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writeordie365 · 2 days ago
Your Move:
A TLH Fanfiction
(Please read note at the end <3)
“This is outrageous,” Cordelia yelled, standing up in her seat. “Why not?”
“Mrs. Herondale, please sit down-”
“No! I don’t understand,” she said, lowering her voice. “What is the harm in sending a small group to look for them? They could still be alive.”
“They are still alive,” her son piped, standing shakily. Fluffy black hair shrouded his forehead, and he crossed his arm, each hand gripping the other arm in nervousness. “They can’t be dead, they’re six months late but anything could have happened. “Please,” he begged, looking at the consul. “My father is missing.” Charles Farichild sighed, hands gripping the table so hard his knuckles were starting to turn white.
“My brother is lost,” he said quietly, “So are his friends. I grieve, but I refuse to send anyone else to look for them. We have no reason to believe they lived.”
“You have no reason to assume them dead, either,” Ashraf shot, standing up suddenly. His father, Alastair, glanced at him, pursing his lips trying to decide whether to let him speak or to pull him back into his chair. Cordelia watched her brother, he was good at keeping his emotions hidden and in check during Clave meetings, but she wasn’t so sure she would hold out when it came to searching for the Merry Thieves, who no one had seen for a little under a year. They had gone to investigate a rather troublesome demon issue in Spain, and sent a letter saying they would be gone for the maximum of two months after they’d arrived, and they hadn’t been back another six months after their deadline. “They’ll come back eventually, but we have to go search for them, make sure they’re alright.”
Inquisitor Bridgestock shot him an annoyed look. He was an old, frail, and still very bothersome man. “The shadowhunters of the Enclave in Spain have found no sign of them. They’ve disappeared, and we have to assume them dead.”
“No we don’t. They-”
“Ash,” Alastair snapped quietly, glancing up at his son. “Sit down.”
He sat down defeatedly, placing his hands in his lap and closing his eyes. Cordelia glanced over at her son, Owen, both still standing, who looked scared. Owen had been worried ever since James left, and she’d found him crying a few times, wondering if they would ever see him again. However, she had a plan. She had proposed it to Lucie and Jesse in their home once, late at night and under the quiet cloak of darkness. She had tried to get the information to Grace but when she arrived at her house, her youngest child had answered the door, claiming their mother was asleep, so she had left. She wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to get Alastair in on it, but she was confident in her ability to persuade him.
She heard Alastair whispering gently to Ashraf, though they were all fond of calling him Ash. She glanced over at Valeria, Alastair and Thomas’s daughter and youngest child. She had her head hung down, crying silently. She hardly ever spoke at enclave meetings, but attended them anyway. Ashraf stood up and took his sister from her seat, guiding her towards the door and muttering comfort, he always seemed to be doing that. Guiding her due to her blindness and telling her to ignore the words others threw at her. The inquisitor spoke up as he watched the two leave.
“I understand that you all miss your husbands,” he started, but Alastair cut him off. His voice was seemingly flat but Cordelia picked up on the slight edge each word carried.
“It’s not just that,” he said, watching the door rather than the inquisitor. “They are parents, Inquisitor. Our children are missing their fathers.”
“Ashraf and Valeria are not your-”
“That’s hardly the point. We’ve raised them as our own. Though, I thought you would understand adopting a child, but I suppose you like to pretend Thomas and I don’t exist.” He finally looked at the elderly man. “However, you can ignore us and our children all you like, but James, Christopher, and Matthew all have children who want them back. Christopher’s girl is only seven, and she needs her father. Tora is pregnant, and I doubt Matthew would want her to have to raise the child by herself and deprive them of a father. You’re telling me you expect us to sit back and not even attempt to search for them? It’s cold, and I’m tired of watching my son sit by the window for hours waiting for Thomas, and seeing how poorly this disappearance has affected our families. I do ask,” he said, looking at Charles, “That you reconsider. What would your mother do?” Charles frowned.
“This is not about what she would do,” he said stoically. “This is about the safety of the rest of us.”
A fist slammed on the table and Cordelia whipped her head back to see Grace, looking furious.
“This is absurd,” she growled. “We ourselves will go look, why risk those who have made up their minds about finding them, those who want to go, can go, I see no harm in that.”
