each strong impact.  Jungkook lifted up one of your legs onto the bed, spreading your pussy.
“Now touch yourself for me,” Jungkook directed.
He didn’t have to tell you twice. Your legs started to shake as you played with your clit at the perfect pace while Jungkook drilled into you. You were sure that you had already came numerous times by this point, but you could feel the grand finale soon approaching.   
“Jungkook I--” you didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence as you climaxed onto his dick. He was infatuated with the way you looked from behind, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He pushed you back onto the bed with your legs still hanging from the edge. He reinserted himself while you laid there, completely delusional from the pounding you had been receiving. 
“You’re such a sexy woman,” he moaned as he anchored the weight of his arms onto your shoulders. 
He continued his torment downwards. Your bountiful cheeks bounced back and forth while he repeatedly rammed into your g-spot causing you to release more of the juices his massive cock craved. 
 He slowed his pace but still kept going to help you ride out your high for as long as possible. The sensation of you cumming on him was enough to bring him right to the brink of no return.
“Can I cum on you?” he pleaded in a tone all too familiar to you.
“Please do,” you nodded.
“God, you’re so sexy,” he said as he gave you a couple more hard thrusts before pulling out and coating your ass with white strings. 
Jungkook held you in his arms after wiping you down with a towel, both of your chests heaving in sync. You both managed to work up a sweat, but Jungkook still smelled amazing. He played with your hair as your eyelids started to get heavy. 
“_____,” he whispered softly.
“Yes, Jungkook?” you replied with your eyes still closed. 
“Come with me.”
“What?” your eyes shot open. 
“Come with me to Spain. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t care. You’ll finally get the adventure you’ve always wanted, and we’ll do it together,” he kissed your forehead. 
His unexpected proposition had you overwhelmed. You were speechless. You would go with him in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t matter where you’d go, as long as you were with him. 
“ know I can’t do that,” you fought back tears, nuzzling yourself further into his chest. 
“I wanted to ask your parents as soon as I arrived but you rushed me out too quickly and--”
“I can’t leave them, you know that,” silent tears rolled down your cheeks. 
“I think they’d understand. Plus, you’ve said that they’ve tried to convince you to go to college,” Jungkook was getting desperate, he thought you’d agree on the spot.
“They need my help now more than ever. My parents are getting old. As much as I want to leave this place, I can’t. I’m going to be stuck here forever. I’m so sorry, Jungkook,” you wept.
“It’s okay, ___. We can ask them tomorrow, how does that sound?” he rubbed your back. 
“No, I can’t do that to them. You know they’ll say yes. I have to stay,” you sniffled.
“You’re a great daughter. I can’t force you to come with me. I’ll miss you. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone,” Jungkook’s voice started to falter.
“Don’t worry about me. Go live out your life. Eat great food. Take beautiful pictures. Meet pretty girls,” you tried to lighten the mood.
“You think I want to meet pretty girls? Why would I do that when I have you,” he hugged you tightly.
“We aren’t even dating, Jungkook. I don’t want to hinder you more than I already have,” you blurted. 
“I...I know we aren’t dating. Not officially. But that’s just a stupid label. I want to be with you,” Jungkook’s voice softened to hide his pain. 
“Maybe this was a bad idea,” you said as you got up.
Jungkook immediately pulled you back into him. Your nose brushed against his wet cheek, causing you to freeze up when you realized that he had also been crying.
“Please stay with me. At least just for tonight,” he pleaded.
“Alright. I can do that,” you softly kiss him. 
You woke up the next morning with your head on Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook looked adorable while he was asleep, with his mouth agape and his hair falling messily over his forehead. You tried to inch away, but he just pulled you closer, making it impossible to escape. 
He woke up with a yawn a couple minutes later. He smiled down at you before ruffling your hair.
“Jungkook, I’m sorry about last night. I--”
“Let’s not talk about it. This is my last day with you for god knows how long. Let’s just enjoy ourselves, okay?” he interrupted you.
Tumblr media
It had been three years since that spring when you met Jungkook. You sometimes reminisce about the times you had with Jeon Jungkook. It honestly felt like a dream. Communication with him slowly faded away, and now the only conversations you had with him were one message long during birthdays and holidays. You kept up with him more through Instagram. He regularly uploaded his beautiful pictures, and you could tell that his talent only grew. He had a knack for making dull buildings and streets come to life. 
Your parents planned to retire soon, leaving you to tend to the bakery by yourself. They mainly managed the front-of-house work during the busy hours now. Their goal was to finally sell the bakery, but you protested against it. As much as you wanted to be rid of the chains that tied you down, you were scared. You didn’t know what you would do if the bakery was suddenly gone. It was all you’ve ever known. 
Ever since your parents announced their retirement plans, you started to dabble in pastry making. They were impressed with your skills, and your creations got added to the menu. Word spread that the already famous bakery was now carrying delicious pastries, and business soared. 
You were busy decorating your latest desserts when your mother came into the kitchen.
“Your father and I have to go run a quick errand, we’ll be back soon!” she said before giving you time to protest. You grumbled to yourself as you placed strawberries on your cakes, praying that no one would come in.
“Hello? Anyone here? The sign says open,” someone called from the front.
‘God dammit’, you thought before putting on a fake customer service smile. 
“Welcome to--” you stopped in your tracks.
Jungkook was standing in the middle of your bakery, looking even more handsome than you had remembered him. His face lit up as soon as he saw you. You couldn’t help yourself as you ran towards him, colliding into him with a forceful hug.
“I hear you sell desserts now,” he grinned.
“Jungkook! What are you doing here? Your hair, it’s so long! you have tattoos now?!” you were in shock. 
“Do I look more artsy now?” he laughed, “I came to see you. I wanted to try your desserts too, of course. No one would believe me when I said nothing can compare to your family’s bakery. Oh, I have a present for you.”
You became giddy with excitement as Jungkook brought out a brown paper bag and handed it to you. You pulled out prints of a beautiful girl standing in a forest. looked familiar…
“Is this me?” you asked as your mouth hung open.
“Yeah, these are the pictures from when you took me on that picnic. Would you believe me if I said I barely had to touch anything up? They were already nearly perfect,” Jungkook said proudly.
“It’s because you’re a talented photographer,” you smiled.  
“That, and because I had the perfect model. How could I not ask the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen to model for me?” he said as he tucked your hair behind your ear.
“So I wasn’t just practice?” you recalled asking him about it all those years ago.
“I was so nervous back then, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth,” he laughed, “I’m much more open now.”
You promptly switched the ‘OPEN’ sign to ‘CLOSED’ and sat Jungkook down. You brought out one of your fresh strawberry cakes, eager to hear his opinion. His face contorted with pleasure as he took the first bite. He complimented the flavors and textures, saying that everything tasted like perfect harmony. You laughed together as he shared stories of his time abroad. He intently listened while you opened up about the struggles of the bakery. 
“Anyway, that’s enough complaining for now. I’m happy you’re back! How long are you staying for this time?” you tilted your head. 
“Depends,” Jungkook answered as he gazed out the window. He looked back at you with a serious expression. He quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you close, bringing your face just inches away from his.
“Do you still want to explore the world?” he asked.
“Of course, that’ll never change. know I can’t,” you answered somberly. 
“After everything you just told me, you still think you have to stay here?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow, “My next gig is going to be in France. Come with me this time, _____.”
You stared at him with a stunned expression. You thought he had forgotten about you. Now here he is, asking you to run away with him again.
“Why did you lose touch? I thought you had moved on. I made peace with that. God, it hurt like hell, but I came to terms with it. And now we’re doing this again,” your voice cracked as tears welled in your eyes.
“Honestly, it hurt me too much. I couldn’t bear talking to you every day or video chatting you, without knowing when I’d see you next. I never stopped thinking about you. I tried. I tried to forget...but no one could ever come close to you,” Jungkook cupped your cheek in his palm, “There’s a really good patissiere academy close to where I’ll be working. You could go there and sharpen your skills! Then maybe one day open up a bakery of your own...if you wanted.”
“But what about my parents--”
“Stop using us as an excuse to hold yourself back,” your mom scolded you as she entered the bakery.
“Did you like your surprise?” your dad winked.
“You knew?” you were bewildered.
“Jungkook contacted us a while back, asking if we thought his plan could ever be a possibility. I figured you were still head over heels for him since you never dated anyone else,” your mom shrugged.
“If you want to go, go. Don’t worry about us. We can sell the bakery, and finally retire,” your dad said. 
“You have your parents’ blessing, ____. This decision is entirely up to you. What’s it gonna be? Will you come with me to France?” Jungkook asked again.
“I..,” you looked at your parents before your eyes wandered back to Jungkook, “Yes. I’d love to,” tears of joy rolled down your cheeks.
Jungkook got up and embraced you in a tight hug before he whispered, “I’ve missed you so much,” in your ear. 
“Well, we better start packing,” Jungkook turned to your parents.
“Packing? Already?” your eyes widened. 
“We leave by the end of the week!” Jungkook gleefully took your hand and dashed out of the store. 
Jungkook dragged you through the town up to your house. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched his long hair bounce around while you ran. You could’ve sworn that sometimes they looked like bunny ears.
He was definitely Jungkook, but he seemed like the upgraded version of the shy boy you once knew. He had a new confident aura around him, and he seemed more manly than boyish now. Everything was happening so quickly, but you were nothing but excited for the adventures to come. 
As long as Jungkook was by your side, you were ready to take on the world. 
Published March 26, 2021. No editing, copying, translating, or reposting allowed. All Rights Reserved © 2021 Baepsaesbae.
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underthejoon · a year ago
All Through the Night [1]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre: Royalty AU! Werewolf AU! Childhood Best Friends to Lovers. 
Rating: M for Mature. Sexual Content/Future Smut. Language. 
Word Count: 5,740
Summary: Jungkook, Prince of the Werewolves, must mate before he can take his rightful place as King. How you, a human, became one of the candidates for his Queen is a mystery to all – including you.
A/N: Hi all!!! I decided to split this into two parts because it was taking me so long and I needed a break but didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer.
Tumblr media
The anticipation for what awaits you is agonizing. There is a heaviness in your heart. It is a painful pounding that beats furiously against your breast. It reminds you of everything you have to lose tonight. It reminds you that too much has been left unsaid between you for far too long.
But there is no guarantee that any of it would matter anyway. He is to become a king, after all. What would a king want with a heart as delicate as your own? What use does a king have for a woman like you? A human woman at that. One whose presence could very well mar the crown he will soon wear and everything it stands for.
It does not matter to many that you are no ordinary woman. Your blood is as blue as the ocean is deep but you are a human all the same. How could a werewolf as powerful and revered as Jungkook ever hold his head high with an interloper for a bride? Surely there would be outrage amongst the members of the pack. Surely you would be the cause of far more stress than your tender heart is worth. No, a king needs domain over his kingdom, not the love of a human.
But loving him is not something you can so easily abandon. It expands well beyond what you can fit in that silly heart of yours. It has been growing steadily inside of you since the innocence of your youth. It started way back when Jungkook was still a ruddy cheeked runt who used to chase you through his family’s orchard. It has matured since then, just as you have after all these years. It is deeper now, desperate even. It begs to be unleashed and reciprocated with an equal vigour.
You would know, since desperation is a feeling you have become all too familiar with as of late. The words you have wished to speak for many moons still weigh heavy on the tip of your tongue. Just as they have since you learned of Jungkook’s impending ascension to the throne. An ascension that must be accompanied, much to your agony, by a wedding. Such is the tradition of his kind, that a king must claim his mate before the sun rises on the day of his coronation.
That day is just a week from now and as is tradition, the most eligible of maidens have presented themselves to His Highness for his careful choosing. And as you well know, any king would be proud to select his mate from such a bevy of beautiful, purely bred bitches. Each whose accomplishments far outweigh even that of their ample bosoms. Each who would gladly bear him pups worthy of his namesake. Any of which his pack would be proud to call their queen.
And then, there is you. Yes you, the human girl, as many of his kind call you so lovingly. Nevermind that the very utterance of your name would have once had people dropping to their knees in deference back in your homeland.
But that is just the thing. Here, you are no one. You have been no one since the day you stepped foot in the land of the Were. Here, your parents traded your title and tiara for asylum and anonymity when you were just a young girl. Your land was torn by war and soon vicious whispers of an imminent attack upon the Royal Family left your parents scrambling to find a way to keep you safe. It was only because of the benevolence and compassion of the mighty werewolf king and queen that you are even alive today.
You wish you could say the same for your parents. Or for the many loyal men and women who helped raise you in your early youth. But they are gone, just as your birthright and any chance to be Queen are. Here you are just a human. A meek, little lamb amongst wolves. And to many, you have been nothing but a hindrance to Jungkook and his potential for greatness.
He is to be King! A king whose duty is to choose his queen. A werewolf queen. Which begs the question, what exactly are you doing here? It is not as if you have volunteered yourself, not like the others. But then again, it would not have been appropriate for you to do such a thing. A human has no business inserting themselves in the sacred affairs of werewolves.
However, you also did not object when you were sent for just the other day. You did not refuse or offer any hint of protestation when Jimin came knocking upon your door. The wild glint in his eye coupled with the mischievous way his lips turned up on end let you know that it would not be some regular social call.
No, as Jungkook's most trusted confidant, he was sent on a mission not only to extend the royal invitation, but also to escort you to the palace should you accept. And while you pressed your dear friend the entire way there, he only placated you with soft smiles and a loving hand atop yours.
As much as you wanted to hate being left in the dark, you could not deny the way you positively vibrated with anticipation. You knew what this week meant. You knew that only women allowed in the castle were potential mates for the soon to be King. You knew that this meant you were amongst the elite few. And while the wheels inside your head turned with an abundance of questions, your heart swelled with the once impossible notion that you and Jungkook were destined to be.
You have been living in that limbo since the day you arrived at the palace steps – teetering right on the line of hope and despair. It has been a chore not to let yourself fall too far to one side at any given point. In fact, it has been damn near impossible to keep yourself even keeled with the stakes as high as they are.
Still, you have tried to put up walls – like not allowing yourself to dwell on the memories you have made here in this place. You have tried and tried to wipe them from your mind so as not to fall deeper than you already are.
But how could you forget you and Jungkook sneaking around these empty halls late at night? How could you erase the stolen moments you shared in the darkness? Moments where his hand became permanently entwined with yours as you navigated through the black of night. You only had each other and the implicit trust you shared to guide you safely.
Back then, you never wanted anything more than that closeness. All you truly needed was his hand in yours and the small hope that maybe his heart beat faster just like yours did whenever you touched. But things changed, your desires changed too. They grew as you did which only made loving him hurt more. It was easier to pretend when the throne was not such an imminent threat to the fantasy inside your head.
You are here now though, in his bed, waiting. Your heart is pounding so furiously you are afraid he will hear before he even enters. You desperately wish it would cease. That your head would be clear and free of these memories. That these doubts and emotions that make the blood pump heavy through your veins could be soothed by the very one who has made you this way.
But you cannot expect such a thing. Even though he has invited you here, you cannot expect it is because you are a serious contender for his noble heart. In fact, this could all be some big misunderstanding. His invitation could have been purely a ruse to get his oldest friend inside the castle. He could have wanted you here to give him advice. To help him talk through his feelings before choosing his real mate.
The thought alone is enough to make you clutch at your chest. It is painful enough that you can quite literally feel how it jaggedly cuts away the little hope you still cling to. He would not dare be so cruel, would he? He could not embarrass you so thoroughly, could he?
No, he would not. He could not. Not after you have stripped yourself bare and lain waiting for him to receive you in such a way. He would have surely sent word beforehand to tell you that performing such an intimate ritual together is not what he desires from you. You have to believe that he would not play with your heart so carelessly. Still you doubt yourself. Still you pull the silken sheets up and hide yourself away.
You are certain the others did not meet him this way. That they did not cower. You are certain that they felt proud to partake in such a ritual with him. That they met him as naked as the day they were born. No sheets would hide away their womanly forms from his hungry eyes. Yes, you are certain they met him readily – wet between the legs for His Highness’ maximum pleasure.
But thinking like this does a terrible thing to your insides. You know he has been with others. You have been here for days. But how many now? Two? Three? Are you the last to lie with him?
Has he already made his choice?
It pains you to know they have had him. That he has held them through the night and considered what life would be like with them by his side. It pains you to know that they have felt him hot and hard inside of them. That they have received the very thing that makes you ache so wantonly even now.
Really it is shameful how despite your despair, you are as slick as sleet in anticipation to feel him nestled deep inside of you. It matters not that he has been with them. This is the way of his people. This is his birthright. You would not dream of taking that from him no matter how gruesomely it guts you. You would not dare hold him back from finding his kindred spirit or the one who lights his noble heart aflame. You would never try to stand in the way of his great love, even if that love is not with you.
At the end of the day, you know that the love you feel for Jungkook transcends all of your own selfish desires. It is why you are here now, in spite of the fact that it brings about far too many feelings of inadequacy. He sent for you. And while the intent of his invitation is still a mystery to you, you will always come running when he calls. Such is your burden in this love.
But oh what a beautiful burden it is to bear. Oh how your soul sings when you are blessed with the whole of his attention. He is mesmerizing from the scar on his cheek, to the mole beneath his lip all the way down to the pureness of his heart. You could not deny him even if you tried.
Yes, it is quite apparent that you belong to Jungkook and there is little that can be done about it now. Especially since the time has come for you to finally have him to yourself. Even if it is just for the night, he will be yours until the sun rises.
It seems as though Jungkook is as eager as you for what tonight brings. Because not moments after you see the sun setting through his window, his fist lands heavy against the door, beckoning to enter. It thuds just as your heart does. You have been waiting for years to let him inside.
“You may enter,” you call weakly.
Your voice is riddled with nerves and you wince at what you must sound like. You could never be Queen with such a lack of authority in your tone. You would be eaten alive just like the lamb they see you as.
Jungkook, however, seems to care not for such trivial things because the sound of your consent sends his chamber doors flying open in a hurry. His rushed entrance makes your knees shake and your heart stutter as you cannot decipher if it is because he is excited or ready to let you down easily. Though you suppose there is no use in speculating when the answer will become apparent in just a moment’s time.
“Good evening, Princess,” he says as though it is a secret. As though it was meant for your ears and your ears alone.
You suppose it is, as he is the only one who calls you this. He is the only one who has shared your secret in silence after all these years. In this room, with Jungkook, you do not have to hide who you are nor who you were born to be. It is part of the reason you love him so dearly. He sees you, unlike everyone else.
“Your Highness,” you offer though you still refuse to look at him head on. With your heart pounding as it is, you are not sure you could handle such a feat quite yet.
Behind you he scoffs, though his distaste at your utterance of his title does not deter him from approaching. He strides with purpose, closer to the side of the bed you are not currently occupying and exhales slowly.
There is a pregnant pause that sends you reeling. It is heavy with words unspoken. It is agony manifested in these moments where each of you wait for the other to move. It is an impasse of indecisiveness and it is only broken when a quivering breath is blown from your lips.
“Will you not show yourself to me?”
His voice rings with a nearly imperceivable hint of desperation. One that confirms why you are here tonight. Jungkook plans to lie with you, just as he has with the others. This knowledge both eases your worries and twists the knife deeper into your gut. But you have been over this before, you will never deny Jungkook. Not even for a moment.
"If that is what you desire," you mumble in an attempt to appear indifferent. You are not ready to show him the whole of your heart. Not just yet. Not until you know what lies inside the depths of his own. But if it is your body he wishes to see, you will give yourself over, albeit nervously.
With all the courage you can muster, you drag the sheet from your shoulder. The silk slides slowly against your skin and you know that his eyes are on you. You hear how he breathes heavily as the plump swell of your ass comes into view. It is frightening to be in such a state of undress with him as an audience. Frightening, but thrilling just the same. Because he wants you, at least for now. He waits with bated breath for you to give him what he wishes.
It is a powerful position to be in, holding all the cards like you do. It is not one you are keen on giving up quite yet. With this in mind, you pause when the sheet falls away. You allow him time to linger on your form. You give him silence to process and appreciate the soft lines of your curves but you do not turn to face him. For you are certain if you do, your new found confidence will vanish the moment your eyes meet.
"Princess," he presses, his voice hoarse with something you cannot place. You have never heard such a tone fall from his lips before. "Must you tease me so cruelly?"
His wicked words ignite what feels like a raging fire within you. One which he stokes with his  very presence alone. It roars deep in your gut now, heating your skin as it licks its way from your toes to your top. It burns bright in its desire to submit to his every whim and you, try as you may to fight it, are no match against your own debauched desires.
Traitorous as your pounding heart may be, it is what drives you towards him and what you truly want. It pushes you to turn, slowly and with as much sensuality as you possess, to face him. To finally show yourself in all your naked honesty and let your love shine through.
Jungkook watches with wide eyes as you bare yourself to him. He traces a treacherous path along your supple skin and shows no sign of shame amidst his open ogling. Rather, he reveres you like a gift presented to him. A gift he would desperately like to tear into but cannot fathom ripping such delicate wrapping.
His sharp inhale is near instantaneous, forcing him to puff out his chest in what can only be described as a display of pride. Dare you say, possessiveness even? Whatever it may be, he does not care to hide it from you. Rather, he looks you dead in the eyes as a low, rumbling growl resonates deep in his chest.
“You are too kind to oblige me, Princess," he utters in too calm a manner for such a sensual situation. "I suppose it is time I return the kindness.”
It seems as though it is your turn now to do the waiting as he does not wish to rush. Instead he raises his bulging biceps above his head at a glacial speed and grabs the fabric that rests at the nape of his neck. Your mouth waters as he salaciously sheds his shirt. At how he moves with a calculated coolness that rivals the fire in his onyx eyes.
He is far too beautiful like this, far too dangerous with his hungry eyes and ruffled locks. And he must know what he is doing to you. He must realize how the broadness of his chest and the toned planes of his stomach have positively stolen your focus from his steely stare.
It is almost as if he wants you like this – ruined. It is as if he has decided to put on some sort of show for your viewing pleasure. The way he runs a palm down the length of his torso and teases the band of his trousers nearly confirms it but it is the faint laughter he lets out that truly gives him away.
He loves this. He loves how you watch him, how you drink him. He loves how your chest heaves and your heartbeat quickens. He loves that your body is telling him what your lips would not dare speak. Yes, he must know that he has made you into little more than a prisoner held captive by these flames he insists on fanning.
"______," he calls, desperate to draw your eyes back to his.
When your gazes lock once more you see the mischievous curvature of a smirk on his lips. The way he licks them sends a shiver down your spine while a fresh wave of wetness slicks the place between your thighs. That is what does it for him. That is the thing that really breaks him.
His facade slips for the most minuscule of moments when his eyes roll back in his head. He can smell it on you. He can smell just how badly you want his body on yours; how wet and ready you are and his cock strains tight against his trousers from the scent alone.
The sight is enough to make your heart leap into your throat. It is enough to have you whimper aloud at the idea of such a beast inside of you. You cannot continue to look at him like this. You cannot handle how he toys with you as if you are his prey. Sussing out your most tender spots so he can sink his teeth in for the kill. He is figuring them out far faster than even you imagined and it is driving you absolutely mad with want.
You are squirming by the time his eyes flutter open but he wanted you this way. His stare borders on obscene and you hardly recognize the boy you grew to love. No he has never gazed upon you so brazenly. He has never looked at you as though you were something to be feasted upon and the realization knocks you near breathless.
With haste you are turning to hide your face and your shame from him. But you do not miss the sound of his trousers hitting the floor. Nor the thudding of his footsteps or the heavy heaving of his chiseled chest. You want him, heavens do you need him and it seems as though this need does not live solely inside of you.
Yes, he must need you the same because he does not hesitate for a single second to join you upon the mattress. He does not stall in smoothly sliding between the sheets and closer to your body. So close that you can feel the heat radiating from his bare chest. But he does not touch your skin. He does not mold himself hot against your back nor make any attempt to push further.
Instead he waits until he hears your breathing steady. He waits until the floor does not feel as though it is falling from beneath you. He waits until you are able to process all of this newness and again you are reminded why it is you love him. Jungkook knows your emotions so well that you do not even need to say them aloud. He would never want to overwhelm you and so he waits until he is certain you are prepared and willing to continue.
“Princess,” he breathes softly. Like you are a frightened doe he does not wish to send scurrying off into the night. "May I touch you?”
Your thighs quiver with fresh yearning at the promise of your bodies meeting. The mere thought of his touch upon your naked skin is enough to undo all of the composure he finally allowed you to regain. It is enough to have your voice catch in your throat and your breath quicken.
It is everything you have ever wanted but the words of affirmation are still lost upon your lips. They still hold themselves tight to your tongue in light of the uncertainty. Instead you offer him indifference. Instead you begin to build your walls back up and pretend as though this is not your wildest dream come true.
“This is your ritual, is it not, Your Highness? Do as you wish."
Your words border on wicked and you half expect him to throw his hands up and leave. He is to be King, after all. He has little need for a petulant human who teases him so. He has lain with others who have not been so coy and withholding and though you wish you could be like them, you cannot. You can never be what Jungkook needs. The realization makes you shudder.
But Jungkook is quick to run a loving hand along your arm. His touch is tender and warm, much as he is. You feel how it lifts your spirit and begins to melt away at the ice you let take hold of your heart. He is set on showing you that he is the same wolf you have always known, no matter how hard you try to keep him at arm's length.
"It is true that this is a sacred rite, but your permission is far more important to me than any tradition," he says with all the conviction he can conjure. "I would not think of taking anything from you, ____. I only wish to receive what you offer willingly."
He punctuates his passionate words with a soft squeeze to the meat of your arm. There he lingers for only a moment before withdrawing his warmth to await your decision.
You cannot fight the feeling that takes hold of you when you hear him speak. You cannot shy away from the overwhelming urge to be wrapped tightly in his embrace. You need him near. You need him to see that you would offer him your world, no matter how small an offering that may be. You would offer him every part of yourself and you intend on showing him that.
With a newfound confidence and hope in your heart, you do the daring deed of sliding your body closer to his. You do not stop until you feel the soothing heat of his chest against your shoulders. You do not stop until his body instinctively curves against yours as he welcomes your nearness. Not until the cleft of your ass is pressed to where he hangs hard against his thigh. And though it is frightening to be so close, it feels as if you were always meant to know each other this way.
"I offer myself," you whisper, breathless. "I offer myself to you in any manner that you desire me."
Jungkook's heart thunders against your flesh as his hand grips the meat of your thigh. You feel how he growls hot against your ear when he guides your leg backwards to hook over his hip. And though he tries to contain himself, it is apparent to you now that he is merely hanging on by a thread.
In light of this revelation you do what you can to unravel him that last bit. You wish to see him utterly unhinged and so you arch your back to press your sopping center against his proffered cock. The noise that escapes him is sudden and raw in its animalism. It thrills you down to your very core to know that you caused such an unfettered display of desperation. That it is you he clings to in order to keep himself together. It is your skin beneath his fingertips and your cunt that has him whining like a wolf in heat. He is to be King, but you are the one who seems to yield all the power.
"And what of your desires, Princess?" Jungkook rasps. His voice is rough with want though his hands tell a different story as they lovingly caress your skin. "I wish to know them. I wish to offer myself as well, in the hope that I might fulfill them all."
You wish to answer him, to regale him with every scene from your most private fantasies but words are hard to come by when he touches you so freely. His fingers dance delicately along your innermost thigh, stopping just shy of the wetness he has created. They stroke softly against your stomach before landing loosely between your breasts.
There, he flattens his palm to feel how your heart races from such tender ministrations alone. You may not have answered, but from the way your body responds to his every touch, he can surmise that being with him like this is likely one of them. He hums a softened sigh of satisfaction and drops his head to nuzzle at the hollow of your throat. It is as if to tell you that you share in this desire. That tonight you both shall have what you have been waiting for all this time.
