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Applications of Integrals from this morning.

I’m not much for such study videos.. But today’s release of this Namkook ASMR by joonpiter was just unmissable!

Day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check 

Can I just tag everyone I follow?
Rylie!! The whole blog is sooo full of positivity that just scrolling through it is enough to make me smile!
I’m not sure how or why.. But I always somehow end up at Yasemin’s blog and I have no regrets.
Violet’s aesthetic is what I’m living for.

Day 24 - Tag someone who posts the best text posts

This has to go to @etherealacademia! Those text posts are literally so relatable and it’s such a pleasure to read them!

Day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice

! Of course, the community owes you a lot!
And @fivestarstudying! Thank you.

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Ya’ girl just submitted her essay y’all!!! so let’s catch up shall we?


quick fire?

Day (shoot who cares) of The Studyblr Community Challenge~

Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things

@jeonchemstudy​ ur posts just always have sth that makes me think 🤔

Tag someone you are grateful to have met

@museeofmoon lysm dearieee…tysm for coming into my life 🥺🥰

Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@gabrilearnelle funny bc my blog aes is rly different but hers is just soo lovely~

Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

@divinity-study definitely ;) no doubt ❤️

Tag someone who makes you smile

@studying-engineering ur tags…always. *sniff sniff* 🤧🥺

Tag someone whose blog you always check

nobody specific…just @ all my moots<333

Tag someone who posts the best text posts

@problematicprocrastinator beth ur text posts have always helped me a lot :”)

Tag someone who gives good advice

@philology-studies​ always love reading ur posts :D

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Day 25 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who gives good advice ✨

again there are loads of people who could be tagged here! i’m gonna have to tag a few people here! firstly @eintsein - i’ve seen so many informative posts from Jo and they’ve actually made me either use something for the first time or change how i study! secondly, @rylie-studies - i’ve tagged rylie before but she definitely deserves to be tagged here as well because she is always so positive and even if i don’t have that problem whenever i read anything of hers - even just a caption to one fo her amazing posts - it makes me feel happier. finally @tbhstudying - seo gets a lot of asks on so many topics and whenever they come on my dash i know i’ve got to read them because the advice is always so helpful!!!!

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𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲, 24𝐨𝐜𝐭• here’s just a random spread I made to relax a bit since I’m so burnt out this week and also had fever (still do) that’s why I wasn’t active much, I have 3 more exams left so hopefully I’ll stay alive to give them ;-;
tag someone you’re grateful you have met

@bulletnotestudies @blueinkked @unepetitecreature thank you for coming into my life💖 (there is ofc a lot ppl but the limit :(

tag someone who have a lovely aesthetic

@study-van my dear Yasemin💜 and @philology-studies dear voilet!!💜

tag someone who works really hard and deserves appreciation

this is for my babie @divinity-study💞 her art is so amazing and unique and idk how she manages to post so often like I could never ;-;

tag someone who makes you smile

this tag goes to dear Laura💖 @lattesandlearning thank you for always checking on me and being my fren Laura! I really appreciate it💖

tag someone whose blog you always check

I dont really do that often but idk I always end up on @study-van and @jeonchemstudy ’s blog lol;-;

tag someone who posts the best text posts

I think @problematicprocrastinator our Beth!! her posts help me lot while coping up my anxiety so it’s her for me💕

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Day 24 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who posts the best text posts ✨

@sosiaalitieteet - no hesitation on this! every single text post is either hilarious or really makes me think! i think that even as i was coming up with the prompts i knew immediately that i was gonna put ana here! 

i’m posting a bit later than normal today because i needed to edit a bunch of pictures so was running behind. i also woke up really late and spent most of the morning playing dominoes with my dad’s girlfriend (i won!!!) so i haven’t been that productive today. 

pictured is part of my half term checklist for work that i need to get done!

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This morning I had my last histology ED and now it is autumn break time!!! Here are some questions from last night’s tutoring session which was super stressful.

Day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check

, I have actually discovered their blog recently but I am in love. Their posts are super pretty and they reblog the funniest text posts.
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Day 23 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone whose blog you always check ✨

i think i’ve got two for this: @philology-studies and @rylie-studies ! they post just the nicest things and reblog some much amazing content that i am constantly checking their blogs! also although for both of them i pretty much always see their reblogs on my dash, i never seem to see their original content so i usually scroll through to check that out!

