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[Steve’s overly peppy at the birth of Clint and Laura’s baby]

Doctor: Does he need to be in here?

Laura: Yeah. Yeah, that one and the other one over there are the godparents.

Steve: Tony.

Tony: [wakes up] Yeah, man.

Laura: They’re not a couple. Clint thinks they do it a little though.

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my masterlistmy song drabbles

song used as inspiration: jeremy renner ~ best part of me

words: 1.7K

approximate reading time: about 10-15 mins

a/n: hola, babies, here we go with the second song drabble!! i actually have to admit that it’s much harder than i originally thought it would be, writing a oneshot using song lyric. but it improves your writing, your imagination and i’m more than ready for it. oh and also it’s fun. i hope you enjoy reading them just as much as i do writing them. please leave feedback, i’d appreciate it more than anything. and feel free to request!!


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“Stop smiling at me, I keep on messing up my sentences when you look at me like that,” (y/n) giggled, hiding her blushed cheeks in her palm that wasn’t holding her phone.

Tyler didn’t seem bothered by her request and continued staring at his own screen with a delighted and dreamy, beaming smile splitting his face.

“Please,” the girl pleaded when she glanced back at him from inbetween her fingers and saw that he hadn’t changed his expression.

“I can’t help it, my face looks like this whenever I look at you.” Tyler shrugged.

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Fic title: I Feel For You

Character pairing: Chris Evans x OFC x Jeremy Renner

Summary plot: During lockdown, Elizabeth Martinez has the chance to meet the OG Avengers cast via a Zoom meeting. She takes interest in the Captain himself (Chris Evans) and the Hawk (Jeremy Renner) at the same time. And they reciprocate the feelings. Who will she choose?

Faceclaim for Elizabeth Martinez: Hayley Atwell

Cast List:

  • Hayley Atwell as Elizabeth Martinez
  • Chris Evans as himself
  • Jeremy Renner as himself
  • Scott Evans as himself
  • The MCU cast as themselves
  • Other celebrities as themselves

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Originally posted by mistressvera

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Main characters include: Female OC, Villain OC, Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, and more!

Word Count: around 4,690ish, give or take a couple of words.

Warnings: idk, curse words?

A/N: Hello! I’m @metahawke and this is my FIRST fic that I’ve written in about seven years. I hope that you like this first test run, I’m hoping to make this into a miniseries. If you have anything you wanna submit (tips, requests, ideas, criticism, etc) I’m totally open. If you like this, give it a reblog and a like if you’re feeling generous. I’m hoping to get more chapters up soon, possibly expanding to WattPad! 

Also, this fic features my first oc female character I’ve written for in a while. Hope you guys like her!

That’s all from me. Happy reading!

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„That was a fluke. My father was an educator. He worked in a neighboring town at California State University. I finished high school with good GPA scores and got accepted at Berkeley and a few others. I didn’t know if I even wanted to go. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My parents encouraged me to go to college but couldn’t afford it.

So I told my dad, “I know I need to go to school, but I don’t want to go into debt for something I’m not sure I want to do. I don’t have the money. You don’t have the money. Mom doesn’t have the money. I’m not sure why I should do something just because it’s a good school or what to study.”

My dad said, “Why don’t you go get your undergraduate degree, you AA, and then just explore?”

Going to junior college in the same town cost nothing. You could choose your major, and then you’re gone. I was always a competitor and wanted to be the best at everything - try stuff I never even thought I was interested in.“

- Jeremy Renner on what gave him the acting bug (Augustman Magazine 2016)

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Tony: So, Pepper is the woman I’ve been seeing recently

Pepper: … Why are they looking at me like I’m a zoo animal

Clint: Well, Tony acts as sort of the dad of the group, so emotionally, this is kind of like being told that you’re our new mom

Pepper: But you know it’s nothing like that, right?

Peter: Absolutely. Do you cook macaroni?

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