“Do you know the purpose of tonight’s ritual, ____?” he questions as his lips glide over your pulse point. He smiles when you shiver and press yourself nearer. “Do you understand its significance?”
It would be a lie to say that you fully understood what this mating rite means. All that you know is that Jungkook is to lie with you – inside of you, for the entirety of the evening. Well, you and any eligible maiden who so offers herself to him.
But in all truthfulness, you have done well up to this point to pretend that such a ritual does not exist. Never did you want to think about Jungkook and his future bride. Never did you think you would be here now.
“I know what is to happen tonight, Your Highness. But I am afraid I cannot tell you that I understand why it is of such great importance.”
Behind you Jungkook heaves a sigh of exasperation and for a moment, it seems as though you may have ruined everything. You should know this, if you have any chance at being Queen. You should understand the ways of his people and all of the intricacies of their sacred rites. But he is quick to quell your worries with a soft kiss atop your shoulder.
“I will hear no more of this ‘Your Highness’ from you,” he says with all seriousness. “I do not accept such formality when we are to be one, you and I.”
Your breath catches at that. It shocks you to hear how he speaks of your impending coupling so openly. You have hardly been able to look him in the eye and here he is, kissing your skin and speaking of such intimacy aloud.
“What shall I call you then, Your Highness?” you jest in an attempt to cut through some of the tension.
“Maybe I am a simple creature, but I am rather fond of the way my name sounds on your lips,” he admits with none of your earlier humor. “When I am inside of you, I imagine I will enjoy it even more.”
Such sinful speech sends you reeling once more and the way you greedily gush between the legs comes as little surprise to either of you. You are positively soaked at this point, wound as tightly as one can humanly be without snapping. It pleases the wolf beside you, that much is made obvious by the way he grinds closer to the source of your succulence. It coats his royal cock as he fights the desire that pumps hot through his veins.
“When?” you gasp, desperate and trying to keep yourself rutting against him. It is too much as it is and you are half a breath from begging for him to take you here and now.
Amusement sends a muted laugh rumbling through the broad expanse of his chest. You feel it as he moves to wrap his arm around your waist. In how he manages to pull you closer so that he might whisper in your ear.
“When will I be inside of you?”
His tone is teasing, his breath featherlight as it tickles your skin. He places a kiss below your ear just to revel in the softened sigh you release. Just to indulge himself in the scent you give off from wanting him so ardently.
“Jungkook,” you half warn. You are in no state for games. Your heart is so full of love, your body so wracked with lust that you are hardly able to contain it within yourself.
“Moonlight,” he longingly returns, “how lucky I am to have your radiance bestowed upon me.”
There are no words, no beautiful turn of phrase you can call to mind that can fully describe the feeling that sweeps through you. It is one of absolute joy, of wholehearted enamorment and true fulfillment. You have never experienced such a feeling until now. You have never known such contentment and all from the utterance of a simple sentence. It further solidifies what you have known for most of your life. You will never love another the way that you love him. It is as frightening as it is soothing.
Indeed it is horrifying how easily you have let yourself fall into such a state of being. There have been no assurances made, no words spoken that would lead you to believe that Jungkook is anything but eager to fuck you and here you are, throwing all caution to the wind. It is unsafe, to play so fast and loose with your fragile heart. It is too risky to fall so carelessly.
In an instant, everything has changed. In an instant, anxiousness begins to claw away at the rosy bubble of love you have so foolishly let inflate around you. It reminds you of your reality. You are a human and despite your participation in this evening’s ritual, the likelihood that his pack would allow you to be Queen is laughable.
You cannot do this, you will not recover if you cross this line with him. You will not be able to separate your emotions from an act so intimate.
“____,” Jungkook calls when he feels your attention slipping. “There is something I must say before we continue. Something of the utmost importance.”
Tears burn hot in your eyes when you hear the apprehension in his voice. You know what is to come. He is going to tell you this is just for tonight. He is going to let you know that anything that transpires this evening will be purely physical and shall end as the sun rises. You know it, you feel it in your gut, you feel it in how your heart hammers in your ears. You cannot stand to hear such words from him. You will not stay to have your heart shattered.
With haste, you rip yourself from his arms before he can stop you with his lupine strength. You dare not look him in the eye when you roll from his bed. You dare not acknowledge the worrisome calls of your name when you grab the nearest knit from the bed and drape it around your shivering form. Rather you run with fresh tears falling from your eyes and attempt to distance yourself from the pain that exists in this space.
You run, despite a desperate Jungkook pleading for you to stay. You run and you do not stop until the door to your chamber has sealed you off from the rest of the world. Until you are free to cry openly beneath your own sheets. Until you can mourn the loss of great love and resign yourself to your fate.
You will never be with Jeon Jungkook. 
He is to become King, after all. What would a king want with a heart as delicate as your own?
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holdinbacksecrets · 2 months ago
Words are a funny thing when they’re bullets from the one you love. xx .college au. jungkook x reader. angst.
Tumblr media
The hallway was blurry like it had never been before. Your gaze stays on the floor, counting the dark tiles like your life depends on it because right now, maybe it does. Voices of students fill your ear; you swear you hear your name, but the rattling inside your mind is enough to push you forward.
The pouring rain soaks your clothes in the time it takes to let your head fall back and feel the rain against your eyelids and tear-stained cheeks. Your lips part, and the droplets attack the open space, meeting clenched teeth and a heavy jaw.
Somehow, the worst thing you had ever heard in your twenty-two years was that Jungkook didn’t want you. But it wasn’t just that. It was the flash of something you caught in his brown eyes before the words spilled. It was the way you took a step towards him. A step of hope, like heartstrings pulling you near. It was the way his palm was turned out, ready to feel your hand in his for the first time because he wanted to.
Your heartbeat rising, a cherry-lipped smile making its appearance before his fingers pushed back his hair, and his gaze fell away from you. The trigger was pulled, and you wish you had closed your eyes, stayed demure.
It takes two blocks to realize your keys were still sitting on his wooden desk, but the library the two of you had turned into your studying safe haven is around the corner. You seek comfort from the storm in the small cafe on the third floor, leaning against the window in a single booth. Your knees bent, pulled up against your chest. Your eyes track drops of rain as they fall into each other before rolling down the glass.
Jungkook’s words failed to sound like his own. They sounded rehearsed, forced: hidden away to be used if the moment came.
You were fully aware of the risk that came with admitting to your best friend you maybe… completely love him. You knew there was the chance the way he felt when he saw you didn’t match your rush of joy, or the overwhelming sense of home that consumed you whenever he was around.
But the signs.
The weekend getaway with your group of friends. The two of you sitting by the fire after everyone had gone to bed. The way he told you to stay a little longer. The way he pulled you, and oh so gently, into him. Your legs perched across his lap, your head against his chest. His lips barely grazed the top of your head, through a smile. One you couldn’t see.
The weekend of your 21st birthday when you had planned to go home, but the snow cancelled your plans. Jungkook showed up for you. He knocked on your door just before midnight with strawberry cream cake and chocolate ice cream. “Hey hi, I’m sorry I’m late. I would have been here earlier, but I went to five stores before finally finding a number one candle to go with the two. Apparently it’s normal in this city to only have twos, fives and eights. Anyway, happy birthday.” His wide-doe eyes sparkled beneath the light, and that smile... beat any present.
The signs.
Your phone rings and the text from your roommate is almost enough to push you past your breaking point:
How did it go??! I’m sure we’ll be celebrating tonight!
It took you three days to open the blinds in your bedroom and make something for breakfast that didn’t include stuffing your hand in a box of cheerios.
Your roommate had done a decent job of checking in with you, but you felt yourself mourning how things used to be. You were searching through your memories, trying to decide if you had missed something. If the ultimate fate of you and Jungkook had been so obvious, but you succeeded in reading your best friend wrong for the first time.
You sat by your window. Toast on a paper towel resting on the windowsill. Orange juice in a chipped mug. The sun had finally decided to make an appearance. Students were enjoying the lucky warmth of late autumn. Your eyes flickered to couples and groups of friends sprawled out in the park.
“Another day hiding out, huh?”
The voice didn’t belong to your roommate, but the one person who always succeeding in restoring your sense of reality.
“Lea let me in.” Hoseok is leaning against your doorframe, watching you with worry, despite his soft, warming smile.
“Of course she did.”
Hoseok joins you on the floor, and his eyebrows raise, urging you to open up.
“It couldn’t have gone any worse. I’m mortified.”
“What happened?”
You let yourself speak— get everything out, despite your hardest efforts to push the recent happenings away. You hadn’t been very successful these past few days anyway, but giving the experience a voice brought a new wave of emotions.
“It was the way he looked at me, Hoseok.” Your hand lifts, palm meeting your chest, and fingers clutch your t-shirt, just above your heart. You hope it’s still there, still whole. “I’ve never experienced a moment so earth-shattering.”
Hoseok approaches Jungkook at his secluded spot in the library. His headphones are in, focused on the worksheets and study guides laid out in front of him. Hoseok takes the empty seat across the table, reaching out to remove Jungkook’s own attempt at isolation.
“What the hell did you do?”
Jungkook doesn’t need to ask why his friend is so riled up, and he’d look like an idiot doing so.
“Is she ok?”
Hoseok shares a look of utter shock, but what’s worse is his radiating disappointment. “Are you seriously asking me that right now? I just went to visit her because I haven’t heard anything in days. I don’t know why I even bother listening to you go on and on about how badly you want her as your girlfriend. How in love with her you are. How terrified of fucking up— and when she takes the step you’ve been too afraid to consider for longer than a second, you shut her down?”
Hoseok’s recollection of the moment sends chills down Jungkook’s spine. “Fuck. I really messed up.”
“I hope you aren’t just now realizing that, and you’re going to get yourself together and go see her.”
“Should I go now?” Jungkook is frantic, attempting to get his papers in a nice stack, but his fingers shake.
“Honestly, you should have gone three days ago.”
Hoseok squeezes his friend’s shoulder, attempting to bury his anger in front of Jungkook’s own within himself. Tears fill his eyes as the regret unravels.
All he can do now is hope to god you’ll listen to him long enough to hear his apology, believe it in his eyes.
beta readers from heaven: @moon-write @captainorangegoose
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kingsuckjin · 8 months ago
Golden- JJK
Tumblr media
💛 Pairing: (almost entirely)Jungkook x reader, (basically none)Seokjin x reader
💛 Rating: 18+
💛 Genre: friends to lovers but like fluffy but also like very sad.
💛 Summary: After see your boyfriend Jin cheating on you at a bar and realizing your shared friends have been working together to hide it from you, you storm off into the parking lot to cry. Jungkook sees you out there and tells you the truth about everything, or what he wants you to believe is the truth.
💛 Words: almost 16k
💛 Warnings: CHEATING!!! “only one-bed” cliché but I love it, drinking, oral sex(m&f), protected sex and unprotected sex, dirty talk, overestimation, vaginal fingering, love kink?, too much smut, uhhh Jungkook is a bit of a stalker.
💛 Note: listen, I just wanted an excuse to write a gratuitous amount of Jungkook fluff and smut and I also love hurting. I thought I should throw in, these two characters are not actually in love, there are reasons it moves so fast, but it's not love.
❤ also a very big thank you to @btsaudge​ who beta read this whole thing for me, she’s not only a god tier beta reader but a god tier writer too ❤
Tumblr media
“Where are you?” Jin was supposed to be home an hour ago. He had been doing this off and on for the past few months. You’d be lying if you hadn't wondered if things were beginning to fall apart later. You knew Jin would never do anything he wasn’t supposed to, especially not with the other guys there. You knew he was probably just having fun and part of you felt awful for wanting to keep tabs on him, you didn’t want to ruin his time by pestering him the whole time.
You paced as you waited for a reply but none came.
“Is Jin okay?” You sent to Namjoon now and he replied pretty quickly.
“Yeah, I’ve got an eye on him. We’re just over here at Gold’s bar telling old stories.” 
“Thank you.” You replied. You knew Jin could be a handful after having too many drinks but entrusted them with him.
You tried to sit back down and open your laptop up only to just blankly gaze at the screen. You were bored. Writer's block had hit you hard and you just didn’t feel like writing right now. You missed Jin tonight. You thought about the trip you had saved up for with the money from your last book. Sleepless hours were poured into making that book special all because you and Jin had shared a dream of vacationing in Hawaii together. All of your money went to it, every cent besides the shared rent, you wanted to surprise him and you just couldn’t find the right time to do it. He was a lawyer, not the best yet, so he had many sleepless hours too. You both deserved this trip.
You wondered for a moment if you dressed up and showed up if it would make him happy, especially if you finally told him about the trip tonight. You figured if you waited until he got home he would just pass right out and you wouldn’t get the chance. Again, you didn’t want to bother him with his friends, but then again he had spent many nights with them drinking and you were sure there were more to come, one night of you showing up couldn’t hurt.
You closed your laptop and went to your closet to find the black dress he loved so much on you, you only got it out for special occasions, and one of these days you planned on wearing it when he proposed. You knew him proposing was coming, he had been talking about it here and there lately “After we’re married…” or “when I make you my wife…” this was how life was supposed to go and you thought you couldn’t have picked a more relaxed person to share life with and you did your best to match his laid back attitude.
You got an Uber to Gold’s bar, it wasn’t a long ride, just long enough to make you further worry about ruining his time tonight. 
The first person you saw was Taehyung sitting at the bar with a pretty lady, obviously flirting like the ladies man he was. 
You tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned he seemed surprised to see you for a moment.
“Where’s Jin?” You asked over the music that was playing slightly too loud and it just wasn’t your taste in music anyway.
“I saw him over there.” He pointed to a corner of the building, and you saw him alright. You saw past the people and even passed the girl pressed into him, both leaned on the wall. 
“What are you doing here?” Came another voice.
You looked away from the scene and at Yoongi. Your eyes felt wide and your mouth fluttered open and closed. You didn’t know what to say or to think, or what was happening. Were you tired? Were you seeing things? Had your sweet and kind boyfriend just been making out with another woman with all of his and your friends here to witness it? You were confused? Did they all know something you didn’t?
You turned back around, afraid you would see the scene again, but you didn’t. There was no one against the wall. The place was dim, maybe you had just thought it was Jin.
“Want a drink?” Yoongi offered.
All you could do was just nod. 
Your eyes kept scanning the faces of people to find Jin, you were so lost and set on finding him that you were surprised to see the shot in front of your face Yoongi had gotten for you. You took it, you had no idea what it was even as it burned your throat.
“Looking for Jin huh?” Yoongi asked and sat down at one of the stools at the bar before patting the seat next to him.
“Well he’ll find us, I think he’s around here with Namjoon somewhere, might’ve gone to throw up.” 
“Yeah.” You replied but still felt nervous. Another shot was brought to both you and Yoongi.
“Was-was he pretty drunk when you saw him last?” You asked.
“He always gets pretty plastered, you know that.” 
“Sweetie!!!!” It was his voice.
You turned in the stool to see a smiling Jin coming in your direction, arms stretched wide. “What are you doing here?” He seemed happy and pretty drunk and he leaned over, wrapped his arms around you, and placed his cheek on your head. 
You felt relieved he wasn’t upset you were there.
“I’ve missed you all night.” He kissed the top of your head.
“God, you’re loud when you’re drunk,” Yoongi muttered to him.
When he released your smile that had grown from his embrace and hug faltered.
There was red lipstick on his neck.
“Jin what happened?” You asked, your hands had become sweaty as the scene you had witnessed earlier flashed through your mind.
“What do you mean?” He still wore a big smile.
“Jin, you have lipstick-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence. You turned to Yoongi just to make sure you weren’t going crazy and he had turned back away to face the bar.
You could feel your pulse thud hard as your brain further tried to rationalize it but to no avail. He must’ve caught on because he wiped at the place on his neck where your gaze was fixed. Your eyes flickered back to his nervous-looking brown eyes that were always so full of joy and laughter, the ones that always felt like home to you. Everything about this situation felt so wrong like a nightmare, you felt sick. This couldn’t be your Jin, it wasn’t your Jin, it was some strange cold stranger pretending to be him, but the more you looked at him the more you realized you were wrong. You felt tears well in your eyes and knew your strong front was beginning to dissolve and break apart like paper in water. 
That was it.
You took off for the door, you looked back and saw Jin trying to stumble after you, but Taehyung had stopped him.
You were left in tears in the parking lot, you felt your phone go off in your hand but your brain was in too much of an anger and hurt haze to care. You were looking for a place to break down, anywhere, but you sure as hell weren’t planning on going back in there. Your whole relationship with Jin was flashing through your mind and it felt like your heart had been burned, burned with the image of him and someone else the way her lipstick has been burned onto his neck.
You began to sob as you walked around parked cars. You were caring less and less who saw you break down. You felt so alone and exposed especially when a man sitting on the hood of his car began to stare.
“Y/n?” The voice questioned. Through your tear-blurred vision, you could see the screen of his phone light up his shocked-looking face.
“How’d you get here so fast? I just-“ he stood from his seat on his car hood.
“Seokjin cheated on me.” You sobbed in the ugliest crying voice you had ever heard come from yourself.
Your fists grabbed the material of his jacket and you hurried your face in its collar.
His hands went to the middle of your back and hugged you silently for a moment. It just felt so good to have someone comfort you when everyone else seemed not to care or ignore you altogether. Even if it was awkward Jungkook.
You recalled the time where he once showed up at your University and just wanted to hang out for seemingly no reason. The whole two hours he was with you, he stayed silent. You thought he had wanted to visit you because you were friends but it left you wondering if he was ju9st trying to kill time or something. You also remember Jin not being too happy about it when you told him, maybe Jin wasn't too understanding back then.
“He was kissing someone else and I-I-“ you trailed off into a series of gaspy hiccups.
“I know.” He sighed.
“What?” You took a step back but still didn’t release him.
“Your phone. Check your phone.” He instructed.
You unlocked it to see a lengthy text from him. It was hard to read it and stay focused, you were shivering out of school or the chill in the air from this dress. You skimmed it but you shook worse the more you stood there. Attached were two pictures of Jin and the woman kissing in the same way and position that you had seen them.
You looked up at Jungkook with tears streaming down your cheeks, your lip quivered, your body shivered and he looked down at you with sorrow knitted into his furrowed brows.
“I’m sorry. They had always told me not to say anything, that it wasn’t my business, that I’d make you both unhappy if I-“ 
Your teeth were still chattering as you looked up at him.
He took his coat off silently before draping it around your shoulders. You fed your arms through the armholes that were way too big on you.
“Come on, let’s get you… let’s get you warm.” He went around to the passenger’s side and opened his car door. You didn’t resist, at least you could break down somewhere private.
You held your head in your hands as you sobbed over the sound of the engine and heat warming the car. He sat there quietly, not saying anything at all, but you didn’t blame him for it, he had always been awkward with people, especially you, but at least he seemed to care more than anyone else tonight.
You cried until only your hiccups remained. Your head rested against the headrest as you looked out the windshield at the night sky, it was starless.
“You- you uh wouldn’t want to go home would you.” It was a statement, he knew you wouldn’t. “Is there- somewhere I can take you? You could come with me… if you want.” 
“I don’t know, I don’t know if I want to be anywhere, but I can’t go home.” You stated knowing you weren’t making complete sense.
“We don’t have to go to my house just yet, we can do anything you want… but I do understand if you want to be somewhere where you can just be sad.”
“I don’t want to be sad.” You sniffled once more and wiped at your face “I don’t want to be anywhere sad. I wanted to have fun…”
“I know somewhere we can have fun.” 
Before you could answer he was pulling out of the parking lot.
It was quiet for a while as you just looked out the window.
“I know what it’s like you know.”
You turned to look at his face as he drove, lights every so often passing over his face.
“You’ve been cheated on too.” It wasn’t a question so much as a sad statement that came from your mouth. 
“That’s what made me want you to know so badly. It tore my heart out and sometimes I wish …I never would’ve found out, it hurt. I know it hurts.”
“I’m so sorry Jungkook.” You whispered. Sometimes he was weird, but you knew he had always had a good heart. 
“Sometimes things like that just happen, it doesn’t make it hurt less, but it does help to know you’re not alone… that and getting shit-faced.” He joked making you let out an amused puff of breath as you felt yourself smile just a little.
“Are we going somewhere with alcohol?” You asked.
“Of course. It’s on the house tonight.”
“You’re a good one Jungkook.” You replied.
Tumblr media
You looked up at the big neon bowling ball and pins at the top of the building as you sat in the parked car.
“Bowling?” You asked and looked down at your dress. He was such a weird person.
“Just trust me.” 
So you did trust him, after all, it was better than being at home alone or worse, at home with Jin.
When you walked into the bowling alley it was dark, but there were laser lights and strobes and glowing lights and music played loudly but not as near as deafening as it did at the bar. It seemed like you were the only two here, besides one older guy playing alone at the very end lane.
You took a seat at a table at the opposite end and simply just waited, but the more you were alone with your thoughts the more what happened played through your mind. 
How long had Jin been cheating on you? Had he knowingly been cheating on you while talking about you being his wife someday?
You felt tears sting your eyes again, it was harder to hold them back this time.
Jungkook came back with an entire pitcher of beer and a plastic cup he sat on the table before he looked at you.
You tried to shield your crying eyes. You felt stupid crying at a bowling alley you weren’t even bowling at.
You heard the sounds of him pouring beer into the cup and you heard the cup scoot across the table.
You put your hand down, picked up the cup, and downed it.
“I know it’s hard not to think about, and I know it hurts. You shouldn’t be so embarrassed about crying.” Somehow he was able to read you “we’re pretty much the only ones here.” 
“I know, it just feels so strange crying in such an open place. I’m glad I’m here though.” 
He looked to be thinking about your words for a moment before ducking down in the seat and disappearing under the table.
“Come here,” he asked from under the table as you poured more beer in the plastic cup.
You followed him down under the table miraculously without spilling your drink.
He gave you the biggest, sweetest toothy smile and you couldn’t help but return it. You felt like a child playing hide and seek. 
He began to sing along to September by Earth Wind and Fire that played throughout the bowling alley, even physically reenacting the words just to make you laugh. Behind him, past the table were the prettiest lights. You felt so comfortable, warm, and safe in his yellow jacket.
“Are you okay?” He asked with slight concern.
“Yeah.” You snapped out of it and took another drink of your drink before offering him some.
“No, I have to drive. I got it for you, it’s all yours.” He declined.
“Thank you, for all of this.” You told him “it has made me feel better, I owe you so much.” 
“Don’t mention it.” He shrugged and you couldn’t help but notice just how sturdy his shoulders looked, and his thick tattooed upper arms.
His eyes were just as big and sparkling as when you had met him in high school. You tried to think back on the exact point you met him but you couldn’t remember.
“Jungkook, when did we meet, do you remember?” You asked him curiously.
“Mhm. I remember.” He gave you a nod. “We were all at Seokjin’s and we were setting up monopoly but had to wait because he was waiting on someone else. When you walked in the door I…”
“You just stared at me the whole time, I felt so unwelcome.” You laughed as you remembered.
You looked over at him to see him looking down and playing with one of the chunky rings on his fingers with a shy smile, his shaggy dark waves threatening to obstruct your view of his sheepishness. He was no longer that quiet and shy bowl-cut boy, well, in a sense was, but not to you anymore. He had tattoos all over him and long hair, his ears had a few rings in each. You wondered how someone so sweet could look like that. He was a paradox all on his own and you simply just never understood it, maybe that’s why you had felt like he was a little weird.
“The funny thing was, I had never seen you at school before that, but I saw you everywhere after.”
“I remember the same thing happening.” You replied as your mind went to seeing him in the halls and recalling the little waves he would give you. It made you smile recalling him then and looking at him now.
“You’ve always been so good, Kook.”
His reply was a shy scoffing noise before thanking you.
You noticed the cup you held was empty and looked down at it.
“Want me to get you more up top?” He pointed up and you nodded. He took your cup and told you to stay put as if you might be planning on crawling away. You felt safe here under this table with him, it was like your feelings couldn’t find you as long as you hid under here with him.
He bumped his head on the way back down making you burst out into laughter.
“You think that’s funny you sadist?” He joked as he smiled big and you continued to laugh at him “is that what it takes to make you laugh?” He teased as he handed you your refilled drink. “You know what would be hilarious? Me walking out here and getting hit by a car. You would be in tears with laughter.”
You still laughed but shook your head.
“You know what I think?” He lifted a brow at you “I think you’re drunk.” He accused you.
“No, definitely not. No way.” You denied but both of you knew it was a joke. Everything seemed to lag just a bit and you felt so silly. Your confidence was through the roof and every time you looked at him your heart raced. 
“I think you’re drunk.” You accused him back.
“Me? How? I haven’t drank anything all night.” His warm smile never ended and you swore he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“I think you’re so drunk that you think I’m drunk.” 
“No no.” You continued with your play fight. “If I was drunk could I do this?” You simply just took another drink of beer.
“Yes?” He chuckled. His laugh alone was enough to make your stomach feel like it was jumping into your throat.
You don’t know what got into you, you don’t know why you did it, but you reached forward and placed your hand on his knee.
There was silence for a moment as he looked down at it. He picked it up and he didn’t quite hold it but took it in a weird handshake way and let your conjoined hands be somewhere in the space between you.
He looked at you and smiled.
“I’m cutting you off. No more drinks for you.” You couldn’t tell if he was joking, or he was hinting for you to stop, your drunk brain had no idea. Instead of trying to figure out if he was rejecting you, you turned his hand over in yours and looked at his hand tattoos and rings, running your hand over each one. You had once heard his tattoos were for his family, but you didn’t know. You let go of his hand and held his arm as you examined those too, some had words you’re drunk brain couldn’t comprehend the meaning of.
“What’s after this?” He asked as he let you look over his skin.
You thought about it.
“I don’t want to go home.” You knew that much. “And I have no friends except…” actually you didn’t have friends anymore.
“My house it is then.” 
“I don’t have to if- I wouldn’t want to…”
“It’s alright, I don’t mind. I just want to know you’re safe and not in pain… unless you’d feel too uncomfortable.”
“I trust you.” You locked eyes with him. It was the truth, Jungkook had never hurt anyone ever that you can recall. He hadn’t even been mad at any of the others, even when he should’ve been sometimes. If you were bothering him he never would’ve said it, and knowing that made you feel worse, it made you feel like you were.
“I don’t think you’ve ever been to my house, but I have to warn you, it isn’t the best, I’m just a currently jobless IT guy. Kinda lost my job last week.”
“I’m so sorry Kook. I don’t mind, at least it’s not with Jin.” You finished off what was in your cup, he hadn’t been too serious about cutting you off the drinks.
“I’ll be back.” He let you know before crawling out from under the table.
You went to get out from under the table and the moment you stood all the drinks hit you, you held onto the table for stability as you sat back down at your seat. The pitcher of beer was gone so you had either finished it or he had taken it. Your brain was no longer thinking about Jin thankfully, but unfortunately, it was stuck on Jungkook and the way he looked at you and how his hand had felt in yours. Your breath felt shaky about going home with him, not because you were unsure, but because to you that had to mean something. You tried to separate yourself from your drunk mind and realized you didn’t want to push his boundaries when he was being so kind. You were drunk and he wasn’t and you knew he had morals that you just didn’t right now. You shouldn’t hit on him again, but then again he let you hold his hand, didn’t he? Did he? Would you even call that hand-holding? He hadn’t pulled away but that didn’t mean he wasn’t trying to be nice and that didn’t mean he was uncomfortable. You felt bad about doing it, but the drunk and hurt part of you wanted something, some kind of closeness with anyone so the hurt could be replaced just for now. It was all wrong of you.
