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#jeongguk smut
jungkxook · 8 months ago
—hot boy bummer. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: fuckboy!jungkook / friends with benefits / friends to lovers + smut  
⟶ words: 14,633
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: when jungkook offers you a proposition of just sex, no strings attached, how can you possibly say no? after all, what are best friends for?
⟶ warnings: kind of a crack fic, sprinkle of angst, way too casual conversations mid-sex, jealous jungkook, slight himbo jungkook tbh (he’s kind of a sweet loveable idiot), he also has a big dick oops, man bun and blonde jungkook to feed my fantasies!, multiple smut scenes!!!, missionary, dry humping, oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, slight degradation (mostly jungkook hating himself), brief name calling, light choking, sort of praise kink
⟶ note: this was inspired by a number of things but mainly do me by kim petras being on jungkook’s spotify playlist, this tiktok sound, and this tumblr post lol also big thank you to @bratkook​ and @onherwings​ for letting me ramble on about this fic and reigniting my inspo for it 💛
( p.s. i tried to proofread this but if y’all see any typos no u didn’t, thank u <3 )
Tumblr media
Being friends with Jungkook meant a myriad of things but mainly that there were hardly ever any boundaries that stood between you and him.
Having known him for most of your life, it was just a quintessential part of yours and his relationship with one another. From high school parties where you drunkenly spewed on his shoes and in his dad’s car after he tried lugging you home (and taking the fall all himself for your sake) to letting him lose his virginity in your bed to some girl you didn’t know because your parents were out of town and his would crucify him on the spot if they had found out; or him discovering your stash of vibrators in your dorm one day, or seeing each other naked more often than was probably necessary, there was nothing that either of you could do that would phase the other at this point even when it maybe, probably, definitely should.
College, and Jungkook’s sudden six pack of hard rock abs, only seemed to amplify the chaos of your friendship. If you’re being honest, the abs are sort of a plus ━ but they brought an air of fuckboy to him that is undeniably there even if he tries to deny it sometimes. You suppose it isn’t all his fault. Jungkook has always been bold and brash, attractively charming. Considering he’s seemingly made it his mission to sleep with every girl on campus before he graduates (undisclosed, if you’re being honest, because he’s never outwardly admitted it but you have a hunch), his confidence somehow hasn’t failed him yet.
But then there’s one night in which you think to yourself briefly: this surely must draw some sort of line.
“What if we, like, had sex?”
Jungkook says this a little too casually from beside you. He’s sat on the couch in his dorm, scrolling aimlessly on his phone, and you’re sprawled out on the remaining space, feet kicked up in his lap. You’re positive he’s drunk but, then again, so are you. The remnant shot glasses of soju you had both started the night with (though you think Jungkook’s had half the bottle himself), and your second glass of wine, are all evidence of that. You’re so absorbed by some anime Jungkook had been watching upon your arrival and refused to change that you almost don’t hear what he says. Almost. You do, however, nearly choke on the gummy bear you’ve just tossed into your mouth.
After a sudden hysterical fit of coughs, you manage to sputter, “Excuse me?”
“Like, hypothetically speaking.” He hardly budges when you turn to gawk at him, as if he’s asking you something as casual as what to eat for dinner or if you could pass him the T.V. remote. “Except, not really hypothetically.”
“You’re joking, right?” You scoff.
Jungkook blinks. “No. Why would I be joking?”
You blink. The longer you stare at him, the quicker you’re able to discern that there’s some sort of earnesty in his words and it slightly concerns you. Suddenly, you’re warm in the face. To distract from that painfully obvious fact, an incredulous laugh bubbles at your lips and you kick one of your feet at his thighs. “Very funny, Koo. Can we change the show now if you’re not even watching it?”
“I’m not joking, Y/N.” The severity in his tone makes you sit up at once. When you turn to look at him, he flashes you a taunting smirk, though the devious sparkle in his eyes lets you know this seems to be anything but a joke to him. “I’m sure you’ve thought of me naked before.”
“You’re such a fucking idiot━” Okay, so maybe you have thought of him naked before but how is it your fault when you literally have seen him naked before, and he’s so unabashed around you? “Should I bring you to a hospital to get your head checked, or━?”
“Just hear me out━” Now, he pushes himself to the edge of the sofa. “Why are you here right now?”
“In life? Because I honestly have no clue━”
“No, I meant here. Getting drunk in my apartment on a Friday night instead of getting railed.”
“Okay, I didn’t ask to get called out like that,” You grumble stiffly. “And because you’re my best friend, and I like spending time with you.” It’s not entirely a lie, because you would much rather spend time with Jungkook than anyone else. But when you feel his eyes boring into you in a look of scrutiny, your lips form into a pout which you try to hide by puckering them. “Also because boys are stupid and Hoseok’s blind date stood me up. Again.”
The events from hours earlier resurface in your memory, in which you had spent all evening making yourself look pretty for a boy you had only talked to through text that your roommate had introduced you to, only to arrive to the restaurant you were supposed to be meeting at and waiting there for half an hour by yourself before the boy had sent you a message saying something along the lines of “something came up, hope we can reschedule,” filing it under one of the lamest excuses you’ve ever heard because it hardly even borders on a valid excuse. It’s what had ultimately made you storm into Jungkook’s apartment an hour ago, exclaiming aloud as a greeting with a simple yet scarily cheerful I hate men! because Jungkook knows all about your plights with finding a significant other (or even just someone decent enough to open your legs to), usually lamenting men’s inability to have any emotions. Even the ones who you think are respectable enough, who say they’re fine not having sex on the first date, usually tend to flee right after you finally let them in because sex, as you come to find, seems to be all that men care about.
Admittedly, Jungkook is not any different.
“But it’s not like you’re any better.”
This seems to personally offend Jungkook. He looks at you cynically. “Me?”
“Tell me why you’re here with me on a Friday night when you’re literally one of the hottest guys on campus,” You point out. “You can get any girl, and yet you somehow manage to ruin it every single time. Like with Eunha.”
Jungkook winces. The poor Eunha in question is a pretty girl from your chem class, whomst Jungkook had somehow managed to charm. From what you know, they had hooked up a handful of times before that fateful night in which Jungkook had abruptly broken things off with her. If you’re being honest, he’s not a total monster. The only thing that seems to scare him away is when a girl asks to cuddle him in the morning or talks about the prospective future together. He doesn’t want to hurt them, he told you once before, and finds it much easier to nip any potential relationship in the bud before it can get too far, too out of control.
“We literally only slept together three times anyway and we never went out,” Jungkook points out. “What’s the big deal?”
A roll of your eyes doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. “Yeah, it’s not her fault you’re scared of commitment.”
“Nu’uh,” The boy sulks. “I’m only scared of realistic things, like microwaves.”
A snort bubbles at your lips, and it’s frustrating how adorable he finds the simple action. Rather than entertain the thought of his irrational fear of kitchen appliances (because you’ve heard it all before, and you still can’t find where he was incited with the terror of an exploding microwave), you sit up.
“Jungkook, I don’t even like you like that.”
“I don’t like you like that either. That’s why it’s so perfect!” Jungkook says brightly. “Look, we know each other better than anyone else ever could. We’re already comfortable with each other. We don’t have to go through all that boring small talk. All I’m saying is we could give it a try. No relationship, no emotions, just sex.”
You consider the thought for a moment, weigh the pros and cons in your head.
The cons? He’s your best friend.
The pros? He’s your best friend, and he’s hot.
Truthfully, your slightly buzzed mind can find very little to dissuade you away from the inviting proposition and maybe that’s why you begin to entertain the idea. And, sure, you had just complained profusely about how men sometimes only used you for sex, but it’s not like you don’t have needs too. You just don’t have the gusto in you anymore to spend days on a boy who will only just leave you the moment you let him have sex with you. At least with Jungkook, he’s already offering you a blatant deal of sex only and you know you won’t have to worry about him breaking your heart; and he doesn’t have to worry about the dreaded dreamy post-sex cuddle talk of a future family and babies and a white picket-fence home. It’s a win-win for the both of you, really. Or maybe you’re just telling yourself that.
“How would we even start?” You ask finally. “I mean… Do you even find me attractive enough in that way?”
“Yeah.” Jungkook hardly bats a lash. He meets your stare, licks slowly at his lower lip. When he sees the cross look of disbelief scrunching at your face, he hastens to respond. “I’m not blind. You’re fucking drop dead gorgeous, Y/N.”
“But physically attractive? I’m no hot girl Eunha.”
“If I wanted Eunha, I’d be between her legs right now. Y/N, of course I think you’re attractive.” A gentle sliver of a smile dances upon his lips. He leans his head on the back of the couch, eyes fluttering over your appearance shortly. “I’ve always liked your lips, and your eyes. Think they’re beautiful.”
Suddenly, you’re flustered again. The room feels as if it’s getting increasingly warmer, yet you seem to want to bask in the feeling and attention a little longer. “That’s too sentimental.”
“It’s true though.”
“Well, you’re lucky I’ve always had a thing for idiots,” You jest playfully. “Jerks, too. Playboys who are too hot for their own good.”
“Ah, and I love it when you talk dirty to me.” A cheeky grin tugs at his lips as he clutches at his heart over his chest. “It’s a good thing I like it a little too much, knowing you’ll always keep me in check.”
But then the mirth seems to fade from your mind long enough for you to hum aloud pensively, “And I’ve always liked your eyes. I’ve never seen such big eyes before. Sometimes, if I look long enough, it’s like I can see the stars in them.”
As you’re speaking about them, his irises glisten magnificently. He bites at his lip now, as if to hide the way his soft smile turns sheepish. “I like your bum.”
“Really? I always worry it’s too flat.”
“Are you kidding? Your ass is a fucking god-send. It’s hard not to stare when you wear leggings sometimes,” Jungkook admits, earning a small giggle from you. “And I like your boobs. I’ve always wondered…” He trails off abruptly, shaking his head. He shoots you an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I’ll stop. I’m being an idiot, aren’t I?”
“Well, maybe I don’t want you to stop.”
Silence saturates the room now, settling comfortably between the two of you. He wonders what you’re thinking, and you wonder if he can hear your heart hammering against your chest. Perhaps on any other day when you were of sound mind, you could find a plethora of reasons as to why sleeping with your best friend was a terrible idea. But being that you were slightly tipsy, and Jungkook isn’t far off, you can find not one fault, except for maybe how tragically hot Jungkook looks sitting across from you and how he’s never been yours, at least in that way. Would it be so wrong to try just once?
You shift then, pushing yourself to your knees if only so you can worm your way towards him before swinging one leg over his. You settle back on his lap, hands gripping his shoulders. He can feel your core press against the inside of his thigh, just where his dick is nestled and he has to bite back a moan. His eyes are wider than usual, as if believing the moment to be surreal, though something sultry threatens to darken them.
The excitement crackles through your veins like electricity. You’ve never been in such a compromising position with Jungkook before, and you wonder if it should be concerning just how much you’re enjoying it. It almost feels as if time slows down, every second dragging on, yet he can’t look away. His hands come to tug at your hoodie (that he’s almost positive was his once upon a time before you nicked it from his closet) and you meet him part way, replacing his efforts as you pull it up and off your body. Then, you’re sitting back on his lap in your full nude glory, chest bare and right in his face. He eyes the swell of your breasts, the perk of your nipples. Of course you’re not wearing anything beneath your hoodie ━ and, god, he loves it.
“Touch me?”
Your voice comes to him in an almost dream. You reach for his hand then, your palm soft around his knuckles and the tattoos that ink his skin. It’s the same hand of which he wears the other half to your pair of friendship bracelets in one of his favourite colours of red, decorated with little pink hearts. It came in a matching set of two (yours in your own favourite colour, currently on the wrist of the hand you’re using to guide Jungkook’s), cute little macrame braid ones with hearts woven into the design that you had pointed out one day while you were both at the mall and he had bought without any hesitation mostly as a joke but resulted in both of you wearing them on a daily basis.
Now, all he can do is continue watching you with bated breath as you guide his hand right where you both want him. He comes to cup the underside of one of your breasts, your hand over his pressing his fingers tighter together until you can feel some sort of pleasant pressure. And, just like that, something feral and needy seems to snap within him. His hand slithers from your grasp if only so he can flick his thumb across your nipple, mesmerized by the softness of it. He’s only ever seen you naked once before and it was fleeting. You were both drunk, skinny dipping in a lake with a handful of other friends, but it had been too dark to notice much else. But now? Now, he can see all of you and the sight strikes a chord right down to his dick.
“You’re fucking beautiful,” Jungkook groans.
“Koo.” The cute little nickname you had given him sounds dirty now as it slips from your lips in a moan. “Too sentimental.”
But Jungkook isn’t listening because you really, really, really are so beautiful. He bows his head to your chest, catching one of your nipples in his mouth. He murmurs something against your chest that sounds akin to, “We can take things slow.”
“Slow…” Your head is spinning, but it’s a delightful sensation. Something hard pokes against your ass now, and the adrenaline only seems to build within you. It’s odd how everything feels so foreign ━ exploring his body and these newfound feelings like the uncharted territory it is ━ yet secure and safe at the same time. As if you know what to do next, where to touch next, how to move, your bodies almost fitting together like pieces to a puzzle. “Y-Yeah, I like that. Can I move?”
“Fuck, yes, please,” he growls. He’s much too busy nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin on your chest, teeth tugging at your nipple.
You hurry to obey, giving a small experimental swivel of your hips that almost immediately has the both of your inhaling a sharp breath of air. His dick strains against his sweatpants, the material doing very little in protecting him against you. Your core throbs as you rub yourself on him.
“Like this?” You rasp.
“Yeah, just like that.” Jungkook’s head rolls back onto the couch, his eyes squeezing shut and his blonde hair spilling into his eyes. He clenches his jaw, the nerves fluttering in the corner, as pure euphoria riddles his features. You don’t think you’ve ever seen anything so sexy. “Fuck, we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Yeah,” You agree, breathless. “Do you wanna stop?”
“No. Do you?”
“Thank god.” The sigh of relief that emits from Jungkook startles even him but, in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t register how any of this could be a mistake. “Ah, shit━ Faster━”
“Mmm, Koo━” You whimper as you quicken your pace, the vulgar harbored thought of his dick in you thrilling you to no end.
“Fuuck, I’ve never heard you sound like this before. So needy, so desperate,” Jungkook grunts, his fingers digging into your hips. And it’s all because of him, the way you’re feeling. He’s never wanted to hurry to please you faster, itching to tear you apart if he’ll get to hear those noises from you again and again. “I━”
He’s gonna cum, and he’s not even in your pussy. What’s gotten into him?  
He presses you a little harsher against his dick, sitting up straighter so that his chest is pressed flush against yours. He leans forward, lips chasing after yours, before you pull back just enough sluggishly to press your finger to his mouth.
“Uh uh. No kissing,” You rasp.
The words process in Jungkook’s head, but the weight of them don’t seem to linger in his daze. He’s far too overwhelmed by you and the way you’re making him feel to even begin to try to decipher why you avoid his mouth and so, for now, he doesn’t care. Instead, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, nose nuzzling against your throat. You clutch at his hair, tugging at the roots tight enough for him to moan.
“Nnngh, Jungkook━” You whine. “I’m gonna━ Oh, fuck, Koo━”
And then you’re unravelling, right in his very arms. He holds you close as you tremble and shake, rutting your hips sloppily against his to ride out your high, and Jungkook thinks he can definitely get used to this. The familiar burn forms in his stomach and, without even thinking of it, he comes in the confinements of his pants.
But in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t notice quite a lot of things. Neither do you.
So, maybe you could both find a hundred and one reasons why having sex with your best friend would surely cross some lines, but the thing with you and Jungkook (and what would eventually blossom into a hubristic relationship of sorts) is that it wasn’t just sex. You would always be comfortable around him, as he would be with you. And nothing could ever possibly get weird between the two of you ━ not when you had both made a promise to each other that it wouldn’t get in the way of your friendship.
Because ━ while, yeah, he’s hot and suffers from fuckboy tendencies from time-to-time and, aside from random late night hookups ━ he was still the same boy that would drag you out at three in the morning to drive to the next city over for a bowl of ramen, who would marathon shows as long as One Piece or Game of Thrones with you, watching as much as you can in one all-nighter; who would come to your dorm, no matter the time of day, the moment you said you were sick or suffering from cramps, piled high with your favourite snacks; who shared a repertoire of silly inside jokes with you that never made any sense to anyone but the both of you; who insisted you both wear friendship bracelets even in college. He would always be an angel to you, treat you well, because you meant that much to him.
A small thought in the back of Jungkook’s head wonders, above all else, if you were anyone different, would he have even bothered suggesting such a ludicrous idea, drunk or not?
Because he’s positive no one else could make him cum in his pants like a horny prepubescent teen ━ no one except for you.
Tumblr media
“If we’re really gonna do this, we need to set some ground rules.”
Admittedly, neither you nor Jungkook knew what would happen after Jungkook’s proposition to you. Maybe you were expecting the two of you to pretend as if nothing had ever happened, or laugh it off as something so inconsequential that neither of you should bother worrying about it. Instead, the very next day, you find that you’re back in Jungkook’s dorm. Only this time, you’re in his bed, and he spent the past half hour sufficiently eating you out.
Now, you’ve had an epiphany in the form of Jungkook’s dick, and that is that it’s big.
You’ve seen it before on occasion ━ like when he streaked nude across campus as a dare or when he needed to use your shower because his apartment was under maintenance and he walked out on you in the living room ━ but this is clearly a very different circumstance. All red, swollen, angry tip wet and glistening with precum. You had to brace yourself as he pushed himself into you, cautiously and slowly, enjoying the way you stretch to fit around him. If you had a drunken excuse the night before for loving the thought of getting off with Jungkook, then you surely don’t have one now. It’s a shameless guilty pleasure, you think, that he’s at least indulging in.
“Rules,” Jungkook scoffs now. “You’re such a nerd. Fuck, you feel so fucking good━ You doing okay?”
More than. Your head lolls back against his pillow, eyes nearly rolling to the back of your head. “Mhm.”
“Want a minute?”
Jungkook pauses without any hesitation, gnawing on his lower lip as your walls clench around him so tightly he feels he might fall apart then and there. His hands are on your hips, thumbs rubbing comforting circles against your burning skin. A few deep breaths later and you’re probing Jungkook to move again. His hips rut into yours at a leisure pace, and he marvels for a moment at the way his dick disappears into your pussy, slick and wet with your own arousal. The thought of being in you ━ of finally feeling your walls wrapped around him, all wet and snug ━ is enough to make him bust then and there, but he refrains miraculously.
“Holy fuck,” You groan. “Why are you so big━”
Your voice cuts off into a delightful whimper, walls aching around him. Jungkook snorts, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck. “Nothing sexier than hearing you stroke my ego.”
“Don’t let it get to your already big head,” You retort sluggishly.
“Big head!” he grumbles against your throat, lips brushing faintly against your skin and sending shivers down your spine. “Insult me some more. You know how it gets me going.”
“Oh my god, shut up. Where were we?”
“Right,” You breathe in a sharp inhale of air as he grinds against your hips. “And rule number one is no kissing. That’s way too intimate.”
Jungkook quirks a brow. “How is kissing more intimate than having my dick in you?”
“It just is.” You refuse to tell him the truth. You poke your fingers at his sides, causing him to jerk against you. “Don’t question it.”
“Fine. Then no sentimental shit in general, like cuddling or pet names,” Jungkook retorts. “And no public displays of affection.”
“Okay,” You nod. “Fuck, Jungkook━”
“God, I love hearing you moan my name,” Jungkook grunts. He watches with fascination the way your face reacts at his every movement. “Too much?”
“No. Kinda hot,” You admit. An abrupt thought pops into your head that has you murmuring hazily, “Oh, and you can’t have sex with me to your sex playlist.”
Jungkook looks appalled. The sex playlist in question is one you’ve heard briefly before, if only because you’ve walked in on Jungkook and his flavour of the month a handful of times one too many times.
“So you’re telling me you don’t want to have the best orgasm of your life to The Weeknd or the Neighbourhood? WAP?” Jungkook asks, wriggling his brows suggestively. “Alanis Morissette?” You have less than half a second to register the 90s pop singer as out of place before Jungkook breaks out into song with a brief rendition of Head over Feet. “You’re my best friend, best friend with benefits━!”
Part of you knows he’s joking, but there’s still a small sliver of you that makes you gawk at him dubiously before dissolving into a fit of unabashed laughter. It rumbles against his chest, vibrates his dick in you. “You’re not serious, are you? That’s not actually in your sex playlist, is it?”
He flashes you a shit-eating grin. “Guess you’ll never know now.”
Another roll of your eyes makes him snicker. He’s gotten used to your snide remarks, but he’ll gladly keep suffering under them if he gets to wipe that taunting smirk off your face each time with the way his dick makes you feel. You cling a little tighter to his shoulders and muse aloud, “So that’s it then?”
“Yeah━” Jungkook knows you’re referring to the rules and your plan, although it’s getting harder to focus on talking as he continues to grind against you. “And nothing has to change between us, even if we stop. We’re still just two best friends.”
“Who have sex from time to time.”
He can’t help himself. He tries again. “Who might kiss.”
“Nope.” You’re smiling even despite the way you shoot him an aggravated stare first.
“We might?”
“No, we definitely won’t.”
Worth a shot, he thinks to himself. At least you really do always keep him in check.
After all, what are best friends for?
Tumblr media
So, maybe a part of you thought the shift in your relationship with Jungkook wouldn’t last very long. A week at most, and maybe Hoseok would find you another pointless let down of a blind date to go on and Jungkook would get horny for some other girl ━ but it’s certainly been more than a week now, and you’ve had sex with him more than two times.
A third, and a fourth, if you’re being blatantly honest, and maybe a few more times after that but you don’t really remember what count you’re both on now which should probably be concerning. Days elapse into days, which turn to weeks, then months. Morning, afternoon, and night.
It’s not as if you hadn’t already spent almost every waking moment with Jungkook but now you had a reason to be at his apartment at any and all hours of the day and not solely for movie watching marathons. You’re positive he’s still having his occasional random flings, though you’re fortunate his commitment issues at least force him to go to their homes rather than his for the most part, so you never really have to witness half-naked girls stumbling out of his apartment just as you’re wandering in. He says it has something to do with how his bedroom is his sacred space, though you think it’s more like he wouldn’t want his hook ups discovering his Overwatch figurines or something (because, before Jungkook’s proposition, you’ve walked in on him once and a girl when they were entangled on the couch in his living room).
But you’ve noticed lately you’re getting too comfortable with your arrangement with Jungkook; too comfortable knowing he’ll be there at the end of a long day to greet you, to please you until you’re crying out his name. Sometimes he tells you about the girls he’s texting, or shows you a picture from a hot girl’s Instagram whose D.M.s he’s just slid into. And sometimes you’re left wondering how often he comes straight to you after hooking up with a random girl.
It shouldn’t matter to you, and you swear that it doesn’t.
Maybe you’re just overthinking things. Hoseok certainly seems to think so, but his judgement wasn’t much to go by.
Because, lately, Hoseok has been encouraging you more and more to give Yukhei (the blind date Hoseok had initially set you up with when you found yourself at Jungkook’s) another chance for two reasons: 1) “Yukhei’s a nice boy,” he had cheerfully reminded you, “he’ll treat you well,” and 2) “Stop fucking your best friend. It’s morally wrong.”
There were many things wrong with his statement, from the fact that you didn’t exactly consider standing up a date as “nice” and that you were also still begrudgingly lamenting the way Hoseok had discovered your recent fling with Jungkook (although, you weren’t being very inconspicuous, having shower sex with Jungkook early one morning when you were certain Hoseok would be spending the day at his fiance’s home instead of yours).
But then you meet Yukhei and you realize that, oh crap, he’s cute. And he’s nice.
As it turns out, after bumping into him one day when you’re with Hoseok lounging on the quad of your campus and he comes bounding over to return a textbook Hoseok had lent him for a specific class, Yukhei is so easily charming. He also gives a pretty valid excuse for flaking on your date, proving that he had to present his dissertation, making you clearly aware that he’s cute, nice, and smart. Jungkook, on the other hand, doesn’t see the appeal, yet his curiosity and intrigue seems to get the best of him.
“So that was your blind date?” Jungkook asks after grabbing your attention on the quad and stealing you away from Hoseok and Yukhei. “Yukhei?”
“You know him?”
“Seen him around,” Jungkook shrugs nonchalantly. “I’ve never really talked to him. But him? You’re not telling me you’re actually interested in him, are you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe,” You’re truly just as clueless about your feelings towards Yukhei as Jungkook seems to be. “What’s so wrong about him?”
“He’s━” Jungkook stops. He shakes his head. “Heard he’s got a small dick anyway.”
You shoot the boy a wary look, only to find him grinning deviously at himself. “Maybe he just wants to be friends.”
At this, Jungkook lets out a scoffing sound that borders on disbelieving laughter. “No, I definitely think he wants to have sex with you in his Toyota Camry, Y/N, but what do I know?”
“You’re not jealous, are you?”
“No, why would I be jealous?”
You can’t quite tell if he’s angry or not but, then again, why would he be? As far as either of you are concerned, there’s nothing to be jealous of.
So then why does it feel like he’s simply just telling himself that?
Tumblr media
“Are you seriously on your phone right now?”
Jungkook asks this from somewhere behind you a handful of days later, a little peeved but most likely because your jarring 8:00 a.m. alarm had roused the both of you violently awake. In his defense, Jungkook is not a morning person.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” You’re currently sprawled out on your hands and knees on his bed, phone still in your grasp after having plucked it off the nightstand in haste. Your clothes are scattered across the floor of his room, remnant clues of the night before when he had beckoned you over after hours, and your body is covered in nothing but hickeys and an unbuttoned blue flannel belonging to Jungkook that you had chucked on last night that does nothing in covering up the swell of your breasts which Jungkook is now currently eyeing. “Am I not giving you enough attention? Were you expecting cuddles or something? Thought that wasn’t in the rules.”
“No,” Jungkook huffs. He runs a hand through his long messy hair in an attempt to fix it; he ultimately gives up taming his locks, instead using the hair tie around his wrist to tie his hair back into a cute yet sexy little ponytail. As he does so, you notice the red friendship bracelet around his wrist and smile smally. “But my dick could use some cuddles. Preferably with your mouth, but it will also gladly accept your hand.”
Jungkook may not be a morning person but, as you’ve come to realize, his dick certainly is.
It’s painfully obvious too, his hardened length straining against the gray sweatpants he had thrown on at some point. And, god, did he have to wear those? It left little to the imagination, the outline of his length teasing you just enough.
“I should get going,” You say. “I have a test coming up. There’s supposed to be a review session today in class, and I don’t want to miss it.”
“Well, you don’t seem like you’re in a rush since you’re still on your phone,” Jungkook points out. “Who are you texting anyway? Yukhei?”
“Anger is an emotion,” You rebuke casually. “So is jealousy.”
Jungkook feigns a look of mock hurt. “I’m not angry or jealous! I’m needy.”
Still, Jungkook reaches out to swiftly pluck your phone from your hands.
He’s pressed up against your back in an instant, his dick hard against your ass, and he doesn’t move very far even when you twist in your spot in an attempt to grab your phone back. You don’t, and instead you end up on your back with him on his side, propped up on his elbow. You miss when he casts a swift gaze down at your phone, only to see that Yukhei’s chat messages are indeed open, and something seems to gnaw terribly at his gut before he tosses your phone to the side. He’s looking at you now with those big beautiful eyes of his, and you hate it.
“Please?” he beckons. He ruts his hips impatiently but slowly against your leg. He drops his head to bury his face in the crook of your neck, lips dangerously close to brushing against your flesh but he refrains somehow. “M’so hard right now, could probably bust the moment you touch me.”
The thought is tempting, having a helpless Jungkook cumming in your hands. The sight alone has quickly become your favourite thing, helping the frustrated boy get off. Besides, you’re certain you could ask Hoseok for the review notes.
Fuck it, you cave.
You fidget until you’ve pressed him back against the bed and have clambered on top of him, wiggling your way down to fit between his legs. Jungkook is watching you now with a half-asleep expression, though his teeth sink into his lower lip as you pull at his sweatpants until they’re down at his thighs, letting his swollen dick spring free.
“You know━” You hum. You reach out to grab at the base of his cock. “Yukhei wants to hang out, and Hoseok keeps telling me to give it a shot.”
That much is true. Part of you wants to say yes, if only because Yukhei seems promising enough, but the thought alone is enough for you to feel as if you’ve done something horribly wrong to Jungkook.
“Oh.” The word eclipses Jungkook’s mouth in a shallow breath of air. Then, your mouth wraps around the puffy head of his dick, shining with leaking precum that you swallow back, and Jungkook’s reaction is immediate. Head thrown back, face scrunching together, muscles in his toned abdomen flexing as he seizes and grunts aloud. “Oh, fuck━ Well… Are you gonna?”
Jungkook asks the last question with much difficulty, and a part of him thinks it doesn’t all have to do with how you’re making him feel.
“Dunno.” You snort around his dick, and he marvels at how adorable such a lewd action can seem.
You decide to focus on sucking him off because it truly is a sexy sight to see, letting the topic of Yukhei drop. Jungkook certainly doesn’t mind. As you swirl your tongue around his tip and reach up with your free hand to fondle at his balls, his long hair falls into his lashes but he still tries to find you past his wild locks, hooded eyes gazing down at you.  
“Ah, shit━” Jungkook hisses delightfully, hips jerking forward instinctively into your mouth. The faintest hints of a drowsy smirk tug at his lips. “Fuck, yes, just like that.”
Yeah, you think to yourself then, you’re definitely going to ride him later. Screw going to class.
Tumblr media
From: Jungkook Sent: 1:05 a.m.
bro i noticed u werent wearing our friendship bracelet while u were giving me head earlier. is everything ok??
You wake in the morning to a single text from Jungkook ━ and one you had not been expecting.
That’s not to say that getting the occasional text message from Jungkook at any and all hours of the day was abnormal, but the extent of his messages sent anywhere past midnight usually always range from something more coherent in the form of “what would u do if i was there rn?” to something exuding typical lazy Jungkook manner with a simple “dtf?” or “send noods lol” to something even more provocatively cryptic such as the eggplant and splashing water (or, as far as Jungkook is concerned, something else entirely) emojis and nothing else, left open for your own interpretation that typically, usually, without a doubt, results in you in his bed and his dick in you. But this seems to be something else entirely.
Unfortunately, Jungkook’s text isn’t the only concern of yours.
Hoseok has spent the better part of the morning giving you a lecture on why having sex with your best friend is bad. He seems so passionate about the topic that you’re certain he would have pulled out a powerpoint at any moment, each slide ending in a picture of Yukhei and why you should maybe try fucking him instead, if you entertained the idea a little longer. Hoseok claims it’s just a harmless date. Yukhei might be a nice boy, but you don’t know how you feel about him. You don’t want to lead him on, and a scary thought points out the fact that maybe, while Yukhei is a nice boy, he isn’t Jungkook.
“I don’t get why you don’t just give Yukhei a chance━” Hoseok is saying now, sat on the couch in your shared apartment with him. “It’s not like you have to marry him. I don’t think one date will hurt━ Aaand, you’re not even listening to me anymore, are you?”
The sheepish look on your face is enough of an answer for him. You’ve been anxiously eyeing your phone and the text Jungkook had sent you last that you’ve yet to respond to, even despite being awake for more than a few hours now.
“Yes, I am listening,” You say dismissively. “Something about how one date won’t hurt, but that’s what you said when Yoongi asked you out, and you’re literally engaged now.”
The glistening metallic ring on Hoseok’s finger is evidence enough. The boy looks down at it as if seeing it for the first time, purses his lips, and then nods in agreement. “Okay, yeah, maybe you’re right. But you’re holding out for Jungkook and for what? He’s hot, yeah, and he’s your best friend, sure, but at the end of the day he’s still just a horny male who wants to stick his dick in anything that moves.”
“Hoseok.” Your grumbling sigh is interrupted by the motion of your phone vibrating against your thigh once more. You peek at the screen fleetingly to see a new text.
From: Jungkook Sent: 2:35 p.m.
send n00ds?
miss ur tits :(
Typical Jungkook.
The text from the night before is all but seemingly forgotten from his mind, and you can’t quite tell if you’re devastated or relieved. You don’t have very long to discern which emotion you’re feeling when Hoseok snatches your phone to look at what’s gotten your attention before exclaiming suddenly, “Aha! See! What did I say?”
“It’s not like that,” You wave Hoseok off. “Jungkook treats me well. He respects me, and I’m comfortable with him.”
“And how long until whatever this is━” He gestures vaguely to your phone as if to point out your relationship with Jungkook, “has to end? Do you really think a pinky promise is going to make sure your friendship with him isn’t totally ruined? I mean, how can you continue being casual friends with someone, see them dating someone else, when they’ve had their dick in you?”
You know it makes sense. Realistically, you either stop sleeping with each other or it potentially develops into something more. But in both circumstances, what were the chances that either of you didn’t get your heart broken? Maybe a part of you was apprehensive of Jungkook finding the “right” person for him one day that has him ending things with you, and while you swear you’d be happy for him, relationships sometimes have a way of distracting people from those already around them. Were you prepared to have someone take him away from you, platonically and whatever it is else that you have with him? Did you really think you could just keep being friends with him, as if nothing ever occurred between you two?
You don’t think Jungkook is bothered worrying about the state of your friendship with him, much less overthinking it like you seem to be. It shouldn’t be a big deal ━ yet why was there still that terrible nagging voice in the back of your mind? Whether or not Hoseok is right, you don’t want to find out. You don’t have feelings for Jungkook anyway.
But your ability to bend at his every will is certainly interesting.
You grab your phone before Hoseok can do any serious damage like unlocking it and responding to Jungkook, clutching it to your chest as you start to cross the living room. The other boy looks at you in bewilderment. “Where are you going now?”
“Where does it look?” You call over your shoulder just before you disappear into the bathroom, and Hoseok deduces all at once that you’re truly a lost cause. “I need to send him a picture of my boobs.”
Tumblr media
“He’s totally into you, Y/N.”
Admittedly, there were many mundane but essentially weird things you’ve talked to Jungkook about while having sex. You’ve had many heated debates about everything under the sun from whether or not pineapple on pizza should be illegal to top five betrayals in either movies or animes, to passionate grand philosophical discussions about what exists outside of the universe.
It’s not as if you had been planning on talking about Yukhei to Jungkook when he had invited you over to his apartment late at night after sending your risqué boob picture to him but, like many things in your friendship with Jungkook, it sort of just happened. He had asked you how your day was and you had decided to broach the topic experimentally, though you think deep down you’re doing it on purpose to see if he’d react in any way. What started with you mentioning Hoseok’s adamance and you sort of genuinely asking Jungkook for advice on Yukhei somehow evolved into Jungkook interrogating you on whether or not you’ve hung out with him yet.
“Jungkook. You’re getting off topic,” You admonish him now, as if your own choice of topic is any better when his dick is currently in you.
Jungkook is wedged between your thighs smushed up against your chest, large palms holding you on your ribcage in place beneath him. He’s a comfortable heavy draped over top of you, cock stretching you wide. You can feel his heart hammering against yours and he’s slick with sweat, golden hair clinging to his forehead and in his pretty eyes. You resist the urge to reach out and brush the messy locks away but, again, how would that be any less intimate of an action than what you’re already doing? Another line uncrossed, you suppose.
“How am I off topic?” Jungkook retorts. “You literally just said you can’t tell if he’s into you but he dropped by when you were done class and bought you lunch. You don’t just do that for a girl you don’t care that much about.”
“You buy me lunch, like, every day,” You point out.
“Because you’re my best friend. Of course I care about you,” Jungkook says.
“Ah, Jungkook━” You curse suddenly, grabbing his attention when you shift your weight beneath him. “You’re crushing me. Why’d you stop moving?”
He doesn’t have an answer, if only because he hadn’t even realized he’d stop moving in the first place. Without hesitation, he continues leisurely rutting his hips against yours, grabbing at one of your legs to hook it around his waist. This new angle lets you feel even more of him as he sinks further into you, if that was even still possible, reaching so far into you that you swear it’s like you can feel him in your stomach. Your head lolls back against the pillows, pure euphoria contorting your face so much so to the point that it distracts you entirely from the distant look glazing over Jungkook’s eyes.
“Yukhei definitely wants to bang,” he huffs under his breath.
At once, an exasperated groan fills his ears.
“I can’t believe we’re seriously having this conversation right now,” You roll your eyes, fingers prodding at his sides. “I don’t wanna talk about Yukhei potentially wanting to have sex with me.”
Jungkook’s glad you said it, at least. Though now he’s watching you with hooded eyes as he thrusts into you a little harder, maybe a little intentionally. His indulgent gaze droops to your breasts, admiring the way they bounce beneath him each time his hips make contact with yours. He thinks back earlier in the day to the picture you had sent him which, really, had sparked the mood for the rest of the night.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he whines abruptly. His eyes screw shut and brows furrow together as your walls clench around him. He drops his head to bury his face in your chest, lips momentarily wrapping around one of your nipples as he sucks harshly at the soft flesh. When he speaks next, forehead still resting against your collarbones, his voice is a breathless croak, “Well, do you like him?”
“No,” You moan. “Maybe━ Fuck, Koo━ I don’t know.”
“He’s gonna be at that party Tae’s throwing, isn’t he?” Jungkook tries to focus, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to do so when he’s inching closer and closer to his high. “Shit, ah, Y/N━ Why don’t you try talking to him or something? See how the night goes?”
“He’s nice but I don’t think he’s the one for me,” You admit sheepishly. “I think I’m just gonna end things while I still can, with as little harm as possible.”
“Well, glad that’s settled,” Jungkook mumbles. “Can we please stop talking about Yukhei now?”
You seem to miss the way he clings to you a little tighter, hands flying down to grip at your hips, nails digging crescent moon shapes into your skin. He snaps his hips into yours a little faster this time, your pussy throbbing around him.
“Nngh, Jungkook━”
Your hands fumble to grip at his hair, tugging tightly at the roots and earning a delightful hiss from the boy. Your own mouth drops open in a silent moan and it’s a wonder he doesn’t combust at just how sexy the sight is. He hates how his eyes stay trained on the shape of your lips, the soft plumpness of them. He’s felt them wrapped around his dick plenty of times before but he concedes that it’s probably hardly anywhere near to how it would feel to kiss you. Like actually kiss you, tongue and all.
God, what’d he give just to smother your lips with his.
And, god, he hopes you never find out. He’s positive that thought is far more scandalous alone than anything you’ve ever done together.
You’re writhing beneath him now, hips jutting forward desperately to meet his. “I’m gonna cum, Jungkook━”
“Fuck, yes,” Jungkook growls. “Wanna feel you cream around my cock so bad. Come on, baby━”
In the heat of the moment, you seem to miss the pet name that slurs off his tongue and the sentiment in it. A few more jolting slams of his hips and you’re tumbling over the edge. He has to sputter for air when he feels your pussy wrapping so tightly around him, stuttering in his pace above you if only to watch as you unravel beneath him. Hooded dark eyes glazed over in that perfect fucked out expression he loves so much, teeth biting at your lower lip so hard he wonders if it’ll bruise in the morning.
A sudden thought pops into his head when you’ve settled enough, amongst the blinding pure white of bliss that clouds his thoughts. “Did you get my text by the way? The one I sent last night?”
You gasp for air. The bracelet on your wrist itches at the mention of it, and you’re fortunate you decided to wear it that afternoon before coming to Jungkook’s. “Y-Yeah━”
“Everything’s fine,” You say this as dismissively as you can. Your core is still vibrating after the harsh impact of your orgasm paired with Jungkook’s swollen length still in you. “I just… I was taking a shower and didn’t want to get it wet. I forgot to put it back on in the morning.”
That’s a lie. You had mostly taken it off as part of an experiment, though it hasn’t answered much. At least Jungkook doesn’t seem to realize that.
“Oh,” Jungkook breathes. A beat of silence passes, before he deadpans cockily, “Wait, you were taking a shower and I wasn’t invited?”
“Oh my god, shut up━” Maybe if he hadn’t just currently driven you to nirvana and back, you’d notice the way the sloppy grin on his face is a simple taunt. But you’re much too distracted to care. Instead, you use your leg that’s still hooked around his waist to gently push and roll him onto his back so that you can straddle his hips. His eyes sparkle mischievously as he watches you waste no time in hurrying to grind against him at an agonizingly steady pace that makes his head spin. “You’re ruining the moment. I’m trying to make you cum.”
A devious cackle rumbles from his chest, albeit a little contented at the same time. Yeah, he definitely likes the sound of that. “Well then, by all means, don’t let me stop you.”
It’s only then that his question comes back into your mind. If he felt the need to ask you again about the bracelet, maybe that meant something after all. At the very least, it means he hadn’t forgotten about it altogether. On the other hand, you wonder how often he had spent thinking, or over-thinking, the issue in the past twenty-four hours, if at all.
Was it wrong to feel some semblance of joy over that potential fact? Probably.
That doesn’t seem to bother you much this time. Not when he’s gazing up at you as if you’re some divine sexy goddess, all his to enjoy. You can’t help yourself; you reach down to brush the sweaty hair from his eyes, perhaps all too gentle of an action for best friends.
And he smiles, maybe a little too softly and maybe a little too ardently if you look close enough.
He smiles.
Tumblr media
The thing about your supposed “rules” with your relationship with Jungkook is that there might be a few loose ends that neither you nor Jungkook pay much attention to sometimes.
But that’s neither here nor there.
Mostly, the “no public displays of affection” clause is easily disregardable. It’s typically when you’re too drunk to remember it and a bit needy, craving one another’s touch, but those around you never truly seem to care or even notice because, if you’re lucky, they’re equally as smashed. Sometimes the “no cuddles” clause blurs into a gray area where it’s simply just you and Jungkook post-sex, sprawled out in his bed, not necessarily wrapped up in one another’s arms and cooing sweet nothings to one another but giggling at nothing in particular except one another as you bask in each other’s company and nothing more. You suppose some rules are meant to be broken.
For the most part, Jungkook never seems to question the no kissing rule you were so adamant in insisting. Not until one night in which you’re left wondering where things go so drastically wrong. It starts off as normally as any other day with you and Jungkook can, spent in his apartment binge watching movies. You hadn’t expected that night to switch as suddenly as it does when Jungkook shoots you a text earlier in the day asking if you want to come to his for a night of casual drinking as simply “best friends.” But, as always, one thing seems to lead to another, and you can’t get enough of Jungkook. Maybe it’s in the way he holds you a little tighter, the way he tugs you onto his lap on the sofa in his living room, the way he grips your thighs with a certain type of insatiable desire.
“You know…” he hums. “You drive me insane. In, like, the best way possible.”
Part of you realizes his actions even without him seeming to, and the drunken smile on your face remaining frozen in place, a little dumbfounded. “Jungkook…”
“When I’m with you…” He lifts his stare to look at you, but you have nothing to say. Neither does he. Instead, you’re left grinning at one another and suddenly your face is warm. He leans towards you, his nose nuzzling against the side of your throat. Your hands stay threaded in his hair now, and he swears he feels you secure your grip as if to pull him closer.
You can feel his lips brush faintly against your skin, grazing along your neck to the underside of your jaw. Up, up, up, until━
It’s just as his mouth meets with the corner of yours that you register what he’s doing, even in your clouded state. You turn your head just in time, and he comes to an immediate halt, his lips barely making contact with your cheek instead before he pulls away. He doesn’t move very far but you also don’t push him away just yet. Instead, you shift your head to look at him, still inches apart from him.
“What are you doing?” You ask. He can’t quite tell if you’re appalled or not, an empty expression staring back at him.
“I━ You━” He fumbles over his words, squeezes his eyes shut. He blames it on the alcohol even though his head is swimming with thoughts that seem to only concern you. But then a fierceness seems to stir within him, one that makes his jaw clench as he meets your stunned stare. The question rolls off his tongue without meaning to. “Is this about Yukhei?”
“Is that why you weren’t wearing our bracelet the other day?”
The question is so ridiculous, you have to laugh. “What are you going on about?”
But Jungkook doesn’t see what’s so funny and so he tries again, his persistence taking hold. “Is that why you won’t ever let me kiss you?”
You blink. Then, you’re shaking your head at him. Exasperation hangs heavy in your words, shaping in the form of a tired scoff. “You’re not serious.”
You’ve slithered off of his lap before he can even think to stop you ━ but if he had, would you have even stayed? You’re mad, but he doesn’t know why. “No, I wanna know. Because if what we have is already so meaningless, what makes a kiss any different?”
“So I wanna know,” he says, brows unconsciously knitting together. His gaze is searching yours desperately, as if begging for an answer he’ll want to hear. But he knows he’s being an idiot, a small sober part in him makes him realize that. “Humour me. Have you had sex with him yet?”
“Oh my god. I can’t believe that’s what you’re on about.” Suddenly, you’re frowning. Your hardened stare meets the boy’s and the irritation that scrunches at your face makes him wince, but it’s too late for him to take back the damage that he’s done. “Yeah, Jungkook, we fucked in his stupid Toyota that you hate so much and he choked me and I liked it. He did all sorts of dirty things to me. Is that what you want to hear?” The sardonic tone hisses at his ears, but he bites back his words, the sober part in him doing some decent good by shushing him. “No, Jungkook, we didn’t fuck. We haven’t even gone on a date, and I don’t even know if I want to, and you think I’m throwing myself at him.”
“But you wanna.”
“You’re being an idiot,” You admonish. “I’m going home. Talk to me when you’re sober.”
He has just enough time to watch you turn on your heel, march towards his door, when he scrambles to his feet. The weight of his words and actions finally seem to dawn on him, hitting him harshly in the face and in the heart.
“Fuck, wait! Wait━” he gasps.
He chases after you, hand reaching out to press his palm against the door before you can shimmy it open. He’s fortunate when you turn to look at him, though your arms are folded impatiently over your chest.
“You’re right. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” he promises earnestly. Then, he lets out a frustrated groan. “I just… What if we… Shit, what if we stop for right now? Y’know… Hooking up. Whatever this is.”
He gestures vaguely between the two of you with his hands, a wearied look plastering his face.
You hate to admit how his words seem to affect you. They bite at the air, leave you breathless as you gawk at him, but the harsh realization of it all is that you were never his to have and he was never yours. Hoseok had been right when he said these things were bound to come to an end ━ so why did it seem to hurt you so much?
A beat of prolonged silence passes between the two of you. Jungkook runs a hand through his chaotic blonde hair, digging the heel of his palm into his temple as if to rid himself of a headache he’s no doubt sporting. Maybe you’re waiting for a better explanation, but he gives none, and you don’t feel as if you have the right to ask why. He’s not your boyfriend, for god’s sake. It’s not like he’s breaking your heart.
Instead, you take a deep breath and say, “Okay.”
“Okay.” It’s all that he says in return.
So then why does it feel like he is?
Tumblr media
When Jungkook had promised that if your fling with him ended you would go back to being untainted best friends, he was apparently lying.
A part of you can’t believe the sheer nerve of him to ghost you in his traditional fuckboy ways, and yet he does. You suppose not entirely, at the very least. Part of it ends up with you being even more vexed by his sudden shift in emotion, and the tangible tension that rises between the two of you should have been dealt with properly, yet neither of you do anything about it, leaving your friendship stagnant and stale for a week. After all, how are you really supposed to go back to “just friends” when you’ve seen his dick one too many times?
You refrain from telling Hoseok, if only so you don’t have to hear him tell you he told you so ━ but you also decide to give Yukhei that one chance, and so you think Hoseok wouldn’t mind so much anyway.
Admittedly, when Yukhei asks to hang with you at Taehyung’s eventual party, you aren’t entirely too keen, but you accept it if only because you heard Jungkook will be there too. For the majority of the night, you don’t see the boy, and you spend the hours cozying up with Yukhei in a conversation that dulls you. As it would appear, it seems to bore Yukhei too, but you only notice that when he starts touching you on your waist and the small of your back. There’s a moment where he leans his head close enough to yours that you realize he’s trying to kiss you, resulting in an awkward encounter in which you push him away, palms on his chest.
“What’s wrong?” he asks. The answer is obvious enough to you, but you don’t think you should tell him for his own dignity. That, instead, all you can imagine is Jungkook in his place. “Should we get out of here?”
“Y/N. Can I talk to you?”
You’re both fortunate yet horrified when you hear Jungkook’s voice. He’s standing just behind you, his own stare devoid of any emotion, though his brows furrow and his jaw clenches in a signature Jungkook manner that you know means he’s pissed. He hardly acknowledges Yukhei, nodding in his general direction. You don’t remember if you leave Yukhei there or if he leaves, or if Jungkook even gives a poor attempt of an excuse to the boy, but you’ve not so much as uttered a single word or let out an exhalation of air, when Jungkook ultimately pulls you off to the side where it’s just you and him once more.
“I’m not sucking your dick in Tae’s grimy bathroom, if that’s what you want,” You scowl once Yukhei is out of earshot. “You’ve lost the privilege that is my mouth.”
“That’s not━” Jungkook shakes his head, exasperated. “That’s not what I want. I just━ I’ll take you home. Please?”
You know the offer is much more than him simply walking you the route to your dorm, which you already know like the back of your hand. Yet, you don’t argue. Truthfully, it’s a relief when Jungkook lugs you out of the party. The entire venture back to your apartment is treacherous, in the way that you’re left sobering up enough to the point that your dizzying thoughts become more coherent. Hoseok is gone for the weekend at least, spending the days with his fiance, so you don’t have to worry about humiliating yourself in front of your roommate when it comes to Jungkook.
You’ve barely made it through your front door when you’re grumbling aloud, “What do you want, Jungkook?”
“I wanna talk,” he says firmly. “About us. About Yukhei.”
“Maybe I don’t want to.” But that’s a lie. Talking to Jungkook, even despite masquerading your annoyance for him, is a blessing in disguise. You’ve missed the idiot, and hearing his voice. “Besides, you told me to give him a chance.”
“And you said you didn’t want to.”
“Maybe I changed my mind.”
“Yeah, you sure seemed like you loved it when he was trying to shove his tongue down your throat,” Jungkook retorts bitterly. “C’mon, Y/N. We both know that’s a lie.”
“You know, you’ve been a real dick lately.”
A sliver of a smirk tugs at Jungkook’s face. “I thought you love dick.”
Clearly, his poor attempt at a joke doesn’t land well with you. “Why do you even care so much if Yukhei and I get together? Stop acting so high and mighty and moral, Jungkook. It’s not like you’re some virgin saint. How many times have I heard you talk about all those girls you’ve fucked? And what was I? Just another notch in your belt this whole time?”
“What?” Jungkook gasps now, as if disbelieving you would ever think such a thing. “No! You’re not just another notch. I would never even think about you that way. And I haven’t had sex with anyone else but you this whole time and I easily could have.”
“Wow! Such a martyr,” You remark dryly. When you speak next, you meet his stare with your own crestfallen gaze. “I just want my best friend back.” Your words hurt him more than you think, but he can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. “You’re the one who tried to kiss me, then suggested we stop whatever it is we’re doing━”
Jungkook flinches. “I know.”
“Then you ignore me for days even though you promised nothing would change━”
“I know,” he says desperately. He closes the distance between the two of you, yearning to reach out and touch you. Instead, he clamps his eyes shut, trying with all his might to focus when the room feels like it’s spinning.
“And then you get mad when Yukhei tries to make a move. It’s like you’re jealous or something!”
“I am.” He can’t take it anymore. The words tumble from his lips in a rush that he hardly bothers to bite back.
“Because━ Because━” He struggles to form his thoughts into words, stumbling over his sentence. Fuck, he’s never like this. Even you can tell. He grits his teeth next. “I lean in to kiss you and you look at me as if I’m out of my mind. I just don’t get it. You don’t want me to kiss you but you let me put my dick in your ass.”
The taut line of your lip quivers as you break. “That was one time and you didn’t even get all the way in!”
“Y/N.” Jungkook hums now. He’s gazing at you a little softly, reaching out to place his hands on your waist. “Look, I know I’ve been an idiot. But lately, when I touch you, I fucking feel so alive and the thought of Yukhei doing anything with you when it isn’t me, who should be with you, makes me want to vomit. And when I wake up in the morning alone, I only want you next to me. And I can’t be the only one feeling that way. If I am, tell me. Right now. Please. I just wanna know why you won’t ever let me kiss you, but you let me do all sorts of things with you. Am I really that repulsive?”
Another moment of silence stifles the room. Jungkook is so close to you now, you can’t help yourself. You reach up to tug at the collar of his shirt, fingers twisting in the material as you lean your forehead out of frustration against his shoulder and he instinctively lets his arms slither around your waist, holding you to him. Then━
“I only made the rule because I don’t want you to kiss me unless you mean it,” You murmur into his chest. “Like really, really mean it. Like I’m more than just a notch in your belt. Because I want to kiss you so badly, and I’m already in love with you but then I’ll really be in love with you and I don’t want to get my heart broken.”
The anticipation kills you, awaiting his response. You refuse to lift your head, until you hear him grumble, “You’re so fucking stupid.”
The retort is filled with your typical jestering hostility as you finally look at him. But just as you do so, Jungkook’s reaching out to grasp at your face, rough hands all soft and gentle as they cradle your cheeks, guiding you towards him and smoothing his lips over yours until you melt like putty in his hands.
Kissing Jungkook, you deduce at once, is not at all how you imagined it.
It’s everything and more. You’ve felt his mouth on you before but in much different circumstances. Between your legs, on your throat, down past the valley of your breasts ━ and each kiss then had been feral, sloppy, rough. Now, it’s sweet and tender, the feeling of his lips as soft as how he makes your heart feel. And the butterflies━ god, the butterflies.
Impatient hands tug and pull at one another until you’ve both stumbled into your room and onto your bed. He’s clambered over top of you, lips struggling to not part throughout the whole ordeal, until he’s wedged himself between your thighs.
Only then does Jungkook part from you just enough in the next moment, lips brushing against yours, as he whispers ardently, “I mean it.”
Then he’s kissing the corner of your lips down to the underside of your jaw, his mouth grazing along your skin in a feathery touch. His hands help you shed your shirt, and the bra underneath. “I mean it when I kiss you here.”
Then he drops his head to your neck, kissing at the base of your throat, before nipping at it lightly. “And here.”
Your hands come to thread in his hair, tugging at the roots. He burrows his face lastly in your chest, snatching the nipple of one of your breasts between his teeth. “Here…”
You’re so soft and supple beneath his hands, all his to love and explore.
“I want you, all of you,” he mumbles. “Only you.”
“Oh, Koo…”
A pretty moan tumbles from your mouth, and he could nearly cry. He had surely thought you were far past the point of enraged, far past the point of pensive words shaped in a heartfelt apology to bring you back to him. But then hearing you rasp his name ━ the little cute nickname that only you call him ━ makes him so goddamn remorseful.
He smothers your lips with his once more, groaning into your mouth. “I’m such a fucking dick. I don’t deserve you.”
“Don’t say that,” You whine.
“I’m sorry,” he laments. He bites at your lower lip, suckling against it. “Please let me make it up to you.”
“You already have.”
“But I’ve been such a shitty friend,” he groans. It’s hard to focus when he’s pressing his hips against yours, the forming bulge in his pants straining against the inside of your thigh. “I should’ve known when to stop. I shouldn’t have even suggested the whole thing in the first place, because then I wouldn’t have messed us all up.”
“Jungkook,” Your grip tightens in his hair. “Jungkook━ I want you so bad. Just wanna be yours.”
“Yeah?” His breath is warm as it fans against your neck. You rub your core eagerly against him, throbbing pussy so close to making contact with his dick.
“Yeah,” You mewl.
“What do you want from me?”
“You. Wanna feel your dick in me, please,” Your fingers tug at the top of his jeans, prodding at the muscles on his abdomen. “In my mouth. Can make you feel better, Koo, I promise. Just wanna be your good girl.”
“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”
He lets you push him until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips. Your limbs entangle with his as you shed the rest of your clothes, your own hands wandering up and down the front of his body after he’s tossed his shirt onto the floor. Then he watches as you shimmy your way down his body. You’re so zealous in pleasing him, wrapping your hand around the base of his dick, head angry and red, dribbling pearly beads of precum down the shaft and over the bulging vein that lines it. You run your thumb over the tip and down, spreading the sticky fluid over him. He grunts in response, nearly jolting at your touch, as his head drops back against his shoulders.
“Oh, fuck,” he growls.
You pump him slowly, taking you time as your closed fist glides up and down his length. He shudders each time your hand reaches the base, and becomes so carried away with your leisure teasing that his eyes are screwed shut and misses the way you dip down to kiss at the tip of his cock. His eyes immediately flutter open, a flustered expression painting his face. You lap again at the head, saltiness coating your tongue, and you let out a simpering moan that has him quivering. And when you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down along his length, he swears he’s about to fall apart. Your eyes flicker upward to meet him and the moment they lock, so sexy and dark, he has to look away for fear of busting right then and there. He reclines back against the bed once more, his hand flying out to grab at your hair.
“You’re so good to me, baby,” he rasps.
He can feel the curve of your lips against his cock as you suck him off. You do so well, too. Puffing your cheeks out, taking as much of him as you can until it feels as if he’s hitting the back of your throat. Then, you’ll suck at the tip of his cock, tongue swirling rapidly around, as your fist rubs his shaft. It’s a beautiful mix, one that inches him closer and closer to his high, and each time you switch he has to hold it together to not let go so soon. He wants to enjoy it, needs to bask in it. Your pretty mouth doing such sinful things, making him feel as if he were in heaven.
“Shit━” His hips jut forward to meet with your mouth, accidentally hitting the back of your throat without warning. You gag a little, but don’t pull away, and when he apologizes to you hastily, you only moan in response. A thought pops into his head that has him beckon aloud, “Will you be a good girl and let me fuck your mouth? Huh, baby?”
You hum in approval, eyes shimmering with glee.
So, he plants both hands in your hair, grabs at the sides of your head, and as you hollow out your cheeks, he bucks into your mouth. He does it again and again, listening to your crescendoing mewls of delight, forming a sticky mess of drool and cum that spills onto your chin.
“God, you’re so good,” Jungkook grunts. He’s a complete wreck, eyes screwing shut, blonde tresses spilling into his lashes. The muscles in his abdomen twitch with each sharp inhale of air he takes, so mesmerized by the shape of your pretty mouth around his dick, like you were made for him. “Such a good girl, huh?”
He fucks himself into your mouth roughly, frantically. Tears start to prick at your eyes from holding your breath, yet you keep yourself together just a little longer for him, lashes fluttering shut tightly.
“All mine too,” Jungkook hisses. “Wouldn’t let Yukhei do this to you, would you? Fuck, I’m━”
With your head left immobile stuck in his grasp, you hum in disapproval instead. You know he’s close when you start to hear him panting breathily. When he cums, it’s with a fractured whine and in short hot bursts onto your tongue and down your throat. You swallow as much as you can and, when he parts from you with a resonating lewd pop, you wipe away with your knuckles at the rest of his cum leaking out of the corner of your mouth and onto your chin. Dark hooded eyes meet with yours, a mischievous glint captivating them. You crawl over to him, straddling his hips once more, chasing his mouth with yours. Your own lips are so wet, coated in saliva and cum, bruised plump, but yet you’re smiling so innocently past the way he can taste himself on his tongue.
A dazed thought pops into your head that has you murmuring wistfully against him, “Say it again. I like hearing you call me baby.”
“Hmm? What about when I call you my good girl?” Jungkook nips at your lips. He grasps at your waist, flipping you over until you’re on your back beneath him. “You treat me so well, baby; you’re my only girl, you know that.”
A contented sigh sounds from you as you rut your hips in thinning desperation to meet his, so close to rubbing against his dick nestled against his thigh. He licks at his fingers hastily, reaching between the two of you to press against your clit, rubbing leisurely at the soft bundle of nerves. He’s learned how to navigate your body after months of supposed emotionless fucking, but now? Now, he felt as if his heart may just burst through his chest. Every reaction you make to his every touch ━ the needy plea to have him make you his, call you baby ━ makes him want to see more, and more.
“Am I?” You ask hoarsely. He grasps at his dick, guiding his tip to your core, so slick and wet, glistening with your own arousal. As he pushes himself in with a hiss, he watches as you contort beneath him. “Nnngh, Jungkook━”
“Fuuck,” he groans. He sinks into you, spreading your thighs further and further apart, until his hips make contact with yours. His mouth attacks yours with a feverish passion, the rumble of his moans and your whimpers muffling against one another. Then, he remembers to answer your awaiting question, barely audible between the way his tongue lavs at yours. “You are. I’m so fucking in love with you. But I don’t deserve you.”
Your hands tug impatiently at his hair. “Stop saying that.”
“But it’s true,” he hums. He’s quick to start rutting at your hips in a steady yet agonizing pace, dick burrowing into your pussy as your walls throb and shake. He can’t help but watch, mesmerized as always by the way his length slips past your folds and disappears into you. Again, and again, and again, so lewdly destroying your pretty cunt. “Just want Yukhei to touch you all over instead, don’t you?”
“No,” You croak.
You spread your thighs instinctively wider apart, allowing him to sink even further into you until it feels as if he’s hitting you so far in your stomach. Each roll of his hips is punctuated by the crude noise of skin against skin, sending you spiralling.
“Want him to do all sorts of dirty things to you, huh?”
“N-No. Fuck, Jungkook━ Harder, please━”
“That’s what you said,” Jungkook retorts. Still, he listens to your pleas, snapping his hips into yours roughly enough to send you jolting back on the bed. His hands start to roam your body, pinching at your hips, then grasping ferociously at one of your breasts. “Want him to fuck you in his car, right?” His palm feels like fire as it slides up past your collarbones to your throat. “Want him to choke you.”
His hand comes to wrap around the underside of your jaw on your throat, thumb and index finger pressing against the pressure points there. He squeezes, though with barely any force, just enough to feel your rapid pulse beneath his digits in a way that makes you so suddenly hyper aware of everything he’s doing to you. Cock stretching you wide, palm heavy around your throat, mouth folding over yours. So caught up in the overwhelming sensations you’re feeling, you can’t tell if he’s genuinely upset with himself, though you suspect part of him is. You can sense it in the way he clings to you a little tighter, can see it laced within his dazzling pupils.
Jungkook huffs, hair flopping into his eyes as he grits his teeth and ruts his hips faster into you if only to see more of your pretty little reactions. Your jaw unhinges at the feeling, head falling back onto the pillows. “He could probably treat you nicer too.”
You shake your head wildly, fingers digging into the skin on his shoulders. “Just want you, Koo.”
“Still?” he asks. His grip on your neck fastens a little more, pure euphoria riddling all your senses and making you writhe beneath him. “God, you’re such a dumb little slut, aren’t you?”
You nod in your groggy exhaustion, the familiar burn coiling in your stomach, making your toes curl.
Jungkook feels your own high approach. Your walls are clenched so tightly around him, he has to sputter for air. “Could he make you feel like this?”
“No, Koo,” You whine. “Only you.”
“Yeah?” Jungkook growls. “Good girl. Gonna cum around my dick like the good little slut you are?”
Your hips ricochet upwards to meet his, relentless pounding into your core. “Please, please━”
Jungkook quickens his pace until you’ve deteriorated into absolute shambles, whimpering his name after each thrust. You tumble towards your high, cuming around his length as he burrows it into you again and again, and all he can think is mine, mine, mine. As you unravel beneath him, he slides his hand off of your throat and slithers it underneath you and around your waist, hoisting you slightly enough off the bed so that he can reach his own orgasm. He’s a little more frantic now, sloppy and restless as he pummels into you.
“Shit, baby━” he cries out. “Oh, fuck, you’re so good━”
As you come down from your high enough, you somehow manage to murmur drowsily, “Cum in me, Koo. Wanna feel it.”
You grab at his face, pulling him down to catch his lips on yours, and the thought is so tempting he can’t refuse. He gets so lost in your lips, cuming with one final slam of his hips into yours and a chorus of curses mingling with your name in whimpers. He rides out both of your highs with a few half-hearted thrusts, more concerned with kissing you in useless open-mouthed kisses as your own mouth parts with one last weary moan while he fills you up.
When he’s spent, he collapses against your chest, and you collapse onto the bed. It’s quiet long enough for the both of you to calm the shrill beat of your hearts when you feel Jungkook stir, moving to part from you, pulling his dick from your swollen pussy and planting a lingering peck on your cheek. He disappears momentarily but returns a few seconds later, towel in hand which he uses to wipe at your core now leaking with his cum and your heart croons at all his tender touches.
It makes you realize all at once that, god, yes, you’re so in love with your idiot best friend and he’s so in love with you.
He turns to look at you, an adoring smile dancing upon his lips when he sees your own radiant beaming face. You beckon him over and he relents, letting you pull him into your arms. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck as he wraps his own arms around you to tug you closer to his side. As your fingers come to rake through his sweaty hair, he cranes his neck to follow your hand and hear him coo against your neck, “That feels so good.”
A sudden thought crosses your mind that has you smirking smally to yourself. “Are we… Are we cuddling? Jungkook, I thought you didn’t like cuddling. Said it was, and I quote, sentimental bullshit.”
“I never liked it because it wasn’t with you. Didn’t wanna waste my time on someone that wasn’t you,” Jungkook hums, matter-of-fact. You can tell he’s a little embarrassed at the way you so casually taunt him about such an obvious fact, though he’s fortunate you can’t see him smiling like a complete fool. “And I wanna do all that sentimental bullshit with only you. Now, shush━” He scolds you playfully. “M’so tired and I just wanna hold you tight.”
“Can’t argue with that.” Your heart leaps in your chest. “Just promise me one thing?”
It’s only then that he lifts his sleepy gaze to find yours, apprehensive of any potentially looming severity in your words. “Anything.”
Instead, all he can find is the way you trace your finger along the details of his face, from his nose, to his cheekbones, down to the freckle under his lip with the hand that sports your friendship bracelet. “In the morning, when we wake up, you’ll still be here to hold me tight. And every other morning after that.”
His smile widens even more, if that was even possible. “Wouldn’t want it any other way. But━”
“On one condition.”
“What’s that?”
His eyes sparkle cheekily. “Kiss me.”
So, you do, again and again and again; and Jungkook thinks, yeah, he certainly can get used to this.
Tumblr media
It takes you a month to cave in to Jungkook’s incessant pleas to fuck you to his sex playlist. You do it mostly to humour him, though part of you is a little bit intrigued at the thought.
Stowed away in his room, he eats you out to the choruses of sultry The Weeknd and raunchy Ariana Grande songs, fucks you to the likes of the Neighbourhood and Kim Petras while you’re on all fours, and you’re only half-paying attention to the music until you hear it. Admittedly, you almost completely miss it but you blame Jungkook and the way he’s making you currently feel, sprawled out beneath him, chests pressed flush against one another in a sweaty, sticky mess, breathy and glorious moans of your name filling your ears when━
“I had no choice but to hear you. You stated your case time and again━”
The dulcet chime of Alanis Morissette thrums about the room, a complete and utter shift in contrast in the atmosphere that has you immediately pausing.
“Jungkook.” But he knows what you set out to say even before you do, judging by the tone in your voice and the stifling smirk on his face. You gawk at him, biting at your lip to hide your laughter but you fail miserably. “You weren’t joking?”
He shrugs innocently, leaving you just as dumbfounded as you were two seconds ago. Instead, he says, “Gotta do what I promised then, don’t I?”
You quirk a brow. “What was that exactly?”
“Gotta give you the best orgasm of your life.”
“If you can do that to cheesy 90s pop, I’ll have your actual babies, Jungkook.” The effort is endearing and impressive, to say the least.
A roll of your eyes is met with a taunting roll of his hips into yours that wipes the jest off your face immediately. He grins like a madman, uttering a little stupidly, and a little ardently, “Say no more.”
Because, all things considered and joking aside, he wants it with you ━ the dazed daydreamy talk of a future together and kids, friendship bracelets, and cuddles in the morning. Because you mean the world to him and more. Because you’re his best friend, and he’s so madly in love with you.
Because he wants it all with you.
Tumblr media
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⟶ Feedback is always appreciated!
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taegularities · 11 days ago
a thousand reasons why | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “And if all of this experience was indeed a dream, you chose to stay just a little longer.”
After leaving to work towards his dream rather than the bonds that shackle him to home, you didn't expect to see Jungkook again years later at your best friend's wedding. And even less, for love to rekindle at second glance.
pairing: Jungkook x reader
genre: f2l; fluff, angst, smut, crack
warnings: a whole laundry list tf: (past) minor character death, somewhat toxic parents, (mentions of) gambling, blond & then 5th muster pied piper (fuckboy) jk lol, this jimin, jealousy, alcohol consumption, unrequited love (not between jk & oc), friends fighting; explicit multiple (2) sex scenes that include: dom & big dick!jk, light hair pulling, marking, tiddie sucking/breast play, clit pinching, pussy slapping, soft & rough sex, praising, biting, some spit ig, oral (f. & m.), fingering, handjob, consent <3, cockwarming, squirting, oversensitivity, multiple orgasms, mouth fucking,… uhh, consensual drunk sex, protected & unprotected sex.... yeah
word count: 43.1k (i sincerely apologise <3)
credits: such a beautiful banner by my lovely @taemaknae​​ <3 !! beta’d by @bangtanhome​​​ @hobiandsprite​​ & @missgeniality​​ - your brains are exquisite and this fic would be NOTHING without you !! & parts read by @hantaev​​ ILY ALL <3
a/n: i’m honestly SORRY for the wc lol pls still read tho, i worked so so hard on it :’) based on the 2013 movie YJHD! and a belated love letter to one of my favourite people in this world - happy birthday, jeon jungkook. i’ll always be inspired by your words and admire you forever <3
uploaded to AO3, too (for those who prefer pdfs or mobile readings!) + the fic is split in ‘Before’ & ‘Now’ - that way, you can read it in 2 sittings if you’d like <3
Tumblr media
➳ listen to the (collaborative!) ATRW playlist for the full experience!
Tumblr media
The slowly vanishing light of the sun bathes the room in a golden glow when you close the door to your apartment behind you.
Coming home feels different today. With the boxes under your arms, you feel the weight of the postcards and invitations heavier than usual. After letting Dia ramble about the plans for the next few days, dreamy eyes drifting off now and then, you’ve grown increasingly tired this evening. And yet, you can’t wait to send off the cards that remain before the big day breaks in.
You lift the sunglasses from your eyes and place them on your head, not bothering to change your clothes before you sit down at your desk and start putting the invitations into envelopes. You wait and read with a thumping heart, fingers working through the pile quickly until you finally see it.
His name, written in fancy, swirled letters under the D and M that curl into each other elegantly.
Even after all these years, you’ve not forgotten what he used to make you feel - the nostalgia seems everlingering and only seems to increase when you think back to the time you spent together. The days that had passed in a blink of an eye, barely giving you the chance to memorise his touches, his words and his smile.
And now, even more memories seem to come flashing back: snow-covered mountains and steep hills, ghost stories, cozy night talks, loud pool parties and walks to the town at dawn. All of this, you’ve left behind ages ago, years passing by without ever hearing his melodious voice even once. By now, it feels like a whole different life.
You smile at the paper, still remembering the ache that parting from him had brought you; you know you have to get past all this, because you’re sure that he has too. He isn’t one to dwell on could’ve’s and would’ve’s.
In the quiet of the room, you close your eyes, head leaning back as the sun goes down. You don’t know if he’ll decide to appear this time without ignoring your invites to get-togethers and trips. But if he does, you know exactly what that would entail.
You’d see Jeon Jungkook’s face after a neverending eternity again.
Tumblr media
Your mother had always been judgemental in some way or another.
Coloured hair was a sign of rebellion to her, piercings a danger for the skin and tattoos a permanent waste of money that could be invested into something more useful, such as clothes and jewellery and oh, maybe even manicures.
While you’d long stopped listening to her complaints, being the diligent and careful girl you were, things seemed out of line a little more these days. Something she proved only further when you found yourself in the grocery store with her, standing in the ridiculously long line at the check-out that didn’t seem to move at all.
“Y/N? Oh my gosh, is that really you?”
You recognised the voice before you looked up at her, eyes blown wide when your gaze met hers. She looked different. Coloured hair or had it always been this fiery red? Maybe she just seemed so changed to you because you hadn’t seen her for five years, a bandana decorating her head and crop top revealing the little piercing over her belly button.
“Dia!” you answered, half excited and half worried about meeting her here in front of your mother - you knew she’d have nothing good to say about your high school friend as soon as she’d lay eyes on the open minded, free spirited soul.
In truth, Dia had always been one of the friendliest girls in your class. There wasn’t a single day where she’d said anything to put you down in front of the others, she and her gang always letting you crawl into a corner and read books that interested no one but you.
Dia and her friends were always a loud group - teasing the teachers, provoking classmates without ever going too far and filling the atmosphere of the classroom with jokes and fun conversations. And in all honesty, you hadn’t thought you’d ever see her again.
“How are you doing? When did you get here? Shopping for today’s dinner, I see?” she asked before she smiled at you. Her grin was radiant, full of life, eyes sparkling - so different from yours; you who didn’t know pleasures of life but only studying for the degree that you’d chosen so long ago.
You nodded, head tilting and only faintly noticing that your mother was peeking past you to find out who you were talking to. You didn’t glance at her on purpose; you didn’t want to see her drama-hungry eyes ogling at your former sort-of-friend with what you were sure was disgust.
“Yeah, just some… potatoes and tea and stuff. And you?”
She grinned again, white teeth flashing as she practically vibrated through her excitement. “I was just buying some dry fruit and other snacks for a trip. Look! We’re going here!” Her hand wandered to her back pocket, fishing out a brochure that she’d folded in half. She opened the paper, smoothing it with her hand before she handed it to you. “That’s in two days. Don’t know what you’ve been up to lately, but why don’t you take a break from school and come with us?”
Her old circle, you were sure.
You side eyed your mother, a sigh escaping your lips and gaze falling onto the floor when you realised that you couldn’t - even at the mature age of twenty-three, you couldn’t leave. But instead of delving into the real reason, you only licked your lips, glad when the line moved and your mother with it.
“I don’t think so. I have to study for some exams, so I might not be-”
Dia, however, interrupted your half-assed, lame excuses, shrugging her shoulders before she pointed out, “That’s okay, I understand. I just told you about it since it’s summer. No school and stuff, so why not have some fun, right?”
You let out a little laugh, heart falling heavily at the thought of your restrictions and mouth growing dry as you told her, “Thank you. I appreciate it, Dia.”
She patted your shoulders twice, smiling at you for one last time before she switched to another cashier who’d just arrived, buying her dry fruit and then strolling away from you in confidence.
You waited for your mother to speak up; tell you everything that had collected in her mind since Dia had approached you up to the point she’d left you. But nothing came.
Tumblr media
Sneaking out was always easier than sneaking in.
When Jungkook came home, the lights were out - which was the first indication of a sleeping household. He held his breath as he took careful steps towards his room, clutching the straps of his bag tightly and lips agape in a pout.
It seemed to go well, smoothly. That is until he heard the honey sweet voice of his father break through the silence, a timid little, “So you’re home too, huh?”
Jungkook’s hand shot to his chest, body flinching before he stepped into the dark living room and asked, “What are you doing?”
“I was… reading a book.”
“In the dark?” Jungkook mocked as he switched on the light, eyes falling on his father who was sitting under the picture of his late wife that they’d hung onto the wall years ago.
Since Jungkook’s mother had died, the atmosphere in his home had changed. Loneliness had befallen every room that still remained unchanged, his father’s heart falling but never failing to lift up Jungkook’s mood instead.
He joined his father at the table, a sigh leaving his lips and fingers intertwining on top of the cheap wood. “Why didn’t you go to sleep, Dad?”
The man in question leaned back, long dark hair tucked behind his ears and palms settling on his tummy. From the chair next to him, he brought up a brochure and placed it on the table, causing Jungkook’s already huge eyes to widen even more.
His expression shifted to an annoyed one, body already preparing to leave before his father gestured for him to stay. Jungkook obliged - but not without giving his father a piece of his mind, blond hair falling into his face.
“I told you not to go into my room. I don’t like it when you look through my stuff, you know that,” he exclaimed, feeling worse with each word he uttered as his dad’s eyes stayed soft, loving.
“I was looking for old pictures when I stumbled upon this,” he answered, nodding to the brochure. “You know you can always tell me everything. Why didn’t you, Jungkook?”
His fingers began fiddling with the flyer, sadness temporarily taking over his features. And before Jungkook could answer, another presence joined the men at the dinner table, bringing a glass and some lemonade in front of him before she said, “It’s about the money, too, you know?”
Jungkook rolled his eyes, watching the woman sit down as he folded his arms. His jaw clenched, but his stepmother didn’t pay any mind to it, instead continuing, “We’re a little low on funds. And that’s why we want you to be more responsible with the money you earn. You shouldn’t regret it later, Kookie.”
“Don’t,” he remarked, chest falling heavier now as he heard the name that his mother had always used when he was little, “I can take care of myself. It’s hard earned money over months and I’m not even using all of it. Besides, you’re not my mother… so please…”
He didn’t touch the lemonade she’d poured him. Fury clearly written in his eyes, he shoved the chair back, gripping his bag again before he vanished into his room. Entering it and shutting the door behind him brought him some solace; just the way it always did, even now as he stepped in with a gulp.
His gaze fell onto the wall he’d so carefully decorated over the years, now barely a spot left to attach another picture. Scattered over his desk, photographs of various countries and cities greeted him. The Eiffel Tower. Pyramids of Giza. Different places in Germany, temples in Japan and Cape Town in South Africa.
Jungkook wanted to visit it all. Every single corner of the world, every alley, river, ocean and forest - he wanted to be able to say he’d seen it all and had done everything a young heart desired when he’d lay on his deathbed. He knew that one day he would see all the hidden spots of the world. Money was always an issue - but he knew that soon, it might not be anymore.
He turned around to sit on his bed, starting to slide down the suitcase off his bed when he saw a brand new bag sitting on his pillow, big and dark blue. Lifting it to his face, his expression became questioning, mind whirring for only a second before he realised where it’d come from.
And as if on cue, his father entered the room, a proud smile creeping up his face as he asked, “Do you like it?”
“You… you didn’t have to…” Jungkook murmured, sitting down on the edge of the bed and hugging the bag close to his chest. “But I love it.”
“I know I didn't have to. But it’s the least I could do. Was worried I wouldn’t be able to give you anything before you go.” He sat down next to Jungkook, rubbing his back soothingly as the young man stared to the floor, guilt washing over him painfully.
“Dad, I don’t… want you to be worried about me all the time.”
His father chuckled, patting his shoulders as he asked, “Why are you going hiking then? Standing at cliffs and looking down into nothing… is that so important to you?”
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek, letting out a breath. Then, he looked his father in his eyes, merely uttering, “A lot.” He paused for a moment, running his fingernails along the material of his bag before he added, “Thank you for the bag, Dad.”
A finger came up to touch Jungkook’s loose strand of hair lightly, a nod accompanying his actions when he told his son, “I like this hair colour.” At least one smile his father managed to draw out of him, knowing how Jungkook had planned to leave his dark hair behind for quite some while.
With the changes Jungkook had gone through not only physically but mentally as well, his father could clearly see how much time had passed since he’d been a toddler who’d cried about broken toys and loud noises. Something about the thought of his son growing up like this hurt him - but then again, he supposed that’s how all parents felt at that age.
Melancholy gripping his heart, he thought of silent days ahead but felt happy for Jungkook anyway, standing up slowly as he told him, “Take care of yourself. Okay? And have a lot of fun there for me, too.”
Tumblr media
Your mother didn’t talk about Dia until you gathered at the dinner table the next night, barely touching your food as the pictures of the mountain on the brochure floated in your brain like a curse. Ringrey Rise was its name, in a town with the same name that seemed near enough to reach by travelling one night but far enough to escape your current worries.
With all the hopes and dreams that seemed so out of reach for you, you registered your mother talking about Dia when it was too late to interrupt, shifting your attention from your rice to her raised eyebrows.
“I mean, what is she even doing? Studying? It doesn’t look like it.”
You clenched your jaw in annoyance, rolling your eyes as you answered, “Not everyone wants to be a doctor in life, Mom.”
“She could be something, though, right?” Her head turned to your father, his glasses reflecting his potatoes as he let her talk, no urge to participate in the conversation whatsoever. As always.
“How would you know that she isn’t doing anything?” you then snapped, your cutlery falling onto the plate with a loud clunk. “And why do you even care? Would anything change for you if she was the manager of the world’s largest company or whatever?”
You never usually raised your voice at her - and in that sense, you weren’t surprised when her eyes grew larger with every word you let out, mouth agape in shock. She leaned into you, fire blazing behind her pupils as she asked, “What did you say?”
But you didn’t want to back away anymore. “Just what I had to.”
And with that, you stood, taking your half-full plate with you before you resorted to your room. The pout that your lips fell into stayed for a few hours without anyone wiping it off - or even trying to. All you could do was to sulk away, face the reality of your little self being caged in your own little world, unable to fight against the forces that had raised you.
But then, you shook your head. No. You were too young, too free to endure this kind of treatment. You, too, deserved to experience the world, see things that happened outside your four walls and over the pages of your medical college books. There was so much more to see than dull words and silent routines.
With this courage coursing through your body, you made a decision late at night, gathering all the money you’d saved for any special event and leaving a note at the counter that would render your mother speechless for hours the next morning.
I’m sorry, Mom. I just need to get out of here for a while. Don’t be worried - I’ll be okay.
Tumblr media
Jungkook always needed twenty minutes longer to arrive somewhere than initially planned. It was a timeframe that suited Jimin particularly well today, considering the fact that the man had been sitting at the same spot with his suitcase under him with his eyes glued to the TV at the railway station.
To most people walking around, the football match wasn’t anyhow relevant - but to Jimin, it meant either staying here or enjoying a whole week in Ringrey with his closest friends. Dia was walking circles around him as they waited for Jungkook to arrive, telling Jimin to calm down since it was nothing more but “wild people running around, chasing a ball or whatever”.
“It’s the way this man is lazing around on the field. It irks me,” Jimin said, gaze never leaving the screen as Dia placed her arms on his head from behind.
“Why don’t you talk to me instead then?” she asked with a subtle smile he couldn’t see, trying to make sense of his sudden devotion to the game. “I won’t annoy you.”
Jimin clicked his tongue, shaking her off and rubbing his palms on his jeans. “You always annoy me.”
With a grimace, Dia stepped away, hearing someone run towards them before she could lay her eyes on him. He was dressed in a thin, red button up today, one hand carrying a big bag and a rucksack draped over his shoulders. The messy, dirty blond hair covered his eyes almost fully, and he flicked it away with a tilt of his head as he saw Dia tap her feet impatiently.
“Finally! We have like, what, fifteen minutes left?” She glanced down at her clock, eyes widening before she smacked Jungkook’s arm. “Ten!”
“Calm down. I’m here now! We’ll be on the train in five minutes and- where’s Jimin?”
His eyes wandered around, a small laugh escaping when he detected his best friend right next to him, still so distracted that he didn’t even hear or notice Jungkook arrive. Firm hands gripped Jimin’s shoulders and shook him, but the older man was too lost in what looked like defeat for his team to acknowledge Jungkook’s greetings.
“Fuck…” His head fell low, fingers coming up to rub his eyes before he said, “You guys…”
Dia and Jungkook both hummed, watching worry creep up Jimin’s face that they couldn’t explain without context just yet. His mood was unexpected - but his following declaration surprised them more.
“Go without me.”
Silence came over the atmosphere while the whole train station was bustling, Dia’s arms falling to the side and Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowing. She looked at Jungkook for a moment, licking her lips before she asked, “What?”
“Just… you two can go. I don’t feel like it anymore.”
Excuses started running through Jungkook’s mind wildly - he knew his best friend wasn’t one to back away from an adventure like this without a proper reason. The fact that he was sitting here, bags packed and clothes neat, indicated that it had to be something that had just now come over him.
Jungkook’s gaze followed Jimin’s, eyes squinting when he saw two men in suits discuss the outcome of the football game and what had happened on the field. And then, a bulb lit up over his head, mouth falling open knowingly as he inquired, “You gambled your money away again, didn’t you?” He pointed one finger to the monitor. “And you bet on the team that just lost.”
Jimin’s chest rose and fell slowly, an exasperated expression taking over his features before he shrugged. Dia rolled her eyes in annoyance, fingers of her hand brushing through her hair as she felt her heart drop at the thought of travelling without him.
“Once!” she exclaimed, hitting his shoulder with her handbag. “Just once you could’ve tried to not risk losing your money on shit like that. We’ve been planning this for literal mo-”
Jungkook’s raised hand interrupted her, jaw clenching in the same annoyance but voice soothing and reassuring as he spoke again. “Come on, bud. I’ll pay for you. I mean, the hotel fees and stuff are the only things you’d need to pay for, right? We’ve already bought the train tickets and all.”
Jimin’s head shook violently, forefinger wiggling in front of his face as he told Jungkook no repeatedly. He wasn’t one to reliably pay people back, and he didn’t want to risk his friendship with the man who’d led him through high school exams, graduation and some of their adult years.
But Jungkook was having none of his protests. “No. Listen, we only have seven minutes left. It’s fine, I’ll just buy less alcohol and order cheaper food when we eat somewhere.”
The guilt that washed over Jimin was marked, but the look in Jungkook’s eyes was stern enough for the older man to decipher that his friend wouldn’t give in - he knew these two might in the end even rather cancel the whole trip than go without him.
With his hand on his thighs, he stood, beginning to roll his little suitcase behind him as he cheered, “Okay then! You both know I’m easy to convince.”
Dia’s grin couldn’t get wider as she walked alongside both men to the respective train, jumping a little with each step as she chanted the name of the destination over and over again. For now, she’d scolded him enough - maybe she’d do it again later.
But at the moment, they had to concentrate on finding the right number of their carriage, already running late with only three minutes left. Jungkook was quick to help Dia with her two small bags, carrying them to their cubicle before running out to his own belongings as well.
And that’s when he laid eyes on you for the first time again.
Your hair rested on your shoulders gently, lost eyes darting between the train and the paper in your hand and a soft, sweet summer dress hugging your body comfortably. The movements around him stood still for a moment as he saw you come closer, everything about you so enchanting on the first sight already that he nearly forgot the luggage he still had to carry inside.
As soon as your focus settled on his face, your eyes widened, mouth opening with a grin as you declared, “I knew I’d see you here!”
Jungkook tilted his head, eyes blinking in confusion for only two seconds before he pulled himself together again and asked you, “We met a few years back, right? At a barbeque party? Or a baby shower.”
Your smile faded slowly, lips pressing together and mind whirring with explanations to how he could’ve forgotten you after sharing a class for so long. The mischievous look he was shooting at you clearly spoke volumes - tell-tale signs of a stranger approaching another stranger in hopes to flatter them, but you knew better than to give in to his lip biting and amused look.
“You’ll be embarrassed if I told you where I know you from… Jungkook.”
You folded your arms in front of your chest, well aware that the train was going to leave soon - but with the nervousness that had made its way to your guts, you felt unsure now anyway. Jungkook’s confusion seemed a good distraction from your nerves.
“Come on,” he pleaded with a crooked smile, tucking the long blond hair behind his ear, “tell me.”
You looked down to the ground, detecting the bag between his and your feet as you answered, “Eleventh grade… the trekking trip during which I fell. My knee started bleeding and you wrapped your thin cardigan around it…”
“And then you helped me walk to our class to catch up with them…”
“Yes!” he interrupted, leaning over to you and giving you a tight hug as if you’d been the closest friends in high school that the building had seen, despite sometimes barely exchanging a single word in a span of a month. “Y/N, I remember you! Gosh, I’m sorry. It’s just… you got so beautiful, I didn’t recogni-”
He stopped as you raised an eyebrow, trying to walk past him before he gripped your shoulders tightly. “I mean! You were always pretty, but you’ve grown into a full-on heartthrob!”
