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I’m obsessed with Billie Piper, David Tennant, DW and Tenrose. Anyone wanna be friends??

I’m new(ish) to the fandom, so please don’t judge if I don’t know eeeeeverything ☺️ but I just want someone to chat to about my latest obsessions 💗

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`Por favor, não salve sem reblogar e curtir, é apenas uma forma de colaborar com esse pequeno trabalho que é fazer icones e metadinhas. Obrigado e passar bem! ❤✨
`Please don’t save without reblogging and give your like, it’s just a way to collaborate with my little job of making icons and matchingcouples. Thank you and have a good time! ❤✨
Edits of Killgrave(David Tennant) from Jessica Jones, made by me.
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• Jessica Jones • Formerly Jewel • Fearless Defender • Whiskey Mom 

• Being brave isn’t the same thing as not being scared. •

Clint sat down in the booth and gave the microphone two taps.  Outside at the sound desk, Bobby Drake pressed the button so that he could be heard inside out of habit, even though what mattered was that Clint could see his lips moving, “Barton, you don’t need to do that.”

Clint made an OK sign, and Bobby started the recording.  For his own reference, he said, “Safezone Heroes Outreach, call to Jessica Jones.”

Bobby gave Clint the thumbs up to work his magic.

“Alright this call out is going to Jessica Jones. One of the toughest ladies I’ve ever known so you have to be out there surviving. I don’t think you know how to do anything else. And if you want me to stop calling you a lady you have to show up here and make me. Also I have booze. Okay fine we also have hot showers. Being out there you have to be missing them. Comfortable beds, good food, and your friends. Yes we are your friends no matter how grumpy you get, or who you threaten to punch. Seriously though you have people missing you, so come join us in upstate New York.”

Clint threw a finger gun at Bobby to show he was done.  Bobby stopped the recording, giving another thumbs up.


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