Your brain spun as you looked off into nothing at all of the dancing colorful lights of the bowling alley. Maybe Jungkook wanted to take advantage of you, maybe he saw this as an opportunity, and as wrong as that sounded you would’ve been okay with that. Your mind stuck to that idea like a fly stuck in honey.
“Ready?” He asked as he held out his hand for you to help you out of the seat.
You stumbled a bit as you took your first few steps but he grabbed you around the waist.
“Careful.” He said so gently and so patiently but it did nothing to ease your turbulent thoughts and feelings. As he held your body like this, it made you want to hold him back, but you fought the urge. He was just helping you get to the car so you didn’t fall flat on your ass.
He buckled you in murmuring a quiet apology for seemingly no reason.
His car smelled of him. It was funny how you never noticed before he had his own scent, it was a bit like cinnamon or some kind of spice and fresh laundry. It hung all around you, on his coat, the fabric of his car, and even on your hands from touching his. 
You looked at him as he drove, the whole time, and if he noticed he hadn’t said a word about it. You felt fully wrapped in him and yet you ached for more, more than just this casual friendliness.
“Do you promise to tell me if I bother you… in any way at all.” Your mouth blurted out.
“I promise.” You watched him smile at your odd request. “You never have bothered me yet.”
The reassurance was what you needed for your mind to feel content for now.
The silence was comforting after all the music and crying and drinking and all the things you had seen tonight. You almost fell asleep, almost.
The keys jingling and a car door closing woke you up. You looked around to see apartment buildings just as Jungkook opened your side car door. You unbuckled yourself.
“Do you need me to carry-“ 
You got to your feet on your own but grabbed for his arm.
“Wait.” He announced before getting to his knees in the parking lot.
He took your leg in his hand and took off one of your heels before taking the other off. He then put an arm under your leg and one on your back before you were horizontal in his arms.
“There are steps up here. I didn’t want you falling in those shoes.” He commented as he carried you and your shoes. You wrapped your arms around his neck so he might have an easier time.
“Would you laugh if I fell down the stairs?” 
“Only for a second.” He teased
“You sadist.” You snorted.
The way his body and muscles felt against you as he packed you up the stairs to his apartment door made you more lightheaded than all the alcohol you had tonight.
He put you down to unlock his door but his hands went back into you to help you walk through it.
He flipped on the lights to reveal his apartment.
His living room area consisted of a mattress on the floor with dark blue sheets and a blanket, it faced a big TV on a stand with game systems and even a computer tower.
The headboard of his bed was the bar that separated the tiny kitchen from the living area.
To the far side were two doors, you assumed one was a bathroom and another door that looked like it slid open could be a closet.
“Quaint, right?” He asked.
“It’s very you.” You said as you breathed the scent of him hanging all around you.
“I was thinking you could have the bed and I could sleep on the floor.” He commented.
“Haven’t you been sleeping on the floor anyway?” You joked. “It’s a big bed, but it also could be a couch. So I could have the couch and you could have the bed. I don’t see any other way around this.”
“You’re okay with us both sharing…?” He asked as if you hadn’t already been thinking about it before you found out the only place to sit or lay in here was his bed.
“Do you mind?” You asked.
“Uh uh.” He shook his head and took off across the room. You wobbled on over to his bed and had a seat. You watched as he slid the closet door open.
He threw a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt behind him onto the bed before pulling out more clothes he kept in his arms.
“The bathroom is-“ 
You cut him off by pointing to the only other room in the apartment. You picked up the clothes and he asked if you needed help getting in there but you shook your head.
You had to hold onto the sink as you dressed in the foreign fabric of his clothing, but even though it felt odd, you still felt comfortable. You did your best to drunkenly wash your face before coming back out. The room was dim, and the Netflix home page was the only light. He was in the tiny open kitchen half of the room in grey sweatpants and a black shirt setting a glass of water onto the island.
“Drink.” He pointed and you did as he asked but could only stomach half the glass. You were sure to thank him for his kind gift of water before you went over to his bed on the floor and got in.
“Here.” He placed a remote on your torso before crawling into the bed himself.
But you didn’t want to watch anything at all. Being next to him was enough entertainment for you.
You looked over at him, hands comfortably resting behind his head, waiting for you to pick something. 
You passed the remote back to him by placing it on his stomach and found his open side too inviting for you not to want with all of your heart.
You rolled onto your side and scooted closer and closer until you put your head on the place between his armpit and shoulder. He didn’t stop you from laying on his chest. He turned the tv off making the room go dark before he let his arm fall around you and cradle you.
You laid in silence a moment.
“Tomorrow is going to be better.” He whispered but you were already drifting from the closeness and peace you felt for now. You took a deep breath in and held his scent in your nose for a moment so it would permanently brand into your brain.
“You smell so good.” You muttered already half asleep.
You heard yet another amused scoff come from him and felt the little laugh on his chest under your head.
“Go to bed.” He joked.
And you did, as you listened to his rhythmic heartbeat, beat after steady beat, unfailing and never letting you down. There was always another right after the last.
Tumblr media
The quiet click of a door woke you. You could see sunlight flooding through your closed eyelids, you could feel the warmth in the bed and on your skin. As you laid there you could hear other little sounds, straining to be quiet but failing.
Your eyes opened and you were disoriented for a moment.
You sat up but realized the noises were coming from behind.
“Jungkook?” You sleepily let out as you winced at the bright light coming through the sheer curtains from behind the tv.
“I’m sorry if I woke you up.” You heard his apologetic voice. 
“No, it was just time to get up.” You grunted as you gave a stretch hard enough your bones cracked.
“Want some cereal?” 
You both casually sat in the bed eating. He had given you a massive bowl of cereal you felt obligated to finish. He was fully dressed while you sat there still in his pajamas.
“You want to stay again today?” He asked bluntly as his eyes focused on whatever anime he had turned on.
“I couldn’t Jungkook, you’ve been so kind and I just-“
“I don’t mind.” He shrugged and crunched up another bite.
“Why?” You decided to ask but he shrugged again.
“Having someone here is kind of fun. It’s like a sleepover I guess.” 
He was so childish in the oddest ways, it was kind of charming. You began to remember all of your thoughts from last night and thanked yourself for not trying too hard to make him uncomfortable. He pushed back his hair with his hands before taking another bite of the colorful cereal. He had the heart and empathy of an angel, even with the tattoos on his hands that he ate his kids’ cereal with.
“Then what are we doing today Kook?” You asked.
“You need clothes. Also, do you know how to skateboard?”
You felt those two things in the same breath were a bit odd but that was just him.
Before long, you found yourself in a cheap store grabbing whatever would fit you and you could wear in public and not feel too bad about it.
“Why’d you ask if I could skateboard?” You asked as he pulled out of the store parking lot. You had already gotten dressed in the bathroom and were ready for whatever weird thing he wanted to do.
“Do you?” 
“No.” You shook your head.
“Wanna learn?”
“I’m going to teach you how Yoongi taught me when I was sixteen.”
“How did he teach you?” 
“He taught me not to be scared.” Was his only reply, and you accepted it. You liked the element of surprise he added to everyday life, you liked how he didn’t take a lot too seriously. You admired that. Your life with Jin had always been work amongst jokes now and then but it hadn’t felt fun, even when you were both young. You felt like you could probably learn a lot from Jungkook.
“Let’s get some food first. It’s almost dinner time, are you hungry? You kept a while and all you’ve eaten today was cereal.” 
You paid for lunch. You got some fries you picked at between watching the wind blow through his hair as you ate outside at a little burger place. He stuffed his mouth full with every bite. A mess of tomatoes and condiments would drop from the burger and onto the wrapper in his lap.
“What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?” You asked him.
“Hmmm.” He thought with a mouthful. “Maybe live in a better house.” 
“That’s it?” You couldn’t help but laugh at the simplicity of what he desired.
“Yeah.” He smiled and wiped his mouth. “You?” 
“I wanted to live or at least visit somewhere warm. I was supposed to go on a trip to Hawaii with Jin, it was a surprise… I wanted to live there one day but he has to work here.” you felt yourself falling back into the heartbreak.
“You don’t need him to go to Hawaii. You could move there now if you wanted and no one could hold you back.” 
“Yeah.” You agreed but it sounded sad.
“You afraid of being alone?” He asked a question that hit you too hard. 
All of your adult life and even your teenage years all you knew was Seokjin, you had always had someone there, your parents or Jin, you had never really had to be alone or think of a future with only yourself until now.
“No.” You lied. There was a strange quiet.
“I’m sorry if that-“
“You should come with me to Hawaii.” You blurted out fully interrupting him.
“Do you want that?” He questioned as if you hadn’t thought it through, and you hadn’t but that didn’t mean you didn’t mean it.
“Yes. Do you?” You were so afraid of him saying no and you didn’t quite know why.
“It’s not like I don’t have anything I can just put on hold for… however long. It’ll be fun. I’d like that.” 
The conversation felt like something more to you somehow, like some secret agreement was just made.
“We should do this before it gets dark.” He commented “ready?” 
Your fries were cold and you had been just waiting on him to finish eating.
Tumblr media
You took at the top of the street on a hill with him after walking a block from where he had parked and dragged a skateboard out of the backseat.
“This is where Yoongi taught me to skateboard, he pushed me down here.” He pointed to the steep road that luckily wasn’t too busy.
“And you’re going to push me down it? I’d kill you.” You crossed your arms disapprovingly.
“No, see, you’re going to push yourself down it. If you sit on the skateboard it will be easier and you probably won’t fall, it will be fun.”
“Your idea of fun gets crazier and crazier.” You pointed out.
“Sit, I’ll stay behind you.” 
“No, because it’s going to pick up speed faster than you can run as I’m going down the hill.” Your brain had already torn the scenario apart and your chances of getting hurt were probably around one hundred percent. Even though you knew that you sat down on the skateboard.
“Okay, now just look down, get a feel for it, take it in.” He instructed as you looked down at the steeply sloping road below.
“Jungkook this is dangerous.” You commented.
He stood behind you and wrapped his arms around you in kind of a hug.
“You’re okay, nothing bad is going to happen to you, alright? I’m right here.” He whispered and you nodded. “Close your eyes, keep them closed.” 
You did as he asked you could feel him wheeling you closer and closer. Put your feet down to stop you from going just yet. I’m going to let go, you’re going to count to ten and without opening your eyes, you’re going to push yourself. Stay as still as you can even if you’re scared. Only open them when I have you.”
Your breath shook, but you gave him confirmation.
“Count.” He said as he released you.
You slowly counted, the nerves in your stomach growing the higher each number got. You gripped the bottom of the board with both hands and when you got to ten you used your legs to push off before tucking them back onto the board.
You let out a scream as you felt the speed at which you were falling, you could feel tears in your squeezed closed eyes.
He caught you by the arm. It was all over before it had even started.
You were breathing heavily and clung to his jacket.
“You’re safe, you’re okay.” He assured you and helped you to your feet.
You were at the bottom of the hill and your heart was racing with your eyes still watering. 
“Are you crying?” He grinned.
“JUNGKOOK I COULD’VE DIED!” You slapped at his arm but he dodged it only making him laugh more at your annoyance.
“Look! You did that by yourself!” He commented with proudness.
“I could’ve died.” You repeated.
“But you didn’t.” He still wore a grin.
The sunset filtering through his dark hair, his laughter, and him trying to escape you chasing him by walking backward felt oddly beautiful. His skin looked a shade of golden like this.
You pulled on his jacket to pull him in, you thought about kissing him, everything in you told you to preserve this moment. Would he let you? Would he let you at least hold his hand again?  but instead, you wrapped your arms around him.
“Today is better, thank you.” You squeezed him. Your arms stayed around him for as long as his stay on your back. It was a while that you both just stood there hugging in the street like dumbasses.
“What do you want to do now?” He asked as he released you “you’ve put up with me all day so it’s your turn to pick.”
“Honestly,” you both began the trek back to his car. “I just want another drink.”
“Understandable. Let’s stay home and drink tonight, it will be easier.” He suggested.
“I would rather.” You agreed you interlocked your arm in his as you walked, and again he let you. You wondered for a moment why he was letting you be this close to him and touch him so much, but he never initiated it. You decided thinking about any of that was not for the best and you let it go.
You stopped at a liquor store and got more vodka and snacks than either of you would ever need for one night.
Before you started drinking you both took a turn having a shower and he started some laundry. Everything was so casual with the both of you, eating chips on the bed while he beat your ass at a fighting game three times in a row, he did let you win three times after that to make up for it. The loser had to take a shot and now you each had three.
“Last one. You’re going to win and I’m going to switch games.” You announced as you picked your character. 
“You don’t know if I’m going to win.” You could hear the smile in his voice. You knew it was either he won or he let you win, and he let you win yet again.
“Don’t be such a hero.” You laughed as he had to gulp down the fourth drink of vodka. His nose wrinkled at the taste.
“Let’s just play something both of us have an equal shot at winning. Since you’re good at video games it can’t be that.” You decided. You thought about what you could do that didn’t require much skill if any. You scooted closer to him on the mattress on the floor so you could face him, knee to knee.
“Got it. Hold up five fingers.” You told him and did the same.
“I know this game.” He said holding up five tattooed fingers.
“Good, loser takes three shots.” You made up the rules and he nodded in agreement. You scooted in closer and he faced you. You were going into dangerous territory with this and you knew it, but let it go under the guise of: this is just for fun.
“Put a finger down if you’ve ever gotten black out drunk.” You said and he put a finger down and you didn’t.
“Put a finger down if you’ve thrown up in public.” He said and neither of you put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if you’ve ever… eaten something off of someone’s body.” You watched as his finger stayed up but you put yours down.
“Are you trying to lose?” He laughed
“We’re even.” You pointed out.
“Not for long. Put a finger down if you’ve ever had public sex.”
You put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if… you’ve ever… let someone win in a game.” You laughed as you brought up earlier and he put a finger down.
“Put a finger down if… you’re y/n.” He grinned.
“You know what? Just give me the damn three shots, I forfeit.” You sighed knowing that it was time to play dirty in every sense of the word.
“I’ll take three with you.” He decided. Of course he would, he was the kindest man ever. You could’ve already guessed he would say that before he even did.
You took them together and only let yourself grimace after the last one.
“Again, I’ll start this time.” He announced, screwing the cap on the vodka. You could hear him slur his speech just a little.
You both held up five fingers once again.
“Put down a finger if you’ve ever had a pregnancy scare.”
Neither of you put down a finger, but the questions were beginning to get a bit more heavy. He seemed to have the same idea as you.
“You’ve ever had someone cum inside of you or came inside of someone without a condom.” You were stepping up your questions now but neither of you were putting fingers down.
“If anyone has ever gone down on you for more than thirty minutes.” He asked but again you both still had five fingers. “Wow, that really sucks for us.” He muttered.
“If you’ve ever had a thing for someone in your friends circle.” You announced. Slowly but surely you both put down a finger. Your drunk beau was ignoring the little voice in your head screaming at you to stop. Jungkook was your friend, a friend who might even have the same feelings as you did right now.
“If you’ve ever thought about kissing someone in your friend circle.” He asked and put a finger down and so did you. You felt like you were both edging towards the inevitable and dangerous with questions like this, but you couldn’t shut your mouth.
“If you’ve ever thought about fucking them.” Your own question made you swallow as you both put a third finger.
“If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to be in a relationship with them.” He asked quietly. Your fourth fingers went down together.
There was only one left and it was your turn. You both knew now you were talking about each other, but it was hard to believe. You were scared it wasn’t you, maybe he was into guys too. You just had to ask, you had to.
Your eyes locked. You felt nervous. He looked nervous as he bit at his lip between those two front teeth you were becoming so fond of seeing when he smiled.
“Put a finger down if…” it was hard to speak, you had to swallow down the knot of nerves in your throat and take a deep breath before continuing “if the person we’re talking about is each other.”
His pointer finger curled down and so did yours.
 “For how long?” You asked.
“From the start.” He admitted. “But you’ve never felt that way.”
“I do now.” You leaned in. At least now you were sure how he felt, or at least you thought.
He stopped you by placing a hand on your arm.
“I don’t want it to be like this.” His voice was so quiet it was barely above a whisper.
You sat back and waited for him to explain.
“I don’t want it to be… I don’t want to be a rebound. I think friendship comes before feelings anyway and that’s why I did this. I don’t want to kiss you while we’re drunk, I don’t want you to regret anything.” 
“Oh.” You let out. 
“I can’t do this when you’re drunk and sad and trying to fill a void, that wouldn’t be okay of me to do. I want… I want more than that and you just got out of a relationship… or maybe you didn’t yet… but I can wait until it’s all over, I feel like that’s the right thing to do here.”
You sat there a moment as his drunk words registered in your brain. For just a second you wished you weren’t drunk so you could try to tell him how you were feeling but decided to give it your best shot anyway.
“I like you. I’m sorry I was so blinded by Jin all these years that I couldn’t see you liked me because if I hadn’t been maybe we both could’ve been better off. Maybe I could’ve had more days like this with you, hundreds more where we just do crazy things, where we could just sleep on a mattress on the floor and still feel happy and content with life. Jungkook if I would’ve known you felt this way and I would’ve known how life could be, at any point, then I’d probably be the one cheating. I want you. I want you and it’s not just because I’m afraid to be alone, you make me do things I never would’ve done. And your heart, your heart is made of pure gold. I want us both to just forget everything before now, everything we’ve been through, not because it hurts but because it just feels like it should’ve been us all along. And if you only knew how many times I’ve had to stop myself from kissing or touching you today when I was perfectly sober and perfectly happy…”
“I want that. I’ve wanted that.” He seemed like he was talking to himself more than you.
He was now the one leaning forward and your face got stuck in his pull.
Your lips met very gently and your eyes drifted closed so you could lose yourself in it.
His tongue wasn’t at all rough or demanding with yours, but it was needy.
You climbed into his lap and not a minute passed between that time and the time he was helping you fall backward, settling himself between your legs so effortlessly.
Your hands ran under his shirt slowly, creeping up until his shirt bunched prompting him to sit up and take it off.
You could feel him hard between your legs but there was so much fabric separating the both of you that it became frustrating to buck into him.
“I can’t fuck you.” He decided to your dismay. “But I just want to feel you.” 
You let him slide your shirt off so your bare chests were pressed together as mouths continued to move together in new ways every second, patternless unlike his heartbeat but exciting like the things he made you do.
He yanked the blankets up around you both and let himself grind into you slowly as you whimpered for more.
Your mouth went to his neck, sucking at his skin passionately and listening to the beautiful moans he made for you. You could’ve done this to him all night, just taste his skin and let his spit intermix with yours, but he decided to bite off even more.
His head sunk and he took a nipple in his mouth. The feeling went right to your throbbing and needy clit.
“Oh god fuck me.” You breathed “please just let me closer. I need more.” 
He pinched at your nipple softly between his teeth and you gripped his shoulder.
“I’m so wet, I don’t think one ever wanted anything mo-“
His mouth left your breast and yanked his pajama pants off of you and took off the ones he was wearing as you finished kicking off yours.
You were both down to your underwear now though you wished it was less.
While you weren’t going to force him to do anything he didn’t want to, it sure seemed like he wanted to do this.
You felt him reach into his underwear and adjust himself before rutting into you again with a groan.
Your hands freely moved across his skin, feeling goosebumps that had risen under your touch.
You knew that you were so wet at this point that it had to leak through the fabric of both yours and his underwear, you knew he felt it.
“Is there anything I’m allowed to do? Kook, you’re killing me.” You whined.
“I don’t have condoms.” He commented.
“I get a birth control shot but I understand if you don’t want to…” you trailed off.
“I don’t know what I want to do… I- but I think I have an idea. Let’s take the last of it off.” 
He seemed nervous as you both kicked off your remaining two pieces, and then you were bare for each other.
“You’re not a virgin right?” You asked from the way he was acting so nervously. 
“Oh. No, no. I- Uh I just feel like it’s wrong still... like I’m not supposed to. This can’t be happening.” He reached down between the both of you again.
“Nothing has to happen-“ 
“I’m so hard.” It was a whisper of a breathless whine that interrupted you. His knuckles brushed your folds and you realized he had his cock in his hand, pumping it slowly.
“Why the fuck are you so unbelievably hot?” Tumbled from your mind and fell from your mouth.
“You need to be seeing things from my view right now.” He looked over what parts of your body he could “dear god.” 
He finally released his cock and let it fall between your folds. He gave a thrust and felt the weight of his cock slide against your clit because of the wetness.
You didn’t expect him to shove his fingers into you, but that alone was enough to nearly make you cum from all the teasing he had put you through.
He pulled them out and held his sticky thoroughly coated fingers in the air.
“Oh my god.” He whispered quickly and shakily. 
You had never, ever been this wet in your life. You could hear the sound as he spread your juices and his pre-cum over his cock and brought it back to place it between your folds.
He came back down and every time he thrust how his slick cock rubbed your clit over and over.
Moans and whines escaped both of you but it just wasn’t enough for you to imagine him plowing into you, you needed to feel it.
“Oh god, I bet you would feel so fucking good inside of me. I’d cum for you so fast.”
You had earned a soft groan from him, he was losing it.
“I want to fuck you so badly. I want to cum all inside of you. Neither of us had ever done that before, can I?”
You felt him shift the head of his dick to your entrance.
“I will beg you, please do it.” you closed your eyes in a prayer that he actually would.
“Fuck.” he let out as he slipped into you, you took every last inch of him. 
He was already sweating and grunting before he had started thrusting, but after he started jackhammering into you, there was a new look and feel about him. His damp strands hung loosely, his nose crinkled as he hit his lip with the force he was putting into each thrust.
“I’m going to cum.” you announced not even a minute in.
He grabbed one of your legs, threw it over his shoulder, and was pushing hard. Your body bounced at the force, your head bumped the kitchen Island that was his headboard until he dragged your body animalistically lower on the bed.
“I wanna- I wanna hear you.” he panted. 
“Don’t stop- that- keep doing that,” you instructed. He was short on breath and a sweaty mess.
“Go on, I've got you. I've got you,” he assured you, keeping the pace of his hips the same.
Your orgasm crashed into you all at once like a semi-truck through a small building.
You felt like you had just gone down that hill again. Your heart was racing and you knew he was too.
You pulled him into your lips messily as your brain melted into a blissful spice and laundry scented puddle.
He mounded loudly against your lips as his body moved against yours.
“Coming.” He whispered his next few breaths were sharp, pumping into you a few more solid times, you could feel his cum spill into you as his sweaty forehead pressed into yours.
When his hips stilled, there was only the sound of rough breaths, he kept his eyes closed for a moment and swallowed hard.
“How-how was that?” He propped himself above you on shaky arms. In the dark you could see the beads of sweat that pulled on his face and neck, his chest rose and fell and still made no move to pull out of you.
“I-“ you tried to find even a single word for the experience you had just had. “I didn’t know it could be like that.”
He let out a strong huff of a laugh and grinned down at you with the biggest and sweetest eyes that looked to search your face.
“That was something.” He agreed but looked like he had something on his mind. 
He gave you a soft kiss on your lips before he finally pulled out and laid beside you, only to have the embarrassing feeling of his cum leaking from you and down your butt crack.
You jumped up, only making matters worse, cupping your crotch as you took off to the bathroom faster than he could ask any sort of questions.
As you cleaned yourself up you couldn’t believe everything that had happened between you two. you didn’t for a second regret it, the opposite.
As you walked out of the bathroom he was standing on the floor by the bed with only his pajama pants on, holding a bag of chips. He turned to you and laughed.
“We just had sex with the Mortal Kombat music.”
You stood there naked and you couldn’t help but laugh back.
That tender time you had just had together had just been spent jarring fight music and you didn’t even realize. That’s what he did to you. When you were with him the entire world and all of your problems fell away.
You put back on your pajamas, still laughing to yourself as you heard the music still play.
“Now every time I hear it I’ll think of you.” 
“Please don’t associate us having sex with that” you laid back down and he got into the bed with you. 
He fed you a chip and you thought that was pretty cute so you took him by the shirt and pulled him into your lips.
He pulled away for a moment.
“Round two, fight!” 
You laughed so hard at the stupid Mortal Kombat joke that you snorted and he found that pretty amusing. A tickle fight broke out and of course, he got you pinned and of course, you couldn’t help but kiss him again.
A knock at the door interrupted you both making him stiffen and both of your heads turn in the direction of the door.
“What do I do?” You mouthed to him he climbed off of you and sat up.
“Who is it?” He called out.
“Jimin.” The answer came from the other side of the door.
You grimaced at each other and decided to jump up and go hide in his closet. You tucked yourself in between his few shirts and hanging pants and closed the door.
You could hear Jungkook walk to the door and open it. There were now two sets of footprints inside the apartment.
“You weren’t answering any texts and I got worried about you.” You heard Jimin's voice clearly.
“Been busy.” You think Jungkook muttered.
“Looks like it,” Jimin replied with obvious sarcasm. You wondered if it was all the snacks and alcohol on the floor, the video games left on, or the marks that decorated Jungkook’s neck that made him say that.
“You hear about what happened with Jin and y/n the other night at the bar?” Jimin asked and waited a moment “I guess he cheated on her, you were right this whole time about it.”
“It sucks she had to go through all of that. How’s she holding up?” Jungkook was playing dumb.
“I don't know, I haven't talked to her. It's Jin’s business, not mine.” 
That hurt you. You had always thought of you and Jimin as pretty close friends.
“Plus I heard she disappeared anyway. Jin is speculating she took off to Hawaii on her own. Namjoon told me he told the police everything this morning wanting to file a missing person report. He thought it was suspicious she just left all of her stuff, but the police said she hadn’t been gone long enough and they had an argument and probably just wanted to be away from him.”
“Do you think she’s okay?” Jungkook seemed genuinely concerned even though you were right in his closet.
“I don’t know. Yoongi was a little worried she got kidnapped at the bar after she stormed out. I don’t think anyone is looking for her though, I think she just wanted to get away. Also, you kind of disappeared that night at the bar too, didn’t you?” 
Oh shit. Was Jimin putting it all together? 
“I took someone to my place and she stayed a few nights. I don’t think I was there when all of this went down.” Jungkook’s alibi seemed solid, you hadn’t even seen him in the bar when you had gotten there.
“Well, I just wanted to stop by and check in on you.” 
“Thank you.” Jungkook’s reply sounded sincere.
“You should probably clean up a little, maybe get a real bed, it just looks kind of… sad.”
Jimin didn’t sound concerned, he sounded almost mean about it to you.
“Noted. Will do. Thanks for stopping by man.” Jungkook continued to be kind to him until he left.
You stepped out of the closet dumbfounded as Jungkook said nothing about the way Jimin had treated him or nearly accused him. He just got back into bed seemingly unphased. You followed after and just laid there for a moment thinking about times when they had all been mean to him at least once.
“Please don’t let them do that to you.” You asked.
“Hm? Oh. Yeah. That’s just what it’s like being the youngest. I’m used to them looking down on me.” 
“it doesn’t have to be that way.” 
“Why not?” He seemed genuinely interested in what you were saying because he rolled onto his side to face you.
You rolled onto yours to face him in the dark. Hair was in his face but he was looking at you with those big brown eyes.
“It can be you and me against the world if you wanted. If one of our skateboards went flying down a hill, we would be there to catch the other before they got hurt. Do you want to do that with me?” You couldn’t believe you had the guts to ask that but what you couldn’t believe even more was his reply.
“I want to do that with you. Let’s do that. I haven’t let you fall and get hurt yet, have I?” He grinned.
Little did he know that you already had fallen.
You brought your hand up to his face before scooting closer and placing your forehead against his
“Promise me you won’t let me fall.” You whispered.