“The disappearance of James Herondale, Matthew Faichild, Thomas-” The enclave member speaking paused. “...Carstairs-”
“Don’t hurt yourself,” Alastair quipped, crossing his arms and leaning back in his seat.
“-and Christopher Lightwood, I think, is their fault.”
Grace scowled. “How-”
“Thomas was still recovering from the attack on Belial, Christopher had just recovered from a lab illness, and James was too, working on full recovery after the battle with his grandfather. They were well enough for battle but they should not have been interfering with something that was going to bring their demise. The only one in the best health had been Fairchild, and he had only just stopped drinking. They should have known better.” Cordelia closed her eyes before grinding her teeth.
“How dare you,” she snapped, looking at the man. “Those are our fellow Nephilim. Consul,” she turned to look at Charles, “Please.”
Charles closed his eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry that you’ve lost your husbands, but again I say, we have no reason to believe they’re alive.”
“I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree,” one of the other enclave members said. “It’s just too big of a risk, we don’t yet know how they disappeared and until we do, it would be too dangerous of a task.” Several people muttered their agreement, and Lucie shot up from her seat.
“The decision is final,” Charles shot. He folded his hands in front of him. “And we’ve discussed everything we need to, this meeting is dismissed. Thank you for your patience.”
Alastastiar stood immediately and started towards the door. Cordelia stood, making her way over to Grace and Lucie before following them towards the exit. They passed Jesse, Anna, and Ariadne all talking in hushed tones by the door. Eugenia stood off to the side, crying quietly while glaring at the meeting table as if she could intimidate it to bring the Merry Thieves back.
Cordelia excused herself from Lucie and Grace, saying she would meet them in the hall. She crossed the room to Eugenia. The older woman saw her out of the corner of her eye and tried for a smile, hurriedly wiping her eyes.
“Hello, Cordelia,” she said, voice croaky. “Did you need something?”
She shook her head. “I came to check on you, actually.”
She made a sound like she was trying to hold back a sob and sat down in one of the empty bench-chairs. “Me? Oh, I’m excellent… First Barbs.. Now Tom.” She put her head in her hands. “I don’t know what to do.”
“Hey,” Cordelia spoke softly, sitting down next to her. “We don’t know for sure he’s gone… We’ll find him.”
“How? It’s not like the enclave is going to let us do a bloody thing about it.” She threw a hand out, gesturing to the table as if to demonstrate who was worsening the issue. Cordelia leaned closer to her to whisper.
“I’m going to sneak out and look for James and the rest of the Thieves tomorrow. Lucie and Jesse are coming, and I’m going to try to convince Alastair and Grace to go. Do you wish to join us?” Eugenia paused, a single tear slipping down her cheek as she glanced at the Persian woman.
“I would,” she said quietly. “I want to, so, so badly. But someone should stay here and look after Valeria and Ashraf. I am their godmother, and Grace and Chrsitopher’s children will need someone watching them too… of course, Tora needs rest.”
Cordelia shook her head. “I didn’t plan on bringing her, she is eight months pregnant and I don’t want her under that stress or physical pressure.” Eugenia nodded.
“Of course.” She looked at the door, then back to Cordelia. “Bring them back… please.”
She smiled weakly and nodded. “I will. I promise.” With that, she stood and made her way to the door. Once out in the hall, she started for Grace and Lucie, speaking with Jesse and Alastair.
“-would get in so much trouble,” Grace said, then she grinned. “I want to come with you.”
Cordelia reached them. “What’s going on?” She asked, glancing between the four.
“I’ve explained your plan to Grace and Alastair,” Lucie said happily. “Grace will come with us.”
Cordelia looked expectantly at her brother. He cast his glance down, looking over at Valeria and Ash, who sat together on a bench in the dimly lit hall. “I don’t know, Layla.”
“Alastair, please,” she said calmly, “Don’t you want to find Thomas?”
His head snapped back towards here. “Of course I want to find him, but I can’t leave my children alone.”
“Eugenia's promised to look after them,” she said. “As well as the rest of our children. I suppose I could ask Kamala, try and see if she and Anna will take care of them.”
Alastair made a thoughtful face, then nodded slightly. “I’ll come. When do we leave?”
