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This will soon be added to @ToppsMARVEL Collect’s digital trading cards game!

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Upcoming covers for Spider-Woman:

Spider-Woman #2 (out July 15th):


Spider-Woman #3 (out in August):


Spider-Woman #4(Jess Returns to Wundagore! Most likely being released in September):

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Karla Pacheco wasn’t kidding about Jess punching Dinosaurs in Spider-Woman #3:


Also, can we just talk about how pretty Pere Perez’s Jessica is (also note her eyes aren’t green here, like at the end of issue one. I am hoping this is a plot point that ties into what is making Jessica sick):


Also, please pick up Spider-Woman #2 on July 15 and #3 in August! Jess needs all the love.

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Carol: “I tend to make bad decisions so I use the Two Jessicas system to make better ones”

Jessica Jones: “Wait, what? I make almost as many bad decisions as you do!”

Jessica Drew: “Carol, don’t change a thing”

Carol: “Huh. I sense a minor flaw in my system. But nothing another Jessica won’t fix!”

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