“I promise.” His answer was instantaneous.
“Then I won’t let you either. Well just protect each other.” 
“Deal.” He replied before connecting your lips. 
As you kissed him you wondered if he felt the same about you as you did him already. He had to know that you were so scared, so terrified of being hurt again and that’s why you wanted to make this deal.
His hand slid down your body and back up causing your shirt to bunch. His warm hand made its way back down your skin again and just as it snaked into the band of his pajama pants you were wearing, a loud hum startled you both.
You were confused for a moment as the room grew slightly brighter.
Your phone was ringing on the wood floor.
You sat up, squinting your eyes as you picked up the phone and looked at the screen that was far too bright.
“Jin.” Your voice wasn’t at all cheerful.
“Are you going to answ-“ Jungkook’s sentence was cut off by the sound of you turning off your phone and putting it back down. 
“I can’t, I just… I don’t want to talk to him right now, I don’t want to feel that right now again… if ever. I saw what I saw and there’s no way he can convince me that I didn't see it or that you didn't too, we have photos. I'm not sure that I really ever want to talk to him again. I feel so… differently about him now and I don’t think there's any repairing that.”
He sat up, picked up his phone from his side, and turned it off too before you both laid back down.
“Good night kook.” You announced with Jin’s call not leaving you feeling right but not wanting to think about it right now.
“Night.” He replied as he pulled you against his body.
Although you tried to refuse your brain the opportunity of letting the thought of Jin right now entirely wreck your time with Jungkook, it was hard. You thought of all the restless nights when you stayed up working as an excuse to wait for Jin to get home from going out or working late. There were rarely nights like this where you could curl up against him, looking back on it there were no nights that you felt as cared about as you did now. A thought stuck to you, one you decided to think more on the next day. Did this all happen for a reason? For both of you? Would all of the suffering you’ve both been through in your relationships be worth it now?.
Tumblr media
You felt something soft and warm on your head. A kiss.
“Morning.” you felt a delicate breath of his whisper on your face.
“Morning.” You muttered. Your eyes stayed closed as you reached out for him and pulled him into you. He let out a quiet laugh as he let you drag him onto you as if he were your teddy bear.
“I’ve been awake a while, I went to the store in my pajamas and I thought you’d be awake by the time I got back.”
“But I wasn’t so you woke me up instead?” 
You felt his hands run up your sides and lift your shirt until the hem and bunched fabric sat under your breasts.
“I missed you.” 
“You missed me?” you couldn't help but smile before it was quickly wiped away by him crawling back a little and kissing the skin above your belly button.
“Mmm.” he hummed an answer before kissing just a bit lower.
“Remember the thing that we both never had?” you looked down to see his big brown eyes look up at you through a mess of dark hair.
It took you a moment with your still sleep fogged brain to realize what he was talking about.
“Hey Siri, set a timer for thirty minutes,”
The robotic voice replied it’s confirmation on his phone, but he was already yanking down your pants and you were lifting your butt so he could get them off.
He gently pushed your legs apart and laid on his stomach between them, starting to run very agonizingly slow kisses up your thigh. With every small warm kiss that felt just too close or every warm breath you felt of his, a tingle of anticipation went through your body. 
“I just keep thinking,” he placed another kiss on your thigh so close you felt his cheek brush against where you needed his mouth the most before he teasingly moved into the other leg “about how I have you right here” another slow kiss “after wanting you for so, so long.” 
His words hit you hard and you knew they were making you wetter. You had never been dirty talked so sweetly before, hell, it wasn’t even dirty yet here you were soaking wet and more than ready for whatever he wanted to do to you just minutes after waking up.
“God only knows” his lips touched your slit now and it was almost too much to bear “how many times I've imagined this.” his tongue dipped into your folds and licked from bottom to top, you moaned a little too loudly and jerked slightly as his wet muscle touched your clit.
You were so ready but his lips went back to your thigh. You said nothing as he repeated this pattern once and then twice, you began to more than look forward to when his tongue would meet your clit again, after the third time you swore you could cum on the next one, he was driving you insane with his teasing pattern, you felt like he was never going to let you have what you wanted.
“Jungkook please!” you nearly yelled as he once again went back to your thigh to start over. He froze, looked up at you through all of that hair with raised eyebrows, and gave you a smile of amusement.
“If you don't stop and just get on with it already then you'll see what I do to you.” you threatened.
“Maybe I'd like to find out.” he retorted.
“Get on with it!” you wailed loudly as you gave him a half pleading glare.
“Make. Me.” he looked you dead in the eyes as he spoke. It was enough to send a feeling that felt like electricity trickling through you. You started to get up to take control but he pulled your hips flat back to the bed with a delighted smile.
“Seriously?” you laughed.
“What are you gonna do?” 
You were growing more sexually frustrated with him by the second.
“Just wait.” you threatened again.
He bent his head down and kissed the folds over your clit. You took the opportunity to place your hand on his head and not let him up.
You felt him give a little laugh before he finally went to work licking and sucking at your bundle of nerves as your fingers twisted in his hair. A few moments later you felt his fingers slip into your wet cunt and press upwards, giving you everything you wanted all at once.
It hit you all at once, your orgasm shot through you. You muttered his name as you gripped his hair tighter and felt him moan into you making the pleasure feel that much better. Even though you had already cum, it was clear he wasn’t about to stop, his fingers and mouth were working you so passionately and quickly. You were so sensitive your legs twitched every time his mouth did something too rough with you, but it just felt so good. 
You looked down at him between your legs as you felt yourself building up again and watched his eyes shut and his head moving between your legs. You don’t know how or why you found it as hot as you did, but it was enough to make you cum again just as the timer on his phone went off.
“Fuck fuck fuck” you breathed as a blissful feeling washed over you like an oven wave
He looked up at you and as soon as he was sure you were done, he stopped. He went to wipe his mouth on the back of his arm when you demanded he take his pants off.
He looked at you with raised eyebrows and a little surprise.
“Tell it to set a timer for thirty minutes.” 
“I-oh-okay. You don’t need to do that if you-“
“Do it.” You demanded once more as you took off your shirt.
“Hey Siri, set a timer for thirty minutes.” He said as he shed himself of his pajamas and sat up.
A thought had crossed your mind to tease him as he had you, but you couldn’t do that. You loved the look of it thick and veiny, the head of it already leaking from everything he had just done to you. You wanted the feeling of it filling your mouth and throat, you wanted to please him.
You watched as his already hard cock stood tall waiting for you to touch it, and you wasted no time doing so. You leaned down only playing with the head in your mouth with your tongue at first, getting a feel for the satisfaction of him inside of your mouth. He gasped when you took him all abruptly into the back of your throat. You decided immediately that you wanted to hear more of that sound so you let your head bob before your hand joined in at his shaft to help. You didn’t start slow whatsoever. You were set on making him cum faster and harder than he ever had before, throwing out the idea of time altogether. 
He sat back on his hands to hold himself up but those began to shake too the faster you went. Spit ran down onto his balls and you thought about playing with them but you felt like that might tip him over the edge. 
He was full of open-mouth moans, ones you wouldn’t mind hearing the rest of your life to the body and cock and personality of a man you wouldn’t mind having the rest of your life.
Just as you thought about it you shut the thought down and concentrated on making him feel better.
“God, you’re so beautiful.” You made out from his moans.
You kept going and felt his hips thrust up into your face in tandem with your movements. He was close, unbelievably, but for some reason, he was hanging on. Only a moment later you found out why.
“Fuck me. I bought condoms this morning, fuck me. Please I’m begging you.”
You pulled your mouth off of his cock with a lewd noise and looked at him but he was already standing up, dick as hard as a statue to crinkle a plastic bag on the island beside you both. 
“I’m deathly scared of having children when living in a place so small and with no job…”
“Thank you.” You didn't know what else to say as you watched him rip off a packet, come back to his knees, and roll the condom onto himself. 
“But then again if I did… wouldn’t that just fuck with Jin knowing I got you pregnant?” He lifted a brow.
Something about that turned you into a complete animal. You kept onto his lap and clung to him. Your lips smashed into his as you reached between the both of you and guided his dick into your hole. 
He felt just as good and filling inside of your pussy as he did your mouth. No one has ever filled you up this well, no one had ever wanted you so much.
He thrust upwards with you on his lap. You were practically a rag doll under the grip he had on your hips.
You began to rock your hips to the steady and slow way his hands commanded them.
“Ahh god.” He moaned as he let his head fall onto your shoulder and you wrapped your arms wrap around his shoulders so that your bodies pressed together.
“I love you.” He placed a kiss on your shoulder blade and whispered into your sweat sticky skin.
Your heart stopped but your hips didn’t.
He said it. It had taken him only three days. You recalled it had taken Seokjin six months and fifteen days exactly to say what Jungkook had in only three. The both of you had figured it out in only three days.
“I love you too.” You raced to say. 
His lips caught yours as he pressed you down onto his cock hard and rolled his hips under you with a grunt.
“These have been the best days of my life with you and I want to keep it that way. I want them all to be the best.” He was out of breath, his eyes were closed and his forehead rested against yours.
“Please.” You begged for the same. “Let’s move away and just be together.”
He let out a small laugh before he smiled.
“Is this gross? This is so weird, it’s only been three days.”
“I’ve never been happier.” You stated a fact. You had thought about it and thought about it non-stop. It wasn’t just attraction, lust, or infatuation you felt for him, this ran deep, deep into his personality, deep into the way he thought and did things. Far deeper than his cock that was buried inside of you right now.
“I bet I could make you happier.” He tried to hide a prideful smile.
“Oh yeah? How so?” You couldn’t help but smile back.
“I could make you cum again.”
Before you could answer he was giving you a quick kiss before practically tossing you off of him with a grin.
He grabbed your hips and flipped you over so that you were on all fours. The tingle that you got down your spine from this gesture was unbelievable.
“Hurry up and fuck me.” You demanded but he shushed you as you felt him press into your cunt.
He had only been not inside of you for a moment but your body had missed the feeling.
You gasped as you felt his grips tighten on your hips and pull your body backward onto him. He went full speed, full force slamming into you. His balls slapped against you. You were already so sensitive, so sore and tired, but you continued to want more.
“Has Jin ever fucked you like this?” 
You had never heard his voice so rough, so teasing, so devilish. You were about to lose it.
“No.” You whined.
“Who does this pussy belong to? Who’s the only person to ever cum inside of you?”
Your arms were shaking, struggling to hold yourself up. Your mouth was slightly open and your brain was so lost that you struggled for even the most simple reply.
“You.” Managed to move from your brain to your lips.
You felt his hand reach around to your clit and begin to rub fast and hard circles. It didn’t take long after that for your brain to shut down, to make way for the orgasm that blew through you like a car explosion. Your arms gave out and your face ended up on the mattress while your ass stayed in the air for him. You felt like you had melted as his dirty talk became mutters and moans. You felt his cock get harder inside of you and spill warm liquid into the condom. 
“I’ve-“ he panted from behind you with his hips now still “I’ve never had sex that good- besides- besides yesterday.”
You’d agree, but you were still a puddle with your cheek pressed into the sheets until you let yourself plop on your side after he pulled out. You felt so high. You laid there for a moment as he took off to the bathroom. He was in there a while, so you decided to get dressed in your clean clothes that he had washed last night that resided in his closet.
You were in disbelief, your hands were shaking as you pulled on the clothes.
Did he mean it?
It had only been three days since he held you in that parking lot as you cried. You remembered the hurt you felt when Jin had seen Jin cheat on you. It was the kind of hurt that left a scar on your soul. You were afraid.
Jungkook was so beautiful and so kind and you had fallen hard, too hard. You didn’t even know anything about his family or where he grew up or if he had ever had any pets or his favorite color.
Your mind was spinning, you were freaking out.
You slipped your shoes by the door on and began unlocking it.
“What are you doing?” 
His voice stopped you for a moment.
You thought about lying. You couldn’t lie, but you sure as hell couldn’t face him.
“I-I think I should go.” You stammered.
“Can we talk? Was it something I said?” 
You could hear his footsteps slowly come closer as if he was trying to approach a scared baby deer to keep it from darting away, and that’s exactly what you felt you were.
“What was it I said? The Jin stuff or the I love you?” 
You could tell his brain was doing whatever it could to piece together why you were leaving.
Just hearing him say the words again shredded you apart.
You felt your eyes welling up.
“Hey, hey look at me, please.” His voice was gentle and now coming from behind you. You couldn’t ignore him, not when he sounded so sweet. You faced him and his eyes scanned over the tears slipping down your cheeks.
“If you didn’t mean it that’s okay, you don’t have to right now. I won’t say it again if-“
“I did mean it.” Your lip quivered “I’m just so scared.”
You watched as his eyebrows furrowed at your words while waiting for you to explain.
“I was just hurt and…”
“If you don’t want to do this-I-I knew going into this that you were hurt, and trying to heal and a relationship might be too much for you while… it was selfish of me to-”
you cut him off by shaking your head.
“no.” you sniffled “I want you, I'm just afraid of being hurt. If I was hurt this badly by Jin, I can't even imagine how badly you could hurt me.” 
His big eyes stared with crinkled brows at you for a moment until he wrapped his arms around you.
“I swear I will never ever hurt you. I will never do what he did to you. Never.” 
Your teary cheek pressed into his neck as you breathed in his calming scent. “I'm so scared of being hurt too, I know how you're feeling. I thought you would end up going back to him and I would lose you. So many things that could make you not want me and so many ways this could go wrong keep running through my head. Please remember what you said, we're here now for each other, it's us against the world. Please please please don't leave me.”
You felt his cheek rest on the top of your head.
“I won't. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm so sorry.” you sniffled with guilt and let your arms snake around his torso.
His form was becoming so familiar to you now, his scent already smelled of home, perhaps it did from the moment you had first let him hold you. Perhaps you were all his from that very moment in the parking lot, perhaps you both belonged to each other all along and just didn't know.
“I love you,” you spoke the words first this time, you felt no fear about it.
“I love you too, so much.” his hands slowly rubbed your back as you felt him kiss the top of your head.
You closed your eyes and took it all in, just you and him. You wished at that moment that you could go back and do it over. You would've picked him over anything else, and you knew you'd be so happy if you would've.
“Thank you for not letting me go.” you pulled back and looked into his eyes. “I could've really messed up just now.” 
He gave you a heartfelt smile.
“I hope you would've come back, I’d miss you a lot until you did. We're supposed to be together, you know.” he raised an eyebrow at you.
“Oh yeah?” you couldn't help the smile that spread on your face.
“Mhmm. I have proof.” he lifted a hand and held it up fingers spread. “Give me your hand”
You thread your fingers through his and he let your held hands fall at your sides.
“Now close your eyes.”
You did just as he instructed and felt his forehead rest against his.
You had just had sex but any time you were this close to him made your heart pound so hard. It was as if he had unintentionally trained your body to do this for him.
“Do you feel it?” he whispered “Do you feel that feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that you'll never love this hard again?”
You had. You had and that's what has scared you so much.
“I do,” you whispered back.
“And can you see it? I can. I can see us moving together to the place you've always dreamed of. You'll get mad at me for being so messy but I’ll just admire you even if you're yelling at me.” 
You felt another small smile on your face as you imagined his words.
“I'll still love you even if I'm upset at you for being messy.” you let out a small breath of laughter.
“I know you will. We'll love each other no matter what because we'll be good to each other, we'll always be there to catch each other. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Please believe me. I'm yours.”
You felt him kiss your cheek softly and you have him a nod.
Your soul felt so at ease. He had calmed your pain once again.
“If you're losing your mind in here we could just go for a walk you know.” he chuckled.
“Let's do that.” you agreed to it, knowing that he was about to take you out on another adventure.
Tumblr media
You laid in his lap and looked up at his jawline. He was playing a video game, but it was fine with you as long as you got this view. He would occasionally run his fingers through your hair or readjust the flower in it that he had picked and stuck in it during your walk earlier.
Sunset was pouring through the sheer curtains making his skin look so golden. You loved the way he looked at this hour, his appearance matched his heart. You felt so warm and loved even when he wasn’t directly giving you his attention. Jungkook’s cup was always overflowing for you when you were used to only a cup half full. You, yourself, had always offered a full cup, but you never got the love you had given back.
“Do you think we’ve earned each other?” you asked as you looked up feeling the urge to kiss every piece of his jaw.
He paused his game and looked down at you.
“I do. I think we're very deserving of one another… Well, I have thought you were always too good for me, but we're both deserving of the love for each other.”
“You thought I was too good for you?” you broke out into laughter. 
“Don't laugh, I still think that.” he was serious.
“Nooooo no no no.” you shook your head. “Why would you think that?”
He shrugged.
“Well don't think that.” you sat up.
“Sometimes it's hard not to, look at me, I'm jobless right now and you're self-made. I live in a gutter with a mattress on the floor and you-”
You shut him up by pressing your lips to his and bringing your hand up to his cheek.
“I don't care about any of that,” you told him.
“I'm going to make sure we live a good life.” 
“I'm pretty happy with you fucking me on this mattress on the floor and we can live the rest of our lives this way, I don't care.” you had to drive the point home for him. Having a good life for you wasn't about what he had to offer, but the beautiful way he lived it, you didn't want that to change.
He crashed his lips into yours now and sent you backward. Your tongues met and lashed together and suddenly your hands were all over each other.
“I love you,” he mumbled into your lips as you tried to peel his shirt off.
“I love you too,” you replied as his hands pushed up your t-shirt and bra.
His lips went right for your nipples and the feel of his tongue and teeth mixing on the nerves made you arch your back into his mouth. You were once again getting high on him.
“I want you to fuck me and cum inside of me.” your mouth spouted off.
He moaned against your breast and you swear you felt his body shiver.
His mouth popped off of your nipple leaving it cold and wet.
“Fucking marry me,” he demanded before his mouth went to the other one.
At that moment you would. You wanted that, it sounded beautiful to you.
“Please. Let's do it. You want kids?” 
“Mhmm,” he replied as his teeth tugged at your perfect bud. 
“Fuck let's have kids.” 
He sat up between your legs and began undoing his belt.
You knew there was no way right now, you were on birth control but something about saying it all and imagining the perfect life was really doing it for you right now.
He tugged his pants off only leaving him I'm his underwear before undoing yours and pulling everything down just enough to get his hand in.
His fingers ran over your already slick folds.
“I'm going to do this to you every damn day of my life.”
A knocking made you both freeze.
“Don’t answer it,” you whispered, pulling him into you so you can connect lips again. 
For a moment you both did ignore the knocking until it turned to banging.
“Open the fucking door Jungkook!”
It was Jin. You had never heard him so angry.
“Shit fuck no.” you whispered as you both jumped up and pulled at your clothes so they seemed normal “he knows. How does he fucking know?” you whisper yelled in panic.
“He might not. It's okay, it's going to be okay.” 
“Maybe you should call the police.” you tried to get Jungkook to hear you over the pounding at the door.
“I'll step outside and talk to him. It will be okay.” even looking as scared as he did he was still trying to make you feel okay.
You slipped back into the closet but this time you left the door slightly open and peered through the crack.
You watched as Jungkook answered the door, went to step outside but Jin pushed him back.
“Where the fuck is she?” it hadn't taken long for Jin’s eyes to examine the room.
“Who?” Jungkook was once again playing stupid.
“What the fuck is all of this?” Jin nearly yelled, pointing to the condom wrapper still on the floor and the places on Jungkook’s neck. “I know for a fact your girlfriend flew home just last week.” 
“I don't have a girlfriend anymore, Jin.” you could hear the agitation in Jungkook’s words through his clenched jaw.
“Then explain.”
“I don’t have to.” 
“No? Well, I talked to her and she said she hasn’t heard from you in three days, just like the rest of us have both with y/n and you.”
Your heart felt like it had dropped into your stomach as you now stood there frozen.
“I saw you taking photos, you didn't even try to help get the girl off of me, you just took photos. I know you sent them to her. I know what you've been telling all of the others. I know this was a setup. I know you've always been jealous of me.”
“Jin, do you know how insane you sound right now? You need to-”
“YOU KNOW I’D NEVER CHEAT ON HER, I NEVER HAVE!” Jin yelled, “So why were you taking photos?”
“Jin, I saw you kissing the other girl.” Jungkook’s voice stayed calm.
“I didn't want it, she had me pinned, Namjoon had to come to help me. Everyone has told me you've been telling them this isn't the first time I’ve supposedly done this either, explain that!”
“Look Jin, you're the cheater here! Don't come to my house and start accusing me of shit!” Jungkook finally snapped.
“YOU’RE AN INSANE MONSTER, JUNGKOOK! WHERE IS SHE?” Jin screamed as loudly as he could.
You noted how easily lying came to Jungkook.
“You know! You know because you set this up, you're a fucking stalker and I've always done my best to protect her from you. You gonna tell her how I caught you following her to her classes in college when you didn't even go there? Or how Hobi found a picture you somehow had of her in your room at your parent’s house? Where is she so I can tell her, I will tell her everything.” Jin was seething in anger with his fists tightly gripped into fists at his side.
You still didn't step out of the closet.
“Fine! Fucking fine! You want me to tell you that I fucked her? I fucked her multiple times! I came inside of her, she told me she loved me. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
“You're sick.” Jin growled. 
“At least I'm not a cheater.” Jungkook struck right back with his words.
“You ARE! And you're a fucking obsessed freak. I swear if you ever talk to me or any of our friends again I'll kill you!” tears ran down his cheeks.
“You're the one that's fucking insane, Jin.”
Upon hearing Jungkook’s words, Jin dove at him but only managed to push him back a little.
Seokjin was sobbing, he gave up and took off out the door.
As Jungkook closed and locked the front door things were silent.
You still stood in the closet and now felt warm liquid blurring your vision and spilling from your eyes. Your body was shaking.
He opened the closet, taking you by the arm and gently pulling you out.
You covered your mouth to try to keep the break down in.
“I can explain.” 
He didn't deny it, not any of it.
“What's true? You said you wouldn't hurt me so just tell me.” you forced even your shaking voice out.
“Listen, I've never- I haven't felt the way I feel about you with anyone before, and I…”
“Oh my God.” you said as your knees now shook “It’s all true, isn't it? Oh my fucking God.” 
“I-” he went to speak but your body had gone into fight or flight and you walked past him. Your body was trying to protect you by gathering your things, but it felt too late for it to kick in.
“I love you, I always have. I can text her right now and dump her.” he was following you around.
His voice felt so distorted as you felt so out of your own body.
“You haven't yet?!” you snapped at him. “At the very least you could have already done that. If you actually did love me you wouldn't have done all of this! What the fuck is up with the talking anyway?!”
“Please don't leave me, please, I'm begging you. I meant everything I said.” he began to cry now too.
“I didn't!” you were hurting and you wanted him to hurt worse. “I was only fucking you to make myself feel better about Jin! You set this up! You ruined my relationship and hurt me! You're a fucking freak! I never want to see you again!” 
You marched to the door, very aware he had crumpled onto the floor in hard sobs behind you.
You walked, you simply just walked in the chilly night, still crying, your things under your arm. The worst part is that you did love him, you had meant everything you said to him too, but he had planned all of this. You no longer thought of him as golden, but fools gold.
You had no idea how long you had been walking, but you decided to sit down on the side of a curb.
Your hands shakily turned on your phone and texts and missed calls flooded through but you ignored them.
The first thing you did was block everyone's number. You were done, it was over, you never wanted to do any of this ever again.
The next thing you did was book a one-way plane ticket to Hawaii. 
You deserved to be happy, even if, for the first time, it was only you. Your cup had always been full of loving others, but never did you think until now that that cup could be full for only you. You wouldn't ever let anyone take from your cup ever again. What filled your cup was genuine, it was gold while all the rest held only water. 
“Tomorrow is going to be better.” you told yourself.
You weren't happy now, but you knew you would be. You could take yourself on adventures every day, you could put flowers in your own hair, and if you fell down a hill at full speed, you could catch yourself. You promised that you'd never let yourself fall ever again.
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moonchild1 · 4 months ago
jeon jungkook fic rec list (Ⅱ)
Tumblr media
hi guys here's a list of all my favourite jungkook fics I hope you enjoy them, please show your love and support to these amazing writers and their blogs, just so you know majority of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed please, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
the monogamy monologues by @kpopfanfictrash s (rom com) ❣
the virgin volume by @kpopfanfictrash s (prequel to the monogamy monologues virgin jk college au) ❣
Mad by @voidswan s (boyfriend jungkook)
all I want for cockmas by @junqkook f s ❣
[your] love's the only hoax i believe in by @sparklingchim s a (college au fuckboy) ❣
naughty pictures by @sparklingchim s (established relationship au idol au)
Stranger again by @minniefilms f a
life goes on by @jimidol f s a (established relationship au idiots to lovers au) ❣
crazy over you by @jimidol f s a (rockstar jungkook band au friends with benefits au friends to lovers au idiots to lovers au) ❣
good mood by @jimidol f s (friends with benefits au rockstar jk)
Games by @bigtiddies44 s (friends with benefits au university au friends to lovers au fuckgirl reader) ❣
Caring by @hyungieyoongi f (established relationship au pregnant reader)
ripped jeans by @kookiesjoonies s (boyfriend jk) ❣
Crown of gold by @fairykooks f (royalty au pinning au)
inked skin by @fairykooks f (tattoo artist au)
if you let me by @seokra f s a (friends to lovers au love triangle) ft. Hoseok ❣
505 by @arcticguk f a
be quiet by @jeonsweetpea f s (college au student jk professor oc) ❣
come to me by @jeonsweetpea f s a (college au best friend au) ft. Jimin ❣
Dear Jungkook by @fatrainbowmermaidunicorn a (best friends au)
Unreachably reachable by @wearenot7withu f s a
to find us again by @joonscore f s a (frenemies to lovers au first love au single dad jk) ft. Seokjin ❣
glitter and disquiet by @joheunsaram f s a (CEO jk chaebol au)
gossamer by @delightfulserendipity f (single dad au babysitter au)
the rulebook by @another-army-spot s (college au soft fuckboy jk fuckgirl oc bet au) ❣
the art of playing by @venusiangguk f s a (dilf jk friends with benefits au) ❣
Stay quiet by @hobidreams f s (boyfriend au)
Take me to church by @illneverrecover f s (gang au)
subliminal in scrubs by @joontier f s a (doctor au enemies to lovers au) ❣
Under the oak tree by @mingoyeob s a (historical au knight jk strangers to lovers au)
Mind of mine by @yslkook f s a (bad boy jk and shy/reserved oc) ❣
Forgetful confession by @suhdays f a (college au friends au)
Slip up by @arcticmarshmallow f s (roommate au)
Risky Rendezvous by @lookingforluna f (idol au established relationship au)
Empty love by @lookingforluna f s a (idol au friends to lovers au) ❣
four letters by @littlemisskookie f s a (friends with benefits au icy exterior reader enemies to lovers au college au) ft. Yoongi ❣
my lucky stars by @kookiestarlight f (parents au)
not a rom com by @buzzyybee a (best friends au) ❣
If I could lie by @alpacaparkaseok f a (exes au idol au)
adore you by @xiaokoo f s (parents au dilf jk established relationship au) ❣
bad guy by @taehoneys s (fratboy au college au) ft. Taehyung ❣
slow and steady by @yoonia s a (infidelity au pregnant wife reader) ❣
Mirrors by @yoonia s a (friends with benefits au)
Youngblood by @jinned s (rockstar jk enemies to lovers au journalist reader)
daddy issues - sunset by @euphorianyx f s a (check tags) ❣
daddy issues - dawn by @euphorianyx f s a (sequel to daddy issues, check tags) ❣
bunny boy by @parkmuse s (older reader sisters best friend au) ❣
sex education by @extravaguk f s (college au virgin reader brothers best friend au ❣
sex education 2.0 by @extravaguk f s (college au) ❣
Pavlov by @btsarmy9593 f s (established relationship au)
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7deadlysinsfics · 20 days ago
jeon jungkook masterlist
Tumblr media
》 main masterlist
—my works are nsfw, therefore, minors should not interact or read them, and by asking to be on my taglists, you’re confirming that you’re over 18 years of age. i only post on tumblr, ao3, twitter & wattpad under 7deadlysinsfics. all of my works are my own.
