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kaz-demjin-brekker · a day ago
Jesper: What are you writing?
Kaz: Pekka and Van Eck want to know what kind of weapons we have. I’m telling them it’s private information.
Inej, peering over Kaz’s shoulder: This just says “fuck around and find out” in calligraphy.
Kaz: Mhm.
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six-of-crows-brainrot · a day ago
Kaz: Do you ever get pre-annoyed? Like you already know someone is going to piss you off?
Inej: What? No, I—
Jesper: *enters room*
Kaz: *jaw clenches*
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ladatomlinson · a day ago
Kaz: * sneezes*
Wylan: ,,bless you”
Kaz: ,,would you shut up”
Kaz: *sneezes again*
Inej: ,,bless you”
Kaz: *whispering* ,,…thank you”
Wylan: ,,…are you kidding me”
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darklinastarless · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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wordsinheavyblue · 16 hours ago
Gentle reminder that the boy from the barrel who had become something worse also mourns Matthias' death :(
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marvinthecrow · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wesper x Heartstopper
The ink scene (with a swap, because I wanted to draw a messy Wylan with a goggles mark for too long!!)
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monakanej · a day ago
Jesper: So you like cats?
Wylan: Yeah.
Jesper: *tries to impress him by slowly pushing a glass of water of a table*
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moonbunny-fl · 20 hours ago
real character development is going from "I'm going to kill that little idiot" to "I can read to him"
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kazs-new-hat · 21 hours ago
nina: kaz is hiding something.i can feel it.
jesper: *dramatic gasp* what could that shifty bastard be hiding? drugs?
nina: no- emotions.
jesper; *gasp intensifies*
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corporal-relativity · a day ago
Six of Crows characters as things my friends have said PART 6
Kaz: See? All you needed was a little self-doubt.
Wylan: I have news! My father just disowned me!
Inej (about all the other crows): Never argue with someone who's insane.
Jesper: So, we just regained consciousness and now you throw weapons at us. Great idea.
Nina: For one thing, cults. For another thing, we should all be in jail.
Mattias: Lets not commit a crime that we could go to prison for. That sounds like an illinformed idea.
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lilisouless · 15 hours ago
Nina: Look at this waffle, have you seen something so beautiful?
Wylan: Jes
Nina: huh?
Wylan: I mean "yes" anwsering your question , i have tecnically seen more beautiful things, but is not important!
Inej: Ah, this ship. Can you think on something more beautiful?
Jesper: Wy
Inej: Wylan?
Jesper: No! i said "why" like "why are you asking me this?"
Nina : Oh those shoes, i want them. They are so pretty
Kaz: Like Inej
Kaz: I mean! where is she? I need her for a job, i don't have time for this
Inej: This sunset, is so beautiful
Matthias: Like Nina
Matthias: What are you expecting me to take that back? I don't have issues like those loosers
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kaz-demjin-brekker · 2 days ago
Jesper: *Kicks the door down, runs inside with Nina and looks panicked*
Kaz: What did you do?
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minormutant · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love this part because it shows that even though Kaz is all aggressive, he still cares about Jesper. it's just... it's beautiful
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ladatomlinson · 2 days ago
no but kaz actually holds Inej’s hand in public but just the top of her fingers (so nobody else would notice) because he still wants to keep her close to him…to keep her safe.
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sad-endings-suck · a day ago
i totally understand how some people might think six of crows isn’t as diverse as the fandom makes it out to be, but i think a lot of people forget that diversity can exist outside of gender, race and sexuality. like okay, Inej and nina are the only main characters that are women, of the seven main characters four are queer (which is great) but only three of those seven are poc. however, if you broaden your horizons for a moment, you’d realize kaz is physically disabled (hence the need for his cane), nina is plus-sized (body diversity), wylan is dyslexic (also disabled), inej’s religion and culture are very important to her (healthy religious rep), jesper has adhd and a gambling addiction (neither is used to illustrate how lazy he is) kaz and inej’s trauma isn’t treated like a character trait (their lives and how they live are both changed by their ptsd) and matthias’ whole arc is about learning to do better by people that are not like him and how to break away from a toxic upbringing. so no, soc doesn’t have perfect rep if you’re only concerned about gender, race and sexual orientation, but i implore you to re-evaluate why you think only those three things are worth representing. soc doesn’t have perfect rep, but it has more diversity of representation than most mainstream media.
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onyxedskies · 12 hours ago
Jesper: hey, do you wanna know your gay name?
Wylan: my what?
Jesper: you take your first name-
Wylan: ha ha, very funny-
Jesper, getting down on one knee: and my last name
Wylan: oh- oh my god
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kazzlingdazzling · 2 days ago
pick up line-ing the merchling
Jesper: did it hurt?
Wylan *rolling his eyes*: let me guess, when i fell from heaven?
Jesper: no
Wylan: huh?
Jesper *grinning*: when you fell for me
Wylan: uhm uh-
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the-ultimate-junkyard · a day ago
Chapter 40 of Crooked Kingdom:
Tumblr media
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sxnderwitch · a day ago
ok but imagine the crows petting wylan’s hair like the lamb in zootopia
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manikas-whims · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SoC stans, our Holy Trinity is finally complete! 🥳
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