She smiled a determined smile. “Tonight.”
Hello all I just wanted to let everyone know real quick that if you do not want to tagged for this fic then please let me know, I will not be offended in anyway. I will still tag you for everything else TSC that I write, just not this one. I only say this because I don't want to make anyone feel like they have to read something with my OCs if you do not like them, I understand not liking fics with OCs, sometimes it's done really really well but other times it's not great. So, yeah, just let me know and I won't tag you for this 😌
Tag List ^^^^:
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runeless-parabatai · 2 days ago
James wasn’t sure how he’d expected Lucie to respond to their arrival, but he was startled nonetheless at the fear that flashed across her face.
She took a step back, nearly knocking into the boy standing next to her — Jesse Blackthorn, it was Jesse Blackthorn — and flung her hands up, as if to ward them off. As if to ward off James, and her father. – Chain of Thorns snippet
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luciehercndale · 2 days ago
Things we learnt from the last CoT snippet (kinda):
The scene is from James' POV because he is interpreting Lucie's emotions when he sees her and says she looks "startled"
Lucie definitely woke up after fainting at the end of COI
Jesse is very much alive and solid as well
She is "startled" to see her family and "fears flashed across her face", maybe since she didn't expect them to be there too soon or to find them at all
She probably thinks they are not alone and there are members of the Clave with them, who would surely ask questions about Jesse. This would explain her astonishment and not relief
The fact that she "flung her hands up as if to ward them off" is another odd action. Why would Lucie do this?
She is surprised, yes, but wouldn't someone warn someone else by saying something? Unless she can't use her voice so she is using her hands to communicate
Perhaps it's a side effect for what she did or
Maybe Malcom is keeping them hostage in the cottage and they are trapped in the room like Tessa in Cadair Idris and she's warning them not to cross the threshold or they'd be stuck too
We may have a Little Mermaid situation with Lucie losing her voice in order to get Jesse back
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axoloteca · 2 days ago
The Cornwall church that Julian and Emma burned in Lord of Shadows will have great relevance to Blackdale in Chain of Thorns, keep my words well!
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lemoncielart · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lucie Herondale & Jesse Blackthorn from Shadowhunters by @cassandraclare
“You know the stories of my grandfather, I am sure?” Jesse asked.Lucie raised an eyebrow. “The one who turned into a great worm because of demon pox, and was slain by my father and uncles?”― Chain of Gold
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vickchan2 · 23 hours ago
Headcanon: Jesse will become the editor of Lucie books
Remember in Chain of Gold where he offered helpful insight?
Jesse picked up a page and was looking at it critically. "Too many uses of the word radiant..."
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rinadragomir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So new Chain of Thrones snippet came out....
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casualsthings · a day ago
if a chot snippet narrated from James' pov that barely mentioned jesse Blackthorn (who was literally just standing there, existing) made me go into a spyral and die from shock...
I don't even want to fathom what a chapter from Jesse's pov is going to do to me.
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writeordie365 · a day ago
Your Move:
A TLH Fanfiction
Chapter 2:
That night, Cordelia started packing after Owen had gone to sleep; or so she had thought. Everyone was to meet at her house that night before leaving. She started for the entrance, thinking she heard a knock from the front door. When she turned, she saw Owen there, standing in the doorway, with his curling, black hair, looking messy and disheveled, perhaps from trying to sleep and failing. Brown eyes looked at her. Strangely enough, they looked much like a combination of her and James’s eyes rather than simply the color of hers or James's, dark like hers but light enough to be considered brown. He had gotten her skin, with a slightly lighter aspect to it. He glanced from her to the case she was packing.
“You’re going to look for him, aren’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question. She sighed and nodded.
“I have to.”
“I know…” he stood up slightly taller, attempting to sound and look confident. “Take me with you.”
“Absolutely not,” she said, shaking her head.
“Why not?”
“Because it is dangerous.”
“You’re going. And I’m an adult too.”
“Barley,” she told him, walking over and placing one hand on his shoulder, the other on his cheek. “Owen, listen to me, I’ll come back, and I’ll bring James with me, and the rest of the thieves, I promise. But if you were to go, I would be too distracted trying to protect you, and you must acknowledge I have been a shadowhunter far longer than you. I need you here, looking after your cousins.” She gripped his shoulder a little tighter. “Do you understand?”