You scoffed, eyes rolling as you snuck past him to greet the man behind Jungkook who looked strongly like the trip leader you were looking for. Gaze following you, Jungkook leaned against the train, watching your desperate self trying to convince the guide to let you join the hiking trip.
“You got lucky, honestly,” he was telling you, checking the ticket you’d given him and your ID card, “you were the last one to book the trip and now we’re completely full.”
You gave him a sweet smile as excitement came back rushing into you, one that let the half of your face that Jungkook could see glow enough for him to not want to avert his eyes anymore. One single lock fell into your face when you tilted your head, your voice so soothing as you conversed with the guide.
You had definitely changed. Jungkook didn’t know in which ways exactly yet - but he knew you had.
He barely noticed when you came back with a radiant glow on your face, nodding towards the train to make him follow you, too. Excitement washed over you in waves, but it was only inside when you sat between three people - including Jungkook - that you began to feel out of place.
Because as soon as you entered your cabin, Jimin began to talk about your successes at school, praising your intelligence, diligence and determination as if it affected him directly. All you could do was thank him repeatedly, and when he didn’t notice Dia poking him with a lunch box, you used the opportunity to bring his attention to something else.
“Eat that,” Dia told him when he finally looked down to the sandwiches she’d made. And when he clicked his tongue and declined, she opened her mouth in protest. “Eat that! It’s a ham and cheese sandwich! Your favourite! I woke up at six in the morning to make these for you.”
“Wha- are you an idiot, why would you do that?” he asked, their argument continuing, but your mind drifted off to somewhere else. Or more precisely, to the door of your cabin, a girl with a crop top and skimpy shorts standing at the frame of the entrance with an apple in her hand, oozing blinding and admirable confidence.
“Hi,” she greeted you with flashing white teeth, moving her hips like she was on a runway and not on a dusty train. “Do you guys happen to have a knife?”
Jimin and Dia shook their heads apologetically, but Jungkook suddenly had the biggest grin on his face, pulling a penknife from the pocket of his leather jacket as he said, “Seems like a lucky day for you.”
She gave him a sweet, big-eyed look, eyelashes fluttering as she thanked him in a thick accent you didn’t recognise. But before she could grab it, he pulled back, brushing his hair back before he asked, “But if I give you that, I want something in return.”
A questioning look graced her pretty features, arms folding when her annoying cadence asked him what he wanted. He squinted his eyes, acting as if he was thinking hard until he snapped his fingers and told her, “Your name?”
“Youra,” she said with a giggle, reaching out her hand to all of you as you introduced yourself.
And when her palm met Jungkook’s, he let the knife slide into her hand slowly, saying, “Call me Bunny. Like… Bugs Bunny?” She chuckled again, rolling her eyes in delight. “Besides. Why don’t you eat lunch with us? An apple will do nothing for you.”
“Yeah, have some sandwiches!” Jimin offered, snatching the box out of Dia’s hands while she gasped in disbelief loudly. Not that she could fight him much, though - the boys were entirely in their element.
“Really? Oh, then I’ll call my girls and we can eat together?” Youra cheered, much to Jimin and Jungkook’s delight who lit up at the sound of the word girls. Dia and you were seemingly the only sane people here.
And then, there you were, sitting in the corner of the long seat, pressed against the window with three girls you didn’t know and didn’t want to get to know. They were obnoxious, you soon gathered that much. They almost talked like mean girls in aimless TV shows, gesturing and moving their heads excessively, judging fashion styles while scrunching their nose at the train smell - but somehow, this seemed to flatter the men.
A true sense of discomfort washed over you when one of the girls - Leena maybe? - suggested playing ‘Never Have I Ever’. Because although you weren’t one to reject alcohol, the mere thought of drinking with these people unsettled you deeply - especially when the consequences were unknown.
“Okay, me first,” Youra said, leaning into Jungkook’s chest who’d shamelessly draped an arm over her shoulder. How he managed to do that with strangers was beyond you. “Never have I ever fallen in love.”
Almost everyone drank to that - except Jungkook and you; something even Youra questioned, surprised.
“No,” he told her, leaning in close, “but maybe I will on this trip?”
You rolled your eyes, annoyed by his boldness and movie-like lines, the cringe reaching no one but you apparently.
“Alright, never have I ever… snuck out of my house for a party,” Leena then proposed; and again, everyone took a sip from their drink, this time even Jungkook.
Jimin, who had so graciously offered his seat to the third girl whose name you didn’t remember, then raised his hand from where he was sitting on the floor. “Me! Uh- never have I ever gotten caught by the police.”
And much to your surprise, even then they lifted their cups; yet again all of them, except you. High school was bad - but feeling out of place here, on a trip that was supposed to be fun, gave you a new and different kind of pain.
As they counted the times they had been arrested because of pissing on a fire hydrant, driving drunk or throwing rave parties, you started to drift off. And when everything began feeling too much, you stood, all eyes shifting to you as you said, “I think I’ll lay down a little. I’m really tired.”
“But it’s your turn now!” Jimin half yelled, probably already tipsy.
“No,” you said, shaking your head slightly and gaze settling on Jungkook automatically for a reason you couldn’t depict, “I’m sorry. Is it okay for you guys if I take the top bunk?”
Jimin and Dia hummed approvingly, Jungkook’s empathic eyes looking deep into yours as he, too, told you, “Of course.”
“Thanks,” you almost whispered, climbing up and laying down with a heavy heart as you heard them play on. They brought some more examples of things you’d never done, reaching from smoking weed to having wild threesomes.
It took some time for you to fall asleep - but when you did, you drifted off with the hopes of finding more of where you belonged through this trip; more of who you were and what your story was.
Tumblr media
Air high above the ground was surely different from the one you were used to in your little, dusty town. The freshness and healthy oxygen that floated in the atmosphere was enough for you to loosen up, mind and body relaxing the moment you’d stepped out of the bus that had brought you from the train station to your hotel.
The first thing you saw was the pretty fountain right in front of the entrance, everything reminding you of nature, forest and warm tea on chilly evenings. Before you went in, your guide - whose name you’d learnt was Jay - stopped to explain the whole procedure: the hike would last for five days and four nights before you came down to relax at a pool party and departed the next day eventually.
And when he was done, you approached the hotel with wide, excited eyes, only stopping when you felt a light hand on your shoulder and a friendly voice say, “I told them we’d share a room. You don’t snore, do you?”
Hazel eyes warmed your insides, Dia’s constant attempts to include you in her group filling you with affection. You shook your head before she put an arm around your shoulder, going into the facility before Jimin yelled from behind, “Be careful that she doesn’t jump your bones at night, Y/N!”
Dia scoffed, craning her neck to snap back, “Even if I did, it would be none of your concern, Park!”
You didn’t know what it was about her that made you want to be just as free spirited and blunt. Maybe you were too friendly, keeping everything to yourself that your mind wanted to scream out - and Dia seemed like the exact opposite.
You figured as much when she stayed up half of the night, talking to you about the adventures she’d experienced and jobs she’d tried, never settling for one because one thing or the other prompted her to drop out. You liked silence - but with her, you didn’t mind staying awake, only realising around midnight that you hadn’t talked to anyone like this in ages.
The following night passed peacefully. Despite your tendency to sleep horribly in beds that you weren’t familiar with, you fell asleep with a smile and woke up with one, inhaling the wind that blew from outside as you opened the windows of your room.
And you stayed like this for a while, listening to the chirps of the birds and the call of the wild as you fixed your gaze to the peak of the mountain you’d reach in a few days. A knock at your door eventually pulled you out of your daydream, revealing the hyped forms of Jungkook and Jimin as they immediately ran past you and shook Dia awake.
“Fuck off!” she whined, words mumbled and barely understandable as she pulled the blanket over her face again. You watched the little scene unfold before you as you found your spot at the window again. You tried to feel sorry for Dia as they shook her further, trying to make her sit up - but the way they cooed at her, pinching her cheeks and making her laugh, flooded serotonin through you, too.
And soon, they were all singing a song you’d loved as a child, their bodies jumping on her bed and dancing the choreo that you’d so often moved to by yourself when nobody was looking.
When they pointed at you, you laughed; when they forgot the lyrics, you yelled out the correct line; and when they looked at you in shock, the little turtle coming out of her shell, they pulled you into the dance circle, urging you to show them the steps they didn’t know.
No matter how embarrassing all of this felt - especially with exactly those people you’d admired for their confidence years ago -, you had to admit that something about this harmless situation in your hotel room felt like a journey within itself.
Tumblr media
Jay had told you that the first day was supposed to help you navigate and get used to the place. In that sense, you were free to stroll around the small town the way down the road, buy souvenirs if you wanted to and try food you might not have gotten the chance to taste in the city you’d left behind.
As you ate the last bite of your dessert, sitting on a bench in front of a little church, you soon realised that the chaos surrounding you was being caused by a glorious wedding that occurred inside. And soon, you saw the bride and groom walk out, radiant smiles on their faces and arms lifting as they looked into each other’s eyes - almost as if nothing else existed around them.
Perhaps you would’ve been able to enjoy the scene more if Jungkook’s voice hadn’t broken through the silence you’d agreed on while eating, stating, “Poor couple. Both are going to jail.”
“Right?” Jimin agreed quietly, all four of you looking into the direction of the newly wed couple who flashed you a grin as they walked by. “Do you think I could go and convince her to spend a night with me instead?”
“Gross!” Dia exclaimed, hitting his shoulder with the magazine in her hand as she continued, “She just got married, for fuck’s sake. Stop being such a pervert.”
Jungkook laughed, patting her shoulder before he said, “But isn’t he right? Why would anyone want to get married? I’m telling you, these two will attack each other’s throats in less than a year - she’ll bitch about everything he does and he’ll give her less attention than she deserves. And then-”
“You know you’re generalising things, right? Not all marriages are like that,” Dia interrupted, certainly having none of the philosophies he held onto so tightly.
He only shrugged his shoulders, though, smacking his lips. “Mmh, maybe. I don’t know shit about real love. But I mean, look…”
Jumping from the bench, he pulled you up as well, beginning to walk towards the bus station as dusk broke in slowly. “It’s not just love, though. Imagine you do fall for someone - could you eat the same thing over and over again? Like… could you eat porridge every day?”
Jimin laughed, kicking away a stone as he nodded in agreement. Jungkook pointed a finger gun at his friend, eternally thankful for his support; but all you and Dia could do was sigh, tempted to end his speech but curious about his next statements anyway.
“And I feel,” Jungkook continued, a palm settling on his chest, “like I need pizza in my life. Lasagna, Chinese food, naan and chicken curry… schnitzel! Switch a little… internationally even, if you will.”
He winked at you then, and you soon realised that he might not have been talking about food only - especially considering the memory of him practically throwing himself at Youra in the train.
“So you just want to hop from one girl to another all your life?” you asked with raised eyebrows, shielding your eyes from the sun as you saw the bus station near.
“These two are disgusting like that,” Dia remarked, arms folding in front of her chest as she regarded the men with something that nearly looked like hurt.
Again, Jimin and Jungkook fell into laughter, happy and enthusiastic as ever as the younger man continued your conversation, “Or! You just marry multiple girls. But I won’t do that either since I really don’t want to settle for marriage.”
“Okay,” you challenged, “and if you want children?”
Now, his chuckle was accompanied by the rubbing of his hands, face coming dangerously close to yours as he whispered quietly enough for only you to hear, “Who needs marriage for that, baby? Let’s disappear behind the bus station and I’ll give you as many you wa-”
You pushed him away, face twisting in frustration before you sprinted the short way to the waiting bench. Something about you storming off like this - innocent movements of your hips and balled fists - made you more interesting than you already were. You didn’t fall for his cheap pick up lines; didn’t let his stupid attitude sway you off your feet.
And somehow, Jungkook kind of adored that about you.
Tumblr media
They say time always passes by fast when you’re enjoying yourself - and they were damn right about it. Suddenly, you found yourself on the hiking trail, having been split into two teams which Jimin and Jungkook’s overzealous selves had become captains for - both claiming they were eager to bring their group to the camping site first.
It was safe to say that both of them had volunteered to gather the pretty girls in their teams, mind focused on flirting instead of winning. And speaking of - in some sense, Jungkook’s distraction seemed ideal to you, his gaze being fixed on Youra allowing you to easily tackle the challenge of reaching the destination first.
Jay had clearly told you that the defeated team would cook dinner and pitch the tents tonight. Jungkook didn’t seem to care; something that spurred you on to win even further, somehow glad that you’d landed in Jimin’s team.
From afar, you saw Jungkook blow onto a wound Youra had apparently suffered, her head thrown back with a pout to soak in the sun as she acted as if she was in immense pain. Jungkook stared at her with a smug fuckboy smile, trying his hardest to get into her pants while everyone around him strutted forward to a win he wouldn’t get.
But then, you suddenly watched her crane her neck into your direction for a split moment before she turned back to him. It seemed like she’d told him something she’d wanted to share, because now, both of them were staring at you, causing your eyes to open wide before you increased your speed.
You were definitely a good piece ahead of him - but stepping onto a free field, the flag of the campsite waving in the distance, you wondered how he’d suddenly managed to catch up this soon. Some members of Jimin’s as well as of Jungkook’s team were hot on your trail, but while your energy barely faltered, Jungkook was already panting next to you.
“Hey, can you just hold for a moment?” he asked, the stretched hand attempting to grip your shoulder but failing to do so.
“Come on, please. You were already the best at every exam, can’t you grant me this one victory?”
You pressed your lips together, looking at him for a second before you repeated, “No. Because apparently you’re not here to climb the mountain but girls.”
He laughed shakily, breathing stagnating as he informed you, “That’s called flirting. You should try that, too! It’s good for your health.”
“Is it now?” you mocked, head shaking at his attempts to stop you in your tracks.
Your eyes were fixed on the greenery in front of you, breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth. Everything indicated that you were the better hiker here, and you weren’t going to give in to whatever Jungkook was going to demand of you.
Or so you thought.
Because when he begged you to stop again, throwing in a please and come on, you turned around with a grunt, glaring at him as he gestured towards a rock for you to sit down. He kneeled in front of you, looking up at your disgruntled face with a bunny smile gracing his features.
“You’re right,” he admitted, steadying his breath as he pointed behind him with a thumb, “Youra is easy to convince and seems to like my cheap lines. Not the pickiest. But it’s not like I can flirt with girls like you, right?”
The sting in your heart hurt just a bit more than you wanted to, expression falling as you asked, “Girls like me? What’s that supposed to mean?”
You were ready to hear him confirm your biggest fears: that you were still the boring, studious, little girl from high school he’d somewhat known, blocking all fun and adventure for more than two decades.
But instead, his eyes turned a little dreamy, moving from your eyes to your lips and back. You were serving as his shadow, but even without the bright sunlight, you could see his pupils sparkle.
“I just mean…” He silenced for a second, taking in your pretty face, your moles, your skin, the crease between your eyebrows. “You’re not a casual flirt but for eternity... and so much harder to figure out.”
And then, he leaned closer, your heart already beating at a record breaking speed as you gulped visibly. He raised an eyebrow, clicking his tongue once as he added, “And love, eternity? Isn’t good for my health.”
With that, he patted your knees gently before standing, starting to move towards the flag. You registered too late that you were supposed to defeat him, your mind still whirring and repeating his words before you got to your feet abruptly.
It was a failed attempt if you’d ever seen one: because as soon as you took one step forward, you fell to your knees again, the laces of your boots intertwined by his hands god knew when. You let out an annoyed cry, ripping off some grass under your palms as you yelled at his distancing figure, “I will tell Jay about this, Jungkook!”
He turned around, tongue darting out to lick his lips, blond hair flying in the wind wildly as he shouted back, “This isn’t school, Y/N! Deal with the loss.”
Doe eyes had tricked you into drifting off, and now, your mind already began cooking up ideas on how to tackle the problem of pitching up a tent.
Tumblr media
It turned out that helping with the tents wasn’t the worst thing you’d experience that day. While instructions on this task were clear and allowed you to shift your attention to dinner faster than you’d thought, distributing food was absolute hell.
You’d been proud of the idea of providing the group with instant rice and veggies, thinking this might help them gain their energy back, but you’d forgotten that everyone here was trying to escape daily life. Because trips were there to enjoy yourself, they said; to eat unhealthy food and shove instant noodles down your throat - not something as basic as rice and some carrots.
You stared down at your pot, still filled to the brim while everything your other team members had come up with was already out and had already been eaten. Even if it was something as simple as ham and cheese sandwiches.
“I even seasoned it,” you told Dia as she stood beside you, eating her own portion while waiting for someone to ask for a second serving. “Is rice that bad?”
“Ah, don’t worry about it, honey,” she assured and leaned forward to shovel a gracious amount of your cooking onto her paper plate. “They’re entitled. If they knew how it is to starve, they’d attack you like hungry lions.”
You scrunched your nose, offended and sad before you smiled at the way Dia’s eyes widened at the taste of your food. She hummed in satisfaction, nodding with one thumb up. You tried one last time: with your fingers carrying the pot carefully, you went through the group in a circle, offering and hoping someone would finish what you’d so proudly cooked.
And no one did - except the exact same person who’d complained about boring meals just a day ago. Pausing his conversation with Youra, he looked into your pot fascinated, letting out an “Ohhhh” as if he’d never seen a meal this alluring. You were even more surprised when he emptied half of the pot, either eager to make you feel better or actually still hungrier than everyone around you combined.
“I’m happy we’re not in the hotel room anymore,” he then exclaimed loud enough for the whole campsite to hear. “The howling of the owls or whatever might actually overshadow Jimin’s snoring today.”
“Hey! I do not snore.”
Jimin was a sight to see. Wrapped in a blanket with tea in his hand, he might’ve looked sweet and childlike, but the fact that he was cuddled in the softness with one of Youra’s friends, changed the situation entirely.
But the words they exchanged weren’t the only reason for this shift in the atmosphere. Because when you went to your table again, eyes settling on Dia carefully, you noticed the furrowed eyebrows, unsteady breathing and disgusted gaze she was throwing at him. The pain in her stare was palpable enough for you to realise what it meant - and you hated that no one else seemed to understand, least of all Jimin.
“So what if I can’t sleep because you keep snoring tonight?” the girl asked him, head tilting and eyelashes batting in faux innocence.
“I mean, why don’t we test that tonight?” he suggested, pulling her a little closer to him. “Come visit me and tell me if I did in the morning.”
And with that, you looked at Dia again, making her snap out of her trance as her forlorn eyes met your worried ones. She gave you a soft, small smile that couldn’t even have deceived you if you hadn’t observed what had gone down just now. Throwing the napkin from her hand onto the table, she stepped away from the public eye and began the small walk to your tent.
You didn’t know what love felt like. The little flings and relationships you’d ever had were nothing that ever came close to this feeling - but you still understood that she needed you. A hand to hold, someone to silently show her everything would be okay.
With that in mind, you entered the tent and put your arms around her; and she let you hold her. For seemingly endless minutes, you sat on the sleeping bag, letting her cry and her feelings flow freely as you kept praying to whatever deity that she'd find peace in love at least some day.
Tumblr media
Your focus broke when you heard steps outside your tent, very close to where you were sitting late at night. Instinctively, you brought your flashlight up to blind the lurking creature, only to see once again that it was always Jungkook you crossed ways with.
He cursed under his breath, leather jacket sitting firmly around his shoulder as he stepped closer. “What the fuck? Y/N, didn’t you know one should never seek danger like that? What are you even doi-”
His eyes wandered to your lap in disbelief, and you averted his gaze to avoid seeing the way he scoffed at you with a shaking head. “Seriously? You’re… reading. What, studying?”
Your tongue played with the inside of your cheek as he hovered above you. He leaned down to grab the heavy book from you, eliciting a gasp out of you as he read a few of the medical terms you’d highlighted. And when you stood and pleaded to give it back, he raised an eyebrow, hiding the book behind his back.
“I came here to grab something and I’m going back to the little bonfire over there,” he told you, pointing to a spot that you could see glow from the distance, “come with me.”
You bit your lip, unsure what to answer before you shook your head. “No. You go ahead. It’s not for me.”
“What do you mean it’s not for you? We’re just having fun there, Y/N.”
“I’m not interested.”
He observed your expressions for a moment, seeing your pupils shake at your words before he understood and stated, “You’re lying. You’re dying to go to the bonfire, aren’t you?”
You said nothing as you licked your lips, looking away in annoyance and shrugging your shoulders with folded arms.
“What’s the problem then?” he asked, trying to meet your eyes carefully, “Come and make some friends, you-”
He took your hand to drag you to the party with him, but you refused instantly, pulling him back. Insecurity bubbled in your stomach as you remembered the years when you’d been younger, all the negativity rushing back as you complained, “I can’t do these things! Bunny, you don’t remember how I was in school. You were the one going around, making fun of teachers and finding new friends every day. Everyone was head over heels for your tiny group - it’s easy for you.”
Jungkook silenced for a moment, looking at you with something that resembled empathy as he waited for you to continue. And you did, because you were surely not done yet.
“I always sat in a damn corner and read a book, because no one cared to talk to me. They’d call me four-eyes as if it was a sin to wear glasses,” you confessed. Feelings that had come to the surface since the train ride and tonight’s dinner now sat on your tongue, and suddenly, you didn’t feel scared to speak them anymore.
You felt tears brim in your eyes when he squeezed your hand, making your voice just a little calmer as you said, “I’m just… not the cool, chill girl like you’re used to. I’m not all that.”
For some reason unknown to you, Jungkook smirked at your words as his free hand brushed through his light hair. He stepped a little closer, looked deeply into your eyes as he shook his head with a smack of his lips.
Then, he asked, “Who told you you’re not cool?”
You didn’t answer, only watched his soft eyes melt and gleam imminently even without much light. When you said nothing, he added, “Y/N, you always passed with the highest grades. Came here on a trip with over twenty strangers despite saying you can’t make friends. Do you know that something like that needs some serious guts?”
He scoffed, holding your hand tightly as he laced his words in genuinity. And you could only stare and listen. “You know the lyrics to every song. If I wasn’t a cheater, you could defeat me in every race to any flag or destination. You’re like the main character of a story, Y/N. What’s cooler than that?”
As your breathing stagnated, your view became blurry, too. You didn’t ever think it would be Jungkook who’d stand right in front of you, assuring you of things that no one had ever managed to do - not even your parents. The tone of his voice and calmness in his words soothed something in you and you didn’t want the peace to vanish just yet.
And as if he’d read your mind, he continued, “Stop dwelling on bad things and start loving yourself instead. You’re amazing the way you are.” He tucked your hair behind your ears, winking at you before he laughed and added, “But! There’s one thing I don’t like about you.”
You raised your eyebrows, mind already racing as you thought back to what you might have done wrong the last few days. “Huh?”
“You seriously don’t smile enough,” he told you, chuckling and slowly but eventually making your lips twitch upward too. “See! Telling you, if I had a heart, I would’ve long fallen for this smile. It’s fucking dangerous.”
You laughed when he did, finally giving in to his pleas to accompany him. You let him drag you to the bonfire; let him place you right next to him, attention gifted to only you tonight instead of Youra or anyone else.
Something about the cold of the night, the fresh wind, his palm on the back of your hand and him feeding you marshmallows felt like an entirely new life. You don’t think you’d ever laughed as much as you had tonight and the following days, about everything and anything.
Soon, your hiking feet met snow, a beautiful, untouched white of nature that you admired with each step you took. Jungkook would always eat your food without fail; tell you jokes, behave like a friend, tease you about the littlest things. The snowball fights flooded more serotonin through your body than any good grade ever had, making you roll around before landing right next to him and forming angels on the ground.
With each second that passed, you wondered how anything before this trip had been real. How life had been a vast nothing; a distant illusion that you were reluctant to go back to as soon as all of this was over.
But when you reached your goal, the peak of the mountain hill you were climbing, you questioned if it was your old life that had been the dream you’d dreamed or everything that was happening now.
“Come here!” he called you as he posed for a picture, one arm wrapped around Dia’s shoulder and one around you as you approached. “Look into the camera.”
Dia was glowing, incredibly happy that you and her had been the first one to touch the flag, finally winning the whole game fairly. But for you, the victory meant nearly nothing; for you, the camera didn’t capture a moment of win or loss, but a friendship that had bloomed between you and the three people who were screaming around you from the top of their lungs.
And if all of this experience was indeed a dream, you chose to stay just a little longer.
Tumblr media
Jay’s voice silenced the pleasant chatter as the last hikers arrived. He rubbed his hands, always wearing the same, friendly smile on his face as he said, “Last night approaching before we start hiking down again. Now you’ve seen the peak, the end of the trail and discovered your own limits! So for the rest of the evening, you may relax and do whatever you want.”
A cheer chimed through the crowd and faded into the wide fields of snow, your own heart jumping at the idea of walking down with your friends again. But the conversation wasn’t done yet - because when the laughter and applause died down, an unexpected question arised for Jay.
“Hey, what’s up there?” Jungkook asked, leaning against a tree as he pointed to another red flag on the peak of a smaller hill.
Everyone’s gazes turned to said spot before they shifted their attention back to your leader. Something about his body language seemed off the moment everyone tilted their heads in question, waiting for him to explain expectantly.
“Um, the place you’re pointing at is called the Haunted Summit.”
“Let’s go there then, can we?” Jungkook suggested, fingers playing with the digital camera in his hands, “I bet the view is amazing.”
Jay blew air through the nose before he looked down, teeth worrying his lips. He shuffled some snow with his feet and waited for a moment; then, he lifted his head again, intertwining the fingers of his hands.
“It’s called haunted for a reason. Does anyone know the story of that place?”
A collective murmur went through the group, shakes of heads urging Jay to continue, “Well, according to legends, there used to be a little place of worship. Something like a temple of some sorts. It’s said that a man devoted his life to the gods and goddesses, walking up there every single morning without fail. But then…”
He paused - probably for dramatic effects, you thought - before he took a deep breath and said, “Then he decided to stay there permanently. To pray all day and night, surviving without food or proper clothing before people ultimately found him dead up there.”
You heard someone gasp loudly, making everyone flinch except Jungkook who merely remarked, “Well, of course he’d die. Nutrition, sleep and warmth are essential.”
“You’re right, but that’s not all there is,” Jay then said, a finger wiggling in Jungkook’s direction, “apparently, this man had a daughter whose face was scarred beyond repair, and she wouldn’t find a groom, no matter how hard she tried. And in that sense, her father prayed for her to recover, find a man and settle down with a family. Now, legends say that a few days after they found his body, his daughter woke up with clean skin - and suddenly, everyone started turning their heads in her direction. She got married not long after.”
“People were so superficial back then,” Dia complained, shifting from one leg to another as she side-eyed Jimin in judgement, “some still are.”
You noticed the gaze she threw at him immediately, apparently the only one feeling the tension - but before she could say anything more, you chimed in and inquired, “Okay, but that doesn’t explain why we can’t go up there, though?”
Quiet agreement followed your words, but Jay was quick to provide an explanation. “It’s said that the ghost of the man still lingers there. Like a wandering soul who forbids strangers to pray where he did. His wish is supposed to be unique and all, and while many have tried to go up there and pray for their own happiness, they apparently haven’t ever returned. Hence, the Haunted Summit.”
And then, everyone went quiet, heavy breathing clearly audible and the atmosphere changing within seconds. A little proud smirk crept up Jay’s face, eyebrows raising as he popped the question that silenced everyone around you further.
“And? Still wanna go?”
Tumblr media
The mountains were different at night. Without a party, bonfire or the usual tumult, the forest seemed scary and the shadow of the peak daunting. And while courage still flooded adrenaline through your body, you were sure that you would’ve returned to your tent if animals of the night hadn’t demolished the silence that usually lingered over Ringrey Rise at late hours.
As you took quiet steps through the snow, eagle eyes trying to detect any movement, the snapping of a branch under your feet grasped your attention. Which would’ve probably scared you for only a moment before you’d moved on - but the second gasp that you heard only a few inches away was surely one of another presence, one that had you turn your head around in fear.
But when the voice broke through the night, whispers calling your name, you exhaled deeply, questioning how you hadn’t already anticipated that Jungkook would be a fellow reckless soul as well. Apparently, he’d had the same idea as you, because when he came into sight, he was carrying his rucksack - an obvious hint for not a mere walk around the tents but a bigger, more significant adventure.
“Aren’t you scared of ghosts?” he asked quietly, his face barely visible until he stepped into the ray of the flashlight. “I didn’t think you’d be this brave!”
You clicked your tongue, turning away from him as you told him, “There’s no such thing as ghosts, Jungkook. I’m fine. You’re the one trembling.”
You were only teasing him, of course - but he seemed to run past your sarcasm anyway, catching up to you with a shake of his head. “I’m not scared of anything. Even if there are ghosts, I will fight them with my own fists.”
“What if they’re transparent?”
“Then,” he said, jogging every now and then to keep up with your fast steps, “I’ll beg for them to let you go and keep me instead. Need to make sacrifices for gorgeous girls like you.”
You scrunched your nose in disgust, shoving him lightly as you distanced yourselves from the camp further and further. “Gross. I’m not Youra, Bunny.”
“Nah, you’re right. I don’t care about her, but I care about you.”
“Shut the fuck up.”
But despite your curses, you laughed, the banter going on for the rest of the hike until you found yourself under a canopy of trees, darkness advancing further. Jungkook was always a step behind, growing tired and gulping down his water every now and then while your energy remained steadfast, steps trodding forward with confidence.
At first, you waited for him to speak, wondering if he’d give up and ask you to rest for just a little while. But he never did, showing you a thumbs up whenever you halted to wait for him to catch up, fists on your hips and head tilted in amusement.
Jungkook might’ve acted tough on other occasions, but hiking surely wasn’t his type of sport. And at some point, you had enough, growing sick of his neverending panting behind you as you offered, “Let’s take a break.”
“I’m fine, Y/N… I… swear!” He was really trying to convince you with a hand on his chest, sweat glistening lightly on his temples as he nodded towards the general direction of the haunted spot.
When he tried to move again, you held him back with a hand on his bicep, grimacing before you said, “No, it’s me. I’m tired, I really need a break.”
“Oh,” he made, head moving to scrutinise his surroundings before he pointed at a flat, big trunk of a tree. “We’ll take one for you then.”
You nodded eagerly as both of you took a seat side by side, his body immediately falling forward and head hanging low as he caught his breath. Something about him was endearing - the way his lips pouted, blond hair falling around his face and eyes blinking slowly. For a moment, you let him breathe, waited for him to talk or suggest to keep going.
But instead of speaking, he sat up straight, a hand disappearing under his thin jacket before he suddenly pulled out a glowing flask. You let out a surprised gasp, a laugh following when you saw him drink and twist his face slightly. He turned to you, bringing the flask to your lips as he asked, “Want some? Good for the soul.”
You blew air through the nose, contemplating on declining the invite to his drinking party for a second before you snatched the alcohol from him. You took two sips only, but the liquid burned down your throat with an overwhelming intensity - one that you responded to with a semi-loud, “Woah!”
Jungkook sported the bunny smile you’d grown fond of the last few days, nodding with you and praising you for stepping out of your comfort zone. “Attagirl!”
“How gross is that shit,” you told him, throwing your head back and inhaling the crisp air of the chilly night. “Don’t tell anyone that I drank.”
You were joking, of course, but Jungkook scoffed anyway, nudging your sides with his elbow. “Why? To keep your good girl image? I bet you’re a beast behind that innocent smile.”
“Excuse me,” you answered, batting your eyelashes accompanied by a childlike pout, “I can’t even spell b-e-a-s-”
“Shut up.” The laughter never ended, every drop of the whiskey seeping through you and loosening any remaining awkwardness between him and you. After a while, he admitted, “I drink on every trip. Kinda gives me an additional kick when I’m trying to enjoy stuff.”
“You know you can enjoy travels without alcohol, too.”
He mumbled something you couldn’t understand, and you only responded with a smile before you asked, “You travel a lot, don’t you?”
“Not as much as I’d like. But I really want to someday,” he answered with a nod, hands closing the flask and beginning to fiddle with the content in his bag instead, “I’ll show you something.”
You watched his movements intently, blinking in question when a big book came into view. It had the Eiffel Tower on its cover, some quotes in French and other languages scattered across the page. You leaned closer, asking what that was before he started to explain, “My very own travel book. Here…”
He opened a random page, a printed picture of pyramids at the top with a small bucket list underneath. Placing half of the book on his and the other half on your knee, he flipped through a few pages, explaining, “It’s sort of a list I made for myself. Places I want to see and countries I want to travel to. I want to take pictures of the sights but also of all the dirty alleys and spots they don’t show in travel brochures. You know. See life outside my house.”
As he showed you the pictures, you realised that Jungkook was a bigger dreamer than you’d ever expected him to be. He had his head in the clouds, wanting things you’d never really given a proper thought to - always satisfied with living a boring life in your boring house.
But Jungkook wanted more than just to accept a mundane routine. For him, life was an opportunity, days he wanted to seize before he was too old to live by the carpe diem agenda anymore. But still, you wondered.
“You know that seeing all these places will take you decades, right?” you asked, turning back a page to take in the beauty of Japanese temples.
He, however, only shrugged. “So what?”
“I just mean,” you started, licking your lips and drifting closer just a bit, “are you serious when you say you never want to settle down? You could do all these things with a partner, too.”
You weren’t any less of a dreamer, though. While his thoughts floated somewhere in the sky, wanting nothing more than freedom and restlessness, your mind was on the ground, wishing for peace in your own home with someone you could rely on day and night.
Different dreams - but dreams nonetheless.
“These are things you might not understand, Y/N,” he said quietly, sighing into the forest air before he continued, “Settling down feels like a stop. Like I’m halting and refusing to move.” He laughed a little, shaking his head as he added, “I didn’t even ever tell Dia or Jimin about this. Why you?”
You shrugged slowly and he silenced for a second, thinking about his next words and how to phrase them. His mouth always fell open when he was thinking, eyes drifting away and staring at a random spot instead.
And then, he explained, “Your young years are here for reckless shit. Life is crazy and you never know when it’ll stop, you know? I just want to enjoy whatever’s left of my days to the fullest. I want to fly… to run… run too fast and fall and get hurt but stand up again. I don’t want to stop… you know?”
And although you lived your life differently, his words made sense - hit a spot somewhere deep within you that you’d never known until now. But right in this moment, it bloomed to its full form, intense and vibrant and so, so freeing.
Maybe he was right. Even if you were to get married someday and seek a quiet life, it didn’t mean you couldn’t fly, run, fall and stand up. You didn’t have to stop.
You wanted to say something - anything. He had smiled at you and indulged in his book again - but you were just staring again, nothing in your view as much in focus as Jungkook.
It was only until you heard branches crack and leaves rustle that you snapped out of your daze, flinching at the same time Jungkook did as your eyes looked for something in the darkness that didn’t belong here.
“These are the ghosts,” he joked, trying to find the source of the disturbance as he felt you lean closer, almost burying your face in his shoulder. “I thought you didn't believe in them.”
“No, but,” you whispered, every word growing quieter, “what if it’s something else?”
And something else it was.
When the little doe walked out of the thicket and stared at you with gentle eyes, your breathing calmed down, chest heaving and hands you didn’t know had settled around Jungkook’s arm loosening. As fast as the doe had come, it had run away again, thin legs carrying it away from you as both of you smiled into the direction of the moonlight.
“It had the same gaze as you do,” you mumbled quietly, your smile never fading as you looked into his very own doe eyes.
“You know…” He gulped, lips pressing together and giving way to the little mole under his mouth. “I was going to say the exact same thing. The same glitter in its pupils as in yours.”
Intoxication. Not from the alcohol but from him.
This is what you felt as he stared at you, eyes flashing from one spot on your face to another. Jungkook was intoxicating in every sense and every adventure with him was new, igniting new fires inside you in the cold of the mountain so late at night.
And in return, you gave him a feeling of home, warm and cozy and breathtakingly beautiful. In your presence, he almost thought he wanted things he’d never craved before. Your enthusiasm and determination were always so strong that he felt drawn to not just your appearance but to you in your whole entirety.
“Hey, Y/N.”
You raised your eyebrows in question, registering his movement before you looked down to his open palm. With another sweet smile, you let his warmth engulf your hand, standing to let him lead you wherever he was going, eager to see the world from his eyes.
There were no ghosts tonight. Only you and Jungkook walking up the mountain hand in hand for hours, barely getting tired anymore as dawn suddenly broke in and you found yourself with the red flag waving in front of you.
There, he released your palm, flashing you a grin before he placed his hands around his mouth and shouted into the world. You watched the clouds float by, the smooth snow on the lands lie below you, steep hills and the sun shining onto your hair.
The world was vast, wide, endless nature stretching for miles and his voice echoing and fading into nothing. No words, no names, nothing - just senseless vocals and consonants tiring his lungs and voice with the biggest smile you’d ever seen; and soon, you joined in the incoherent yelling.
You were acting like there was no tomorrow, reckless idiots at a cliff - but for you, this scene meant more than just being young and stupid. Because as happiness flooded your body in giant waves, your heart was yelling, too - but it was only his name.
Jungkook. Jungkook. And Jungkook again.
Tumblr media
The hike down had been easier than the climb up to the top.
Now that the main part of the trip was done, you noticed the ache in your legs, wanting nothing more than to relax in your hotel and sleep for two days straight. But the excitement that still flooded you kept you from doing anything like that; and in that sense, you were curious as to what the schedule mentioned for the last day.
And when you peeked at it again, you remembered the event, the hotel room suddenly seeming like an ideal alternative tonight. With the book you’d brought, a pool party seemed redundant, all the alcohol and kissing bodies already too much for you to bear as you walked around the resort with idle steps.
It wasn’t until you found your three friends and grew too sensitive to the sound that you gave in, sniffing at the shots Dia handed you before downing them in one go. You weren’t one to drink very often, the bitter taste burning in your throat and lungs too intense for you. But tonight, you figured you had to let go, because what had Jungkook said again?
Your young years are here for reckless shit.
And you had to admit: after three or four drinks, you didn’t feel the discomfort too prominently anymore. Your head started to spin sooner than you’d expected, cheers erupting from your lungs and the sound of splashing water so pleasant that you forgot the bad music for a moment and dipped head first into the pool instead.
“Y/N,” you heard Jungkook’s voice call after a while, golden torso dipped in the blue light of the pool floor and water dripping from his light, swept-back hair. You let out a sigh at the sight, taking in the beautiful body with the even more beautiful face, worries written all over his features. “Don’t drink too much, please. Just don’t listen to these dorks anyway.”
The two dorks were throwing each other around in the water behind him, coming to the surface breathlessly before repeating everything again. You were somewhat glad that Jimin was giving Dia the attention she so much desired, but on the other hand, you wished he wouldn’t get her hopes up, only to do something reckless again.
“Bunny, baby,” you said, the man in front of you flinching at the sweet name you’d chosen before you stepped closer, swaying dangerously. “Don’t worry about me tonight. I’ll be fine.”
Despite the sentiment you two had shared in the night in the forest, you’d grown cautious, the feelings that advanced for him with each moment scaring the hell out of you. While you wanted nothing more than to hold his hand again, you tried to back away, considering all the freedom he valued and all the girls that ghosted around him...
And as if on cue, Youra appeared at his side, hooking her arm in his as her curves danced to the music and tits bounced with her movements. You rolled your eyes, stepping away a little; too hazy to notice that Jungkook’s stare didn’t leave you for a moment, even when Youra urged him to follow her wherever she was going to lead him.
“See, you’re busy anyway, mister Jeon.”
“No, wait-” he exclaimed, reaching out for your arm, but you were already swimming away, your drunk self a little less sick of this girl but somewhat annoyed nevertheless.
Where you were standing, the water only reached your breasts, and in order to clear your head, you let your body sink into the cold water as long as your breath allowed. The moment every noise vanished, you felt somewhat at peace; nothing could disrupt it as your body floated under water - not even the few bumps of fellow drunk travellers who tried to get past you blindly.
And when you resurfaced, Jungkook was gone, dancing with Youra somewhere at the other end of the pool as she grinded into him with her back pressed against his chest. The view was painful in some way - the sting in your heart made you realise that sooner than you’d liked.
But something in Jungkook’s eyes - the lifelessness, the boredom, the carelessness - and his ghost touch on her arms told you that he was enjoying this just as much - or less - as you.
Something about the way his gaze stuttered and landed on you for a moment, gave you satisfaction that you couldn’t explain at the moment. But it was enough for you to smirk at him, turn your back and step out of the pool elegantly, hand grabbing your shirt from your folding chair and hips sashaying from left to right and back in a way your drunk self was sure he must’ve been fond of.
You didn’t stop walking until the music quieted down, approaching the fountain that stood right in front of the hotel building, its water glowing in a soft purple light. The edges were wide enough for you to lay your body onto the cold marble, goosebumps covering your skin in an instant as you closed your eyes for a few minutes.
First, you needed the world to stop spinning. And when it did, your eyelids opened slowly, the sky still a little blurry before the stars became clearer, twinkling and fading alternatively but never losing their beauty. You were sure minutes had turned into an hour - your intoxicated state was already drifting off.
You let out a deep exhale, taking in the vast cloudless nothing above you until you smiled when a thought crossed your mind. The sparkle looked like his eyes - big, dark eyes glittering, full of joy, life and care. Despite every stupid thing he ever said, it felt like Jungkook was the night sky that you were gazing at - becoming prettier and more refreshing with each time you thought about it in depth.
You were sure you would’ve found more similarities between the universe and him; affection rooted so deep inside you that every cheesy line seemed to infiltrate your brain as soon as it wandered to his existence. But instead of basking in the serenity, his voice disrupted your peace, a loud and clear call of your name making you shriek and fall into the low fountain sideways.
Drowning felt different from floating in the pool water, and when you broke the surface with squinted eyes and uncontrolled coughs, you heard his gentle voice chuckle.
“I’m sorry,” he said through the laughter, hands gripping yours as you opened your eyes slowly. Your oversized shirt stuck to your skin uncomfortably and you shook your head as you stepped out with his help, desperately trying to throw the wet hair out of your face.
“Wait, let me,” you heard him say, his fingers brushing through your hair and combing it back; the rest that wouldn’t oblige, neatly being tucked behind your ears. “Sorry. Are you okay?”
Now that the shock of temporarily getting knocked out of breath was ebbing down, you found yourself giggling with him, the giddiness of the alcohol still slightly lingering as you came closer to him. He raised an eyebrow when your lips were only inches away, your stare piercing through him until he asked, “What?”
You bit your lip and his eyes followed your movement, a finger coming to point at his face. “Your eyes really do look like the sky with its stars.”
And with that, Jungkook laughed again, pupils proving what you’d just said to be true and small dimples appearing on his cheeks. “You’re drunk,” he declared, taking your hand in his before he began to move.
“So are you.”
“I am. But not as much as you.”
“I’m not that drunk either. I’m sobering up.” You smirked at his back, damp hair strands falling over his head as he pulled you into the hotel. Blinking at him, you let your feet carry you wherever he was taking you - and yet, you felt the need to ask, “Where are we going?”
“To my room,” he answered, looking back at you with a smile, “Jimin isn’t there yet. Says he might not come back tonight. And I need you to sober up a little more.”
You couldn’t say that Jungkook was entirely in his right mind - even his steps became irregular sometimes, shoulder once bumping into the wall as he directed you to his room. But his speech was coherent, so you guessed he was able enough to take care of you just for tonight.
A few moments later, you were sitting at the edge of his bed, starting to feel strange but not letting your stomach irritate you too much. Jungkook had vanished into the bathroom, water running and other sounds occurring that you couldn’t assign to a specific object.
He came out with a big, fresh towel, his still half naked form stepping in front of you as he ordered, “Take off your shirt.”
You covered your chest with your arms, shifting backwards on the bed as he eyed your dramatic state with a roll of his eyes. He shook his head in annoyance, leaning down to you as he said, “You’ll freeze in this. Take your shirt off and wrap the towel around you. Or the blanket, whichever you prefer.”
His other hand carried a glass of water and a few crackers, and he placed them on the bedside table before he said, “And eat that.”
You were hungry anyway - so it was easy to oblige. You ate however much you could handle, gulping down the water before asking for more twice. While he gave in to your request, you did as he’d told you, towel covering your torso and shirt thrown on the floor next to the bed.
You didn’t know how you’d landed here. Just yesterday you’d been talking about ghost stories and travel plans - and now, suddenly, you were on his bed, watching him sit down in front of you with your skin largely visible.
“How do you feel?” you asked him as he laid down on the bed horizontally, limbs stretching and abs hardening. It was hard not to look at the hotness he emanated, but you tried to be as respectful as you could nevertheless.
“How do you feel?”
“I’m okay. A little better,” you said, shrugging, still a bit too drunk to trust yourself with anything, but at least the loud thumping of the music had stopped in your brain.
He hummed, a hand coming up to settle behind his head - and again, his bicep flexed in the most enticing way, your insides turning as you felt yourself grow needier in his presence. You wondered how he’d react if you leaned down right now and kissed him, trailing down his body with your fingertips until he told you he wanted more.
But you snapped out of your fantasy fast, swallowing the knot in your throat as you asked, “So what happens after this trip?”
His body stiffened a little - almost as if he’d remembered something. In his mind, an answer floated obviously, and for a moment, he contemplated whether this was the time to tell you what would happen when all of this was over. But in this moment, with your lips turned upwards and head resting on your bent knee, he couldn’t bring himself to spill his secret.
Not yet.
“Living life as it comes,” he told you instead, drawing invisible forms in the air with a squinted eye, trying hard to not look at you for too long. You were blinding him too much.
You stayed silent for a moment - and at some point, he thought you’d fallen asleep sitting up. But then, you sighed, legs stretching and settling on his, both your limbs forming a cross as you admitted, “You know… I wish I could live like you.”
“Hm?” he made, head turning to you and heart falling when he noticed the little pout in your face.
“I just… want to… not think about medical terms for once? Keep the books away, go out, drink, meet people… do what I’m doing right now as often as I want,” you rambled, voice growing quieter and head becoming clearer as time passed. “You walk around without any care and do whatever you want to do. And you’re happy. I want to be just that, too.”
“Do you feel caged?” he then asked, sitting up slowly and pulling you closer by your legs. You tried to concentrate on your breathing and your words - not on the way he lifted your chin with his finger, looking at you with so much softness and care that for a second, you believed he felt the same way you did.
He brushed your hair from your face again, his mouth far enough from you but seemingly inviting you closer with every passing second. You nodded, the same constriction filling your chest that always overcame you when you thought of the years that were still to come; full of studies, exams and exhaustion.
“Youth is crazy,” you whispered, smacking your lips, “I want to be crazy as long as I’m young. And not married.”
“And you can be,” he assured, nodding a little, eyes fixed on the towel that was slowly falling off your right shoulder. “Life isn’t just about marriage.”
You laughed lightly, gaze shifting from his chest to his lips and then to the galaxy in his irises. “But on a side note, marriage really isn’t that bad of a thought.”
He slapped your knee gently, eyebrows raising as he argued, “But it is! Y/N, this whole thing is just a new form of being caged. You have responsibilities, rules, routines. And I just value freedom. I don’t know. I will never settle down like that.”
“But!” you exclaimed, more reasons floating in your brain to demolish his doubts about a married life. By now, your head felt clearer than it had all day, thoughts so transparent and sensible that you were ready to fight him. “But can you not imagine the joy of waking up next to someone you love every day?”
Your voice turned soft, sugary sweet and your eyes melted as you tried to break through to him. He noticed the tenderness in your words - understood the sentiment and dreaminess you were trying to pass on to him so strongly. “Imagine accomplishing little things. Buying a house. Painting its walls. Grocery shopping, flour attacks while baking, laughing about horrible movies… Sweet, little things.”
He hated to admit that with every example you brought to day, the images in his mind were of you instead of a random face: your smile when you’d pick up your favourite food in the market; your enthusiasm about baking cupcakes but finding that he only wanted to be silly; your scolding when he wouldn’t do something he was supposed to do ages ago.
Little things seemed big with someone you were this fond of, and suddenly, Jungkook started doubting himself. Maybe, he thought, he could promise someone an eternity. Maybe it was even in his blood to fall in love and find himself able to indulge in one person forever until his last breath.
Sweet, little things - maybe he wanted them after all.
And if you’d known about his thoughts, his lips on yours in the very next moment would’ve surely made more sense. You would’ve known that the hand that cradled your face and pulled you closer meant something, the slow motions of his mouth against yours becoming more than just temporary decisions of giving in to the tension that lingered between you.
You didn’t know a heart could flutter like this. Your chest constricted, stomach clenching, words dying in your throat and your mind as you let him kiss you tenderly. Perhaps Jungkook’s kisses were always this fervent, awakening the feeling of being cared for; you were jealous of everyone who had ever experienced it before.
And yet, you tried to convince yourself that it wasn’t just that and that he was actually losing himself in you the way you were drowning in him, consumed by his sounds, touches and breaths that had you yearn for more.
“Mmh,” he hummed against your lips, the hand from the small of your back wandering to your naked waist as he pushed you back, making you fall backwards.
His mouth flew over yours, lips brushing yours every time he tilted his head to the other side; still moving slowly, carefully. You felt like paradise - you exuded a glow bright enough that you blinded him, pulling him into a state of craze so effortlessly.
You moved your face sideways to catch your breath, shifting back on the mattress and luring him into you until your head hit the soft pillow. He hovered above you, eyes never leaving yours and chest heaving uncontrollably. His gaze looked a little wilder than before and harboured a hint of insatiability although he hadn’t even tasted you yet.
“Y/N,” his sultry voice called out, caging your legs between his and his face making its home in your neck, “don’t you ever dare doubt yourself.”
He brushed his nose against your sensitive skin slowly before he pressed chaste kisses against it, inhaling your flowery scent. It was just a gentle touch, but it made you arch your back and your nipples perk under the fabric of your swimsuit, fingers settling in his tresses to tug lightly.
“Look at you,” he continued, scraping his teeth against your flesh slightly, “sculpted by angels.”
The honest and alluring tone of his voice toyed with your control and emotions, making you pull at his hair harder and moan into his ear unintentionally. Your sound affected him instantly, mouth opening before he began suckling, eager to form colourful bruises on your neck.
His deft digits journeyed over your body teasingly, soon gripping your thighs tightly before he wrapped your leg around him, your other coming up reflexively as he lowered his body slightly. The firm abs only barely grazed your stomach, hard chest touching your tits and hand settling at the nape of your neck to untie your bikini straps.
“Oh fuck,” you exclaimed when you noticed where he was headed, grabbing his flexed bicep intuitively before he lifted his head from your neck to look at you in wonder.
“Is that okay?” he asked, despite the heated make out session and feverish touches a gentleman who wanted your consent. “I know we’re drunk and all, so…”
You chuckled at his words, exhaling a sigh as you ran your hand over the muscles of his back. “I’ve sobered up enough to know that I’m not too drunk to make sound decisions.”
“Absolutely sure?” he whispered, your noses touching. You pulled him closer into you, one hand pulling down the bra as you nodded with certainty.
His eyes widened as they met your mounds, heartbeat quickening as scenarios and ideas of what he wanted to do to you raced through his mind. As his lips came down for another fiery kiss, he released the knot behind your back too, pulling the fabric from under his chest before he placed it next to the pillow without leaving the kiss.
Soon, staying in this position didn’t suffice for him anymore, voices screaming at him that he wanted you - wanted you now. With that thought filling his mind, he began kissing down your squirming body in enticing motions until he arrived at your tits, sucking on one at a time. You squinted your eyes shut tighter, groaning his name when he pinched the neglected nipple between his fingers.
Your lips grew dry from your excessive and fast breathing, legs opening wider to suggest for him to take the hint. But Jungkook was observant - he didn’t need a lot of your words or actions to understand what you wanted, lips trailing down further before his teeth pulled at your underwear.
Within a few moments, he’d stripped you fully, gawking at your nakedness and tempting body before he ran a hand over the skin that was still cold from the wetness of your swimsuit. He took you in with patience as two of his fingers ran along your folds, spreading them just lightly as he leaned his head down to your waiting heat.
Heart skipping several beats, you anticipated his next move, digging your fingers into the sheets of the bed and gasping when he placed an open mouthed, lewd kiss between your folds. His tongue darted out to taste your arousal, humming satisfied before he said, “You’re so sweet… absolutely perfect.”
And with that, he buried himself back in your cunt again, making out with it heavily as his hands extended the gap between your legs further and held them down. But before you could orgasm, much less near it at all, he detached his mouth from you suddenly, your whimper hardening his cock impossibly as he felt it twitch in his swim shorts.
“Don’t worry,” he reacted to your furrowed eyebrows, soothing your impatience with a brush of his hand against your cheek before he laid down next to you. Heat crept up your face at his gentle touch, his eyes holding so much care for you that you melted into the mattress, anticipating what he might do next.
He watched you shiver at the loss of contact and at the impact of the cold freshness of the night air flowing in through the open window. As he removed his shorts promptly, he barely gave you a chance to ogle at his big, growing length before he pulled you into his chest while pulling the blanket over your melding bodies.
One arm draped around your back, his hand settled on your left tit, the other coming down to palm your hungry pussy. His fingers prodded at your entrance, a delighted moan escaping him when he noticed how soaked you were, most likely ready to suck in not only his digits but his thick cock in one fell swoop as well.
“That’s how you feel for me?” he muttered, luminescent eyes taking in your side profile before he licked a stripe along your jaw. You moved your head to face him, capturing his lips in a luscious kiss as your body craved more, begging for him to take you any way he wanted to; you’d let him - you knew and he knew.
“Jungkook… please,” you lamented as you broke the kiss, hand wandering down his torso and stopping right before his cock, watching him rasp in surprise. “You feel that, don’t you?”
Your free hand cupped his over your overflowing pussy, your hushed voice adding, “That’s your effect on me… so please…”
And he didn’t need more than that, his insides burning and fondness flooding his heart when he realised that you really did want him that way, ready to give yourself to him. In a swift motion, he inserted two of his lingering digits into your hot, hungry walls, capturing you in yet another kiss as his tongue began to toy with yours.
Jungkook swallowed your mewls eagerly, exploring your mouth and savouring your taste. The sounds escaping you gained on volume the deeper he went, burying his fingers knuckles deep inside you as you took in shuddering breaths. Your mind went into a frenzy with the way he fucked his fore and middle finger into you, salacious grunts dripping out of his mouth as he relished the way your body begged for him.
“God, do you hear yourself, sweetheart?” he cooed before pulling at your lower lip with his teeth and then releasing it. You floated on cloud seven with the way he spoke the name, voice husky and fingers shoving you towards unbridled pleasure further. “Go on… whisper my name again.”
Ardent bodies pressing closer into each other, you called for him, carefully and hazily dropping your hand to his length. But this time, you didn’t leave it at his hiss, instead wrapping your palm around his heavy cock as curses tumbled off his tongue.
Your touch was cautious at first, like a curious doe exploring her surroundings for the first time. With your hand on him, you could vividly imagine what his member looked like, precum collected under your thumb as he muffled his sounds by pressing his lips against your chest.
“Oh shit,” he whispered, thrusting into your heat harder as retribution while he nibbled at the swell of your breasts tenderly. Squelching sounds filled the air, his fingers curling and spreading inside you to prepare you while his cock grew even harder than before; something you’d deemed impossible until now.
He reached a spot inside you that felt mind boggling, leaving you a whiny, demanding mess in his grip. You gave him the time he wanted with you, clearly enjoying all of this as much as you.
And when he finger-fucked you with last sharp thrusts and a roll of his thumb over your clit, you came with a blurred vision, moaning his name and pleas as he felt your walls pulsate around his digits delicately.
Jungkook truly couldn’t wait to feel just that around his cock, too. Then, he puffed out some air, head shaking against your skin as he said, “You’ll be the death of me… Y/N…”
“Let me fuck you,” he pleaded, sweat soaken forehead touching your pert nipples, “please.”
He didn’t have to beg for you to consent. You were already eager and waiting for him, licking your lips as you repeated, “Please.”
Biting his lip, he looked at you, capturing your chin between his fingers as he took in your fucked out beauty in all its glory. “Shit… okay. Turn around then, baby,” he commanded, and you were quick to oblige, wobbly body settling on your stomach as you waited for him to do whatever he was intending to do.
He reached behind him, opening the bedside table he and Jimin shared before he brought a condom to view, ripping the package. “I knew Jimin would store some here.”
As he rolled the rubber down his length, his eyes darted to your pliant form, teeth worrying his lip as he took in the way your ass glared at him so deliciously, your arms raised above your head. His cock twitched in his palm, the thrill of having you under him so intense that he felt the reckless urge to rip off the condom again.
Instead, however, he remarked, “As much as I’d like to stuff you full of my cum, we need to be careful.”
“Agreed,” you chuckled, rubbing your hands against the cold material of the pillow case. But your laughter soon died in your throat when he suddenly grabbed your hip and pulled you onto your knees.
A surprised gasp escaped you as you felt him align himself with your entrance, cock sliding up and down your folds for a few times before he asked, “Ready, baby?”
“Yeah, Jungkook, please…”
“Let me know if you need a pause or want me to stop, okay?” he said caringly, hand soothingly patting your ass and making you wiggle your hips slightly.
But the movement made your ass cheeks shimmy as well, Jungkook’s mouth falling open in delight as he ordered, “Do that again.”
It took you a second before you understood what he meant, but when you followed his instruction, he kneaded your ass brazenly - finally done with waiting. He leaned down to free your back from your hair, kissing your shoulders sweetly and muttering lovely words as he sheathed his length inside your pussy slowly.
Jungkook was so big - so much to adjust to. Which was probably why he took his sweet time with you, closing his eyes in concentration to get used to your tight walls engulfing him. But still, he bottomed out to your and his surprise, his eyes staring down to where you connected.
“Fucking hell, you… really can take all of me…” he spoke through shaky breaths, moving his hands to your waist to hold you in place as he shifted behind you to find the right position. “Are you alright? Can I start?”
“Yes, Jungkook, what the heck are you… waiting for, god,” you exhaled, mind cascading into an abyss.
And then, he began earnestly, shoving his cock into you cautiously at first as he tried to feel every inch of you. His member always came out wet with your slick, his jaw clenching with the way you pressed your tits against the mattress and raised your ass further.
The view was astounding, erotic to an extent that he felt his sanity slip slowly; the distraction became so prominent that he didn’t even realise that he’d stopped moving already. But you had - and with a newfound confidence, you dragged your pussy over his cock impatiently, beginning to fuck yourself on it faster than he had been.
“Ah… shit, what the fuck,” he moaned, voice thick with lust and veins of his hands and arms popping as he dug his fingers into your waist. Especially the way you took him in balls deep, only to move back entirely and repeat the process stupefied him - you were obviously more than just the studious college girl he’d gotten to know.
“Y/N, you’re making me - oh, oh god, you’re… making me fucking lose my mind here,” he drawled, letting you continue to your heart’s content.
“Sorry…” you breathed, gripping the pillow tightly, “Couldn’t… wait anymore…”
Your voice was hoarse, fucked out and needy; reason enough for Jungkook to slam into you surprisingly, eliciting a near-scream out of you as he began fucking you roughly. A minute or two passed, his hips forgetting the concept of mercy before he suddenly pulled out, leaving you empty and longing.
He fell onto the mattress with a deep exhale, tapping your thighs as he uttered the next order of tonight, “Ride me, babygirl.”
You met him with a smile, straddling his body before you sunk down onto his throbbing, proud cock swiftly. Keeping your balance by holding onto his brawny body, you began riding him with the energy you had left, panting over him with your tits bouncing and hair swept to one side.
Your mouth hung open as you moaned for him only - and with the sight of you over him like this, Jungkook became painfully aware of the fact that he would miss you violently when this was over.
“Let me kiss you,” he said, removing his hands from your ass and his arms stretching for you to nestle into him. You did, leaning down as he cradled the back of your neck before meeting your movements at a mind bending pace.
The way his hands caressed your body was utterly different from the way he rammed himself into you, loud moans and cries erupting from your throat. He pressed his lips against yours, tongues twirling around each other sloppily as you came nearer to your high.
Your fingers moved down to your clit between your bodies, rubbing circles around it crazily as he broke the kiss to say, “You’re so fucking pretty. Most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Beautiful… no, he was.
An ethereal being under you, blond hair sticking to his face or sprawled around his face - a true sculpture crafted by skillful hands. You couldn't believe that someone like him was giving you a compliment as high as this; the one you were crushing on hard enough for it to hurt at all times.
But not now; right now, your mind was drowning in euphoria, happy hormones flooding your entire being - but the words he said next, you surely couldn’t categorise.
“I wish I could take you with me.”
You wanted to ask. But the way he slammed into you, cock finding all the right spots and rubbing against your walls incessantly, barely allowed you to form a single word, too much in a daze to think straight. And as he looked at you so softly, hand on your cheek and thumb rubbing your jaw, the affectionate touch threw you over the edge and into nothing, your release washing over you through broken keens.
Soon, he followed, your sounds, clenching walls and orgasmic bliss spurring him on as he shot his hot, white cum into the rubber. Sensitivity and pleasure brawled inside you until Jungkook’s stuttering hips stilled, chest heaving as if you both had run a marathon.
You remained on his chest for a moment, catching your breath and trembling as your sweat met the night air. Then, you slowly lifted your body, hissing as you felt your pulsating pussy clench around nothing; amplifying the soreness of the muscle.
You fell down next to him, grabbing the towel to clean yourself up as he discarded the condom. You closed your eyes as you tried to control your breathing as well as your spinning head. A part of you couldn’t believe that you’d just fucked Jeon Jungkook, him giving in to you willingly as you let your feelings flow freely.
You bathed in temporary ecstasy, remembering the gazes he’d thrown at you a moment ago: loving, caring, almost as if he wanted to tell you the same things you wanted to utter to him. But he stayed still, saying not one word, even when his breathing had steadied. You’d fallen for him and didn’t know if he had for you.
And then, you thought back to the way he’d always used to flatter girls - even here, he’d spent half his time trying to win over Youra. Maybe he didn’t want you here now either. And so, you let out a sigh, beginning to ready yourself to leave.
“What are you doing?” he asked when you tried to wiggle out of his grip, letting out a yawn as your eyes started growing tired.
“Going back to my room. Dia might be waiting.”
You slipped into your shirt and panties, attempting to stand up before his hand suddenly grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. You fell onto the mattress next to him again, looking at the confused expression on his face that probably mirrored yours.
Apparently you’d been wrong about him not wanting you to keep him further company, because...
“Stay,” he pleaded, nuzzling your neck as he planted a gentle, chaste kiss on your skin. “You’re still sobering up. I don’t want you to get lost.”
It hadn’t occurred to you that Jungkook might want you to stay. You’d thought that after all of this, you’d part ways again, him keeping an intimate night with you in memory while you basked in the delusional state of thinking he’d fallen for you, too. But instead, you found yourself texting Dia you’d be occupied elsewhere tonight before falling back into his warmth.
His arms wrapped around you tightly and his face buried in your hair, a type of affection in his touches that you didn’t have a name for yet. It really did feel like he harboured unspoken feelings for you like you did for him, but the fear of rejection lingered inside you so painfully that you didn’t dare to ask what all of this meant to him.
Instead, you put your hand on his firm bicep, wanting to know, “Bunny… do you really not believe in love?”
Maybe your question was too straight forward - and in the way he tensed, you thought that perhaps he’d understood what you felt. But in the drowsy state in which you floated right now, sleep slowly taking over your body, you couldn’t manage to phrase it anyhow differently.
“I’m not sure,” he answered, chest vibrating against your cheek as he spoke, “I think I’m just… scared.”
“Because…” He inhaled the scent of your shampoo, slipping one hand under your shirt to feel the warmth of the small of your back. “My… my Mom died younger than she was supposed to. Cancer and all that shit. And then my Dad remarried… she’s not even that bad and I know I’m an asshole towards her, but it’s just so hard to believe that…”
He gulped audibly, grip around you loosening just slightly while yours around him tightened. Almost as if you were keeping him whole. You finished his sentence when he didn’t as you whispered, “That he fell in love again? That he didn’t keep his loyalty to your mother.”
Jungkook’s silence grew further, eyes wide open and staring at a dark spot on the empty, neighbouring bed. Then, he nodded slowly. “I know it’s stupid. He’s allowed to. But I just miss her so much.”
You admired his strength: for someone who’d lost this much, he kept his emotions at bay perfectly, not a hint of an upcoming sob audible in his voice as he spoke steadily, calmly. You knew you would’ve broken down by now.
“You’re not stupid. Of course there’s still a type of attachment for you,” you mumbled, voice growing quieter and more tired, “but remember that love can happen more than once. And happiness, too. Try to understand that him being all alone might’ve been worse… at least he has her now.”
Jungkook swallowed another knot in his throat, readying himself to say something about his step-mother before he decided to state something else. “Maybe I do believe in love. Or maybe I will someday. What if I’m not entirely hopeless when it comes to this?”
“You’re not,” you answered, keeping him close to you before you gradually closed your eyes. There was one more thing you wanted to tell him before darkness consumed you, and in that sense, you whispered, “And people find it easy to fall for you, too.”
He sighed quietly, part of him wondering if you were referring to yourself, too. “I’ve never talked about this with Jimin or Dia… why am I telling you?”
You smiled, merely shrugging your shoulders; and then, your mind went blank, anything he said or might have said becoming blurry and inaudible. Jungkook was quick to follow your descent into a deep sleep, hoping that you’d be able to impart more knowledge to him in exchange for his life lessons.
He only woke up once, your shivering shaking him out of the dreamless sleep as he noticed that the wind blowing through the open window had become fresher. Carefully, he left you for only a minute, turning off the AC and closing the window before he slipped into bed next to you again.
The blanket covered you more than him and his arms around you provided you additional warmth. He noticed the way you slowly calmed down, your tremble soon stopping and giving way to your contented sighs. Soothing rubs on your back made you hum, and a small smile crept up his face when he felt your lips brush his bare chest.
But no matter how perfect you felt, his thoughts soon screamed at him about how tomorrow would be a painful hell of a day.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook woke up the next morning, you were still wrapped in his embrace, nearly as if you both hadn’t moved an inch the whole night.
Birds chirped a familiar song, indicating a casual morning, though they sounded different here in a stranger state and on a stranger bed. And with you in his arms, everything felt even newer - somewhat unreal. He could count on one hand how many times he’d spent the night with a girl and woken up next to her before immediately standing, getting dressed and leaving.
With you, not one ounce in his body fancied walking away, instead wanting to live in the moment for a while. You had your face buried in his chest, and he wondered how you could sleep like this anyway; but when he loosened his arms around you a little and gave you space to breathe, you sighed in relief. It almost felt as if you needed the air but voluntarily renounced it just to be close to him.
Jungkook noticed right away that you were a peaceful sleeper. You hadn’t draped your legs around his waist or sloppily drooled over his skin or pillow; you laid there, pouting and unbothered by the hair strand that moved with each breath you took.
He brought his lips close to yours, brushing over them before moving on to your nose. He wanted to kiss it; cover your face in gentle pecks without waking you up. But against his will, your eyes fluttered open slowly, taking in the sunlight that flooded through the now closed window.
Your fingers flinched a little, curling in when you saw him this close. You’d been awake for merely ten seconds, and yet, the sight of his molten eyes gazing at you awakened everything you’d felt the whole last evening and night. Memories flashing by, you remembered the moments you’d shared, the ache in your lower part still reminding you of how deeply and painfully you were caught in what he made you feel.
“Mornin’,” you whispered tiredly, blinking slowly. The headache was less bad than you’d expected, just a slight thump tingling and your stomach rumbling with hunger. Nausea hit you for a moment before you took a deep breath, trying to focus on anything but that.
Jungkook smiled at your morning face endearingly, brushing back his own hair before repeating the action with yours. “Good morning,” he mumbled, observing your reaction to his touch although you were already snuggled into him.
“Jimin’s still not here?”
“Do you want him to be here? See you like this,” he joked, laughing as you pouted and sat up slowly.
The other bed was still empty. You didn’t know where he was, but you strongly hoped that if he hadn’t spent the night with Dia, she hadn’t found out about his absence in his own room.
“God, I’m so happy I packed before the party yesterday,” you said, rubbing your temples as he stood and left the bed to stretch. “I feel like a mess and we’re leaving in… what time is it?”
Jungkook rounded the bed to grab his phone from the bedside table, eyes widening as he stared at the time before whistling and saying, “Just six in the morning.”
“What?” you exclaimed in disbelief, rubbing your eyes. “Did we just sleep for four hours or what?”
“I guess so.” Jungkook stretched again, candy for your eyes as his muscular body flexed and hardened at just the right places, golden skin glowing in the light beautifully. “Let’s go for a walk.”
You fell back into the bed, face twisting in disgust as you grunted. “No way. I'm dying. Sleep more.”
“Y/N,” he uttered softly, and suddenly his face was hovering above you, torso leaning down and fingers settling on your chin gently, “five hours are left. Let’s enjoy one last foreign sunrise.”
And then, he pulled you to your feet, hands on your waist. He gave you a small smile before he turned around, preparing himself to brush his teeth and get dressed. You took the time he needed to get ready to practically sprint to your room, avoiding the public walk of shame; but thankfully, you met no one and even Dia was still sleeping.
Of course she was. It was an ungodly hour after all.
You brushed your teeth with sleepy eyes, splashing cold water into your face and putting on the dress that you’d reserved for today. When you stepped out of the room, Jungkook was already waiting, wearing khaki shorts and a white, comfortable shirt that seemed to accentuate his light hair even stronger.
“The world isn’t even awake yet and we’re taking a walk,” you remarked as you passed a few trees and three squirrels. You waved at them as if they were actually going to react, and Jungkook laughed, throwing his head back as he buried his hands in his pockets.
You liked to make him smile. He always giggled like a child, his laugh shy and making you forget that he harboured all the confidence in the world.
You’d already walked for more than an hour, finding the little town you’d visited on your first day, drinking a strawberry shake before you made your way back to the hotel. The streets were empty, the road leading to your temporary stay seeming wider than when the bus had brought you there.
“Don’t you feel a little fresher though?” he asked, nudging your sides and tickling you unintentionally.
You scoffed as you rolled your eyes, sneering, “You might. I feel like a zombie and will knock myself out on the bus.”
“Ah, Y/N,” he said with a shaking head, “why won’t you give me the chance to spend our last few hours together talking and joking?”
The sting in your chest felt searing, and suddenly you wondered if Jungkook was planning to cut you out of his life forever once you’d returned to your city. It wasn’t even as if he lived somewhere else - meeting would’ve been a walk through the park for both of you.
Maybe it was easier to let him go just like that - to continue your studies and not work your brain this hard concerning a man you’d fallen in love with in the span of only one week. But something inside you felt restless, hoping that things might advance. You didn’t want to hold in what he made you feel; life flowed through you while you’d walked through the motions of the days so blurrily until now.
You wanted to be brave just this once.
You stopped in your tracks when the hotel came into view, fingers fumbling with the hem of your short dress as you said, “Jungkook.”
He halted too, turning around to you as he eyed your nervous state. Eyebrows furrowing, he stepped closer, meeting your sunken gaze as he waited for you to continue.
“I want to tell you something.”
You gulped, pressing your lips together, registering his anticipating, soft stare. But it only made the fear in you more intense, and when you didn’t speak, he asked, “What’s wrong?”
Even his heart was racing as he looked at you like this. Were you going to say what he thought you might? Or was it something he’d hate, something that would haunt him even when your presence was gone and just a memory?
“The thing is, I…”
But the words died in your throat when you heard someone call out for him, Jungkook’s body flinching as you both watched Dia and Jimin jog towards you. Something in their expression screamed discomfort, a crease between their eyebrows and jaws clenched in what seemed like anger. Jimin more so than Dia - he looked offended while she appeared sad.
“What’s this, Bunny?” Jimin inquired, holding up a big blue envelope that made Jungkook freeze at the spot. “Found this in your bag when I was looking for your camera.”
You stood behind, watching a situation unfold that you couldn’t decode. Jungkook took the envelope from him, looking to his feet as he mumbled, “I was going to tell you all on the train.”
“But dude!” Jimin said, puffing out air as he gave him a half genuine smile. “We were going to open a bar. And move in together. That won’t happen then?”
Jungkook didn’t reply - only looked at his friends in defeat. You stepped closer, seeing that his expression was endlessly pained, everything inside him questioning how to get out of this situation.
“I mean,” Jimin then continued, laughing sweetly as his dimples came into view, “it’s okay. I’m happy for you! Getting a scholarship for journalism in Chicago? That’s not easy, man. I just…”
For a second, your brain short-circuited.
Chicago was so far away. Not at all anyhow close to where you studied and intended to build a life. Suddenly, things started to make sense. The fleeting touches and gazes he threw at you, strongly indicating that your time was coming to an end, despite the night you’d spent together.
And even his words…
I wish I could take you with me.
You took a deep breath as you tried to interpret what he’d meant. Perhaps, you thought, even Jungkook saw a chance in you - to build something, to fall in love, to stay, to enjoy little things with you.
But even if he did, you knew you couldn’t keep him here anymore.
“I could’ve applied with you,” Jimin said, your mind snapping out of its haze. But Jungkook only shook his head, knowing exactly that this wasn’t what Jimin wanted - and besides, Jungkook needed this getaway, needed time for himself to see the world and meet new people. “Tell him something, Dia.”
The girl in question looked different now that you took a proper look at her. Her eyes were distracted, mind obviously swimming in melancholy. And when she stepped in front of Jungkook, put a hand on his shoulder and uttered her next words, you were sure she’d found out about Jimin’s nightly escapades.
“You should go,” she said calmly, staring at Jungkook with almost empty eyes. “It’s what you want and deserve. We have to leave our childhood behind now… you know, all these wild nights and careless drinking… and start becoming adults. So I’m rooting for you, Bunny.”
She smiled at him, nodding and patting his shoulder before she turned on the heel and approached the hotel with a fallen head. Jimin stared at her back in shock but collected himself fast, laughing a little in disbelief before he said, “Okay…”
“I’m sorry, Jimin.”
The man in question only shook his head, waving his hand in front of Jungkook’s face as he said, “It’s okay. Don’t apologise. You’ll do great and be an amazing journalist, I just know.”
Mimicking Dia’s pat on Jungkook’s shoulder, he followed her, both vanishing into the distance, leaving you and Jungkook alone in the middle of the street. Your mind still whirred from the new information, but you tried to keep your expression neutral.
He, however, didn’t. Guilt was written in his eyes as he looked at you like you were an anchor; like you could pull him out of the temporary misery he found himself in.
“They’re… mad at me,” he then whispered, worrying his lower lip.
“That’s okay,” you answered, taking his hand gently, “they’ll get over it. And be happy for you.”
He didn’t say a word for a while, hand trembling slightly in yours. For a moment, he lifted his head to the sky, closing his eyes before his gaze met yours again as he confessed, “I’m scared.”
You swallowed the heavy knot in your throat as you nodded slowly, smiling at him, “You get scared, too?”
He shot you a lopsided smirk, fingers of his free hand fiddling nervously. Then, he said, “Life is changing."
“So… I’ll suddenly be alone.”
“And here?”
“I’m not alone. I like it here.” His eyes looked at you imploringly, seemingly searching for something you might say that would either change his mind or urge him to go. “But I-”
“You… want to fly… and run… and fall, right? You can’t eat porridge every day.”
He flashed his bunny grin, grip around your hand tightening. “I want to see every single corner of the world. And… studying there will bring me closer to this goal.”
You nodded again, so happy for him but so broken for your own happiness. You weren’t sure if finding out like this, right now was worse than parting ways without a warning, going back to daily life as you were used to.
Jungkook tilted his head, tapping his foot against the ground as he told you quietly, almost as if to cheer you up, “I’ll have to go, Y/N.”
“I know,” you answered, nearly as if to reassure him you’d be fine. “When are you going?”
“In three weeks. Three years of studies,” he answered, twinkling eyes buried deep in yours, taking in all of you and memorising every inch of your face. “Will you miss me?”
You clicked your tongue, feeling your eyes grow damp but blinking away emotions before he could see. It was probably too late anyway. You were sure he’d seen through you and detected your feelings already, but you were in no place to speak them out loud. You couldn’t keep him here - not if he had obvious destinations he wanted to reach, clear things he wanted in life.
“Not one bit,” you answered, voice becoming slightly shaky but the lovely smile Jungkook had slowly grown fond of never faltering. He’d see it for the last time today - and he hated the thought fervently.
And when he realised, he snapped out of his thoughts, asking you calmly, “You were going to say something… right?”
You smiled at him again, heart heavy with a thousand emotions that you yet had to figure out. But with him right in front of you, so close you could’ve touched and kissed him again, you couldn’t just yet.
With a last squeeze, you let his hand go, hearing the sounds of your group from far away as your eyes stuck on his and you answered, “Just that… the world is awake now.”
And with that, your feet started moving, hearing his steps behind you as you approached the hotel for one last time. No matter what still lingered on your tongue, you couldn’t tell him that morning.
Because no matter how deeply you’d fallen for him - he’d long fallen deeper for his dreams, giving you a thousand reasons why your journey with him was ending here and now. There was no way you would’ve dared to stop him from chasing them, even if it meant giving up your own.
Your heart ached, but somewhere inside, you were happy, too. To this day, you could never forget him - and if you were being honest with yourself, you hadn’t tried either.
Because with this trip, you were bringing home a heavier suitcase than before.
One filled with memories and faces; happy and frustrating moments on snowy mountains; warm days and cold nights; pictures you’d taken, screams you’d left; new friendships, new adventures, new experiences.
And Jungkook.
Tumblr media
The last card falls from your hands and into the basket you’ll carry to the post tomorrow in slow motion. You lean back into the chair, stretching and hearing your bones crack as the sun vanishes entirely, giving way to the darkness and the sparkling of the stars.
Even now, the sky sometimes reminds you of his eyes; the glimmer you remember still haunts sleepless nights when you try to fall asleep desperately. But then you realise that haunting never entirely fits the feeling that creeps upon you - instead, your chest fills with warmth and a nostalgia you promised to carry inside you all those years ago.
You never allowed yourself to feel pain when it came to him; always strode forwards in life, chasing your dreams of becoming a successful doctor and better friend to those around you. Still unmarried, you’d long understood why settling down wasn’t the most important goal in life - it was to experience. Nothing in particular. Not long hiking days and endless nights filled with chatter.
Just experience life as it comes, in all its dull and vibrant colours, moods falling and lifting, pain and happiness coming and vanishing.
Five years have passed since Jungkook taught you all that and beyond. You’ve long stopped measuring time in boring units such as study years and began to count it according to the smiles you’ve shared with people. You don’t think you could be what and who you are now without him - one week in far away mountains was enough to change your whole philosophy and the way you view the world.
Jungkook never came back. You know he’s finished his studies and started his own thing, travelling the world and appearing on TV.
He’s changed. His hair grew out to its natural pitch black, still semi long as the locks frame his pretty, adulting face beautifully. Time has been gentle with him - no matter how much of it passes, Jungkook still glows, happily crossing oceans and borders and chasing his dreams.
While your being grew from what he made you, you sometimes wonder if he ever thinks about you. Probably not. And it’s, in fact, okay too.
Because he’s been gone for half a decade, no trace of his return anywhere written in the sky unless he decides to come to the wedding. But deep inside, you’ve convinced yourself that waiting for him is not an option you will entertain.
Tumblr media
Jungkook opens his laptop with an exhausted sigh as he waits for the lights imprinted on his eyelids to fade.
Oftentimes, the Burj Khalifa glows in various colours, a light show making tourists halt and watch in fascination. After a few nights of staying in the luxurious hotel room that gives a perfect view to the skyscraper, Jungkook is still not over the beauty of Dubai, nights stretching without an end as he stares out the window and watches the world come to life.
Tonight however, he’s tired and spent, the adventures of the afternoon and evening only leaving enough energy in him to want to haul himself to bed.
When he thinks back to the last few years, he notices how nights like these have become a well known habit. It’s the same old story of searching for information to air, happenings around the country he stays in, captured in notebooks and on camera. With his colleagues, his hectic everyday life has become routine.
He always proceeds to either help out with TV narrations or narrate himself, loving the attention he receives when he steps in front of the cameras with a mic. The feeling of doing what he’d dreamed of so long is liberating - every day is new and alluring, boredom slowly fading from its spot in his dictionary.
But something’s always missing.
“Hello there!” a familiar voice chimes through the speakers of his laptop, so much happier than he’s ever heard it sound before. “Since you won’t pick up my calls, I decided to pester you this way. I know you’re seeing this, so if you do, blink twice!”
Jungkook smiles at the screen, gulping down half his water from the glass in his hand. With a tilt of his head, he listens to her and watches her stroll around in her pink, bright room with the most radiant grin he’s seen in a long while.
“Look at me!” she says through the monitor, twirling around and presenting her short, gorgeous dress. “I got a manicure. And my hair is longer too!”
She steps closer to the recording device and Jungkook isn’t sure if it’s the make-up that tints her cheeks in this rosy hue or if she’s blushing with her next words. “Can you believe it’s the same girl you guys used to tease years ago? The one in crop tops and crazy headbands. This woman is getting married, Bunny!”
A hand covers her face in slight embarrassment, her giggles filling his empty hotel room as he looks down at his lap. Then, she continues, “You’ll come this time, right? I don’t even know where you are. I want us all to be together just once more, here at my wedding, us clowns drinking together again just this one time. Please?”
Guilt bites away at his heart as he thinks about the flow of time and how he’s left everything he held close behind in a country he hasn’t seen since he first let go of it five years ago.
“Minhee wants to meet you too. Keeps talking about you guys and he doesn’t even know you!” he hears in the background of his thoughts, her voice becoming quieter.
Dia getting married opens up a gate behind which Jungkook has stored long forgotten thoughts. Something about settling down with someone, building a life he’s never wanted but considered on a day that now seems like it belongs to another life.
A drunken night, shared with someone who’d meant more to him than he’d ever imagined, soft touches, loving words and early mornings tugging at his mind…
“I need you here, Bunny,” is what Dia ends her invitation with, the hand carrying her ring cupping her face. Her expression is pleading, almost desperate. Jungkook knew his friends would miss him as soon as he was gone; but he didn’t expect love and friendship to overcome time and space like this.
After all these years, he feels like he’s not deserving of forgiveness and second chances, especially after messing up and leaving his loved ones behind, never bothering to even uttering another hello until it was too late.
Jungkook taps his fingers against the table next to his laptop, letting out another sigh as his eyelids become heavy. The difference between his high school friend and him becomes crystal clear when he reminisces the nights he’s spent on his travels.
While she has found her soulmate, he’s still seeking solace either in his profession or other bodies, pressed against walls behind bars or his hotel room bed as he chases temporary intimacy in fading passersby. He’s long forgotten most of the faces who’ve provided him pleasure during all this time; sex becomes a fleeting memory and love something he still hasn’t experienced.
With that in mind, he realises yet again how profoundly something is missing. Someone.
Maybe it’s time to go home again.
Tumblr media
Dia has planned way too many parties before the big day - at least for your taste. Perhaps you’re only grumpy about it, because she charged you with a copious amount of tasks that need to be done before she gets married. And you, as her best friend and maid of honour, reading every wish from her lips, obliged instantaneously before glaring at the neverending list she’s given you.
But tonight, you try not to dwell on the stress that has passed and still awaits you ahead. Because tonight, you find yourself on a beautiful stage lighted in different shades of purple and blue, matching your midnight blue dress that hugs your curves like a second skin.
The open air tingles your scalp, the ceiling missing as stars scattered in the sky above you glow like glitter. If someone had told you years ago to step onto the stage and speak into the mic you’re clutching now with ease, you would’ve stared back in agony, indicating that you wouldn’t even talk in front of a crowd if heaven threatened to crash over your head.
But you’ve grown. Changed. Found reasons to love yourself and gain the confidence to explain to everyone more or less in detail what the person grinning from the seat in front of you means to you.
“You know,” you start, breathing in the fresh and crisp air of the evening, unusually pleasant for a day in December, “Dia and I met on a trip five years ago. While we went to the same school before, it was that vacation that brought me as close to her as I am to her now. But when we parted at the railway station after the trip was over, I thought I’d never see her again. You know. Met and forgotten.”
You see a few affirmative nods here and there, almost as if the guests understand exactly what transient, temporary friendships and relationships feel like. You pause for a moment, eyes locking on your best friend who has her arm propped up on the head of the chair, smiling at you fondly.
“But then one day, I heard a knock at my door. Went to open it and suddenly she was there,” you continue with a tilt of your head, shaking it as you utter your next words, “I swear, I’ve seen all of her moods. The time she dyed her hair purple, because she was convinced a heavenly voice had whispered it to her.”
Chuckles sound through the crowd and grow louder, waves of pride washing over you before you continue, “And then the day she decided to pierce her belly button, because Y/N, everyone does that now! But I think the moment I’ll remember the most is when she came to my home with the widest grin I’ve ever seen on her… well, except today. Look at her.”
All gazes turn to her, endeared laughter filling the room as Dia buries her face in her hand in embarrassment.
“So she came to me… saying she’s bringing the most important news of the decade. And she was right. I’m getting married, she said. To that engineer I told you about? Yeah, Y/N. That one. We’re in love.”
You shoot her and her fiancé Minhee another smile, watching fondly as he places his palm on her shoulder from behind. You must admit, when you first met him, he seemed awkward, like the complete opposite of her visually and personality wise. Dia told you just today how he’d lost his engagement ring in the little pool behind the hotel, diving head first into it to fish it out before she could see.
Maybe things like these are just what make you realise that he’s the right one for her. Tears prick your eyes when you recall the hazy chaos of guiding Dia through her wedding. With every wrong instance during the preparations, Minhee has been there and your chest tightens, happiness stirring your heart that she's found her soulmate at last.
“And now we’re here. Just want to say… I love you so much. Don’t forget me when you settle in your new home,” you finish with a sigh, nodding towards the applauding guests and ready to step off the stage before you hear a silvery voice.
It echoes through the speakers, a familiar sound reverberating in your head and your mind trying to take in the words before new ones follow. You know him - still remember him. After all this time, you still can’t forget the warm honey that drips from his voice, words coming together as sentences and forming a melody you’ve only had the pleasure to hear in your dreams for an eternity now.
The art of patience is hard to master and even harder to keep; and it seems as if you’ve endured it for long enough, because now, he’s finally here again.
You turn around in a haze, motions reminding you of bodiless dreams before your eyes meet his starry ones. His gaze wanders to and fro, trying to decide whether to settle on you or your friend as he nears your frozen figure.
Jungkook’s hair is still dark since the last time you saw him on TV. Somewhat curly, covering his ears but not reaching his chin. As the lights shower him in vivid hues, his personality gleams even brighter, a newly tattooed hand holding another mic and the other buried in the pocket of his trousers.
“So you’ve decided to choose the path of eternal jail I always warned you about,” his silky soft voice teases, body nearing yours and emanating more confidence than ever, “But since you’re so eager to walk away from us like that… why don’t we make the best of the next days of our youth and be reckless for a few nights?”
He’s talking to Dia, you see it. But you still fail to ignore the slight sting that accompanies the butterflies inside you as his eyes keep darting to you. And when he nudges your shoulder with his, throwing a wink at you, you’re reminded of the shameless soul you met years ago; the never aging spirit that you’d fallen for so hard, who still makes you feel giddy as he taps the mic.
And then, tumult erupts in the hall when Dia stands to scream into the night, smile widening impossibly as she basically jumps him and holds him close.
