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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#jeremy dooley

achievment hunter/rwby fans and critical role fans, i got a really important question for you guys, two actually. 1 who would you like to see from achievment hunter, show up and guest star in the campaign, and 2, which one of these star voice actors on critical role would you be interested in seeing voice someone on rwby? doesn’t have to be a major role, just something cool. 

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i had a dream last night that michael got into fanfiction during quarantine and started writing it secretly under an alias on tumblr/ao3/etc. he’d write like witcher fanfiction (mostly about alt storylines because he hates the real one) but then also like,,,,, stupidly realistic fanfictions about just the rest of ah?? like not shippy stuff, but like writing about scenarios that’d make you go “didn’t that happen in a video??” like a dead giveaway for anyone reading it to be like “,,,,,,this is one of them, isn’t it?” but it’s all like really wholesome and stuff??????

THEN it turns out jeremy is doing the EXACT SAME THING but instead of writing fanfiction he draws art and he finds michael’s stuff WITHOUT KNOWING IT’S HIM and starts making fanart of his fics and i’m !! they become really good online friends but neither of them know it’s the other irl and they avoid voice chats at all cost and they never know

I DON’T KNOW i thought that was really cute ^^

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~ The Kings of AH ~

I had so much fun doing these and Im so happy with how they came out ;; Their designs are semi based on their Minecraft skins, or at least the color palette is.

((Im going to be adding Fiona and Lindsay to this sooon))

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