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rukunas · 6 months ago
important !! please read and reblog !!
it’s unfair of us to have platforms and not use it to speak up for palestinians. i have resources provided below for how you can educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that is happening in palestine right now and how you can help.
educate yourself
thread on what is occurring in sheikh jarrah, another thread
tw violence video of palestinian explaining the situation in sheikh jarrah
tw bombing video of al aqsa mosque being bombed
tw violence, tw bombing, tw shooting video of palestinians in al aqsa mosque
tweet explaining importance of al aqsa
a website where you can learn more about palestine
a video breaking down the history of the israeli oppressing palestinians
video of palestinian explaining the importance of spreading awareness
tw violence video of 16 yo palestinian boy being forcefully evicted from his home by israeli solders
tiktok of palestinian speaking about what is going on in her country. please see the links in her bio for more information— tiktok will not let me copy and paste her linktree
tiktok of palestinian speaking on situation in gaza
instagram page for jewish voices for peace, an organization working for liberation and justice for palestine
infographics explaining how to be an ally for palestine
some of the posts are triggering instagram of journalist sharing what is happening in palestine
tiktok explaining the situation in al lydd
books/articles you can read to learn more
free ways to help if you cannot donate
do NOT sign petitions !! they are not accounted for in the middle east and do nothing.
go to this website and simply click. update: i have heard from some people that this helps and from other people that it does not. please be wary with this source and do not depend on it.
watch this video to donate, it’s 3 hours long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
watch this video to donate, it’s 1 hour long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
if you are from the U.K., follow these instructions to call local MPs into action
if you are from the U.S., text RESIST to 50409 to urge congress to help palestine
thread of dua’as muslims can make to pray for palestinians
boycott israeli products
donate— it is better to donate directly to people rather than organizations, but i do have a few organizations listed.
do NOT donate to
help children and hospitals affected by gaza bombing
help hungry children in palestine
donate to palestine child relief fund, known to be reputable
donate to united palestinian appeal, a direct charity
donate directly to journalist injured in gaza
ramadan zakat fund for palestinians in gaza
raise money for palestinian woman escaping toxic household
buy palestinian goods
i’ll add more links as i continue to find reliable sources and proper donations. please dm me other resources and i can add them to this list. if anything here is not trustworthy, please let me know immediately and i will take it down. free palestine until it’s backwards, pray for palestinians who do not know whether they will be safe in their own country.
last but not least, if you are a pro-israel, unfollow me immediately. i don’t need you on my tumblr. and do not use what is happening in palestine right now to be anti-semitic.
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i-am-aprl · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A Palestinian coin older than Israel
Tumblr media
A Palestinian coin older than Israel
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fshigro · 6 months ago
i haven't been here much but i beg you guys to not ignore what is happening in palestine. please spread information, muna el-kurd and her brother mohammad el-kurd have both been detained by israeli occupation forces, these people are two very prominent activists who are arguably some of the loudest voices that speak about the abuse and ethnic cleansing palestians are facing. israel is trying to silence palestinian voices, this can't just be ignored
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void-voyage · 5 months ago
Please keep your attention on Jerusalem today. The Flag March, a nationalist demonstration by settlers protected by israeli armed forces, will march through palestinian neighborhoods. This is a recurrent event where they harass and abuse palestinians, and destroy their property and businesses while chanting "death to arabs". Since the cease fire, there's been massive arrests of palestinians, racist pogroms, and murders by israeli occupation forces and settlers (at least 30 people killed). Besides a new goverment and the cease fire on Gaza, nothing really changed, the apartheid regime and the genocide of the palestinian people continues. Keep talking about it, ask your representatives to cut ties with the Israeli government, and follow the BDSmovement campaign and the current protests and disruption of companies that contribute to and profit from the israeli military and settler industry.
(I'll link some news and precedents below)
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faridaspeare · 6 months ago
If you can't even bother to speak up and raise your voice about the terrorism Palestinians are facing everyday and the oppression they have to endure because of Israeli forces, that are supported and funded by the US, then why do you even have BLM in your bio? Why did you actively support the movement? Did you speak up and support the BLM movement because you genuinely believe in human rights, or are u merely hopping in on another trend ? Because people's lives and basic human rights are NOT a mere trend that you get to speak about only when a hashtag is trending because of millions and millions of people; if you can only outline an issue after it's spoken about by the media and people with big platforms, then I'm pretty sure there's another underlying issue regarding your true intentions.
Its high time you've raised your own voice regarding what Palestine is going through, irrespective of whether the media decides to make it a trending hashtag or not.
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arabian-batboy · 6 months ago
Lets get things straight before we let the whipped western media start reporting on the on-going ethnic cleansing and massacres as “clashes” or about Israel once again bombing civilians in Gaza as “self-defense” or “retaliating.”