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Finally carved a pumpkin today. Obviously Harry Potter themed. I got a new planner for next year it is early but i couldn’t resist not getting it. Taking a short trip to the beach in a few weeks is the only thing motivating me to get through my classes.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

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22.10.2020 // so apparently people like my old bujo spreads? here’s another one :)

day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile

@accademias i don’t think this needs explaining, the little messages you send me always give me a serotonin kick i so desperately need in these times … they’re also such lovely reminders that you care and you taking time out of your day to log onto and share the positivity with me is sth i’m really grateful for!

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Genetics is actually a really straightforward lesson but there are so much things to know. Also, I have no idea whose idea it was but the interior design of the main school building is really weird.

Day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile


Pat is seriously so funny and posts the highest quality memes. I always start smiling whenever I see her on my dash.

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21.10.2020 // when will i stop posting bujo spreads from 2 years ago you ask? man idk either

day 21 - Tag someone who works really hard and deserves appreciation

@jeonchemstudy - daphne you inspire me so much with your diligence and your drive and i love seeing you reach goal after goal and i truly cannot wait to see what more life’s got in store for you! there’s no doubt you’re going places and i’m so glad i get to cheer u on on the way there ♥︎

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20.10.2020 // i know they might be overhyped by now, but i really am loving mildliners atm, i’m very happy i bought them 

day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@philology-studies is hands down the goddess of aesthetics on here. violet i don’t know how you do it, but every single one of your posts is so unbelievably gorgeous - and then u take into account your lovely cats and killer fashion sense and you’re really just left with this phenomenal package of god tier aesthetic, sorry, i don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is. 💛

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🌟Day 19 of the Studyblr Community Challenge- Tag someone you are grateful to have met🌟

I’m so grateful to have met every person I have on this app/site because everyone has just been so wonderful. I must, however, tag @jeonchemstudy because they came to my mind first. Daphne genuinely was one of my very first- if not my actual first- friend in the Studyblr community and I am forever grateful for our lovely chats and just how welcoming Daphne was with me. If you’re not following Daphne, please tell me- what are you doing with your life and go follow her! She has a gorgeous blog and is one of the sweetest souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Sidenote: Sorry I don’t have a good aesthetic shot today, but all I did was comprise countless quizlets and do the kahoots my instructors shared to prepare myself for this Unit 2 Exam on Wednesday and there wasn’t opportunity for such.

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day 4/5 of 5 / week 1 of 5

19 oct 22:48

i love the posts with doodles and annotations so i decided to try it out for myself (pls let me know if i should be attributing credit to anyone!!!)

today was such a good day, i have two other plants in my room, but nothing for my workspace so i got two and they’re so cute omg

i finally finished my notes on the loophole by ellen cassidy and after my day or two day break i can go back to drilling lsat sections! scores for the oct test come out friday and i’m ridiculously nervous but also trying to retain confidence!

you are valued

you are ambitious

your goals are well within reach

words of affirmation are my love language and no better way to practice self-love than affirmations :-)

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Day 18 // Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things




Thank you for making posts about social or political issues. Thank you for informing us about what’s happening in your country. I think it’s really important how you made other people aware of the issues happening in this world.

Day 19 // Tag someone you are grateful to have met


I don’t even know which tag should I mention you. Like bruuuh.. you make me smile, you make me laugh, you also have neat handwriting, I also think everyone should follow you cause you’re so sweet and it’s contagious!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 I feel so motivated and inspired when I talk to you because you’re just so kind, funny, and I think you’re witty <3

Day 20 // Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

DEFINITELY @caeruleuz & @sadcypher !!! 🤤🤍🤎🖤 So obsessed with your pics! 😖🥺

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monday, oct 19

stills from my ~*journal with me*~ video hehe (september monthly recap edition!) also pls excuse my claw hands LOL. i’ve been having a pretty rough time, as per usual, these past few weeks and having this video to take my mind off of things has been helping. thank u to the kind people who commented on my first video i lub y’all lots ;u;

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