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#jess closet

i need to escape my feelings from el cam and breaking bad at all so here’s an au i immediately blasted off with while in the kitchen a few hours ago

college au where:

  • jesse is a cute TA who’s only working with walt (shoddy ass chemistry prof) for extra credit + cash biz, he’s actually working to escape his indecisiveness since he doesnt know whether he wants to go sports medicine or business because they are very useful options
  • walt is a college prof with a relatively decent but boring life, as per og walt except this time he commits adultery and keeps bouncing back and forth between loving and pushing jesse away from him
  • saul is a student re-taking some of these classes and immediately took chem as an extra-credit class (even if he didn’t need to) just so he could hit on jesse
  • gus is an extremely theatric stone faced business professor who is exhausted with his life but will torture his students time to time because he feels like it
  • mike is an extremely exhausted security guard but he keeps everybody in check
  • badger, combo and skinny pete are also more dumbass business students who have jesse tutor them when they need science help. actually jesse just tosses them the answer key and pretends they did things that werent weed or video games
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