The rest of the night passes in a blur as you try to understand that he’s really here, here for you to embrace, talk and touch. But you’re busy most of the time, soothing people’s panic when they spill the expensive champagne, trash drinking glasses or step onto other’s feet when the music urges everyone to the stage turned dance floor.
Jungkook tries to approach you a few times, walking through the hall and greeting old and new faces. But his eyes always linger on you, thoughts boiling hot in his mind as he takes in your beauty under the night sky. If anyhow possible, you’ve grown even prettier, a warm, inviting comfort in a night that keeps growing colder.
And before you both know it, the party is over, balloons and liquid scrawled across the floor when he finally gathers his courage and asks Dia, “Where has Y/N gone?”
Already drunk, his friend waves her hand in front of her face, informing him that you’ve walked to your room to change after getting suffocated in the dress all night long. Instead of seeing his curiosity in his stare, she pulls him outside, covering his eyes hastily as he protests.
“What are you doing? Where are we going? Are you drowning me in the river?”
Dia assumes he means the obvious one right behind the hall that stands not too far away from the hotel, and shakes her head, soon realising that he can’t see. But now it’s time to open his eyes anyway - what she doesn’t expect, however, is Jungkook’s expression to fall fast, something akin to guilt creeping up his face as he takes in the second presence aside from Dia.
“Jimin,” he mumbles as he stares down to the man who’s sitting on a bench, sipping on a bottle of beer with a nonchalant look on his face.
“Hi, Jungkook.” His tone is flat, void of emotion as he stands, not even opting to hug his friend after not seeing him for so long. “Didn’t really think you’d come.”
“Why would I not come?” Jungkook questions quietly, smiling a little as he watches his former best friend step closer.
“Well, because… you never bothered to talk to us? I wouldn’t have known that you’re still alive hadn’t Dia informed me here and now.”
For some strange reason that the bride-to-be can’t decipher, Jimin has chosen to resort to hurtful words instead of a peaceful reunion. The tension in the air is tangibly uncomfortable and she steps between the men as she complains, “Come on, guys. We’re finally together again. Us causing chaos and drinking the whole night, just like it was before! Can’t we-”
“Like before?” Jimin laughs, scratching his nose as he chides, “Except for our faces, every single thing between and about us has changed.”
“But nothing ever changes between frien-,” Jungkook begins but is yet again met with a mocking smirk.
“But now… we’re not friends anymore,” Jimin interrupts, full lips pressing together as his jaw clenches. Jungkook knows he’s angry and he knows why, but the pain that courses through him at Jimin’s words is something he still wanted to avoid for as long as he could.
“But we are!” Dia exclaims in shock, pointing to Jungkook. “We kept in touch, right? The last time we talked you were in London not long ago.”
Jungkook lowers his head, licking his lips as he sighs heavily. As much as he appreciates her attempts to defend him, he fully understands that he doesn’t deserve it, thinking back to the cause of the phone call that had come in the last time they’d talked.
“Chicago. When Dad died. You called, because… I couldn’t be here.”
Jimin scoffs at his words, the crooked smile never vanishing before he stands up and leaves the scene. Dia pats Jungkook’s shoulder in reassurance, pleading him to give Jimin just a bit more time and he’d come around. Forgive him.
She distracts him instead, asking how long he plans to stay, to which Jungkook reluctantly reveals he’d leave right on the night of her wedding.
“I got… a huge offer. I was going to leave the company I work for right now… you know, venture out, find new opportunities. Sometimes you have to leave a place to find something better,” he explains, toying with the hem of his suit jacket. “But my co-worker offered me to… host my own show. In Paris.”
Dia’s eyes widen at his words, slapping his shoulder lightly before she cheers, “In Paris, oh lala! Designer bags and the Louvre! That’s freaking amazing! Just what you always wanted, right?”
Yes. It is. The biggest opportunity he’s received in years, his chest filling with pride and excitement every time he thinks back to the conversation he had with his beloved colleague.
And he’s still looking forward to it, he really does - but something still tugs at his heart, not allowing him to relish in his happiness properly. Dia notices and tries to lift his demeanor further, attempting hard to make him feel more welcome and loved.
But Jungkook is in no mood for comfort that won’t seep through him until he hears the words from Jimin himself. And in that sense, he wishes Dia a good night, ready to cuddle up in his blankets and come up with a strategy to fight the battles that await the next few days.
His plans, however, change immediately as he walks along the bay of the river, the hotel already in sight but your presence calling him louder. Sleep seems like a distant wish with your angelic form in front of his eyes, utterly hypnotising as he approaches you slowly.
There you are, feet propped into the cold water as you sit on the steps that lead into the river. You’re wearing something else now, hair loosely hanging over your shoulders and face glowing in the faint, silver-white moonlight.
“Aren’t you cold?”
You flinch as you hear his voice yet again, splashing some water onto your grey, rolled up sweatpants as you take a deep breath. “You scared me.”
“I’m sorry,” he mutters as he sits down next to you, taking off his shoes and socks and dipping his toes into the water, too. He hisses for only a moment as you laugh, assuring him that “it’ll get warmer with time”.
A short silence falls upon you as you bask in the feeling that the fresh watery air brings into you, comfortably sitting next to each other while you both wait for the other to speak. Then, he turns to look at you, capturing his lower lip between his teeth for a moment before he asks, “Were you… this beautiful before, too? Or was time extra nice to you?”
You laugh, throwing your head back gently before you turn to look at him. It’s the first time you’re actually looking at him tonight, despite having ogled at his form when he appeared earlier tonight.
Jungkook is still as beautiful as you remember in the deepest chambers of your brain. If anyhow possible, the dark hair and changed expression add further to his handsomeness, the same faint, light scar on his cheek reminding you that even flaws can make a person infinitely prettier.
But somehow, the glimmer in his eyes doesn’t match the one you knew from before. The liveliness they harboured all those years ago seems a little dull and faded now, carrying a hint of melancholy that drips from his gaze like cold water.
“Did you steal that line from a movie?” you inquire back, but he doesn’t laugh, only stares at you and your smile tenderly.
“It’s called flirting, Y/N… It’s-”
“Good for my health.” You’re not looking at him anymore as you whisper these words, taking in the beauty of the moon hanging in the velvety darkness instead; but it fades next to him, nearly becomes unenjoyable. “I still remember.”
“What else could I expect from a thriving doctor?”
You look at him in question, eyebrows furrowing. “You know about that?”
Jungkook smacks his lips, slowly getting used to the temperature of the water. Then, he says, “No. But I think highly of you. Of course you’d be a great doctor by now.”
You smile at him in a way that has his heart crumbling just a bit too much, a tinge of yearning stabbing his chest with more fervour the longer he looks at you. You’re so easy to become lost in. The world keeps spinning and his thoughts keep twirling around a million things - but you haven’t changed.
And as if you’ve read his mind, you tell him, “You didn’t change at all. Still these lame little pick-up lines and sweet, random reassurances.”
Jungkook averts his gaze from the fluorescent beam that surrounds you, too bright for him to stare as he looks at his reflection in the dark water instead. Over his head, stars still shine beautifully; the night sky you used to compare to his eyes long ago. But you notice that just like the stars twinkling above you five years ago, the shimmer in his pupils seems to have died, too.
“You just… don’t smile anymore,” you then remark, an echo of long lost memories following your words. “That’s the only thing that changed about you. And well, your hair. I love it like that.”
Jungkook rethinks the last years and days he experienced, happy and sad memories flooding his mind as he ponders various possible reasons for the shift in his mood. He wants to tell you. Wants to open his heart to a girl he hasn’t seen in half a decade, one he barely knew for a week back then properly. He wants to say it all to you, let your comfort cool the burning that unspoken words inflict on his tongue.
But as your phone buzzes between your bodies, his eyes automatically flicker to the message you received, an unknown number having sent you a text that Jungkook can’t help but laugh at.
“Saw a beautiful girl today and it was like…”
And that’s all there is. He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, an obviously teasing lilt in his voice as he asks you, “Secret admirer?”
You roll your eyes, hiding as much of your phone as you can in your palm before you lift your feet and dry them mid air. “So what?”
“Just asking. I understand though. You looked gorgeous tonight.”
“And now I don’t anymore?”
“Told you just a few minutes ago that you do.”
You giggle as his eyes widen, seeming darker under his black locks. You stand to hover above him, pointing to his feet as you want to know, “How’s the water now?”
Jungkook nods, moving his feet in the liquid that has now become pleasant, somewhat warm even. “A lot better.”
“Told you. Sometimes you just have to wait and get used to it.”
And then, you walk away slowly, shoes in your hand and eyes locked on the hotel building in the near distance. Jungkook is sure there’s more behind your words than just some harmless talk about water.
But right now, he can’t decode what you hinted at. He only watches your figure become smaller until you vanish, leaving him alone on the stairs as he feels a genuine smile erupt on his face for the first time since he’s arrived here.
Tumblr media
There are moments when Jungkook tries to tip-toe into your brain quietly to find out what’s going on inside.
Because despite being strangers for five whole years, you pick up your banter right where you left, hitting his shoulder when he looks at a girl for too long or smuggles a bottle of beer into his thin jacket without anyone noticing (except you).
Dia has planned a whole week with different events every day that will eventually lead to the glorious wedding. And Jungkook spends most of this time with you.
“She’s a bit of a lunatic, isn’t she?” he asks you when you enter a room you’ve forcefully dragged him into. Only two minutes ago, you caught him trying to sneak away with a bag, reassuring you that he would be back for game night before you could blink twice.
But game night was in an hour and there was no way he was going to - as he’d said - visit the old town and come back in time. Just the ride there went for over forty minutes.
“Always. But anything for the bride, right?” you tell him, tucking your hair behind your ear before you hand him a full outfit to wear. It’s a black button up shirt with white dots, almost looking like a night sky, along with dark jeans you urge him to change into.
He grimaces at you as he runs a hand along the fabric, curiously inquiring, “Why the hell do you have spare clothes here?”
“Because,” you begin, eyes darting from the champagne bottles to the flowers in the corner you’ve organised, “people get drunk. People don’t bring enough clothes. I want them to look nice, so I go above and beyond.”
“Above and beyond indeed. I’ve never seen anyone do that before,” he says with a tilt of his head, stepping away from you to approach the room next door.
You wait patiently as you lean against the table, listening to his quiet hums as he sings a song you’re sure you’ve heard somewhere. And suddenly, he opens the door to your surprise, your eyebrows furrowing as you wonder how he could change this fast. But then, you’re met with a sight that renders you speechless, your brain declaring him shamelessness personified in the most extraordinary form.
Because while the black button-up hugs his firm torso perfectly, you’re met with naked legs, merely the dark red underwear covering his most intimate part as your mouth falls open. Before he can see the way you bite your lip, you turn around, gripping the table until your knuckles turn pale and you scold, “Can you please put on the jeans? God, Jungkook…”
But instead of giving in to your request, he steps closer, his presence near your body causing goosebumps on your skin. Then, he worsens your state further, your heart beating violently in your throat when he reminds you, “What? It’s not like you haven’t seen all that already.”
Your breath hitches with a gasp, and when he blows some air against your hair playfully, your elbow flies into his clothed stomach reflexively, eliciting something that sounds like a mix between a surprised groan and breathy laugh.
It’s not the first time that you think back to the memory of your shared night, the touches and sounds still burned in your brain and serving as inspiration for when you feel like indulging in self care. He doesn’t need to know that, though.
It isn’t until you hear the familiar sound of a zipper that you turn around, raising an eyebrow at his smug grin before he takes your hand and pulls you out of the filled hotel room. He still cannot comprehend that you actually booked a whole room just for things you’ll need at the wedding, and he still teases you when you reach the open place near the hotel.
On other days, children play on the meadow, chasing each other or running around with a football in their hands. But today, everything has been transformed into a little open theatre, planks of wood having been rearranged to a small stage with fairy lights dangling from tree branches above you.
“This reminds me of the bonfires and parties we had on Ringrey Rise,” he suddenly says when you’ve settled in the last row, his eyes staring straight ahead into the crowd of mingling voices and excited smiles.
But your head moves to the side to look at him instead, endless thoughts tumbling over each other in your head as they try to grab your attention one by one. There are so many things he doesn’t know - that you’re not telling him.
He doesn’t know that you still cherish the warmth the fire brought you back then. He doesn’t know that your insides grew even hotter gradually when you realised that he stayed by your side deliberately, trying to give you some sort of comfort that you’d denied yourself for days. And he certainly doesn’t know that when he’d first told you how amazing you were the way you lived and breathed, he’d changed every opinion you thought you’d had about yourself.
Until today, you didn’t think you’d ever be able to thank him for the confidence he taught you back then, but now that you’re here, you’re quick to not let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
“Do you remember the conversation we had? When you caught me studying on the night of the bonfire?” you ask carefully, sighing right after as you watch his eyes settle on yours softly.
Manspreading on his seat, he intertwines his fingers between his legs, nodding as he presses his lips together and showcases the mole you’re so fond of. “Of course I do.”
“This, uh… might sound cheesy,” you say with a laugh, balling your hands to fists in your lap, “but I want to say thank you. You know, just… for cheering me up that day. Saying the things I needed to hear. I feel like everything you told me was exactly what I feared, but…”
You gather the words on your tongue, trying not to confess too much and too fast as he waits for you to continue. “But I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I’m happy that I allowed myself to come out of my shell, but I have to thank you for encouraging me to do so in the first place.”
The smirks oozing with mocking confidence he throws at you usually stay present, but this time, he looks at you with wide eyes instead - his gaze a coalescence of confusion and pride. You soon decipher that you must have been the first one to tell him about his power of changing lives.
“Do you mean that?” he asks, blinking a few times too fast. And when you nod, his lips form a humble and pleasant smile, causing the flame inside your heart to blaze brighter before he adds, “I didn’t know I affected you this much. I’m happy to hear that.”
“You really did.”
Whenever Jungkook stands in front of a camera, he feels his soul float. Like a freefall, the adrenaline pushes his motivation further and forces him to work harder, smiles never faltering and the chase after his dreams never ending.
And with you, he feels something similar. You make him want to stay right here, sitting on uncomfortable chairs as you watch people embarrass themselves while playing children’s games.
Similar to you, Jungkook feels a fire in his chest each time you utter one of your lovely words - but differently from you, the heat never stays long but gives way to cool solace. Like a drop of water touching a hot surface and evaporating to clouds in his mind that he floats on as long as he sees and feels your presence right in front of him.
You keep staring at each other in oblivion until you hear applause around you, making you both flinch as you intuitively begin clapping as well. And then he laughs, coming close to you as he taunts, “And you were seriously studying!”
“Well yeah,” you yell over the noise, “I’m a great doctor now for a reason!”
“But studying on a trip, on a mountain!”
“Not if you’re there to interrupt!”
“And lecture you!”
“And see right through me…”
“You were crazy for me.” By now, the chaos has slowed down and his voice with it, his face too close, eyes too sparkly. You stare at him with a grin, scoffing slightly.
“As if.”
“I’m right.”
He’s right.
“Are you going to play the games tonight?” he asks you, voice quiet and his hand squeezing your knee lightly. You don’t know when it landed there, but you’re not going to complain either.
You click your tongue and shake your head, leaning forward in your seat without ever averting your gaze from him. “No. Let’s go somewhere else. And talk about how crazy I was about you.”
Jungkook smiles at you, standing before you and offering you his inked hand. You place your palm in his carefully, instant electricity flowing through your veins as he opens his mouth to confirm, “I think I love this idea.”
Tumblr media
When Jungkook walks to the hotel again, his body feels lighter than a feather, legs not carrying him but floating right above the ground. He wears a smile on his face with flushed cheeks, thoughts of you occupying every spot in his mind as he remembers the grin you shot him when you parted two minutes ago.
In his half drunk haze, he almost doesn’t see the man sitting on a random table aloof from the rest of the crowd, rubbing his neck with an exasperated expression on his features. Jungkook understands soon what Jimin’s doing with the other ladies and gentlemen who have gathered around him; and within one moment, the delirious feeling of floating vanishes and gives way to frustration instead.
He walks over to the gambling table, watching Jimin’s fatigued eyes look up at him for only a second before he lowers his gaze nonchalantly again. But when Jungkook arrives to stand right next to him, he acknowledges his former friend’s presence and sighs.
“Let’s go,” Jungkook says, placing a hand on Jimin’s shoulder gently, almost fearfully. “That’s enough, Jimin.”
He expects Jimin to bark back at his words, annoyed eye rolls accompanying his bad mood; but instead, he throws the cards onto the table, shoving the chair back and glaring at his company in anger.
“Fine. We’re done here anyway.”
While Jungkook seems like a saint to Jimin in front of these cheating gamblers, his indifferent demeanor returns the moment they walk to his hotel room in silence. Both have their hands buried in their pockets, Jungkook’s mind whirring around the question if he should accost his friend’s bad habits or not.
It’s only when Jimin thanks him for accompanying him to his room and telling him he’s free to leave that Jungkook speaks up. He follows Jimin inside, much to the latter’s displeasure - but the tension has become too unbearable and it’s time to address it once and for all.
“Why are you still doing that, Jimin?” Jungkook asks, folding his arms as he watches Jimin slump onto his unmade bed. Not much seems to have changed since their younger years when Jimin used to gamble away his money irresponsibly. “And please don’t act as if you don’t know what I’m talking about.”
Jimin doesn’t answer, instead cramming for the TV remote and switching to the first channel that comes to mind. For a moment, both grow distracted, the familiar voice in the TV grabbing their attention. There he is, talking to the cameras in the middle of Tokyo about something he’s long forgotten.
But what Jungkook does remember is that his colleague had stood right beside the camera, nodding affirmatively and showing him a thumbs up when he improvised a particularly good line. Jungkook gazes at the background attentively, a small smile playing around his lips until he’s suddenly gone.
Instead, Jimin has switched to a baseball game, leaning back against the headboard of his bed as Jungkook’s head shoots at him with hurt in his eyes. Voice becoming small, he says, “That was my show. Can you switch back?”
“Nah,” Jimin remarks in an instant, shrugging his shoulders, “I find it boring.”
“You think my show’s boring?” There’s clear and obvious ache in Jungkook’s expression, arms falling sideways and weight shifting from one leg to another.
Jimin stays silent yet again, only toying with the inside of his cheeks. Jungkook scoffs, brushing a hand through his tresses as he steps closer and asks, “What’s your problem, Jimin?”
The man in question stands from the bed, tongue darting out to wet his lips and voice injected with venom snapping back, “What my problem is? You know exactly what it is. Five years have passed, Bunny, and you never bothered to reach out to talk to me. There were days when I called four times, and I mean…”
He pauses, laughing at his pathetic complaints, wishing he could just stop caring instead. “Even if you can’t talk at one moment, you can call back, right? You come here, know nothing about my life and then you have the nerves to ask me what my problem is?”
“Okay, Jimin,” Jungkook cautions, stretching out a hand in defense and eyebrows furrowing. “Calm down.”
“Calm down how? Five years and barely anything from you!”
Jungkook’s voice raises as he utters his next words, becoming more irritated with each second that passes, “I didn’t call Dia that much either! But she didn’t complain! Try to understand, I was scattered across the world… trying to work towards my dreams and build up the life I wanted!”
“Dia expects nothing from you, Jungkook! She thought you weren’t even going to come to this wedding. But right! It’s about you!” His hands raise above his head in faked defeat, the come-hither smile never falling. “Your dreams, your problems, your excuses! Tell me, Jungkook - what am I doing in life right now? Hm? Do you have an answer to that?”
The vexation burns bright in his eyes, strands of his light brown hair hanging into his eyes as he walks past Jungkook to wash his face in the bathroom. He halts, however, right in front of the door when he hears Jungkook answer, “Your bar. You opened up a bar, didn’t you?”
Jimin laughs mockingly, shaking his head in annoyance. “Oh yeah. The one I lost a few months ago along with most of my money? Yep.”
Jungkook’s gaze softens, awkward silence befalling the room. His fingers twitch to reach out and pull Jimin into a hug, but the way he’s glaring at him from the other side of the room leaves no possibility for truce.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t kno-”
“Of course not. You don’t know anything, because you’re never here, because you never try. You didn’t even come to your own father’s funeral!”
And that’s when all empathy vanishes and rage takes its place, Jungkook’s blood boiling in lava temperatures instantly as he closes Jimin in and shoves him against the door hard. “At least I’m not a fucking gambler like you are! Useless, playing for dirty money while never finding a purpose in life!”
With that, Jimin pushes Jungkook back with a force that nearly sweeps the younger man off his feet, his eyes barely refocusing when he sees Jimin grab a statue that sat on the shelf right next to the TV. Jungkook’s eyes grow impossibly, breath hitching in his throat as he yells, “Are you fucking crazy? I will die, man! Here, ta- take this instead.”
Jungkook grabs the pillow at the foot of the bed, throwing it into Jimin’s face, hoping to diffuse the situation. Jimin catches it swiftly before hitting his friend’s shoulder with the soft, painless material. Although the fight is harmless, their anger is real, childish words flying around as Jimin curses at Jungkook who screams back that Jimin “should fight with his own hands if he’s brave enough!”.
With the aggression that both pour into their kindergarten fight, the pillow soon rips in two pieces, feathers flying around and restricting their visions as they fall to the ground in opposite directions.
Chests heaving, they stare at each other with darkened gazes, Jimin’s eyes rolling in disbelief as he remarks, “And all that... because of a guy winning a double jackpot in Tokyo.”
Jungkook’s about to curse back at him, an insult tingling the tip of his tongue before he freezes momentarily. He looks at Jimin with a raised eyebrow, pointing the finger with a tattooed smiley at him as he queries, “How do you know that it was about a double jackpot thing?”
Jimin clenches his jaw, still hellbent on avoiding Jungkook’s eyes. But Jungkook laughs, crawling closer until their knees almost touch. “You did watch my show.”
“Every single episode,” Jimin confesses quietly before his tongue wets his lips, his voice growing softer just a little bit. “How could I not?”
Both of their eyes wander down to the feathery mess, the air becoming lighter and more loving as time ticks by. After everything these two experienced in their past, Jungkook feels a newfound hope that demolishes the pain that the distance brought.
With a worried expression taking over his features, he says, ”Listen. Your time will come too. I have… a bit of money saved. Take it and save your bar.”
Jimin sighs heavily and shakily, eyes closing in weariness and soft, sweet voice whispering, “It’s a huge amount, Bunny…”
“How much?”
The older man gulps, the number leaving his vocal chords as if it’s painful for him to say it out loud. “Almost three thousand.”
“Okay. Done,” Jungkook says, his hand settling on Jimin’s shoulder carefully as the latter looks up at him with incredible distress in his eyes.
For a moment, he continues to stare, constantly swallowing the knot in his throat until he stands, walking to the TV and grabbing two glasses. He pours some whiskey from the bottle on the shelf into them, laughing gently.
“You idiot,” he begins, honey returning to his lovely voice, “you can’t buy my friendship with money. I’m not that cheap.”
Jungkook leans against the bathroom door, asking in earnest, “What can I do for you then?”
“Here.” Jimin returns to his spot next to his friend, handing him a glass before taking a sip as well. “Drink with me.”
With a clank of their glasses, Jungkook shoots his infamous bunny smile into his direction, drinking the liquid in one go with a grimace. And then, he tells Jimin, “You’ll still take my money.”
For a moment, Jimin stares back at Jungkook with his lips formed to an O and pupils dilating. Then, he breaks out in a genuine laugh - no mocking, no disgust, no hate behind it; only pure friendship, affection and nostalgia.
Apparently, nothing has changed after all.
Tumblr media
“It’s so warm for December,” you remark, dressed in barely a thin cardigan as you take in the tropic climate of the place.
When Jungkook knocked at your door this morning, you hadn’t expected to be greeted by his form carrying a bag around his shoulders, urging you to visit the old town and its attractions. You’d initially planned to sit on the couch the whole day, going over the last details for the wedding in your bathrobe.
You’d considered you looked terrible with a towel wrapped around your hair and no make-up present on your face, but Jungkook hadn’t blinked once before he’d told you to get ready as fast as possible.
Which is how you find yourself admiring the narrow alleyways, passing little cafés and restaurants located between the brick walls and hearing the happy chatter of people around you. Your hair flutters in the breeze as you reach an open square again, birds flying in the distance as the sun begins its descent.
“It’s beautiful,” you tell Jungkook, flashing him a breathtaking smile to which not even the beauty of the town can compare. “You must’ve seen places like these multiple times in the last few years.”
Jungkook’s left hand shoots out of the pocket of his jeans, gesturing towards the square as he says, “I’ve seen something like this in Venice. Piazza San Marco. But I’ve seen even prettier places that would blow your mind Y/N, you can’t even imagine.” He pauses for a moment, matching your slow steps before he adds, “I don’t think I could live like this… like you.”
You scoff from the side, nudging his sides with your elbow. With a roll of your eyes, you inquire, “Like me?”
“Yeah, like,” he begins, taking off his cap to run his fingers through his dark locks, “one place. One country. The same four walls, the same people and places. I know that’s your thing, but I can’t imagine the boredom of it.”
“I mean, I chose this life, Bunny.” Your eyebrows furrow as you laugh a little, trying to find something you can remark just to be petty about him dismissing your life like this. “I don’t want to wander around cluelessly like you.”
You pass by him, accelerating your steps as he halts for a second with an amused grin, watching your heated figure walk away. He catches up to you soon, arguing, “You don’t know how it is to sit with strangers and listen to their stories all night long. All the things they have to say…”
“And you don’t know how it is to sit with old friends,” you reply calmly, matching his smug smile as you take the challenge of out-arguing each other, “with a cup of coffee and listening to what’s happening in their lives.”
“You haven’t tried original kimchi in the heart of South Korea.”
By now he’s walking in front of you, backwards, guiding himself intuitively as you approach some ruins at the end of the square, most walls already tumbled down and giving way to a cliff-like area. You’ve barely noticed that you’ve reached a spot this high, fields and the horizon stretching endlessly beneath this place after hours of walking and laughing.
“And you haven’t tried my blueberry pie,” you answer, a hand gripping his shoulder and turning him around, “handmade with the instructions on my grandma’s recipe.”
But he doesn’t stop; keeps searching his glowing mind for more things he can say just to spite you. You’re relaxed, however, long having realised that he’s trying to rile you up - but you won’t give in to that. Whatever he has to say, you can counter with examples of your birthplace.
“Dancing with foreign kids, because they like your accent so much.”
Your eyes settle on a dove that pushes itself from the edge of a destroyed, low wall of the ruins, spreading its wings and flying into the fading light of the sinking sun. You feel at peace, remembering everything you’ve witnessed and seen in the hospital as you whisper, only loud enough for him to hear, “Seeing the birth of a child and the happiness that comes with it.”
And that seems to shut him up, no argument following as your hands touch the broken bricks in front of you. The wind is colder and stronger here, the open field playing with your hair and soul as you hear his playful tone again.
“And since we’re talking about it - you want children! Want to stay at home and take care of them all day as you grow tired and old,” he states matter-of-factly, laughing melodiously as you glare at him in your faked annoyance.
“Yes!” you exclaim, holding up your fingers, “I want six of them! And when they’re old enough, we’ll all gather in our living room, binging all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, okay?”
You attempt to walk away, your knee-length dress fluttering behind you - but his hand wraps around your arm swiftly, pulling you back and close to him as he tells you, “You’re not right, you know? Just really different from me.”
The shock of his sudden movement fades before you smile at him gently, watching his eyes soften and look at you with a feeling that looks like profuse endearment. And with his gaze, something in you turns into a puddle, too. “I know.”
Your expression looks soft, a deep stare piercing Jungkook’s soul and setting it on fire as he watches you turn and walk away from him. The way you’re standing in front of the last of the sunset, ready to fly away, makes you look like a mythical creature Jungkook has only heard about in stories and fairytales.
It’s baffling to him yet again how captivating you are, locking yourself in chambers of his brain and then throwing away the keys as if it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done.
Jungkook takes a deep breath, finding his voice again as a crooked smile graces his face that you can’t see. From behind, you hear him break the silence as he asks, “And you really want six kids? All from one husband or can I help you out?”
“You’re freaking gross,” you remark as you sit down at the edge of the ruins carefully, looking at him in disgust before you turn around again. You try not to stumble into the endless abyss under you as you pat the spot next to you, gesturing for him to take a seat, too.
And although he approaches you, he only bends his body slightly, fishing out a brochure from his bag that he holds in front of your face. You stare at it in question, needing a moment for the words to become clear in your sight at the same time as he explains, “The light show. Let’s go instead of sitting here.”
“I’m tired, though, Bunny,” you tell him, patting the seat next to you again. “I don’t want to walk anymore. And it’s so pretty here, look.”
You nod towards the horizon, soaking in the evening sun and awaiting darkness already as you rub your shoulders. But he doesn’t budge, brochure coming closer to your face as he says, “But it’s a one time thing, Y/N. And I brought this to remember the address it takes pla-”
His gaze widens, loose hair strands falling into his eyes as he watches you grab the paper and throw it into the nothing below you. It falls in slow motion to his utter shock, a glare meeting your smiling eyes, ready to remark something angrily. But you remain soft and tender, pulling him down carefully.
“And if we find out later that the light show was actually solid and amazing as hell?” he grunts, the pout on his lips making you giggle lightly.
“Yeah, of course it will be. Amazing,” you answer before gesturing at the sight in front of you with an open palm. “But then we would’ve missed this solid sunset, you know?”
Jungkook silences, unable to respond properly as he stares at you, waiting for something with the feeling you might not be done yet. And in the next moment, his thoughts prove to be true.
“Kook,” you start, letting your eyelids flutter shut for a few seconds as you breathe in the evening air, “there are things in life that will always slip through your fingers. You can’t see and enjoy them all. Let some of them go.”
Jungkook swallows the knot in his throat, anger coming down as he lets his legs dangle from the edge, watching your profile glow in the soft orange sun rays. Never has he experienced a shift in his emotions this fast.
But then again, this discussion was solely about a light show; and with you sitting right next to him, drenched in the light nature is providing you, he realises that this might top any fake entertainment he’d looked forward to somewhere deep in this town.
“Stay still,” you utter, sighing as you tuck a hair strand behind your ear before you take his hand into yours, “and enjoy the moment.” Your thumb grazes the back of his hand, small palm wrapping around his large one and holding on.
Jungkook doesn’t want to fall in love.
He doesn’t want the things romcoms talk about, the butterflies that flutter wildly until one party leaves the other heartbroken and shattered. Love is supposed to be everlasting; he doesn’t want it to fade one day just for you to find someone better when you grow tired of him.
And while he hates the way his heart flaps and dances in your presence and with your touch, he feels an unknown emotion extend in his chest that he thinks might not be that unfamiliar after all. He thinks he’s felt it before, in another life, at another place, with you, only with you.
And as you sit there, watching darkness drench the town, he eliminates all negativity in his mind and does just that - enjoy a moment he might not experience again.
Tumblr media
Half of the taxi ride passes in silence as Jungkook reiterates your words in his mind, regret flooding him anew with the thoughts and memories that come crashing back from years ago.
You don’t ponder. Both of you look out the window for the first twenty minutes, Jungkook’s pupils sparkling above your heads in the sky as you get lost in the glimmer of the stars. It’s only when you turn to look at him, lips turned downward that he speaks again without meeting your eyes.
“Three years ago I was on a mountain with my team,” he starts, voice quiet and hair flying into his sight due to the narrowly opened window. “We were there to film some things, but none of us had a phone signal up there except for emergency calls.”
You can’t imagine where he’s going with his narration, but you listen attentively, his gloomy tone shaking and scaring something inside you. You shift closer until your legs touch, trying to glimpse at his damp eyes.
“When we climbed down, I had numerous missed calls, e-mails and messages. I’m talking… dozens and hundreds of calls. As it turned out, Dad had... died during the time I was up there. And I didn’t know. I couldn’t even attend his funeral… or tell him I loved him one last time. Nothing, nothing at all.”
And then, he turns his head to you, faces incredibly close as you see the agony and regret written in his face clear as day. He doesn’t cry; holds himself together the same way he did when he told you about his mother all those years ago. Then, he smiles, the same old crooked smirk appearing but never reaching his eyes as he lifts your chin with his fingers.
“I never even told Jimin or Dia about this,” he says, his thumb brushing against your cheek softly and electrifying your skin, “why am I telling you?”
You shrug your shoulders, smiling at him as you answer, “I don’t know.”
You lean into his touch, placing your head on his shoulder. And before you know it, you’ve arrived at the hotel again, both your senses coming to life when your driver wakes you up and informs you it’s time to leave.
As both your eyes meet, you find your face dangerously close to his like before, both of you staring at each other’s lips as the silence of the night engulfs you. But before you can do anything stupid, you back away, opening the door of the car and leaving him wondering.
Wondering about him and you.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook looks for you the next evening, surrounded by a crowd gathered around one of the guests singing away, he finds himself staring at another drama instead. From afar, he cannot hear the words Jimin and Dia are exchanging, but when Minhee bursts into the conversation and pulls her away, Jungkook’s sure he knows what’s going on.
He watches Dia and her fiancé discuss something for a while, fingers wildly gesturing and faces glaring until Minhee finally leaves, shaking his head.
“That was…” Jungkook begins as he steps closer, wrapping an arm around her shoulder before he squeezes, “intense. He saw you talking to Jimin for just a moment and got jealous?”
Dia furrows her eyebrows in confusion, shaking her head slowly as if Jungkook has said the most stupid thing since he arrived here. She exhales a sigh as he lets her body slump onto a nearby chair, the bonfire reflecting in his eyes as she stares into them.
“Are you kidding me? Minhee, jealous?” she then clears up, gulping visibly, “I was scolding Jimin for gambling again and Minhee came between us to defend him. He doesn’t want any conflict at our wedding…”
Guilt flashes through Jungkook briefly as he realises that he’s once again assumed the worst about Minhee. No matter how awkward the man appears to be, he truly seems to love his girl and respect all of her friends, whatever her past may be with them. While he’s obviously the other side of the magnet opposed to Dia, there’s no doubt that he will look at her like she’s the North star and chase her like his true love that she is.
“He’s perfect for you, you know?” Jungkook then tells her, lifting her head before he sees the wetness gather in her eyes. “I’m sorry for teasing you so much, but he’ll make you so, so happy. Definitely more than Jimin ever could’ve.”
She looks up to him in wonder, tilting her head and biting her lip before she giggles and asks, “You knew?”
“Dia…” he rolls his eyes, patting her shoulder gently. “Everyone except this dumbass knew.”
Both of them laugh, shooting a quick gaze towards Jimin who’s standing in the near distance, having moved from the earlier site to indulge in a conversation with someone Jungkook doesn’t recognise. Then, he adds, “I’m glad you’ve left it behind. You deserve happiness.”
“I just… one day realised that being childish about love and life will get me nowhere. Detaching myself from him and feeling for myself instead of for him was the first step to adulthood. That’s what I think at least,” Dia explains, rubbing her clothed thighs slowly as she sighs again.
Her words sound so mature. So different from what Jungkook feels although he has lived on his own for years, striding towards an incredible career and approaching life as it presents itself to him. But he still seems to lack full growth, understanding that the emptiness in his heart comes from nothing short but his own reluctance to just love.
“How did you know, Dia?” he asks her, eyes dropping to the ground. “That you want to marry him. That you love him and want him forever.”
She smiles at him knowingly, his mind easy to read as she thinks of her maid of honour and answers, “I think… love isn’t always something that comes suddenly. Most of the time, you feel it gradually. In the little things someone does and in the sweet words they say to you. Small experiences in life like late night talks and going for walks, finding out about their hobbies and… philosophies.”
He thinks back to the things he’s learned from you. Then remembers the exact same conversation from five years ago when you’d laid in his embrace, telling and explaining to him that love grew in small things. Settling down and wanting someone showcased itself in situations that were not as big as travelling enormous cities but were mundane, almost basic.
“At some point you just know,” Dia continues further, placing a warm hand on his arm, “and when you know, you have to do something about it. You really should, Jungkook.”
Jungkook’s mind grows dizzy as the realisation dawns on him, eyes closing for a moment as an image of you flashes by. He sees your lovely smile, moles at the right places that he’s stared at way too often, loving them dearly. The picture of your face and the memory of your laugh tickles his heart cruelly, heat rising in his chest as he takes a deep breath.
And more he doesn’t need.
With a kiss that he presses onto Dia’s hair, he walks away, fast steps seeking your form but not succeeding until he arrives at the exact same stairs by the river he first talked to you on when he came here. You’re looking into the dark distance again, hair tucked behind your ear as always as you smile at nothing.
“Y/N,” is all he whispers, and you turn around with a breathtaking expression on your face, warm and welcoming, homely and loving.
“Hey, Kook.”
He steps closer slowly, swallowing the nervous knot in his throat and chest heaving as he begins, “I need to tell you so-”
Before he can speak on, a stranger’s voice interrupts the late night moment between you, long fingers carrying two beer bottles as he hands you one. He’s grinning down at you the way Jungkook always does, mumbling something under his breath that Jungkook succeeds to blend out effectively.
He doesn’t care what the man is saying to you as he queries, “Who’s that?”
When you detect the uneasiness in his voice and face, you’re quick to introduce, “Um, this is… Seokjin. Seokjin, this is Jungkook.”
The man - Seokjin - looks at Jungkook with a sweet smile, the handsome grin adorning his face piercing Jungkook’s heart. He knows you probably like the genuinity and handsomeness in it. He wonders if you missed him when you agreed to drink with Seokjin, someone Jungkook has never heard of.
“Hi,” Seokjin says, coming closer and offering his hand as a greeting, “nice to meet you, Jungkook.”
That one single word breaks the comfort of the night like a mirror, the echo of shattered shards resounding in your and Seokjin’s ears as you stare in shock.
“What?” you ask, standing from the stairs as you approach Jungkook’s frozen form.
“I want him to leave.”
Seokjin’s eyes grow wide as Jungkook’s words seep in; and then he scoffs, full lips forming a smirk as he begins, “Excuse me, who are you to-”
“Her boyfriend,” Jungkook shoots without hesitation, “I’m her boyfriend, okay? Now leave.”
Your mouth falls open, and you twirl around in panic as you apologise to Seokjin, head shaking and fury filling your chest. “I’ll talk to you later, okay? I’m sorry… honestly, I don’t know what…”
But Seokjin nods and raises his hands to assure you that it’s okay, leaving you and Jungkook alone. You turn to the latter with a glare angry enough to faze him on other days; right now, however, Jungkook doesn’t care, thoughts of rejection and disappointment crowding and clouding his mind.
“You’re not my boyfriend. What the fuck did you just do?”
“But he is?”
He looks almost delirious, and your fury continues to grow as you try to understand, attempting to walk into his mind to see what he’s thinking right now. “What’s going on with you?” you ask instead, “Go and apologise to him, Jungkook.”
A scoff irritates you further, words accompanying his foolishness when he confesses, “I’d rather go and give him another piece of my mind.”
“You’re… fucking crazy,” you declare, feet moving on their own accord as you pass by him.
But he’s quick to pull you back by your arm again, voice soft but eyes pained. “The guy who sent you that message the other day. That was him, right?”
You free yourself from his grip, clenching your teeth as you hiss through them, “Yes, it was Seokjin. So what?”
“Are you in love with him?” You nearly laugh at his words, your heart aching as you realise that this can’t be happening - not coming from the boy you’ve given all your affection to and seemingly only receiving table scraps in comparison. “Are you?”
“Why do you care?”
“I do care!” he exclaims, making you flinch slightly as he steps closer. “I want him to be gone. Don’t go back to him.”
“I… Why no-”
“Because I want you to spend all your time with me. Me, not him or anyone else,” he admits, interrupting you once again as he sees your eyes fill with tears steadily.
He was an idiot to think that he’d been obvious enough for you to notice. Even back then, he thought you’d understood better what he felt for you than he did, and if it hasn’t become crystal clear to you in the last few days, he’ll have to say the right thing to make you understand some way or another.
But before he can, you break his heart further, if only for a second.
“I can’t! I just can’t spend more time with you anymore, and that’s exactly why I was here and ready to drink with him. He’s a damn friend, Jungkook!”
You dig your nails in your palms, most likely already forming crescent moons that resemble the one above your head. He looks back at you in further confusion, lower lip pouting slightly as he asks, “He’s not your boyfriend?”
You sigh in deep frustration, gulping down sobs as you cry out, “No! Why don’t you understand that being with you is fucking difficult, because if I spend one more second with you, I’ll just…”
Stopping mid-sentence, you let out a silent sob, one singular tear running down your cheek freely when he prods, “You’ll… what?”
And then, you gather courage, take a deep, shaky breath, tired of holding everything in for five damn years as you finally confess, “I’ll fall in love with you. Again.”
If anyhow possible, Jungkook’s doe eyes extend further, nearly popping out of their sockets as his mouth runs dry. His head spins for only a moment before he finds his grip on himself again, inching closer to you.
“And you won’t fall in love with me,” you then say, your brittle voice losing its volume as you add weakly, “again.”
What a stupid thought of you.
Not falling for you had seemed like an impossible task when he’d first noticed you on the railway station all those years ago. When you’d stared at him in hope, holding onto his words when you’d felt surrounded by people who didn’t fit your personality.
Every smile you gave him, kindness and gentleness filling his body with each twitch of your lips - you aren’t seriously thinking none of these things affected him… right?
He doesn’t know how to utter the words you want to hear just yet. His mind is still trapped in insecurity and doubt, confused but hopeful and utterly crazy, so entirely crazy for you.
There’s one last step that’s needed to close the torturous distance between you and him, and Jungkook doesn’t hesitate this time as a soft palm cradles your face to your complete surprise.
You want to ask him what he’s doing and why he’s doing it, but he doesn’t give you a chance as his eyes wander to your lips and lock them with his own in the very next moment. You feel your whole body tense under his touch, keeping your eyes open for a second too long until you give in to his hot breath and tender kiss.
His other arm pulls you into him, hand resting on the small of your back as he moves his lips against yours cautiously. Under his utmost care, you feel like you belong to him, the seemingly infinite wait coming to its end as you finally realise what’s happening and gasp quietly.
He kisses you for a few heartbeats longer, your tongues never touching and keeping the moment tender and you vulnerable before leaving your mouth in dizziness.
Jungkook stays silent. Looks at you with hurt and affection, guilt and fondness. His hands remain on you, breaths fanning your face as he keeps holding you, time and your bodies standing still as you hear the river water flow peacefully.
It takes a moment until he gathers himself and you into a full piece again, taking your hand in his and leading you to his room in a blur and tranquility.
And with the weakness you harbour for him deep inside you, you readily follow along.
Tumblr media
There’s a distance between Jungkook and you that you always feel when he graces you with his presence. Despite his touches and words, the thoughts of him being miles away never fade - and even now, with his lips brushing your shoulders from behind, the fear lingers in your chest.
You walked into his dark room a few seconds ago first, memories coming back steadily before you realised that history was repeating itself. Only now, intimacy doesn’t come as a surprise, your hypnotised self deciphering that he’s dragged you here for just that. And this time, you’re both sober too, your mind fully clear and aware of what you’re getting yourself into.
You let out a sigh as his palms run along your arms pleasantly. The mouth ghosting over your skin leans down to press a small kiss against your neck, your mind already spiraling around how this night might evolve.
“Y/N,” he whispers as his fingers find the zipper of your dress, slowly and sensually pulling it down. He rids your shoulders off the fabric, baring parts of your body as he adds, “Can you say it again?”
“Say what?” you ask breathily, taking a step back and pressing yourself against him. He welcomes you in his arms instantly as he wraps them around your stomach, head leaning down to suckle at the spot under your ear for a moment before he answers.
“What you feel for me… please…”
Heat warms your face as you hear his plea, moaning when he finds his place in your neck again as you confess once more, “I’m… in love with you.”
“You promise?”
“Yes…” you whisper, feeling his heartbeat fasten against your naked back as he gives your body a squeeze. With a swift motion, he turns you around, hand cradling your head right away and sighing as his eyes thick with lust and affection stare into your soul.
You think he’s looking for something in your gaze before he lights up a moment later, pulling you flush against him as his lips meet yours in a hot, intense kiss. As you hum into his mouth, his hands explore the skin of your back, running them up and down as he finally pushes his tongue through the seam of your lips.
Kissing him now feels different than five years ago when you’d given in to each other in the heat of the moment, not knowing about the other’s feelings as you dove head first into the fervent night you experienced together. You’re still not entirely sure what he feels for you - or phrased differently: you still have no clue whether he loves you as well or not.
But what you do interpret from the look in his eyes and his tender touches is that there’s for sure at least something. Infatuation. A crush. Growing love. You know there’s not nothing or else he wouldn’t bring you to his room right after your confession to find you bare-skinned again.
And as if on cue, he pulls back from your mouth, his expression growing wilder as he admits, “How are you still doubting what I feel for you? It’s always so… damn easy to fall for you.”
Maybe not the ‘I love you’ that you expected, but something that confirms your thoughts nevertheless. You want to ask him if he loves you the way you love him - but then, fear races through your mind: what if he backs away and stops all of this because of your awkwardness? What if the seething touches stop as soon as you urge him into confessing something he might not feel just yet?
For now, you want any type of consolation, even if it’s fleeting; even if it’s not as strong as what rushes through your body like a river.
You unbutton the maroon shirt that adorns his lean body as his eyes follow his finger running down your arm. He’s as lost in the warmth of your flesh as you are in his torso, his chest rising and falling fast but steadily. The lines of his muscles and the flex of his bicep have the same effect on you as they did years ago, your surroundings fading and blurring as you concentrate on the sight in front of you.
Soft fingertips trace his skin, leaving a burning trail along the veins of his arms and his hardened nipples. His appearance appeals to you enough to become oblivious to the fact that he’s staring at you, watching your lips part and mind drift off with pride and fondness.
It takes you a moment to realise that he’s gone silent and stopped his movements, and when you find him gazing at you, you remove your hand as if his scalding skin has boiled your fingers. You want to ask why he’s looking at you like that, your form backing away just a little - but he grabs your wrist mid-air, free fingers coming up to lift your face.
“I want you,” he declares quietly, leaning in to kiss your cheek repeatedly, “I’ve wanted you for so long now.”
You sigh when he bites your earlobe gently, his hand still wrapped around your wrist and your fingers digging into your palm. As you walk a few steps backwards, he follows, ready to see you fall onto the mattress before you manipulate the game and twirl you both around.
Knowing that he might try to find his dominance again, you hurry to push him back, straddling him instantly as you begin to work on his belt and his pants. Your clothed core moves along his thighs slowly, the sight of his thick and strong legs turning you on enough to seek any kind of friction for the time he’s not fully naked.
“I’m right here,” you assure him, undressing him torturously slowly as you cup his bulge over his revealed underwear. “If you want me, take me for as long as you want.”
“Don’t tell me that.” Jungkook is panting, impatience glazing his eyes and never leaving yours. “Or I might just never leave.”
Isn’t that the point? You don’t want him to leave - not now, not ever.
Excitement floods you when you finally pull his underwear down, the last intruding piece of clothing hiding what you’re craving so badly. Your blood boils and the knot in the pit of your stomach tightens as his cock springs out and points to the ceiling in the proud length and thickness you still remember. No matter how many men you hop into bed with, nothing will ever compare to the drool that collects in your mouth when you see Jungkook in his bare and enticing glory.
“Why are you staring like that?” he asks, words clipped and overlapping as he places his palms on your thighs.
“I just…” you start, licking your lips and moving down his body further, “really wanted to do this back then.”
“Fuck, don’t… say it like that…”
He’s right. Why say anything if you can show him instead?
One hand wraps around his cock before you start pumping, squeezing out more pre-cum that shimmers at the head, the involuntary twitches of his length screaming at you to take him into your mouth desperately. You want to tease him; want to edge him until he begs - but as impatience brews inside you as much as inside of him, you lean down slowly.
Shaping your lips into an O, you place them on his tip, tongue collecting the leaking arousal and toying with the delicate skin of his cock. He writhes and moans, hand immediately burying in your shoulder just tightly enough for you to let out a small hiss.
“Sorry,” he apologises with an airy voice, eyes hooded and lips parted, looking down at you like he can’t believe you’re actually and undoubtedly here. “You’re too fucking good.”
You shake your head to indicate that you're okay before you keep twirling your tongue around the crown, lapping up his cum before it can escape his slit; slow, tender, salacious movements that drive him hysterical. He lets out louder moans than before, huffing when you lick at a specifically sensitive spot, calling out your name over and over again when you decide to run your tongue along his protruding veins.
Five years ago you didn’t have the chance to gape at his cock attentively enough, but now that his tip is hitting the constricting back of your throat, you make sure to memorise each inch of his member. You look up at him and bask in the gaze he throws at you, concentrating hard to look at you while his insides burn and urge him to throw his head back and face the ceiling.
“Perfect, Y/N, this is fucking perfect,” he confirms after a while, hips unconsciously moving up and fucking your throat. You gag slightly when the tip of his head hits the back of your throat, reminding you yet again how big he is.
You hum and moan around him, whining just a little when he grabs your hair into a ponytail and tugs at it lightly. Placing your hand on his trembling thigh, you relish in the knowledge that it’s you who’s affecting him like this, that he’s going haywire because you’re doing something he finds good enough to let out these low, breathy, husky sounds.
Your lungs scream for air desperately, and you think you can’t go further for much longer when his grip around your hair tightens and wrenches your head back. You let out a small scream, looking up at his face from your spot and watching him upright himself. He mends the pain on your scalp by massaging it with soothing fingers, pulling you up and kissing you almost innocently.
Innocently - that is, until he grows tired of chaste kisses and touches again, grabbing you by your waist and flipping you over on the bed with one single movement. His gaze is fucked out, uncontrolled and hazy when he looks down at you and your bouncing tits, his cock hanging right in front of your face before he taps it against your lips.
“Can you take some more, pretty?” he asks as his thumb collects his pre-cum and spreads it along his length.
You nod eagerly, ready to swallow all of his release at even a hint of his request. “I can. I told you I wanted to blow you so badly back then, too.”
Jungkook laughs at your keenness before he bites into the soft flesh of his lip, wetting your lips with your own saliva coating his cock before you open up and he slides his member in slowly. It doesn’t take long until his tip hits the back of your throat; and you have to admit that taking him while he face-fucks you ignites something in you that the previous position couldn’t.
“Good, yes… fucking… amazing,” he praises, throwing his head back as he moves his hips and his cock in and out of your demanding mouth. “Gonna give it back to you tenfold…”
With your mouth stuffed with his thickness, you can’t respond to his remark, but your thinking ability chooses to leave you anyway when he decides to thrust in harder. For a moment, he uses your lips and your tongue the way he wants to, setting the pace and moaning into the room with no end in sight.
But when you cough, he pulls back immediately, a string of your spit hanging between your mouth and his tip as he leans down to kiss your cheek again. “I’m sorry,” he whispers again, kissing your throat and waiting for you to calm down as you catch your breath, “Lost control… Sorry, baby…”
“It’s… okay,” you assure him hoarsely, brushing your fingers through his dark hair, “you didn’t have to stop.”
He gives you a gentle kiss, biting your lips lightly before he admits, “I don’t want to come yet…” Another peck. “Will you allow me?”
There’s no need to spell out what he means, your desperate self nodding wildly and making him chuckle pleasantly. “But before that…” he starts, shifting down on the bed and lips ghosting over your skin, “I need to return the favour.”
And then, he trails down your body, making you remember the last time he did the exact same thing, preparing you for his tongue in anticipation before he backed away moments after he’d begun. You let out a small laugh, causing his face to shoot up to yours right when he reaches your clit; and watching his eyebrows furrow, you ask him, “Will you really do it this time? Like for real?”
He taps your thighs as he laughs with you, softly prying your legs open further and bringing his lips closer to your sensitive nub. “You were so obedient back then. Turned into a brat now though, didn’t you?”
“I’m still obedient…” you say, closing your limbs again to provoke him further before you add, “But you like it, right? You know… me teasing you...”
The softness in his touch vanishes as he parts your thighs again, nails probably leaving marks in your flesh as he warns you, “You can try to tease, Y/N. But I don’t think you’ll win here.”
You want to annoy him further, joke around like the actual brat you’ve become around him. But he silences you by kissing your heat, tasting your sweetness as he twirls and twists his tongue inside you. Moans send vibrations through you and sloppy and lewd sounds echo as he buries his mouth in your pussy.
High-pitched mewls leave your lips, vocals resounding and music to Jungkook’s ears as he groans deeply into your sex. You know he knows what he’s doing - the way he French kisses your pussy before licking a stripe along your slit and settling on your little bundle of nerves shows how skilled he truly is.
You’re jealous of everyone he practiced this on, his tongue working towards your orgasm as he ruts his hips against the mattress for relief.
“Just a bit more, baby,” he says to you, but you can’t think, can’t answer, don’t know what he’s talking about until he slides two of his fingers inside you surprisingly. He begins slowly before his actions become rougher, mouth coming back down and tongue catching your dripping arousal.
Your walls clench around his long digits as he imagines how just that might feel around his throbbing, large cock. The pinch of your clit and his next words seem to be the last push ultimately before you gush around his fingers, “Wanna make you come again… gonna fuck you so good…”
You arch your back, letting out sounds you’ve never heard come out of you, your relief washing over your whole body as stars cover your sight blindingly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, what the fuck, Jungko-” you exclaim, eyes becoming teary from the overwhelming sensation and heart bursting in your chest.
In your hypnosis, you almost don’t notice when he slaps your clit lightly a few times and bites and kisses your thighs, helping you ride out your orgasm as he watches you go insane and squirm and squirt onto the sheets. A fascinated expression takes over his features, head shaking in disbelief before he remarks, “It’s your second time with me and you ruin the whole bed. Could you get any sexier?”
“Find… out…” you challenge, gripping your tits as you try to form coherent sentences. You move your head sideways, exhaustion already overcoming you as your cheek touches the relieving cold of the pillow.
Hands settling on your hips, he pulls you down on the bed a little, fingers and palm wrapping around his cock before he halts as a realisation dawns on him. “I don’t have any condoms.”
You giggle quietly; after all you’ve done, he just now notices the lack of the most crucial material in this setting - very typical of him. Hooded eyes look at him in endearment, your hand grabbing his arm and pulling him down as you say, “No need for a condom. I’m armed.”
His doe eyes widen at your statement, the thought of taking you raw tugging at his brain cells as you take in the beauty of the night in his pupils yet again. Different from what he’s been doing the last twenty minutes, his gaze is loving and soft - feels like a cozy home with a warm fireplace to soothe your soul.
The way he’s looking at you doesn’t leave a shred of doubt in you as you finally admit to yourself that he’s more fond of you than he ever intended to become. In truth, he doesn’t seem to be able to avert his eyes from you, making you feel like he’s discovered another wonder of the world that tops anything - reaching from the Eiffel Tower to the Pyramids - he’s seen until now.
As a traveller, Jungkook has captured one too many sights on his camera, but nothing ever compares to your blinding glow that never dims, even if you feel like an unreal illusion. But he doesn’t care anyway, ready to approach you with the same thirst someone in a desert runs to a mirage.
With a nod, he grabs the second pillow from beside you, an arm wrapping around you and lifting your back slightly to put the cushion under your hips. He whispers an encouraging “Okay” before he aligns his length with your longing, dripping entrance, eyes shooting up to you again as he observes your reactions.
Just like in the mountains the first time, he starts slowly, still so careful to not trouble you as he asks over and over again if he’s hurting you. As he slides in inch by inch, you keep shaking your head until he’s bottomed out and you hiss; then, he queries again with a soft palm settling on your heated cheek, “Does it hurt?”
“It… stings… but I can take it, do- don’t stop.”
You take a deep breath, trying to get used to his cock as he nods and begins to move with stagnant breaths. He watches you in fascination; entirely enchanted and intoxicated by the sight of the girl of his dreams moaning for him.
The crease between your eyebrows and parted lips make his member twitch, a silent plea to start fucking you in earnest resting on your tongue that he can hear without you uttering a single word.
And then, he listens, starting off slowly as you hum and close your eyes - he’s gentle, affectionate, kissing your shoulders and neck until your reactions aren’t enough anymore. Hand grabbing your waist, he concentrates on stopping his head from spinning, forehead glistening from the thin sheen of sweat as he tells you, “If it’s too much, let me know, okay? Because I don’t think I can hold back anymore.”
You nod understandingly, fearing yet waiting for what his warning might mean before he shifts on the bed. Repositioning and knees settling more comfortably, he exhales through his lips before he loses himself steadily and begins to pump into you harder. He’s not necessarily fast yet but buries himself to the base of his shaft, sharp and sudden thrusts accompanying his grunts as he slides in deeply.
“Jungkook, you’re so fucking insa- oh god,” you whimper and scream as he reaches the perfect spot. You look so fucked out under him; so ready to take him - and with your eyes rolling back in their sockets, he can’t help but admire the effect he has on you so profusely.
“So… unbelievable…” he breathes when you grip his arms and hold onto them, “that you can… take me this well…”
You melt to a puddle under his praises, eyes shooting open but averting his gritted teeth, clenched jaw and erotic gaze. Instead, you look at the way his bicep flexes again, sweat shining on his skin and a drop trailing down his temples.
He leans down, low moans and grunts leaving his chest and mingling with your own breathy sounds. His hands wander to your ass and grab it firmly, his nails pressing into your flesh as he lifts your torso slightly, your body half floating.
There are moments in life that seem unreal, no matter how alive they make you feel and how intense your stomach tingles. Or maybe, they feel like a dream because they make you realise how your heart beats to the rhythm of the situation, lifelines dancing to whatever euphoria something or someone brings.
With you underneath him, Jungkook feels like you’ve trapped him in the most beautiful of paradises, heaven’s light fading and flowers wilting compared to your brightness. If someone had told him that he’d have you like this, giving you all his affection like you deserve, he would’ve smirked and dismissed his conversation partner with a wave of his hand.
But you’re here, reality more palpable than ever: moaning, humming, calling his name like it’s the only word you know - the only word you want to know.
“I missed you,” he confesses as he leans down and kisses your neck and your face, “You might not be- believe me, but I missed you… all these years…”
An intimate moment during sex either brings out the truth out of people or renders them delirious, caught in the heat of the moment. Whatever it is, you bask in it, your heart melting and crying as it registers the words he just mumbled to you.
If you weren’t swimming in blissful oblivion, you’d tell him that he should’ve come back to you and called if he’d missed you. You’d beg him to stay this time and not leave again, despite knowing fully well that he surely will. If you weren’t oblivious and blissfully unaware of the truth…
“Show me,” you plead instead before you feel his teeth bite your earlobe, nibbling and sending a shiver down your spine. He moves his lips back to your neck and then your tits, deliberately leaving light bruises and marks of his teeth that have red, blaring alarms ringing in your brain.
You know you should tell him to stop - after all you’ll be serving as maid of honour in less than twenty-four hours. But then you remember the power of make-up and relax under his touch, letting his mouth suck at your skin with lewd sounds and delicious, soothing stripes of his tongue.
Noticing your pleasure, he asks, “You like that, don’t you?” And then, he bites and scratches again, inflicting the barest pain that has you writhe under his body as he fucks deeper into you, his length glistening and wet from your smooth slick. He rolls his hips as the curve of his cock hits your g-spot, the beauty of your dazed state causing his balls to tighten and his member to twitch.
But determined to not come before you, he lifts his body from yours, the sweat mixed with the cool air of the room making you tremble before he presses his thumb against your clit. For a moment, he stays like that, the rubbing just light but affecting you to the max. The fact that he keeps moaning when you do, drawing inhumane sounds out of you and welding them with his, doesn’t help you to cling to your sanity much.
Before you know it, your pussy overflows and squirts around his thick, impressive shaft yet again, sudden apologies slipping out of you as you squirm and try to wiggle out of his grip. But much to your pleasure, Jungkook doesn’t mind the mess at all; instead, he holds you into place and presses your body into the mattress further.
“Look at you, Y/N… You’re so fucking hot,” he affirms, his whole weight coming back onto yours as he loses control entirely. “How the fuck are you this hot? I’ve never…”
Jungkook stops mid-sentence, chasing his own high and knuckles growing pale as his grip around your arms tightens, probably pressing a you-formed shape into his bed. Instead of continuing, he squints his eyes shut, his gravelly voice muttering, “I’m gonna come, baby… where… where do you want me to…”
“Inside,” you interrupt, not managing more than this one word as he lets your arms go and places his on each side of your head.
Lips attaching to your neck, he cries out, “Okay… fuck, holy shit, you’re so damn tight-” And again, he stops his statements and reassurances when you clench around him on purpose, gasping and nearly crying from the sensation of his fucking and done with him dragging out his orgasm. He growls, body trembling and eyes looking deep into yours.
He wipes the hair from your face, leaning his forehead against yours as he begs, “Do that again… please.” And when you do, walls pulsating and clenching, he kisses you fervently, cock wrecking your insides until his thrusts become irregular but deep, moving your whole body up and down as he pounds into you.
And in the next moment, Jungkook gives in, coming gloriously with filthy, relieved moans, filling you up to the brim with erratic breaths. He seems to shoot his release into you endlessly, not stopping the stuttering of his hips until you’re stuffed and leaking.
Everything feels slippery by the time he is done, his golden, strong body shaking and his muscles relaxing. When you look into his starry eyes above you, arms barely holding him up, you push his damp hair back, noticing soon that he’s, for some reason, not pulling out.
“What’s wrong?” you ask when you detect the melancholy in his eyes, something about his gaze revealing that there’s an emotion and thought floating in his heart that he wants you to know - but not just yet. Then again, you feel like you can already anticipate what he wants or does not want to tell you.
He shakes his head slowly, keeping his thoughts to himself for now and smirking at you as he kisses your lips briefly before he says, “I told you you’re a beast. You gorgeous girl.”
A far away picture of a memory shoots into your mind, a conversation like this happening before in a similar context. “God, Jungkook…” you say, slapping his chest playfully, “the things you remember.”
He laughs with small crinkles around his eyes and a scrunched up nose, a soft, sweet chuckle before he tilts his head and states, “No, I just… want to stay like this for a while. Feel you for a bit longer.” For some reason, he feels connected with you like this somehow.
Kissing and making out with you some more, you take in the warmth and devotion he emanates, just now truly realising that he doesn’t just want your body but you as a whole; actually, really, undoubtedly you in your entirety. With his length still inside, your walls pulsate and your pulse accelerates as you feel him grow hard again eventually.
Without slipping out, he turns you both around, falling on his back with you on top of him as he asks with a twitching cock, “Can I?”
You lean down to press multiple kisses on his plush, swollen lips, wanting to know teasingly, “You still haven’t had enough, huh?”
“Have you?”
“I don’t think… I’ll ever tire of being fucked by you.”
He smiles and bites his lip, pupils dilating and shaking as he takes in every mole and curve of your features. “You’re so, so beautiful.” And with this one statement, you feel his cock standing in full length again, stuffing every inch of your cunt as he pulls you flush against his body and thrusts into you once… twice… thrice...
“You’ll never tire of getting fucked by me, hm?” Heat creeps back into your face as you whimper in pleasure and oversensitivity, fingers clutching the sheets underneath when he raises an eyebrow and adds, “Go on then.”
Tumblr media
When you wake up the next day, it feels like time is rewinding and repeating itself.
The warmth of his strong arms engulfs you all morning long, eyes still heavy and drooping as he watches you intently and with unleashed affection. Only this time, he doesn’t hold back and kisses your face at every empty spot, relishing in your giggles and touches as he holds you close to his chest and closer to his heart.
Today, you don’t take a walk at the ass crack of dawn. Instead, you sit up on his hotel bed and settle between his legs, listening to his soft hums and words as he narrates the adventures he’s experienced in the years without you.
First, he shares the stories he’s heard, ranging from chaotic nightlife fantasies to emotional tales he couldn’t have imagined possible in his wildest dreams. The way he speaks about the world outside your cute, little cubicle, sounds like a dream, too. Something you’d like to experience with him one day, seeing the beauty of your planet not just through his but through your own eyes.
Soon, he grabs his phone, conversations about waterfalls visualising in the form of pictures in his gallery that he swipes through slowly. Most of the time, you come back to a photo again, inquiring more details about his travels that he’s more than happy to provide.
“And this is in Croatia. Near Split. Magnificent in its whole glory…” he tells you, wrapping his arms a little tighter around you and pulling your back closer against his lean torso. He feels so lovely, homely, your body fitting perfectly in his embrace like a key in its lock.
Jungkook kisses your neck gently, butterfly pecks sending a cold shiver down your spine under the oversized shirt you’ve claimed from him, way too big even for him. His breath fans your skin hotly, his deep voice whispering with sentiment, “Not as pretty as you, though.”
You laugh at his words before he lifts his head from your neck again, continuing his stories about canyons, deserts and oceans enthusiastically. At some point, you start to invent your own interpretations of what the pictures on his phone make you believe, causing him to chuckle about made-up stories about Aladdin and Atlantis until his real experiences are long forgotten.
Somehow, you feel like the bigger adventure to him despite having seen and heard so much that other people never would. And the way you try your hardest to make him smile and laugh with stupid yet endearing stories has his heart floating above the clouds, ascending further and further until he’s sure it must have landed in front of the gates of heaven safely.
And suddenly-
“I love you.”
He says it when you’re analysing the sunrise on the picture in front of you.
He says it as a quiet, timid whisper that you almost miss.
He says it with genuinity in his voice, sugar dripping from his tongue and his touch feather light on your hands - and he says it again.
“I love you, Y/N.”
Jungkook crosses his arms over your chest, his phone falling into your lap as he kisses you again, this time on your cheek and your temple. A soft, harmless moan leaves your lips as your brain processes what he’s just told you, thoughts whirring wildly and trying meanly to convince you that this… all of this might not be reality.
Maybe you shouldn’t be as surprised as you are after your confession last night and his reaction to it, and yet, your mind and heart refuse to comprehend anything other than the assumption that you must be trapped in an illusion for sure.
But then, he speaks again, words turning sparks and flames into a wildfire you can’t and don’t want to extinguish anymore.
“You once told me love can happen multiple times. But I can’t remember ever loving anyone but you.” Jungkook’s eyes unknowingly settle on the same spot as yours, your mouth agape as your breathing becomes heavier.
For ages, you’d imagined what it would feel like if he ever uttered a revelation like this to you, heart always falling victim to imagined situations and trapping you inside your mind for longer than you wanted to. But now that it’s happening, you’re confused.
Because you do love him. You’ve always loved him - no one else but him.
He, whose eyes have resumed twinkling in your company. He, who makes you feel like you’re the only artwork in the world that’s worthy enough to admire for ages. He, who left you to chase his dreams. And with a burning ache, you realise that now, he will do it again.
You’re withering. Here in his tight hug, caged between his words, you’re withering like an unwatered rose, hoping that love can be preserved and stay at least this time. But you’re not sure that it will.
Sounds come to a halt and the ballads stop playing in your head, the room drenched in heavy thickness as the pink-tinted love glasses fall off your nose.
“Bunny…” you start, feeling his heart thump against you, thump for you, increasing your pain, “loving someone is a start. Do you know what happens after?”
Jungkook pauses for a moment, unsure what you’re going to say; but he asks anyway, “What happens after?”
You take in a shaky breath as you feel your waterline grow damp, fingers of one hand wrapping around his and clutching them tightly, “It gets hard to hold onto these three words. And I’m…”
You wait, turning your head and body slightly to look into his forlorn eyes, confusion and fear written clearly in them. “I’m a simple person who wants a simple life. And... you’re not wrong, just… very different from me.”
“I don’t want to talk about this,” he then says suddenly, his hand grabbing your free wrist and pulling you closer into him.
“You need to let go,” you tell him, looking down at your arm but not sure if that’s what you really mean.
He shakes his head in rejection, gaze filling with more and more fright, trying to shut out your voice to not hear what you’re attempting to say. “I can’t. I don’t want to let you go.”
“Then don’t go to Paris,” you beg, a blink of your eyes letting the expected tears loose before they trail down your heated cheeks. For a moment, he wonders how you know; but then he remembers telling Dia about it - of course she’d tell you, too. “The job you’ve wanted for years? All that travelling? Don’t do it. Because I can’t come with you.”
He knows you don’t mean it. Sees in your eyes that you’re not being sarcastic or manipulative - only serving bitter facts as breakfast as you try to explain to him why this might end just the way it did five years ago.
“Everything’s here for me. My parents, the hospital...” You list only a few of the thousand known reasons again, heart falling and mind spiraling. But then, you smile a little, bringing your face close to his as you cradle his face. Jungkook doesn’t talk - only listens to you, trying so hard to come up with a solution that reluctantly avoids blessing his mind, no matter how profoundly he pleads.
“I want you to come here and visit me twice a year. Oh and… don’t you start anything with anyone over there, okay?” you continue, watching him smile at your words slightly before his lips fall again.
“It’s okay,” you say, brushing your lips against his as you shift closer to his body. “I know your dreams. I understand that you want to pursue them first. You’ll just come back to me a few years later, right? And I’ll wait for you.”
His eyes fill with the same agonised tears as yours, the mole under his lower lip becoming visible as he bites into the soft flesh gently. Despite not knowing how to argue against your logic that is undoubtedly his own, too, he kisses you. Moves his mouth on yours slowly, your tears mixing and its saltiness finding its way between your lips.
When he pulls back, he beseeches, “Don’t go. All of this… feels too good.”
You want to back away, run away as long as the pain is still fresh, eager to avoid further words and memories that you’d have to get over yet again. And this time, it would be so much harder than the last time you parted.
“That’s why I should go, Jungkook.”
But he pulls you towards him by the grip he still has around your wrist, letting go and hugging you close within a single second. He pleads, “Just a moment.”
And you give in. Hold onto him tightly until he’s ready to let you leave.
You take in the way he breathes, talks and smiles. Commit to memory how his touch feels on your skin, tingling and burning, stinging and trembling. You know you’ll remember his eyes and his words until the next time you meet; the crooked smirk he shoots you so often; the pout of his lips and the hair strands covering his eyes that he barely ever removes.
You trace your fingers along the sharp line of his jaw and the curve of his torso, the thin waist, hard muscles and golden skin reminding you of loving nights and tender touches.
He holds you tightly - and you don’t want him to let go.
Tumblr media
You want to get out of your maid of honour dress.
There’s no doubt that you’re happy for your friend as she walks down the aisle, embodying beauty and grace as she smiles at her groom in endearment. Your eyes, however, never seem to leave the figure seated in the first row, red-rimmed eyes staring back at you.
They’re swollen from the last hours you’d spent in his room in near silence and you imagine you wouldn’t look any different if it wasn’t for the magical power of make-up. For hours, you’d remained in a fetus position, nestled in his arms with occasional tears until your phone chimed numerous times.
It reminded you that you had duties to fulfill and a wedding week to end, but the ache that weighed heavily on your heart dragged you back into his embrace over and over again. That is, until he let go, forcing you to get dressed and leave.
Even now, you feel his touch around your body, lingering intensely and stinging profoundly. One part of you wishes you’d never told him about your feelings and kept it the way you parted five years ago.
Back then, you left him with a clear conscience, talking of and thinking about memory-filled suitcases that made you feel whole and changed. But now, watching the situation unfold brings a kind of pain into your chest that you try hard to shoo away. The eyes that look back at you, however, do not allow you to do so very easily, piercing through you as if they’re trying to tell you something.
You barely hear the vows Minhee and Dia utter to each other, only fleetingly register the priest’s words as he leads the couple to an eternal life together. Involuntarily, you imagine yourself standing there with him instead, smiling at him with tears in your eyes as you vow to stay at his side until his lungs give out.
But it’s not you, and all you can do is let your gaze wander to him over and over again, tilting your head as locks fall into your face loosely. Your eyebrows furrow as he captures his lips between his teeth, shaking his head slowly as if he’s trying to tell you to keep your emotions at bay.
And yet, tears leave a trail down your cheek anyway, your chest becoming heavy as you suppress a sob until the crowds begin to cheer.
Dia comes to hug you before attempting to run down the aisle in her heels, wrapping her arms around you as she exclaims, “I love you so, so much! All of this wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was without you, Y/N, I-”
As she backs away, she finally sees your fallen face, her expression making your lip tremble further as you tilt your head to the side and hide your eyes from her worrying gaze. It’s supposed to be a good night, a perfect night - you don’t want to ruin it for her.
“It’s okay, baby,” she comforts you, wiping away your tears with her thumbs as the myriad of guests becomes louder and waits for her to stroll past it with a radiant smile. “He’ll come back. It’s okay…”
You look over her shoulder in an attempt to memorise him further, trying to detect if he feels as strongly as you do. And when you do, he’s approaching your form, your heart pounding in your throat and threatening to burst when you realise he might be coming to you to say goodbye for one last time.
But he does none of that - and you remind yourself soon enough that this is not your day, but Dia’s, the world you worked so hard to build gravitating around her wedding. He taps her shoulder and pulls her in for a tight hug, mumbling something that you blend out but makes her laugh effectively.
And then, he moves to Minhee, your fingers twitching every time you think he might press you into him just as close. His voice is silvery, modulated, breaking you further and differing so much from his usual tone as he threatens, “Take care of her, okay? I’ll break your bones if you don’t.”
The loud groom responds with an overly excited hug, thanking Jungkook over and over again for coming and gracing him with his presence.
You reckon he’s already bid goodbye to Jimin.
Because when Minhee lets his body go, Jungkook shoots you one last loving, infinitely sad and affectionate look. Starry doe eyes harbour the love he has to leave you with, and they say more than two weeks of back then and now combined ever could.
You tell yourself that it’s enough to know that he feels all that for you at all, pain striking and unbearable just like yours. But common misery does not soothe yours, and it only grows incessantly when he lowers his eyes, turns around and walks towards the big entrance.
No last words and no last touch, nothing.
If you could see him right now, you’d see tears falling to the ground. You’d recognise forceful steps, urging him to walk back to you and take you with him.
And if you could peek inside him, you’d see a heart shattering and falling.
Tumblr media
The airport is empty late at night.
Jungkook’s mind keeps drifting back to the party that’s probably still going on in the wedding hall, and he wonders how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking and who you’re talking to. He wants to know if Seokjin has approached and distracted you again.
He leans back in his seat, watching people walk by and sip on their coffees to stay awake as long boarding doesn’t start. The moment reminds him of a younger version of him, sitting right at this airport across from him.
One eye blink later, he sees himself, a blond, adventurous boy looking forward nervously to his studies and what life had in store for him. With pictures of his past, memories of a distant yesterday flood his mind as well, him standing in the living room and glancing at his father silently.
He’d stared at the picture of his late wife in awe, still admiring her beauty after all these years without her and not noticing that his son was waiting for his blessings for one last time before he left.
“Dad,” Jungkook said, pulling the man out of his daze, “I’ve to go.”
His father nodded slowly, clutching the chair in front of him, “Yes. Yeah, you’re right.”
Jungkook noticed the sadness in his eyes, head drooping and mind obviously occupied with something he wasn’t saying. “What’s wrong, Dad?”
“Hm?” His head lifted to look at his son, biting his lips before he continued, “It’ll just be so empty here. Even more so than before.”
Jungkook shifted from one leg to another, heart dropping at the sight of his good hearted father as he suggested, “Do you want me to stay?”
The man in front of him laughed breathily, tummy shaking as he stepped closer to Jungkook and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder. “You’d do that for me?”
“Of course.” Jungkook was sure he’d do anything for his good, old man, but the prospect of staying here after fighting for his dream for so long was undoubtedly unsettling, too.
“Alright. Stay then.”
A short silence followed his words, and Jungkook was close to inquiring if he actually meant it, actually wanted him to give up his life ahead to stay here. Instead of asking all of these things, however, he mumbled a small, hushed, “Okay.”
His father smiled at him with all the love he could muster, smacking his lips before he pushed his son to the door gently.
“The fact that you’re ready to stay is enough for me. Now go and get what your heart desires. Just remember that no matter what choices you make, I’ll support you, okay? As long as you do what you think is right for you.” He took a deep breath as he committed Jungkook’s appearance and smile to memory. Then, he added, “Don’t forget. Should you ever doubt a decision, it’s probably the wrong one.”
As Jungkook snaps out of his daydream, an instant realisation dawns on him. Several voices scream at him to listen to his father’s past words, a soft voice reminding him that a future is only a successful one when you’re looking forward to where you’re headed.
Strangely, the boy from back then had wanted nothing but to see the world - this and nothing further. But for the love of everything, that excitement does not resonate within him anymore.
Not when the definition of living his dream has changed; not when the face of his dream itself has changed.
Because when he thinks of his future, it consists of your eyes staring back at him and your soft palm in his. The world has shifted and so have his goals, all inhibitions of him leaving pointing at you.
And with a final push, Jungkook realises that time stops for no one.
Tumblr media
The ring of your doorbell shakes your dog awake from his slumber, your hand petting his head shooting up in surprise before you place the wine glass on your table.
You don’t expect anyone this late - and not at this time of the year. You know that Dia and Minhee are probably on their way to the airport, approaching their honeymoon vacation with thrilled hearts. Jimin is working towards his bar again, working out details before you can go and visit him on the grand reopening night.
In that case, you’re even more surprised when you open the door and are met with an everglowing Jungkook, holding flowers in one hand and a champagne bottle in the other. He shoots you an enormous smile, greeting you as if you’ve met just yesterday before he steps in and pecks your lips with his briefly.
You watch him walk towards your couch table, placing the things he brought with him onto it as your mind screams at you to snap out of your trance. And when you do, you ask, “What are you doing here?”
You haven’t seen him since the wedding. While it has barely been a week, time seemed to pass slowly these days, his absence clearly affecting you more than you wanted it to. And now he is back, strolling around your living room as if the clock didn’t tick for him torturously the way it did for you.
“I’m spending New Year’s Eve with you.” He shrugs his shoulders, a confused look plastering his features before he walks to you, grabs your hand and pulls you to the couch. He grabs your hand in his, looking at you carefully as he watches your eyes grow wet.
“Where were you this whole time?” you ask slowly, reckoning that he either left France very quickly after his arrival or never even stepped foot there at all.
“I was at home. With Mom.”
“And Paris?” you mumble, your free hand freeing his eyes from his hair.
You’re still skeptical but smile. You shouldn’t be happy about this - a fleeting feeling of guilt does course your body hotly, but you’re still happier than you should be.
“So you’re really not going?” He shakes his head at your question and you add, “Why?”
His eyes fall down to where your fingers connect, one leg nervously shaking and his voice timid and quiet. “There’s a time for everything, Y/N. And Paris just wasn’t calling me right now.”
“So you just said no?”
“I said no… for now. I still have a job and I’m good at it. I’m sure they’ll postpone this for me, so I can host the show at a later point,” he explains to you, raising your knuckles to his face and brushing his lips against them softly.
But you start to feel worried, gulping and holding back tears as you repeat the words he’s uttered to you a million times, “But Paris was your dream. Having your own show? I-”
“I said no, so I can make you say yes.”
You stare at him in confusion as you furrow your eyebrows, watching him fumble with the inside pockets of his jacket. What he fishes out has your eyes almost fall out of your sockets, mouth gaping open before you let out a light gasp involuntarily.
Right in front of you, a dark ring box rests in his palm, and he hands it to you, observing your reaction carefully. A small question slips from your tongue as your shaky fingers grab the box, chest constricting and tears escaping finally.
But when you open the box, your eyes meet the content consisting of a single toffee, a breath you were holding falling out of your lungs. You glare at him, half in annoyance and half in amusement, throwing the box back at him and standing to walk away in played anger.
“No, wait,” he exclaims, grabbing you by your wrist. And before you can fully turn around, he’s put an actual ring on your finger, hugging your digit perfectly and glittering shimmery in the warm light of your living room. “Marry me, please?”
You shake your head in disbelief, bringing your hand close to your face. “You’ve gone crazy, Bunny, you…” As you squint at the ring, you raise an eyebrow again, showing him your hand as you ask, “A fake ring, Jungkook?”
“But my love is real, babe!”
His defensive doe eyes are large and beaming with feigned innocence before he grimaces apologetically. “I didn’t have the time to buy a real one. I’m sorry…”
You’re close to saying yes. Even after the short time you spent together, you want to give in and fall into his embrace, uttering yes a hundred times and that there’s nothing more that you want than to have him here with you forever.
But then, your different dreams dawn on you and you feel fear flood your body again, body retracting as your steps carry you to your balcony. You know he’s following you; you can hear his voice calling your name and his feet nearly sprinting behind you.
There are still a thousand reasons why all of this is scaring you. The same old ones you’d gathered and recognised five years ago, repeating in your mind once again as you let out a deep breath.
“Y/N, I-”
“Jungkook, you’ll run away again,” you tell him, so sure that his love for you can’t be bigger than what he wants in his career.
He shrugs again, laughing lightly and stepping closer. “Then you’ll bring me back!”
“So you’ll… actually run away?” Your voice is squeaky and embarrassed, mind whirring as he smiles at you in amusement.
“God, don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere, okay?”
“But!” you exclaim, fighting your brain as it urges you to argue against this marriage. Idiot. You should want it. You do want it. But what if you’re holding him back? “Porridge for fifty years. Are you ready for that?”
Jungkook laughs in fear, approaching you further as his eyes gaze at the fairy lights on your balcony for a second. “Are you already trying to scare me? Come on, Y/N, give it a try.”
“Try? You can’t try marriage, Jungkook, seriously, this…”
He sighs in frustration, eyes rolling as he explains, “You know I didn’t mean it like this, I’m just new to… you know… this.”
“I just- Why do you want to marry me?”
“Because you’ve trapped me, Y/N! You’ve made me lose my mind,” he explains to you, grabbing your hand into his again. “I’m still dreaming of the same things but with two tickets in my hand. I want to see and experience the world but with you! Travel and be a journalist and take you to places you’ve never seen, see every corner but while holding your hand.”
Your lips twitch as you take in his words, heart thumping at an insane rate against your ribcage as you shift from one leg to another. Jungkook leans down, wrapping his palm around your hand tighter as he presses a kiss against your forehead.
You feel his breath fan against your skin, the cold December air eliciting goosebumps on your arms when he continues, “Listen, Y/N. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. Before we know it, we’re in our graves… and I just don’t want to die before spending this time with you. Okay?”
Still speechless, you stare at his figure, questioning whether this is a dream or reality, gazing into his sparkling sky eyes as he pours his heart out to you.
“I want to be happy with you. Not regret leaving you behind… and you know, the little things you talked about? I want them… want to hold your hair when you get sick… want to cook and bake and giggle about dumb shit with you. A-and I want to experience the big things, too. I want kids with you and watch you walk around with a big belly and massage your feet.”
You let out a shaky chuckle, tears flowing freely by now and leaving a freezing trail on your face. “I don’t know, Y/N, I’m really trying to work towards love here. Don’t make love work against us now.”
You sniffle, giving him your prettiest smile as he melts right in front of you. The man who used to abhor love and settling down; the one who’d sworn he’d never put himself into the jail called marriage, ever.
“Is that honestly what you want?” you ask him again, your tone shy, sweet and quiet.
“I swear I do. And in my head we’re already married, you know?” he rambles, stumbling over his own words nervously. “So marry me for real now.”
You wait as you let his request sink in, lips sealed and mind shooting around various answers until you decide to just stay silent. But Jungkook is having none of it.
“Can you please say something?” he pleads, panic becoming apparent in his eyes. “I gave a huge speech, at least applau-”
You interrupt his words by attacking his lips with yours, making him stumble two steps backwards before he reciprocates the kiss. In an instant, you melt with him, molding your bodies together and relishing in the taste you know you’ll be able to indulge in for the rest of your life.
His arms wrap around your body as they did just a week prior; only now, the touch doesn’t feel transient and like a tentative goodbye anymore, but indicates a new beginning and a friendly welcome instead.
From the streets, you hear someone cheer. For a second, you almost think you’re standing in their visible vision until you realise that it’s New Year’s Eve and people are most likely gathering outside now to celebrate and watch the fireworks.
You back away from his warm, pillowy lips slowly, eyelids fluttering open only gradually until you’re looking back at him, his pupils shaking and struggling to find a spot on your face to settle on. And then, you tell him once again, “You carry stars in your eyes.”
Jungkook laughs and you with him, his hands squeezing your sides until you let out a giggle from the tingle his touch causes. “I carry you in my eyes,” he says, giving your cheek a quick, chaste peck, trailing down your face with kisses until he nuzzles his nose into your neck and adds, “I love you.”
“And I you,” you answer, starting a chain of infinite I love you’s that you will never tire of throwing at him; starting today and extending into forever.
Tumblr media
The night might be cold, but the blanket wrapped around you both and the aftermath of the last fifty minutes keep your body warm.
You still feel the ghost of his eager touches on your legs and torso, skin burning wherever he left his marks. And now, with three minutes left till midnight, his palm is soothing the same bruises he inflicted, kissing your neck softly from where he’s settled behind you on the garden chair.
Your fingers clutch both of your phones, rings chiming through the speakers as you wait for your friends to pick up. The first one to do so is Dia, a wild bustling accompanying her greetings as you press the phone against your ear.
And Jimin, too, answers soon, your hasty gestures urging Jungkook to grab his device and speak into the mic.
“Yeah, hi!” Dia nearly yells into your ear, and you think you can hear Minhee’s voice exclaim something behind her, too. “It’s really loud at the airport for some reason, so speak loudly and clearly, okay?”
You laugh while Jungkook asks Jimin how he’s doing, your face twisting to look at your fiancé before you nod. And he understands, both of you putting your friends on loudspeaker as their voices mingle.
For a moment, they keep talking, but soon, they register the presence of a familiar voice and silence. Jimin is the first one to ask, “Dia?”
“Jimin?” she inquires back; even from here, you can imagine her halting her movements and raising one eyebrow as she always does when she’s confused.
You yell an excited hello into the phones and you hear both of them gasp in surprise as questions flood in, especially when Jungkook joins the conversation as well.
“Y/N, you’re with Jimin? And is that Jungkook?”
“No, Dia, she’s not here. I’m in the bar… but if she’s neither with you nor me, then…”
“Jungkook, where the fuck are you?”
You both giggle, Jungkook’s arm tightening around your torso as he looks at you in amusement. Then, he sing-songs, “Well, guess what…”
The screeching that follows from Dia’s side has you and Jungkook hissing and grimacing, screams from the streets growing further and louder as you feel the seconds tick by. The clock on your phone shows 11:59 PM, which means that only a few moments are left.
“I fucking knew it!”
“You guys are the most complicated pair ever!” Jimin laughs, glasses clinking in the background as you assume that he’s spending the night with other friends in his developing bar.
You nod affirmatively, shooting Jungkook a telling look that indicates that yes, we are complicated, because you had to leave... seriously.
“I’m so happy for you, you idiots and morons and…” Some more curses fall out of Dia’s mouth, Minhee beside her cheering after supposedly taking in the news.
“Y/N’s balcony is cold, you guys,” Jungkook tells them with a slight shiver, eliciting more excited screams out of your friends before you interrupt.
“People are counting!” you say, starting the countdown along with the man behind you and your friends before the world erupts into chaos.
Cheers and yells sound from everywhere, people from the balconies next to you waving at you and wishing you a happy new year that you chime back with a light heart.
More congratulations follow, fireworks shooting up to the dark night sky and exploding in various different colours above you. As you look at Jungkook, the noise around you silences for just a bit, his eyes staring at your breathtaking smile as he wishes, “Happy new year, baby.”
He captures your lips in another intoxicating kiss while Dia and Jimin still converse in the most tumultuous way. And when he backs away, he realises with his heart glowing in his eyes and love blooming in his chest that yes, now he’s finally where he truly wants to be.
Because even if life gave you hundreds of reasons to stop fighting, your name gives a thousand reasons why he must endure; love, fight… and stay.