Tumblr media
✑ - ongoing ✓ - completed ❀ - favorite ☔️ - angst ✗ - smut ♡- fluff 🔞 - mature content ⚠️ - trigger warning
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red | ☔️ ✗ ♡ 🔞 ✑ ON HOLD 
red masterlist
businessman!jungkook x coffee shop owner!reader
he met you at a bar in brazil. you were there for pleasure, he was not; at least not until he saw you. a vision in red.
The Painter | ✗ ☔️ 🔞 ✑ ON HOLD 
the painter masterlist
strangers to lovers au, dom!jungkook, nude painter!jungkook, fuck buddies
you need money, fast, and someone is willing to give you even more than that…
Mate | drabble series ☔️ ✗ ♡ 🔞⚠️ ✑ 
mate masterlist
alpha!jungkook x omega!reader
from the moment your eyes met his in the forest, jungkook felt it in his soul that you were his mate, that he was meant to protect you from anything no matter the cost. you’d been through hell to escape a place that treated you horribly since your childhood, and when you found yourself in an unfamiliar place with a stranger, it was odd how calm you felt in his presence. something inside you told you to trust him.
Tumblr media
Savage Love | ☔️ ✗ 🔞 ✓
jungkook x reader, toxic relationship
you both know you shouldn’t be together, that eventually your toxic relationship could end in heartbreak, but being apart hurts more than anything
Trust Issues | ☔️ ✗ 🔞 ✓
bar au, drummer!jungkook x reader
he was trouble. everyone knew it. you knew it too but you didn’t care. You were a player as well and maybe, even worse than him
Owned | ✗ 🔞 ✓
idol!jungkook x interpreter!reader, enemies to lovers, strangers to lovers
you and jungkook begin a secret love affair that turns hot and territorial pretty fast
In Time | ☔️ ♡ 🔞⚠️ ✓❀
strangers to lovers, namjoon x reader, jungkook x reader
after a life full of loss and heartbreak, she never imagined love would find her again
I Do Believe Your Galaxy | ☔️ ✗ 🔞⚠️
alien au, veterinarian!jimin, farm owner!jungkook, half alien!reader
with no memory of who you are, your thrust into another unfamiliar planet where two men capture your heart completely 
Guess Who’s Back? | ✗ ♡ 🔞
ex-bf!jungkook x ex-gf!reader
after two years of no word from your ex-boyfriend, he comes back into your life just as mysteriously as he left
Pretty Pictures in My Mind | ☔️ ✗ ♡
photographer!jungkook x model!reader
you chose your career over him, leaving him behind with a broken heart. 10 years later, you’re back home in seoul with no steady job after the pandemic when memories of him and what could’ve been, begin to haunt you.
⤷ pretty pictures in my mind drabbles
lost photographs -tbd
I know I love you | ☔️ ✗
jungkook x reader
loving each other hurts more than your failed marriages
The Taxi Driver | sneak peek
fuckboy!jungkook x driver!reader
his father, tired of his sons reckless, casanova behavior, gives him an ultimatum—grow the fuck up and become the man he needs in order to run his company or, his younger, half-brother will inherit the company instead. on your way to pick up a customer, you almost run over a heedless jungkook jeon—the infamous fuckboy son of a wealthy business owner. you give him a piece of your mind for being so absentminded. he thinks you’re perfect to help him get his shit together and keep him in check, so, he hires you to be his driver.
The Queen’s Secret | ☔️ ✗ ♡ 🔞
king!namjoon x queen!reader x huntsman!jungkook
once sent to tear out your heart by a jealous evil queen, jungkook, the huntsman, falls to his knees at the sight of you. he swears fealty and protection from then on, but you also want something else from him—something your husband and king is more than willing to make come true for you.
Tumblr media
Film Me | ✗ 🔞 ✓
idol!jk x girlfriend!reader
Stay | ✗ ♡ ✓
boyfriend!jk x idol!reader
Practice Room | ✗ mc. ✓
idol!jungkook x reader, idol!jimin x reader
Lost in You | ✗ 🔞 ✓❀
imagine your bias, ot7, reader
All Night | ✗ 🔞
jungkook x reader; pwp
This Lingering Love | ☔️🔞
artist!jungkook x reader
This Lingering Fear | ☔️🔞 
artist!jungkook x pastry chef!reader
Happily Ever After | ♡
jungkook x reader; established relationship
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works
Tumblr media
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felicitywrites · a month ago
run, hope, run! | jungkook x reader [COMING SOON]
Tumblr media
© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | felicitywrites on tumblr (2021) no reposts, translations, or any type of distribution allowed.
synopsis: painting daisies on your wall that separated your haven from the rest of the world was jungkook, the boy whose hands were delicate as the heart you once had - the boy you waited hundreds of mornings for by the dumpster in the back of his grandfather’s garage, all while yelling at him through the crack in his window for missing homeroom again.
the doe-eyed sweetheart you thought you’d spend countless spring afternoons with, but then seasons changed - and you’re scared he did too.
pairing: artist!jungkook x named!reader
genre: twoshots, 40% angst, 40% fluff, 20% smut
theme: an entire plot out of the word, midsummer, which means,
n. a feast celebrated on the day of your 26th birthday, which marks the point at which your youth finally expires as a valid excuse—when you must begin harvesting your crops, even if they’ve barely taken root—and the point at which the days will begin to feel shorter as they pass, until even the pollen in the air reminds you of the coming snow © thoughtcatalog
warnings: bittersweet memories of a childhood through flashbacks, phone conversations, emails, teenage angst, what it feels like being in the friend zone, graphic descriptions of a crime (jk yn were witnesses as children), tiger parenting (let's not tolerate this), and lastly, smut
status: COMING SOON!
song recs: little league - conan gray | worlds apart - wallows | your eyes tell - bts | still with you - jungkook
[01] [02]
Tumblr media
note: message me here if you wish to be added on the taglist! tysm x
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go1denjeon · 3 days ago
Omg those angsty prompts, not sure if ur still taking requests but this one riiight here ; it’s toxic, and we’re not good for each other, and ‘’ i love you so much it’s killing me. ’’ with JK?
title: i swear i'll never leave again
summary: maybe one day you'll have the heart and the courage to leave him, but for now, you'll hold onto his promise to never leave again. inspired by i swear i'll never leave again by keshi.
pairing: jeon jungkook x fem!reader | genre: angst
disclaimer: unhealthy relationship, mentions of blood, jk fighting someone, jk is an ass pls don’t date someone like jk here irl, 18+ language
Tumblr media
"y/n! thank you for coming. i owe you big time." jimin apologetically smiled at you as he pulled you inside the dressing room where the pungent smell of cigarettes, sweat and alcohol filled your nostrils. if this was your first time, you would've gagged at the smell but coming to this dressing room was almost like a second nature to you that you had already grown accustomed to its scent.
another thing you had grown accustomed to? seeing jeon jungkook bleeding after a fight.
"would you fucking stay still? i'm trying to fix your busted eyebrow for fuck's sake." yoongi, the lead guitarist of bangtan, hissed as he furiously dabbed on jungkook's clearly bloodied eyebrow.
"there's nothing to fix, okay? i'm fi—," jungkook began to say, his tone obviously frustrated and angry.
"you're bleeding like there's no tomorrow, jeon jungkook. you're not fine." you cut him off with a sigh, making your way towards him with your medical kit in hand. placing a hand on yoongi's shoulder, the red haired guitarist gave you a tight-lipped smile before rising from the coffee table he was using as a chair so you could sit on it.
you weren't surprised, not even one bit, when you saw his blood smeared face. you didn't say anything to him as well as you began cleaning his face and tending to his deeply cut wound. you avoided his fiery gaze, focusing solely on his cut.
"does he need to go to the hospital, y/n?" jimin asked, clearly concerned over his friend.
"i don't need—," jungkook began to say again.
"yes, he needs stitches for this and i don't have that with me. the sooner, the better." you replied, finishing dressing the wound before gathering your supplies and rising from the coffee table. "you guys need a first aid kit here." you told the boys in the room—taehyung, the drummer; yoongi, the lead guitarist; and jimin, the bassist.
"we never really needed it because you always had one, y/n." taehyung said, smiling widely at you from the opposite couch as he twirled his drumstick in between his fingers.
jimin gave him a look but you merely shook your head. "i have to go but he needs stitches so—,"
"don't refer to me as a third person when i'm literally here." jungkook said, clicking his tongue. it was something that he always did whenever he was annoyed.
you decided not to respond and instead, bid everyone a farewell and made your way out of the dressing room and into the dimly lit hall of the BT21 club.
"why did you come?" he asked from behind you; voice echoing in the narrow hall.
that made you halt on your steps. why did you come? he wasn't your responsibility anymore. you had no obligation to him nor were you tied to him in any shape or form. he was your ex, for three months now—so why the hell did you come, made yourself late to your shift, upon knowing that jeon jungkook got into a fight yet again?
the answer was simple: because you loved him. because you still love him.
"i owe jimin a favor." you told him, turning to face him.
"don't lie, y/n. i know you." jungkook said, walking towards you.
you clenched your jaw. "jungkook, don't." you said through gritted teeth, stepping away from him.
you shook your head. "i can't do this right now, jungkook. get that cut checked. goodbye."
hurriedly, you made your way out of the club, ignoring the farewells from the owners of the bar—seokjin and namjoon—and ran towards the bus stop where, fortunately, the bus arrived just in time and you immediately stepped in. your heart beat was off the charts and you swallowed the lump in your throat as you looked at the time on the watch that he bought you during your first anniversary. you were half an hour late from your shift but with jeon jungkook as the reason—you were accustomed to it.
Tumblr media
"y/n." you heard somebody calling your name from behind and upon looking over your shoulder, you saw dr. jung hoseok, one of the ED's resident, running towards you with the usual bright smile on his handsome face.
"hi, dr. jung. is there something you need?" you asked, bowing at him.
"y/n, come on, i told you that you can just call me hoseok if it's just us two." he said, chuckling.
you smiled. "force of habit, i guess."
he adjusted his backpack. "are you busy tonight? i was hoping i can take you out to dinner. i feel like you deserve it after that nagging from nurse baek."
"oh, that. it's not really nurse baek's fault. i was an hour late to my shift. i deserved that nagging." you said, rubbing the back of your neck.
"well, you must have had a good reason for being late since you're like the most punctual person i know." he said and you just smiled. he scrunched his nose. "i'm guessing you're just too polite to say to no dinner with me?"
your eyes widened. "what? no, it's not that, it's just—," you pressed your lips tightly. how do you tell someone that the reason you can't go to dinner with them is because you feel like you'll be cheating on your ex?
the answer? you don't. at least, not yet.
you sighed. "it's a friendly dinner, right? i just really don't want the entire ED to tease us more than they already do."
hoseok's gaze faltered a little but it was so brief that you thought you were probably just seeing things. "of course. does mono sound good?"
you nodded. "yeah, it's perfect."
Tumblr media
to be perfectly honest, you were enjoying your time with hoseok. he was easy to talk to, funny and an overall positive presence that complemented your more subdued and reserved self. he mostly initiated the conversation the entire night, asking questions that didn't feel intrusive such as your favorite book growing up or the hobbies that you enjoyed doing the most. and every time you would talk, you could just tell from his eyes that his 100% focus was on you which—you weren't going to lie—did make your heart flutter because jungkook was never really like that with you. not all the time.
you agreed in letting him walk you home, and it was then that you began to let him in just a little bit after he asked if you were okay.
"just things with jungkook." you told him.
he nodded in understanding. the ED knew jungkook. the sweet and boyfriend material jungkook but only hoseok knew the jungkook who made you cry on the phone while you were on shift.
"i know it isn't my place to say but y/n, you know that you don't have to stay in this situation forever, right?" hoseok said just as you arrived at the entrance of your apartment complex.
"i—," you began to say however, you were cut off by a familiar voice.
"what the fuck is he doing here?" jungkook stepped off his motorcycle, the bandage you placed on his eyebrow discarded, and looking very much displeased at the sight of you and hoseok.
the veins popping out of his neck were clear indications to you that hoseok needed to go. and so, stepping in between the two men, you pleaded with your eyes as you told hoseok, "go, hoseok."
hoseok clenched his jaw. “y/n, you—,"
"she told you to leave so fucking leave." jungkook spat, raising his helmet but you stopped him.
"stop it." you raised your voice at him, breathing heavily. "just go, hoseok. i'll see you tomorrow." and without sparing him another glance, you held jungkook's hand and dragged him along with you inside your complex.
"what the fuck were you doing with him, y/n?" he asked, removing his hand from your grip only to grab your wrist instead.
you pressed the open button of the elevator and then looked at him with a glare. "keep it down. people are sleeping."
"i don't fucking care! answer my question." he exclaimed, tugging at your wrist.
the elevator doors opened and you stepped inside, followed by him. you pressed your apartment floor. "what i do with other people doesn't concern you anymore, jungkook." you told him, yanking your wrist from his grip.
"fuck that, y/n." he shook his head, scoffing.
you furrowed your eyebrows. "i'm serious. we're not together anymore, jungkook, and if i choose to go on a dinner with someone—you don't get to have an opinion about it."
the doors opened and you were aware that jungkook was still following you. "i do get to have an opinion about it." he said as you unlocked your apartment.
you shook your head, facing him before opening your door. "go home, jungkook. please. i had a long day." you said, taking a deep breath as you stepped inside, taking your shoes off.
jungkook didn't leave. he followed you inside, took his shoes off and placed it beside your white ones. you watched him, eyes already filling with tears. "what are you doing?"
jungkook met your gaze and gone were the anger and jealousy in his eyes. they were soft as he looked at you and you fully basked in his appearance. his usually gelled hair was down, he wore one of his many white shirts showing off the tattoos on his arm and hand, black jeans and his favorite Ironman socks. he looked like the boy you fell in love with during your freshman year in college.
"i miss you, y/n, and i know it's fucked up that i do because i messed us up but i miss you so much. i'm fucking lost without you." jungkook approached you, and this time—you didn't step back. he cupped your face. "i love you, y/n, more than i could ever explain. please give me another chance and i swear, i swear i'll never leave again."
you let the tears escape your eyes as you held onto his wrists. "jungkook, you've left me so many times already. how—how can i—how can i hold onto that promise?" you removed his hand from your face as you made your way to the kitchen.
"baby, please. please. i mean it. this time, i swear." you grabbed a coffee mug and opened your fridge, pulling out the pitcher of water then pouring yourself a glass. as you drank the cold water down, you felt jungkook's strong arms wrap around your waist. "i'm never leaving again, i promise. i love you so much it's killing me that you're not the first thing i see in the morning and the last thing i look at at night."
you shut your eyes. you wanted to tell him to shut up because you could feel it—you could feel your heart softening.
"baby, don’t let us die, please? stay with me. please." he whispered in your ear as he hugged you tighter.
"jungkook, this is toxic and we're not good for each other." you told him.
"is loving someone so much toxic, y/n? tell me, look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore. if you do that, i'll go and you'll never hear from me ever again." he spun you around, hands gripping the counter top behind you as he stared deeply in your eyes.
you wanted to say it badly. you really did. but how could you? when as you stared into those eyes, all you could remember were the good times. how he held you. how he sang for you. how he made love to you. how he fucked you. how he picked you up at work. how he cooked for you after a long day at work. how he would randomly give you flowers—real or an origami one. how he made life less shitty.
the answer? you couldn't and you found yourself standing on your toes, arms wrapped around his neck as you pressed your lips against his.
maybe one day you'll have the heart and the courage to leave him, but for now, you'll hold onto his promise to never leave again.
Tumblr media
a/n: aaaaa i hope you liked this one anon!!! writing this brought me back to the dark times of my life (⊙_◎) not proof read so sorry for any mistakes!!
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nonameyoon · 2 months ago
Hello~ I just stumbled upon your blog and your first fic was great! For the prompt list, how about 3,6 and 19 with mafia!jk or mafia!tae? You can choose whoever I'm sure you'll do great! Hope you're safe and healthy 💖✌🏾
Mafia!Jungkook || Wish you get better
Tumblr media
You can check out my Prompt List and request anything you’d like to see!
3. “I can’t live without you… please, just stay”
6. “You’re my whole world, you know?”
19. “Please… just tell me you love me”
A/N: Ah! Thank you dear!! Also thank you for requesting! I wasn’t sure if you wanted some kind of angst (but I assumed you did). I wanted to try out a little something different from what people expected with these kinds of prompts. Let me know if you like it!! Also I am very sorry for any grammatical errors.
Warning: this contains mafia themes. If you do not like it, please move along. Thank you.
Pairing: Mafia!Jungkook x reader (angst + fluff)
Word count: 2.1k
You and Jungkook weren’t on the same turf last week. It was a rare thing for you two to argue, but when you did, things got heated very quickly. Both of you would start a yelling match and sometimes you’d fear it would escalate to something worse. You dreaded that thought with your soul so you avoided ever fighting with him. But you were so angry with him that you ended up taking your purse and leaving his house. To where? To the small apartment you still owned, just in case things like these ever happened.
The fight had started when Jungkook approached you from behind, snatching your phone from your hands and scanning all of your messages suspiciously, as if you’d done something terrible. This confused you for a moment, looking up at him questioningly before finally processing what was happening at that moment. With a scowl drawn on your face, you rightfully tried taking your phone back, but of course, he kept on pushing you or holding your phone up high so you couldn’t reach.
“Jungkook, what the hell? Give me my phone back, what’s wrong with you?!,” You questioned, receiving a sharp glare from said man.
“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with YOU, huh?!,” he expressed, holding your phone up higher as you tried reaching it again. Your brows furrowed as your lips turned into a frown. Annoyance was building up in your stomach as you waited for him to explain why he was being so weird.
“You’re always on this damn phone! All you ever do is text or talk to people, but whenever I ask you about it, all you say is ‘don’t worry about it’!,” he started yelling, making you step back a bit. Your eyes were wide at his tone, but soon your face contorted into an angry expression. Is he being serious? This is what he’s mad about?
“Are you being serious right now?,” you asked, your tone cold. You hoped he wouldn’t answer that question and make you angrier. And he didn’t, only sending you a glare and kept scanning through your phone.
“Do you think I’m cheating on you or something?” You blurted out, the assumption making Jungkook look down at you.
“I never said that-,”
“But you’re implying it! Why else would you take my phone and start reading my damn messages, Jungkook?! Do you not trust me that much to think I’d do such a thing?!,” he opened his mouth to bark back at you, but your phone suddenly vibrated in his hand. He wasted no time and quickly touched the notification to read the message.
-I won’t able to call you today sweetheart, I have an important doctors appointment today. Your father is taking me to the hospital right now, I think they’ll finally tell me what’s wrong… I’m sorry sweetheart, I’ll call and let you know about everything tomorrow. Love you dear.
Jungkook just stood there for a moment. Why didn’t you tell him your mother was sick? He checked all your other messages, the only contacts that you had spoken to being your mother and other family members, the conversations being only about your mother. Slowly, all the pieces started falling together. Why you family members were in your ‘recent’ contacts. Why you would FaceTime people so often. Why you’ve been so anxious lately. He mentally scolded himself for having thought you were cheating on him.
But as soon as he looked down to lock eyes with you, he was met with a cold stare. In an instant, you snatched your phone back and read the message your mother had sent you. You frowned deeply as you assured her that she didn’t have to apologize and that you’d hope that the doctors would find out what was causing her terrible sickness.
After you sent your reply, you quickly took your purse and stuffed your phone and keys inside. You didn’t feel like staying here right now, because if you did, you’d start having a yelling contest with how much you wanted to scream at your boyfriend right now. Yes, it was wrong to not tell your boyfriend about your sick mother, but what else could you do? He had already been so stressed with work lately, you didn’t want to add another thing to worry about to his list.
“Where are you going?,” Jungkook suddenly asked, grabbing your arm before you could exit. Your eyes followed where he had grabbed you, glaring at his hand and snatching your arm away harshly from him.
“I’m going to cool down Jeon Jungkook, don’t bother me,” and with that you left him behind, his lips turning into a big frown as he watched you leave. But he let you be. He was going to give you your time.
So there you were, sitting on the old couch of your apartment. You were already starting to miss Jungkook, but the thought of him thinking you’d ever be unfaithful reminded you how mad you really were at him. He’d have to apologize big time if he wanted to have you back.
You sigh, reaching for the controller to turn your TV on. You wanted to distract yourself a bit. It had already been about a week since your fight with Jungkook, and although he kept on calling you and messaging you, you still avoided him. The only good thing that happened this week was that your mom had finally been treated for her sickness and was slowly getting better. You suddenly frown as you thought of Jungkook again. Perhaps you were being a bit too dramatic? No. He broke your trust by thinking you’d ever betray him. The least he could do was wait for you to calm down. You weren’t going to forgive him that easily anyways, and he knew that way better than anyone else.
But as you got up to get something to drink from the kitchen, your phone started buzzing again. You sighed and reached for it, seeing the caller ID.
Something strange built up in your stomach as you looked at your phone. You didn’t want to pick up, but your heart pounded heavily inside your chest, yearning for you to pick up. You close your eyes shut, your thoughts fighting over what you should do, and after a while, you finally decided to drop your pride and pick up the call. You took a deep breath and spoke first.
“What do you want, Jeon? I told you to give me time-,”
“Miss (L/N)? This is (R/N). I have something to inform you about, urgently,”
You were shocked to say the least. Why would one of Jungkook’s men have his phone? What was so important about this call that Jungkook couldn’t possibly tell you himself? Anxiety started building up in your stomach as you waited for the man to speak.
“Mr. Jeon has been shot three times, Miss. It happened two days ago,”
At that moment you felt like your heart dropped. You couldn’t believe it, not at all. Your whole body froze when you heard those words slip out of the man’s mouth. This couldn’t be happening, right? Jungkook was a smart man, so how could this possibly be happening?
You suddenly felt dizzy at the thought of Jungkook getting hurt and you being left in the dark about it. Then it hit you. Is he alive?!
Worry wasn’t even close to what you were feeling. You were terrified. Being shot once could be fatal, let alone three times. You could not wrap your head around the situation—as much as you tried to—. How could he let himself get shot three times?!
“Is he alive?! If he is, is he going to be alright?! Where is he?! Please tell me he’s alright, please,” you panicked, tears already stinging your eyes. Your heart began to race as you put your shoes on and grabbed your keys. You had to go see him now. All the anger you felt towards him completely vanishing and being replaced with anxiety.
“He’s alive, don’t worry miss. His doctors have already patched him up, but his injuries are very severe,” he explained, his voice going soft when he heard your broken cries.
“He’s requesting you visit him, so it would be gladly appreciated if you came to the boss’ house,” you nodded although he couldn’t see you. You thanked him for telling you and hung up. You ran to your car and turned on the engine. You were breathing heavily as you wiped your tears with one hand.
“Please be alright, Jungkook….,” you kept on mumbling, brand new hot tears streaming down your face as your heart gave a tight squeeze. You couldn’t lose him. Not now. Not ever.
When you arrived, Jungkook’s men brought you inside to where your boyfriend was being taken care of. Your heart thumped loudly in your ears as you made your way towards the bed where Jungkook was laying on. All sorts of medical equipment surrounded the bed, making your heart throb even more. You slowly sat down on the chair next to his bed, inspecting his face. He was pale, way too pale. His lips were dry and his hair was a mess. He looked lifeless.
All of this brought tears to your eyes, a quiet sob escaping your throat. You just wanted everything back to normal. It pained you to see him like this. Maybe if you hadn’t ‘abandoned’ him like you did, then could you have done something to prevent this?
As you sobbed, you didn’t notice his big dough eyes open. His heart fluttered at the sight of you. Finally, after a painfully long week, he had you there by his side once again. He tried moving up, but groaned in pain. His whole body was hurting. His fingers were numb and his head was aching as if he had a terrible hung over.
You looked up to meet eyes with him. More tears built up in your eyes as you saw him softly smile at you. Guilt was hitting you hard as he wasn’t even mad at you for leaving like you did.
“I… missed you,” he croaked, his voice raspy and tired. You could tell he was in pain just by hearing his hoarse voice.
“I’m so sorry Jungkook! I’m so so sorry!,” you kept repeating as you sobbed in front of him.
“Tell me what to do! I’ll do anything! I’m so sorry!,” you held his hand kissing it many times. Jungkook frowned. Why the hell were you apologizing when he had been the one to make you mad in the first place? He was the one who got himself shot by the rival mafia, so why were you apologizing?
“Hey… stop apologizing,” Jungkook said, and even if he was in an awful state, he still had a voice of authority that sent shivers down your spine. You looked at him pleadingly, eyes still producing fresh hot tears for his display.
“I want you to just.. please,” he paused, lifting a shaky hand to wipe your tears with his thumb. “Please… just tell me you love me”
You nodded your head fiercely, reappearing many ‘I love you’s to him. His heart fluttered every time you said those three simple words. No one had ever said those words to him, but then you came along. He was a cold man but always melted at the sight of you. He loved someone for the first time in his life and that person loved him too.
“You’re my whole world, you know?” He said, brushing a strand of hair out of your puffy face. “And I….” He closed his eyes while speaking, the stinging sensation in his eyes building up. He hasn’t cried ever since he was a child, and his pride sure as hell wasn’t going to let him cry now.
“And I’m sorry for what I did… I hurt you and broke your trust… and I deserve you being angry at me,”
“Jungkook-,” you were cut off immediately as he did not stop speaking.
“But please, I want you to know that…,” he looks you with watery eyes. You’ve never seen him like this before. Maybe it was the fact that he was in so much pain due to his injuries, or the fact that he might never see you again if something goes wrong. But what you did know for sure was that he meant every single word that slipped out of his mouth.
