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#jeremy dooley

just gonna make this post because i know jeremy checks his tag but i just wanted to say to him but mostly to the people in his stream chat right now that there is literally no con to removing harmful or potentially harmful words from your vocabulary. there is no con to teaching yourself to be more tolerant and respectful, to continue to learn and grow as a person every day. yes, it’s not possible to be perfect. people mess up. but you shouldn’t be striving to be the perfect person. you should be striving to have compassion and understanding of your fellow humans. the world is hard and cruel and god if i as a queer person want to feel happy about my favorite online personality choosing to not say sus playing among us anymore because of it’s history towards queer people then fucking let me. 

and a reminder that just because you’re not offended by something personally, does not mean it is not offensive. people have different experiences, people are different than you. just because you think you should have the right to say slurs because they don’t affect you and get upset when people don’t want you too, that’s not cancel culture or censorship, that’s you having no base respect for the people those slurs are derogatory to. 

jeremy is doing a good thing. these past few days especially he’s casually mentioned doing or saying things that would have shocked me to the core when i was a teenager as a long time fan of rtah. the leaps and bounds the employees of this company will never cease to amaze me, and it sucks that when positive changes are made especially in these people’s personal lives, that the immediate reaction is whining. what reason would you have to not support these decisions. 

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