Tumblr media
if you actually finished this, then i’m eternally thankful and appreciate the heck out of you !!! this was a beast to write and took all of my energy :’D so if you liked it, please please support me by liking, reblogging/reviewing and sending me an ask (about the story, characters, questions or just to chat) !!
i’m dying to know what you guys think/what questions you have and feedback goes a long, long way <3
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1kook · 23 days ago
tutus & tiaras
Tumblr media
summary your first pregnancy through the lens of your husband warnings smut in the forms of penetrative sex, sex while pregnant, unprotected sex, tit play, cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, sticking the tip in and jacking off/cockwarming?, creampies, nose kink (? like she grinds against his nose), infatuation with scent, frottage/grinding, lactation kink, titluvr jk [bass boosted] misc married ncouple <3, domesticity, jk pov, mood swings, pregnancy, GIRLDAD!JK, DILF!JK, pregnant!reader, jk’s kids are virgos its true rating m (18+) word count 10k
In a sort of roundabout way, Jungkook knows he always gets what he wants. 
Now, truth be told, Jungkook has a hard time asking other people for things, whether that be simply saying what he wants for his birthday or asking someone to pass the salt. He’s not shy, just… overly-conscious of his role in other people’s lives. He doesn’t want to bother anyone with his demands, so he prefers to do things on his own, settle things on his own. 
This way of living has worked out pretty well for him thus far, mostly because Jungkook’s lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love and understand him regardless of what he does or doesn’t say. The people around him can easily read him, which isn’t as negative a thing as Jungkook initially feared it to be. They know him, know what he wants and don’t mind giving it to him. 
Right now, what Jungkook really, really wants is to have kids. Three, to be exact. 
The maximum is two. 
“I am not getting pregnant more than two times,” you had scoffed one day, snuggled up beside him in bed. Lately, you’ve taken a genuine interest in this odd show about toddlers in the UK. It’s cute though, and Jungkook suspects it’s your attempt at familiarizing yourself with motherhood. “Do you know what can happen to my vagina? It can tear, Jungkook,” you added, not a trace of your usual playfulness to be seen, “down to my butthole.” 
At that point in time, the two of you only had a hunch that you were pregnant. You’d been going at it like rabbits, fucking on nearly every surface of your house, and Jungkook was, honestly, beginning to feel dried out. A few weeks prior, he had come not once, not twice, but six times in one day after you’d taken some sex enhancement pill that lasted nearly a full twelve hours. You were so horny, Jungkook was, for the first time, actually worried about how horny you were; while in the bathroom, Jungkook’s hand had brushed against you as he reached for his toothbrush and you had whimpered. He fucked you in the shower, on the dinner table, and even on the goddamn elliptical as the pill ran its course. All because you were dead-set on giving Jungkook a baby by the end of the year. Which was actually very unrealistic, because it was November, but Jungkook interpreted your claim as being one rooted in morale as opposed to logistics. 
Even though Jungkook really wants three kids — the thought of looking into his rear view mirror and seeing three tiny faces in the backseat, a mixture of his features and yours, makes him jittery with excitement — he’s completely okay with having two. It’s your body, and as much as Jungkook would love to see you swollen and pregnant for possibly all of eternity, a kid at your hip, one clinging to your pant leg, he doesn’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. He knows the idea of pregnancy scares you a little bit, that you’re nervous about losing your “hotness,” as you claimed. Which, you won’t, by the way. You’re already so hot and gorgeous, Jungkook’s actually afraid that being pregnant will make more men look your way. 
Two it is. Two pregnancies, two kids. 
But, as Jungkook mentioned previously, he always gets what he wants. 
A few weeks later, Doyeon ropes you into taking a pregnancy test. It’s the first time Jungkook has ever felt grateful for Kim Doyeon’s existence, even more so when the two of you come torpedoing into his home office with the stupidest, dopiest grins on your faces. 
“Twins?” you shriek, eyes bulging out of their sockets, your voice so loud it makes both Jungkook and the ultrasound technician flinch. The gel on your tummy glistens beneath the dim lighting of the room as you move to sit up, practically pressing your face to the screen. With your back turned to him, Jungkook isn’t exactly sure what expression you’re making, just that your hand clamps down on his wrist. Your grip is the only thing that keeps Jungkook from running down the hall and jumping with joy. The thrill shoots down his spine like a shot of adrenaline, makes it impossible to keep the stupid big smile off his face. 
You're having twins, Jungkook realizes. 
Which means: two kids for the price of one pregnancy. 
Which means: Jungkook still has another chance to knock you up for a total of three kids. 
Which is: just what he wanted. 
So now, you’re a little over three months in and Jungkook doesn’t think he’s ever been so excited. According to you, there hasn’t been any major changes to your body yet, but Jungkook swears you’re starting to show. 
Jungkook knows your body well — he’s spent the last four years memorizing every inch of you to the point he’s certain he can map out a constellation of all your scars and freckles — and lately, you’ve been so sensitive. You’re sleepier than usual, always seeking out the nearest soft surface for a quick nap. You cuddle up behind him at his desk, pressing yourself close as if trying to fuse the two of you together. Jungkook doesn’t mind; he loves being in your presence. Your ankles have started to swell a little bit in the mornings, though you refuse to admit it, so Jungkook’s made it part of his routine to massage them every night for you. 
Perhaps most notably, is your libido. You're sensitive. Today is no different. 
“Ah— no,” you shiver, voice a feathery whine that is nearly lost against the knuckle you bite down on. Jungkook’s certain he would have missed it had he not been pressed so closely, cock buried between your folds as he slowly rocks in and out. His lips trail kisses over your throat, sucking a mark against the skin until you’re hissing, knuckles white as you grip at the sheets. 
Jungkook lets one of his palms trail down over your chest, gently fondling. You’re like putty, the soft skin molding to the shape of his hand as he squeezes and touches, massaging until your knees tremble. “Ju— Kook,” you pant, hips bucking forward against him. You’re so cute, look like you’re about to cry, as you quiver beneath him. In a softer voice, teetering between a sniffle and a whine, you add, “play with me, please?” 
His cock twitches inside of you, and Jungkook has to quell his excitement before he does anything drastic. Burying his face at the crook of your neck, where your scent is most prominent, a mixture of perfume and lotion, faintly of sweat, Jungkook presses a kiss. “I will, sweetheart,” he assures you, letting his cock slip out from your comforting warmth. Upon exit, a long trail of wetness follows his head, creating a thin bridge between your clenching entrance and Jungkook’s engorged tip. He could go mad at the sight. His departure is met with a sweet moan from you, a sound subdued and mellow, very unlike your usual voice. 
Jungkook hushes your tiny whines with kisses down your chest, over the gentle slopes of your breasts. His tongue glides over the skin, collecting one perky nipple between his lips as he goes. You’re restless beneath him, legs falling against the mattress only to clamp around his waist instead, hands trailing up and over his shoulders then into his locks. He rolls the stiff nub between two teeth, his actions met with a drawn-out cry from you. His other hand occupies itself sliding down between your bodies, deft fingers slipping past your folds, trailing the wetness back up to your clit. “That’s,” you mumble, filling the bedroom with your gasps, eyes rolling into the back of your head as Jungkook lavishes you in kisses. “Feels nice,” you settle on, smoothing a hand over the nape of Jungkook’s neck. 
One particularly harsh suck results in the arching of your back, a fluttery moan escaping your lips. “Settle down,” he warns in a quiet voice, trailing kisses down between the valley of your breast, over your tummy — he swears you’re showing — and eventually between your legs. Pinning one knee down, Jungkook lets the other one stroke the inside of your thigh soothingly. 
He places a chaste kiss at the beginning of your slit, lips brushing against your clit. “Oh, don’t,” you whimper, robbing Jungkook of your expressions when you throw an arm over your eyes. “Not my— not my—“ As his breath fans over your wetness, Jungkook watches in fascination as your pussy quivers, folds puffy and slick. Your hands ghost over yourself, traversing the length of your body, from your hips to your chest, palming your breasts. 
“But you asked me to,” he muses, ducking down to mouth at your clit, letting his teeth graze the bud. Another sob escapes you, tugging at your nipples as Jungkook runs his tongue along your slit. “Wanted me to play with you, remember?” 
You nod, shudder, fidgeting back and forth as Jungkook envelopes your clit with his hot mouth, releasing it only after a mean tug. He nuzzles closer, accidentally letting the tip of his nose nudge against your clit until he’s drowning in your scent. It makes you mewl, pushing down against the curve and a little bit of the bridge of his nose. Jungkook entertains you for a second, mesmerized by the action, before eventually reinforcing the grip on your legs. He flicks his tongue over your clit, gets a little giddy and lets out an airy giggle against you. “Kook,” you whine, digging your hands into his scalp, feebly trying to draw him away. “Don’t be mean,” you whisper, beg. 
He can’t help it, he gets so high off your smell, your cum against his chin. “Sorry,” he says, but he doesn’t mean it, not when you’re so close to tears, thighs threatening to suffocate him down here. “Just so wet, baby,” he mumbles, returns to rolling your bud against his tongue. “Making a fucking mess down here.” When he glances up, all Jungkook can see are the two twin peaks on your chest, the trembling of your lower lip. He pulls away with a loud pop. 
Your hands are so little against your body, nothing like Jungkook’s enormous palms, and the difference in size makes his brain feel like mush. He thinks about how you’re only going to get bigger from here on out, swollen with the weight of not one, but two babies in your stomach, and Jungkook can barely keep his cool. His cock grinds down against the sheets and Jungkook almost nuts. Embarrassing. 
Eventually, he pushes himself away, nearly passes out from the hand you trail over his jawline. On his knees, Jungkook decides it’s okay to be greedy every once in a while, pushing closer until the tip of his cock kisses your entrance. So wet, he’s getting dizzy. “Your hand,” he demands, taking your trembling — tiny — hand in his and placing it against his cock. He doesn’t need to explain, you know him so well, fingers small and dainty as you line his cock up with your entrance. Know what he wants even if he doesn’t say it. Your tits are all swollen and slick from his kisses, commandeer his attention even when you grip the base of his cock. 
Slowly and with your help, Jungkook sinks back in. You’re even slicker than before, which is to be expected. Ensheathing him in a thin, wet layer of your cum and his saliva, Jungkook assumes his rightful place buried deep inside you. Your hand, after fulfilling its duty of lining him up, settles against his hip. The tightness is unreal, makes his head roll back as a silent moan escapes him. “You feel so good,” he mumbles, hair falling over his eyes, tickling his brows. 
“Fuck, baby,” you whimper, walls tightening around his cock, like a fucking vacuum seal, trying desperately to coax anything out of him. Given how hard and riled up he is, Jungkook doubts it’ll take much longer anyway. Drawing his hips back, Jungkook’s next slide into your hole is so squelchy and hot, it makes his jaw clench. “Ah— give it to me,” you beg. 
He focuses his strength in his thighs, rocking back and forth into your entrance with a pace that slowly picks up speed as he goes, bruising and loud. His hips slap against your skin, and Jungkook wonders how painful that must feel on your end. With each thrust, your tits bounce upwards and down, practically hypnotizing Jungkook along the way. 
Ducking down, he catches the erect bud of the nipple he’d neglected earlier in his mouth, grinding himself deeper into your entrance. You're moaning and shivering, carding your hands through his hair and down his back, branding him in bright red railroad tracks and half crescent moons. Adjusting his hold on you, Jungkook continues bucking forward, rutting into you like a mad dog in heat. He can’t get enough of you, of the deathly tight grip of your pussy and your obscene moans. Against his better judgement, he bites down against your breast, knows it’ll hurt tomorrow. He’ll feel bad about it tomorrow. Today, he wants to swallow you whole. 
A groan tears itself from his throat, scratchy and so unlike the syrupy whines leaving you. “You’re squeezing me so tight, pretty girl,” he mumbles, blinded by his own pleasure as he chases the feeling, sloppily circling his tongue around your nipple. Between the maddening snap of his hips and the lapping of his tongue, Jungkook wonders which sensation you focus on, because he can’t focus on either. He wants to feel it all, feel you all. Greedy, greedy, he wants more of it, all of it, until you can’t give anymore. 
“Mmh— hah,” you moan, weakly meeting his thrusts. “N- no more,” you slur, “I can’t.” You just need to come, and Jungkook just needs to make you come. He plunges himself in again and again, sears the feeling of his cock against your walls, every vein and every ridge, until the two of you are gasping, a mess of sweaty limbs as you grind desperately against one another. 
Your especially delicate body, the gentle protrusion of your tummy, it all becomes too much. Your tit between his lips, your pussy around his cock. Jungkook wants and he wants and he wants. 
Your climax is a silent one, your features scrunching up together cutely as euphoria rolls over you. Jungkook barely manages to catch the expression on time, pulling away from your chest to catch sight. Your lips are swollen, not from kissing, but from your own restlessness, tugged and bitten as Jungkook kissed along your body. You’re so beautiful, unshed tears clinging to your lashes, teasing Jungkook with an image he could’ve seen had he drawn you on only a little bit longer. 
Your thighs clamp shut around his waist, walls clenching around his cock, painfully tight. Jungkook hisses, releasing into your warmth, shivering as you milk him of his cum. 
Most days, you follow up these ventures with a round of rather fruitless conversation. You’re a talker, like the sound of your own voice, which is all fine with Jungkook because he likes the sound of your voice too. Lately, though, you’ve been a little different, a little clingy. Jungkook loves that too. 
“Don’t go,” you sniffle, looking up at him with big, sad eyes. He’d only been reaching for a towel to clean the two of you up. “Jungkook,” you beg, your voice wavering with the threat of tears, but not the good kind. These were the heartwrenching tears, the ones that made Jungkook want to swaddle you in a blanket and never let you go. You’re totally oblivious to the creampie between your legs, “come back.” 
And he does. 
Tumblr media
The walls have to be pink. 
If it were up to Jungkook, he thinks yellow is a pretty color for two twin girls. When he first pitched that idea to you three months ago, you’d been ecstatic at the thought, eagerly agreeing along to his suggestion as you raved about having a sunshine room for your sunshine girls. Jungkook had even gone to the paint store — alone, the smell was too much for you by then — and brought you back a variety of swatches, all of which you loved. So you decided on yellow. 
Yellow, as it turns out, is “the ugliest color I have ever fucking seen,” you sneer, arms propped over your big, pumpkin belly as you glare at the offending can of paint on the ground. Jungkook hadn't even started painting yet, had barely cracked the lid open, when you suddenly voiced your hatred for the color. 
You’re almost eight months in now. Jungkook doesn’t want to go as far as saying you’re difficult to handle but— yeah. “Baby,” he starts slowly, setting the paint roller down on the ground lest you think he’s threatening you or something. (It’s happened before.) “We agreed on yellow a while back,” he says, hands on your shoulders in case you suddenly pass out from being so overwhelmed. (Also happened before.) 
Luckily, today you surprise him with a milder approach. “Yellow is ugly,” you reiterate, big frown on your face. It’s very cute, but Jungkook has recently come to realize you’ve secretly been weaponizing said frown against him these past few months.  
“Yellow is my favorite color,” he counters, brows raised. 
You pause, brain stalling for a response. Jungkook can see the gears working, trying to find something to say that isn’t as mean. “Yellow,” you mumble, glaring at a spot over his shoulder. “…is too colorful.” It’s a fair argument, but the reason you initially liked yellow as a wall color was because it was too colorful. It’s full of contradictions Jungkook is too kind to point out. He settles on turning the conversation away. 
“How was brunch with Doyeon?” Easier topic. 
Your face scrunches up. “Terrible,” you deadpan. “She ordered chocolate cheesecake.” Jungkook loves chocolate cheesecake. “Who the fuck likes chocolate cheesecake?” 
Sensing your mood to be in quite a fragile state, Jungkook decides standing in your future kids’ room probably isn’t helping. Still by the shoulders, he gently coaxes you out, shutting the white door behind him until the two of you are standing in the hallway. “You must be tired,” he says, guiding you into your own bedroom. The dresser where the TV sits is accompanied by an unopened jar of cheese puffs, your favorite lately, and there’s about five different pairs of yoga pants on the floor in front of the closet. 
Finally, something you can agree on. “I am tired,” you whine, accepting Jungkook’s hand as he helps you into bed. You can’t lay on your stomach and squirming around is too much work, so you’ve pretty much been stuck sleeping on the very edge of your side of the bed for about a month now. He helps you on, fluffs your pillow for you and everything. Very whipped. 
Apparently still stuck on the conversation from before, you manage to bring it back around just as Jungkook begins massaging your calves. “Pink,” you say, hands on your belly. “It’s what all princesses want!” 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, digging his fingers into the tight muscles until you’re groaning from a mixture of pain and relief. “What if they don’t want to be princesses? They might want to be knights in shining armor,” Jungkook offers, eyes trained on your stomach. The other day, he’d caught the girls having a dance party inside you, nearly cried when they kicked beneath his hands. 
You scoff. “Knights or princesses, it has to be pink! I’ll bedazzle their swords or whatever,” you ramble on, so silly, so sweet. Jungkook knows you’re going to be a good mom. 
Regardless of whether they’ll be knights or princesses — they could be court jesters, for all he cares — Jungkook thinks pink would be a cute color, too. “Fine,” he agrees, eventually releasing your legs in favor of crawling up beside you. “I’ll return the yellow.” You let out a little excited sound, clapping your hands. “But only if I can put the sparkly canopy from Target above their beds.” 
“See,” you tease, craning your head to press a kiss to his cheek. “You want them to be princesses, too.” 
Jungkook wants his kids to be whatever they want to be. But he also wants to take advantage of their tiny age to dress them up in as many sparkly, glittery outfits as possible. In the future, they might realize they’re not a fan of all the tutus and tiaras, but at least it’ll make for good family photo albums. 
While he’s experiencing his first of many dad monologues, your palm grazes his front side, blindly feeling around for his crotch. “Hey,” he warns, catching your hand in his. You squeak, caught red-handed. 
As per your doctor’s advice, sex was okay. Thus far, you had experienced no complications in your pregnancy, so there wasn’t anything to worry about. You could participate in sex so long as the two of you were careful, didn’t go too hard or whatever. And you have, every now and again, but now that you’re nearing your final weeks of pregnancy, Jungkook is a little nervous to say the least. 
You frown, shaking his hand off with a bratty huff. “You never wanna touch me anymore,” you mumble. Some days, you complained about Jungkook being too close, too overbearing, to the point it almost hurt his feelings. Others, you couldn’t keep your hand out of his pants even if you tried. 
“I do, sweetheart,” he reassures you, rolling onto his tummy beside you. You're pouting now, plush lips pressed together as you regard him with feigned annoyance. “Just a little worried, ‘s all.” You lift your hand up to pinch his cheek, a mean act Jungkook willingly accepts. It’s followed by a gentle caress anyway, an open palm he nuzzles into, pressing a kiss against it. “I always wanna touch you,” he purrs.
It’s true. 
“Then touch me,” you mumble, slowly drawing your knees apart, slinking your hand in down to push away your bottoms. “Or I touch myself.” With your tummy so big and so round, it’s hard for you to completely reach around. Jungkook watches in amusement, before you agitated groans convince him to help you out. 
“Fine,” he relents, shuffling onto his knees, carefully maneuvering himself between your spread thighs. “Only a little.” He helps you wiggle off your bottoms, peeling your underwear from in between your folds and down your ankles. At the sight of your dripping core, Jungkook snorts. “Why are you so wet?” he teases, tossing your clothing somewhere behind him. “Weren’t you just raging about the color yellow?”
You grunt. “Shut up. You make me horny.” Flattering, so Jungkook takes it. He watches as you reposition your arm, wrapped around your belly as your fingers graze the front of your slit. It’s such an endearing effort, watching you trying to finger yourself, that Jungkook lets out a little aww sound. “Baby,” you whine, fussy, cute. “Help.”
“I got it,” Jungkook says, to the rescue. Capturing your hand in his, he helps you comfortably reach over your stomach, settles your fingers against your bud. From there, he skillfully drags some of your wetness along your slit, trailing your arousal up to your clit until the glossy fluid is lightly coating the bud. “There,” he announces, fingers joining yours in a gentle caress. 
A moan rolls off your tongue, eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you,” you whimper, knuckles knocking against his. Jungkook knows his perception of love is a little skewed when the sight of his and your fingers circling your clit makes his chest tighten. “You too.”
“Huh?” he mumbles, still a little distracted by your plush folds, clenching hole. He wants to kiss it so bad. When he’s down there, flicking his tongue over your clit and into your entrance, he can never catch sight of your face. Your tummy is just so big, blocks the view. Not that he minds, Jungkook loves your pregnant belly. 
“Touch,” you huff, hand paused. Your inaction is what snaps Jungkook out of his daze, gaze flickering up to catch yours. “Touch yourself, too.” 
He’d much rather watch you touch yourself, but Jungkook is a little bit of a pushover and very much in love. Also, his cock gets hard anytime he looks at you for too long, anyway. “Okay,” he agrees, hesitantly parting with your folds. Your fingers look so tiny against your clit, nothing like his. His fingers belong ther—
“Jungkook,” you whine again. Right. 
Pushing his sweats down his thighs, Jungkook releases his half-hard cock from its fabric confines, rather nonchalantly holding it in his hand. He’s much more preoccupied with your own slick folds, watching you routinely tighten and then loosen as your fingers dance along your clit. 
One nudge of your bent knee against his side spurs Jungkook into action. Reaching forward, he runs his fingers along your folds, reveling in the shiver that passes through your body as he collects a thin sheen of your pre-cum along his hand. It provides enough friction against his cock, his fingers glistening as he slowly begins to jerk himself off. 
Beneath him, you continue with your languid ministrations, eyes half-lidded as the pleasure builds within you. Your stomach is so big, smooth, makes it impossible for you to comfortably sit up. Jungkook quite likes the sight, feels his cock twitch as he drags his gaze over your body. The hand not on his cock smooths over the rounded skin. 
The softest sounds come filtering out of you, groans and moans that sound feathery and airy, like music to Jungkook’s ears. As much as he wants to kiss you right now, he’d rather die than muffle the melodious soundtrack you’ve decided to provide for your shared masturbation. Quelling his desire, he focuses his efforts on running his palm over the head of his cock. 
His fist continues to drag up and down his cock, trying to match the languid movement of your own hand against your bud. You’re moving so slowly, it pains Jungkook, actually. But he loves the intimacy, the shared trust between the two of you as you slowly but surely work towards your orgasms. 
He hasn’t been inside of you in a few weeks now — again, Jungkook’s a little anxious about the whole, penetrative ordeal — but the memory of the snug fit lingers in the recesses of his mind, choosing now to resurface. You always clamp down on him as he pushes in, when the mushroom tip of his cock shoves past your folds. He knows it’s the biggest stretch for you because it’s the tightness area for him. “Fuck,” he mumbles, glancing down at his own angry cock, your entrance only inches away. It’d be so easy to just slip right in. 
Like the devil on his shoulder, you’re always quick to voice his desires. “You know,” you croon, stilling your fingers. “You can just… go in. If you’d like.”
Cautious. Sneaky. You want him inside of you as bad as Jungkook does. Still. “I know,” he chuckles, vaguely aware of the sweat that clings to his hairline. He hopes his laughter hides the monstrous lust building in his chest, that the easy smile he flashes your way covers up the desperation behind his eyes. 
It doesn’t. “C’mon,” you tease, mindlessly rubbing at your pregnant belly, fingers nudging his. “You know you want to,” you sing, spreading yourself wider for him. “Just the tip.”
A shaky exhale escapes him. Just the tip sounds nice. “Are you sure?” he asks tentatively, placing a hand against your thigh, caressing the soft skin as his gaze glues itself to your gleaming lips. They're so puffy, would squeeze him just right. A little sound of agreement is your response, the fingers that had lingered over your clit resuming their ministrations. 
Just the tip, he repeats to himself, gently pulling apart your plush folds. You moan, a sound Jungkook’s heart latches onto and carefully files away with all your other little sounds. It’s followed by a gasp, another moan, a whispered call of his name. Together, it’s all the convincing Jungkook needs. 
Reaching for the base of his stiff cock, Jungkook teases himself with another swipe of his thumb over his head, catching on the slit where translucent pearls of pre-cum have begun to leak out. He trails it over his angry head, around the mushroom tip, even a little bit along his frenulum. That bit in particular makes Jungkook shudder, reluctantly removing his hand. He lines himself up with your entrance, your hand momentarily stretching down to brush the pads of your fingertips against him. 
They’re wet, sticky, dainty. Can barely reach, too. Jungkook doesn’t push you away, lets your curious fingers touch any part of him you can as he sinks the tip of his cock in. 
Just as he’d remembered, it’s tight. Tight enough to make Jungkook see stars. “Oh, shit,” he bites out, sweat collecting at his temples as he watches. Your folds envelope him, and it feels like he’s just come home. His warm welcome is punctuated with a high-pitched whimper from you, muffled against the palm you clamp over your mouth. “Let me hear you,” he murmurs, and it takes a lot of strength to look away from where your bodies are joined. “Your voice is so cute.”
Your reaction is unexpected, hips jolting following his statement. “No,” you whine, “I’m s- so annoying.” 
Jungkook nudges your static fingers, guides you along as if you’ve never touched your own pussy before. His cock head throbs inside of you, begging for some friction, some movement. But Jungkook is careful with you, settling in just past the tip. “Nah. Your voice makes me so hard, sweet girl,” he croons. “Could listen to you all day.
When he’s satisfied with the pace you’ve picked against your clit, Jungkook lets his attention return to his own rock hard member. Gripping the base, Jungkook steadies himself with a hand placed against the inside of your thigh. 
It takes everything in him to not buck forward, burying himself to the hilt, until your bodies are pressed together and he can’t tell where you end and he begins. “Ffffuck,” you shiver beneath him, not helping at all. He’s undergoing the greatest battle of self-discipline the world has ever seen. 
The only thing grounding Jungkook is the death grip he has around his cock, holding it with much the same tightness he uses when deadlifting at the gym. Needless to say, Jungkook is practically suffocating his cock. It’s the only thing that keeps him from a) fucking into you like a wild beast and b) nutting on the spot. 
It takes a moment, a long exhale, before he’s confident he won’t burst. Dragging his fist along his member, Jungkook finally lets the sensations wash over him. The jerk of his palm is shorter than usual, from his base to just beneath his head. If he’s not careful, he'll nudge against your tender folds, paste a thin layer of gloss against his knuckles. 
As he pumps himself, your mouth falls open. A whimper follows, head turning from side to side. Another sound, more like a hiccup, that goes straight to his cock. Buried deep inside you, he can feel another wave of arousal gush out of you, you're so wet. Slippery, your body teasing him with a squelching warmth he can’t enjoy to the fullest. 
Your chest rises and falls. Your breasts have been getting so big lately, swollen, heavy. The other day, Jungkook had casually nuzzled his face into them as you laid in bed, noticed immediately how inflated they were. Your nipples seem to always stand erect these days too, teasing him beneath your shirts. Now, he watches the plump mounds bob from side to side as your arm knocks against them. 
Without meaning to, Jungkook whines, squeezing his girthy cock on the next stroke. “Baby,” you shudder, and the affectionate name goes straight to his balls, has them squeezing as he traces his gaze over your body, back to your face. You’re biting down on your pointer finger, the hand not playing against your pussy. Jungkook grinds his teeth. He’s a little overwhelmed right now; between the teasing peek into your warmth with his cock and your fucking milk jugs, there’s at least five separate reasons Jungkook should come right now. 
Together, the two of you work towards your respective orgasms, taking in the visuals before you to make up for the deep-seated penetration you’re missing out on. You’ve always been appreciative of Jungkook’s body, a fact that has greatly helped his self-esteem, but today he feels like a piece of meat in front of you. Which should be degrading, to be looked at in such a way, but when it’s you, Jungkook loves it. He loves knowing his body alone can get you like this, your eyes searing a burning trail down his chest, to his dick, where your bodies connect. 
He jerks himself faster, filling the room with obscene sounds. Your pussy is so pretty, so soft and so plump. Jungkook belongs there, cock buried to the hilt, tongue lapping across your folds, however you want it. Today, he has to settle for this, your tight entrance clamping down around his swollen tip. Vaguely, he recalls the doctor’s words, the firm reassurance that it would be okay so long as he’s careful. 
And Jungkook is careful… most of the time. He presses his fingers against the underside of his cock, harshly exhales as he watches you writhe and shudder. Other times, Jungkook has this insatiable need to push you down and fuck you hard, fast, until you’re sobbing and begging for more. And that is dangerous. 
With that in mind, Jungkook manages to overcome the urge to thrust into you, an urge as old as time itself, and makes quick work of jacking himself off to completion. You whimper, at your own touch and the appearance of Jungkook before you, and your reactions spur him on. He tries his best to imitate the snug feeling of your walls with his hand, but he knows it’s not enough. Still, the memory is enough for Jungkook to power through, caressing your thigh. 
Uncoordinated fingers nudge against your clit, tiny peals of frustrated sobs catching in your throat. Jungkook loves the expression, the big tears that collect on your waterline. He knows he should help you out, but he’s a little bit of a sadist in times like this, loves watching you struggle. “You’ve got it,” he encourages quietly, hopes you don’t catch the teasing curl in his voice. 
You whimper. “Baby,” you blubber. Every graze of your fingers against your bud has you unconsciously tightening around the tip of his dick, a repetitive motion that traps the air in Jungkook’s lungs every single time. His hand traverses the length of his cock faster, slicker. He wants to come so bad, wants to thrust into you so bad. “Mmh— ah, fuck!” you squeak, hands trembling against your mound. 
Your pussy clenches down around him, painfully tight. It makes Jungkook dizzy, grasping for his cock as you finally climax. “Ju— Jungkook,” you sob, roughly yanking your hand away from your numb clit. Your legs jerk, knees coming up as you quiver through the intense pleasure. The pressure against his cock is what makes Jungkook succumb to his own orgasm, eyes rolling to the back of his head as a long, drawn-out groan leaves him. Without meaning to, his hips jerk forward just the slightest, drawing another teary sniffle from you. 
“Fuck,” he huffs, sweat dripping down the side of his face, curling over his jawline. His cum shoots into your pussy, and Jungkook can only hope it reaches the deepest crevices from this position. He isn’t sure if the white fluid that spills out around his cock is yours or his. “Shit,” Jungkook curses, finally drawing back with a grimace to examine the state of your pussy. Creamy, as expected, with the folds of your labia still so plush and slick. Jungkook wants to kiss you senseless down there, suck your clit into his mouth until you’re crying. 
He would, he almost does. “Kook?” you call out softly, feathery. Your eyes are barely open, breath coming out slow and deep. 
Jungkook discards any leftover arousal in favor of leaning over you instead, tracing a hand along the side of your face. “Right here,” he murmurs, reaching for the box of tissues on the bedside table to clean you up. “I’ve got you.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook's birthday present is one week late. 
Well, presents. 
The girls’ bedroom has finally taken shape, complete with a huge white crib on one side of the room, a changing station on the other. Pink walls, of course, with numerous castle-themed decorations artfully scattered about, a mixture between princess and knight; the mobile above the crib features a herd of elephants in tiaras, while a big, pink dragon sits inside the crib itself. You’re very committed to the aesthetic. 
Your water breaks in the backyard. Jungkook is mowing the lawn, doesn’t realize something’s happened over the roar of the lawnmower until he catches sight of your flailing arms trying to signal him over. The hospital bag has been sitting at the door for weeks now, gets flung into the backseat as Jungkook ushers you into the passenger seat, all sweaty and out of breath. 
Jungkook’s not squeamish. He loves a good slasher film, thinks the excessive blood really makes the movie, so he thinks he’ll fare fine in the delivery room. 
Wrong. There’s a huge difference between scripted movie murders and his wife pushing out two kids from an opening that is, as far as he knows, one inch wide. There’s screaming and cursing, the latter being aimed mostly at Jungkook for knocking you up in the first place, and of course, tears. And sweat. And a whole lot of other bodily fluids Jungkook doesn’t even know the name of. 
It’s worth it in the end, Jungkook thinks, staring at his two squishy babies and their worn-out mother. 
“Which one is she?” you ask, five weeks later, still unable to tell your own kids apart. Jungkook wants to give you the benefit of the doubt — they’re identical twins, after all — but as a devoted father he simply cannot. Mina and Aria are so different! The tip of Mina’s nose is rounder, and Aria’s ears protrude outwards a little more. They may look the same, but they act differently; Aria is an early bird, while Mina is a night owl; Aria keeps her eyes open while being fed, while Mina shuts hers. His girls are unique in their own ways, and it’s only his dummy wife who can’t see it. 
You’re holding Mina. Wrongly, might he add. “This is Mina,” he says, trying to casually take her out of your incorrect hold. He’s still not sure if they hear or see him, but Jungkook consoles himself with the fact that they recognize his embrace enough to cuddle into his arms every time he holds them. 
Now, you’re looking at your kid like you’re still uncertain about which one she is. Jungkook knows you love your babies. Motherhood is just a little awkward for you. You try your best and Jungkook finds your efforts endearing. Like now, with Mina cuddled into his arms, your hand gravitates for her tiny sock-clad foot, giving it a little squeeze that makes a familiar fondness blossom in Jungkook’s chest. 
The moment is ruined when Aria starts crying, signaling their afternoon feeding time. 
You sigh, reaching up to massage your breast. You’re supposed to be switching off, using every other side to lessen the ache or something. With twins, Jungkook senses that method kind of loses its effect, but you try anyway. Today, Aria goes first, carefully cradled into your arms as you settle into the rocking chair in their room. You pull your shirt up, hold your baby close, and watch as she begins suckling. “You’re staring again,” you murmur halfway through, and Jungkook feels his cheeks grow warm. 
“Sorry,” he chuckles, trying to cover up his embarrassment. He can’t help it— motherhood looks so good on you. The other day at the park, he’d caught a group of dorky teenage boys looking your way as you pushed the girls’ stroller down the path, no doubtedly calling you a milf. And then at a coffee shop, he’d glared at an older man who couldn’t stop ogling you over the lip of his mug. You’ve always been gorgeous, but becoming a mom has added a new edge to your aura, one that forces everyone to look your way.  
Mina stirs in his arms, begins huffing and puffing. “Set her down,” you tell him, immersing yourself in your new role. You can be a little silly when it comes to the girls sometimes, whine and complain about their stinky diapers until Jungkook comes to the rescue, but you’re serious when need be. “I’ve got them.”
Jungkook obliges, dreamily gazing at your figure in the rocking chair as he closes the door. The house is quiet after that, all three of his girls hidden away in one room. Jungkook knows he should utilize this time to get some work done, but his heart is too soft, too tender, to focus on anything really. 
He crawls into bed, staring at the ceiling as he wonders how this amazing life of his came to be. It starts with Namjoon, he supposes, his kind friend with an affinity of looking after others. He looked after Jungkook when he was a dweeby teen, and then you, in college. That’s where it begins.
(“Uh, I don’t know,” he mumbles, rubbing at the back of his neck. He didn’t have any plans this weekend, was probably just going to drop by his parents house. “A date?”
Over the line, Namjoon hums enthusiastically. “Yeah! She’s a nice girl. Very cool.”
Cool, Jungkook grimaces, something he admittedly was not. “Uh,” he drawls, lips pursed as he wracks his brain for any reason to say no. He comes up empty. Hesitantly, he mumbles out a quiet, “okay.”) 
It begins on a breezy night, you at his doorstep, Transformers on the TV. Your dress on the floor, Jungkook’s hands on your waist. Your mouths sealed together, tongues dancing in tandem. 
(Doyeon says it starts way before that.
“Listen,” she slurs, on what has to be her eighth shot that night. It’s fucking game night, not a rager, and here she is, wasted beyond belief. You’re in the kitchen, only four months in, baking cookies for the gang since you can’t have any alcohol. Jungkook’s left on Doyeon Duty. “You know each other,” she emphasizes, arm thrown around his shoulder like they’re best friends. 
Jungkook frowns. “Well, I would hope I know the mother of my kids,” he mutters, flashing Namjoon an unimpressed look over the Monopoly board. His friend is too busy teaching Jimin the rules of the game to save him. 
Doyeon shakes her head. “Before that, you dunce,” she hisses, teeth clenched. Jungkook’s afraid she’ll throw up. “Do the math, Jeon. One soul, two bodies. A second that stretches into eternity— it’s the red string, you idiot! Tied together over bridges and around trees. You and her, soul mates, ya hear me?” She’s jostling him now, probably giving him a concussion. “It’s fate! You know. Until you meet again and again and agai—“
This time, Namjoon does save him. “Babe,” he calls out, still trying to explain loans to Jimin. “You’re scaring him.”)
The door cracks open. You’re done feeding the girls, flashing him a tired smile as you slink over onto the mattress beside him. You’re still waddling like you’re pregnant, a funny quirk you haven’t been able to shake. Jungkook thinks it’s cute. “They’re sleeping now,” you mumble, sitting at his side. Your hand pushes his hair behind his ear, traces down his cheek, over his jaw. 
Puckering his lips, he manages to land a smooch against your palm, reveling in the bashful smile that crosses your features. “At the same time?” As much as he loves his new babies, their alternating sleep schedules have completely wrecked you and Jungkook these past few weeks. He can’t remember the last time the house had been this tranquil. Out of habit, his hand slinks around your waist, tugging you closer to his side. 
You nod, and Jungkook can feel himself melt deeper into the mattress, ready for a well-deserved nap. And he would, really, had his eyes not caught sight of a distinctively dark patch on your shirt. “Um,” he says, purposefully pointing his eyes at your chest. 
“Oh— shit!” you blurt, peeling the material away from your body with an irritated huff. “Not again.” 
Jungkook’s fatigue melts away as you get off the bed, replaced with a mixture of worry and intrigue as you strip yourself of your shirt, your flimsy bra following. “Do they hurt?” he muses, watching with the eyes of a predator as you reach for the tissues at your bedside, holding them against your tit. 
You shrug, eventually plopping back down on the edge of the bed again. “Sometimes,” you respond, peeling away your folded up tissue to check for any more leakage. “They just feel really heavy.” 
Jungkook nods along like he understands, watching with rapt attention as the pearly fluid continues to drip out of your nipple, over the curve of your breast and down your tummy. Experimentally, he reaches a finger out while you’re switching tissues, catches a droplet of milk on the very pad. The touch startles you, makes you whip around with wide eyes as Jungkook pops his digit into his mouth. 
It’s… sweet. Obviously different from the milk he’s used to drinking, but sweeter than most artificially made drinks. He presses his tongue against the palate of his mouth as he ponders on the taste; maybe like almond milk? “Jungkook,” you whine, obviously flustered by his actions. 
Jungkook levels you with a blank stare. “Can I have more?”
“Jungkook!” you exclaim, mortified. 
He quickly shuffles beside you, encouragingly guiding your hand away from your breast, all the while maintaining eye contact. “C’mon,” he purrs, knotting your fingers with his. “You used to mention this all the time.” You did, and for someone who used to leverage this against him every chance you got, you’re trembling like a leaf now. “Just a little bit, baby, please?” 
It takes Jungkook’s biggest puppy eyes and a playful tap against your nipple for you to give in. “Okay,” you mumble, and Jungkook could burst with excitement. 
He maneuvers the two of you onto the center of the bed, situating himself on his bum before gently helping you onto his lap. Your thighs spread over him, a little thicker and softer than before. The weight from your pregnancy still clings to your figure, makes you look all plump and squishy. Jungkook loves it. With his hands hooked beneath your thighs, Jungkook hails you closer. “Eep!” you squeak, balancing yourself with your hands on his shoulders. 
He places a kiss against the swell of your breast, trailing his lips down until his lower lip grazes against your stiffened nipple. The air audibly leaves your lungs, and Jungkook soothes a hand over your ass in an effort to ease your worries. His tongue scoops it up into his mouth, lips closing down around you. “Just—!” you gasp, tugging his hair back. “Gentle, Kook,” you tell him, “be gentle.” 
The first suckle is met with a gush of sweet milk against his tongue. It’s so sudden, Jungkook pulls back by mistake, letting it splatter over his chin. “Oh, wow,” he marvels, reaching up to grab your breast between his fingers. Testing the waters, another squeeze procurs the same results, a tiny splurt of milk against his lips. 
Your shallow breathing draws his attention back to you. You’re biting down on your lip, bruising the tender skin as you watch Jungkook navigate your leaking tits. They are heavy, just as you’d said, and a little hard to the touch. Just bursting with milk, he suspects, desperately needing to be relieved. The blood rushes to his cock. 
“They’re swollen,” he murmurs softly, kissing your chest. A tiny puff of air escapes you, the end laced with a whimper, as you nod. “You just need to be milked, don’t you, pretty baby?” Jungkook purrs, flicking his tongue over your bud, eyes rolling back at the sweet taste it picks up. 
He sucks on you tenderly, cautious of your fragile state. Your nipple is warm against his mouth, the liquid it releases just as hot. It’s a unique consistency, not too thick, not too watery. Jungkook’s not skilled in the art, accidentally letting the milk spill out from the corners of his mouth. His chin feels a little sticky, but not anything drastic. “Kook,” you whisper, voice hushed, wavering. Jungkook didn’t realize he’d shut his eyes. 
“Mmhm,” he hums back, tightening his arms around you, pulling you closer. You buck forward against him, punctuate the action with a whimper. Jungkook’s breathing hard through his nose, would feel self-conscious about the volume if he wasn’t so focused on your tits. 
It’s a strained cry that eventually draws him away, pulling off with a lewd, wet pop. Tracing his tongue along his lips, Jungkook savors the taste once more, eyes dark as he leans up to connect your mouths. Your tongues meet, and you grimace at the taste of your own breast milk. “It’s sweet,” Jungkook husks, pressing his forehead against yours. 
His cock is so hard, prodding against your thigh, and normally Jungkook would use an opportunity like this to rope you into some fast and bruising sex. But it’s too soon; your gynecologist had warned the two of you against partaking in any frisky business so soon after the birth. 
But Jungkook is nothing if not innovative. 
(And Jungkook always gets what he wants.)
Taking advantage of your pliant state, Jungkook wastes no time pushing you back down onto the mattress, crowding over your debauched form. Helping you out of your bottoms, Jungkook makes quick work of his own clothing. “Kook,” you mumble, hands trailing down his biceps, along his forearms. “The doctor said—“
“I know,” he cuts off, guiding your knees up to your chest. The pregnant belly he loved so much is gone now, and while it’s dearly missed, it kept him from doing a lot of things, like feeling your tits against his chest when you hugged. (Or when you fucked. Either or.) his engorged cock lands against the crook where your thigh meets your body, the soft crease holding it for only a second before Jungkook hastily guides himself away. 
He’s amazed to find you’re already so slick, folds sparkling with a thin gloss of pre-cum that he makes quick work distributing. Using the tip of his cock, he lets it nudge against your soaking entrance. “Jungkook,” you warn a second time. 
He hushes you with a kiss. “I know, baby, I know,” he repeats, coating his inflammed tip with your wetness before dragging it along the length of your folds. “Just… like this,” he exhales, finally grinding his length against your slit. 
“Oh,” you pant, trailing your hands up over your waist, around your chest. Your puffy folds mold to the shape of Jungkook’s cock, hugging him as he slowly begins to rock back and forth. Your leg moves to hook around his waist, urging him to move in closer, his cock kissing your clit. Hoisting your other leg up, Jungkook gathers you in his arms and slowly begins rutting against your folds. Each glide is slick and wet, painfully smooth, like velvet against Jungkook’s cock. 
He pushes himself into you, over and over again, making up for the lack of penetration with a rough grind of his hips, burying himself between your plush lips until you’re panting beneath him, meeting his hips with your own. 
With each prod of his tip against your button, you grow more and more restless, back arching as you hiss out in pleasure. It brings Jungkook’s attention back to your bosom, at the faint trickling of milk over the curve of your breast. Leaning over, he laps against your tit once more, desperate to obtain some more of your sweet milk. He syncs up the rolling of his hips with the suckles of his mouth, a duo that makes you whimper and writhe. 
“There we go,” Jungkook hums, mouth latched against your breast. Surprisingly, the milk comes out all too easily; with a few evenly spaced sucks, whatever mechanism releases your milk can be unlocked, sending spurts of milky goodness down his throat. You’re less shy this time, reaching down to cup your boob as Jungkook sucks away. He accidentally nips at the bud, makes you jerk away with a whine. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologizes, soothing his thumb over your nipple. “Gotta be careful, don’t I?” Thrusting forward, he hopes another caress against your clit is enough to distract you from his slip-up, moving on to mindlessly mouth at your breast instead. “Sheesh,” he breathes, huffs out a chuckle as he turns his attention to your more neglected breast. “Fuckin’ mommy milkers you’ve got.”
You groan in embarrassment, cutely rutting up against him as Jungkook obsesses over your boobs. “They’re not that big,” you defend weakly, hands carding over his hair, trailing over his shoulders. “Just… normal,” you decide with a resolute nod. “Normal mommy boobs.”
Jungkook snickers, lapping his tongue against your nipple. “Mommy boobs,” he repeats, feels a faint flush settle over his cheeks at your naive wording. Leaning up, he manages to place a kiss against your lower lip, nudging the tip of your nose with his. Your face is warm, warm enough to emanate the heat when Jungkook gets this close. You get so cute during sex. Jungkook has to be a little mean to balance you out. One pinch at your tit has it producing more milk, squirting out in a thin stream that hits Jungkook’s chest. He opens his mouth, lets it paint the back of his throat instead. 
He’s mindful of keeping you stimulated in multiple places, circling his hips against you until his cock is pushing your clit back and forth. You moan, gasping against the crown of his head as Jungkook burrows in closely against your chest, sucking and sucking until his mouth is full of your sweet milk. 
He wonders how long you can go on like this, spilling into his mouth, if there’s a limit to how much milk you can make in one sitting or if it just goes on until he decides he’s had enough. For his own greed, Jungkook really hopes it’s the former; he wants to taste more and more, swallowing it down until he’s bloated from how much he’s drunk. He knows it must hurt for you, that your tits must feel sore after a while. But he consoles himself with the fact that it also probably feels relieving, takes some of the weight off your chest. 
Another gulp, milk trailing down his chin. You groan. “Kook, slow down,” you beg, thighs trembling against him. “A- At least leave some for the girls.” 
He pulls off with a hoarse chuckle. “Fuck, right,” he says, shaking his head, pressing kisses along your swollen tits. Still so hard. Jungkook knows a little bit more will make you feel good. But he’s beginning to feel high on the sweetness anyway, an unexpected sugar rush that has him quietly acquiescing. Your tits still shine, saliva and milk, and Jungkook uses their glistening appearance as fuel for his pistoning hips. 
He’s careful — he’s always careful with you — as he drags his cock along your folds, always taking note of your facial expressions. You’re not supposed to be having sex, but Jungkook figures one orgasm won’t hurt. He’s missed you badly these past few months, missed the slick grip of your pussy around his cock. Soon, he’ll be able to shove himself into your depths once more, reclaim his throne between your satin walls. 
For now, he settles for this rushed, terribly-juvenile grinding against one another. Your walls part for his gliding cock, squelch obscenely as he moves. Your face is so pretty too, eyes screwed shut as he jostles you back and forth. And, of course, your tits bounce against your chest. 
It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Jungkook thinks you could’ve made it onto the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel had you been alive at the time of its inception, dancing along the heavens in all your glory. “Baby,” he chokes out, leaning in until your lips can meet his in a slow kiss. Your hands trail down his back, light as a feather, make every hair on his body stand at attention. 
This time, Jungkook is the one who cums first, loud. “Hah— fuck,” he cusses, burying his face against your neck, hot breath fanning against your sweat-damp skin. A series of moans follow, muffled by your skin against his, hips slowing to a jittery finish. His cum splatters against your clit and then over your stomach, white ribbons that remind him of the way your milk had trailed down your breast earlier. At the thought, his abdomen tightens up, cock pushing out one final rope of cum. 
A tear escapes the corner of one eye when you come, muscles and joints all locked up as a wave of pleasure blossoms over you. Jungkook holds you close; he couldn’t look away even if he tried. Your body goes limp, head rolling back against the sheets as Jungkook places chaste kisses along your shoulder. “Feeling okay?” he murmurs, massaging your hip with one hand. 
Your answer is a strained whimper, makes his cock twitch and everything.  “Need a nap,” you mumble, melting into the sheets. Jungkook kisses the corner of your mouth, ready to snuggle in with you. Before he can do that, there’s a cry from across the hall that makes the both of you sigh. 
Tumblr media
Aria is dead set on having a brother. “Dad,” she huffs, six years old, a diva to the core. “Hannah Montana has a brother, so we need one, too.” Her snarky attitude is a direct result of your genes and the fact you’ve introduced the two of them to the world of late 2000’s Disney Channel. 
As flawed as her thinking may be, Jungkook’s gotta agree with the kid. He also thinks the two of them need another sibling. 
You’re downstairs in the kitchen with Mina, baking some sweets, so Jungkook takes the time to sneakily meet with his first mate of the S.S We Need Another Kid cruise. “A brother?” he whispers conspiratorially, hunching down to her level. (Kids like looking you in the eye when they talk. It’s supposed to be comforting for them.) Aria nods, hands on her hips. She’s wearing this monstrosity of a sequined tutu that you picked up for her last week. Mina also got one, hers in blue, but she stuffed it into the depths of her toy box and has been pretending she’s lost it all week. Jungkook’s been sworn to secrecy. 
“Ya,” Aria says. She’s so tiny, barely reaches Jungkook’s waist. Still small enough for him to pick up and spin around, not that she lets him anymore. She’s an independent woman, his Aria, just like his mom. Doesn’t like to be babied anymore, but cries at the slightest scrape of her knees. Mina’s pretty much the same, albeit a little more logical. She likes nerdy things, loves building Lego sets with Jungkook, but hates when he pinches her cheeks. “We need one, ASAB.”
“ASAP,” he corrects, and then rubs his palm against his chin. “Gonna have to ask your mother about that.” At her frown, he makes sure to add, “I’ll ask too.” 
The thing is, Jungkook’s been asking for years. In bed, during car rides, even at the dentist. According to the terms of your initial agreement, you were still one pregnancy short! Which he brings up every chance he gets. But after the wild ride that was your first pregnancy — you know, the same one that gave Jungkook the awesome two-for-one deal — you’ve been a little hesitant. 
Which is totally understandable. After all, Jungkook wasn’t the one who had to carry around that big pumpkin belly, so he gets why you might not want to endure that again. 
Still. The girls have been asking. 
He brings it up that night. Attempt #2,000 probably. “Aria says you should get pregnant again.” No beating around the bush. 
You’re in bed, scrolling through your phone with a silly dragon sheet mask on your face. “Did she now,” you deadpan, flicking your gaze over to him. Jungkook loves you. You’re his sunshine, his supernova. His entire universe. But you can also be scary, like a blackhole. “Aria said she wanted me pregnant?” you repeat. He nods. “Not that she wanted a brother?”
Same difference. “Also that,” he nods, crawling up alongside you. He leans his head against your shoulder, blinks his eyes up at you in that way that makes you soften. You do, setting your phone aside to cup his cheek. “C’mon,” Jungkook mumbles softly, eyes fluttering shut as your fingers trace along his brow bone, against the piercing he got in solidarity of the twins’ recently pierced ears. “Don’t you want another one?”
You flick his forehead, and Jungkook opens his eyes back up to grin cheekily at you. “I do,” you sigh, shuffling down to lay completely beside him. On your side, face half smushed against the pillow, drowsiness clinging to your features. “But I barely get any action these days,” you frown, playful, mean, “I mean, i think my husband is in love with these two other girls.” 
He rolls himself over you, suffocating you with his weight. “Maybe those girls are nicer and cuter than you,” he plays along, leaning in, kisses you softly.
A scoff, a hand placed at the base of his throat that stops him from going any further. “Fine,” you huff as you squeeze. Jungkook’s breath catches in his throat. “But when it’s a boy and I love him more than you, it’s gonna be all. your. fault, Jungkook.”
Tumblr media
— Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr 
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bratkook · 8 months ago
concrete king. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
pairing. skaterboy!jk x reader genre. fluff, smut, himbo energy word count. 16.7k ....don’t look at me warnings. sweet summer romance, blonde!jk, brief depictions of drugs (marijuana usage), alcohol, lots of making out, messy car sex, fingering, spit kink !! (duh), light tit play, playful dirty talk, protected sex, overall cute, jungkook is a big fking dork and a softie! summary. when a cute boy in a tacky hawaiian shirt lands a trick in your honor theres no way you could ever say no to him note. thank you to @cutechim @jungkxook for indulging my thirsty rambles as well as @coepiteamare for beta reading this for me like an absolute angel ❣️ ily babes !! ps. @jjkxla​ come get ur mans ! (i also made a bby playlist for the fic here !)
leave some feedback, send a message, tell me u love me pls u know the drill <3
Tumblr media
The California sun beats high from it’s spot in the sky, zero clouds coming between the harsh rays that bounce off the concrete and warm up Jungkook’s body in an almost uncomfortable way. He can feel the sweat accumulating on the back of his neck, leaving the blonde strands damp with moisture, ends curling up as he ruffles his hands through them. 
Jungkook has been here for a little over an hour now, currently perched on the edge of the smaller bowl as he observes Hoseok from inside, laughing as his friend pops up, bottom of his trucks grinding against the ledge before he’s gliding back down. Hoseok had just picked up skating recently; he’s used to cruising on the streets so he has the basics down, just needs Jungkook’s help when it comes to doing anything at the skatepark. The first hurdle? The frontside carve grind that he had been struggling with. 
“Smoother, right?” he calls out to his friend as he pumps himself back around to repeat it on the opposite side with the same success. He cheers briefly before gripping his deck and climbing out of the bowl, settling his ass right next to him, ignoring the slight burn from the concrete below. 
“Much,” he flips the board over in his grasp, fingers wiggling the trucks with a pleased smile. “Who knew loose trucks would be my saving grace.”
Jungkook hums in confirmation, twirling his own board above his lap. “I don’t know how the hell you were carving before. They were tight as fuck.”
“Rookie mistake,” Hoseok jokes, leaning back on his palms and letting his head hang back, face turned up to the sky with his eyes shut. 
Jungkook chuckles as he hauls himself up, fingers pulling at his shirt, his white tee sticking to his back as he flaps the bright blue printed button up around him for some air. His eyes roam the skate park, seeing who occupied what area: the bikers on the far left side, roller skaters in the middle where the half pipe was, and skate boarders to the far left where the shallow bowl and rails were. 
“Why the hell are you wearing that?” Hoseok grumbles when he opens his eyes and really takes a look at Jungkook’s bright shirt, covered in orange and yellow petals, classic hawaiian print that should only belong on middle aged men on vacation. The ridiculous shade of blue contrasts against the dark ink on his arms, thick bold tattoos in all black that are placed sporadically, almost as if he had slapped stickers onto his skin and called it a day. Like most things in life, Jungkook made it work; this hawaiian shirt however was the very rare occasion where it didn’t work. 
“It’s called fashion, asshole,” Jungkook laughs, nudging his knee against his friend’s shoulder and stumbling when Hoseok shoves him back, almost making his legs buckle underneath him. “Fuck you,” he chortles, smacking Hoseok’s head with a nice whack, jumping out of the way before he can retaliate once again. 
Just as Hoseok is about to get up, presumably to put his younger friend into a headlock, Jungkook drops into the bowl on his board, cackling the whole way down. A dorky smile is on his lips, teeth out as he looks back at his friend, legs acting on their own accord while he carves along the bowl. 
His hair flows in the wind as he picks up speed, knees bent slightly to help pump himself around with practiced ease. He feels at home whenever he’s here, muscle memory guiding him through the motions, letting him ride out of the bowl smoothly. 
Jungkook kicks off with his right foot for speed, a grin on his face as he approaches the upcoming ledge, feet wide and stable on his board. With a push up, he’s hopping onto the ledge with the nose of his board, grinding along the surface for a few seconds before hopping off, wheels clacking against the concrete as he rolls away. 
A group of kids cheer on from the sidelines as they watch, all decked out in protective gear as they stare at him with eyes that make him feel as if he had just done something monumental. He gives them a smile in thanks as he glides by them, remembering the times when he was their age and struggling to stand on his own board. 
It makes him want to show off some more, skating a little way past them to get some distance to catch some speed before eventually attempting to pull a trick after clearing the stairs that lead to the lower part of the park. 
He flips his hair back as he nears the edge of the park, right before the concrete meets the patchy grass, and before he can fully concentrate, he hears the sound of laughter. Jungkook has to blame it on his easily distracted attention span, but his ears focus on it, head turning around in search of it, bouncing off the same kids playing a few feet away before finally landing on you. 
He hops off his board now, cool trick momentarily forgotten, kicking the tail up until his fingers curl around the nose as he holds it by his side. That’s when he hears it again, confirming it actually belonged to you, sitting on the metal bench underneath the shade of a tree with a red popsicle in your hand and a wide smile on your face as your friend tells a story. 
Jungkook is definitely not blind, taking note of how attractive you are, your legs barely covered in a pair of dark blue denim shorts and out in the open due to the summer heat. If there was one thing he would always be weak for, it’s pretty girls like you with laughs as sweet as honey and smiles brighter than the sun. 
He wonders for a moment if the heat has gone to his head and he’s imagining you, like some kind of mirage you see just before you pass out because there’s no way you’re real. Hell, maybe he had attempted the cool trick and busted his head open, and you were coming to him in some coma dream. 
Your friend must sense him staring, her eyes looking at him before she’s mumbling something to you, and you’re turning around to look right at him too. You’re giving him a very clear once over, no doubt judging his shirt choice like Hoseok had, but when you don’t immediately look away, he lifts a hand up and gives you a simple wave. 
Tight, you’re real. 
A confused grin is on your lips as you wave back, briefly wondering if he was an acquaintance you had forgotten about, more so when he speaks loud enough for you to hear, his need to impress a pretty girl taking over. 
“Watch this!”
And you do, turning fully around to observe the blonde boy as he angles his board before getting a head start and hopping onto it with just enough speed to execute his trick. You watch as he crouches low on the board, pushing off the tail until it scoops up under him, front foot rotating it in time with his body in a full 360 before swiftly landing it. 
Jungkook smiles wide at landing the beta flip after having practiced it earlier in the day, wheels crunching over the cracks as he cruises on and comes to a stop right before the stairs. He holds in his cheer as he hops off his board with his shoulders pulled back in pride, only increasing when he realizes you had in fact watched him pull it off. 
“That was for you!” he shouts out, placing his fingertips to his lips to blow you a kiss, not at all phased by the look on your face. It’s a clear display of amusement mixed with confusion, your hand pointing at your chest to confirm he was talking to you. 
“Do I know you?”
That’s the golden ticket he needs, bending down to clutch his board and make his way to you. “Glad you asked,” he laughs, approaching you with that same toothy smile, blonde hair framing his face and flowing through the wind as he speeds up his pace. 
“I’m Jungkook,” he announces, coming to stop right in front of the bench and hunkering down into the spot right next to you. He takes up space comfortably, almost as if he thinks he belongs absolutely everywhere, thighs spread out and back resting along the tabletop casually as he leans onto his elbows. 
“Okay Jungkook, do I know you?” Your friend snickers at your tone, taking note of the way he smirks, hands raking through his hair as he stares at you with doe eyes that you know help him win over the ladies. 
“You do now. What’s your name?” 
There's a small moment where you have an internal battle, wondering if it would be wise to give your name out to the cute skater who had just landed a trick in your honor. It’s not until your friend gives you a look that tells you to do it that you finally respond. 
“Y/N,” you smile, bringing the red ice pop back to your lips for another taste, desperately needing it to ward off the sticky heat surrounding you. His eyes are locked onto the motion, seeing the way your lips wrap around the edge of it until suddenly, you’re biting into the slowly softening treat. 
“Oh man, you bite ice cream? I’m out,” he laughs, going to stand back up as he feigns being alarmed. Your joyous laugh fills the air once more, your palm slapping over your mouth to prevent the chunk from slipping out. “What flavor is that anyways?”
“Watermelon,” you laugh, “and don’t judge me, it’s hot.” Your words are hard to make out as you mumble while chewing, snickering when he slumps back into his spot with a wide smile. He gives you a moment as you finish up your treat, his eyes crinkled up as he stares at you with clear amusement on his sun kissed face, nodding in approval at the flavor of choice. 
“I don’t know. I came over here ‘cause I thought you were cute but you’re clearly–“ his finger circles around near his temple, the slight grimace on his face a clear indication that he was calling you crazy, and it only makes you giggle some more. 
“You think I’m cute?”
Jungkook’s jaw drops, a silent laugh leaving him as he stares at you incredulously. “I also think you’re crazy. Did that slip your mind?”
The popsicle finds its way back into your mouth as you hum in indifference, choosing to suck on it instead of biting it to save him from the absolute agony of watching. He swears he could feel his own brain rattling and teeth aching when you did it. Maybe you are crazy. 
“No, I heard cute, and the rest just got tuned out.”
He laughs fully at this, and you take a second to admire him, getting a good look at his profile as his head drops back, light strands of hair no longer obstructing your view, allowing you to see the way his nose scrunches up and his top teeth push out in an endearing way. 
Your eyes drop to his arms now, the black lines calling your attention as you admire the bold artwork covering the entire expanse of them. Each piece is relatively small, individually placed with a small gap in between the tattoos next to them instead of it being a fully connected sleeve. The one that really catches your eye is the noose tucked into his bicep, right above his elbow with the words 'I'll be cool when I’m dead’ lined around it in all caps. It’s an interesting style that somehow suits him. 
“Alright,” he scoots closer to you smoothly, turning to fully stare at you with his head tilted slightly. “Yeah, you’re cute, for a girl who bites ice cream.”
He pauses for another second as you pull out the popsicle, eyes looking at him with a sly smile on your red coated lips. it doesn’t prepare him for the low blow you’re about to deliver. “You talk a lot of shit for a guy wearing a hawaiian shirt.”
His hand clutches over his chest, fingers gripping onto the fabric of his white tee as he hunches over and winces at the second jab to his fashion sense. “Damn, no need for the personal attack. What brings you to this beautiful park?”
Normally he’d assume you were here to skate, or to just stare at the boys since that’s what a lot of girls did to pass time, but you were lacking in gear and anything that had wheels. You also didn’t seem interested in anything going on in the park. 
This park was on the slightly shittier side of town, covered in graffiti and barely held together by the people who inhabited it, everyone coming together to fix anything that broke in an effort to keep it alive. It was a nice little community, and without it, this place would’ve become a run down skeleton of what it is now. 
Whatever was beyond the concrete, though, was left to its own methods of survival. Grass patchy and half dead, too many crazed squirrels that didn’t fear humans, and the occasional run in with an aggressive stranger made people who weren’t here to ride stay far away. 
You know this: it’s the main reason you never come here, especially when the weather is as nasty as it is today. 
The red treat is now pointed at your friend as you speak. “Her boyfriend is over there by the big bowl. I’m just here to keep her company and help ward off the squirrels.”
Jungkook looks over to the area in question, seeing the same bikers huddled around the deep bowl as someone drops in. “Sick, who is he?”
“Taehyung,” your friend speaks up, chin resting on her palm as she stares dreamily at the boy with the wide smile that catches air on his bike. They had only been dating a few weeks, but it was clear she was absolutely smitten with him. 
“No way,” Jungkook chuckles, raking his hands through his hair again. It’s become a habit ever since he let it grow out, but each time he does it, you’re given the perfect view of his forehead and strong eyebrows, so you’re not complaining. “We go way back. You must be Jia then?”
Her face beams up at that, proud that her boyfriend talks about her to his friends, and when Taehyung comes to a still and stares over at her, she waves at him frantically. Jungkook stifles a laugh when his friend does the same, long arm swinging side to side as he smiles at his girlfriend. 
“Yeah, glad to know he talks about me.”
“Oh, he doesn’t shut up about you,” he playfully rolls his eyes, chuckling when she gets even happier, deciding to stand up and make her way over to Taehyung for a moment. 
“They’re cute,” you sigh, resting your arm on the cool metal table as you stare at the couple, smiling as Jia sits her butt on the handlebars and screams when Taehyung pretends to drop into the bowl. 
“The cutest.” Jungkook humors you, eyes bouncing over to Hoseok and seeing him practicing some simple flat tricks off to the side. That’s when the idea pops into his head, turning back to stare at you with a grin on his lips. “Since you know Taehyung and Jia, are you coming to the kickback?”
“What kickback?”
“My friend Hoseok’s throwing a small get together. His parents are loaded and on this weird hippie retreat, so it’s free real estate for a party. Those two will be there, so I’m just passing along the message.”
Your roll your lips in thought, remembering the brief invitation Jia had given you a while back, an invitation you had turned down because you didn’t know anyone that would be there besides her and the last thing you wanted was to be alone once she disappeared with Taehyung. But if Jungkook would be there, then maybe you’d have a reason to go. 
“Is this a direct invitation?” you wonder, finishing off your treat and setting the stained stick aside. 
“Sure is. There’s also a pool in case my presence isn’t convincing enough.” His thick brows wiggle while he speaks, a quick wink sent your way, and a cute smile spreads onto his lips when you roll your eyes at his antics. 
“I don’t know. Land another trick for me, and I’ll consider it.”
Jungkook never backs down from a challenge, so he nods in thought, bending forward to grab his board from the dry grass, mind whirling as he thinks of the right trick to do to impress you. 
“You’re gonna make me work for it huh?” He stands up fully now, adjusting his atrocious shirt as it sticks to his back once more. There’s a playful smile on his face that only spreads when you nod your head in confirmation. 
“Sure am. Go on and try to impress me with something cute.” Your words poke fun at him, your foot coming out to nudge at his leg for him to get going when he remains by your side. 
“I hope you have an outfit planned for it because I’m totally gonna blow you away with my cute trick.”
Tumblr media
Of course Jungkook lands the trick, making it look like a piece of cake without breaking a sweat as he once again blew a kiss your way, managing to rope you in and get your number as well as a verbal confirmation that you’d be at the party. 
It makes him feel a little jittery as he roams the aisles of the nearby 7-11 with Jimin, in search of drinks and some snacks. He can faintly see his reflection in the glass doors as he eyes the shelves of drinks, blonde hair split down the middle and styled off his face, a look of thought on his features. The rings adorning his fingers rattle against his board leaning on his legs as he taps them along the nose, looking far too conflicted over the choices displayed in front of him. 
“It’s just alcohol Kook. Pick something.” Jimin speaks up from beside him, playfully shoving his shoulder to snap Jungkook out of his deep concentration. 
“Girls like white claws, right?” he wonders outloud, fingers curling around the handle of the fridge before yanking it open. The chill hits him instantly, something he welcomes since the summer heat was still going strong. It sends a shiver through him so he keeps the door propped open, choosing to stare without the glass obstructing his view. 
“Bro, I like white claws.” Jimin huffs, sliding in between Jungkook and grabbing his own case of the mango flavored drink, not wanting to linger in this store longer than necessary.  
“So, yes?” 
Jimin gives his friend a pointed look as he juggles his board and the drink case in his arms. “Yes, grab two of the assorted cases. I’m sure Hoseok has enough alcohol in case they happen to hate great tasting seltzer.”
That’s good enough for Jungkook, grabbing two cases and letting the fridge door slam behind him as he follows after Jimin. The silver haired boy was already at the counter, grabbing a pack of original backwoods and setting it on top of his beloved white claw case, an array of snacks beside it. 
“What if she flakes?” Jungkook wonders as he slides the cases besides Jimin’s junk, grabbing his wallet from his pocket to flash his ID to the cashier before fishing out some bills to pay for it all—something he had promised Jimin after losing a bet yesterday afternoon. 
“Then she flakes,” Jimin shrugs, asking the cashier for extra bags to ensure the plastic wouldn’t give out on their ride to Hoseok’s. 
“Fuck, don’t say that.” Jungkook whines, pocketing the change and smiling in thanks when the cashier triple bags their items. If you flaked on him, he would feel like such a loser, excited at the prospect of getting to see you again only for it to be made clear that you really weren’t interested. 
Jungkook shakes those thoughts out of his head as they exit the store, his leg propping open the door for the next customer. Jimin can see the worry on his younger friend’s face, heaving a sigh as he lets his board fall to the floor. 
“She’s not gonna flake. She’s probably already there.”
That doesn’t seem to make it any better, Jungkook’s eyes bulging out as he adjusts the bags in his grip and drops his own board in a haste. 
“The fuck are we doing here then?” he huffs, hopping onto the deck and pushing himself off in a hurry, not even waiting for Jimin to situate himself as he rolls down the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. 
“Okay, fuck me right?” Jimin shouts out, rolling his eyes as Jungkook doesn’t seem fazed. If anything, he picks up more speed. Jimin knew the way to Hoseok’s: it was only a few blocks away, plus Jungkook was carrying the bulk of the items so he shouldn’t even be complaining. 
The strain of his arms is starting to ache from the weight pulling on them, paired up with the blaze of the late afternoon sun, and Jungkook can already feel the prickling of sweat on his skin. His button up of choice today doesn’t provide him much airflow compared to his favorite hawaiian shirt, something he had forgone in order to not get absolutely roasted from you and his friends again. Instead he picked out a loose fitting red shirt with the depiction of dragons printed on it, tucked into his ripped black jeans to showcase the black belt wrapped around his waist. 
Sure, he had decided to dress up a little. It might be to impress you, or it might be self care, but he reassured himself that he still looked casual because of the dirty converse laced on his feet. 
He smiles a bit as the streets grow wider, rolling onto the smooth pavement instead of the cracked sidewalk. Rich people loved their streets pothole and gravel free, and it made for perfect cruising conditions. It lets him get more speed as he nears Hoseok’s house, blonde strands flowing through the wind, silver earrings dangling in time with each kick he gives until finally, he sees it. 
Both feet rest on his board now and he spares a glance behind him, laughing when he sees Jimin doing his best to catch up with a middle finger aimed right at him. Jungkook juggles the bags in his grasp before throwing the bird back, leaning to the right to turn onto the driveway and hopping off the board altogether. 
He doesn’t even bother grabbing his board, choosing to kick it until it rolled onto the green front lawn. There was no way someone would steal it here anyways, so he feels no guilt as he makes his way inside the air conditioned home. 
“Hobi!” he calls out, not in the mood to try to find his friend wherever he might be in the house. Jungkook just shuffles through the entryway, making a beeline for the kitchen like he always does when he’s here. “Oh, there you are.”
Hoseok hums in confirmation as he pulls out some water from the fridge, fingers pointing at the bags in his friend’s grasp. “What did you get?”
“White claws,” Jungkook grunts, hauling the cases up onto the oversized island and shaking out his arms to get the feeling back into them. 
“Nice, where’s Jimin?”
“He’s coming.” The door opens then, and Jungkook gestures to signify that it must be him. “Anyways, is she here yet?”
“Who?” Hoseok frowns, not even able to conceal his laughter when Jungkook gives him a stone cold look. “Damn I’m kidding. Yeah, she’s here. Everyone’s outside by the pool. Come bring the drinks out.”
Jungkook hops in place for a bit, a goofy smile on his face when Hoseok shoves his shoulder with a laugh. You were here. You didn’t flake, and now his nerves were back to overflowing his mind. 
With a small breath, he contains his smile, trying to keep his face neutral as he grabs the cases and follows behind Hoseok to the backyard, Jimin right behind him. Jungkook doesn’t even react when Jimin kicks his thigh like an annoying brother. No, he’s too focused on finding you in the small group of people lounging under the canopy beside the pool. 
He hears Taehyung instantly once the doors open, his wild laughter kickstarting everyone else's. Jungkook’s eyes roam around, spotting Namjoon standing by the grill as he ensures the burgers and hotdogs don’t burn. Taehyung is currently kneeled on a bright pink floating bed, playing what appears to be a game of chicken with Jin in the pool, the two of them fully clothed and swatting at each other in an effort to have someone topple over. 
“Wait, shit, my phone’s still in my pocket!” Taehyung shouts out as Jin gets his hands around the other’s wrist, fully intent on sending him over. 
“Nice try,” Seokjin calls his bluff, yanking his friend over with full force, wobbling on his own floaty as Taehyung splashes into the water with a scream. 
That’s when he hears your laugh, having it embedded in his mind since last week. It’s easy for him to find you now, seeing you tucked into the cushions of the couch in the shade, snug right between Jia and Yoongi’s girlfriend, Sena. 
He freezes in his spot, making Jimin collide into his back with a curse before he’s pushed out of the way. That same dorky smile spreads across his lips as your eyes move from the scene in the pool to Jungkook, a grin sent his way as you shimmy out of your wedged spot. 
Jungkook tries not to be a typical boy that gawks at pretty girls, but you make it so hard, legs taunting him in another pair of denim shorts and a cropped distressed vintage tee of a band he just so happens to love only makes him swoon just a little more. 
“You look really pretty,” he breathes out as you get close enough, abandoning a typical greeting in favor of a compliment that makes you laugh as you look down at the grass beneath your shoes. 
“Thanks,” you smile, hand reaching out to tug at his shirt, admiring the pattern that covers it, favoring it to the bright blue vacation shirt from before. “You do too.”
He catches your words before you can try to fix them, a teasing smile on his lips as he raises his brows. “You think I look pretty? Thank you.”
You don’t even fight it, grabbing the top case of white claws to ease the weight off of him with a smile, instantly walking towards the outdoor fridge Hoseok had told you was where all the drinks would be. “You’re welcome. Keep wearing shirts like that, and I’ll call you pretty all the time.”
Jungkook whistles as he walks beside you, softly bumping into your shoulder, “How’d you know my love language is words of affirmation?”
“Is it?” you laugh, setting the case on top of the outdoor counter and opening it up, ready to hand them over to Jungkook as he kneels to open the mini fridge. 
“Sure is. Hearing it from you just makes it hit a little different though.”
Your teeth bite down on your lower lip, trying to conceal your smile at his honest flirting, urging the butterflies in your stomach to settle down. There’s a glimmer in his eyes as he stares up at you, and it makes you want to match his energy, so you nod as you crack open the can in your hand and pass it over to him before opening one for yourself. 
“Noted. You’re gonna be sick of my compliments by the time the day is over.”
Jungkook doesn’t think that’s true at all, but he’s not going to stop you from calling him cute or pretty because it makes his cheeks hurt from how hard he tries to keep from smiling. 
As the evening progresses and the sun slowly dips beyond the horizon, the two of you find your way beside the pool with your feet dipped in, and you stay true to your words. Jungkook lets you boost his ego as you compliment his tattoos, allows you to grip his hands while you inspect the chunky rings adorning his fingers and even try to slip a few on to see how they’d look on your own. The final push is when you run your fingers through his hair, nails gently grazing his scalp in an innocent way as you comment on the shade of blonde, sweet voice telling him how nicely it suits him.  
That’s when a shiver wracks through him, and he can’t even attribute it to the soft chill the summer night brings or the cold pool water. No, it was solely because of you. Your soft spoken comments were sending his mind into overdrive, and he desperately needed to mellow out before he made a fool of himself in front of you. 
So he does what he thinks is best, fishes into his deep front pockets and pulls out one of the joints he had stuffed in there this morning. It was his emergency joint and Jungkook wasn’t sure if this classified as an emergency but he was about two minutes from going all heart eyes on you, so he had to calm himself down to not scare you off. 
“Is that weed?” you laugh, your hand coming up to cover your lips as you giggle, his chunky ring still loosely wrapped around your index finger glimmering in the night light. 
“Yeah, wait–do you smoke?” he stutters out, breathing a sigh of relief when you slowly nod. “Jimin has a blunt if you prefer that,” he shrugs, index finger and thumb holding the joint up between you. 
“I hate how blunts taste so, this is fine.” 
Jungkook smiles as he pulls out his lighter, handing you the joint first, hands urging you to press the crutch to your lips as he lights it up for you. The flame casts a soft glow on your face as he holds it at the end, watching as you gently twist it between your fingers, lightly dragging until the cherry glows solid. 
The smell hits you instantly, nose wrinkling as you inhale and pass it over to him, letting your feet gently kick in the water as you slowly exhale, the slight burn in your lungs making you cough. Jungkook can’t even tease you for it, taking too big of a puff he can barely hold in before he’s coughing with you, a cloud of smoke billowing out as he laughs. 
And just like that his jitters are gone, able to calm his racing heart and fully stare at you as you speak, the two of you passing the joint between you until it was all gone. It leaves you feeling warm and floaty, not too high where you want to ball up on the couch and sleep, but comfortable and mellow as you sit pressed to his side. 
Jungkook has now figured out that your love language must be physical touch, your need for smoothing your hands over his shirt, fiddling with his rings and hair, and now gently wrapping your fingers around his bicep as he spoke to you. He enjoys it, scoots even closer to you until your thigh is practically pushed up onto his, but you don’t even mention it. 
You’re too lost in what he’s telling you, the weed making you hang on to his every word. It doesn’t help that Jungkook makes conversation like second nature, knowing just what to say to keep the laughs flowing from you, giving you small peeks of his life in forms of animated stories and rambles. 
Even without the help of drugs, his way with words pulls you in without you realizing. The added daze simply aids in having you cling to him with bright eyes as you follow along to every syllable he says. 
It leaves you wondering for a minute, cloudy brain zoning out as you think of all the loose facts you’ve been presented with since meeting him. Jungkook was hot—that much was obvious—and he had to know it. There was no way he doesn’t know how easy it is for him to wrap anyone he wants around his fingers. At least, that’s what you think with how smooth the words flow from his mouth. 
It fills you with the tiniest bit of uncertainty, wanting to get some clarification before you allow yourself to pursue him the way you desperately wanted to because, right now, he’s ticking off all the boxes at an alarming rate. 
You don’t snap out of that small trance until he’s finishing up his story and shyly excusing himself to go to the bathroom, having chugged three white claws in record time before smoking. It’s no surprise he hauls himself up and scurries inside, ignoring Hoseok’s yells about getting the floor wet. 
That’s when you get your opportunity for clarity, turning to face the canopy and seeing the people who would give you the answers you needed. Seokjin and Yoongi don’t give you a second glance from their spot splashing in the pool, not noticing the way you get up and make your way to Taehyung and Namjoon. 
The two of them are currently stuffing their faces, hair damp and dripping, still shirtless from swimming, but as you approach them they grin at you through the food in their mouths. 
“What’s the catch with him?” you ask instantly, arms crossed over your chest, eyes a little droopy and a small smile on your face when you hear Jia giggle at your interrogation stance. 
“Wow, you’re baked,” she cackles, but you fully ignore her, pointed eyes staring at Taehyung. 
“Catch?” Taehyung mumbles, hotdog mush still stuffed in his cheeks, lips pouty, and Jia takes it upon herself to sit up and wipe the ketchup smeared onto his cheek. 
“Yeah,” you laugh, pointing your finger towards the house. “Is he like a serial heartbreaker? Does he have an extensive criminal record?”
Namjoon just chuckles at your questions, fingers wiping his mouth as he finishes chewing and leans forward, staring at you through the dark strands falling over his eyes. “The only thing Jungkook has broken is his arm two years ago. Also, he doesn’t have a record, unless you count the time he ran from some cops after we snuck into an abandoned property to skate.”
“So he’s not some sweet-talking womanizer?” you tease, only half meaning the questions. He hasn’t given you a definite reason for you to assume anything at all but something about him seemed too good to be true. Maybe you’re just used to the sleazy men who know just how to butter you up, but you need to double check that you’re not missing any obvious red flags that your rose colored glasses are concealing. 
Taehyung finally laughs, a sly smile on his face at the opportunity to tease Jungkook. He’s known him the longest, going back to when they were awkward preteens with side swept hair and chunky DC’s on their feet, so he knew Jungkook’s true personality. He’s charming without realizing it, has the art of playful flirting down to a science. But when it comes to actually pursuing girls, unless you make it glaringly obvious that you’re into him, his nerves get the best of him. 
Just as Tae’s about to clown his friend, Jungkook walks back out from the house, eyes squinty as he wonders where you went, and Taehyung chooses not to embarrass him. 
“If there's anyone I can vouch for, it’s Jungkook. He's a good guy, I promise.” 
“Yeah, and if for whatever reason he’s lying, I’ll make sure to bite his dick off.” Jia threatens, small hand dipping in between her boyfriend’s thighs to grip his junk. It seems to have the opposite effect, Taehyung facing her with wiggling brows, and you’re luckily saved from witnessing the rest when Jungkook sneaks up behind you, fully grabbing your attention as you turn your head to stare at him. 
“You snuck off,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around you as he hunches over, chin resting snugly on your shoulder. 
“Yeah, I came to get the inside scoop from your friends.”
Jungkook hums at that, looking up at the friends in question, neither of whom look particularly guilty, especially not Namjoon who waves his fingers and blows him a kiss. 
He just rolls his eyes at the gesture, head still too floaty to even bother asking his friends what they could have said to embarrass him. The only thing on his mind now is how good you smell, whatever perfume you must have sprayed along your neck filling his senses. It smells sweet, and for some reason, it makes his stomach rumble, something you clearly hear as you turn around and giggle. 
“You know what sounds good?” he questions, standing up straight and looking down at you. “A mcflurry.”
That did actually sound good. “M&M’s or oreo?”
Jungkook scoffs at that, letting a hand trail down until it grasps one of yours, fingers lacing together as he starts to tug you away from his friends. He takes a small detour to grab your discarded shoes to be put on before heading towards the side gate that leads to the front yard. 
“Oreo, duh. I’m not an animal.”
Jungkook keeps his hands interlaced with yours as he bends forward and grabs his skateboard from the same spot he had kicked it to when he first got here, keeping it tucked by his side as he continues pulling you towards the street. 
“Where are we going?” you laugh, not resisting as he leads the way, familiar with the neighborhood and the places around it. 
“To get that damn mcflurry. There’s a Mcdonalds not too far from here.”
That's fine by you, squeezing his palm as you walk down the street, illuminated by the streetlights lining the sidewalks. The small high you felt had slowly faded away, only leaving a light feeling in your chest that lingers the rest of the way. 
The walk only takes about fifteen minutes, easily spent as you joke with each other, your camera roll now full of videos of Jungkook with ridiculous filters on his cute face. It makes you smile like an idiot as you wait for the food you ordered, deciding once you were here that a mcflurry alone wasn’t gonna cut it. 
Before you know it, you're walking out of there with a stuffed bag and a cup holder to keep your precious mcflurries safe as you head down the street once more. Jungkook mentioned a nice park on this side of town that doesn’t come with a warning once the sun went down, so that’s where you were headed to indulge in the fried food. 
“Cheers,” Jungkook mumbles between a mouthful of fries, holding his chunky spoon in the air for you to tap against before taking the first taste of the oreo-vanilla goodness. 
“You know,” you pause to shut your eyes, getting a brain freeze as the ice cream sticks to the roof of your mouth, and Jungkook laughs at the irony of the notorious ice cream biter finally suffering. You can only flip him off before continuing your sentence, “If you would’ve picked M&M’s, whatever this is that we have going on wouldn’t work out.”
Jungkook doesn’t deny it, nodding along enthusiastically as he pulls out the hamburger from the bag, popping open the box and dumping his fries in the opposite flap. “Definitely. I mean, I already turned a blind eye to your crazy tendencies, but M&M’s is a no go.”
He smiles as you cackle, pulling out your own food, and only laughs harder as you flip the bag upside down and an absurd amount of spicy buffalo sauce comes tumbling out. “My crazy tendencies? Jungkook, what the hell.”
“Hey,” he threatens, pointing a finger at you as he chews his burger. “We all have our weaknesses. Yours is watermelon popsicles; mine is spicy buffalo sauce.”
Your hand raises in surrender, as you peel back a sauce for yourself to enjoy your nuggets, pushing the rest towards him with a smile. 
“So, do you bring that thing everywhere you go?” you tease, swatting his hands as he grabs some fries and chooses to dip them in the sauce you just opened instead of getting his own. 
When his wide eyes stare at you in question, you point at the skateboard set beside his feet with the wheels pointed up, letting you see the colorful art underneath that was scratched up from how often he used it. Jungkook has a car for actually getting around this large city, but his favorite method of transportation was his treasured board: it was convenient and he didn’t have to worry about parking. 
“Of course I do. I’m the concrete king, baby. I always have to be prepared.”
His face scrunches up in delight when you laugh. “Concrete king? What does that even mean?”
His tongue prods at his cheek while he wipes his hands, a smile beginning to spread on his lips as he stares at you. There's a similar smile on your own face, teeth shown as you bite into a fry and motion for him to explain. 
“It means I’m the best.”
“Okay,” you agree, scooping out another spoonful of your mcflurry and pointing it at him. “Show me something cool, Concrete King.”
Jungkook leans forward and wraps his lips around the spoon, stealing your dessert with a satisfied smile as he stands up. He just snickers when you call him a thief, savoring the sweetness in his mouth before bending down to grab his board. 
“I’ll do you one better. I'll show you how to do something cool.”
Your brows pinch together as you think it over, eyes focused on the board that he rolls back and forth under his foot. “So what I’m hearing is, you wanna take me to the ER tonight?”
His laughter fills the air at that, mixing in with the sound of the occasional car driving down the street. “C’mon,” he approaches you, large hands reaching for your own and gently tugging you out of your seat. “I won’t let you fall. I promise.”
The small feeling of success blooms in his chest when you reluctantly stand up with him, head hanging back as you stare at the night sky and playfully groan, only leveling back out for you to narrow your eyes at him. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to let go of my hands.”
He looks like a giddy child as he nods, blonde strands falling back around his face while he kicks the board into place. The only smooth area for you to attempt whatever he had planned was the basketball court a few feet away, luckily void of anyone to witness you potentially break a bone. You can already feel the ache in your body as you picture flopping onto the hard, unforgiving pavement. 
“We’ll start easy, get you comfortable with just standing on it, okay?”
The wheels scrape against the ground as he adjusts the deck in front of you, one shoe tucked in front of the wheel to prevent it from moving too much. When you simply stand there, his thumb rubs along your knuckles in an effort to get you to look up at him to see the sweet smile on his lips. His soft eyes are encouraging you to try, and since you trust him, you do. 
With unsteady feet, you cautiously place your left foot onto the board, feeling the slight friction from the grip tape on the bottom of your shoes. You still feel secure with your other foot on the ground, experimentally wiggling it into the spot he tells you to. 
“Okay, now the other one.” 
Your hands grip his even tighter as you do that, body tensing up when the board wobbles slightly under the uneven weight, but Jungkook keeps you steady until you spread your feet wide enough. He doesn’t mind the death grip you have on him, pads of his thumb still rubbing along the back of your palm as you laugh at your feet no longer being on solid ground. 
“Alright. I’m on it, now what?” Your body trembles a little with nerves, the fresh breeze only making your exposed skin break out into goosebumps as you stand with your knees slightly bent. 
“Eager now, huh?” he teases, stepping back a few inches to give you some space to do what he wants to do next. “Alright, all you have to do is jump and land with both feet. I’ll do the rest.”
A tiny squeak leaves your mouth, and he snickers at the panicked expression on your face. “You want me to jump?”
“Yeah, there’s nothing cool about just standing.” The way he rolls his eyes only makes you laugh with him, hesitantly nodding your head, reassuring yourself that you can trust him. 
“Oh god, okay.” 
Jungkook holds back the smile as he stares down at the board, telling you to keep your feet exactly where they were as he takes the top of his shoe and places it right underneath the center of the board. “You’re gonna have to jump a little high, but it’s simple. Ready?”
With a small hum of confirmation, he counts to three, hands holding you tight as you jump up, allowing him to kick the board up from under you and flip it around until it’s landing onto the ground and your feet are reconnecting with the grip tape once more. Your body wobbles from the impact, but the grip he has on you prevents you from toppling over, so you let out a cheer at not wiping out. 