“I can’t live without you… please, just stay”
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jkstompers · 4 months ago
an arrangement | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x female reader
summary: arranged marriages ruin everything.
genre: angst, arranged marriage, royalty!au, prince!jk, crown princess!oc, childhood best friends to ?
warnings: explicit language, mention of exes (moreso ex crushes/flings), jk is sad, oc is rlly insecure </3
word count: 9.5k
author’s note: hello ! (◕◡◕) here’s pt 2 of the royalty series hehe. we get a little more backstory on their history this time! thank u for reading! lmk what u think! :)
note: this is the dress oc’s mom wanted her to wear and this is the dress she actually wears <3
banner pic creds here! <3
Tumblr media
it’s been a month or so since you’ve been back home, and it’s safe to say you’ve assimilated quite well.
there are still some things you need to work on. some parts of your etiquette, remembering that you don’t have to do your own laundry, and that you have to let a guard know if you want to speak with someone.
that last one you aren’t very fond of. especially now, when you’ve arrived outside of jungkook’s palace to hang out with him. only for the guard to deny you entrance. he looked confused, most likely because he didn’t recognize you. you take the rejection with a bowed head. embarrassed, to say the least.
now you sit in a stairway forgotten by everyone else except you and jungkook, somewhere in the depths of your palace lies a place sacred to the two of you. it used to be a meeting area; whenever you’d play hide and seek and it was taking too long, you’d both make your way there and call it quits. when you got older, the two of you would just sit there, talk, and try to stay away from the royal court, too lazy to speak or be present when the king spoke to nobles about business that neither of you cared for.
the stairs still look exactly the same, a white and grey marble with black railings. the big chandelier above the stairs shines dimly, because they can’t be bothered to fix it. you sit on a stair, leaning against the wall. just thinking. losing track of time and dozing off into a daydream. one of an old memory between you and jungkook. the staircase holds a lot of history, of course, since it’s your spot, but also because this was the place where you realized that you harbored feelings a lot deeper for jungkook. feelings that weren’t platonic.
it was a hot summer day. princesses and princes from other kingdoms came to visit. your father just got a pool installed, people flocked to your backyard to cool off and get their feet wet. one being the princess of fenutar, jieun, jungkook’s crush since he was like eight.
you’d be lying if you said you weren’t jealous. he’d been ignoring you almost the entire day ever since she stepped foot in raemor. jungkook would show her around his castle, and then yours. whenever they would come around, you would be forced to smile and curtsy, jaw clenching every time you saw her hand in his.
they look happy. sitting at the edge of the pool together, laughing, talking about everything and nothing together. jungkook looks so in love, the way his eyes sparkle her way. she does too, you can spot the way her cheeks flush when one of his flirty jokes lands. then there was you, sitting at a table just behind them with your ladies; you forgot what the conversation was about, their voices drowned out a long time ago. only focusing on the feeling of your heart sinking to your ass. it’s one that you’d never wish on anyone else.
you knew you shouldn’t have felt this way; best friends aren’t supposed to be angry when the other is with someone that they like. best friends should want the best for each other. you should have been happy for jungkook. but you weren’t.
you were bitter.
no way was it her fault. she’s beautiful, her personality glows so brightly and she’s so nice, even your parents regard her for her amazing attitude. it wasn’t jungkook’s fault either. he’s beautiful. someone that was so easy to fall in love with, you couldn’t control that. it was no one’s fault but yours, through and through.
unrequited love is a pain quite like no other. you could already feel the tears building, so you excuse yourself from the table, an excuse for the bathroom is all you can think of. your ladies make quite a spectacle, bombarding you with questions and offering to come with you but you decline in the nicest way you could. the commotion made jungkook turn around, wondering what all the talk was about but you got away just in time. he probably would have never noticed that you left if it weren't for all the noise.
jungkook ignores it at first, thinking you probably just needed to use the bathroom. but there’s a feeling that he gets, one that tells him to follow you. he ignores it for now. you should be fine. right?
you were for a couple of minutes. keeping your composure until you get to the familiar hallway that leads to the staircase. suddenly, everything you’ve been bottling up, erupts. a quiet sob escapes your mouth, tears come running down your face, surely ruining the mascara that your ladies gently applied on you.
the fact that you were in love with jungkook was one that you avoided for a very, very long time. mostly because it would ruin your friendship. but the more you push it aside, tell yourself to forget about the way he smiles at you and the way he makes you feel, the more you couldn’t stand being around him. the guilty feeling in your stomach whenever you would laugh with him, hold his hand, everything. it wasn’t fair, this wasn’t for you. he wasn’t for you.
you make your way to the top of the staircase, one hand holding your dress up as your other hand holding onto the railing. you let yourself sit down at the top of stairs, telling yourself to breathe and relax. but the cries were unstoppable; uneven breathing and a stuffy nose mix to create your solemn sobs.
on jungkook’s end, he was getting suspicious. bathroom breaks were never this long. he understands maybe ten minutes, but twenty five? it was either you got an upset stomach or you ran away and something was wrong. jungkook had a feeling it was the latter, so he excuses himself from jieun to go and look for you.
he’d asked the guards if they’ve seen you, but they had no idea. your ladies were around but they also didn’t know where you were. he knocked on your bedroom door, no answer. the bathroom nearest the entrance, no answer. jungkook thought of where else you could be. a place where no one saw you go and no one knows where. of course. he realizes. running towards the familiar staircase. almost exhausted from running around the castle. he thinks he might be going crazy when he starts hearing sniffling and quiet sobs echo from the end of the hallway.
was it a sad ghost? or were you… crying?
“princess?” jungkook’s voice startles you. a little gasp escaping your lungs when you turn to look at him. he makes eye contact with you, your tear-stained face confirming his worries. “why are you crying? what happened?”
you shake your head, “it’s nothing— i tripped on the way up here, i hurt my ankle.” you lie, rushing to wipe the tears off your face.
“what? are you alright? let me see.” he comes closer. you try to move away, but the staircase is only so wide; you back up only a few inches. you give up, letting him gently grab your ankle. there was nothing wrong with it. you didn’t wince when he put pressure on it and jungkook knows what an injured ankle looks like, plus you weren’t one to cry over small injuries like this.
something else was wrong.
he didn’t quite know what it was, but obviously, if you lied: telling him that you sprained your ankle instead of saying what was bothering you. then it must be really bothering you. to the point where you don’t want to talk about it to anyone, not even him. so he plays along. gently placing your ankle back down and looking up at you. another tear falling from your eye.
“best friends don’t let each other get hurt.” he says, almost a whisper. he wipes the tear that runs down your cheek. “i’m sorry, ___.”
“i’m fine, don’t worry.” you push his hand away gently, “i’m not upset anymore.” but the tears still stream down your face.
jungkook doesn’t push it. he knows you’re trying to be strong, trying to pretend that whatever it is, doesn’t hurt you despite the waterworks. so he holds it in, putting his hand on your knee and rubbing his thumb against it absentmindedly. “i love you, ___.”
the words are so comforting, but at the same time so painful. you know he doesn’t mean it in the way you want him to. you were a fool, crying about him in this damn stairwell while he was out there with someone that he actually wanted to be with. if you were to look at him now, you know he’d be sporting that pity face you hate so much. so you let yourself blink out a few more tears. never making eye contact with him, you meekly reply. “i love you too, jungkook.”
his hand raises, moving his hand forward to show you his pinky. sniffling, you finally look up from the floor. looking at the face of the one your heart aches to be with. the face of a man that you’ve loved for as long as you could remember. god, you love him. you love him.
ever so patient, he waits until you complete the pinky promise, sitting there with his pinky up.
thoughts of your future without jungkook in it flash through your mind. how you’ll attend his wedding and how he’ll attend yours. how it won’t be the two of you getting wed. one day you’ll get over it, maybe, but today, you’ll cry about it; you’ll allow yourself that one thing. but more than anything, you want him to be happy. so you complete the link, swallowing your selfish desire to be the one he loves.  
“as long as the flowers still grow.” you promise each other, pinkies intertwining to seal the deal.
“there you are—!” jungkook interrupts your daydream, the sound of his voice startling you a bit. speaking of the devil. “my guard said that a pretty girl wanted to see me— guessed it was you.” he laughs, making his way up the stairs to sit next to you. you only blush at his remark, not replying. “why didn’t you tell him who you were? they would’ve let you in no matter what.”
“i was embarrassed,” you scrunch your nose. “what do you want me to do— throw a fit and say, ‘i am ___, the princess of raemor, and you will let me in this castle to see my best friend at once!’?”
he laughs, “yes, actually.”
you roll your eyes playfully, “never gonna happen.”
the two of you are quiet for a moment. looking around the place. the familiarity seeps in, all the memories coming back.
“just being here brings back old memories, huh?” jungkook speaks.
“yeah,” you nodded. “i was actually thinking of one just now.”
“yeah? which one?” he asks.
“when i hurt my ankle.” you laughed. “i was crying so hard on these steps.”
“oh, that was the big summer party you guys had, right? when everyone came?” jungkook sits next to you.
“yeah— your fiancee, miss jieun came, remember?” you joked.
jungkook’s eyebrows raise. “fiancee?”
“it was a joke,” you poke his side. “but you do want to marry her— right? have you told your dad about who you want to marry?”
he scratches the back of his neck, looking away from you. “yeah, why? have you?”
you furrow your eyebrows. he’s acting weird. “i haven’t, they haven’t talked to me about it yet.” you admit, “anyways, who did you say?”
“i—” jungkook starts but a shout interrupts him.
“princess!” you hear from the end of the hall. you perk up, standing and walking down the stairs to see who was calling you. jungkook follows behind. “there you are! we’ve been looking for you all morning!” your advisor, venus, tells you.
“sorry,” you laugh, “i didn’t know i was needed.”
“it’s alright, your father is asking for you in the briefing room.” she informs you.
“briefing room?” you question, “why am i needed there? am i supposed to soothe out an international relation?” you joke. but venus doesn’t reply. only leading both you and jungkook to the room.
“shall we start the meeting?” your fathers advisor perks up after you and jungkook walk into the briefing room. the two of you are given seats next to each other, blue and venus sit to the left of you, while jungkook and his advisor sit to the right of you. all of your parents' advisors are here as well. the room is packed.
your father’s main advisor, clementine, shows pictures of different wedding ceremonies, dresses and suits. they ask for your parents opinion, then jungkook’s, then blue’s, then venus, then lastly you. a wedding must be taking place soon, and a very royal, extravagant one at that.
“who’s getting married?” you ask, turning to both blue and jungkook. you were confused as to why you were even in this meeting, why would they need the princesses opinion on a wedding that wasn’t hers?
you catch the way clementine looks at your parents. silently going up to them and asking them something quietly. to which both of your parents shake their heads. “am i the one to break the news?” he asks, out loud this time. your parents look your way, seeing the confused look on your face as you wait for an answer. “well, princess, the wedding— it’s yours.”
the shock is quite quick. you sit up straight in your seat, sending a glare to your parents. you should have known. “you must be mistaken,” you comment. “right, father?”
“he’s not.” your father speaks, “you are to marry someone.”
you’ve grown up quite a lot ever since the last time you were here. they were probably expecting you to fight back, spite them with mean words. but you’ve always known that you were going to be subject to something like this. arranged marriage is tradition, it’s something that’s going to happen no matter what. so you sit in silence, realization seeping in every second.
they’re scared of your silence, actually. everyone in the room was hesitant to speak up again once they realized that the gears were turning in your head. you hoped that someone else would talk, so that they’d tell you who, when, where, and everything else you need to know. but still, it was quiet.
you look up from your hands in your lap. “do you know to who?” your voice is stern, but still somewhat quiet.
another silence is the only answer you’re given. you watch as the adults eye each other, giving mental signals as to who should be the one to say it.
until you hear jungkook move. the chair squeaking as he sits straight up. gathering all the courage he can muster to say the next few words. “to me.” he answers. eyes fully meeting yours.
no. no way.
jungkook can see the way that your face turns in disbelief. he wishes he knew what to say to make you feel better about it all, but he doesn’t. for so long he thought it would be okay, because it’s him. you love him. you were best friends. you’d accept him to be your husband because it was destined, you were destined for each other.
but with the look on your face. he isn’t so sure anymore.  
“what?” you mutter. “are— are you serious? you knew? is that why you’ve been so nice to me lately?” the pieces are putting themselves together so fast. how you thought you and jungkook had a romantic moment the day you came back, how he was being especially courteous for the time you’ve been back, everything, all of it.
he doesn’t say anything. nothing to defend himself, because everyone knew, while you didn’t. even blue, who sits to the left of you, stays quiet. “did you know too? is that why you mentioned it on the plane?” you ask him. he can’t even face you, his gaze fixed onto the table in front of him. “i can’t believe this.”
“honey,” your mother starts, “let’s talk about it—”
“what are we supposed to discuss? i’m sure you all already have everything planned.” you bite back, spite laced through the words.
another silence takes over the room. as if they’re scared of provoking you again. there were at least five people in this room that have dealt with wars and mediating crises, but they’re scared of a princess that was lied to and tricked. (as they should.)
you weren’t going to speak up either. you knew this was business, royal customs. there is an urge to speak your mind, to ask them if you could just have some more time. ask them if this is really what jungkook wants because there is no way you were going to marry someone who didn’t see you in the way you do them. it isn’t fair to him. it isn’t fair to you. “it’s just not fair.” you mumble under your breath.
clementine coughs, hearing the words slip from your mouth. “well, princess— you are still royalty, therefore you are subject to royal rules,” he tells you, “it is prince jungkook you are marrying, after all.”
you understand that his statement is supposed to make you feel better about it all, to make you realize that you have jungkook on your side throughout this entire thing. but it strikes a different nerve. one that has you staring clementine dead in the eye. poison threatening to seep out in your words. you don’t mean it. you love jungkook. but you have to say it. you have to. because you know jungkook wants to marry someone else, and you can’t bear the pain of knowing that the person you are married to, the person you truly love, does not want to be with you.  “and what if i don’t want to marry him?”
your mother sits up straight, your father too, from the corner of your eye you could see jungkook perk up when you said it as well. his eyes wide with something flashing across them, you’re not sure what it is, and you don’t take another second to guess what it was. “you’re not thinking clearly, ___, listen to what you’re saying.” your father speaks.
your father was right. you weren’t thinking clearly. too many thoughts flood your mind. about how this could change you and jungkook’s friendship forever. about how he’s known and how he didn’t even tell you. about how your friendship could have been based on this.
oh, god.
your entire friendship could have been based on this.
the room is silent, waiting for you to apologize, or say something else. you can’t bear to be in the room anymore. so you stand, using the back of your knees to push your chair back, you lift the extra cloth of your dress so you don’t drag it on the floor as you leave the room. you hear multiple voices calling your name, beckoning you back, but the sound of your heartbeat is louder. it’s all you can hear in your ears. you push the heavy door open to walk down the familiarly unfamiliar halls of your family’s palace. two weeks wasn’t long enough to relearn the entire layout of the castle, and unfortunately, the meeting took place in the briefing room. a place you never took interest in, nor did you ever need to go there.
the corners keep connecting to hallways, those hallways lead to longer hallways, and those hallways are seemingly never ending. your emotions boil over, overwhelmed in every sense of the word. silently crying as you try to make your way outside because the air inside this castle is too hot, it’s suffocating.
“___,” you hear a familiar voice call out. the sound of his steps come closer as yours start to speed up. “princess, please—”
“jungkook— leave me alone, please,” you sniffle. searching for a door that leads anywhere outside.
a brief silence follows, you know he’s behind you. he knows that you’re feeling trapped. he sees the way that your chest rises and falls rapidly and the way your feet carry you through the halls without a second thought, trying to find an exit. “there’s a door that goes to the garden up ahead, on your right.” he informs. he keeps his distance, afraid that he’ll overstep, but he needs to talk to you. he needs to let you know that it’ll be okay.
when you find the door, you immediately let yourself out, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. you keep walking, towards that willow tree just next to the pond and jungkook follows. another place that was dear to your heart, but you can’t think of the happy memories right now.  “princess, let me explain, i know you’re shocked and confused.”
you turn around now. “what will you say that will make me change my mind?”
he furrowed his eyebrows, “do you really not want to be with me?” a look of hurt flashes across his soft features.
“it’s not like that, jungkook, you know it isn’t.” your lip quivers as you speak. you should be happy. why are you so upset?
maybe it’s the fact that you thought that you and jungkook were genuine. the one thing in your life that you were able to grow organically. a love that was real. now, you have to question the validity of your entire friendship.
“then what is it?” he steps forward, trying to close the huge gap between the two of you. this time, you don’t reply. unsure of what to say, perhaps a confession while you were angry wasn’t the right thing to do. so you stay quiet. “___,” he spoke up again, “our parents planned for us to marry each other before we were even born, i’ve known it for a while now.” he explains, “i’m sorry they just decided to tell you today.”
his statement makes you think first. he’s known for a while? you suspected that he’s known for maybe a few hours, a few days at most. but a while means longer than that. “you never thought to tell me? you could have written? called?” you asked, more hurt and anger wanting to seep out. but you have to remind yourself that this isn’t entirely jungkook’s fault. his parents and yours planned this before the two of you were even born. if you were to pick a bone with someone, it would be with them.
but you can’t help but fear that this could confirm one of your biggest worries in a friendship/relationship. you knew you were royalty. that you possess privilege, power, money, status; everything everyone wants. the thought of someone using you for those things, for whatever you could give them-- it was a constant worry. that princes would woo you over and make you fall in love just for security of their kingdom, not because they loved you.
just because jungkook was a prince doesn’t mean that it’ll secure him for life. just like the women, the men needed to get married in order to maintain the monarchy. not to mention the fact that his kingdom was ‘given’ to your father’s. there’s a lot more to it, but if jungkook were to marry someone else: over time, the kingdoms would need to break apart. therefore, losing almost half of landmass and citizens. your father, despite being a kind and compassionate ruler, would not stand for that, especially not if he can arrange a marriage to prevent it.
“i tried, princess! believe me,” he pleads, reaching his hand out to touch yours but you don’t let him take it. “i didn’t know where you were or what your number was, and when i asked your father, he denied me the information.”
you want to believe him. a part of you does believe him. this is jungkook we’re talking about. your best friend, someone that you knew before you could form coherent memories. it’s just the thought that all of this could have been plotted. jungkook’s parents could have pressured and pushed him to a point where he thought he had no other choice. where he felt forced to befriend you so that the marriage could be easier, so that he could tolerate you better, so that he wouldn’t disappoint his parents and his kingdom. the two of you technically have no other choice. everyone would be in favor of this, especially you since he’s been so good to you— since you’re utterly in love with him. it makes you think, how much of this was real?
“you’ve always been sweet to me— always too nice.” you shake your head. “i should have known treatment like that from someone like you was too good to be true.” your insecurities flood out. your hand goes to your mouth, as if you didn’t mean to say it, but your heart is pouring everything out now. there was no turning back.
it makes him pause, eyebrows knitting together in confusion again. he looks genuinely upset now. “someone like me? what are you trying to say, ___?”
“you know exactly what i’m talking about,” you frown.
“royalty? you’re royalty too, ___, what makes you any different? five years away from raemor?” he crosses his arms over his chest. he doesn’t get it, of course he doesn’t. jungkook doesn’t give himself credit. always brushing off compliments, ignoring the popularity and admiration, never acknowledging his bragging rights.
“jungkook, you are known as the most handsome, most desirable prince in the world, you’re jeon jungkook.” there's bitterness in your tone, something akin to jealousy or… insecurity. “everyone wants to be you, everyone wants to be with you— you’re perfect, jungkook, and i’m not.”
childhood friends to lovers, it sounds sweet, doesn’t it? a fairy-tale-like love story. you wished on shooting stars and dandelions for that type of love. a real one. one that wasn’t doctored in a briefing room to assure that two nations would stick together. it wasn’t fair. not when you thought the stars aligned perfectly for you and jungkook to be together. only to find out that your parents forced them to align. you should have known— why would he willingly love you? when there were princesses a thousand times more beautiful, more charming.
“___, that’s not true—“ he starts but you can’t really bear to hear anyone else’s voice right now, not when the voice in your head is already screaming at you.
“i need some rest, jungkook, maybe we can talk about this later.” you suggest, gaze moving to the floor when you turn around and lift the cloth of your dress off the grass. your feet move on their own, your brain shutting down.
“___…” you could hear jungkook behind you. he sounded defeated. a sad tone ringing through the sound of your name.
too many questions ring through your mind when you lay in your bed, staring at your ceiling.
maybe you should talk to him, ask him these questions. it’s not fair to him if you just assume these things. if you just keep wondering, you truly think you’ll go crazy. because before this, you thought you and jungkook were good friends. despite everything, he still meant a lot to you. you just hope your friendship wasn’t based on this. that’s it. you wished for some part of it to be real, if not all of it.
you’re on your phone now, scrolling through twitter and the trending list to see if anything’s been said about an engagement. there was no talk of it, you suspect that the advisors kept it under wraps as they tried to figure out what to do. if anything, they’ll just push on with the plan.
crying was tiring, thinking all of this through was too. you’re split straight in the middle: of what you want and what you think is best. what you want, all pride aside, is to be with jungkook, marry him because you’ve been utterly in love with him since you were fifteen. what you think is best, is to not go through with this marriage. you aren’t sure what jungkook really wants, and you’ll be damned before you let jungkook go through with something he doesn’t want to do.
solutions were better said than done. you could just hold out for as long as you can, see what that can do for you. you could take it to royal court, argue your case and say that arranged marriages should be abolished. you could do whatever. but it’s all too much to think about, too much happened today. so you let yourself close your eyes, another tear joining the puddle on your pillow as you drift off to sleep.
Tumblr media
pride was a nasty thing. you felt guilty for dragging this thing out, especially for jungkook; he didn’t seem to be taking it well either. it’s just… your family knows how headstrong you are when it comes to making your own decisions. if they told you, let you know while they were planning everything, it would have made you feel a lot better, you probably would have gone along with the plan easily. but they didn’t, and all you can do right now, is be angry and annoyed for the time being. you didn’t know how long it was going to last, but only that a sour taste appears on your tongue whenever you pass your parents or even think of them.
“—your highness?” venus snaps you out of your mental monologue.
“yes?” you raise your eyebrows, sitting up in your chair. venus had brought you back into the briefing room because they still needed to discuss the arrangement. it was only you and your advisors today, blue also by your side as they slid the papers to you. he looked through them before passing them to you to look over. a packet of papers full of food choices, dress options, and venue locations were there for you to choose from. the last thing you were thinking about right now was an extravagant wedding.
she sits in front of you, sliding another paper to you. a picture this time. of jieun. she’s beautiful as always. your throat dries, immediately catching on. “i regret to inform you that if you do not wish to marry prince jungkook, we will have to send him off to fenutar to marry the princess.”
of course. to the princess he actually wants to marry.
you’re selfish. your stare is long. teeth gnawing at the inside of your cheek. instead of saying, “oh, that’s great! let him.” you’re silent, thinking over what to do to keep him by your side. in the end, it’s not up to you. no matter how much you want to be with him, it’s about if jungkook wants to be with you. that’s the entire reason why you’re holding it out, because you’re not sure if jungkook really wants to marry you, and you want to hear the truth. not something he thinks you would want to hear, or something the king would want to hear. you want real, brutal honesty.
so you ask, “well, what does the prince want?”
“well— he hasn’t answered yet, but he knows you are unsure of this commitment, and is willing to marry someone else if it seems fit for the kingdom.” she answers, “so what do you say? will you marry him?”
“can i get longer than a heartbeat to think about it?” you snap, “everyone seemed to have twenty years to think about arranging this marriage, but i can’t even get a few days?”
venus slightly flinches at the way your volume rises. before she speaks again, she hands you another lengthy packet. “princess, it’s just that— your engagement party was supposed to be tonight, with your uncertainty, we must change the theme.”
the packet was labeled ‘engagement party’ and it contained everyone who was invited; it happened to be a very, very long list. the food was planned, the music that they’re going to play is planned, everything is already thought of. reading through all the pages, it was never going to be your choice, they’ve had this planned for years. the packets were a big slap in the face. when it came to marriage, it was so obvious that it wasn’t up to you. so you sigh, “to what?”
“a party to find you suitors.” she slides you the new invitation. at this point, you had to have at least a thousand papers sitting in front of you.
“you’ve got to be kidding me,” you groan, “can’t we just give it a rest? give me a couple days to think this over before i make one of the biggest decisions anyone could ever make?”
venus gives you a pity pout. she cared about you, but in everyone else’s eyes, you were just going against protocol. that doesn’t look good in the eyes of the court and the public, especially since everything was planned with such detail. “invitations were sent months ago, people are coming either way, and since everyone is aware you are here, you must attend.”
so you give up, giving in with a sigh. “right,” you exhale. “fine.”
venus then goes off to talk about the party and what to expect, what you’re going to wear, and who you should talk to. her voice drowns itself out as you think about jungkook, wondering how he’s doing.
the jeon palace is quiet this morning.
blue is your bodyguard, but he felt the energy seeping off of you. you didn’t want to see him nor be around him. so after the meeting, he took off to speak with jungkook, asking him what he thinks the two of them should do.
“no idea, man.” jungkook shrugs. namjoon assesses that he’s been up all night; the blood shot eyes and tired voice are clear indicators. “we just have to give her time.”
jungkook never doubted his love for you. even with the distance and after all the time, he’s never faltered when it came to you. now, he worries. wonders if your feelings differ from his. that he’s misread the situation. do you really not want to marry him? is it just the idea of marriage you despise? or is it him too? did you hate him?
“they’ve changed the theme of the party tonight,” namjoon informs him. “they’re looking to find ___ new suitors.”
jungkook sighs. he doesn’t want to burden you with this, if it wasn’t him you wanted to marry, then he wants you to marry someone you love.
“is that what she wants?” he asks. namjoon shrugs. “should i keep fighting, blue? i don’t know if she wants this.”
jungkook’s always been a man of action. he fights for whatever he thinks is right. and this, this is right. you are right for jungkook. jungkook is right for you. he has so much hope for the two of you.
he doesn’t want you to be the one that got away, the one he has to wait lifetimes to be with. he wants you now. he can’t waste this life pretending to love someone else when he could have had you. jungkook wishes that he spoke up sooner— told you how he felt when you left. but he was speechless. the words were stuck in his throat when you said your last goodbye before stepping onto the plane.
“promise me you’ll come back?” jungkook asks. he’s tried to stall this moment as long as he could, even dragging you to his palace to show you his prizes from the christmas festival. it didn’t work, venus was waiting on the steps of his palace, asking for you.
“i can’t promise, jungkook, you know that.” you hold his hands tightly. his eyes shine in the dark of the night, it’s a sight that you know you’ll miss when you’re in the city. but you know this is for the better, time away from jungkook— away from raemor will be good for you. maybe you’ll realize that you don’t really love jungkook, and that your heart is only attached to him because he’s in your proximity, because he’s always been so sweet to you.
you can see the way he bites the inside of his cheek, trying not to cry. instinctively, your hand goes to his cheek, gently rubbing over the dip, telling him that it’s okay. he leans into your grasp. revelling the moment because he doesn’t know the next time he’ll be able to feel your touch. a tear falling from his eye and onto your hand as he shuts his eyes.
don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave. he chants in his head. i love you, i love you, i love you.
his hands grab the one that holds his face and pulls you close. he can’t get the words out. so he cries. silent tears streaming down his face, hiccupping every minute or so.
“i’ll always love you, jungkook.” you tell him, squeezing him tightly in the hug he pulled you in. “as long as the flowers still grow.”
he only cries more. your promise has never sounded so empty.
“i think you should wait it out, she’s fond of you— i know she’s just holding out because her parents did this behind her back— it’s not you.” namjoon gives him a light pat on the back before standing up. “i gotta get back to the palace, will you be at the party tonight?”
jungkook shrugs. no verbal response. namjoon takes this as a sign to leave him alone. after a quick goodbye, he shuts the door and leaves jungkook to wallow in his worries.