He was quiet for too long, she started to think he would argue, but instead he nodded. “Please send me letters,” he whispered.
She smiled and kissed his forehead. “I will. I’ll only be gone for-”
“Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.”
She smiled sadly. “Okay.”
A loud knock sounded from the front door, and she squeezed his shoulders one last time before heading for the stairs.
By the time she got down there she could hear voices outside, signaling that several people had arrived. She opened it to find Alastair, Jesse, and Lucie on the steps. She ushered them inside quietly.
“You’re all packed?” She asked.
“No,” Alastair said, setting his trunk by a chair and sitting, “I brought an empty suitcase in case you needed a spare one.” Jesse snorted.
Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Good to see you still have your usual attitude intact.”
“I’m especially prone to it during the evening,” he said. His somewhat playful smile faded as he glanced up the stairwell, Lucie and Jesse taking their seats as well at the dining room table. “Owen,” he said, sounding somewhat surprised at the sight of his nephew, “What are you doing down here?”
“I came to wish you all luck,” he said. Lucie opened her mouth to speak but Cordelia spoke first.
“He knows,” she said.
“Are you coming, Owen?” Alastair asked, raising an eyebrow at Cordelia.
“No,” he said. “Mâmân said no, but that’s alright. Lord knows I’ll have to be here to stop Ashraf from figuring it out and trying to go after you.” Cordelia couldn’t quite tell if he was trying to joke or was being fully serious. “Speaking of which, what do I say if anyone asks questions?”
“Tell them we’re going somewhere to get away because of the Enclave’s decision,” Cordelia said.
“Which isn’t far from the truth,” Lucie noted. “It’s just not telling the full truth.”
Alastair sighed. “Ashruf’s going to figure it out,” he told Owen, “And when he does I need you to keep him from coming after us. No one can lie to that boy.”
Owen nodded. Another knock sounded and he went to answer the door. Grace strode in, and to Cordelia’s surprise, Tora Kimbers followed in after her. Lucie blinked at the blonde with a wide eyed expression. “Grace,” she said slowly. “I thought we agreed Tora was not coming.”
“She followed me! Scared me half way to hell when she walked up behind me on the steps.” Tora crossed her arms, but Cordelia caught a spark of amusement in the brown irises.
“Tora,” she said. “You cannot come. I’m sorry but it’s too dangerous.”
“I can handle myself just fine,” Tora defended. “It’s not like I’m a mundane.”
“No,” Alastair said, “But you’re eight months pregnant.”
“And so help me I’ll have this child in the woods if I have to.”
“You did it once,” Jesse noted. Cordelia shuttered at the thought.
“Jesse don’t encourage her,” Lucie hissed. She turned back to the red-head. “You’re staying. You have three other children to look after and you need rest.”
“I need my husband back.”
“And we will get him back, we swear it,” Grace said, placing her hand on the werewolf’s shoulder. “But you have to stay here.”
Tora narrowed her eyes. “Fine,” she sighed, placing her hand on her temple. “But I want to know everything in the event things go wrong. I need to be able to send people after you if something goes wrong, we can’t have you all disappearing as well.” Owen stiffened next to Grace, and Tora grimaced and sent him an apologetic look. “Sorry, dear.” He shook his head dismissively.
Cordelia walked into a seperate room, grabbing a map and laying it on the table. “We’re going to Spain first. I don’t quite have a plan from there, but we’ll send letters about wherever we’re heading and when we've arrived.” Tora nodded, eyeing the map.
Lucie pointed a finger to a city on it, Madrid, the capital. “The Spanish Enclave is in Madrid, so we’ll have to make quite a few train stops to get there, not to mention taking a boat to simply get over to the mainland.”
“I know someone who can set that up for you,” Tora said. “A warlock friend of mine.” After a few skeptical and cautious looks she added, “She’s nice, I promise. She’ll set you up with a boat that’s twice as fast as a mundane one.”
“That’s helpful,” Owen commented. “But how will you be able to speak with everyone? Unless one of you is secretly fluent in Spanish, it might be tricky to get around. Or even talk to the Enclave.”