Your hands pull away from his grasp, choosing to wrap your arms around him to pull him in for a hug. “That was so cool,” you boast, hearing the rumble of his laugh as you place your head against his chest, feeling his arms snake around your frame to hold you close. 
“Told you so,” he gives you a squeeze, foot still pressed against the wheels to keep the board from sliding out from under you. “So, what’s my reward for teaching you something cool?”
With a small hum, you’re turning to look up at him, arms snug around his waist and a smile on your lips. “I don’t know. Any suggestions?”
He can feel his heart hammering against his ribs, those same nerves from before slowly creeping up as he builds the courage to unscramble the words in his brain.
“Let me take you out, on a date.” His chest only tightens when you look at him in confusion, the creeping fear of rejection making his stomach twist, hoping that he hadn’t horribly misread all of the signals passed between you. 
“Isn’t tonight a date?”
And just like that, the weight lifts off of him, the familiar toothy smile you’ve grown so fond of being sent your way as he sighs in relief. “It can be, but I want to go on an actual date. Just us. No crazy friends playing chicken in the background.”
“I’d like that,” you whisper as you look up at him, licking over your lips when your eyes flicker down to his. 
Jungkook knows the universal signs before a first kiss, the way you slowly lean your face closer, eyes locked onto the curve of his lips, head angled up just before swooping in. And he makes the first mistake of the night, getting so caught up in the moment he removes his foot to stand closer, the center of balance from you leaning in, making the skateboard fly out right from under you. 
The shriek leaves your mouth instantly as your body rocks to the side, his loosening grip on you unable to keep you up right, but the grip you have on him makes the two of you come tumbling down together. He cushions your fall as best as he can, arms wrapped around your head when your back meets the cold pavement, the weight of him clambering on top of you and pressing onto your chest as you lose yourself in laughter. 
The ache in your butt is felt instantly, but luckily you’re unscathed otherwise, heart thrumming from the scare but mouth wide open as you giggle. When you finally open your eyes, you’re met with a curtain of blonde strands, Jungkook’s hair draped over you as he does his best to not totally crush you under his weight. 
“You broke your promise,” you laugh, loosening your solid grip from his waist as you bring your hands up to push back his hair, letting you see his worried expression. His knees are bruised without a doubt, having hit them on the way down, now slot on either side of your thighs as he slowly kneels, hands slipping out from around your head to press against the pavement. 
“Promise?” he wonders, momentarily having forgotten everything when he thought you were hurt, but then he remembers. He let you fall. 
“Fuck, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you breathe out, the fan of your laughter felt against his cheeks from your close proximity, hands still carding through his hair like you hadn’t just wiped out. You still have that look on your face, the same one you wore before he had let you fall, eyes staring at his lips in anticipation. 
Jungkook lets out a shaky breath with a smile of his own before slowly leaning forward, the small adrenaline rush he felt aiding him in concealing his nerves, allowing him to finally press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss. He tests the water for a second, eyes fluttering shut until you’re putting more pressure into it as you kiss him back. 
The small throb of pain you felt earlier is pushed away as you let your hands tangle in his hair, hearing the way he breathes against you mixing in with the rustling of the trees around you. Jungkook can’t think of anything else as he kisses you harder, bringing one hand up to softly cup your cheek before you’re separating from him. 
“You taste sweet. I like it,” you mumble with a dopey laugh as you lick your lips, the sugar on his lips from the bite of dessert he had stolen from you minutes prior still lingering. His eyebrows raise up at the compliment, heart skipping when you erupt into laughter as he kisses you once more, lips obnoxiously puckered and pressing against yours with a wet smack. 
“Yeah?” he teases, biting down onto his lower lip, thumb gently caressing your cheek. “Did I just blow my chances of that date?”
You let out a soft hum as your fingers trail to the nape of his neck, wrapping a strand of hair around your finger as you twist it in thought. “Definitely not,” you smile. “Kiss me again.”
Tumblr media
In a surprising turn of events, Jungkook sits behind the wheel of his car, right arm casually draped over the center console with his fingers interlocked with yours. A small smile is on his lips as you play with his hand subconsciously, softly muttering along to the song he is playing on the radio, preferring the sound of the Neighbourhood when it’s coming from you. 
The landscape glows with remnants of orange and purple, the sun just about to hide behind the sea while he drives along the coast. Jungkook wanted to hang out with you without the added stress of the summer sun making him sweat through his shirt, and you very eagerly agreed, deciding that the evening would be best. 
It’s an odd day in the middle of the week, allowing for ample parking which saves you both from the headache that usually came with driving to the pier. You had suggested the activity, wanting to beat him to it before he could plan something over the top. At first, Jungkook couldn’t understand why you were so against having a typical dinner date, but something about it just didn’t feel natural to you. Being forced to sit across from each other as you made small conversation in between bites of food, surrounded by a sea of couples and families with someone constantly coming in to check on you seemed like too much for a first official date. 
This though, the smell of the sea salt and sweetness of funnel cakes, the crash of the waves below blending in with the bells of a game just being won a few feet away, felt right for the two of you. Jungkook gets it now, and he’s grateful for your suggestion, knowing his jitters would have been too much for him to handle if he had done what he originally wanted. He’s able to relax in this setting, familiar with the pier, and you are too, easily dragging him along the boardwalk as you approach the ticket stand, wanting to get on all of the rides this place had to offer. 
“Scared?” Jungkook teases, watching as your eyes look at the colorful roller coaster a little further down, the elated screams from riders being heard as they zoom through it. 
“Never. You?”
He lets out a sigh when he leans back onto the metal railing, arm slung casually around your shoulder as you both stare at the rides around you. It’s a little chillier now that the sun is gone, but the fresh breeze is inviting, giving him another reason to keep you snug by his side as the skirt of your dress flutters around.
“Of course not. I’m an adrenaline junkie, babe. I live for this.”
Your laugh makes him look back down at you, catching a glimmer of the necklace you have on. It's the same ring you had taken from him the other night, holding it hostage and looping a dainty chain through it so it could rest against your chest. The chunky ring that had become one of his favorites being a casual accessory for you makes Jungkook’s heart skip, urging him to pull you even closer as he gently presses a kiss to your forehead. 
“Let’s make it interesting then,” you mumble, trying to play off how warm your face feels from his display of affection. 
“Keep talking.” His love for a challenge makes itself known as you creep up the line of people, his eyes boring into yours to try to figure out just what you had in mind. 
“First one to scream has to win the other the most obnoxious prize there is here.” This seemed too easy, the roller coasters on the pier didn’t have intense drops or spins that would make Jungkook scream like Six Flags would, but the sly smile on your face makes him a little wary. 
It doesn’t stop him from agreeing instantly though, hand outstretched to meet yours as he smirks. “Deal.”
With determination set on both your features, you’re starting the challenge, grabbing your wristbands and running off to the first coaster. It looks off into the ocean, painted a bright yellow and definitely not scary looking in the slightest, although the little kid crying as he exits with his parents might think differently. 
“No screaming,” you remind him as you strap into the ride, fingers tapping along the lap bar, feeling the way his thighs bounce from excitement. 
“Easy,” Jungkook huffs, wiggling in his seat as the attendants clear the ride and step back. 
His enthusiasm heightens once the ride is set in motion, and before he knows it, you’re speeding down the tracks at a surprising rate. It catches you both off guard as a sharp turn makes your shoulders ram into his, desperately biting down on your lips to not scream as the wind flows through your hair. 
Jungkook cracks first, not with a scream but a laugh, unable to contain it as he’s sliding across the seat and squishing you against your side at the next turn. 
“That wasn’t a scream!” he defends, only laughing harder as the whiplash continues, entire body vibrating from the rattles of the cart. You agree to it for your own sake, breaking out into belly aching laughter as you’re shaken around on the small coaster. 
That small loophole Jungkook created seems to be his saving grace for the following rides, concealing all of his shrieks with laughter so giddy it makes your cheeks hurt as you join him. 
It’s not until you’re hauling him to some weird single ride called the Gyro Loop that he begins to think he’ll actually lose, and the knowing grin on your face only makes him even more sure. He’s proven right a few seconds after you strap on, blindsided by the controls the riders are in charge of. 
The attendant had instructed you on what to do, saying there was a prize to be won if you completed a certain number of rotations but Jungkook doesn’t catch any of it, so the second the ride swings back and you’re pushing one of the buttons around the harness he gasps as you’re shot up. He’s given no warning, and with another push of a button, the seats flip upside down in a woosh, everything blurring around you. It’s not like Jungkook sees any of it, as you turn to look at him you take note of his eyes squeezed shut, a grimace painted over his usually soft features. 
His fingers grip the metal handles tightly to brace himself, accidentally pressing one of the buttons and making it flip over a second time, so fast it whips his hair back and that's when Jeon Jungkook loses. A shriek of surprise spills past his lips the second his head is upside down and you’re laughing instantly, pushing it further as you continue hitting the controls, finally joining in with his screams now that he lost. 
It’s safe to say you don’t win the prize, too busy laughing at his screams to bother pursuing it and as you step off the ride you can’t help but wipe under your eyes for any stray tears that slipped through your laughter. 
“That was a planned attack,” he accuses, hunching over to rest his palms on his knees, thankful to be on solid ground without the world spinning around him. 
“It was,” you admit, softly rubbing his back as he takes a minute to breathe. “But I saw this cute plushie when we got here and I wanted it, so I did what I had to do.”
He peers up at you, eyes a little glassy from what just happened, but he stands up instantly, a little more life in his face now that his stomach stopped flipping. In theory, if you wanted a plushie, he could have just won it for you instead of enduring the horrible Gyro Loop, but he’s determined to win it for you now. “What prize?”
Your hand reaches over to grab his, fingers lacing together to tug him back towards the game section. His head feels dizzy again, no longer able to blame it on the horrible ride he had just got off. Something about the warmth of your hand as your fingers fit snugly against his, the gentle pull as you lead him with a smile that shows just how much you're enjoying yourself, makes his chest tighten and head spin in the best way. 
He’s too busy staring at your face while you lead the way, tracing the slope of your nose, the curve of your lips as you speak, slowly morphing into a pout that’s aimed at him when you realize he isn’t paying attention. “Sorry, you’re just really beautiful.”
The pout is replaced instantly as your lips press together, internally squealing at the way compliments spill from his mouth, so casual and genuine it's clear he means them. Damn him and his words of affirmation. 
“Thank you,” you mumble, a bashful look on your face as you squeeze his palm before pointing in front of you with your free hand. He follows the invisible line from your fingertips until he’s met with the plushie you want. “That’s the one.”
Jungkook can’t stop himself from chuckling as he gets a good look at the stuffed animal. It’s a medium sized yellow bunny, but the cherry on top comes in the form of an atrocious blue hawaiian shirt with the word ‘cali’ embroidered to the left of the buttons. 
“Is this another jab at my shirt? I haven’t even worn it since I first met you.” He takes a baby step back from you, stretching his arms out to make sure that you didn’t somehow believe he was currently wearing it. The truth is, it’s currently deep in his laundry basket, but he isn’t gonna tell you that. 
“You know, it kinda grew on me,” you shrug, looking at the loose fitting gray shirt he has on now. As obscene as that hawaiian shirt is, it’s also really cute, fitting his personality in a strange way. 
Jungkook looks shocked at your admission, having only been roasted by his friends since the day he bought it, and you, this one comment is going to be the sole reason he goes out and buys even more colors to wear. “Alright, if you want the bunny, I’ll get you that bunny, babe. I got this.”
The teenage boy standing in charge of the Mini Hoops game looks totally uninterested, barely mumbling out the rules after Jungkook hands him some money. The lack of enthusiasm from the boy doesn’t faze Jungkook, simply palming the tiny basketball in his large hands, turning to shoot you a wink before he’s lifting his arms and throwing the ball. 
It swishes into the net with ease, settling into the bottom as he follows it up with three more, a proud smile pushing his cheeks out when you cheer for him. With the final ball in his grasp, he leans over the small distance between you and presses a soft kiss to your lips before standing straight once more and sending it off, a shrill bell going off as it swishes through the net like the ones before.
The boy unhooks the bunny from its spot and gives it to Jungkook before moving on to the next couple ready to play. Jungkook gives it another good look, slightly catching the resemblance now that the fluffy bunny is in his hands, and when he hears you call his name with your phone pointed in his direction, he brings it up beside his face, scrunching up his nose for a picture. It’s the cutest thing, the bright lights shown in the background, face lit up in hues of purple and yellow, and you decide then that it’s becoming his contact photo.
He passes it to you with another kiss, feeling the way your lips curve into a smile against his, stuffed animal held to your chest as his thumb holds your chin when he pulls away, half lidded eyes staring down at you with so much emotion it makes your stomach flip. 
The feeling never settles, only getting stronger with the additional time spent together. The bunny is kept protectively at your side when you eventually make your way onto the sand, funnel cake in between you to share while you look at the night sky. The pier stays illuminated even as the rides and food stands shut down, taking the crowd of people with it until only a few stragglers remain. It gives you a small sense of privacy as you settle beside each other, the cold grains of sand felt against your thighs and making you shiver. 
Jungkook takes note of it as he takes a bite of the funnel cake, and although his legs won’t provide much warmth—jeans having large holes that expose his muscular thighs—he knows it’ll be better than the sand. So when he pats them, giving you a powdered sugar covered smile, you slowly turn to the side and rest your legs over his thighs. 
“Better?” he wonders, picking up the plate and placing it on your shins to cut you a piece. 
“Yeah, thanks.” 
“Sorry if it’s too cold now. I just don’t really want this day to end.” He admits it so quietly you almost don’t hear it through the crash of the waves. 
“Me either,” you agree, letting him feed you the piece of funnel cake he had meticulously cut, enough chocolate syrup and banana on it for you to get a good taste of everything. 
In pure honesty, you had grown to love the light, airy feeling that came with being around Jungkook these last few weeks. His boyish charm brings out your playful side full force: it reminds you of the time spent in school, the second you’re out for summer break when just about anything seems possible. 
Being with Jungkook leaves you looking forward to the next time the sun comes back up, welcoming the heat that comes with it if it means seeing him. It's the bubbling of a crush lit inside of you, makes you feel every soft touch tenfold, makes you want to savor each small moment to treasure forever. You know you’ll one day look back on it and feel nostalgic over the time spent laying on the cold sand, under the night sky with the blonde boy with a charming smile. 
“I had a lot of fun today,” he shyly adds on, feeling the same emotions you have coursing through you. It's been a while since Jungkook has felt like this, simply going through life with his friends and the casual fling that never lasted long, but he desperately hopes this doesn’t become that. He doesn’t want this to burn out once the summer goes, hoping to still have your hand to hold as the season changes, but those damn nerves from before keep him from admitting anything. 
Luckily, you’re not as timid about admitting to anything, giving his palm a squeeze as you reach forward and stare directly at him. “I really like you Jungkook.”
His free hand grips your legs, thumb rubbing against the soft skin as he gives you a look of wonder, needing to make sure he actually heard you right and it wasn’t his ears playing some sick trick on him. But when your smile never fades, eyes crinkling up as you take note of his expression, he snaps back into it. “I really like you too, a lot.”
The waves crash hard to your left, matching the explosion in your heart as you beam at him through the moonlight. That stomach flipping, puppy-love sensation you’ve felt all day spreads throughout you, urging you closer to him in the sand. You’re not satisfied until his face is in your hands, cheeks cold from the sea breeze, lips pulled into a soft smile as you observe him for a minute. 
You take him in like a slow, steady breath, eyes following the strong shape of his eyebrows, the flutter of his lashes as he blinks, the twinkle reflected in his pupils, the slope of his nose topped with an adorable mole on the corner, leading to the matching one beneath his lower lip. And as he smiles at you, you decide that's the one feature of his that you love the most. 
Jungkook knows it’s coming, but even when you finally lean over and press your lips to his, he still lets out a tiny gasp, hand on your legs gripping tighter as he kisses back. With light pressure, he slowly starts to push you back. He’s mindlessly setting the half eaten funnel cake aside to be forgotten, favoring the sweetness of your lips to it, needing to get a better taste. 
The cold sand meets your back as he maneuvers you, easily slotting in between your legs when he kneels over your body. You can feel your heart hammering in your chest with each quiet smack of your lips, and you’re sure Jungkook can feel it too with his hands gliding up your sides, gently sliding up your neck until he’s cupping your jaw. 
Kissing him is intoxicating, your lips desperately chasing his as he pulls back slightly, bringing him back for more and he groans into it. That small sound ignites something within you, fills you with warmth and jittery excitement, thighs gently squeezing around him while you suck on his lower lip. Jungkook must like that too, letting out another breathless moan of your name when you let it snap back against his teeth, leaving it plump and glossy with a coat of saliva on it. 
His breathing mixes in with the sea, eyes glazed over as he stares down at you, desire clear on your features, teeth biting down on your lower lip when your hands slowly slide down his chest. Jungkook wants to remember this forever, the image of you splayed out on the sand with want so evident on your face, want for him. 
Jungkook can only curse under his breath at the sight, lips reconnecting with yours with more fervor, tongue lightly licking at your lips until your mouth is opening up, and when you let out a soft moan at the sensation, he feels his cock stir in his jeans. The hands on his chest start to slide down, gripping his waist, toying with the top of his jeans until you get to where you want to be. 
When you lightly trace over the growing bulge, wandering hands intent on making him lose his mind, he groans into your mouth before he pulls back. His harsh breath fans against your face, lips inches from your own. “Wait, ah fuck–“ he sighs when your lips move to suck on his neck now, gentle licks to his skin that only tease him further. “I wasn’t expecting this.”
You hum into his skin, retracting your hand to stare at him with a genuine smile. “That’s okay. We can stop.”
“No, that’s not what I mean.” He shuts his eyes to concentrate, not able to focus when he can see how swollen your lips are from kissing him, only making him want to dive back in. Jungkook didn’t want you to think he had brought you here just for sex, disguising a first date and pulling you onto the sand just to get in your pants—even if you’re the one getting handsy with him. 
“I get it Jungkook. Don’t worry,” you breathe, cold hands cupping his cheeks again when he finally opens his eyes. “I want this. I promise.”
A small moment of confirmation is passed between you before he’s swiftly getting up, dusting the sand off his clothes and extending a hand out for you, smiling when you give him a look of confusion. 
“Not here though.” Jungkook didn’t want to fuck you on the questionable sand on this beach, also too afraid of running into other beach goers as they strolled through.  
He pulls you up, grabbing the plushie before hurrying to the car with you giggling right behind him. With the time of night, the lot he had parked in is practically empty, the nearest car too far away to pay any mind to. It was the best case scenario for you. 
Not wanting to waste anymore time, you yank open the back door, grabbing the bunny from his hands and chucking it inside before pinching his grey shirt and tugging him closer until your lips are slotting between his like the perfect puzzle piece. 
“Here?” he wonders through the kisses, not expecting you to want him to defile you in the parking lot, but you couldn’t help it: getting a taste of him now and having to wait felt like torture. 
“Yeah, I thought you were an adrenaline junkie babe.”
Your teasing words only make him laugh, large hands gripping your waist and pushing you against his car to intensify the kiss. All you can taste is him, sweet with the hint of funnel cake, lips soft and smelling suspiciously familiar, but before you can comment on it, he’s pushing you back onto the seat. 
“Dont wanna fuck you in the car either,” he groans, lips moving to mouth at your neck in sloppy kisses that make you shiver. Each touch feels like electricity, the slide of his hands pushing you further into the back until he’s shutting the door behind him, entirely grateful that he had his windows tinted way beyond the legal limit. 
“No?” It comes out as a sigh, feeling the skirt of your dress bunch up as his knee slots in between your thighs. The denim felt against your bare legs has you spreading your thighs further apart, wanting him to fit perfectly between you, needing him closer. 
“No,” he confirms, sucking on the skin and enjoying the way your hands tangle in his hair, nails gently scratching his scalp, tugging at the strands with enough force to have his cock fully hardening in his jeans. “Wanna fuck you right. The way you deserve.”
“And how's that?”
“Hmm,” he hums before licking at the purple splotch he just made on your neck, soothing the aching feeling that came with it. “I’d make you a late night picnic. Candle lit, you know, for romance—“
“I do love romance,” you giggle as you shimmy further onto the back seat, hands now anchored around his slim waist and urging him to settle above you properly. 
“Then I’d take you home—” another kiss to your skin, wet and sloppy. “Walk you to your front door like a gentleman.”
“Yeah, then what?” you groan as he nips your skin, hips finally slotting in between your thighs, letting you feel the bulge in his jeans pressing into your core. 
“I’d kiss you goodnight, like this.” He pulls away from your neck, one hand cupping your cheek as he stares down at you with a glimmer in his eyes and softly presses his lips to yours. The familiar scent fills your nose once more and you finally pinpoint it, remembering flashes of the watermelon chapstick he had been using all day. He knew it was your favorite flavor, incorporating it in such a minuscule way, knowing you’d love the taste of his lips even more with it.  
It makes you smile in appreciation as he gives you a gentle peck, pulling away a bit with a smile before connecting your lips once more. 
Your hands slide up his sides, gliding up his shirt and over his shoulders until you’re holding onto the sides of his face with equal tenderness. Jungkook groans into the kiss when your tongue peaks out, licking at the seam of his lips and begging to slip inside. You only allow yourself a small taste of it before you’re pulling back, a string of spitting connecting your lips together that breaks when you speak. 
“And if I ask you to come inside for a drink?” you tease, fingers finding their way into his hair and twirling the strands, knowing having his hair played with was a weakness. 
“I’d never say no to that,” he smiles, kissing you once more, peppering them on your cheek, down your jaw, until all you can hear is his jagged breath by your ear. 
“We’ll go inside for a drink, and because you just can’t keep your hands to yourself—“ he teases, gently biting your ear and smiling when you squeal in surprise. “I’ll probably end up bending you over and fucking you in the kitchen.”
“Oh,” you groan dramatically, throwing your head back against the cushion. “That’s so romantic!”
He snickers too, large palm gripping your cheek to get you to stare at him once more, seeing the hunger swirling in his eyes. “Only the best for you baby.”
“Well, until then…just fuck me here once,” you beg, so pretty and sweet, eyes batting at him with such innocence he almost feels bad for how much it turns him on. You have no business making a request that filthy with a saccharine smile coating your lips.
“Fuck baby,” he sighs, eyes trailing over your body, seeing the thin straps of your dress hanging off your shoulders, swells of your chest peaking out over the top of your dress, rising and falling with each breath you take. Your thighs glide along his, rubbing his jeans and bringing his attention further down. That's when he takes note of your dress bunched up, revealing the pale pink of your underwear to him and the small patch of wetness gathering at the front. 
“Give me all that romance later. C’mon Kook.” Your back arches slightly, hips lifting up in search of anything, desperate for him to actually touch you. Slowly, your hands drop down to your hips, fingers dipping into the sides of your underwear and teasingly tugging at it, smiling when Jungkook drops his head back and groans. 
A playful laugh fills the car as he pulls the underwear off of you in a haste, sliding them down your legs and letting the soft fabric drop onto the car floor. Without an ounce of shame, your hands trail up your skin, leading his eyes up your thighs and directly onto your pussy. Any words he wanted to say leave him instantly, taking a moment to admire the view, groaning as your own fingers glide up your slit with a low hum. 
Jungkook can’t take it anymore, bringing a palm up to his mouth to messily spit into it. Your jaw drops at the sight, a soft moan spilling out as he brings his fingers down onto your cunt. He’s gently pushing your hands away as he spreads his spit around your entrance and back up to trail along your slit, tender touches mixing it in with your sticky arousal. 
“Gotta get you ready for me baby,” he sighs, fingertips tapping onto your clit, a mirth laugh reaching your ears as he sees the way your body jolts at the sensation. 
“Fuck, hurry. I wanna feel you,” you whine, hands gripping his shoulders and pulling him closer to you until your lips are on his again. 
Jungkook melts into the kiss, rubbing slow, deliberate circles onto your clit, just enough pressure to have you mewling softly into his mouth. With wet smacks of your lips, he trails his fingers down again, feeling the added wetness of your slick as he circles your entrance, the flutter of your walls felt when he teasingly pushes into you. 
Your walls suck him in easily, and the warmth of your pussy has him kissing you harder, already picturing the way you’d feel wrapped around his cock. A satisfied hum passes between your mouths as he buries his fingers deep inside you, pumping them slowly before a second finger joins in. 
His tongue tangles along yours, swallowing each moan you let out, teasingly pushing and pulling like a dance and once you find the perfect rhythm you can’t pull away. Jungkook soaks it all in: each quiet breath, each tug at his hair, the gentle nips to his lips and the subtle clash of your teeth when you can’t seem to get enough. 
There's just something about sloppy, desperate kisses that spur Jungkook on, the mess born from passion making his skin heat up with each smack of your lips. His need for mess makes him pull back slightly, gently licking at your lips to get you to open up for him, waiting until your eyes are fluttering open to stare at him. A soft tap to your cheek passes the message along, and you’re sticking your tongue out for him before he lets a thick trail of spit dribble out of his mouth and into yours. 
It makes your eyes widen in surprise, more so when his free hand is placed beside your throat with his thumb pressing along your jaw. His eyes focus on the glob of saliva on your tongue, biting onto his lower lip as you groan and bring your tongue back into your mouth. The swallow is felt against his hand, instantly starting a slow simmer within you. Your warm walls tighten around his fingers at the act and he curses when he feels it. 
“More, please,” you plead, lifting your head up to chase his mouth, tongue tracing the outline of his lips sinfully. 
“Mm, I knew you were crazy, but who knew you were filthy too.” His tone is playful, brow cocked up as he looks down at you and winks. A teasing laugh escapes you, blending in with a cry of his name when his thumb presses into your aching clit, working in tandem with his fingers. With a satisfied smirk, he repeats it again, a thick glob of saliva gathered behind his lips, slowly dropping into your mouth while you patiently wait, lids heavy as you watch him intently. 
Jungkook doesn’t even give you time to swallow it this time around before he’s crashing his mouth into yours once more, tongue tickling the roof of your mouth as he picks up the speed of his hands. 
“Shit,” you gasp, pulling back from the kiss, biting down onto your lip when he spreads his fingers apart, stretching you out with each glide against your velvety walls. The wet thump of his palm meeting your skin fills the small car, mixing in with the stuttered breaths you exhale each time his fingers graze the sweet spot inside of you. 
“You’re so fucking wet,” he marvels almost breathlessly, pressing sweet kisses onto your cheek that don’t match the way his fingers fuck into you. He can feel his palm growing sticky with each thrust, folds messy with your arousal, but you’re begging for more, so he quickly slides a third finger in. 
“J-jungkook,” you cry out, fingers tugging his strands in desperation as the lust clouds your mind. The air is getting thick around you, slightly fogging up the windows and getting worse with each choked breath you let out. “Wanna feel you, please.”
You couldn’t take it anymore, needing to feel him beyond his fingers and soft kisses. Jungkook gets it, his cock aching in his jeans so hard it was a shock he hadn’t blown his load from the pretty sounds you make. He wanted to sink into you, see the way your face twists in pleasure when he fills you up. 
“Okay, alright baby.” Reluctantly, he pulls his fingers out of your messy cunt, strings of your arousal coating his digits, popping them into his mouth to lick clean and humming in satisfaction. 
He awkwardly reaches over to the passenger seat, leaning across to open the glove box and pull out the condoms he keeps there for emergencies. Before leaning back he does a double take at the bunny you had thrown onto the seat, button eyes staring at him—judging him—so he hesitantly turns it around to face the window instead. Only then does he settle onto the back seat once more, square packet held between his teeth as he fiddles with the buttons on his jeans. 
“You know, I love your thighs.” Your hand reaches forward to trail your fingernail along his skin, muscles exposed in the distressed jeans he wore. 
“Yeah?” he mumbles out as he unzips them, tugging the material down a bit before pushing his boxers down with them. 
“Mhm, they’re thick...wanna bite em.” He laughs at your horny rambling, pulling his aching cock out with a small hiss, heavy in his hand as he gives it a languid pump. Your lips purse out when you realize how big it is, wide eyes not daring to look away, glued to the way his thumb comes up to roll over the mushroom tip. 
A cocky smile is on his lips, continuing to pump himself purely for your entertainment; you’re transfixed on the grip of his palm, the subtle veins leading to the pink tip. “Like what you see?”
You don’t even care about the tone he uses, knowing damn well you did by the way you’re drooling over him, nodding along like a sex crazed zombie because of course you do. The need to touch him has your small hand reaching for it, and he releases his grip to allow you to wrap your palm around him. A content sigh leaves you when you feel the weight of him in your grasp, warm to the touch, and he groans as your thumb gently presses under his tip before pumping down the shaft. The translucent beads of precum dripping from his tip are spread around his engorged head, leaving it shiny in the dim lighting inside the car. 
“Here, let me.” The square packet is taken from between his teeth, slipped between your own as you tear it open. Jungkook can only watch with bated breath as you pull out the condom and slowly start to roll it on. It’s torture, the subtle squeeze your hand gives on the way down, palm now sticky with lube. His hips have a mind of their own, gently rutting into your fist with a groan when you tighten your grip before pulling away.
Jungkook lets out a breath as you lower yourself back down, resting on your elbows with your head tilted and a sultry smile on your lips. His large hands grip your knees, trailing up your inner thighs to urge you to spread them further apart, palms gently pressing into your skin in a touch that starts a fire inside you. The exhilaration spreads when you see the lust filled look on him, soft doe eyes half lidded and swirling with hunger, only growing as he once again grabs his cock and inches towards your awaiting core. 
“God, always look so fucking pretty,” he whines, head of his cock nudging against your center, slowly pushing into you, feeling the way your walls wrap around him. He means it, always means it too. Jungkook wants to keep a photo of you in his wallet, wants to always remember the sweet sounds of your laugh, the playful scrunch of your nose when he tells a lame joke, the psychotic way you bite into your ice cream. How do you make every single thing you do look like the most effortless, beautiful thing he has ever seen.
A shuddering breath slips past your swollen lips as he sinks further into you, thick cock stretching you apart in the most delicious burn. It has your tummy tensing up, fingernails digging into your own thighs until he spots the indents in your skin and grabs them in his own instead, lacing them together and bringing them to rest by your sides as he leans over you. A shared gasp is passed between you when he finally bottoms out, sinking into the hilt and freezing when your walls tighten around him.
“Fuck, you’re so big,” you mindlessly babble, gripping his hands tighter while you let yourself get used to his size. Jungkook really doesn’t need the ego boost, but it sounds so right coming from you, looking absolutely delectable underneath him, eyes glazed over and the cutest pout on your lips. He wants to hear more of those pretty sounds you make, slowly inching back out, feeling the glide of your walls against his cock before he’s thrusting back into you.
It sends a shock down your spine, sparking up your skin, as he repeats it again, low grunts meeting your ears until he’s fucking into you with fluid hips, skin slapping together each time. A smirk pulls at his lips when your thigh lifts up, hooking over his waist when the head of his cock curves just right inside of you. 
“Feel good baby?” he rasps out, blonde hair swinging around his face in time with his thrusts, jaw tense as the warmth blossoms inside him each time your walls spasm around his cock. 
“Y-yes,” you can barely utter, breathless and stuttering, hips rutting up into his in search of more. Desperation looks good on you, whiny cries spilling from your mouth and bringing him closer to you, brows pinched together as you plead for him to go faster, harder until you’re an absolute mess beneath him.
His lips press against yours once more, swallowing each of your cries when he picks up the pace, pounding into you so hard you have to pry your hands free from his to place behind your head to not get rocked into the car door. A muffled laugh is shared when he takes note, hips not slowing down in the slightest, knowing you were enjoying his roughness by the fluttering of your walls.
“Love your pussy,” he moans, kissing down your neck and licking the previous hickey he had sucked on your skin. A gentle nip of his teeth is delivered to the juncture of your neck before he moves on with a chuckle, fingers gently playing with the straps of your dress, something you don’t take note of due to the intoxicating roll of his hips. You don’t notice what he’s doing until your dress is yanked down and he’s groaning at the sight of your tits, totally bare for him to admire.
“Your tits too,” he adds with a smile, pressing soft kisses around the swell of your chest, puffs of laughter felt on your skin when your hand tangles into his hair and leads him directly where he needs to be. 
“What about my personality?” you joke, back arching as his cock reaches deeper inside of you when you spread your thighs further apart. 
“Mm, it’s top tier babe.” His lips wrap around your nipple as the words leave his mouth, warm tongue flicking against it while his hips never slow, silver charm of his necklace sliding off your chest from the movement. Jungkook loves your personality just as much and he hopes he’s made that obvious, entirely enjoying himself whenever he was with you. This point of view was just a definite plus.
Your eyes fall shut now, fully immersed in the feeling of it all, the pleasure wrapping around you tighter each time he hits the right spots inside of you, grinding into the sweet patch of nerves that leaves you writhing around. With a slight pop he’s lifting his mouth from your nipple, taking a moment to admire the pebbled bud covered in a sheen of his saliva.
“Kookie,” you whimper when you begin to feel the first wave of ecstasy flaring within you, coil tightening up with each deliberate roll of his hips. Jungkook knew what he was doing, practiced thrusts filling you up perfectly with each wet squelch. It makes you realize that you’ll always crave this. Now that you’ve seen Jungkook like this, face slightly sweaty as he pants above you, filthy moans reaching your ears, cock splitting you open just the way you craved, you’ll never want anything else again.
“Shit, you just got so tight.” It comes out as a strained gasp, his own eyes rolling back when you deliver a harsh yank to his hair, other hand clinging onto his shoulder when his pelvis rubs against your sensitive clit. “You gonna cum for me?”
Another mumbled cry of his name sounds like music to his ears, chest arching up until your tits are pressed against the soft fabric of his shirt, hips twitching from the beginning signs of your orgasm creeping up on you. “Fuck, I’m close. Please,” you don’t even know what you’re begging for, heady with pleasure, moans swirling in the thick air surrounding you.
“Don’t worry. I got you.” A tender kiss is placed to your lips, large palm sliding down your body until his fingers meet your swollen clit. The intoxicating warmth of your walls has him groaning into your lips, feeling them tighten around his cock as he rolls your clit between his fingers, jolts of pleasure shooting through you and aiding in pushing you headfirst into a lust-filled daze. He can feel you gush around his length, arousal dripping from your entrance and soaking into the car seat beneath you, leaving a stain in its wake, but it fills Jungkook with pride to know you were this much of a mess because of him.
“Ah, right there,” you cry, gasping lewdly when he repeats it, keeping the same rhythm of his hips, never slowing his teasing fingers with the perfect amount of pressure you swear you forgot how to breathe. Jungkook looks absolutely entranced with you, taking in each trembling breath, analyzing each of your movements to ingrain into his mind forever.
“S-shit,” he chokes out when your walls get impossibly tighter around him, sucking him further into your heat each time he pulls out, thigh hooked around his waist keeping him as close as you could. Your head is thrown back onto the cushion, mouth dropped open in a silent moan as the warmth brews inside of you, finally spilling over with a final flick to your clit, released with a shout of his name.
He doesn’t think his name has ever sounded better, raspy and urgent in the filthiest way as you cum around him, body tensing up briefly before your back is arching up when you cry out. The euphoric sensation of your walls squeezing his cock has his own release speeding towards him, spurred on by each twitch and mewl you let out from sensitivity, eyes glassy and spent as you look up at him. 
His eyes are locked onto yours, feeling how easily he glides into your messy cunt with the obscene amount of wetness that creamed his cock. Your face is giving him a look so tender it makes his heart skip, twisting inside of him as your hands softly cup his cheeks. “Wanna see you cum Jungkook, please.”
The soft touch of your hands has him melting above you, cute bunny teeth biting onto his lower lips as his face scrunches up, hips continuing to piston into you, slowly losing their grace as his need to cum takes over. A needy whine of your name makes you tighten around him, ignoring the slight throb of sensitivity that comes with it, loving how vulnerable he looks above you while he nears his orgasm. His mind is floating now as he gasps, harsh thrusts into you that jostle your body, stuttering for a few seconds before his mouth drops  open with an unabashed moan of your name.
“Fuck, fuck, baby,” he whines out, desperately slotting his lips against yours as he fills up the condom in warm spurts of cum. Your noses knock together in his urgency, harsh pants of breath felt on your skin as he continues to shallowly thrust into you, hips coming to a halt once he’s finally spent, tender lips pecking your mouth once more before slowly pulling back with a dazed smile.
A brief moment is shared between you, dopey smiles on your faces as you take it all in, realizing that you had in fact convinced him to rail you in his back seat. Jungkook places a tenderhearted kiss to the tip of your nose before shyly readjusting your dress to cover your boobs, acting as respectful as he could, as if he hadn’t just made you see stars with the orgasm he gave you. 
With a small breath, he’s sliding out of your warmth, eyes focusing on the absolute mess between your thighs, something he has to look away from to prevent his thoughts from steering back towards inappropriate. Instead, he unrolls the condom and adjusts himself back into his jeans, once again reaching across your body to lean over towards the glove box to grab tissues.
A teasing smile is on your face when he very gently cleans you up before helping you slide back into your adorable pink underwear, pulling your dress back down like nothing ever happened.
“I still want to give you romance. The right way.” His words make you sit up, raking your hands through your hair to tame the hot mess it surely became. Jungkook’s eyes look soft as he stares at you, lips pressed together earnestly as he softly rubs the skin of your thighs.
“I’d like that a lot, Jungkook.” With a small kiss to his cheek he’s relaxing again, a smile spreading on his lips when you speak again. “Not that I didn’t totally enjoy this entire date as it is, but if you wanna wine and dine me, I’m not going to say no.”
He laughs now, that hearty laugh that makes your own smile hurt your cheeks and has your stomach flipping like it has been all day. Then his eyes focus on the windows, wide in awe as he takes note of how fogged up they are, barely able to see the dimly lit parking lot outside. “Oh fuck, if anyone’s outside they definitely know we fucked in here.”
“Yeah, I’m not getting back out,” you decide, choosing to shimmy over the center console and onto the passenger seat. The act of having sex in the backseat of a car in public was definitely hot, but having to step out and potentially face your consequences was a hard no. Jungkook’s car was the safe space so you’d be staying here. 
The yellow bunny comes into view as you navigate your way onto the seat, your hands grabbing the plushie from it’s spot, laughing when you see the way Jungkook had positioned it. “Why is he staring out the window?”
Jungkook follows behind you with a grunt, knee knocking harshly into the steering wheel and setting off the horn briefly as he hunkers into the driver’s seat. “He was staring right at me!”
“Jungkook, it's a stuffed animal.”
He huffs as he turns the car on, instantly cracking the windows and turning on the air conditioner to clear up the fogged windows. “Hell no, I’ve seen Toy Story. I’m not risking it.” Even as he drives off, focused on getting out of the parking lot as quickly as possible, he still joins in as you cackle at him, bunny placed on your lap.
“So, where are you taking me for romance, Concrete King?” His eyebrows wiggle at the title, hand reaching across to rest on your thigh, giving the flesh a soft squeeze.
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” You sigh at his words, settling comfortably into the seat as you stare at him with those same heart shaped eyes. 
Jungkook's own heart is currently somersaulting in his chest when he meets your gaze, desperately wanting to keep you close, experience the rest of the seasons with you before coming back full circle and repeating it all over again in a never ending cycle. But the summer is still young, and you make it feel endless, leave him believing in summer romance so sticky and sweet, clinging to his skin in the best way. He knows only time will tell how this plays out, but his mind hopes for the best, willing to let it unfold the way it’s meant to be.
You feel the same way, and when you sneak your hand under his, tangling your fingers together and having your clasped hands resting on your thighs instead, there’s only one thing you know you’re certain about. Even if by the time the seasons changed and you were somehow no longer holding his hand as the leaves covered the floor in an array of colors, you’ll always cherish the day the blonde boy with too many tattoos and a tacky hawaiian shirt landed a trick in your honor.
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untaemedqueen · 2 months ago
Husband!Jeongguk x Pregnant Wife!Reader
WordCount: 19.8k
Genre: Angst, Healing, Smut, Marriage!AU
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Kidnapping, Mentions of Small Amounts of Food
Warnings: Heart Breaking Thoughts, Angst, Healing, Emotional, Praise, Fingering, Begging, Daddy Kink, Thigh Riding, Fellatio, Lactation Kink, Milk Drinking, Throat Fucking, Glazed Donut!OC, Cunnilingus, Degradation, Somewhat Dom!Guk, Sub!OC, Squirting, Rough Pregnant Sex, Finger Sucking, Multiple Orgasms, Creampie
A/N: Soooooo this is a fic I've been working on since February, FEBRUARY! And it's finally done. I'm really so so so proud of this fic. I worked super hard on it. It's a fic about love and healing, coming back to a loved one after something shakes their relationship to the core. It's uplifting and comforting and it makes my heart warm. I hope you guys enjoy it! Really huge thank you to @xjoonchildx​, @ladyartemesia​, @ppersonna​ for sticking with me and reading every little change I’ve made to it!
Tumblr media
Silence -- the absence of sound is sometimes deafening.
In silence, true silence, other sounds tend to bleed in like a gentle hum.
In Jeon Jeongguk's silence everything is always louder -- the clock ticking away seconds, the sound of his own heart beating catastrophically slow, the sound of gentle breathing across the room.
It drives him insane.
It drives him up the wall.
He's been so used to sitting in silence that everything just sounds so fucking loud.
The way nails are currently scratching against the rich fabric of the arm chair across from him.
The sound of a bus honking in the distance.
It all resounds through his skull.
"-Guk. Jeongguk?"
Taking a sharp breath, he looks up at the nail scratching culprit.
"Yes, Dr. Kim," he breathes, loosening his tie.
"Namjoon, please. Do you-Do you want to talk about your progress this week?" Kim Namjoon inquires, looking down at his clipboard.
Guk tilts his head, watching Namjoon's fingers card through the multitude of sheets.
What has he written down?
"There's been no progress this week." he replies, looking down at his lap.
Dr. Kim nods astutely. "Well it takes time for people to come back to themselves… as well as others after what your wife went through. It's only natural."
The only thing that Jeongguk thinks is how unnatural life is at the moment.
"Are you experiencing anger?"
"Experiencing grief or loss for what your life used to be?"
Oh, yes.
"Are you trying to be strong for her when you can barely stand on your own?"
Fuck, yes.
"No." Jeongguk states, looking up at the therapist.
Namjoon seems to take a pause to scribble something down and the younger man can't help how he sits up straighter to maybe get a peek at the writing.
"Well, if that's all you feel the need to say, hopefully next week will be more insightful for you. It takes time for someone to get over trauma, this has also been traumatic for you." Dr. Kim announces, intertwining his hands and placing them softly down on the clipboard.
Jeongguk looks at the clock, hearing the telltale ticking that seconds are passing. "Sure. Yeah."
"Next week then, Jeongguk." Namjoon says, giving him a small smile that dimples his chin.
Jeongguk is slow to get up and walk out of the room. Everything feels heavy around him, his own heart has felt like one hundred pounds since you finally came back to him.
But once he's out of the therapy building and in his own car. He can't seem to stop the gut wrenching sob that flies free from his chest.
His eyes screw shut and his forehead slams into the steering wheel.
"Oh, God!" he gasps, tugging and pulling at his tie that feels like a noose around his neck. He fumbles with the fabric before chucking it onto the dashboard with a wail.
"God! Fuck! Dammit! Goddammit!" he screams, slamming his hands against the steering wheel. His hand slips a few times, pressing up against the horn and the sound resounds throughout the almost empty parking lot.
In his swimming misery, all the months without you seem to bleed through his memory.
"Y/N," he gasps, pressing his bruised fist to his forehead and squeezing his bloodshot eyes closed.
One memory always gnaws at him in the silence. It stains his soul like coffee on white fabric.
He's gotten so used to seeing the cream colored walls of the police station that in some sickening way it feels like home.
"Can we go over it again, Mr. Jeon?" Detective Kim inquires, stirring his coffee slowly.
Jeongguk swallows thickly, looking over the man's cluttered desk. His hands shake nervously and his fingers clench and squeeze at the still air.
How many times does he have to repeat himself?
But he's so broken and desperate that he complies.
"My wife went to the supermarket to get groceries to celebrate that she was pregnant with our first baby." he whispers.
Just even stating the words sends his heart bleeding.
How many times does he have to repeat the worst day of his fucking life?
"The Atlantis Market?" Detective Kim inquires, narrowing his eyes at the case file.
He knows this already. Why is he asking?
"Y-Yes, it's where she always goes. She likes the meat better there than any other market." Guk whispers, closing his eyes.
"Right. And when did you notice she was missing?" Kim asks, sipping his coffee.
The slurping is incessant and Jeongguk's eyes spring open at the loud noise.
"T-Two hours she left. She always calls me when she gets to the supermarket. She always stays on the phone with me. She didn't call and hours passed."
He relives it daily and to tell this detective it again for the seventh time is heart wrenching.
"And you don't think that maybe she just ran away? Maybe it wasn't your baby… Maybe she went off with someone else?"
The accusation sends fury coursing through your husband and he bares his teeth at the question.
"She would never leave me. We love each other, we've been together since highschool. I went to that fucking supermarket and found the door to her car open and her car keys on the ground." he seethes, slamming his hand onto the wooden desk.
Detective Kim doesn't move, he doesn't flinch, he just hums in agreement which is insulting enough.
"Right, it says that in this missing person's report. Well, let me just make it clear that she has been missing for three months already. We have no leads and we don't know if we'll ever find her."
"You're the POLICE. It's your fucking job!" Jeongguk shouts, standing up and leaning down onto the desk with his fists.
"I'm just giving you the statistics, Mr. Jeon. No need to act violent." Kim warns, narrowing his eyes up at the broken younger man.
"I'll show you violent. Find my wife. She's fucking pregnant for God's sakes! She's in danger!" he spits, feeling the nervousness grow and peak inside of him.
"Are you threatening a police officer, Jeon Jeongguk?" the detective quips, standing up on his own volition.
"Find my wife!" Jeongguk seethes, kicking the chair over and leaving.
Tumblr media
Getting home, Jeongguk rattles his keys loudly before placing them in the dish by door.
"Baby? I-I'm home," he calls throughout the house.
He's learned over many trials and errors that it's best if he announces himself before entering any room. It seems to calm you in some way.
He finds you in the kitchen, temple pressed to the window as you watch the rain fall onto the back patio.
"It's coming down a lot out there," he breathes, looking you over.
Your hair isn't combed through and you still look pale but you're home.
"Y/N?" he calls softly, setting down the take out onto the kitchen island.
He hasn't been up for cooking lately, he's been too much of a nervous wreck.
You haven't so much as even looked at him since you've been brought back home. But, he's okay with that, just you even being here is perfect.
"I g-got us jjajangmyeon for dinner, I know you really like it from Golden Tiger." he whispers.
He nods a bit when you cup your growing stomach and just stare out the window.
You don't eat with him. You don't like it. It makes you scared.
He finds his chest clenching and he tears his eyes away from you. His fingers card through his long blond hair and he takes a deep breath to try and calm himself.
"I'll just leave it here then. Don't let it get too cold, it won't be yummy." he croaks, grabbing his take out container and a beer from the fridge.
He finds it easier to eat in his home office.
Picking up the black bean noodles with his chopsticks, he stares at the wedding photo of the both of you after you graduated college.
The smile that you give him is so blindingly beautiful and your eyes are alight with love and compassion for your husband.
He stares at it until his eyes are blurry with tears and suddenly he's lost his appetite.
"Fuck," he curses, throwing down his chopsticks and covering his face with his hands.
The silence echoes throughout the office and he can barely string a thought together.
But then his memory cuts through everything and it grounds him with peace even for a minute.
"You look like your brain is gonna explode!" you tease your husband, peeking your head into the home office.
He looks up from his computer, giving you a chuckle and then a pout.
"I'm so swamped with emails," he whines, opening his arms childishly for you.
You can only giggle, skipping over the large rug and sitting on his lap.
He groans teasingly, burying his face into your neck and sighing.
"Why am I so swamped, baby?" he whispers, kissing over your skin.
"Because you're a genius and everyone wants your help with building. What did Forbes say about you last month? Oh yeah! 'Jeon Jeongguk is the world's youngest ever architect that built a skyscraper that exceeds all expectations of reality.' And they're absolutely correct." you beam, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
He laughs gently, rocking you back and forth on his lap. "Man, how did I get a wife that's beautiful, amazing AND smart?"
"Oh, you definitely got lucky." you quip, laughing loudly when he begins to tickle you.
Guk stares at the doorway, bringing the beer bottle to his lips.
"Oh, babe, what am I gonna do?" he breathes, putting his head back to the top of his office chair.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk's bed is cold, it's always cold these days.
You don't sleep with him anymore but he understands, you don't like contact of any kind. He can't imagine what you've been through or what you feel.
You certainly haven't voiced anything about the terrible experience you've been through.
Sometimes he can hear you crying late at night. He can hear your small sobs and it tears him into pieces.
In the moonlit room, he stares at his gold wedding band. His eyes drift to your empty side of the bed and like a child, he grabs your pillow. Burying his face into the soft fabric, he sighs loudly.
The room swallows the sound, and from the guest bedroom down the hall -- he hears your sob.
Guk's eyes squeeze shut and he prays that sleep will finally find him soon.
He's exhausted.
All he does is stare at his phone.
Jeongguk just stares and stares at his phone, willing it to ring and to tell him that you're on your way home.
He's cancelled all his major building projects for the foreseen future and everyone completely understands. Or so they say.
He has enough money to sit in this same exact seat for the next twenty years and wait for the phone call.
He's not fucking giving up.
He's not taking his eyes off the phone for a minute.
He owes it to you, the woman who he's pledged his life to, to get you back.
There's always this feeling -- this rush when a phone lights up.
And that rush only happens to people who are desperately waiting. Whether that be for a job interview, a text from their crush, an email from their boss telling them they got the day off.
But when his phone lights up, he thinks solely of you.
And after months of devastation and painful waiting -- Busan Police Department calls.
"Y-Yes!" Jeongguk screams into the phone, his index finger shakily tapping the speaker button.
"Mr. Jeon? Jeon Jeongguk? We've found your wife. She was left abandoned off the Olympus Expressway."
His nervousness doesn't cease and he feels like he's going to throw up any second.
He doesn't know why the question passes his lips but it does. "Is s-she alive? Is my wife alive?"
"Yes, Mr. Jeon, she's alive, she's being transferred to the Busan Hospital as we speak."
He falls out of his chair, wailing loudly. His hands clamp over his mouth and he gasps for air like he's been deprived of it.
"Mr. Jeon? Are you coming to the hospital? She won't speak to anyone."
His eyes squeeze shut and his heart pounds so loudly, he thinks it might explode.
"Jeon Jeongguk? Hello?"
"Yes! Yes, I'm coming!" he screams, putting his hands to his forehead.
"Any progress this week, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband stares straight ahead at the ornate clock on the wall. He shakes his head, swallowing thickly.
"We always sit here in silence, is that really okay for you?" Dr. Kim asks, crossing his legs and pushing his glasses up with his middle finger.
His lips puff out in thought and he sputters them softly. "There isn't… anything to talk about." he breathes, shaking his head.
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, tossing the clipboard onto the table beside him. "I beg to differ. There's a lot of pain in the situation that you're trying not to resurface."
Just the mention has Guk blushing and the first reaction is to get violent. His eyebrows furrow and his nostrils flare at the therapist before him.
"This is painful, Jeongguk. And you trying to bury it deep inside of you isn't going to help."
Your husband scratches at his neck, looking down at his wedding band. He closes his eyes and takes a deep, soothing breath.
"Why don't we try an exercise this week? Hmm? Homework isn't the proper word to call it. Are you up for it?"
Guk sighs, spinning his wedding band on his finger as he thinks. Anything would be better than this. He loves you so much that he's willing to try anything. So he nods.
"When you get home, even if Y/N doesn't talk to you or look at you. Why don't you tell her one of your happiest memories you can think of that involves her? Even though she isn't speaking, she can still hear you. I think that might be healing for you -- maybe her as well." Dr. Kim suggests, smiling kindly at his patient.
There're so many moments, how could Guk pick just one?
"Alright. I can try." he bleats, looking back up at the clock and hearing the seconds tick away.
"Good! Next week we'll talk about how that felt for you."
Tumblr media
Jeongguk shakes his keys, setting them down in the bowl by the door.
"Baby, I'm home!" he calls loudly, sliding his feet into his slippers.
The house feels colder today and he knows that winter will soon be nipping at the world's ankles.
He's a fabulous architect but his heat proofing in this house wasn't the best.
You're sitting on the couch today, staring aimlessly at the wooden floors.
"Are you hungry, babe? I brought you home some chicken soup. It's good for our baby girl." he inquires, walking past you and towards the kitchen.
He sees you thickly swallow and it makes his heart thump harder within his chest.
He leans down on the marble island countertop and he stares straight ahead for a while. He remembers when you first put up the small paintings that make up this large masterpiece above the dining room table. He fell in love with it so quickly.
He feels deathly nervous, like the day when he asked you to marry him.
"Y'know," he begins, he takes a deep breath and he just bares his soul before you, because it's just natural, "I remember the first day I ever saw you. It was in seventh grade and you had on the school uniform but you had these fake red highlights in your hair. They were, like, woven into your ponytail holder."
His fist tucks beneath his chin and he smirks at the memory. "I just knew you were going to get in trouble for it because it was against school code. I remember telling you about it too and you just stared at me and said, 'So?' And I was like, 'Damn, this girl is so badass. I wanna be this badass.' Mrs. Park came up to you and you didn't give a flying shit when she reprimanded you. And I remember that I stared at you like you were the sun. I wanted to know you immediately, I wanted to be by your side. I wanted to be your friend. I was falling in love with you then."
He hums sweetly, wrinkling his nose at the memory.
"I just wanted to say that. I know it's really difficult for you right now. I understand. I can't begin to understand what you went through." Jeongguk breathes, opening up the fridge and grabbing a beer.
When he looks over towards the living room, he can see you staring at him through the turned off television and his eyes suddenly burn with raw emotion.
"I-I miss you." he gasps, putting his hand to his heart.
He stands still for a while, just letting the both of you look at each other after so long. He blinks his eyes rapidly when his tears get in the way of being able to see you.
When you finally look away, he takes a deep breath through his nose.
"I-I'll be in my office. I know you find it hard to be in the same room as me." he breathes, rounding the kitchen island and heading down the hallway.
When he opens the door to his office, he has to cup his hand over his mouth at the sound of your voice.
"I miss you, too."
He slides down the back of the door, pressing his forehead to his knees and he bites down hard on his index finger to quiet his blubbers.
You spoke to him.
"What are you doing?!" you giggle as your husband slides his hands over your eyes.
"It's called a surprise, you've never heard of one?" he quips, kissing the crown of your head.
You hum playfully, folding your arms and relishing in the way his chest contorts against your back.
"Why am I being blinded? What's the surprise?" you inquire, tilting your head until you finally whisper, "Is it something kinky?"
Guk laughs loudly, letting his head loll back. "You fuckin' wish." he teases.
"You're right, I do." you jeer, allowing him to guide you along farther.
"Silly," he chuckles, promptly stopping you.
You feel his hands begin to get a little sweaty and you know this only happens when he's deathly nervous.
"Gukkie? What is it?" you ask sweetly, running your fingers over his bare arms.
"I just hope you like it." he breathes, pressing his lips to the top of your head.
"I like everything you do, Guk," you reply, drifting your nails over his skin.
"Remember in eighth grade I promised you that I would build you a house?"
"Yeah out of popsicle sticks and spit," you guffaw.
He takes a deep breath, pulling his hands away from your face.
When you open your eyes, the bright sun makes you squint but the gasp that leaves you has him stunned into silence.
"Oh my God, Jeon Jeongguk!" you yell, bunching your hands up into your hair.
The house is sleek and modern with asymmetrical shapes and big open windows.
When you turn to him, his eyes are wide with nervousness. "D-Do you like it?" he bleats.
You have no words, instead you decide to tackle him onto the front lawn.
He groans loudly, wrapping his arms around you like always. "Is that a yes?" he chuckles.
"Yes! Yes! I fucking love it! I fucking LOVE it!" you screech, cupping both sides of his face and pressing a wet kiss to his lips.
God, it's fucking cold in this house. Guk shivers beneath the blankets and he can only imagine how cold it must be in the guest room.
He explicitly made it colder so guests wouldn't stay as long.
There is a rule, y'know. Guests are like fish -- they stay for three days and then anything after that, they start to stink.
You must be fucking frigid. But he remembers when he checked on you one night soon after you came home and you screamed so loud that it scared him to his core.
He doesn't want to frighten you.
He tucks his body into fetal position, squeezing his eyes shut in hopes that he'll just pass out sooner or later.
The silence in his room begins to echo like white noise and he can only whine softly.
When he couldn't sleep before you were taken, you used to play the sounds of the sea for him. He can remember the waves crashing against the coastline and a seagull or two crying out high above the water.
He hasn't heard the sounds of the beach in so long.
He lays like this for a long time, just keeping his eyes shut and listening to the heater click and roll every so often.
But then he hears the sound of feet.
Your feet.
They pad slowly throughout the hallway and he takes a sharp breath when they stop in front of the master bedroom.
The door creaks open and his bottom lip purchases between his teeth. He makes no movement. He doesn't know why you're in here but he doesn't want to scare you away.
After a while, the sheets ruffle and your side of the bed dips.
He presses his lips into a thin line, feeling his hands begin to shake with nervousness. He can't possibly move, he wants you to stay right where you are.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth that makes his heart beat faster and when he slowly opens one eye, he can see you rubbing your growing stomach.
He swallows the sob that threatens to escape and he squeezes his eye closed one more.
He finds it comforting to hear the sounds of your shallow breathing. He relishes in it in all honesty. He adores it.
It's the one sound he probably couldn't live without, besides your laughter.
And as he drifts off to sleep, he can hear waves lapping against the shore.
Tumblr media
"So, how was your experiment?" Namjoon inquires.
Jeongguk finds himself smirking, running his fingers through his hair. "I think it went really well."
The therapist sits forward curiously, widening his eyes at seeing Jeongguk give a semblance of a smile for the first time in a month.
"Would you like to share that experience here?" Dr. Kim inquires.
Your husband sighs dreamily, staring down at his wedding band.
"Well I did as you suggested and I told Y/N about the first time I ever saw her. When I looked over at her, she was looking at me for the first time since she came back. It was through the television but… she was really looking at me. I told her I missed her and-and she said it back! Last night, it was freezing in the house and Y/N came and laid down with me in bed." he gushes, putting his hand over his heart.
Namjoon smiles, his deep dimples etching into his cheeks. He quickly writes something down before setting the clipboard aside. He gives your husband his undivided attention, intertwining his hands in his lap.
"Well, that must feel amazing. Especially after feeling alone for so long." Namjoon beams.
Jeongguk nods almost childishly. "It was amazing. I didn't get to touch her and we didn't talk but finally she was in our bed again, y'know? And she told me she missed me too, which felt incredible."
Dr. Kim has seen your husband for a while now and this is the most he's ever said in a one hour session.
It's honestly a relief to see Jeongguk actually coming out of his shell, if only on a miniscule level.
"Well, I think the exercise definitely helped, right? I mean, Jeongguk, this is progress. I'm sure it feels amazing."
Guk nods, leaning back comfortably into the couch. "Yeah," he laughs, "I'm so elated. I don't know what else to say."
Namjoon leans forward, putting his elbows to his knees. "Well then, I think we should make another exercise for you guys."
Your husband listens attentively, crossing his legs and sitting forward.
"Maybe this week we can delve into staying in a room with Y/N. How does that sound? You can stay in a room with her and just talk for awhile and even if she doesn't respond -- that's okay. She was listening to you the other day."
Jeongguk nods, a small smile playing on his lips. "Yeah, I'd love that."
Tumblr media
"Baby? I'm home!" Jeongguk calls loudly, tossing his keys to the side table.
He peeks into the living room and you're not sitting in the same seat he left you in when he left.
His eyebrow quirks up and he looks into the open kitchen only to find an empty space.
His first thought, however terrible it is, is that you've left.
You got so scared that you bolted after sleeping with him in bed last night.
"Y/N?!" he croaks loudly, tossing the bags of dinner onto the kitchen island.
His mind begins to muddle and his hands start to sweat at the simple thought.
He rushes down the long hallway of your home, checking his office, his bedroom, the guest bedroom.
You're nowhere to be found.
"Y/N!" he yells, shoving open the nursery room door.
You flinch gently when the door makes a loud noise and Jeongguk is immediately calmed by your presence.
"I-I'm so sorry. I just thought you left. I didn't mean to scare you, please forgive me." he begs, shutting the door as quietly as he can.
You're staring at the crib your husband bought just a month or two ago.
Before you were taken, this room was completely empty. You hadn't talked about themes or what you would need but while you were away when Jeongguk wasn't staring at his phone, he was setting up the nursery.
He didn't know the gender then, of course, and he only found out at the hospital when you were picked up from the Olympus Expressway but teal was always pretty to him and it's one of your favorite colors.
"I know you like teal so…" he finds himself at a loss for words.
You pick up a small stuffed animal that sits in the crib and hug it to your body.
Jeongguk shifts from one foot to the other uneasily. He just hopes and prays that he hasn't frightened you too badly.
"Do you…Do you wanna talk?" he inquires softly, sitting down on the floor.
You stare at the white and teal abstract paintings that make up the wall.
Your husband looks down at his hands, staring at his wedding band like always.
"I-I know you're having such a difficult time adjusting and God, I can't imagine what you went through but I miss you, baby. I miss you so much. I would stare at my phone all day just waiting to get a call from the police…" he breathes.
He doesn't look up at you, if he does then he might be too nervous to speak his truth.
"If you hate the nursery we can always change it. I just needed to do something. I needed to prepare for you to come home because I knew that you would. I knew you would come back to me."
He can see your feet turn towards him and you slowly but surely make your way beside him before sitting down.
You're about a foot apart but he takes that. He takes anything you want to give him.
"I love it." you breathe, looking down at the teddy bear and running your fingers over the soft fur.
Your voice sends him spiralling and he clenches his hands together to steady himself.
"I don't have a great sense of style like you, so I just bought a bunch of stuff and placed it everywhere." he chirps, looking around the room.
"Hate the changing table." you whisper.
The notion makes him laugh and he finds himself chuckling heartily at your words.
He hasn't laughed in so long that it feels euphoric.
Jeongguk turns his head to you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "I love you. I know you're probably not ready to come back to me yet but I'm always here waiting."
He can see your eyes becoming glassy and it's like a dagger to his heart. He presses his hand to the left side of his chest, taking a calming breath through his nose.
You don't move and you don't speak, you just stare down at the teddy bear that absorbs any falling tears that escape from your eyes.
"Are you hungry?" he inquires, folding his arms.
You sniffle gently, pressing the teddy bear to your growing stomach.
He doesn't want to force you to do or say anything. So he just sits beside you. Because he always will.
Silence takes over the room, coating Guk in white noise.
"I thought I was gonna die." you announce softly, playing with the hem of your dress.
He squeezes his eyes shut, his bottom lip starting to quiver at your admission.
"I didn't think I would ever see you again," you gasp, gripping the teddy bear tighter.
Jeongguk can feel his eyes burning with raw emotion. He can feel his body shutting down to it's baser instincts.
"I never gave up hope. I always knew you would come back to me. I just knew it." he breathes, looking over at you.
You give a small nod, wiping your cheeks almost childishly.
"Thank you for speaking to me. I miss your voice." he whispers, looking up at the ceiling.
There's silence again.
"I wasn't allowed to talk." you murmur.
His fists squeeze tightly at the admission and he can feel this anger swirling deep within his gut.
You haven't said anything, especially anything about when you were taken so the small sliver of information you've given him makes him see red in that quick minute.
"Did they…Did they hurt you, baby? Is that why you won't let me touch you?" he inquires softly.
You swallow thickly, standing up and putting the teddy bear back in the crib. "I'm hungry." you bleat.
Jeongguk realizes he's stepped too far for where you're comfortable, so he nods in agreement.
"Yeah… Of course. I brought home some sesame chicken. Come." he says quickly, trying to take your mind off of everything.
"What do you think?" you ask your husband, picking a small onesie off the store rack.
Jeongguk lowers his sunglasses, staring at the small article of clothing.
"It's yellow," he replies, garbled around a piece of hotteok.
"So? You don't like yellow?" you quip, looking down at the small bumble bees buzzing around the fabric.
"You're not pregnant yet," he states, sitting down on one of the benches near the shoes area.
"So? I can't buy a onesie if I'm not pregnant?" you gasp playfully, pressing the baby clothes to your chest.
He looks at you incredulously, fighting the smirk that threatens to spread over his lips. "What're you saying? You wanna have my baby?"
You roll your eyes, placing the baby clothing into the cart. "Isn't that every woman's dream?"
He blinks. "To have Jeon Jeongguk's baby? Yeah probably."
Your snort seems to carry through the thin air of the department store and Guk watches as you rifle through more clothes.
Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he takes you in. The way you sway to the music that creeps through the loudspeakers and the way your fingers deftly card through the small onesies.
God, his life is so perfect.
You're so perfect.
He's the epitome of luck and he surely believes he saved the king in his past life to be so blessed this time around.
"I love you," he breathes, pushing his sunglasses to the top of his head.
Your smile is blinding and you cross through the aisle, sitting down on his lap and hooking your arms over his neck.
"I love you, too." you coo, booping his nose with your index finger.
You ate in silence but at least you stayed in the same room as him.
Guk noticed how slowly you ate, like you were savoring it as if it was your last meal or something.
He appreciates that you spoke to him if only a few words. He'll cherish it forever if he's being honest.
But with the absence of sound, he found himself thinking of so many questions that won't leave his brain.
He knows you're not ready to answer them. You may never be ready.
But he has them prepared just in case.
Now, laying in bed, he hopes you'll come and sleep with him again like last night. He hopes it wasn't just a one off.
Jeongguk's head lays down on his pillow and he stares at your side of the bed.
He likes that your side is still a bit wrinkled from last night, it reminds him again that you were next to him.
When he hears your small footsteps, he closes his eyes. He pulls a soft throw pillow to his chest and hugs it as tightly as possible.
It feels like an eternity, waiting to see what you'll do but then finally you slip into the bed beside him.
He peeks one eye open and he's met face to face with you.
You haven't been this close in ages.
"Hi baby," he whispers, closing his eye.
He can only chant to himself, 'Please don't leave. Please don't get scared.'
He can feel the bed dipping closer and closer to him and his eyebrows furrow curiously.
You're moving towards him?
He can feel the soft skin of your arm grazing against his and a shiver runs up his spine.
He whimpers gently, embarrassingly so, at your body so close to his own.
Guk can feel his eyes welling up with tears.
He takes deep, calming breaths to try and steady himself.
“D-Don’t move,” you beg of him and his body goes rigid at your request.
His eyes snap open and he watches you lean in slowly. He holds his breath, swallowing thickly when you press your forehead to his.
Fat, salty tears roll down his cheeks when your stomach presses against his arms.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth and it echoes through him like he’s a vast canyon.
Jeongguk can feel his hands sweating and he wants to hold you so badly it’s almost ripping him apart. But he keeps true to your request, locking his joints in place.
“Okay,” you breathe nervously, closing your eyes.
Your lips move ever so slowly towards his and he squeezes his eyes shut.
When he feels the soft petals of your lips against his, his whole body relaxes and he sobs weakly against you.
He doesn’t kiss back, he just allows you to do what you please -- to take what you need.
Your small hand wraps around his wrist and it dangles limp within your grasp.
“Baby,” Guk sobs softly as you pull away.
You don’t reply, you just lay his hand softly on your stomach and turn onto your back.
His sobs crack with the sheer amount of pain and relief in his throat. He can barely hold himself together and when a tiny patter makes itself known under his hand, he begins to wail.
You squeeze your eyes shut, covering your face with your hands and even though this is so painful -- it’s so healing.
“T-Thank you,” your husband cries, burying his face into the throw pillow he holds so tightly to himself.
“Love you,” you whimper, turning your head and staring at the closed windows.
He nods childishly, running his hand over your growing stomach.
“I love you too, baby. So much.” he gasps, feeling his heart begin to bleed again.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk doesn’t even give Namjoon a chance to sit down. He starts speaking the minute he steps foot into the therapy office. “She kissed me.”
Dr. Kim grabs the arms of his chair, slowly sitting down and raising an eyebrow. “Jeongguk, that’s amazing.”
Your husband doesn’t even sit down. He feels like he’s floating on air and he wants to keep it that way. He paces back and forth behind the long couch, pocketing his hands deep into his pants.
“She’s making so much progress so quickly! I’m so proud of her!” Guk whines, lolling his head back.
The therapist writes something down on his clipboard, looking up at your happy life partner. “Would you like to talk about how this happened?” he asks with a small smile.
Jeongguk is like an excited puppy, rounding the couch and throwing himself down on it immediately. “Well, I did exactly as you said. I stayed in the nursery with her for a while and I was talking and she talked back!”
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, scratching his nails to the fabric of his chair. “Did she say anything important? Anything that would help us delve deeper into what happened to her?”
The happiness starts to bleed out of your husband as he replays your words from last night through his head. “Y-Yeah. She said she thought she was going to die and she was so afraid that she would never see me again.” he bleats, looking down at his shoes.
Dr. Kim nods, setting aside the clipboard and folding his hands. “That must have hurt.”
Guk can’t help the frown that spreads over his features. “Yeah, it did hurt. I asked her if they hurt her and if that’s why she won’t let me touch her but she didn’t give me an answer.”
There’s silence again and Jeongguk finds it just as uncomfortable as all the other times before this.
“She’s definitely still learning to cope and she’s almost certainly healing little by little. Did you do anything else with her?” Dr. Kim inquires.
“We ate dinner together and… God, Doctor Kim, you had to see her. She was eating so slowly like it was her last meal or something.” your husband bleats.
Namjoon nods understandingly. “She might not have been given a lot of food when she was taken. It’s good that she eats slowly.”
Jeongguk didn’t even think of that… he feels like an asshole now.
“And what about last night? Did she sleep in bed with you?”
Oh, but that question brings back the excitement.
“Yes! She laid next to me in bed and-and she asked me not to move. So I didn’t but she leaned in really close and kissed me for the first time in… forever. She also took my hand and put it on her belly and I felt the baby move.”
Namjoon purses his lips impressed. “Well, that’s amazing. Maybe we should think about bringing Y/N to a session maybe next week. What do you think about that?”
Your husband nods almost instantaneously. “Anything that I can do for an exercise to help her?”
The therapist narrows his eyes thoughtfully. “Try to just talk to her some more? Next week, if she wants to come for a session then maybe we can work on her being okay with some simple touches.”
Jeongguk nods, a surge of hopefulness fleeting through him. "Okay!"
The flowers and plants in the backyard have been doused and seemingly flooded by the constant rain.
It's killing your tomatoes and you can only scoff as the rain continues to batter down outside.
"Do you see this?" you gawk to your husband, tapping your nail against the glass door to the back patio.
Your husband turns away from the television to look at the downpour outside.
"I know, it won't stop. How am I supposed to go survey the land for the new Seoul project if there's flooding everywhere?" he gripes, setting down his beer.
"Uh. Yeah. But my tomatoes!" you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He can only smile at your pouty face, standing up off the couch and opening his arms for you.
"I'll get you new plants if these are damaged. You know that, baby." he coos.
You hum in agreement, wrapping your arms around him and tugging him tightly to your body. "But then I'm gonna have to start all over again. Amena and Allegra have been growing for a year already."
Jeongguk can only snort, running his hand over your head in the most soothing of ways. "You named our tomato plants?" he quips.
"Yeah! They're like my children! I water them everyday, I talk to them so they become big and strong, I love them." you retort, running your hands underneath his white tank top.
"God, I need to get you pregnant already. I think you're going crazy." he jeers.
You snort, placing your temple to his chest and feeling his even, strong heartbeat that's become the song of your life.
"I hope I don't get my period this month." you breathe, closing your eyes.
He smiles, placing his chin atop your head as he stares at the torrential rain outside. "Me too, baby. Me too."
Jeongguk has become a master at the staring game.
He stares at you every second he possibly can in hopes that he can memorize every single thing about you.
But tonight, he just lets everything go.
He stares up at the ceiling instead of grabbing a pillow and pressing it to his chest. He watches the shadow of tree limbs dance across the moonlit ceiling and it shrouds him in ethereal comfort.
Out of the corner of his eye, he sees you enter the bedroom. While you do make yourself small, he can see your hands pressed up underneath your belly almost as if you need the support.
You're slow to climb into bed and he moves the throw pillow out of your way without a single word.
You've done really well today, you held eye contact with him many times and you even answered a few of his questions.
He has faith, now more than ever, that things can go back to the way they were.
"Baby?" he inquires softly.
You grab his hand and place it on your belly without a word.
Turning your head to him, he knows you're listening even if you don't speak.
"Will you come with me for a therapy session next week? Doctor Kim thinks it would be a good idea." your husband asks, tracing the outlines of the warped branches on the ceiling.
"Yes. I want to heal." you whisper and he gives a small smile at your words.
"I think you're doing better and better everyday." he announces, running his thumb over your distended belly.
You shiver at the movement but you don't push him off.
Leaning over to the nightstand, you grab the lotion that hasn't been used in months but Jeongguk can already smell the telltale scent that is purely yours.
You hold it out, looking at your husband with doe-like eyes and he can only smile.
He sits up with a giddiness that has his limbs trembling with excitement.
"If you don't like it, tell me, I'll stop right away." he promises, pushing the comforter off the both of you.
You take a sharp breath at his closeness, looking up at the ceiling to calm your erratic heart.
He lifts his long t-shirt that you wear for sleeping and he can feel his eyes burning at the sight of you.
Tying his hair up in a ponytail, he can see how taut your belly is -- how well his little girl is growing inside of you.
"Oh my babies," he coos gently.
He bends down, keeping his eyes on your face. His lips pepper small, open mouthed kisses to your taut skin and you wriggle beneath him.
You don't want to push him away but you haven't been loved like this in so long -- it makes you nervous.
You squeak gently when he kisses your belly button. His hands are so warm at the bottom of your bump and you shiver.
"Too much? Am I doing something wrong?" he asks softly, watching your hands bunch up the sheets.
"N-No," you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
There's a layer of sweat that begins to build on your scalp and you know it's because of the nerves.
"You're so beautiful, baby. Thank you for carrying our daughter." Guk breathes.
He pulls away from your stomach, you've done really well so far letting him kiss you like this without flinching away from him.
He squeezes some lotion into his hand, hoping to warm it just a bit before spreading it out onto your skin.
You wince at the still cool lotion and your limbs tense up when his hands glide effortlessly over your bump.
It's terrifying to be touched but knowing that it's Guk -- the only man you've only ever known or loved makes it just a bit easier.
"Wonderful, you're doing wonderfully babe." he promises, dutifully lotioning your belly.
You look so motherly below him, like an angel of fertility and he can't stop the tears that obscure his vision.
When he sniffles, your eyes snap to his and you can see the sheer amount of adoration he holds behind the windows to his soul.
"I love you," he breathes, running his hands over your sides.
Swallowing thickly, your hands, as shaky and terrified as they are, cup his face. Your thumbs swipe away his tears and he can only sob more at the feeling.
His slick with lotion hands, wrap around your wrists and delicately he presses kisses into your palms.
"You're home with me now. I'm never going to let anything terrible happen again. I'm going to make sure you're safe. I swear. I promise," he gasps out against your soft skin.
You can barely contain the sob within your own throat but you nod childishly at his words.
He covers his face with your hands, crying loudly into the cover you've given him.
"I love you, too." you promise quietly.
His eyes flutter shut and he can only give your hands more kisses until his tear ducts have no more salty tears to shed.
"You're so beautiful and so precious to me. I love you so much." he bleats, letting your hands go.
He continues his work in silence apart from sniffles and rubbing his red cheeks onto his bare shoulders. His fingers are gentle against your tummy and you know he needs this.
He needs this connection with your daughter because it's been so sorely missed. You had her and only her when you were taken away but Jeongguk had nothing.
He had nothing but heartache and waiting.
When he's finally finished, he sets the lotion back on the table before throwing himself down beside you.
"I miss holding you," he chirps, reaching for the throw pillow to hug.
You bury your terror deep down inside, moving closer and closer to him until your stomach is pressed up against his.
You both collectively shudder at the touch but when his arms wrap around you and you smell the familiar scent that is purely his… you find yourself relaxing even in the slightest.
"Thank you," he gasps, running his hands over your back.
His face buries into your hair and you can only give a meek nod.
"Oh fuck, this feels good." he whispers, closing his eyes.
Tumblr media
Your husband holds the door open for you and you shuffle slowly into the therapy office.
Jeongguk didn't know how difficult it would be for you to go outside but when he put his hand in yours, it helped in ways he could never imagine.
"Hi Y/N, it's so nice to meet you," Dr. Kim greets sweetly.
You give a small smile, sitting on the far end of the couch and tucking your legs beneath you as if to make yourself miniscule.
Namjoon looks you over before nodding to himself. He puts the clipboard down and watches your husband take a seat at the other end.
"Jeongguk has been telling me about all the amazing progress you've been making." Namjoon informs you.
Guk takes in the therapist then. He's soft and sweet with you but not so soft that he'd be talking to a child or someone young. He's had to do this quite a few times, he surmises.
"You don't have to talk if you don't want to. This is a safe space to just be," the therapist looks pointedly at Jeongguk, giving him a soft smile, "how has your progress been this week?"
Your husband smiles at the question. "She's doing so great. She let me put lotion on her belly and she slept in my arms all night long last night, didn't you baby?" he gushes, looking over at you.
You nod, looking over at him and giving him a small smile.
"Well that's great. It seems a lot of progress has been made. Y/N, did you know that when your husband first came here he didn't talk at all for the first month?" Namjoon inquires, pointing his pen at your significant other.
"No," you murmur curiously, staring at the handsome blonde man you adore.
Dr. Kim appreciates hearing your voice even if it's soft and short.
"Well, I didn't want to talk a lot because I felt foolish." Guk admits it easily.
You pick your head up fully then, giving your attention to him.
"Why is that, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband clears his throat awkwardly, looking down at his wedding ring and widening his eyes. "I felt like a failure… Cowardly, too. My wife was missing for months and I did my own search in finding her and came up with nothing. Then, the police -- they were all brazen assholes that even when they found Y/N they just threw her into my care without any extra help or reasoning behind anything… She was afraid and I-I felt guilty."
You swallow thickly, leaning across the couch and wrapping both of your arms around his right bicep.
He does what's always been normal to him, kissing the top of your head.
Namjoon watches as you shiver but don't pull away and he hums in agreement.
"Why did you feel guilty?" he prods, crossing his legs.
"Well… I'm her husband and I let such a terrible thing happen to her. I'm supposed to keep her safe and I-I fa-failed. Then when she came back to me, she was so frightened and I was at such a loss of what to do, it… it ripped me apart inside."
Namjoon can hear your small gasp even if your husband doesn't and he nods understandingly. "Y/N, do you have anything you want to say about that?"
You hug Guk tighter to your body and his eyes squeeze shut. "It's not your fault. It's no one's fault." you bleat sheepishly.
Dr. Kim nods astutely, leaning forward until his elbows are on his knees and his hands are intertwined beneath his chin. "Nobody in this room is at fault for what happened. There are terrible people in this world that sometimes make horrible choices and it affects others."
Then there's silence for a second and you watch Jeongguk spin his wedding band around on his fourth finger.
He only ever does this when he's deep in thought. On instinct you reach over and press your lips to his cheek and his hand comes up to cup the side of your face sweetly.
"Y/N, do you still feel the need to flinch away or scream?" Dr. Kim asks and you can feel your face paling in color.
Your eyebrows furrow and you hug Guk tighter to yourself.
He looks over at you and you can see the pleading in his eyes -- he needs you to talk about this, he needs to understand.
"Yes," you chirp, looking down at the knees of your leggings.
What a simple question.
Jeongguk coddles you to his body and he watches as your pupils shake back and forth. This is when you're deep in thought.
He closes his eyes and he knows that you probably won't answer, you aren't comfortable with this man.
"Because they used to hit me." you breathe, closing your eyes.
Guk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, turning his face away from you as his jaw clenched tightly.
"Did they know you were pregnant?" Dr. Kim asks, picking up his clipboard.
You shake your head and your husband can feel your hair whipping around at your answer.
"Did you tell them that?" Namjoon asks, pushing the bridge of his glasses up with his middle finger.
"Yes, then they stopped." you reply.
"Fucking pieces of sh-"
"Jeongguk. For Y/N's sake, we're not going to get angry here. We're going to just listen and understand." the therapist cuts him off quickly.
Squeezing his fist tightly, he brings it to his forehead before nodding weakly.
He doesn't want to scare away your progress but this ball of hatred within him grows tense and feels more like fire with every passing second.
"What did they want with you? Why were you taken? Do you know?"
Your teeth nibble at the inside of your cheek and you can feel the sensitive flesh becoming raw and cut up with every worrying clench.
"It's okay if you want to wait to spea-"
"I don't." you squeak quickly.
Namjoon nods, leaning back in his chair and extending a hand for you to speak when you wish.
"They were doing drug stuff." you blurt, finding it kind of relieving to speak about it.
"Oh? And did they make you do drugs?" Dr. Kim asks.
Jeongguk scoffs so loudly that it makes you cower but he's quick to apologize profusely and kiss the top of your head repeatedly. "Baby, no. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, baby girl."
"Jeongguk." Namjoon chastises softly and your husband holds up his hands apologetically.
"They didn't make me do drug stuff. I bagged up drugs… I think it was cocaine or something but I'm not sure… I don't do drugs." you announce, squeezing your husband's arm sweetly.
The therapist watches how your legs tug out from underneath you and slowly plant onto the carpeted floor. He doesn't speak, he waits for you to.
"My ankle was chained to some type of radiator. The metal got warm at night so… that's how I knew. I wasn't allowed to speak and they conditioned me to it. So I didn't or… couldn't tell them I was pregnant. But one of them, Taehyung, noticed after a few months. I can remember them fighting about it or yelling about it for a while."
Jeongguk watches how you stare off into space and he wants to pull you away from those memories and shield you so badly but you need this. You need to speak about it to get over it.
"So one day when everyone was out to lunch, Taehyung asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. I don't think he liked keeping me there in that state and he kept rambling on about two mouths would be worse than just one. So he told me he was going to kill me and put an end to my misery. And I thought that would be best."
Guk squeezes his eyes shut, biting down on his lip to the point that it might draw blood but then you begin to speak again.
"I was waiting and waiting to die but it never came and then at night, a bag was put over my head and I was knocked out. Then I woke up on the Expressway six months after I was taken." you state, looking down at your husband's wedding band.
Jeongguk shudders and he takes a deep, calming breath through his nose.
"Thank you for telling us, Y/N. I know this certainly can't be easy to relive. But now that it's out in the open, we can work on rebuilding your relationship with Jeongguk. How does that sound?"
You nod immediately, looking up at the blond haired man you adore.
Namjoon gives a small smile, putting his clipboard aside.
"I think the next exercise you should do as a couple is to continue to heal together. Whether that be physical or talking. It's important to get back to the patterns you had before this."
"Physical?" Jeongguk echoes, tilting his head.
The therapist takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his sweater vest. "Sexual intercourse is healing, Jeongguk."
Your husband blushes a furious pink that radiates to the tips of his ears.
"That doesn't mean you have to rush home and try it. You should build up to it. Allow things to become comfortable again between the both of you. You can only start to heal when you allow yourselves."
That resonates deep within you and you find yourself yearning for comfort after so long.
You want to be back to your full self, even if it would take a day or a year to get there.
Tumblr media
"That was great babe, you did amazing. I'm really proud of you," Jeongguk gushes when you both finally get home.
The small smile you give him has his heart melting with love and he holds back the biggest urge to throw his arm over your shoulders.
You know that this must be torment for your husband and the guilt within you is constantly growing.
When you walk into the kitchen, it piques Guk's curiosity. He watches as you rifle through the cabinets and fridge with nosy eyes.
His elbows lean down on the kitchen island and his hands come up below his chin to investigate.
"Whatcha doin', baby?" he chirps, watching you grab a carton of eggs.
"Cooking." you reply softly, setting ingredients down on the counter.
"Wait, really?!" he gasps, standing up straight and widening his eyes.
"Take out food is bad for you," you whisper, tying your hair up.
"No, but… baby, you must be tired. You don't have to cook. I can cook." he says quickly, rounding the island to be beside you.
He towers over you and the sweet smell of his cologne puts you at ease even if he's just a touch too close.
"You don't know how to cook," you remind him, flipping open the rice cooker.
He scoffs, widening his eyes playfully. "Yes I do! Why would you offend me like that?"
You giggle gently, a simple reflex and the both of you freeze.
Wow, you haven't laughed in… ages. It feels so good to laugh.
Guk swallows thickly, hoping that this isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Your laugh is so pretty, prettier than most things in this universe and his stomach does flips at the simple noise.
Your cheeks even hurt from the smile you produced, those muscles haven't been used in forever.
Jeongguk waits patiently to see if you'll be the one to speak up and he's grateful when you do.
"I'm sure that you remember the fried chicken," you offer, grabbing the bag of rice from the bottom cabinet.
"Okay!" he groans, "how was I supposed to know the oil was too hot? In what universe do things immediately char when put into hot oil?"
"This one," you quip softly, smiling to yourself as you add water to the cooker.
His arms wrap around your belly, caging you into his grip and you're so distracted with the fun memories that you feel no discomfort at all.
This is natural.
This is good.
Feels damn good, too.
"I've made other food that's been tasty." he counters, kissing over the back of your neck with soft, sweet lips.
You shiver at the feeling, letting your eyes flutter closed.
It's so natural to tease your handsome husband and on instinct you do so with a playful tone.
"The galbi, the egg fried rice, the hamburgers, the pizza, the sweet and sou-"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah alright." he murmurs, chuckling into your ear.
You hum sweetly, shutting off the water and letting your body get comfortable with the familiar arms around you.
Of course this isn't easy, it isn't easy to try and force the terror that is constantly awake inside of you away. But because it's Guk, your husband who you love more than anything, it makes it just a little bit easier.
"What're you making for dinner anyway?" he inquires, kissing the crown of your head repeatedly.
With each kiss, his pectoral muscles ripple against you and you've forgotten what it's like to appreciate your god of a man. Before you were taken, you worshipped his body like he was a god. And you think that's been sorely missing for him as well.
"Egg fried rice." you reply, turning around to him.
He takes a sharp breath between his teeth at the sight of you so close to him. Taking a step back, he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable but your hands reach up to his hips and still him.
"Just stay," you whisper, watching his eyes become glassy.
Cupping his cheeks with your hands, you smile up at him gently.
His eyes flutter shut and he's in such incredible peace.
"Kiss me, please." you ask of your husband.
His eyes spring open and he hums with uncertainty.
"Are you sure, baby? I don't want to rush our progress. I don't want to scare you." he coos, running his hands over your belly.
"Kiss me." you repeat.
When he bends down, your breath hitches and your nervousness grows with each second. His large body seems to drape over you like a shadow and your heart begins to hammer with fear.
You want to scream out in this second, cower away from him and everything the world has to offer.
But then his lips press to yours. He's soft and gentle, letting the petals of his lips caress yours with such love and adoration. That fear -- that anxiousness is gone as quickly as it came.
The smell of his cologne breeches your senses while you kiss, it echoes and spreads through your limbs like a forest fire.
Jeongguk cups your cheeks with his hands, wiping away tears that you haven't even noticed have breached past your eyelids.