Tumblr media
guests have already started arriving as you begin to get ready. your mother set out and planned for you to wear a beautiful white dress. an off the shoulder, kind of fluffy dress with flowers embroidered all over it. the white, ‘virginal’ color obviously trying to attract suitors. it was pretty, but you didn’t want to wear it. your ladies wait for you to stand, they hold the dress and wait for you to step into it. but you walk the other way, into your closet to find another dress.
a pretty black a line dress catches your eye. the tulle peeking out from the rest of the dresses hanging from the hangers. “i’ll wear this one,” you tell them, “please hang that one back up in the closet.”
they don’t object, chungha moves to hang the white dress back up as chaeyoung helps you into the black dress. “you’re so cool.” she praises, zipping you up and fluffing the tulle for you.
you give her a smile. you’re a lot stronger than you were before. doing something like this, defying your parents so obviously would have scared you to death when you were fourteen. you stand now, ready to walk down the step with both your ladies on each arm, helping you down.
a whole crowd waits for you to come down the stairs. among the sea of people, jungkook stares right at you. a tight lipped smile flashed your way before he looked away, trying to focus on his friends instead of you.
but you’re just so pretty, and of course you’re wearing black. he’s so happy that you’re standing up for yourself. the princes whistle and react to your dress choice, jungkook tries to hide the way his eyes roll to the back of his head. he tries not to react so outwardly, despite the urge to stand next to you and pull you away from these slimy princes. like he used to.
he didn’t even want to come. his advisors forced him to go to the party, to let everyone know that there wasn’t any bad blood between you and him. with everyone expecting the news of your engagement, the invitation was a shock. so jungkook stands there, as much as he doesn’t want to, as a peacemaker, a treaty.
when you reach the bottom of the stairs, your mother gives you a kiss while your father gives you a slight smile. she rubs your back gently, “you look beautiful, darling.”
it was a small thing, choosing your own dress to wear, and changing the color. but the way your parents reacted was a big thing. something that gives you a little bit of hope. you give them a small smile. “thank you, mama.”
chungha and chaeyoung let go of your arms. the swarm begins. voices overlap each other, multiple princes try to introduce themselves at the same time. it’s like they were the ones that forgot their etiquette and not you. it was quite overwhelming, you try to find something, someone to run to so that you would calm down.
your mind goes to one person. he stands next to a table, sipping champagne with his friends. you push your way out of the pit of princes and make your way to the familiar man. jungkook makes eye contact with you, drinking from the champagne flute before raising his eyebrows.
you give him a curtsy when you approach, his friends turn and bow. jungkook bows as well. “everything alright, princess?”
he was also informed not to be too touchy, too close to you because he was supposed to give other suitors a chance. jungkook, again, couldn’t have rolled his eyes any harder. but rules are rules, so he stands a safe distance away from you even though he knows all you want is to be reassured with a gentle hold of his hand.
the change in energy is something you recognize immediately. you should have known things weren’t going to be the same after everything that’s happened the past two days. maybe you shouldn’t have ran to him. he sounds like he doesn’t care. you’re not sure what to say, and before you know it, you’re excusing yourself from the conversation and making your way to your seat.
luckily for you, the dinner starts and the princes are told to stay seated in their assigned places for as long as the dinner persists. you sit with your family, the bubble consisting of your king and queen parents protect you from men that want your hand in marriage.
princes and more highborn surround you. the prince of france sending you glances from his table, the prince of scotland sending flowers to your table, and many other princes want to be in your favor. but you only think of jungkook, only want to be with jungkook. it’d look stupid of you to admit it now, after making such a fuss during the meeting. you should have given it time, thought with reason and clarity. because now, here you are: sulking in your chair with princes pining after you while your eyes are for one person, and he’s not even looking at you. you had the attention of the entire world and you hated it. if jungkook wasn’t looking at you, talking to you. none of it mattered.
the rest of the party, you stay seated at your table. the princes come up to you one by one, talking to you until they deemed that the conversation was over. it was fun to talk, but it was so draining. it felt like speed dating.
you notice that jungkook and his friends are gone from the table they were sitting at when the prince of japan stands to leave. the prince of france is next to talk to you, and he seems to go on and on about his ski resort somewhere in the mountains and how he has like twenty cars. you smile and nod, trying to get the conversation over with before you feel a tap on your shoulder.
“excuse me, your grace,” taehyung interrupts your conversation with the prince of france. “come with me, please.”
you apologize to the prince before excusing yourself to go off with taehyung. “where are we going?”
“jungkook has been moping this entire party.” he tells you as he leads you up the stairs. “i know the two of you have been in a rocky place, but please— just talk to him, so many of your problems would be solved if the two of you just talked.” taehyung sighs.
he walks you to the door of a bedroom you know all too well. the one that your parents granted jungkook to stay in whenever he wanted. he opens the door quietly. yugyeom sits at the foot of his bed, eunwoo at his desk. then you see him. jungkook, standing on his balcony, leaning against the stone railing, the entire castle garden lit up for his viewing pleasure.
“i hate my advisors—” he takes another sip from his champagne flute, “can’t believe they thought sticking around for this party was a good idea.” he scoffs. “did they want to rub it in my face? that she doesn’t want me?”
the boys quietly leave the room without jungkook noticing, you watch as they slip out of the door. taehyung gives you a comforting smile, telling you: you can do it! before closing the door.
“now, here i am— drinking because my best friend doesn’t want to marry me— isn’t that fucking idiotic? i should have known— that girl is too good for me. plus why would my dumb ass advisors make me stay here— what did they want me to do? watch as multiple princes try their hand with her? fuck, i hate them!”
this can’t be real. you tell yourself. the boys must have planned it, to fool you.
“jungkook?“ you come from behind, startling him. he turns and meets your eyes. a closer look at him shows you things that you couldn’t see earlier. like the way that the whites of his eyes are red, the way that his lips are raw from biting them. you take another step, just a little closer to him, “if you’re gonna hate anyone, hate me.”
he purses his lips, a frown appearing on his lips before his gaze goes back to the view of the garden in front of him, unable to meet yours. “i would—” he laughs dryly. “if i could.”
“how— how are you feeling?” you question. starting a conversation as if you hadn’t broken the man's heart less than a day ago. he stands before you, vulnerable and unsure, and you have the gall to ask him how he’s doing?
“do you want me to be honest?” he asks, his gaze still focused on the fountain in the middle of the garden spouting water.
“yes, please,” you nod. stepping even closer to him and leaning onto the railing as well. you try to keep eye contact with him, but he doesn’t reciprocate, tearing his eyes away from yours every few moments to stare at the rainbow light fountain.
“i’m not doing very well,” he admits with a shake of his head. he lifts the champagne flute up slightly, showing you the empty glass. he places it onto the railing, not caring if it falls onto the pavement below. “i hate this champagne, but it’s the only thing that helps get my head off of y—” he stops himself and looks at you for a second before looking away again, waving his hand around. “this.”
“i’m sorry, jungkook.” you apologize. sincerity woven in the vowels of the sentence. “i love you and i want you to be happy—”
“then marry me.” jungkook turns to face you and gently takes hold of your hands. a last ditch effort for your heart. “we can be happy together.”
you shake your head, denying yourself of the fantasy you’ve dreamt of for half of your life. you didn’t know what was truly in jungkook’s heart, if he truly wanted you or if he just wanted to stop all the drama and appease the situation. you’ve made such a mess of your heart. but you’d never allow jungkook to go through with something he truly doesn’t want, as he would do the same.
no words come out of your mouth to explain. jungkook needs to hear you say it, that you don’t want to marry him, that you don’t like him, that you don’t feel the same as he does. he needs to hear you say it. “why are you so hesitant? why don’t you want to marry me?”
“you’ll never understand, jungkook,” you exhale. “you’re you, jeon jungkook with every award there is, every talent thinkable, every option in the world— and then there’s me, who you’re being forced to marry and i have nothing to show for, no top ten lists, no awards, nothing, it’s just me.”
“no, you’re the crown princess of raemor.”
“right,” you roll your eyes. you’re not sure if jungkook understands how much that statement doesn’t help. sure, you were the princess of a powerful kingdom, but that was it, that’s all you had to show for. of course his parents would want him to marry you, you’d give him the title of a king and the luxuries anyone could dream of. but you wanted to be loved for who you were, not what family you came from and what crown sits atop your head.
“hey—“ jungkook places his hand on your shoulder, picking up on your energy. “i didn’t mean it like that.”
you know he didn’t, but your brain twists every sentence he’s ever said to you, making you believe that none of this was real. “i know.” you sulk. you lean against the stone railing, looking out into the garden. “i’m sorry.” you shake your head.
“give me a real reason, ___.” he requests. “if you don’t like me— just say it.”
“no,” you shake your head, “you don’t love me.”
when those words come out of your mouth, in that order, jungkook doesn’t know how to react. you seem so set on that, like nothing could ever change your mind about it. jungkook thought it was obvious that he was head over heels for you. that he looked like a lost puppy following you around all the time and always wanting your affection. you must have heard him ramble about how upset he was just now. so how could he make you believe? should he tell you about the times he cried because he thought you’d never come home? or maybe about the time that he thought you hated him because you didn’t say happy birthday to him on his eighteenth birthday? or perhaps when he found out the two of you were arranged to be married and how he was happy about it?
as always, all the thoughts running through jungkook’s head can’t be translated into words. tongue-tied with his heart stuck in his throat, like how he always feels when he wants to confess to you. the only thing he can say is a meek, “i do love you.”
a silence comes between you both when jungkook says it. he doesn’t regret it. he hopes you know what he means. friendship ‘i love you’s’ aren’t the same. he means this one with something different attached to it. his heart. he bares it to you.
you can see how genuine his statement is. you don’t want to push it anymore, the tears starting to build in jungkook’s eyes show you how honest he’s being. but one question pokes at you. bugs you by repeating in your head every other second. was it all real? was our friendship real? you needed to know, and there was no point in beating around the bush anymore.
“when did you find out?” you asked, “that we were supposed to get married?”
“my parents told me the morning after my eighteenth birthday—” he answers. he was sure, no reason to lie. you think about it for a beat and wonder what jungkook has ever done to question his trust other than the arrangement. he’s never lied to you. “they told me your parents would tell you as well when you turned eighteen.”
they told him after you left. meaning that your friendship was real. despite proximity being in your favor, with this admission, you can stop worrying about if he only befriended you because of this. “so we were actually friends? you wanted to be my friend?”
“what—? of course!” he exhales, “who wouldn’t wanna be friends with you? you’re funny and great to be around,” he laughs. “i promise you, everything between us— it’s genuine.”
you smile. he does too. silence sitting between you both for just a moment. you’re reminded of a specific moment when you stare a little too long at his lips. the pink appendage reminding you of a time where you believed the two of you were going to kiss. “then what about— the uh—” you stumble over your words, unable to meet his gaze when you try to bring it up.
“the what?” he asks, looking straight at you.
“the day i came back, when you helped me put the necklace you got me on— were we— were we about to kiss?” you ask. jungkook blanked out for a bit. he thought about it too, a little too much. he thought he was getting delusional over it. but he waits a beat too long to reply, so you’re apologizing quickly. “sorry, pretend i never even mentioned—”
“no, we were, you’re right.” he confirms. “or at least— i wanted to.”
“you did?” you raise your eyebrows. “jungkook…” you let out a little laugh.
“i know,” he hides his face in his hands. “i’m sorry.”
“don’t apologize.” you reach out to pull his hands away from his face, “i wanted to kiss you too— but i just thought i was getting the wrong idea.” you explained. “but— were you acting like that because you knew we were gonna get married? you wanted to see if anything romantic could happen between us or something?”
an airy laugh escapes his lips. “___.” he holds onto your shoulders. a different energy flows between the two of you. an easy going one, just like the one the two of you usually have. finally, his heart beats out in the open for you. fear no longer pushes him back. “how can i get it through your pretty head— i’ve wanted to kiss you for the longest time.”
the confession shuts you up. warmth surrounds your face and you can feel it rise to your ears. you can’t seem to make eye contact with him, turning to the side again to look at that damn fountain.
the sound of crickets replaces your voices. a comfortable silence sits between the two of you. the energy between the two of you is better, but something still lurks. commitments, decisions, worries, all of it. jungkook looks at you before he speaks up again.
“but i have to tell you this now—” holding the stone railing, bracing himself for the words he’s about to say. “i’m supposed to fly out to fenutar tomorrow morning to entertain a marriage proposal my father made as a backup, and i— i might come back as a married man.”
your smile fades. it hurts to hear it come from him. even though you fought so hard against it. against something you want. there was nothing else to it other than your pride. your need to prove people wrong and to hold out.
his confident demeanor from minutes ago quickly deteriorates. his words are stuck in his throat again and he has to grab the railing to hide the way that his hands shake. “so i need you to know that i— that i love you,” he pushes it out, “and i want to marry you.” punctuating his sentence with another look straight to you. “so if you feel the same— if you want to try, don’t let me get on that plane.” he begs, tears beginning to brim his waterline again.
he sounds so sad, but so hopeful at the same time. there’s nothing you want more than to be with him, but you just have to make sure. assure that jungkook isn’t making a mistake. “but what about jieun? you’ve liked her for the longest time, don’t you want to marry her?”
he shakes his head. “i’ve had more than enough time to think about who i really want to marry.” he tells you. “and i— i can’t see myself with anyone else other than you— i don’t want to.”
you’re quiet, unable to answer him right now. jungkook understands, he’s always so patient even when the rest of your lives are on the line. so he gives you a small smile. “i know it’s a lot, and i understand that you need time—” he comforts you. “please, know that i’m here if you want to talk, and that i love you for you, for that girl that i grew up with— the girl standing in front of me now.” he holds you in his hands so gently, his grip never too tight.
“please, give us a try.”
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kookdiaries · 4 months ago
tequila mockingbird (m)
Tumblr media
→ Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
→ Summary: Jungkook can’t wait to open his bookstore with a twist, only one minor problem... He doesn’t know how to bartend. With opening day looming around the corner, Jungkook knows he needs help but doesn’t know where to turn. Thankfully, his best friend Namjoon knows just the right person for him. Whether Jungkook knows it or not.
→ Genres: Humor | Romance | Smut | Angst
→ AU: Bartender | Bookstore | Acquaintances to lovers?
→ Word Count: 6.6k
→ Rating: Explicit | Mature | 18+
→ Warnings: Explicit sex | Unprotected sex | Arguing | Teasing | Heavy sexual tension | Oral (male receiving) | Fingering | Creampie | Doggy | Breast play | There’s probably more I’m missing
→ Other: This is a repost/edited version of my previous fic titled the same thing! A big thank you to Cam @sunshinejunghoseokie​ for editing this & to Kat @yeoldontknow​ and Bee @inkedtae​ for reading it over for me! 
Tumblr media
Things usually come pretty easily for Jungkook, but, for some reason, that is not the case today. Sighing, he dumps out the full glass into his sink after realizing the drink he’s attempting to make is not good by any means. He rinses his mouth out with a glass of water, which unfortunately doesn’t do much to get rid of the putrid taste.
"Well, that was disgusting," he says to himself, coughing slightly at the bite. Note to self, apparently beer and brandy aren't the best when mixed together...or at all for that matter.
He quickly realizes that bartending does not come naturally to him after he looks around the new bar countertop and sees the empty bottles of alcohol and everything else he thought he would need for Tequila Mockingbird, his new bookstore with a twist - literally.
Nothing makes Jungkook happier than reading a good book while sipping some expensive wine. See now, wine is easy. Wine's only requirement is to be poured into a glass. There is no mixing required.
Jungkook lets out another sigh and decides he’ll clean up the mess he made later, grabs his keys, and locks the door behind him. A good ol' cup of joe should fix the nasty after-taste still lingering in his mouth. The best part about buying the old, run-down bookstore is that it’s located almost directly across from his best friend's bike and coffee shop, Grind My Gears. 
Namjoon nods at his friend when he walks in the door and continues taking the order of the customer at the register in front of him.
"Sorry about that, it's been busy here today. You want it hot or cold?" Namjoon asks, referring to the coffee, once Jungkook is in front of him.
"Surprise me. I just need something with flavor." He makes a face, remembering the drink he attempted to swallow a few minutes prior.
Namjoon laughs, as if he knows that things aren’t necessarily working out for his friend. "I have just the thing for you, go sit."
It doesn’t take long for Namjoon to finish making whatever it is as he’s already on his way over to the table Jungkook picked to sulk at. "How's your drink menu coming along?" He asks as he hands Jungkook an iced coffee.
"Would I be cleansing my palate if it was going well, Joon?" The bell attached to the door rings, announcing the new customers that enter.
"I guess not. Hold on a sec," Namjoon chuckles as he stands up to greet the school-aged couple. "I'll be back in a few," he tells Jungkook.
Jungkook takes the time to think about what his options are at this point. You could hire someone to make your menu, he ponders, but that still doesn't solve the main problem - the fact that you are a terrible bartender. He took a sip of his iced drink and revels in the fact that his taste buds are no longer burning in disgust.
"So," Namjoon starts once he returns, "Wanna tell me what you're struggling with?"
"I can't mix drinks," he says bluntly.
"What do you mean you can't mix drinks?"
"Exactly that," Jungkook grunts. "I can't. I'm terrible at it."
"Oh, come on. Have you tried following an online recipe, or experimenting with your own?" Namjoon questions.
"Yeah. Did that. You're in for a huge surprise when I say that beer and brandy aren’t the next big thing," Jungkook replied sarcastically.
"Wait," Namjoon picks up the small plate and empty coffee cup off of the table next to them, "You mixed what with brandy?" Namjoon lets out a loud laugh, "Oh man. You know you kind of need to know what goes with what, and what absolutely the fuck doesn't if you're going to open a bar, dude."
"I'm aware of that. Thank you," Jungkook squints his eyes at his friend. He isn’t in the mood to be picked on, he has a deadline for the grand re-opening and he intends on keeping it.
"I can't believe you don't know how to make a proper drink," Namjoon laughs again, "What are you going to do? You have like, what? Less than a week?"
"I don't know. I thought this part would be easy. Clearly I made a mistake thinking that. I can't believe I put it off for this long. Anyways, thanks for the drink man. I owe you one," he says referring to his non-existent specialty drink, "Obviously once I figure this shit out, though."
"Hey no problem, if I come up with any ideas I'll send them your way. You headed back to Tequila?"
"Yeah, I'm basically living there lately. There's a lot that still has to get done, and I need to spend another couple hours there working on it. Thanks again." Jungkook leaves, feeling a little less defeated, and decides that he will start putting in the new flooring, pushing the drinks situation to the side once again.
Tumblr media
Jungkook wipes the sweat from his brow and continues to pound the side of the wooden piece into the rest of the flooring that was already laid down and installed, making sure each piece was locked in tight before moving to the next. He’s been working on it ever since he got back from Grind My Gears, and now it’s nearly midnight somehow.
"Only a few more pieces to go. Thank god," he huffs. This is a lot more than what he planned on doing tonight.
When the flooring is finished, Jungkook takes a step back to admire how everything is coming along so far. He smiles, satisfied with the small improvement. Thankfully, most of the bookshelves are still in good shape so he didn't have to replace them. If anything, he might have to buy a couple more for the wall by the bar, but he could deal with that later. They have already been sanded and stained; that was one of the first projects that Jungkook had done, all he has to do is haul them back into place.
After that is done, the boxes of books that are stacked up against the wall scream at him to be taken out and set up. His favorite part, hands down, is organizing the books. He had been trying to save this part as one of the last steps but he couldn't help himself.
"Might as well. I'm not going to bed anytime soon." Jungkook opens a bottle of wine he has behind the bar and pours himself a glass. He proceeds to dust off the first box of hardcovers with a growing smile on his face in between sips of the dark red liquid. He loves everything about books. Their smell, their weight in his hands, and the worlds that hide within their pages. He loses himself in the bindings and thousands of pages he is brushing through.
It isn’t long until Jungkook comes across one of his favorites. He hesitates, stuck between wanting to start it over again or to continue filling the shelves. He finally decides that he needs to revisit the characters, and cleans off one of the armchairs so he can sit and read. Hours have passed and once again, time didn't exist.
He is so engrossed in the book he had read a thousand times over, that he didn’t even realize that it was raining out until a flash of lighting caught his attention.
The sound of the rain bouncing off of the roof was undoubtedly making Jungkook drowsy, his eyelids felt heavier by each passing second. He sets the book on his chest and lets out a sigh after the last thunder crack.
I'll close them, just for a minute....
Tumblr media
Soft rain patters against your umbrella as you walk along an unusually empty Main Street. It’s been a while since you've been in Bangtan Springs, you’ve almost forgotten how dreary the first little bit of summer is. Rain is in the forecast for most of the week. You were only gone for a month, but it felt like a lifetime and you’re already missing the warm sunshine.
After crossing the street, you shake your umbrella and enter your favorite coffee shop, "Joon, my dear friend whom I haven't seen in months, please please give me a decent cup of coffee to-go. This weather has me exhausted. That or the jet lag. Or both. Probably both."
Namjoon looks up from the bike he’s working on for a client and smiles brightly, "____, just the person I want to see. I heard you were back in town, how was Mexico?" He wipes his hands on a nearby rag and heads to the sink to wash up.
"Amazing! I'm a bronzed goddess. Of course, after like a week of being perpetually red. I ate the best vegan food I think I've ever had. And the best part, I can make one killer watermelon margarita. I mean, I could make one before, but after learning from the best? Mmm, you don't even know," you sigh contently. "Mexico was a complete dream."
"So, was this a work thing or a vacation? Because it sounds like the latter to me," he snickers.
"Both," you grin, "Anyway why are you so happy to see me? I know I'm a delight but I'm sure you have another valid reason," you joke. Joon smirks, completely used to your banter.
"My buddy Jungkook needs some drink pointers. And by 'drink pointers' I mean he needs all the help he can get." You nod and he continues, "He's the guy that bought Mr. Zimmer’s old bookstore and is adding a bar. From what he told me yesterday things weren't working out with the drink menu. I was wondering if you'd be a doll and help him out some? Especially since he's supposed to be opening on Friday, and it's what? Tuesday?"
"Sure, I have to finish unpacking at some point, but I'll head over there and see if he's in. I thought I saw a light on when I walked here. Helping him gives me an excuse to procrastinate on unpacking, and you know how good I am procrastinating, Joon." You turn back and grin again, "And thanks for the coffee! It's just as delicious as I remember."
"Of course. Let me know how it goes too, okay? It sounds like he’s really having a rough time."
"No problem. See you soon!"
It must have stopped raining while you were visiting with Joon, so your umbrella stays closed as you walk back across the street and head towards old man Zimmer's, well, technically Jungkook's place now.
It was weird to think about it, you've only been gone a month, and yet it feels like so much is changing in Bangtan Springs. You walk up to the door that has a sign hanging, with a countdown saying 'grand re-opening 3 days away!' and knock to see if he’s inside.
It's crazy that Jungkook is opening a business.
You remember Jungkook from when you were in high school, of course all the girls called him Kookie then; and he was really quiet and kept to himself, so you’re interested in seeing how different he is now. You let out a sigh after a couple seconds of standing there, maybe he isn’t in. You knock again and wait.
You probably haven’t seen each other in a couple years. You sure as hell don't remember the broad shouldered, giant of a man that answers the door you’re waiting at.
Has he always been this tall? Your eyes trail down his shirtless body. Has he always been this ripped?
From the confused look he is giving you, you gather that he probably doesn’t remember who the hell you are, sadly.
Tumblr media
"Can I help you?" Jungkook says a little disgruntled as he literally just woke up. He rubs his eyes and stares at the pretty girl with the wide eyes staring right back at him. He follows her eyes as they scan his body. When did I take off my shirt? And how is it already 2pm?
"Sorry," she starts, "Namjoon said you might need help?" He raises an eyebrow, as if to say 'go on?'
"I'm ___. We used to go to high school together... Namjoon just told me that you needed bartending help and not to sound conceited or anything, but I'm the best bartender in Bangtan Springs. I thought I could lend a hand..." you trail, hoping that he catches on to what you’re suggesting.
Another moment of awkward silence passes as he processes what you’re saying.
"Oh, uhh," Jungkook looks back at the mess on the bar he still has yet to clean up. Shit. "Yeah, come in, there's no point in trying to hide the disaster behind me. Sorry for the mess."
He opens the door wide enough so that you are able to enter, "Let me throw my shirt on." Jungkook leads you around, showing you the gist of the space and what Tequila Mockingbird is all about.
“So is it a bookstore with a bar or a bar with a bookstore? Either way it’s a genius idea.” You say, and Jungkook swears he falls in love with you right then and there.
When he first told everyone about his idea they all questioned whether or not it was actually going to work out or if it was even feasible with the deadline Jungkook set for the grand re-opening. Between getting approved for a liquor license and the countless inspections, there was a lot that he had accomplished in the last thirty or so days.
"Both, I guess." He replies, "As you can probably tell, I put this off for way too long and now I'm realizing that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I have a couple things that I picked up that I thought I'd need but I don't even know if they're necessary at this point. And I didn't know what alcohol to order so I don't have anything scheduled for delivery for the opening day. Oh, and I don't have a drink menu."
Your eyes widen even more, if that is even possible. You know this is going to be a lot of work, helping him get everything together by this next Friday, but you know you have to do it. When Jungkook was showing you around you could tell just how much passion he has for what he is doing. It's not his fault the drinks he tried to make were trash, or that he has no idea what the difference between scotch and bourbon is.
"I'll pay you," he rushes out, worried that he scared you off.
That makes your ears perk up.
"I'll pay you $200 to help me today."
"Hmm," You pretend to think it over, "Let's do $150 and on your opening night my drinks are free."
"Deal," he says without hesitation.
"Okay, so first things first. We're going on a shopping trip." You lean against the bar, "But before that, you're cleaning up this mess and I'm making a list of potential things you want. When we're shopping you can decide if you think you need it or not. Okay?"
"Sounds good to me." Honestly, Jungkook will do anything you say at this point. He’s lost, and thankfully he has someone to help.
You pull out your phone and start typing furiously, making little notes about things you think would really work for this atmosphere. A sophisticated drink, like a Moscow Mule, for the drunken literary geniuses that will decide to spend an afternoon writing their latest novel here. Old fashioned Whiskeys on the rocks for the businessmen wanting to relax after work. Manhattans and Martinis for the couple on their second date. Cosmopolitans for the single women looking for their next new thing. Wine for the ones who had been dumped. And obviously, the soon to be crowd pleaser, tequila shots. What else would you expect from a place named Tequila Mockingbird? You make another note to have multiple kinds of tequilas. It’ll be expected. Tequila Tuesday will be buy one, get one tequila shot day. You’re pulled out of your zone when Jungkook clears his throat with keys in hand, "Ready to go?"
Tumblr media
"Wait, what is this called again?"
"A cobbler shaker," you laugh, "It'll be your best friend, trust me. How many do you want? You'll probably need at least four. It's annoying having to stop and wash the same one over and over again."
"Yeah, that sounds good. What's left?"
"Alcohol! We'll pick out the essentials right now; a couple tequilas, a couple wines, maybe some whiskeys. Mid to high-end; I'm assuming that's the vibe you're going for, right?" Jungkook nods. "Okay, and then we can rush order the rest once we finalize the drink menu."
You make your way to the check out line after picking up the rest of the needed items, and put everything into the back of Jungkook's jeep. Thankfully he drives a rather large vehicle. With everything he bought in there, he definitely needs the space.
"You know, you're not as nerdy as I remember," You tell him as he pulls up to the red light.
"Well, you're not as bitchy as you were in school, but you're still kind of bossy."
"Oh, tell me how you really feel!" You laugh, "You would've been completely lost without my bossing, so please." A big smile grows on your face watching Jungkook squirm in his seat.
"I can't argue with that," he chuckles. "But on a serious note, I don't think I properly thanked you yet for setting your day aside to help me. I really do appreciate it, ___. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for Namjoon sending you my way."
"Oh don't worry about it. We'll get started on some drinks for the menu tonight. Thankfully I don't start work until tomorrow night so it's not a problem at all. I'm supposed to be unpacking, I might have a couple of badly wrinkled shirts but this is so much more fun." You turn and smile back at him, "Totally worth it if you ask me." You’re silent for a moment, "I don't have another full day off until Thursday, and you open Friday, right? Want me to come in then?
"Please. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions by then."
"You probably will, but they won't be answered until you experience it. A lot of learning how to bartend comes from learning on the job. It'll be a little rough the first day, but that's okay because it can only go up from there."
Tumblr media
"So you really don't have any idea what to do for the drink menu?"
Jungkook gives you a 'what do you think' kind of look as he unloads the take-out you picked up from The Daily Grain, another one of Bangtan Springs local favorites.