“Gee,” Tora said, crossing her arms again. “It’s not like I’m from Spain or anything-”
“You’re still staying here,” Lucie confirmed.
She shrugged. “It was worth a try.”
Cordelia looked at her brother. “Do you know any Spanish from Thomas?” She asked.
“Not enough.”
“Valeria speaks-”
“Under no circumstances,” Alastair cut Owen off.
“Of course.”
“We’ll just have to make due,” Grace said. “Besides, I’m sure we can find someone there who understands us.”
“Most likely.”
Cordelia paused, taking a moment to look at each of her friends. “We should leave then.” They all agreed and after exchanging hugs with Tora and Owen, the group left, heading in the direction of Tora’s Warlock friend. She walked next to Alastair, the street quiet, dark, hardly enough lamp light the farther away from the house they got. It had been humid the day before, it was the middle of summer, and now fog lined the street the way the clouds covered the moon above them. They would have taken a carriage, but they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. No one could know.
“Alastair,” she said. She didn’t know why she was whispering, it was almost midnight and it was unlikely that anyone would hear her. “Are you… do you think,” she faltered, trying to find the right words.
“Do I think they're alive?” He asked. She nodded. “Yes,” he said honestly. “I think I do. I don’t really want to consider the alternative.” She nodded again, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“We’ll find them.”
He smiled sadly. “I hope so.”
They stopped short. A few feet in front of them, a figure had emerged from the fog.
@alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @sana-side-ups @lightwoodsimp @alastaircarstairsdefenselawyer @melanielocke @justanormaldemon @writeforjordelia @buttcrflys-rose @lifewouldbebetteronmars @ddepressedbookworm @shadowhunting-hooligans @shadowrunner2000 @hardlymatters @littlx-songbxrd @totalbookmaniac @livingformyself @cant-think-of-anything @bookishperfection @herondamnn @myangelbach @wagnerthedragon
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buttcrflys-rose · 13 hours ago
i see people analyzing the chot snippet in the latest newsletter and i just feel like pointing out that:
malcolm hasn’t done anything wrong as of now. and i don’t think he was holding jesse and lucie hostage.
because in lady midnight, and later lord of shadows, tessa and jem both expressed regret that their “old friend” malcolm fade had turned out to be the villain. and if that’s so, then malcolm wouldn’t have hurt lucie and jesse back then, or tessa would have come to know. 
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runeless-parabatai · 2 days ago
what if malcolm manipulated lucie, said things to her like "how will the clave react when they see jesse?" or "your parents won't be able to do anything about it" and "your family will try to keep you safe and will definitely not like what happened with jesse, in their fear they might even think he deceived you" so that's why she's scared and surprised seeing james and her first instinct is to protect jesse because she thinks they're going to separate them and punish him
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Dude like immediately after we had that conversation about sleep I accidentally fell asleep for like three hours when I needed to be doing homework and had a dream in which I argued with someone that tlh shouldn’t be set in London because the London vibes just aren’t cool or interesting enough. Like ????? What was I on about??? I wasn’t aware I had this opinion but clearly my subconscious does and honestly, valid?? Maybe my dream-self just thought too many things were set in London and it doesn’t deserve the over-romanticization or like whatever. But now I’m like, what if tlh were set somewhere else? What if we all picked a place we would like to see it set & made a bunch of separate aus? Idk please ignore me, I literally woke up five minutes ago and I’m still delirious & I need to go like drink a glass of water or something but I can’t stop thinking about this please help
Okay, but like IMAGINE IF TLH wasn’t in London 👀! No, for real your subconscious is telling us something! Like KEEL JUST IMAGINE if it was based in somewhere else then LA, NYC, and London! Like I know it’s based on London since the Herondales are though, but honestly can we go to another place that isn’t Paris or London in this book?!?!? Like what would be a good place though? Not Idris. I think Ireland would be cool, but I know someone will fuck with the mythology’s of Ireland. I like the idea of Scotland too. Okay BUT imagine if the Carstairs were in Persian the whole time just went to different cities like WOW 🤩. KEEL ANY IDEAS WHERE IT WOULD BE A GOOD BASE THE TLH?!?! Okay just now I though Boston and I have no idea why 🤷🏻‍♀️. ✨Boston✨
Mmmmmmm I’m trying to think who might have an idea for a place maybe (no pressure to respond) @littlx-songbxrd @foxglove-airmid @anarmorofwords @thomas-thedavid-lightwood @writeordie365 @melanielocke ideas?