For the entire holy month of Ramadan and only in last month alone:
The Israeli army protected Israeli settlers during their “Death to Arabs” march where they attacked any Palestinian they saw, Israeli Mayors and members of their parliament were a part of that March.
The Israeli army dragged Palestinians civilians from their own homes, so that the cheering Israeli settlers standing to the side with their luggages can move in to there, because it’s literally a public law that Jerusalem’s non-Jewish population has to always be under 40%.
The Israeli army stormed Al Aqsa Mosque, the 3rd holiest site in Islam and started indiscriminately shooting rubber bullets and sound grenades at unarmed worshippers during Lalyt al Qadr, the holiest night in Islam. 
Thousands of people on Facebook, instagram and Twitter had their posts/accounted deleted or muted after reporting what happened there, Instagram claimed it was a “technical issue” but they have yet to give an actual reason as to why it happened/is till happening.
The very next day, despite all that happened, the Israeli government decided to still allow thousands of Jewish Israeli settlers to come to Jerusalem for their annual “Jerusalem Day,” a racist and nationalist holiday to celebrate stealing the city in 1967, where Jewish Settlers will march through Jerusalem while singing and waving the Israeli flags, all while being being 100% protected by the Israeli army at all times.
The Israeli army blocked any Palestinians from entering Jerusalem in the same exact day, all while accompanying those Israeli settlers and “defending” them as they assault Palestinians and try to break in their holy site.
The Israeli army deliberately used rubber-coated bullets on Palestinians civilians, not out of mercy, but to keep the morality rate low for their reputation, while still being able to disfigure as many Palestinians as they can to ensure that no trauma is wasted. Hence why the majority of Palestinians who got shot, have either lost their eyes or broke their elbows/knees.
The Israeli army prevented Palestinian medics from entering Jerusalem to tend to the injured Palestinians, the Israeli medics however were allowed to enter, but they only tended the injured Israelis soldiers.
By the end of the night, Israelis have set fire to the historic Al Aqsa Mosque, with thousands of Israeli settlers celebrating, clapping and singing right in front of the fire (literal videos of that can be found online)
The Israeli army is currently indiscriminately bombing Gaza, civilians causalities are increasing by the minute.
Western/American politicians who have been silent about all the violence that happened in this month are now coming out and claiming that they support Israel’s right of “self-defense” as they bomb Gaza.
The Israeli army is one of the strongest armies with (illegal) Nuclear weapons in the world, not only that but they receive weapons and 10 millions dollars a day from the US for free every single day. Palestinians only have rocks that they could find on the ground and social media to show the world their suffering.
This isn’t and has never been a conflict or “clashes” between two sides and never allow anyone to refer to it as such, the violence and suffering happening is purely one-sided. One side is an apartheid settler colony that’s fully-armed to the brim and are ruling over and ethnically cleansing the unarmed native population through various war crimes and human rights violation that regularly breaks international laws.
Israel is a rogue terrorist settler-colony that have been committing crimes against humanity no-stop for the last 72 years it has existed, their existence and the lack of consequences and the blind support they receive from western Superpower for committing crimes that are set by the international community should be a concern to everyone in this world.
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blunt-science · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
9000 year old Neolithic Spirit Masks, the World’s Oldest Masks.
These masks were unearthed in the Judean desert around Jerusalem and were sculpted by some of our earliest ancestors who decided to give up the hunter gatherer lifestyle to instead settle in the Judean hills, beginning a farming lifestyle.
It is thought that this change in existence sparked more organised religious beliefs and a worship of ancestors, prompting a necessity for artifacts such as these.
Numerous masks like these have been found in the region. Sometimes, they are found as a result of an archaeological excavation in areas with thousands of other objects. Things such as rope baskets, beads, shells, flint knives, bone figurines and decorated human skulls. Some of these stone masks even had hair attached as beards and moustaches.
In other cases though, these masks have been found by accident. One such case was an accidental discovery by a farmer who was tilling a field in the early 1970s. From there, they fell into the hands of an antique dealer. Sadly, after changing possession numerous times, the precise location of where the masks were found is unknown.
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jidariyatpali · a month ago
Tumblr media
هذا البيت باقٍ فلسطيني
This house will remain Palestinian
Possibly in Silwan, Jerusalem, Palestine ربما في سلوان 
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mortal--sin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Jerusalem, Palestine.
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kropotkindersurprise · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
April 23, 2021 - Palestinians protesting against the Israeli occupation destroy CCTV cameras in East Jerusalem  [video]
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islamic-quotes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The truth about Palestinian - Israeli crisis, it’s not about religion but humanity.
Please spread the truth!
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feel-sakinah · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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