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Jack: *comes stumbling out of the interrogation room with a bloody nose* SON OF A BITCH! PUT THAT PUNK IN THE DARKEST FUCKING CELL WE H- Gabe?

Gabe: *glides past him into the room to see a skinny 17year old Mccree covered in bruises with a bloody forehead trying not to cry* …

Mccree: Wh-What the fuck you lookin at huh?! You gonna talk to me like I’m an idiot too?!

Gabes internal thoughts: Thats it I’m keeping him.

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Today was the day.

Marh was woken by their sister barging in and opening the curtains to their room at base. The leader of the Katipuneros groaned and was vaguely aware of cursing at their sister before burying themself under their blanket once more.

The next thing they knew, they were being dragged out from under their blanket.

‘Gods help us.’ They muttered before they got up.

They weren’t normally so groggy about these sorts of things in the morning but they were unable to sleep much the night prior and it was only a few hours ago that sleep finally took them.

Letting themself be manhandled by their sister, Marh sighed and stumbled into their bathroom to get themself ready. Knowing their sister and Angela, they would be done before they would be what Marh considered late.

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Genji’s Retribution Diary - Genji records all his innermost thoughts, feelings, angst, and existential rage about his new body, starting from his initiation into Blackwatch until their top secret mission to Italy.

Dear Diary, I wish Jesse hadn’t told me that he found it painful to look at me last week. Otherwise I might still like him. He’s pretty nice, despite that hat and the ugly hair. 

Two days till the undercover mission, I hope I get to melt someone’s face off.

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i like to headcanon that mccree’s trauma comes out through anger. because that’s how he was taught to survive. fear makes you slip up, slip ups get you killed. but you can work through anger. you can use anger as fuel. he’s gotten better at masking what he’s feeling over the years, but when he first joined blackwatch he was basically an open book to people who were already good at reading people. he’d get scared, and he would lash out in anger. it became a pattern; a pattern that was broken through gabe and ana and jack earning his trust. his trust that blackwatch wasn’t deadlock. that blackwatch wouldn’t hurt him.

i also like to headcanon that the reason jesse got so angry at gabe in venice, angry enough to grab him and yell in his face, was because gabe not only betrayed that trust, but he reminded jesse of deadlock. specifically, the moment when the gang taught him exactly what happens when someone gets in their way.

a traumatic moment.

jesse ‘didn’t sign up for this’. to experience gang violence and childhood trauma all over again.

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jesse when he first gets recruited into blackwatch is angry and lonely and lowkey traumatized so he’s standoff-ish with everyone but then 13 yr old fareeha comes up to him one day like “hi i’m fareeha i’m gonna be an overwatch agent like my mom are you the new cowboy guy that’s cool i like your hat ok bye” and jesse’s just like ‘i’m?? a big brother now??’

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