How was your nap? Did you rest well at least? Did you drink water?
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birdsdontwearshoes · a day ago
do you think jesse blackthorn post-resurrection walks into things? like he was a ghost and got used to not being corporeal and now he just...walks into walls?? all the time???
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lxdyblackthorn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this is exactly what i was expecting from this scene
james and will being like: what the fuck did you do girl?
and lucie like: i brought my boyfriend back to life, leave me alone
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confused-as-all-hell · 2 days ago
cast the shadowhunter chronicles characters (pt 1) as things @crazy-writing-bookworm-17 and i have said:
will herondale:
Tumblr media
tessa gray:
Tumblr media
jem carstairs:
Tumblr media
cordelia carstairs:
Tumblr media
james herondale:
Tumblr media
matthew fairchild:
Tumblr media
lucie herondale:
Tumblr media
jesse blackthorn:
Tumblr media
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wagnerthedragon · 2 days ago
As Alastair Carstairs slid onto the rink once more, the olympic stadium was so quiet the only sound to be heard for miles was that of his skates cutting through the smooth ice.
While his fabulous attire caused a massive ripple the surprisingly heteronormative men’s figure skating community, his movements only caused a slight ripple in the fabric of his navy blue skirt. The silver diamonds flowing downward like manufactured tears silently clinked against each other. The color scene of his costume perfectly matched the streaks in his hair and the gold hoops and silver studs along his upper earlobe were just icing on the cake.
Thousands of Iranian flags surrounded him, all encompassing walls of green, white and red. It was Iran’s second year placing in this particular sport and the second year of Alastair’s career outside of the junior league. Only Charles Fairchild was idiotic enough to believe this was a coincidence.
Alastair stopped directly in front of the second place winner and spun around to face the crowd. He blew a kiss to his younger sister, Cordelia. The camera zoomed in on her as she jokingly swallowed it.
When the gold metal was draped over Alastair’s neckline, the audience’s cheers roared so loud people watching from the comfort of their homes were forced to refuse the volume by several bars in order to keep their hearing intact. The people witnessing it live lost that hope during Alastair’s free skate routine.
Barbara dropped her brother's hand and stuck both her fingers in her ears to block out the noise. While Eugenia hurriedly stood and lifted Tomás into the air in an act of celebration. (A feat that would become nearly impossible in just a few short months.)
Once returned to the ground, Tomás fixed his attention to the boy on the screen again. Beautiful.
Tomás had begun skating on recommendation from his physical therapist to ‘get active’. Not the smartest decision on her part, for he had injured, to some degree, every bone in his body from the leg down. But it kept him busy and his family loved going to his competitions an embarrassing amount.
Throughout the entirety of his career, Tomás had been mediocre at best. However watching the god in human form known as Alastair Carstairs skate lit a something in him he hadn’t even known was there. A desire to excel.
Tomás closed his eyes and imagined being able to do something as breathtaking as what he’d just witnessed.
One day, he promised himself, one day.
This is a short snippet from my contribution to Alastair Month, Born To Make History! If it isn’t already obvious from the title and general plot, its a Yuri on Ice!!! Thomastairs AU
Featuring: Tomás Lightwood of Spain, Alastair Carastairs of Iran, Matthew Fairchild of England, James Herondale of Wales, and Kamala Joshi of India (Plus Cordelia as Iran’s champion fencer)
@adoravel-fenomeno @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @lifewouldbebetteronmars @light-bane08 @thechangeling @thomas-thedavid-lightwood @the-blackdale @the-wckd-powers @hardlymatters @im-not-ruined-im-ruination @arangiajoan @noah-herondale-lightwood @foxglove-airmid @ithurielkeepsgettingkidnapped @sandersgrey @maxboythedog @shelvesofgold @book-dragon-not-worm @hahahax30 very sorry if I forgot your name from the tag list. Lmk if you want to be added/removed from the tag list!!
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