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#jesper fahey
decafetherealki · 2 days ago
I truly believe that Kaz would adamantly refuse to tell anyone in Ketterdam his birthday. I also believe that the Crows would not stand for his lack of birthday-ness and make up a date to celebrate.
THEN Jesper decides an even more fun idea is to pick a different day each year to celebrate Kaz’s birthday. Nobody tells Kaz when the day is that year so he lives in fear of when they will spring the impromptu birthday surprise on him.
Sometimes this can be awkward if they walk into his office to sing Happy Birthday only to find Kaz in the middle of ripping someone’s eye out.
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incorrect-soc · 2 days ago
Calling you out based on your favourite Crow: A very non-requested series
Warning: CK spoilers
So, Kaz, huh? Quick survey. Are you familiar with the concept of therapy?
*Plays "Daddy Issues" by the neighbourhood in the back* Oh, I'm sorry. What were you saying about Wylan?
Jesper? Really? How's the undiagnosed adhd going?
Oh. Nina's your favorite Crow? Do you even remember what your original hair color was? Also, when did you realise you were bi?
Absolutely no call-out if your fave is Inej. Just know you're hot and probably the sweetest person ever.
I'm sorry, did you say Matthias? You should really stop getting emotionally attached to dead characters. It's not healthy. And don't lie, I know he's not the only one.
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I love Kaz’ iconic
“I’ve been shot!”, he screamed. He had not been shot.
They blew up the lab. Kaz didn’t tell them to blow up the lab.
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Jesper: Rules are made to be broken.
Inej: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Jesper: Piñatas.
Kaz: Glow sticks.
Jesper: Karate boards.
Kaz: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Jesper: Rules.
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vintagehoax · 2 days ago
i apologize in advance to all my neighbors because when i see wylan for the first time on screen, im gonna scream so hard that their houses are gonna collapse, the earth will stop spinning and the black holes will close-
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capinejghafa · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“This wasn’t part of the intelligence you gathered?” Zoya asked, her temper rising.
“It must have been installed in the last three weeks. And when you rush a job, you don’t get to complain when the job goes wrong.”
“You take your time or you take your chances,” said Jesper.
“And I don’t take chances,” added Kaz.
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grishaverseshitposts · 2 days ago
Matthias: I assume you realise I won't tolerate this kind of idiocy.
Jesper: Is there another kind of idiocy you would be more comfortable with?
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Remember when …
Jesper met Colm who was never before in Ketterdam and Jesper tried to pretend that everything is absolutely normal.
Even though people where shooting at them. Later when he threatened a scholar with his gun, he claimed that it was just like shaking hands in Ketterdam and Wylan agreed while the scholar was like “Ghezen, no!” Wylan was throwing bombs and they escaped through a secret tunnel and Colm said: “This town is even worse than it was described in the travel guide!”
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Unpopular opinion but I don't want soc#3, not because one of the Crows will die - I don't mind that if it's done in a beautiful and meaningful way- but because if they continue the plot from Rule of Wolves then a Crow would die doing something for the fucking Darkling, and and I don't think I could see any of my faves stop breathing for that abusive bitch cow
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Wylan, to Jesper: You think you’re so funny and cool, huh?
Wylan: Well, you are.
Wylan: I love you.
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this isn't relevant to anything but I'm pretty sure kanej won't have kids so take a moment to imagine jesper and wylan's future child with an imaginary friend named jordie
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