"Oh my baby," he gasps, pulling away and pressing his forehead to yours.
"Thank you," you whimper, hugging him as tightly as you can to your body with the obstacle of his growing daughter in the way.
There's something about you on early school day mornings. Maybe you just look better in the chilly air or maybe your presence just warms Jeongguk to the point of comfort.
"Morning loser!" he jeers, fumbling with his tie.
"Oh, I'm the loser, am I?" you quip, leaning back against the large cherry blossom tree beyond the gates to your high school.
"You're our loser," Jimin teases, walking past the both of you with his textbooks pressed tightly to his chest.
Flipping your other friend the middle finger, you blow a bubble in your gum. You watch as Jeongguk continues to fumble with his tie, earning creases and wrinkles in the fabric.
"Oh lord, it's like watching a 'how to fail at life' video." you roll your eyes, grabbing the lapels of his school uniform jacket and shoving him up against the tree.
He sneers at you, widening his pretty mocha eyes and you can only snort in response.
"My dad didn't teach me how to do this before he went away for his job." he gripes, gripping the bottom ends of the tie in his fists and furrowing his eyebrows.
You take pity on him then, watching his annoyance truly bubble to the surface.
"Here," you breathe, smacking his hands away from the tie playfully.
You start to tie his tie properly, blowing a large bubble that he pops easily with the tip of his finger.
"First day of the new school year, this should be fun." he says, pushing some hair back behind your ear.
You shiver at his touch, lowering your head as your skin begins to heat up with embarrassment.
"Oh God, just kiss her already. Gross!" Jimin calls you both.
Your eyes snap to one another and Guk lets out a playful chuckle. "She doesn't know what's good for her!" he teases, winking down at you.
You grumble your protestations quietly, tying the tie so tightly that he coughs loudly.
"God," he groans, moving the neck until he's comfortable.
"I do know what's good for me!" you bite back, slinging your backpack over your shoulder.
"Oh yeah?" Guk quips, walking after you, "Then kiss me."
His large eyes are devious and his eyebrow juts up with playful intentions.
"You can't do it, can you? You can't just-"
You press your lips to his roughly, not knowing how to kiss since this is your first time. His large hand cups the back of your head immediately, sighing gently against your lips. It's messy and there's a lot of teeth but your heart thrums knowing Guk is your first.
When you pull away, you want to flee almost immediately but Jeongguk doesn't give you the time. His arm wraps around your shoulders and his smile is so large and giddy that it could rival the sun with its brightness.
"So you like me, huh?" he quips, running his thumb over your red, raw lips.
"Shut up!" you hiss, pulling his tie towards school.
Jeongguk groans loudly when he climbs into bed. He turned the heat up all the way but there's still a chill in the air that makes him tug the comforter over his bare chest quickly.
He can only smirk when you step into the doorway in only his t-shirt.
"You're getting so big that your belly enters a room first, y'know," he quips.
You snort softly, a noise that used to be common but it's the first one in months.
"Dinner was delicious, I missed your cooking so much." your husband breathes, hooking both of his hands behind his head.
"You didn't cook at all?" you inquire gently, climbing into bed beside him.
He turns his head lazily to you, raising an eyebrow. "You think I could cook for myself when I was so worried? I can't cook to begin with."
"Oh, so you admit it then." you sigh, placing a throw pillow beneath your bump and turning to him.
He laughs, crinkling the corners of his eyes cutely.
The moonlight casts a bluish glow over his face and arms and you can't help but begin to lose yourself in his handsome features.
His breath starts to catch in his throat when he looks at you, your eyes are speaking thousands of words of ardor and he can't help the tug of his heart at the sight.
"Doctor Kim said we have to have sex," you bleat.
"We don't have to do anything, baby. If you aren't comfortable, then we aren't doing it." Guk deadpans, running his hand over your belly.
When the light hits his irises just right, the beautiful mocha color seems to burnish holes into your skin.
His hand cups your cheek and your eyes squeeze shut at the soft warmth.
You don't know what you're ready for in all honesty.
You don't know what you need if it isn't Jeongguk.
And you want to try at least something to feel closer to him.
"I-I want to try something," you whisper uneasily.
Your husband leans up on his elbow, looking at you with curiosity written all over his handsome face.
He looks you over, pushing the comforter off of his ever heating body and your eyes fall straight to his torso. His abs are thick and noticeable, the muscles flex and ripple with each deep breath he takes and you find yourself heating up at the sight.
The black ink of his tattoos litters his body in all the right spots and all you can think about is how much you've missed him.
"What do you want to try, baby girl?" he coos, running his hand through his long blonde hair.
"Well if you stay still… maybe I can…" you can't even find the words, your throat tightens up and you feel completely lost at what to do.
Before you were taken it was so easy to fall into bed with your husband and now it's like you're grasping for straws.
Jeongguk hitches up the leg of his briefs, raising an eyebrow. "If you're really serious about it then take what you need."
"That's selfish," you mutter, looking down as his thick thigh muscles twitch suggestively.
"Hey, hey, hey," he coos, tilting your face up with his index finger, "you need to feel comfortable again. You have my patience, my love, my heart, anything and everything. You take everything you want and need from me without guilt. I'm your husband, there's no way I could be selfish with you."
He's always been this way with you, ever since middle school. Jeongguk has always given you more than you give him and that selfless nature of his always has your heart bleeding in ways you may never understand.
You lean in slowly, your breath hitching at the closeness of him and his eyes flutter shut in anticipation.
"Take everything," he reminds you, running his fingertips over your stomach softly.
Guk can't help the mewl that escapes his throat when your lips press to his. He lets you take the lead, keeping his hands to himself politely.
Your kisses are slow and nervous but Jeongguk appreciates them all the same.
"Don't be nervous, baby. I'm right here. You're safe." he promises, pulling away for air.
You don't want this pressing anxiousness, you just want to be normal again. That's all you want.
Your hand shakes when you wrap your hand around his wrist.
"Mmm, that's it. Guide me, babe. Show me where you want me." your husband breathes out, kissing over your jaw with gentle pecks.
"Uh…" you chirp, settling his hand between your thighs.
He hums sensually, letting the heat from his digits warm your soft, cool skin. "So pretty," he purrs.
You gasp loudly when he cups your sex and his eyes are immediately on yours.
"Just relax, baby girl. If you don't like it or you aren't comfortable just tell me. I'll stop right away, okay?" he promises, kissing your lips ever so gently.
You give a meek nod, whimpering when his digits drift over the seat of your panties.
"Baby girl likes it. You're wet already." he breathes, inching his body closer to you.
He can feel the stickiness of your panties and his hips rut into the air at the feeling.
Jeongguk has been so depraved of everything besides the overwhelming feelings of guilt and loneliness he feels deep down inside.
He parts your folds through the sodden fabric, immediately connecting the pad of his thumb to your swollen clit.
"How's that, baby? You like that?" he gasps, watching you writhe under his sweet touch.
You mewl softly, squeezing your eyes shut and nodding.
There's this nervous pit within you that seems to be diminishing by the second. Every deep breath your husband takes and every word of praise that drips from his lips lulls you deeper into his comfort.
"Can I take your panties off?" he inquires sweetly, hooking his fingers into the sides.
Your hips lift within a word and he peels your underwear away at a deathly slow pace.
Your arousal is messy and stringy, breaking away from the soaked fabric to cling to your pussy lips and thighs.
Jeongguk groans wantonly, tossing the fabric away in a fury.
You've both only ever known each other's bodies. You lost your virginities together, you've both only loved each other so much that every part of your bodies is solely for the other.
Even if Guk hasn't had you in months, it's a muscle memory remembering how you like to be pleased.
"You're soaking wet, baby." he gasps, running his fingers over your puffy lower lips.
"P-Please," you whimper childishly, spreading your legs.
The wanton groan that rips from your husband is animalistic and needy at best but it pushes all your fears away in that moment.
"What're you begging for, hmm?" he coos, kissing over your neck.
"I don't know," you laugh, turning your head to him.
His smile is heartbreakingly gorgeous and he kisses you with the intensity to rival a thousand men. If this was any other time you would have pulled away but the arousal that's searingly hot and coursing through you only wants more.
You moan into the kiss, earning a gentle whine from the man you love.
"Is this what you want?" he quips, thrusting two fingers deep inside you.
Your stunted moan is loud and your chest heaves at the fullness you feel.
It's always amazing how he fills you up without even trying.
"Fuck, your pretty cunt is so tight." he groans, curling his fingers expertly to the sensitive bundle of nerves within you.
"G-Gukkie!" you whimper, placing your hand on your growing stomach.
"Feels good, baby? You like it?" he asks sweetly, placing his free hand atop yours on your belly.
You give a meek nod, mouth dropping open when he starts to pump his fingers in and out of you at a snail's pace.
"You're so beautiful," Guk breathes, pressing his thumb back to your swollen clit.
He rubs loving, smooth circles to the nub, praising you when your moans reach a loud pitch.
"That's not what you call me in bed, baby. You know better. Come on," your husband goads, lifting his long t-shirt to look at your stomach.
"Daddy," you preen softly and he smirks at your sweet tone.
"Good girl, there it is."
His fingers fuck into you faster and your hands can't stop raking over the taut muscles of his stomach.
Jeongguk feels like he doesn't have a second to waste. He wants to please you in every way and show you how much you've been sorely missed.
"What am I going to do with you? You're too gorgeous to be in my bed." he groans, pressing his lips to the swell of your stomach.
Your hips wriggle for more and he pulls out altogether. Adjusting the painfully hard erection beneath his boxers, he lays down on the bed.
"Come take everything from me, baby," he announces, opening his arms.
You feel so empty, so needy and bothered that you immediately heed his command.
Whimpering softly, your legs part over his thick thigh and he gives a warm smile up at you.
"You're so beautiful," he avows, running his hands over your sides.
His thigh is smooth and rigid beneath you. You emit a whimper throughout the quiet room as you begin to rut yourself against his muscles.
"God, you're so wet. My thigh is soaked. Fuck." Guk curses, moving your hips faster.
Looking down into his eyes, they're drunk with adoration and lust.
You're too grateful to feel so peaceful and calm in this moment. You can think of nothing else besides the man beneath you.
"Daddy, I-"
He hums in agreement, tucking his bottom lip tightly between his teeth.
He can only look at your body with wonder. You're so perfect and you always have been. You've always been a dream to him and he's so happy you can be back here in his arms.
Pushing the shirt up higher, his hands graze over your large stomach and he whines softly.
"You look so amazing carrying our daughter." he praises.
His thigh muscles flex tightly for you and your hands scramble to press against his chest at the feeling.
The pressure is so intense and so amazing, you can only babble meaningless words and sounds.
Your head lolls back and your nails scratch against his golden honey skin when the bubble inside you begins to expand.
It's been so long since you've felt this kind of relief that it's approaching at a rapid pace.
"Does it feel good, baby girl? You wanna cum for me?" your husband asks, drifting his hands over your bump.
"Yes," you squeak, allowing him to intertwine your hands together.
"Yes what?" he quips, looking down at his soaked thigh.
"Yes, daddy." you breathe, letting your head loll back.
"Good girl, I bet you're real close, hmm? Just let go, baby. Take what you need."
His hands on your skin are so gentle and sweet that it's easy to fall over the edge with someone to catch you so earnestly.
"I can feel your clit throbbing, shit," your husband whines, running his fingers through his hair.
There's a moment when everything goes still. It's just you, your husband and your deep seated pleasure. You can only begin to relish in it when time starts up again.
"Daddy! Cumming!" you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
"Look at me when you cum, I want to see your pretty face."
Your eyes snap open on his command and suddenly that bubble inside you bursts.
The pleasure is so intense and so mind shattering that you can only make small gasps and whines as it courses through you.
Your hips rock slowly and your brain short circuits at the explosive feeling.
"Gukkie!" you cry out softly and when your body begins to rack gently, he sits up in a flash to coddle you.
"You're okay, I'm right here. You're safe, baby." he avows, running his hand over the back of your head.
Your chest feels tight and you hug him so closely that there isn't any room for anything else.
"Are you okay? Do you want me to get you water?" he inquires sweetly, kissing your temple.
"Don't leave me." you beg, laying your head down on his shoulder.
"I would never dream of it, baby." he whispers, rocking you slowly in his arms.
Your eyes flutter shut and the small pattern of irregular shapes that your husband draws on your skin calms your heart right away.
"Felt good, huh?" he chuckles, combing his fingers through your hair.
Your nod is childish and sweet, earning a bright smile from the man before you. "I love you, y'know?"
"I love you, too." you whisper, laying down beside him as he falls back.
He looks down at his soaked thigh with a wry smile. "I still get you flooding like a river."
"You're still cocky," you sigh, burying your face into his shoulder.
He laughs loudly, wrinkling his nose. Turning to you, his thumb drifts over the apple of your cheek and he can find no greater peace than this.
"Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?" he inquires.
You shake your head softly, getting comfortable beside him. "Just you."
Those words shoot straight to his heart and he feels like he's falling in love all over again.
"Are you in pain, should I help you?" you murmur tiredly.
Clicking his teeth, he kisses your forehead. "I'm never in pain when I'm with you. You should know that by now."
"I didn't feel scared at all. It was really nice," you bleat, feeling your head get heavier on his body.
"I'll show you that you don't have to be nervous or scared anymore. I promise," he whispers, smirking when your lips part in your unconscious state.
Tumblr media
You're still quiet when you speak but at least you're speaking.
Guk is over the moon with how close you let him get. He can hug you and kiss you now without feeling your body tense up so tightly.
On one hand he feels guiltier, if he would have just talked to Dr. Kim from the start, maybe your healing process would have begun months before this. On the other hand, just seeing you heal is worth its weight in gold.
"So… progress? Do we want to touch on that?" Namjoon inquires, giving a smile when you sit beside your husband and not at the end of the couch.
"We got closer this week than we ever have yet." Jeongguk tells him, letting his arm go lax so you can wrap your hands around his bicep.
Namjoon's eyes widen and he nods pleasantly. "I see. How was that for you, Y/N?"
You hum softly, watching as your husband spins his wedding band. "It felt good to just relax and not be scared."
"Ah, I see. So it pushed away everything you were nervous about?"
You nod pleasantly, looking up at Jeongguk who gives you a wink in reply.
"I was really nervous at first and my heart felt like it was going to explode but then after a while it kind of melted away," you squeak, feeling your neck and ears heat up out of embarrassment.
"That's really good. It's healthy. Not many people c-"
"But I felt guilty," you chirp, cutting off the therapist.
Dr. Kim narrows his eyes at you curiously and so does your husband.
Namjoon's hands politely fold and he tilts his head when you try to make yourself smaller.
"Why, baby?" your husband pouts, running his hand over the back of your head.
"Well I didn't do anything for you." you bleat, looking down at the sunflowers that make up the bottom of your dress.
Guk frowns deeply, drifting his thumb over the base of your neck. "Baby, you know I don't care about that."
Namjoon takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his shirt as he takes in your interaction. "So, Y/N, you felt guilty that you couldn't please your husband like he pleased you? Is that right?"
Your nod is miniscule but he does catch it when he puts his glasses back on.
"I see. Well that's quite good in a way, isn't it? It means that you love your husband so much that when you can't give back everything he gives to you it makes you feel as if you've been selfish."
"I've always felt that way. Jeongguk always gives me everything and I feel like I never do nearly enough for him in return." you gasp, accepting your husband's hand when he intertwines your fingers together.
"Babe," he murmurs, brushing a few stray hairs back behind your ear.
"It's natural to feel that way. It just goes to show how much you love him." Namjoon announces, crossing his legs.
Guk pushes the side of your head until you're leaning your temple against his shoulder. His lips glide over the crown of your head and you squeeze his hand tighter within your own.
"I'm going to give you an exercise this week, Y/N." Namjoon says, putting his clipboard aside.
You perk up at his voice, tilting your head curiously.
"Please Jeongguk how you think he should be pleased." the therapist says, folding his arms.
"I'm sorry," you whine to your newlywed husband.
He looks up from the end of the bed, running his soft hands over your calves.
"Don't be sorry, you can't help it." he coos sweetly, kissing over your exposed skin.
"I want to go out and play," you whine, looking out the bay windows of your hotel suite.
The sun is high in the sky and the palm trees sway in what you can only assume is a sweet, cool breeze.
Only on your honeymoon would you get jet lagged and sick.
Guk chuckles, crawling up the bed to lay beside you. "We have so much more time to enjoy Bali, it's okay. You just need to focus on getting better right now."
"But it looks so cool outside," you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He taps his index finger to the tip of your nose cutely. "Just relax, baby. You're not going anywhere until you feel better."
Taking the cold towel off your forehead, he dips it back into the warm water.
"You don't have to stay with me, you can go out and have fun," you suggest, closing your eyes.
"I have all the fun I need in this room. I have you." he whispers, smothering your cheek with kisses.
He lays the warm rag back onto your forehead and he can't help the love that blooms throughout his body when he looks down at you.
Sure, your face is a bit pale and peaky and yeah, your body is covered in a film of cold sweat but God, you still look like everything beautiful and perfect in this world.
"You're so sweet. I don't know how I ended up with someone as perfect as you," you murmur, letting the fresh sea air blow through the window over your body.
His smile is wide and loving, a billion sweet thoughts coursing through his head at all times.
"I think you're perfect. I've loved you since the moment I saw you." he breathes.
"Stop one up-ing me. It's not good for my mental health," you jeer, letting a small smirk grace your features.
Your husband chuckles, kissing the top of your head repeatedly. "No one could ever love you as much as I do."
"Now that I believe," you sigh happily, feeling your husband lay down in bed beside you.
"Just worry about getting better and then we can go play with dolphins."
"Dolphins. Okay, just dream of dolphins." you breathe blearily, accepting the tired state the medicine is putting you in.
Jeongguk gives a lopsided smirk, watching your head tilt towards him.
"Beautiful as always," he whispers, pressing his lips to yours.
Your husband was surprised to hear that you felt guilty in all honesty.
You've never voiced it in that way before.
"Do you think that you don't do enough for me?" he inquires curiously, setting down his chopsticks.
You look up from your food and suddenly the guilt is tripling and swirling around in your gut. "Yeah, sometimes." you whisper.
"Why?" he asks, picking up his plate and bringing it to the sink.
Staring up at the paintings above the dining room table, your head tilts. "Well, you've always been this big love bug and I'm not always like that. You're really selfless and I'm not."
He clicks his teeth softly, turning to you and crossing his arms. "I love you the way you are. I love everything about you… I always have."
"That's what I mean. That selflessness." you breathe, turning to him and giving him a small smile.
He chuckles sweetly, a sound that you adore more than anything in the universe.
When you stand, he quips an eyebrow.
Being kidnapped was terrifying, coming back was just as scary but not being able to show your husband how much he's adored and loved… well that's just as frightening.
Even though you still have this constant looming of nervousness that enraptures your being, it doesn't supercede the need to show love to your husband which you're grateful for.
"What is it?" your husband coos when you grip his wrist.
You don't reply, pulling him towards your bedroom silently.
"Baby?" he inquires, allowing you to take him to your room.
Closing the door behind you, you want to flee but you stand your ground, pushing against his chest until he's seated on the foot of the bed.
He stares up at you curiously, putting his hands behind him to balance himself.
"I love you," you avow.
"I love you too. Baby, what is it? Are you alright?" he asks curiously, tilting his head.
Your knees touch down on the soft carpet underfoot and his eyes widen.
"Wait, babe. It's okay. You don't have to-"
"I want to," you promise, cutting him off.
He takes in your doe-like gaze and he hums unsurely to himself.
"Come kneel on the bed if anything, I don't want your knees to get hurt." he breathes, pushing himself back to give you room.
See. He's too sweet and gentle to be unappreciated.
You take his advice, climbing onto the bed between his parted thighs.
Licking his lips slowly, his eyes watch you like a hawk.
"Y/N, we don't have to do this right n-" he groans softly, cutting off his words when you graze your hand along his soft cock.
His eyes squeeze shut and you're almost too quick at unbuttoning his jeans.
He lifts his hips, his pretty lips parting for air and his chest seems to tighten.
You're sure he's been aching since the other night when you fell asleep on him and the answer becomes known right away when you pull down his briefs.
He's already rock hard, the long, thick length seems to twitch and pulse for relief. The bulbous head is a maddening red and he seems so sensitive that even the soft graze against his heavy balls has him whining.
"G-God," he hisses, laying back.
You lick your lips, watching as precum begins to bead at the tip.
You've only ever had this man beneath you and God, you're lucky to have him.
"Take your shirt off," he begs, tugging at the hem.
You do as told, suddenly too concerned with pleasing him than to feel any sort of nervousness.
"Fuck, your tits are huge." he groans, palming your breasts softly.
Taking a sharp breath between your teeth, you can only whimper at his touch.
"Hurts?" he asks sweetly, pulling away.
"No, no. More. Feels good. They ache." you coo.
He tugs down the cups, widening his eyes at how different they look than what he's always been used to.
"Damn," he mumbles, sitting up.
"This is about you," you whine, palming his cock.
He moans so loudly that it ricochets through you and you can already feel your panties dampening.
Jeongguk is quick to tug off his shirt, giving you full view and access to his God-like body.
"Your nipples are so puffy." he bleats, running his thumbs over them.
"Jeongguk," you croon softly, trying to admonish him but it isn't coming out as such.
When your nipples begin to harden, small beads of milk start to gather at the tips and his eyes shoot up to yours.
"I want to taste," he growls, laying you down.
He isn't sure if it's because you look so motherly and so angelic or if it's something that he didn't even know would turn him on but the sight of your breasts leaking is sending him into an animalistic fury.
"I'm supposed to be making you feel good!" you gasp, feeling his lips drift over your clavicle.
"You always make me feel good," he murmurs, scoffing loudly when you begin to jerk his cock in hand.
His lips are warm and sweet against the swell of your breasts. You can feel the pufts of hot air he expels with each groan and scoff as he snaps his hips to your hand.
The tip of his tongue peeks out between the sweet pink petals of his lips and he looks up at you for confirmation.
Your smile is enough for him to continue and his hand presses to the distended side of your stomach as he makes his dissent.
Flicking the tip of your nipple with his tongue, your milk is sweet and enrapturing against his taste buds and he preens at the taste.
"Fuck, it's so sweet." he gasps, wrapping his lips around your stiff peaked bud.
You can only whine sweetly, carding your fingers through his hair when he suckles harder.
"D-Daddy! Oh!" you cry out, running your thumb around the head of his cock.
His precum is thick and sticky as you spread it around the head and he shivers against you.
You feel relief and intoxication when he continues to suckle. "Feels so good, the other one. Please."
He complies immediately, moving to your other breast and suckling.
"Oh fuck, baby. I want your mouth on me," he begs, letting your nipple go with a noisy pop.
It's easy to get back into this routine, shoving him down to have full access to his body.
Your tongue swirls around the bulbous head of his cock, picking up the thick, sticky precum he beads endlessly.
"Holy s-shit," he groans, moving your hair out of your face.
Gathering your hair into one fist, he runs his free hand along your cheek.
With every dip of your head, a string of curses greets your ears and you know how much he's enjoying himself.
"God! You've always been so good with your mouth. Fuck!" he curses, letting his head thump back to the pillow beneath him.
His cock begins to throb as you swallow around him and the hiss of pleasure he seethes through his teeth has your loins unfurling with sickly sweet wanting.
"W-Watch your stomach." he begs when you swallow him to the hilt.
Your nose brushes against his bare public bone and your husband is quick to wipe the tears off of your cheeks.
"My cock is too big for your pretty throat, huh? You're making a mess," he coos, drifting his thumb over your precum and spit covered chin.
You don't care how messy you look, you just want him to feel good because he deserves it. He deserves everything.
You begin to fuck his cock into your mouth faster and Jeongguk can only hiss and groan semblances of words.
"You- Ooh, fuck! You're so go-good at this. Shit!" he cries out, lifting his hips off the bed.
Whimpering gently as his cock begins to throb in your throat, you grip onto his thick thighs.
"You're gonna make me cum, Christ!" he moans, tugging on your hair.
With each dip of your head, his precum squirts onto the flat of your tongue and you're so lost in the world of pleasing your husband that you can't think of anything else.
"Off, get off. I want to cum on your belly." he gasps, pulling your hair.
With a noisy pop and a soaked chin, you let his cock fall free from your mouth.
You lay down at his command, running your fingers over his abs as he jerks his cock in hand.
"You look so fucking pretty with my baby inside you, I'm-I'm gonna cum all over this belly," he whines, his blonde hair falling into his eyes.
Tucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he gives a long groan. "Baby!"
Your thighs rub together for any and all friction you can find, staring up at the handsome man. His eyebrows knit and his mouth drops open into a silent scream.
Palming your leaking breast, he curses once more before ropes of his cum land on your distended stomach. "Fuck!"
He sits back on his heels, looking you over with lust drunk eyes and the goofy grin he gives you makes your heart hammer inside your chest.
"Damn," he breathes heavily, putting his hands on his hips, "you look so good covered in my cum."
You can't help but give a sweet giggle, letting your head loll back to the mattress.
Jeongguk takes in the silence and for the first time in a long time, he doesn't find it eerie.
"Are you aching?" he whispers, spreading your thighs.
You hum nonchalantly and when he looks down at your swollen cunt, he narrows his eyes at you. "Don't try to hide your need from me. I see your clit throbbing."
"This was about you," you offer, sitting up on your elbows.
"Don't care." he chides softly, wiping your stomach with his briefs.
His arms wrap around your thighs and your breath hitches in your throat when his head bows down.
The gentle kiss he gives to your swollen bundle of nerves has your hips lifting off the bed.
"You deserve to be pleased more than anyone in this universe," he coos, licking a flat strip up your sex.
"Guk!" you gasp, fisting your hands into his hair.
"Play nice," he jeers, attaching his perfect lips to your clit.
He suckles harshly, flicking his tongue back and forth until your chest has no more air to expel.
"You're so sensitive when you're pregnant," he breathes, entering two fingers into you slowly.
You whine his name, arching your back at the fullness you feel. His fingers curl perfectly inside of you and you can already feel your head swimming with pleasure.
You didn't register just how needy you were until this moment. You were too busy trying to please the man you adore.
"Daddy!" you whimper, letting go of his hair to fist the sheets in your hands.
He hums softly in agreement, slowly adding a third finger.
It's pent up wanting that floods through you at a blinding pace and your mind goes blank in an instant.
Jeongguk fucks his fingers into you faster, keeping his eyes plastered on your stomach which seems to get tighter and tighter by the second.
It's never taken him a long time to get you to your peak and it was and is something he's still constantly proud of.
"Oh my God!" you whine, throwing your head back.
When he hears your sobs of pleasure, he lifts the hood of your clit, taking his time to caress the throbbing bud with the tip of his tongue.
"I'm gonna cum. Daddy, pl-please let me." you beg, squeezing your eyes shut.
He hums in agreement, suckling harder until your legs are twitching and freezing in place.
The pads of his fingers flick against the velvet walls inside of you and suddenly your orgasm is blinding.
Your body racks with cries and your eyes well up with pleasured tears.
"You squirted for me, baby girl." Guk coos, pulling out of you and licking his fingers.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, putting your hand over your heart.
Your husband chuckles, inching up the bed until he's face to face with your stomach.
"Hi princess," he whispers to your daughter, running his hand over the soft, smooth skin.
It takes you a while to gather yourself after that explosive orgasm but hearing Jeongguk speak so sweetly to your daughter brings you back down to Earth.
"I really missed you, y'know," he avows, kissing your belly, "Daddy is gonna work really hard to make sure you and mommy are super safe and happy. Okay? Does that sound good?"
There's a tiny kick beneath his hand that has him chuckling in an instant. "Did you miss me too? We're all gonna heal together as a family. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for those months, alright?"
When he looks over at you and his hair falls into his large mocha eyes, you can only smile warmly.
"I love you," you breathe, feeling butterflies swirl around inside your stomach.
He smiles brightly, rubbing smooth circles to your distended skin. "I love you, too baby."
Tumblr media
Healing isn't always a one track thing. Sometimes there are setbacks and turns, other times it takes years.
You feel lucky to be getting your life back so quickly and it's only because your husband is the most supportive man of all time.
"So how was this past week?" Doctor Kim inquires, running his hands over the knees of his pants.
Jeongguk kisses the top of your head, wrapping his strong arm around your shoulders when you coddle to his side. "She's doing incredibly well."
You can only beam at his words, sending a shy smile the doctor's way.
"Y/N, how did you feel about the exercise? Did you show Jeongguk how much he means to you?"
"I tried," you breathe, recalling that night. "But it's a two way street with us, I guess."
Namjoon nods, setting down his clipboard. "And you know what? That's okay. In my opinion it's better to have things equal on both sides. It's a good thing that Guk adores you so much that he doesn't want things to be one sided."
"That's right," Guk whispers, intertwining your hand with his.
You look down at his wedding band, leaning your head on his shoulder with a pleasant sigh.
"And what about the anxiety, Y/N? Did you feel much of that?"
Your cheeks burn at the intimate question but you answer the doctor anyway. "No, it all just kind of melted away. I was so focused on pleasing him that it just kind of… faded."
Dr. Kim nods, crossing his legs and taking off his glasses to clean them. "You're healing. That's so important and you're doing it the right way -- together. Soon, you won't even need to come here."
Jeongguk runs his thumb over your bare shoulder, kissing the top of your head until your mind goes blank with only positive emotions.
"What should our exercise be this week?" your husband inquires.
Namjoon tilts his head, looking over how healthy the bond between you both has strengthened. "Just relish in each other's company."
"I really hate this," Guk sighs, wrinkling his nose at the design he's drawn.
The disappointment in his voice draws your attention and suddenly you're draping your upper body over the back of the couch.
"I think it's pretty, what's wrong with it?" you inquire.
He sighs, tossing his pencil down and running his hands through his long hair.
"It just feels so… rigid and so… fucking… bland. It has no soul in it. There's no emotion."
You don't know how he's always been so creative. It's always been a wonder to watch him work whether he was just doodling random cartoon characters or he was trying to create a new look for an upcoming building.
Your husband's eyebrows are notched together tightly, completely absorbed by everything wrong with the sketch.
"It feels so impersonal. There's no real soul in it. No real connection." he seethes, frustrated.
You pout in his direction, wishing you could distract him for just a second.
He's been so caught up in this project it's almost eating away at him.
Guk hasn't been sleeping or eating the way he should, he hasn't been enjoying life since the beginning of this project.
So you do the one thing that will get his attention.
Peeling off your sundress, you stand up off the couch.
Your husband runs his hands over his face due to his frustration and his breath catches in his throat when his eyes open.
"Oh baby, I'm sorry. I'm not really in the mood to-"
"Just let me take care of you," you cut him off, unlatching your bra and letting it fall to the dining room floor.
Jeongguk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you between his now parted thighs.
His hands run over your curves, looking up at you with soft, loving eyes.
"You're so beautiful," your husband breathes, leaning in to kiss between the valley of your breasts.
You hum softly, letting your fingers card through his black locks.
His lips pepper more loving kisses to your skin before he's stopping.
"That's what this project needs. More curves! More fluidity! Motion! Something with emotion!" he cries out, sitting up straight.
You sigh, putting your hands on your hips and narrowing your eyes at him.
"I know! I know! You're so totally pissed at me but just stand there for a few minutes," he beams, grabbing the large sketching pad and his pencil.
"Mkay," you concede, watching his eyes drift over you slowly.
"You're my biggest inspiration! I don't know why I didn't think of this before!" he whines, running one hand over your bare side as his dominant hand sketches fluid lines.
"I love you," you remind him.
His hand stutters on the paper and he looks up at you with the most blinding of smiles. "I love you too, gorgeous. Always."
Today was the first day you've had company over in your house since you've gotten back home.
Jimin has been privy to everything being your husband's best friend and he's kept completely silent on the topic which you find yourself grateful for.
But the most frustrating part throughout the whole evening is feeling your friend tiptoe through every conversation you both have.
He stops talking every five seconds as if he's thinking over what he's going to say before actually saying it just in case it triggers something inside of you.
And while you're grateful -- you wish it hadn't come to this.
"Your tomato plants look healthy," Jimin breathes, nodding towards the back patio.
"Jeongguk took good care of them while I was gone." you chirp, feeling your husband's lips press against your temple.
Your best friend clears his throat, slowly nodding at your admission.
Long gone is the frail woman who would jump at each and every small sound and every quick movement.
You just want to be normal again. You don't want to be the kidnapped victim anymore.
You want to be Jeon Jeongguk's wife.
You want to be the mother of a precious little girl.
Not someone who's been taken.
Jimin taps his fingers to the arm of his chair, bringing the mouth of his beer bottle closer to his face.
He's thinking again. Thinking of what to say.
Looking down at your lap, your fingers drift slowly over the swell of your stomach.
"The baby's getting big." your best friend comments.
Your husband takes the opportunity to fawn over you, pulling you close to his sweet smelling chest. "Yeah, she is. We decided to go with Haneul for her name. It's something uplifting and healing. We definitely needed that after everything that's happened."
You're more than grateful that Guk isn't too shy around the subject.
Ignoring the situation is one thing. Pretending like it never happened would kill you inside.
Jimin clears his throat, taking a deep swig of his beer.
Maybe it's your pregnancy hormones or maybe it's something even more troublesome that bubbles with a fury deep within you.
"Jimin. It's okay to talk about it, y'know." you announce, crossing your legs.
"N-No, I know. I just-" he doesn't finish his sentence, looking down at the knees of his pants.
"I'm not scared or ashamed of it anymore. We've both started to heal properly. It's alright for you to speak about it."
Jeongguk kisses your cheek, curving his hand around your distended stomach.
"I know… I just…"
"You don't see me the same anymore? I'm not the same girl that used to stick my used gum in your hair when we were in sixth grade? I'm not the same person that helped you lose your virginity in college by introducing you to Byul? Yes, I was kidnapped. I was handcuffed to a radiator at night. I bagged up drugs for free and got like twenty grains of rice a day. I wasn't allowed to speak. I was losing the feeling in both of my legs when Haeneul kept getting bigger because I couldn't walk anywhere. But I'm okay now. I'm still me. I'm still the same nasty, irritating bitch that made fun of you for that lopsided bowl cut you decided to do on yourself so you could look like Rain."
Jeongguk and Jimin blink in unison.
Your husband kisses the top of your head repeatedly, hugging you closer to his body.
Your best friend stares at you and you can practically see the rusty cogs turning in his mind.
"It wasn't fucking lopsided. All the girls loved that look." Jimin says finally, smirking over the top of his beer bottle.
"Yeah, keep telling yourself that, bud." you giggle, letting your body relax against Guks.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. It's just taking me a while to adjust to you being back. I don't want to upset you." your friend apologizes, leaning forward and placing his hand on your knee.
"You can't possibly upset me, I'm stronger now. Stronger than I've probably ever been," you promise, placing your hand atop his.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk groans loudly as he jumps onto the bed.
His hands open and close childishly, giving you a big smile when you shed his t-shirt from your body.
"You okay?" your husband inquires, running his hands over your thighs as you straddle his waist.
"Yeah, I just don't want to be 'the victim' anymore. I'm healing and I want everyone around me to heal as well."
He nods in agreement, sitting up and drifting his lips over your collarbone.
"I got something you can heal if you're up for it," he quips, pulling your bra strap and letting it snap back into place.
You hum to him, gasping softly when he tugs down the cups of your bra.
"Fuck," he curses softly, suckling softly at the thin skin of your neck.
His chest presses against your stomach and when the gentle kick of your daughter reminds him she's also there he can only smile against your skin.
His hands rub at your distended sides, kissing down the swell of your breasts. "Daddy needs some one-on-one time with mommy right now."
You let out a breathy laugh only to suck a sharp breath between your teeth when the tip of his tongue flicks at your nipple.
Your back arches and Guk takes the opportunity to unlatch your bra, his hands cup beneath your breasts, pushing them up for his viewing pleasure.
"Such pretty tits," he hisses, suckling from one nipple to the other until you're a shivering, sobbing mess before him.
It's a downright sin how fast you get wet for him. He could snap his fingers and you'd be sodden in an instant.
"D-Daddy," you preen softly, combing your fingers through his hair as he pushes your breasts together.
He suckles on both nipples at once, keeping his eyes glued to your pleased face.
Your hips roll against his hardening cock, whimpering when he flicks his tongue quickly against both stiff peaks in tandem.
"You're soaking through your underwear like a little cumslut," he hums, running his hands over your back and laying you down softly.
Jeongguk kisses down your body slowly, drawing out long sighs and whines from you until your mouth is dry and aching.
He leaves hot, open mouthed pecks along the swell of your stomach as he makes his descent.
Your hands are shaky, eyes widening to watch him.
Grabbing needily at your thighs, he kisses over your clothed pubic bone, grabbing the band of your underwear with his teeth and tugging playfully.
"Fuck, you get my cock so hard," he breathes, pulling down his briefs.
His thick cock bobs in the air, pearling with precum and twitching with neediness.
"Christ," you whine, reaching forward to touch it.
He stops you in an instant, kissing up your forearm and hooking his fingers into the sides of your panties.
Guk pulls down your underwear slowly, licking his lips at the amount of arousal that is spread over your bare lower lips.
Tossing the underwear away, he spreads you open with his index and middle finger.
He hums aloud, watching your entrance pulse and quiver, begging to be fucked.
"Pretty little pussy just dying to take my fat cock," he groans, burying his face against your core.
He suckles at your lips, your clit, your thighs, adoring the high pitched whines that emit throughout the room.
"Daddy, please!" you cry out, lifting your hips for more.
Slowly, he enters two fingers into you, kissing up your belly.
You gasp loudly, letting your head loll back at the full feeling.
He curls his fingers to the spongy spot within you that makes you boneless before him.
"M-More!" you whine, fisting the sheets.
He smiles against your skin, adding a third finger.
Your chest heaves and you tug gently on his hair.
"You wanna cum? You wanna soak the bed for me? Hmm?" he inquires cheekily, kissing up to your breast.
You nod quickly, letting your mouth drop open when he begins to fuck you faster with his fingers.
He suckles at your nipple, groaning at the milk that enraptures his taste buds.
Your toes curl and your eyes become spotty.
"I want you to squirt all over my fucking hand." he seethes through his teeth.
The sounds of your wet cunt echo throughout the bedroom and your eyes squeeze shut at the oncoming pleasure that creeps steadily through your body.
"Your belly is getting so big, I love it. You look so beautiful carrying my baby." he murmurs, nipping at your ear lobe.
Your hips lift, moans turning it babbles and semblances of words from different languages.
When he feels your pussy begin to throb around his fingers, your husband moans into your ear. "You're gonna cum for me, aren't you? Cum for daddy, get my hand nice and soaked."
"F-Fuck!" you squeak, pulling at the sheets until they're pooling around your body.
Then the bliss enraptures you, you cry your husband's name loudly, slamming your hips down to his hand with a quickness to ride out your high.
You can feel your arousal squirting out of you in waves and Jeongguk groans loudly at the sight.
Pulling his fingers from your core, he rubs your clit quickly, adoring how your body shudders.
"Good girl," he coos, prying your legs open and entering his fingers into his mouth.
Whimpering gently, you run your hands over his arms, willing your breathing to return to normal.
He runs his hard cock through your folds, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.
"Your pregnant cunt is so warm," he breathes, thrusting deeply inside of you.
You moan for him, wrapping your legs around his waist and hooking your ankles together.
His thighs spread wider, placing his hands on your belly and running his thumbs soothingly over the skin as you accommodate to his large size.
He starts off slow, letting the bulbous head of his cock drag through your plush walls sensually.
"Oh fuck, yes," he hisses, peppering kisses over your knee and down your thigh.
Your husband takes his time, letting his hands roam over your body.
He's afraid to cum too quickly, it's been a long time since he's been inside you.
Lifting your hips off the bed, he palms the skin of your backside.
"Yes, God, right there!" you whine, digging the heels of your feet into his back.
"Yeah? Right here?" he teases, thrusting hard to the one spot that has your mind swimming, "Like that? Your pregnant little pussy wants more right there?"
You cry out loudly, bringing your hands to knead at your breasts.
"Yes, daddy! More! Please!" you beg.
"Open your mouth," he instructs, letting one of your cheeks go.
Doing as told, he enters two fingers into your mouth. He keeps them flat on your tongue, picking up speed with his hips.
You whine and gargle against his digits, keening loudly when he throws your legs over his shoulders.
He angles himself forward, minding your large stomach.
"You feel so fucking good around me. You're so fucking wet, sloppy little pregnant hole just for me."
You sob loudly against his fingers, letting him fuck you down the bed.
His teeth nip at your calf, groaning at how impossibly tight you are for him.
"What's that, baby girl? I can't hear you. You want it harder? You want me to wreck your pregnant pussy?" he hisses, hooking an arm around your thighs and pressing them tightly against his body.
You scream against his fingers, your second orgasm approaches like a freight train and you know all too well that you won't last much longer.
"Fuck, look at these tits," he groans, pulling his fingers from your mouth and drifting them over your hardened nipples.
"Da-Daddy, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna…" you whimper, scratching your nails down his thighs.
"Oh, yeah? You wanna cum on this thick cock? Go ahead, baby girl. It's all for you," Guk moans, sliding his knees under your backside and ramming the head of his cock into the soft patch of nerves within you until you're squirting for him once more.
"Christ!" he cries out, pushing your legs off his shoulders and angling his body over yours.
He's seemingly hypnotized by the way your breasts heave upward with each thrust and he keeps his hands on your belly, rubbing smooth circles to the skin.
"Tell me you love me," he begs, squeezing his eyes shut.
"I love you," you sob, watching his long blonde hair fall into his eyes.
"You're never fucking leaving my side again," he seethes, leaning down and suckling at your breast.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he sobs against your nipple.
You feel it then, his cock thickening and throbbing for release within you.
"Where do you want it?" he gasps, looking up at you.
"In me, cum inside me! I want to feel it!" you beg, running your nails down his arms.
"Oh, baby!" he moans, thrusting slowly and deep until warm ropes of cum lather your spent walls.
He lets out a shaky sigh, pulling out of you and spreading your lower lips. "Push it out," he instructs.
You do as told, pushing his cum from your blissed core.
"Fucking hot," he murmurs, kissing over your shoulder and laying down beside you with a groan.
His hand cups your stomach, his face nuzzles into your neck and your rapidly beating heart begins to even out once more.
"I love you, baby. More than anything or anyone in this universe." he avows tiredly.
When he feels the gentle kick of your daughter beneath his hand he lifts his head. "You too, princess. I love you too."
You smile at the sight, closing your eyes.
There is no one in this world that could help you heal like your husband beside you.
Tumblr media
"Well," Dr. Kim breathes, "I think this is going to be our last session."
"Really?" you inquire, wide-eyed.
He nods in agreement, taking off his glasses.
"You've healed so much over this past month. Faster than I've ever seen before. You're an incredibly strong woman." the doctor announces.
"Well I have the most supportive partner," you smile, nudging your husband who winks at you in reply.
"You'll still need to be open with each other. You'll need to rely on one another and keep it up but that hole within you is filling up more and more each day."
Jeongguk nods astutely, kissing your temple sweetly.
"You both are the perfect example of healing with a loved one. I can see how much you love each other. I can feel how much you adore the other and that's powerful. That can get you through anything."
Your chest puffs up at the therapist's words. There really is no better person to heal with than Jeon Jeongguk.
"I love you," he whispers into your ear.
"I love you too." you reply, intertwining your fingers.
"And on that note, that ends our session." Namjoon smiles, putting the clipboard on the table and putting his glasses back on.
In this moment, Jeongguk takes in the silence and he relishes it.
While it's loud and it's deafening, it calms him.
Because when you're by his side, the silence sounds like the most healing, romantic song.
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taesinferno · 9 days ago
aren't we all sinners? | jjk
Tumblr media
✠ SUMMARY | ghosts in a church was as normal as sinners in a confessional. so normal, you didn't bat an eyelash when the local ghostbusters were called in yet again for another job. what did bat your eyelash, though, was one ghostbuster in particular. and he was about to find out just how a confession works.
✠ PAIRING | ghostbusters!jungkook × virgin nun!reader
✠ RATE | 18+
✠ GENRE | supernatural, religious, sacrilege, smut
✠ WARNINGS | sacrilege! , breaking religious vows, defiling of religious areas, misuse of a cross, corruption, loss of virginity, penetration with foreign object, unprotected penetrative sex, oral f!recieving, dirty talk, begging, slight tears, guilt, shame, internal dilemmas
✠ WC | 7.4k
✠ A/N | another religious jk fic ! literally both of them have been so random and impulsive its funny to see it happen twice 😭
Tumblr media
⇢ For the Namkook Moonrise Masquerade Collaboration hosted by @jamaisjoons
Tumblr media
"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been only days since my last confession but I can no longer defend the egregious nature of my actions. I can't justify these thoughts that I've been plagued with. Ever since… our last ghost…"
You had rushed to the confessional in a hurry, heart thudding faster in your chest as you aimed to reach sanctuary with haste. You slammed the door of the small space shut behind you, panting with short breath as you tried to relieve your anxieties. He was back. Here. Again. You thought you'd be able to contain yourself this time, you urged yourself, pleaded with yourself and your beating chest to relax, and remember your vows when you caught sight of him. You implored yourself to think of your god, your lord and saviour, the one who you were truly married to in religious matrimony. You prayed and prayed. Since the last time he came. For your god to give you the strength to stop seeing his face, his charming smile, everytime you closed your eyes. You begged, on your knees, with your hands clasped and your eyes screwed shut, for your mind to stop conjuring up scenarios with him. To stop imagining how his hands would feel in yours, how his embrace would wrap around and protect you. How sweet a kiss would be—It was impiety! Desecration of everything you hold dear to your heart! You were on the verge of falling to sin, if your thoughts hadn't already granted you a seat in hell. Burning in those flames with all those lustful disbelievers. It's what you deserved. Your impure thoughts clouding the mind that should only be thinking of your vows. Your religious duty. The one you swore to.
“Bless me, Father. I am crushed under the weight of my sins and I can no longer bear these impurities raging inside me. I need to beg for the Lord's forgiveness and hope he will have mercy on my soul.” You took a deep, shaky breath. You were about to confess one of the greatest sins you had ever committed after taking your religious vows. Right to the man who spoke to god. Confession was confidential. Of course it was. But it wouldn’t stop the searing shame washing over you as the pious man acknowledged your sins. You knew he’d never see you the same way again. You’d never be the same person, not in the eyes of god. Forever blemished with specks on your soiled soul.
“There has been an abundance of the unrested ghosts recently. Those who struggle to cross the barrier between this life and the next,” you started hesitantly. Information he already knew. He’d been the direct communication between the ghosts, after all. You cleared your throat. “The ghostbusters that have been arriving. I’m afraid…” Your heart felt like it was in your throat, pushing away at the barriers of your skin. Like an embodiment of your sin, raging to tell everyone of your deepest desires.
You rubbed your clammy hands together. Your soul needed to be absolved. You couldn’t go on living like this. This was in direct contradiction to everything you had learned, to everything you stood for. You had to beg for forgiveness. Now. Before it was too late. Before you crossed the threshold between salvageable and lost. Before you became damned, for good. “I-I’m afraid I’ve been having thoughts about one of the men, father.” A beat. Silence from his end. The sweat trickled down your brow, creating an anxious itch. “Unholy thoughts…Thoughts I can’t control. I’m afraid the devil’s in me.”
He didn’t say a word. Resolute silence greeted your words, confirming your worst fears. The judgement flooded through the small wall separating the confessional, the lack of words speaking volumes. You suddenly felt too hot in your clothes, struggling to sit still and not tear off the head covering sitting heavily on your head. You panicked, but you had to continue. Otherwise, what hope was there for you? The deed was done, the priest was told. Now, you needed to repent. You needed your penance to save yourself. To wipe your slate clean and start anew, with the lord’s guidance to keep you away from impurity.
“I think of him… in my bed. Jeon Jungkook. The one with the… piercing…” you gulped. As if you could pick a worse man to occupy your mind. Not that he was in any way evil, of course. Jungkook was the kindest man you’d ever met. Extremely charming with the humor to match. He was always greeting you with that big smile, raising a hand in a wave as he passed you by in the corridors. He was consistently sweet to everyone, your convent’s dog running straight to him everytime he entered. You didn’t think there was a more pure adult in the world than the innocently endearing man that pouted in concentration as he was loading up his machine. Not to mention, the man was strikingly handsome. A fact that rarely went unnoticed. The way all eyes would turn to him as he walked by, women lifting their gaze off their prayer books to follow his stride. He was obnoxiously unaware, of course. He was only here to do his job. Still, your heart didn’t hesitate to do a little cartwheel everytime he found you and struck up a conversation. And for all his heavenly traits, Jeon Jungkook was the embodiment of sin. And your priest knew, if a woman mentioned him, what kind of indulgences they were seeking. You must’ve reeked with shame at this point.
“He occupies my every thought, Father. I see his eyes when I close mine, I hear his laugh and the rhythm of his voice when I fall into dreams. Father, I-” You shut your eyes, “I think about his hands…” you whisper, “how they would feel… in places I’ve never felt before.” You heard a sharp gasp from the booth next to you, but you could barely hear it. For you couldn’t continue, your heart beat so loudly. You shook your head. This was a mistake. You should’ve never spoken your crimes out loud, you should’ve never placed such a heavy burden on the priest. The burden of forgiving your actions. You should’ve found strength within you. Not go running to the lord at every transgress and plead for him to forgive you-
“Tell me.”
The voice next to you. He finally spoke. As startled as you were, your internal trainwreck being put on a temporary halt, a certain weight lifted off your chest. Not all the weight, but a small piece. To know you still had a chance with god. To know your priest wanted to help absolve you of your sins, wanted to guide you on your path to forgiveness. It gave you the courage to continue.
“I-I had a dream the other night.” Your heart thudded as you recalled the fateful memory. It must have been that moment, the last time he was here. The way he’d brushed up against you as you walked the halls, showing him to the room where you saw the ghost last. The way he’d made you laugh at an impression of his boss, deepening his voice and furrowing his brows to the full effect. The way he’d pushed you up against the wall suddenly, hand around your waist as he hissed in your ear to stay quiet. You were holding your breath, scared to move. For you hadn’t seen the ghost ravaging a mere few feet from where you were headed, right before Jungkook snatched you from harm’s way and hid you in a corridor, with his body as your shield. You had wondered if he could hear your heartbeat. It was deafening to you.
You still remembered the way he’d shot the ghost with rock salt, deterring it from coming any closer and sending it screeching off to another end of the large building. The look he’d give you when he asked if you were alright. The lingering gaze, the way he’d traced your features as he held onto you a moment too long. A hint of a smirk on his face as if he knew what he was doing.
“In the dream, he-he touched me, Father. His mouth found mine in lustful passion, he traced maps on my skin with his fingers, exploring every inch. His lips set fire to every inch he grazed, trailing down my fiery bosom. I’d never known such pleasure, as I imagined he would give me. H-his hands, Father, they…” Your face heated, “he pushed them into my sacred chastity. He defiled me in my dream, Father. And it felt so good. I longed for it. Night after night, I rolled around my empty bed sheets. Praying for the same dream to come to me again. Just for a taste of sin. I-I wanted it. Would have done anything for it.”
You would have cried with shame. You would have fallen down to your knees and wept for your treachery, praying that the angels on your shoulder turned away at the lustful deeds you partook in. The way you’d lie back on your bed, nightgown covering your entire body. Your hand would sneak under the cotton material, eyes screwed shut as you found the source of your suffering. Explored your body for the first time with your hand, shaking as you nudged the little bundle of nerves that caused you so much heartache. Keeping his face in your mind, imagining his weight falling on your body. Feeling him pressed against your skin, with his fingers tucked in between your legs. You drew harsher circles against your clit, sweat beading on the surface of your skin as your body was set alight with desire. Tiny moans falling from your lips, whimpers as you felt the ghost of his lips over yours. Those beautiful pink lips. Curved into that cocky smirk. You felt your hand dip into a wetness, fingers soon becoming soaked with the arousal dripping from your core. You pushed your body further into the mattress, experimenting with the boundaries of your hole. Oh. Your finger slid right into your cunt, so easily in your ardor. You’d heard his voice drifting in your ear. Thinking of the way his hot breath would feel, a nip to your earlobe as he’d whisper. Go on, pretty angel. Cum for me. Your body writhed in your sheets, twisting and turning as you reached your climax. Your hand flew to your mouth, muffling your longing moans as you imagined his face at the height of your orgasm. His twinkling eyes as he winked at you deviously. And then it was gone, and you were left alone in your room once more. A cold breeze chilling your skin fraught with sweat, the puddle of arousal mocking you as evidence of what you had just done. Your breathing filled the room, heavy pants and tears in your eyes. The cross hanging on the wall that usually brought you such comfort glared harshly at you. Lord, what had you done? What would you repeat doing for the next couple nights?
“At first, it was only glimpses in my sleep. When I’d first met him. He appeared as a distant face, someone I barely recognized. Now, he claims my mind, my body, my soul. I fear he is the devil. For I have been corrupted with longing by his mere presence. I seek your guidance, Father. I beg the lord will find it in his heart to forgive me. Please, I-I,” your voice broke, “I have nothing else to hold dear but my devotion to my religion. I need your penance, Father. So I can leave the devil behind and move on with my chaste life.” But your words are only met with silence. You must have stunned the priest into quietude. Either that, or he had a heart attack upon hearing your recital.
“Father...I seek your guidance.” You felt your chest tighten with emotion. “Father?”
Jungkook was stunned. Shook beyond words as he stood there, frozen, while you bore your heart to who you thought was the priest on the other side of the thin wall. He felt guilty, sweat beading at his forehead, at the idea of listening to your innermost thoughts. When you’d first enter the confessional in a hurry, he heard the loud scrape of the door as you locked yourself in. Huffing breaths as hushed words fell rapidly from your lips. He was only checking the radioactive activity in the small room, by orders from his boss. Apparently, the ghost had been hanging around and eavesdropping on confessions. But by the time you’d started to pour your heart out, it was too late for him to make an escape. He’d already heard you admit to a sin of impure thoughts, there’s no way he could reveal himself then. You’d be disgraced, ashamed. He couldn’t do that to you. No, the only thing to do was to let you rant. To preserve your pride and keep your head held high. What’s the worst thing that could come out of your mouth?
Turns out, sexual fantasies about him. That’s what.
At first, he felt guilty. Then, you spoke his name. You started to detail all the things you wanted him to do to you. All the places you wanted him to touch, where you wanted his tongue, his hands… Jungkook liked to think he was a good man. Maybe not the most religious, but certainly not the worst. But would good men be sweating in a confessional, head tilted back and eyes closed in agony as his cock ached in his jeans? Would good men start palming themselves through their pants, imagining you under him in the way you so sweetly and shakily described? Would good men look at you the way he did every time he walked into the convent, sneakily stealing glances and looks, always coming up with reasons to talk to you. Just to hear your dainty voice, your pretty laugh. Would good men imagine ripping off that damn chaste outfit off your body, just to have you writhing in pleasure beneath him? Just for a taste of your sweet juices?
God, how he felt dirty. Dirty and stained with impiety. His thoughts were clouding his judgement, like stains on his hands. It was some kind of sin to be thinking about you, let alone to get off to you. He was sure about that. But in a church no less?? Yeah. Jungkook probably had just earned himself a one-way ticket to hell. But he couldn’t care less. Not when your voice spoke out loud the tension he knew there was between you. Not when you confirmed you wanted this just as much as he did. That eased his guilt a bit. Just enough to goad you to continue. “Tell me.”
Your small voice drifted through the wall, dripping in shame, with a hint of longing and lust coating the edges. Jungkook had to constantly remind himself to keep quiet, biting back groans as your story continued. He almost didn’t hear you finish, too busy in a haze of desire and daydream to realize you were asking for penance. From the priest you thought he was.
Fuck. What was it that priests say? “Say three hail Marys and repent, for our lord and saviour is… merciful (?).” Yeah. That sounded about right. Breathing out a sigh of relief at the end of this tortuous confession. Fuck, maybe now he could go home and shower. He desperately needed to cleanse himself of whatever just took place here.
But the other side of the wall was too quiet. He hadn’t heard the shut of the door, signaling your exit from your side of the confessional. When he listened, he was surprised to hear your breathing through the wall. “... Was there something else, my child?”
A small gasp escaped you. You must have slapped your palm over your mouth because your voice suddenly became muffled. But he heard you, alright. Loud and clear. “I-It’s you. Holy-” You stopped yourself before you could do more damage to your rotten soul. His heart dropped to his ass. Gathering your bearings, Jungkook heard a loud thud as your door was slammed open, rushed footsteps carrying you out and away from him. Fuck.
“Wait!” he swung the door open, looking around for you wildly. Swinging his head in the direction he thought he’d heard you go in. But you were nowhere to be found. Shit. Of course, you knew the covenant like the back of your hand. If you wanted a quick escape route, strangers to the building didn’t stand a chance.
Lucky for him, though, Jungkook was no stranger.
He spotted the doorway he thought you'd disappeared through, hustling and hot on your trail. Barging through the wooden door, loud clang announcing his arrival in the corridor, he was just in time to catch your long dress disappearing behind a wall.
He chased after you, "Yn! Please wait!" But as he rounded the corner, all he got was a slammed door in his face. "Yn, please." He lifted his hand to a tentative knock, barely aware of your heavy breathing on the other side of the door. “Please, darling, open the door.”
“Go away.” He heard that loud and clear. Your sweet voice, trying to sound determined and stern, but dripping in anguish and shame. God, how he wished to be able to take that pain away. He knew it was his fault. He should’ve never been listening to your innermost thoughts. He should’ve announced his presence and stopped you from spilling your guts the moment you’d stepped into that confessional. And he’d tell you as much. Except, there was a small part of him, once he’d heard your tattered voice, that urged him to stay and listen. There was always a devil on his shoulder, egging him on in his charade and convincing him you couldn’t possibly say anything so damning. You were married to the lord, after all. Even though all he wanted to hear from you was those words you’d spoken so worriedly.
“I’m sorry. I never should have pretended I was the priest.” He called out to you, unsure if you could even hear him. “I know how private confession is supposed to be. And I was gonna get out of there, I swear! But then… I heard you mention my name and… well…” He took a deep breath, missing yours hitching on the other side of the door. “I know I shouldn’t have even heard those words, let alone like them. But, yn, you don’t understand how long I’ve been dreaming about those same things.” His confession was met with silence. He sighed, bowing his head.
“W-why?” Your tiny voice broke through the wood. His head shot up, leaning closer to the door, one hand holding his weight against the wall.
“I-I… well… I don’t really know how to explain why.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I mean, without offending you, of course.”
“I won’t be offended.”
Jungkook’s head shot up in surprise at your voice. “Right, well. I heard your innermost thoughts. Seems only fair you hear my confession, too.” His heart beat louder in his chest. For a moment, he thought a ghost might have possessed him. But his radioactive scanner wasn’t going haywire. Must’ve just been a poor bastard’s nerves causing his large palms to create enough sweat to rehydrate an entire desert. He wiped his hands on his jeans and cleared his throat. “Forgive me, yn, for I have sinned. I’ve thought about you in an inappropriate way more times than I can count. From the moment I saw you, actually. I remember the first time we laughed together, it was when Sister Lena tripped over the pew. Remember?”
He didn’t hear the tiny giggle you let out at the memory.
“I remember thinking it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. I don’t understand it, really. It’s like you have some kind of hold on me and I can’t shake it, no matter how hard I’ve tried. It’s ironic when you think about it. I hunt and rid people of ghost possession for a living, yet I can’t rid myself of you. I remind myself of your duties and promises, of your devotion to your religion. I try to equate you with God, and the saviour. That only backfires. Now, in my mind, my devotion is only to you. I picture your face when I think of religion, and I fear hell now, for it will not have you in it.”
“I-I picture your body when I think of heaven.” He let out a shaky breath. This is it. “I can’t stop imagining you under me, all the things I could do to you. All the ways you would scream my name. The way you would writhe as I bring you to your peak with only my mouth, or my fingers. The way you’d look when you came all over my cock after I fuck your pretty pussy open. I can only see your face when I touch myself, a halo over your head, reminding me of the angel you are, and the sinner I am.” He bowed his head in defeat. You were never gonna look at him again after this. What was he thinking, suggesting telling you his filthy thoughts? You didn’t want to hear that shit. “I’m sorry, yn, but it’s true.”
He leaned back, letting the door creak at the loss of his weight against it. Staring at the blank, empty, silent wood. Is this what confession was like? He wouldn’t know, he’d never been. But people always spoke of such a freeing feeling when they’d leave. All he felt was a heavier weight on his shoulders, one he’d have to learn to carry every time he stepped foot back in the convent.
He turned away from your rejection, ready to leave you and any thoughts of you behind. Whatever it took. He didn’t expect the door to swing wide open, or your small voice breathing out, “But… aren’t we all sinners?”
He turned back to see you peeking out of your room. You'd removed your wimple. Were you allowed to do that? Didn't matter, since you looked ethereal. You stood up straight, clearly catching his stubborn gaze on you. "Jeon Jungkook, I absolve you of your sins." Your small voice spoke hushed, rapid. "Your penance is to enter my room… and repent. Until your sins are forgiven."
He finally met your eyes, ears red from your words as he snapped out of his sheepish state. There. Your eyes held truth, no trace of any false statements. Your true intentions were evident. Willing, almost begging, to be at his mercy. The way you were looking at him, with want in your eyes. He didn’t care how sacrilegious it was, defiling a servant of god. He didn’t care if he would burn in hell for his blasphemy. He followed that gaze, taking large strides over to you to gently cup your face in his hands. His breathing was heavy in anticipation as was yours. Would you really let him do this?
“Please,” you whispered, leaning into his touch. He felt your soft hands touch his biceps, slowly pulling him to follow in step as you backed into your room. “I want this, Jungkook. You must believe me.” Your eyes searched his shyly at your confession, waiting with bated breath.
“Oh, I believe you, yn.” He pulled you close, pressing his forehead against yours. His lips were so close you could almost taste them. His warm breath on your skin. “ Forgive me, Lord. For I am about to sin—” He caught your lips in a passionate kiss, breathing in deep to fill his lungs with your air. Pushing you until your back hit the stony wall, digging into your skin as he trapped you with his passion. You grabbed at him with desperate hands, wrapping around the back of his thin shirt. Whatever material was fisted easily in your hands, stretching easily with the way you were clawing it down his shoulders. He gave you a moment to breathe, drawing back to meet your lust-blown eyes. His were darker, heavy breaths fanning your face as he ran his eyes down your face. But there was something softer in them; something that showed the gentleness of this giant man, below the surface of his rough exterior.
He dragged you down into the depths of hell with him, his soft touch leading you down the path of thorns you were bound on. You couldn’t care less as your back hit the mattress; all your senses could feel at that moment was him. Your mind clouded with the taste of his lips, the touch of his hands roaming your body, the way he stole your breath away as he pulled away, assertively making you his with a smack of his lips against yours. “Mm,” his hands trailed down to push your dress up, the holy fabric once protecting you completely useless at his touch. He found his way in between your legs, exploring the wetness of your heat through your thick panties. “Soaked. Just like you confessed, angel. Good girl.” He nuzzled your neck with his words, placing wet, open-mouthed kisses wherever he went.
His angel. That’s what he’d called you. An angel. A creature made of pure light created to only do good in this world at the command of god. What you should strive to be. A creature capable of doing no wrong; strong soldiers of god doing holy work, their purity and goodness above any levels a puny human could ever reach. How could he compare you to them, when he had you lying here underneath him, legs open and begging for him to touch you in your sacred place? How could he compare you to a saint when all you wanted was to fall into the debts of debauchery with him; when all you wanted was him to show you how to sin, how to please him, how to go so far past the line that those holy saints would never find you?
Lost in your thoughts, your gaze wandered subconsciously to the wall mirroring the door. And there it was. Burning a hole into you, about to burst into flame. Your holy cross. Hanging tediously on the wall as if it was hanging by a thread, swinging in warning before you went too far, and truly lost yourself. It stared at you menacingly, judgingly. Reminding you of who you were, your promises, your vows. To serve your god, and only him. To stay true to your values. To serve as a pillar of a sacred society. It was a witness to your acts, waiting to serve testimony at the end of time on judgement day, so you may be punished for your sins.
Your blood suddenly ran cold with fear as the small symbol took over your body, the power it held over you cumbersome, but towering. What were you doing? How could you lose your senses so easily, a lapse in judgement at the wink of an eye from the man above you? Your body was frozen in shock, unable to process the guilt and horror you felt. But also unable to push him away, to deny what you truly wanted; what your body craved. You couldn’t, not when he was making you feel so good. When he was giving you everything you’ve been missing for all the years of your life, having dedicated yourself to god the moment you turned of age. You’d never felt sensations like this before. And god, did he know what he was doing. He turned you dizzy with just his mouth, you couldn’t imagine how anything else would feel…
But you couldn’t.
Jungkook must have noticed your dilemma when he paused to scan your pensive face. Pulling back from his quest in trying to mark up all the supple skin he could find, his big eyes flashed with worry. “What’s wrong? Do you wanna stop?”
“No,” you were quick to answer, but you felt a pang of guilt in your chest. Your eyes drifted over to the cross hanging on your wall. Watching you. Judging you.
Jungkook followed your gaze, finding the source of your worries. He looked back at you, then at the cross again. It took him a minute, bless his heart, but he realized your strife. “What are you worried about? That little thing?” You nodded hesitantly, avoiding his eyes and trying to look anywhere else for fear of judgement. You landed on his chest instead. He tracked your gaze, tilting your head up to meet a playful smirk on teasing his lips. “It’s not going to hurt you, you know.”
“I know, but…” your hands fiddled with the strings of your dress, anxiety causing a slight tremble in your body.
Jungkook understood your feelings without your explanations. He wordlessly got up from your bed, leaving you with a sense of emptiness without his weight over your body. You watched his every move with horrified guilt; he was going to leave. You’d led him on, only to disappoint him. It was your fault, playing Jezebel. But he didn’t want to have anything to do with your unsteady emotions. Why would he?
He moved across the room to face the cross that was causing you so much agony and internal affliction. He watched it for a minute before reaching and dislodging it from its protected position. It looked so small in his large hands, almost benign. He turned it over, inspecting it. Before walking back over to you. “See, darling?” He turned it around to you, displaying it in his hand. “It’s totally harmless.”
He was so cute. Smiling hopefully with a hand held out to you, desperate to prove your fears were nothing to be afraid of. Not for himself, but for you. He hated seeing the anxiety that wrought you, and the power that a tiny metaphor had over you. He never agreed with the whole god and church thing, but to see you so distraught… he couldn’t stand it.
You tried at a smile. For him. But he could tell you were still worried. Sure, he took the boogeyman off its pedestal. But how to show you its insignificance?
Jungkook’s eyes trailed down, and spotted where his hands had explored earlier. Your soaked panties clung to your cunt, the thick fabric drenched with arousal. Before he could think anymore about what he was about to do, he dove under your dress, pulling down your panties in one fell swoop.
You let out a loud gasp at the sudden breeze in between your legs, but it was quickly replaced with a moan with Jungkook’s tentative lick at your folds. Your legs turned to jelly. You’d never felt anything like this before. This, you thought, must be what heaven feels like. The way he kissed so softly, ran his tongue through your folds like he was enjoying a five-course meal. He was being so gentle and sweet, hooking your legs over his arms in between his face. He looked up at you from under your skirt, only to send a wink. You whimpered instinctively, choking back your loud moans with every lick.
When he latched onto your clit, you about lost it. The sensitive bundle of nerves shivering with the sensations he was presenting it with, tingles moving through your body like an electric shock in the best way possible. His tongue is swirling around your clit like a whirlpool, licking up your juices and covering your mound in his saliva. You cry out once he adds suction, clutching your sheets in a death grip as his cheeks hollow. He looks up at you with big eyes. He looks so innocent in the moment, and not at all like he’s currently bringing your entire world crashing down into pleasure with just a flick of his tongue.
He let go with a pop, allowing you a moment to breath. “You like that, baby? Did I make you feel good?” He asked with a smirk, wiping your juices with the back of his hand. You let out a tiny sigh at the sight, eyes half-lidded as you watched the grinning man who had you under his full control. You gave him a lazy nod, heat rushing to your cheeks at the admission. Only to make his grin grow wider.
Jungkook thought you looked a lot more relaxed now. Body slightly quivering, but more open and loosened up. But, eating you out wasn’t the end of his plan. It was only the beginning.
He took advantage of your momentary haze to inspect the discarded cross. Once it passed his judgement, he held it up to you. “Does this still scare you, baby?”
Your reaction was instant, though more less defined now. He could see how conditioned you were about this cross, how much it held you back. There was only one way to fix that.
“It’s nothing more than wood, love.” He cooed, rubbing your thighs soothingly. A distraction as he inched the ornament closer and closer to your heat. “It doesn’t have any power over you. If anything, you have power over it.”
You nodded at his words, willing to eat them up. He must be right, the way his eyes were shining so pretty right now. There was no way a man who looked like an angel could be wrong. If he said you shouldn’t be scared, maybe he had a point. Maybe god would forgive you. Maybe Jesus died for your sins, as your cross served a constant reminder of. But, he could forgive you for this. Maybe, this wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Maybe…
Your eyes widened as you let out a gasp at the small object being pushed into your wet heat. Jungkook shushed you calmingly, rubbing your clit to get you to open up. You looked down to see the sacred cross, being pushed deeper and deeper into your cunt. You felt a small amount of pain at the penetration, your fingers the only ones your tight pussy had ever known. But Jungkook was going slow, making sure you were adjusting well. “See darling? It’s under my control now.”
Oh lord, forgive me. You thought fleetingly as your eyes screwed shut. He started to move the small symbol in and out, slow at first. Establishing a tempo. You didn’t have time to think of the implications. What this would mean for your wretched soul. How he was simultaneously defiling your body and a symbol of god. Jeon Jungkook had guts, you had to give him that. Coincidentally, being a ghost-buster awarded him that trait. While you were twisting and turning, body writing on your bed as your soul fought with itself, fear ebbing away and pure pleasure taking over.
He held onto the cross, fingers twisting around the top, like he was holding a sword. Sheathing it within your pussy repeatedly. “Look at you now. Not so scary, is it?” He landed a small kiss on your inner thigh. “You have nothing to fear when you’re with me.” His other hand came up to drag up your folds, long, veiny hands tickling your most sensitive parts. He was being undeniably gentle, but you wanted more. You could take it, you thought. You’d burn in hell anyways, what’s the point of being coy?
“More, Jungkook.” You whined, bucking your hips up. “Please?”
A small chuckle escaped him. “Making demands now, angel?” He came up to hover over you, cross buried in your cunt. You saw a glint of mischief flash in his eyes before he swooped down for a sloppy kiss. “Talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you, just like you did in that confessional.”
“Mm, I—” You hesitated with his eyes on you, suddenly shy again. Jungkook took to kissing down your body, slowly lowering himself back down while murmuring gentle encouragements. “Faster, please.” You rushed out, before you could stop yourself. “I want you to fuck me with that godforsakken thing harder.”
A smile the devil would be jealous of flashed on his face. His eyes turned dark at your hasty request, a click of his tongue your only warning before he abided. Pulling the cross out slowly, and then shoving it back in with a rough hand. You let out a cry, but he could see your pussy clenching tightly around the object. He did it again, more ruthlessly this time. Faster, harder. Until he was sure he was bruising your walls. But you didn’t stop him. Your legs quivered, and he saw a shimmer of tears in your eyes, but you just kept beginning for more. “This is what you wanted? When you were confessing in there, I was imagining all the things I could do to you. How you seemed so pure and chaste, but you hid such dirty desires beneath that holy outfit. But this? I didn’t know just how obscene you were. Getting off to being fucked with a cross. Wanting me to go harder, be rougher with you. Fucl, how would you take my dick?” He moaned at his own words, imagining how much more filthy your cravings could get.
“Please,” you choked out, feeling a tightness in your stomach. You recognized it as your orgasm fast approaching. “Please, Jungkook. I want your cock so bad. You don’t know how often I’ve thought of it, stretching me. How big it would be. How hard it would feel, pressing against my walls. Please. Give it to me, and I’ll be good, I promise.”
Jungkook cursed at your words, speeding up his pace with the cross, his other hands rubbing harshly at your clit. He could feel you were on the edge of orgasm, and he wanted to see you cum all over the small ornament so badly. With just a few more rough strokes, you were writhing on the bed as arousal gushed forth from your hole, coating his hands and the cross in your cum. He pulled it out of your cunt with a groan at the sight, the way your legs flew shut automatically as you tried to recuperate. But he was in a rush. You were soft and prepped enough to take his cock. And besides, he was about a second away from busting his own load, and, if that wouldn’t have been embarrassing enough, he wouldn’t’ve even gotten the chance to be inside you and give you what you wanted.
He pushed your legs open again gently after he pulled his pants off in a haste. You were just coming out of your post-orgasmic bliss, catching a sight of his long cock stood stiffly in between his legs. Your eyes widened. He was huge. How were you ever going to take him when all your cunt knew was your small, skinny fingers? You were going to be wrecked, ruined. Evidence of your night with him would plague you in the way you would walk the next morning, you knew it. Your sins would be written all over your face, your body telling the tale.
But that made you want it even more.
“You ready?” In all the frantic haste, Jungkook stopped for a moment to examine your face, making absolutely certain that you wanted this. Your resolute nodded solidified your desire, and eased his worries. With a soft kiss pressed to your lips, he held you close as he tapped his cock against your entrance. Almost as though it was a door, and he was asking for permission to go in. He rubbed the tip against your folds, brushing over your clit, and earning a large whine from you. You pushed your hips up against him bravely, begging for more. He was met with your pout when he looked at you, in return, a smile spreading across his lips. With a wink, he gripped his thick cock in hand, and pushed inside you slowly.
The stretch was like something you’ve never experienced before, your body frozen at the penetrative sensation. The cross was nothing compared to this, you thought, as he eased his way inside. You could feel him going deeper, thinking it would never end. Inching in, little by little. Just when you thought he was all the way in, he’d move again. God, he was endless. You held your breath as navigated his way through, pressing gentle kisses onto your skin with small murmurs of “almost there,” “you’re doing great.”
Finally, he was buried inside. You let out the breath you were holding, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. Jungkook looked down worriedly, “Are you okay? Can I move?”
Your virginity was lost, the metaphorical seal broken. The deed was truly done. And yet, you felt no guilt. No gut-wrenching heartache, no culpability. Not a damn thing for throwing away your religious vows. All you felt was relief. And happiness that it was the man above you who took you on this journey. His eyebrow piercing glinted playfully at you as his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You pulled him down for a kiss as your answer.
He breathed against your lips, taking your green light to pull back out and go in again while you were distracted with the kiss. You wrapped your arms around him tighter, wanting to feel his chest pressed against yours. You could feel his muscles with every move of his hips, surrounding you like a protection. He chased your lips like candy, never letting you escape. Soft lips hungrily biting at yours. Now that he knew you liked it rough, he’d take full advantage of that.
“Oh lord,” you moaned as he swiveled his hips, moving faster into your virgin cunt. You felt his heavy balls slapping against you, his groans in your ear like a melody as a distraction from how he was shaping your insides to fit his girth. He pulled one of your shaky legs to wrap around his waist, using the new angle to piston his hips ruthlessly into you. It was your first time, he knew that. But he couldn’t help himself. All those things he’d heard you say during your confession came rushing back to him. He looked down at you, making sure you were actually there, and not in his imagination this time. Your eyes shut, mouth fallen open in pleasure, skin exposed for his marking. This is better than anything he’d thought of. And he felt privileged, being the only one you let under your skirt. You didn’t know it, always so trusting and sweet, but Jungkook heard the whispers about you. Watched the way eyes followed you in any room you entered. Heard the way men would talk about your ass, your pretty face, how you’d look with their cum splattered on your cheek. It was obscene and disgusting. If only Jungkook hadn’t partook in those thoughts himself.
“Please, please, I—” you were unable to finish your thoughts with your second orgasm of the night approaching. You both were never gonna last long, Jungkook knew that. You had wanted this for so long, and had rushed so frantically into each other that you were bound to feel release creeping up on you like restitution for your suffering desires. He could feel his own coming up, knew that once he got a taste of your body, he wouldn’t be too far behind. Neither of you could care less. Wrapped up in one another, all you wanted was satisfaction, that sweet moment you’ve both been craving for so long.
“Cum for me, sweetheart,” he commanded, seasoned hands abusing your pussy into submission. You had no choice but to listen as he stimulated your clit, his engorged cock hitting your bundle of nerves from the inside. You came with a loud cry, one he muffled with his mouth. Jungkook couldn’t take it, the way you looked, the way you held onto him so tightly. The way you clenched impossibly tightly around his cock. It only took a few wreckless strokes, hitting hard and deep into your cunt, for him to spill his seed inside you.
“God forgive us,” you panted as you lay there post-orgasm, entangled in one another with only sin for company.
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heajix ― jungkook (m.)
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jungkook/reader | alien!au | angst, fluff, smut
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wordcount: 13.1k
contents: violence, blood, stabbing, minor character death, murder, mentions of mass genocide, knotting, breeding kink/impreg kink, light size kink, dirty talk, blowjob, fingering, cunnilingus, begging, multiple orgasms, light cumflation, cum eating, cum sharing
― synopsis: you find yourself on palacios, home to the sehebon. unfortunately, it’s not by choice and you quickly realize how deadly the planet is.
note: heajix is pronounced hay-jicks
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You'd been traveling, backpacking to be precise, through Fanet IV System — the newest system to be open for interplanetary travel. While you were traveling and exploring the newly available system and planets you began experiencing extreme technical difficulties. You wound up having to make an emergency landing on the planet of perpetual night called Palacios, home of the Heajix — an obscure, secretive race small in population.
Unfortunately, the least developed planet hadn't taken too kindly to their status of open-for-visits and had seemingly gone into a global lockdown of some sort since it began.
The second you stepped off your craft, you began to cough. The pollution in the air and smog that you could see had you scrambling for the mask you'd been given ahead of your visit.
You were in the heart of the capital city, Yathe, and it was nothing like you'd expected. Instead of a bustling metropolis like on all the other planets — it was nothing but abandoned buildings and graffiti covered walls. There seemed to be limited electricity supplied as street lamps flickered on and off, though most didn't work. The ones that were flickering helped you navigate your way around regardless.
The place was basically lawless, from what you knew, and the citizens did what they wanted to for the most part.
Pulling your backpack over your shoulders, you began to make your way through a nearby residential area. The houses, if you could call them that, were dilapidated and run-down; some had broken windows and others were completely destroyed. The Heajix's native tongue was plastered all over the ruined buildings and, while you weren't fluent, were talking shit about the other planets.
Using the flashlight on your phone, and aided by the illumination of the moon, you managed to find yourself in front of a house. It was small and wooden, no doubt old. When you walked inside, you realized it was just a simple one-room house with an attached bathroom as the only other room.
It was a gamble to assume it was unoccupied but, you really didn't have any other choices since you really couldn't spend the night out on the street. Your communications were down and there was no cell service.
You sighed and stepped inside, wincing at the visible dust floating around the room — thankful for your mask. When you turned to lock the door, you were dismayed to find there was only a broken locking mechanism. Groaning, you banged your head against the door.
"Why does my life suck? This planet might actually kill me!" You grumbled to yourself.
You dropped your backpack on the floor, unraveling the sleeping bag that was attached at the bottom and dropping it in a suitable sleeping place. There was a window right beside the front door, large enough for you to clearly see outside and allowing the moonlight to drift in.
You placed your bag in the corner near your sleeping bag and sat down. It was soft and cushioned, helping you to not feel the hard, rough floor beneath. There was a pillow sewn into the sleeping bag which you laid your head on.
The trip had been long and grueling, taking a week to complete so sleep quickly caught up to you. As your eyes fluttered closed, just before darkness completely overtook you, you swear you saw someone moving in the window.
Tumblr media
Waking up to no sunlight was definitely jarring and you quickly realized that your circadian rhythm was going to flip out. Regardless, you looked at the time and it was just past 9 in the morning so you stood up and stretched, intending to take a shower. Grabbing your backpack, you dragged it over to the bathroom. Toting the thing made you realize how heavy it was — you'd packed so much into it for the trip. It hit the floor with a clunk and you were briefly concerned it would break the wood floor beneath.
There was a shower — a rusted spigot and a broken hot water nozzle. You groaned, realizing how shitty your morning was about to be. You reached in, turning the nozzle. The pipes clanged loudly and made a high pitched wailing noise before spurting out water. Your jaw dropped open and you let out a cry of despair at the yellowed water.
After finishing your horrifying shower, 20 minutes of holding in shrieks from the cold polluted water, you sat on the floor in the main area by the window. You did notice that the moon was a lot brighter than it had been and provided more visibility. Pulling out your file from your backpack, you hunched over the floor to take note of the crummy conditions the planet lived in along with their lack of fresh, clean water.
It was a hobby of sorts, traveling through newly opened solar systems and journaling your stay on the planets.
Checking your phone, you noticed it was nearing noon and your stomach began to growl. You slipped your shoes on and put the mask back on your face before stepping out; hiding your belongings in the bathroom to make it seem like the house was empty should anyone come by.
When you stepped outside, you felt a shiver travel up your spine at the ominous atmosphere. It was completely silent, not a single soul in sight and it set you on edge. Pulling the hood of your hoodie up, you kept your head down as you began to walk towards the area where your ship had been parked. 
Truth be told, it was quite common on planets of weaker economies for the Capital Planet to provide the citizen with rations. 
There were other planets you'd seen them on, and as you walked through the smoggy city you were pleased to find a run-down building marked with a giant red symbol of Vulia — capital of Fanet IV. 
The glass doors were smashed open and you easily stepped inside. It was dark and dusty with minimal light helping to guide you. Finally giving in, you turned your cell phone's flashlight on and began to look around.
The place was massive and you were shocked to see that the shelves were still lined with food. It wasn't abundant but it was clear not many people had been picking from the rations.
You grabbed some things from the shelf, realizing you should have brought your backpack. Most of the food was marked in foreign text but you didn’t care. You just needed food or else you wouldn’t survive long enough, on the planet, to even figure out how to get home. 
You put some in your pockets and carried others in your hands as you swiftly left the building. Looking around, you felt like someone was watching you but the streets were pedestrian-free. In fact it was eerily empty — it was reminiscent of a ghost town. Strange considering it was the capital city of the planet. 
Not wanting to risk getting into trouble, you hurried on your way the your ‘home’. Regretfully, as you shut the door, you remembered the door didn’t properly lock. You weren’t particularly handy enough to really fix it by yourself, unfortunately.
You saved as much food as you could in order to avoid having to go back out and quickly found yourself bored. Looking at the clock, you realized it was only about 2pm. There was no way you could go outside to find something to do. Aside from the fact you knew close to nothing about the planet, you also didn't feel safe out and about.
So you sat there, watching the hours tick by. Your phone battery was depleting and there was no way to charge it — the planet wasn’t quite equipped with outlets and electricity. Once it was dead you were going to be so fucked — no flashlight and no way to tell the time.
It was still early when you decided to roll out your sleeping bag and lay down. You spent a while simply staring at the walls and ceiling daydreaming. 
As you lay there in your own world, out of the corner of your eye, something shifted in the darkness of your window.
You sat up quickly, turning your head to look but found nothing to see.
"Now I'm starting to hallucinate," You grumbled, laying back down and turning your back to the window.
You sighed when you woke back up, glancing at your phone indicated it'd only been a couple hours. Blinking the sleep out of your eyes, your gaze shifted to the window once again.
Your breath caught in your chest when you could make out the shape of a person standing there — silhouetted against the moon's light.
You couldn't see their face but you knew they could see you, you could feel their gaze burning into you, as they brought their hand to the glass and tapped three times. You didn't breathe, eyes wide with fear you watched as their head tilted to the side. They lifted their hand up again, no doubt intending to knock again when they froze.
You swear you could hear muffled voices but it was so faint it was nearly impossible to be sure that's what you heard. The person's head snapped to the side, body going stiff.
Much to your horror, a second figure made an appearance from a few feet behind them.
All was still for a second before the first figure bolted and took off running. The second person stood there for a second and you were scared they were going to harass you as well. However, the person turned and walked in the opposite direction the other one ran.
With your sleeping bag pulled up to your eyes, you knew you weren't going to be falling asleep again.
When the morning came, you began trying to fix the lock — the night before having made you terrified for your safety. It was a simple type of latch and it took you hours to figure out a way to get it to work — with the help of a bobby pin and a spare pen you had in your bag.
It wasn't the best but it gave you a sense of peace of mind. 
You hoped you'd be able to sleep.
Staring at the window, you sighed — maybe you could find something to cover it up when you grew the courage to go out again. You really needed to, having run out of rations and on your last bottle of water that you had collected.
Your phone was almost completely dead after you had been using it to light your work on the lock. The bar was red indicating a sad 18% power left.
The time was a bit past 5PM and you decided to go while it was still technically daytime. Once outside, you wanted to cry with how much you hated it.
Curse you and you terrible luck. 
You could only hope that the signals for help you'd sent out would miraculously find their way to someone who could help you. There was also the possibility of you finding someone in Yathe who could help you — whenever you gained the courage to venture around and find help for yourself.
Until then, you'd just suffer by yourself.
You did the rounds again, this time you stuffed much more into your backpack — which you’d remembered to take. Every little creak and gust of wind caused you to jump, the image of that person standing at your window was still haunting you. 
You were going to be severely out of luck soon; with no phone, no way to contact Earth or a nearby planet to get to for safety, along with the apparent stalkers hiding in the dark. With worries weighing heavily on your mind, you found yourself drifting into your thoughts. Anxiety riddled your being and you cursed yourself for not having been prepared for an event like the one you were in.
The only thing that pulled you from your thoughts were the heavy footsteps not far behind you. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end and your hands began to tremble. Taking a glance over your shoulder, you saw a broad-shouldered individual meandering around behind you. With their hood pulled over their head, you couldn't see their face but you were sure it was a man.
When he noticed you looking, he picked up his pace intending to catch up to you. You held a whimper of fear in, speeding up your own pace.
His footsteps sped up again and you felt tears of fear pricking at your eyes — your house was right up ahead. You could get inside and lock him out.
Just before you reached your house, the footsteps stopped altogether. When you glanced over your shoulder, you saw the man talking to another person.
He had a friend.
You were in such deep shit.
Practically bolting to your house, you locked the door shut and placed your backpack in front of it — it was heavy and it wouldn't do much. Nonetheless, it helped you feel safe. You slid to the floor underneath the window, out of view.
Despite your fear, your stomach began to grumble with hunger. You chanced a peek out of the window and found there was not another soul in sight.
Your hands were shaking so bad it made it difficult to bring your drink safely to your lips. It took you an hour, according to your phone, to eat some of your food as you had kept drifting off into space.
A loud bang made your eyes shoot open, having fallen asleep against the wall with your knees to your chest. Drowsy, you looked around for the source of what woke you up.
Another bang and you saw your poorly locked door move with the weight of someone slamming against it. You scrambled backwards away from the door, eyes wide as tears pricked at them in fear.
There was nothing you could do as the lock gave and the door flew open. A man stood there, shoulders heaving as he glared at you. You could see only his eyes as his face was masked with scarf.
"Please..." You whispered, backing yourself into a corner.
"I knew you were a human," He growled, voice gruff and raw. "You know you're not welcome here."
"I-I..." Your mind blanked with any defense you could have made.
Just as he took another step forward, a second larger figured barreled through the open doorway. He was covered by an oversized black hoodie and black face mask. The heavy black boots on his feet added more to his height. You saw your life flash before your eyes and you just knew you were doomed.