"Alright then. Well, tequila shots are always a hit, I think we should have those and some cocktails as your specialty. Let's start with the hard stuff. I think that you should consider having a smaller drink menu, that way it's not overwhelming right away, and you can always add to it in the future. So I'm thinking Whiskeys, new and old. Maybe Moscow Mules, Manhattans. Martinis if you're alright with the extra expense of olives, they get kind of pricey but it's one of the most popular mixed drinks. We've already agreed on tequila, obviously, and wine is a book’s best friend so that's a big yes. I think having a couple reds should be enough. Lastly, maybe cosmopolitans?"
You take a couple minutes to gather everything he would need and show him how to make the handful of cocktails that you had picked out earlier before showing him how to measure out the different kinds of alcohol, which was water tonight since you didn't have everything just yet, and made a cheat sheet for him that stated what was required in each drink.
It'll take some time for him to become comfortable with it, but he's not the worst person I've had to train. You think to yourself while watching Jungkook make you one of the cocktails.
You give Jungkook the rest of the runthrough before moving on to place the rush order on everything you didn't pick up today.
You swallow the bite of the sub you had in your mouth, "Okay so," you paused to take a sip of your soda, "Back to tequila shots. A customer just asked for 4 rounds of tequila shots. Show me what you know."
"I don't even know how to take a proper tequila shot, let alone serve one."
"Are you joking? Every bartender has to know! Especially when that is what you're going to be known for. You know how many people are probably going to buy you these on the daily? More than you think." You shake your head at him and reach for one of the bottles of tequila you bought earlier.
"Set up the glasses, pour the 'quila, hand them a small plate with 4 lime slices and the salt shaker." You display all of the above as you finish your sentence. "That's it for serving, now to the next part.
"First, you lick the back of your hand, and shake on the salt," you demonstrate on yourself. "Then lick the salt off."
"And why do you do that?" Jungkook asks with a raised eyebrow.
"It lessens the burn of the tequila," you say with a smirk. I wonder how much of a tolerance he has.
"Oh. Alright."
"Then take the shot and quickly bite into the lime. Pro tip: lemon will work if you run out of lime. And before you ask, the sour fruit balances and enhances the flavor of the tequila."
"Gotcha." Jungkook says a little slowly as he watches you lick the back of your hand and down the shot. Why did he like the view of your throat swallowing so much? He shakes his head and picks up his shot glass.
"No, this first." You lick the salt off of his wrist and let the second shot of the liquid slide down your throat before sucking on the lime wedge.
Jungkook swears he could have taken you right then and there. He shakes his head again to get rid of the image of you licking other parts of him and clears his throat. Wow, was it hot in here or is it just him?
Needless to say, after what is close to four rounds you were both shitfaced, him due to the fact that his alcohol tolerance was practically non-existent, and you because what's the point in watching someone else get fucked up without you doing the same?
"I'll be right back," you say, needing to pee and no longer able to hold it in. 
You were in the bathroom on the toilet while simultaneously talking on the phone with one of your friends, "I can't believe how grown up he is," you said referring to Jungkook. "Yeah I know. We're the same age, but still. You know, I'm actually surprised that we haven't run into each other until now. God, he's like handsome handsome too. But like, in a cute, nerdy way. Even though he's not nerdy anymore. Which is kind of sad. Yeah, you're right. I should probably go back out there. No I'm not going to fuck him. Geez. Well, maybe," you giggle. "Goodnight."
As you walk back into the main room you’re caught off guard by Jungkook without a shirt on. Again. He must've heard you walking, as he looks up and smiles lazily at you.
It should be illegal for anyone to be that handsome when they're completely sloshed.
"Sorry I got really warm. Does tequila do that to you?"
So he’s drunk, like really drunk. But so are you. You thought to yourself, trying to come up with excuses for what you are about to do.
Jungkook gasps slightly when your lips press up against his. Your hands slide up his chest as you kiss him, and eventually his lips move with yours. To the point where you can’t get enough of each other.
His hands trail down your back and tug your shirt up. You pull back for a quick second so he can take it off, along with your bra. Once they’re off, his hands run back up your sides and slightly cup the sides of your breasts. You reach down and play with his belt buckle, trying to undo it without removing your lips from his.
And, just when you thought that things would get interesting, Jungkook pulls away, "I can't." He took a step away from you and averted his eyes. "I can't," he hesitates, "Do that...with you..."
You instantly feel embarrassed, as anyone would, and cover your chest with one hand, reaching for your clothes with the other. You aren’t exactly sure what just happened, but you did know that you want to get the hell out of there. After throwing your shirt back on you practically run the door down on your way out. If you weren’t currently crying you would've probably laughed at the fact that you’re running down Main Street with your bra in hand at god knows what time of night.
Jungkook’s words haunt you the rest of the walk, and even when you’re in the comfort of your own home.
I can't do that...with you…
Like there was a problem with you or something.
"God, why am I still drunk," you rub your face as you stare yourself down in the bathroom mirror. You undress, deciding that a shower might help you take your mind off things. You know you aren’t the slimmest, but you didn't have a problem with your body. How dare he make you feel like there is one?
The next morning you’re still upset, and rightfully so. You debated on texting Joon and telling him how awful Jungkook is, but you know that it isn’t Joon's fault that his friend is an ass. Instead you text Yoongi, and set up a hair appointment for tomorrow morning. Nothing like a little hair therapy to fix your mood. Thankfully, you have a shift tonight and you plan on flirting your ass off to get good tips. You sure as hell didn't want to go back to Tequila to get your money from Jungkook. He could kiss your ass for all you care.
Tumblr media
"Hello darling, you're on speaker," you say, answering Namjoon's call.
"Hey, what are you doing right now?" He questions with a concerned tone. Your eyebrows furrow and you wonder what’s wrong.
"She's going blonde Joon, why do you ask?" Yoongi says, letting him know that you’re currently busy no matter what the situation is. 
"Oh hey Yoongi. Anyway, ____, I just wanted to talk but we can do that over the phone. Did you end up helping Jungkook because he still seemed like he was struggling a bit when he came in for coffee earlier.”
You revell in the fact that he’s having a hard time. Good, he deserves it.
"Yeah I did help him actually," and he turned out to be a dick after all of that.
"Oh, I know it's not my place to ask again, but would you mind checking in on him later? I would but my 3 o'clock called in sick so I'm stuck at Grind."
You’re stuck between going back or just going home, you did technically say you would go in today but that was know.
You sigh, your conscience eating you up, "Yeah," you give in, "I can stop by on my way home from here."
"Okay. Thank you, ____."
Why on earth did you give in? "No problem, I'll talk to you later."
"Bye Joon," Yoongi cuts in.
Tumblr media
"Alright, later."
“Great idea Jungkook, ‘let’s add a bar’, you said, ‘Mix it up a bit, if you will.' Such a dumbass idea,” he grumbles as he lifts up another heavy shelf for his liquor bottles to sit on, struggling to hold and drill it into the wall at the same time. These were supposed to be easy installs but they’re a pain right in his ass. Everything is ticking him off today. Well, technically everything has been ticking him off ever since you stormed out a couple days ago. God, why am I such a fucking idiot? Only one more day until the grand re-opening, yet Jungkook feels like there is still too much to do.
You walk into Tequila Mockingbird and nearly choke on your own saliva, watching the toned man you had kissed two days ago securing shelving into the wall. His shoulders tense as he leans into the drill, pushing in the last of the screws.
Why does he never have a shirt on?
Here you are, preparing for an awkward encounter and this is what you get.
If there is a God, I would thank him so much right now. Jungkook can drill me any day of the week, you mentally drool. Not that that's going to happen, you remind yourself, which puts you back into an upset mood.
You cross your arms and clear your throat to make your appearance known, "Hi."
His head whips around at the sound of your voice, "What are you doing here?" He’s completely surprised that you still came in today, especially since the last time you saw each other was when you were both half naked and he turned you down.
"You owe me $150 and asked me to come in the day before you-"
"I'll send you a check." He cuts in with a disinterested tone, completely ignoring the fact that you’re talking, and moves onto the next shelf.
"Can we talk?" You ask, wanting to clear things up so encounters wouldn't be awkward in the future, especially since you have plenty of friends in common.
Jungkook huffs, "I'm a little busy at the moment. You're welcome to chat with me like everyone else tomorrow at the opening."
"I don't know why you're being such a crab ass. We kissed, big deal. Get over yourself. I did."
"It is a big deal!" He snaps as he heads to the staircase. You follow him to the second level.
"Oh really? Care to explain why?"
He doesn’t say anything so you continue to get everything off your chest, "You said you weren't interested! I got the message. If anyone should be offended, it should be me!"
"Of course you would be the offended one."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" you holler.
"Would you just stop yelling?" Jungkook rubs his temples, annoyed that you’re upset with him, even though you have every right to be, and that you look hot as hell all fired up.
"And why would I do that?" You shout back.
"Because if you keep yelling at me like that I'm going to flip you over onto that couch and give something real to scream about." The flames in Jungkook's eyes burn into yours and you don’t hesitate to push up against him.
"Have you lost your mind?" You’re pissed off that he’s acting like him turning you down was more upsetting to him than it was to you.
"Does that mouth of yours ever shut up?" He pushes you down onto the couch. "Probably not unless something is filling it, right?" He says, answering himself as he hastily unzips his bulging pants and reaches into them, pulling out his length. "Open up."
You do as he says and swirl your tongue around his warm head before pulling back to tease. If he thinks you’re going to play nice after what he did, he’s in for a rude awakening.
Jungkook shudders as your lips move across his lower half, sighing in relief when you finally close them around his stiffened length.
"Mmm, just like that. Keep doing that,” he hums in delight as he watches you, and caresses your cheek as you bob your head up and down. The sounds coming from Jungkook’s mouth evoke an excitement within you.
You stop again, proceeding to give him soft, tender licks, testing to see how much teasing he can handle. Your tongue trails around his already leaking head and Jungkook lets out an involuntary moan, his abdomen muscles rippling with pleasure.
"Oh fuck," he mumbles as you swallow all of him without warning, and then once again pull back.
"Okay, enough with that," He groans, pushing off his undone pants. He leans over you and nips on your ear as his fingers slip beneath your skirt and push the hidden silk to the side. Jungkook's thumb plays with your clit while his fingers curl into you at a harsh pace. You arch your back at the wonderful feeling.
He pulls his fingers out and licks them off, already obsessed with your sweet taste. Oh god, why didn't he want to do this the other night? He curses himself for holding back then.
Your eyes beg for him to do more, to touch more. "Please," you whine.
Jungkook bends down so he’s eye level with your dewy folds. "Oh," he smirks, "so you think you're the only one who's allowed to tease?" he whispers. He kisses and nips along your inner thighs, paying you back for doing the same earlier.
You moan uncontrollably the second he licks through your center, lost on cloud nine while he buries his face in between your legs, hands on either side of them, holding you in place.
Jungkook stares at you from his level, loving the expression on your face. God, he wants to see this every day. He wants to make you feel like this every day.
"Hold on," You breathe, wanting just a second to take off your skirt and top properly. You take this opportunity to push Jungkook down to where you were previously and climb on top, kissing him like your life depends on it.
He pulls back to watch you, his hand caressing your cheek again and you willingly lean into it.
You reach down between your bodies and guide his thick shaft into your slick heat, crying out at how perfect he fits inside you. Your insides already ache for release and you've just barely started.
Your hands link with his, and you let out a gasp as you take him in completely. Jungkook's chest tightens as he watches your face change. You’re so beautiful; face twisted in pleasure, bouncing on top of him as the afternoon sun creeps in behind you, leaving a warm halo surrounding your naked body. He lets out the breath he’s holding in and his body shakes slightly as you wriggle around on top of him. You feel so good, so tight, so welcoming. 
Jungkook can’t take the slow and sensual movements any longer. His head is spinning and your dizzying effect is driving him crazy. He wants you underneath his body, for him to be in control, with the desperate need to take you hard and fast, right now.
Jungkook moves your hands to his sides, and his to yours before flipping you over and pounding relentlessly into you from behind.
You can’t help but to scream out in pleasure. From this angle, he’s stretching you out so much more that you thought he could. You’re loving every second, and yet you need more. So much more.
He presses his cheek against your rosy ones as he rolls his hips into yours with urgency.
"Oh god. Keep going," you choke, "Keep going!"
The edge you’re teetering on crumbles, sending you swiftly into the waves of pleasure that vibrate your entire being.
You whimper as his hand trails softly down your side, every nerve on fire after that electric orgasm.
Jungkook moans your name one last time before he releases into you, filling you with his seed.
His body collapses onto yours and you both try to catch your breath.
"Holy fuck," he says once he could form words again.
"And you think I’m the bossy one," you pant, attempting to sit up.
Jungkook smiles smugly, moving off of you. "What can I say," he takes a deep breath. "I needed that. And you’ve always been bossy. You still are."
You laugh, not because what he said is true or funny, but over the fact that you really just had what was probably the best sex of your life, and it was with Jungkook. You would have never guessed. "Good thing the couch is leather, makes for an easy clean up," you say, feeling his come start to spill out of you.
"Mmm," he hums and flips you over again so you're laying on his chest. "It's a good thing I know the owner, he won't mind." A yawn breaks up the last part of his sentence.
"Hey, don't drift off just yet, I have a bone to pick with you." You really want to clear some things up.
Jungkook doesn’t have to guess to know it’s about the last time you had seen each other, "I don't think you should have one anymore after the orgasm I just gave you."
"That's not how it works." You say unamused; you’re really hoping this isn’t a mistake and that he won’t say something else to upset you.
“I wanted to then, trust me, I really wanted to," he leans up on a shoulder, answering your unasked question, "I really should have, too, but we were both trashed and I didn't want to take advantage of you. I didn't want it to happen like that," He says honestly, before leaning in to kiss your swollen lips. "I understand that it upset you and I'm sorry. I knew right after I said it that you were hurt, and I wanted to call and apologize but I knew that we both needed to sober up and decide if this is what we really wanted."
"And is this something that you want?"
Tumblr media
Namjoon walks over to you and Jungkook behind the bar, "Hey guys, great turn out right?" He freezes in his spot and looks between the two of you, "You didn't." His eyes travel back and forth as he confirms his suspicions, "You did!" He laughs, and both you and Jungkook are surprised at how well Namjoon knows both of you. "Well, good for you guys! That's not a pair I would've put together, but I dig it."
"How about a drink, Joon?" Jungkook suggests, trying to change the subject before he makes a scene about something neither of you wanted to publicly announce yet. "I owe you one, remember?"
Namjoon smirks at him, getting the message. "A Manhattan would be lovely."
Jungkook smirks back at his friend and proceeds to make the drink without a problem and you couldn't help but beam proudly at how well he’s doing and how well the night is going so far.
"Oh my god, this is delicious! Dude, she's good." He says playing on his word choice, knowing that Jungkook knows what he means by that. And he agrees with Namjoon, you are good for him.
Jungkook looks over at you, "Yeah, she is." His eyes suggest something completely different than what he and Namjoon were talking about just moments before, and you can’t help but blush. Thankfully, nobody besides Jungkook notices.
"Round two. Same couch. After everyone leaves?" he whispers into your ear after Namjoon walks away.
You scoff, "Like I'm going to say no."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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stayjimin · 5 months ago
14 + 23 with jk!!
make me cry pls 😁 thanks lmao
"stay with me." | jjk
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader genre: angst, suggestive i guess word count: 436 a/n: this kind of fits in with goodnight n go!!!! though it just kind of happened lol prompt list
Tumblr media
It’s late, the dull moonlight coming in through the cracks in your curtains, the room only lit by the dim lamp otherwise. But you can see just fine, can see the way his bare chest rises and falls underneath your cheek, the way your legs tangle together above the sheets, the way the little bit of light makes your damp skin glisten slightly.
“I should leave soon,” he says, causing you to tighten your grip around his waist and your throat to tighten. He feels you tense up and pinches at the skin of your hip. “It’s getting late, baby,” he continues. “You know I have to leave before anyone notices.”
You know, you know. You know better than anyone, know that he has to leave in the early hours of the morning, that he can’t stay long, that you risk losing everything if anyone finds out.
But you resist anyway, body tired from the way he pressed you into the mattress not long before, wanting nothing more than to wake up next to him in the sunlight. “Don’t,” you say, moving to rest your chin on his sternum. “Stay with me, please,” you insist, dropping a kiss against the skin of his jaw. “Please,” you say again, a little bit quieter this time.
“Y/n,” he warns, “please don’t make this harder for me.” He tucks his fingers under your chin, smooths his thumb over your bottom lip. “You know how much I want to stay.”
You sigh, feel your chest tighten at the thought of him leaving. You want to know, want to feel that you’re more than a warm bed and a fuck, want to know that this is just as hard for him as it is for you. But sometimes things that are meant to be implicit stop being so when the actions don’t validate them. And sometimes you just want to fall asleep in his arms, instead of just dreaming you’ve done so.
“Hey,” he interrupts your thoughts, moving his fingers from your chin up to rest his palm against the curve of your jaw. “I can almost hear you overthinking,” he tells you, thumb brushing across your cheekbone. “I want you, and only you, okay? I promise.” He ducks his chin, presses a soft kiss against the bridge of your nose. “We’re going to figure all of this out,” he promises.
You almost believe him, want to believe him. But you just nod, move to press a kiss against his mouth. “Go before I start crying,” you say with a sad smile.
And you wish he didn’t, but he does.
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oakvante · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing — Jungkook x Fem!Reader (Taehyung is briefly mentioned)
Genre/Warnings — Slight angst, suggestive smut, established relationship (a toxic one), mentions of infidelity, gunplay, choking, dry humping
Word Count — 2.1K
Author's Note — Choke by IDKHow served as an inspo for this fic. I purposefully did not get into detail about how twisted our main character is because I was thinking of a second part while writing this. But I currently have no idea how I'm going to start and end it, so I might have to dump that thought.
If there’s one thing Jeon Jungkook is afraid of, it’s you. Almost everyone's afraid of what you’re capable of. Have you committed a crime? Not yet. Have you done something alarming enough for your neighbors to be cautious of you? Yes, too many times. Some even had to move out of town to stay away from you. Did it stop him from falling for you? No, absolutely not. Everyone’s warned him about you but not once did he took the time to listen. He’d be lying if he said he hadn't seen it coming because he did. But not to this extent.
Watching you swing the silver handgun in the air as if you were in a trance, his hands start feeling clammy and beads of sweat have already formed on his forehead. You've been like this for several minutes and maybe more. He gathers up the ounce of courage he has left and calls out your name, snapping you out of your thoughts. If you ever had one.
You tilt your head with a seemingly innocent smile. “Uh-huh?”
It's a strange feeling.
He's expecting an evil grin that would be enough for him to run out of the house, but here you are giving him a smile instead. Almost as if you're genuinely happy to possess such a thing that dangerous. It's still scary if he's to think about it. That doesn't stop him from trying to get the gun away from you though—he's dealt enough of your neighbors because of your disturbing behavior.
“Just hand me over that gun, okay?”
You pout, shaking your head. “Why should I?”
Jungkook scratches the back of his neck while you continue dancing around the room. The gun is still in your hand and aiming it everywhere when all of a sudden, you stopped and looked straight right at him. The glazed expression on your face is unpredictable, so he expected the worst and had put his hands up in defense. But instead of aiming the gun at him, a smirk appears in the corner of your lips.
His eyes grow wide when you put the muzzle in between your lips. Ever slowly, you started sucking the firearm into your mouth.
“Y/N, that’s— damn it— stop it, will you?”
You don't listen to him, bobbing your head up and down the gun while staring at his panicked face. He tries to reach out for you but his feet won't move, legs shaking. He tries to think of a way to snatch the gun without agitating you but when it comes to someone like you, there is no way.
When the gun left your mouth, you give him another innocent smile. “Do you like that, Kook? Do you want me to suck your cock like that?”
“Just give it to me, Y/N.” He tries to maintain his composure, extending his hand outward.
You scoff, placing your hands on the sides of your waist. “What are you so afraid of, Jeon?”
“Are you seriously asking me what I’m afraid of while holding a gun?” he exclaims, losing his cool but immediately composes himself. He's put up with you for almost two years, the worst thing you had ever done to him is kiss a random guy right in front of him. When asked why you did it, the only explanation you could come up with was you wanted to make him feel jealous.
Scanning the gun you've hold up to your face, you nonchalantly shrug your shoulders.
“Just hand it over," he says in a rather loud voice. “Please.”
In a split second, he thought you'd finally give in when it seems like you're contemplating but you playfully shake your head “no”.
“This might be a good alternative for your cock, you know? My pussy would love this,” you tell him, lifting your skirt up with the gun to reveal your black lace underwear. "Don't you think so, Kook?"
Jungkook scratches the back of his head, slowly losing his patience with you for the second time. “Listen, it’s dangerous. You can—
He couldn't finish his sentence when you swiftly point the gun at him, to which he responds by raising his hands up in defense. “Answer me, Jeon. Why should I give it to you?”
His whole demeanor changes. Even though he's sweating and shaking in sheer panic, he wanted to let you know that you're not in charge of him nor he'd let his fear of you control him. But the second you aimed the gun at his face, he's become your puppy begging for his life.
“Y/N, baby. You know that you can accidentally kill someone with that, right?”
By someone, he means himself.
You bite your lip, trying to stop yourself from laughing at his pathetic ass. You have that look again—the same look you gave him when he begged for you to stay with him after making out with a random stranger at a bar. Every time that look appears on your face, he can already tell that you're enjoying the show. He knows that something about him being scared of his own girlfriend entices you. You'd probably do it over and over and if you're crazy enough, you'd most likely kill to see him like this again. After all, this is all an entertaining show to you.
“Baby,” he calls out to you when he notices you're spacing out again.
“I won’t shoot you, don’t worry.”
That definitely doesn't sound assuring.
“Just put the gun down, at least,” he tells you while he starts slowly walking towards you.
You're busy swinging the gun around the room, paying no attention to your boyfriend who’s already close enough to grab you. He takes this as an opportunity to have the upper hand. “Why should I? This is fun—
You squeal when he grabs you by the arm that’s holding the handgun, his other hand holding you by the waist as he gently pushes you against the wall. You drop the gun down on the floor, producing a loud thud. He exhales a long breath, leaning his forehead against yours.
“Jeon Jungkook, why are you being such a pussy?” you can't help but chuckle.
“Where did you even get that? Who gave it you?” he asks you, grabbing your chin to angle your head up.
The question sends a mischievous grin to your lips. “Taehyung.”
Hearing Taehyung's name never fails to rile him up. It's evident with the stern look on his face.
“Remember him, Kook?”
Kim Taehyung. How can he forget about this guy? The same guy who was stuck to you like a tattoo—wherever you go, that bastard goes. The same guy he saw you making out with in front of your house when he started falling for you. The very same guy he's been jealous of for years, way before he started dating you. He can't help but let the thought of Taehyung laying a finger on you get to him.
“You met up with him?” he asks with so much jealousy in his tone. “What for?”
Instead of answering his question, you begin palming him through his pants while you start peppering his neck with kisses. It doesn't take too long for him to be wrapped around your fingers again. He doesn't notice you grab the gun from the floor as you push him towards the couch, forcing him to sit down as you welcome yourself on his lap.
One of his hands find its way on the back of your neck, pulling you closer as you proceed to kiss his neck before working your way down onto his collarbone. His breath hitches when you start grinding your hips, legs tightening around his waist. In an instant, he connects his lips with yours in a passionate kiss. You deepen the kiss, your tongue finding his as he struggles with stopping a moan from escaping his lips. Growing impatient about showing the surprise you have in hand, you part away from his swollen lips.
“No need to be so jealous, Kook,” you assure him. “I'm only yours to enjoy.”
Just when he's about to kiss you out of desperation, he notices the poorly-hidden gun behind your back. Before he can even push you off of him, you somehow sensed it and pointed the gun directly at his head. You don't give him much time to beg for his life, pulling the trigger.
Jungkook had a lot of things on his mind. One being why did he fall for you out of all people in this damned neighborhood. The other being why does he not feel any pain. He opens his eyes to find out that nothing happened.
The first thing he hears is you laughing. “Relax, it doesn't have any bullets in it.”
“I took them out out before you arrived,” you explain further. “You should've seen your face, you're like—
He jumps down on your throat before you can even say anything further. “I've had enough of your bullshit, Y/N.”
You quirk an eyebrow at him, unimpressed with the attitude he's never shown you before. He wants to give you a taste of your own medicine and take control of the situation but this plan is long forgotten when you held the gun up. You started trailing the muzzle of the gun up to his chest until it hovers on the side of your neck. His expression falls with every movement. He could've sworn that you'd shoot him if it's loaded.
“Open your mouth,” you firmly tell him.
He refuses to do what he's told but you're impatient.
“Jeon Jungkook?”
He tries to keep quiet but a soft moan betrays him when you swiveled your hips on top of his hardness. His hands subconsciously hold onto your hips, adding a bit more pressure. He may deny it but you've had him under your control from the very start—blush rising onto his cheeks while eliciting high-pitched whines that are music to your ears.
Moving your hips faster, a rather loud moan escapes his throat and you take this as an opportunity to slide the gun inside his mouth. He sees it in your eyes that you're pleased with the sight. At first, he had a concerned look on his face but he somehow finds the idea of having a gun in his mouth and you being on top of him thrilling. You're taken aback when you watch him hold your hand with both of his as he starts bobbing his head up and down—mirroring what you were doing earlier.
He doesn't dare break the eye contact as you ground your already wet core against his clothed cock.
“You like this, Jeon?”
The satisfied (and rather condescending) tone of your voice encourages him to take the gun deeper in his mouth, almost immediately choking himself. Just when he thought you're enjoying it, you forcefully pull the gun out of his mouth. You throw the gun somewhere before pulling your shirt up to reveal your naked chest. Of course. You're never the type to wear bras, making you an easy target for captious eyes of everyone's moms.
You brush your hair up as Jungkook's hands start gently kneading your breasts. Pulling his face closer to your chest by wrapping your arms around his neck, you feel his tongue taking in one of your nipples. One of his hands grabs your ass, as if begging to pick up your pace but you do the opposite.
He trails off, a whine leaving his lips as he squirms underneath you.
“You're such a good boy for me.”
He's already awfully hard, giving you the opportunity to rub yourself along the entirety of his length. You bite your lip when a moan almost escaped your lips when he brushes against your clit just right. Your movements subconsciously speed up as he starts bucking his hips to keep up with your pace.
Just when he felt a sudden tug in the pit of his stomach, you lift yourself up from his lap. “You're not gonna come unless you fuck me, Kook.”
With you on top of him, he struggles to push his pants down while you leisurely tear the fabric of your underwear as if you've done it so many times. Watching you hold onto his shoulders, a moment of realization rushes in. Just when you're about to fully sink down on his cock, your name escapes from his lips.
His eyes meet yours.
“We shouldn't,” he tells you, shifting his gaze onto the floor.
He can tell in an instant that you're confused. One minute he's willingly sucking a gun for you, the next he's asking you to stop. But you waste no time in getting off of his lap, sitting right beside him as he pulls his pants back up.
“You can always leave. What's stopping you?”
“I can't,” he sighs. “I don't want to.”
Jungkook will never know the reason why he can't break up with you. He'll never know why he can't leave someone as twisted as you. Almost everyone believes he's blinded by love but that's even the case. He's very much aware that you're almost like a drug that's bound to ruin him from the start. Unfortunately for him, he's already addicted. He knows where he's getting himself into but how come he can never leave you?
He finally looks at you. “I don't want to leave you.”
He pities himself as much as you pity him. He's always known that it's never your intention to make him fall for you. You'd never even bat an eyelid if he didn't approach you first. You'd probably never date him if he didn't almost risk his life when he jumped off of a cliff in front of you and your bastard friends.
“You will have to.”
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