"You—" The new man moved forward in the blink of an eye and had the other man jacked up against the wall by the front of his shirt.
"What did I tell you?" The second man asked, voice muffled by the full-face white mask he wore.
"Look—" The first man began but stopped when the second tightened his grip. "Fuck fine, I'll go."
The second man said nothing, simply letting the other go for him to run out the door. He sighed, shoulders relaxing as he turned to you.
You were frozen where you sat, his dark eyes, through the dark shadow his long bangs casted, doing nothing to quell your fear.
"What's your name?" He suddenly asked.
"_-_____," You muttered, not taking your eyes off him as he began to walk around your house. His boots thunked against the wood floors as he investigated whatever he saw.
"Well ______," He turned to you and sighed. "My name's Jungkook."
He crouched in front of you, the chain hanging on his jeans jingling when it met the floor, pulling the bands around his ears off and removed his mask.
It felt like the air was promptly knocked out of you. Even in the dark you could make out beautiful features on his face; wide, sparkling doe eyes with long curly bangs that hung in them. He had pretty, delicate lips with a small freckle beneath and a sharp jawline.
He was young and really good looking.
"N-Nice to meet you, Jungkook..." You stuttered.
He cocked his head to the side, fully sitting on the floor in front of you with his legs spread and arms resting on his knees. His dark eyes analyzed you, scanning over your features and body.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, his voice portraying no identifiable emotion.
"I-I just found this e-empty house and—"
"No, I mean why are you here...on Palacios," He nibbled on his bottom lip as he stared at you.
"I um...I was traveling and had to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet," You explained.
"Why are you still here?" Jungkook's eyebrows were furrowed.
" communications are down and Palacios doesn't have cell reception," You explained. "I attempted to send out an emergency beacon when I landed but there's no telling if it went through. And I've been too scared to try and make the trek back to see."
"It's probably been looted and dismantled by now for spare parts," He said, making you groan in despair.
"Are there any like...Embassy officials I can talk to? Government officials that can help me?" With every question, you felt your heart beginning to race with anxiety once more.
Jungkook's shoulders shrugged as he shook his head. "Do you not know anything about this place?"
"Only what's been released through the media," You replied honestly. "That you guys went into a lockdown or something."
"We don' outsiders here," He whispered before looking away. "There's no one who can help you. We're governless and we have no officials."
"Well how do you have laws a-and—"
"Does it look like we have laws, _____?" He snapped, making you flinch. "Look around. This isn't Earth. We don't have the luxury of being law-abiding citizens. We do what we have to to survive."
"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean—"
"Let's go," He cut you off again, standing up.
"Where?" You whispered, staring up at him.
"I said let's go," He growled, reaching down and grabbing your elbow. You whined when he aggressively jerked you to your feet, ignoring the painful grip he had on you.
"Wait! My things!" You complained, trying to break out of his harsh grip.
Jungkook growled, snatching up your backpack and tossing it over his shoulder.
"My sleeping bag..."
"You don't need it," He grumbled, yanking you out of the broken doorway.
As you walked, you noticed he tugged his mask back on — hiding his face. To your surprise, he pulled you only a few houses down from the one you had been in. He pulled out a key ring from the belt loops on his jeans and slid a key in the lock.
The house was still fairy dilapidated but it had clearly been renovated and fixed up to suit his needs. He hastily slammed the door behind him and locked the three locks that were there — a knob lock, deadbolt, and a simple latch lock like the one in the place you’d been hiding in.
The house was a bit bigger than the one you'd been in — it had an actual bedroom. All except a single window towards the back of the house and a window you could see in the bedroom were boarded up. Jungkook dropped your belongings on the floor with a thud and dropped to sit on the tattered couch in the living area.
"Um..." You stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, watching as he removed his mask again and tossed it away. His eyes cut to you and he raised a brow in question. "Why am I here?"
"What do you mean?" He asked, closing his eyes as he laid his head on the back of the couch.
"I your house, I in your house?"
He chuckled at your question and you bit your lip at the sight of his crooked smirk. "Well, you were nearly killed over there. Did you want to spend your night there?"
"Well, no, but..."
"Look," He sat up and sighed. "There was no way you could survive on your own in this place. Actual Heajix can barely survive. So, I'm doing you a favor and helping you out, okay? The least you could say is thank you."
"I...thank you." It came out more as a question and Jungkook scoffed.
"You can sleep here," He mumbled, getting to his feet and stalking past you to his room. As he passed you, a sweet smell, delicate scent wafted off of him and you couldn’t help but inhale. It was nice.
You felt around your pockets and realized you had left your phone behind. You whined as you sat down on the couch, not willing to ask Jungkook to go and retrieve it for you. Jungkook's door clicked shut and you were left alone and in silence. It was dark, the moonlight from the back window barely reaching where you were sitting.
You curled up, shivering at the cool draft and your lack of a blanket. Closing your eyes, you hoped for sleep to overtake you.
Soft footsteps moved around you and your eyes fluttered open. Jungkook stood in the kitchenette, shuffling with something on a plate. Sitting up, you winced at how sore your muscles were from curled up on the small space all night. Your neck felt stiff and hurt when you moved it a certain way. 
"Um what time is it?" You asked, voice groggy from sleep.
"I don't know," He replied, not looking at you.
"What do you mean you don't know?" You asked.
He turned around, carrying a plate over to the coffee table and placing it down. He was wearing a loose white sweater and sweatpants, long curly hair messy and hanging in his eyes. "I mean...we don't exactly have a concept of time anymore. There aren't really functioning clocks so we all on our own schedules."
"I see..." You watched him pick at some food on the plate and pop it in his mouth. It looked like some kind of diced meat. "What is this?"
"Food," He replied shortly, not offering any other information even as you glared at him. "Eat before you die of starvation."
You sighed but couldn't deny the hunger pains in your stomach. Albeit suspiciously, you took a piece of meat and popped it in your mouth. You hummed, finding nothing strange tasting about it — it tasted similar to ham.
The two of you finished it together and he leaned back on the couch with a groan, patting his stomach. You sat in silence, listening to the wind blowing outside.
"It's probably going to storm soon," He muttered suddenly, eyes drifting towards the window.
You hummed in response, picking at a thread around a hole in your jeans. You weren’t sure how to reply to him, truthfully his tough attitude and mannerisms intimidated you. The last thing you wanted to do was make him mad enough to kick you out and it seemed like he had a bit of a short fuse. 
"Do you want a shower?" He suddenly asked, making you jump.
"Um...yeah I guess," You dreaded taking another shower in the filthy water but it’d give you a chance to be away from him and relax a bit.
Jungkook led you to the bathroom and you were surprised by how well maintained it was. He grabbed a towel from a shelf on the wall and tossed it to you. Then without uttering another word, he shut the door and left you alone.
You were pleased to see a hot water handle and eagerly turned it. Then, much to your surprise, the water came out perfectly clean and clear. Without wasting a second, you eagerly stripped and stepped under the warm shower.
It felt like you were in there for ages, having to use some soap Jungkook had to clean yourself. You hoped he didn't mind, though it smelled very good.
When you stepped out, you felt fresher and you were surprised to see new clothes on the countertop.
He had come in while you were shower.
Your face burned hot, hoping he hadn't looked. Throwing on the clothes, you hummed at how clean and nice you felt for the first time since being on the planet. When you walked out of the bathroom, Jungkook was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and arms over his chest like he was napping.
"H-How did you have clean water?" You asked, taking a seat beside him.
You heard him inhale and felt his body tense. For a second you thought he was going to yell at you, but instead he opened his eyes to look at you. "I hooked all my piping to a private water reservoir that continuously purifies the water."
"That's...impressive," You whispered. "How'd you learn to do that?"
He shrugged. "Took a lot of testing, trial and error with the purification. But my parents were mechanical engineers in Zlathe."
"Zlathe?" You asked.
"It was another city a long time ago," He replied, running a hand through his hair revealing his forehead.
"...Was? What do you mean?" You sat up straighter and he sighed.
"Before everything fell, Zlathe was a neighboring city even bigger than Yathe," He explained.
"I don't understand," You muttered. "What do you mean everything fell?"
"You really are ignorant," He chuckled, though it held no mirth. You couldn’t find it in you to be offended because it was true; but no one outside knew anything about the planet.
"Well it's not my fault your planet is a secret," You mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest.
"We were less developed than everyone...the other planets," His voice held nothing but spite as he spat out the words. "Palacios is the smallest and collectively they all decided, even as we rejected the idea, to create landfills here to dispose of their waste so their own planets didn't become a mess."
"So...that's what caused the pollution?" You asked.
He nodded. "The more toxic the air became, the more sick people became. Those who were able to leave did and those who couldn't were trapped. All of our government leaders left us without a word. Everything went to complete chaos."
"That's horrible! They just abandoned their citizens?" You gasped, eyes wide with shock.
"One by one the cities became desolate. Yathe is, from what we know, the only standing safe city. When the population became crammed into this last safezone those fucking Vorderans swept in and raided every nook and cranny they could. We went from 500,000 people to a mere maybe...20,000?"
"Vorderans?" You hummed. "The people of Vulia? Capital Planet for Fanet IV? Why did they do that?"
Jungkook scoffed. "Why would I tell you? So you can report it back to the Humans and they can take what's left of an already dying people? We're a doomed species — pushed to the brink of extinction over greed and classicism. Why do you think we kill any outside official that comes here, huh?"
"W-We just...everyone just said Heajix were very...private," You muttered, a little startled by his aggressive attitude.
"Yeah they would," He spat. "They don't want to have to explain the complete genocide and decimation of a planet they spearheaded."
"Did you say kill?" You suddenly whispered, brain catching up to what he’d previous confessed.
"Of course, any foreign person who comes to us...after we warned the Embassy to leave us alone...they sign their own death warrant," He said, absolutely no remorse in his voice.
"Is that why that guy broke in?" You asked, which he nodded at.
"Yeah, you were targeted by him even though it wasn't even discussed," When he heard you hum in confusion. "We may not have people in high positions telling us what to do but we do maintain some order. Any foreign person who comes here is watched and if they're deemed a threat we take them out. So far...every person has proved themselves to be so. But you...we hadn't caught you doing anything other than trying to survive and hide so we voted to leave you alone."
"So why did that guy—"
"He went off the deep end I guess, didn't trust you and wanted to take you out on his own terms to be safe. He'll be punished and dealt with appropriately," He said, pulling his sleeves of his sweatshirt up to show a wide expanse of tattoos written in a foreign text. "All criminals after punishment are made to have a tattoo on their skin detailing the nature and severity of the crime. It's kind of like a way to shame us for behaving that way. It’s a little piece of our culture we’ve maintained even after the fall."
You leaned closer, looking over the intricate text that was displayed. He had a handful from what you could tell.
"I take it you're not going to tell me what your crimes are?" You asked, unsurprised when he yanked his sleeve down harshly.
"What the hell happened to your arm?" He suddenly asked, changing the subject, eyes pinned to your arm.
When you looked down to follow his gaze, you were shocked to see a nasty purpling bruise around your elbow.
"I have no idea," You muttered. However, he grabbed your wrist and you gasped, attempting to yank yourself away. "That hurts, you know! Jeez, why are you so rough?"
"Rough?" He scoffed. "I'm barely even touching you!"
"Well, you've got a twisted concept of gentle," You muttered, rubbing your now sore wrist. "Oh."
"What?" He grumbled, pouting at having been chewed out by you.
"It's where you grabbed me yesterday," You muttered. "Jeez I knew you were rough but..."
"I wasn't that rough..." At the tone of his voice, you looked up and saw him frowning. He lightly ran his fingers over the bruise. "I didn't meant to hurt you."
"I..." You were shocked by how upset he seemed over it, showing actual concern. "It's'll heal. J-Just be more careful next time, okay?"
"I didn't realize how easy you are to hurt," He muttered, still staring at your bruise. "You're a delicate race, huh? I'll be more careful, I promise."
You smiled at him and nodded. His lips twitched upward in his own smile and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence.
Tumblr media
The following day, Jungkook stood before you with a backpack on his shoulders. His mask was in place and he looked at you where you sat on his couch.
"When I leave, lock the door behind me," He ordered you, watching as you quickly nodded your head. "And don't open up until you're sure it's me, got it?"
"Got it," You replied, feeling anxious over the situation.
His boots stomped against the floor as he walked to the door, casting one strong glance at you over his shoulder before walking out and slamming it shut. You quickly raced over and slid the latch lock in place and twisted the deadbolt while he locked the knob. Left alone in the silence, you felt extremely uncomfortable.
You looked around, eyes falling on the door to Jungkook's bedroom. Debating for a moment, you decided he'd probably be gone long enough for you to have a peek.
Pushing the door open, you were pleased at how nice it smelled — Jungkook's clean scent permeating from every inch.
As you stepped inside, you noticed a pile of old, worn books in one corner. He had a table beside his bed with a picture frame on it. Taking a seat on his mattress, you grabbed the frame and examined it. There was a picture of Jungkook, albeit a bit younger, standing with a man and woman on either side of him and behind him a taller man who looked similar to Jungkook.
You opened the drawer of his table, having to pull hard as it seemed to be off the track. It was empty inside aside from a paper you couldn't read and a bottle of lotion. Humming, you simply pushed the drawer back closed and looked around the room some more.
Deciding there was nothing else worth looking at, you stepped out of his room and shut the door. Boredom struck immediately and you dropped down onto the couch and curled up.
The least you could do is take a nap.
Your rest didn't last long because you were startled awake by violent knocks on the door. From outside, you could hear Jungkook calling your name. Jumping to your feet, you scrambled to unlock the door and let him in. He sounded so panicked that your hands were shaking by the time you slid the latch lock open.
Jungkook burst in the second the door was open and promptly fell to the ground with a groan. You shut the door and shakily locked it again before turning to him.
"J-Jungkook? What happened?" You crouched down and helped him pull his backpack off.
He winced, making a hissing noise the second he was made to move. You gasped, noticing the way that he was holding his side — red seeping through his fingers.
"Oh my god, what happened?!" You cried, hands hovering above him not knowing what to do.
"J-Just a stupid accident," He groaned, the back of his head hitting the floor harshly when he tossed it back. The impact didn’t seem to bother him. "Was chasin' some animal and I fell. Caught myself on some scrap metal on the way down."
"Holy crap, how bad is it?" You urged him to move his hand so you could see his wound.
The metal had torn a hole in his shirt and you could see a deep gash across his ribs. There was blood gushing from it and you were worried about the possibility of infection.
"It needs to be cleaned and probably stitched, Jungkook," You muttered, watching him put his hand back over it to slow the bleeding.
"I don't have t-to clean it or stitch it," His eyebrows were drawn together and his jaw was clenched in pain.
"I have a first aid kit in my backpack," You stood up quickly, ignoring his protests, dashing over to where your backpack was leaning against the wall.
Zipping it open, you began to fish through your belongings searching for the little white box. You pulled out a towel, deciding it might be good to help clean him up some. You made a soft sound when you finally spotted the kit, pulling it out and holding it up in triumph.
Sitting beside Jungkook again, you helped him remove his shirt. There were a few tattoos and scars scattered along his chest and abdomen but you didn't have time to ogle at his naked body. You pressed the spare towel against his wound and apologized as he hissed in pain. His hand was covered red in blood — some of it having dripped down his wrist to his elbow. You noticed that his mask was gone as well.
"Okay, I'm going to put some antiseptic on it alright?" You asked, pulling the towel off slightly. "It's going to burn like...really bad but—"
"Just do it," He groaned. "Nothing can top this pain right now."
You sighed and ripped open an alcohol wipe. The second it touched the wound, Jungkook's entire body jerked and he let out a sharp word in his mother tongue that you assumed was a cuss. In another situation, you would have laughed at the reaction. Next, you cleaned it with some hydrogen peroxide, making sure to flush the wound as best you could.
"Wh-Where did you learn to do this?" He asked, voice tight with pain.
"Well...I have just basic knowledge from things I've seen on like TV and..stuff like that. So I don't actually know if I'm doing it right or not," You whispered. "But the point is it's getting cleaned, right?"
"Shit, I guess you're right," He mumbled, eyes focused on the ceiling above him.
"I-It's still bleeding, it really will need's so deep," You whispered, watching as blood continued to seep through.
"Can you do it?" He asked.
"I don't know...the only thing we can do is try, right?" You were lucky you had a full first aid kit, complete with a sterile needle and thread.
It was quite dark and you had to lean close to see the edges of the wound. You took it slow, apologizing to Jungkook whenever the needle pierced the torn skin. Little by little, the wound was closed until you managed to tie a tight knot to ensure the stitches wouldn't open back up.
Sitting back, you let out a sigh of relief. "I have some pain medicine," You said, taking out a few tablets of Ibuprofen from the first aid kit.
"Thanks," He popped them in his mouth, wincing as he had to swallow them dry.
Then was a big sigh, his body finally relaxed against the floor. He blinked slowly, as if he was struggling to stay awake. You assumed his adrenaline rush crashed and he was growing tired — no doubt exhausted from the adrenaline crash.
"This is insane," He mumbled suddenly, voice sounding slurred.
"What is?" You questioned.
"Before I would just think of getting myself home safe and that'd be the end of it," His lashes fluttered as he fought the sleep that threatened to overtake him. "But this time...all I could think was that I had to get back to you so you would be safe. Unbelievable."
You couldn't help but smile, though he missed it as his eyes finally closed. In a matter of moments, his breathing evened out and you knew he fell asleep.
Right on the floor.
Chuckling, you shook your head and wandered to his bedroom to pull the blanket off his bed — just a thin throw blanket and one of his pillows. You returned to him and carefully, doing your best not to wake him, placed the pillow beneath his head and the blanket over his body.
Your own exhaustion seemed to catch up to you and you curled up on the couch, your own eyes shutting as you stared at Jungkook's sleeping form.
When you woke up, it was on your own. You saw Jungkook was still asleep and sighed. Quickly pulling yourself up, you wandered over to him. Sitting down, you peeled the blanket off of him. You moved his arm off his chest so you could look at his wound but you let out a harsh gasp at what you saw. Jungkook's eyes immediately popped open and sharply turned to look at you.
"What is it?" He asked, body relaxing when he realized it was just you.
"Y-Your wound..." You leaned down to get a closer look, looking at your uneven stitching over the red skin.
"What about it?" He hummed, looking down to take a look at himself.
"It's healed up..." Beneath the stitches, the skin was still reddened but there was no sign of the open wound that was once there. Just a puffy looking scar was left in its wake.
"Oh good," He sat up and stretched his arms — his joints popping at the action, making him groan. "Hand me my backpack, yeah?"
"What do you mean good?! Yesterday you were bleeding out on the floor a-and now you're acting like it's just okay?!" You cried, throwing your hands up in frustration.
He stared at you for a moment, looking confused before sighing. He rolled over and grabbed his backpack, pulling it into his lap and digging through.
"Eat something and then we'll talk, okay?" He pulled out a bar of something and when you opened it, it resembled a granola bar but was much softer.
When you took a bite, you were surprised that it tasted like meat. But it wasn't bad. Jungkook pulled out his own and quietly began eating. It was silent between the two of you, as you simply ate. Before long, you were finished and Jungkook simply threw the wrappers into his backpack.
"Now will you tell me?" You muttered, raising a brow when he sighed.
He stood up and moved over to the couch, leaving you kneeling beside his makeshift bed. He sat down and looked at you expectantly, making you rise to your feet and stumble over to sit beside him.
"I guess there's no reason to hide it," You scanned over him as he spoke, taking the opportunity to look over his body again. He was fit, no doubt, with faint abs and lovely, veiny forearms.
"So you have super healing abilities?" You asked quietly.
"We...our species produces a chemical naturally that can heal virtually anything," He explained. "It's in any fluid we excrete; even sweat. And it's in our blood, obviously."
"That's amazing..." You whispered, eyes drifting back to his wound. "Why did you let me take care of it if you knew it was going to heal up?"
"I...Because the other planets use us for it," He muttered, fists clenching. "Do you remember what I told you? About the Vorderans?" You nodded and he continued, "They...collected us for the chemical. They produce the highest quality super medicine in the solar system. And it's because they slaughtered thousands of us to get it."
" didn't trust me to tell me?" You asked, though there was no tone to indicate you were trying to guilt him.
"No," He sighed. "But since you did take care of me...I figured I could at least give it a try, right?"
"Thank you, Jungkook," You smiled. "I'm really happy you're okay, you know. I was really worried. Without you, I'd be doomed here."
"That's very true," He smirked, relaxing into the couch. "You're absolutely helpless!"
"Hey!" You pouted. "You could teach me, you know?"
"Teach you how to survive out there?" He asked, nodding his head towards the door. You nodded and he shook his head. "You're too much of a target. I wouldn't be able to handle looking after you and trying to scavenge."
"I guess that's true," You muttered. "I just don't want to be a burden. You went out of your way to help me and I've done nothing in return for the fact you keep helping me."
He wore a frown as he looked at you. "You're not a burden. In fact, I actually appreciate having you around."
"You do?" You asked, your heart stuttering in your chest as he looked at you with sparkling eyes.
"Yeah," He smiled. "I hadn't realized how lonely I was. But with you here now, I feel a lot...happier. Lighter. It feels nice to not be alone."
"I...I'm happy I can make you feel that way, Jungkook," You whispered, meeting his eyes.
The two of you sat like that in silence. You felt a soft brush of Jungkook's fingers on your hand and he easily laced his fingers through yours.
You felt content; happy even.
Tumblr media
You were curled up on the couch, unable to sleep through the howling sound of the wind outside. Rain was pouring down and the thunder was so loud your ears were ringing. Clouds blocked out the moon, blanketing you in complete and total darkness.
It was cold, Jungkook still hadn't given you a blanket and you were beginning to think he forgot. The storm had brought the temperature down drastically, leaving your teeth chattering in effect.
The storm was unlike anything you'd experienced on Earth. It was actually a bit scary.
You sat up, finally unable to take it anymore. There was no reason for you to suffer like you were.
You tiptoed over to Jungkook's bedroom and suddenly hesitated. You didn't want to wake him up for a silly blanket, you'd feel bad. Your shoulders sagged and you turned back to sit back down on the couch.
Somehow, you managed to doze off, curled up in a ball in an attempt to keep warm.
You were awoken very soon after by the weight of something warm being laid upon you. Eyes fluttering open, you met Jungkook's eyes. His brows were furrowed and when he saw you were awake, knelt down beside the couch.
"You're freezing, why didn't you ask me for a blanket?" He whispered, mindlessly tucking the blanket around you.
"I-I didn't want to wake you," You mumbled, voice wobbly from shivering.
"Don't worry about that," He grumbled. "I'd rather you wake me up than fucking freeze to death during a storm."
"I'm sorry," You whispered, eyes fluttering again as you finally warmed up. It felt so cozy beneath the blanket and it smelled just like Jungkook. "Thank you, Jungkook."
"Don't worry about it," He whispered, brushing some stray hair off your face as your eyes closed once again.
"It's my duty to take care of you now," He uttered once he was sure you were asleep.
Tumblr media
The first time you noticed something was wrong was when you began to get dizzy randomly — usually accompanying a roaring headache. You ignored it, however, choosing to nap off the headache and continue your days on like usual.
Jungkook began going out for scavenging more and more — bringing home killed rodents and other animals. Sometimes he would come home with some rations or a snack from when the world was a functioning metropolis.
"Are you feeling okay?" He asked one morning while the two of you ate some breakfast you prepared.
"Huh?" You looked up from your plate at him.
He was gazing at you, brows furrowed as usual but his head was cocked to the side. "You just look really dazed. And you're barely touching your food."
"Ah, I just..." You cleared your throat. "I lost my appetite, I guess."
"Well, I'm going to go out again today," He said, eating the last of what was on his plate. "I'll be back tonight as usual, alright?"
"Yeah, be careful okay?" You whispered, watching as he hesitated staring at you.
He lifted his hand and placed it softly on your head, smiling.
"I'll see you soon."
Left alone, you ate as much of the food as you could before you had to toss it. You found yourself laying on the couch once again, feeling sluggish and lazy. Deciding a nice nap was in order, you let your eyes flutter shut.
When you woke back up, it felt like you were hit by a bus. You groaned, your head pounding making you whine. Sitting up proved to be a bad move as you felt your stomach turn. Immediately you let yourself flop back down.
Of course you'd get sick on a dystopian planet with no access to medicine.
The hours ticked by and there was no sign of Jungkook. You'd gotten accustomed to his schedule and the general time frame you both ran in so you knew he was well overdue for his return.
You became antsy, pacing around and taking naps when you could. The cold you'd acquired seemed to only get worse as you were plagued with an unfortunate fever. Hiding under your blanket didn't help and being out from the blanket didn't help either. You whined, knowing you didn't have any medicine to help break your fever.
Feeling crappy and concerned about Jungkook made tears sting your eyes; you were always a cry baby when sick.
The door opening finally is what woke you up. Jungkook grumbled, slamming the door.
"Why the hell wasn't the door properly locked?" He snapped, dropping his bag on the floor with a bang.
"Hey...that's loud," You whined, flinching at the way your head began to pound.
"Answer me—hey...what's the matter?" He asked, losing his anger for concern.
"I'm sick," You complained, watching as he kneeled down.
"Sick?" He mumbled, looking over your face — noticing your glassy eyes.
"I have a fever," You explained with a sigh.
He hummed, bringing his hand up to press his palm against your forehead. He hissed, pulling back and sighing.
"I was so scared you weren't coming back, you were gone so long," You whispered, shakily sitting up.
Jungkook's hands hovered in the air, ready to help or catch you if you fell. "I'm sorry, I went a little further than I usually do. But I was only gone overnight. It wasn't that long."
"It felt like days," You whined, tears stinging your eyes.
"I'm sorry," He whispered, cupping your cheek and brushing some hair away from your eye. "I didn't mean to upset you so much."
"It's okay, I'm just...a crybaby," You muttered, cheeks flushing at the fond smile that crossed Jungkook's face — a cute bunny-like smile.
"I...can help you feel better, if you'd let me," He asked, moving to sit beside you on the couch. "My species can cure illnesses, remember?"
"How will you do that?" You asked, voice a little slurred.
"Well..." In the moon's illumination, you could see his ears burning red. "I...I can kiss you?"
Your mind blanked at those words, blinking several times to take in what he said. You recalled what he said about his saliva, or any fluid, possessing the chemical to cure illnesses. Still, despite the fact it was for medicinal purposes, your stomach fluttered with butterflies and your heart stuttered in your chest the idea of kissing him.
"I-I don't mind..." You uttered, subconsciously licking your lips.
He cupped your cheek, leaning down and ever so softly brushed his lips against yours. When you sighed happily at the contact, he surged forward and pulled you into a much deeper kiss. Your lips moved in unison and you couldn't help but reach up to wrap your arms around his neck.
Shuddering, you held in a whimper when his tongue met your lips. You eagerly opened your mouth, shuddering as the taste of him lingered upon your tongue. Your fingers clutched at his hair as you continued to deepen the kiss.
After several long, lovely seconds of the kiss — he finally pulled away. There was a small strand of saliva still connecting the two of you. He brushed his thumb across your lips, breaking the strand.
The two of you sighed, falling silent but he kept his hand on your cheek.
"You should rest now, you'll feel better soon," He whispered, standing up and stepping away.
You missed his touch immediately, and watched him until he disappeared behind his bedroom door.
You curled up under the blanket, fingers pressed to your lips as the feeling of him kissing you lingered. The way your heart began to race made you sigh heavily; what an effect he had on you.
The next day, you were feeling much better and were back to eating properly. You could tell Jungkook was happy; he was positively beaming and smiling at you every chance he got.
It was cute.
The two of you were playing a card game; using some cards you'd had in your bag for when you were bored on the trip through Fanet IV. You were teaching him Earth games and how to play.
You were just about to beat him for the 5th time at Go Fish when there was a heavy knock on the door. Both of you jumped and Jungkook was on his feet in a second.
His whole body was tense and his fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were white. He carefully moved in front of you, shielding your body from the door subconsciously.
"Wh-What is it?" You asked, keeping your voice low.
"No one should come here," He whispered back. "Go hide in the bedroom, alright?"
"But Jungkook—"
"Just do it!" He snapped, giving a gentle push to your back to urge you into the open doorway.
You spared him a longing glance before he pulled the door shut with a soft click.
You took a seat on his bed, listening through the thin walls as Jungkook's heavy footsteps moved towards the door. There was a loud click as he unlocked the deadbolt.
There was a quick beat of silence before a slam so loud that you had to cover your mouth to keep from shrieking.
"Fuck! What the fuck are you doing here?!" You heard Jungkook shout.
"Followed you home," Came a gruff, almost bored-sounding reply. "You weren't very smart. Didn't even notice you were being tailed."
"Fuck," You heard Jungkook swear.
"Now, I hope you make this easy for me and just come along nicely," The stranger asked. “Maybe if you tell me where more are hiding, I'll go easy on you.”
Jungkook didn't offer a reply but you could hear heavy boots approaching the bedroom door. You kept your hands over your mouth to keep from making a peep as you slid off the bed and huddled yourself into a dark corner.
The stranger suddenly shrieked and there was a heavy thud of someone falling to the floor. Jungkook let out a string of curses before there was a crash, grunting and scuffling filling your ears.
What was going on?
From where you hid, you could see a little box beneath Jungkook's bed. As quietly as you could, you pulled it out and opened it up.
It was an array of several different knives. Eyes flicking over to the door, you hatched an idea to hopefully help.
If Jungkook didn't win, the man was going to take him away. The mere thought of that happening sent a spark of terror through you.
Picking up the biggest knife that was in the box, you tiptoed over to the door. You could still hear the two of them fighting, the sound covering up the soft click of the door opening. Peeking through the crack, you were shocked to see the table smashed completely. The man was pinning Jungkook down by his throat. Jungkook was struggling, obviously unable to get air. The stranger laughed mockingly down at him.
Your hands and knees were trembling as you quickly crept out.
"You barely even put up a fight," The stranger spat at Jungkook. "You Heajix never were able to take us on though, isn't that right? That's why we were able to kill so many of you! Such incredible strength yet still unable to protect yourselves. Pathetic.” 
You couldn't even register his words as you finally stood behind him. Jungkook's eyes were fluttering and he was dangerously close to passing out.
Steeling yourself, you raised the knife overhead and brought it down as hard as you could. The man shrieked so loud that your ears were ringing. The knife was stuck in his back, buried more than halfway through. Part of you felt proud for putting the power behind the attack.
Jungkook let out a desperate gasp, finally getting the oxygen he desperately needed. While you were distracted looking at Jungkook, the strange man spun around and grabbed you by your throat.
"I knew there was someone else here," The man snarled, squeezing your neck as hard as he could.
You couldn't even make a sound of pain as your feet were lifted off the ground. Your vision was swimming but you could make you Jungkook getting to his feet. The man, you noticed, had strange glowing eyes — as if a light were coming from behind them and illuminating the whites.
In the blink of an eye, Jungkook ripped the knife from your assailants back — making him drop you in shock. You hit the ground hard, knocking what little air you had left in you right out.
Jungkook was on the man before he could even blink, stabbing him several times until he was on his knees. Jungkook paused, chest and shoulders heaving as he glared down at the man.
Then, you watched with wide eyes as Jungkook lifted his leg and kicked the man so hard his body physically flew back. The man was limp, blood dripping from his mouth and nose — eyes open and unseeing.
"Holy shit..." You whispered from where you were still laying on the floor.
"Are you alright?" Jungkook asked, helping you sit up with a gentleness that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. His hands were coated in the intruders blood but you didn't mind.
Throwing your arms around his shoulders, you knocked him down on his butt. You hugged him tight, sighing when you felt him wrap his own arms around you.
"I-I didn't know what to do," You whispered. "He was saying he was going to take you away. I saw you were about to pass out and I knew he would take you. I'm sorry I got involved."
"Hey, it's okay," Jungkook pulled back and smiled. "You saved me! Maybe you aren't as helpless as I thought."
You smiled, shaking your head. Then, without thinking, you leaned forward and pressed your lips against his. He froze for a fraction of a second but quickly cupped the back of your head and returned the kiss.
When you parted, you asked, "So what do we do with him?"
"The Vorderans are going to come looking for him when they notice he's not reported back to them," Jungkook mumbled, looking over his shoulder at the body. "I'll take him out somewhere and dump him off where they won't be able to link it to me."
"You're going to leave right after that?" You asked, your shoulders slumping.
"I shouldn't be gone long, _____," He smiled, brushing his thumb over your pouted lips.
"But what if there are more of them? What if they take you away and I don't even know!"
As if sensing the panic in your voice, he cupped your cheeks and brought your gaze to him.
"That won't happen," He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead — sending your heart into painful palpitations. "It'll be easier to hide out there and easier to lose them if they do find me. I promise, I'll come back and everything will be okay."
"I'm just...scared, Jungkook," You admitted, feeling your eyes burn.
"I know," He sighed, pressing another kiss to your forehead. Your cheeks immediately felt like they were on fire. "But I would never leave you like that."
You clung onto him as long as he allowed you before he decided it was best to get going. He told you to hide in his room until he got back and to just rest.
"Don't open the door," He warned, though he already knew he didn't have to worry about that.
Left alone, you didn't know what to do with yourself. You'd watched Jungkook lift the body like it was nothing — which only reminded you of what the Vorderan has said; Heajix just had incredible physical strength.
You had a much better concept of time since you weren't sick and you were sure 2 days had passed since you'd last seen Jungkook. You could barely sleep, anxiety plaguing every second that he was gone.
You'd taken to sleeping in his bed, taking comfort in his scent surrounding you. Thankfully, Jungkook had managed to stock up on food so you were able to properly eat in his absence. Though it was more a mechanical task to pass the time than it was for actually sustaining you.
It hadn't occurred to you how much he had changed until you were laying in his bed one night. You thought back to the rough, cold exterior he had when you first met him. And now you were blessed with his smile and comforting caresses.
He made your heart ache in the best way and you wanted to hold him and have him kiss you over and over again. He was so sweet and did his best to take care of you.
You'd really been lucky that he was around when he was that night.
The fact he hadn't returned didn't help quell the fears of more Vorderans being around just waiting for someone to come around. For a Heajix to take away.
You didn't think you would hate an alien planet over the sake of another alien race but you knew the Heajix had been treated unfairly. It was cruel and the fact it was just allowed to happen and no one cared really made you angry.
If you ever got back to Earth you were going to do something to help.
You were lost thinking about the things you could do to help when the front door clicked open.
A spark of fear went down your spine as you sat straight up in the bed. Through the door and walls, you could hear heavy footsteps moving around.
They moved to the door and paused. You held your breath, pulling the covers up to your chin as you watched the door creak open.
A black head of fluffy hair popped in and smiled when he saw you sitting there.
"I was wondering where you—!" He was cut off by you flying off the bed and throwing yourself into his arms.
"You're home!" You gasped, burying your face in his neck. You didn't bother fighting the tears that tumbled down your cheeks.
"Yeah..." You could hear the smile in his voice as he wrapped his arms around you, fisting the back of your shirt tightly as if you would slip away. "I'm home."
"I was so worried and..." Your cheeks burned before you muttered, "I missed you."
Reaching up, he cupped both your cheeks in his hands, making you look up at him. You leaned into the feeling of his touch on your skin as he wiped your tears away ever so carefully. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours.
"I missed you too," He smiled, pecking your lips again. "But I'm back just like I promised I would be. I told you I'd never leave you, right?"
"You're right," You whispered, moving forward to kiss him again. He eagerly reciprocated and you whined into his lips.
He gripped your hips, rough and harsh. You winced, pulling your lips away slightly only for him to chase them — muttering a soft apology before relaxing his grip.
Neither of you wasted time moving to the bed. With your back pressed against the mattress and his wide shoulders above you, you couldn’t help the shiver running down your spine.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him down for another kiss.
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” He breathed against your lips.
“Please,” You whispered, reaching down to tug at the hem of his dirty shirt.
“So pretty when you beg,” He growled, sitting up on his knees to pull the shirt off.
Immediately, your hands were roaming across his chest — grazing over scars and tattoos.
He groaned when your fingers brushed over his pebbled nipples. Leaning down, he nipped against the sensitive skin of your neck. As you sighed in pleasure, he began to push your own shirt up until he was able to toss it away.
Sitting up, he let out a curse at the sight of your bare breasts. One large hand cupped one, thumb rolling the nipple harshly until you whimpered. His lips moved down your neck to take the other nipple into his hot mouth, tongue flicking the bud. Your hands wound into his hand, back arching to get more of the delicious feeling.
“Jungkook, please…” You whined, arching your hips upwards. “I-I want you so much.”
“Yeah?” He groaned against your breast, moving to take your other perked nipple into his mouth. “Who would have figured I’d already have you begging?”
“I missed you so much, Jungkook,” You whined, sniffling softly as the emotions came rushing back. “I need you to touch me, please.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” He whispered, leaning back up to peck your lips.
In one swift move, your pants were tugged down your legs until you were left in just your panties. He hummed cupping your heat through the fabric, easily finding your clit and pressing against it. You sighed, head rolling back as you ground your hips down into his touch. Unable to take it, you reached down and tugged your panties off. He allowed you, watching as you kicked them away and spread your legs for him.
“Fuck,” He groaned, dropping onto his stomach between your legs. “So pretty and wet.”
Your legs trembled as he slid two fingers between your folds, spreading them to expose your leaking entrance. He groaned, low in his chest before quickly diving in to catch some of your arousal on his tongue. You sighed, eyes fluttering close as he swirled his tongue over your clit.
“Ah, Jungkook!” You cried, gripping his hair.
“Fuck,” He growled, pulling back slightly. “Does that feel good, baby?”
“G-Gentle,” You whined, gripping his hair tighter. “It’s sensitive.”
He didn’t respond, simply chuckled before diving back in. He took your clit into his mouth and sucked until your back arched. Soon, he introduced his fingers — easily sliding two in. There was a slight burn but it lasted only a second.
“You can take 3, right?” He chuckled, rolling his tongue over your clit. “You’re gonna need that many to even think of trying to take my knot.”
“Kn-Knot?” You gasped, unable to wrap your head fully around his words as he pumped the two digits in and out.
Your hips bucked when he hit your g-spot. Your eyes rolled as he continued to abuse the spot while playing with your clit in any way he could.
“I’m gonna cum soon, Kook,” You whined, unaware the pet name had slipped through your lips.
He growled, viciously pounding his fingers upwards and suckling your clit into his mouth. Your mouth opened in a silent scream, a tight coil of pleasure winding in your stomach. Opening your eyes, you looked down to see his bangs matted to his forehead with sweat. His eyes were closed and his brows were furrowed in concentration. He looked like he was in utopia himself.
What broke the cord, however, was when he eased the third finger into you. You gasped, back arching as you cried out his name — cumming around the digits. He didn’t stop, fucking your spasming hole and sucking on your twitching clit throughout your entire high until you were whining and pushing him away.
He separated his mouth from you with a lewd pop and slid his fingers out. You felt empty, clenching around nothing as he popped his cum soaked fingers in his mouth. His eyes rolled back at your taste and he chased what was left on his lips until there was nothing left of your cum.
He stood at the foot of the bed, unbuttoning his jeans and letting them slide to the floor until he could step out of them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and you nearly drooled at the sight of his hard cock— weeping at the flushed, red tip with a soft swell at the base of his cock.
You scooted forward on your knees, wrapping your hand around his shaft and leaning forward to slide your tongue of the slit. He sighed, head falling back on his shoulders as you took the thick head on your mouth and sucked. The taste of his precum was delectable — salty-sweet with a bitter tang.
“You’ll make me cum too fast with your pretty lips on me like that, baby,” He whispered, gripping your hair to pull you away.
You whined at the loss but let him urge you onto your back. Your feet hanging off the end of the bed and Jungkook standing at the end with a fist wrapped around his cock made you lick your lips. He looked so powerful standing over you like he was.
“Scoot back,” He ordered, crawling onto the bed after you.
With your head in the pillows, you spread your legs for him. Knees on either side of his waist, you both looked down to watch as he slid the head of his cock between your wet folds — coating himself in your juices. A split second of hesitation as he positioned his tip at your entrance felt like an eternity.
“Are you sure you want to…?” He asked softly, mindlessly slapped your clit with the head of himself. 
“Please,” You gasped, wrapping your hand in his hair to tug him down.
Your mouths simultaneously fell open as he pressed inside, the fat head spreading your walls open. The sound was wet as he sunk inside, dirty and obscene. Your eyes rolled back as he finally bottomed out — the base of him almost as thick as his head.
He dropped down onto his elbows beside your head, pulling you in for another kiss as he began to thrust in and out of your clenching walls.
Every time he sunk inside, he grazed your g-spot making you moan.
“So fucking tight,” He growled. “I don’t know if you’ll be able to take my knot, babygirl.”
“Fuck!” He snarled, cock twitching at the sound of the nickname, slamming his cock into you harshly, making you whined. “Keep calling me that.”
“Kook!” You cried, scrambling to claw at his muscled back.
“I’m gonna knock you up, beautiful,” He breathed, chuckling when he felt you clench around him. “Oh? You like the sound of that? Tell me.”
“Pl-Please kn-knock me up, Kook,” You begged, voice breathy as you fought back sobs of pleasure.
“Yeah, sound so pretty begging for my cum,” He chuckled, reached down to find your swollen clit. “How about you cum for me first?”
Your mouth fell open as everything became even more intense. He didn’t stop the rapid circles on your clit until you were crying out his name and arching. You gushed around him, walls spasming uncontrollably as he fucked you through the high.
As you came down, everything became more intense and sensitive. Every time he sunk inside, the base of his cock would catch at your entrance and stretch you just a tad more. You clung to him, eyes closed as he fucked his knot into your sensitive walls.
“I’m gonna cum,” He warned, suddenly pausing balls deep — his knot popped into your walls, swollen big enough that he couldn't pull back out.
You could feel his cock as it pulsed inside of you — a hot rush of cum immediately following. His head fell into the crook of your neck as he moaned and trembled above you. The knot at the base of his cock throbbed — urging more and more cum out of his cock.
He chuckled darkly, looking down at your swelling tummy — having been stuffed full of his cum that couldn’t escape around his knot.
Your cunt clenched around him and you whined. You felt so full but it felt so good.
Jungkook's nimble fingers found your clit and began to circle the hardened bud in brutal circles. With a dark smirk on his lips, he met your gaze where your eyes were wide and your mouth was open in a silent moan.
"That's it...give it to me, baby," He ordered, grinding his hips against you — his knot and cock stirring your sensitive walls up. “Cum on my knot for me, like a good girl.” 
Your head fell back against the pillow as your back arched. The both of you moaned in unison at your orgasm, the tight squeeze and gush from your orgasm set him off again. Tightening his grip on your hips made you whine but the pain blended into the pleasure as Jungkook's knot throbbed as more cum poured into your already well-filled cunt. Slowly, his body relaxed and he heaved a sigh before beginning to change your positions.
His knot tugged at your walls, making you both hiss. You laid side by side, your head resting on his arm.
As you both caught your breath, you felt his knot slowly shrink until he was able to pull out completely. You whimpered at the gush of cum that followed — oozing out of your stretched entrance and staining the bed beneath you.
He groaned, dropping back onto his stomach between your legs. Feeling embarrassed, you moved to close your legs but his strong hands caught you and forced them back open. You covered your face with your hands and whined as he suddenly slid his tongue across your cum-soaked folds.
Absolutely obscene sounds of him moaning and licking you clean filled the space. Your hips jerked in oversensitivity whenever he brushed over your clit.
Sliding his tongue into your entrance, he caught and swallowed down everything he could reach. Him eating his own cum out of you had your walls clenching again and he chuckled before pulling away.
Pulling your hands away from your heated cheeks, he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. You whined, circling your arms around his neck as he fed his cum into your mouth for you to swallow.
You moaned at the taste of him, swallowing everything he gave you — continuing to kiss long after you swallowed it. The remnants of his cum lingered on your tongue and on his lips.
Pulling back, he leaned his forehead against yours and moved to lay on his side beside you once again. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he pulled your body close to his.
The two of you dissolved into a comfortable silence; his fingers tracing random shapes along your skin and you taking in his sweet scent and enjoying the warmth of his arms around you.
Tumblr media
You were sitting with Jungkook on the floor in front of the couch. Since the table was broken, the two of you were using the couch as a makeshift table. He had an array of papers and old book across the surface and had been spending the last two days teaching you to read the Heajix written alphabet. It was difficult and you frequently confused letters but Jungkook was patient — and gave you kisses whenever you got something right which was great incentive.
Unfortunately, the relaxing atmosphere was broken by a series of knocks on the front door. Jungkook was on his feet immediately, knife drawn and at the ready.
You stayed back, watching as he approached the door and slowly unlocked it. You watched as he took a deep breath and threw the door open.
"What—" Jungkook was at a loss. There was a man standing at the door with his hands up to show he was unarmed.
"My name is Hakyeon," He said, motioning to his badge. "I work for the Interplanetary Embassy on Earth. We received an Emergency beacon and we've been told the human was here."
"Holy shit! It actually got through?!" You cried, jumping to your feet and running over to the open door. "Why did it take you so damn long?"
Hakyeon looked confused, shaking his head. "We received it only 2 days ago...I was the nearest representative and was tasked with finding you."
"Weird..." You mumbled, shrugging your shoulders. "I guess I can go home now, right?"
"If that's what you wish still, yes," He replied, eyeing Jungkook by your side.
"Um," You cleared your throat. "Your ship will be nearby right?"
"Yes, I'll...wait for you there," Hakyeon said, taking the hint.
The door shut and Jungkook was silent.
"I guess you're leaving, right?" He asked, keeping his eyes down. "There's no logical reason for me to ask you to stay's dangerous and you should be somewhere safe."
"But Jungkook..." You reached forward to touch him but he backed away.
"If I'm honest, ______," He wandered away, leaving you to watch him. His voice was shaky, wobbling with the onslaught of tears. "I really don't want you to go and I know that's selfish! But I really don't think I can be alone again. Especially after finding someone I can actually love."
"Jungkook!" You snapped, making him look at you. You sighed speedily walking up to him and pressing your lips to his before he could back away. "I love you too."
"Come with me," You whispered, clutching the front of his shirt in your hands. "Come back to Earth with me. We'll find someone there who will help. The Embassy would be more than willing to assist in the cleanup and protection of Palacios and Heajix. You can speak for everyone here who is struggling to survive and those you haven't."
"You want me to come with you?" He breathed, covering your hands with his. Tears still fell from his eyes but in a matter of seconds, he was smiling and pulling you against him in a hug so tight it knocked the air out of you.
"Of course I do, stupid!" You laughed, hugging him back as tight as you could. "Why would I leave you when you refused to leave me, huh?"
"...I love you," He whispered, giving you another kiss.
"Let's get our things together," You said before the two of you separated.
Jungkook packed his bag with anything important, sentimental or not. You noticed he packed his picture away with a sad smile.
Once the two of you were ready, you took his hand and walked out the door. He paused and looked behind him, at the house he'd been living in for the longest time. The boarded up windows and the water reservoir he'd spent ages perfecting.
You squeezed his hand, drawing his attention back to you. He smiled, taking the first step away.
You felt yourself relax against the seat once the two of you were on the craft. Jungkook was gripping your hand tight — it was hurting a bit but you didn't say anything. His gaze was locked on the window, watching as his home planet disappeared from view.
The surface was covered in a green, gaseous layer of pollution and smog that he seemed almost surprised to see. The pollution of the planet was most evident one outside of the planet's atmosphere.
"I'm happy you're here, Jungkook," You whispered, leaning your head on his shoulder.
"I am too," He replied, resting his head against yours as he watched the stars and planets pass by until Palacios was out of view.
Tumblr media
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ughcore · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
- atu!jaykay ; masterlist 
“there’s no greater evidence of the thin line between love and hate than your relationship with jeon jeongguk.”
jjk / enemies to lovers to established relationship + slice of life au
warnings: explicit smut, oral (m & f receiving), creampie, lowkey dom!jaykay, pet names :), impregnation kink :), body worship, choking, pussy spanking, masturbation, sensory deprivation, spitting, fingering etc....
note: oneshots will be updated as the order changes. they are not posted chronologically, though they are listed as such.
ongoing (currently 27k) 
Tumblr media
x mine for the night (m) - jeongguk last night in town brings some surprises x addicted to u (m) - you and jeongguk come face to face after six months x caught in the moment (m) - taehyung organises a trip to the cabin x 01:14am (m) - you come home from work and find jeongguk asleep x it’s always you (m) - you take jeongguk to your parents house x right here (m) - jimin comes along and causes problems for you and jeongguk
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bangtangalicious · 27 days ago
For touch me wherever pairing, something with somnophilia? Jk's parents finally agree for a sleepover at yn's and jk uses this opportunity to the fullest.
wanna touch you (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: pwp, smut, oneshot | loss-of-innocence!au naive!reader x naive!jungkook childhood-friends-to-lovers!au
summary: jungkook is horny but you wont wake up!
wordcount: 2.2k
tw: somnophilia. smut. NEEDY!jungkook. read that again. masturbation. feverish stuttering raging hormones. VERY horny!koo, did i mention he is needy. breast play. cockwarming. body worship kinda. innocence. unhealthy attachment. obsessive thoughts. unprotected sex, penetrative sex, crying. begging? sweating. jungkook pov. this is filth. unrealistic. assume 18+ but very sheltered
a/n: thank you lovely anon for the req <3 this is just a drabble from the touch me wherever au but can be read by a standalone. i hope you enjoy ;) unedited
Tumblr media
Cuddled up in the slick warmth of the summer night, Jungkook lay with his arms tight around you, fingers curling over the back of your shoulders as though you were his only hold on reality.
Well you were—as far as he was concerned. He always felt the safest around you. He couldn't handle himself when he couldn't sense you near. Hear your beautiful voice, see your lovely smile or most of all, feel your comforting warmth.
A heat wave had taken your town by storm. It was extremely hot, even with the static clicking of the fan above. That wasn’t about to stop him from being close to you. Jungkook always loved to cuddle with you. Frustratingly enough, he hadn't been able to find as many opportunities to do so anymore. Sleepovers together had become increasingly infrequent, much to the irritating interference of both of your strict families.
He didn't understand what the big deal was. Back in the day, the two of you practically lived together—growing up in your heavily protected bubble. Either he would end up at your house, or you in his, sharing the same bed, the same shower—there was nothing you didn't share.
Until one day it all stopped. No longer could he wake up with his face pressed against your neck. No longer could he watch as you let soap drizzle down your pretty body. Jungkook had to adamantly plead & beg his parents to allow him to spend the night with you. After months of harsh rejections, finally they agreed. 
Having you in his arms again was bliss. He had been craving you for so long. You were the culprit of his sleepless nights. The criminal robbing his sanity as he clutched the plush toy he stole from your room many years ago against his heart, crying into his pillows. Cock straining in his shorts.
Jungkook knew you like the back of his hand, the things you liked, the movies you watched, the thoughts in your head - he knew it all. The sound of your voice was music to his ears. After school you would always go to his house and tell him all about your day. Spilling each and every detail, babbling away as he would trace shapes into your thighs. Blinking up, listening intently, mouth nibbling on your tits.
Being away from you was by far the most painful experience he ever had to endure. You were dizzying relief. You were the weight of his world. Everywhere, every thought he had surrounded you—he wanted you. 
Oh he wanted you bad.
He couldn't even understand himself at times. Moments when he would see you at school, chatting to your other friends. He knew you weren’t doing anything wrong, but still he’d want to throw a fit. Or when you would tell him you didn't feel like coming over after school. That you were too tired. It would absolutely destroy him.
None of that mattered in moments like this. This made it all okay. Jungkook sighed, nuzzling the top of your head, breathing in your intoxicating scent. He attempted to doze off. 
But he couldn't. Something stirred within him, prompting him to buck his lips slightly, sealing himself onto you. Your brows furrowed, likely due to the heat radiating between you. Jungkook pinched your cheek, admiring your restful state. Lips parted, slight drool at the edge of your lips, eyes shut tight.
Jungkook knew he should let you sleep. You were exhausted after staying up night after night, studying to appease your parents. He would stay up alongside you, massaging you while you worked. Giving you kisses all over your neck and shoulders when he would get bored, until finally you would lose focus too. 
Then he’d pull you into his lap and slurp your tongue into his mouth. Bouncing you up and down, blouse popped open, fingers trailing your hot skin while you pleaded for more.
In between his legs, he began to see a bulge. Groaning, he pressed himself into the mattress, trying to suppress the growing heat within him.
"Y-Y/n" He mumbled, nudging you again. You hummed slightly, but to no avail. Jungkook felt like screaming. His head throbbed, all he wanted to do was yank off all your clothes and kiss you everywhere, rub his cock all over your supple, soft skin.
Trembling, he slid his hand down his boxers. His length hot in his hand as he pulled at it slowly, biting back the cries of pleasure. Looking at you, still fast asleep while his tongue grazed over his lips. 
"P-please Y/n..." He squirmed closer to you, his fist brushing against your core as he carefully continued to stroke himself. He allowed his face to near yours, lips barely touching as whines slipped through. "I need you. Please. I...wanna touch you"
His strokes quickened, mind stuck on the way your nightgown had ridden up your legs, scrunched at your stomach. How he could see your heaving breasts through the useless hold of the soft silky fabric. Your underwear, bright in color, fully on display. Jungkook smiled softly. You were so cute.
Sweat trickled down the side of his face. "Y/n" He urged in a final attempt "Y/n h-help me please. It hurts. It hurts so bad Y/n pleaseee" He cried, voice raising enough to cause you to stir.
His breath hitched, you weren't budging. Irritation seized him. He needed to touch you. Couldn’t you just wake up for him? You would always give him what he wanted, especially if it helped him with the pain. So why couldn't he have you? He wanted you now. Now.
Fuck it! Jungkook thought. The pressure possessing his every vein was too much to bear. He could combust any minute if he didn't take you. You were right there—right there next to him. How was he supposed to resist? 
Getting up, Jungkook carefully hovered over you, thighs caging your unsuspecting frame as he slid down his boxers, tugging relentlessly at his cock. Bottom lip jutted out as he whimpered.
"Y-you're so pretty. Want you n-now. Please Y/n. I can't take it!! I can't I can't I can't!" He exhaled, tears budding in his eyes. Lowering himself, he thrusts against you slowly. Bare cock pushing against the fabric of your panties, nestling as far as it could go as Jungkook groaned. "Wake up-p" He whined, shaking you slightly.
You simply wouldn't. Jungkook hissed. Were you doing this on purpose? How could you stay asleep, ignore him when he needed you so bad? His body was shivering, desperate for the comforting heat that he could only get buried deep into your cunt.
"Fuckkkk" He sobbed, pushing his hips forward slightly, lips forming a circle as a rush of pleasure struck him. His fingers hesitantly stroked against the edge of your face before his tongue swiped against your lips. The plump flesh, tantalizing. An addicting flavor that only left him wanting more.
His high pitched moans muffled as he reached down to peel away your panties. Taking his heavy cock back into his palm, he traced it along your folds, allowing the tip to press against your clit, exchanging heated warmth, soaring pleasure. Jungkook grinned as your body twitched. He sighed in relief. You wanted this.
Shamelessly, he slotted himself into your dry cunt. You were immensely tight. He pushed in slightly, wincing at your hold. 
"C-can you p-please open for me?" He whispered, pecking your cheek. "Y/n come on please" His hips pushed in a bit further. "OH fuck" Jungkook hiccuped, gripping your hips tightly.
"Little more please..." He urged you. Your pussy swallowed him tightly, walls clamping around him. You felt incredible to him. It would blow his mind every time. He loved whenever he could touch you like this. 
"C-come on. Y/n. More. Just a little bit more please come on let me in" Without meaning to, he yanked your thighs down, pulling you the rest of the way onto his cock. The sudden thrust caused him to scream, instantly muffling his face into your neck. Nails digging into your ass he bucked his hips unconsciously, shooting his cum into you as you groaned in your sleep.
"NO" He sobbed, thrusting rapidly—not wanting it to be over so soon. He leaked and leaked, filling you up as he pumped into you, chasing a fleeting high. "Not yet. Not yetttt. Please not yet, I need more Y/n"
Tears rolled down his face as he laid on top of you, holding you tight as he cried. "I love you. I love you I love you so so so much" He pecked your neck with every word, not wanting to move. Relishing the wetness of being inside you.
"Koo..." You hummed, tongue licking your lips and you frowned slightly "So hot in here"
Jungkook scented your neck, tasting your sweet pearly sweat. "M’sorry. One more okay. One more and I'll stop"
He knew you couldn't really hear him. "S'really hot in here..."
Giggling slightly he nodded "Mhm. It is hot isn't it?" He could feel his cock hardening again as his tongue trailed down your chest. Pulling down your straps, he pushed your breasts up, fitting one into your mouth while the other smushed against his cheek.
His teeth grazed the perky nub, sucking lightly at them "Taste so good Y/n" He mumbled, mouth full of you. Gnawing lightly, his other hand flicked at the free breast, thumbing in soft circles. 
"MmmmMMMM" Widening his mouth, he licked his lips, allowing them to swallow more of you in, tongue running rampant, suckling you for all you were worth. Cock still perfectly warm inside of you, he could feel it twitch as your wet walls pulsed around him.
Switching to the other breast, he huffed before diving in. Watching the way your face contorted, gasping slightly as he continued on. He began to roll his hips, allowing his cock to drag out lightly before pushing right back in.
"Kooooo" You were covered in a mix of his and your sweat. Hands combing through his hair, pushing his face into you. "Please"
"Yeah?" Jungkook perked up at your barely coherent words. His heart was hammering in his chest in excitement. "Yeah? You like it? Do you Y/n? Do you like when I do this?" He rolled his hips again, watching you eagerly. Speeding up, the ease of his thrusts aided by your sticky arousal.
"I r-really like this Y/n. I really like how you feel." Jungkook whispered. "Will you let me do this to you whenever I want to? You will right? You love me right? You won't let me hurt." He couldn't even comprehend his own words at this point, dizzy with the sound of you squelching pussy. "D-do you hear that Y/n? Fuck. Fuck. You're so g-good"
He knew he was reaching his edge, but he wanted to savor you longer. Instinct had him speeding up, fucking you senselessly fast as his tears trickled onto your face.
"So good. F-feel so fucking good. Oh god. OH god. W-wanna give it to you. W-wanna give you everything please" His eyes clenched shut, his voice booming. Planting his lips onto yours, he screamed into your mouth, flooding you with cum.
He fell limply, rolling over as he dumped his load, stroking your back while holding you steady on his cock. Breathing shakily, he pulled out, watching as streams of white trickled down both your legs. Chuckling, he wiped his sweat, reaching for the blanket to wipe you off too. Taking the opportunity to admire your peaceful state.
"You're so pretty" His eyes were wide, trembling still, glossy with tears. He sniffled as he kissed you again "S-so pretty my Y/n. P-please don't leave me. Don't ever leave me" He began to sob, and finally your eyes shot open. Brows furrowed as you felt strangely sore and sticky. Seeing Jungkook next to you unraveling in tears. “Please. Don’t ever go”
"What's wrong?" You exclaimed, tilting his face to yours. He shook his head, avoiding your eyes.
"Nothing I just..." He choked, as you brushed his tears away with your thumb "I miss this. I miss you."
You giggled "Jungkookie. How can you miss me when I'm right here?" Pulling him into a hug, you held him tight while his eyes fluttered shut.
Your heart ached. You hated it when Jungkook was sad or in any sort of pain. Thinking deeply, you slid your hand down, finding his bare cock. Rolling your palm over him, you knew he would feel better if you touched him there. Just how he liked.
Hopefully he won't mind you doing it while he’s asleep.
masterlist | touch me wherever
a/n: god what even was this. lmao. wow. hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! 
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aajjks · 4 months ago
Love me Again;
Tumblr media
synopsis. The thought of you drifting away from him drives him the edge that he ends up triggering his heat coming early.
pairing: yan!bunny hybrid!jk x owner noona!reader.
warnings: MATURE THEMES AHEAD, yandere, dark, fluff, obsession, obsessive themes, posessive themes. Sexual themes, hints at mastrubation, hes one horny dude, jealousy, manipulation, seduction, he’s a seductive master, crying, he still has separation anxiety :((, he’s one manipulative bitch.., sexual tension damn. Stockholm syndrome.
note. okay in honour to celebrate one year anniversary of the bunny!koo saga, I decided to write this. It’ll be officially a year since the first part was uploaded here :,) share your feedback and questions! ENJOY! I’m literally so tired pls praise me and I haven’t proofread bcz I’m vv sleepy,
wc: 3k
Tumblr media
Jeongguk missed you.
You were drifting away from him, the hybrid was unable to stomach that. Jeongguk thrived on your attention. As the man laid down on your bed, legs spreaded on your bedsheets, nose pressed against your pillow, inhaling your scent that made his mind numb with thoughts of you surrounding him, he sniffed your pillow harder, taking in your scent that reminded him of you.
Oh how much he missed you.
Jeongguk was feeling incredibly frustrated and neglected. It was not enough, jeongguk did not deserve this kind of a treatment from you, who used to love him the most, oh.. who was he kidding...
You were the only one to ever love him. jeongguk pressed his eyes closed, his hands grabbing your pillow harder, anxiety and fear was taking over him, his legs were shaking at his thoughts. "n-no..." The hybrid was starting to panic, his thoughts getting the best of him as a tear rolled down to his cheek, damping the pillow.
Did you not love him anymore? or were you tired of him? maybe, jeongguk did deserve this kind of a treatment from you. “n-noona... please forgive me... I have been bad... very bad... especially to you...b-but I love you so much... I need you so much more than your sick mother...” The words came out of his mouth in muffled sounds because of his face buried in your soft pillow. Jeonnguk choked in middle of his sentences, trying his best to hold back the pathetic sob that threatened to leave his mouth, despite him being absolutely alone in the apartment.
Jeongguk hated the now familiar feeling of loneliness that accompanied him these passing days, he hated being without you.. He did not want to be without you.
Now observing this, the one who really knew the situation without the interruption of jeongguks pov, would say that the hybrid was pretty good at being overdramatic.
You were at work, working hard for yourself, you hadn’t left him, but the difference was that... you had started avoiding him, giving him the silent treatment.
And jeongguk noticed. He was quite the observer. He had displeased you, he was feeling quite ashamed for letting his emotions and hormones get the best of him.
He couldn’t be vulnerable to them, he couldn’t [shouldn’t] have lost control.
Jeongguk was ashamed of his actions, he almost regretted locking you up for a whole week in your own home.
but then again... almost.
Jeongguk rather preferred blaming the love he had for you. Opening his shut eyes, the hybrid sat up, not caring for the ache in his pants. Sitting up, his long black hair fell on his eyes.
The bunny man, exhaled a breath in frustration as he finally opened his eyes, unable to chase his release. Dried tears of frustration stained his cheeks as he forced his mind to think of something.
Of something....
that could make you love him back again, something that will make you want him, just as much as he wants you, just as badly he wants you.... back.
Jeongguk’s eyes quickly glanced at the clock that was ticking on the wall. “It’s five thirty seven right now.... noona comes back home at night....” his eyes lit up at the realisation. His ears started moving and his tail wobbled to the sides.
He had so much time left! he could make a plan of how to get you back. Stretching his legs, Jeongguk winced at the tinge of ache, but ignored it once again. His muscles were pulled as he grabbed his shirt back from your night stand. Standing up was hard as the man was obviously struggling but he managed to get up with wobbly feet. “I’ll get you back noona, anyhow...” his dark orbs were set on your picture as his pupils were dilated twice their original size, his heart was hammering inside his chest.
Jeongguks lips were curled in a smirk, “I’ll do anything for your love.” His tone was sinister, voice was deep with accents of raspiness. His throat was dry from all of the sounds he was making earlier. “You’re mine,” his gaze darkened while a chuckle tumbled out of his chest, he was chuckling like a psycho, the shirt still in his hands. His fingers grip tightening on the fabric. “Only I can have you.”
He gave your photo a glance once more, as he finally looked away, still laughing like a maniac while turning his feet, exiting your room.
Tumblr media
you were absolutely tired. Your eyes were droopy as you gave the file in your hands a last careful glance. Your head was pounding, because of the lack of sleep. You massaged your temples while observing the carefully made file,
You couldn’t make any mistakes, anymore.
A wave of relief and satisfaction took over your chest. It was finally completed after a whole month of hard work. “Thank god...” a weak smile painted itself on your face. You could go home now.
It was pretty late at night. You raised your left hand to look at your watch. You sighed heavily. It was already one in the morning.
You needed to get home as soon as fast.
Where jeongguk was, the one who hurt you the most. You couldn’t have ever imagined that he’d ever do that you for his own selfishness. How could he lock you up like that... for a week without any human interaction. All because you wanted to visit your sick mother??
You closed your eyes and inhaled a few breaths of air so you could calm down... you stood up from the chair so you could keep the file in the safe, you needed to submit it tomorrow.
Walking towards the safe, your mind was wandering around the events that traumatized you. Jeongguk was absolutely dangerous. You needed to be careful.
Exhaling a breath out, you carefully kept the file in your safe. Closing the cabinet, you locked it, keeping the Keyes in your pocket.
You were finally done. You could go home now.
You felt so exhausted that you didn’t want to think of what jeongguk did to you. You just wanted to go home and sleep without any worried or unnecessary thoughts.
Or unnecessary distractions.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk was absolutely ecstatic.
The scents of the candles making him excited. Their aroma was spreaded all around the house. Jeongguk felt immensely proud of his choice. Their scent was romantic but light.
He knew you hated strong scents.
His eyes were set at the petals, taking a few in his hands, he was feeling so romantic tonight, his mind thinking of you. He was almost done with his preparation.
He had done it right. Just like in the movie. He had watched the scenes very carefully. Now Jeongguk’s plan needed to work. Jeongguk quickly gave the room a final glance and to say he was pleased wouldn’t be a lie. He had cooked your favorite food, cleaned the entire house, he also made your bed...
Which was his most favorite part!!! He also took a long shower, he had dressed nicely... just like how you’d want him to, he wore the most exotic musk that he could find and now all that was left was waiting for you.
Waiting for you was always dreading for Jeongguk. He hated the time that he had to spend without you. He loved you so much and he missed you like crazy. You did not even spare him a glance, his heart fell in his chest, he was ashamed, he had hurt you but he loved you.
Jeongguk just wanted to please you, he wanted to make you feel good as much as he could. It was about time he made you happy. Jeongguk walked out of your room, walking towards the lounge so he could wait for you, there.
“Noona come back soon...” he whispered to himself as he sat down on the cream colored couch. he threw his legs over it and laid down, What could he possibly do to make you love him again... Jeongguk was still feeling incredibly unsure. Would his strategy work out? jeongguks eyebrows were farrowed as he thought of all the ways this could go wrong.
“This cant go wrong....” Jeongguk was determined. if the actors strategy had worked out so could Jeongguks. he could not let this fail... this was his only chance,
And he refused to waste it
Tumblr media
You barely even managed to drive, but nonetheless you were home now, taking out your houses’ keys, you quickly unlocked the door and went inside.
And, You were tackled into a bone crushing hug from Jeongguk. The hybrid had his strong arms wrapped around your weak self as he buried his face into your neck and sniffed your scent.
“Noona, you’re back I missed you so much.” Jeongguk mumbled in your neck as he gave it a little lick. You shivered at the contact as you tried to get him off of you. “Jeongguk... get off me please...” but the hybrid, as expected, didn’t even bulge. “nooo... I missed you.” And with that if it was even possible you felt his grip tighten around you.
God didn’t give you enough energy to deal with him right now.
“Jeongguk...” you softly called out, massaging his scalp, his hair tingling between your fingers, at the feeling, jeongguk purred. “You smell so good noona... could eat you up..”
Oh no.
“Jeongguk... please leave me I’m so hungry and tired. I need to make food—“you don’t need to my noona... I already did!” The hybrid interrupted you mid sentence, loosing his grip on you. “I made your favourite!” You raised your eyebrows at his sudden change in demeanour. “I hope you’ll like it!!! Come with me!” He lifted you up bridal style catching you off guard. “J-Jeongguk!!” You quickly held onto his shoulder while he just giggled.
“Sit here noona!” He softly instructed you while putting you on the dining seat. You were confused... Jeongguk was acting weird.
But you brushed it off, you were just so tired that you didn’t care anymore. “I’ll be back with the dish! Please wait for me, my pretty noona!” And with that, jeongguk went into the kitchen. You watched the man go as you laid your head down on the table.
It had been so long since someone cared for you like this... you knew that you were supposed to be upset with him but no.. you weren’t, really. Because you had found out that your mother was better now.
And it had been two months since you had started behaving cold with jeongguk, it was about time you had stopped his punishment.
“NOONA? What are you thinking about?” You were pulled out of the train of your thoughts by Jeongguk who stared at you with his doe big eyes.
He was so pretty...
“N-Nothing..? You- YOU MADE ALL OF THIS..?” Your eyes were widened at the sight in front of you. The food infront of you looked absolutely delicious. “Jeongguk?!” You were amazed. It was like your sleep had died.
Jeongguk chose not to reply but sit next you as you watched his cheeks redden with shyness. You smiled at him. god, was he so cute... “y-yes noona... I hope you will like this... I made this with a lot of effort and love..” he pouted, his eyes shone looking at your smile.
His heart fluttered abnormally.
“I’m sure I’ll love it, sweetheart! Let me taste it!” You giggled as he eagerly served you the delicious looking dish. The smell hit your nostrils and you unknowingly licked your lips, unbeknownst to you, jeongguk watched the movement of your lips very carefully, chewing at his lower lip.
The things you made him feel were absolutely sinful to tell, “Jeongguk!!!! It’s so delicious!” Jeongguk was startled at the sound of your voice. He cleared his throat and passed you a bright smile, while trying to fight his inner demon.
“Yeah? Thank you noona! I’m so happy!!” You nodded as you quickly dived back into eating, jeongguk just watched you like a hungers puppy.
His desires wouldn’t calm down.. this wasn’t healthy... oh lord... Was he going into heat once again..
He hoped not. Now wasn’t the time. Jeongguk had started to sweat. His gaze fixed on you. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. You were absolutely ethereal in every single way. The way you made him feel was unexplainable.
You made him addicted to the feeling.
Jeongguk closed his eyes but was forced to open upon your call. “Jeongguk you’ve really satisfied my hunger... thank you for this delicious meal!” You chuckled while licking your fingers clean.
Jeongguk gulped.
“How can I satisfy my hunger noona.” Jeongguk got up from his seat and carefully removed your hands from your lap as he sat on it, wrapping his hands around your neck, nuzzling his face in your neck. His legs swinging around yours.
Jeongguks body was vibrating, burning like fire and you immediately got the hint. “I missed you so much, noona... don’t you miss me...? I’ve been going crazy without you... I need your love and attention...”
“Noona I need you so bad.” Jeongguk spoke in a sultry tone while slowly grinding himself against you, earning a breathless sound from you.
“erm... jeongguk...” it was your turn to sweat. “Don’t say a word noona... just let me take care of you tonight... let me please you... let me take care of you...” jeongguk breathed in your neck, pressing a kiss on it and you gasped at him.
“I missed you so bad noona that I’ve going crazy from need. Please help me...forgive me and love me again...”
“Love me again.”
Tumblr media
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jungkxook · 6 months ago
—sweeter than sugar. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: ceo!jungkook / sugar daddy au + fluff / smut 
⟶ words: 22,258 oops
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: when infamous playboy jeon jungkook comes to you with a proposition that you know you should say no to, you can’t. because all you really know is that being spoiled has never felt so sweet before
⟶ warnings: lot’s of brand name dropping bc jungkook stays spoiling you!!, sprinkle of angst, unprotected sex, dry humping, grinding, oral sex (f receiving), fingering, face riding, handjob, standing sex, window sex?, riding, creampie
⟶ note: this is a repost of a fic from my old blog, just in case it looks familiar to anyone!
Tumblr media
You have come to find that when rich men and women are drunk enough, they will talk.
Naturally, living in the metropolis that is New York City with its crowded population of millions, you are bound to come across certain interesting people. Yet none have seemingly compared to your experiences with the social elite and upper class businessmen and women of the city. For there, nestled perfectly in the hub of the mayhem and money that is the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in a bar lounge you work at, you learn much about the inner workings and the dramatic gossip of some of the wealthiest people in the city. Stripped down to nothing but self-indulgent humans enjoying their happy hours after a day of work and incredibly drunk off of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine and smooth Louis XIII cognac and martini cocktails, they will talk. They will talk about important business deals, murmur about the hushed world of embezzlers, boast about their latest luxurious purchase, whisper about affairs, and mock fellow friends or business partners.
Of course you listen. You always listen. To you, these people are a whole other species ━ so distant from yourself yet so fascinating. It’s not as if they care about your eavesdropping either, for they do not so much as grace you with a second glance, even when you present them with their drink. Perhaps that’s for the best. After all, you’re certain you’ll never be able to understand them. It’s not as if you like them either. But there is one person in particular who becomes quite the talk of the wealthy entrepreneurs and tycoons that occupy the lounge; the same one person who catches your attention over the many nights of your shifts and you think him to be, perhaps, even more fascinating than his fellow snobby folk.
Jungkook, made of diamonds and gold, is a person you find hard to avoid.
Tabloids and whispers of the eminent young man make him known to you far before you even lay eyes on him and all you know is that he is built upon old money and glory. He is infamous, it appears from the ostentatious words that pluck him from the ordinary and hangs him high above in the endless sky, born into a world where he is lucky enough to be graced with not only the wealth but the handsome features too. You still aren’t quite sure you understand what exactly he does for a living, though you learn over time he’s inherited his father’s company of investment banking at the ripe age of 23 after his father’s retirement. Really, all that seems to pique your interest is the simple fact that he wears clothes that cost the same amount as your college tuition, if not more, whilst you are drowning in obstinate debt. It is a life he will never know, much like his life is one you will never know.
Though many attempt to degrade him as being a spoiled rich kid with a pretty face who doesn’t deserve his father’s company, you can hardly find an inkling of hatred in your bones for the boy. Instead, you find blatant envy laced in every nerve, despite still struggling internally to be thankful for the dismal life you live from a day-to-day basis. It is only on days when the universe itself decides to take it’s annoyance out on you in mundane mishaps that makes you entirely jealous of men and women at the lounge. Of the eminent man that is Jungkook.
As a college student in your final year, the looming fact of paying your tuition debt, amongst other necessities and living expenses, dangles over your head in a foreboding dark cloud. It isn’t the idea that you struggle to barely make ends meet, or yet another heated conversation you have with your landlord only a week prior, begging him to wait until you get paid to give him your rent, or the fact that you work two part-time jobs aside from attending class in an attempt to make enough money to live that makes you break down on one particular Saturday morning. It is when you return from your first job of working an eight hour shift at the café around the corner from where you live, climb the five flights of stairs to your floor after you find that the elevator isn’t working, only to scan through your daily mail of bills and taxes to find an envelope containing a letter with big, bolded words screaming at you EVICTION NOTICE, akin to two middle fingers raised high in the air for you.
That is when the severity of your situation seems to hit you because you suddenly become aware in an entirely pessimistic shame that you have failed. Failed to make ends meet and failed to make your dull routine work of running from one job to the next and attending classes. You skim the contents of the notice rather quickly, your mind stuck somewhere between terror of living on the streets and rushing to get ready for your second shift of the night, but your nervous eyes are able to catch a glimpse of the three week deadline your landlord gives you in order to either return to him the lost rent you are owing to stay or to pack your belongings and leave. You hardly have time to read the rest or devise a plan in order to save your ass as you crumple the paper in anger and toss it on your bed before moving to prepare yourself for work.
The second job you work is at the lounge. It’s popularity amongst the urbanites makes sure that you find little to no time to rest as you are running back and forth from behind the counter to customers serving drinks and other appetizers. It’s a newer job you work, having only been there for six months, but at the four month mark is when he starts showing up, as if the universe further wanted to laugh in your face and taunt that there are people who never have to work hard to simply live.
In the short time span of two months that you see him at the lounge, you never once utter a word to him as your boss makes certain that he personally tends to Jungkook and his friends in an attempt to please the rich boy. However, you admire him from afar anyway, taking note in his appearances and manners. He is always well dressed from head to toe in perfectly tailored and fitting Giorgio Armani suits. His dress shirts are usually either pure cotton or some sort of silky lavish material and a watch and rings are accessories he always seems to wear. He is generous, however, and orders the most expensive drinks for he and his friends and is the one to make sure they find a ride home but you discover he must naturally be a bit of a lush because he is always stumbling out of the lounge well into the night and blissfully inebriated, usually with a girl wrapped around his finger and fawning over him drunkenly. He is, quite obviously, a sybarite, a playboy, but a kind one at that ━ or perhaps that is just a facade.
You do not see him at first when you begin your shift that night, but he seems to make an appearance at the most terrible of times. It is just as you’re finally clocking out for your break and take a step outside next to the building for a breath of air, further off from the other customers of the lounge who like to sit on the patio with a burning cigarette limply dangling from fingertips or the finest of cigars, when you find your boss, Namjoon, joining your side to tell you something you aren’t at all prepared to hear.
“Y/N, I actually wanted to talk to you,” he starts, his tone casual. The night is cool despite being mid-spring, and a breeze ruffles his dark hair and sends a chill down your spine.
“Am I in trouble?” You ask, and though it is supposed to be a joke, you can’t help but fear for a moment about whether you might actually be.
“Oh, no, nothing like that,” he says with a lighthearted chuckle. “No, no. It’s just that━ Well, you see━ You’re most certainly one of our best employees here but, that being said, I think━ Ahem, simply put, with all the new hires we got recently and all their training, we unfortunately are going to have to start pulling your hours.”
His words don’t seem to register in your mind at first and you look at him curiously, dumbfounded. “You what?”
“From now on, we only need you to work ten hours a week here,” he says. “Just for the time being━”
“You’re cutting back on my hours?” You ask abruptly. “Why me?”
“If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t the only one this is happening to,” he replies. “It’s a really shitty thing to do, I know, but we have no other choice.”
Finally, what he says seems to sink in and your eyes widen in disbelief. You push yourself off the wall you are leaning against and round on him instantly. “No, no, you can’t! Please! I need those extra hours and the money━ Look, I just got the news today that I might be kicked out of my apartment in less than a month and I still need to pay back my school tuition. I can’t afford to━”
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Namjoon says, entirely in a dismissive manner that has you coming to a complete halt and making you feel absolutely foolish. “But there’s nothing I can do right now━ Ah! If it isn’t the man himself! Jungkook! Glad to see you could make it. Excuse me, doll━”
Your boss moves quickly, parting from you with a final pat on your shoulder as if to poorly console you before shifting his attention over to the newcomer, to Jungkook. You’re seething with absolute rage that boils in the pit of your stomach and the tips of your fingers, your mouth hanging opened in an appalled gap, as you whirl around only to have your eyes settle upon your boss devoting all his attention to Jungkook and the friend by his side who is digging through his pockets for a cigarette atop the patio just behind you. You are left entirely forgotten and bristling with anger that you find hard to keep under control as you gawk at your boss before realizing that Jungkook is staring at you.
His dark chocolate pupils peer at you under the shimmering moonlight, reflecting something soft and pensive, but what exactly he is thinking, you can’t surely make out. It catches you off guard and has you clamping your mouth shut as if to showcase some sort of proper etiquette around the prestige boy, a blush warming your cheeks, because why is he looking at you? He’s never taken the time to so much as glance your way with any sort of interest ━ or so you thought ━ and yet here he is, his intimidating eyes piercing yours and making you shift uncomfortably in your spot. You don’t bother to linger any longer after that.
As soon as his friend is calling for his attention, and Jungkook turns to avert his gaze to the conversation that is happening without him, you round on your heel and briskly walk back into the lounge, your mind in a haze of embarrassed confusion and anger.
Tumblr media
Your awkward encounter with Jungkook is quick to slip your mind as soon as you are hurled back into the persistent problems of your life.
The next few days elapse into one another in a useless blur as you try to beg your boss at your first job to allow you more shifts, while simultaneously trying to discover what you will do and who you can live with if you are evicted. Moving back in with your parents seems the most practical but least favourable when they live too far away from your jobs and school. You’re considering asking a close friend if you can live with them for a few weeks when the universe seems to present itself to you one more time, but in a way to redeem itself.
It happens on that Wednesday, only a few days after receiving the eviction notice. You return to your job at the lounge that night for a rather usually dull shift as not many people seem to come out on a night that is in the middle of the week. It’s slow, as you expect, and you try to spend the time by cleaning the bar counter, cleaning the shelves that the bottles of liquor stand on, cleaning glasses, and repeating the process again and again, but even that becomes tedious after a while. The lounge itself isn’t typically a place of gathering for just anybody with it’s all glass panes, dark interior, and lights of hues of purple and blue to help with the ambiance, modern furniture, and smooth jazz music to tie it all perfectly together. It’s nearing 7pm when the door swings open but you hardly pay much attention as you’re uselessly wiping the counter and fretting over the notice. When you hear the sound of someone clearing their throat from behind you, you spin around and come face-to-face with none other than Jungkook.
An involuntary gasp slips past your parted lips before you can swallow it back and your hands quickly abandon the rag you’re holding to nervously smooth down your hair and clothes.
“Hi there,” he smiles and, when he does, it is something daunting and mischievous.
He’s abandoned his usual Armani attire for something a little more casual though even your untrained eye can sense that the clothes he wears still costs much more than what you earn in a day. A Saint Laurent bomber jacket, a Rolex watch, Louis Vuitton dress shoes. His blonde locks are parted ever so slightly off to the side and, as he moves to certain angles under the dim lights of the lounge, you catch sight of the tattoos that cover his arm and are mostly always covered up. Up close, you can see features on his face that you would have otherwise misplaced, like the dainty point of his nose or the piercings on his ears or just how big his eyes truly are, giving him a more youthful appearance even though he is not much older than you as it is. You’re so mesmerized and too busy studying his dazzling attire to notice the fact that he speaks to you that it takes you a moment to respond.
“O━Oh, um, hi,” You force a smile on your face that is visibly so. You gulp back your nerves and straighten up, fighting for your voice. “What can I get you?”
“Just water is fine, actually,” he says and, goodness, why was his voice so smooth and luxurious?
You quirk a brow, the question tumbling from you before you can stop it. “You’re telling me that you came all the way down here for a glass of water that you can easily get at your home?”
Your mouth quickly snaps shut, as you’re suddenly fearful of having said something wrong, but the boy in front of you only chuckles and shrugs sheepishly.
“Ah, well, it’s a Wednesday night and I do have to work tomorrow,” he says.
He’s still smiling as he watches you and the sight has you nervous once more. To avoid his intense stare, you move to gather him a glass of water. It’s silent as you do so, the only sound coming from the other chatter of customers and the music that plays in the foreground. When you slide his drink over to him, his smile widens and he nods.
You nod timidly and try to distract yourself by cleaning once more. Not even before you can turn fully away from him, he’s speaking again.
“So, you know of me, huh?” he asks and then stops himself. “Sorry, that sounded very conceited of me. I’m just━ I don’t know. Surprised.”
“You’re quite the talk of the city,” You point out in a matter-of-fact tone and giggle. “It’s hard to not know who you are.”
Jungkook licks his lips and smiles almost bashfully. The sight seems so rare that it has you staring at him in wonder. His eyes flicked up to look at you past his long lashes and then he lifts his chin to properly face you. “Then who do I have the fortune of speaking to tonight?”
“Y/N,” You introduce, holding out a hand for him. “It’s most certainly a pleasure to meet you properly, sir.”
The boy takes your hand in his, his skin smooth and delicate, and then he does something you do not expect at all. He turns your palm over so that the back of your hand is facing him and he presses a small kiss to your knuckles that leaves tingles running down your spine.
“The pleasure’s all mine,” he says.
You must be entirely gawking at him again as he lets go of your hand because he laughs and straightens up in his seat, taking a sip of his water.
“I actually wanted to talk to you,” he says.
“M━Me?” You ask, still stunned. “Did you want to speak with Namjoon? He isn’t in right now but I can leave a note for you, if you want━”
“Oh, no, that won’t be necessary,” he replies, gently turning down your suggestion. “No, you were just the person I was hoping to find tonight.”
“Oh, really?” You question and Jungkook nods. “Then what can I do for you?”
The smile on his face shifts into a smirk and he pauses to take another sip of his water, leaving you in hanging anticipation. He sets his glass down and props his elbows up on the counter, leaning forward.
“I’ve come to offer you a proposition,” he says.
“A proposition?” You echo.
“Mhm, and it’s one I hope you don’t turn down,” he continues. “See, the other night on Saturday, I couldn’t help but overhear you talking to your boss about your shifts, or lack thereof, and━”
“You heard that?” You gasp, dismayed. “You were eavesdropping?”
“Not exactly,” Jungkook says. “I just so happened to stumble outside just as you were complaining.”
You eye him warily, folding your arms over your chest. “Okay, go on.”
“Well,” Jungkook begins, “I’m here to offer you a job but, I must warn you, it’s a very different kind of job.”
His words seem to intrigue you as you absentmindedly take a step closer to him, lowering your head to listen closely. You don’t reply back but, judging by the interested look on your face, Jungkook casually carries on. He locks gazes with you then, a hard unbreakable gaze that has you looking only at him as he utters his next few words.
“There’s no easy way to explain this that won’t make it seem indecent, but I can assure you that my intentions are pure,” he admits. “Have you ever heard of the term sugar baby?”
As soon as you hear the last of his words, you push yourself up and begin shaking your head furiously. “You want me to be your sugar baby?” You ask. The incredulous question has a blush pinching at your cheeks. “Are you nuts? I’m not that kind of girl. I’m not going to sleep with you even if you pay me━”
“Hear me out,” he says calmly and, for some odd reason, you pause. Your eyes narrow into a scrutinizing glare as you stare him down.
“Fine,” You say stiffly. “Keep talking.”
“It’s a crazy idea, I know,” he says. “And, sure, typically sugar babies are used for sex but I would never force myself on you or force you to do anything you wouldn’t want to. That’s a promise I’ll never break. I just figured that we can keep the companionship aspect of the whole thing and that’s it. Nothing more than having a person by my side.”
“I’m sure you can find plenty of girls to take that role,” You muse aloud.
“Sure,” he admits sheepishly, “but I’m asking you because I want you to be the one and because I know you need this money more than anyone else.”
You fall silent as you study him. He pulls out his phone then and begins to scroll through it almost too nonchalantly but you don’t necessarily mind. You are much too busy pondering his offer.
“But you don’t even know me,” You say at last.
“Also true,” he says, glancing up at you. “I guess you could say that’s another part of the reason why I’m asking you because I wouldn’t mind getting to know you. I mean, I see you all the time at this bar. I would have loved to come up and talk to you at any given moment but you always seemed so caught up in your work. Now I know why.”
Another silence ensues and he watches as you bite nervously on your lower lip. You rake a hand through your hair and sigh.
“How about this?” he asks, shifting in his seat to sit up straighter. “We try it out at least once to test the waters for an upcoming event where you’re my date. If you like it and want to keep going, great. If you absolutely hate it and hate me, then you can forget all about me and that I ever asked you this and I’ll leave you alone. Deal?”
“How do I know you’re not planning my murder?”
Jungkook smirks wolfishly. “That would be bad for business, love, and neither me nor my company needs that sort of attention in the press. So… What do you say?”
“I don’t know. It’s just… a lot. I have to think about it.”
Jungkook nods. “That’s understandable. Here━”
He shifts in his seat and pulls his wallet from his jeans. With a flourish, he procures a business card and slides it onto the table. Then, he gestures for a pen and, once you hand him the one you fish out from the apron tied around your waist, he scribbles his own personal number down on the back. He looks up at you with an ever so pretty smile, his eyes twinkling.
“Call me on this number whenever you decide.”
He doesn’t stay much longer after that. When he does leave, he makes sure to leave you a tip. A considerable sum of $500 in the form of a cheque. He’s long gone by the time you register the amount on the slip of paper and your name scribbled down. When the shock is gone, you tell yourself you can’t possibly take the cheque. But he knows that either way, whether you accept the cheque and his offer or try to return the money to him, you’ll call him one way or another. You realize this only on your way home from the lounge and shake your head at his conniving way. If there was one thing you have learnt during your time at the lounge, rich men always get what they want.
You aren’t entirely too sure what makes you cave. Maybe it’s the fact that, when you return home and are greeted to the looming notice papers, you are reminded that you so desperately need the money, or the fact that Jungkook is as charming and attractive as people say. Maybe it is the fact that he is quite obviously devoting his time and attention on solely you. Perhaps once won’t hurt after all. Then, if he stays true to his word and pays you handsomely, just enough for your rent, you never have to see him again. So the next morning, after a great deal of pensive pacing around your apartment, it is with one final hefty sigh that you call Jungkook. He answers on the third ring with a cordial, “Hello?”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this but fine. You have yourself a deal.”
Even without seeing his face, you can hear the smile in his voice, can see the way it must be tugging at his pink lips. “Ah, Y/N! Great!”
“What do you need me to do exactly?”
“Well, first thing’s first,” he says. “We need to set up some ground rules. First, I won’t try anything on you that you won’t like. Second, since this is technically still a job ━ and I know it’s going to sound ridiculous but stay with me ━ we need to be cautious about gaining romantic feelings for one another. It’ll just get in the way of everything, okay?”
“Okay. Whatever you say.”
“Good,” he says. “Then let’s jump right to it: I need you to be my date at this business dinner party that’s coming up. The logistics of the dinner party bore me. I know as much about it as you do, if I’m honest, but everyone ━ mostly my father ━ thinks it’ll be a good idea to bring a proper date. As if that’ll leave a good impression on these people we’re trying to win over. We’ll see about that.”
“When is it?” You ask.
“Three days from now.”
“As in Paris, France?”
Jungkook hums in agreement a little too calmly for your liking. Your jaw drops open in surprise and you begin to sputter for air, stammering over your words.
“Jungkook,” You say his name sternly, laughing at just how ridiculous this request is. “This whole thing started because I have no money. I’m getting kicked out of my apartment ━ or did you miss that? What makes you think I have the money for a ticket to Paris?”
Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to bursts out into boisterous laughter, and he continues to laugh and laugh as if this is the funniest thing he has heard yet. You are left staring blankly at your wall, completely frazzled and stunned.
“God, you’re cute,” he sighs at long last. “Baby girl, I don’t think you quite understand the concept of this but that’s okay. We can work on it. Here, look. Check your phone━”
As he says this, your phone chimes pleasantly to notify you of a new message. Pulling your phone away from your face, you see a new text from Jungkook’s number: a screenshot of an email of a bank purchase, one that he confirms out loud with his confident words even when you feel your hands shaking in overwhelming anticipation.
“I already bought you a ticket as we were speaking,” he says. “We leave Friday.”
Tumblr media
The concept is entirely too hard to wrap your mind around, even after you sleep on it.
It’s like a dream come true, a fairy tale that people can only ever hope for, and it had fallen so perfectly into your very lap in the form of Jungkook. You pack the next night for Paris (which will only be a two day trip, according to Jungkook), the excitement and nerves finally kicking in and making you jittery and grin from ear-to-ear as you rummage around your apartment. He picks you up early the next morning in a chauffeured BMW before you’re both driven to the airport to fly in two first class seats to Paris. The whole thing is ludicrous but you can’t seem to get enough ━ even with the way he seems to act like a total gentleman by holding the car door open for you and holding your hand as he helps you onto the plane. From what you gather, he is kind and gentle and spends the time talking to you on the long flight to Paris in an attempt to help soothe your nerves when he sees you toying anxiously with your hands. You learn about his father and his company and he learns about your family and school life.
When you arrive in Paris, the streets are suddenly dazzling with a magic you have never seen before. From the architecture to the gardens to the grand tower in the distance, everything seems like a whimsical dream and you, the poor undeserving spectator, can’t possibly contain your excitement. In the chauffeured drive to your hotel, Jungkook watches you with amused eyes and chuckles under his breath when you gawk out the window at the passing city. Your accommodations for the getaway have already been paid for and includes a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. It is simply marvelous, a palace sculpted so divinely out of white stone and marble in the lobby. The people are friendly, both the employees and other occupants, greeting you with warm smiles and generous gestures, but the atmospheric prestige is slightly nerve-wrecking.
Jungkook pays for your room which is the luxurious Royal Suite, a room much larger than you truly need but, god, do you love it. There’s a spacious living room, a foyer, a marble fireplace and a dining table, the master bedroom accompanied by an all marble bathroom, and private terrace with a view of the surrounding city and the Eiffel tower in the near distance, so close it feels as if you can reach out and touch it. Everything is adorned in gold and ivory furnishing, white plush cushions and bedding with teal accents, white flowers and exceptional pieces of decorations. Jungkook is still with you when he guides you into the suite but he doesn’t speak and nor do you. Instead, he watches as you stare in awe at the overwhelmingly large room and the lavish paintings and furniture that are placed perfectly around, and the platter of macaroons and a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne in an ice bucket atop the glass coffee table. He watches even as you throw yourself to the terrace door, beaming outside at the beautiful view.
“Like it?” he asks, his lips curling upward faintly in an amused smile.
“Like it?” You repeat, astonished. You turn to face him and can’t contain the squeal that bubbles at your lips. You fling yourself down onto the plush sofa nearest you and sigh dreamily as you look up at the boy who is suppressing his chuckles. “I’m in love, Jungkook. I definitely don’t deserve this━”
“Don’t say that,” Jungkook frowns, interrupting you quickly. “Of course you deserve this. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. That’s what I want to hear.”
You push yourself up to sit on the couch and cross your legs beneath you. You gaze up at Jungkook, gnawing nervously on your lower lip. “I just feel like you could have found a better person to replace me. I mean, I don’t even know where to start with repaying you.”
“There’s no need to repay me,” Jungkook says. “That’s the whole point of this ordeal. All I want from you is to be my side when I need you. You owe no debt to me. Just keep enjoying yourself, yeah?”
You nod timidly and he smiles. He notices you shift in your seat to stand up once more and he swiftly holds out his hand for you in an ever gentleman-like way. You take it graciously and pull yourself up and then he does it again, lifting your twined hands to his lips to press a tender kiss to your knuckles. He keeps his lips pressed to your skin for a second too long and it has you blushing madly before he finally releases your hand once more.
“It’s late,” he says. “You should get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Set an early alarm, okay? I have something else for you that I want to show you before the dinner party.”
“Sounds like a plan,” You hum almost absentmindedly as your attention is suddenly averted back to the room that you can’t seem to get enough of.
“Sweet dreams, Y/N,” he smiles.
He begins retreating back to the door of the room but stops when he hears you call his name, your voice so distant and faint, soft and gentle and loving, that it makes his heart skip a beat.
“Thank you for everything so far, Jungkook.”
Jungkook notices the irreplaceable smile on your face and it’s so genuine and heartwarming that it has the exact same smile mirroring on his face. He nods once more, understanding, before giving you a sly wink and walking out the door. You don’t stay awake much longer after that, the jitters and excitement eventually soothing into something soft that lulls you to sleep
Tumblr media
You aren’t entirely sure what Jungkook has planned for the next morning but you are most definitely not disappointed.
He comes by your room around 10:00 am, a light rap of his knuckles against the door signalling his arrival. He’s dressed casual today and it, for once during the duration of the time that you’ve been with him, doesn’t make you feel bad for wearing just as casual clothing. He takes you to a café just down the street from the hotel for breakfast and then he walks with you through the streets of Paris, past all the people and hectic life. When you finally arrive at your destination, your jaw drops open in complete unregistered shock because you realize he’s taking you shopping ━ and shopping not just anywhere but the Champs-Élysées and down Avenue Montaigne where all the leading couture designers are. He pulls you into a certain shop with designer and brand name formal wear, dresses and suits of all sorts of materials and lengths lining the walls, shelves, and dressing mannequins.
“I figured we could go shopping for something for you to wear tonight,” he says. “It’s your pick. See anything that catches your attention?”
You snort a bit ungracefully, your fingers running over the silky material of a scarlet red Valentino dress decorating a mannequin near you.
“Yeah, all of it,” You say, your fingers plucking the price tag of the dress and gawking at it. “But not for that price. I’d have to take out another loan from the bank if I’d want to buy this and I’m still paying off my tuition fees.”
Jungkook laughs lightly at your dry remarks and places his hand on the small of your back with such ease that it catches you by surprise.
“Baby girl,” he hums, and the small pet name is enough to make your heart flutter, “I’m buying it for you. Go ahead. Run wild in here. We can get a consultant to help you if you want.”
“I’m going to need more than a consultant to deal with all this,” You say. “It’s making my head spin. If I’m dreaming, please don’t pinch me.”
He smirks, giving you a shake of his head. “I can assure you that you aren’t dreaming. Go on. If you see anything you like, don’t be afraid to tell me. Today is all about you.”
And Jungkook doesn’t lie. Though it feels so wrong to be so spoiled and pampered, you find yourself basking in all of it ━ from the way Jungkook follows behind you as you study every piece of clothing and waits patiently as you try on dress after dress, to the way the employees that work there fawn over your body and the way you model the dress “just perfectly,” to the way they serve you bubbling champagne in crystal flute glasses. It’s all about you, and it’s never felt so good.
It doesn’t stop there. Jungkook takes you to shop after shop, boutique after boutique, until you find a dress that you take quite a liking to. It’s a floor length Alberta Ferretti velvet midnight blue, almost black, gown, the seams of which hugging your body and curves in all the right places. It’s a slightly off-the-shoulder dress, with a heart-shaped scoop neckline and a slit on one side of the dress that runs far up the smooth expanse of your leg to end mid-thigh. It’s the dress you pick because it’s the only dress that seems to garner such a unique reaction from Jungkook. It’s one where he forgets his words momentarily, gazing at you as if you were made of pure gold, because, holy shit, he’s never seen anything so beautiful before. He can’t speak whilst you model the dress for him and the consultant, twirling around and around in front of the mirrors to admire your own figure, because he doesn’t want to miss a single thing about just how gorgeous you look in it.
He doesn’t tell you but, when you decide on that dress, he couldn’t have been any happier.
Even after finding the dress, Jungkook still continues to take you shopping, promising to buy you any other article of clothing or piece of jewelry that catches your attention, though you try to tame your desires as you begin to feel a bit too spoiled. Jungkook doesn’t mind, of course. He never seems to mind. Eventually, after he takes you back to the hotel with all black Christian Louboutin ankle strap heels and a glittering Tiffany necklace and earrings for the dress, he leaves you alone to get ready for the dinner. When he meets you once more at your suite, it is later in the evening and the sun outside has just begun to set. He enters your room looking as if he has just walked out from a Renaissance painting or was sculpted by the Grecians himself in marble stone because of just how divine he looks. He’s adorned in yet another Armani suit, a dark charcoal that is almost ebony black, and his hair is combed and parted neatly to the side. There’s no need to even look at him to know he is already handsome, but something about that night makes his features more prominent.
You’re still in the bathroom when he does enter your room, calling out to you with a, “Y/N? You ready? We need to get going soon.”
He hears your voice carry from the bathroom, light and feathery, and though it is muffled, he can make it out to sound like, “Just a sec!”
So, Jungkook waits. He’s suddenly nervous as he does, fiddling with the cuffs of his sleeves and the hem of his suit jacket, when he hears the bathroom door click open. He hears the clinking of your heels as you walk towards him and then time seems to slow down in a sort of entirely cliche way because all he can focus on is you. And, god, you’re beautiful. If Jungkook is to you only a man-made beauty of Renaissance and Ancient Greek art, then you are to him made up of the stars and the moon and sun, carved divinely from the very hands of the universe itself and kissed all over by enchanting Mother Nature. You are radiant, you are natural, genuine, breathtaking, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. He is far too caught up with the way you look to even pay attention to your words, that only hit him in disoriented white noise.
“Jungkook?” You wave a hand in his face. “Can you zip me up?”
“What?” Jungkook seems to snap out of his daze and shakes his head suddenly. “Oh, right! Sorry, of course. Come here.”
You do, closing the distance between him and you with a wobbly flourish on your heels and turn your back to him. Jungkook gulps as he sees the zipper of the dress hanging low on your back. With cold hands, he begins to pull the zipper up, but he doesn’t seem to notice the way goosebumps run down your spine when you feel the ghost of his touch. When he’s done, you turn to face him once more and place your hands on your hips. Your hair and makeup are perfectly done and the glittering jewellery you wear all makes you look like such an elegant star.
“Well?” You ask. “What do you think? Is it too much? I don’t really know, to be honest. Or am I too underdressed? Oh god, I don’t know━”
“You’re beautiful,” Jungkook says abruptly.
Your cheeks are tinted pink at his compliment and you look down bashfully. He reaches out for your hand and you take it carefully only to have him raise your clasped palms above your head.
“Spin for me, love.”
You obediently follow his command, anxious under his watchful eyes. They drift down and up and then back down and up again to take in your full figure and he sighs under his breath. When you’re facing him again, there is a hint of a smile on his face and his pupils are glistening.
“Magnificent,” he breathes. “My goodness, baby girl, all eyes are going to be on you and only you tonight. I think I’m going to need to keep a watchful eye on you and make sure you don’t ditch me for another man before I can even get to know you better.”
You shake your head at him as he softly drops your hand from his. You inattentively reach out to grab at his already perfectly kempt tie, straightening it from beneath his collar.
“I wouldn’t worry about that,” You giggle. “I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, Jungkook.”
And Jungkook smiles.
Another chauffeured ride picks the two of you up at the hotel (this time a sleek black Mercedes) and drives you all the way to the Hotel Plaza Athénée, in which one of Jungkook’s associates have rented out the entire restaurant attached to it simply for the cause of their business dinner. Jungkook is the one who gets out of the car first and holds your door open, taking your hand to help you out and hooking arms with you as he guides you inside to the restaurant that you can only describe as a winter wonderland, made upon white furnishing and a magnificent crystal chandelier that resembles falling stars or snowflakes frozen in time.
The party isn’t nearly as terrible as you had thought. It begins awkwardly and you feel uncomfortable, shifting your weight from one heel to the other, and clinging desperately onto Jungkook, but the partygoers are friendly. They talk to you without a problem, introducing themselves with big smiles and welcoming you into their small lavish circle. The party continues on rather pleasantly, though you thank the glasses of red wine you are constantly consuming to not only help pass the time and soothe your nerves, but to distract the rich men and women around you long enough so you can breathe without feeling scrutinized.
By the time the night is coming to a close, you and Jungkook are equally as drunk off of expensive wine and champagne, and say a reasonable farewell to the other guests before leaving back to the hotel. You don’t leave Jungkook’s side, and perhaps that is because your intoxicated mind is suddenly buzzing with thoughts and your bloodstream is pumping with adrenaline because you are wide awake. You end up back in his room, both of you lounging out on the perfectly made bed, sharing yet another bottle of wine (that Jungkook had ordered from room service) between the two of you, giggling and chatting well into the night.
There is a moment where the late hour of the night and the alcohol seems to finally get to you and Jungkook; where the two of you are simply sprawled out on the bed in a comfortable silence. Your eyes begin to itch with the heavy need for sleep and you find yourself slipping in and out of your stream of consciousness, the fact that you are still confined to the tight dress you wear completely vanishing from your mind. It’s then that it seems to hit you - the whole ordeal with Jungkook and the fact that you are in Paris, wearing clothes that most certainly cost as much as your tuition - and it comes in waves of overwhelming and bursting joy and gratefulness.
“Jungkook,” You hum sleepily, catching the boy’s attention. “I’m serious when I say thank you for everything. It’s just so- so amazing and I want you to know that.”
“I know,” Jungkook says. “I believe you.”
You shift in your spot to stare up at him. He’s reclining beside you, a hand propped behind his head, and he is gazing up at the ceiling before looking over at you. He smiles softly.
“I just don’t want you to think you’re making a mistake by spending all this money on someone like me ━ as if I’m some sort of basket case,” You say. “So if you want to be brutally honest with me and never want to speak to me again after this, please just tell me now so I don’t have to wait to be rejected.”
He quirks a brow, examining your features as if to decipher your words.
“Is that what you think this is all about?” he asks finally. “The rich boy trying to do his moral duty by giving away his money? I’m helping you because I like you and because I don’t want to see someone as sweet and gentle as you being kicked out on the streets. I like you, all of you, and that’s not going to change. I’m not going anywhere.”
He finds you smiling, bright and cheery, your eyes twinkling beautifully. You do not know what compels you to move next ━ possibly the alcohol clouding your mind or the fact that Jungkook is sitting before you, as handsome as ever even at three in the morning ━ but then you are pushing yourself forward, leaning toward him and pressing your mouth against his for a sudden kiss. All you can focus on is the soft plump of his lips, laced with the taste of bittersweet wine and his intoxicating cologne, and it makes you pur with delight.
The action has Jungkook completely shocked but he doesn’t push you away. If anything, he begins to get carried away, but so do you. Suddenly, neither of you seem to be able to get enough of the taste of each other’s lips. You feel his tongue poke against your mouth, grazing your lower lip sensually, practically begging for entrance, and you part your mouth with ease, welcoming all of him. He kisses you slowly, yearning for more, but then the intensity of the kiss heats up. Your tongues dance together in a sloppy wet kiss, teeth clashing together in a desperate and needy fashion, lips smacking roughly against each other’s and igniting flames in every joint of your body. You react without thinking, wiggling around on the bed until you’re lifting yourself up and straddling his hips, sitting back on his thighs.
You’re grasping eagerly at him, tugging at the strands of hair at the nape of his neck, as his own hands come to rest upon your hips, pulling you against him. He parts from your lips then to pepper kisses down to your jawline and neck, where he licks a clean stripe upward. His lips wrap around the delicate skin there and he sucks, something that earns him a moan from yourself. You keen on him in content and jut your hips forward, silently urging him on for more. His breath hitches in his throat but, when you roll your hips against his once more, he moans into your neck.
“Baby girl,” he grunts. “If you keep doing that, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”
You smirk as you nip at his neck, making him growl. “Don’t hold back. I don’t want you to.”
Tingles run down his spine at the way your lips brush against his skin and he tugs you closer to him. He is so absorbed in the wholeness that is you that he can hardly grasp onto a reasonable thought. Especially not when you’re moaning against his neck with a slight whine of, “Fuck, Jungkook, I need you so bad.”
It takes all that he can in him to not cave at your touch and he shifts beneath your weight, gnawing on his lower lip. You can feel the bulge in his pants begin to brush against your inner thigh and the sensation against your throbbing core suddenly excites you. You roll your hips once more against him as you smash your mouth against his for a passionate kiss. It’s messy and eager and hot and you don’t plan on stopping. You think Jungkook has the same intentions with the way he is stifling his moans into the form of grunts and groans, his fingers digging tightly into your skin enough to make you gasp, but then his hold becomes ironclad and he stops your movements with ease.
“No, baby girl, we can’t,” he whispers against your lips.
You lean back on his lap and look at him curiously, admiring the way his lips are bruised red and the way his neck is suddenly marked raw. “Why not?”
Jungkook finds it hard to focus as you run your hands up his chest and back down, your fingertips dancing on the top of his belt. He grabs your hand then, twining your fingers together as he usually does and shaking his head gently.
“Not now,” he says. “I said I wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want.”
“But I do want this,” You insist. You lean forward to kiss him once more, moaning in pleasure. “God, I want this so much.”
Jungkook smiles weakly. His hand comes up to grasp gingerly at your cheek and he makes you look at him with delicate gestures.
“You’re drunk. I’m drunk,” he says. “Sometimes people make the wrong decisions when they’re drunk. I don’t want you to regret this when you wake up in the morning, even if you insist right now that you won’t. Okay?”
You sit back on his lap once more, dumbfounded and, albeit, slightly let down, but there’s a part of you that is thankful for Jungkook’s sudden decision. You relent at once, somehow letting a reasonable thought in your mind tell you that Jungkook is right, and you nod.
“Sorry,” You sigh and then yawn. “You’re right. I’m just━ just tired.”
Jungkook nods understandingly, and pecks your forehead gently, a gesture that is enough to leave your head spinning. You push yourself off of him and plop onto the bed with a heavy exhale of air as soon as your head hits the pillow. Once it does, you find it incredibly hard to keep your eyes open and Jungkook smiles lightly. It’s the candid genuinity that makes Jungkook’s heart swell.
“Why don’t you sleep here?” he suggests. “I’ll sleep in your room for the night if you want, or on the couch━”
He’s already standing to his feet when you stop him.
“Wait, Jungkook,” You mumble. When you speak next, your voice is an involuntary drunk whine, “This dress is so uncomfortable━ I just━”
He sees you struggling to reach the zipper of the dress and chuckles under his breath.
“Let me help you, baby,” he hums, his hands brushing against yours as he thwarts your attempts. “Just rest.”
You begin to argue, sounding very similar to a needy child, but Jungkook simply hushes you. In your drunken tired state, you don’t seem nearly as flustered as Jungkook is as he unzips your dress very slowly and the feeling is so foreign that it has Jungkook’s nerves mingling with fear. He’s undressed a girl plenty of times and never once has he been this timid. He finds it hard to focus his eyes elsewhere when he has you shimmying out of the dress because, Jesus, did you have to wear black lace panties with a matching strapless bra? You’re nearly stripped bare before him and he gulps as his eyes flicker down fleetingly over your body and your feminine curves. Before he can linger any longer, he is grabbing one of his plain t-shirts that is hanging off the back of a nearby armchair and slips it over your head and body with such soothing motions and all Jungkook can focus on now is just how cute you look in his shirt, your lips parted slightly, and your hair a hectic mess.
By the time your head hits the pillow once more, Jungkook can hear your tiny snores, and he can’t bring himself to shake you awake to help you into a pair of his sweatpants. Instead, he reaches for the blankets below you and tosses it over your figure and you shift, pushing yourself onto your side and nuzzling your head further into the pillow. As he is straightening up and exhaling a breath of air, he feels a small tug at his hand. He looks down then only to see your hand grasping at his fingertips and hears you mumble, through slurring words and a curtain of hair that crowds your mouth, “Stay.”
Jungkook knows it’s a terrible idea. He knows, deep down, just how badly this is affecting him with all these strange nerves coming to light and with just how easily he seems to give in to your demand. He smiles tenderly once more and nods, despite sighing under his breath.
“Of course, baby,” he whispers. “I’ll stay right here. Go back to sleep, okay?”
You don’t reply, but he doesn’t necessarily need you to. The serenity that is your slumbering face is enough for him and so he changes into a comfortable shirt and sweatpants before slipping under the sheets with you where he falls asleep without trouble. When he wakes in the morning, he finds that your limbs are tangled messily with his and you are pressed closed to his chest, his own arm slung over your waist, and he decides, in that moment, that he made the right choice after all.
Tumblr media
You return from Paris feeling refreshed, strangely, and your heart yearning for another magical getaway to a foreign city.
As if buying you the items he did in Paris wasn’t enough, Jungkook gives you yet another check of money for your time and it is surely enough to make your heart stop altogether. You aren’t quite sure how he knows, but he gives you just the right money to pay for your rent, and then some. It doesn’t just surprise you, but your landlord is at a loss for words when he sees you hand him a sealed envelope with the money you still owe him that very Tuesday, though he doesn’t question it.
Your encounters with Jungkook don’t stop there.
For some reason, you convince yourself to stay with the deal a little longer (perhaps a little selfishly, though you do admit you enjoy the company of Jungkook), but you have also convinced yourself that he’ll disappear, vanish without a trace, after returning from Paris. Fortunately, he doesn’t disappear, and he doesn’t act as if your relationship with him is simply just a job. You find him opening up to you, talking to you as a friend would, and you, in turn, find yourself falling more and more under his charm. Sometimes, he needs you for important business dinners or weddings or polo matches and other gatherings he’s invited to and, each time you go, he pays you fully in return. He always tells you such social events make these businessmen who they are, as if it were all one elaborate game. Other times, he invites you to do the simplest of tasks with him. When it first happens, only a week or two after Paris, you’re lounging in a relaxing bath late one Friday evening and you receive a text from the boy that simply says something along the lines of, “Are you busy? I could really use you right now. Come over if you can.”
Then, shortly after, he sends you another message that asks you, simply, to bring a swimsuit if you have one. The ambiguity and peculiarity of his message, as well as the fear of making sure you don’t disappoint him (but also, quite possibly, the chance to just see him), makes you scurry out of your bath and rush to get changed before chasing out the door. You hadn’t been to his home before then but he texts you his address after you reply that you are on your way and it doesn’t come as a surprise when you see he lives in one of the fancier parts of downtown. The address he gives you leads you straight to a high-rise complex in Midtown Manhattan. The subtly grand lobby is still overwhelming and the doorman and concierge greet you formally as you walk by. Jungkook’s abode, naturally, is the luxury penthouse located at the very top of the building and, walking past the other employees and residents to reach the elevator, makes you feel ashamed of the tight yoga pants and oversized shirt you wear (though no one is actually looking).
You wait anxiously in the elevator and walk the short distance to his entrance as soon as the elevator doors slide open to his floor. Earlier he had sent you a text that instructed you to just simply walk in and so you cautiously press open the front door of the penthouse. It swings wide open and your jaw drops at the stunning view before you. From what you can see, there are two floors to the penthouse, and the main floor has the very outer wall made of ceiling-to-floor glass window panes that look down onto the bustling city below. It is spacious and lavishly furnished and all you know is that your tiny apartment pales in comparison to this. You take a step inside and let the door shut behind you and, as soon as it clicks into place, a chirp of a bark makes you jump. Dashing straight out of a room and charging straight for you is a small white dog, yapping along the way at the newcomer that is you. Your face instantly lights up at the sight and, as the dog begins jumping and barking by your feet, you bend over to scoop him up in your arms, scratching just behind his ears.
“And who are you, cutie?” You coo. “How could Jungkook keep someone like you a secret from me?”
The dog twists in your hold and begins licking at your chin, earning an eruption of giggles from you as you try and gently push him away.
“I see you’ve met Gureum.”
Your head snaps up at the sound of Jungkook’s voice.  He’s standing near a corner he had just turned, leaning casually against the wall. The grin on his face is undeniably strong as he watches you cradle his dog in your arms. He pushes himself off the wall and takes leisurely strides towards you.
“He’s been by my side ever since I was a teen,” he says. “He’s a pretty loyal dog, y’know, and he and I have this special bond going on so I just needed to make sure you were worthy enough to be introduced to him, otherwise I would have told you sooner.”
You burst out into laughter and shake your head. “Well, I’m glad I passed the test and was worthy enough to meet him. Gureum, hm?” You pause and glance back down at the dog. “It means cloud, right? A cute name for a cute pup. I think we’ll get along just fine.”
You plant a kiss on Gureum’s face and then place him down on the ground where he immediately darts off to grab a toy before tottering back. You straighten up to look at Jungkook and gesture around his home.
“Nice place you got here,” You say. “Need a roommate?”
“You want to live together already?” he teases. “You have to at least let me take you out on a few more dates before we get that serious.”
You chuckle lightly and the sound is so silvery and sweet that it makes Jungkook’s heart sing. He is watching you with admiration as you kick off your shoes and begin walking further into his apartment.
“So, what did you want from me tonight?” You asked. “Your text seemed a little urgent.”
“Oh, right,” Jungkook says. He begins following after you and shrugs. “Well, I was going to ask you if you could be my date for an upcoming event. It’s a charity gala ball that my parents and the company will be endorsing in a few months time. It’s fairly a big deal and my father thinks it’ll be good for publicity, again, if I have a proper date by my side since I’ll be hosting the night of the gala and saying a speech.”
“Of course I’ll come with you,” You say. “But did you really have to tell me to come all the way here just to say that?”
Jungkook bursts out into laughter. “I know I could have done that over the phone but, truthfully, I really just wanted to spend a little more time with you. Now that our business talk is out of the way, how does a pizza and movie night sound to you?”
He flings himself down onto the couch nearby and lounges out on it, staring up at you with a look of anticipation. You can’t help but quirk a brow, biting your lower lip to hide the smile that threatens to paint your face.
“You just wanted to spend time with me?” You echo. “So you called me over for pizza and a movie?”
Jungkook nods, beaming up at you. “What do you say?”
“I’ll stay only if you let me have first pick of the movie.”
He pushes himself up to sit (at which point, Gureum takes the liberty of jumping up to sit in his owner’s lap and Jungkook casually threads his fingers through the dog’s fur) and grins, “You can pick every movie we watch.”
“Well, then, if that’s the case━” You plop down next to him on the couch and wiggle around until you’re comfortably positioned. “A pizza and movie night sounds absolutely divine.”
“Good,” he says. “Because I already ordered the pizza while you were on your way here.”
You throw your head back and moan a bit too excessively but it only makes Jungkook laugh. “You spoil me rotten, you know that?”
He shrugs sheepishly and shoots you a wink that has your heart leaping in your chest. He leans in close with a wicked smirk on his face and hums, “Only the best for my baby girl. And, of course while you’re here, we can take a dip in the pool.”
“So that’s what you meant by the cryptic swimsuit text,” You giggle. “I’d love to go for a swim. This apartment’s pool must be amazing.”
“Oh, yes, that one is quite spectacular but I was thinking we could stay within the comfort of my home.”
He says this so simply that you almost don’t register his words. Then it seems to dawn on you the meaning behind his words and you are gawking in pure amazement. “Are you telling me you have a pool in your penthouse?”
Jungkook smirks humorously. “Is it too much?”
You can’t help but shake your head at the cocky tone that twines with his words. A small, bemused thought pops into your head that begs the question just what have you gotten yourself into? A month ago, you would have never been able to imagine living such a life and yet here you are, as Jungkook so graciously had invited you into his own personal world.
Soon enough, you’re standing by the edge of the pool in Jungkook’s home ━ and, yes, he really does have his own personal pool. Tucked away on the second floor of his penthouse, high above the city of New York, like his own perfect little oasis. When you see it, when you’re dressed in nothing but a red bikini standing on the edge of the pool, it feels like a dream. The buildings of Manhattan tower around the penthouse, dazzling with lit windows that shine their soft glow onto the rippling surface of the pool. Somewhere far below you can hear the sound of the city breathing, living; of a distant wailing siren and the squeal of a tire and a blaring horn. And, when you look above, it feels as if you’re so close to the sky that you could reach out and touch the hiding stars.
Jungkook, who is behind you and watching the look of awe paint your face, will smile to himself and then he will give you one playful nudge that pushes you into the pool with a gratifying splash and a yelp of startle on your part that you know will fade into nothing to the people far down below when you’re up this high. He’ll join you in the pool and you’ll sit with him in the serene space, sipping on a bottle of wine and enjoying the pizza he had ordered.
Up there, so high above Manhattan, it feels as if you have the whole world in the palm of your hand and you tell yourself that if this really is a dream, you never want to wake up from it.
Tumblr media
After that night, it isn’t uncommon for Jungkook to text or call you with equally vague messages, asking you to come over to this apartment only to embark on the utmost mundane things. Once, he calls you asking for your help and, when you rush to his apartment, he is debating which flavour ice cream he should bring out for yet another movie night you spend together. Another time, he calls you to accompany him on his walk with Gureum, or to help him buy groceries, or be his extra food critic when he decides to order takeout from a new restaurant.
Each time he calls or texts you, each time he asks you to rush over only for something minor, he ends up paying you in cheques and still spoils you with “little” gifts every now and then, like a watch one night, a pair of diamond earrings another, a shirt you had been eyeing at the store one day when he and you had passed by a boutique while walking Gureum. Though the money and gifts are, by no means, any less valuable or less cherished than they already are by you, your sudden time alone with Jungkook becomes something much more than just material pleasure. When it’s just you and him, curled up next to one another on his couch as you watch the flickering images of the movie play out before you, whether basking in the silence or laughing together until you cry, those moments become precious and sacred and you find yourself enjoying his company much more than his money or gifts.
Your relationship with him carries on like this for weeks upon weeks, until three months seem to pass, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it at all (especially when you are consumed with finishing school). The money he gives you, as well as the money you earn from both jobs you still work, is enough for you to keep paying your rent and your loans off, long after you’ve graduated from school (another celebration that Jungkook so graciously attends and earns strange looks from your friends and family when they see just how close the two of you are). As a gift for your graduation, Jungkook calls you late one evening when you are relaxing in a warm bubble bath. When you answer the call, cradling your phone between your ear and shoulder, he greets you with, “How do you feel about Italy?”
You quirk a brow. “It’s beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go there. Why are you asking?”
“Well, yes, it is quite beautiful,” he says. “But how do you feel about going to Italy? Say, tomorrow morning?”
You nearly drop your phone into the bath when you register his question. You sit up rather quickly, as if that will help steady you against the tremendous question. “Is it for a business thing?”
“Just an us thing,” he says. “To celebrate your graduation.”
He already knows your answer, as do you. Yet you still sputter over your words and then, with a sheepishly large smile plastered on your face, exclaim your approval of the spontaneous trip.
In the morning, Jungkook will come to pick you up in yet another chauffeured drive, much like it had been for the trip to Paris. This time he decides to take you to the Amalfi Coast, a coastal town in southern Italy. You land in Naples and rent a car from the airport (a Lamborghini, to be exact) which Jungkook and you take turns driving with the roof down, the wind in your hair. The narrow winding roads on the sides of the coastal cliff seem to be no match for the exhilarating speed of the car and much of the drive is spent soaking up the rays of the warm sun. The quaint town of the Amalfi Coast is built upon the sides of the steep cliff with small alleyways, cobblestoned streets, blossoming lemon trees, and colourful buildings that spiral down, down, down, to the rocky shores of the beach and the sparkling cerulean waters of the sea. The villa Jungkook rents has a luxurious view of the sea. It’s all shimmering white and ivory and cobalt blue detailings, all culminating in one magnificently breathtaking oasis.
The first day in the town is spent on the beach, and the evening is spent wandering about the streets with you in a sheer white and floral Zimmermann sundress courtesy of Jungkook, sipping on limoncello and eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant as the bright sky fades to night. The streets are just as lively as ever with tourists and distant music, the town glowing softly with its burning lights and candles against the starry sky, and everything is simply perfect. Whimsical. The next day is spent with Jungkook’s friends. You’ve seen them before in passing at other social events you have accompanied with Jungkook and, unbeknownst to you at the time, at the lounge when Jungkook and his friend had stumbled upon your talk with your manager. You come to learn that this same friend is Park Jimin, a wealthy man not much older than Jungkook himself, who is built upon old money and whose family owns a chain of successful global hotels and resorts. Jimin invites the pair of you to a day on his yacht out at sea with a few of his other closest friends.
The yacht itself is quite a spectacle, with three floors to it and a personal pool located on the deck, as well as a bar and a lounge area. You spend most of your time sipping on piña coladas and sunbathing in the glittering sun atop the deck, adorned in a Proenza Schouler black swimsuit and a wide-brimmed sun hat. Jungkook’s friends, you come to find, aren’t as insouciant as Jungkook himself but also aren’t as arrogant as the customers you have encountered at your work at the lounge back in Manhattan. Whatever the case, they are nice enough to invite you into their group and make certain you feel as welcome as you can. When Jimin decides to take the cabin cruiser for a spin around the sea, you stand at the bow of the deck, your hands clasped tightly on the back of your hat so as to keep it from flying away, and laugh spritely as Jimin speeds around in wide circles with the sea’s mist dusting across your face.
At some point, the cabin cruiser comes to a halt, softly rocking against the gentle current of the sea. Jimin is the first one to jump into the water, followed by yourself, and a few other of their friends. When Jungkook joins you in the shimmering ethereal blue waters, the smile on your face is irreplaceable and one that makes a similar grin form on his face. The cool water is a relief against your skin which had, up until that point, been warm with the sticky heat of the day. Jungkook is by your side in an instant, just a short distance away from the cruiser and his other friends. By the time he joins you, you’re positively beaming, bursting with joy, and entirely overwhelmed with appreciation for the kindness of Jungkook and the beauty of Italy.
“Enjoying yourself?” he asks humorously. Of course he doesn’t need an answer ━ not when you are so clearly content and at peace.
“Jungkook,” You sigh his name dreamily. “I’ve never been happier.”
He smiles gingerly. “I believe you.”
“I still don’t want you to think you’re making a mistake by spending all this money on someone like me,” You say.
He quirks a brow, examining your features as if to decipher your words, and squints past the sun.
“That’s still what you think?” he asks finally. “That I regret all the time we’ve been spending together? Because you’d be wrong. When I first asked you about all of this, I did it because I wanted to help you, because I like you. And all our time spent together since then… It’s been incredible.”
“You really mean that?” You ask timidly.
“Of course I do,” he says. “Look, when I’m with you, things feel different.”
“Is that a good thing?”
“Good. Definitely good.”
You catch his gaze on you and, despite all the money and glory he has to his name, he looks at you unlike he has looked to anything else before. As if you’re worth far more than all the gold jewelry and diamonds and pretty coastal towns and designer clothes he has ever seen. As if you’re the whole world and more, right in front of him, under the glittering Italian sun. His eyes then flicker from yours, down to your lips, and you certainly don’t miss it. There’s a tiny voice in the back of your mind that begs you desperately to kiss him. Maybe he’s feeling the same way because, slowly, your faces inch towards one another.
He comes so close, in fact, that you can feel his breath fanning against your neck, can smell the sea’s salt on his skin and the faded scent of his cologne. You come so close to one another that it, perhaps, becomes a little too dangerous. Before anything can happen, Jimin is calling out to the two of you and you both instantly freeze. Jungkook laughs almost sheepishly and you can’t help but join in. Still, even as the day unfolds and you become distracted with every other beautiful detail of the Amalfi Coast, you can’t help but wonder what would have happened had you and Jungkook not been interrupted by Jimin.
And, by the end of the night when you’ve both tucked in for the night in the villa, the realization dawns on you that you, quite possibly, are falling in love with Jungkook.
Tumblr media
Just when you believe things are going impeccably well, the bitterness of reality finally seems to settle in.
A few weeks after your stay in Italy, Jimin invites both Jungkook and you to a party he is hosting at his family hotel in Seoul. Most of the night unfurls smoothly, with you adorned magnificently in a cream-coloured Alexander Wang slip dress and Jungkook in a Saint Laurent dress shirt, lounging by the bar near the lobby of the hotel and sipping on martinis. Jimin’s hotel is full of a type of grandeur that resembles a palace with its elegant ornate decorations and ebony wood carvings. Seoul itself is as spectacular as ever, the metropolis towering around you and all illuminated by the city’s lights. Yet all of this and Jungkook still focuses only on you, his voice low and charming over the soft thump of music, and his eyes twinkling mischievously.
Some time during the night, Jimin begins chatting to you and Jungkook disappears. At first he is chatting to an old confidant but, when you turn to look at him the next time, you find him with another girl at the bar, seemingly flirting with her. Whatever the case, they appear to be rather cozy with one another, and though you know you have no warrant to be jealous, it still creeps upon you without warning and sabotages your night. You try to avert your attention, try to chat with Jungkook’s friends, and flirt with other rich entrepreneurs but nothing seems to distract you long enough ━ not until Jimin mentions something that grabs your attention.
“You know,” he muses pensively. He pauses to take a sip of his cognac and then says, “I’ll admit: I’m surprised you and Jungkook have lasted so long.”
“What do you mean?” You ask.
“Well, it’s not like you two are dating, right?” When you continue to stare up at Jimin with a dumbfounded expression, he continues. “The only reason Jungkook confronted you in the first place was because his parents were pissed at him. Something about him tarnishing their name by his ‘free’ lifestyle, if you will. They got mad at him and his rampaging bachelor ways, having flings with random strangers every other weekend in a foreign city. His parents are really stuck in their old-school mentality; they just don’t want Jungkook to drag the wrong kind of people into the family money and business. They would have even gone so far as to kick him from being CEO of their company.”
“They what?”
“Oh, yeah,” Jimin says. “Didn’t he tell you? That’s partly what the charity gala is for. His father doesn’t think Jungkook will be able to settle down anytime soon. He’s been under a lot of scrutiny. Jungkook was considerably worried there for a moment; I’ve never seen him like that before. I suggested he fall from the limelight for a bit but he thought he could fix all of this. I guess that’s where you came in. I didn’t think Jungkook would last long constantly being tied down but he’s certainly proved me wrong.”
He chuckles then, as if this whole thing was quite amusing to him. Though you aren’t quite sure how to react. You knew Jungkook wanted you to be his date at important social events for good publicity, but it never dawned on you that he could only be using you for his own sake. Maybe it didn’t mean anything. Maybe Jungkook had simply forgotten to tell you, but that just felt as if you are uselessly grasping at excuses. Either way, it slowly begins to dawn on you the whole ordeal of your relationship with Jungkook and, suddenly, you feel used.
You tell yourself Jimin’s words shouldn’t have meant anything anyway because it’s not as if you and Jungkook are dating but you can’t deny the fact that they leave a lasting impression on you. But that’s how it had all started, hadn’t it? Or maybe not. Jungkook had approached you on the basis of needing your company, but he had made it sound so simple ━ as if it was you who needed the help. And you can’t deny the hope you had felt building within you. Had everything Jungkook said to you been a lie? Every pretty word, telling you how great he had claimed it felt to be with you? Jimin’s words all culminate in one prominent thought which is that maybe Jungkook only really needed you long enough for the charity ball, simply so he could earn back his father’s trust and secure his spot in the company.
Whether it was one too many martinis or strawberry daiquiris or the lavish designer dress that suddenly feels too constricting on your body or the way Jungkook was so carelessly flirting with another girl, much like he had done before in Paris and even in Italy, you need to escape. Everything just seems so suffocating and ridiculous. But moreover, you are reminded by the sobering fact that this lifestyle you have suddenly surrounded yourself with is one you have mocked before. It’s one you have claimed you would never have the privilege of understanding, one that you never really yearned to be a part of if it was anything like the wealthy folk who inhabited the bar lounge you work at.
So, you decide to leave.
You aren’t quite certain your abrupt decision will do any good but suddenly all you crave is the comfort of your own home, however much it may pale in comparison to villas in Italy and luxurious hotels in Seoul. You don’t bother telling Jungkook. Instead, you send him a single text that warns him of your departure and inform Jimin who, in his drunken bliss, may or may not remember to tell Jungkook.
And somehow, after you are able to secure a flight back to New York within a few hours and are seated aboard the plane, you’re able to convince yourself that maybe Jungkook wouldn’t miss you anyway.
Tumblr media
Out of your own stubborn will, you begin to ignore Jungkook.
The day after you return to New York, you are greeted by a voicemail from Jungkook who asks curiously why you left. Then, when you don’t respond to that, he decides to send you various texts throughout the week that continue to ask if anything happened, if you’re doing okay, if you’re mad at him. At some point he sends you a text asking if you can come to his place and you decide to respond with a short and cold text simply saying you’re too busy. You don’t know exactly what you expect from pushing Jungkook away. Maybe you had imagined he would forget you altogether and you could casually slip back into the real world that you had lived before meeting Jungkook. Of course that isn’t the case. Jungkook knows something is wrong; he knows that you’re angry but he has no means of knowing why you’re mad at him. Yet he refuses to stop trying to contact you.
It starts with a grand bouquet of saffron crocuses surrounded by Casablanca lilies and gardenias. It first appears at the bar lounge, a massive and beautiful arrangement of flowers encased in a crystal clear vase taking up most of the space of the bar counter which doesn’t exactly please Namjoon. A single card is tucked amongst the petals of the flowers, your name printed in pretty script. It doesn’t say who it’s from but you don’t need to know the name to understand. You decide to leave it at the bar, much to Namjoon’s dismay. The next week, you answer a knock at your door and are greeted to a personal delivery of a small neatly wrapped package that is revealed to be a rose gold Cartier bracelet encrusted with diamonds. You tell the delivery man at the door to return it. The week after that, you answer the front door once more and come face to face with delivery men placing a dozen bouquets of red roses around your apartment. This time you are forced to keep them, and stare at them distantly as they overwhelm your small kitchen in a wild secret garden.
The same week of the gift of the plethora of roses is also the same week of Jungkook’s charity gala. You try to convince yourself to stay home but you can’t not go. Even if Jungkook was possibly using you to his own benefit, it would be a shame if your missing self was indirectly one of the factors that caused Jungkook’s father to change his mind. Besides, it is the least you can do for the man after he had showered you with attention and materialistic pleasure, even if none of it really mattered to him. Your invitation to the gala still stands, that much you know, and the dress Jungkook had bought for you weeks ago is still hanging on the back of your bedroom door. It is a long, A-line Zuhair Murad gown with a plunging neckline, and the tulle and fabric of which is made of a light blush colour. It’s encrusted with sparkling swarovskis where they cluster mostly at the bodice and then trail along the rest of the skirt like falling stars. It’s a breathtaking, elegant piece, and you tell yourself that it is the sole reason why you ultimately decide to go to the gala because it really would be a shame to never wear the dress out.
When you finally do arrive at the gala, it is at Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan. The party itself is on a grand luxury yacht and the duration of the gala is meant to take place sailing around the harbor once night has fallen. As it rests docked by the pier, the yacht is already crowded with various elites and socialites and certain celebrities as the stragglers still trickle in. The party is well on its way, with the guests mingling with one another, enjoying hor d’oeuvres and champagne out of crystal flute glasses, as a live band, somewhere, plays smooth jazz music. You spot Jungkook before he notices you, looking handsome in another Armani suit, standing at the front of the bow of the deck and greeting newcomers. Beside him stands an older woman and man dressed impeccably, both of whom share a striking resemblance to Jungkook. Though you have never met them before, you assume they are his parents. You approach them shyly, with your back straight and your head held high. Jungkook notices you first and his eyes widen in surprise, his jaw unhinging open (partly because it feels as if he hasn’t seen you in months, but mostly because of how divine you look).
“Y/N!” Your name slips past Jungkook’s mouth in an exclamation before he can bite it back. He moves forward as if preparing to walk up to you but he has to hold himself back. He doesn’t miss the way you desperately try to avoid his stare, or the way you stand rigidly beside him.
“I’m sorry I’m late,” You apologize, though you say it mostly for the act you are putting on for his parents. “I got caught up at work and the traffic was horrid.”
“Oh, that’s certainly alright,” The woman says brightly. “You must be Y/N.”
“We’ve heard plenty about you from our son,” The man chuckles to himself. “I was wondering when we would have the pleasure of meeting you.”
Jungkook, who is still in a state of shock, opens and clamps his mouth shut repeatedly, frantically trying to grasp onto a proper train of thought. Eventually, he snaps from his daze and nods towards you. For the sake of the act, he places his hand on your back between your shoulder blades rather than the small of your back he had grown quite acquainted with.
“Mom, dad, meet Y/N,” he introduces. “Y/N, meet my parents.”
You shake their hands in a firm grip and nod politely, tight-lipped, when they introduce their names to you. Soon after, when the sun has dipped below the horizon, the boat takes off on its slow journey around the harbor and the party begins. While Jungkook mingles with his guests, you saunter off to the bar where you concede you will be spending most of your night. A few of Jungkook’s friends are there whom you remember from Italy and so you chat with them if only to pass the time. Fortunately Jungkook is much too busy to find a moment to come up to you. In fact, the only time you are around Jungkook is when he begins his speech to the partygoers at the gala on the deck of the ship. A handful of hours later, the boat docks by the pier once more and, while the party continues to unfurl within the yacht, you decide to venture home.
You have only made it off the yacht and onto the pier when you are forced to come to an abrupt halt. Because there, rushing off the ramp connected to the deck, and hopping down onto the pier in a hurry to catch you with a call of your name, is Jungkook. Truthfully, you had been hoping to escape the party without him noticing; meanwhile, Jungkook, who had been subject to a dull conversation about stocks with an old business partner of his father’s, was hoping he would find you once he managed to break free from the party. Yet now that he has you within his grasps, his words fall short. He stares at you curiously, perhaps a little confused as his brows knit together at the sight of you. There’s a dozen things he wants to ask you, and a dozen more things he wants to tell you, but he can’t.
Instead, he asks, “Where are you going?”
“Home,” You reply. Behind Jungkook, the ensuing party can be heard ━ an amass of sound ranging from regal laughter to soft music. Behind you, and out towards the city, you can hear the sound of passing citizens and tourists, the whizzing of cars and the wailing of a siren. “You don’t need me anymore. Your parents are gone. They looked pleased. You can clearly go have fun now. Maybe go back to that girl who was eyeing you at the bar.”
Jungkook, staring at you with a dumbfounded expression, asks the first thing that pops into his mind that seems the most logical. “Have you been drinking?”
You simply shake your head, though Jungkook has an unnerving feeling that it is more of an act of scrutiny towards him and not an answer to his question. It’s Jungkook’s fault anyway; he wants to talk to you, but he can’t seem to formulate his thoughts into words.
“Just go back to the party, Jungkook,” You sigh.
“I don’t want to,” he says with a frown. He takes a step towards you and pauses. “I want to stay with you.”
When you don’t respond, he pushes himself forward once more. He doesn’t stop until he is standing right before you, where he so very carefully takes your right hand in his. It’s a small action but it’s enough to make your heart swoon. He glances up, makes sure he catches your wandering stare with his.
“Come home with me,” he says. “Whatever’s happening… We can talk it out. Don’t you want to?”
You do. You want to tell him the truth but your stubborn mind warns you to be wary and the small fact that you feel as if you can’t trust Jungkook anymore is enough to make you wince. Perhaps he can sense your hesitation, or notices the way you flinch because he squeezes your hand just enough. And maybe it’s the way his deep carob eyes pour deeply into yours, or the proximity between your two beating hearts, or the way he holds your hand that makes you cave. You tell yourself, much like you had at the start of all this, that just once more wouldn’t hurt. That maybe he’ll finally answer all your questions or that maybe you’ll learn to forget everything you had heard and let Jungkook spoil you with riches.
So, when you nod your confirmation to Jungkook, you not only startle him, but yourself too. He abandons his dwindling party on the fancy yacht for you. He calls for a chauffeur and drives with you in a tense silence back to his home. The perverse silence follows you even as you clamber out of the car, into the apartment’s lobby, and during the elevator ride to the penthouse. When you finally make it to his home, you are disappointed to feel nothing. You don’t know how long you’re in his apartment for, though it really isn’t for that long.
You’ve kicked off your heels and have wandered over to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room just as he’s shed his suit jacket and tossed it somewhere on one of the couches. He asks if you want something to drink ━ such a mundane question for your relationship with Jungkook, but what else could he ask you at a time like this? He just wants to know what has been plaguing your mind long enough to drive yourself away from him ━ but you only shake your head. Your arms are wound protectively over your chest and, as you eye the illuminated city down below, you are overcome with the feeling of shame and embarrassment. And all because of one sole thought that reminds you: you don’t belong here. Here in this luxurious dress, here in this luxurious penthouse, here with such a luxurious man.
As if that is the cataclystic thought you need, you turn around on one pointed heel and shake your head. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come here tonight. This was a mistake.”
You’re halfway to the door when Jungkook stops you by speaking up.
“Do you mean coming here tonight was a mistake?” he asks. “Or are you really trying to tell me that you think we’re a mistake?”
“There isn’t even a we,” You retort. When you turn to face him, his brows are pinched together in a scowl.
“What has been up with you lately?” he asks. Though his words may sound hostile, his voice is a gentle plea. “You’re mad, aren’t you? Well, what did I do?”
When you don’t respond, he decides to continue on.
“Didn’t you get my gifts?” he asks. “They were the only way I could reach you to apologize. Did you not like them? Because if that’s the case, just say the word, and I’ll buy you anything you want. Just━”
“That’s not it, Jungkook.”
“Then what is it?” His words are a little more vexed than usual. When he realizes this, he pauses and takes a deep breath. Then, running a hand through his perfectly parted hair, he continues on. “I can’t know what the problem is when you won’t tell me what’s bothering you ━ when you keep pushing me away. But I’m trying my hardest to please you. I just need you to talk to me.”
“So you thought the gifts would work?” You ask. When your eyes settle on him, they’re narrowed into a glare. “Did you━ what? Think you could just buy my attention back? Or buy my love? I’m sorry if it came across that way but I’m not another one of your cheap fucks. I’m not going to come crawling back to you just for your money. I just━ I’ve had enough of all of this! It’s so stupid! I feel so ridiculous.”
You raise your hands in the air in a sign of defeat, though really you are bitterly gesturing to the pretty dress adorning your curves and sigh. Cautiously, Jungkook takes another step towards you. “Y/N, please just tell me what’s wrong.”
“Did you even really care about me?”
The question is so abrupt that it catches him off guard. He takes a moment to respond, noting the way you wrap your arms protectively over your chest.
“What are you talking about?” he asks wearily.
“This whole deal between us,” You say. “You just needed a perfect cover so you could impress your parents, right? Secure your spot as CEO so you wouldn’t lose all your money? And might as well get some bonus points for deciding to ‘settle’ down with a poor girl while you’re at it, right? Was that all that I was to you? A cover and the charity case?”
You assume by the way his eyes widen with apprehension and the way his lips are pulled in a thin line that you must be right. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it, his words stammering in his mind.
“How did you know?” he asks.
“So it’s true?” You ask sourly.
“No. I mean, yes. It’s half true,” he says. Then he shakes his head sullenly. “It was Jimin who told you, wasn’t it?”
“What does it matter?” You retort. “The point is, I’m right. You were just using me the whole time. I bet, on all these fancy excursions you took me on, you and your friends would laugh about it and me. You know, I knew you were rich but I didn’t take you for an asshole too.”
“No!” he exhales sharply, as if he has just felt a horrendous pang of pain in his chest. “I mean, you’re right about my parents and about the CEO position, but everything else is wrong.”
Clearly, you don’t look amused. Your patience is wearing thin, and the way you stare up at him as if he is some stranger altogether makes his chest and throat swell.
“I made a mistake. I’m sorry, okay? I should have told you from the beginning,” he sighs. “They were mad at me ━ my parents. They thought I wasn’t taking the position as CEO seriously enough and they would have taken it away from me. But it wasn’t the fear of losing the money that made me feel ashamed of it all. It was the fact that I had disappointed my parents, and I wanted to make things right. I wanted to show them I was responsible enough to take on the company. I wanted them to trust me.”
“So you had to use me?”
“No!” he shakes his head furiously. “Look… All the business dinners and social events I took you to over these past few months ━ I’d have gone to them all even if you weren’t by my side. The first dinner in Paris I took you to ━ I told you I needed a date to impress those associates and it worked. My parents heard about how well it went and they kept praising you, even though they hadn’t met you. For once they didn’t look so disappointed with me. Having you by my side was just a plus. I wasn’t really using you; you just came at the right time so we could both benefit from this deal between us. But when I first approached you at the lounge, it wasn’t about all of this. It was about you. Because I had seen you there before and because I overheard how you were scared you would get kicked out of your apartment. I wanted to help you because I like you, not because I thought you were a charity case or whatever you think it was. It was because I genuinely wanted to get closer to you. And what I said to you in Italy? I meant it. I meant everything.”
You’re gnawing on your lower lip anxiously, watching him carefully. You haven’t realized that he has slowly been inching closer to you until then. You ask quietly, maybe a little tiredly, “But what do I really mean to you, Jungkook? Pretty words mean one thing but… It’s just been months since this whole thing started and nothing’s ever happened between us and I always see you with pretty girls but I can’t be the only one feeling different. I mean, even in Italy ━ you can’t tell me we weren’t going to kiss but then you turned away and━”
You’re cut off abruptly with a kiss on your mouth, his mouth silencing your own mouth with an unbreakable seam of your lips. It catches you completely off guard but it reminds you so suddenly of all your harbored feelings towards him. The kiss is hard, fast, feverish and it happens all at once that you barely have time to register anything else before you’re parting from with him a loud pop! of your lips. You’re gawking up at him with wide eyes and an ajar mouth, lips swollen red, and breathing fast when a sudden realization dawns on you. All the magic you had felt in Paris and Italy, the dreamlike state of mind you had endured these past few months ━ most of it had been because of Jungkook. Because when you’re around Jungkook, no matter the lavish place or foreign city or pretty beach, everything feels, simply, like magic. Jungkook’s reaction is similar to yours but then it softens into something more cordial. His eyes sweep over your face softly and his hand comes up to rest gingerly upon your cheek.
“You mean the world to me,” he whispers. “And I mean that. I haven’t felt this different in such a long time. These past few months that we’ve spent together, whether it being at boring dinner parties or walking Gureum or having a movie night, it’s meant so much to me. You mean so much to me. No one else matters. No one else compares to you. Fancy cars and Italy and Paris can’t even compare to you. And I’ve never felt so━ so me and so comfortable than when I’m around you. I’m just so thankful you even gave me a chance in the first place━”
This time it is you who silences him again with another short kiss, his words exciting you all too suddenly that you think you aren’t possibly able to contain it. You part from him moments later only to mumble against his lips, “Keep kissing me, please.”
It earns a soft chuckle against your lips but Jungkook doesn’t relent. How can he ever deny such an idea when the taste of your lips is so heavenly? The soft flesh of your upper lip wedged so perfectly between his teeth, the way you sigh with delight against his mouth as the kiss progresses, the way the touch and feel of your lips ignites something so foreign, so lovely, in the very core of his heart, in his bones, exploding with each passing second behind his shut eyelids and at the tips of his fingers. He enjoys it too much to find any reason to stop and, instantaneously, his insatiable hunger for you is coming to light. His eager lips part from yours to nip and suck at your jawline and neck and it earns a beautiful gasp from you, your hands flying out to grasp onto his biceps.
“Let me take care of you tonight, baby girl,” he hums. “It’ll be all about you. I’ll show you just how much you mean to me.”
It’s the way he is whispering his words, deep and husky, that sends shivers down your spine. You curl into his chest instinctively and crane your neck, as if silently begging him for more. You can feel his lips ghost along your jugular as you try to speak next and it is enough to make you flustered and, thus, makes you give up on any attempt to communicate verbally without sounding like a fool. Instead, as if to show him your interest, you catch his lips with yours once more and kiss him eagerly. It makes Jungkook smile and suppress his chuckles as he sees just how desperate you are and, fuck, he finds it incredibly hot. In the next moment, you’re burrowing your face into his neck, your tongue laving circles at his jugular.
“Just as long as you get me out of this stupid dress,” You mumble against his throat.
He laughs lightly and you can’t help the giggle that bubbles at your lips. He grabs onto your waist then and pushes you around until he has your back pressed up against the nearest wall. He leans in against you and replaces your efforts by littering love bites along your neck and down to your collarbone. Your breath hitches in your throat and your hand immediately comes up to allow your fingers to thread in his hair and grasp at something, anything. You’re bristling with excitement as you hold your head higher, lips curling into a smirk. He hums into your neck and then he’s greedily reaching for the zipper of your dress, tugging it down.
As soon as he has the dress unzipped, he watches as you begin to shimmy your way out of the material, tugging it down your torso and then legs and Jungkook makes sure he doesn’t miss one single second of it or the white lace underwear you wear, the perfect perk of your breasts bare. It’s then that Jungkook realizes this isn’t all an elaborate dream in his head; that this is real life, and that you’re opening yourself up completely to him. As soon as you’re stepping out of the dress, Jungkook can’t help but reach out to grab onto your hips and yank you toward him, sighing into your hair, “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”
Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice the way your own hands snake up his chest to pop open the first few buttons of his dress shirt. Instead, he is much too busy on peppering kisses along your neck and shoulders, down to your collarbones, and back up again, marking you red and purple. It’s then that he starts pulling you with him as he takes quick yet careful strides backwards to the flight of stairs. It’s messy and frantic and results in a lot of time spent pressed up against walls and the railing of the stairs along the way to the second floor, greedy hands and lips unwilling to part from one another. By the time you’ve made it to his bedroom, you’ve somehow managed to unbutton his entire shirt which now hangs open against his chest and your hands selfishly run up and down his exposed skin. Once in his bedroom, he shoves you up against one of the ceiling-to-floor windows that line the wall facing his bed, his lips still attached to your neck, and one of your legs thrown haphazardly around his hips, pressing him into you.
You can feel the bulge in his pants and his restrained member poking against your inner thigh and it is what pushes you to give an experimental roll of your hips against his. A rather loud moan falls from your lips at the abrupt contact against your throbbing core and suddenly you need more. You catch his lips on yours and he decides to take the liberty of grinding against you in such agonizing slow circles that it has both of you going absolutely insane but you want to take the time to enjoy every single second of this. His hands grasp at your hips, pushing you further and further up against the window. When he parts from you in the next moment, it is with a fleeting sweep of his hungry gaze down the front of your body, his fingertips dancing faintly along your arms and sides.
He presses one last lingering kiss to your lips and then leaves a trail down your throat, between the valley of your breasts (which he gluttonously grasps at, his thumb swiping over one of your perked bugs), and to your navel. He’s on his knees by the time he’s hovering over your hips, and the leg that had been carelessly wound around his waist now rests upon his shoulder. He plants a kiss on the skin just between your hip bones, just above your panties, and surely he understands your need. His seemingly unencumbered expression is maddening. His fingers dig into your hips and hours seem to pass as you wait for him to touch the one place he neglects. A needy whimper falls from your parted lips that sounds akin to a desperate beg of, “Please, Jungkook. I need you.”
“Shh, baby girl, have patience,” he rasps. “I’m going to treat you just right.”
His promise rouses you and makes you stifle your childlike whines, though your patience is beginning to wear thin. His fingers hook around the lace material of your panties and he slowly drags them down your legs, enjoying the way you bite down on your lower lip in anticipation and watch him with hooded eyes. His eyes take in your soft glistening cunt and he sighs in admiration. Then his tongue makes contact with your clit and a small squeak rips from your throat, your hips immediately bucking forward. He doesn’t seem to mind, though, and if anything moans in delight at the taste of your cum on his tongue. He runs the wet muscle down your folds and back up, swirling slow circles against your bundle of nerves, feeling just how wet you are for him, tasting just how wet you are, and the new sensation hits you all at once, leaving your jaw hanging open. He smirks at your reaction, his tongue continuing its ministration as you’re certain he can feel your arousal grow.
“Jungkook,” You sigh, your hands twisting in his hair. “Ah, th━that feels so good━ Oh!”
The sudden gasp that tears from your throat is a result of his finger pressing against your folds. He runs his digit along your skin, coaxing it perfectly in your sticky succulence that sends a sudden shock of euphoria spiralling all over your body. As he busies himself with swirling his tongue around your sensitive clit, his lips suction perfectly around the skin and he sucks, hard, and his finger slides past your slick folds, earning a cry of delight from you. His finger curls within you and begins pumping in and out of you at a gradual pace but it, mixed with his tongue pressed against your clit, is enough to send you whirling out of control. Your legs are suddenly shaking and, had your leg not been supported by his shoulder, you fear that your knees may have buckled under the pressure
“Ah, Jungkook!” You gasp in a trembling breath. “F━Fuck, nghn━”
The sound is simply divine and Jungkook selfishly wants to hear more. He basks in the way you clench around him, the way you whimper and writhe. Soon he is picking up pace, pumping his finger in you with a reckless abandon and sucking hard at your clit, and it’s almost shameless how fast your sweet release hits you. You’re tumbling over the edge soon after, hips bucking back and forth into his mouth as you chase after your high. Jungkook joins his tongue with his fingers and starts lapping at your walls like he’s eating a full course meal and the new sensation suddenly has you howling.
“Jungkook!” You cry. “Jungkook, I’m━”
You hear him, feel him, hum against your core before it turns into a beautiful moan. He burrows deeper into you, his nose brushing against your clit, eager to carry you to your high, and he does so with ease. As soon as you feel your high rapidly approaching, you let go of all sense of control and welcome it with wide open arms. You’re hit with waves of intense pleasure as you release onto Jungkook’s tongue and finger and, fuck, the sight is even hotter than he could have imagined. He hurries to help you ride out your high, gasps and moans ripping from your throat in a messy cacophony, your hips writhing beneath him. He relents at once when you start to whimper at the oversensitivity and pulls apart, glancing up at you with a glistening mouth, his lips and chin coated with you. He licks at every inch of his face that is shimmering and moans in content.
“Fuck, you taste amazing,” he gasps, his eyes flickering up your dishevelled appearance.
You’re breathing hard, chest rising and falling, and your teeth have bitten down so hard on your lower lip that the flesh is almost swollen. He leans down once more to kiss the inside of your thigh gently and looks up at you through his long lashes. You’re still gasping for air when your hands start tugging at him, trying desperately to pull him back up to you, and he allows you to. When his face is hovering right above yours, you smash your lips hungrily against his for a messy and heated kiss. He grins against your mouth, seemingly enjoying the way you’re biting at his lips, tasting your own cum on the tip of his tongue.
“Tell me what you need from me,” he whispers between your kisses. “What do you want?”
“You,” You gasp. “All of you, fuck. I need you so bad. I’m so wet for you right now; I need you to fuck me.”
His grin shifts into a sly smirk as he hears your pleading whines and he kisses you harder. “Anything for you, baby girl.”
He lets you tackle his neck with harsh kisses and lets your digits trace down his torso to the belt on his pants. You’ve only so much as pushed his pants and boxers down his thighs when both of you grow impatient. His cock pulses, tip angry and red and leaking with milky pre-cum, and you lick your lips at the sight, unable to contain yourself. Your hands reach for his length instantly, fingers brushing against his tip before wrapping firmly around his base. His breath hitches in his throat as you start pumping him, gliding your hand slowly up and down his length, your eyes fixated only on him.
“Fuck,” he grunts abruptly. “Baby girl━”
He pauses and hisses through clenched teeth as you continue. He doesn’t at all expect you to start pleasuring him but he doesn’t mind. In fact, he is carried away as you continue to work your hands against him, jerking him off in just the right pace that he isn’t able to hold himself back. He would have been fine coming right in your perfect hands but he needs more first before he is able to let himself fully go. He struggles to find his words as you begin to quicken your pace, sputtering for air helplessly. He squeezes his eyes shut, gulping hard and trying to focus his attention away from the exaltation he’s receiving.
“Ah, s━slow down, angel,” he breathes. It nearly pains him to pry your hands off of him and when you look at him with those innocent puppy dog eyes, he has to refrain from letting go right then and there.
“What’s wrong?” You ask. “I thought you were enjoying that.”
“No━ I mean, fuck, yes, I was,” he stammers. “But I’m trying not to come undone before I’m filling you up. Fuck, I just need to be in you right now.”
“Then fuck me,” You say boldly. “I’m all yours.”
The words seem to spark a glint in his eyes that entices him to move next. One hand grips at your thigh and lifts it onto his waist, while his other hand pumps himself slowly. Your mewls of euphoria hit his ears in a ringing melody and he waits, patiently, watching as you quiver beneath him, moaning once more. Your teeth sink into your lower lip as you’re held in suspense, waiting for the heavenly contact. When it happens, when you finally feel the tip of his cock push past your folds, your jaw drops open in a silent gap. He pauses then, grunting and hissing as he adjusts to your warmth, before he’s pushing himself into you once more, slowly. He’s perfectly thick, fitting snugly in your core, letting you feel him stretch you open inch by glorious inch. It’s too much for you to handle now, and you can’t help the moan that escapes you.
“Fuck,” You whimper, head lolling back against the windowpane. “Fuck━ I━ I━”
“You’re so wet,” Jungkook grunts. “Shit, you feel amazing.”
You whimper in response and he pushes himself into you the rest of the way until he’s finally buried hilt deep within you. He pauses again, letting you both adjust to the newfound sensation.  He almost collapses against you as he pushes himself deeper into you, grinding against you in slow motions that have your head spinning. He pulls back after a while in one languid stride until only his tip is left buried in your folds before thrusting back into you with enough force to send you tottering forward. He adapts a leisurely pace of thrusting in and out of you so that you can feel him stretch you open all the way until it feels like he’s in the very back of your throat before pulling out and it drives you mad. As your arms wrap around his neck, one of his hands digs into your hips, and the other dances up the front of your chest. It first grasps at one of your breasts, his warm palm wrapping so perfectly around it, before his fingers stretch out amongst your neck.
Favouring a more suitable position, Jungkook comes to one stimulating halt when he thrusts up into you one final time. Momentarily you’re taken from your reverie when he pulls his dripping cock from your folds. Instead, he turns you around and you so easily oblige. He yanks your hips towards him, your ass pressing up firmly against his hips, and then he pushes himself into you once more. Your hands brace yourself as you plant them firmly on the window before you. From this angle, you can see the dazzling lights of the city, and though you know it isn’t possible from this high up, you wonder if any passersby far down below on the streets can see you and Jungkook in such a lewd setting. This time, his pace is fast and precise, his hips angling just right to thrust his cock into you in just the right spot.
“Fuck, baby girl,” he rasps. “Moan for me. Let me hear you.”
There is an internal battle to find your voice, being condemned silent due to the ecstasy that clouds your mind and blocks you from thinking or saying anything reasonable. You swallow hard, all senses focused on the way he’s thrusting into you, picking up speed, the sound of skin against skin and vulgar wet slaps each time he sinks deeper into you. The only way you can describe it is akin to feeling your head being set ablaze and sending it’s flickering flames all over your body and make the dazzling lights of the city blur in with the stars. When he thrusts into you the next time, he is suddenly hitting an angle that has something erupting in you and has you plummeting forward, jaw ripping open. You cry out as you flail forward, your hands slipping from their hold against the window.
“A━Ah, f━fuck,” You hiss. “Jungkook! J━Jungkook━ I’m━”
Your voice is drowned out by another loud moan and the sound is so angelic, so clear, that Jungkook yearns to hear more. He pulls your waist closer to him because there is no way you can find the strength to prop yourself up any longer when it just feels so amazing. His movements become more erratic, messy as he fumbles for your high and his. His warm fingers continue to tug at your ass, your waist, anything to hold you closer to him. But soon even he can’t hold himself together. With the way you clench so tightly around him, he begins sputtering for air. Soon, he has you pressed shamelessly all the way against the window, your cheek laying flat against the cool glass, and his own chest lays taut against your back. His self-indulgent hands snake around your front and push apart your thighs so that he can rub the heel of his palm against your clit. That, mixed with his teeth sinking absentmindedly into your shoulder, and the feeling of his twitching cock buried deep within your core is enough to have you a moaning and whimpering mess.
When he pulls out of you this time, it is to pull you back towards the king-sized bed. In the process, you help him kick off the stubborn remaining material of his pants. He’s only managed to make it as far being seated at the edge of the bed, with you straddling his hips and sitting prettily in his lap, when you eagerly reach down to run his length along your folds. Jungkook is too caught up in the pleasure to even bother to stop you, watching as you grip his shoulders tightly, and ride him in his lap with a reckless abandon. Your actions are desperate, eager. He wraps his arms around your waist, holding you tightly against him, and all you can hear is the vulgar wet sound of his length slipping in and out. It’s disorganized, frantic, desperate, hot, as both of you chase your highs. It hits you first after already being spent from your first orgasm, as if you had just ran straight into a brick wall, and has you completely unprepared. It starts at your core and sparks outward, like electricity flowing through your veins and bones. Your stomach unravels at the feeling, your core tightening around his length and the tight confinement has Jungkook moaning and wheezing for air.
“Jungkook!” You cry. “Fuck!”
You reach your high moments later, coming around his length and coating every inch of him in your sweet release as it leaks out of you, chanting his name over and over again in a beautiful mantra that he finds himself indulging in. The way your high overwhelms your senses has you seeing stars, your head spinning, as your body writhes in his ironclad hold. Jungkook nearly collapses against you at the feeling of your kegel muscles flexing around him, his hands pawing at your back in an attempt to keep a hold on reality. It’s the way your orgasm seems to hit you that has your core pulsating around him, even as you try to come down from your high only to feel the pleasurable ache that is his hard cock buried deep within you. He pulls out then, far too quickly for your liking, but he fumbles to gingerly push you over and you follow suit until you’re laying on your back. He takes no time to position himself back over his entrance, kneeling between your legs, and pushes himself into you once more with a wet squelch. You’re met with a feeling of oversensitivity, but you buck your hips forward, probing him to his release.
“Ah, Jungkook,” You whimper. “Mmm, come for me, baby.”
Your indigent hands tug at his arms, his torso, anything in your reach to have him closer to you and he happily obliges, propping himself up with his elbows. He combs your hair away from your face and kisses your lips tenderly. He pulls his length out of you only to slam his hips back in and rattling you to the bone. You squeak involuntarily, your mouth peppering his jawline and neck with love bites. His thrusts are still quick, desperate almost, as he lusts for his release. The tenderness in your core met with his hard pumps have you sinking your teeth down into his shoulder and he hisses. His hand finds your chin then and he delicately pulls you apart from him before making you face him.
“Keep looking at me, baby girl, okay?” he rasps before cursing under his breath.
You nod meekly, finding solace in gnawing on your lower lip as your eyes make contact with his. The sight has Jungkook nearly coming then and there and how can he not when your hooded eyes are fixated on him, sleepy and innocent, completely fucked out, and you’re sucking hard on your lip. Jungkook has a similar look of exhaustion painted on his face, his eyebrows scrunched together in hard concentration and his lips parting ever so slightly for you to see his gritting teeth. Beads of sweat form on his forehead and yours and suddenly the room is stifling hot, warming your face and body completely. Soon, the oversensitivity you feel soothes into something softer, more pleasurable, and it doesn’t affect you nearly as much. You jut your hips forward then, urging him on and he moans.
“Y/N━ Oh, shit━”
A whimper falls from Jungkook’s lips and it’s so surprising, so hot, that you nearly come again. He’s picking up his pace, snapping his hips messily into yours. He comes only moments later, finally reaching his perfect bliss, and it has him plummeting his hips once more into yours before he’s releasing his hot sticky seed into you. The room is filled with both of your moans, mixed with his breathy groans of your name. His weight gives out beneath him and he falls on top of you though he rocks his hips into yours tiredly to ride out his high until he is finally at peace, boneless from within you. Once he has calmed down from his high, he slumps fully against your chest, his face buried in your collarbone, and the room finally goes silent.
All that fills the air is the sound of both of your wheezing pants and your shrilly beating heart that you are certain even Jungkook can hear. The room is warm, the smell of sex stale in the air, but there is a sheen of pure white elatedness that has you sighing in content. Your fingers rake through Jungkook’s sweaty hair and the silence, with the added warmth of his body laying over yours, almost lulls you to sleep. You’re drifting in and out of consciousness when Jungkook presses his lips to your collarbone and then lifts his head to kiss your own lips. Your eyes flicker open then and you find him smiling down at you and the sight is so radiating, so ardent, that you can’t help but mirror it tiredly. He pulls out of you then and you hiss at the sudden emptiness and the way his milky cum leaks out of you and down your thighs. He stands to his feet, tossing on his underwear, before leaning down to whisper, “I’ll be right back, baby girl, don’t worry.”
He disappears out the room but you don’t know where until he returns a minute later with a damp cloth in hand. He climbs the bed next to you and then he begins to gently wipe at your core with the cloth, making you hum in satisfaction. He finds you smiling at him when he finally looks back up at you and quirks a brow, tilting his head to the side.
“What?” he asks.
“Oh, nothing,” You chuckle lightly, though you’re certain he knows his gentle gestures have your heart bursting with joy. “Come here.”
He does as you say, reclining back on the bed and opening his arms to invite you in. You wiggle closer to his body until you’re pressed up against his side, your head nuzzling into his chest; his own arm wraps around your waist and his other hand lets his fingers run up and down your spine in comforting circles. That, and the sound of his gently thudding heart, is what carries you to sleep that night.
When you awake in the morning, it is to the coarse and wet tongue of Gureum lapping at your cheek. The shimmering sunlight drifts in through Jungkook’s shut blinds and dusts your body in a golden light and heat. It, and Gureum, rouses you back to reality and has you giggling sleepily as you see the small white dog perched up next to you on the bed. Your reach for him to scratch behind his ears as your eyes focus on Jungkook laying just beyond the dog. He’s already awake, gazing up at you with dreary eyes and a soft smile.
“Good morning,” You yawn.
“Morning,” he replies.
He kisses your forehead and you smile once more, folding into him as you hug Gureum close to you. It’s silent again after that and it feels so strange to have everything feel so normal. To be cuddling with Jungkook and his dog in his bed with him after a night of making love, and it is almost as if you were supposed to be there from the very beginning. It was comfortable, it was simple, it was easy ━ and you loved every single second of it. His hand finds yours and your fingers lace together flawlessly and you’re so content with falling back asleep that you nearly miss Jungkook when he speaks next.
“Do you remember what I said to you at the lounge when I first brought up this whole thing?” he asks.
It takes you a moment to think back to that day which seems so far away. His gaze is fixated on your clasped hands but you’re already staring at him.
“The rules?”
He nods slowly. “Do you remember how I said we shouldn’t fall in love?”
You can already sense where the conversation is going and it has your throat swelling, your heart pounding in your chest. “Yes.”
Jungkook finally looks at you, his dark chocolate eyes locking with your own pupils. “Well,” he trails off. “I’m pretty sure I broke that rule because I’m falling in love with you.”
His confession startles you completely, hitting you all at once. You gasp in response, eyes widening in surprise, and you can only hope he isn’t able to hear the frantic beating of your heart.
“When did you break it?”
That is all you can muster, but it doesn’t seem to disappoint Jungkook. He smiles sheepishly, his eyes flickering up to the ceiling.
“Would you call me insane if I said that very night at the lounge?” he asks.
“No,” You reply, catching his attention once more. “Because I’m fairly certain that’s when I started falling for you, too.”
Jungkook’s face begins to light up and it is the first time you have seen him as happily genuine as he is there. His smile radiates the same warmth and glory of the sun and he watches you in a shimmering lovelight as you look away, face flushing, and fingers tracing patterns on his bare chest.
“Can we make another deal?” You ask faintly.
“Of course, anything,” he says.
“Can we━ Can we give us a try?” You inquire.
Jungkook laughs. “You didn’t have to ask. I thought it was already a given that we would give us a try after we said we both have feelings for each other.”
You smile again and look up at him. “But there’s more.”
“What is it, baby girl?”
“I just━” You pause and then push yourself over onto your stomach from beneath the soft sheets. Gureum skips over to the edge of the bed and sits at the very end of your feet. “I want to give us a try without your money getting in the way. I mean, I don’t need you ━ or want you ━ to pay for me to be by your side. I want this to be real and genuine.”
“Of course,” he complies. “This is just you and me now. But, that being said, I’m still obligated to spoil my baby girl rotten every now and then with gifts and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You still deserve to be treated like a princess.”
You can’t help but laugh, shaking your head at him. You kiss him once more, short and quick, and mumble against his lips a very faint, “Deal. But, on one condition.”
“Go on,” he hums.
“You let me take you out on a coffee date today and let me pay for the both of us this time with my own money,” You say.
Jungkook grins wide and nods enthusiastically. “That sounds perfect. Anything you want, I’ll do.”
You find it hard to look away from Jungkook after that, and you’re certain you find yourself falling even more in love with him then. His golden tan illuminates under the glittering sunlight and you want nothing more than to be in that moment forever where it is just you and Jungkook, Jungkook and you.
“First thing’s first, though,” Jungkook says at long last. “How about we start the morning off right with a round two from last night in the shower right now. What do you say?”
His proposition has you laughing so suddenly that it startles Gureum at the edge of the bed. You lean down again to kiss Jungkook’s irresistible lips. When you part, you catch his mischievous stare and his broad grin and mirror it.
“Well,” You say, “I have always said you like to spoil me rotten.”
“Well,” Jungkook echoes with a chuckle. He shrugs innocently as he speaks next, pressing a chilling kiss to your neck. “Only the best for my baby girl.”
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work. 
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated! 
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taegularities · 17 days ago
a thousand reasons why (teaser) | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “And if all of this experience was indeed a dream, you chose to stay just a little longer.”
After leaving to work towards his dream rather than the bonds that shackle him to home, you didn't expect to see Jungkook again years later at your best friend's wedding. And even less, for love to rekindle at second glance.
PUBLISHING DATE: September 4th
pairing: Jungkook x reader
genre: f2l; fluff, angst, smut, crack
warnings: (past) minor character death, toxic parents, (mentions of) gambling, blond & then 5th muster pied piper (fuckboy) jk lol, jealousy, alcohol consumption, unrequited love (not between jk & oc), friends fighting; explicit multiple (2) sex scenes that include: dom & big dick!jk, light hair pulling, marking, tiddie sucking/breast play, clit pinching, pussy slapping, soft & rough sex, praising, biting, some spit ig, oral (f. & m.), fingering, handjob, consent, cockwarming, squirting, hickies, oversensitivity, multiple orgasms, mouth fucking, consensual drunk sex, protected & unprotected sex
word count: 874 (43k for the full fic - had so much to say, i’m so so sorry)
a/n: HI !! thought i could give you guys a little preview for jk’s bday fic :) though it will be a little delayed cos editing it is taking me AGES T_T based on the 2013 movie YJHD! amazing banner yet again by mah lovely @taemaknae hehe <3 & beta’d by the lomls @bangtanhome​ @hobiandsprite​ & @missgeniality​ :-* also! the fic will be uploaded to ao3 as well for my mobile/pdf people! <3
context: jk & oc are hiking in the middle of the night to find a forbidden/hidden place (rebels, i know 🙄) & take a break in the forest where jk shows her smth <3 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You travel a lot, don’t you?”
“Not as much as I’d like. But I really want to someday,” he answered with a nod, hands closing the flask and beginning to fiddle with the content in his bag instead, “I’ll show you something.”
You watched his movements intently, blinking in question when a big book came into view. It had the Eiffel Tower on its cover, some quotes in French and other languages scattered across the page. You leaned closer, asking what that was before he started to explain, “My very own travel book. Here…”
He opened a random page, a printed picture of pyramids at the top with a small bucket list underneath. Placing half of the book on his and the other half on your knee, he flipped through a few pages, explaining, “It’s sort of a list I made for myself. Places I want to see and countries I want to travel to. I want to take pictures of the sights but also of all the dirty alleys and spots they don’t show in travel brochures. You know. See life outside my house.”
As he showed you the pictures, you realised that Jungkook was a bigger dreamer than you’d ever expected him to be. He had his head in the clouds, wanting things you’d never really given a proper thought to - always satisfied with living a boring life in your boring house.
But Jungkook wanted more than just to accept a mundane routine. For him, life was an opportunity, days he wanted to seize before he was too old to live by the carpe diem agenda anymore. But still, you wondered.
“You know that seeing all these places will take you decades, right?” you asked, turning back a page to take in the beauty of Japanese temples.
He, however, only shrugged. “So what?”
“I just mean,” you started, licking your lips and drifting closer just a bit, “are you serious when you say you never want to settle down? You could do all these things with a partner, too.”
You weren’t any less of a dreamer, though. While his thoughts floated somewhere in the sky, wanting nothing more than freedom and restlessness, your mind was on the ground, wishing for peace in your own home with someone you could rely on day and night.
Different dreams - but dreams nonetheless.
“These are things you might not understand, Y/N,” he said quietly, sighing into the forest air before he continued, “Settling down feels like a stop. Like I’m halting and refusing to move.” He laughed a little, shaking his head as he added, “I didn’t even ever tell Dia or Jimin about this. Why you?”
You shrugged slowly and he silenced for a second, thinking about his next words and how to phrase them. His mouth always fell open when he was thinking, eyes drifting away and staring at a random spot instead.
And then, he explained, “Your young years are here for reckless shit. Life is crazy and you never know when it’ll stop, you know? I just want to enjoy whatever’s left of my days to the fullest. I want to fly… to run… run too fast and fall and get hurt but stand up again. I don’t want to stop… you know?”
And although you lived your life differently, his words made sense - hit a spot somewhere deep within you that you’d never known until now. But right in this moment, it bloomed to its full form, intense and vibrant and so, so freeing.
Maybe he was right. Even if you were to get married someday and seek a quiet life, it didn’t mean you couldn’t fly, run, fall and stand up. You didn’t have to stop.
You wanted to say something - anything. He had smiled at you and indulged in his book again - but you were just staring again, nothing in your view as much in focus as Jungkook.
It was only until you heard branches crack and leaves rustle that you snapped out of your daze, flinching at the same time Jungkook did as your eyes looked for something in the darkness that didn’t belong here.
“These are the ghosts,” he joked, trying to find the source of the disturbance as he felt you lean closer, almost burying your face in his shoulder. “I thought you didn't believe in them.”
“No, but,” you whispered, every word growing quieter, “what if it’s something else?”
And something else it was.
When the little doe walked out of the thicket and stared at you with gentle eyes, your breathing calmed down, chest heaving and hands you didn’t know had settled around Jungkook’s arm loosening. As fast as the doe had come, it had run away again, thin legs carrying it away from you as both of you smiled into the direction of the moonlight.
“It had the same gaze as you do,” you mumbled quietly, your smile never fading as you looked into his very own doe eyes.
“You know…” He gulped, lips pressing together and giving way to the little mole under his mouth. “I was going to say the exact same thing. The same glitter in its pupils as in yours.”
Intoxication. Not from the alcohol but from him.
Tumblr media
i’m excited to share this monster !! if you want to be added to the taglist, you can find the link at the top of the post! and if you enjoyed the snippet, let others and me know by liking, reblogging and/or sending me an ask !! let’s chat if you’d like !! and stay tuned <3
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1kook · a month ago
funimation & procreation
Tumblr media
part 11 of my n&c series <3
SUMMARY Never mind your upcoming wedding, this was perhaps the greatest moment of your life— the day Jungkook sought out an anime on his own.  WARNINGS kissing, smut in the forms of cunnilingus, cum eating, mentions of anal, doggy style, unprotected sex with the intention of pregnancy, spitting, hand holding<3 MISC the wedding night, Doyeon strikes again, jjk watches  jjk, oh no not twins RATING m (18+) WC 9.1k 
NOTES (!) sorry for any typos T_T Tumblr played me as I was editing so I may have missed a few rip lmk !!!
Tumblr media
As far as schemes go, your track record hasn’t been the best these past few years. You blame it on Jungkook and all the time you spend around him, his sweetness slowly but surely withering away the ice surrounding your heart, turning you into this big sappy fool who you would have laughed at if you ever saw in public. Long ago, you had been the evil mastermind behind many a plan, crafting various acts of revenge against your friends’ shitty ex-lovers, sneaky escapes out of favors, over-the-top plots sure to fool just about any and everyone on this planet. 
These days, the juvenile spark that often fueled your evilness has all but disappeared, replaced with this sticky sweet feeling in your chest; in other words, you were happy. So goddam happy that it was genuinely concerning, to say the least, worrisome that someone as conniving as you could achieve this state. You were employed, loved, and healthy, all attributes that admittedly did not make for a classic villain, facts that swiftly called for your retirement from the world of schemes. 
If you had to narrow down the exact moment when you first begin to lose your evil touch, well, it was roughly about three years ago. A chilly spring evening, a blind date, a glass of wine. It was all supposed to be so simple; you would show up, expose Jeon Jungkook as a playboy, and then throw a glass of wine over him. 
Somehow, you end up marrying the man instead. 
But despite how miserably your original plan failed, it somehow turns out to be your best one yet, leaving you with this hunky boyfriend fiancé in bed next to you. “Morning,” Jungkook mumbles, cheek squished against his pillow. “What’re you doing up so early?” 
As he spe